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But Not Radical.
_-**g-3a- -
The On;y New Ycrk
Republican Paper.
V* LXXII..N* 24*062.
To-day Biid lo-m?irrow. fuir.
Mi ilernlc \\r+t a indt..
'- .. _m.j ._ ... __ _ _-*4*T**?~4 * * "tBliW'l"' /.X'f / 'I '\'T ln (llj <>f N*W Vork. .Irraev 4 Ifv .,n ' Uobokel
Lieutenant Donald P. Morrison
and Two Men Victims of
Exploslon in Speed Test
Off Newport.
Forward End of Port Turbine
and Iti Bteam Chest Blow Out
_Crcw Braves Danger
to Rescue Wounded
from Engine Room.
Kewport R i . 0 t. 1 Tha atxploato
of tha forwnni en.i of th* port lurbtne
>ur arlth thi al ?ra ebeet, on tha j
. atroyer Walhe, off '.
EtrentoaTa R ? if LiRhtahlp. to- lay. bv
ataatiy killad L_*ut4snan1 D ?aold P.
Morr-aon, the dil *' e_?lnaeT afttccr, an.! |
wounded elfhl othara, two >f whoan,
J. W. K.impf and H. L. WHdar, both .
nutchtalat'B matea of tha first clauaa,
,ii..i to-nlght on bcaurd tha hoapital
siiip BoJaca.
t. b. c'rawfr.i. Runner'a mata of the ?
dcetreyer PattaYecm, on* of the um- j
pires aamed to aratch the spr*ad teata of
the Walke. and John Pelaney. n Bral
- fireman of the Walke, were said
to be in a critical rondition 10-nlpht.
Others injured are:
Lieutenmit Robati I_ Montgomery. of
the destroyer Fannlng. and umpire of
the apaad teata; D. s. Kally, :hief ma
chiniafa mate; \v. k. Kraua, otlar, and
F. B. Conway. oiler.
The exjilosion l aine Just as the Walke
etarted on a full speed costtaal ln .?>m
pany with other deslroyers of ihe thlrd
group. a heavy aoutharly fale waa
bkrwtnR and tha aaa waa rouch. ao that
when the Walke's BkataT BBtlP, tne Per
kins, eaina np in anaarar to a call for
help lt was ti.- a**B_-l for the Waike's
crew tO potnr oll Oti th<- water hefore a
bomUI boat eootd vaattnra alongside.
Crew Rescue Comradea.
Th? dlsc-ipline of the . rcw ls said to j
ha*/* heen perfeet. and their cnduct ln
leaplns down lnto the steam-fllled en
gine rooan to caurry ont their wounded
ceara-tea _ro_Rh1 tha highest praise
fr.-ni their Buprtora Lt__t4M_ant ;
Charlaa R Traln, tha mnimanding offl
oar, "ii tha brkLf* <it the time of tha ? v
pleertea, hau-dted the att-Rttoa ha a way ;
to paii; pataonal ***a_u_?*__latJaai fraca ;
Rear. Admiral HURO osterha'.is, rom- ]
mander of the AtlanttC fleet, who j
boarded th>' defltiopar tatar.
a i.oard "f Inquaal held nn board the ;
Walke found that h.-r port turbine was '
(lestroyed. S>:e caune tatO the harhor
under her own st'-ain, and ^vlll %o to ;
\.\v Tork Nnvy Tard for repnir*. j
lt is belleved she arlll he abts to take
part ln the great aavaJ i*evtew n Near
York this month.
The Walki araa drtvtng ahead
ihriiiigh the haavy aeaa artth the full
I ower of h?r englnea when LMuten*
ant '1'ralti, ..ti th.- brldce, haard a
mnffi'd roar na*d fall tha deatroyer
? beneath his feet. At once her
apaad alackened an.i she i..pan to roii
neavily, whlle ataaun ntjured up tha
araya In votu-aea.
i:\e]>i/ody on board knew Inatantly
what had hapianed. Boniebody, wlth
I awalt-ni an order, had turned off
the steam in hoth 80*104 roorus. while
oa dach Lieutenant Traln, arlth hia
ahtp for th'' rnoment unmiinaceaM",
*A\f the command that started the i
r*-seuer8 at work. Ali warshlps ln the '
Amerlran navy have a plentiful supply j
af oll and hlank'-ts for Juqt surh n.cl- j
ta as this. and J.ieut< nant Louis !
f. Ththauit qulckly headed the eraw
ln bringing 0U1 this eqUlptnbnt
Wounded Rolled in Blankete.
