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:t in a bbJoOB owned by Edwgrd
Oamty, al Bdtb atraol and Pllth ara
uuc, . a year and a haif ago,
Maher said ba raportad the* loss to
the bOTtender aat that the revolver
had pever been returned to him. Thli
waa eontradlctad hy the bartander.
whooa name tha poHoe refused to give
our. lb- Mld he found Maher's revol
v.r and aant it around to his hone.
Ifaher waa examlned by Dougharty
wii.'ii thi.-: became known, and the po
llc-maji BXPlatnad that the bartei.der
waa ripi.t. but thal the revolver thnt
had t-'ii BOM t.. ! Im wga stm Mt?th?1'
oi ?. . nd thal 'he ..ne need to kui Zellg
.st Bhortly after. Jast where it
i nol epp. tr,
.Tu. ? epenl all of yeaterday
-fi nooa ? I Blee, In thr Bt Paul
Buildlng, Interrogntlng members of
"Bl| Jacb" Zellg*. gang. hoptng to
aoma light on the
? der.
araa never slain for a few
. .1 idg Wfihie. "There
v ?? welghtler motive that may
l efore long.
"1 do nol thlnk thal hla death wea
ected In any way ???.ith the Indict
I Bti Inert and White,
two ol Becker'B old 'atrong arm' aquad
m- ii. w*ho were accuaed ot put
! r Zellg*! pocket to
'frame up .i UN against him. The
ftory thal Zellg bad blackjacked
Davldeon la noneenai Zellg haen't
? .1 any .-ort of . wea; on. not eVOO
klng fltlck, since all this trouble
?? a."
How It All Started.
Th Btarg toid by Zellg's frlenda who
rlng i frlendly game of caelno
- gal'a llttb.tTe.' houga al No.
r, B tyenue, when Davldson
walked up I thi gangal r and de
led bbi 118, dlffers entirely fr---m
counl rendered by the prlepner.
Th Ir story la thnt on Frlday night,
% ii. ii thi ball of tha Poraythe Club waa
progreafl al thi Btuyveeanl Caelno,
14. gecend avenue, Davidson aplad
>)|g and walked over to him.
laon pretendad to be drunk.
' frlei dfl Of Zelig de"l(re he wns
. i b. r. i tavldaon took oul a
n all rdi of i.liis, $18, and handed lt
t i '/? li?-, saylng, "Keep thla for me."
z.-iig took the mi ? I Davidaon
wandered off, atlll playing the part of
aa im.'Xi. rated man No more was
ntll Saturday afternoon.
wi.--. be wenl to Blagal'fl an.i aaked
>. g for the money. Zelig JOklngly
. hlm lhal ha had no m may and to
Davidaon departt I, but returned
agaln al 6 o'clock. Zellg was then
playing carde with "Llttle BUlle" .ir.d
a oot:;!!' of hla frlenda Again Davld
m< ne).I when
?/. | played wltb hlm agaln Davidson
?Well, glve me ?>?'?. ns I want to go
t ? Philadelphia."
Z<!lg had llve $lt*3 bllls and .1 fS
blll ln his pocketa H.- handed tho lat?
ter to "Idttle BilUe" to change and
'.son .$.'{.
Davidson wenl away, kglt agaln t*
,.,!. thla tlme aboul 8 o'cloch.
Walklng np to Zallg*a table, be sald:
"Let'fl be friends. I have BOthing
against >
?<ur."' aafd Zellg, "that'a all rlght."
Think He Wa? Armed.
it ?? now Zellg's friends recall hav
UOtli Bd D righl hand ln
coat pocket all the whlle be talked
: z. tlg, Bhowlng, as thev Buapect,
debatlng al that I
whethM* he oughl to kill fcellg then.
Davi.ison left the oofTf-e bouaa after
ng tii- ?:'.- -e aam of money found
ln ftlfl pocketa by tha poWob when he
was arrested?-and Zellg weat on with
tho card game
A few mlnutes later Z-iig. who, llke
? of tha gangsti ra ^?'lR proud of
1 ia handa held h-s flngara up for ;n
Bpectlon and sald:
"I thlnk I need manicuring. l'm go
tha manlcnra at lSth street."
Zellg qult the cafe and Iiin friends
hlm Jump on the tar. They also
Baej Davldsbn, who had been Btandlng
oufjilde the coffee house, run after th<>
car. for almost two blocks before he
jumped on lt. They thought nothlng
. f this. for, as one of them put lt, no
thought that Davidson had the
pluck to hlt a rat.
VThat became of tho t^rin Zelig had
ln hls pocket when he boarded the car,
Whlch Ms friends saw, no one can
Juat Thflt
The normal f<>ot re?ts on two
points of contact, the ball, and the
heel?bridfed bf the arch grhiob
give poise and buoyaney to the
A BBflgifif arch take? the spring
ttota tlie itgp and weakens tlie
If you havo arch trouble or " flat
fo,,t,;' we.ir the Cow'ARD Art? it
Bl l'i >RT BhO-I. At once you will
feel the important difference be*
ttveen a shoe which iots?and <>ne
that does nol hold the arch and
ankle in correct position.
264-274 Greenwlch St., N. _??
