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10 WtiM.
Court Rebukes Venireman Who
Feared for Pers nal Safety
jn Dynamite Trial.
Thr-ty.four Men Rejected and
Twelve Held for Further Con
sideration ? One Never
Heard of McNamaras.
__oooo_o. Oet 1?TMrtjr-fb-f renlre
rr.'n had been eSOOOad anrl twelve re
malncd tn the box Bt-I under considera
?ion at the end of to-dny's examlnation
for the aadecttOB of a Jury to try the j
forty-slx men tcci.seri bv the government |
of oOCBP-etty ln the aMeged dynamite
ptotfl It was thoi'ght that the jury
might be compl'-ted 10-morrow or Frlday.
The trial of the def.ndants. headed by
Frank M. Ryan, preMdent of the lnterna?
tional Asro.-iat'on of Mridge and Struct
?:r,ii iton Werhera, arlB thaa begin.
QaseetlOl I arhethflr they feared for their
paranaal safety tt they aareed as jurors
arera aeked veniremen to-<lay. and OO*
retopod a dlapute between tha Cnlted |
BUtea Attorney. Clsartea W. _BUer. and'
Unlted ftatea Benator John W. Kera,
? 1 tor thfl def r co
"Well, lt h-i- been Bhowo hera that one
man didn't want to go on th?? Jury be- j
cause be feared for Ma paa-oeial Bofety," .
f-ld Mr. M:ile-.
Bert. F. Raynes, owner of a BtOfO at !
Llndon, said ba dld BOt eoro to eerve on ?
the Jury |
Ar? you 8_T8-d lt would r-urt your.
V'lHiness?" a_8-d Mr. Miller.
' YeS."
Mr. Milicr-"Your honor, we don't want
F'-.ch men on thfl jury."
Tht iViurt?"No: if hfl is such a coward
h- thot hfl may step aslde."
IO one Inetanea Mr. Miller aald "labor I
unions are not on trial here."
? i thtnk i ki oar arhat'a on trial here." j
tntereeeed Judga Andereon, "i.#abor unions .
nre not BB trial, but individuals are. It
Ifl Boaapeteni to qjaeotloB a a-Oflpeetlae
yoror as to bla relatlons wlth unions. bi ?
cautea the rolaUon of ii.e defe_dantfl with
Bsboi OB-OOfl _ likely to f\ix a big ttgureI
ln thls ca^
Most of the venireman were B_e_aed
to-day because they asscrted th^y had
CO .vir-tiuiis that tbfl defetidants arera
K'Ulty. Frar.k Button. a farmer. said he
n--\.r had beard ol thfl dyna-Bltlaa eaee
or of tl.. triMl of tbfl McNamaras at _oe
Mut Btnei 1 came hera and Bstened to
whal hus ' ? ' may aal tiiat, arhllfl
1 baVO BO prejudc'C agmriM labor untona.
l ,im oi.abd i" rlob bi ???'
?Hut yeaj don't ihink labor unions nre
HiBBOBaail le IfcOmotfl v.olence, do you?"
?? , <i flatnotor Kein.
Button ;?i a?/e>ed bfl dld not.
Joaepa A Bpa (a bbki ha fiad '.I'dded
v). ws -igaltin laoot unions oi< tetin? to ,
(;n,..o,us as to who sr-ouid be cm- (
pio.. <<i."
.Mr. Miller wlll open thfl case f"r UM
Oo.erQt-errt. Kts optnlng auuement ce_?(
Vans tirfiit -hundred typewmien oa_._s,
a_4j ibe re_dlng ot it ut lo occupjr s- >>.???
daye. Tht ha? not Indlc? ted ?
wii-iher )t wili [ttOBijnt ua opcnlng Btate* |
Lack of Talesmen Forces Delay
Till October 14.
. .; m. MaflB., Oct '-'??I'our Jurors had
? boeOBI BBO the trial of Joseph T
Bttor. Artuio Giovannlttt and Josep.t
MO, 'hargtd wlth brlng responsiMc
for the all..'K<-1 murder of Anna Loplsi >
uiirio' th. Lawrence t?xtilc atrtkc of Iaa1
(vlnter, wh?m the \enire of 350 __e_n_i !
was BShabStad late to-day, and Judge I
yulnn Ol?ered an adjoutnment to Octouer
'.. < m that day a new pflOBfll of 350 888- [
?llgible for Jury dnty will rejrOJt, and tiu.- i
rfforta to tiii tha jury imjx viii eooUhaue
Bffl_1 .Monday mornlng Judge Quinn wlll
Ugl '< 08818 "ti B motion 80 be rlle<l bj |
tha -Bfeoaro in which they are
Btd to aak for the release of the
raeifl on ball. The coutt declined lo
BJJoar thfl inatter to be 8__oed this after
I aa the motion had not previous!..
been fikl. with the clerk.
Two instances ln which defendants In
? apital casea ha\e been released on bonda
?iafsachusetts were clted by OOUnsel
for the defence ln an Interview to-niimt.
ln one case the prisoner. like the Ihree
I'.fendar.ts In thls trial, was under indict
Lawrence. Mass., Oct ;:-Action re
K.trdlnK; another strike of testlsfl miU
DBet_tlTea w^,s deferred to-nlght at a
tlo| Of tht eeatral committee of the
Jnuustrlal V?'orkers of th- World. The
lommittee eonal-Bred tha <a*e ef opero*
Tl%es allcjced to have been discharged
from the mills because of portlctpatlon
Jn last Mondny's "protcst" strike. At
the conclusion of the meetlng the fol
lowing statement was gl%en out:
The central <ommittea> roncluded thnt
those at work bhali remaln there, and
those that have been dlS'-rlmlnated ;
ngalt.^t shall .ttay out truletlj In the
mean time ihe committee ad\ Ises those
at work to prepara for actloo when such i
aenoa is deemed Beoasaary.
When membere ot Ihe committee were'
r.sked what "action" was meant they i
nnswered that the stattrnent would de- I
Unt the eommfttee's attltude pending a :
rnaas meeting of workt-rs to be held on
Sunday nlght
Physicians Say He Has a Fair
Chance of Recovery.
fBy T"l?rraph to The Trlbune.l
1'hlladelphla. Oct. 2.?The oondition of
James J. Corbett, who is batfllr.g Qgafnol
rt-atb ln the Jefferson Hospltal here. is
reported to-nlght aa "falrly favorable."
The phyfltclans say he haa a falr chance
of recovery. followlng the operatlon for
appendleltls, whlch has been aggravatea
by perltonltls.
"Corbett would not have one chance ln
;: mllllon,'' aald one of hla physiclans,
"were lt not for hls magnlflcent physique."
Mra. Corbett arrlveJ at the hospltal
shortly after mldnight and slne* then haa
been at the bedslde of her husband.
The Hllk Association of Ameri n, or
<:atiized in 1872, has leased officeB in the
new twenty i*'ory bulldlng of the Hess
Hulldlng Company, Fourth avenue and
'?,th att4**t. Thls slte la in the centre
of the new silk district The associa?
tion reproaenta the ?Uk ladootry ef this
? ountry, *hkh ha* irrown from |3r>,000.
OOO ln 1880 to 1180.000,000 at the present
time The onVers of the association are
Jerome <". Kead. preaident; Charles
Cherey, flrst vlce-president, and Rumsay
Peoaj-Oi, secretary and treasurflr.
f onllnnert from flfst p-8**.
Senators Clapp, OHvar, Pnynter and
Pcmeren* succesHvoly. ref'i?--.d Ifl an
awer QtaaattoM tut lo him and re-;
mlnded his eflilsMgOaM nn the commlt?
tee that he wuh also *a Senator. Sev-'
eral tlme* during the hearlnir it seemed
that lt would li.- brought t<> an abrup*
end liv th-' rafflnU Ot benator Dixon to
nnswer inqnlries. It was at one ol
lh< sc potflta that Senator Pomerene ob
gerved in an ujvlcrtone. "We'll have t..
put thls man ln Jail."
