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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, October 10, 1912, Image 19

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r-Tjg^~T5'?t ?*?? I***"*0"* a**a_, w. 126th
??*"?.<> t-e corner of XV. 12?tb at. and Sth
?_ ^ii?^"tion District Is bounded by
JJjffltV 1M.1 tt- ?th ?"-. W. tfOth sl
sn-1 **l.?.lh iriec'lor. Dlstrtct ts bounded by
J'C-twiV ?? ???? ?Ul ??"?? w 13i,t ?t
??? "M??' Ileetlon Dutrlct Is bounded by
JftlteU XV Md st Lenox ave.. W. 131st
***..a 1th sve.
?t a_* ^ Enction Dlstrtct is bounded by
TD,i?_.n a dlagonal llne from the corner
???*? wlthln a ^n("* x\- i32d at. to the corner
cf ?Fi__ it aad 6th ave.. 6th ave.. a dlag
" , niflrors t'..t corner of W. UOth at and
iT'iSr t.?he comer of W 13lst st. and
. J. _ve snd >""? ave.
?_? iWh Blectlon Dlatrlct is bound'd by
I ..io- a dl?fooal line from the corner
*ai, _? ave sr.fl W l?4th st. to the eor
*f 'i _h eve -nd R. 135th st. 6th eve.. a
_S__l_TlhM from thi corner of 6th ave
'"/if ljyr te the corner of i_enox ave.
.a W 1124 Ot ? and I.enox ave.
* ThT'il-h Ileci"" District ts bounded by
snd -Ithin W mth st, Lenox ave.. W.
1*__',tv-^ Elect' District is bounded by
aJKltM-.il ?th lt. 7th ave.. W. 133d
., -sid'st Nlcho.as ave
nJ" ,e,h R si ' Dlstrtct le bounded _>>?
.-T-U-fn l?'h ??? Tth ?vt- *? ir,4,h ,t
IZt Bt N'lcholas ave
""ffvT-ftli "Bectloi D,s;rlct le bounded by |
.Bdaltbln a dlsgor.v llne from the corner,
_Tw 115th st ?na .th ave to the corner |
3w' 188th st. sr.d L*-iox ave.. Lenox ave.. |
t ,_*.-, et te 6th ..ve thenoe e dlagone!
"_. tc the cor-er of W. 184th st and Lanox I
ZZ w l?4th st. and 7th ave.
Ths 20t*i Ileetlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by
Jt wlthln XV IWh at. to the corner of
t__v ave ? ther.ee * dlagonal llne to the
Saerof Tth ave and vV 135th st . W. 136th
a end Pt Nlcholas ave
?ras Jlet Election Dlstrtct ls bounded by
?. within t" I3?tb st., 7th eve.. W. lS6tn
et end Ith s-e ...
Th* 22d Electlon Dlstrtct is bounded by
jad'wltbrn x>; I4n:h ?? . 7fh ava, W 138th
a. and Ith ave
The tti Electlon D'.etrlet ls bounded by
ud wlthtn W. 141at et. 7th ave.. W. 140th
it aa. 9th ave.
'Tbt 24th Electl-r, Dlstriet Is beunded by
eni wlihin W 141st st, Sth ave.. W 138th
it arul ->?? Nlch-.ea ave.
Tti Uth Eleel - Dlstriet ls bounded by
tad within W 141?*. st, "tt Mcholss ave..
a' 188th st . Arrs'er Jim ivi., W. 140th st
in" Htrr.lHoP place
Thi 2r-'l electlon D-.strlct ls bounded by
snd wlthtn W. l3Mh Bt, Sl Nlcholas ave..
W. 130th st. Amsterdsm ave., W. 18Sd st
sad Cosvent ave
The 2Tth Electlon Dlsirlct ls beunded by
aad wlthln W. 185th st, Convent ave . W
lUI ?'-. Broadway. W. 184th et. end Am
suelsai ave.
The 28th Electlon Dlatrlct le bounded by
snd srtthle W '...."?!-. st.. Arnsterdam ave.
?. lliti st Broadway. W 13Sd st er.d
gudaoa RJver
Ths 28th Eltctlen Dlstrtct Is bounded by
snd witMn W litt et, Arnsterdam ave..
V Jtttr st and Hucion Blver
The 30th Blectlon Dlstriet ie bounded by
sad witi.ln W. 140th st. Amsterdsm ave.
IT. 1M_ et., Broadway ard Harnllton place
Tbt f.tl Eleetlor Dlstrtct is bounded hy
and. within W. 138th et.. Hamlken place,
Broad wa- XV. jRdth st. and Hudson River.
'The 82d Eiectlon Dlstrtct ti bounded by
and wlthln W. 141st Bt, Harnllton place,
"V. i?<-th it and Hudson Rlrer
The lst Electlon District ls bounded by end
i wi-Mn B 8Sd st. lit sve.. R 82J et. and
erj. _-.<.
Th? 2d EleeMoe District ti bounded by and
wtthlr. E *Cd *t. Avenue A E S2d et. aad
Ut ave
The S-: BecfloB Dlstrtct ls bounded by and
within E SM st.. Eest Riv*-. E. 82d et. and
i*-*r.i)e A
Tbe 4th Klecticn Dtstrict ts bourded by and'
ertthrfi B, efh i: , East Rlver, E. P3d it .
Averue A. B. 84th nt and East Bad av?.
Tfce .ih Blectien Dtstrict ls bounded by and
wifbln II 64!t, st. Aven.e A B. 83d st. to _M
Sti. a dlagonal lin* from the corner of 2d
srs., and E. *3d st to the corner of E Mth
a sad lst sve
The 6th Electler. I-.strlct ls bounded by and
wtthis B. 86th st., lst ave. tt, E. ftath et. a
fflllt-al llne fr.-m t: e corner of E 84th st
snd lit eve, to tne corner of E. 63d st and Sd
sr? and 2d ave
Tfce 7t*i Slecuoa Dlsirlct is bounded by end
wlthln E. 86* s' . 2J sve . F. 83d st. end 8<s
The 8th Blectlcn Dietrm is bounded by and
wlttte B 8_h ei . 2d sve . E. 88th et. 8d
art. _ Mth st snd Lexinrton avs
Th? tth Electlon Dletrlct la bounded by aad
wltnin B. 8?th st.. .v.tr..,e A. B. 66th et. and
2d pa.
"rVlOth Eiectlon District le bounded by
?txl>toiD E. 85th st. to Avenue A, a diag*onsl
llat trom the corner of Avenue A snd E (-th
st.. to the corner of E. Mtl^ st. and BBit End
avi.. ?. Mth it and lst sv?
Tbe llth Clecrlor. District ls bouaded by and
wlthlL B iHtl BL. East End ave.,-to E. 64th
st, a dlagonal Uae froa th* corner of a 64th
?t. and E?st Br.-l avt tc the oorner of Aven-e
A aad E. 8i(h st.. snd Avenue A.
Tbellth EHection Dletrlct ls bounded by and
wltahJt 87th st . East End ave.. E Mth st..
aaput Mver. _ frftth ?? and let ave.
rV 18th Electlon Dletrlct l? bounded by end
??kWc E. 87th st. lst ave., B. Mth st aad 3d
J_* l?h Bleeuor. Dletrlct ls bouaded bv and
?"lthto E. 88th Bt., 21 ave.. E. 87ih et. 8d av?.,
I. BBth st snd Lexlngton avs.
Th? I3th Blectlon Dletrlct Is bounded by end
wlUIn E. 88th st . Avenue A. E. 87th st. and
Tbe l*-r. Electioo Dlstrtct Is bounded by and
lihla.a SSth s: . Last End ave., E 87th st.
snd Avenue A.
The 170. Bection DUtrlet le beunded by and
antklB B 82d it . Bast Rlver, E. 88th st end
Areattt A
TM Uth Eiectlon Dlstrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln S. 92d st. Aveaue A. E. Mth st and
"fl? llth Electlon Dlstriet ls bounded by end
J-Hhia _, Mth st. lst ave., B. Mth st ar.d
td avs.
The tth E.ect.oi) Dlstriet to bessnded by and
?Ittta t. toth ti . lst ava.. B. 8_tb et and 2d
TM2let Electlon Dletrlct te bounded by and
****??_. ?lit st. lit ave., E 90th st end Sd
era .
..Ito }V E1**tlot. District ls baunded by
?n? wlthln xv mth st. Lenox ave., W.
****h st aad 7tb avs
..a .? K'*c'Xon Dlstriet ls bounded bv
^??"-?h'r. fc dlagonal llne from the corner
r ? .. "' ": "*r'1 7ttl *v?- '? **?? earner
I Vi.-""" ?* ,IiJ Lenoa ave.. "Lenox ave..
1 lllfi it end 7t_ ave
?J. .I*1 ?l,t,,on Wetrlet le bonnded by
?m?._ _'?" -*0*1 ?*? 1**nax ava. to the
i_? L** W 1,fc-h ?*?? tbence la a dleceoal
weifrera t, rner nf w l??th st and
TnT? *v*' t0 'h* r(''**r ot W. 188th st. and
?_*' ??" 7:' "'?*?
ari JR?: ??'?"?""? Dletrlct le beunded by
uiiL-" w M1,t ??- Loaa* ave, W.
'**"_"* aad 7tt ave
s?I^.._h j";'r' n Dletrlct le bounded by
? eSPIih v' UM "" *~nM *V*" W- liUl
8Br_1it.h ?}" l0? "-"?Jriet la bouadsd by
**J ***le W -fiiet., tth ave.. VT. uitt st
-S.aairecotni.- ava
_;, _..l*.? E*'tlr>? Dlstrtct Ib bouadsd by
u. t'J"_. V' *4'' ?* ? 7tn ****??? W. l?d Bt
*"'eradhurs; ava
aaa...*..1 y-' ':on *-??trlat is bounded by
?atl*ltW/i .V 144th st. Tth ave, tr. Utd
"* JM Kh ava
aaeti..? El*r,1"'"> Dlstrtct ls beunded by
JJr\****lB s dlagonal llne from the oomei
ef w ,"_' *'*1 *'? l*6th et . to the corner
-? V_._***t *' *nd Lenox ?.ve.. Lenox ave.,
yiSr,*1 acU 7ih avs.
.._ _..'?**e Eie-tion Dlatrlct ie bounded by
a _i_l n v !*<,th ?' t0 Leato* ave., thence
an-Tf.-1 iln? t0 th* corner of W. 145lh st.
?? 'ln ave , 7th avs.. W. llslth et. snd Sth
i_a'*!.u-!h ^''ct'on Dletrlct is boundsd by
at a__l_in w 14*th ?'- ^h ave.. W. 153J
?iwrV.? 1<lv?r w '*?*h et- *nd *tb ave
st si___ w I4?**h st. 7th ave.. W
R-rT-? Iilv?r w '*?*h et- end *tn ave
j".,*!" Eiectlon Dlatrlct Ls bounded by
st__'__ w l*0*h et. 7th ave . W. 148th
sae?.rr"--.E!*';'I*>*' DUtrlet ls bounded by
and a_-_! w 15''"* ?* ? "?h eve.. w. i?th st.
