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New York Team Overcomea
Handicap of Three Run?
and Takes Lead Only
to Lose It Again.
f ontlnnert from flrat D*-S**j_.
bad broken his neck. All he lost. how
. wr. was hi!- cap and his wlnd. and he
waa cheered by the crowd when he re
sumod playing. Lewls was sUll hover
tng on s.cond. and at thls Juncture
Fleti her let a hard hit ball by Gardner
?Up through his legs, scorlng Lew.s
Wltb the tlelng run.
Fn-d Merkle. who opened the tenth
wlth ;i triple to rlght was tha hero of
tha'. frame, as he put the Giants in the
lead aj-ain bv rountlng on "Muah" Mc
Cormick's sacritlce fly. But the lead
waa not long lived. for, wlth one out in
the tenth. Si>. .iker sent a terriflc hlt to
centre fleld whlch went for three bases,
and would have been a home run had
Tris not alowed up at third. When he
SKW Shafer Jufgll Becker's return he
darted for the plate and wae aafe, al?
though Wilson would hava had hlm lf
he hud held the ball.
Trls would have scored. anyway. aa
Lewls followed wlth a double to rlght.
whlch looked so much llke a J. Frank
lin Baker when it started on Ita course
'that the hearts of the New York root
-ers sank wlthln them. Faat flaldlng by
IBecker held Lewls on seoond, aad then
flt was up to the old maater to retire
'Gardner and Stahl, whlch ha did. leav
tfng Lewis stranded on thlrd.
It waa a ragged game all around, but
freplete wlth the thrills that ahook the
"fans" to the marrow and left them
?weak end weary after "Silk" tflxrugh
_ln announced the end of bostllltlaa.
Cheers and groanfl ln qufck auccaaaion
-made the stands falrly tremble. Of
the two teams the Gianta aeemed to be
euperlor. If Fletcher had aucoeeded ln
atopplng Gardner's driva in the eighth
the game would never have gone lnto
ftftra Innlng?. "Big Six" waa ln ex?
cellent form at the atart A tough suc
r. ?sion of unlucky breaks ln the flrst
lnning gave the Red Box three runs.
Here, too. Fletcher made an error
Wlth a double play knocklng at the
door whlch would have saved tha trlo
of t-ounts. Becauae the Red Sox could
root beat Matty ln the laat few innlngs
their case appears to ba hopeleas.
After ths aeventh he had absolutely
nothlng on the ball. and only his wlts,
courage and marvellous control blocked
the path to a Boston victory. But stlll
Btabl's men. try as they mlght. could
3mi drive him to the clubhouse.
Collins Eaay for Giants.
On the other hand. Collins as a serlous
world's series pitchlng propositlon has
??ractically eliminated. He waa the
,- aort of plcklng for the Gianta. and
rprtalng that he lasted as long
Ote. SnodKraaa hlt tha aecond ball
rjtched into the left fleld atands for
t, twa-t__M hlt in the flrat Innlng. and
thereafter the National League
mplons kept pecklng at his curves
had drlven him to cover. He
had no speed and nothlng remarkable ln
th. way of curves. The rlghthanded bat?
ter-- Oll tha team. such aa Murray. Hersog
and Mevers. feasted lavlshly on his of
frrlngs. and nearly every ball hlt by the
Giants waa met on the nose. Collins,
however, had good control, not giving a
maaa Nlne hits were garnered off hls
dellvery in a trlfle less than elght Innlngs.
these lncluding two doubles and two
Hall as a rescue. man proved a flts-ie.
He came ln to stop the rally ln the elghth.
?nd waa greeted by Hersog wlth the two
cushlon shot that put the Olants ln the
lead With two out ln the nlnth, a con
?dltion whlch had been produced by a re
tnarkable stop on the part of HS-DM
?Wagner. who robbed Flatcher of a hlt,
?_all pasaed Snodgraas. Doyle and Becker
dn succeseion. Fortunately for hlm "Red'' |
ftlurray hlt lnto a force out at second.
_\ triple. a paaa and a aacrlflce fly ln the
tenth showed Stahl that lf he was golr.g
\o hold the Gianta down mora reserves
t-were needed. ao he called upon Bedient ln
<the eleventh Hugb made good use of the
howerlng sklea and dwlndllng Ilght by
'x-utting on all the speed at hla command.