BflMtflf Ponierene's attempt tn ne
ctire the namep at tne informants by
whom Senator Dlxon wbk told of the
large amounts of money that had beer.
"xrended in the Interest of other can
didatcs called forth nothlnsf but defl
nnee from the Roosevelt manager. At
flrst hc flatly refused to e-lve any
names. Afterward he pald there were
a thiupand ?OOTCea of informatlon and
a thousan.l pcrsons who knew what
waa belng done. At length he admlt?
ted that ho had no Informatlon him?
self, but tttflt-tad tbat the .ommittee
coukl obtahi it by <al!i'!g varlous wit
When toi.i that praMtkfllly ali of the
witne.-ses wboae aPPMtfl BOe he de
nianded had baeil MTVfld wlth sub
prnas Dlxon demamk-d tliat these be
summoned before ihe campaign 88_UI
pvar and that tho coantBlttM gtra th*
Progressive j arty "a squaro deal."
"I don't propose to give. you the
r.ames." the Senator abvUtfld at Sena?
tor jmerene. when the latter lnslsted
on knowlng the Informants. "l'm giv?
ing you the informatlon. You're aet_flf
as Mr. Taft's attorney. You can't be
ruddle the l*fltt_ witb tactotcfllltsea."
"I'm trying to pet informatlon." r<
torted .-'inator Pflfl-arflttfl. "''ut I don't
like to apsume tbe fnat tlon flf an ob- '
stetrlolan to get it."
Handled by Dixon Only
In telllng about the MtflPfllgfl cm- I
tributions he had IMTflOfU-U) i>>e|ved
and handled. Senator Dlxon said that
Wi'Ilam BBO, a relative of Glfford Pin
chot, gave him $5,000; Prank Munsev
gave bim some money. "probably
$.-?.000.' and more fmni UflM to tim?-:
Oeorte W. r>rklns ma<b- sevcial CO-fl*
trtbatlona* Mrs. Antolnette w.'o.i. aunt
of Glfford Pincbot, gave 11.000, and
Dafl a. Hanna made several coi.trlbu- ,
Uocte, About fttV.r 100.000 waa thf
total Sei.atorDix. n gBVI fl) tb* ktOOVSa) ,
he perponally had spent.
"I didnt keep any books." he sald.
"I spent the money us last a*. I g<>t it.'
He oliied that one elaTfltOT msil in the
r'apitol had given $50.
"What do you know of efforts Ifl
.;.? the rotea ol Boutb-ffl daalaag I
by th. oaa of money?" aajkaxl Boaatoi
ftflBfl |
? Nothir.g except hea___y," ane-arei
Mr. Dixon, vigorouslj.
"Do you know l.y r> ; ute of any BUCl
itteinptfl ln ablcn you bad ? pui or
acqaleoce4?M Mked Benator Clapp.
"Not a tbing," Mld Dixon.
The witness sai.' hc collected no |
funds for the holding of the Progres- j
.-ive National Conventlon in August, ?
lb<- 111,001 nac-flflflry was ali raised bf\
the loefl] oommittee in Chlcago.
Th.* Roosevelt __a___aaf did not know |
who handled the funds In Mfllne or <n '
Mar-sichusetts. he rald. Matthew Rfllflj
was ?Tursl likely to have knov.ledge of
the t'-.nds."
in Peoneyrranta Wllllam Fllnn and ;
E. A. Vflfl Yalkenburg were tbe "major |
renerala in ooanaand,*' he Mld: flfld !n.
??hio. Walter P.rown, of Toledo. He did j
not know arho handled affulrs Ifl New ,
Y"rk or MiChlgafl.
Handlers in Other States.
Tha late Chartea H C*aripb-ll hflndled
thtnga in Iridliuia. Dlxon said, wbilfl
there were 'many Urfldflffl Of the uprls
ing in Illlnols." AnT*ong them were
Chauncey Devey, Medill Mci'ormlclc.
Edward H. B-BOa and Alexand. r II. ,
Rev 11. t?f these, he p.iid, Mr. Dewey
would know most gbOaal eoutributioriD
Ifl WlKCOfl-t-, he naid. "'?.*? gave our
moral support to the La P'.llette clec
Qorarnor Hadley would know nrtoft
about contributlotis ln Mlsflouri. Mr.
Dixon thougbt; Kdward C. O'Rcar, in
Kentufky; t;e..rg. Tuylor, in Tt-WIM
see: Edward C. I'nirington. Charles J.
Bonapnrte and others in Maryland; ex - I
Oot rncr 1'tanklin A. Fort, iti New
Jersey; Oovernor Clnss.ork. Ifl WMl
Yirginia; Richmond Pearson. In North ;
Carollne: John Q. Capers. ln South .
< irolina; "a man named Dev.ar' Inl
Qeotfte; h L Andarflon, in Florida;
oscar R. Hundley. Ifl Alabrmn: Pettrl
Wlgllt. ln LouisirUi.i; ?). A. Corner, ln
Arkansas; Cccil Lyon, in Texas: Judflfl
Moore, Ifl Washington: Dan Kelllher
nnd Dr. Henry W. I 'oe, In Oregon.
Senator Dlxon intersrer.-ed Dta re
jjies wlth a running fire of comment an
to how tho Roosev.lt UsTCaa were
'fore.loscd" in .ertain staieo and
"aarapi "vaary diatrict" in others. \'ir
ginla wa i "foreclo-."d" on them, he
sald; In Louisiana "the sug;..- trust
took charge of the Taft c__BP*iSA"; l?
New Jersey they "sw.pt everything"
in florida aml other Bon-Bora stat?-s
the otflceholderH O-BpOflCd iheni.
Senator Dixon said tba RoofltV-tt peo?
ple "had less money Ifl i roportlon to
the results ace_mpll*-he<l than any
other pre-conventlon candidate," an<l
declared more wa? apvnt for Taft.
I'nderwood, Clark and Wilaon,
When Senator Oliver took* up Senator
Dlxon'a atutement of yeaterday the two
men got into a bltter argument, both
talking at once.
The witness reiterated that "il WBfl
not a square deal to devote ali of the
rommlttee's efforts to investigatlnv
f'olonel Rooaevelt's campaign nnd not
tavajtttgata the ciimpalgns of ..thers."
He charged that the maJori?y of the
[?ommittee was pppBMat Ifl RoBflflTflH
and that thi cntire investlgatlon ap
peared to ba d.rectcd ugalnst the
Wanti to Hear Others.
"Let'e have Mr. MoCombs nnd Mr.
McAdoo brought here and nnd^ut how
much Gov-rnor Wilson spent. I'd like
to know how much Mr. HUlee 8-pent ln
tha Taft rampalgn." exclainied Mr.
DtBM turne<l to Senator Pomerene,
who ami actlve in tho Harmm cam
raign. nnd exrlalnv-d: 'I thlnk Senator
Pomerene mlght tell us aomithlng
about Governor Harmon'8 exFenditure8.
I'd like to have Senator Ollvor teU tis
how much money waa spent ln the
Pennsylvania campaign."
Senator 041*08 rofritoi that ie would
ba glad to take the stand.
Senator Dlxon paid W. __fl!*n Roose
velt had glven hlm 96.600 for the ex
pettOoa of tho Washington offlce. Thl^
was in addition BO the SM.OOO BfeayOTB In
B. EL Hooker's records yosla___T.
Senator Pnynter polntod out that the
committee had before lt chargOB ttot
from 96,000,000 to $".?88M>0<> had heen
_80d hy the. Roosevelt 0800*0 beforo
the ronventions. Another COBjf-flfl- ?_>
COanga of comment followetl.