?r?.r, ur,t ?Vf
aai ItiV-**-?1* *'on DUtrlet la bounded by
ythte W. 163d et. 7th sere. W. 161st st
"**?e*hv.nt ave
aai -riiMh -5)*"-'lon Dlitrlet le bounded bv
**&? tii * JWth ?*"**??"*? ??v?. M.
tM****}^ _SUct?'?*> Dte?_t*t ti bounded by
Z*"1",**. lMd et.. Bradhuret ave. W
tJ3s .vV h *v*' w- J4*V*J, ?t ?*d E??*
M^-i.'j!11 K" tfon DUtrict U bounded by
?t __??/' w 14fi**' ?t , 8th ave, W. 14R.1
?t aSr'Uf5t. ?*??? Bdgetombe ave , W. 141
I R' t_. ^ dlagonal Has from "the comer oi
?* Wrtciaa ava and W. 141st at to the
?I Mli^..... ??? ???? ..aaav aa-_r*ss -Bl? '-WI UCI
?anaij-fe_? ,*.e ?*?*? "'? ?*,?* ?* l"
Tbe i? rL,4Btb ?*' *n*l "0-aecombe ava
ai-hlr w 1*?.?c*'Oti Dletrlct la bounded by and
-t-Yse 3 _i4*th ?*-? ? "laa-onel llne from the
X\teaZLJ,iK^comb* *v* ?nd w l<*th st. to
*** ^P^w!0' W 14ut ?*? ***? 8* Mi-holae
T_ _._ -1.' ?' "Ulu Ameterdam ave
**?thln w ' iai_'t,tm W?triet is bounded by snd
a "n- ?i_l42- _- Atr-alerdam avs., W. l?lst
"*.?.'? I*ta/>n R,v*r
*_8_, u- f-^fUoB Wstrtet la bounded by end
* ?rd W,,h*W _?_ Ar''*,*--,***"r' ?ve. W 142?
Tff*l.r'ud_i-i Rivet
?Wa ?? *___*" fntrlex la b-sit.ded by and
K* st pn* L"th_ ?' ' A**fre*m ave.. W.
IW --A _Bro*d*J_y.
**?thte^ i__lU_* D4*'"1-* ?? bounded by and
?t__ a__?h ?*?? -**??terdam ave . W 144th
"**8a_i w l__i!i'*B ?**??****< la bounded by end
**7_?____r,,r_!t ? Aineter-eta ave , W. 146th
ThTStV-i.' .Y' *tf*" **?? ??* Hudson RJve
?ktian? uZV _ D*'*f1**-?? hounded by ar.d
t^^Ttfv^^?t_3iid _v.by ^
\\^'J^?xatd*m ava.. W. wdta A: end
_v!i?1__? ""^V-d
-?ii?i*^,;v*- OsswrssM aee.."W. 147th st.
dfc^ ^*J)'*X_._i^>lH,4,?<, -v ???"
eia ^^"-**"'"?*** a*a. W. l?mh et and Hud
*&^ im**!?1 _____*_.k,,u?,!*, ?? "?"*?
?vTfc wi __" **?? tMaeeeiabe ava., w xnenw
***?> W _tof_*U.*'/_ ""???*** ?t. CeJJeat
4,1 0_*.J_?*iJ*- Ajaaurdam ave., W u_t
?_TW ?**- aad tt. KiebeUa ara
?_J^J_*?l!ON NOTICE._
wil-^n^ im..C-?r*-^FSt ta boundad by and
et *o* u J41** ?.*?? A*"?te?tlai_ ave.. W. 14&th
et and Hudaon River
with'in 3wl ta!?-cMBa ?Di-?*'1-t ?*? bounded by and
?nd Br-Idwa^ ' C?nVent M" W 161'tM
WU___"_? fe'E*1*?* *Jl*,rtct 1 batfndal by and
at nr~A.U'M.'y' *? Nlcholae ave . W. 162d
The^5,V-?'' ^ 1"?t "* ?"<1 Hudson Rlver.
wiihin^ *?J?<_,(m r)1?tr'---t li bounded by and
?Tt -n ?*,,., ?WlfS** -EOiaconiba ave, W 153d
at and Hudson River
wlthln^-* iSJ-**0** *-1,,r,cl ?? botinded by and
wlthln W 160th pt, An.sterdam eve.. W. 158th
-i*_r__!jwl?r' ,v 16f,'h ?*?*- ?nd Broadway.
wi-hin ? ,_2.Loa DJ?*?rt? ls bounded by and
TV?fU ,W *W,th ?*?? Ameterdam ave. W.
lBt-jth et an-J Broadway.
?u-,Th,*?H1-h//U'.''Uon -tri'trlrt ls bounded by end
wlthln V 180th at, Amsterdam ave., W. 157th
et.Brc.adway. iv lOBth et. and Hudson Rlver.
.ni ...' ' , l*'-''*on I'to'rlct is bounded by
Jr .*_*-,"? _?* ,:,!,th ???? Speedwav. W. 158th
?t and Broadwav
-,T,h,' *!?h .??I*ctl,,n Dletrlct le bounded by and
T? _" !_ ?fi0th ?*?? Amsterdem ave, W. l?2d
?jjI.r,fti* W 169tb ?* and Broadway.
rnt **pth Blecti-in Dlttrlct ls bounded by and
wtthln W. 161st Ft.. Broadway. W 102d at..
Anisterdam ave . W l-SOth et , Broadway, W.
158th st and Hudeon Rlver.
The 40th Bl.'ction Distrlct la bounded by end
W. t!,ln.w ?IB4'h ??. Ameterdam ave.. W KWd
Bt . Ldgecombe ave , W. l?2d Bt and Broad?
The 4lot Blectlon Dlttrlct ts hounded by and
wlthln W HWth at. Harlem Rlver. Speedway,
v, 1H2.1 m . Edge-conibe ave . W lfttd Bt and
Amsterdam ave.
Tiie wi Electton Dlrtrlct ls hounded hy and
wlthln Vf. i??th at, Amaterdnm ave.. W. 1444th
et. Broadway, *_*. i*eiet et and Hudson Rlver
The 43d Electlon Dlttrlct ls hounded by end
withln W 171st at, Bt Nlcholaa ave . W lBOth
et.. Amsterdam ave . W. ltlflth st and Hudeon
The itth Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded Dy and
wtthln W 171st st . Harlem River. W. lBIKh
ft, Amsterdam ave.. W. 160th st and St
Nlcbolaa eve
The 45th Election Dletrlct is bounded by and
withln Dei-ot lane. W. 177?h st., Broadway. W.
Wlth at Audubon ave . W 171st tt. and Hud?
aon Rlver
The 00th Bectlon Diitrlct li hounded bv tnd
wlthln W. 18lit Bt.. Wreshlng-or. Brtdge, Htr
lem Hlver, W 171et Bt, Auduton avt., W.
175:? at nnd Anirterdem ave
The 47th E-cctlon Dletrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln W. 177th et . St. Nl.ho'.as ave, W.
lT0th st . Audubon ava., W lTTth at, Ameter?
dam ave., W 175th et end Broadwev
The 48th Electlon Dtatrlct ts bonn-iecl by and
wlthln W. 17?th Bt.. Amaterdem ave . W 177th
at, Audut_n ave , W 178th et. and 6t Nlcbo?
laa ave.
The 4f?th Elerucn Dlttrl-*t le b-undel*! by
and wlthln W 3 8*"*th al . Broadway. W
170th at. St Nlcholaa ave., w. 177th at.
and Fort Wnehlngton ave.
The ficth Electlon Dtatrlct ta bounded bv
anrl wlthln W. 181tt tf.. Broedwav. VV
100th et , Fort Weehlngton ave. W 177'h
Bt, Depot lane and Hudaon Rlt-T
"n-.e 51tt Electton Dletrlct la bounded hy
end withln W 181et at., Amaterdem ave.
W 3 7?*,h et. and Broadway.
The 62d EiectiAn Dlatr ct Ib bounded by
and wlthln W IfVId at , Ameterdem eve,
W. IHlaf at and Broadway.
Thr S?.d Electton Distrlct ls nbunded hy
and wlthln W 185th et . Herlem Rlver, W
lBlet at.. AmeterJam eve. W 168d et end
St Nlcholae ave.
The r,4?h Electlon Diatrict li bounded by
ar.d wifhlr Dvrkmen Bt, Harlem Rlver. W
100th et aad Pt Nlcholee eve
The 5.Vh Electlon Dletrlct le hounded hv
and wlthln Inwood et.. Dyckman at. Ilth
ave., St NicholtB ave . W 188d at . Broad?
wa' w l?3it at and Hudeon Rlrerr
.*?>! h Electlon Dlatrtct ts lour.ded br
and wlthln Spuyten Duvvll Preek. Harlem
Rlver. Dyckman ef.. InwooJ et. and Hud?
son R've
Tht lst Electlon Dlatrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln E 8t?th Bt, 2d ave . E 88th at . and
lexlngton ave
Tl.e 26 Electlon Diatrict ls bounded bv and
withln E 00th et . 2d ave.. E Kbth st. to
Lexlngton ave.. and a d*ag-_nal Une from the
corner of E M?tt ?: end lexlngton ava to
the corner ot 8d ave and E 90th et.
The 8d Election I>ietrlct :a bounded by and
withln E. 031*?st , 2d ara., E*. Old at.. lat ave ,
E Hls, st.. 2d ave . E BOth st to &d ave . a
? Magona: line from the corner of E. BOth et
and 8U ave to the corner of E. Sitlh et. and
Lexlngton ave., Lexlngton ave.. K 01st st.
and Sd ave.
The Ith Election Dlatrtct lt bounded by and
wlthln E. Md s* . lst ave. E. Wth st , Eatt
Hlver, K. P2d st ond 2*1 eve.
The *th Election Dlttrlct ie hounded by and
wlth'.n E 04th st, lat ave., E. 03d at and Sd
Tho 6th E'ectlon Dl?trt,-t Is bounded by and
withln E -ftth at., 2d ava . H W.n st , Eaet
Rlver. E. Wth st. end 3d ave.
The 7th Klectlon Dletrlct Is bounded by and
?althin E. 07th Bt, Cd nve , E. 05th Bt and Sd
The Sth Electlon Diatrict la bounded h? and
wlthln 11 ^Oth st, East Rlver, E Ofith et., 2d
ave . E 07th Bt und 10 eve
The Oth Electlon Distrlct Is bounded by and
wlthln E lolst at. East Rf.er. E t*0th at
and 3d ave
Oth Electlon Dlatrtct Is hounded by and
wlthln E. 101st at., 3d ave. E. BOth at and
Lexlngton ave
The Ilth Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by and
withln E 102d Bt, 2d ave K lOlat rt and
Lexlngu.r e\.*
The 12th Electlon Dletrlct ts boi.nded hv and
wlthln K 104th et. Lexlng-on e.e., | lfW.h
et and l'ark ave.
The if'h Electlon rMetrlct :a hounded ty and
wlthln i: l'*4th Bt, Sd ave . E. 10-0 Bt and
Lexlng-on ave.
The Hth Electlon Dletrlct le bounded bv and
wlthln E 10-Sth st . 31 ave . E. 104th et ,
Parit ave.. E lo.'.th et and I_>x1nffto*n ave.
The lf,th Klectlon Dlstrtrf is bounded by and
wlthln E 100th Bt., 2d ave E 102d et. and
8d ave
The 18th Electlon Dletrlct ls hounded bv ard
withln E 100th Bt., Eest Rlver, E. lOlet at.
and 2d MB
Th? i|. Ele*tK,n rnetrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln -Charlea at., W 4th at, Chrtotopher st.
and Bleecker st
The 2d Electlon Distrlct la bounded by and
wlthln W. Ilth at. W. 4th Bt., Charlea tt. and
Bleecker et
The 3.1 Election District li tour.ded by ard
wlthln W. 4th et , W. Ilth il . Bleecker tt ,
Ahlngdon trjuere and 8t*h ave
The 4th Election Diitrlct li bounded hy and
wlthin .ftn* et . Greenwlch eve , Bank at,
Waverly place. W. 11th ef. end W. 4t_ Bt
Tiie 6t!i E4_ctlon Dletrlct la bounded bv and
withln UV Ilth et . Waverly place. Bank et ,
Greenwhh a*.e . W 12th Bt, 7th avt.. Grrt-en
wich ave. to Berty st , a diagonal lint from
tbe corner of Oreenwtch ave. end Perry- et. to
the corner of Wevtrl-* place and Charlea et .
Charlea st. *and W. 4th et.
T?lc Htt, El".ti,.ii Dletrh : la bounded by and
withln W. 10th et , Greenwlch ave . Tth ave .
W. 12th st . l.th ave , tircenwlch ave., 4_jn1ett
pher st nnd Waverly place.