Blanketa a*erp aoakad "ith the Booth
tng li'itiid and the n-srueip w.nt down
lnto n..- BcaJdlng, aoffoeattng atnaoe
; her.-. They located tha azploalon Pto*
aprawled about tha forward part
*4 tii_ w-jinu room. Rolling their m!u]>
< untiiiur.l on urc.inil puge, wvrntli rolumn.
This Morning s News
LOCAX.. 1 |8
- Blte KlDC l'ersons. 1
Kaid Polkrara Tlp ta Mayav. a
Mr Guttl Ttlis Opera l'lana. 7
M.'iscttes Huiit Alumnaa. 8
Theatre ?'!uh Proanlaea Great I'lay? 8
('aiis Arch-oM Lettera Paiavetiaa.II
Poll *? Took Maatap Re Btal*...._l
Slate I'lis.-ttlei!. 1
lerata atatha Piatform In <?rien... 3
S'iffr:u;!stH i-v,-r PeaaocraUc Traacbary 3
Pllnn Bpeait Fortane for Rooaavlt.. ? 4
Hoqaavell Bada CanpalRh Trip. 4
Btraua Carapalcaa Upatat*. 4
1 >1*:on \\antn Ali I'aity I'utids Prolied 4
Taft and Loti Talk J'eaee. 4
_a_rtha_dt Anawera Rooaevell. 5
Atta.k oa t. k by Vfoaaaa Boeiallst,. a
Hedgaa Opena OaaapalRR To-nlxht... 5
Two State ('on\?'titlotiH Held in JerBt-y 5
Thr.-. Kt!!ed on DeOtroyer Walke. 1
Prejadte* Trtinsfera hynamlte t'HHea. 8
Two Jurors ln BttOff Trlal. 8
OMfcaoa Held for fJrand Jury.16
_-*_4*a--t**awa 1'lea ln Auto Craah.16
Jamta J ('orl.ett Hylng.16
Porta MeMMaae, Raaip for Atta.k_ l
uivai Annlaa Caatparad. a
"The Spy" ln London. 7
Kawa for Wornen . 7
Kdltorlal . 8
?oei*t*r . 8
Theatrl?'al . 8
OMtuarjr . 9
Khlpplng N??h . 9
Aimjr anrl Navy. 9
Weather. 9
aporta .10 and 11
Plnanclal and Markets.13 and 13
**<--l J-;attttc.14 and *tt
But the Master of Their Convention Is Still
Uncertain Whom He Will Nominate
For Governor.
[From B Pt.iff i"r :re?i,ond?-nt ,.f The Trlbun*.]
Syracuse. 0?7t 1. ?I'harles p. Murphy.
the boaa <>i thia "unboeae-" DemocTatl ?
Btati Conventlon, has nol yel made up
his miriii tonlght who in will noml
nate for Oovernor. He is aboul raady
to iiir ii coirj to aee whether h< aHall
eliminate Qovernor, i?i\. .".e has ttied
ti. reaaon it ,>ut on the bo re ?? danser
to U ?? ttckel if he doea and danger to
hlta if he doean't, and lh< effort drove
hlm t>? K.'h" agaln this afternoon. Now
the fllmpter method of chance appeala
t?. hlm,
Murphy haa had Intervlewa with
practlcally every Deanocral in ihe atate
whoac o] laton la arorth having. Bome
of them h<- haa gractoualy con/ented to
aee twlca, or Ihrae or four tlmea He
haa i>.->-i) in repeated confi n-n<?a on the
inf. rmatlon?or oplntone? thtlfl l cqulrod
with Mc?_ooey, his "aectlon fnonu.n'
in Brooklyn; Fitzpairtck. of Buffalo;
Kelley, of this clty; F-rley, of Blng
hamton; Vralafc, of Yonkere; Fohn B.
