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Co-ttnue. from Brat va*e
haa not given up hope that King Fer?
dinand ta eearehing for some ground to
enable htm to gtve satlsfactlon to the
powers without rlsklng hla own crown.
A semt-ofncial note retteratea that
the accord of tho powera la auch that
even lf war breaks out tt la sure to be
localiaod. Thia doubtless ls deaigned to
allay anxiety that mlght have been
arouaed by a peastmlstic review of the
polltlcal situation in Europe publlshed
in the conservattve "Journal des De
The "Journal" warns France against
weakening her mllltary atrength at
home by aending troopa to Morocco and
other colonie-. The opinion ls ex
preeaed by the paper that the war will
engulf the entire Balkan Penlnsula, be?
cause lt was decided upon not only by
the Balkan States, but also "by sev?
eral great powers "
Whether the Balkan States win or
loae, the situation is perllous for Eu?
rope. If they win, nothing can stop
the allies from selzlng the terrltorlal '
spolls of war; lf they lose. Russia could
never abandon her Slav brothers of
the south. In any case, the "Journal"
argues, the peace of Europe la endan
Paris Preaa Cheerful.
The press here generally foresees r>
apread l * the war ln the Balkan penln?
sula. but t* cheered by the promise of
the powers not to permlt any disturb
ance nf the peace of Europe as a whole
Tht ?ak.iro" regards the visit of Ser
BfuK --weonoff, the Russlan Foreign
Minister. to Berlin of vast import. for
lt is dlrected to the allaylng of any
aueplcions existlng between Russia and
Austria. The mutual confldence ntt
these natlons existed on paper. say the'
"Flgaro." but thls is not enough, and
It continuea. "A false step. a sus
plclon. and all Europe would be in
flamea." As a result of M. Sazonoffs
vialt lt ls belleved that Russia wlll en
deavor to bring lnfluence to bear on
Servia not to anger Austria by the in
vnslon of Nnvibazar.
A stmng rumor was current here
this mornlns that Bulgaria had de
dared war on Turkey. but nelther the
Ottoman Bmbaaajr nor the Bulgarian
Legation received any conflrmation.
The Turkish Ambassador to France,
Rlfaat Pacha. declared to-day that he
belleved Turkish T'-'blie opinion would
not permit the Ottoman government o
grant to the European powers the rlght
to take in hand the reforms of Mace?
Servia and Oraaca for Delay.
The French government has learned
through offlclal advices that before the
Ruasian and Austrlan ministers made
their represePtatiprui to the Montene
Brin government at Cettlnje the Servian
and Greclan minfcten. had vialted the
Foreign Offlce there and lnslsted that
the declaratlon of war should be at
least adjourned. Thelr efforts were.
however, in vain, and it is generally
belleved in diplomatic clrcles that Mon?
tenegro acted at the instlgatlon of Bul?
The archives of the Bulgarian Eega
tion ln Constantinople have been handed
over to the care of the Rusalan Em
baaay there, accordir.g to a newa agency
dispatch from the Turkish capltal. The
daclaration of war by Bulgaria ia be?
lleved by the same correspondent to
be imminent.
The censorship tn Constantinople ls
very severe, and nearly all telegrams are
stopped by the authorlties. A dispatch
dated October 8. received at Kustendje.
Rumania, by the French seml-officlal
news agency from a steamer in the
Black Sea. aaya that demonstratlons by
atudants in Constantinople followed
the declaratlon of war by Montenegro.
The population of the Turkish capltal
bltterly reproachea the Ottoman gov?
ernment for Its lack of Initlative in
pushing the wnr. There ia great dls
content in the army on thia aocount,
and Musaulman feeling is runnlng high.
Grave developments are feared.
Aliies Hope to Force Tuxkey to
fipread Army Over Wide Front
?Porte Reraains Calm.
[By Cable to The Trlbune. 1
Constantinople. Oct. 9.?Turkey'a re
eerves are belng hurried to the front on
the theory that Montenegro's initiatlve
dn declarlng war means a general Bal?
kan attack. It la recognlzed, however,
that the maln Balkan Statea are not
yet eommltted to war, and that the ac?
tion of Montenegro may have been ln?
tended to give both Turkey and the
great powers a further and BtUl more
*nite frlght.