The 7tn Blectlon Iiietrlct ts bounded hy and
wl'hln ''harlea st to Waverly place*. a dtajt
nal line from fhe corner ->f .'herlrs st. a. J
Waver'v ptaoe to the corner of Ferry st and
Greenwlch av* . 4ireenwkh ave , W 10th at,
Wavertv place, rhrlstopher st end W Ith Bt
Tbe 8th Electlon Dletrlct |s bounded by and
wlthln Chrls-opher at.. Oreenwtch ave., 0tb
eve . W Weshlngion piece and W. tth at
Tbe 9ti Electlon Dletrlct la ho-nned b. snd
wlthin W Weehlngton place, Waahlngton
Square Weet, Weehlngton Roiiare North. L'nt
vereltv r'are. 8th BL. Broadway. Oth at., #th
ive., I_afayette et, Oreat Jones et. W. Id at.
tnd 8th ave
The 10th Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by and
wltlln W ?-th st, E. Sth st. ITnlveretty
place. Waahlngton BViuere Weet. Wsshlngtou
co'.ere North. W Waahlngton place and 0th
Th* Ilth Electlon Distrlct Ib boundrd bv
aad Wlthla W 4>th st. hth eve.. E. 10th et .
?"rniverslty Place. K. 34th st. 4th ava.. Y.
0th Bt . Broadway, E. Bth st . W. Sth at. and
Oth ave
The 12th Electlon District ls bounded br
and wlthln W J2th et . E. 12th at , f'nlver
alty Place. F 10th et . 5th ave.. W Oth st
and 6th ave *
The 13th Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by
and wlthin W. 34th Bt, E 14th at, Cnlver
sltv Plnee. E. 32th st , W 12th s: and 7th
The Mth Electlon Dletrlct is bounded by
and withln W. 14th et. 7th ave . *w. 12th at..
Greenwlch ave., Jane at. and Sth ave
The 16th Electlon Dtatrlct ts bounde 1 hy
end wlthin W. 18th et. Sth ave., W. 14th tt.
and 7th ave.
Th* Idth Electlon Dlttrlct ll boindtd by
and wlthin E. 21tt tt. to I-txIngton ave..
tl.enee a line from I?>jrlngtcm ave. and E
21at et. through Gramercy Park to Irvlng
Place end E. 20th et, Irvlng Piece, E 14th
at and 5th eve.
The 3 7th Klectlon Dletrlct la hounded by
and wlthln E -.td st . RJ eve., E. -15th*at..
Irvlng Place, through Gramercy Park to
l.exlngton ave. and E 21st.. atid Lexlngton
The 16th Electlon Distrlct ia hounded by
end wlthln E. 22d et.. 4th ara. E. 07th at.
lexlngton ave . E 21et at. and Sth a-.e
The I9th Electlon Dletrlct te hounded by
and wlthln W. 8Sd st, Bth eve , W. 18th et
and 7th eve. ,
The 20th Election Dletrlct ie bounded hy
tnd wlthln W 25th tt.. 7th tve.. W. 22d at.
and Sth avt. , . _* . i'.'_
The 21et Electlon Distrlct ls bounded by
tnd wlthin W. 28th at. ?th ave.. W 29th at.
Sth ave W 2"!d st. and 7th sve.
The 22d Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by
and wlthln E. 20th Bt, Ith evt, E 22d at
an.l Ith sve ...
The 23d Electlon Distrlct tt bounded hv
and withln E Ittth Bt. 4th avt.. E. Slet^ at.
Lexln/ton %ve.. E 27th at. tth ave . E. 2*th
at. and 5th ave
The lat Electlon Dlatrtct to bounded hy and
wlthln E Wth et, Id ave.. E 01st at and
Lexlngton av,
Tbe 2d Blftion Dletrlct te ^,??Kinded by and
: 07th et. Sd ave.. 15 04th et. an4
Lexlngton ave.
Tht SA MUetlon DIttrl't It lw>unded hy aad
wlthln B. ?8th et.. Madison av? . B 07tb at,
I-exlEgton eve , E. 00th et and Bth ave.
The Ith Electton Dlatrtct le iwunded by and
wlthln E. Wth st., Sd ave.. K ?Tth at. and
Park avt.
The 6th Electton Dletrlct lt bounded by ana
wlthln E. 00th et. Park ave.. E. 07th Bt,
Madison avt . B Wth st and Bth ave.
The 0th -Eltctlon Dlttrlct It boundtd bf ena
wtthln E. I02d at . Madlaon avt.. E. lOIei et.
Park ave, E lOfnh et.. I_?x1n0ton evt., lt
G#th et and Sth ave.
Tht 7th Blectlon Dletrlct la bounded by a~
wlthtn B lOBd at, MadOaon ave . B. lW4li tt.
ya.fy ave . E. 101st Bt, Madison uvt.. E W)2d
et end Bih ave
The Sti, Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by eno
wlthla E l0*lh (t*. Madleoa ave., E. 106th BL, I
Park ave . E 104th Bt, Madlson "ave., B. 108d
st snd 6th sve.
The tth Electlon Dlstriet te beunded by and
wlthln E in7th st. Park ava. ?.. lOOth st
and 6th ave.
The 10th Election -latrtct to bounded by end
wlthlr, E. 10?th at- Perk eve., E. 1681b st ,
l_exlngton eve E. 106th et. and Madlson ave.
Th* llth Electlon Dlstrtct ia hounded by
and withta E Ifi.th at, Madlson ave lj
1'iSth Bt, Park av*., E. 107th st. and'6th
The Mth Election Dletrlct to bounded by
aad wlthln E 110th st. Park ave , E 108th
st , Msdlson ave . E. 100th st. and 6th ave.
The 18ih Eiectlen Dtotrlet is bounded by
and wlthln E. Jltth st.. Madlaon ave.. E.
ll">tU st and ,*>th ave
The 14th EJeclion Dletrlct Is bounded by
and wltbin _. 113th st. Park ave., E. 110th
st atd Madlson av*
The 16ih Election Dlstrtct is bounded hy
f,n?wW,Ulln K- -**** "?*? Madlson ave.. E
118th at nnd 6th eve
The 16th Electlon Dletrlct is bounded by
and within E l_?th et.. Park ave., E 118th
st. and Madlson av*.
The 17th E'.tctlon Dlstrtct la bounded by
and wlthln E 118th et , Park av* , E 116th
st and Madlson av*.
The 18th Electlon Dlstrtct ie bounded bv
and tvlthtn E. mth et, Madlaon ava.. E.
116th at. and 6th ave
The 10th Electlon Dtotrlet to bounded hy
and wlthln I*. 118th st , Park ave., E ll?th
st and 6th ave.
The 20th Electlon Dtetrict Is bounded by
end wlthln E. 120th Bt. Park eve., E. 119th
et end 6lh ave
Tbe lit Election District ls bounded by and
within W 40th it, 7th ave., W. 8rtth St and
6tb ave.
The 2d Electlon Dlatrlct Ie bounded by and
wlthln W. ?3d et, 7th ave . W. 40th st. and
Sth ave.
The 3d Blectlon District ls bounded by end
wlthln W. 4?th st. 7th ave.. W. 48d st and
8th ave
I he 4th Blectlon Dlstrtct ls beunded by and
wlthln W. 4?th st , 7th avs., W. 46th st. and
bth ave.
The 6tb Electlon Dlatrlct to beunded by end
wlthln W Md st . 7th eve.. W. 40th st and
Sth ave.
The 6th Eltctlon District is bounded by and
-vithln W. *.7u. st. 7th ave- W. 63d at. and
Sth ave
The 7th Ele-tlon Dletrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln W. 67th st, Bth ave., W. 631 st. and
7th ave
The Sth Electlon Dlatrlct to bounded by an-1
wlthln W. 68d et., 6th ev*., W. 48th et. and
7th ave.
The ?th Blectlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by and
wlthln W. 4V*th et.. ?th ava to W. 47th et., a
dlagonal llne from the corner of W. 47th et
end 6th ave. to the carner of W. 48?h st. end
7th eve., and 7th av*.
Tho Mth Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by and
wlthln W. &Oth et. Ath are , W 46th et t.. ti.?
- orner of Tth ave.; thence a dlagonal llne to
the corner of W. 47th et. end 6th ave., end
6th av*
The llth Election Dletrlct la bound*d by and
wlthln XV. 46U. st . 6tb av*., XV 87th st and
-tb ave.
Tne 12th Electlon Dlstrtct ls boitnded by
and Wlthla XV. 46th st, 6th avs, W. 87th
st un.! 7th ave.
Th*- l?th Klectlon Dietrlr.t ls boundsd by
and within W. 87th et. Sth ave.. XV SOtb
?t. and 7th ava
The llth Klectlon Dtetrtct li bounded by
and wlthln W. 36th et.. 6th ava. W 2*-;h
et and 7th ave
The 16th Electlon Dlatrlct ti bounded by
and wlthln W. 37tli Bt, E. 37th at. Medieon
ave., E. l.'id at. 6th ave . W 20th at and
6th ave.
The 16th Electlon Dlatrlct le bounded bv
and wlthln E. 87th at.* lexlngton ave. i:
:ilst at. 4th ava,. E 8<ith et. Sth prt , .':.
tM it and Madlaon ave.
The 17th Electlon Dlatrlct ls berunded by
and wlthln E 37th st , 8d ave., E. 34th et
snd I-exii.gton ave.
The IMh I-lertloa Dlstrtct le bounded by
snd wlthln B. 4'Hh st. Ad eve.. E Mth et.
end Lexlngton sve
The 10th Electlon District le bounded bv
and wlthtn E Mtn et, Lexlngton sve. E
37th *'. snd ftb av.
The 20th Election District Is bounded bv
and w ithln -A Md at , 6th ave.. E .'.4th BL,
Psrk ave . y? r..d et . laexlngion ave., E.
49th st. f.th eve. W. 60th at. and 6?h _? *
The 21ft Electlon Dfartrtet Is bound-d by
and wltbin E 66th st . Ix-xlngton ave. E.
:,'id st. and Perk ave.
The 22d Election Dlatrlct Is boundec: \y
and wlthln W 87th st . E 67tli et. Part.
ave.. E. 64th st , 6th ave . W Md st a-jd
?U ave
The iet EMctloa Dletrlct ls bounded by and
witmu K. Uttip at . 8d ave., E. lo*tr. et and
Lexlngton ave
The 2d Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by and
wlthln E. lOoih st. 2A av*., E i"7u. st.. lst
av*., E 100th Bt. td av* , B luf.th st an-1
Au eva
Th* 3d Election District la LoUadr*. ly ani
wlihin E. 110th at . Herletr, Blver E UWth
ai . lst eve, E. B*7th et . __ ev*.. ? 100th *?
an-1 3d ave
The ath Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by ent
within E. lMJth st, 3d a>? . %. h*th s' 2-1
av*.. ? i_Mh at and laexlngton ave
'ihe 6th Electlon Dletrlct I. bounded by and
within E. lltfth st . I?ex1ngt_n ave V l'*th
et. and Park ave
The 6th Election Dtotrlet ta bo.nded i*} and
wlthln E 112th st . 8d eve, E. 111th et ,
Lexlnciofl ave. E. 110th st and I'ark eve
The 7th Ele-tlon Dlstrtct ls t-our. le I by and
wlthln E 118th st . 24 ave. ?: ll"'* st .
L*xlri*tnn ave B Hlt). et and 8d eve
Tl.e 8th Klectlon District li bourMeii l-y and
wlthln E 114th it . 2-1 ave. E 112th st to
l.exlrgton ave. a dlagonal llne treea tbe cor
ner *f Lexlngton a\? end E 112th at M tha
corner of E 113th et end 3d ave . and 3d
The Oth Election Dlstrtct ls bounded bv and
wlthln E 114th st. lst eve. E 111th ? ? .
Harlem Rlver. E 110th rt ar.rt 2>* av*
The 10th Etootlor- Dlstrtct Is bounded by end
wlthln E 116th at . Pjeesent eve . E. ll?th st .
Harlem Rlver. Rendells end Wsrds I.lands.