Bti t, hfletd, who aaaena t.> i>e trylna to
tiii the shu.-s worn by Danlel Cohalan
ami Wllllam r. Bheahan ln oth.^r yeara
and other political and Wall Btreal
legal talent. He is al it yel to-night.
nml it appaara likely he may l>e at lt all
day to-morrow, although there are
hints from the throne room that ther>
may be a nomlnation to-morrow afi>-r
The net result of it all ii anythlng
you like. If you liko DiX?there nr.- ?
few man here who poom to? wny, Dix's
chancoi ara as good as they ever were.
If you like DowHbg. be ls the bQBB
secret choice. and has been right along.
Ii you like Sulzer. he hns got the most
delagatea, and. if the boaa only keep*
hla bandfl off, is eertaln to \<o noml?
7f you like Qorard, hr is a flne. clenn
young man of the better elcment. who
could make an B-OBllfl-t altk stocking
appeaL lf >ou like QlynB, the keynnt.
ppeeih he made plalnly marks tha path
of Demoora?y to vf.-tory asraln. lf y,.u
Hke Burd. of Baffalo, he is a good up
stntf Democral who proved his rade<
pendenca Of the boaa l>y votlng aeainst
-heahan In tha svnatoriai ripht.
Murpby's Gem of Wiadom.
If yru ri.m't llko any of these. r nd
?eck further lnformalion from lltlTPhy
you get thls (fjm of v.isd.im:
"Th.. conventlon will dexrWle."
The hettlng odds run aboul thls waj
20 to 1 against Dlx. ?"? ta 1 agalnal
Dowllng, S to 1 agalnal Glynn, 2 to 1
agalnal Oarard and 2 to l agaliurl ?al
7pr. Odda are not quoted as to Burd,
bul there are boom wtaa onea who iaro
rlalm they have conaldenble money t.>
lay on hlm. Uckwood, Burna and
Beneel are so llkely to be aerat-hod
that there are no bettOTfl "ii them.
it i- indeed ft trylag attuatlon for th.
boaa, and he is fl-acerverlng now, in his
hour ?'f trliimph. tbat vl.torv has Itfl
reaponalbimiea whlch even the pn.s
pecl of two yearfl rnor'- of state ppmd.-r
cannol make taaa bui-4m8wane. Ahao
lute maatar of the conventlon, he knowa
there is Just enough of a mlnorlty in
that body to stir up trouble if ha doaa
not walh warlly. Overh.nl of th.- atata,
he knowa !)?? i* U-lovad by th.- Praet'
dentlni candldate of hls party, who l*
only healUtlng about flghting him ba
cause he BCOdfl votes and has not been
abla tn catch Murphy Hiiffl'lently ln the
wrong to warrant an open attack or.
th,- state boaa under condltlona nkeiy
t,. llnd votea to hlm.
It is almost enough to make tfurphy
carry out Uteraily hls stock dedaratlon
about nomlnationa?keep hla bandfl off
and let the conventlon di-rlde the mat
t. r. Indeed, there are some venture
Bome sjilrlts abroad ht-re who make
the aolema deeiaiatton that this is what
will happon. Others, more cynlral,
bellere there will be all the atntfe flOt
ting of an open nnd unbossc-d conven
t!n!i. bul they cannot belleve that this
gathertng, ao eatnplately ln _f_rphy*fl
i.ntrol, will be permltted to do any
thlng other than what he wants done.
And lf ar.ybody to-nlght knowa what
that is, he is ln a cyolone cellar.
Dix'a Nam* To B* Preaentod.