If this ia the purpose the present ln
-raaton of Ottoman territory wlll fall.
?o far as Turkey is concerned, although
lt may accelerate and atiffen the repre
.entatlons of the power*. Ottoman
mllltary chlefs regard the'war aa be
gun, and auppose that Montenegro haa
jtht taak of hold Ing a Turkish army
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corpa whlle Bulgaria and Servia carry
out a Cetermlned assault.
It is plaln that the allles mean to
force Turkey to apread Its forces over
a wida front and launch the maln ac?
tion only after the thlnnlng of the
Turkleh lines haa been ac-compllahed.
Thla la doubtleaa good atrategy, but it
is not likely to weaken the Ottoman
army dangerously at any polnt, since
the number of reserves ls great ard the
character of the country over whlch the
lnvaders must march is particularly
favorable for defence.
The Turkish government awaits com?
lng events wlth calm assurance, ac?
cording to Noradunghlan Effendl, the
Ottoman Foreign Mlnister. In an
lntervlew to-day he said:
We face the future with perfect confi?
dence. I ahould llke to polnt out, how?
ever, that tho d>clftrat!on of war by Mon?
tenegro was made contrary to the prac?
tice adopted by all clvlllsed statee. It
went agalnst the Btipulatlon of the
Hag-i**** Conventlon. of whlch MonteneRro
wae a aignatory.
In the flrKt place. no attempt wns made
to aeek the good offlces of n thlrd party
ln order to find a means of avolding a
Serondly, the declaratlon of war rtld not
set torth any real or tangible cause for
Thlrdlv, Montenegro opened hoatillties
wlthout granting the uaual rreltmlnary
delay and actually before the declaratlon
of war was j?resent--d to the Torte.
The Turklah government has decided
to make a aelectlon from among the
Greek vessels detainerl in Turkish
ports, and will hold those best auited
for mllltary transport purposes and re
lease the others.
Berlin Hears She Will Shortly
Declare War.
Berlln. Oet. ?>.?A general war In the
Balkans has been practlcally inaugu
rated. ln the oplnion of both dlplomatic
circles and the press, ln Germany. At
the Foreign Offlce lt Is thought that the
attitude pf the Bn'.kan people leaves
only the harest hope of the measures
taken by the powera proving successful,
aa any concesslons made by the Balkan
govemments would threalen the se
rurlty of the occupants of the thrones
of Bulgaria. Servia, Montenegro and
Greece. For this reason their govern
mente dare not yleld.
One of the leading Berlln banks re?
celved a telegram to-day from Belgrade
atatlng that the declaratlon of war bf
Servia would probahly be dellvered lm?
medlately. Servlen troops. it waa
stated, were belng rushed by foreed
marches toward the frontler from the
mobilization centres.
The Servlana and Turka have already
come Into contact, according to the re<
port of a special correepondent.
Another telegram from Belgrade
states that the reply of the Servlan
Premier, M. Pasttch, to the Auatro
Kusslan representatlons waa tanta
mount to rejectlon. He declared that
the Montenegrin declaratlon of war
had created a new sltuatlon whlch waa
declsive for Servla'a further action.
The solldarity of the Balkan allles
would, he said, bo maintalned at all
costs, and the popular feeling ln Servia
was so strong that it would not permlt
the government to depart from the
course in whlch It had embarked.
It is understood in authorltatlve cir?
cles here that Rumanla haa taken the
prelimlnary steps for the mobilization
of her army. Nothlng ls known as to
her lntentions.
e ?
Feeling Against Relaxation of
Pirmness Against Turkey.
(By (nble to The Trlbune]
Athens, Greece, Oct. 9.?The counael
of Russla and Austria ln the name of
all tbe great powers will not, lt ls be?
lleved, have much effect in restrainlhg
Greece from action in the Balkan crlsis.
Public oplnion ls atrongly against any
relaxation of a flrm attitude toward
Turkey, which wlthln the last week has
heen foreed to resuscltate the reform
article (Article XXIII) ln the Berlln
treaty whlch Europe has allowed to re?
maln lneffeetlve for thirty-four years.
