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Dr. Felix's Rhythmical M-Sic
C:mes to Criterion.
Vandeville Favorite Anpears
in a FaHy Pleasing
Musical Play.
Th. ;h8_- Of -e'uciant man bv - ln thOOB
nflv?--ll-eono-erlng aroanoa waa .?et to
^.ulc r-nil r*erfoi_Md last -'srht at the
rjMterton Theatre, Thls time DIana of
... haa..- Ib a "sweetle." or at least thfl
,)(,-a-r.ter f B mnnufacturcr of caramels,
?v.'le the poraoed serves art as a ejerk
ln th^ Blnlatrjr of Flne Arts "Ls Petite
r__colatlrra'' wan the name of the urig
tpsl reme_j by POol Qoea_h from whlch
the r'1* of the j.reaent piece was drawn.
rt a nt. beat Glrl." an F.ngilsh adapt
atlon of the Pr.-Moh play, lt wa? glvtn
here aeveral aeaaoea ago wlth Marle Doro
B ibe iltla part.
Toniniv ts a chocolate covered. candy
who araroyfl gets h?r own
way-ln th. end For that reason she ls
tn Ideal flgure for mus'.cal comedy. be?
cauee. of course. she canr.ot ln any event
get flfhal ahe wants before the end. In
"fantallsini Tommy" the flnal kiss and
t) - fb li rtalB are pracUcnlly -jimu'ta
r.eotiB Through three act* ar.d sever;t!
Brattj BCenOfl Tommy pursuoB tbe flne
urtp cl. rk i: u mla attcmnt Bl fan 1
natlng blm, and landi him or.lv b] OOaV
_|B8 a Bilken Quaker BTOOfl that sr-rms ln
the t !a> to 1 ( *he flrst step toward rn
terlng a co:
Although thfl rtory of the play i? ex
;v rVw.n :mc\ the comedy B-PPllO- ;
by -0-__y*t falhot and by Um D_fler
6ecretary to the Minlater of Flne Arts is
a'.' bul uoboarohlo. there nre tnany en
? fo^tires Bfl the llttle play whlch ;
_-_Bfl-lsh it frorn the avernge mua'cal
reaaedy. The work of ObQBBJB Marlon In |
arrangmg the nr.inical numhers and de
vlalng the aimple but eflfectlve dancea j
?.rhlch followed each one was unnsually i
orlg'na'.. The dances were nelther per- I
,'unctory nor meanlngless. as la the case ?
_n-> al Invarlably in present day 8X088081
pOBCea They wer* all BOflei on slmple
thatnae. the aaoonlng for whlch waa
drawn from tiie ldr-,t ln the m_40 just
sur.ff. The song 'Just Uke You," a riuei
In the first act between Tommy and her
^rey. was followed by a j am >rrlme. nalf
aanclr.g and hal." actmg. whlch deaerved
the anthuaBaoni it receivfl?
Ellzabeth Frlce. wel! known to vaude
Jville tiudlences in the popult.r team of
Brlce and King. bloomed anew last nlght
nt Um leadlng flgure ln the rew mualcal
OnnaTiBT She played Tommy wlth bar
. unflinchlng good spirits. but in the
athe: s.naBmodic style of the vaudevlll**
player who mshes down to the i'ootllghts, I
:ean.? forward at:d vlgoroualy punts her j
songs and epeclaltlc6 over into the glls
I pjag of her audlence. Mlss Bric*
. BMfl volce, and she ?ang a song I
called "Falry liella" partici larly 0/0*1.
Her cele'rated glance and smtle and her
g .vnJk Wflre also cheerfully tn Oft
ra .11, aa the h_atod luro.
Paul tfoi-KMBd, was best when the p'ot
d bln t.> ktob _BJIOfla-te. Poutlng
u.'.i.r. hfl Mt were re
bhn BflOflt of the time. make
him B80BI ?_Btt8?etlTfl gan.e to pur
Uaon Dallat WeUOral and Robert Pitkin
\c oMIgattOO to be funny without
<he al ?' ? Ot OflMfl or situation. Nat
i.raly, they IflU back Bfl rnakeup and
11 COBlIaUtUea arhleh BtMflOOOl a frenzied
tleslre to "make gooti." But that was all j
Dt rathy Webb ma<)e her chief stah a'
in a naughty little song whlch j
made sevei_l members of the audlence i
Bttfl thelr nalls for very nervousness j
Mlss Webb ^ans lt well. too, and danced j
arlth apirit. Her partaer, Biff, the I
t hauffeur. plajtefll by Harry Clar'.i. danced j
T>r. Hugo PeliX. thfl c.mposer. \vnn
B-Oaeal ?o eentflaet Um ovaotara to tha (
thlrd act, whlch he dld with modeat
mlen Hls part o! "Tantalizing Tommy" ;
ia by fa- the bt-st of it HIm music I
rhythaa and h&rmony, itiid aeveral of th4i !
aongs, oi arhlOb the chief ls the walt?;
BnpoBtk?Ul known a- "Ir!?h Stew," are!
loorrK-d tO easy popularlty.
tta_ay French phrases on the |
pr-->gram:ne are edlte..* and revlsed for,
agflUtBg and general uaage all wlll be j
asril fl_e_8b al the Criterion.
raal \ ... <;eorge And^-re^r.
-)a?lon BroiK.John P?ik|
i Cimtlot.iloljert f'ltklu |
Arltttde Mtncaaaol. ...DallBfl flr>tf?f*
_ta.Harry ciark.*-.
l_rd Hretor d? Soutac lpecac . Oonalrl Hal! !
? ? .(JlUiert T^nnant '
ileraera. Bobby Nearataa j
r.a?:rnir .Jack i^nyr' ,
i mmy". Ullralxlh llilce !
.'ul.-.Dorothy We_B|
i' ? . I'.-srv Forayt).
*.Valleaiix Elllott
/.ri .Francea Ki<).ar<ia
i . Margaret LangJon
?"'aieata. MaU? l':'ti? H;.ri iB'.r:
i a
No Hope of Ultimate Recovery
of Jurist.
Telejraph to The Trlhnne.*
Hurtfcrd, Conn.. Oct. 2.?After havlng
received nelther foofl" r.or water for Bv?
tiayi .Ttjdite .I?m'- P Platt, of the t.'nlted f
t"\vc?i I'l'trlrf Conrt undt/nvent ar; opvr
ation here tfl Baj Although he Is n.?\'-'
rereiving nourishrr.ent through a ttibe, no
hflpfl for his ultimate rocoeory wa.1 held
cut laat night by hls famlly or aurget. a
Judge Platt, a son of the late Senator
OrvtHa H. Platt. waa brought from hls
home, li. Merlden, accompanled by h.s '
**!fe ar.d daughter, to a prlvate bOOflrWei
ln thia clty and a well known Hrtrtfo'd
r'urgeon. aaalsterl by I?r. E. T. -raoatro-*,
th* Platt famlly physiclan. t***rforme<l th ?