Beamlngly _4re4W_4>r i?x baa boan
retlred, but Murphy won't 8_y so, and
until Murphy doea say ho t_8 l>lx
falthful, tspeciaiiy the officeholdar
rontlngent, won't baHava it. Dlx'fl
name will be present.-d to the ronv-ii
tlon In any ea.-,
Il seems to be the genefl?l Opinion
to-nlgbl that Near york Covnty*a i"">
4/ott I will be eaat for Dlx at least once
to ir.ake good Murphy's raftaratad dac
laratlon that he helleved the (lovern-r
deserved and would get a renomlnatlon.
lf Dlx. by Ihe graee of the BOOB,
should win renomlnatlon. It is entirely
probable that the st.lf ticket WOUld he
-nade up Just about as it was two yeara
ago, arlth LleutJiiant (Jovernor Con
way off.
Leaving Dlx out of the sltuatlon. the
fleld slmmera down to four BMMl
DowllQg, Cerard and Hulzvr, of New
Tork Clty, ?nd Glynn. of Albany
Sulzer haa gone after thia nomina
tlon Just aa Job Hedges went after
th. Kepubllcan nomlnation. Ha hafl
(onduct'd a systematlc canvaas ol' th.
delegates. There 1k no QUflBjUon that he
is atronger with them, and haa more
actual aiipport among them, than uny
l.ody c-lac whose name has flgured ln
the convention talk. He hns a flOOre of
igenta at work and h?adi)unrter8 ln
half a dozen B?toaa around town. Hla
agenta are dlatrlbutlng more varletiea
Continued on thi r.l paae. thlrd rvhirao.
Albany, Oct. 1.?"The party may
have power to remove my head, but
I shall not place my head upon the
block," was the reply made by Gov?
ernor Dix this afternoon to the
"Governor, during tho last twen
ty-four hours has there been any
change in tho political situation as
far as you are concarned?"
"By that do you mean to ask
whether I have withdrawn my can
didacy?" queried the Governor.
"Yes." was the reply.
Governor Dix then dictated the
above statemer.t and closed the in
Farmer First Shoots and Bcats
Estranged Wife After Chas
ing Her in a Carriage.
Weat Pelhauo, Maaa., Oct. 1 -4-^orR*
Bhaa, a arealthy farmer. shot htB wif<
Jenole L Bhaw, ppobabl) faatally, bere
to-day, and then blear hlm*?*tf to ptacaa
with dyi amit.'. arbken be plaeed i
latump and aal an. Mra. Bban I idj
Ioonte fnun Hartford, Cooo^*to placi
rtowera on hw aoat'a prav
Bhaw, arho araa about fift\ yeara atd,
had ii"t Been his arlfe atitca Janu i
j 1911, whi n ahe lefl hlm, uotll ahi drova
paal hlm ln b carrtaRa neai bla bo*na
to-day. Bha araa acii-anpanled by ber
I dauffhter. Mn H W Ortffln. trf Chh*o
P?-o, ;..:,.i Mra vYtlllam Baroee, of
j SpiirurflHd.
No arorda arera ezchanRed between
Bh i" and hla "if. arhen tbetr teama
naaaed, bul thi man Immediatfl)
turm 'i end drova home There he ra
11 ii,?? i hi !.? biy road aak'oii
j.'iir for b llRhl drlvlng rlR, andcauRhl
ui. wlth lii*- \\ if.- In the dooryard of
I John PaRe, caretaker of the cemetery.
Jumplng to ihe ground, ha betfon
. flrlnf al hli wife with a revohrer aa
ahe aal In her carrlaRe. Thi horaea of
both t< ama ran away, M i Bh
horae throwlng tha thr.-. aromen out,'
Bhaa ran to hi? wife arhen Bhe fell
and pouoded her on the head wlth 8*1***
flata and with tha revolvef untii ahi
nraa ins- nalhle.
1.. avlng her apparently dead, lha
man went home. a mll* and a half
eway. When Beareh was made for hlm,
i Btrong smell of dynamlta araa notli ad,
and in an open lot at tha rear hits of
his body were found. Bhaw had visit
ad a saw mlll belrlnd hla houaa and had
taketi aeveral Bttcha <>f dynamlta Theaa
h?> had plROad ln a stump In his hark
yard, and had then aeated himself "ii
them and cauaed an ezploatoo.