"Was thifl 6-6,000 that Perklns. Mnn
OOjr and Hanna *a.h gave to you in ad?
dition to the nmovatO glven to E. H.
Hooker ln the New Tork committee?"
asked Senator Paynt?r. Senator Dlxon
said lt was.
Scnitor Paynter u=ked if Herman
Fraech, who gave OlOyOOO to the New
York heri(lo;uHrters. was COOUaOCtod with
the sugar intereatn. Senator Dlxon in
Bhrtod the sugar trust was oppoood to
Colonel Koosfv.lt. iiut he dld not know
whether Mr. Frasch was conneoti'd
with st gar inferestn.
BenotO* Dflton enid that when he
"BjOt OOflJpeO-tety hard up" he "went
boch to Perklns All the rest of the
lutocr.its were for Taft." f)o added.
Sepator DtXOO suggest^d that the
eoa-jnHooa 8___no_ Josiah Quincy, of
B-Bton; William Q. M?'Adoo, Ot New
York, Qeoraje Hnrvcy. of New York, I
and VVillinm F. McCombs. Through
them, he said. he believed the cominit
teo would find tbat "a gentleman
named IVnfb ld. of Phlladelphla, bad
glven 948,000 to Governor WlBBOO
prc-conventlon campaign and 910,000j
sinco liis nomlnation.
Wants Ryan Called.
"I also suggest Ihe catttaf of Thomr?s
r. Hyan.'i said Mr. Dlxon. "I have
been radtobty Inforanod that he eoatrlb- |
Uted ? large sutn to _M r-ampalgn Of
Mr. Cnderwood: that A. H. Plant, aii- i
tlitor Of th'- Southern Rallway. also
g;;\e to thls campaign. I have i?--n
Iniort.ed that lnrge stims were glven
by leadlng flnanclal men of New Y< rk
to the Presldentlal 08na|B_Bl- ot" Oov?
ernor H-t-BOO Of <'hl'. I hav- bOOO
informed 'tel Joseph K. D.tvis -xpend
ed ObOflrt 96bV000 Iti Mr. Wilson's |8B>
conventlfn campaign."
Dlxon nlso BB?ttO led Fred Tt. Lynch,
Of MlOBOOOta. and F.dwnrd Johnson. of
South Dakota. as posslble witnesses.
He 8880 aaked the committee to Bflttflr*
mon Louis N. Hammerllng. of KOflO
York. who. he sald ha was informed.
was the advertlslng agent of the
Standard Oil Companv. 8-4 to flr_C8B
had been ir#on f?_a-o to oontrol th.-c.n
tortal poll > of two ____fajd _oajr_B_'
pera B-bUahod ln foreign b__gMflBBB,
"I'd llk*> tO 1'ivc Charles P. Taft
Btiiiim"riad here aad nsked if he spent.
u Is rXB__OOOiy reputed. 6100.000 to
DomlnaU Mr. Taft. I'd Hk" 10 have,
Benator Po_88fl-_8 tell about the Har-J
mon canipUgti," Mr. Dlxon went on.
\t thia polnt Chalrman Clapp an
OOOnced a reoesa af tno cotnmillce for
Correcta One Statement.
After the eornmlttee had rOOOBVaOaol
Senator D_Mfl asked to correct hls BtOtQ
ment rafljardtfl- the B-BBfld Penfieid oun
trlbutloti to thfl Wbson fund.
-1 belteve you wlll Und t...tt the contrl
btrtkHi araa la the aaaM of B_aa ?__?
ti.-ld,' bfl sald.
Banater ?'*>i frr again laroB-ht up Um
extia oj_800 eoambutlen or Parktha, Mun
, . aad Hanna. usking: "WhO else gave
money t<> you."'
??WUliam Bn?. GIBord Plnchot'a B-Oao.
BjnfO mo 81<t.wu. and Mr. Plncnofa aunt
,,,v.- BM 4v.""U." Dt-00 aiiBWered.
Perkins Gave Often.
-. .it..- I>i>.on c;u!d not retnember the
'iai"s of Mi. Porktna'a eeottt-utsoae. bot I
thought hc had -iven "acven or elght
"Any of ii ?t the tlmc of the Chlcago j
i onveiition?"
"No, none." "The laat was about the
tinw of thfl New Jeisey pa-_?Itaa early
ln June."
WltaeOO said Mr. Munsey's firat glft was
IMOO. and tnat he tried <" "piali*e nial
ters BBtaonO the three lar^e - ontrinitors.
"so no 8BOa would have to bear too heavy
a burden."
"Dki ><<J 0fl_d a"/ money to the South?
ern BiOteel" asked Mr. I'aynver.
"Yts; l BflOt BOBBfl th're, ' flOtd Olxon
"Not a great deal i<f BIQ?f went 10 tl"
?Soutiierti siates. I thlnk 1 sent BJjM to
Nortii Carollna, about ftAB) 18 Oer.rgla.
I40U or KOO to Houth C-tOlIno to aM ln
off nlalBQ tha B_Kaaereai teeea and hoid
ing the <x)nventlons in the Southern
"Who toid you of th- raige auma spent
fr.r Prealdenl Taft? aaked Senator
(jn, l beard It from a hundred ,
eourecH," said Dlxon.
"Tiiut ls no onaarer," BO?I Mr. Pomerene.
"uivi n? tha Bamtfl of poor nt?aanosaOB,'' I
Senator DtBOB said advertlsing mtn had
told hl.ii of the oU B-JOOflud 'ontracia
ade by thfl 'lait people, and that Walt. r
lirown hao tol 1 hlm nearly $100,000 bad
heen spent In OhtO for auverllsing.
Senaior Fea_BB-B? aaain demanded |
nalnes. '1 want you to Ki.a.?er my flJflMBB* j
tion: Who arere your Intoruianta. I wunt
?id aaawea in my oora way," retorned |
Ulxon. "ln the MaflBflichiisetts eatiipalgn
UM Taft people liad tiie backing ot ove.ry i
railr'.ad. .v.iy foll.y llne, 88881 big
bank, evorj aowapaper '? i
"Are you going to answer my ques- ?
tlon.'" inier. UBHfld Mr. Pomerene. "1 ln
sisi that you name your Inlorirtants."
Couldn't Give Name*.
"I am going to answer the quostion ln I
my own way," retorted Mr. Dlxon. "I
am gclng to tell you what 1 know about
these thlngs lf you'll let me."
A vigoious exenange lollowed, ln the
course of which Mr. Pomeiene again and
again tried to pln the wimess down to a
statement of nam?*s of those who had told
hlm about Urt,e e\p-nditures.
The exchange between 8enators Dlxon i
and Pomerene tlnaliy became so beated !
tlmt Mr. I'oriierene invlted Mr. I>1xon
"outsldc." but the affair pussed off with?
out confllct. Mr. Dlxon closed hla tesil
mony wlthoi-t glvlng the names of hls
When Oeorge R. 8he!don, formerly
treasurer of the Republican Natlonal
(Vmmlttee, told of the contributions In
1004 of 0100,000 each by the Standard OH
I Company, J. P Morgan i Co., H C.
Frick and George J. Gould, he said he had
no personal knowledge of these contribu
i tlons, but the late Cornellua N Bliss, then
| treasurer. hod shown hlm hls report.
, Mr. Sheldon sald the Standard Oll eon
trlbutlon was not on the list as comlng j
from the oll company, but lt was ehargd i
to John D. Archbold.
The Harriman Centribution.
Senator Paynter took up with Mr. Shel?
don tbe Harrlman contrlbutlen of 19W
and asked hlm to detnll Its clrcumstances
as he had given them on hls i.ppearance |
before the commlttee MMTBl B-flkl asas,
Mr. Sheldon said hls letter about tM
Harrlman fund was wrltten as the result
at I talk wlth Co:onel Roosevelt.