'.?>? t- WARUBM BBggan
Maii Of der* I -111-11 Sea- lor CaUlogue
The reputed ghngmtn, who shot down "Big Jack" Xclip:.
aay. Judga Wahla knowa for i fi I
that Zelig received 1400 that aftarnoon,
! hut he would nol dlvulge from whom
Mystery About Revolver.
This is only one Of tht manv peculUU
phasea of tha caaa. Another la th.* dts
cn pancy ln tha story of how Davidaon
g..: tha revolver. Ha aaM that ha
ght it from Blmon Mayer, Ifl tba
lattar'a pawnahop, al No 23 Newarl"
i ? r. i". Jeraey Clty, arlth |10 thi
said ha t-orrowad from Jacob Bandler,
, Tea Houae an I
i; rtauranl al N ? 289 Brooma Btreei
tdayar . Ick< d Sandlai o il of tba Hna
Headquartera u the man
' wiio boughl tha revolver Bandler tn
-dated that he never loaned $10 to
. Davidaon to buy tbe revolver or for
; any other purpe
When Mayer aalectad bandler ns the
maa who boughl the waapon. Bandler
paled aand aetad nervoualy.
"Now. jiih-." aald Davidaon, "daa'l
ba wi rrtad Tou'll nol *et into aay
tmuble. I killed the man and the
police know it. in.n't won v."
Bandler ,V,4S worrlad, l*ro**f4vag,
Then barldaon turned his raady
l0BgU4 4fl tha pawnbroker. trylng '.<,
show him that he arai mistaken.
?"l boughl tha ravolvor from you."
?Bld __V*_4?_ tO Mayer "Thut man
h;;il nothing to do with H "
As he polnted at 'he trBaihllng Baa*
dler Davidson reconnted the inH.lcnts
Of the purchase and aale and gaV4 .,
mtnute deactiption of tho store, which
tha pawnbrokor admitted to be trtie it.
every partlcular.
"You rememb<*r," aald Davidaon,
"that you wanted $1- for the gun atid
1 Id Id give you <.:ily UO. And don't
POU romambor that I asked for ten
cartridgrs and thnt you gave me 32
calibp ahella and i called your attan
tlon to the size of the gun, which was
thirty-oight. and you then exciUHigi 1
Um cartrtdgflBT*'
All these thing.a ,Mn,y9r admitted
were true, ar.d it made him tvaver in
his identiflcatlou. lie p/oflu-.-d tha
glip ehowing the purchase, which **ava
Um rian.e of " 'Sam' S_ndler, No. 3.4
? irand street," as tiie purchaser. Thi*)
was explained hy Davidson, who aald
he was thinking of his friend Kandler
when ha bought tho revolver.
Deputy Doughorty lumpad into an
automobile and went to Jersey Clty.
" ara he examlned th- pawnshop to
.see if DaVM?Ob. descrlptlon of lt
was correct. It wns.
Contradicted by Wife. .
The flrst rent in Davidaon.. atory
was made by hls wlfe, who told the
pOttCC that her hushnnd dld not have
a dollar Saturday mornlng when he
left the home of her brother, Davld
Adler, at No. 111 Knst 7th street,
where they had b44fl st'tylng since
Tburaday mornlng, when th-y re?
turned from (>*cawanna, a llttle farm
Ing community elght miles outHde of
Davldaon'a origlnal story was that
Zelig had lUTOd hlm into the hallway
Ol a house in Broome BtrBBt, i.rnr Kl
dlidgB street, and robb-d him of $4d0.
When informed of his wife's story,
Davldaofl Bald that the rohbery art
ually ooeurred on Frlday night at the
Stayvaaant Caalno, when the Korsythe
Club was making merry.
Then he admitted that thls atory wns
a lle when his wife said her husband
had about IM wh-n he rBBCtlfl'* N<w
York ('ity on Thursday mornlng.
D4*rld4on, without Bdvancing any
reason w hy. admlttad h.> had lied, and
finally brougbl th- amount of his loaa
to 118.
Tlu- 4UthOtitlaa expect that when Da?
vidson starts Ifl telllng the whole trutn
he wlll reveal one of the most lnterest
ing chaptara of th- trtple aiiian.e of
aome oorrupt poUcamoa, crooked poll*
tlciana ani th- erhnlaa] atBmant of
N.w York'a underworld.
Davldaofl aaainB t.. i.c of a hlghly
n.rvous temperametit, and at heart
eowardly? the s..rt of a man to turn
taformar if he _**o_ght it mlght pro
lOflg his stay on earth.
Yellow Streak Shown.
Tboae arho are Incllnad to think that
he will make a clean bn-ast of tiie eaga
potnl OUt that a man so cwardly as lo
th. a man bahlad th.- .-ar .-. fOw min
utes after he profesaed frk-ndshlp forl
V '??>".
him ls ,1k. ly to ba Balfleh. And nn
othdr axample of cowardlca wa? when
he bad Patroiman Bchmtdl covered
with bla revolver, but dM nol ___*, al?
though 3 bmldl bad nol al thal time
drawn hi-* gun.