K 1 llth et . lst ave . E Il4ih i- and 2d ave
The llth Electloo Dletrlct to bounded by and
witbln E 114th st.. Lexlngton av* , E 118th
s' to 8d sve.. s disgonsl llne from tb* corner
of E 118th st snd 3d sve to the corner of D
U2th et and Lexlngton ave., E 112th et and
Bar*. ave
The 12th Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by end
wlthln E 118th et.. Sd ave . E. 118th Bt, Lex?
lngton ave . r. 114th f and Park ave
The 18th Electlon Pte'rlct Is bounded by and
wlthln E. ilBth at.. 2d av* , E 114th st and
Ed ave.
The 14th Electlon Die'rl-' Is bounded by end
within E al8th at, Sd ave.. E. 117th st. tt
s e E ifnth st, 8d sve, B 116th it and
Lexlngton ave
The 13th Ele-tlon Dlstrtct ts bounded bv snd
wlthln E 118th st , I-sxington ave. E llCJh
at 3d av? , E tlflth st and T'srk ave
The lftte Electlon Dlitrlct ls hounded by and
wltbin E. 118th et. ai ave , E 118th at. and
Psrtc ave.
The lat Blaetlcs* Dletrlct la bounded by and
wlthln W. 61th Bt. Central Park Weet, W.
66th st and Columbus ave
The td Btortlon DJstrlct ls hounded by and
wl'hln W ?rh at . eeotral T"ark West. Vv
?Oth st end Columbus avs
The td iOeetlon District ls bounded by and
wlthln W. 60th st.. Broadway. W. 68th at and
Coi-irnbua ave.
Th* ith Electl-n Dlitrlct li bounded by and
wlthln W. 6<Kh Bt. Tth eve . W. 67U, Bt end
8th ave, ... __
The 6th Election Dlstrl t Is bounded by end
wlthtn W. 60th st . E 60th st. Psrk ave.
B 67th st W 87tb st snd 7th sv-e
The flth Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by end
wlthln E. 62d et. Medlson *va, E 61st M..
Lexlngton ave.. E. 66th st. Psrk eva, i.. 60th
et end Sth er*
The 7th Etoction Dtotrtot Is bounde* by snd
wlthln E. 60th at. 8d eve.. B. 6*th st and
Lextnglon ava. _ ... _ a
Th* Sth Blectlon m.trirt to boanded by and
wlthlr. E. ?4th at . AU ave . B. ?nh at. end
^Ttie Oth Mecilon District Is hounded by end
wnritii B Mth et.. Lexlngton av* . g. 61st st,
Msdlscn ave, E <53d st snd 6th ave
Th* 10th Blectlon Dtotrlc- ta bounded by and
wlthlr, V JG tL. M ??*??. ?- ?4rt? M ?nd
^Tbe'-ltl-'-Ue'-tlon Irtstrlrt to b-.unded by end
wlthln a llne runnlng from Central .Park W-et
snd W 78th St. to bth sve. 6th sv* . E 721
!t Lexlngton ave,. E <*lh st , 6th ave. W
Ra'th st aad OntraJ Park "Aeat
The 12th Electlon District Is bounded by and
wlihin E 74th st, 3d sve, B 70th st. and
1>*Thef18lth*Erectlon Dletrlct Is hounded by snd
wlthln B nxb st. Lexlngton ave.. B 72d et.
""The^ltfh'Electlon Dletrlct Is bounded hy end
wlThln a\ tbtb st . Lexlngton eve.. E. 76th st.
*"lTT.*th16t.?' ElecUon Dlstriet is bounded by
and'w-uhln a llne ruanlng from W. ?ta si
C.nTrSl Park Weet to 8tb ave. 6th .?*,
r 60th st . Madtoor. ave.. E. Blst s' L- x
irston ev. E. 7sth Bt. ?*h ave. a llne run?
ning from bth ave and E T__ et to Cen
tralI Park W*et and W. 76th Bt. and Central
tljarlr \V ?*"*(?
The I6th E'.ectlon District ls bounded hy
and within E 8M ?<-. _?**jj?f '_? ^ r,li
81st st. Madlson ave.. E. 6<>:h s; and Cth
* The 17th Blectlon Dlstrtct to bounded by
and wlthla X ?dtb et. Lexlngton ave.. E
WThV 18lh Etocllon"Dtotrlet to bounded by
and wlthln E. *6th Bt, Park ave., E 83d
The 18th Wection Dletrlct la bounded by
end wlthln E. 67th et. I.exlngton avs.. K.
Mth st and Madlson sve _,._,.__
The 20*h Election District is bounded by
and wlthln K ?**. K_ fe_l eve E Mth
st. Medlson ave.. EJMth at and 8th av*.
The 21st Electlon Dlstriet ts hounded t-y
snd witM.. E. 60th st . Lexlnrton ave., B
Mth st. aud Perk ave _,_, .
The 22d Klectlon District le bounded bv
and wlthln E tinth st.. Perk ave.. E. Mth
st and fcth eve ._*_*?.
The 23d Electlon Dletrlct la bounded by
and wlthln T. 01st et . lexlngton ave.. at
8i.i h at and1 Perk evjr
The 24th Election Dlstrtct is beunded b>
and within F. WJ Bt, Park ave., E. 00th
si and 6th av* _w__, -_
Th* J5th EI-K-tlr-n Dtotrlet la hounded by
and wlthln F. f*6th Bt. Lexlngton ava. E.
Blat et and Park eve.
The 2flvh Elsellon Dlatrlct ls boundod by
and wlthla Traa-rere* road from C.?ntral
Park West end W, ?7th et to 6th ave . 5th
ave. E Odth et., Perk eve B 08d et 6th
ave.. Transvsrae r.ed eerose ("entral Park
at agth si , and Central Park VTeat
Th* lst Electlon Dlstriet to bounded bv
snd wlthla K UTtb e\ Harlem Rlver, B
lldth et, pitae-at ava, E. 116th at aad
?*d ave.
The 2d felectloD Dletrlot ii bounded -yr
end wlfhln E. 118th et. let ave.. E. 110th
et., Harlem Kiver, E. 117th et and 2d ave.
The 3d Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by
end wtthln E. 118th at. 2d ave , E. 117th at
end 3d ave.
Tlu ith Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by
end wlt!,:n K. 121et et. 2d ave., E. 118th
et. 3_ ave. E. lJ.Afh st and Lexlngton ave.
The 5ti. Electlon Dletrlct ie bounded by
end within E. 12181 et, let ave.. E. 116m
et and 2d av*e.
Th? ?th Election Dletrlot tt bounded br
and wUhln E. 121tt at. Harlem Rlver, E.
llwth et and let ave.
The Tth Electlon District Is bounded br
and wlthln E. 124th at. Harlem Rlver. E.
121st st and lst ave.
The 8th Eltctlon Diatrict la bounded by
and withln E. IMM at., let ave., E. Itlet
it. and M ave.
The Bth Election Diatrict ie bounded br
and wlthln E. 120th Bt, Harlem Rtver. E
IMth st. end 2d eve.
The 10th Electlon Diatrict le bounded by
end wlthln E. 132*d et. Harlenc Rlver. 2d
ev. ., E 12dth Bt, Sd ave., E. 129th et aod
Lexlngton ave.
The Ilth Eieetlen IMatrtct ts hounded l>7
end wlthln E 128th Bt. 80 ave., E. 125th
et. and Lexlngton ava.
The 12th Electlon Dletrlct la bounded by
and wlthln E. 12?th at. 2d are.. E. 12Sd at
and Sd eve.
Th.* Ifith Electlon Dtotrtet le bounded by
and wlthln E. 120d at, 2d ava, E. 121-t st
and 3d ave.
The 34th Electton District to bounded by
and wtthln E 125th at.. Sd ava. E. 121st et
and Lexlngton ave.
The 16th Electlon Dlatrtct Is bounded br
end wtthln E. 122d et., Lexlngton eve.. E.
ll?th et and Park ave.
The ItVh Klectlon Dlttrlct It beunded hy
and wlthln E. 125th st. Lexlngton eve., E.
122,1 et and Park ave.
The 17th Electlon Dletrlct to hounded by
end within a diagonal Une from the corner
cf Madison ave. and E 124th Bt to the cor?
ner of Fark ave. and E. 123d st. Park ave_
E. 120th st and Madtson eve.
The 18th Election Dletrlct to bounded by
and wlthln E. 120th et. Park ava. a dleg
cnel line from the corner of Park ave, and
E UN st la Madleon ave. and E 124th at.
and Madleon ave.
The lfitt. Electlon Dletrlct Ie bounded br
and wlthln E. I2?th et, Lexlnrto-n ara.. ***.
125th at. and Perk avt.
The 20th Electlon Dlttrlot le boundtd by
and wtthln B. 181it tt. L__ki*fton ave. E.
130th tt. an.l Sth ave. ,
The 23it Electlon Dlitriet lt bounded hy and
wlthln E 333d pt, Madteen ave., E. 10_d et,
I-exlngtou aea . E 181et et. and 5tb ave
The 22d Electlon Dletrlct to bounded by aad
wlthin E 130th et, H|rl-m Rlvei, E 1.12d Bt,
Madison ave.. E. 1-84 et. and 6th ave
The 2Sd Election DUtrlct te bounded by and
vlti ln W. 130th tt.. Bth avt.. W. 185th tt. and
Lenox ave.
T.ne 24th Electlon Dletrlot le bounded bv aad
wlthln W lSXth et. Sth ave, W. 18-th et
an*' I_>nox sve
The 26th Klectlon Dletrlct la botmdtd ? ? and
wlthln a llagonei Uoe from the corner of
lenm eve and W 180th et to the corner of
W. !4<Hh st and 6th eve.. Bth are.. W. 188th
et a-d t_tncx a\e
T,e -_*th Elc-ctlon Dtstriet ts bounded by end
Wlthla Herlem Rtver. W. 140th et. Bth ave to
the corner of W. 140th et , a diagonal Uoe from
the boraar nf W Ttnth et and nth ave. to the
correr of W. l?r>. st and Lenox ave. and
I<ri,ri tve.
The 27'h E'.ectlon Distrlct ti bounded hy and
vrithtn Herlern Rtver. F 138th et and Bth ave.
The lst Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by and
wlthln W. 112th et. Lenox ave., W. llotb et
and 7th ave
. li? Id Dectloa Dtetrtet U bounded by and
??! hln \t 112th et., Sth ava. W. IKKh et ai-1
Lanai ave.
The Sd Election District la bounded by and
within a diagonal iltie from tha corner of
I-**n..x e\e end W. 112th et to tbe etyrner of
W liath st tnd Sth ave, Sth ave and W.
112th rt
Ith Election Dlttrlct to bounded by and
?elthln w 114th it. 8t*h ave. a dla0onal Une
from the corner of Bth ave. and W USth et.
tc ti,e oarame of w, 112th tt and L-enea evt..
tnd T-en.,x eve
The |th Election Dlltriot to beunded by ind
withln W 114th et, Lenox ave.. W. 112th et
?ad Ht. Nlcholei ave
Thr t.th Electlon Dletrlct le bcundt, by and
wlthln corner cf st Nlcholaa avt ar.d W
I15th st . II Meholae ave, XV. 112th et and
7th eve
Th-* 7th Electton Dla'r|~t la bountled hy tnd
wtthln W lllth et . Lenox ave., W. 114th st
I -> Ntchoias ave.
The "th Klectlon District to bounded hy and
wlthln w urth st . Oth eve . W. 114th et. and
Laataa ><-,
The Wh F.l-*-t|cn Dletrt-l le bounded by and
a dlst'.na; line from the ,v,rner of
I_?r.',i ev* fg?d W ll?th Bl to the corner ft
Sth eve and W. 117th at , Sth ave.. W 116th
st end 1
Tbe 10th Rie Moe Dlsfrlet le bounded hy and
wltt.ln a d.ag .nat llr.e fr,mi tha corner of XV.