"I met the colonel at the Cnlon League
Club In New York." he sald, "and I sald I
to hlm: 'Colonel. herc's that Harrlman
atory agaln. Som* me ought to tell the
irnth about that.' Colonel Roosevelt told |
rne he felt rather sore that nelth.r Cor
telyou nor Bliss had told what they knew
about It. Then I told hlm that I flneW
ali about the matter and would be B-fltng
to tell about !t. As a result I wrote that
The letter gave an account of B. B
Odell KettinM the late Mr. Bliss to ralee
1240.000. whlch was turned over to the
New York State commlttee.
Mr. 8heldon sald the records of Mr.
Pliss showed that the fund of 1210,000 had
been l>ald dlreetly to the national chair?
man. Mr. Pliss. "an.i pald by hlm dlrect
to the state commlttee."
Witness sald the Harrlman fund had net
entTed lnto the funds collected for and
spent by the Republican National Com
naUtae for tho Roosevelt national 1ls>?
"That fund was eol'eoted at the dlrect
r*Cjtte_1 of ItaBjaiBbl B. Odell," said Mr,
"Then H was given to the stato commlt?
tee. and. In your oplnion. was In no way
eonnected wlth the commlttee conduetlng I
the national campaign?" suggested Sen-j
ator Pay nter.
"That Is rlght." said the witness.
Mr. Sheldon could recall no speelllc con
trlbutlona by life Insurance companies \
to the 1901 campaign, hut would not say
there were none He could rc ali no con
trlbutlori by Mr. Havemi-yer or by the
ru*rar trust.
No Refund to Standard Oil.
'Waa there ony entry ln thla iu-eount
rhowlng u refund ,n the Standard Oll
Company or John D. Archbold, of the
fior.,000?" asked Mr. Pomer-r.e
?*vr., -dr, ?
"Nothlng of the soi-t "
"Vo, slr; nothln-f."
Jam. ? G Cannon, president of the
Po.irth National Bank. of New York. tes
tlflcd that he audlted Mr. nilss's <x
penditures as Itcpub'lean treasurer tn
1*XM, but had no knoub.lio* of Ibe OflB*
trlhutlons to the fund. Sperlfl.-ally. he
sai.i he knew aothlni ol tbe MMtON oen*
-.-'.Ml.ii John D. Archbold had s.iLI araa
araada by Um Otaaataral <>n Cooapaay to
loionei Raaaaoaella I0M eaaaMlgB. H*
kn.-w notl.tng ..f any OOaitrlbUtsaM to any
nattoaal carapalgn fuicls.
Kepr.'Nc-ntatlvc John \\ .eks. of ______?
chusetts. was (|iieittl<>T)e.l a? to campatKn
contrlbots-? by ttaat BBgaa-td Induatraaa
ln 19u8. prevloua to the tariff n-vlslon of
li**. He sald he had MalHad ow-r Pk-C00
ln natlona', Congress and state campalKii
funds that year, hut none of lt cam- fi.-tu
corporations and nor.e of lt was tn.i.le a
u IBOBM "f tariff ugltatior He k.iII he
kaaaa _ajt_dag ol a lagattad OMfaramea in
Boston li I?? between Hpeaker C_nnon,
ItapaoMBlallra MeKltilay, of MinoK and
rapraaintardfai?_ al lastlla Iflduatriaa <??
tha atate. i.t whleh lmpcr.dlna; tflflg re
vbion ?i? sald t>. M** been ?i!scusncd.
When Mr. Weeks had MM Mflfd HM
c..rutnlttee ?dJouni"1
J. P. Morgan will appear b? tore tht
aaeatawataa b>eaaefwaj t" t>e oueMmned ai
to hls ___Uaclfll parllclpatlon tn the HN
or oth?r riMtional campaign-.
I:;is.-d on demand.-i OaaVdO '>V Benator
DtXOfl to-day, ihartes ?' Taft may le
called to testlfy as to hl? contributions
thls year In support of the PfMad*Bt*a
campaign f<>r renomlnitlon.
PuMtofc <i ?tflflaraaaatta or QaaaffBar wu
?011 and lOBfltOT IsB Kol ette ihat th.-y did
not ri.-.lve PMM eontrlhutlons from
CMrlea ft Craaa, laatsaad t-> raatatdaj
. I. il Hooker, will r? !? ilt Ifl the call
inK <>f Mr. ClBM as | witn.-* nt an early
Foreign Languagc Press Presi?
dent Contradicts Dixon.
I/wls V. Hammerllng president Ol tb
Amerlcan Arioclatlon of Foreign I_ir.
guag.i N'ews;iaper?>. uH. Ifl his oftlee, at
No. i Park Row yesterday afternoon
tbat Senator Olxon's staterner.t that tba
Standard Oll Company and the American
Tobn^co ' 'ompany had bmight s|...ce iu
[any paper helnnging to Ihe Assoclaflon
' of ItaflllII I.annuaee Newspapers, thtM
aea/aa to br used in Mraaaai of the We*
1.ntill. an tl.ket, wns ahsolutely false.
?The spnee uaed by the Republican
pnrty for <nmpalgn purposes has In every
case Vrn pald for by the Republican Va
tlet-ul ?'.mm!ttee." sald Mr. Mammt-rllnK.
.? Itiu-r tl.e Htnndar.l Oll Company nor
the gflMrfcflfl Tobacco Company haa ever
u<e<i a Un r,f our par-era for politlcal pur
;.;.*, h W?i handle tbe advert'sements of
these eonrtpanlas bh we handle ali OOflfr
merclal advertlsements. wlthout dlscrlm
ln-tl?m for or agalnst nny company.
??in pr.iiti.8. our BBaaey is RapaMteeo,
and han.lles only H. i-ul-ll. an r_d*-ttlae?
ments. but we have never tr|e| to pn*>
vent any \ ::per belonRln*. to the assocla
tlon from aoe*Pt_af *ny pollll.-ul ndver
tisem.-nt lt sees rtt."
When there was <<hown to hlm a rej.ro
dUOUOB ln an evenlng paper of arhfll inu**
ported to be a form sent out l.v Ifjaj flOM
datlon to record an agreement by whl^h
the paper slfntng lt wou'd would pledgo
Itself to exclude ali anll-Taft matter
from Its eolunms. Mr Hammerllng said:
"No such form evr exlsted. We have
never atlpulate^l wlth any paper thnt It
exclude antl-Taft matter, and thls form,
Whlch has been fonced, Will OOOt I
gresslve party tlH usands of votes. lt will
show our readers the sort of thlng to
arbleb tbe Progresslves have had to re
Mr. Hammerllng anpp'emented these
statements wlth the copy of a letter
whlch be sent last nlifht to Henator
Clapp. chairman of the Henate Investi
ustlng commlttee. at Washington, ln
whlch he aald:
We have placed the advertlsing for
the Bepcbllean Vatlonal Commlttee ln the :
foreign language press since 1896. RoOaa*
velt's manager advertlsed throuch us Ifl
the foreign langaage papers for delegatea
last si-rlng. The foreign lanKiiane press
ls not for sale to ony Indlvldual or pa ty, I
and Senator Dlxon found thls to be a |
fact when be had to make h'a nenial
ln Chlcago on August 2*. If your coin
r>- t'*c deeires m- 'o Of>r*ar before you, I
ahall l>e very glad to do so.