Mrs Shaw had two bvlleta In hei
body. Her skuii araa fractured and i i
ri>rht ann broken. Phyalciaoa held out
llttle bope f?r her K.ovety
Th" OOUpla had heeii married many
years, anil had tWO 80118 and three
Y. M. C. A. Home Carried lnto
Cut, New Orleans Hears.
I iiv TaiearapB la Th* Trarva* I
New ftrlBRBR. Oct 1 ? I'nionfirm'd
1 reports **ec*tved bere from c.ion aay
' the alld- on Culebra hiii, an whteh
j atood tbe recently i ondemned y, af.
j c a clubhouae, has pranaed lnto
Culebra cut, carrytaR with jt a hia;
' amount ol eavrth and the Baponlatloti
I bulldlDR. No nientlon |_ mad* of oaa- j
! ualties.
Tha hnakliiK of B dU_8 Rl Kmplre sev- j
i eraJ daya asje fla-adad tha rallroad
! tracha ln the bottoan of tha ?_nai, and
i tlie wat.r is belleved tO have we.'ikelieil
j the earth utin furthar aad cauaed tii??
I slide.
Serious Ontbreak Reported in
Largest Island of Oroup.
Ltebon, Oct. l? a BetiouB outbreah
of pMRRMJ has oc.urred at Angra, on
the Hotith Btdf of the Island of Ter
? . ir;.. Capital of the A-OfWR,
Tha P_at_RReae povernment win dis
potch a BteRmer Immedlately with
aerum, ioeioea and nurse
Albany. Oct L?The <'ourt of apaaola
to-dav npheld the determlnallon of the
appdlata Wvlaton, M M-triet. to th*>
affect that 'ii? Waatchaatar sm-et Rall?
way Cempauiy can chartM eatly Iv* eent?
f,(r one fare between Mutnuioneck and
White 1'lulna. V
Temporary chairman of the Syracuse convention and prominently
mentioned -Is ?? possible candidatc for Governor.
ii botoerapfc bl ' :' ?' rwood .<? __derwood.)
Savage Spaniel Attacks Six
Children and Man Before
Police Kill It.
Bites Two Boys and Throws
Classroom Into Panic Lad
Bcats Off the Animal
with Crutch.
? tened motl era h Bre ?? n k. pt
? . ? u.irei: Indooh the latti r part
,,f yeatet-a) afternoon and during th.
. \. nlng a ben they learnod thal
boya, a flrl and B man had been bltlea
bj taro atra) doga Ona <i'K. whlch Ib
?up|?.1 tn be aaad, i>it aeven peraona,
whlle the other, nhtch made Ita - ?-? ?;??-.
, t,t. i, .1 :i i hoolroom and attacked I ao
.,t thi Ir d< aka The latter
dog, however, I- nol belleved to bare
ii . i ible*
'i | . m.-t dog, 'i Bmall, brown aa
>i aniel, app< ared al Ifth atreel and
Thlrd avenue, ln fr..nt <.r i movlns
plcture i,...\ Deahlng mtn a crowd
nf rhlldren gathered aboul the poetera
it bll Davld Blh ets.in. etgbt yeara old,
.f Mo Ita* Thlrd avi nue, In bath handa
and the '? ft h
Thi re a ia a greal i rowd of home
goera al the eh rated atatlon and the
dog plungt d tlu. ugh the croard, B ?- ?
t ..., n iTii. and llth atreeta Joa ph
Delaglo, ten yeara old, ol No 171 47th
Btreet, aaa bltten ln Ihe rlghl thlgh.
Patrolmai Wllllam Bmlth tooh up the
, baa?. bul before ha i ould raach tha
flog lt had attacked I'li.irles OflBJOOd,
nlneteen yt ira old, of No IM 18th
Btreet, and Ml him ln the left band.
Next Attacks Little Girl.
Another patrotanan, Patrleh Kaarna,
ktined Bmlth, and tha twa k.-pt after
the animal, f..ll-iwed by B I'iK CTOWd.
