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dHore Viennese Waltzes in
Musical Piece at Astor.
New Play Agreeable, but Not
The home of light musical plays has
New York wlth another of Its
, ln "Dle Frauenfresser," whlch
... tha AAtOt last nlght aa "The
' 'l'',0r'"-" _ av. a I
I? the n.w play there is much that ls
, nothing that is disagreeable
,lng to mark it out as "special"
- ,,-. groni__l of men on one
- wnnan haters and of
tful muaksal comedy lad!er on
er made a rovc! arrangement.
i w. 11 ln tho musical num
All' of bltter b&chelors
tgtan Otomaatwag into a club of
ata ir~ ln affalra of the heart. whose des
nerate purp '" '* 'va51 to *u,t* won'on?a
.rlan tO failure ln the thlrd act
and tberefore -raltabte for mualcal com?
edy. The club's leader, a major ln the
y-0 cause of resentment that
his Inamorata cut hlm with a whlp be?
cause he was masterful one afternoon
four . Sh.- wrote to hlm and
?aotoftiaed, but the letter was not deltv
ered then. lt ls dellvered Just befpre the
final curtaln. Tl.e bachelors drop out of
tM club one by one. and every one of
them flnda a niate ln the chorus.
Lord Dverbee, the automobile lover of
the lady ot the whip, brought a new
comeuv element for musical plays Into
?Tlu- Won m Haters." Laalla Kenyon
played thia part, and played lt bo as
to draw applause every time he tlnlshed
a acene Of eourae, he was the English
Ulatocrat. ).> !s always that. He called
the woman haters "these Johnnles who
*-ate woni.ii and all that." Hls com?
edy la a comedy of lines, empbaals and
vocal expreaeion?aot of make-up or of
exaggerations or buffoonery of any klnd.
Thia was new and a rellef from the usual.
In faet, Mr. Kenjroa seemed to have in
the back oi hls head somewhere that
muaScai con ? lj need not be wholly firte
oloua and Inconeequent. lt could, lf lt was
io written. bi as appealing and purpoee
ful u Ir-n ln its dlfferent form and
mood. A dellgbtful thlng if some one
would fl-!*-.. thi* idea out and write one.
Sallle >- played tho lady who
brought a'.l thia hate into the world wlth
the cut of bei whlp. Mlas Fisher has an
lngratlating manner and knows how to
remaln ln thi picture.
Touth, in the pereon of Joseph Santley.
was grave, trracefal and charming. He
ls one of the few young men of the
stage who can be Interestlng and yet
-ratot Every or.e liko.l hlm last night and
felt enllvene- bv the scenes, soriga and
dances in whlch he nnd his partner, Dolly
Castles, figure!.
Walter I?wrence. aB the major woman
rrater, had the part of a grouch. It le an
ungratlfyicK par: in musical comedy
-ber, eren - more or less elas
tlc in mood.
?lay was com posed by
... who composed "The
?.?.' Nearly all the numbers
a Utaaa. IO which every one on the
D_ awa-red. There was no
opening chorus. The most t-pirited
Raclag Quartet.'1 >-v. \
rastlea. LoaMe Ken
v n ? ? '? Santley. "Llttle Girl.
, |o M> ." was anoth.-r that
wai well received last nlght.
The origlnal book of the play was wrlt
_o Steln and Karl Linda'J.
Oeprge V. Jlobart adapted lt. George
Ita ? onslble for the staglng,
and In this he ba--- shown hla usual effort
to k ? from the conventlonal?one
might say the Inevitable?of musical com?
edy In hla arrangements choruses aro
nut perpetually r"shing on the atage to
make a flnale for each song, and Blngt-rs
do not break mcchanlcally Into a clog
dance before the echo of thelr last words
?has died. There is a apontanelty ln hls
Ideas. t
In this play there are less of the Anv-rt
eanlgrr.s <.* mui ii comedy than uaual,
, and that ls an agreea,b*e polnt ln Ita
favor, alnce lt ls (rankl*" Vlenneae ln tone.
Perhaps aome day a natlve rnuaical com?
edy aeed -----11S be planted- In the mean
tim-. whi!*- we are havlng everythlng
from Vienna, lt would be better If lt were
'ept a I nese.
Tllh \'o* I .*?.'.ar.lt.Dolly CMtloa
Baron?*n Von Kherhardt....Mre. Btuert Rot-.'*n
Fr?i Von Kr'-c-r.Jane BH-a
Jenrl*.AmeUa Uoaa
.Helen J*a.tt-n
Fia-i Vou Autlander.Elaa Ward
Kl:t>-.Orac* Roblnaon
Ma>. .Adel* Rerolrigton
Prau Von Habat.Kltty Baldwln
Jeaal* .Uladys Carroil
Ada.C'a-rno Laane
Llna.r;?en4..llne ('??te
?a-ttxki.Dan Marble
Olor.el Ll 1 ?? >bl...Charlea W. Kaufman
Oapt-ln Bchnepp.Snlti Edwards
H*rr Pfh?<-r.-...Albert Macklin
Baron Slleer .Hert Croesman
B*n Zlrntner.H*irbert Connop
l_*uter,an' Wacner.Arthur J. Snyder
lUrr 01 .Harry Levlan
H?rr Kr.;j.Walter P. 'Hearn"
Uajor john \<m Eaaenburg.. .Walter Lawnnee
CaiBiH ._.Joneph eantlty
lf | . .I_alle Kenyon
-art* Wiiton .Ka.1'." ?tabtm
The. Iral prefaaataaal matlnee of the
?enaon waa -flven by John Mason and the
company that supporta hlm ln Henry
a*ajaateln- "Th. Attack," at the Garrlck
Theatn y-eaterda* afternoon. Blllle
Burke c*o*_pled one stage box and John
pr*w the other. Praacea HUrr had a
u'x at the ),.-? 0f the house. About the
w-hestrH md among the other boxeB were
'..lady. Hanaon, Isabel Ii-vlng, Julla Dean.
