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?c.ippon Metz on ihe flrst baliot Mur- I
pby __thaitt*d thai many af tbe MOW
Tork men arould -rota far Dlx on tha
flrst baliot to mak- g?od 00 h's dOC* j
oi - ip to "foatarda But in ?
c.'ifcrcnce ajif tha New V.-rk Count!
dci'gnte? pi?t bofora tha iright wawaUm }
? ot* ?? was given to them that
Murphy would permlt them to coanp-f
arlth the ala ti..n laws and v..t. aa thay
ehoab. That meant a general s-atter- >
Ing of their ballots.
During the taking of the second bai- ?
lot tha delegati-s {.-rew noisy. BUd ?"-*> I
eral times were c;il!ed to order by the ,
It wa* affr mulnlght when tha first
l:.'t" in the BOOOIld builot was COOt, an.i
.??omc of tba huBchaa in tha haJtonj' bo*
;;an to ? mi t-f. |
Mtii'i.hy kopl sileat when his nmne .
was called ;-nd he was recrded as BOt
One Tanimany brwra caal I lotM rot4 .
fOf Senator Robert F. Wagner.
Crowd to See the Show.
Plie night sesslon LTOWdad the hall
for the lirst tlme It vas an avidi. I ??
ont to see the ahow and* enj-.y it. It ;
bjni Lroughl strong arms, buaky votoae j
and many cowbells and horns tO rein
*orce thaaaa, gttd it DOad ali in applause
:c slight* st azoaae. At times the
tumult resembled the uproar at Hroad
und i- * atraat on Naaa taat'a Eve.
\.i ..p'ti D-E-OCnUc convention. or OM
ilngljr open, waa such u novelty
BOhoAf was poing tO losc an op
intty to c-tobrata the event.:
Through H ni' "B'?T IJoss" MttTPhj
mutluuloaa. nevor a aanlla on his fac-a,
,,.vr varying his lack-lustre atai
AJbany County b*d off ir. nomtnatlng'
for Oovernor. Robi t R. Whakn pre
aented the name of Mariin H. Glynn,
tx-Contro!ler Hc spoke glOWU-gl* of
Demcrati ? pro.pects. and -jqOftltV I
jjiowtngly of Mr. Qlynn'a public ser
The Albany man bad btiatod Re
pub.lcani Biul of offlce. sald Mv
Whalen. to tiie great suUsluctiori of sip
Matc tOtagf His keynuUi Bpeacb be?
fore this convention profod hlm a livc
wtro. Whereat there arari ehaara.
Allaganj County rlaialad to I
i'ork. Augustus Thomas, j l.r. wright.
ar.d polltician at >?dd moments. sprang
to the piatform tO present tha D__M of
ItaproaantatlTti suUer. He rond his
|j i.aj w-.l, but If any 1' adlng m m ln h;s |
I.ays had been as Htiff in hls IMturM
U ba there arould have baaa a very ;
angr> playwrlght.
After a few words of pialge fof Ooear
0, straus. th" ftugiaaalve andtdata
for Oovernor. Mr. Thuinnx quoted hl? '
."?,i..gy of Buiaar, and aadd:
No partv ever off. red ? rn#__
of i1-" state a man so conaistently ;
iheb- ehamptbn aa tbia stalwart. i rtoua, i
Ineorroptlble coi t_non< r* w - **-"r- !
Faila to Stir Up Delegatea.
rha B-onUon of Rartiar'a name did not:
arotiaa much enthusiasm. The regula
Oor. applauaa was not prolonged by the
?ippearan. e of a r gro carrylng a white
and gold banner wlth "Sulzer for Gov
..r:ior" blaxoned on :t. The negro tried
-?-irii'ie down tha coptra adala, hut
waa blockeu.
Then. the c.?_\ention tUCZttd its nt- '
tentl-'ll t.i Oenj-pe H. Kcit'ely. of Krio. j
arho recelved the floor thr'nigh the
< 'irtcs-y ol c:attaraugus, and placed
the nanif ef G?Qt_lj B. Rurd befOTO the
oooTaaitloai Ha rafarrad to the thini
??? conventlon held in the same hall
three araaka ago and to the Ropuhtt*
an conventlon p* Snretoga. V-th of
whlch. he said. were unbossed.