Aa for Ottoman lntegrity, tt* worat en
emles in recent years have been the
great powera themaelvea, many Greeks
Representatlons on behalf of the
powera of Europe were made to the
Greek government yesterday by the
Austrlan and Ruaslan mlnlsters. The
conference waa of a very ftlendly na
ture, the Austrlan and Russlan min
leters declarlng that it would be Im
prudent ln the highest degree for the
Balkan States to take any action
agalnst Turkey. They would by ao
dolng riak a great deal and never suc
caed m obtainlng for the Chrlatlans ln
Macedonia any more than that whlch
the powers were determtned to get for
The absence of the Turkish Minleter
from tha reception on the arrival of tha
King to-day ia coneidered to herald an
Immlnenl rupture of relatlons.
Bulgarian Calls Them Oraven
and Worse than Turks.
fBv Cablr to The Trlbune ]
Sofla. Bulgaria, Oct. 9.?Extreme bit
terneaa against the great powera manl
fests Itaelf ln all confldential lalka
wlth reaponslble Bnlgarians. Even
Cablnet mtnlatera, when not afrald of
belng betrayed, refar to the "European
concert" wlth a-corn.
"I mlght almoat aay," remarked one
of tha government offlciala, "that we
hata tha powers as much aa we hate
the Turka. Certalnly tha Turka poe
seaa aoma admirabla qualttiea, whereaa
the attltude of the prlncipal natlona of
Europa wlth reference to the mls
fnrtunea of the Balkan Christians pro
?vokes only indlgnatlen and dlaguat
All loftlneea of feeling bas gone out of.
the governing men In the great capi?
tal*, and tbay hava eattled lnto a par
tiiow* ooor **crto
manent atate of mutual dlstrust and
ignorance. The oflh lal t-ontlir.'-d
Bo torpld and without principle had tlu V
become that they fancleo there. wus BO
nation left on earth canahle of flnri emo
tlona and perllous acts in support or aucn
emotlons. It la a mlstak.- to auppoae ttiai
Austria displayed courage ln the ?nnr*.a
tlon of Bosraa ami Kei-segorlna. rn*j
dual monarchy knew that nolod-. W '? '
11ft a flnger uKalnst lt lt knfW, Infleeo.
that Oermany would stand htt*'"-'
Austria and dsr.ger. Italy'a attack uvor.
Turkev dmibtleas was a much more Om
Ing pr'eceedlng tban Auatrta'a. y?* IU i
knew that Its nlllea. bowerer tln-y rel*
about lt. would nor oppose ltallan pollcle*
It alno knew that the nea wae *n sf*
fectlv- barrler agulnst the mllltary power
of the Turks In one way or another all
the powera Were KettinK what thal
wanted ho far ??* thls could be done with?
out tireat perll or heroh nnivem?-iita.
The tlme has come when. dlidomac)
falllnp. we shall see lf Ood helps thoae
who help theniaelvea. Thaa* Halkan V'O
plea, lf the war beconies general. muy
find themselven faclng a superloi foe, but
they wlll. at least, ndd 6ne more sreat
war of principle to the amtala of hlatory.
The Bulgnrlan Cabinet after rnnsi-1
ering the Russo-Austrlan note laaucd a
seml-offlclal statement to-ilay, In whlch"
it says the Bulgarian ministers have
unfortunntely failed to find what they
expected?namely, preclsi details of the
reforms whlch the powers have pro?
poaed to Turkev and of the guarantees
for their exe<ution. Brfore taklng any
declsion on the subje't the Bulgarian
Cabinet wlll consult UM Oreek nnd
lal?llll governments.
Tells Bulgaria She Will Not In
terfere in Balkan War.
London. Oct pt ? A "Timew" dltpatch
from Bofla says that the Jlumanian go???
ernment has glven Hulgarla explldt as
surance nf her nentrallty - oucht-d ln the
most frlendly language.
The Turkish government has made
great but unaucceesful efforts ln Beptem
ber to secure the co-operatlon of Ru
manla Tho next move wlll be n formal
declaratlon of war, whereupon the Bul
garlan army. wlth the Bervlan totOt th
the rljrht wlng, wlll lmmediately take tho
Regiater! Ragistarll Do it to
morrow. It ia tha firat chance to reg?
iater for tha coming election. Make
your plana ao ai to get your name on
the booka before they cloae for the day
at 10 p. m. They open at 7 a. ro.