Uura Hopa Crewa and May Hlayney.
j**r*' Ci ban aal In the front row. Harry
"Oodruff occupled a box. Further back ln
h* theatr.. whlch was erowded- from gal
"y to orchestra rr.il. were Joseph Kll
'>'""??. tVilllat. < "ourt'ei.h, Mortoti Selten
_?*? Frank Mclatyre. At the end of th.j
t Mr. Mason, after a acore of
cu*tain ea'.ls, made a apeech.
a .
. Ixraph to The Trlbune. J
Philadelphia, Oct. 7.-"Zlegfeld Follies,"
**"ies of 1*_, waa produced here to-nlght.
bt the Forreat Theatre. The book ol
^r- Ziegfeld'a lateat offerlng ts by Harry
*"? ..Brn'tn, with muslc by ltaymond Hub
The n< w work hiut oeen staged by
?juhan Mltehell, and la ln three acta and
The long llat of playera
"_??*"*- Harry Watsori. jr.. I_-on Errol,
'-r'Han Lnrralne, Hernard (Irunvllle, Hay
Ida Adams. Charles Judela.
weua Chatelalne, Jusle Badler, Vara
. ?"^.il and Bert _*llHa*na. The "Zleg
':'? rolllea" opena at the Mmilln Rouge,
?^ew y0,i<( Monday, Oetabet tt.
"The Higher Court" waa to be repeated
'*" 'he Natlonal Federation of Thaatra
? at Ita head<juartera for the bene
a_M?*. Its membera thls evening and a
?ii_ *u,n <>f mon*y waa to ba aub
?Wbed for the perforrnance. When the
-noney araa eounted up last evening H:
_?, .und *?"** ?he aubacriptlon had be?n
hurtJa_d ''_ tt Urge .hU,n ot money. A
_u.J^.conferen<* w,u' ***?? Hhubert re
tU i 1,n ,tho ?<*tl*r'? conaentlng to let
' Th. iV.b uhtlve the. Ly*c Theatre. and
onH.,,lK.her ( ourl w111 b* played there
2" ln*" aftarnoona of Thuraday and Trl
?? .H..Th_Pu,Jlle *?? w?ll aa the membe.e
jw int. federation wlll be admitted.
New German Embassy Here
May Copy Imperial Palace.
Washington. Oct. 7-Washlr;gt?.n prob?
ably will soon huve a mlnlature r< produc?
tion of gans Soucl. the Oerman imperial
palace at Potsdam. to house the Oerman
Embassy here. A alte wa-s purchased
aome tlme ago and the money for the
building has now been'appropriated.
Peter Behrens, imperial Oerman archl?
tect, and Herr Ketner, a German Privy
Counrlllor. are on the way to this coun?
try to declde on plans for the new
building. They wlU determlne whether
the Sane Soucl archltecture will ttt weil
wlth the surroundings of the alte.
[ By TOlegf-ana ta Tho Trlbune.)
Toronto. Oct. 7?Wllllam Favetshani
gave the flr.?t performance of his produc?
tlon of, "Jullus Oacsar," at the Alexandra
1'leatre to-night. The productlon was
staged by Mr. Faversham.and he chose
for himself the role of Antony. Tyione
l over was brutua; Frank Keenan, <?is
Blue; Kiillf-r Mellah, Casar. and .lulle OpP,
Portia. The Toronto crltle. are unani
mous ln their pralae of tha production and
the players.
The 'Vostume and prcperty review," the
first of the flnal rehearsals for the Cer
tury Theatre productlon, 'The Daughter
of Heavcn," was beld y< sterday in the
areaauce of Plerra i-?>ti. the author, and
Caramba, tba ooatumer, trom Mllan. The
entire play was enacted ln dumli ahOW,
whlle the author. stage directors and eoe
ttuner coneentra'ed their attention upon
tht details of costnme end propertlea ln
tbelr reliition to scenery aad lii*hts. The
sale of m ats for the first four weeks
opened yeaterday.
' The f'irl from Brighton," In Its thlrd
month at the Acad.my of Music, is golng
along at a fast c-llp.
N'ew songs, new dances and sev tal ad
dl'ional vaudevllle numbers ln the i abaret
scene give the 14th atreet musical piece
added attractlveness. and the Academy,
large as lt la, flnds KMlf crowded at all
performanees since Wllllam Fox Inetalled
hls flrst musical cfferlng thara
Wlth the usual bounty ln color. music
and charm wlth whlch the Sothern-Mar
lowe Shakeapearlan plays are produced.
' The Merchant of Venlce'* was given last
night at the Manhattan Opera House.
And as usual, the big theatre wu*.
crowded to the doors.
After running since the beglnnlng of tbe
aeason at the 3Mh Street Theatre I'dgar
.lumess play, "The Master of the Hous?,"
moved to the Lyrle lact night, to con
tlnue lndeflnltely wlth the same east and
Leo Dltrichsteln. In hifl two years' auc
cess. "The Concert." appeared at the
Grand Opera House last nlght. The pluy
has humor and Interest. lt was well
acted und well recelved
"Bought and Pald For." wlth the orig?
inal Playhouse company, Ib the attractlon
at the West End thls week. More than
usual Interest was apparent last nlght
at the firs'. performance of Mr. Broad
hurst s play In Harlem, on account <?f
the reputation it has won during its long
At B. F. Kelth's Hailetn OpaN HOBOe
yesterday an elaborate nnd intercstlng
revival of one of the late Rlchard Mans
fleld's best known playa. "Old Held.l
b-ra." was made. The romant.. eleee,
with its plcturesque gllmpses IntO JM
?_Vberlanl was well hstosjeetAAhy the
i,opular organitation. and two 1-rge au
diences enjoyed the performance
Lew Fields announcea that hie new
-Buefeal eatertalaa-aat, "The Bnn Dedg*
ere." will have Its flrat performan-e en
anv stage In-Albany on OotOber 17. play
.ne there three r.lghts and then going tO
p'tt'burgh for a weelt ln the rast ate
Kva Tanguav. Oeorge W. Monroe.Hesry
Flsher Nat Fields. 1'enman MalaT, Har
old r'rane Jerry Hart. Belle bWhe
Maude Oray. Nan Brennan and Matlon
In Phlladelphlu to-night Charlea Lll
llngham will offer for the flrst tlme on
nnv stage "The Lady of the Hllpper." a
new musical comedy by Anne .JbgweU,
Jerome J. MoCarty and Jamea o Oea,
wlth Vktor Herbert> mualc. Montaom
ery and Htone ar.d F.lsle Janls heud" the
Oovernor John K. Tener of Pennsylva
nla and party occupied a box last even?
ing at the Wlnter Oarden. where they
saw "The Pfu-elng Show of 191.." Tba
Governor went behlnd the Moaeo. Whera
he met Charles I. Bobb and compllment
ed hlm upon hls portrayal <>f Hoosevelt.