When asked what oaajpoaltafl of Stand
ni.l 00 and Tobacco company advertlse?
ments wa<< carrled by the Taft and Roose?
velt papers. reupectlvely. ln hla associ
atlon. Mr. Hammerllng aald:
"Of the 531 newspapers ln our asso^l
atlon 162 are for Taft Of these twenty
nlne earry the Tobacoo Trust advertl_>
ment and aeventeen the Standard Oll ad
vertlMment. Of the 204 Roosevelt news
papera aev-ertty-el-fltt carry the AFnerlean
Tobacco Company nnd elghty-llve the
Standard Oil ad\crtl_ement. Of the sev
enty-four Lemocratlc newspapers thlrty
two carry the Tobacco Trust and fortv
two the Standard Oil advertisements. The
Roosevelt n^wspapers make about twleo
as much from the advertisements of these
two companles as Is made by the news
paners aunportlnc Mr. Taft."
James B. ReynoldB. secretary of the
n?"; ulllean Natlonal Committee, sald of
thP letter which Senator Dlxon tried
to totredOOfl is amdeOrn before the Clapp
committee in Washlnitton:
"That's none of our afi'air. You don t
see any of our names s.gned to it, BO
you?" referrlng 10 the photographlc
copy of the letter pubtished ln an after?
noon paper
"Why don't you ask I>nuis Hammer
llng about lt?" he continued. "His name
ls signed to lt, not ours."
But Union Depositors May Oet
Whatever Is Coming Soon.
K. Ia. Dodg<\ a Depity Supcrint' ndent
of Hanks. In charge of the lUjuldatlon cf
the I.'nion Bank, announced yoBtefdnf
thut the Instltut'.on would never pay dol
lar for dojlnr, accordlng to the reoent !n
vent' ry made of its assets and llahlllties.
Other cxperts who have recently looked
Into the nffairs of the bank have asserted
that 60 cents on the dollar was the most
to ha expected. However. what llttle Is
cornlng to the depositors may cume soon.
The payment of flJOJjM BB a J.VKr,000
note held by th? Metropolitan Trust
Company Is the cl.ief obstacle tO read
Jnstment, !t was polnted out. Mortg.iges
on nearly all the real estate owm-d by tho
I.'nion Bank ure b-Ing held by the trust
'?ompany as collatetal. part of the secur
Ity belng QB-OOJ In bonds ar.d morti,_g--9
. ri the Liberty Avenue TbOB-fO, in j
Broarnaai?a. These bonds are not due.
Mr. Dodge s*eured the release of a
880,080 obllsatton against the Cnlon Bank
due to a IflBBB whb'h had four y_ra to
run. Ho rented tho rooms whlch the .
bank had leased at the Temple Bar '
Building to another bank. A'-eordlng to j
hla lnveatlgation, once the Unlon Bank 1-4,
released of lis 008,084 ObHaOtlOB to UM |
Metropolitan Tt-M '.'ompany. lt will have
as part ?>f ita assets about 4-W.<*Q In real
Hults Involving more than 81,'X?\e'0 and
now pendlng are BBpeOtOd 10 B_d BOVenl
bandred thousand d llara to the assets.
Crews Busy "Painting Ship"
for Great Naval Review.
Wlth only fhre,? days to eime beforo
they take their places among the other
wurslups that wlll anchor ln the Hu.i?o!i
Blver Bunday. UM en wb of ihe battle
shlp-i Alabama, Ht 0) Bampefatra and
North D.ikota, th.- retiatr slilp I _nth?r, ?
the BBBlboal l'etrel ar.d tha doz.-n torpedo j
BflBatfl and de.-troyer at the Hrooklyn !
OBxn yard 88?re all BlaBJ yeaterday elean
lriK and ' 'pamtltitt flblp" *o that each
__Bhl fl?aa rniistei ln what ptomlaea to
i ? -t in.|? rtar.i naval review ever I
m , ii ha lbfl-fl a ater.-.
A PlflBfllnt und praetleal feature of the,
rsrrtee wiii b?? the Installatlofl hy tha ttom'
York Telephona Coaapaay of a Be:i"s 0f i
BWttChboarJs nlona th" wa:erfront at |
the rflflJOaaV man-ofwai landlng atiiges. ,
The ?..il tteUM is llk" this- If a
, oo ahore artabefl to commtinkato I
with .n oSlcer or other member of *'
shlp's rrew he ealta ;:? tbi >rar
,? ? rr. i ? j : h- ts wiltten out. ,
ineloaed ln h r> rnvelora and aent on board
? i r ,at tbat leorofl avery hour.
Ounner's Mate Dics. but There
Is Hope for the Maimed.
rffl-rport, R I., ort 2. ? K. B i rawfbri,
giinrier's BBOtfl of the torpedo \ .; ?)e
?tro>er Patteruon, died to-duv from ln-|
htrtea BB_fered by tha expiosion of the
Bteam ebOOt <?n the destroyer Walke y, a
brrdoy Crotrfordfa death was the fourth
i b] the aeefdent. th<- other afettea
belntr l?eotenanl Do__M P Morrlvon and
J W Rumpf and HL I? Wllder. mcchln
Hts' n, ?
Crawford BrOfl one of tbe nmplrea de
' to araCeh tb" spe.-d tesl of the]
walke. He aaavea a arlfe in PhUadah
phia. Tb- bOOdltteO "f the tlw others'
arho were bajurod is bopeful.
? i roaa ; i.. i r_H) Bt
U'.."lungtoti. Octob-r _
OftDCRB ISSUED. The foUowlns Bf*
d'T^ bOVe been iBBllfld
Olone' rHAltl.Krt W. TAIf^rt ' ivajry, to
sail from Sah Frar.claco. January 6. for
5 r.maln wlth M Cavalry unlll further
Man* et captain w.m.tkr h. _OB_?J?PW
2*>th Infantrv. plac-ed on liai detached e-fflcera.
November I, and r.anie of Captain WII.L.1 ?.aa
M FAS-ETT. Infant-y. lereoved therefrom.
iCtotaifl WIl.l.lAM M. FASHKTT Infantn.
from organlzed mllitla of Mlsslselppl. at
1 taohfd ?th Infantry. Noven.ber 18. _
! Captain FRANCI8 N. COOKE, coaat artlllery.
ftom lOIV.n U UGd Company. __. .
I Flrat Lleutmaru JOHN' P flARNES. 8th In
f_ntr\. from in*.'*e;or-ln*,tructor organI_e<l
mllltta of Vermont, October 13. to ??* regl
Ktr^I.feuteniir.ts .-.VVf'EI, H. TILCHMiN
and Kr>\V*.RI> I, KEM.Y. coast artlllery.
10 Kort ?am Hoeaton. for lnstructlor.a per
talnfnc we k progressive mllltary Bl?p.
8er-*-id Me.it-.ifim <*UFFORP A O.MtD'NKR.
Phlllppiaa Breata to IM Francls..e, aal.ine
Fovember .'? for Maiula. . __.
Cba >atn fl*ALL*CB R WATTS. a*ilgn?d tth
Infintry. 10 l-'nrt 'mtarlo. November 1.
thet.'-e to riittsburir Rarraiks. ,,.-?
Eea.es of ai-seoce: Lle'-tTont Colonel t \ EH
iRll K. K?TCH. infantrv, reTUltlng of
flctr, tweaty daya from October 24.
romtnnn.ler I,. A. lHMTWICK. 'Ictacl.^l
navy yatd. Norf-lk. OetotMT 10; to tlie boutli
Carolina. ,-.?.. v 1
I.loi.t. .i.-.nt (ommand.r F. E. RInobi.i. oj?*
?aehed BnreaO of Navlgatlon. <ictnber ID.
hvdrographl,- oOct, Navy IX partm-*nt
l.leuten.-ini t.'ommand.r W. I* ''l ' ' ,,
FIKI.D, d'tached hydrographle offlce. oc
tohe- 1.1; flttlnsr out tlie llenly: ln com
inand when con-.nifrslon. d.