"And we can't do otheiwl.se. he said.
"Wa can't afford to send from this con?
ventlon a candl-late chosen bv a boes."
Kennedy sald tho eonraataOa ibOUld
nominate na candidate a man who
never wus BBOIMiatod wlth l politlcal
cos-v He d-ttouncad booaaa and beoa*
Ism ln unmeasured terms?and through
it nll Murphy. hls lips set, sat in hls
. hafr. his ejroa gtlnttng blankly through
hla aloaln? glaaaaa, without giving a
slgn of resentment. Hut many men in
tha hall intcrtjpted the sp<ak?r wlth
? ?.t-oalls and hootinga.
He toid of Rurd'a efforts to have real
oirect primary nrtd home rule legisla
U n ?nacted. and added:
11 ls *ueh leglslation ?s that whlch, ta
pavlng the way for Woodrow Wilson
5rorr.Trei.ton to Washington. *"??<?
ought to eenfl Oeorge Burd to the Gov
ornor'a chair at Albany.
Thomas Mott Osborne, of Cayuga,
??econded the nomlnation of Glynn, de
acrtblng hit i a* one of the best Reprc
?Kntatlves New York ever had.
The nomlnation of Sulzer was aec
or.ded bv Thomas J. CummiP-a. of
Chauuuqna, ln ? hot Uttla speech.
Rtaphrn Rvan, of Chenango, one or
th* Hnti-Murphy delogntoa, also sec
onded Sulzers nominatlon. saylng:
Im one of ihe Demoerats who alwaya
vote thai tlcket on EUctlon Day. I want
to call your attention to one thlng, wrnlcn
ana-rbe you ve overlooked. That ls that
v-ju have a chanoa lo elaot >"?">r county
iltkets. to elect a leKislature and to tleot
a Urited Btataa Bena ??. Ali you'v got
to do Is to follow the dictntes of jrour
own eonacfaneeo. Everyhody knows what
? hat ls. Nominate Bul_?f.
Jarnes R. Kwell. tt Delaware County.
also eeconded Sul/.er's nomlnation.
Dewis Stuyvesant Chanler arose at
the call of Dutchess County. and to th*
ahouts of the conventlon took the piat?
A: he began his speech hls tall, lanky
.Igure, leanlng over the edge of the
piatform. caught the crowd. He tried
to be mysterlous and some one in th*
crowd yelled out, "Who is he?"
"Who is he? Who ls he?" ahouted
back Chanler. "Who is he-" Then,
?without answering, hc continued:
We rttund r.ovv it the forka of a road
The Keynote of Health
Is the Liver
Sclentiata have deflnitely learned that
'he Liver is one of the most Importaut
organa of the human system. It ls the
.levo whlch separates tiie good from
the bad, the nutriment from the poiaon.
Ailow the Liver to betoma torjid or
Inactlv*, the poiaon is aet I thr< *igh the
i^yntem nnd dlsiase Is the result. Flrst
j >u b?come. bllious and eonsttpated and
later tbe oonaaqui-n< ? s ara -non a< ri
? /.js. Nobodr can livi !'.? ngular as a
Clook. In order to etijoy life we aub
ject puraolvca to dlatary lna_a?r*tlon.
lt the pr..p?-i n rnedy ls then uaad the
troubb ia (jukkly ended A remedy
v.'hich comea nearest to the heart of the
people is a natural remedv. The natu
ral remedy most widely used ls
Hunyadi Janoa Water, th? Natural
___xatlv*. It? natural comblnatlon ls
wonderfullv effectlve li. Rlllousne?s.
'i'otpid Liver and Constipatlon- %
tumblerful ct-Onaoa the Llv?r, tlush.-s
the Intattinaa, puiiflaa the ayatena nnd
t? gent!';, ?iic?id> and sure. Don't take
tltutas; they are nrortbleaa lmlta-|
tlona a:.d may be harmful.?Advt. '
Wa can xo here or we > \n go there. Hfl
ia a Wll wlth a capltal li and Sulzer wlth
.1 car '.tal B
There fo'lowed Eugene Scribner. of
Fnlton-IIanillton. to aooonal ?UlBOffl
oooBlnoUon la o abrUl drawi, which
drow forih shoutx of merrlment.
Metz's Name Presented.