Plerre Loti will make to-nlght hls only
vlslt to a theatre in Amerlca-outBlde of
hla attendante at the openlng perform?
ance of hla own play. "The Langhter of
Heaven." He ha? chosen "Man and
Superman." ln whlch Itohert Loralne ia
appearlng at the Hudson Theatre
The innovatlon of a matinee for
"Hanky Panky" at the Broadway The?
atre yesterday afternoon proved more
aucceesfu! than wa* expected and Mon?
day matlneeB will be given for ' Hnnky
Panky" dWlng the remainder of the en
^agement at the Broadway. whlcu closes
or. November ..
Charlea Frohnian said yesterday that
through an error the iiiipreaalon had
spread that the Barrl.-.S'haw-Plnero plays
to be done a? a alngle evenlng's blll at
the Lnke of Vork's Theatre, London, f?>r
the flrnt tlme next Monday would M
slmultaneously performed ln New roi *.
Tho plays will be produced ln New rora
as eoon a-fter the London performancea
oa lt la poealble for Mr. l-'rohman to ob
tuin a Broadway theatre.
The membera of "The Glrl from Brigh?
ton" company. playing at the Academy
of Muaic. will be host.i on Tlyiraday
afternoon to the entlre company now ap?
pearlng in "Hanky Panky" at the Broad?
way Theatre. The membera of "The
Oirl from Brighton" company will at
tend a performance of "Hanky Panky
next week._
Tre*> -idmlsalon to thr Amerlcan Mun.-um of
Nstursl History. Metropolitan Miueum of
Art New Vork Z-olo.lcal I'erk snd the Van
Cortlandt Park Museum.
yxxyi show. Battery A Ar.nory, 160th street
and Thlrd avanue.
fBlabratlna of the foundlng of Washington
Hhbre leave. for sallors of fleet.
Recel>t;on of tha Republican Club of tha Clty
'. v,w york for woman's department of
Repiihllcan National Commiti--*. t-iubhousa.
8 to IS p m.
Meetin. and dinner of the Advertising Men's
l___-e Ol New Tork Clty. Aldlne Club. 6
p. m.
PublU- meeting under the auaplces of tho
Amerlcan Boclety of Me. honlcal Kn.-neers to
Croti-it afalnrt Utntr an.oka arislng from ua-i
.[ soft co-t m buliainga. No. _** Wtt _ft_
Btreet, evenlng.
Public lacturea of Uic UoarU ol fklucailon,
6 15 _ m.: Wadlelgh lll?h Hcheol. 11-lth
atreet and Sevenih avenue. "Why ?o Wa
llke Mu?lc?" PaUr W. I'yk.nm. lubll,
Bchool 4 Rivir.gton ?nd Uldge stroeta, * Oen
S' Vranmin," Bdwln I'-l.ley. PuWk
-SX 0.1, 4th atreet. eaat o Kir.t avenue.
"ThW l.lvaaiock Induatry,*' Maurlce J.
Thempaon; I'ubllc Behool Ofl, fcwh itwj.
ea-. ofVlrat avenue. "Th. Uauph ny,
f.?-K?r <liarleB V. Clark. of Um, I'ubllo
hihool IW, 147Ui atreet. weet of Heventh ave
__. "Kiimc-nta of Kle-trlclt* . ' Thr<Klore 1.
.lonei: l*ubll'- Kchool ????? ,H-'\ 'W?! ?"'1
?ad-morth avenue. *Tha HlmiJIclty of
Music" Mrs. Mary (Jrefory Muriuy. 1 ' ?!.'
fehowl K*. Audubon avenue and 104?tti ttTOt
?The Kun, a Bource ol Beat and l.laht.
Proreaaor Kobtrt W, i'i*t.tiaa. Muaeu-n of
Natural Blatory, 17th street and ?'<>luinbi.s
avenue, "Ee-H Bnd the N le. 1 eter Ma<*
Ou??n; Hattretn/ Technlcal iBBtltUte, No. |f
iTtuyveaaiirati.ft. '?uvgT ?'"J11<,*w'nj:' '?_?
Wllllam L KatBbnooka; Metropolitan Temple.
gevanth avenue and 14th Btreet, J^nrtt et
Juetlca." Profeaaor OaOTf* W ?lr''*"&
Public l.lbrary. No UM wem UBOt tttrtet. \
"The fchoollna of a Iloman CltUen. Dr. ,
Allan P. BsJI. '
Lamberti Reincarnates Music
Masters at Union Square.
George Beban Back at Proctor's
?Hammerstein's Has Edna
A pretty llttle thlng Ib "First Love," ln
whlch laiilu (llaser flnds expresalon for her
coyness at the folonlal Theatre thls week.
There lsn't much to It, hardly more than
there generally ls to flrst love. But lt
haa the same sweet taste. and It's nlce
whlle lt last*.
.Mlss Glaser takes the part of Elalne
Hatnptoa arho haa heen betrotheg by her
pareata te one who atylea hlmoelf a hand
some young oflicer. < aptaln Hurnham.
nephew ol the general of thaf name.
arhoee (ortuaa wttl come to him provlded
he marries Mlss Hampton. The young
womaa lan't going to put up wth any
famlly betrothals, though. until sho haa
made sure for hataelf, nnd so she hecomeB
a nial.l In the genrral's houseiiold. Of
course th<> captain loves her Instantly,
and tM- pirtirular lirst love b'Cjm.s per
mani nt j.i eeumebly.
Thare ar.- .*.-v.-ral pleasant songs ln the
pleee, wiilch Mlss ?lla-.. r un 1 Thomas D.