As lt waa he hlt a man and paaeed an
ctl.cr. but both were thrown out ateallng
Whiie Matty was found for eleven hlta,
Iwhteh were dlatrtbuted through as many
innlngs, ha did not glve a free ticket to
Itha lnltial saok. "Big Six" fanned four
,_n-n. hla moat notable atrlka out vlctim
ffealng Hainle Wagner, who came up to
ihe bat wlth men on second und thlrd ln
tbe rlotoua eighth. nnd waa called out by
''Silk" O'Loughlln. Collins fanned flve,
whlle Bedleaf attacbed the scalp of Larry
Doyle to hls belt ln the eleventh. some
thlng whlch Collins had accompllshed ln
the flrst
Perhaps ln eraulatlon of tha antlcs
which attend the world's series affairs at
the Polo Grounds; maybe because a "fan"
la a "fan" the wide world over; at any
rate. they were in line early last evening
et Kenway Park. Although temporary
stands. with a capaclty of 10.000, had been
erected all around the fleld, the Boston
brand of dementia baseballla tUd not trust
the words of the manegeroent that there
would be ample space lor evarybody. The
?fans" were determtned not to get left
and were on hand at tha earlleat posslble
moment to Insure getting seats. Beveral
hundred stood ln Une the greater part of
th: nlght. but a majorlty of the more
cor.servatlve ones walted untll thls morn?
ing When the ticket boothe were opened
ahortly atter 3 o'clock there were aeveral
thousand present. After the flrst rush
waa over there was a marked dlminution
ln numbera of tbe approachlng borfle
Sllghtly spaced front. Made
of white ttriped Madras-?x
ceedingly smart 2 for 29c
Cfastt. Peabody & Coanpany. l-_r.M.Y.
Both Managers
Are Confident
Boston, Oct. 9.?ln splte of the faet
that the Giants are etlll a game be
hmd ln the world's series atruggle,
John J. McGraw. manager of the team.
remalna optimlstic over the outlook,
nnd expresaes the bellef that the
eventual result wlll be to hla llklng.
What he partlculsrly llked ln to-day's
came was the gameness of the team
ln comlng from behlnd after the dla
heartenlng start. He sald:
"We have stopped the Red Sox on
thelr home grounds, and the team Is
well satlafled. We hava ahown that
the Giants are game, and that game
nesa ls going to count a great deal
niora before the series ls over."
Jake Stahl, the leader of the Red
Scx. expressed the opinion that, wlth
Mathewson out of the way. the rest
of the series would be iess difficult for
hls men. Apparently he regarda
Matty as the backbone of the Giants.
He sald:
"The Red Sox have alwaya felt that
Mathewson was the one man they had
beat. I thlnk tne game to-day, whlle
It dld not end ln a vlctory, showa that
we can hlt the New York twlrier,
whose work must have tlred hlm out."
and even by noontime it seemed scarccly
posslble that all the seats would be titken.
Crowd Late at tba Field.
Tbe bleacher* at thls time were not
nearly fllled. while the reserved seats of
the one-decker etands were decorated only
wlth peanut venders nnd others of thelr
llk. Big stands were speclally ec_nstr_cte_
for the gamea one ln left fleld, whlch waa
reaerved, and another in rlght field, whlch
served to connect the 50 cent and 25 eent
seata of ordlnary games. The entlre fleld
was encircled by a fence, and along the
back of left fleld there weie flve tlrrs of
seata aecommodatlng about a thousand
These were empty until Just before the
game started, and many were wondertn-r
at the cause. When, however. a band ap
peared on the scene led by the renowned
"Nuf Ced" McGreevy lt became apparent
that they were being held for the beneflt
of tbe royal rooters. whose numbers were
lrcreascd by many hundreds nn compared J
wlth the delegatlon which vlslted th<- |
Polo Grounds yesterday They seemed to
be ln excellent volce throughout the en?
tlre, contest, and they found plenty to vell
The crowd came slowly and when the
flrst of the Red Sox edged on to the fleld
there were barely enough to give them a
good Blzed cheer. Thls was shortly be?
fore 1 o'clock. The Giants were not long
ln followlng thelr opponents and were
greeted wlth seaterlng applause. Most of
those who rootei for New York, and they
were present ln goodly numbers, to Judge
by tha cheers glven Matty, had reserved
aeats and dld not come until Just before
the game started. Hoth \eams changed
thelr unlforms, the New Yorkers appear
lng in their travclllng suits of gray. whlle
the Red 8ox had donned whlte apparel.
The two teame went through a lusty
batting practice, during whlch 3peaker
Lewla, Murray and Merkle dellghtud or
awed the throng. acordlng to the polnt of
vlew. by popping the ball Into the stands
ln all dlrections, as if to get a line on
thingB for future use. They certalnly
gauged the dlrectlon in flne style if the
number of extra baae hits whlch fell to
their lot later may be taken as any cri?
McGraw had his men batting against
Wiltse, suspectlng that to Colllns would
fall the honor of leading the second
charge of the Red Sox. The Giants dld
some faat fleldlng, whlch even the hostlle
fans were forced to applaud.