1174h r' e-rt 7th a*.-* to the --orner of 1-enc.x
nve end W 138th et \+n<n ere . W 116th
st . Ht M,-hola? are end 7th ave
? Ilth Elect-OU Dlatrtct ls beunded b- t,d
wlthln *-v r.*?'h st . I_.nc,x ave. to W 110th
a, . a -iler'-nel i|n. from tht eerner of W
I Ittth *: aad I-*no_ eve to the corner of W.
117*4* tl nre! ftl) eve . tnd 7lb tve
The IStl BUctie. Dlrtrlct to hounde-1 hv and
? dugonel ilne from the corner of Lenox
eve ar.d W !l**'a>Bt to the corner of S'.h ave.
aad W IITtfc st , a diagonal ltne from 'he
'..,ne, of .',*? sve and W 117Mi st to tbe cor
, \jrnox ave and W. lldth st, and Lenox
Tl.e I3fh Ele-tlon Dletrlct 1a beunded by and
wlthln a dlagonel ilne from the corner of W.
118th et end T^nox eve to fhe corner of W
llBth st BBd Iti avr . 6th ave to W 117th st.
a diagonal ltne to the corner of W.
1!"'). et an I I..r I ave
The 14th Election Dletrlct le beunded by ead
? Itl.tn W llWili st to the -erfier of Sth eve.
- e diagonal Ilne to the corner of W
llHth st ei.d I>*nox eve . W. 118th st and .th
Ti.r 15th Electlcr. P'.itrt-t la bounded hv and
|10th al 'f art W 117th et , 6t
. av, Vv 110th at end 0th are
The I0tb Klectlon Dtatrlct le hounded and ,
wlthln W \ry>'h Bt . 8th eve. W. 118fh Bt
anl Mai-l.att-n eve
The 17ti, Electlon Dtatrlct le lounded by and
withln vv 130th at . 7Ui a* t., W He'h "*
;..* 1 "ti, eve ___*,?.
The inth Electlon Dlttrlct to bounded bv and |
wlthin W l'.ist f . 7th eve . W. 12<>th et. end ?
Manhattan ave |
The Itth Electlon Diitrlct ts bexinde-1 by anl i
wlthln W. 13d st. tth art.. W UBM et
Manhattan ave. W. lM'h et end Morningside
Avenue Eeet .
The 20th Klectlon Dletrlct le bounded by end
wlthln W 1_.d et. 7th eve. W. 111st at . Bt
Nlcholaa e*.e and tth ave ___,*_ a
Th- "Isf Electlon Distrlct to bounded by end ,
wlthln W 13d *l . Lenox ave.. W. llfth et
snd 1th ave , _ ___,?. _
The .*_-1 Eirctl-n Diatrict ta baunded by end
wlttiUi W 13d Bt, Mount Morrls evt V,^
IMth -t tO r.th eve e Ilne throuah Mount |
Mcrrli. PsrV tf> the corner of w. lWli et. end
IthaTe -tli a*.e . W !l?th tt, and I-enox ave
The -iJd Ele. ttcn District ls bounded b? tnd
wtthln W 33d Bt, I^nox a.-e, W. lHd tt
"Vhe It'hFlectlon Dtatrlct ls h^un^el.jiy ?na
wlthln W lZVh st . I-??vox ave . V 1!Jh s^ :
f-th ave.. W 124th at , Mount Morria ave., W.
ItSn nl end' 7th eve ... _
Tte 2 ?'. E ectton Dtetrtet ls hounded br end ?
wlthln W 13th st. I>er.ox ave , W. 114th tt,
Tth ave. W l?d et end ?h ?*"___
Klectlon Dtotrtet lt bounded hv tnd
wtthln W irth et , Lenox avt . W. IJBth Bt,
7th ave . W l?th et snd Ith ave
The 27th Electlon DMrlcf ls bounded bv tnd
wltHn W l"?th ?t . I/enoi ave.. W irth Bt,
Ub eve . W 128th et end Tth ave.
The *i'h Electlon Dtetrlet la beunded ?.*.
wltMr F I""*! st , Mndtson eve. E l**>fh et
to tSo et**-* "f -Sth are e ltne throuah
Mount Merrle Perk to fhe eorner of E 1.4th
st end Sth ave . and tth ave
e u Leeatlaa Hl?w Occupled
2a. 104 Lincoln ave.?*"*?!?
214 1 -.7 A lexander ave.r.7_L~
.?? 85a E.-ia.Hd et./.i^fj
31. 474 rf l.V.th et.??*'? >
::-.' 113 Wlliie eve.? or
M. 47.', E I00t? st.Ta or
M 511 K t-IHh ?.-},%'?*'
W. 504 E l?.'td Bt. . . ..??"????
M, 174 Bo. Boulevard.Barher
ED. Locatlon. HowOcrupled
1 M01 8d eve.rurultu.e
I Nt] M ave. T.nii,*!!
3. _!7 Alexander ave.J al ?***
4 '-'.*,*4 Alexander ave..rellor
6 X.-.6 E USth et.???? r?er
fi 17.1 Wlllls ave..,**r,, _
7. 414 E. 138th tt.J*!..!!
k 24.*-. "-Hro-.k eve.2 k ?
!, 20] Wiiiis eve. "t?^__
10. 4.44' E 141et Bt._.rl___
II MH K 143d st. t_7?I
12 4.*7 tf'llll* ave.J,*
13. 47? Wlllls ava.,.? * 1
14. 644, E 148?h st.Orocery
if, 4H e. u.'.th at.;; _A,w.n "*
IH. 4'43 E. 144th st.Lpholsteicr
17. 811 Ht Ann'e ave. aJl-.
18. 673 E. 141et at.iiSS
ii. .Mi, e isuth et. ,? ,Vf'
.'.,. 020 I. i:*.Mh et.?*?,**.
21. rTiH E. I3?th st.S*-..""
.2. ?13 E. lS8th at.?*E*l
tb. 4h7 Jaik*,in ave. ,, ?_y
? r,7<i Proaoart ave.JrUTbv.
W ?4T ta H,>uleverd.?rint
K. ir.'-th at.?%,_r-I
27. 011 Dawaon et .li'f?
Vt 047 Lnngwood ave.Ta h-r
.ft. 803 Intervale ava.-T,'l?
te, aea b. i?3d st.?Sfn'*
II 4i?l Tlffeny et.?..je or
r.' 1028 ?simpeon at.iZSS
.:; 1102 Oarrleon ave.ruZZTZ
?4 1148 Longwood eve.?r**SJ*F
r.. Tremont Rotedale art.______
4(4. 2l",0 Weatchester ara.v!_^.
!7 1138 Havemeyer avt.v_",!
M. IIM ft Fchuyler rd._.!__";
10 1011 F.lham rd..?^.;
I., 141? WllllamehHdfe r*..-..2*U_.
43. 1816 Parker et.S?-?_^
42 2h.r, Westchester ave.?leruer
HT I75? Walker ave.?_"?_
14 541 Ven Neat are.B?,__Z
15 173S Unloaport rd.T***'**ea__i_2-K!
?fl 1804 4-rug.*r ave.tnaertaa-r
?7 ?-4T Morrte Psrk eve..-. ,.,l
IH. MS. White PUlni rd...^.
10 37S7 White plelns rd.-~\*r.
50 8fi?2 Whlt- Ptalne rd.Prt?____
M. 08-0 Bernea ava.???
8840 Whlt* Plalns i_. .Oflfce
63. 682 E. 238d ev. Candy
ni. 4606 Whlte Plalns rd.Dwelllng
56. 278 Clty laland eve.Btationory
Z, D- ... I-oc*'lor How Occuplod
1. 4.7 College ave.Baiber
2. 800 Courilandt ave. Barb-r
3. 360 E. 148th et. Tallor
4. 626 E. 140th st. Tlle
8. 62.". E. 14Uth st.Olase
9. 031 Jackson ave.Junk
7. C.10 Jackson avs.. !.!vecant
8 807 E. 163d at.Tallor
9. nop fnlon ave. Barber
10. 802 Weatcheeter eve..'.Cen.ly
11. 785 Tlnton ave.. Candy
12. 76(1 Trlnlty ave. .Tallor
13 728 Forest ave._Plctures
14. 000 Westcheeter ave. Candy
15 2040 3d ave.'.Barber
16. 632 Melrose av*. ^ Tallor
17. 726 Courtlandt eve. .'...'.'. Candy
18. 46] Courtlendt av*. Berber
10. 713 Courtlandt eve. Tallor
20 818 Courtlandt ave. * Tall-r
-1. 807 Teller ave. Tallor
22. 779 Courtlandt arre..','.._Pool
23. 485 E. 160th at.Tallor
24. 7T6 Melroie av*.!!Tallor
25. 780 Melroee ave. .Barber
"? HB M ?*?.Real Est.i-.e
27. 8316 8d eve.Barber
28. 869 E. 162d et.Barber
29. 841 Waahlngton eve.Vec-mt
80. 619 E. 162d st.Barber
81. 1046 Boston rd.flporting
E.D-_,-. Lpcatlon. How Occupled
L ?ll E. 101st st.Tailor
2. 688 E. l?lst et.Barber
3. $04 Jackson ave.Candy
4. 880 Tlnton eve.Leundry
6. 1006 Foreet ave.Vacant
6. 1007 Tlnton av*.Vacaot
T. 0T8 Proepeet eve. ,' Tallor
8. 1045 Intervale ave.Undertaker
0. 707 E. 165th et.Barber
10. 1112 Boeton rd.Tailor
11. 1147 Tlnton ave.Barber
12. 887 Home et.Barber
13. 886 Home et. Barber
14. 1277 Btebblne ave. Candy
16. 988 E. 169th et. Tallor
16. 1018 Fox at.Ba-ery
17. 976 Freemen st.Candy
16 1308 Ro Boulevard. Barber
19. 1236 Bo Boulevard.Clgara
20. 1406 Wllklns sve. Berber
21. 1404 Proepeet ave.Clgara
13. 1428 Protpert avs.Clgara
23. 1310 Roitor, rd. TaMor
24 635 E. lflOtb st.Trunks
26. 1294 Fulton eve.<*tgars
21. Franklln av*., K. 170th st.Booth
27. 8740 3d av*.,.Barber
28. 1721 Boston rd.Barber
29. 041 E. 172d st.Barber
80. 2008 Boston rd.Candy
81. 826 Tremont ave.Barber
?2. 702 Tretr.ont ave.Bftrher
8*_ 1864 Bethgete ave.Barber
84. 611 E i74th st.BUllard
86. 447 Tremont eve.Hgara
3d. 448 B J80th at.Vacant
87. 2112 Lafontalne eve.Carpenter
38. 2012 Arthur av*.Tallor
80 731 Tremont ave......Barber
40 788 B 180th at._..Clgara
41. 21-16 Trotona ave.Candy
42. 940 E, 180th et.....Barber
43. 667 E 187th st.Barber
44 2860 Arthur ave.Barber
E.D. Locetlon. How Occupled
L Rlver ave X. of 149th et. Boat Factory
2. 095 Ogden ave.Tallor
8. 1072 Ogden ave.. .Church
4. 1171 Jerome ave.Candy
6. 398 E. 166th at.Tettor
fl '_*>.'. E. Ifl5th st.f'ar.dy
7. l?3S Tella-r ave.Barber
8. Mtf Waahlngton ava.Barber
tt. 1182 Waahlngton av*.Prlvst*
10, 1228 Washington ave.Versnt
11. 498 E. ITiith Bt.Hhoes
12 461 E. 16?tb et.Candy
13. 1826 Webster ave.Dart-er
14. 381 E. 109th st.Tsllor
15. 1460 Brook ave.Berber
16. 424 Wendov-sr av*.Barfter
17. r.rrT E 17Iet et.Barber
18. 610 B 1734 at.Blcyclee
19. 1686 Webet*r eve.Candy
20. 1905 Morris av*.Club
tt 1777 \V?ek* a-*.Candv
22. 1272 rhskMprcri eve.Barh. r
23 8 W Burnslde sve . T*ndertak?r
24. 2425 Jerome ave.Berb'-r
2.'- 24.'?*? Jerome ave.Tat'or
26 1065 Webater ave.Plumber
27. 1994 Webiter eve.Plumber
2*- 2077 Ityer ar*.Butcher
29. 2403 Waahlngton ave.Cano'v
80. 821 Fbriham rd._.8hoee
31. 2428 Bathgate eve.Tallor
#2 2f.11 Webster ave.Shoee
33 811*". Webster avs.Carjanter i
84 261 E 204th st.Bhoes
M -'"77 W*Dster sv*.Tailor
31 27Sf. Web*ter ave.Meetlng
37 .846 Brlggs sv*. Barber
38 2660 Brlggs av*.Vacsr.t
89 86 W Klngsbrtdgs rd.Real Estate
-_ Broadway.Barber
11 Klngehrldge ava fl. of 280th s*..Bsrb-r
41' KlverdsU ave, 580th et. Hall
43 809 E 237th st.Barber
The _8th Electlen Dlstrtct ls bounded by acd
wlthln E 118th st , Alexander av*., E. l**-th
Bta Unooln ave., E lMth st , Id ave. and
Harlem Rlver
Tbe 29th Electlon Dlstrtct Is bounded by ard
wlthln E. USth st. Ltncoln ave E. llSth Bt.