Rleharda, aa th.- captain, dispose of hap
piiy. Leatar Braaraa i* ?*>->-:i ns the gaa*
aral. Thi aiuatc is by Aaatol FHedlaad,
and Kaymon 1 "*"*. Peeh and Melvilh- Alaa*
ander nie respi nslble fur the words.
Jlm IMamond and Sybll Hrennan are a
pair of as ilalnty noiiK-nse mongers aa
may he found aniong the boata af "duos"
OB the vaudeville sta-;.*. Thr i neores
whlch greeted thelr songs and dancea
lnst nlght delayed the opening of Ml-.*.
Glasor's playlet several rnoments. CH?
Gordon la another who aprinklea laugha
freely over the hotme ln the role of a Ger?
man politlclan. wlth a kick wlth every
sentence. Perclval Knlght's "Dotectlva
Keen." aa produced by Danlel Frohman.
ls a convlnclnc myatery aketch woll done*
Other features on a good bill aro Will?
iam h. Kaearl an.l Bthetjraae nradford
ln "A Iaegitlmate Hold-rp," Robble Gor
dooe, repredudag classle etatuary; ("oop
er and Hohlnson. el.-ver neg_> eoatedl*
an*<; W'llla ]lolt Wakcf'.ekl, accompanylri-r
bar own soiiks at the plano. and the
Woods and \\'ooda Trlo. in a wire act.
it was eaeaaragtag to hear the turst
of applnusi. whlch imetcd the perfonn
ance of Lamt*?T_ when he made hls flrat
Ameriran eppr-.rari'i nt Kf*t**r*a I'nlon
P.Viare Theatre y* sterday I.ambertl |m
peraeaatea n number of the w.rid's
famous muslrlans. and wlth en. h lmper
pla* i a nttie aeleettaa oa the
naaetee*a faeerlte Inatrument Oaly .me
thlng could be askeil to mak<> !i<- art a
nearly perfect vaude\ llle prr>du< tlon?thit
he choeea bla aeleeUoaa from the works
of the men ba impersonates.
For hlataaee, h_ laUtatlea "f Ltaal w-n
received wtth g?-nuine appraclatloa i>y
yestenlny's audk <<-a. but lt would have
baaa taara affeetlva to the adne. of some,
at least. if. Inataad of Rabtaateia'a M>i
ody Ip F." he had played. say. one of th*
"Huagaiiaa flhapaoalea,*' The ... t .-losea
with an li trnr-rly dramatlc i.'iv.nn of th*>
death of Svengall na the . uitain fails on
Trllhy. hypnotiz.-d Into song
?'ihe tjratem." eharactetiaed ii a stlr
r'r g playlet of the sahwav t-l.le of Ilfe,
retalns tlu- sia*. f. : another w.-ek. ai;d
ll well worth I *??<-,,. ,1 ttttl It t_-l a
Mnry of i-nrruptioi, ln the I'oli M l"
parliuent, purg-.l hy the department !t
seif. Taylor Qt-aofllle- reaalltloa ot BHIf
Hradley, the crook. oh whom thr | I? : ;'
Caatral Ofltoa man ptaata a fratne-up. ls
excellent. Mr. (.r.wivill. ls resiv.nslLle for
the playlet, ln eaajaaetlea with narkc
and MrCree.
Other mtn on ? bttl w.ll up to Kell
average are I.lllian BbaW, W.lilngton
("ross nnd I.ol- Joeephlne; Lea Anger.
'the German S'ldier"; Sophye Marnard,
formerly with "Tha Red WH-.w"; the
i hadwlCh Trlo. ln "For gala?Wlggln's
Farm"; Peppteo, tha aeeordloa marrel
and Krgottl nnd IJlllputlan*.
?'The PiKn of ihe Kose." ?'' ' nud.-ville
aketeb v i.i. i trtad to dlmb i"to tba
"legit" and failed ratne hack to I'roctor'a
Fifth Avenue Theatn reeterday. aitb
Oeorgi Bebaa, Ita author, in the laadlag
role ThOUgb tht. playlet may have
pr< ved a failure as an out-and-out dramn,
lt ls certalnly good enough for vaude?
ville Two audleacea leughed and ? ried
over lt faeterda**, as they used to tiefore
It forsook them lo senrrh of new wor.di
to (ono,u**r.
Mr. Pahaa plays 'he part of nn ltallan
whoea llttta ghrl, Roee, win never asain
run to gie. t hlm at tiie top of the gtalra
?haa he r.t ;rns fiom a haid da. ? W0t_
having m. t deatfa BBder the arheeia of an
auteeaoatla Mat ?>. for- th.- aetlea atarta.
Thr Italhm is een In a flower atOtU "''
Fifth aveiiui. whare he haa K'-ne to gat
iiowers for bla ittla **_*a_ Mar. He is
res. ned from arrest when he tbreateaa
to ralse trOUble lf he doesn't get the
flowers by a casiril euatatBer In the stoi--.
who turna out to l.e no other than the
daughter of Iba B__* arfcaaa automoblle
lllic.l the .hlltl. Mr. Bebaa'a arting Is
enough to wet th>- .IJ e of tlu- most hl.-. I
N.-w Torfcar. aad be R cbiy aapperted bj
an ehVienl eompany.
A aeooad Harry _ao_ar, la the pa**aoa
ef Jecfc HeKajr, mado the aadleaea forget
H f. \v et Ita aarea wlth songs and Ftorka
of bonnie Hcotland. Other fUBI**iabera ou
the pregraaaaaa (aat_fa KeDa-rltt, KeRy
;il?l Irene Lucey, In thelr aklt called
? ?The Plaaa Moeara aad tha Aetra ?";
i.niie Reevea aad eaaapaayi ta "A Laa*
aaa ta TeaBperaaee," known by the fur?
ther tltle Ot "TOO l*_Il for Ftteranre";
and Winn>>?. BUa_ and Mau.l Amb-r.