Uepre?entatlve I__gO0_M _0_B8__te_
-x-Controller Herman A. Metz. of New
Tork CttJ, whom the Klngs County
nMBB had ngreed to support on the flrst
i.ulk.t. He spuke ln glowlng terms of
Meti's public service and hls ptiVftU
? Ho s a candidate Of hlgh tcleals ani
Hiajia?iTfl record," aald Fitzgorald,
"who will flt ln wlth the platform
BrdOfrlO- by thls conventlon."
MUtOII B. Glbbo, Of Monroe, qecondlng
B-laer'fl aonilnattw, beoatod of the ln?
OOrfOncy <>f Monroe dolOffOtflO :md tho
regularity of their Deinocracy, -iddrng:
Wl are f.>r tt'luicvfr UfB conventlon rr.ay
name We ara atand-put I>etno<rats.
v\ i"i. then are boaa?a Baerelalna too
much riower iri aoma aectlona of Ine
-t'te Btlll wb wlll Bupporl Wllaon and
Marshnll BrO tha rest of the ticket. We
prefer v\ iiiinm Bnlaer tn aay other caa>
dldate for Goverooo.
N>w York County had no nomlnn
When NOBOOU County wris reached
Henry P. KHth. ln se-OTuMng the nornl
naiioti of Sulzer. BOid Nassau was f<>r
hlm bBJCOiaaa be bad attentle.l ptcnlea
over ln lVnig laland and oaprcooed I o
Bentlmenl Of "all Um offloeo for Domo- |
crats nnd good government for Be
Kdth, who bas a sobbing volce, wis
Interrurted by n volce, asklng: "Why I
tlo you cry about lt?"
H? made a hlt with the Tammany '
men by prnislng Murphy. He sald he
waa glad this was an open conventlon,
ami he created a luuph when he ob
oarvod that it won tbe :.. i:me he
ever bow Thcanaa Motl *r_o nn_
Chorloy Murphy tieii up In tbe flaune
polltlool knot He added:
T*_fl ir, the Bif-t, Mr. Murphy. when
v .11 ran n.nke tuatory, erhen your name
eai KO down be-ine that of Tllder,
? i-v.land and Devid B. HllL l belleve I
you car do that by ^tne; the _ak_atea
thelr wlll
Senator T. Harwy Forris. of OnoldO,
follon-ed ln seoonding __lser_ nomlna
Mayor Cornelius F. BtU-fl Of Troy. a
candldate for the nomtootlon, with?
drew from the race i>y aeoondlng tho
_om_i__o_ of Bulser. Mayor Burna
came to thi- conventlon accompanii d
by flve hundred rooters and a brass
bond. Hls withdraw al thrOW tbe Sul?
zer delegfttes Into a frenz;-.
Dix Named at Laat.
Jeoep- a. Kellogg, of oiens Fails.
finally ..laced Go\ernor Dix's name be?
fore tho conventlon. He preJeed
Glynn, Sulzer Burd __d Metz, wh'>m, j
ba aald, every Democr.it could regard
wlth prlde and udr.ilrat!on, addlng:
Vet the faet that they are will ns: to j
run on a ! lat form of prais* el the " Bl
eni admlnistiatlon ls tho treateet pialse |
1 can inuiRlne fer .lohr. A. DUt. I BPpeal
10 you tor falr plav und rtmsiatencv. 11 ,
is sald Be I*. wf-ak. has not ruled UM
Lcgialature wlth an Iron hand That i*
rn hla favor. He waa etected pn a plat?
form r-leclKlng him to keep se.parate tbe |
threfe branehea of povernrr-nt. and ln hla
Bimple mlnd every pledge ?w h oovenant (
with th.: people.
KiJeajg sald the turning down of
Dlx would Btajnp the party as unjust.
Bnd blO_8COrOi and went on:
He is conscientlous'y and eonsisu-ntly
entltled to a renomlnatlon. Why dor.'t
? nununate tilni?
He has ?>een falstly OtUaebed. Hfl) haa
Bhown no suhaerviency to any l?>ss. Ixjok
ai __ BppolB?nentB. N<> BUbaarneney
there. Has the Unae come when a Deaso- j
ijratlc Hovernor cannot bst< r> to the si:g-|
f;.-Stir.na of thfl l.'H'ter Of ?h< ' r4f l_iit ..?'??
i dont .eii^ve anv DemocT-tlo eo_a_a< i
tlo-i ir? raady to take that grwatd.