Wlllto ave., E 134th Bt. Alexander ave . Har?
lem R1-. sr snd 3d ave
The 10th Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded hv snd
wlthln F. 184th Bt. Bt Anns ave.. B lt.d st .
L*Ml* place. Bronx Klll*. Harlem Blver and
Alexander ave
The llst Electlon Dlstrtct li beunded by end
wlthln B 13-th st , Brook eve, E. l.nh st.
snd Wlllls ave
Ths 8*d Klectlon Dtotrlet ls bounded by snd
within B. 184th st. Bmwn ple--*. E l**-th st
and Wlllls ave
Th* 13d Electlon District I* bounded by end
wlthln _ 1.7th Bt, Brown place E 134th et
? :.d Wlllls ave
The llth Ele-tlon Dlstrtct ls bounded hy and
wlthln E UTth et . Bt. Anns ave.. E iseth at?
and Hrown place
The ISth Electlon Dlstrtct to bounded by and
wlthln E lt'.th et, Cvpreee eve., E. l*3d s'
Eaat Rlver. Bronx Klll*. Lewls pler*. E 113d
et . Bf An-,< sve . B IMfh st and Brook eve.
The llth ElecMon Dlstriet Is bounded l-y and
wlthln E. 121th et . Eeat Rlver. B ltSd st,
fyprees eve , I! 135th at. and Bt Anns eva
The let Election Dlstrtct ts boond?d by aad
wlthln E letth et. Park eva. E 146th st,
Cotlese sve.. Morris avs., Id ave., E 138th et
snd Ilarlem Blver.
Tbe -d Eiectlon Dlstriet ls beunded by end
wlthln ? 114th st. td eve.. Morris av* and
Coii?ge eve
The td Electlon Dtotrlet le bounded hv end
wltbin E 137th et , Brown place. E. laeih at.
A!*xander ave . E 139th et. and Id ave.
The 4ih Electlon Dtotrlet ls bounded by snd
wlthla E. l?_h st . Wlllls ave. E. Ltatb st.
snd Sd av*
The ith Electlon Dtstrt-t to bounded by snd
wlthln E. ll*'h st. Wlllto eva, E. 23ith st.
and Alexsnder ave.
Tbe 6th Klectlon Dlatrlct Is beunded by and
wlthln E. 181th st. Wlllls eve., _. U6th et
and Alexander eve
Tbe Tth Electlon Dletrlct ie bounded by end
wlthlr. E 138th at . Brook ave.. E. II7th at.
and Wlllls eve.
The Ith Ete tlon Dlatrlct is bounded by and
wlthln E 18-th st . Brook ave., B. Itltb st
and Wlllls sve.
The sth Electlon Dlstrtct Is bouadsd by snd
wlthln E. 140th et.. Brook av*.. E. 119th at.
and Alexander ave.
Th* 10th Klectlon Dletrlct ls beunded by and
wlthln E 141st et. Brook ave.. E. 140th st.
and Wlllls av*.
The llth Electlon Dtotrlet la bounded by and
wlthln E Ittd Bt., Brook eva. E. lllst st.
snd Wlllls ave.
The 12th Electlon Dlatrlct ts bounded by and
wlthln E il?h it, Wlllls ave., E. 142.1 st.
and 3d ave.
Th* ISth Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by snd
wlthln E Hlth Bt, Brook ave., E. 144th Bt
and Wlllto ave.
The llth Electlon Dtotrlet Is hounded by snd
wltbin E l?th Bt, Bt Anns ev*., E. 144th st.
and Uro k ave.
The Uth Electlon District to bounded by snd
wlthln E 144th st . St. Anns eve., E. 145th et.
and Wlllto ev*
The llth Electlon Dlstrtct is bounded bv and
wlthln E l?th et. Brook ave.. E. HH st
an.l Wlllto eve.
Tbe 17th Electloo Dlstrtct to bounded by and
wlthln T. 145th at. Bt. Anna ave.. E. Hlst it
The llth Election Dlstrtct to bounded by end
wlthln 8t Marys st. Cypress eve.. E. 141st st.
snd Bt. Anns eve.
The 1-th Election Dletrlct to bounded bv snd
within E. 141st st, Cypress ave.. E. 139th et
"Vbe 30th Electlon Dlstriet 1s bounded by end
within E l?th st. Bt. Anns eve.. E. 187th st
J The "lst Electlon Dtotrlet la bounded by end
wlthln l- BS et. Eest Rlver. E. I3?th E
and flt. Anns ave. .
The 32d Electlon Dlstrtct ts hounded hy and
wlthln E -S?th et Cyp**"*** "?*? ? *"*? 14"* ?*??
r_eu.t fve E lto'th if.. Eaat Blv.r. ? 118th
st and 11 Anns eve.. elso Rlkefe. end North
and Sc.uth Brother's lelands. ...
n*? Klectlon Dlitrlct to hounded by and
w.lhTn E 14Bth st East ?fc? *?* fr
I>ocust sve.. E. Hlst st. Cyprtet eve., Bt.
Marys et and frt Anna sve.
The "4th Electlon Dlstrtct Is bounded ov and
wltnln Kelly it. St John. ava. Bw* it
Iasggett ave . Whltlock av*., E. l?th st. end
PT_T-?h Eiectlon District * MtaMStt QtS
^rVhln _2na*ood ave Whltlock eve Laggett
sv* Beck st *t J"hns eve. and Kelly at.
The 36th Electlon District ls bounded by end
within Mscy ptoce. Hewlit plece. Longwood
eve Kelly et end Proape-tt eve.
Th* "7th Fl*ct1-n r-lstrlrt ts bounded by snd
wlthln Weeteneeter av. . Bt*bbl**s s-ra. Daw
son st.. Longwood ave.. Hewltt ptoce, Mecr
r.lac* end Proepeet eve.
The Sth Electlon Dlstrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln West.-heeter sve. Kelly at. Lonrwood
ave Dawson st end Stebhlns eve.
The 29th Electlen Dtotrlet Is _?nded by and
wlthln Interval. .va rfimp**n st . Tlffany st
Southern boulevard. Longwood,ave end Kelly
* The 80th Electlon Dlstrtct Is b-und*d b*. snd
wlthln E. lOd Bt fleuthem beulev-ard. Tlffany
at. Blmpeon st. Intervels ?''?and Kelly st
The llet Electlon District Is bounded bv snd
wlthln W'eetcheeter sve.. Fox at. E. l?d st
"Th* i"d -Ttectlon Dlstrtct Is bounded by snd
wlthtn Weetchester eve.. Bouthern boulevard,
E l(td et. end Fox at.
The Md Electl n District is hounded by end
wlthln Bronx Blver, LeiayeUe ava. Hunt'a
Polnt ave.. Southern boulevard aad Weet
chester ave.
The S4th Electl? Dlstrtct ie bounded by end
within Hunt'e Point ave.. Lafsyette ave.,
Bronx Rlver. Eaet Rlver. E 149th st. WMt
tocti eve.. Longwood eve. and Bouthern bouto
The 85th Eiectlon Dletrlct ls bounded by
and wlthln Walker ave. TTneiiali eve., E
177th et.. Reech ave.. Weetcheeter av*., Puge
iey ave , Wiikin* Creek, Pugaley Creek. East
Blver, or the Long Island Sound. and the
Bronx Blver.
The Mth Eiectlon District ls bounded by aad
wlthln Westcheeter ava., Csetle Hlll av*.,
Pugsley Creek and WiUlna Creek ead Pugeiey
The 87th Election Dlstrtct ls bounded by end
wlthln Westcheeter ave.. Seabrey Creek weet?
cheeter Creek and Castle Hlll ave.
The 38th Electlon District ia bounded by and
within the ('ausewey. Fort Bchuyler road.
(oddlngton ave., Eaatern boulevard. I_ayton
av*.. East Rlver, or Long Island Bound. and
Weetcheeter Creek.
The 3-th Election Dlstrtct to bounded by aad
wkhtn Glvens Creek, Hutcblneons Rlv*r, East
chester Bay. East Biver. or Leng Island So.ind.
Layton ave., Eaatern boulevard. o>1d1n*ton
eve., Fort Bchuyler road, the Csusewey and
Westcheeter Creek.
The euth Electlon Dlstrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln Pelham parkway. Weetcheeter Creek.
fieabrey Creek, W?eteh*st*r ave.. Zerega av*.,
Olebe eve, tt Peter'i ava. Walker ave..
Silver at. and Willlamsbrtdge road.
The llst Electlon Dletrlct ts bounded by ead
wlthln Walker ave.. Bt. Peter s ave.. Olebe
ave., Zerege eve.. Westcheeter eve. and Castle
Hlll av*.
Th* 4_d Election Dletrlct ls bounded byend
wlthln Walker ava. castle Hlll ave.. weit
cheeter ave. and Beeeh ave.
The 43d Electlon District to bounded by and
within Walker ave.. Beaoh ev*., li. 177th at.
end Roaedale av*.
The 44th Electlon Dtotrlet to beunded by sad
wlthln Boeton Post road, Bronx Park Eaet
Cnlonport road. Morris Psrk eve., Oarfleld et..
Walker ave. and the Bronx Rlver.
The 46th^Electlon Dlstrtct to bounded br aad
wltbin Morris Psrk sve., Bronxdale ave..
Walker eve. and Garfleld st.
The 44-h Electl-m Dlstrtct ls bounded by aad
wlthln Bronxdale ave., Harnel ave., Merris I
Park ave and Cnlonport road
The 47th Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded bv and i
wlthln Bronx snd Pelham parkway. Wllllame
hrtdge road, Silver et. Walker eve , Bronxdale
ava.. Morrte Park ave.. Barnee eve.. Bronx?
dale ave.. and Bronx Park East and Boston
Post rosd.
The 48th Electlon Dletrlct ie bounded by and
within Oaa Hlll read. Tllden st. E. 2Urh nt.. I
Boaton Post road. K. 222d st. Bruner av*..
Blaclt Iiog Brook. Olvens Creek. Weetehester
Creek, Bronx and Pelham parkway, Boston
i'ost roed and the Bronx Blver.
The 4?th Electlon Dtstrict is bounded by and
wlthtn E. -ltth st.. White Plalns road, Oun
Hill road and the Bronx Rlver.
The Mth Electlon Dlstrtct ls bounded by and
wlthln E -ltth et, Bror.xwood eva. Tllden st..
Oun Hlll road and Whlu Plalna road
The 81st Electlon Dletrlct ts bounded by and
wlthln E BM st. Ounther av*.. Boeton Poet
roed. E. 213th st, Tllden et.. Bronxwood av*..
E. -19th f *nd Bamee ave.
Th* Std Electlon Dlatrlct to bounded by ead
within E 229tb st. Bamee eve. E. IISth et.
end the Bronx Rlver.