The Frey Twlns Klve an exhlbltlon of
trreatllng, Oladya Vaaea dazzirs ihe audl?
ence wlth lu-r looklim Klass dress, tbe Slx
Ktepi.t-rs danea to their h.-arls' rontent,
and Carl Demarea" dea*_a___tea the klnd
of act they like ln C**_*slg0,
BJdna Goodrleh topa thls week'a bill at
Hammersteln s Virtorla. appearlng In a
new and a_gaglag aket.li called "The
Awakenlng el Mlrrrva " An unuaually
latereetlag and auaaaeaatlnaal act ia
juiian Dora'a M*dy ?~'1J''', Fan-" ln wn,ch
llvlng r.pn-duiittatM of famous palntit.g
;ir Introduccd.
f-'tuart llarnes's mlrthful tnonologue and
ri b vlbratlng "d-g-ag volce make hlm
oaa of th- treeta al the bttl Hai Davia
KHu.ipaay ge- "'" l,,m0't out of overi'
bright llne and kltaattaai ln "The Money
Oetter" a tarOO whlch has fallen Into
good hands. Another Important addltlo,,
to the comedy portlon of the programrne
lv ray two x olrya and Fay.
' \ rat*prlea arrtratl with Pngab a. Mui
lane a neweomer, wboae maatery of dla
lect ar.d goo^l vo.re make hlm a valuable
aaaet to vaud. Mile. Harry Puck and
Alalel laewls, well ijuallfled slngera and
dancers; the fiell Eoy Trlo, Adonls and
Dog. and Brown and Wllllama. complete
the blll.
Clark and Hamllton. Ergland's favorite
mualeal comedy duo, head the programme
at B. F. Keith's Alhambra Theatre thls
week in a funny skit. called "A "VVay
ward t'oncelt." Mrs. Gardner Crane and
company have an amusing sketch ln "Tha
Uttle 8unbeam," the action of which
takes place ln a Pullman car, and an?
other comedy aketch is "Behlnd the
Scenes," ln whlch Emlly Darrell and
Charley Conway appear.
The remalnder of the bill Is made up
of the Avon Comedy Four, a alnging and
comedy quartet; Sld Baxter, "tlie Wir;*
Scotchman"; Joseph Hart's "Honor
Among Thieves"; Mayme, Rer.iington and
her "Plcka," In aonga and dancea; the
Apollo Trlo, poseurs and acrobats, and
Arthur Deagon, monologlst.
Comedy ln plenty is notlceahle. thls wee'c
at B. F. Keith's Bronx Theatre, where
Jesse Lasky's "Trained Nursea" head the
blll. Thla la a big productlon, cond.-nsed
for the purposes ot vaudevllle, ln whidi
c lark and Bergman are featured. Kate
Ellnore and Ham Williams supply more
comedy wl<h their nbsurdity. "The Hunt
er and tho Hunter'-BS," and Belle Baker,
the talented young comedienne, enter
talns wlth some song selectlons.
.e>sle Busley and company are seen ln
a humorous department store playlet,
called "Mlss 318," wrltten by Hupert
Hughoa. author of "Exeute Mc ' aad tlie
balaaea of tho programme ladaaea the
Ton. Davles Trio. ln "The c'y. le Whl:*!";
L'olan and L*>nharr, ln "Some Mind Bead
er''; Fatto Adier. "Tha Phr_a dothaa
Man"; Lt nc h and /.elkr. "The Club
Manlacs," and McMahon, Olamond and
Goes by Auto from Dalton to
Manchester, Vt.
MnncheMer, Vt.. Oct. 7.-President Taft
reached Manchcstcr to-nlght after a ten
hour rlde over the Berkahlro Hills and
the Green Mcuntalns.
The Presldint, Mra. Taft and Mlss Ma
bel Boardman. their guest on the six-day
automoblle trlp through New EnRland,
left the homo of ficnator W. Murray
Crane, at Dalton, Maas., uoon after 9
o'clock thls morning and swept north
through Adama. North Adnmn and WB
lamstown. Mass. Wllmlngton, Brattle
boro ar.d Townshend, Vt.
Ia all of th.se cltitH and towns the
Prealdent made short ipOOi h( s. II" prai.-c 1
tbe licrkshl.' dtid Green .Mount.ln !?
mate anu talked of the ?turdy sonB pro
duted in sych an atmospher--. Ha aeeld?
ed poiittcs. and aenoeaoed la almpat
?vari speech that he was rmrrly on a
vacatlon trlp, wlth pclltl.s lefl far be?
In West Townshend the Preeldeat
visited the birthpiace of bla Bather,
Alpbonaa Taft. and BhOOk hands wlth
several of the older inhabltants who knew
Ua father ln th-lr ?ebOOtday* lf"
notered ta the tee "f ? nearbr hill to
vtalt the RTRve of hls grent-grandfather.
The last tow mllea of tbe trlp Inte htan
c baotar were. mado after nlghtfall over
narrow rorulB. through dark woods and
ln a rushing win_, arbleb promlse.1. hut
did net clev.-lop, fi storm
The members of the Presldentlal pnrty
w.-re K'.ests to-i.iKi.t of Rabeii T. Un
? ..i.i, aaa af riaahlial Uapela, To-mor?
row thev will Journey fitth. r n'.rth to
Montpeller. where oa Wt -dnenlay the,
President wtll address the Vermont
Tbe party leeh luaobooo te* lay wWh
Oeearaor-elaet Pletoher of t/enaaat al
; Singer's Telegram Fails Either
to Oonfirm or Deny Report.
ft waa reported last nlght that Mme.
Alma Oluck, the grand o|?*ra slnger. had
obtalned a divorce from h< r hushanrt.
j Bernaid Otech, from whom, it is aadar
Mood. she has recently been Uvlng apart.
Mr Qtaek, arba is aaaaaetad with the
Northwestern Mntuul l.lf- lns*"an<*e
t ompany. arltb offlces ln tbe Metropolitan
I.ifo Buildlng. could not be WaJSat atBt
nl?ht. bot Mme. Gluck. ln I tl_e_T__a to
The Tribune from 8t. l/ouls, whlle not
denylaa the report. *?_.?- tbat ebe eaaM
n..t conllrm lt
Mme. otoctt la eaa ef the beel known
,r tha ratttatet opera tatuyero, omt tee tba
lost thr.-e y.-ars baa baaa a membee of
ti,.- |f( tropolltan Opera Conn a.,v
She Ih at present maklng a 0OM? 'rt t'.:r
ot the eaaatry, aad i^t.-r- u to *mg la
opera ln Vienna. She waB born In Ra*
mada, hut came to thlB o< u.itr.\ whea
two years old. Rhe w_s at one tlme h
stcnographer. and lt was then that Mr.