"peratlop. During the summer Judge Plart
Itas baao sllli g. and last week hls ph>
eiclnn rilagnoae'l hla trouble as a eancer
Ba_ BTowtb <>f thfl _N*oohag_8 It ls aatd i
ln- BBeead Of the growth may contlnue, j
'"Jt that sufferers sorrtetirncs ltve t BJ
when reeehfhag iirtihciai nourl*h-j
ch an Irielsltin of the stome. h.
The pailent was reatlng comfortably 10
'.Ight and nppeared stronger.
For nine years Judge Platt handled th"
tottertt' bovrott caae Judge James L
Martin. of Brattlel>oro, Vt., lt- row hearing
'ba retrlal. whlch the Cnlted States Su
&r*me Court 0?08*00- on the grour.'l thtt i
J'jdge platt ahould not hav^ dlrected ;t\<
Jury to conaider only the amount of dam- '
agt- and not whether or r.ot TY R. Iaoe*ve
* 08 were entltled to any damaaea.
harper a new yale captain.
Sew lUven, Oet. 2-Paul Harper, of
^Vfl/iBton. III., waa laat nlght elected
?Bsnagtr of the Yale awirnmlng team and
Alexandtr Hummer. of Brookllne, Maaa ,
**? elected aaslstant manager.
? - ?
Uiuta J. Horowlu, pra_ldent of the
ThompBon-gtarrett Company. and wlfe
aal) to-day on the Oeorae Washington for
* ala 4-aeeka' trlp abroad.
Hollaender's Music and Herz's
Lines Please.
a "The Chirlty Glrl,*' denomlnated on tbo
programme a.i "n ntw -aMfltteflfl musl.*
ptajr ln three flota, llbretto and lyrics bt
Edward Peple, muslo by Vlctor Hollaendet,
.ddod lyri.s by Mehille Alexnnder," araa
prodnaad last night at the Obhe Theatio
before an audlence that rtpr-cired to fiud
Whatever OBefleai the -*4*e* may ?*__>*
will probnhly be due to tho efTorts of
Ralrh Herz and tn the music of Mr.
Hollaender. The book, whlle It contains
some amuslng line* nnd situations, Is nor,.)
too brllllantly wrltten or coherently coi
?_ntCta_, and "stunts'' that belong to tba
land of \inide\ille worc freqiiently calh 1
upon to sustHln the Interest.
The ratflry gave promlse nt flr?t of be*
comlng n -<ocloK.gical doeument ln musl
cal comedy form. the seene of the flrst
act bfllai tald *n the Kast SIde. wlth so
cial workers and slummers to sdd to the
action, Rut !t fflPMdlly turned off lnto
other fields?to n clairvoyant's parlor, to
AttflOtlo Clty and finally to a Fifth ave?
nue manslon, durins-" which voyagtngs
tho story got lost aflflflflg the reefs of
Y. t there was much In Mr. Hollaer.der's
music that was pretty, and Mr. Her
ns the elaltvoyant worked llke a beaver
to brlng forth success.
The staarlns; was excellent. tbe ehorus
pi-.tty and the Masters Turner, aa tbe
lici.venly T'A-lns. ehornbie to e.-stn y.
l'erhaps ?The Charit\ Cirl" will pleiiFe
Rroaduay, even lf it li more proi able
thal it won't
The ca6t was:
Becky .Mm Blossotn l
M.Hs-ir* fl
Mr. Jeranlati HorPlng.. ...Ml?? It?- i'ox
l?e >?::..?> Freneh .Hefbetl Dftiti.ti
,v-v V-.n Hodea .D. I_ Dc-n
"Bllly" Bmnt .<\ Mnrt. n H..rne
,:"-' -?ar\.Mlss Ifru-ie r:.., .
Otlre- "iiw. ... .SOarar. Bakat
Th? (luarllan of the Por-al.Mr Denton
Veata Vlr-f-j.Misa Ollve larjj .
Harry Hoollgan. H?r-v Turr.ln
Kanka.Miss InnabePe Wiiltfor-1
Tetab. Mls* Ko.ei Dooiaa
cbarmlan.Mlss Vehns Boberta
Ouwaya.Miis Nmhalle I>nna
. MIks Vera Iawrenre
MoUanie Bowwowekl,., M'*? (Badva Ber.latnln
<"?:?? .Mlr/a Mlr.nle M.w-a
Yenjrl Pin. M ss Itosamnnrt Mll'er
raaeh**.Mlss *,*_<*** a Oehress
Vena.Mtss Re:r..i .Inr.ei
Ararol. ... If?rrv r-irpln
K Ismet.Fklrsr Oonnor
.Tpremlsb Hopplng.Rt.lph Herj
lb. .Msster Alfred TtirnT
Seraph.. .Mw:*r Allan Tnm*r
MuiiiM Md Jurr.bo .Lyle and Mlller
Tells of O-en Air "Bartered
Bride." Ooritz as the Star.
Mme. .Tohanna (Jndskl. who Ifltuinad I
tiee) York or> Tuesday on the Kr"r; rli,
aeafllfl Ceollle ls at the Hofel St. llrg...
wh?re she Is reetlng before ratarthlg Oll
her ron"ert tour. Tho sintfer || not t >
r al the MatrnpoMtflfl untll after
Chrlatfl-M, bttl her f.rst -OBMI| IflhM
pla 8 1)0X1 araaft ln Toronto.
"I vpent tiie s'lmmer qultety of rny
home Ifl Berlln. where I studlo.1 the
?-ongs I an. to Fl'ie In ct.cert, at OfltOBd
tn Boooeai, on tha Bflltle. At Eoppm
I wltnesse<j a most interosting perform
aflee of 'Thr Bart-tad Kride' given ln the
oren air. wlth Mr. ';>rltz as tho star.
"The opera was given ln tlie WOO-fl.
-*ith the itagi set in the hlllnide, down
arhlcb the bflttot made Its entrance. The
orebefltn was pur.k ::i a plt ln the
ground, the opfrlng Of whlob wrs cov
ered wlth ,.'ave?. whlle the ounaln was
made of yauaa tree?. Il was a slght I
.'hall never forget.
"I am fo slng later aa tn both "The
Mafr'.c Flute' nnd ln 148 Huguenots,
but my eniraKement at the Metronolltan
does n?t begin untl! after Chrlstmaa.