Th* S8d Electlon Dtotrlet I* bounded br end l
wltbin E. 237th st , Dtgney ave., Buesln* ave..
the northern houndsry of The Clty of New |
Vork. Hutchlneons Rlver, Glvens Creek. Black ,
Dog Brook. Bruner ave.. E. _3d et Gunther
ave . E. 229th et and the Bronx Rlver.
The Mth Election Dlstriet ls bounded by and
wlthln the northern boundary of The Clty ef
New Vork, Mundyi lane. Busslna ave., Dlgner
ave , D _37th st and the Bronx Rtver.
The Wth Electlon Dletrlct Is bounded bv aad
wlthln the northern boundary of The City et
New Tork. Long Island Bound. Eastchester 1
Bay. Hutchlnsons River and Ooose. Kunters. l
I'eals. Th* Twins, Hlgh. Hart and Clty Isl
The lit Electlon Dlstrtct ls boinded by aad
wlthln E. 1-Oth et.. Morris ave . B. 146th st.
Courtlandt ave., E. 148th st, College ave., E
14<th st snd Park ave.
Th* 2d Electlon Dletrict to bounded by and
wlthln F. l..d st., Courtlandt ave . E. 14tth et.
and Morrla ave.
The Sd Electlon Dlatrlct ls bounded hy snd -
wlthln E. 161st at, Melree* ave., E. 153d Bt.
Sd ave . E. li'rh et.. College ave., E. 14tth st.
end Courtlandt eve.
The 4th Electlon Dletrict is bounded by end
wlthln E li-th st., St. Ann'a ava. E. 141th st
and Sd ave.
The Ith Etectio. Dlstrtct Is bounded hy and
within E l?-d et, Brook ave.. Weetehester
ave., St. Anns ave.. E Ittth it. and td avs.
Tbe Ith Electlon District to bounded by and
w'.thin Weetehester ave.. Robbias ave., E.
14?th st and 9t Ann's ev*.
The 7th Electlon Dletrlct to bounded hy and
within E l-3d Bt, Weles ave . E Ulet at..
Tlrton a\e . E. 149th st and Robblna ave.
The Sth Electlon Dletrlct ta bounded by and
wltbin E. louth Bt. Tlnton ave . E. lslst et..
Wales sv*.. E. l--d st.. Robbins ave. and
~ ?siche*ter ave.
The ?th Election Dlstrtct is bounded by aad
wlthln E. IMth it, Proepeet eve.. E. 14Sth st
and Tlnton sve.
Th* 19th Klectlon Dlitrlct te bounded by and
wlthtn Westcheeter ave., Proepeet ave and E
ISSth at
The llth Klectlon Dletrtet la bounded by and
wlthln E listh at. Weetchestsr sve.. E. 144th
Bt snd Forest avs.
The l.rh Electlon Dlstrtct le beunded by end
wlthln E 161th et. Fereet ave., E. IMth st
snd fsuldwell ave.
The 13th Electlon Dtotrlet to beunded by and
wlthln E lldth sl , Westchester av*. and
Cauldwell av*.
The 14th Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln E. IMth st.. r'auldwell ave, weet?
cheeter ave. ar.d Bt. Ann's sv*.
The 16fh Election Dtotrlet is beund*d bv and
w'.'Mn V. IMth Bt, flt. Ann's ev*.. Weet
?letter ave., Brook eve.. E. l?3d at. end Sd
Pt |
Tbe llth Electlen Dlstrtct Is bounded by and
wlthln E. lUlh Bt, Sd av*.. E 153d st and
Mslroee av*.
Th* 17th Eiectlon Dtotrtot ls bc-anded by and
wlthln V. 16*tb st, Melroo* ev*.. E. Ulet st.
an : ?'ourtlandt ara
The l***i El-ctlon Dletrtet to bour.ded bv ead
wlthln E ISith st, Ooertiendt ave.. a\ 113d st
and Mc-rrli sve
Th* l?th Election Dletrtet Is bounded by and
wlthln E. 164th st., Courtlandt ave.. E 1*4-1
s' and Morrti ave.
Th* 2*th Electlon Dlstriet la b-unded by ead
wlthln E lfiOth it, Courtlandt ave., E. lMtb
?t. end Park ave
Th* Jlst Ele-t(on District ls bounded by and
wlthln E. '.?l?t at. Morrla ave . E lUd st,
Psrk ave . Morrte eve , E 160th st. Park aee.,
E 14Mb Bt and Mott ave.
The Ed Electlon Dletrlct ia bounded by and
wlthln E 141st st, Melrose eva. B listh et.
Cour'lsndt avs.. E. IMth st snd Park ava.
The 23d Electlon Dtotrlet la bounded by and
wlthln E 131st st.. Washington are, E. ISSth
Bt end Melroee eve
The Mth F.toetlon Dtotrlet Is boonded by and
wlthln E 159th st. Sd avs.. E. 117th st and
Melroee eve.
The 16th Ele-tloc. District is beunded by aai
wlthln E 157th Bt, 3d sve, E. IMth st and
Melrose sve
The 24fh Electlon Dlstrtct to beunded by ead
wlthln E lS*th st. E?ok ev* E l*Rh st.
Eegte ave.. E ldlet et.. Cealdwell ave., E.
IMth st and Sd ave.
The 17th Electlon Dlstriet I* bounded by and
wlthln T. 1*2d Bt. Sd ave. E. !_d tt.. Eegte
ave . K IMth st, Brook eve. E. IMth Bt., Sd
ave ani Uss'tlngton ave
Th* *8th Election Dletrlct ls hounded hy and
wlthln Rrook eve.. Weehingteo ave.. E lllst
?t snd Park av*
Th* I*th Electlon Dlstrtct li bounded by end
wlthln E isath at.. Sd eve.. E. IMth st.. Waeh
mgton ave. end Brook ave.
The 30th Ele-tlon Dlstrtct ls he-jnrted hy end
wlthlr. B. IMth Bt, Sd eve, E 143d it end
\v??hlngton ave.
The llst Electlon Dtotrlet li bounded bv and
wlthln F IMth st . Boeton road. Cauldwell
ave., E. l?Sd at. Sd av*. and Franklln av*.
Th* lst Electlen Dlitrlct ls bounded by and
within E. l~d Bt. cauldwell ave. E. l.tot st
aud Eagle eve.
The Jd Electlon Dletrtet ls bounded by and
wlthln E. l_d st, Forest ave. E ltOth st
and Cauldwsll ave.
The Sd Electlon District ls bounded by end
wlthln E. i?0th et.. Forest eve.. E lslst st.
Cnlon ave., E. 16Mb st and Caaidwell eve.
The tth Electlon Dlstrtct ts bounded by and
wlthln E. l?Sd st, Prospect av*., W*etch*et*r
av* , Cnlon ave.. E. 181*t st and Koreet ave
The ith Electlon Dletrtet Is bounded by end
wlthtn E. IMth st.. Trtna-r ave., E. 143th Bt.
Forest ave., E. H3d et., Cauldwell eve. end
Boston road.
The ith Electlon Dlitrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln E liMh st, Proepeet ave., E. lt-d st
snd Foreet ava
The 7th Electlon Dlitrlct Is bounded by end
wlthln E. Iftth et. tntervale sve., Weetcheeter
ave. end Proepeet ave
The 8th Election Dletrtet la bounded by and
wlthln E. 197th et, Tlffsny st., W**tchester
ave., Intervale ave.. E+l-th at. Proepeet ave
and Stehblne ave
The ?th Electlon Dlstrtct 1* bounded by and
wlthln E. IMth st. Proepeet sve , E IMth et.
and Trinlty eva
The 10th Election Dlstrtct la bounded by end
wlthln E. l?7th Bt., Fulton eve.. E IMth *et.
Foreet ave.. Home et. Jackson ava. E IMth
it . Frsnklln avs. and td ave.
The ilth Electlon District to bounded by and
wlthln Home st. Forest ave.. E IMth st..
Tlnton ave.. E. IMth st. and Jackson ave.
The ltth Electlon District to bounded by end
wlthln E- lttth Bt. Cnlon ave . E. 16?*h et.
Prospect ave.. Stebbins sve , E. IMth et end
Tinton avs.
The ltth Blectlon Dtotrlet is bounded bv and
wlthln E ISSth et. Ttffany at, E. 117th et.
Stebbins sve. and Proepeet eve.
The 14th Election District to bounded by aad
wlthln Freemen et.. Bimpeon st., Home st, E.
Ii9th st end Prospect ave.
The 15th Electlon Dletrlct to hounded by and
?rlthln Home et. Bimpeon st. Freeman st.
Ho* avs., E 1?7th st. snd Ttffany st.
The llth Electlon District to bounded by aad
within E. Ii7th *t. Westcheeter avs. and Ttf
The 17th Electlon Dtotrlet to bounded by and
wlthln Freeman st. Lonartellow ava, Jennlngs
it. Edgewater read. Weslehsster ave., B. l?7th
K and Ho* av*.
The Uth Electlon Dtotrlet to bounded by aad
wlthln J-nnlngs it, I-ongfellow ava, Freeman
it Vand Southern boulevard.
The l?th Electlon Dlitrlct le bounded hy and
within Jennlngs st. Bouthern boulevard. Free?
man st and Chtsholm st
The ?th Electlon Dlitrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln Charlotte st. Jennlngs at.. Stebbtae ave.
and Boetcr. road.
The lit Electlon Dlstrtct le bounded by and
within Wllkins ave, Btebblns ave. Jennlngs
it Prospect ave.. E. 17?h st.. crotona ava,
Crotona Fark Bouth and Croteoa Pa__ Eaet
Tha _M Electlon Diatrict la baanded by (U>0
wlthin crotona Park South. Crotuna ava, ??
179th at, Proapect ava., Jennings Bt, Boetaa
read, E. ItBtb et. and cllntoo ata.
The 2td ElecU-a Diat.-u i ie b____ed hy aad
wtthln Jennlngt et., ct.ish.__a et.. Preemaa st, *
Proapect ave.. E. Ittth st. Unlon ave.. B. W-J.
et. Tin ton ave , E. 34Bth et and Boeton road.
The 24th Electloo Dlatrtct le bounded hy and
wlthin Jefftrton place, Cllnton ava, E. 19th
Bt. Tinton avt., ? MSth at. and Frankiln ave
The 16th Electlon Diatrict la bounded by aad
wlthln Bt Paul's place, Fulton ave.. E. 170th
at . Frankl-n ave., B. llBtb st, rultoa ava..
E UTth st and Id ave.
The Mth Election Dlatriet la hoaaded br and
wltbin Crot-na Park South, Cllnton ave.. Je.
ftrton place, FrtnkJln ave., E. lTOth et en_
Fulton ave.
Tha 27th Election Diatrict to boun-d by and
within E 174th et., F-ltoQ ave.. E. ITH': tt.
Arthur avt., Crotona Park North. Crotona avt.,
Crotona Park South. St. Paul'a place and Sd
Tha -Bth Electlon Dlitrtct lt bounded by aad,
wlthln Crotona Park North, Marmlon ava.. E.
171th et, Southern boulevard. Jennlngt et.
Charlotte at., Boeton road, Wtlkir.s av*.. Cro?
tona l'ark Eaat. Crotona Park South anl Cro
tena ave.
The _Rh Election Diatrict is bounded by aad
within i: 178th st, Bronx Rlver. Wettchtttef
ave., Edfewater *\ad. Jennlaga st and South
ern boulevard.
The JOfh Electlon Dletrlct te bounded by and
wlthln E. 17>th et, Boeton road. Weat Farm*
road, Bronx Rlver, E. 171th at. and .outhero
The llat Electlon Diatrict le bounded by aad
wlthln E. 171th et., Southern boulevard, X.
171th et. Marmlon ave , Crotuna Perk North
and Proapect ave.
The J2a Electton Dletrlct ls bounded hy aa4
wlthln E. Tremont ave . Prospeet ave.. cro?
tona Park North and Arthur ave.
Tbe 0M Election Dletrlct la bounded by ani
within S. Treoaeat ave., Arthur ave., E. lTSth
at. and Waahlngton *' t.