U-utenant O. A. HAf.L, Jr? detnched \S ar
College; 10 navy vitd. I'harlrston.
r_?nt*naat W B. EBEBLB, ord.rs fcpteaa
ber tt revoked: detaehe.i War 1 ollege; *o
recelvtnp ehlp. N<w York.
Lleutenant A. C. WII.HEI.M, detached the
Prtrel; home, awalt orders.
l.lent??iinnt H. F. PII.LON. detacln-d War
College; to the Petrel.
M-utenant (Jimler grade> T. A. SYMING
TON. detacl.ed the P-irry; crmmend the
Truxton. . _. ?
Etnlgn II T. SMITH. detached tno Perry:
... I*s? Truxton. .
MMIeal Dlt_etor it ?.. BsCTSR, bureau of
medlclna anl -.urgcrv.
Cblef .iunner MAM.EY P\NIFl,AK. navai
macaatne. l'm Island. O.-to' >>r 10.
Chlef Ctaaner OSCAB bokof.son. detaehe-.
navh., magailne. i?na Island. October 13;
t0 t?v a*M*tti <'->-",,.ia
Chlef Ounner JOSEPH HlUa dtta'-hed the
Maine; home. awalt orders.
Ounner L M. IVatOAT, detach?4 the New Jer
say; le the Maire.
Ounner 0. D. KTII.LflON. detarh?d navy yard,
ri.iia.-le.phlu; to the New Jcrse..
Tayiriasler's r>rk C. !? nAHREVDT. Bp
polnted to the Culgoa. 1
ravi.ia.tt r'a Cl-i- W. A. OILMAN. appolnted;
lo '.he Kearsarae.
Paymasrer'e Cl'rk J. U WHITE, appolnted; to
the Malne.
following movements of vessels have beer;
reported to the Vavy Department:
Oct. 1 The Marylnnl. at H'nolulu; the I>eb
;mon. at Tompklndv-n'e. the Clevelanrt, at
Panama; the Byiph. at Albany.
0 t 1 Th" I'atans.o, the Htrlnaham and the
Ballev. from Norf'ik for New York; the
Svlnli, 'rom Albany for naw ynrd. M
York; the Cyclops, 'rom Moston for Uock
Oot .?The Clnelnnatl. from Fuchau for Horg;
K..na; the Haratoga, from Shangha! for Ma
r I!..
Ti e Perrv aeslgr.f ,1 reserve torpedo aroup.
Mar?. Ia'and. and the Truxtun aialgned flrst
group. Paclflc torpedo f.otilla.
Sunrlse, 6:.*>?; eunse'. 5:40; mooti rl?e?. 10:OT;
aaaa'a ag*-. H
A.M. P-M
tsmaa H.->k .?:M i2:o;
(iovernor's If<l?nd.l-tj] '-J
Hall Oata . -:'-'; I:'
Ttie lv..-;;. raportad u* 1.311 nr_?? east "f
BU :?? Kooh at 10 a Dl yateiday. ls expe-'tel
to do'-k Haturday evenlng or Sun ay forenooti.
Tl.e Lualtanla. rtp rted ss l.t'l-! miles ttt*
of <?nr)y Hoek at no-n yosterday. ls ex(x-ete-l
t.j do-k Kri.i'iv f.-renoon
The Majeatt.-. rei>,rt.>d as 30T. miles east or
?andy Mooic tt'pm ?***_!-_r. ts exixctrd to
do.k thls f>renof>n.
Ti.e rrta -. rtpertad as 1,000 miie? eaat of
8ar.l> Hoek at ncn y-sterday, w taetetet M
rjoeh Krl av forenoon.
Th- Cattle, reported as ?.t! mllrs eaut o.
la__j Ho..k at 4:(T. | m yeso-rday, li exi^-tr.d
to do k Baturiay M-iiaora.
The Vletoria LU-**. n iiortexi a" 1.010 <BlM
enst of ?ardy 11*081 ti 8 D BB x'Sterlay. Is ex
;.,t.\3 to d c_ Satiir.ttn ffxraaoor*.
The Cameronla r*p rted a* I.Mt mii*-*, as*
of andy Hook at 4 n m yesterl.y. I* ?-xpe.-t*t
to dc:k i-'un-lay forenoon.
VaaaaL Fnm Mm
?Mi'eatlc.Pout'a:np:on. fep: 2.". \\" sf..r
?I'ar.ama.Crlstobal. Sept 27.Panirna
?lle-n:uinr. .. Bem r-J*. Oel 1 .guebe
?Clira-as .Pai Jiiim, 9tet *>.Ke^^P
?M-ta;an.Klngston, Hept -.^.r P ro
CreO'.e. .. Ne* Orle.ine.. %t\w% *> ,9o P*C
?l.uaitanla.Cttttamttwn, >?;' ? ? Cunarl
?r-anc*.Ba ra laal -M ?? .Fr-****
?Verdl.Part)a.I->a, 8ept .? ..U A jMt
?Per.ls.BirbaV*. Bepl '.'*.flo.th
,M. l.-iirat.Ha.aaa, Pwl 0 .Wardi
>?K"r?n,:a. .Hnvaoa, Bept -0 .Word
Cn-ho.Oul\?*tr>n. fi?M W. . .Mallorv
1 .... n y? . f| ''?'-.
C-fftI_aa_i.!*_\ann'\!; ...; {....flavaaata
aoalUa.....liaarpool, ^t' MLWBBaaMr
*N?? 1 ork.f^'iit'iiunpt. n. .-'? pt 2*...Am?T
?VI t rla [_j|g-...Harabura. Hept ?i?i.Mair.b Am
?.a.;nlng.Barba-oa, s-i t '.** i_imp _ H
|__ho.... .Ball. Sept .1.\VI'.s,.n
i\,rnta.Oihrnltar, flaflt N . Cunard
'Bttaaa n-.aii.
Mail X'eaael
Ve Mt For -Ina. clo-*?. ?*il?
O tYash. ton. Iliemen. NOU. ?:-0arn 10.--iOam
?*o ?, . li S Uepartrnenlol'"Aaritultar_V" \
BVIPJb, "rf wEATiien buhkau JL .1
T S _fl \_8 .'__?**'/
, lAT BASED OB 08-0*1 **** ^5
, ??iluV, U__ At 8 , J
l \p.ciXX_ WiT BOBB- I
L \ IM?_*TOBY N01B
n_i?i __? w?* _..?? (_._.?1_ .? a aa*J?" * IB* ? ???? aa?_?(___?)
<( I- ? IH1 j ?v. |pM|M| ? *??' 4?1 _? ? >t? ? I?| ? ????? ? ?
... anr roBB. a._
y <J I ocrooa |. un.
?r A r??
* f _. .
Oll. Inl pernnl and l-'orrenst.? W.ishlngton. j
Ott 2 ? ?-_-f_fly falr wenther prevalled dur-|
Ing the litai tw.niy fuur hours rast of the
!<>.< ky Moi ntalns, ihe only pr.ctplta'Lm of con
sequ'-nce occuir.ng In the lower Minsunrl Val -
|ey and al?ng UM Florida un.l weat Oulf
Temperatures are st.ll eom par-atively low ln I
the Atlantl.- stat.s. bul have rlson In tho In- |
tartar, aaoapl in baa BaatliaMt aTaat of tha,
Rocky Mountalns tlie aMtMf v.af; ?.eneriily i
falr and warn.ei, exiept ln I'tah, New Mexlco I
and Arl/un t. where there were Miowers. As I
hlgh presM.ire.. rrexulled g<n.-r.-illy egr-ept ln
the Northwest, falr weather will prevall Thura- |
da>- anl FHd'iy east of the Rocky Mountalns. j
wlth somewhat hlgher temreraturci In the In-'
terlor of N.-w England und the mtdd'o Atlantic I
state*. lt will be oaOBST Thufa.iav ln he
plalna states. the Mlssourl and upper Mieitls I
slppl val..-..s, and ?mnewhat aoolar Frlday ln
tne ohlo \ alley and upper lake leglon
The wlnda ulong the New England Coaat
wl | be mo. erate south west to south; me dle
Atlantic Coaat. moderate so th; south Atlan?
tl- C-flflt, iii.xl.ratt nortneast and east; east
U.ilf Caaaa. n.oderatn noitieast, weat Culf
I'oaat. moderate northeaM an.i east. on ih?
lower lake*. moderate xo.tliwest; upper lakea.
rn...ier .!?? aoullfA'St to liorlliwesl.