Davidaon waa trembllng llke a laaf
when arralgned before Coroner Horts
Ihauaei yeaterda) morning on ? oharge
I homi.'i'i. and ;?? id ta awall thi ra
| suits o: t'ne ln.,
Aml agaln. ln bla eall yeaterday,
arhen be saw some newspaper mi
pointed to a brulss ot. hi.; \>-g
above thi ankle, an aald ona ef tbe
prisonera in "... tler ab oaa bad trled
I -... ki',! hlm i" throwlng n Iroi p I
at hlm,
in on" . f tha ealla whlch ba indi
cati i ;>- ihe ?? ? ? mrofl -.f the
n.issii is Loula Bhaplro, the chaulTeur
i ?' the "murder > ar." Comml
Whitney, whi n h< i told al o il tha
Btt r>- laal night, e of hla
keepera bad reported the occurrence te
Mrn. and ha b aa Incllned lo Bcoff al it.
Dcspced by Gunmen.
The four gunni.in, "Lefty*" I.fule.
"Dago" Frank, "Qytf the Blood and
* Whltay" Lewia hnd a g'"d laugh over
t1 ? fear of Davidaon that hc mlght ba
I killed.
aii were lnto nae In their
for tha alayar of th. ir laadi r.
"Why," Braid "i-efty" Louh arhen the
four gunmen were aaaembled ln ;h<
counael n.om to meet tbi newepaper
men, ?'thnt guy Davldson doean'l kOOU
hes nllva"
"i^efty," wn.. waa appolatad apokae
men of the quartet, did most of tha
talktag, but aucb of tus i om] ?
helped out wh'-n they thoughl the i
sion warrantad It Ha and '< .yp" the
Blood wore suits of pajamaa under
their coata Tha flajamafl w< re of blue
marcarlsed flgured cloth, arltb big white
silk froga
"Lf fty" stood whlle aetlng ns BpOkfS
tnan and hls comi.arilons rsiit on a t'i.
bl< listening attentlrealy whom not
speaklng themaelvea.
"Lefty' flrat asplafaiad why he and
his feiiow gangmen had wrltten to Ze?
lig, He said lt uga to cbeer Zellg np,
"I got the letter from Zellg Thurs?
day, tWO days bifore be ?ns killed,"
sald "Lclty." "and it was the flrst l.t
trr we ever got from Zeiig. It was rt
very snd letter. 'Jsi k' sald ha felt bad
nbout nf.t hearing from ua and Bald be
was dolng all he COUld to Tn? 1 j. us. 11"
said thnt be would llke to pay na a
vlslt, but that he did nol want the pub
lldty that he kn.w would go wlth lt."
Their Best Friond.
"He wga nol worrjrlng about him?
self," j.ut ln <.yp" the Blood, "he waa
worrylng only about us. He was the
best frlend ue ever had."
"Ho waa my baa. i>al." added
"Whltay." with aorrowful eotoa
"I wrote hlm, nnd so did the rest of
them," continued "Lefty,'1 "and toid
hlin what good tlmaa aa were havlng.
That BOrt of COtttCd) stuff waa Just to
cbeer him up."
"just to cbeer blm up." added
"Oyp," who i uigbed aa be said: *i
wrote'my mother only yeaterday that
I had B good time se. in. a Bhow here,
nnd the only Bhow I e\er see js that
given by the rnicc."
"And i." put in "Whltay" Lewla
also wlth a laugh, "I wrlio my mother
that I get the best "f food here. lamb
ehopa and chli ken aad auch."
aii tha gunmen laughed al thla and
so did Commisaloner Whitney, who
had permltted the lntervlew on eondl
tion tliat only queatlong relating to
Davldeoa aad tha way tha prlaonera
apaat their time in tha Tomba ba pat
to the gangstera The Cemmlaakmer
feared thnt the letters from ihe gun?
men found In Zellg'.s pocketa telllng Of
the "good" times they wrc havlng in
the Tombs would rgflgCl ..n bla admlfl
Th.- gunmen explalned thal tbelr
sunuy atateaaenta had beea wrltten
just to cbeer "Jack" np,
"We aaal these letters to Slcgal's. at
So 76 Second avenue," resuined
"Lefty," who hastened to add that lt
WU in thls cafl that Stelnert ariil
white w-re auppoaed to have "framed
up'' Zeiig by puttlng a revolver in his
pocki i
**I)o \oii know Davidaon?" the gang
iii. n were aaked
There wus u cliorus of epIUiots op- I
plied to Davidaon hy all four, ln whlch
the mlldest were "Ix>wltfe bum" and
**Second avenue lobhygov ."
"Why. that guy never had $400 ln
hls Ilfe:*' 4-CUh-4- "Lefty."
"He changed it to .**1K" "Lefty" was.
-Well. aome one told him to change
lt," said "Lefty." kno-alngly.
"But Zelig had always $4<iO nr |800
in lile pockets," said "Whitey."
-There was only .**'J found In hla
pock-t when he was taken to the
morgue," he was told.
"Then he was trimmed for his money
when dend," said "(iyp" l_4 BkJOd,
"Why did Davidson klll Zelig'.'*'
"It was never hls head that dld it."
said "Lefty." "He was forced to do t_
He wns Just a pl<*ln ca'det "
"Who do you chink was behlnd him?"
**1 may tell more later," rapll-d
"Lefty." "It'l! nil ome out at the
trial. And Bll thia ?nlk of biackjack
Ing Zelig is foollsh. And to think that
?jack' woui.i atick bha up tor B\fi\
Why. you mipnt aay thal we are the I
sort of guya wh.v.i kin a ama for
.?1.(X*?. Do W4 look like it ?"
