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Eut Not Radical
[Cor?yrleht, 1612, by Tbe Trlbune AMoclatlon.]
Tbe Only New York
Republican Paper.
,ol tv\H..N? 24,066.
To-day and to-mnrrovv, falr.
Varlable wirn'
lf,' EFFQRT10
Grave Words from British Pre
mier Indicate That Europe Is
Wlthln Hair's Breadth of
Diplomatic P.epresentatives of
the Balkan Powers Afford
Hopeful Sign by Remain
irg at Their Posts in
Impecuniosity of the Porte and of
the Small Agsressive Powers
Constfered a Great
Facttt in Favor
of Potce.
IPy Cable to The Trlbune ;
London, Oct S.?The war perU ts if
nr.ything -*>-rse to-day. The perslstent
lack of news all day rrom the Balkans
ls slgniflcant, and the carefully worded
reference to the crteis made hy Pre
mler Asqulth ln addressitrR hie eonstit
uents thls afternoon shows that Europe
ls posslbly wlthln a halr's breadth of h
general confliigration.
The ipeechea from the throne at thf
openlng of the extraordlnary eessions
of the Servlan and Hulgarian parlla
rients show there has been no cessa
tlon ln the preparations for war.
The Servian army, it ls expected, Wlil
ll fully mobllized to-day. whlle those
of Bulgaria. Greece and Montenegro ;
fflj reach a slmilar state of readlness
wilhin a day - r two.
Turkey by meana of a strict cen
lorship has kept her preparations
quite secret.
The powers have indueed the Balkan j
itates not to recall their mlnlsters from ;
Constantlnople for the present, whlch \
ls regarded as one polnt in favor of !
NotorouB Brigend Active.
Kandasky. the notorious Bulgarlan
brlgand, ls reported to have croseed the
Turkish frontler with 2,900 men, oc
cupied the passage of Kresna over the
river Btruma and burned the Turkish
larracks at Oschumaya. Sandasky le
one of the numerous brlgand chlefe
??v_o came in from the mountalns on
the re-establlshment of the constitution
ln 190S.
He ls of medlum height and of
Dieagre appcarance, and resembles a
v. arllke preacher rather than a moun?
tain freebooter. Hls most famouH ex
j-lolt waa the kidnapplng of Mlse Stone,
the American misslonary. and holdlng
her for raneom ln 1903. Sandasky was
responslble for iiomc of the most horri
lle outrages during the Macedonlan
-troclties, when thoueand-s were raur
dered by hiB orders. He is reputed to
have committed more than three hun?
dred murders wlth hls own hands.
The European eteam roller le moving
but elowly, and there is llttle evldence
of a dennite agreement among the pow?
ers alth regard to Jolnt action. Mr.
Asqulth eays the powers are worklng
together ln loyal co-operatlon for the
rraservation of peace. but In Parla it
ls feared that the understandlng haa
been come to too late, whlle lt le be?
lleved ln Berlln that England ia holdlng
back out of regard for Turkey.
Premier Asquith's Words.
Premier Asquith declared ln hie
-peech to-day that he had not lost all
bope tliat what he called "the unspeak
able calamity of war" mlght be
nverted. He added that everythlng
?nat could be done was belng done to
prevent euch an immeasurable catas
trophe, but admitted that for a long
tlme the international horizon had not
worn euch a threatening aspe< t.
''ears are now entertained not so
much of an attack on Turkey by the
confederates as of Turkish milltary
Initiatlve. Turkey is maesing troops on
the frontler of her weakest enemy,
(-ntlnurd on thlrd pace. thlrd rolumn.
This Morning's News
* H'K Jack" Zelig Killed. 1
J'refers Jall to Giving I"p Chlld.1
Aldermen ('ontlnue lnqulry.9
*'>-nk J. Ooulds Baggage Detalned... 3
KMTra Hrought Here,. S
Hedges Makes Tour of Brooklyn. B
KtrauK Daelaraa Voters Intlmldated... e
Hryan Oreets Wilson at Omeba. 8
Republicans Nominate Judge Chaee.. 0
Hurrlcane Campaign for Hedges.16
President on Real Vacation. ?