My flr?t concert will be in Toronto, where
I nm to open the new ifldttOfium "
? i
Th? Oyprajr." Pixiey & Ladaaafa op*
erttta. was put lnto rehearnul >epterday
uiider the stage dlrfytion of Al HotlM-OB.
with the following prlncipal*: 1*1*1*1
Seaton. the Ki.glish prima donna: Bsflfl*
BOf KaBt, Josephine Morse. Adela! la OT"
ton, Mabel I'hillla Irvlng. Jo-eph MtTOfl,
Bi'iiaal l-imiert, Jaek Haaaard, toiand
Hamilton Rarie, Prancia Ll< h and F >
i?st AVlr.ant. John Oart has islseted tha
Celoalal Theatre. Clatelaaad, for th* Mrst
perfi.rmaneej of th- open tta, during tho
.?.?.?(?"k baflJIIIBlBa ^tnber 21. and nill brlna
the pre? uctlon to New York early ln No?
Ixiulso Randfllnh, director of the Mar
loejra Playera in Chlcaao. atlU atehe ihe
iii^t flreaantatlen of "The stronger." b>
?trladharg, at the F!ne Arts Theatre.
Chlcago, ln November. Thls wii: be the
!!r: t produr-tlon of thls play ln Knglish.
Florence Rockwoll. who Is _BPa_f-flg
thla season as leadir.g Woanafl with Rafls
<it llaatall la la create the pttaatpa]
femlnlne role ln ' ?.?hailemagne," whlch In
lo be affeffld ln New York ln the eprina;.
Next week. at Froctors Flfth Avenu*
Theatre, (Jeorge Heban, the versatilo
romedian. last seen in New York with
?fVaber and Ftattsfa all-star Jublloo caat,
will offer a specl.xl revlval bf 'The Hlgn
nt the Baaa.'' Mr< Bebaa has arranged a
two years' tour tn th. play lot flf luiliau
life in New York. m
Tbe full east flf the flrst piay to be
adterM by the National Federatlon of
Theatre Clubs to Ita own members at the
Maxine Elliott Theatre on the evenlng of
Oeaober 6 win r*aajtae_ao John Weatiey,
Bdward Mawaoa, Smeraw Robaon, Harry
k. HadBaia. Claaa Baa**, i>?nici Hall.
lA>\i\r, HallcU, T. Koupal, Heoige C
BtaJey, winiam Mnrsh, Lliy Cflhtil. 6u
?aoaa* Waa*jarda Mary stcwart and Kate
MayhflW. After the trial porformance the
play, lf suecessful, will be put on for a
run at ono of the badlng theatreB.
"The Hlgher Court' will bo followed by
h r.ew play ev ry month, for flrfl-flb tho
federatlon ls engaglng o permantnt com?
W II. Ullmore, for the last flve years
Otag* manager for Maude Adnms, ha*
Ix.ii etis?K''l bry Klaw -: Frlanger In a
lIhe aaf-aclty wlth Robert Hllliard for
the new deteotlve play, "The Argyle
. ' whlch Gustave von S?\-fertlta Is
?.. ..klng raady far prodvettM in Atlantic
n October If,
The Maaara, ?hBhart bstaa recalrad
word from iJranvlll. l'.arkcr that be le
organlziiiK a second eonipany to preser.t
?'Fuiuiy'g 1 lrst Play' In Chlcago and
vTefltflffl citles. The company will be
entirely reheaissd by Mr. Rarker bflfOTO
salllpg for New York. The org.inl/.a
tlon will give a spe.lol Tuesday matln .
X>> i forrn-ince at Wllllam I'olller's i'oiu
a_! Theatre, ln Now York, before golng
on to ChlcaMM
Newport. R. 1 . Oct. *.?.?A new Amerlcan
naval r**i.ord Ih clalmed for the torpe.l"
boat dentroyer Jouott, whlch ln a full
raBaad tOOl Ifl Narragansatt Bay to-day |
made :{2.:^ knots an hour for two consecu- <
tlvt- hours. "The Jouett's slster shlp, the
lenklns. In tho same test made ffi.6 knots.
r'.inditions were fBVorable.
Conault Th* Tribuns's Room and
Board Reglater.-Advt
End Comes in Hotel Here at
End of Month's Vacation.
Career in United State" Navy
Twice Noted for "Extraor
dinary Heroism,"
Baat A.lmlral |_M88B Young. U. 8. N..
who durlnic I !s career In the navy waa I
twice nienttorit'd ln Olopotchflfl for "ex
trOOt-Inary heroism," dlod yestenlay
I aiternooa nt the WaJdorf*Aatoi_- in
' tflattO?I h-morrhagea wtr- glven bp th'*
j c:ius>; of death. Hls wlfe was wlth ht?I
! at the end.
Dr. BermaflttB ia. Bear, of Booat Ve*>
; rion. * ho araa Rear Admlral Young'a fam
. Ily phyaldon, Btteodod hlm. He nald last
nlght that hla p_ttan1 had BD?brred hls
j flrat atta.lt of InteBtlnal trouhle Tuflfldajr
evening, b it hnd npparei'tl> rallied frr>m
i that attaCK, only IO si.rcumh later.
j Hear Admlral Yo.ing waa oa fl month's
1 leave of B-flBBBOa at the time of hls de ith.
I He and hla **lfe started on h IoQY flf
Kiortda on Bflpteinber b\ and r-acbed thi*
city after naa?rJag thelr arajr ap ').? coaai
hy slow stage.), antl went to the \\ ..M.-r:
A-tOtifl. Th< admlrftl had BtOOnOl M
leave New York tfl lay for l.exirgton,
K>.. hla Borthplaee, there to that yimnl
O. Yoa-ng, hls brother.
Dr. Max Klni.orn and Dr. AdBBBfl, thfl
hotel phjralilan. arere redled in ransntti
ti.*n. when the _fl__8_l araa tahen in
ngnhi yoataraay afternoon. aaal tbc tbree j
phrsaeiana work.-d eonttnno natjr to pro
Icng thelr patlenf's lif-. Bfl flrfla so low '
Bl l_l o'otooh thal oaygen xxrgg afltnln*
Istered. Bfl bflOB-lfl 'ineonsrloiie 'en _dB?
utes later and died Bl ItlsV
When lt was aeen that Admlral Y^ung
could net BUOftva 000818 were m.ide to get
f'ardlne) Karley, a pofOOOOl friend, bflt
the Oartllnel 88_fl not at hla bOBBe, antl Ifl
hla obaeaee Kathcr BajBhoa reaoonod.