Steaineiu departtng Thutsday for Buiopeaii
ports win i \.f moderate win.'.a, momly south- i
went, wlth falr weatlier to the Oran.l Banka.
Koreraat for Kpei lal l.oeallllee.?For F.asf.
ern New Vork. falr to-day; warmrr In the
nierii.r; I rtday, falr; moderate aoath
For the piitrlct of Columbia and Maryland.
Falr to-day nnd crldav, Ilght to moderate south
to touthwest wlnds.
For Delawaie. Eaaiern Pennsylvanla and
New Jeraey, 'air to-day and Frlday; Ilght to
moderate south wlndsj
ror New Bngland. falr M day; Frlday, falr
and warmor; B8fl8?NMfl aotithweet to sooth
? or W?i Vlrglnla, fatr ami ?arm* to-day:
Frlilay. falr.
Tot Weatern Pennaylvanla and Weatern New
York. fulr t? .1?> aiul Filiay. troltiati South
weat to weat wlnla. *
8 a, m ? 40 1 p. m ... 41 ? p, m_63
Offl.-ial obaervatlona of Unlted Ktitea weather
bureaua taken at 8 ?. m. yeaterday foi low:
Clty. Tempetutuie. Weatre'r.
Alhany . BJ Clear
Atlantlc iTtty . {W Clear
Ho? ton . 30 Cle,_"
Huffali) . 60 'Mear
('hli-aao . ikJ ?'lear
Naw Orlaana . 74 <"lou<ly
lt laouls . . ?0 Hear
Washington . 64 Clear
loeat O". tal Pe-ord. Th* fotlovrlna; offlclal
record from the Weather Bureau ahowa the
cliantea In tha temperatura for the laat twanty
f?ur hours In comparlaon wlth tba correspond
Ing date of laat year
1811. 181-1 1611. mi.
I _ an. 60 47 f ? p. rn. 63 57
" - m.62 4H| 9 p. rn.b4 ?
0 a. m.Bfl 4111 p. m.61 6S
lf BB.. 64 |fl|| p m. 4% _,
4 p. m. 66 601
Htgheat temparatur.- yeatariav, 00 decree*
<nt t:40 p. m.); loweit, 4.'. <at 0:11 a. m >;
Bfaraae, 62; average for (.?orresr ondlng dat*
laat year, 51; averaire for lonvapondlng rlate
1h?i thlrty-lhrae yeara, Ul. :
_ocal Forecaat. Falr to-daj and Frlday;
moderat* aouth wlnda.
i a
Tha Tribuna'a Room and Board
Regiater is fer your beneftt. Conault
I_ I-rra.ne, navre, Fr'ch. 7:Ooam 10:00 aai
<> n.'. Urarpaai W 3.?_Oam ia:uom
Monterey, Havaoa. Ward . 8:01) a m 12 00 ni
Advance. Criatobal. I'an... 11 ;;in a m ;<-ri>iDm
Altal. Inagua. H A. 1:00pm 3^0Pfn
Pennaylvanla. Hamb'c, II A - 10:00 am
Arapahrjc. Jacka'vilie, (Tyde - I'OOpm
C of Savannah. Bav'h. 8av. ? 0:00 p?
Napo, harbado*. Kooth_- H otl n tr
('nmaguey, Tamplro. Ward. - 12:09 m
Vlfc-lan? la, Nbfaau. War.l.. ? 8:00 p_
St LflBla, Houthamplon. Am. (1:00 am 9:30a _
Carmanta. Ldveipoo., ("unaid r):3iiim l'l.u.am
UaJflBtl -. Huuthampton, W H 8:30 g m 12:00 m
M WaaliinctDii, Asorea. Aua.l-):00 a ni 1:00 pa
S V l.u k-nbach, San Juan.
NY4PR.9:00 a m 12:00 aj
TurrUlba. < Aon. V TCO... 8:0.1 i m 12:00 m
Murrn i laatle, lUvanv Wd.10:00 a m l <*) e rn
P A WMhelm. c.l-n. H A..ll:in?n 1 :<*) p ra
Berm'n, Il.rn cda tjuebec... 12:00 rn 2-00 p m
Mendoza. Naplea, ltallan...- ?.
KuiAk, _lbau, Rusalan.- _
laap.and, Antwerp. Ited Star- i0:(Oar?
Ifinaewaaka, LeiidoB, A Tr ? i <m, m
Nlagura, Havre, French...- ;i.i?ii. Bi
('Hli.'rnla Olaagow, Anftbor ? - l <Bi pm
Barito, Napl'B N (.; Uoyd. ? ItiOOaoi
OilabiU, Naplea, Anchor... ? 0;Mp_
Comaru'he. Jaek'xl Ib, Cydfl- t (K) p ri.
? Jaclnto, Oalveamn. Mal!.. - 1:00 pri
Ooacho, 'ianpa, Mall ry.... - !:~pm
Antlll. h. New Orlenna. S P.- I2:<j0m
C of _t _ouib, Mav. Savan..- l^jpm
De?tt/iM!on and rt?a?ner. In N. T l> _
Jnpan, Corea, Chlna, pnllipplrtt
ivi_ Seattle)--Inaha Ma.u.To-day. 6:30
Hawali (vla San Praadacov?Rtarra To-day, Oyj
Japan, Coiea. Chlna tvla Seattle)?
Lord Derby . .Oct. 6. 6_?
Jaian. Corea. Chlna (vla Tacoma.
Chlcago Maru.Oct. 11, ?_u
ranui. -ai.j-esae, Cook Ulandi.
Ze?:and. Auatralla (vla dan
Franclnco)?Moaria .Oct 11. *_0
Japw.j, .oi-a. . n.na. Phlllppmee
tvla Vlctorla)?f.mpreeaof .lapan.OcL 11.0:30
Hawali, Samoan Irlanda, Bn* 2 ??
land, Aurtraila tv'a Ban Fran
iliool Ponorr.a .Oct tl, 089
Flji Ia and.a. ___flflB I?Iand?, New
-ealand. Auatralla ivla Vlctorta)
?M_ra_? .c*ct- flaj 8?B
Port of New York, Wednesday, Octo?
ber 2, 1912.
Bteaaaar B-ret*a*> Meaooa septembe- bb _?
th- New York A Cuba Mall Bfl Oo, wlth IJ
paaionaerB. malla and mJse Arrtvad at _B
Ba: at 1_:50 p m ________
Steamer Maracas (Bn, Trlnldad Se.pte_t*r 24
ar, 1 IH?Muaa aB, to ine !_?_?- B-'BJIgBfl *
Trad-BJ Co vith fl pasB^ncere, malla ar...
mdse. Anlved at M:e Bar iltom.
Steamer Monw, Newport N*?a and N/>r
folk, to the Old r>on,inlon Sb Co, wlth P**?"r
cm and mdae. Pa_i>el ln Sandy Hook at X.3h
S> rn.