Vlce-Pre*ld--nt Bherman Better.9
Bomb Plot in Eaat Charged.16
-'owers Btrlve to A\?-rt War. 1
R 8. Martne- Slaln ln Nlcaragua. 1
Home Kule Aitaln In Commona.4
Lipton Plans New Challenge.4
In the London Theatrea. 4
AmerlraiiH Iti London Hoteis.'. 4
Kdltortal . -
Soclety .
^-bituary . . \ a,
S,0rU . XO. 11, ia and 13
Keather .14
Bhipplng Newe. 14
?"Inenclal and Markets,
_ , p?rt ?- Pages 5. 6 and 7
??*? Betata... ,1'art 4, Page. 3, 4 and -
The American soldiers capturcd the town of Coyotepe, in ihe I.arranca Hills, near the city of Masaya,
which place was taken by the Nicaraguan troops.
1 i-"<v-T""!-"?"??"- I I *. I
Commanfling the rnitetl Statei fnrcrs in Xicaragua.
Porte Views Engagement as
Practical Beginning of
CaflBBlaiillnopla, Oot, ">.?An engage
m.nt haa occurred nt Pflfl-BB, near the
Mon'enegrin frontler, between the
Turks anrl the Montenegrlns. The
MontenegrinB were repulsed. accordlng
to ndvices received here. The TurklHh
gi.vernmt nt, lt Ib jnderstood, vlews
thls affray aa practkally the begin?
ning of hosttlltieB.
Assiro Bey, ex-Minlfcter of Foreign
AfTairs. has gone to Rumania to seek
the support of that state against the
Balkan allle*.
The fdllbwtng tliculur note has
been addressed ?.o the powers:
as the Ottoman govcmm-.r?t aniici
r_*4-*4_ the v->rbal repres<*nlatlon*: nw"
by the powers to the Balkan .tatea, al?
though vtgorous. dld not have the de
slred effect. There la even reaaon to; bf
)|?>vf* that lf certein states were UM llned
t?> conform io the recommen'latlona ot
the powera the fear of appearbig to have
vlolated the agreement reached amonK
them has nrevi-nted them from foilow- ,
in* thelr Incllnatlons. .
ctn the other hand, the popular ?_?_**?'
nvnt whlch appears to be carrylng away
these countrles can ln our opinion only
be huMued hy threatening action un the,
part of tho powera. Thls agHatlon
naturally had a reaction on the Ottoman
Bmnlre. the Inhabltanta and army ol
whlch were already exaaperated by tn*
crimlnal and bloody machlnattont*. wnien
have b<*en proce?*dlng for yeara i_J?t, en
couragefl by ne lghborlng states^
The Ottoman people, therefore, belng
ready to accept the latest 0*_UlenR.e
thrown down to tt, ls preparod to repel
any attack on the eecurlty and dtgnity or
the emplre .
The situation Ib therefore extrernely
mrara. and lf the powera take too long
to agree upon the forclble m**-ur*?
which the cirrumatancea dlctate hostlll
tlea may be preclpltate. before Interven
tlon can be effected.
We muet once more eall the attentlon
of the great powers to the danger. and
urge the necesslty of meetlng lt without
a moment'B delay. It la only because w
dealre to adhere to the paclflc attltude or
whlch we have glven proof on aeveral oc
caBlons that we conalder lt our duty to
renew thia repreaentatlcm, convlr.ced aa
we are that whatever happens no reapon
rlblllty whateoever can accrue to the Ot?
toman government.
"Lobster Palaces" Ordered to
Go Dry at Midnight Sharp.