The 34th Electloo Dletrlct ie bounded by ani
wlthin E. Tremont ave , Waahlnfton ave., 3X
lTSth Bt, Fulton ave.. E. 171th et and Partt
The Bth Election Dletrlct le bounded by aa*
wlthln E. 180th at., Sd ave, E Tremont ava,
and Park ave.
The 36th Electlon Diitrlct to bounded by anj
wtthln E. 184th ot. Balhgate ave., E. 110th at
and Fark* a-.e
The -7th Eie-tlon Dtetrtct la bounded br eat3
within E 114th at., Arthur ava.. E. IS-d -C
Hughee avt.. E. 180th tt tnd Bathaate avt.
Tht (8th Electiea DUtri-t te bounded by aad
wlthln E. 180th at. Hughea ave.. E. Trtmoet
avt aad Sd avt.
Tht _?th Election Dlttrlct to b-tuidad br aa*}
wlrhln E 110th st. Belmont avt., OekltaJ
place. Proapect avt.. K. Ittth at., Southem
bouievard. E. 178th et. protptct ava, a\ Tro.
mont ave. and Hughee ave. 1
The tfrtb EUctun Dtatrlct to beunded hy -eaa
wlthln E. 181st et . Southem Boulevard. B_
180th Bt, Proapect ave.. Oaklaud piaee, BeP
mont ave . K, ifiOth at. and Hufhee ava.
The 41st Electlon Dlatrtct ts bounded hy aad
wlthla E. 10-d at., Southern teulevtud. E. lCtt
at. end Hughee avt.
The 4_d Electlon Dlttrlct ta bounded *ey eattl
wlthln Felham ave., Bronx River, Weet FarQ-a
road. Boeton read. E. lTBth st aad Southera,
The 48d Eleotlea Dlatrtct le hounded hy no*
wlthln Peihara ave.. Southern boulevard. B>'.
18_d et.. Belmoat ave.. Oeecent ava and Bet*
mont ave.
The 44th Election Dletrlct le bounded by end.
wlthla Pet ham ave Beimoat avt.. Craaoant
ave., Belmont ave., fl. I8_d st.. Arthur ava., IX,.
114th at. and HofTtriaa* at.
Tha lst Election Distrlct le hounded by aaA '
wlthtn the Central nrtdge, E l?lst et. Mofc
ave.. E. 148th Bt. and Harlem Rlver
The 2d Electlon DLtrtct Is bounded by aaA '
wlthln W. 161st st, Summit eve.. W. 144th et-, !
Nelson avt.. W. 186th tt. Jerona* ave., Mo* '
Clellan st. Orand boultvtrd and Conoourte, Sa I
ltUet st, Central Brldge aad Harlem Rlver. I
The Zd Electlon Dletrlct to bo.ndtd by aad,
wlthln W 147th Bt, Llnd ave.. W. ItWth iu
Jeroune ava., W. ISCth at. Neieon ave.. w.
144th tt. Summit avt., W. 141st tt and Ha*M
lem Rlvtr
Tht Ith Ultction Dletrlot le bounded br ta
wtthln W. IMth et., Boacohel ave., W. 143th tu.
Jerome ave.. E. lTSth et.. Grand boulevard _ni*l
Concourae, McClellaa st, Jerome ava, W. 1
IMth at, Llnd ave. and W tlTth at
Tbe Sth Electlon District la bounded Oy aad f
wlthln E. l?9th et, Webster ave.. E. Ittth at
Uorrlt avt.. E 147th it. end Grand boulevara
aad Concourae.
The Ith Electlon Dletrlct to bounded by and
wlthin E 147th at, Morrls ave.. E_ 14-tb et,
Webeter ave., E. lfTth et, Clay ava, E. 144th
at, Sbertdan ave., E. IMth et. and Orand
Leulevard and Concourse.
The Tth Election Distrlct ls bounded by and
wlthln E. 144th et.. e-herldao ave.. E. IMth at,
Park ave.. E 162d et.. Morria ave.. E. ltlat
at. and Orand boulevard and Concourae
Tht Ith Electlon Dletrlct ie bounded by and
wlthln E. 144th st . Id eve . E l?6th Bt, Park
ava. E. IMth st and Clay ave.
The kh Electlon Dletrlct to bounded by and
wlthln E. 167th st. Id ave., E. IMth et. and
C-ay ave.
The 10th Electton Distrlct to bounded hv and
wltbin E IMth at.. Park ara.. E. Ittth Bt, Sd
ave., E. 147th et. and Webeter eve
The Hth Electton Distrlct ls bounded by and
wlthla St Pauls place. Id ave., E 149th st.'
Weehlngton eve., E. ITOth et. and I%r>ok ave.
The 12th Electlon Dletrtet Is bounded by snd
wlthtn E 170th st, Waahlngton ave.. E. HIHh
st. and Brc-ck ave.
The 12th Electlon Dletrlct to bounded by end
withln St. Paule place, Brook ave., E. 1*9th
at., Park ave.. E. 100th et and Webeter tve.
The Itth Electlon Dletrlct le bounded t y er.d
wlthln E 1741-th afi Clay ave.. E. 173st at,
Webeter ave.. E. Ittth st end Grand boule?
vard end Concourse.
The Hth _*-ectton Dlatriet Is bounded by end
wltbin E. 171st et. Weehlngton ave.. St Pauto
piece end Webster ave.
The 14th Election Dletrlct lt bounded by and
wlthln Wendover ave., Weehlngton ave , _*.
lTlet at and Webeter ave
The 17th Electlon Distrlct te hounded by end
wlthln E. 17_d BL, 3d ave., St. Paule place and *
Waahlngton ave
The Ilth Electlon Dlatrtct ie hounded by end '
wtthln E. 174th st, Sd ave. E. 1720 et and '
Park ava.
The l?th Electlon Dtatrlct to bounded by aad
wlthin E Tremont a?e . Park ave . E. 173d st.
Waah'ogJoe ave., Wendover ave., Webster ava.,
Clay ave., E. ntth st. Teller ave, Morria
avt.. Belmont tt. Clay ave. and Aathony ave
The JOth Bleetton Dtatrlct ts bounded by snd
wlthln Bemelde ave.. Anthony ave.. E. 17-*h
at.. Weeke ave.. Grand boulevard and C -n- j
couBBt, Mount Hope piece and Jerome are.
The 21st Electlon Dletrlct le bounded by aad
wlthln Mount Hope piece. Qrend bouleeerd "
aad Conoc-roe. Weeke ave.. E. 175th at.. An?
thony av?., Clay ave , Belmont st . Morria
?re., Teller sve E. lTOth et end Jerome ave
The Md Electlon Dletrlct ls hounded by end
wlthln W iTTth at., W. Tremont ave., W.
lTTth et . Jeron-e ave., W. Ittth tt.. Beaeebel
ave-. W IMth et.. W. l?7t? st and the Harlem
The 2Sd Electton DUtrlot la bounded bf end
wtfhln W. 1-td at.. Davidaon ava. C.Wt0fl
place. Jerorae ave , W. 177th et. w. Treaaoett
a-e . W. 177th Bt. Harlem Rlver, W. KJth. et,
Ceder ave , W lltot at and Andrewa evt.
The Mth Election Dtetrtct ls hounded by and
wlthln W Eord-am road, Jerome ave.. W...
IMth Bt . Davidaon ave.. W. Uld Bt, Af-r-rewrJ
ave., W. lUet et. Cedar ave., W. 17tth at.
and Harlem Rtver
The 2S?h Electton Dtetrtct le bounded hy aad
wlthln E Foytham road, VeJentlne ave.. ?.i
IMth Bt, Gre-sd boulevard end Concc-rte. Ae*
thony ave., Burnetde eve.. Jerome ava. Clte
ton place. Davldeon ave., W. 144th at ead
Jerome ave
The 2?rh ICleetlon Distrlct to bounded by aad
wtthln E 100th at , Webeter ave.. t Tr-vnoai
ave.. Aathony ara. Burnadde ave. and Rjor
Tbe rth Electlea Dlatrtct la bownded by aad
wtthln E. 180th st.. Partt ave . E. Tremont avt. ,
and Webeter ave.
The tsth Eiectloa Dlatriet 1a boandad by and
withln E IMth at, Park ava. E 188th et.
Webeter ave., E llBth et, R?er atre., -L
Burnstde eve . Anthony eve.. Qrend tso-ulevwrd
and roncouree.
The *_Kh Electlen Dletrlct le beunded br aad,
wtthln E. 187th et. Hoffmen st, E. IMth st j
and Merion ave ?
The 30th Electlon Dletrlct to bounded by aad '
wlthtn E. IMth et, Decatur ave.. E P-ordham j
road. Webeter ave.. T. 187th et. Martoa avt-. .
__ IMth st. end VeJentlne avt.
The Hat Electlon DUtrict la bemnded by and .
wtthln E. UStb et. Hoffman et, E. 107th at
tnd Wtbeter ave.
Tha Std Electlon Dlatrtct la beunded hy and
wlthln E. 200th at, Southern boulevard. at
Fordham road. Hoffman tt.. E. Utth tt.,
Wtbtttr avt., E. Eordham road. Decatur ave.,
E IBBth tt tnd Webettr ave.
The SJd Eleetior. Dtetrtct le Inunded hy end
wlthln Gun Hlll road. Bronx Rlver. E Kori
ham r.-ad. 0outhern boulevard, E TOOth st .
Webater ave.. Moeholu Parkwey North. Bain
brldge ave.. E. lOSth st and Perry ave.
The Mth Electton DtBtrtct ta hounded by aad
wlthln Gun Hlll road. Perry ave., E. 206th st .
Balnbrldge ave. Moeholu Perkway North.
Webeter eve. Moeholu Perkway South. E
204th et.. Jerome eve, W. Kli-jrsbrldge road.
Cieflln terrace, Bedg-wtck ave. and Dickinson
The Mth Electlon Dletrlct le hounded by and
wlthln E. SMth at. Moeholu Parkwey t-oath.
Wehettr ave . E. "?0th st. and Jerome eve
Tht Mth Electton Dtetrtct ls bounded by end
wtthln E 20?th et Webeter ave., B. 195th Bt,
Marton ave , E. IMth tt. tnd Bainbridge tve
The 27th Electlon District Is bounded by snd
wlthtn E 280th st. Batnbrldge ave . E. IMth
st and Jerome ave. _._ _
The Mth Blectlon District ls boended by and
wlthln E IMth ot.. Marton eve . E 116th et.
Decatur ave., E. IMth st , Valenttne ave.. E.
Fordham road and Jercme ave.
The Mth Electlon Dletrlct le bounded bread
wlthln W. _J0th et. Klngebridre terrece. Perot
et Cieflln terrece, W. Ktngsbridge road. Je?
rome avt . W. Fordham road. Harlem Rlver,
Spuyteii Duwtl Creek and Broadway.
The 40th Electlon Dletrlct ls bounded by snd
wtthln Van Cortlandt Perk South. DlcHnson
place. Sedgwlck ave.. Perot et. Klng-bridge
ttrrtct, W IlOth tt and Broadway -
The 41tt Electlon Diitrlct le bounded hv an.
wlthln W a?th et . Y.fflkera ave.. W. 2Tth et .
Spuyten Duyvil perkwaj. Rlverdale tve T*..
IMth et. Waldo ava.. W. Mld at. Broedwey
Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Hariexn Rlver ead
Hud-on Rlvtr.
The lld Election Dlttrlct lt hounded br tnd
wlthin the northern boundary of The Clty of
New Tork. Broadway, W. Mtd et. Waldo evt
W Wth it. Rtrtrdalt avt.. Sajurtan Du>v.l
parttway. W. JSTth tt.. Tonkera tra.. W 224th
tt and Hudaon Rtver. ?
The 4Jd Eltctlon Dlttrlct lt boaadad br and
wlthln the northern t-oundsry of The Clty of
New Tork. Bronx Rlver Onn Hlll road. Vaa ,
Cortlandt Park South and Broadway.
j. gabribi, BRrrr.
CocnmitalonatB et -Reottoo.
Oaaabar 4B-0. Wl

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