The patlent's condltlon araa so BflflBMroh. !
however, that the phyaJflani dflred not
leave hla hed?dde. 8I)cl he dl.-d without re
f*e|v|ng the la-t r!t"s
Cardinal Reaehes Hotel Too Lata
; <"ardinal Farb-y an.' M.<nelKr.?T LearU
I arrived at the WaJdorf ahortly after Ad
l nilral Young di.-d OthOO __anda 4\ho
i called to offer thelr <?; mrathy lo Mi
Toaag were Bear AdaUral ReJaaa', retiredi
I Dr. Iaewlb Mcrrla. of tl.e Nuval Baopltal,
lti BlOOhlya and CflflB-MflBBrfl M L
? Wood. I" S. V retlret!
| The l?,(|y na.s tflkflfl tfl thfl Bt-Oktya
navy yaid late 'ast bight, t.n I lt wlil !*?
__aspoetod lo da) io B_abl8aBte_, arheri
, lt wlll be hurled ln thfl Atllngton Natlotnl
Icetnetery, No fljungeaaonta hav , A
i made for th. funoral
! Bl ar Adaolral Toono Orfl born Ifl '
lnKt? n. K>.. ob March U, IBB, thfl "-on of
Btchard Boaworth ard .ian. gflea .oisng,
He eat-fed ti.. Naval Aeadeaaj i'i ? I
I p.nd waa Bjrodvated foo? years later Ba
' w_a a nalO?hlpnun on the ararahtp Aias
k.i. flthon, oa Julj -;. BB, he inmped etsar*
'board ln BJlhl OOMB and BOVOd tbfl 111
a Ballor. who had been hnoched over?
Boat?. D. rrcogiotioti of thia a^t ol
lam h. waa ortVlally Btentloned Ifl ??
Keneral order of the Becrotory of '
Nav>, who r.ft:rel tO Bl fl ! BB BB
; U-ordlnary hon an ." B?b btpo in I
also raeetved a k-u.d naadal trota tho Beta
Y"rk Benevoleiri and Ufa Ba**tnfl ll
l lr.it and a frairif! cert ' . i. |
HUOM-M 1 I '" ? -
Tho | o .'.t; ? . leuipmaa ..bj^: .. ? I
?xtraorrllnary ljra\-r>-t :.g.iln f.ur yeara
later. . U, thi* Ot n.M'.r. !, l. IliB
Haron when that reaael wat, art ao had '-ff I
Naafo Boad. B. c. BThea lt ara
that the ?:!iip flrfla dooaaod to thraab ber*
Belf to pleces on the r.^-ki the e_pt_ln
IflB-fld a Cail I' r vol'intt'-rr- to hwun t.t
ahora wlth a Ilfe llne f/o-Kg ll
Btepped fcrward and rotontoored Bfl aad
& "etiman, after betag BWODt a^iir,.?t thfl
dBOgflrona roehfl aeireral ttmea,
aucceefl-d la gf1*'"! Ib? alt-ore, Uaarebi
BBvlr.g m-.r. |h_n two?tbtl*da <>f t ?
from t-ei-taln Oenth.
Again Recipient of Honora.
Thia act alao broushi tho room
Bhlpnaa a lettei I Ihanha frotn i
retary af th? BaV) Bttd B BjO|d B
Um Bral elasa from ihe Unttad st.?t.-,
Llfaoarlflg Berrlee. Th.. Htat'- of K<-n
toohy prfloflBMd him ?itii a pjotd aarord
and he irafl made an lio:i..:a; ? ? 4
the stat<- r_glrfat'trr Pronvotloo ?*?:'?
eln.i glven the BtJdOblp?UtlL B) a *.;??< ' . i
uct of COagreafl be araa adranofld to tlM
rank of tr after after bavtnfl bflOl BOtn>
I jieted to that raik by thfl PresUloat
I Tao aaaal roottne or doty faiiir!? to a
naval ofhV.r ihen fOllOOTOdi IricludliiR t?'
i cornniand of muny veaseis an i aervlec ln
the Bureau of BajfldpUMnl and aa In
structor ln torpedoea In th?* Nava! Va
t '<llege.
I At UM oufhreak of the ripnnlah-Amer
; lenn wsr, however, Admlral Young, then
' a lieutenant, OBOB more sat>. thfl actlve
' service for whlch bfl alwavs >enri >d
I I imrnandlng the gunboat Mlyt. f. BT daya
before the llattle of 8antla_o, l.le. tenant
Young araa orderod by< i>ar A0__raI
BOBBPOflfl lo crulat; In the vlclnlty of Man
ranlllo, t'uha, :m I. If BTB-tl-B-i?. .Icatroy
aotne Sjianlah gim.ioats snl.l to bfl Ivlnc
In the harbt.'.
Young hiarte.l on hlt p08*tlo_B errnnd, In '
coropany wll*: fv.i. o'her 8?BbOBU Aftt
destroylng BBiO of the rnerny's roeeela
I Young tilacovere.l nlr.c Bpanlflh ararohlpa
drawn up ln tho harbor. Be Of-084fld Ma
llttle gunboat Into acth.n. an t completely
routed the enemy, after ti deai>erate battl.
of afl hour ar.d ? balf, puttlng moat Bf
thelr vessels out Bf BOrBt?floa
Advanced Three Numbflra.
Lieutenant Yt.ung vas arl\ance'.l three
numbera BaMOBHM of his work on ti.at oc- I
caaion "for B8B-8M88t antl coriMplcutiua con- j
duct Jn battles during the Hpanlsh wsr.'
He was Captaln of tht Port of llavana |
In l**i iinil \9"J, and whn coriiniandai|(
?.l.e Cnlted' Stutea nava! statb-ri at tiie .
saine porl ln UM tWO lollovlng y?_ie.
Wbllo 8 comrnander on the Bennlngton, j |
ln July, IOOj. Youtig's \e?ael was badly
dOflimgcil by a boller explosion In the har
!)or of San Dlego, ?'a). Several men were
BJIled, and in Auguat, l&vo. f'ommanrter
Young and Knalgn Wade wt ra trl-d by
court martlal. Secretary Bot.aparte ot ,
the Navy rcprimanded the cnmma.nder, !
und the court martlal found hlm guilly Of
?remleriieas Of duty ll) not algnlng the j
ansflejth ateum log ot th.^ Pennlngton."
Young was steudlly advanced In rank, |
j ''inally becfjnlng ;< n'Hr "dmlral. He mar
i ried Mlaa Bt lle Parker, of Vlrglnla, tn
! June, 1_?6, the weddlng tnltlng place at
Dr. Joecph Hashrouck. tme of the old*
ent and beat known physlclans in Weat
ehoater County, died aaddoaiy yester
day from hesrt disease when abrijt to
visit 0 patlent ln Unlontown. a suburb
f.f Ilastlnga. He waa Btrlcken nt tha
patlent's door and waa carrled Into tho
houae. Dr. Bohflft Dennlaton, a close
friend of Dr. Haabrouck. wao callad. but
I>r. Hasbrouck was dead when he ar?