Just before the game started the
ublqultous Mayor Eltsgerald rolled up to
the home plate in an automoblle lavlshly
decorated wlth floweis. It was the glft of
the "fans" to Jake Stahl. The Mayor took
occasion to make a brlef specch. whlch
was heard by few, but was hlghly appro
priate, Judglng by Um gesturea. At the
same tlme Helnle Wagner received a glft
of a Bllver bat from hls own supporters.
.Aa might be expected, he cam?. up to
the plate flve times during tlu- game and
failed to make a hlt.
Whlle all thia was going on, McGraw
selzed the opportunity to enter into an
earneat consuitation wlth the umpires
over the ground rules. It was decided
that a hlt into the left Held stands was to
go for two bases, while a wallop over the
fence Into centre or right fleld was a
home run. It was also announced that If
a flelder reached over ihe heads of the
crowd to gather ln a long fly lt would
count as a hlt whether or not he cap
tured the sphere. Therefore there was
llttle reason for Murray to rfsk break!ng
hls neck In the game. But hls fall waa
accldentaj, as he was runnlng backwardu
at the tlme, and dld not see the fence.
"811k" O'Loughlln was elected for plcket
duty behlnd the plate, whlle Rlgler was
aent scouting along the bases. Klem waa
ln left fleld and Evans took up hls
arduous dutlea ln rlght.
Game Filled with Errora.
The game, to be sure, was well seasoned
with errors, but here, and there ln ample
numbers were blts of sensatlonal fleldlng
of brllllance rarely seen. On the whole lt
can be stated that the celebrated Boston
outfleld ls not llvlng up to Its reputatlon.
The trlo played ground balls very poorly
to-day and the throwa made were Inaccu
rate. Twice Speaker had Rn opportunity
to catch runners etretchlng doublea into
triplea, but his throws went wide, whlle
Lewls could have caught two men at the
plate lf he had been on hls mettle. To
the two Inflelds helonged the llon's ahare
of the glory.
Fletcher was the weakeBt apot ln the
New York defence, and lf he had played
hls game there would have been a dlffer?
ent etory to tell. Herzog and Doyle
played mlraculously at times Larry act?
ed like another Eddle Colllns In runnlng
far over to hls left and spearlng ground
ers with one hand. He aaved the game In
the tenth, when, wlth Lewls on aecond.
h<- corralled Gardner's sharp drive and
tossed the runner out at flrst by a halr.
He played the aame trlck on Colllns In
the aecond Innlng. Herzog was dcadly on
lnfleld drlbWes, but no more bo than the
old rellable Matty, who had six at-slsts
to hla eredlt.
Whlle Fletcher played poorly, stlll he
made two remarkable ttopa, one on Cerr'
gan ln the fourth and another on Speaker
tn tha fifth. Trla nearly knocked him over
wlth a terrlflc smash, but Fletcher held
on to the ball and tossed to Doyle to
double Yerkes, who was on aecond. If he
had done the aame thlng on a much eafler
chance In the flrat Innlng he would have
aaved three runs. Hooper was on second
thia time, and lt was a llttle love tap hy
X erkes that Fletcher inuffed, apilllng the
But, after all, it was the wenderful
Who made a alngle, a double and a triple
work of llttle Tlllle Shafer in the elev?
enth that staved off defeat. He entered
the game to run for Meyers in the tenth
and took hls place at short after Me
Cormlck had batted for Fletcher. Matty
did not have a thing on the balla he
threw over the plate, and the Red Sox
were landlng on them wlth all their
power. Wagner led off ln the tenth lnn
Ing and sent a terriflc amash to deep
short. whlch Shafer apeared and threw
to flrst, Merkle maklng a beautiful one
handed stop. Carrlgan put all hls force
lnto a drive dlrectly afterward and Sha?
fer wae nearly carrled off his feet He
got hls man and then doubled up In pain.
The ball hlt hlm sq*iarely ln the plt of the
stomaoh and knocked the wlnd out of
hlm. The game waa delayed for a few
mlnutes untll he recovered hls beprlnRs.
Both of these drives. lf hlt by tlie speedy
Giants. would hava been safe, ha the
slow-footednHSs of the Red Sox ln golag
down to flrst becomes more apparent
with esrh game.
Th.- BoatOO team was by no means wlll?
lng to let the Giants carry off all the
flt-ldlng honors and contrlbuted it." share
of spectacular set pleces. Wagm X han
dled nlne chances wlthout an error and
did some remarkable work. He robhed
Fletcher of a hlt ln the nlnth and i <r
formed vallant service in blocklng off
base runnera, only Snodgrasa and Herzog
getting away from hlm Speaker made a
beautiful catch of Hersog's rnarlng fly
in the flfth. whlle Lewls gathercn ln M<
Cormlck's floater after a Ion, hard run ln
the tenth. Yerkes was steady and rella
blc at second. handllng sevrn chances
There was more hlttlng of the heavy
sort ln to day's game than haa been #een
ln a world's series for many a year. The
Giants made their eleven hlta count for
twenty bases, whlle the Red Box made
an cqual number net nlneteen. Three
trlpl'-a and three doublea fell to tbr lot
of tho vleltors, whlle the Amerlcan
League champlons ptehoA "p two trlplca
and three flontdee
Red Murray is maklng ample amenda
for that no-hlt record which he complled
ln the set of games with tha Athletlcs.