"Lefty"' paused f..r a laply. After
ii dl4Cr44t sil.n.e. he continued:
" 'Jack1 was "framed up." 41 we ar*.
What are WB here for" We ar>- inrv
Class Diatinctiona.
"Dld DavtdaOfl have any troubie wlth
Zelig last \-ai at OOOay Island?"
Zelig flght Wtth him?" asked '"Lefty"
ln turn, with h .ont. mptuous c.ur! of
hls llp. "Why, you mlght as well say
thut OB4 of you gentlemen would flght
wlth a bootbiaok. 'Jack' was ln a class
far BbOVB that gu\."
"Why, he was Just a cadet!" lnt<*r
rurted "Whitey" Lewls. "and IH het
that W44 the flrst shot he ev.-r llred in
his Ilfe "
TL.ic were Boda of approval from
the othar three gunmen.
"Waa tiu kiiiing of Zelig the outeoma
of aay phaaa <<t the Roaaatlwl
"Lefty" was nsked.
"I can't answer that,** replied "Lefty"
n'ter n puuse
"Was he to be a wltness at Becker*!
; trial r
Here Oommlssloner WhlttlOy Intor*
ruptfld to say that the QU4flttoa was
; nol ln the privlleged llne
The Commtaaioner alao made a Uttlo
j apeech to the effect thal tha prlsonera
ahouid conaalt wltt their counael ba
fore grantlng interviews. Bul the .un
ti.en Ignorad him and doclarad 'hat
they B4V4T bad a Bojaare d4al since
thrlr Irnprls-nment.
"Why," aald ''Lefty," "w-'ve bc,.|, n<
i of atlcktng paopta up We didn't
Stl- k people- up. W.? were ;ir .1
tbouch, aii tha Ittno, pravantlng atlek*
i i "
That- right,*' added "Whit-v
ILewla, "we pravantad B**ore at? k-upa
than the poll. e did."
The gUHOMa baa. th> newspaper
men a c*a**8*t_oaB b_Jbu as they were
led back *?' their calia
Proud of Hla Deed.
talked from behlnd the
bars of his c.-ll, N'o. ];<ti H- seemed
preud of bf* 4?4?.
"How mueh do you thlnk I'll get
f<>r thf- .'" was the opening gU4e*_-_
he flrad al the reporters, before thay
h.oi a ____ea avaa t<> look at him,
"T- n 0T flftt-en ye_rn?"
Bome one auggaatad lhai ba mlght
ga! b llttle ntore
"Oh, i don't know," he Bald "When
the polh >? had f11? ..t*' fllghl Ih.v t 1
n.< i had di na a good j->i."
Then he told of going I ? tha ball f
ti.. Pora)tht Club "n friday nlght,
wh.r- Julla aforell Rraa kllled into laaa
than a yaaf ag.. by "Big Jat k" Zelig,
DOl far fr'.tn w ii.-r- Imnk Uizzo,
of the BtroOCO K.niKst.rs, wllh
Whom Zallg and hls gang 4*4.4 at war,
W48 kll)e>i a PBOnth brfor- *al40 Iy
Zelig fot me in ? -.Me room 4nd
-ruzali i mi." aald Davidaon Ha took
1! I from tn-, and v, h< n I tried I
li t.a. i, from him h- raftteed to g.
'1 ?aw twenty or twn;ty-flve of his
[gang.tera aboul him waa? I wam* into
Slegal'a ...n Baturday, .and l knew thart
' he had killed Prank RlBBO, BB. I kn-w
that '(;>[," tiie Itloed, "I.. fty' LOUla and
"Whitey" Le'wlfl w.-re vith hlm in tha
.-. ib moblle when they ahot Rlsao,
Feared for Life, He Saya.
"I knew what they WOUld do to me
I waa crazy. Zelig took all I had, I
left the i-Btaurant and want to "jake'
S;indler and bnrrowed $10 from hlm.
Whi ti he gave me the money I told
hlm I wns going to buy a gun and klll
Zelig. H<? tol.l me I was crazy. I
don't remember how mu-h I paul fOC
it. I thlnk $7. I had fl left when ar
Bul Davidson forgot he had told a
riiff-rent Btory abOUt the price eariier
ln the <".ay, and friends of Zelig polnted
OUl thal tho $'.', found on hlm was the
?**.". Zallg had glven hlm.
DavldBOfl sald ho had lntended to
BhOOt Zelig ii*. the gang bader left th.*
taalBUlBlll. but the fnt t that Zelig gOt
n beard a CBT ohangfld his j.hin. Ho de
Mtrlbed the murder as witnesses havo
dOBJO, and he OOOlly told of pla. Ing the
ravolvar agalnat th< back of Zeiig'u
h? ad and Brlng,
At tlils polnt th.-re W4T4 sluutts from
the prlaonera who det44i anything bb*
iroting i'f a COnfOBBtOfl ??i.l-ring D.i
vidi-ui io ahul up.
"They arant ma to shut up, but I
won't." aald Davidaon.
Aft.r I shot Zelig," he continued,
? i araa a lld An.l whi n the pollca
came, l said: 'Here i am, take nn.'"
**Do you know Becker**" he was
ib was polnted out to m- to-day,
bul we didn't apeak."
SYhen a.sk-d about llis emp|o> ment
l.e -ald:
"i workod for 'Jack1 llroooo aa a
wait-r a yaar ago."