At 60th strei-t I.-nni* IflchaekrwUa,
?even reara old, arho llvea al No ww
Thlrd avenue, was badly Ml 08 the
BBouth. The crowd waa throwlng
brlckbatfl and Btlcka al tha dog, bul the
p.illremen Wi-re afrald tO B-OOt, l88l thfl
bulletfl strike some aaa la ihe throng.
At D-d street th" dog turned and
riaargad Into tha crowd, whlch acat
ter.-d. Then the Bpantal leapod a! whi
i.mi Dannlnger, thlrty-flve yeara old, of
No 840 Blghth avenue, and Ml hlm oa
ti,,. i, n knee. Four Mocka further oa
ll attacked Townsi-nd Ulmen, un yeara
,,id, of No. 817 -1 Int stre-t. and Alex
under TeroaO, BV8 yeara old, of No, 848
14th fltreei Illmen was bltten ofl thfl
left leg ami young Taroao on ihe rlghl
The dog waa 8ylng along, with the
crowd stiii i.ehind it Bmlth and
K.-arns bmirded a Imlley . ar and pUT
Wcd the animal fflV sever.il blocka UHtU
they rcaeheil some open lots H. re
Ihey Kot off the oar, _TOV8 the _Of MtO
I vaiant Int and .-hot it. The lm.lv
was taken t.. the atatlon bouafl to ba
sent to the Board Of Health
One Victim to Hospital.
Dr. rhiiiip*. of the Norwagtaa Hoa*
pltal, nttended the vi. tims md took
J.-nnle Miehaelowltz to thfl Institutlon.
About _:.'!KloYloek a large white bull
ftOg was noti.ed lolterlng BB the hull of
PuMk S'hool 71, in Ha ward i ti'.-i.
WilllamaburB. Some oi ihe bOVfl ia!lel
the dog into a ilassroom. and JOflOph
o'Nein, taa raara old. of No. I
Nostrand avenue, starud tn - et hlm.
Sudil.-nly the anlmnl fastened hlfl tflajth
In the boy'a leg. und hls aer-ams ot
pain threw the room, In whah there
were rtfty boya, Into a panle. After
I.ItlnK O'Neill flve tlmea on the leg tht-j
brute faataaad hia teoth li, tbe leg of j
T'hom im IaiiurlBBU. twelve years old. of
No. 7<>1 Wythe avenue. The dog was1
beaten off und then run awajr.
Austrian, Five Years Here,
Offers Allegiance.
Chlcago, Oct l ?- -Ni' tholaa Buch
! , ;..i aa Austrian who has arorkedaa
la prtnter In Chlcago for Bv* years. de*
? lari -I hla aUeglanca to "Klng Paft" to
daj in applylng to Judge Kanaanw bt
1,11'iis ln tiie rederal cottrt for natu
raliaatlon papera!
ThlB man la aa arell quadlflad to be*
ome a t'oter aa moa! ot Ihoa* arho
, ?, ,r, ,i hi r. to day," Ju.Iko
. later. "W? must gtv* hlm
i tlme to tiiink over our ejueBjUon*."
OhUdre. of East Side Mother
Plarcd in Incubators.
Three ttny boya, nood af them aretgh
int? ntora than two pounda, were t">rn I
rnoon to Mrs Dora M a*
. h. n of No. ?'??-?'? Monro- atreet at tha|
Jewlah Maternlt*. Hoepltal, Ho 2T2
i.;,,.t i ? Tha mother la only
nlneti ? ? old
i .? act ouol "i U ?? B_nalln4*ea of 'he
babiea and th* faci thal tbetr birth j
Wma ;?:. ii it in . tbe) arere Irnrnedlately
11,,, ,.,| in Incuhatoi -. arhere it is be- |
iiev. .1 thi ?? arlll llva The rnother la
dolni ari IL
The huaband, Bamuel, i? twenty-two
yetara old, and a blackamlth, On ac
. ,,;? i f.o t thal Mra. Moechen
. to the hoepltal after her hua- ?
hand went to hla blackamlth ahop, he
was uoaware of the birth of hla thre*
boya untll after he returned from arork
laal nlRht
' Girl Informs Mother Sudden 111
ness Is Detaining Her.