To-day he hammered out a triple. a
double and a single. a total of six bi_-*ew.
whlle Charlie Herzog had a record of llke
proportlon"-*. These two man. along with
Larry Doyle and f'hlef Meyers, ars
carrying along the bulk of the Glant at?
tack ln brilllant faahlon just at preeent.
The batting of Merkle has been extreme
ly Ilght so far, although he chlpped in
wlth a triple whlch proved of inestima
ble value to-day.
Hooper, who haa the poorest batting
average of all the membera of the Red
Box. followed up hla good work ln the
flrst game by hlttlng llke a flend to-day.
He garnered a single and two doubles off
Matty ln hla flrst three trlpa to thf plate.
Thereafter, however, ho waa effectually
sllenced. Lewla came to the fore wlth a
ru?h, rapping out thjee hlta whlch ran hl?
total bates up to six by dlnt of two
doubles and a single. Both Speaker and
Stahl m.'<de their presence felt, although
the latter failed mlaerably in two plnches.
The work of th** reat of the team waa
nrgllglhle. <.'arrlgan, Wagner and Gard?
ner were utterly helpleaa and failed to
advance the eauae of Boaton at critlcal
The Gianta were without the servlces of
Josh Devore. who, however, could proba?
bly play in a plnch. Hla rlght arm la
swo'len from contact wlth a pltched ball
in batting practice at the Polo Grounda
yeaterday. Josh 1. naturally weak
agalnat southpawa when ln the plnk. of
perfection. To have used hlm to-day
would have been llke leading a lamb to
the slaughtf.-r. As soon as M-Graw dls
Covered that Collins was slated to twlrl
he Jumped at the chance to put Heaia
Becker in the game. Beals did not get
a hlt.
The weather was falr enough early thla
morning, but by the tlme the game
started the sky became overcaat. In the
rniddle of the flfth lnning the aun came
out for a few momenta, cauaing McGraw
to shlft Murray over lnto left fleld and
to put Snodgraas ln rlght, whlch ls the
aun parlor ln the camp of the Red Sox.
The Gianta are flghtlng the Red Sox
tooth and nall every Inch of the way.
Wlthout Joe Wood ln the box they do not
appear exceptlonally formtdable. Ray
Collins, who, lt will be remembered, lost
hls last three games ln the Amerlcan
League season, may come through with
a good game, but It looks as though
McGraw's men had hls number. Wheth?
er Bedlent or O'Brlen will be able to do
unythlng remaina to be seen. The former
waa very wlld In the one Innlng he pltched
to-day. The New York manager will
probablyiglve Marquard hia trlal to-mor?
row, savlng Tesreau for the game at the
Polo Grounds on Frlday. Joe Wood may
be huried agalnat the New Yorkera, but
there ls a posslblllty that O'Brlen, who is
at hls best ln the sprlng and fall, will go
agalnst the vlsltors.
Many of the most ardent rooters for tho
Red Sox were constralned to admtt after
to-day's game that the Giants are the bet?
ter team, belng faster on the hases and
havlng more rellible all around hltters.
If their pltchers go well they ahould not
have any trouble ln wlnnlng the aerles.
The game to-day may break or make the
Red Sox. If lt aaps their confidence the
Gianta will put them to rout and run
away with the series. One thing ls cer?
taln, the New Yorkera are not golng, to
be downed exeept after a terriflc flght,
and their work to-day ln rlslng to the
emergeney let Jake Btahl know beyond the
question of a doubt that he has a strug
gle on hls hands.
llttl', AlfOC
The Boston |.ltcii.-r who was knocked out of the boa.
Details of the Game That
Failed to Change Standingl
Play by Play as Giants and
Red Sox Tossed the Lead
Back and Forth.
rny Telegraph to Th* Trlhun* 1
Boston. Oct. t.-Baseball gamea wlll
cnm* and baseball gamea wlll go, but the
one played at Fenway I*ark to-day, ln
whlch the Glanta and the Red Sox hattled
to a tle score of ? to s ln eleven Innlngs,
wlll ever he rernembered for Un keen ex?
citement Hnd loat opportunttlex Krrors
bv the New York playera were ?--. ro-tly
that flve n ns mnde 09 the |Ui Bm\ could
be traced dlrectly or lndlr?ctly to nvs
plays. Thls haa all been told in a general
way. but tha followlng sequenre of plays
wlll show more clearly why New York
failed to win the second game of tho
world Berles:
First Innlng.
inlllns drew a roar from tl-.e etgntt
when Im spllt the plate wlth the tlrst ball
pltched to Snodgrass. but Fred smaahed
the aecond to the "royal rooters" In tho
left fleld bleachers for a double. and It
was tlme for tho New York rooters to
cheer. Wlth the count two and two Doylo
fanned. but Stiodgraaa took thlrd when
Becker grounded out to Yerkes. Thore
he st.iyod, however, for "Red" Murray
ended the Innlng by groundlng to folllns.