Gluck met and married her.
Soon after her aseriteee ihe bepaa
?tOdylBg Mnging wlth BLfnot Bued
l-ecchla. nnd In IW Bhe mad. l rr d.-out
al the Wear '' eeatre ai lophla ia Mae?
oettefa "W.rther." IDae Oluc* recently
returned fn.m Ruropa, arhere eba bad
1,,-en for aeveral n ontha
Dippel AnnonnccB Complete Chicago
Philadclphia List.
Aadraaa Dtppel yeaaral -nanaa-r af tba
Phlladelphla-Chtcago opeja, announeed
.,.,,,.,,.,,. ,,,.. ,..??.i-te list of noreltiea
which would be produced in Chlcafo and
Philadelphia during the eomtni eeaeea,
as follows: ln l-'r.-.ich-"Noel." lv Baron
praderle r?Haaaeri -Le Raaa dae
Vachea," by i?''- Wmhem KlaeaX aad
"Herodiad-," by -"los Maaeeaet; la it.d
l?n "Conchlta." by Klccardo /.andonal;
?-____*-__ i..s?aut." by Olaeoaae Poootal;
?C-aaaaadra." by vit.orio OaaoaM: "i
Dttpettoal Amantl." bf Attllo Parelll.
UW 'Marletta." by Dr. Ludwlg EoChllt
,,-r. and ln English. "The < rlck.-t on the
H.arth," by t'arl Goldm.'irk.
Severnl of these wlU bo produced by tho
Philadelphia Caleaaa Opera Otaw"
tlm Metropolitan OpOfa House In New
York during the comlng aeaaon.
The company has also acjulred the pro
duclng rlghts of "I Quattrt BusieKh
CThe Four Hustlcs"). by Ermnnno Uolf
Kerrarl "Iasbeati." by I'letro Maacagnl.
a?d ".'olonel Chabart." bf Walter von
Walterahausen. Mr. Llppd will produ M
the last three operas mentloned during
tho comlng aeason If the necssary tlme
for rehear-ala Is available. otherwlae their
production will be deferred untll next
season. _
The Manhattan Opera House will be the
scene of an unusual gath.-rlng to-day
when many of the ambltioua amateurs
who v.-arn for a Btage career and have
wlthln the last few months HJ^Jtta of
Ooaa of Wllllam A. Brady. tho hhuberts
or Comstock A Gest, to aak for an op
portunlty to act. wi:i n.eet. The>i have
been Bummoned to appedr at 11 o cloca,
when "extra people" will be selected for
the big Dru-y Lane melodrama, The
A number of the prlnclpalB arrlved from
Ixmdon Sunday on the New J2J* *_*4i?
remalnder will come on BhlpB due thls
THE STREET CALLED STRAIGHT."-(WithapoIogieato'The World.')
--_?-**_?***"*?-"*_ ** Jt*-***" __?ars***S_i
MURPHY?Come on, Bill. Thia is the? road I always take 'em.
Populist, Famous for Whiskers,
Was 81 Years Old. _
Topeka, Oet T.?wiuiam a. Peflar, eleet*
rd fo the Uatted Rfates 8>nate ln 1?t>l hy
the flrst Populist f.eglslature of Kan-aa.
died from apoplexy at Grenola, Kan.
early to-day. He was elghty-on* yeara
pld. lle had aufferod from ahock follow?
lng thr arnputatloii of a leg.
WUUaaa A. Peffer waa the flrat and only
I'opullat S.-nator from Kanan*.. and ore
of the moat plcturesque pereoi.s who ev*r
came from the West. He led the farmers
of hla atate to tlu* moat declslvo politlral
rteterlea lhai MOt-aoavaalth had ever
For slx vrsra he waa the butt of tha
Jlbes of the cartnonlBts and Jokestnlth",
nnd hla abundant whiskers furnl-hed am?
munition for bomaardaaaata of r'.dicuie,
not only asalnst Mr I'effer but against
bla cause. I '?? PTOi thousand* of the.'e
cartoot a ln a m rapl.I< aai made them
Ipaii or a hlatory of [*apa*J-ia whleb h>>
,:, tated to .? ateaegragaar artrila alewly
Idylng. Oaa ehapter of this hook is aa*
tltled '-wbivkers ef P-paBa_i.M
Theagb ba was alghly eaa reara old and
sufferii i Itoia a maladj from whleb
,! , ... ??].. eheaee of survlvlng Innsr.
,,, , v -. ..,,, kept Bturdtl*" "t hls task.
? -,,. , ? ., .. day i" taaa aOewed to dt<*
.,,,,. f0| - ... ntv OT thlrtv mlnutes. laOSt
v.,. . nptoraa of Mood poi?oning ap-.
,,l p one of hls leg* He wna toM j
,i,:i. ,,niv antputattoa could proiong
],jw [\f, ii.. ,oaaaated. aaylag he aacded
a f.-w *???*? ks more to flnlsb hls book.
Mr l'.ff.-r <l.?erted Fopulism and re
t,.|.I to Kepuhllcanlsm In 1*?.
Mi Peffer was born In '*umber'..md
County, I'enn. an.l rducnted ln a dlstrlet
M||(?,: ||.. was a teacher at flfteen. He
-tal to Indlaaa ln 1?*2 and began farm
Ing. The paata of l_- drove hlm on to
Maaourt Wham the war spirit waaed
hot hl'i T'nlon s-ntlments made hlm ao
unpoptilar in the latter state that he
BOtred Ua famlly to Illinols In 1*>- nnd
enHated la tbe Nortbern army. While
?errtng as a nuartermaster he studied
law. nnd on belng honorably dlscharge.l.
I? UR, he began practice ln Clarksvllle,
Tenn. Hfl- be begaa to take an actlve
part ln polltb-i.
Mr I'effer went to Kansas In 1870, nnd
?,,', n waa elected to the etate L**glslature.
In 187." he estahllshed "The Coffeyvlllo
Journal" He alao for many years was
edltor of The Kansas Farmer."