Patrolmen under orders from Inspec
tor John F. Dwyer called Just before
midnight laat nlght at varlous resta
ranta, caWs and hotels along Broad?
way and Informed the management of
each place that the sale of llrjuorB must j
**_BSfl at 12 o'clock. and that all guests ,
must be otit. of the dintng rooms by 1 j
o'clock. As each patrolman dellvered
the ultimatum, he posted hlmself ln
front of the place to see that the order
was carried out.
Thls order had a dampening effect
upon the patrons of places such as
Shanley's. rhurchill's. Jack's. george
IUctor's and many others. Cabar-t
shows ceased when midnight ap
r.ro-irhrd, and "taps" were BUUnAai nn j
hour later.
At lttM o'clock thls moniinrr four |
patrolmen returned to the Wflflrt 47th |
street statlon nnd made out attldavlts '
that four places dld not stop the aala
of liquors at midnight.
o> ? >
British Ambassador Flies with
Burgess in Biplane.
MarieheBter. Mb_N_- Oet fi. -James j
Btyt-. Brltlsh Ambassador to the ITnit- |
ed States. obtained from the sent of j
on aeroplane _ bird's-eye vlew of the .
Massachusetts north shore. to-duy.
The ambassador was vlaltlng friends
at Manchester, and among those who
called to pay thelr r.-spects waa W.
Ktarllng Burgeas, who swooped down
In hls blplan.-. Mr. Bryce expressed a
deslre to make a fllght. Tba avlator
lnvlt (1 Ihe nmbassador to aoompany
hlm on an nerlal excuralon, and tiie
Invltatlon was accepted.
Mr. Bryce wai In the alr twenty-ftve
mlnutes. He expressed 1i!b plea-ure
over hlh experience.
Samuel Greiner Refuses to Sur
render Girl Even When Told
Life Term Is Penalty.
Talks of Vengeance and De
clares He Would Think It Bliss
if World of Misery Would
Go to Wreck and Ruin.
??Tli<-n T wiH get to Jall for life"*
tn three words Snmuel Or?ln**r, atftb
llvcs at No. 601 Eaat UIHth street, where
ho is also president and genoral m?n
oger rf the Phcpnlx Supply ''onipniiy.
ln Supreme Court cliamhers beters
Justice Qott yesterday dofl.'d the hii
thorlty of the court and ehoM to r"
maln fo: Ibe rest of hls life in Ludlow
street Jall rather than produce h's
two-vear-old daughter. dertiude, in
court ln oompllance wlth a writ of
habet?1 corpus sworn out by the ehlld's
mother, Mrs. Augusta Herkowltz, of N'o.
167 2d st
Jnetice Qett thereupon slgned the
commllmi'iit sendlng (Irelner te Jail.
nnd Deputy Sherlff IfOOMk who had
been aummoned to the Hupreme Court
:r..m t_M KherlfTs offlce, wlth A'.bcrr
Blumenstiel. of counsol to the Sherlff.
took tht rcakitrant Greiner to Ludlow
street Jall. where he will remalu unlll
he changee hls mind about proluclng
hla child.
The habeae corpus proceeding, with
lt? dramatlc endlng, waa one of the
most unusual that haa oome before the
Supreme Court ln many yeare. Mrs.
Herkowltz left her husband and went
tO llv- wlth the famlly of Qfelaer. Her
husband ls sulng her for I divorce,
namlng (Jrelner na corespondent. (Jreln
cr ls tbe acknowb-ilged father of Oer
trude, who Is known ae (lertrude Weln
er, Um Burname belng the malden name
of the mother. There wrb trouble ln
the llreiner famlly over the chlld, and
Mrs. Herkowltz left there, but Orelntr.
who has shown a great affei tlon for tru'
li.-iliy. refused to let her out of hls
Took Child from Mother.
Finally the mother got the custody
of the chlld, but the lovt* for hls daugh?
ter overcame Orelner, and on Heptem
ber 17, whlle Mrs. Berkowltz had the
chlld wlth her ln Tompklns Hquare
Park, he took Ccrtrude from her and
h.iB refused to permlt her to lenve him.