What vo- ln the country illstrlcts w;int
te know ia how ian rou pralaa bo aplen* .
dldly hla admliilatra_on ar.d not renoml
nate John A. l>x. lt you thlnk it your j
duty to turn down thls man he wlll bow |
ta rour wlll, but I urge yoa to eonalaer l
, well. I appeul to no man'? loyalty, for
Iher.- nre niHny rnf>n heie who nre BOW
on the payroll through John A Dlv B ?
I ask you If lt Ib not the falr thlng wh?-n
you are runnlr.g on a man's record to
noinlnatM the mun who mmle It.
I a oeottcftag voiiey of bondetefrpbif
I mnrked the enO of Mr. ___tOff_ mtboff |
I potbetie appoali
John ll. Burk, of Soratoga, aecondetj
' Governor Dix'a nomlnation, Baylng be
3M r.-.t DOed tO tell what be had dotw
I and Whal bfl had not done ln the BBBt
two years. for the speech of the fOOB*
j porory chalrman, "tolrt it all."
There was connlderable nolse from
the floor. Judge Parker rapped for
order and reminded the delegates that
the speoker was entltled te be heard.
"Are ;.cu, after you have bullt the]
platform. golntr to bury under lt tht?
man who helped you bulld lt?" querled
Thlt? 0-08081 the. nomlnntionB.
First Ballot Taken.
Judge Parker then ordered the <;all
1 ing of the rolL
Albony leu wlth nlne votes for Glynn.
whicli were cant by Patrirk McCabe.
Allegany, tbe second county on the
' lltt. gave her three votea to Sulzer.
Hroome. thlrd to bo called, eaat her
three for Governor Dl-.
Burd received hls flrst vote wh-Mi
Rrie cast ber twonty-seven votes sol'd
for the Rtiffalo Senator.
Klngn gave slxty-five to Metz and
two to Dix. two not vutlng.
NaasHU's three wint to Sulzer.
Tammany'a Vote Split.
When the Tammany delegatlon waa
reached Frsnk J. Farrell, flrst on the
llst, cast hls vote for Francts Burton
Harriaon, whoae r.ame had not been
placed ln nomlnation. The next flve
votes went to the flve candidateB ln the
race, and a laugh went up In the con?
ventlon. It was plaln that Tammany
meant tO Bflit Ita votes Into Btx parts.
When Charles F. Murrhy's name was
called he called out, "I wlsh to be ex
cuped:" and tho conventlon langhed aa
at raro wll.
He was excuaed. His friend and so?
clal rnentor, J. Sergeant Cram, dld not
Sherlfl Harburger voted tor his |
favorlte, for the present, anyway?Gov?
ernor Dlx. Other Tammany noublea
voted aa follows:
John B. Stanchfleld. Sulz.r; Alton IJ. |
I'arker. Dlx; George Gordon Battle.
Glynn; Paroy Nagle, Dlx; William J.
Wrlght. Dlx.
_omebod> voted fb8 William Sohn.er,
the State Controller.
When the (ounfing of the votes com
menced boases moved among the dele?
gates and a Ihrong gathered around
Munhy's Reat. The band played, but
the tune was not recognlzable above
the din "n th< iloor.
The vote was announced ot 11:4^
p, nv, and the first ballot showed Gov?
ernor Dlx leadlng wlth 147. :Sulzer
was se,ond with _H.
B_llott_f was resumed.
Thcmas Mott Osborne Sets Con?
vention by the Ears in De
nouncing Its Boss.
Bitter Wrangles Mark Election
of Parker as Chairman and
Adoption of the Plat
form at Syracuse.
[Pron. .. Rtaff Corr-mordent of Th? Trtt-u-e.*.]
Syracuse, Oct. 2.?Thomaf- Mott Oaborne,
ot Auburn. dellvered a acathlng Hrralgrn
ment of Charles F. Murphy from the piat?
form of thr Democratic State Conventlon
thls afternoon. whlch will Img burn the
ears of those delegatea who were able to
appractata lt. There wa.n much dlnordor
whlle the speech waa belng dellvered, ar.d
DO doubt th. re wete followers of the
l.o8? who woul-l arllUaag-f have draKK<'d
tiie Auburn man from ttie piatform nnd
thrown hlm out of the hall, lf only th
?rord had been given.