Hooper liad to reuch for Matty's flrat
ball and a hlgh foul rcsulted. but after
mlsslng another lusty swing he drove one
at Matty whlch "Big Slx" did well to
knock down. and lt went for a single.
He a<-on made a clean steal Of second
base, the tlrst larceny of the striea. After
foullng off half a dozen balls Steve Yerkes
hlt a llner down to Fletcher. Hooper waa
far off second base, and wlth a certaln
double play ln ulght Fletcher muffed the
ball. Trls Speaker dld the unexpected
when hc dropped a perfect hunt along the
thlrd l-ai-e llne, and the btM -s were llll.d
A brllllant play hy Ut-rzog, by whlch
Hooper waa forced at the plate on ii
hounder lrom liewls, saved Matty for a
moment, but the alaUghtcr waa only de
layed. Yerkes scored when Larry (Jar.l
ner was out at tlrst, and Speaker led
Lewla over the plato when Stahl ham
mered the ball to left fleld for a slnglo.
Wagner ended the Innlng by popplng out
to Larry Doyle.
Second Inning.
The Glanta took partlal revenge ln their
half of thia Innlng. gettlng a runner home.
Fred Merkle made an lnapsplcloiia open?
ing by Mrlklng out on three pltched balls,
but Herzog trlpled to tho centr.fleld
blencberH. Meyers, the mlghty, almogt
felled Larry Gardner wlth a grounder,
whlch took a bad bound and struck hlm
between the eyes. Herzog rushod home
and Meycra reached Ilrst, hut nothing
further happened, since Matty forced hlm
at aecond.
Hooper doublcd for a sturter ln Bos
ton's half, after Carrlgan had died on a
bounder to Fletchej^ and Colllns Buffered
a almllar fate at the hands of Doyle.
Yerkes awung mlghtlly, but a weak
grounder to Fletcher was hls undolng.
Third Inning.
Only slx battars faced the pitchers ln
thls Innlng. Colllns got Snodgraaa on a
fly to Hooper. Doylo on a foul to Oardner
and Becker on a grounder to Wngner.
Matty frowned upon the mlghty Speak?
er, and Trls grounded to Merkle, who
made a grand Btop and beat the runner
by alldlng Into the bag. Lewls flled to
Murray, and Gardner closed the innlng
by groundlng to Doyle.
Fourth Inning.
The fourth innlng saw the Giants begin
to cllmb. They showed Bigns of solvlng
the dellvery of Colllns and made two
hits. "Red" Murray opened with a trlple,
and after Merkle had died on a foul to
Gardner, Herzog smaahed a long fly
whlch Speaker dragged down a few feet
from the centrefleld atanda, Murray
scorlng easlly on the throw ln. Meyers
drove a single to Wagner, whlch Helnle
dld well to stop, but Fletcher again flled
to Hooper, and tha Innlng was over.
Matty again got the Red Sox ln order.
He struck out Btabt, Induced Wagner to
fly to Murray. and then Carrlgan ground
ed to Fletcher.
Fifth lnning.
It waa short shrlft for the Gianta ln
their half of the flfth. for 4^olIlna was at
hls best. He eurved them over so for
Mathewaon that the latter acarcely aaw
the ball, and repeated the operatlon. to
the dlsguat of Frederlck Snodgraaa.
Larry Doyle wound up by flylng out to
Matty found himself In trouble when
the Red Fox came up to bat and only a
good v'.ny l y Fletcher, hla only meritorl
oub dead up to that tlme. eaved him from
aerlotia troubla. After Colllna had obllg
Ingly struck out Hooper got hls thlrd
consecutlve hlt. thls time to centre fleld.
IlQOpas arrlved at aecond base ln aafety,
thanka to Fletcher'a muff of a perfect
throw by Meyera. Yerkes. another "weak
hUter," hammered a triple to deep centre.
and scored Hooper. Trls Hpsaker. on
whom tlie "fana-' called for a "clean-fp
wallop." drove a aavage llner toward left
fleld, on whlch Fletcher made a game
catch, and got Yerkea. who waa hurrylng
home. off thlrd base by ten feat-a flne
double play.
Sixth Innlng.