Mre. Berkowltz obtalned the writ of
habeas corpus from Justice, Ooff on
Frlday. Harry IMmln, coiuiHel for the
distractcd mother, was able to serve
i Irelner at Ht. Mark's Hospital, where
he called to aee hls mother, who Is a
patlent there und Is Fald |0 be at the
potet of death. But even thls fact did
not Induce (Jrelner to produce the chlld
yesterday and escape golng to Jall.
Mrs. Herkowltz appeared In court ac
fompai.led l.y Mr. Dlmln. (Jrelner
came alone and argued hls own case
ln the justlcfg cbambera, He is a
young man. apparently about twenty
flve y, irs <>ld. He ls a graduate of
New Y.?rk t'nlversity and of .he Clty
College oi N<w York. He has wrltten
two book.-, "The Atholat" and "Tho
Downtro.lden." nnd also has studl.il
law, althougli he never flnlshed hla
courae. Oreliisr's appee__u_ce eaHiiy
I.earB out his stat*-ments made in let
tari lo Mrs. Herkowltz that he has suf
ft red nucb mental distress. He la
tall and fiiiiii iated, and hls letter that
he was starvlng himself was prohably
no exaggeratlon. Hla eyes had an un
CantlBued on fourteentta pace, thlrd roluma.
And Beverly's Little Red Riding
Hoods Catch Him.
fFrom a StalT < Vrrrsponrtent of Tho Trlhunr- 1
Beverly, Maa*., Oct. ."?.--Although the
President had planned to leave Beverly
at R o'clock thls morning. and did, hla
day began much earller. The clock was
Just strlking I when the telephone at
Parramatta began vlgorotisly rlnging,
and kept lt ui>. None of the scrvants
was np, but the President heard It anrl
finally dended to atttwat the eall hlm
"I want the Presld-nt of the I'nlted
! States." said a volce, in response to the
executlve "Hello."
"Thls Is the Presld. nt of the L'nited
States," replied Mr. Taft.
"Well. we're the Bepublican Club of
Beverly and we're going to march for
you," sald the volce, "and we want to
know what youre g.dng to d.i about
the muslr. Were the .-rlgtnal llttle Bed
Kldlng Hoodfl"
"Well. the origlnal llttle Rad IMdlng
Hoods evidently belleve that the early
blrd catchefl the worm." replied the
ITesldent. "but I w.cild suggest that
i you Bee my secretary, Budolph Forst.-r.
at the executlve *fl_BBB8 tn Beverly. He
wlll be there about 0 o'< lo-k."
When tiie President told Mr. Forster
the story he remarked wlth B laugh:
| "Budolph. I thlnk you had B-ttflf give
! thej- w-.methlng fr r the mttflfc. BttC
i magnlrk-ent nerve as that should not go
I unrewarded."
French Authorities Arrest
American at Nancy.
Nancy. Ftance. Oct. f>?Dr. Kratiss,
formerly <>f Han Fraticifco. but for
some tlrne in pr8<_-8 here. has been
88*s*8BB8i on 8 charge of arson. There
wns a sensa tlona". K8JN Bt the hearing
oerore a magistrate to-day, when
KrWMB tried to cominit sulcide by
BWHllowIng polson.
Krauss and hls wlfe lefi here on
Monday ostenslbly for AlBiiee-Lorralne
Tiie next day hls rcsldcnce was burned
to the jrround. A ?.'<>re of j*etrol cans,
the contents Bf whlch __d bfBMi BBBpU-d
nh.iut the rooms of the house. were
found In the debris. Krauss was noti
fled of the flr? and returned to Nancy.
During the B-????<a_4D_ batota the
magistrate Krauss asked for a glass of
water, Into whlch he Blipped a capBuie.