Bi was seventy-five years old. And had
been married flve times. He leaves a
wife and one son. He own.-d and lived
In the old Washington htadouarters, on
broadway, Dobbs lerry. He was a
member of tho Hollmd Hociety, th*
WMtohMtar COaaty Madlcal Boelatyaad
the P/Mtcbeeter County Historical So
Dr. BM-tflBOh prosonted to the Sons
Of tho Amerlcan Kovolutlon the ground
0:1 whlch ? monument was erected at
Da?_fl farry lo t-ommemoiate the sur
raodar of the Uritlsh to Washington and
Rorhflflabaan 1
Oeorge Tutru-r Mceks, an actor. flfty
two y*ara old, who for tare years had
b**B playlng in stock companies on'
BtatM le-and and who reaxa ago piayaal
with Itol.ert Mantell .md Harah Hern
bardt, dled yMtarday al bla home, la
Wriffhl Ktre.-t, ritapleton. Staten Island. 1
Wlth his wife ard ten-yoar-old daughter
DOTOthy he was to have appeared in a
Jeraey Clty tbaatra next week in "The
Ilit'lier Court." He was born ln l.tver
pool flfld went flfl the stage when only
? bay. Twelve years ago he canio to
t'.jl* country.
Mrs. ChflfftottO ?Iray Van Scna.ck, wife
of Manry VM Schahk, of No. \r) West]
Bth stieet, diexl at Fior-nce, Italy, yea?
terday. Bha waa tha esAhat of ur.
c,.-.,ige .;. Van flaflaJM ,ud BBg*M Van!
Bohatch, af 'his <-ity, and ef Mme Kitse
llae. i, of l loren.e.
? ritv-flve yea:a flgfl l'llae Van |
Behateh *\.ie amrrled ta Ooaat a_-_a_*flM|
Boartourllne, a yaaufl But-BtM, with larflM ;
0 la hla oa n land aod in Italy, Laatl
y-ar two Ol thehr four children were mar- j
rte.i lata l*a8<ljMfl famllles, l.ir.ka liour. ,
tourline bflCflfl-lflg the wife of Count Al
br. 1 1 tlobegiv'i of Oehelhermsdorf del 1
Oronberi lat Bohtaaaan. Uermany, and
Cottfll Dlmltrl Rourtourline marry na
Valentina Cora. a PtOtMtblfl. Th? atbflr
two Hourtourllne children are OflOBt Vn?
.- la Hourtourllne of TaKantscha, Russ a,
r\n<t CaaBtaaa 1*0*0 Houriourlin- of Kl..r
rflflM Fugene Van Sehalek llvc* st No.
Bl Brofldwaty, Dr. O. -ige <? Van S. haiok
nt No iw W.st '3th street.
N'otl.-e ot Mrs. Henry Van flehaiok's
ftineral will _fl given later. She wa.* the
daughter of the late riamuol Oray, of
Win.. I
m. r karaM le Tbe Trtba ?
Philadelphia. Od 2 ?After an IJInesn of
several months. l>r Thomas I'. Stev.
m alaaoal .??*> years paator of ihe
Fitst Cbureb of tho CotaMwterfl, Mtb
nr:d Walnut street-, I- >i ?! at hi* horm
hero. 11. *-? BflVMty-thlM v.-ura oll.
?? May r.. Ut\ oeevatfld tne palpli
i.r ihe BTaal Pbtl ulalphli ehoreb
: Bnl and only rharge.
... oet l?a* UIIm Aai ??
t. :. aiflaly kflflavfl aaaaBfaetisrer
road a aaaaabaf al th< ITotoa Lmbbb, I
lead froan apeplaxy at Ma baaaa ln Daroo,
Peaa. He was aeventj ... reara aM
rai a taaaabav at tha Upptacott
I ,?;-. promlaanl la this i ity.
-.*. if.-, four daughters and a
-"c-ung Man Decides To Be Actor
on Eve of Ordination.
? r.t ttuit tt ? * ? ?
, ? ?... t . f. ? f.. apraad of <"hris
lanlty tr...n the emJptl ur"' th_t th ?
'l.'ii h has fall. d Ifl m.el tl.e spirltit;'1
t*_aan_- of tho eflfltflianlty, Fred a. Wll*
not, who wa;; fbout to ?<? urdalned a? a
nmister and has a reeOfd flf UlfM years'
. m bl ""\ltallzlng" th.- "-oik of tflffl
i..- anaoaaeed ttmt ha h.i..
iMndaaad his IntanUona for the n-lalatty
?nd win vo ..-.? tb, ataaja hMtafld
ii.- haa beM Iba a*sistant of thi
r.li <t Hall |>..?t..i of th.
. rflflllat ? b u b of th* i-uine Pflternlty
. .:; .1 I"ai ? H ? I ,
I.- win plaj tno |..-.n? li Pterra Lotl-i
Tht i .,. |g| t< : Of II- .<*? '?, whb-h I b.
.? produced at Uia Oanturj Tlx.-atre m
>. I.il.el 1 |
Mr VMlmr.' hao ehflfM "f fh'" '?
art of i?r HalTa naigrMgaltofl n- nol
tel ad i" them. bnl h< o;.
hlba nnd sortetlea ..nd . i. -.rr iflged tbat
i amall Iheatre ?b-.iii<i t.e buiit for th
Iranatfc aoetaty he ratgantaa-. Hi aay.
,.. f..,|^ tttra he ra n do mor? good as ar.
thflB aa a mln'ster.
The new re.-nilt f<*r \U> stage was
rrad-fltod froan Hareard M ly'1' s'"!
-iu.it..i theoiojtv ai Tuff Oallega whitn
in aafl-rtaBt at the Becond DatM^aaBst
'li'ir. h, In BMtOB. wher* he did much the
. wotk ho has ifllllfld M here.
Sinking Fund Sole Exception in
Mayor's Offlce Estimates.