The speaker afiaerted that Thoma?
Kortune Kyan wafl back of Murphy, and
declared that the. hour of the bSM waa
about to ratttha.
AltOB H. Parkvr, the perrn.nent chair?
man, did what h. eoUM to presei ve orde
BB_ p-rmltteil Mr. Oab.rnc to have hls
aag. Than Senator Itoaori F, Wagner.
ona of tba Taunaraaaj apoa-aaanan. inada a
!-.ircastic speech about Mr. Osliorne,
whlch was ir, no Rena? a reply.
Previously Judtje Parker, defendlng
hlmaalf agalnat those who had oppaaad
ka alaatton as permanent chalrmar on the
ground that he was a reactlonary, de
lUro] ln * voice Mled wlVh emotion
**I um a l'rogreaalve Demccrut.'*
Under tha clr.umitar.-ee ln whlch lt
?aa dellvered thhl de iar_tlon ls llkel>
to et. down ln hlatory BM .g wlth th- (n
mous dedaratlon of David H. Hill many
>eurs agOl
'I am .. I >emocrat "
Mr. Oaborn< galaail tba appartuardt*" of
tbrowlng I la borob lnto the aan*ranttoai bf
offertng a ininorltjr report of tha *
-. on res'-ilutlon?. Hl BT_M thal lt ^a?
aupported by other luanbara at the com?
mlttee. but he awntloned oo othei aasaaa,
Benator Wagner, ebalnnaa ot tl ?
mittaa on r_aolu_*-_e? had Hnlabad raad*
ng tba kmg platioraa -n*i " Baataea had
been ma'le for Ita adoptlon. when the
rftorraclood In tha forns of Hi i ?
,'.; peai ? <\ 00 the "norlzon.
Couldn't Suppresa Oaborne.
JV?'._? Parker irlad tO ruah tbro lg_ '
r/ota. but ba araa oMIgad te reeognb*
Mr Oaborna, arho aald ha artahad to
Offar ?! mlnontv r'j'ort
"\ou may come lorward." boM Jtldga
Pa k> r, v.e.irlly, whlle m my <f tha >!?!??
fgatoa Maeed.
Mr. fi.ibomc, who was one of those be?
hlnd ihe oppMlttau to jiic"K Parker
paada B !?? how to the i hal man aa he
reached the plHiform. The e_-_r__an,
not la be outd-'nc, mude a-i <v.:i lOWCT
In raa attempt to OOBloaa Mr. oab >nr*
at the stnrt. Patrirk V M??< Bb*. ai Al
bany, Miusjht permlsslon to __k ao:no
"I ilo not object." sn!d Mr. Oaborna, and
Ju.i?e parker Kr_nte<l th> permirMoon.
"Hartng baaa appototed to the Put Ba
Baialoa fommisalon al the hand*- raf n
Hapublloaa a-I_aJn_a_mtlon,'' aald Mcf'nbe,
in h aarraatlr loaaa, 1 auppaaa y.,u tivnk
you are oMlaafd t" them/'
?*l haa* V- adaHgatlnai to tho R?i t.ii
ran party for that or anythlng eise," ro*
pli.-d Mr. Oarb08*a_
"Is the gentleman not BaMfMa thtl
afhata there ls a favor ther.i Ifl ?JM an
oMlgatl-_Tn contlni- I MoCBlM
*The ^h.ilr rules the qnestlon OUl of
cnler." sald Jud?<- Piirlcr
??I will anaarar,'' .-ui i Mr. isiorne, wi h
n.me b*nl '"'1" oMlRitlor- was on the
r.ther hand. Tarlc* 1 ref. i-d tb* BppOWt*
ment. t aaa no raaaaVa why a Daiuocmt
ar ? atapobUcan shoni.i r-atnaa an ap*
pointment tfl a blpnrtlsan conim'.sahm
Any way. I do BOt see what that haa to
do *dtb I*."