Then he added:
'I am an honest, p4a04aM4 fellow."
Arrestod in Bo.ton.
Aa lo hls honesty, the police h.t\- tu
fonnatloa that Davldaofl was am-si-.i
in Boaton a coup*4 <>f yeara ago ln a
wl.it. sia very CB44. Pour .rirs ago he
CBUaad the urrest of "Sam 1'aul" WbCfl
tha latter was runnlng ihe Vlotorla
Club, a stuss house. Davitlson alleged
thal he had lost mon-y in the hottse.
Paul was dlschnrge.l.
"Sam" Paill, flrho was one of the four
men who put up the ?.1I',<hm> caah with
a fcurety .-..mpany to g.-t Zelig release.I
on ball when he was arn sted by Steln
aai .nd White, sald last night thal
DavMaaa was mtie beitor thaa a
Cl0th48l_M tlik'f.
Reserves from Two Stations
Will Be at Courtroom.
Suspended Police Lieutenant
To Be Put on Trial at 10
o'Olock This Morning.
Ueutenanl Charlea Peeher, former com
manrter of the Police Pepartment's cra-k
'atrong arm" srpiad, will be put on trlal
f..r hl_ life before Justice C-off, ln the
extr-ordlimry term of the Bupreme Court,
tblfl morning at 10 o'clock. Tiie battle in
court la Ilkeiy to go down in HaW York
crlmlnal history as the most famous In
the dty's atUiala surpaBsIng those wafed
over Harry Tbaw, Ia expTtation that a
great crowd wlU try to galn entrance to
Um eourtreom, reeervofl from two statlon
houses have heen onlered eg duty there,
to tff thnt none but the wltnexses, city
otBdala and newepeper amn enter. Ipe
ciai paaaaa will be issu.-d to tbeea peri ma
it would not Burpriaa Dietrtet Attorney
Whitman lf Louls Shaplro chauffeur of
the "murder ear," ahould suffer a change
of hanrt in tba aaal fbw fcoure an<i ap?
pear aa a nrttnefle for iba prooaetrtleg at
the trial gbapiro haa beea weehenlog of
late, aii.j bbi atubbornneea in refusine te
aid ihe proaaeotlen, though invited to
lend a hand, baa baaa ra__abb_f by de
im the night of Monday, July Vt. He-ker
was arreeted st his deeh la the lathgnle
avenufl atatlon bouaa and ?n bour bvtar
araa arralgned beteoo Judge Kulgueen, ln
the Court af Oeaeral leaatOBa arm aeee*
mlttad le tbe Tomba prlson after pieadlng
I,... gullty to tbe murder af Hernaaa Ro
Bentbal <>n July W, when tha gambler araa
Bhot and kill-d OUtatde tbfl HotOl Met
Beoker aaa arreeted lmmedlately afb r
?Ju<'k" Roae, ' Brldglo" Weber and Harry
Vuiion had mada confasalon, ellegtag lhal
Becker aaggeeted Beveral tlmea that f<""
aentnal ahould be "removed," The night
of Beckar*a apprebension the three nun
ir?r? locked np In the prtvate ofBee of
Dlatrlrg Attorn/ Uliitni-n, havlng ex
preaaad tha fa-ir that the;. would ba mur
l lakei to U" Tom w
Inunedlatfl history af the murder
Ko_g back to lha time that Raaaathal,
,,.ii-i.i- Brboee gembflnj bouaa "- aollce
iiuiii bad ' "Og been Btatlegadi sent word
|i Um Diatrlci Mtorney aaaurtng blm tbat
i. wus aajdeua io tal] of hbi iroublea with
i ,-,h poltcfl ii- intlmated tbat hfl arould
Bbou ti?* Becker bad been la pgrtgerehlp
! a rn bha Tba atgbi before hla proapec
tlvfl int.ivifw flrtib Mr. whitman h.- araa
1 murderod,
Th" day before the murder Becker sent ;
??Jack" Row snd Cbarlea B Plltt, his
i - igeat, I > Doi ? OUbert dret e/lffl ef
RoBflnthsl. te obtata an adMavtt daaaagtag
? -...il. Tbal wa- at 7 p Bh At
. : .?;,>. k tbfl following morning Rfl -
.:,.,, i Aboul baH aa bour
befon th.t inne Bfltbar dropped "Jack"
,i newsboy ftlend, ar itS street
.1 BUth avenue. A few mlnutaa iat*r
tbfl murder '*r |.as?-d near this polnt
The grand Jury t.."k up prevtoualy aired
gruft (h_iges Irnph'atinK BeckCT. 0>
J :h is l,..ker was reUeved frorn eom
maad ef hla aguad Later la the day
?*??. r Qayner eallad blm to Clty Uall
Tbfl t.'Xt day lt wa* l-arn. 1 thut fciulli
r__ ha.i heaa accostomed le go to
"BrldgW W.ler'M poker rooms, where the
r i;_nf:" ' ongregated. On Juftf ll
. . , | | ?? gfi . t., bear Ba ker if
;,.. ?ould wahre Immunlty Becke***a
chanSeur teetidod bafera th. grand Jury
and later admltted lhal I ? aaa i aa h* I bj
Becber. Becker waa iranafarrad la the
Bathgati ??? ? a ??? itatloo n laa Tba fot
I- rtag day Mra Hermsn Itoeentbal teeti
??_ thai n. k.T colleeted money from her
r I and that ROM bad ulso done so
in Beeher*a hehalf.