Iaondon. Get. 7.--The death occurred to
day of Professor Rev. Walter Wllllam
Skeat. of Cambrldge ITniveralty. one of
the most wldely known profeasora of
phllology- _
Walter Wllllam Skent waa one of the
best known authorltlea on Anglo-Saxon
ln the world. He laat attracted attentlon
ln thls country about four yeara ago by
hls declaratlon that American pronunola
tlon of F.nglish waa excellent and that
Instructlon ln Engllah waa much more
thorough and more wldely dlffused ln thia
country than ln England. He had been
professor of Anglo-Saxon at Cambrldge
since 1878.
He was born in London ln 1835 and edu
ratod for the Church at Chrlat'e College.
Cnmbrldge. Ho began hla pulplt career ln
1860 aa curate of Eaat Dereham. Hla
career aa a churchman. however. waa of
short duratlon. In 1864 a severe lllneaa
Incapacltated hlm for aome tlme, and
eventually caused hlm to give up preach
Whlle hc waa recoverlng hls atrength
it occurred to h'.m to take up the aerloua
Btudy of Anglo-Saxon. He returned to
Cambrldge nnd got an appointment aa
mathematlcal lecturer at hla alma mater.
wlth plenty of tlme for hla own atudtea.
That wa- the year of the organliatlon of
the Karly Enffllah Text 8oclety, and Dr.
Furnlvall. Ita founder. Intruated Dr. Skeat
wlth the taak of re-edltlnf the poem
"laancelot of the Lalk," one of the aocl
ety'a publlcatlone.
Thia firat blt of work gave hla rcputa
tlon a atart of whlch he took'the fulleet
advantage. In 197S he founded the Eng?
lish DUlect Soclety and became Ua flrat
president. In 1S85 ho brought out a new
editlon bf "Plers Plowman." Hla work
ln mlddle English Included the re-edltlng
of "Robert-de-Broyos. Klng of Scota."
Chaurer and a complete editlon of all the
manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon and
Northumbrlan Gospels. He also pub?
lished "An Etymologlcal Dlctlonary of
the Kr*llsh Language, ln Four Parts,"
"The Klngis Quatr." "A Conclae Dlc
tlonary-of Mlddle Engllflh." "Nlne Sped
tn.-ne of English Dlalecf and "A Primer
of Classlcal and EngllBh Phllology."
It.ind'lph, Mass., Oct. ".?John E. Bmd
ley, educator and author, dled audder.ly
fiom heart dlsease at hls home here to
dav. He was president of THInols Col?
lege. Jacksonvtlle. 111. from IffI to 1900.
1I.; had been prlncipal of the hlgh achool
at Plttsfleld. Masa.. and Albany, N- Y-.
and M.perlntendent of the Mlnnearolla
-.* Ha wsh the New Vork atate
commiaaloner to the Parla Exposltlon of
lSTS Dr. Bradley was born at Lee,
Maaa , ln ltt*. Hla wlf* waa Margaret T.
Gould, of Albany, who Burvlvee hlm.
Mrs. I?<abella Ralph, wldow of Jullan
Ralph. tba novellst and Bhort story wrlter
and famous correspondent. dled at Red
Hank, K. J . on Sunday nlght. Mra Ralph
ti.i.i been eeiiously IU for thraa months.
wlth heart dlsease. and her death waa
Ml unexperted. She was born flffy-seven
yeers ago at Chapel Hill, Atlantic Hlgh-'
iiir.ds. She was Isabella Mount before she
married Mr. Ralph, about thlrty-*even
yeire ago Her husband'a death occurred
Mra Ralph leavee two Bons. LeBter
Ralph, the artlst, and Alan Ralnh. of
The New-York Tribune, ar.d tw*o daugh
t.rs. Mrs. John V. A. icioadesof Manhat?
tan. and Mrs. Clarence E. Walkeley, of
Brooklyn. , ._ __
Tbe funeral wlU be held to-morrow af?
ternoon at I o-click, at the home of Mrs.
Kilph's'cousin. C. S. Mount. No. RR Maple
Wenue, Red Bank. where her death oc?
curred. The burlal wtll be in I-alrvlew
.?emeterv, near Red Bank, where Jullan
Ralph was burled.
"From The Trlh.ine, Bureau. 1
Washington. Oct. 7.-Br1gadler General
Frank G. Smith. T*. 8. A.. retlred. dled
suddenly of heart trouble at hie home ln
thls clty to-day. General Smith ia sur
vlved by hts wife. Mrs. Georgiana D.
Smith; two daughters, Misa Francee
Smith ar.d tho wife of Major Wllllam
I'hamberlaln, and one ?on. Charlea F.
For aeveral years General Smith waa
a member of the Chtckamauga Park Com?
mlssion. He v.aa born In Pennaylvanla
February 16, 18*), and entered the army
as a second lleutenant from Ohlo August
5, lftfl. After the war he took part ln
the Indian campalgns. He was appolnted
hrlgadler general Auguat 3. 1MB. and waa
retlred the next day at hla own reoueaL
Newport. R. I-. Oot 7.?Dr. Henry J.
Rhett, flfty yeara old. of Philadelphia, a
speclallat on nervous dlseases, dled at the
Newport Hoapital late to-day following
an operatlon. Dr. Rhett mada hla aura
mer home at Jameatown. He leavea a
Dr. Frank Lockwood, one of the beat
known resldenta of Hollla. Queena. dled
there yeaterday. Dr. Lockwood, who waa
about aixty yeara of are and a member
of ono of the oldeat famtllea ln the eeo
tlon, had not been in good health recently,
and yeaterday he waa sel.ed wlth an
attack of paralysis ln hls offlce. He waa
dead when a phyalclan was aummoned.
He leavea a wife.
(By TeUgrsph to The Trlbune. 1
Philadelphia, Oct. 7.?Mre. Francla Tay?
lor Chambera ia dead at her home In
Chestnut Hill after a long IllnesB. 8he
waa prominent ln the aoclal life of thle
clty and waa allled to many of the old
Knlckerbocker famillea ln New Tork.
Before her marrlage to the Rev. John
Bolton her mother was Mlss Kathartn.