"There r,re BOflM tbtnga In tho pl.it
Shake Hands With
Bring yorr business down
here on New York Harbor wi.h
Within handshake of the
Satue o. Lihtrty. In this won*
dcrful new industrial city, the
manufacturer and wholesa.er
enjoys an entirely new kind of
Freedom from burdensome "over
Freedom from freight ahipment
Freedom from high insurance ratea.
Freedom from high lipht and power
The incidentals of service on which
vou would save are too many to set
forth here.
If you are ratill lingering in the
"high rent _one" do you not think
that you wo :ld better take twenty
minutes to talk to a Buah representa
Write for our book on "Economy."
Bush Terminal Go.
General Officea:
100 Broad Street. New York City.
lAJ West Fifty-Eg.ith bt.
The Finest
Residential Building
Tn the World
Two Apartments, one at
: 5, ?00 aml ..ne So,5*i >.
One Sulte of Nine Rooms am!
Ihrcc natna at >l,"? '.
form.' hald Mr. Oaborne irettlng to thej
bajfl iesa in liand, "to whlcli I subscrll>e.
Tt Ifl dlfflrii't to make bo long a state
mfiit wltlv Ul havtaaj gomethlng in lt
UhbI araoM aa tme. Thaaa are many
thlrps bi lt that I 80 BOl believe to 801
'The aad Idea was to spread out as
: many attractlve Ihlngs as possible I" ?
pUtlorm. The new Idea Ls to tell tbol
truth. There _re fo .r thlngs ln thls plat
i lomi that I wlsh to opp-ise "
Raiiss Storm of Hiaeea.
Tho speaker took OO tbe scction which
declared that the Dfl_80ei_ta had re
deemed the pledges rjf t!.. Reobeotaff plat?
form of two years B8JO.
"Dies any meml^r of this conventlon
ibelleve that tho-e pladfefl BBVe bOBO re
OeOBBOif" thunilcr?-.l Mr. -O-OtBO.
j "Yea:" roared m*nv delt-i,-Ates. "You
[know they wore*" eriod OtbOTfl la ?> aform
of hlssee.
"The gentleman hns the floor, ' nald the
ch.ilrnirfn. rapplng hard for order, "and I
I hope that he wlll be heard wlth patlem-e "
"If anybody thinks tbfl ptedflBBB have
'been rc-ietmed." cntinued Ofiorn-, "lat
1 hlm vote for 'hls platf-rm."
I "You won't!" OOtfld a volce.
I "I wlll not," said Oaborn?, 8_d Bfljfl '
Ifha dlsorder was ao rfr'-at that Jmlgi
j l'arker had to aay:
! "Gentlemen, free speceh Is one of tbe
lfl_i__M8l pnnciplea of Domoeracy. I bOpe
lyou wlll give thls getiil-man a heanni;."
i "Wo move that tbfl part af the plut
t'orni about ple.ln^H bvinx redeemed be,
' Itoppeii," sald Mt U-boiu.
i ' V\ here toT" crled a volce.
j "Wherever you like," repMt- OflaaOffflBB,
[WboroOl everybody lautrhed, and for _
, riioment good teettnf returned.
! Mr Osborne t-80 BBBOOd that the part
Of the plutforni Indorair.g the adm.tiistra
! tlon of Governor Dlx be dropped aa baJttg
' untrue.
I "1 move that the hpeaker t>? expelb-d.
trom thls convention:" howied a burly
^lelenate In the back of the room. OMO
_>okid as lf he would welcome a e__OOe
I to t<ar Mr. 00-Of_a llmh from llntb.
"Tn? aaaalaanaa huefrupunf adll Ifl 0 ?
,111a aeat." sald Jtldffl l'a_K.-r, flfbo BaaflOad
dtlei ifii.ie- that 80 crulcHin BbBMId Bfl
keveUed ai b.iu fo; nal proioeuni tha
rlfnio of the flpaabar. "Plaoaa ronaaai
tbat you are flBOOCted 10 ba Eentl'ii.ui, 81
Hard Blow for Bosse*
"If thia platform declaratlon repraaantfl
tba true oanoo al thia ooaioenUoo," aooot*
,,i Mr ueoerae, "ibea orl 1 la G-vernaf
i?i* aot t ba re?aaamated ?"