Said To Be More Likely to Send
Turkey an Ultimatum.
London, Oct. 10 (Thursduy).?The
Bulgarian t'ablnet sat until 8 o'clock
last nlght to consider the note of the
powers, says n Sofia dispatch to "The
Daily Mall" Tho Oreek and Servian
ministers conferred wlth the President
of the Councll, but nothing was decided.
There ls good authority, the dispatch
adds, for saylng that probably no reply
wlll be glven, and thnt more likely an
ultimatum wlll be presented to Tur?
key wlthln a few days.
Belgrade. Bervia, Oct. 0.?The French
Mlnister here to-day made representa
tlons to the Servian government alm?
llar to those made by Russia and Aus?
Every one in the city regards war as
certaln, and preparations are belng
pushed forward rapldly.
? ?
On requeat received by cable yeaterday
from Athene, the Oreek Red C.rou* <'uni
mlttee of the United Btaiea has __ucd
an appral for contributions to allevlate
the sufferlngs which aie expected to arise
from the present war In the Ralkans.
The mesaage whlch was received by.Mr.
Botaaai. the Oreek Conaul Oeneral, and
the Vocal committee read: "JUd Cross
bega you to form committee Unlted Btates
aollcltlng contrlbutlona lr> money or klnd
te meet heavy eall cauaed by present o|r
The locai committee requeated that all
contrlbutlona be sent to Ralll Brothera,
merchant*, No, IS Wllllam e*xeet.
Balkan War Scare Almost
Causes Panic in Paris.
f 14-, i*_bl. to The Trlbui.e 1
I>ondon. Oct. 9.?The atock mark**t.
which haa already suffered through the
Ix-glnnlng of war hy Montenegro. had g
fnrlher sethack to-day un account of
nimora fhat Bulgaria and Servia had
alBo begun hostllltle*. London held up
better fnan tbe Continental bouraea.
but the depresaion was general, and ln
hom)<* caaea arnounted Hlmont to a panic
Parla, whlch hwetofore has held up
;itrong, under pressure of the war
mare led thr de-llne to day. and It ls
underatood that big IntercHts have been
foreed lnto llquldatlon, which will be
far from a help to tho already very
weak market. lt is true tbat prlcea in
Paris reeovercd sllghtly toward the
close, .imt tndlcatton** are all for an?
other drop to-morrow.
Berlln, Vienna "nd St. f'etcrsbtirg
were all weak. and exp.- tatlons her<*
an* that the London market also will
OOBtlaiM to go off. Am* rii uns auffered
through the general throwing over of
Mi uiitl-s ut ull th'* exchangea, but
?V?a with this Amerlcan* held prlcea
latter than th'* other .tecurltlea ln all
tlM niarkets.
London hus not only the Halkan slt
i';itn>n to face, hut shlpments of gold
?fnea the last return amountlng to $.'!,
.-on.(MM), wlth more to go hefore the
end of the week, and the strong proba
bllity of an increase of the hank rate
to I per cent.
I nm-ountH already are up,* two months'
Mlll belng at 9%, whlle all others irt
at 4 l?er cent, ?'all loans are 'J per < Ml
and stock exchange loana for settle
ment 4 to 4V_ per cent. Contangoe.i
accordlngly are stlff. foreign bonds .r>
to .">?_, home rails ."> to ?i. Americans 4
to D and South Amerlcan ralla 5 to bhi
per cent.
British Players Ordered to Heport to
Their Regimentt.
Iaoh Angeles. Oct. S?.?- llrltlsh polo ex
perfs aamOaWAat to play in the Southern
< ullfornla wlnter tournament will not be
able tu eom" ln-.au.se of trouble In the
RalkaiiB. A<N-ordlng to u cable dlspatch '
lecuved bf Walter l>lpee, of the ("oro
i ado polo team. to-day, all the players
are offlcers ln the Brltlsh army. They an
nounced that they had reo.lved orders to
raport ta their reglments.
Tho meaaage was from I^ord Tweed
muuth and spoko alao for Lord Reginald
Herbert. Lord Alastair Innes-Ker and
Vlacount Leveaon-Oower.