After Beals Becker had gone out on a
grounder to Yerkes, Murray slngled
sharply to centre fleld, and gave the New
York fans somethlng to howl ahout. Mer?
kle flled out to Speaker, and, wlth Her?
zog wattlng at bat, Murray waa caught
trylng to steal aecond baae.
After Fletcher'a error gave a life to
I^wla Matty got Gardner. Btahl and
Wagner on rolhrs to the box. Before
Stahl was out he raised an easy foul to
Merkle, whlch Fred dropped.
Seventh lnning.
When Herzog came up agaln ln thla
Innlng he shot a single to centre fleld,
and a moment later made a nlce ateal of
second baae. There he remalned, for
Meyera popped to Yerkea. Fletcher to
Stahl, and Matty struck out agaln.
The Red Box made no headway against
Matty ln their half. A flne play, Hersog
to Merkle. told the tale of Carrlgan; Col?
lins atruck out and Captain Doyle took
care of Hooper'a bounclng grounder.
Eighth lnning.
Ray 4'ollina waa knocked out of the box
by the Gianta ln thls frame, and the
Giants took a lead whlch looked to be
sufflcl.nt lo win. and, lndeed. mlght have
proved a wlnnlng lead lf Fletcher had
not put the Red Box ln a poeltlon to cauae
worry. Duffy Lewls atarted the trouble
by dropping a hard drlve by Fred Snod
graas to left fleld. A bhout went up from
the New York bench, and Larry Doyle
went to the bat to do or dle. He smaahed
a single to centre tield, and Snodgrase
took aecond. DoyUi waa foreed at second
by Becker, Snodgraaa golng to third base,
and then Murray once more roae ln the
plnch. wlth a roualng two-bagger that
acored Snodgraaa and placed Becker on
thlrd. Rlght here Stahl decided that Col?
lins waa not the man to win the game,
and Charley Hall, the big Mexlcan, waa
called on to perform hls rescue speclalty.
Charley's flrst effort waa a hugo success,
and he got Merkle on a hlgh foul to Car?
rlgan. Then came Herzog, whose flrst
effort waa a twlatlng foul, whlch Carrlgan
got hla handa on, but could not hold.
Following thla eacape, the New York
thlrd baaemau alammed a two-bagger to
centre fleld, whlch acorad Becker and
Murray and placed the Giants ln posses
slon of a one-run lead.
Fletcher performed hls arratlc apeclalty
ln th" laat half of the elgbth, and to that
alone do the Boaton men owe the aavlng
graca of a drawn battle. "Matty" dla
miaaed Yerkea on a hlgh fly to Murray,
and alao took care of Speaker's Uttle
bouncer to the box. Duffy Lewls, how?
ever, drove one lnto deep left centre fleld.
and Murray, trylng to make a leaplng
catch, fell over the ralllng and sprawled
lnto the atanda, wheru for a moment he
lay stunned. Tha "fana" plcked hlm up,
cheerlng hls brave effort and Jack went
back to hls place in the fleld. Larry
Gardner then shot one to left that went
through Fletcher, giving tha batter two
baaes, whlle Lewls hurrled home with the
run that tied the score. Larry Doyle got
tlie erring hablt, too, and Juggiad a
Who alao made a single. a double and a
grotinder by Stahl, ao "Matty" alzed I P
the situation and atruck Wagner out.
Ninth Inning.
Hall pulled out of a nasty hole of hls
own digglng ln the nlnth Inning. after
two men were out. He began by gettlng;
Fletcher out of the way, vla ahortatop
to flrst baae, and made Matty pop to
Stahl. Then, auddenly, ha lost the com?
bination and paased Snodgrass, Becker
and Doyle ln a row, wlth Murray comlng
to bat. The beat the Olant rlght flelder
could do waa to roll one down to Wagner,
and Becker waa forced at aecond baae.
Cartlgans llner to tho box, Hall'a pop
to Merkle. and Hooper'fl puny fly to Doyle
told tha atory of Boeton's half of the
Tenth Innlng.
Tiferkle opened the tenth inning wlth
a trlple to deep centre. Herzog shot one
down to Wagner. and Merkle was held on
the far turn. Chief Meyers was lnten
tionally paaaed. but. only a momentary
reaplte was galncd. 81iafer ran for
Meyera, and Harry McCormick, batting
for Fletcher, died on a aacrtflee fly to
Lewie, but Merkle was able to score, and
once more tho hopes of the Giants soared.
Matty was rlotously cheered as he came
up for hls turn at the bat, but he ended
the Innlng by popplng a fly to Yerkes.
Errors. errors everywhere, about da
acrlbes the plight of tbe Giants. Wilson
was behlnd the bat for .New York when
the Red Sox camo up for the tenth Inn?
ing, and Shafer played shortstop. After
Wllaon had thrown out Yerkes, Speaker
tripled to deep left centre. and t>lld home
safely when Wilson dropped the ball at
the plate after a flne relay. Murray to
Shafer to Wilson. That I^wls doubled
a moment later mattered not, for Doyle
made a brilllant play on Gardner, as dld
Herzog on a smash by Stahl. and the sldo
wer retlred, wlth the score again tled.