Misa Baael Puhrer, tha nlneteen
?,.,, old dauRbtei of Mrs. B-laabeth
Pulvi;. i nidow, llvtni at tha Qray*
lena Apartmenta, NTa II. Weel ll-d|
street, ara* reported aa B-laatng from I
her home under pecullar clreumatancea
laal nlfht Al I tfcJock last evenlng
Mlaa Puhrer, arho is emptoyed aa a
atenoRrapher al No. IM Weat Itth
atreet, telephoned thal she had been
taken roddenly 111 arhlle ln a north
Im.iih i ?.ubway traln on her way home
gh* aald Bhe had lefl tha traln at Ttmea
Bquara and araa telephoalng from a
druR Btor* ahere ahe had boaighl aome
Brnelllng aalte, Bha sald she aronld ba
boma a trlfla late, aa st..- was going to
taka ;i Klfth avenue ataga home.
\\ I.. ti ii r daofhter did not return
home at !? o'clock Mrs. ruiver became
alarmed and i mmunlcnt*- arltn Ihe
,, ,i . , f the Weal IMd atrael atatlon
Mrs PulVer said last night that she
ba.i tak.ti luncheon with her dauRhter
downtown yeaterday ami at hal ttaaa
iiazi'i rompwlned of feeflng IH H*r
mother arantad her to aje home aith
h. r, bul MIbb Pulver refused. BRyfaif
Bhe arouM Bnlah her business day.
.\t the tlme ahe dtoappoarad Miss
Ppjlver arora a bhtck bf*oad-loth tallorad
suit, 8 white shirtwaist, white ki.l
flovaa and black Btlk atocklnga and
l.laek shoes She wi.re a bla k velvet
hal, irimmeil wlth white. BOd BB th.
thlrd Bnger ol her lefl hand Bha arora a
?olltatre dlamond rtng. Bha has chaat
n .t hair and brown ayee, aad la at
tractlve ba appearance, b-tog ?"> feel i
,n. haa in hetght and weiKhing 10B
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Ohio F.epresentative, Once
Bootblack, Auto Victim.
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itantiy kllled to-nlght arhra an eutorao*
blle in uhi.ii bi araa rtdfng averturned
lienr thla 88-1
Carl Chrei Aadtraaai lepaaaantad Ihe
Itth Ohlo Distri. t la the ?;is; and ta- Coo
ii,. ara* born la Hiurrton, Ail-n
County. ohio Petenaber -'. aTTf, lp ,;,rlv
lif,. he was a aewaboj and beatta-aak. n?
was mtef-eted la auaaaro-a business aa>
leipraaaa, and was a Dem-crat.
Bulgaria, Servia and Montenegro with Greece
Demand Reforms in Macedonia and
a Reply in 48 Hours.
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria Named Chief of the United
Armies of the Four Aggressive States?Sultan's
Government Orders Detention of^ Greek
Ships in Turkish Ports.
T)\e Tr
London. Oct. 2.?A dispatch from Sofia to the Exchange
Telegraph Company says that Bulgaria. Greece, Servia and
Montenegro have presented an ultimatum to Turkey demanding re?
forms in Macedonia. The ultimatum will expire in forty-eight hjurs.
No connrmation cf this statement has been received from any
The Vienna correspondent of "The Daily Mail" says he has re?
ceived from an unimpeachable source an intimation that the situation
is aggravated and that it is expected the die will be cast within the
next forty-eight hours. King George of Greece, who is on his way
to Athens. will have an interview to-day in Vienna with Count von
Berchtold, the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister. The Bulgarian
Minister in Vienna will be present at the conference.
A dispatch from Sofia says that a convention between Bulgaria,
Servia, Montenegro and Greece has named King Ferdinand as chief
of the united armies of the Balkan States.