Thifl war, b btoa ?" tweeo tt.' ?
tbe boeBBB Tbey Ban tbol r*8_oa_t h_d
ptt tbaaa "in b boie," but the txm ready
(ut,.. Baivote ii ia_atfl i ania B* BB8_-_,
fi,.-,, ua rankfl a ith tba qjtteetlea
i MHo? do >"U kre-w tbol bfl Ifl not to b..
r< noiuli :it' d
"How do ara alaraya boeai bafotoboaA
?just beforeband -arbal ? aa ba d?,n
i Mr. OoBanrna
Stxt Um i i ea_4 rt d tl ?? planb i ?
| ; , ., ? BBtitatfeR?I ? ' x
loaa of the li Itlatlva and refi ?? i
ood tba ahert baOol md c8_-_c-flrlaed h
, raa I' Hi aolaaa I a auba_tute ?!???
? rot i oho t i. iiot. I
Mr. Osborne had Jii6t turned to a de
r.unciation of the meanlngless ioO___0tba
for Improvitig the dlreot primary law
when a man ln tho back of the rom
uttered n ahrill ery and fell in a Mt. When
oubt was iQOaOred Mr. Osborne BOjOfl-Od
hlmaelf for hea\ y work.
'Thls is probably the laat time in thls
conventlon," he roared, "that the aJflJOOfa !
group ef DflflBOeratfl whom I repre-ent wlll |
appear. We are not and have not been j
flghtlng Oovernor Dlx. Hla hour h.-.a
struck. I'arhap* you thlnk that we have]
been flghting Mr. Murphy. In a way. I-B, j
but our cause ls much broader than that- j
Hla hour is about to strlke. too"
Here the speaker was lnterrupted by
rnlngled '?heers and hisses.
"A storm has been preparlng ln New j
York," cortlnued Mr. Osborne. "One of .
Mr. Murphy's representatlv< s there ha.?
already loft hls reputatlon."
A aelejrate from New York loudly pro
tested that the speaker was not talklng to I
the polnt. Thero was more dlaorder.
h'sses and calls from all parts of the
"We have seen hlm surrounded by ti* * j
BateIlltes.', thundered Mr. Ooboraa. polnt-1
lnic n flnarer at rhar'es F. Murphy. whi !
sat like a sphlnx. "Look at hlm well. for j
thls ts the last time that N wlll ever I
Cheera for Murphy.
Cheera and h'ss-s traln Lrok? out. atid
flOtrebody proposed and got "three ehOflCO
for Mr. Murr.hy "
"It ts not Governor Dix nor ln lt Mr.
Murphy whom BJO are fbrlitlng." declared
Mr. Oshorn??. "fl ls the _gbt of pre
Breaatvo Detnocraey a_a__rt apaefal privi
leges. We are fltrbtlng not here BlOM,
we nre flghting f< - the people of New
York; wr are flghtlng for the progressive
Detnocrney of the nation."
Mr. Osborne BO?8Bi a rnommt ar.d
then. wlth nti fmprerflfVfl gestur'-. asked,
"Do you auppose that the prorrr-sslve i
Derroerats of the state do not know that
beblad Mr. Murphy |s Thomas Fortune |
? 'rir-j; of "Th'ov. h:rn out!" "G.-t tho
hook :" und slmllar 8?praflOtOB? of dtoap*
pro\n! were ;<r1
/udga Parfca* srr.iied ajoooVnat?rt
ha ropped for order. "Qentlemen, ho is
;>ln. ?l through." thfl chairman BBld
"li-hind Mr. Murphy." eon_88t80d tba
?peaker, ' arr railroad flBBBBBarB who
wish to fflt rheir bonda 00 pobUfl s.rvlce
ooo>__aa80_8, ?>n the one h.tnd ara Wll
BOB ano ihe tru.- pnn.lpl. y of PtOgTOWalre I
Demotrjcy, und on tbr other hand Ih tbfl
athort'-nt aiii.-inoa of Murphy and Rj \i
Tliere wep: BOOM ChOflil bOl BBOn r_flOefl
a- Mr. OobOftlfl Iflfl _8fl plalfortn ?
walk'-l tO hl.s M at.
Wagn-jr Takas Off the Edga
1 rr.ir that the deh *::<t.-s ar-? taklng :
Mr. Ob8mjo_i ii Utttfl teo aBilouely.'