Schuyler, of New York, and the Mlsaea
Bolton, of Bolton Prlory. New York.
were her aiinta. She waa a granddaugh
ter of the Rev. Wllllam .lay Er.glUhman,
author of "Morning and Evenlng- Exer
clsea," a rellglous work that haa been
wldely read in thla country and in -iu
rope ln the laat eeotury. Mra. Chambere'e;
huaband and three children aurvive her.
Chadron. Xeb., Oct. 7.?Mra. Lueinda'
Slppy Herachey, a real daughter of tho
American Revolutlon, waa burled at
Greenwood Ometery here yesterday. Mra
Herachey waa born June 29, 1817, at
Beaver, Penn. Her father was Joseph
Slppy, a Revolutlonary aoldier, who camt,
to fhla country wlth Charles Hector d'P>-*
talna. the French admlral. Tha youngeet
of elg-teen children, Mra. Herechey waa
born after the death of her father.
St. Paul, Oct. 7.?Mra. Perry Stark
weather, of thls clty. head of tho depart-"
ment of women nnd children of the a__**"]
neaota Bureau of L_bor, dropped dead
when about to board a train at the unlon
statlon to-day. Mra. Starkweather wore
natlonal prominence ln her work for the,
protection of children and had addressed
the legl8laturea of many states.
Not University, but Theatre, Whera,
T_ey Teach a Thing or Two.
"The College Glrls" prove very attrac
tlve at the Colurnbla Theatre thia week, |
They atart thlnga going ln the reception,
hall of a college dormltory?fortunately
the programme doesn't tell where. or elae
all the young men ln the clty mlght Inslat (
upon matrirulatlng in that instltutlon?
and th*y end up aboard th.; good shi[>'
I Jollytlna, aomewhere out at ten. The pro?
gramme doesn't aay what sea. either. bat
1 the herolne sang a song at the end whlch
faald aomethlng about It's belng tl.e "Ocean
of IiOve."
Abe Reynolds takes the role of "pop
per," a rettred pawnbroker, whoae aon,
played bv Walter Johnaon, la ln love witli
tha daughter of the collej;e Janitor, played
by Danlel Coleman. The part of tha
daughter la done by J.nnle Roaa. and May
Florlne Llnden nrovides the ahow wlth
the Inevitable college wldow. Among the
popular Bongs which adorn the piece aro
r'You're My Baby" and "Keep Away Fioni
the Fellow Who Owns an Automoblle."
J. Keir Hardle, the Laborite M. P.. who
has been in Amerlea for aome tlme, ad
dreaamg aociallat meetinga ln the dlffer?
ent cltlea. wiil make hia lu.st address of
hls tour to be dellvered in Manhattan at
a meetlng in Carnegie Hall next Sunday
afternoon. He wlll aail for Kngland the
next day. The meeting wlll be In ld under
the auaplcea of the Intercolleglate Social
lat Soclety and hls BUbJect arlll be "8o
claliam and the Progre8?lve Movement."
Agnew, Andrew O. Kny. I_ula T.
Forreat. Charlea H. Moore, Kmn-.a F.
Hart, Andrew W Bteuerwald, _ll*. E. U.
Kellogg. Kllaa McI. tstiger, J.:hn I,
AGNEW-At New Canaan, Conn.. Eunday
evening. Aadraw Qlffo-d Agaew. agei 73
yeara Funeral aervlcea at Fifth Avenue
Preebytertan Church. ln the Ct**" of N-~
York Wadn*-??v mornlng, October i. 1*12,
at 10 o'rlock. Ktndly omlt flowers.
FORRKST?On Sunday. October 6. Charlea
Robert Forrest. of Hartford, ronn., in hla
10th year. Funaral from hla late reaidence,
No 1048 Aaylum ave., Tueaday, October 8, at
3 o'clock.
HART?Andrew Wllaon Hart, on Ortoher T. at
hla home, No. IM Cllnton et., lirooklyn. aged
76 yeara. Funeral aarvlcea -111 be held at
hla late reeldence. No. UO Clinton at.. Tuea?
day ev-enln-f, October 8, ?t a ?'clock. Inter- .
ment at New ?ondon. Conn. Kindly omlt
KBLLOOO?On Saturday, October 6, 1012. after
a llngertng Uln?_a, Eilia Mclntoah Kellogg.
beloved wlfe of Luther Lafltn Kellova. and
daughter of the late Major Oeneral John B>
Mclntoah. V. B. A.. and Amelia S. Mclntoah.
Funera-l aervlcea at her reeldence No. JS-J
Weat TOth at., New York Clty, on Wedneaday
mornlng, October 9, 1*12, at 10 o'clock. In
termer.t at the co.venlence of the famlly.
New Brunawlck Of. J ) pap*'"' Pl****ae copy.
KNY?Louie T.. aged 63 yeara. Body i;ln_
ln atate The Funeral Church. No 241 Weat
23d ?t. (Frank Campbell Buildtn*).
MOORE?At Plalnfteld, N. J., on Monday, Oc?
tober 1, 1?_. Bmma E. Moore. wldow of tba
late Davld M. Moore. F-peral aervlcea,
Wedneaday. October ?. 1?1*. at 3:10 r>. nv.
from her realdence ln Plalnfleld. N. J. ln
terment prlvate.
eTJCt'ERWALD?At her home. Ban Dlego. Cal.,
8und_y, October ?. 1*1*. Bltiabeth K Hltch
ingv, wlfe of Charlea J. Steuerwald and
daughter of Hanr.ah and the iate Charlea T.
Hltchlnga. Intennent at Woodlawn, New
8Tl__"---At Berr.ardavllle. N J., October ?.
John a. Stlger, huaband of Helolse Harnllton
and aon of the late John 8. Stlgtr, M. D.
Funeral prlvate. ln termer.t at Mendh-ua.
Tueaday afUrnoon.
;. By Harlem Trulr
Offloe, 20 Eaat 23d
t8Sd tit. By Harlem Train and by T-allay.
Bt.. N. T.
FKAIfR *C. CAMPBBLL. ttl-t Weat 21.
4n. Chapela. Prlvata Rooma, Prlvate Ambu
lancaa. Tel. 1334 Cbelaea.

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