Eleventh Innlng.
Bedtent replaced Hall tn the box for the
Red Sox In thia Innlng, the prevlouo frame
havlng glven wamlng whlch the wlae
Stahl could not overlook. Bedient got Into
hot water light away. He pltched one a
llttle too close to Snodgrass and Fred took
a slight tip on hls arm and walked to
flrst baae, whlle the Boston "fana" booed.
Larry Doyle. thlrd atrlke wbb rlotously
cheered by the crowd Wlth the count
one and two on Becker, Snodgraaa tried
to eteal aecond baae, but waa caught
eaally on Cariigan's flne throw to the bng.
Beckar alao walked, but he, too, trifled
wlth Blll's arm and died swlftly.
Darkness waa fast descendlng when the
Red Sox came up for thelr turn at bat.
and O'1/oughlln held a hunied ronsulta
tlon wlth Rlgler. The latter was seen to
shake hls head tn the negattve, and the
gama continued. Shafer won hla place
not alone In the heart of McGraw, but in
the hearts of the partlsan "fanB" by mak?
ing a brilllant stop and throw of a wlcked
grounder by Wagner to deep short, and a
few seeonds later he repeated on a fast
bouncer from Carrlgan's bat. Then Her?
zog threw out Bedient, endlng the bltter
atruggle, nn the game was called on ae?
count of darkness.
It wlll be played off at Fenway Tark to
morrow, thua upaettlng the whole sched
White Sox and Cubs Are Dead
locked in flcoreless Tie.
Chlcago, Oct. 9.?Darkness ended a
Bcoreless game between the Chlcago
American and Natlonal League clubs,
whlch met ln the opening game of a
serlee to-day to declde thfl baseball
ehamplonship of Chlcago. The contest
wae called ln the nlnth innlng.
WalBh pltched in rare form. holdlng the
Cubs to one hlt. Only twenty-elght men
faced hlm. He dld not issue a baae on
balla and struck out seven men. Lav
flnder also pltched a masterly game. He
held tho Whlto Sox to slx scattered hlta
and received brilllant support.
The reoelpts for the day were fll,_tt_*i,
of whlch 16.288 43 wlll go to the playera,
12,08** 16 each to club owners a*id H. 164 25
to the Natlonal Commission. The teams
wlll play again to-morrow at Comlskey
Park to break the tle.
The acore by Innlngs follows:
R. HE.
Americana .0 0000000 0-0 6 1
NatlonalB ...0 00000000-0 1 1
Batteriea: Walah and Sulllvan, Laven
der and Archer. ITmplrea: Connnlly, bat;
Owena, bases; Dlneen. rlght; Brennan,
Easy Rtdintj Cars
Mounted on tho Famoua MARMON
32 Chasaia
$3500 to $4100
Sldney B. Bowman Automobili Co.
teleeroom and Re?ice Department.:
225 to 231 Weit49thSt
fflNG MI I
Good Substitute Found, and
"Fans" Shout, Cheer and
Call on Players.
Pandemonium Breaks Loose in
the Oarden When Herzog
Goes to the Rescue
with Two-bagger.
Cloae to alx thousand "fans" nearly lost
their reason ln Madlaon Square Garden
yesterday when Charley Herzog harc
rnered out a two-bagger In the elghth
Innlng whlch sent two runnera raclng
over the plate and for the moment put
the Giants ln the lead over the Red Sox
by a score of 5 to 4. The <1lamond was
lacking, the atrlvlng. struggling players
could not be seen, but so truly was every
move of the opposing teams deplcted on
the playograph that atretchlng of the im
aginatlon was hardly necesaary to mako
one think that the game waa spread out*
before him.
The crowd for the most part was made
up of rabid New York "fana," but there;
were enough Boston sympathlxere on hand
to add splce and make the scene even
more reallstlc. The ardent rooters bought
programmes and kept their own aeorer;
they roared their approval when hlui
were made or runs were acored; they
stood up snd stretched ln tha se* -
enth lnning. and they stamped thai-- feet
when occaslon demanded aa If to dlatract
or rattle the Boston pltchers. Altogether
it was a typlcal baaeball croard, and thev
spared themselves not one of the llttle i
ldlosyncrasies whlch go to make up th**.
true baaeball "fan."
The game whlch ended tn a tle acore or
6 to 6 waa crammed ao full ot excltlog1
sltuatlons and tense momants that lt l??r.t
Itself to spontanaous outbursts of wlld.
enthusfasm whlch could not be restralned.