Constantinople. Oct. 9.-The Turkish
Koverntnent has dlapaphed a courler to
Ouchy, Bwltzerland. who bears flnal In
stnictlonB wlth reference to tho peace ne
gotlatlqna between Turkey and Italy. It Ih
undcrstood here that on hls arrival tho
neKotiations will be brought to a success
ful close.
It la offlciallv an'nounced thst the pre
limlnartes in ihe peace settlement between
Italy and Turkey will he siMied Sunday.
Minister of Foreign Relations Oables
to Nicaraguan Consul.
New Orleans, Oct 0.?Juan J. Zavala,
Nlcaraguan Consul here, recelved a cable
message to-night from the Nlcaraguan
Minister of Foreign Relatlons* at Mana
guaL, announclng that peace had been ra
establlshed there.
The m_aaag? gave no detalla. Conaul
?avala Ipterpreted the meaaage aa mean
ing that normal condltlonB have been re
Registerl Rejjieter!! Do it to
morrow. 'lt la the flrat chance to reg
iater for tha comlng election. Make
your plana ae aa *o get your name on
tha booka before they olaaa for tha day
at Ifl p,.m, They open mX 7 s^m.
Reports That Bulgaria and Servia Had
Begun Hostilities are Discredited
in London.
[By ('able tr. The Trlbune. I I
London, Oct. 10.?The main force of
the Montenegrin army attacked the
Turks yesterday morning, Prince Peter,
the youngest son of King Nlcholas, flr
ing the flrst shot at the Turkish posl?
tlon on the hills opposlte, and the band
meanwhile piaying the royal hymn. An
artillery duel eneiied along the whole
line. After half an hour the Turks
were compelled to retreat from thelr
flrst posltlon at Mount Slanlntza. By
noon the whole mountaln had been
evacuated. Tho Montenegrlns, cov
ered wlth guns, advanced to attack the
strongly fortlfled mountaln of Letch
Itch, commandlng the road to Scutari.
The Turks at 2 o'clock yesterday af?
ternoon landed troops on the ahore of
Lake Scutari, near the frontler. A bat?
tle enaued along an extenslve front.
The latest advlce from the Montenegrin
headquarters at Podgorltza state that
Orown Prince Danilo. who is com
mander ln chief, and Prlnce Peter have
Just returned from the battlefleld IB
consult King Nlcholas.
Down to a late hour last nlght none
of the other states composlng the Bal?
kan League had followed the cxample
of Montenegro by declarlng war.
Statements clrculated yesterday that
Bulgaria and Servia had eommenced
hostilities were not conflrmed and were
discredited in the best Informed quar?
ters. All that is known for certaln ia
that the receptlon of the note of the
powers at Sofia, Belgrade and Athens,
whlle qulte courteous and correct, glves
llttle reason for bellevlng that Bul?
garia, Servia and Oreece can be in
duced to refraln from war. In the two
former cupituls the vlew Is expressed
that the action of the powers has come
too late, now that the armies are fully
mnhlllzed. Orece. of course, will fol
low the lead of her allles. It is not be?
lleved that more than a day or two
will pnss before the enttre league enters
on war. The action of the great pow?
ers, therefore, hus failed completely.
Besldes the action deacribcd above
there already has been a certaln amount.
of flghtlng near the Montenegrin
frontler. Berana and Tusi especlally
have been the scenea of sklrmlshes, but
theae do not appear to be more than the
contlnuation of the sporadlc conflict
whlch ban been going on for weeks
In these reglons "between the local In
babltants nnd the Turks. Reports also
are current of flghtlng between Turks
and Hervians. and of sklrmlshes with
Bulgarlans, hut these stories must be
accepted with reservo, for none of
them Is offlclally conflrmed. The
sArrte remark applles to a rumor pub?
llshed at Constantinople that Chief
MM Bey had entered Montenegro at
the head of 4,(100 trlbesmen.
Laid to Ruaaisn Intriguee.
Montenegro's step In suddenly declar?
lng war ls stlll much dlscussed. It
.*? i-iiis generally accepted thut she
m ted as she dld In colluslon with the
nllles, and not spontaneot-sly. In some
Oerman-Austrian quarters there ls.
however, a dlsposltion to attrlbute tbe
mcasure to Russlan Intrlgues. On the
other hand, the Turks declare that
Montenegro has heen made the cat's
puw of the other Balkan States. Offl
clal denliil ls Klvcn ut St. Peters.urg
to the nIleRed mobilization of Russlan
army corps on the Austrian frontier.