Sfloator Wagner, Who bad been sent to th. i
platform by Mr. Murphj to try to take the .
Bdgfl off the Oeborna it nunclatlons. "Thej
ap i.uappredatlve of the Mress of
dtaapp-a _nanl andar which be ih Buft-r*
BV DBtOI WOftter waxed Harcflbtlc Hfl
InUfln '??I tbat tba rnan frooi Auburn was
dlsapi* int'xl b'^-auaaj, after O0_0_B?Ing B
loosofl ti> Baiflaj B880oeaa t<> the state Da>
tnc r;o y t*o 88818 OMO, ihe bosaes and.
'elegaVa refused to nominate hlm for
Oovernor at Kocheater. He held hlm up
%a a chronic offlce aeeker.
"I have the fondeat regard for Mr. Os
borne. " the Senator sald. "ever ?ilnc* oa n
nitniber <>f the factory commlaalon l
found ln th* Auburn factory of tlie H_r
veater Tniat, formerly owned by Mr. Os
horno, the vlk-at and most unclvIllzeJ
condltlons of lubor ln the atate. We were
told that for a perlod of Mtefl or eight
*?**__ after the Harveeter Trust had
bought tho works lt waa reported to
belong to Mr. Oshorne."
"You He! You're a llar: You're a l!ar"'
shouted Mr. Oshorne, from hls seat on the
Senator Wagner represented Mr. Oa
l>orne as po.n?' hat ln hand to State Chair?
man Parnaa ba an aSt rt to gei _n electlon
to the I'nlte.l States Senate through a bl
partlsiin alllance.
"I am not here to defend Mr. Murphy."
sald the Senator. "He bas not asKed me
to defend hlm. However, I am wllllng to
compure hl? word, honor anl prlvate life
wlth that of Mr. O.-borm I never knew
hlm to dkaguta* a thing ln ia Ufe."
Mr. Waranaar declared bla bahal that Mr.
Osborne had no deslre alncereiy to help
ifl t:," draftlng of tho piatform and nlmply
wanted to t;*e hla eonnectlon wlth the
commlUee- a-i a ineuna of maklng a
The piatform wae then adopted by a
vlva voce %'ote. no one havlng seconded
the mlnorlty report.
Aflain Without Prayer.
Th? iecond sesslon opened to-day with?
out prayer. as did the on? yeaterday.
('harles F. Murphy and hl? llttle band et
iidvlair:;, engaged ln flxlng up a slate In
another part of the town. kept the dele?
gatea wablng for an hour. It was 3
Vc'ock before Frank D. McMahon, chair?
man of the commlttee on pern.anent or
Ifanlzation, recomi.iended Alton B. Purxer
is permanent chairman._
MAUE from th? rigi ma < r/i/a
in the .i/.f traraV? the ght
p ?/> e?thr?e -cncr.it ons of
them?men with whom b cwinjj haa
alwavs been a labor of love. . v*na'
bending of the u-ci us malt *itti the
fragrani hop hrlnjc- out in a un;que and
del vhtful form th.* bsat in each. ani
makes th.* grand olJ beverago
Frank Mott, of Oh;.uiau<itia, orferod
a minorlty report, pnst-nting the name
of Mayorjohn K. Sague, of Po*__-_.eaaa*-i
"Shut up:" shouted n delogata. Junt by
way of nhowln_- how popular the opposl
tlon araa am>.:.?; tl.e rank and flle. But
Mr. Mott got aome ahaafl anild the erle*
of "Put lilm <ut!' and Oet the hook!"
bf he pleaded wlth the deleg_te- not to
chooae for p.-rmanent chairman the most
consplcuous reactlonary ln the country.
}]'? recalbd the flght that had baaa 8-08-8
agalnst Judge Parker In Maltlmore.
On the rolicall Mr. Sagi;.. l.-i votlng
aitaln.Tt Judge Parker, BflaM ha ITM labbat
M questlon of personallty. but one tt
"If l he'ieved there ar*f* OM bundred
del.'Kates h?re who really tOOUght thal
.lu.Jge Parker oughr to prealde bara to
day I would make no prote>t. ' he *alrf
"There urf two great ffljaa arho Btand lor
vlrile, progressive Democracy. One la
(ontlnued on third pa.e, f1r*t rolumn.
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