The more raWd "rooters" talked and'
shouted to the players as lf they wera be-'
fore their eyes. "Oh, you Muirayf was
howled forth from a hundred throatsi
when the dlaappolntment of last year's'
world series slashed out a three-bagger to1
open the fourth Innlng. "Come on, you
Hersog, glve us a hlt." was shouted frorn'
all rddes when tha thlrd baseman of the
Gianta went to the plate ln tha elghth|
lnning wlth a acore of 4 to Z agalnat New]
Tork, runnera on second and thlrd baae
and two out. There waa no tlme for
words when Hertog, as lf respondlng to
the call, made hls thlrd hlt of the game,.
a clean two-bagger, and put the Ofants!
one run ln front
Pandemonium broke loose. A roar wer.t
up that falrly shook the rafters. Me?
Jumped on their chalrs. Hata and news
papesr were thrown ln the atr. And lt
was a full flve mlnutes by the watch be
fore the crowd could settle back and walt!
for somethlng elae to happen. Of course,
there waa plt?nty of exeltement to follow,
and gloom settled momentarily over the
crowd ea the Red Box tled the score in
their half of the elghth. after two men
were out. on hits by Lewls, Gardner and
There was more enthua??.sm and exelte?
ment in New York's half of the nbith.
when. wlth two out. Hall paseed thre??
i-unnera In m-c-ceaalon, fllltng the baaea.
and "Red'' Murray waa begged and lm
plored to make hls fourth hlt. A groan
wer.t up when he was thrown out at flrst.
Then came the tenth Innlng. when th
Gtantsonce more took tha lead on Frel
Merkle's three bagger and McCormlcks
sacriflce fly. Agaln bedlam broko loose.
and all was joy untll Tiis Speaker tled
up the game once more for Boston wlth'
what In the Garden was called a home
run. but whlch later turned out to be a'
three baae hlt and an error by Wilson.!
Klnally. when the game waa called tha.
"fans" stood up llmp and tlred. And well
they mlght.
Mlke Donlin, once captain of the GlanU
and ever popular wlth New York "fans,',
was among those who sat ln the boxea.,
He waa qulckly recognlxed and urged re
make a speech. He stood up and s-f
gested that the crowd was there to uee
the Giants beat the Red Box and not to
hear speeches. whlch, of course. brougnt
more cheera._
Some Eain, but That Will Not
Interfere with Games.
[From The Trlbune Bureau. 1
Washington. Oct a.?Weather condltona
will be sultable for baaeball purposes ia1
Boeton to-morrow afternoon, although tha
probabllltlee are that there will be raln
to-nlght or to-morrow forenoon, accord-j
ing to the foreoaat made by the Weather
Bureau to-nlght
It will be a llttle colder ln New York
on Ftiday. and the chancea are that lt
will be cloudy. However, there wl'.l be
no raln to Interfere wlth the world's se-'
rles. say the offlcials at tha Weather B?
Important! The coming elsctfoit
You will want to vote. To vote ?*/?
muit regiater. Your flrat chance is to- ?
morrow. There will ba three more
days, but do it to-morrow. Any time
batwean 7 a. m. ond 10 p. m.
ThU car la fully ?aulppe**J **-_! ea aoeA at
newt muat aell at eaee. Call er addreaa Mr.
1911 BUICK
Toy tonneau?aquipped with shoek
absorbers, bumpars, oloek, spaadoma
ter, windshield. stc. Will AottrntmroU
100 milaa. Six montha' guarantaa. fooO.
Hr.pmob?i-r"Bu-(a^a" bTakaet. t?l?. -rottt
e.ulppad; wtll damonatrate any 9^jh
-^S-Mte-d for one year; $?_o. BAlRD. -<*
Weat TBth st.
lt?ED 4 \R DEPT.
4 Weet <*.nd ?t., aoar B'wag._.
WK8T SIDE Y. M. C. A.?In'-"**'**1!"','S!i|
work. Small Fhop ciasaae. Truck Njg,Jf
waltlns. Sand fer booklet. M0 Waat STtD **
Phone 7S.0 Cpl._
aaa* hour. ssoo-fioo -?*??'tlfc111 -*.
P.-perlenoed Chaaffxira. MBrra__J*!_L_--?
PAOKARDS.?New oare. Umou-li*e and ^JfT!,
ing; by the hour or trlp; chaa* ***??? ET
monthly a?rv|ce; apuoUl ratae for thaat?
lnr-. Eaat Md Streat. Phen?_PlM*.-? ?-sSj
rACKARI). lftlS. IJmoualBe er'Tonrlea.^m
bour; low monthly ratea lo help *'"&j
owner _ eipeneee. FRANK. 181 W. Wtb S?,
cei. araa._ ._m-A.
?-Jne-celled aerrlcS ?Jbotetal ettrntblj.

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