A few mlnutes later he fell to the
ground InBenslble. A phyeician admln
iBtered an antidote and Krauas recov
ered consclouBnesa.
Acrordlng to the testlmony of a po
llcemnn at the rallway Btatlon at
I'Hgny-Bur-Moselle, Krauss was seen to
pass through there en a train from
Nancy early in the mornlng after the
Victim of Strange Accident Also
Has Misplaced Heart.
| I4> T?l.-araph to Tha Trtbuna.)
('lnclnnatl. Oct. .'.?Physiclana of Cin?
cinnati are ln a 0,1111 ndary over the
nutopsy held on the body of Frank
lleley. who died to-day at the Clty
Hospltal. Dr. Foertmeyer, in opening
the the body of the man who had been
Bhot three weeks ago, the bullet atrik
lng and.pushlng a safety pln from tho
man'B trouaerB Into hls intestlnea. dlfl
covered that the heart of the man wa_
on the rlght slde of hla body, and that
Inatoad of only one apleen, us ln ordl?
nary bodlefl, there were seven. Of these
seven. one waa of normal alze, whlle
the otherB were Binaller, tho smalkst
belng ubout the alte of a walnut.
Hundreds Made 111 by Tablets
from Train Wreck..
Mount Vernon. Ohlo, Oct. ."?.?Several
hundred children are Ul ln thls clty as
the Indlrcet result taf 8 Baltimore A
Ohlo frelght train wreck here yester?
day. A large Bhlpinent of medlclne in
tablet form was acattered from one of
the carB and the children fllled thelr
pocketa wlth lt.
The tablets were ln ihe hands of al?
most every pupll ln the clty by the
time school was out yeaterdity. To
day practlcally every physielan In the
clty was kept busy treatlng the chil?
dren. Several of the cases uie said to
be crltkal. _
Premier (arrler of the South
Slx through train* daily from .V X. FUII
maii Blaeplna -nd dlnJng oaraarrtaa tp aii
the i.rlnclpal cltiea of the South. N. Y.
offlre. rn Fifth ave., cor. "-th st. Phone.
2-14 Madlson 8<i.-Advt.
Four Marines Killed and Eight
Wounded as They Charge
Hills in the Face of
Machine Gun Fire.
Taken by Surprise, Many Flee,
but Others Fight Fiercely to
Stop Onslaught of In
vaders, Who Dash
Through a Gulch.
Opponents Driven Into Church and
Are Slaughtered?General Zeledon
Escap.s, but Is Captured and
Shot After a Desperate
Sun Juan del Sur, Oct. 5.?Amerlcan
m;.rines and aallors assaulted and
|. iptured the insurgent fortresses of
j Masaya on Harranca and Cayotepe
hills yesterday morning. The federal
] government forces afterward defeated
tht- Insurgenta ln the clty and drove
them out.
The two hills, whlch Ue Just outslde
mheeje, have been an Insurgent strong
1 hoi.i atnce the ovtbreob of the revoiu
tlon. Both were strongly fortlfled wlth
i intrenchments and barhed wire. The
, gnrrlson numhered 2,000 and was boun
I tlfully supplled wlth cannon and ma*
[ chine guns.
Cnyotepe ls 800 feet high and Bar
i ranca _*"0 feet. The rallroad from
Managua to Uranada runs between
tben eam ls commanded by the hills.
! This fa't led the Amerlcan admlral,
Wllllam H. H. Poutherland, to demand
' the surreiider of the fortresses. Thls
; was refused by General Zeledon, com
mandlng tho insurgenta. At <S o'clock
: on Thursday morning th*- Amerlcane
!i.'K,in a bnmhardment of the two hllla.
Thls continued all day, but apparently
wlth llttle effect. During the night
, UM Amerlcan foroea moved around to
I the opposlte alde, and before day break
w<t>- in posltlon?Major rimedloy D.