The bii.l-et Mfltfl-tttM Of the BOflTd of
EatlBlflta bad before lt fo* eons'.lerstl^n
raaterday th1 aflttaaataa of tha Vny.-.ra
.ffl.e. includlnp IM BflfMfl at UeflMafl
,nd the BltrMfl of Uel?b*- and MMflUTM
>f thfl standard laatfl-g IflbflTfltO lM IM
?^taten Is.'and AaaafllatlOB "f Arts nnt
IdeneM th ? Ciuiniiil?leaiara <>f IM Htnk
rtK Fund, the Hoard of Bfltldtflg l^xiiti
fl****, the I-;-tnmlr.inM: BMrd Of I'lumheis,
tM Ce___8___-a8*r of Llccnaea and of the
floHr.l of F.le.-ll* ns. All OSCflpI tbe Cniil
j.i.-.-len. ra of the fllnkii.K Fund trflfll I
nare m. n.-v ln 1913 than th?*y f_Ol ln U<12. |
ti .? Mayor'a etMee aaa* far t-vi.w ts
iK.tnist MPi,IML Ita allowaie - for the cur
ent year. 01 the to'Bl ln>MflM Bf t*%Jj$,
mly ft.1-0 ifl Intendid for the Ma\or's
? x -iitlvo forco. fl.W of that amount
iKiirlim as an increase ln the ealary of
RohflfJ sVdflMMB, tb. Mayors seeretary
V!r. Adarnxon's dut.es are pr.cti. ...ly
baaa of a flflfld <-f deparunent, mi.Uitudl
lOUfl, te.bnlial and exacting. Hls pie.ent
wtary ta *,;-'",i
ti... Bor aa ?' BTalghti aad Meaatuaa
rranu M taet-flMOl B?'-"" ,in'i """ BarMn
0* Uoinaaa oaw of M7*BB Ih* Manhattan
ind ib- Brooa an.i i^.fioo for Bf-oMyn.
I-,, oofljiifllflaInnara ot tha flinkim; ruM
Mk only M.BB M agflUBB HJMi the'
llflflflflt moto.1 out to thetn this it.ir.
Ihe Board of F.l ct..,iis wantb 81 iZ< ;7..
!? Increase of IUT7.8W'
? , aflaaiaalne M tbe sBaartoaa MMaaaaat
? ,1 lllstory snd tb- Metropolitan Ma
scum of Art
i, ? .ti.i.n.- I.eli.u.- r'tlt" COOTtntlOO A.- ?
'in'(.:ton Hall, Ba M BL Miul.;. plaaa
Ueetina of tlie New York I'oiinty LA**yer_,
Hoiel Astr.i, 8 p. H8.
\ri.Ir. ea ot. "The National P?HI<*I Oi.flook"'
,,? m.eiin* ?t the l.lt.tral (. lub. No. IM
Katt IH.li street. 8 p m
Baaa aaaettaaj al tha National i?ro_reasive
. arty. Br>nnt ilull, 8 P. n\.
4Ur. aa bv Profeiaor Pr. Mn Ilut.rer on
. ,.ne. niltiB Ihr l.lfn of a ?>U." N-w Tork
\..,,l,n.) ..f Medl. Iti'-, No. IT Weat 4--1
?k.i. 8;_0 p. m.
\.,.ir.ss by .bart.a I^lward ?88888II, Coopar
t'.ilon, ever.ln*:.
|>\ihlle leeturea of the Board of Kdueiitlon.
h v oi.: -Krelud^?Uaa Khe!n-:ohl." by
Mra. Morv llill Urown. Public flehaol li>3.
IflOth atreet and Amsterdam ?v-nue; '"Ju
renlla r ellnquene> and .tu\enlle fouria' by
Hon laaac F ttuiaell. tTbl.f Jjntlee of tha
."uurt of B|xrUI Heaalons, I.ub.jr Temple,
Uth atreet aad Serond araau?.
rB. T'lt-s-api la Tl ?? Ttlboaa.]
Oreenwlch. <~"nnn.. Oct. 2--M!ss f.Iatys ]
M'-rrin Braah. oaaghter of Mrs Aagflotofl !
M. Uruah, | f fJflOaflt-Bflh, ar.d (Jeotge l.av,
rencc Hedma:i <.f Rlversld-. wer. rn.ir
rfed thlB evening at <"hrtBt Chfl-Ch. I ?
eral hundred g?aala wera BB_aa?a_
BBbb Bnaab waa attartded by her Bba
Mlas Mar.'orle Bf-flb. Bfl B8Bld Of bOO
yus rjertrode KlmiHOO, of Brooklyn. and j
hllao I'mma Hr.rrls. ot New York
l rldefltna'ds.
T'.e '"*st man was Qef-M H. Daly. of
PIverMde. and the ushertt were Balptl
_ Braah, brotber of Um bftde: Berberl
B Pconetl. af Paartnehet B. Li I ? '
dtng Boore, of Blnneo>petto; ft. Bape
Beeehler, of Bt Loula, and rtuei R A:>
pMlon. lf . of Urooklyn, the last flve
,?-,,..? ( Mr Redmaa -it Take.
a Rdgar iruflh. aa un<ie af Um btlBa,
pr. B'ded at Ih" orgaO, CoMowlng the
. there waa a roOflfMJofl. Bl .
hton ? ..f th' brtaVfl mother.
n- TaOaoraBOj le Tt - Tinaoaa '
PUbrrwnod. B. ?' <>r< - The hefae of
Br. ?"*' Bfl- Aflaflfl Steffee. on Wa.-th
Irffton av. ? ara? the ecene of UM wed
d'n<r thtB 'verlmr of thelr daurhter. Mary
K BteffOfl and I'r.'.lrriek <"ne Bmlth. who
w-.re onrUbJ oy rather O'Ma'.ie;, of Um
Mount Carmet t'hurrh.
T*" Biatrrart af honor was Mrs. W. 9.
Phflltpe, and her other atfendtnts arere
viaa Peas DoeOltiB of Brooblya; Mra. P
8J .Twdd. Of Rldgewoo.l; MI?B Knthleen
ntafltnatOOfl Of HB* York. and Mlts
ottiiie B..pp. of fl-dflBjarood.
The beat man waa Joseph .TerTerson
Snilth. a brother flf the tt'degronm. T^e
Bflhflflfl wer" Floyd Crane, Kred OirtH
and JulhiH BflaJOfB. ef Puasale. und Rich
BTd P0lflni8B of New York. Mr. and M-a
Baatth wlll rflflOdfl ln N>w York n*-:it wln
ter. _
[By T'l'araph to The T8fbaB0.1
Hackensack. N J . Oct. J.-Frank Baa*
cock Bennenay, of Haworth. son of As
neit.blvman (*hBrle? O'Connor Bennessy,
has siirprlsed hls famlly and frtends by
n,nnoun< Ing hls marrlage lo Mlsa Flurence
Mrownne, of New York, the BOroUOO]
havlng tak.n plrtc* at New Roclielle laat
The altuatlon haa b-en acceptetl phtto
aophlcally ly evervbody concem.d. nnd j
the voyaae over matrlmunla! seaK Is BO*
BptetO-Oty Ivegun. Mr. Henneasy's trlde Is
the daugiuer of Johfl S. Urownne. II
hrarlan at tho medlcal llbrary flf N*>w
Yt.tk Cnlveralty
A weddlng trlp to New Roclielle. where
the Rev A. B. Wllaon llves, regent of
the college fraternlty to whlch young Mr
llBBInflBj. Iielt-na* aTOfl proposed. ard he
ptrfotmeti the eflretoony. Pareata on
botb 88_Ofl w,'r'' tl"'n Informed, and U_B
*as followed by fortnal anaoniaeenseat "f
tl..r laughtera manlage by Mr. and
.Mrs PlOWfl-8
Mr. and Mrs HeTineasy wlll reaide ln
N.-w York Clty thia wlnter. Mr. Hennessy
?j well known among the youager li.vyers
ot thls county. _
[Bi Tflteajaaah io Tht Tribunt. i
Phlladelpi'da. Oet --Charlea iMwtrd
BlOOd of r-O0l York. 8-8 marrled tlila
afternoon to Miss Julla Ge.tr-.dc Teal st
Um home of UM brtde's slster, In thia clty.