. tbat ti'ne aevrtal men have made
Bwoni Btatamenta tbat Becker erdered that
Koaenthal be murder-d, baylng: Thla
maa i gol la ba ati i
r Melntyre, chlef eounael for tba
int, Buceeeded on Auguat i. ba
havlng tba trial ef his ellent, Bebedulai to
Bflgln 00 tbal day. d.r.ye.l th.it the teatt
meny ef certaln wltaaaaaa tn Hot ?prtaga,
Aik, ha laben
lt la lUlderataod that Heeker's def.-nce
wiii be tn.it ba la lha vfctlm of .- vleteua
H.u g plot, In whlch his "enem'.es" BOUght
' to ,lrng hlm down ln a spirit of pflvenge
bv Invohrlng hlm in the actual murder of
tha gambler
Tbe Ib-utenant's police career haa befln
turbulenl Bnd full of trouble. It hM been
sald tlmt as ii police lieutenant at a sal
ary of |ft-M a year l'.e. ker ludlt up a
bank aceount of more than MMO0 bi nlne
montha Becker deelarea lhal he can
eaally expbala the orlgln of his bank ae
couata and adda lhal tba amount cred?
lted to him is greatly ssaggerated
Recommends Ten-Year Tenure
and Fixed Police Policy.
Clemeal J DHeeoll taraaarly b Deputy
Potlce commiaisioner, addreaalng the
membera of the Weet *?:de branch of the
foung Men's Cbrlatlaa aaeoclatWn res
taiday afternoon. sald tlie stlll .ill-power
tui inguence of tba poUttelan In the Po
lloa Deportmenl ?ra? reeponetbta for pr_s.
bu) condltlona, The iang and the gang
tter could nol aalst, he aald, if tha police
man were permltted to do his duty. Hut.
the ganf ??'?as a valuabla asset on primary
nml electlon days, snd so the arangster,
Ihe polltldsn snd tha pollee inspectorl
formed ? i*?werful iriuriKie. he Beld,
agalnul which no pollceman, however J
ho eBi iii.'i good ol purpoae, could . on- ?
Mr Drtflcoll laid much Btreag oa tha
flfTect on 'te- force of trequenl changea of
poli ?<? sdmlnlstratlon, an.i on tba faci
that there waa ne certaln or derlnite r.oi
lej h> uhl'M a pollceman, no aiatter
wi. ii hla rank, could gulde himself.
Th- lorm. ' Deputy made a Btrong plea
for ii t'xeit t.-rni of itt least ten \ cars, for
tha head of tl ?? department, ao removsl
to be n Bd? ? Bcepl on cbargea te be beerd
by the lustlces <>r the App.-iiate Dtvlalon,
The Bveragfl pollceman, Hi Drlflcoll |n>
. -t ,i. \w. - nol only honest, bul deelroui
ol hevlni thi approbation "f the people,
_nd tbal if ihoughtful men aad eromen
tn tbe city arould i-ike an optlmwtlc view
of tbe altuatlon, notwlthstandlng recent
developments, the police problem oould be
r-oi",ed BOoa.
Bombay Craft at Baltimore
with Three Dead and Six 111.
Baltlmore, Oet 1?Wltb three of h.-r
it> w dead from berl-berrl and six more
BUCerlng from that dlsease, the bark
Liayllght. Cuptalii Charles Anderson,
ri om Bombay tea this port, aaebeeed off
QuarantlM to-day The dead, a Cbtaeaa
? ook and two KngllHhmcn, weie burled
at ^> a.
Tlie shlp had heen at sea more than
four months, and It waa sald that a thlrd
"f I.i crew of thlrty-seven were ill most
i.t th. tim... a eaaa af mnallpea wus the
Rrst flldkllBBfl that developed, but lt was
tuied ln a few week*.'
( ontln.i**! from flrat r***_?.
foreign market. ia not ln danger of
losfr.g the home market. Whlle our
foreign trade is growing more rap
Idly than at any time ln our hiatory.
domestk: commerce ts making ad
vances fully as remarkable. Our pop?
ulation la Increasing. the demand for
the necessaries of Hfc le Increasing
proportlonately, and. thanks to actlve
bUBlnaaa and good wagea, the people
are able to pay for what they want,
and to Keep our lndustrley buey sup
plying thelr wanta.
"Hence. general and growing pros?
perity. wlth a certalnty of still better
times, provlded the ma/'hinery of our
natlonal activltles la not disarranged
and brought to a standstill hy undue
redUCtlon ot" the tariff or ananihlstlo
Hssaults upon OUT lnatttuHons, and
upon the harmonlous relatlons now
aaiating, as a rale, between employer
and empl'ived.
Deal. With Capital ar.d Labor Alike.
'There is no nerlotis danger, 1 belleve,
t>. our institutiona from industrial ugi
tatlon. Ho long as such ugitation
B44P4 within !<gal bounds it is BOt j
without wholesome slgnlfhance, and
may tend to im prove condltlons. When |
it passes heyond the legal limlt.