Butlrr's battalion of marines on the
|?aet aMe of Cayotepe, Major MeKel
' vey'S command on the northeast and a
hattallou of snllors on the north. Colo?
nel John H. Pendleton waa ln aupreme
Fire Volley and Charge.
At d.iyhreak they had gained a poni
tlon six hundred yarda from the en
trencnnn nts, and as the Ilght came up
over tlie hllla tlred one volley and
i charRf.J.
The ivbels. not expcctlng an attack
from thnt <|tiart? r. were taken by sur?
prise. Many of them fled: others stood
nnd fought fiercely with machine guns
and rifles. The onward rush of the
Amerlcan troop. could not i?e rtopped
In thirty-seven mlnutes th. y had gainc.
the creel of the hlll.
The fSeffoeneea Ot the fight can be
}"_*_(-__ by tbo fact that forty Insur?
genta were killed and eeventy-flve
wounded. Only flfteen were taken
In the charge four marines of Com?
pany C, under Captain Fortaon, were
killed hy the fire of a machine gun and
elght were wounded. Two or three of
the wounded are ln a aerloua condltlon,
lncluding Lleutenant Martln, who was
shot In both feet. The names of the
deud marines are Bobbett, Durham.
McGIll and Pollard.
All the killed and the elght wounded
men were in thla company, whlch waa
advancing through a gulch down
which the machine gun was tralned.
Eventually a bullet atruck the ma?
chine gun. puttlng lt out vif commls?
sion. The rebels fought llke tlgere
and a number of Amerlcans ln other
companies arei. sllghtly wounded.
Guns Turned en Barranca.
Havlng efTected the capture of Cay?
otepe, the guns were turned on Bar?
ranca, whlch waa taken wlthout much
trouble by the Amerlcan forcee. The
rebelB retreated to the clty of Maaaya.
The government forces had formed ln
line waltlng for the word to advance
and attack tho clty. Thla was done
Immedlately on the capture of the two
hllla. The federals gained an entrance
to the clty and threw up barrtcades.
Then.began flghtlng in the streets, with
i h,. i chels rnassed at the church ln the
plaza. The fedyrals flnally drovo them
withln the walla of the church. About
nooa they aucceeded in breaking down
the church door with a well dlrected
shot from a heavy gun, and rushed ln
The slaughter waa terrlble. Practl?
cally all the rt-bela were killed or
wounded, and many of the federals
?hare- a llke fate. C.eneral Zeledon
ina.U- hlh aocnpe from Masaya wounded.
hut was overtaken about ten mlloa
away by a squad of federal cavalry. In
a flerce encounter whlch followed he
was kllle.l. Ceneral Zeledon Ib the ln
surg.*nl offlcer who bombarded Mana?
gua in Auguat?a bombardment whlch
resulted In the death of 136 women and
Cayotepe Hlll ls noted in Central
Amerlcan warfare as Impregnable. It
was never captured by asaault untll the
Americana took it. The Amerlcan
forcea returned to their eneampment
the aame day, with the intentlon of
C-ntlB_e*t on ftfth paa*. eeeea* ttlema.
The notorlous gunman, who was ahot and
kllled on a streetcar last evening.
President's Daughter Makes
Excellent Rifle Score.
[By Tdoa-raph to The Trlbune.]
Oloucester, Mass., Oct. 5.--Mlss Helen
Taft haa become an expert ln rlfle
shootlng, thanks to the tultlon of the
offlcers and crew of the dispatch boat
Dolphln, whlch Is lylng ln the harbor
Twice a week for the last month Miss
Taft and her friend. Mtss Elizabeth
Hammond, wlth Beveral compantons,
have been vislting the government rlrte
range at Dogtown Common, where
Mlss Taft made to-day a score of 49
out of a posslble 50. nlne "bull'a-eyeB"
and a "four."
Oocupants Lose Lives When
Oar Drops from Bridge.