The effect of the crisls was felt very
severely yesterday. both on the Lon?
don Stock Kxchange and the princlpal
fi-relgn bourses. Heavy fails tn prices
occurred. especlally ln Balkan securl
tl***, nnd a general feellng of anxiety
In Turkey the warllke feellng ls
sprcadlng, and there is a univeraal de
stie on the part of the Moslcma to take
up the chHllenge with the utmost ?n
ergy. Yesterday the ambaasadors ?f
the powers met at Constantinople ani
? onsldered tho queetlon of a collectlve
note to be sent to the Porte. Nothlnc.
however, seems to have been decided
upon, and lt is already tolcrably clear
that a note can now hnve no effect on
the issues at stnke. Continentai opin?
ion ls much exerclsed concernlng the
prospecls of locallzlng the war, apd
hoth ln Paris nnd Vienna consldorable
anxlety is manlfest, In splte of as
s'jrances glven by Hazonoff and other
Up to last evening nelther the For?
eign Offlce, the Balkan legatlons nor
UM embassles of the powers mainly
concerned in the preaent negotlationa
had received any deflnito and trust
worthy news of Important develop
ments In the Balkans since Montenegro
declared waf.
The Huaalan Ambassador, who haa
delayed hls departure from England;
the Austro-Himgarlan Ambaaeador, re?
cently hack from Balmoral, and the
Belgian Mlnister were among the diplo?
matic vlsltors at the Foreign Offlce '.n
the course of the afternoon.
Ambaasadors Exchanae Visitt.
The Brltlsh government has been ap
prlsed of thls presentatton of the Jolnt
note to the Balkan States, but has no
ofllclal lnformation of the nature of
replles, if any have been made Moat
earnest and strenuous efforts, it is
182 WE-JT Rf**V"-*-HTH 5T_BET
To sublet at $5,000
One 12-room suite
having four exposurts.
ReguTtr rental $8,000.
added, ara belng made to infiuence tha
situation for the better. Marqula Im
perlale, the Italian Ambassador. vialted
Count Albert Menadorff at the Auatro
Hungarla-n Embaaay ln the morning.
Afterward the Austrlan Ambassador
drove to the Turkish Embassy. where
hia axcallen-y waa recelved by Tewflk
Pacha and had a long conversatlon.
Count Benckendorff. the Ruaslan Am
haaaador, vialted the Italian Ambaaaa
dor laat evenlng. There were during
the day a large number of callera at
the Bulgarian and Servlan legatlonH.
M. Cambon. the Freneh Ambaaaador,
called at the Foreign Offlre yesterday
Aa a flnal effort toward the preaerva
tlon of peace, the Freneh and Russian
Ambassadors yesterday, made joint
representatlons to the Porte, and urged
tha grantlng of complete autonomy to
Macedonia. Their excellenciea afflrmed
that lf this waa granted the threat
ened war wlth Bulgaria mlght be
averted. The Turkish Cablnet prom
lsed to glve the propoaal the fulleat
public conslderatlon.
The general exodua of Greeka from
Conatantlnople haa begun. Many of
theaa are Ottoman subjecte, and the
police are preventlng the departure of
all Greeka who cannot produce cer
tlflcatea that they are not cltlzens of
Turkey. The Greek Conaul haa pro
teated agalnst thla arbitrary meaaure,
on the ground that many of the men
detained are Greek subjects and re
aeiflata. belonglng to the Greek army.
Interestlng detalls of the naw Turkish
war are given "The Expreaa'a" corre?
spondent at Parla by Colonel Dejtnil
Bey, the Turkish mllltary attach*. He
knows the Balkana well, and began by
saylng that the general feeling among
the Turklah offlcers waa ohe of pleas
ure at crossing awords wlth the Bul
garlans. who ln every way were worthy
Calla Bulgariana Good Fightera.