il.trge T. Flsher. of New York, was Ieat
man. The ceremony waa performed by
ihe Rev. Thomas Armor.
(By Telegrap1! t.? The Trlbune.'
Phlladelphla. Cict. 2 -Mlss Sarah Yocum
Bcl-dden. a leadlng member Of tbfl
i'lastlc Clah af thls clty. was marrled
thia evenlna to Alexnnder Poyle. of Eaat
Orange. N J. The ceremony took place
at UM home of the hrlde tn thls clty, the
father of the brldegroom. the Rev. J.
Rlchards Boyle. offlclatlng- The brlde la
one of the leadlng mlnlature palntera In
thia dty. Her portralta hare been seen
at varlous art exhlblttons here, lri New
Vork and Pltt-burflh.
'Hv Tf!err_ph i ? ri - Trtbvaa]
PMIadalpMB. Oet l Waa Bvetya WUt*
tams, daughter of Predertck Hue Will
lan.s, or Aahataad, Bnrrey, Bnglaad, was
naai rted al .st oib-s's Chorch, Aatetaaad,
to-day to Carrotl Imytb, <>i No. _Ufl \v..i- |
r.ut ratri at thla elty. Cralg Hebertaav, of
ty, wftn he-.f tr.
l! T?I?grai.!i to Th- Tnbune ,]
. y ... Oel ? M aa Mary Agnoe
*r'la>,:??:,. daUflhter "f Mr. aad Mrs Wii;
laaa J-sp.-r Blayden, of Asheviiie. H. c. ]
and Alan Jobjr De Lot-tnlei'e. of (juobcc .
arflN married at ooon to-day in Trinlty
Bp_80OSM8] <">.nr.|: Miss rilayd-n's elste:
was brdesma'd nnd J. J. H. Norton. of
Baa v?.: i aaa beat naaa. Th.; Ra*. Cari
BtMaherry. >t Nea v,.rk, an.i tho R*e,
Arthllf J Qammaeh ro. to:- of TrmPy
t'hureh. offli ated
Ii . .... -*t*B- t.-> Th.- Trlbune. 1
PNiadelphla, <?.'t. : miss Hetoa B -.
I'srrt. Mughtai of Mr and Mra R
0r| l'ark. ?f No. BR Walnut st?-et,
whs m.irrbd at noon to-day to Willi_rr
Reajera Break, ef New York. at Clorerl]
Farm, Woal t'he.-ter. the oountry plflM of
the brid. 's paraata The r*e***a_ony ?ns
['erformcd b> the i{e\. Al-xandor MoObB.
of this clty. Mr. Breck'a be.t man was
llobort Ilarbour. tho ushors belng WflSTM
Harbo-ir, Ilutold Fowler, LaaHa l'ark nnd
luehard Gray l'ark. ji.
Eltxnbeth. N. J., Oet - -Weleome \V. |
Hender, a nominee for Assembly on the
Pl-..-.reaslve tlcket and a son of Flre
Ceaanat rahMMr Fradaarlet Bender, marr:ed
Mlss Mci th.i BflSaf, daughter of City
CORtrollor John B Baoer, in st. MleMal'o
Chorah here to-day. The Raf. Dr. Hu
bert J Hehr, pastor of the church. per- ;
foraaad the coremor.y. The mald of |
honor was Miss .'lata Sauer, the hrldo'a
?lat*T, and tho best man was August J. ,
Hend-*r, brother of the lirl.logroom.
Ilackensaek. N 1. OOt 2.-Mlss Bllth
D. BCOtt i dflflghtar of ex-Sherlff Waller
Scott. arM nraarrtad thla eeMlng Ifl Arthur
Baataa Hallui'.li. ?>f Hackoitr'ick. at l b.
home of th.* bri.ie, at Moyer and Uataa
Itiaeta Th" Rev. C. R. Ku.bler, pastor,
of the Flrst iTe.-byt rtan Church. p.-r- j
1'orm-d tbe .eromony Mlaa R*BM Scott, ?
a simor of the brlde. was ma'd of honor,
and Waller Ratley, of N-w York, was
best man. HflroM Nt?wman wis the rlng
bearer. The flflhflM were James Scott, a
brother of the brlde, and Lewis Jacod.
The bridtgroom ls a Dflfbaaa of the Kev.
Dr. Game well, a veteran misslor.ary.
kr.own as the hero <if the BOBOf rlots.
President of Trtwt Company to Marry
Cousin at 62.
ttSf talSfltOM ta The Trlbur.o.J
I'hiladelphla. iX't- 2? The annoitncernent
to-day of tho enKUKement flf Asa S. Wing.
president of tbe Frovldent l?fe and Trust
Company, of thls clty. to his cousin. Mrs
?Uflflbath R. Wood, created conslderable
Mr. Wlng. sixty-two years old, la a
?aldower wlth several ohlldren. and a
promlnent mcmber of Orthodox Frlends |
Meetlng. He ;s a member of the board
of managers of Haverford College.
Invrnted Water Om and Was First
U. 8. Army Aeronaut.
(By Telefraph to The Trlbune.)
Pasadenu, Cflt, Oct. 2.-Profeasor Thad- I
deus S. C. Ixiwe, deslgned and bullder of j
tbe Mount Low Rallway, Inven'.or of
water gas and ploneer aeronaut, ls near
death here. Professor Lowe arrlved In
thls clty from Norrtstown, Penn., a day
or twov ago, and was conreyed to the
hflBM of hls daughter ln an ambu'ano*.
He went Kast in apparently good health.
but brafca down on the way bflflh
Pr..fessor I?we won fflaM as a balloon
tst durlnp the <Tvll W;ir. belng tho nrst
aeronaut atta hed to ?he Cnlted Statoa
army. Mount Lowc ls named after hlm
Dr. L. von Franke-Hoohwart, prot'eshor
af aearolofl*/ at tho bnpartal Uarftaralty.