Philadelphia. Oct. 5.?An automoblle
contatning several persons. varlously
estimated from alx to elght. plwnged
off a bridge to the Pennsylvania Bail
road tracks at 83d and Thompson
streets late to-nlght, kllllng some of the
Tho flrst knowledge the police had of
the aco'dent was when an automoblle
rushed up to the German Hospltal.
more than a mile away. with two BoaA
men and one man bo serlously Injured
that he is expected to dle.
The drlver of the automoblle said
th<-re were more victims at the scene
of tb? accident and the hospital ambu
BBItaM ami jB*e_*a patrol wagon* were
sent out. The scene of the aceldent
is on the edge of Fairmount Park.
"Fans" Are Warned Against
Buying Oounterfeits.
Counterfelters are at work on bogUB
tickets for the world's ehamplonship
baseball games here next week, accord
ing to reports reachlng the New York
Baseball Club last nlght. Notwithatand
Ing the precautiona taken to avold a
ticket acandal, lt appeara that trouble
U likely lf the report of counterfeltlng
Ib true. But accordlng to John A.
Heydler, secretary of the Natlonal
Baseball League, lt will bo the patrons
themselves who are to blame lf they
aro fooltsh em.ugh to purchase bogus
The counterfetters" plnn Is declared to
be the work of scalpers of the most
"crooked" eort. who, havlng llttle chance
to reap a harvest ln speculation on
tickets thlB year, have designed de
llberately to fleece the public, partlcu
Iarly persona fr?m out of town.
"While we have heard these reports,"
said Mr. Heydler, "it Is certaln that
the counterfelters cannot produce any?
thing like the ticketa we are UBlng thls
year. Not a single ticket has left my
possesslon, and not a single one will
leave my hands until Monday. It is
a hard ticket to counterfelt, and with
the games beglnnlng Tuesday no print
ers would have time to copy It.
"Any one who buys a ticket except
ln the regular way Is certainly going to
be buncoed. There are about flve thou?
sand reserved seats to be placed on
advance sale Monday morning, two to
each purchaser, but all the other seats
will be sold only at the grounds on the
day of the game."
Promincnt Canadlan Railroad Offlcial
Attacked in Vancotxm.
(By Telesraph to TtM Trlbune. 1
Wlnnlpeg. Oct. 5.?Prlvate advlces that
an attempt had been made laat nlght ln
Vancouver, B. C,, to assasstnate Slr Don
ald Mann. were received at the offices ot
the Canadlan Northwestem Ballway
Company to-day.
Accordlng to the messages, a man gtv
Ing bls name as Salvadore, and a mem?
ber ?'f the Industrlal Workers of the
World. fired a shot at the vlce-presldent
of the llne whlle the latter was stnndlng
ln a hotel corrldor. Mann's valet at?
tacked the assasstn and caused the shot
to go wlld.
Deway'a Port Wine wlth Ollve Oil
A wonderfvil Flesh and Blood Bullder.
H T. Dcwey _ Sons Co.,133Fulton &X..S.Y.
-Advt .
Prospective Star Witness
Against Becker Shot Dead by
Fruit Dealer, Who Said
Gangster Robbed Him.
Alleged Slayer Sprints After Oar
for Blocks, Jumps for Running
Board When Lights Oo Out,
Fires and Runs Far
Before Oaptured.
Eaat Side Firm in Belief Tbat tha
"Strong Arm" Man Was Another
Victim of the Disclosures of
the Relatlons Between the
Police and GambJers.
"Big Jack" Zellg, notorloua "stron*?
arm" man and gunflghter, waa shot and
killed laat night aa he was rldtng in a
northbound Second avenue surface c:i?*,
at 13th atreet and Second avenue. Tr"?
bullet cTashed through Zellg's skull
from n polnt Juat behlnd the lefl MI
and ploughed Ita way lnto the l.rain.
Death was almost lnstantaneous.