Whether those seif-outlawed are con- |
nccted with capital or with labor, lt is j
a menace to he dealt with by lawful
autnorlty. aVotwlthBtandlng occasional
OUtbreaka of violence ln labor dhaputaa,
there is a growing tend.m.'y to aettle
dlfferencaa hy peaceful means, and
there la undoubtedly manifest a much
Bflorc fr:end!y and humane attitude
on the part of employers toward em?
ployed than was _pparent not many
y.ars ago.
"Th.- <;..|den Rule is gettlng to he
more and more a gulde in buslness as
well as ln religion. Social and eoo
non'ic condltlona are growing better,
not worse, and Republican policies fos
tering and stimulating national pros?
perity undoubtedly tend toward this
b< tterment
"For the man or the community enjoy
ing robust health, quack remediea have
little attraction, no matter how vocif
erou.ly recommended aa cura-alls for
the body politic.
"'Iti- law of aupply and demand,
along with labor orgaalBOUon and .rbi
tration. ar.d auch legf4latlOB as may
properly be Bnactod governing h" ITB
of labor and rat.s of companaatlon -t
the public service. th.reby giving -in
example for prlvate employers. are ad
aqtiata t" d44l with th- wage <iuestion.
A general mmimuin wage ahould baV4
a t. nder.cy to bring down the raaxi
i..iim to the mlnlmum. Labor orgnni/.H
tlons are well a?ar? ?>f thls result.
where an arrangem.-nt to that effect
. .1- been entere.i _)tfl wlth employers.
H'W. ver, as I have sald. the Americ?n
P40#l4 are in n<> need of quack n<.:
trums and are too busy to list**n to
th-ir vendera.
Good Wages the Party'. Aim.
"The hlgh-T C04l "f '.'vitig. as I have
sald before, is worid-Wldo. The aim of
the Republican party ia to see that
American workera are enabled to meet
the coat of living by keepinp employed
at good waqea. Tt ls a sirr.ple purpose,
ar.d as diiact ai.d [rati al as lt is
slmple, nnd _044 flot need a volutn- of
rh.-toric to e.xplain it ot get around lt.
Wl.lle the cr.at of living. 40 far as moat
of the B4C44a?rlaa of life ;. r-> Boncaraad,
ls r t so hlgh here as in Europe, the
W4g4 earn-i here ls gfttifg from BHHfa
than double to six and seven times the
wagea paid iu Buropa, and la ln that
proportlon better able to meet any ln
r. \gt ln the coal of living,
"I 4-1 pleased to note that ex-<l<rt -
ernor Douglas of M-ssachusetts, an i
earnest und most estimuble member of
the Democratlc party. refused to hfl
carried away ln the current of idle rea
BOna for the 'hlgh cost of llvin*-.' He
attr|bu(te it chtefly to ihe increa.-. 1
annual produet of gold to .?."hki.(XK?,(kh)
from about onc-fouith that amount
twenty years ago, and he expecta that.
as h.ng ns the present output of gold
eontlnties, with no change in tho
weight of gold coins. prices will have u
tendency to mount higher.
"Obvlously, thfl Democrat lo party
and ijovernor Wilson. wlth such condi
tions facing ua, could not select ti
worse tlme for propoblng to the Ameri?
can worker?as ln effect they do pro
pose by urging a r.-duetlon In the tariff
?to consent to lower wages, wlth a
vlew to more open competition with
lnl*or abroad.
"Wagea muat be kept up, and the
way to keep them up is to keep the
tariff protective, and not 'for revenue
"I propOM in dealing with the trust
i|ii. stioti to ke.p the great combina
tt.iTis of capltal wlthln exactly the s;une
control as the clty or CT044 roads gro
, ery pays a fed. ral llcense for nelling
. Igars. I mean that both shall obey
the law. That's all. Slmple, iH lt not?
Tho Bherman law has been and will
contlnue to be enforced against all
vh lators, however rich and powerful
tboy may be I hava recommended na?
tlonal incorporatlon, without lnfrlnging
<>n the rlght of tho stutes to tax cor
porat4 property, bat such incorporatlon
would not suspciul or nullliy ln any de
gree the Sherman law or any other
law against motiopoly ln restraint of
Oppo.ed to Fixing Pricea.
"I am utterly opposed to the proposal
to have an Interstute Trade Commis?
sion llxing prices und otherwise exer
< ising control over buslness affalrs.
Such a oaatroi because not guided hy
law, but by personal diaeretlon, would
be hoth deapOtlC and soclulistlc, and nu
reader of hlstory needs to be told that
the two tertns have a very close rela
tion. It wus not a broad step from the
Conventlon to Napeloon. In a govern?
ment of law no Indlvidual, no combi?
nation, can he above the law. Outstde
of that is either anarchy or tyranny,
or one followed by the other. This
must always he a government of law.
"Dr. Lyman Abbott is reported to
have sald. la substance, that lt will
take one hundred years for America na
to reallzf- the efl-<:t of Immigration
upon the national character. I dlfla
gree with hlm. The beneficial effflctfl
of recent immigration sre alr?ady ap.
parent, not only in wh?t immigr?nt?
have done and are doing to promote
netional prosperity and d?v?lop na?
tional reflourccfl, but in the fine phya
ical type and mantal abilities of their
children. Has Dr. Abbott ever notlced
school children ln the playgrounds of
the citleg and towns largely rfjpulated
hy Immlgrants? No flner physlcal
types can be seen a,iywhere.