Sttamer I?inpaaa-. Moblle September O:
Tampa 27 inii Ke.. We*t 28, to 'he Mailory B'
O, wlth p>^a-naer? ani miae Paaaed l"
Jua-antlne at 7:47 a tn. _ .
i-teaner Fawtiee. Phlladelphla, to tha Clytv
?s Co, wlth mdee. Paaaed In tjuaru-tina a
ti. on. _ _
? Ravn (Nor>. Perth Amboy, to J F
Whltney o Co. ln balieat. Pa^aad In yuarar
tlne at 1:20 p m. _ . _
Bteamer Prln* Au_u?t Wllhelm (G?r). Por
latmrn v>pteni*)er 22. r"olon ->. Klncston X
Sat:tlaco 2', and Fortune laland 28. OB the
Hambur_-Arneric_n Llne. with 88 paaneri^rr
mal ?? and mdee. Arrived at the Bar a- 8 I m
Pff.amer Voltjmo .Br). Rotterdam Bep^nbar
l.t ami Hallfax. N S. '-'. to the I'ranlum gt,
''o wlth 24 uhn ani ,'.*! B'^erage r.a"*t>ncerH
and ni'lse. Arrlvod it the Car at 10 p n:. lat.
Steamer Dined-ilehall (Br). Huelva Bepte 9
her 14 to Howrfns _ Co. wlth ore. Arrived a
the B_r nt H a tn. _______
Steunif-r rarminla (Br). I.lverpool J.eotemt_r
24 and (jijeeriBtown 25, to the C'tn.ird Pa r<
! td with 242 ftrat. 2.r-> BB?M? caMn and 1.I4S
?taaraca rn*^"~'if* aai atatt. Arrived at th'.
Bai at 4:W a m.
Steamer Antllla .Cuhan). Manranlllo ?erterr.
he- 17 Clenfuetoa 24 anid Ouantmna nm B8 ?
the N^w Tort ? CaB*B Mr.H Ot OB, .vith BBflW
/tr*-'-"' B* r*? "'"' Bt OrOJ a ni
Steatner Needlea tHr). Klo 1? Jane.ro Per
terh-r lt 81 _B_r8 23 and Nnrfotk Otoher 1.
to Oeorae W Pltou. ln ballast. Arrived at tht
Har nt ?i:15 p m. __ _
ste?mer New Vork t'ltv .Br). Tenerlffe s^t
tember 1*. to Jarnea Arkell _ Co In ba laat.
Arrived at the Ptr at fl p m.
Pteamer R] Dora.'o. Calveston Sentemtjer -?.
to the Pou'hern Pa.lnV Riilroid. wttB BB8.
\n.-her(d ln C,m\ rten<\ B?v ?i 7:10 i> in.
Steamer Mlanfl Clty. Atiantl. Cltj 8- *
ln Quarantln* at 7 P m.
Steamer Heveland <C,er). Ham'.ura
lr?r J8, .?'.. .''.ampton an.l Cl*rt-urc 20
Har-borrsr- Imarlcan Ua-. wi?h 'i** r)r
;.,'H aacond cnbln ar,.! ?-.'>, Btaafaga p?
malis .i-vl rndae. Arnv.-.i u: th.- B?I
p m
Steamer V.?tir.->e. Mflwprrt *aa
Pa??ed ln Qtiirantlne at 8:10 ;> m.
Bandv llT.k. N J, <'? I 1 '??'?*' P
weat; llght bretre. e'e-.r: s-nooth *e_
Steamer* Hamlttnn. Nnrfolk an.l K4rWT>r_t
N>?a (?"? BuO. C.alveBton- .'at.irti <l '
aallflfli SsBaa Mata. Baltlmora: Mi
Ctri Iherpoo!: Iynide?horo'.'B'h 'Br) Moblle,
Dlnriamare (Ital). Port Timpi AtoBaaH '
Norfolk; Wra (x'..n, M .tr-sn l^^
Btarta IBrl Ktagetaai; t "a- "ayag
teu^ New Ortaauu: c.Vorado. -alraataa; .er
BBflfl ? Un. Itlo de Janelro.
088BBIB Oet :. 7 a m-VaderUrd (Ber^ KJ
Yn-k ?la Dover: lat. Ua CB-BBBM iDutcn),
\ ?? > ^rk .... _ . ?.?
Mr ttevldeo, t",r>t t-Q"*en AdelaMa (Br), >ew
V'k f..r B i-rios Arrfa.
ToB hait-a. Oct 1 (lleOahW (Brt New >crt
sla Alrlera. OaltMnbo 8ab_BC. etc
Bateaa " ? - VVrj> Caatta i_a>, New \orv
t r Hmkow. ? .
Haml ir*. Oct 8-Bulyafltfl iBr). New \-rt
::.,e7 ot I?Alllb la .??<-ri V-'kohama. dan
k.nv B_B_a_al. Talpeh. Honf Konc. !-ln?a
i*,re. .^.ibanc ?nd Aden tor BaBBSB arl N'W
I'ernambjco. Cm 2~<'onde Aadnjbal (Braa)
KSW Vork for Bahal. Rlo de Janelro aaa
Sarroa. ^ ,. _,
Kaplaa .-'p* M?Patr'a .'.reelt). N?w TofB.
Maraeliles. Sept SO?Iialta (Br). New Tork
Brow Head. Oct 8--I? .".vole, New ror* f*r
Havre reported by wlrelcaa tetegrapf 188
rr.llei aouthweat at 11:44 a m. Due a' Haera
about 11 88 a m to day.
Tandjong Prioa. ?*pt 3a-rmatafela t<Ut\ St*
york vla ntirhan for Kamaranc
Uverpool. Ort X 8 a m?Oampanla (Br), Waw
York vla yueen*tc.?ii and Fiph_uard.
laondon. Ort 2-Mlnneapolia iBrl. Naw Tork.
Taip^h, O-t 1?CHy of Baroda iBrV New Tart
vla suhana. etc. for Bhanahal.
HamhnrB. ??pt 28-Thlatledbu (Br), P-lla4_
phla; 2?. Arlatea (Auat). New Tork: 8B,
I)rur.,.'llffe mr). New York.
Vlgn Sept 2tv? I-e Coo (Rr). New Tork.
AbTter*. rept 30--Kablnca |Br>. ifr>ni ?_
cuttu and Coli.mbo). Boaton and New Tork.
Hlo de Janelro. Sept ?(V_Numantta (Gert,
(from S^r.toe). New York.
southamp'.on, Oe' 2. 2:18 P m?KronprinT WIi
helm (Oer). (from Bremer). New J ark v?
(^herbotirg. 12:10 p m. Oceanle (Br). Sew
Tork la Cherbourg ani Queenat-wn.
Durbtin. Sept 2n-tr*Uniry (Br>; (from New
York). Taku Bar _M ? _ .
Shlelda, Oct 1 -Alfred Nobel (new) Paiat
Ke; : Waver'.ey (Br). New Tork ar.fl Nar
Olr-raltar. Sent BO?Themistoelea (Ore*k), fg
,"-, fir New Tork: rxt 2. Kperlg Albaft
? Oer), New Tork *or Ntp'ea and Cen< a
cf ValuaVlc Information
That !s What the
WUl Give Ycu
Tne BOproarh nt the PreaMentlBr
cnmr-alan n.eeaaitate ? the BaBB;Bfl
reltnble anO authorltativa pollt cal
reference book ln whlch all sto/latMl
attd other data relatln* to State and
Natlonal Oovernmenta, et . cao t
roalljr and qulckly found.
1012 alves thls Information more
fuMy and mnr4? correclly inan anr
r?the- "uhllratlon
lf ou ara mtereated In P?>'t,*2|
and de-,lrt to be wall Informed 188
TRI_UM_ ai._UU8AC la IndlapaB
?al la
tlbrary edltion Bfloaralr
Bofad in boardB wlth lo'h
baeks aad 'aadaoma oo??r
la colore, BOe. by mall.
154 Nassau Street,
New York City

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