*'YVe do not fear the other Balkan
people," said the colonel, "Montene
grins will make guerrllla warfare *n
the mountaina, but they always do,
even In tlme ot peace. Tha Gr-aeka w-j
conslder negiiglble, and the Servlans
will merely help the Bulgariana. The*/
are good soldlera. but there are hardly
enough of them to matter, It may be
expeoted that the Bulgariana will have
the advantage at the beglnning, for
they can concentrate 2,000,000 men
much more qulcklv than we can. Our
arrny ln European Turkey ta only 275,
000 strong. and wa ahall only havo
160.000. men to face tha Bulgarlans
and Servlana to begln wlth. The rest
of our men are acattered. We ahall
therefore have to glve way at flrst, hut
Her warahlpa and her ln
duatiiea alike win the aa
mimtton ef the world.
came wlth the daWn of Ub
erty. and la as American aa
ihe Unlted Btataa.
Toaat the Americaa Fleet ln
aa Ameriran B*>verage.
we shall be able to bring IO.mh) men a
day to the front from Aaiatic Turkey.
"The Bulgarlans wlll have to chooae
between a vlgorous and lmmedlate ln
vaalon of Macedonia or an offenaive'
triov*ement in the dlrection of Con?
stantinople. If the Bulgarlant. march
on Salonica and Macedonia, they wlll
find a comparatively small force to
reslst them. but In that case we should (
be able before long to cut off the lines
of retreat. Tho enemies' Jolnt armlea
are not sufflclently numerous to com
blne the two plans of attack."
Thlrty aeroplanes during the last ten!
days have passed Innsbruck, in the
Austrian Tyrol. for the Balkans appt j
rently. to be iised ln the Interest ofl
the Balkan States.
Auitralian Hurrying Home oim
Excursion of 25,000 Miles
New York may be a big clty andi
well worth seelng, but lt had no at*|
tractlon for G. H. Scales, a wealthy
Australian, who arrived here yesterday
from COlon wlth hls daughter on the
Royal Mall llner* Clyde. Four hours
later he was speedlng West on tha
Twentleth Century I.lmited.
Mr. Scales was wllllng to make an'
excursion of about twenty-flve thojM
sand miles to see the Panama caaiu
but he didn't want to bother wlth eayf
of the big clties of the Unlted Btai*"***
"The Panama Canal is a gre.if tfc*f
terprLse, whlch means much lo Aui
tralla,'' he sald. "I wanted to see It;
and report my ob?ervattons to buaineaa |
aseoclates at home. I have loat too.
much valuable time now ln travel, and*
will be content to catch a ateamer for*
home leaving San Franelaco on Tuea-r
day." _
Mre. )lyron T. Herrick and Mre. J.*
D. Rockefeller, Jr., Contribute.
[By Telegraph to The Trlbu*.* |
Olouceater, Mass . Oct. l.-lt waa atated
to-day at the aummer headquarters ef the
Woman's ?ltanic Memorlal that generou*
contributions to the fund had been re?
ceived from Mrs. Myron T Herrick, wlfe
of the American Ambassador to France:
Mrs. William James Calhoun, wlfe of the
American Minister to Chlna; Mrs. John D.
Rockefeller. Jr.. Mrs. Wllllam H. Moore
and Mra. E. Parmatee Prentlce. \
Fl^tsRne Furntture
Those who come to FL1NTS in
quest of new ideas are never disappoint?
ed and our Fall Showing of Furniture.
Draperies and Wall Papers is a <list.net
achievement over the exhibits of seasont
broadly speaking, means a certain indi
vidual character which attracts the eve,
workmanship which in every detail satis
fies the keeaest cntic and designs which
nn body the purest artistic ideals.
Geo C Flint Ca
<ia--nWesT za'-Sr 2?-3eWfesT ia *Sf
Andrew Alexander
Correct Shoes for Women
in all authentic new modtls and a wide selection of regular
styles. Comfort and fit assured by a careful observance of
correct principltf without sacrifice of style.
New modela in Patent Leather and dull Calf with Cloth or Kid Tops.
button, $5, $o and il
Patent Leather, with tops of gray Engliah Whipcord, button. A voh*
ular model, $4
Attractive styles in medium and haavy weight Tan Calf, buttoa #
'?<-?. $4 and 15
Slxth Avenue us FiHh Ave?f*
At Nineteenth Street ahove Forty-M* Stjj

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