"I may add that one of my greategt
pleasurea ln riding throug'; New Eng?
land haa been to see the little farm.,
I ahandonad by their original owners
I and blosaoming and frultful under cul
tivatlon by for. lgner.s of varlous na
tiorialitie**. ICon newcomers should be
Inducad to adopt thls form of roaking
a living.
Praisflfl Amflrican Mflrinfls.
"Roferrlng to internatlonal questlonrj.
I I thlnk that every OBe will agree thut
I the Am- rican marines in Nlcaragua
? have ccnducted themselves ln a man
I ner WOTthy Of th. ir liag and their uta
form. That story about sharlng their
i wlth the Btgrvtng woaaan taai
children mlght be expected from such
a line body ol' m>-n. It emphaeizei. :1m
tlmellaoaa of the asslstance given, by
the request and with the conaent of
the government Of Nicaragu-i, ln put
tlng an end to conditions shocklng hu
? 'Mazleo seeni3 to be emcrging from.
Its troubles, which have probably not
been as bad as represented. Thls gov?
ernment has been careful to respect ln
tarnatloaal obUgatiana in dealing with
the questions that have arisen ln con
nection with the dtsorderB that h.ive
afllicted our southern neighbor, and I
have hope and confidence that the
patrtotlc spirit of the AlexLan people
will bad to complete restoration of the
internal pencn and harmor ?? e**sentlal
to their national welfare.
"In thla connectlon, lt m?y ba added
that I regard wlth favor the sugges
tlon to name some of the fortificatlons
of the F___aa_a Caa__l Baaa after the
herues of American independence."
Passes Quiet Day with Senator
Near Dalton, Mass.
'B>- T"!?-r.-:.pv! to tha Trlr.un-1
Dalton, Mass., Oet ?! -President and
Mrs. Taft and thtir Kuest, M:-*. M_b?l
Hoardnian. Bpeal a Q.i'.t lUtydgy here
?ith Benator Crana Tp>- b>-.....: rJay of
tiuir six-<ia>- aatomobOe trip through
BTBBBBfhUBBttB. VeTUlOUt and tttW !f.in:p
?ihir* was ln m.irk'ft cntr-i.-t te thfl !**__
';. the morning tlu I'r. - .i.-ty
att^nded church in DaMrM BB I ???' ln tho
afternoon motored t" lanatoi Cra
-ountry plgoa BflVea miles aa
Mr. and Mrs. JOOggb H Cboata \Dre
Kabd I boata, tha Aa rietant -:? af
tba Navy und Mrs. ;?? flkman
and Mr. ar.d Mrs. g/llltaiB I*??'.
smong thoa at baa whlch araa" tiv.-n by
Senator and Mr." ' '
To-nlght Pmatot aad Mrs <r.n<. v
dinner for their _*___-., bntgrtal t or\y
memban ef the OresH tamHl
j Brady to-morrou the Prealdentlal bu*
tomoblifl party arlll atrfka i ? tt ?
\.irmont Tbef ? apei l to t-.,x
ki Brattleboro and dlbn r ln M i
Tbay wiii make si.ie trlpa to W lllama
town, where tba Preeldenl BrlM csH _a
' Preeldenl QarteM of W I
ead tha Ftt Ideal tpfn . i t0
p \*.. -t rbompeon, Ihe aa estral b< '
th.- Tafta it i>* th..- Mrthplaefl at Ma
r, an.i be haa rlelted or.iy
on..- ln yeara and then arlth bla father,
rba bouaa arbere the eider Tafl ?i> bera
has beea deotreyed and tba placi h ao**\
' _ produi-tive f.irrn.
From Weet T< ameend i . Wm.
proceed to Maacbaatar, abera tbfl Pi aV
dent and Kra Tafl win be |
I night ot Mr. and Mr? Robert Uncota
who bave a oountn vllla Hlldlm i that
... .. r
?noiit nnd other K- | ul ll( ?'? l-?
lUte probabtj arlll rgeet th? Pr * tent to
..I... ' t - ?_
are u-tial.y r.ica-urcii bCCOrdlBf to
their proven worth and iotcgrity.
New Vork is being congratulated
OH liaving three excellent cati-i
datea for Governor.
Candidates for public patrona^e
?biisiius-- houses dtBtrOUfl ol put
ting their producti before tlie buy*
ini_r etaaaca of this city and iti
tuburbs, advertiac in tlie N'ew
Vork t'ity Surface Cars, because
tlicy know this medhun to be
highly diecriniingtivc in iccgpting
only propositions of worth and in
All such candldatea in our Cars
have the confidence of the mott
than 1,800,000 pa-senxers who
dally travel in every dircction on
the Surface Lines of New Vork
"Study the Cafdl - Wr hgve a
Standgrd" is i itandiag tovitatioa
to the reading public tn dctect
any utitriitliftil or objectionabli
adverti-enu'tit in this inedium.
VVa have tlic exclusive ontrol
of all tha advertiaing space in all
New York City Surface Cars
Fifth Avenue Buses
Study the C&rds
We havue * Stsndsrd
New York City Car
Advertising Company
225 Fifth Avenue
Telephone 4680 Madison
04* greegwejr, near _*i flt.
OARPIT lilff. lUlli
Tel 3??i '.'olumbu?- E?t. 1-73.
CLEANINO 353Wi$t54tt$t

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