News of the mobilization of the Bulgarian and Servian armies
has created a sensation in Constantinople. The Bulgarian minister.
asked if he could verify the intelligence. replied 'Yes, it is true. I
have had confirmation of it. also of the Servian mobilization and of
the mobilization of the Greek navy, whose vessels, it is stated, have
already received orders to proceed to the TEgean Sea."
The directors of the Bulgarian railways have telegraphed the
directors of the Oriental railway that all goods traffic must be sus
pended until further notice. and goods trucks coming from Turkey
are not allowed to go beyond Mustafa Pacha. Up to last evening,
however. passenger traffic by the Orient express and the Conven
tional train had not been stopped.
In Turkey itself the idea prcvails that war is now inevitable, and
an opinion expresed by an important functionary at the Porte faith
fully summarises views in high spheres in Stamboul. He said:
"All things considered, it is just as well. This will put an end to
a false situation. which nas become intolerable. The consciousness
of danger will give the government courage, will make necessary a
neace with Italy and will restore concord among Ottoman patriots.
At least. in this new war we can really fight, and it will not drag
along like the other."
Also there is a rumor in Constantinople to the effect that a
special appeal will be sent to Sir Edward Grey.
In Vienna the situation is regarded as hopeless. Where, it is
a'sked. is Europe? Has it no longer the power to restrain the small
Balkan states fl om a war the results of which are unthinkable ? The
defeat of the European statesmen who have worked in t??- for peace
in Sofii and Belgrade is openly exposed.
Strong doubts are expressed as to whether peace is really desired
on all sides. This is especially remarked in the attitude of Servia,
which is entirely dependent on Russia and could certainly be influ
enced from St. Petersburg, and it is even asserted that the Pasitch
Cabinet would never have dared to issue the mobilization order with?
out previous agreement on the point with Russia. In the papers
representing the views of the clerically influenced aristocracy and the
higher military circles, it is pointed out that Russia assumei enor
mous responsibility when she supported the autonomous pretensions
of Bulgaria and Servia.
The "Reichspost," writing along these lines, asserts that Russia
has created. instead of a detente. a situation which is much more
difficul', and connects the remarks with Russia's "test mobilization"
in Poland. This mobilization. says the paper, could very casily be
regarded as a measure taken against Austria. Should this be the
case it can be understood in St. Petersburg that Austria will n_t
suffer her interests in the Balkans to be endangered.
This and similar utterances suggest that the vaunted unity of
the powers is non-existent. Every one knows that the chief reason
why the powers desire to keep peace is because some of them have
long cherished territoriai ambitions of their own, which they have no
intention whatever of allowing the little Balkan kingdoms to thwart.
Private advices from Constantinople declare that there is no moro
secrecy about the faet that the Turkish government is negotiating an
important and immediate loan. Russia and England sought to have
the Turkish "manceuvres" stopped. but they will take place all the
same. The Turks are not going to stand interference with regard
to the disposition of their armed forces.
To add to Turkey's anxiety just now fears are expressed that
there will be a renewal of the recent earthquakes. There have been
scores of small shocks since the date of the big one and the weather
is exceptionally sultry.
Constantinople. Oct. 1.?The Cabinet, after a prolonged meet?
ing. to-night decided to order a partial, not general, mobilization of
the Turkish army. The exact orders are for the present secret.
The Cabinet also decided to detain all Greek vessels now in
Turkish v/aters in order to requisition their services for the trans
port of troops. ,
The Cabinet also rejected the Servian demand respecting the
transport of ammunition through the Turkish lines.
The Council of Ministers sat throughout the day from 10 o'clock
in the morning. In addition to the ministers, Hadi Pacha, the chief
of staft, and Abdullah Pacha, the commander of the reserves in
Euronean Turkey, were present.
It is reported that the Turkish government is about to address a
circular to the powers in which it repudiates responsibility for the
crisis. which it says has occurred in consequence of the provocativc
attitude of the Balkan states.
The action of the Cabinet in rejecting the demand of Servia for
the transport of the latter's ammunition through the Turkish lines
is in reply to a note sent to the Porte by the Servian Minister, Dr.

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