Phillp Davldaon, thlrty year? old a
frult dealer, of No. 11 7th street, val
arrested and locked up ln the East tU
street statlon. Accordlnjr to the polle ?
he admltted the shooting, and sald h"
had done lt out of revenge, br-eauM*
Zellg had robbed him of $400 earlur
ln the day.
"Big Jack" Zellg was to have be n
Distrlct Attorney Whltman's chkf wi:
ness agalnst Lleutenant Charl. s Becl.
er, whose trlal for the murder nf H. * -
man Ropenthal latt July c.mier ap t..
morrow. Ii was Zellg who tcstlfle 1
before the grand Jury that Lieutenant
Becker had thrcatened to "frame him
up** If he did not procuro the gi
who later bmet Roseiit' al.
Davldson, who is known on tlu- R - *
side as "Red Pbfl," )-' a Knoolan, nnd
hns ben. ln this country about twelva
years. He bears a good repatattoa ln
the nelghborhood. lt is snld, and r I
not heretofore bern Involved in av.v
of the numerous "gang" fisrhts there.
Although on the face of it the ki'.l
Ing oi Zell-r seems to be tlie ovtcooie
of a atri.-tly two-man feud between
tlie gunflghter and Davldson, the the
ory would not I'otin on the Eaat ?*??? f
la*--T bhjhS that "Big Jn-k's" rodd I
Wftl i" ?ome way MMiectOd ? ith .' ?
Roeenthnl case, the rnr.ilflcatioiiN i (
whlch permeate the entlre eft] _ nndi l
Slayer Uses Police Weapon.
a. ', rding t.i tbo police, ti-,.- rerolver
wlth which tbo shooting wao iOM " H
formerlj owaed b.* _ neeeaber ot tbe
Pettce Department. This araa pcoved;
it ls said, by ihe make of tbe embSyotX
the cailbre, and the fact that lt bore a
serial number ol the mak.r. whi h
deilnltely kientitlod it as a department
arm. Just who the man ln the depart?
ment Is who owned the revolvcr, < t
whether he is now a member of the
force, could not be learned at a __.*<
hour last night.
Following the annouueement rogard
Ing the revolver, the rumor sprea 1
about Headquarters that Zelig's mmttk
was the dlrect outcome of the Roseti
thal murder. lt was polnted out, fur?
ther, that "Big Jack" v.us one of tbe
men upon whom Diatrict Attorney
Whitman relled to give evldence ot n
most damnging character agalnst Liti.
tenant Becker, now ln the Totutra
awalting trial for the murder of Rj
This rumor grew lnto fuct wbW Mr
Whitman hlmaelf, who had hurrl. I
down to Headquarters at the first re?
ports of Zellg's death, announc.d to the
Tiev.spaper men that "Bald Jack" Rose,
one of the gamblera who will testn'y
agalnst Becker, had made a Btartling
prophecy regarding Zellg's danger from
Mr. Whitman sald he had been talk?
ing wlth Rose at the Weat Side i.il
last evenlng, when the report of Zelig'a
death was borne to hlm. The Distri.-t
Attorney had been dlscusslng Ri_m a
evldence against Lleutenant lb ? k r,
and Ropc remarked:
" 'Big Jack' will be the next man to
'get hla.' There are a number of
gangmen down on the East Slde who
are looklng for hia scalp, and he will
never testify against Becker."
News of Murder Follows Prophecy.
Wlthln a few mlnutea after he had
made this statement a message an*
nouncing the death of ' Big Jack" ar?
rlved. Rose nodded his head in a
knowing way and shrugged his ehoul
Mr. Whitman appeared intenaely in?
terested in laat night's developments
of the Rosenthal caae. He said Zellg
was to have been one of his Btrongest
wltneaaea agalnat Detectlvea White and
Stelner In the Roaenthal trlal, but now
that the gang leader had been done
away with. hia case would be ma
terially weakened.
Whiie Mr. Whitman waa atlll eloseted
wlth the priaoner and the witn?-s*u*_
whom tba poUce had succeeded in

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