Vlennu, irtll lecture on ""The Balf-I-du*
catfoa of Um Merrooe," und-r tl
' iha ?.riiiai> BodBl Scientiii. We*
doty on Bfltardfly evenlng at the Hotel
Majestle. I'reo tlcket** mey he obtalned
irom S. Husch, seeretary, No. IN Au "m
bc n -i i ?
The Tribune-'s Room and Bosrd
Rejister is at your dispoaal. Conault
Baryd, WtMi**8 * .; .r-/- - Rarafe I
Pr. Wi r. JaM K. ICfc, J' wph.
Cavanaah, --_? U Buasey, .".jr? a.
i.... ile, Benjamin T. '?'?? '? '" ? '' '
Dent n A'l.rt L.. jr, \ C. 0
irah. W.ntn
ljnyn o.> Mo-.da.. PepteflAfcet 10. IBta
Wllllam t Boyd. r"un*rat Frlday. O
4. ti s* Beaa-le Joe-. ph i aa
l..n, ii 10 o'clock.
BB car BB?Oa aaaytaaabet M "?'-. J**1*
Wlis .'...th Br?**r. Kuner?l aaiatea a! thv
reald tnes of h?r brvtber, w tt, Urev.vr,
;..,. IBSI Manefleld r"a<-e. ii'ar Avtr.u* 3.
KUtbuali, Thuraday, Oc'oh?r 3, at ".".8*
... m
CAVANAOIT?On October 1, 1011 John t_.
h-io\ed husband ?.f Bsrgar*! I. C ?
a.iaKh ln-*? McUurney). Kun. ral will tak
?i!?(... from hls lst. realJ ? Na -** ?-_
at, Braotaya, on Krid* Oetober *. at -
;? m.
I.KVMS?Aft?r a brlof IBa*M 8* S.-p'-n
i>. r 10 I''!-'. Pet jatMln T. D<;nnls. belO**
hOSl nn.l af Mt.i--.ir. t Ol****** l I
fTOW hls late re.l.loncu, Ko. 4s* <*h st..
Itrooklyn, on T_ura_ay, OetofBri t, at S:M
n. m.
DBNTON*. \t Stumford. 0)88., ',r. Tu?fda/.
O-tot I r I. IB12, Att.ert I. DentOB, Jr. Ku
i..rr.i aerTlca* at his fith.er'a raeldeaca
N'o BM sth st.. BrsekJyn, i d Tn*r*4ey,
11. '..i.er .1, a? I p. m.
FKFtMt'PON Marah. ax-M .VV *Wvl< es. T"-)*
Kunerai f'hurch. Ko. -41 W?*1 ZM st. iKrsnk
Carnp. ell H-jli !:ik?, Thursday. 2 aewdL
A .lonioblle corteg*.
OABOINBB?O* Tlr*a*fl*s**, Oet*8***f 1. ISV2,
0_r__ r, ?-idnu- of .l.jhn T. (.iaruin-.-, tn
th- TSili \<?r ef h?r B_?. Puner.il aSTTMafl
..! her l.ite r-?!.t?-r>-<\ N"i?. 11 Knmor.'
Place. f istbus'i. >.ii T.iurs.t*-. evenlng, st
8 ...lo.-k tr t.-rmonl at CyflCa** Mllls,
l-'rl.ley rr.ortiUi*.
BA8BBOUCK BuddaaJy, a' Dobha ranr, N
V. ur. .i.t.ii.er Z, l?tl. .lostih lia-lirouck.
M. l>.. In hl? 74th y#ar. 1Y|. nls ?.??) vvVst
ehfsier BOOI, BOCsBtg, S 1 Bta ? u,.n.
OoeitVr. American Instliute. Patb.log.cal
riocl*ty. II..1 an.i S.-elety. and thlron Cl l>. ot
V.inkers, are ln-.lt.-i :,, _.tnd funeral from
hl* late resblence. on Krilay, Ortofar *, at
2 l>. in. Intetnient at Moan: tbpe C roetar/
New Jeraey papers pl'iW* cupy.
BFMKT?-Ofl Monday. Septrmter ?o. I?t2.
t'lnra .\. BaflSey, wif. if John W. Must ;?
y__eral from late r- sMen;*, St. 52. Weat
K'4th at.. New Ye.k <>n T.i'ira.iay aft<:
ii, ..ii. ()<-tot.? r 3. at II o'clock.
TAt-eOa?On vs e,ine?.lay. Ouon?r ?. 1U'.,
at hla late real.l.nc-. Ni?. t:?H ltoupwr at..
IiriMikiyn. Krt**nrfi l.y!., in hls Mih y?_r
l''utur.il pt.vatc.
VAN r. MAl.'K? At I'lor. nce. Italy. on the 14
d*y of t?.-lot*r, Chartotle tlray Van Hc. ai, k,
daughter of the l?t.. taouiel Oray, ?f lloa.on,
wife of Henry Van .-khal-k. of N*? Vort
m th?r of tor Qajuffla 0. V*n S. hulck an.1
*_??-_* Van Schalen. of New Vork. triA ot
Madame Kllae I'laccl. ?>f Klorenc. and grar.1
mother of t'ount Dlmltrl Uoutour.lne and
i dunt Vaa*la Boutnurllne, of Taaantscna,
Kuat>U;of t'ountess I.lnka Hohrnan -t Ochel
benna-orf del Orjnoer*. ln Schleslen, Gar
many, and of t'ount,..- Lola Ilo'iioiirLne, tt
Florence. Notlce of funsral hereaftar.
WlNTHHOf-On October t. 1812. Sarah Win
throp, aged 8: yeara. Kunaral aer. Icea at tha
Methotllst Kplaoopat Home. 8*1 at. aO'"
Amate/dam ave , Thursday m rnlng, at 18*.
M-mutr* of Blghleenth Street MethodsBt
Eptacof*' Church invlti..
nna Bt. By Harlem Tra*n and by Trol'ef.
Offlce. 20 Faat 23d 8t.. N. T.
et Ch-r?tB. Prlvate Tiooma. prlvate Amb*
tanres Tel I8"4 rh?lnen_
MAIN OEF1CK?Na. 18-1 Naa-ao atr-tei.
Cl'TOW'N orPT"E?? No. 1.504 Broadway. ?*>
-ny American Platrtet T?l??raph O****-.
HARtZll OFKICEBW-No. I5T Kaet l-Jth
atreet. No. ??.8 Weat l_?th atreet anfl Nav
210 W.-?t. 123th stra*t.

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