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Anglo-American Baronet Owns
Big Slice of Scotland.
ia_.i___. "o*2- ** the E*,*r'twoo<J *-*<>-'vany>
fiTr Archlbald Slnclalr, twenty-two years
ftf ??? ? ?o?tenant of the 2d Life Guards,
nnd who ls half American. has Juet suc
ceedcd to the tltle and tho immenfle es
i.tea of his nonagenarian grandfather,
tne late Sir John Tollemache Sinclair.
The landed property is very great, ex
tend'ng over an area of a hundred square
miles ln Scotland. comprlslng some of the
Tnest shooting ln the northern klngdom
and the wonderfully. picturesque castle
of Thurso. whlch lookB over the atormy
t|de, 0f the Pentland Flrth. and ls so
IlZ to the sea that one can llterally
ti'.,, from the spray flecked window. Just
east of the castle. whlch ls exeeedlngly
spacloua. is Harold's Tower, contalnlng
the tomb of Earl Harold, who was the
po-.-e.sor at one Ume of half of Orkney,
0_ shotland and of Calthness. and who
pll in battle agninst hls namesake. Earl
Harold the Wicked, in 1190.
Btr \r~hibalds mother was Mabel. the
beautiful daughter of Mahlon Sands. of
NOW Vork, and through her he ls con?
nected by tles of klnmanshlp wlth a num?
ber of New York famlllea. Including the
Rutherfurds and the Vanderbilts. Slr
Ar hlbald wlll be known from henceforth
north of the Tweed as the Laird of Ulb
tter and has now becomo chleftaln of
Mt af the branches of that great Clan
of Slnclalr of whlch the seventecnth Earl
of Calthness ls the head.
Hls (rrandfnther. the late Slr John. was
B very eccentric character. He n.rely lf
n r ilned at a resta.irant ln vogue. never
used to go to a theatre or to the opera, or
even to a rausic hall. rarely dined out.
anfl was never aeeu at a ball or party.
ln aplte of hlB great wealth. he had
no carrlages. horses or automoblle..
walked by preferenee, and when rldlng
was tmperatlve made use of the demo?
cratlc omnlbus. He would live on her
rlngs and homlny. cooked ln hU lodglngs
just 01T St. Jamcs's Btreet by himaelf. over
a splrlt lamp, and then on the followlng
day would fU88 over ibe merits or demer
lts of the world-famed chef of the Trav?
ellers. the moat exclusive club ln London,
of whlob thi. wonderful old laird. wlth
his odd-looking wlg and hla beard. hla
erect and spare, tall figure and hla ex
traordinary flow of conversatlon, waa one
of ihe oldest members.
ln splte of his numerous castlea, coun
trv seats and housea, ln England, Scot?
land snd on the Continent, ho lived en?
tirely during the laat thirty yeara of hla
life ln his lodglngs off St James'. street.
the wall. of whlch were hung with the
not partlcularly attractive Slnclalr tar
tan. lt. hues, however, were more or
less concealed by the most hcterogene
ous collection of pictures, .ome of them
prlceles. gems, others the most worthless
daubs. Even the celllngs were covered
therewltli. po that in order to do Juatice
to them one had to lle on one's back. In
one word, his rooms. llk^hls castle. and
country seats, were fllled wlth a mlxture
of art treasures and art rubbish.
To record Slr John'B eccentrlcitte. would
flll a volume. Some year. ago he en
dcavored to relleve the monotony of the
poorhouses all over England and Scotland
by presentlng them wlth gramophone..
the record. consistlng, however, not of
popular tunes, but of speeches whlch he
had delivered and of recitatlons whlch he
had given either of his own works or of
his favorlte authors.
Among the latter, flrst and foremost,
vas Byron, and among the most extr_aor
dlnary memorlal. that have ever been
rUv.s.-d to perpetuate the name of thi.
or of any other fcard ls that whlch Sir
John concelved and put Into exccutlon.
Instead of taking the form of a statue, lt
asaumed the altogether utllitaxian .hape
of an offlce bulldlng occupying the .lte
of the old offlce. of the London comlc
Weekly "Punch," on the south side of
Fleet street. near St Brlde'. Church.
Every stone of the hall pavement of thls
great offlce building (which wlll bring ln
a large lncome to hla grandson atid helr,
the new baronet, young Sir Archlbald, in
the way of rental) ia inacribed "Byron,
the Pllgrim of Etemlty," and the dates
?f his blrth and death. Each tltle Ib
adorned wlth the jwords "Crede Byron."
whlle on every block of marble llnlng the
Walla are versea from hla poema, partlcu?
larly Btanzas from "Chllde Harold" and
"Don Juan."
And aa lf Byron'. ver.es were not suffl
aient other InBcrlptions on the wallB
record the oplnlons expresBed concernlng
hlm by such men as Schlller, Goethe, Vle?
tor Hugo, Iaamartine, Tenny.on, Chateau
kland. Slr Walter Scott and Matthew
Arnold. Vct another lnscrlptlon on the
wall states that the Brttlsh Muiieum
lfhrary catalogue devotee twenty-elght
aages to Byron and only ten to Tennyson.
On stlll another Slr John Slnclalr recalla
tfce faet that one edltlcm for the bllnd haa
been publlBhed of Byron'e works and none
of Tennyson'a. Over the entrance 1. a
btautlful medallion portralt of Byron ln
Whlte marble. wlth Shelley's splendld epl
Hrh, "The Pllgrim of Etemlty," and I
ne-d acarcely Bay that the offlce bulldlng
bears the name of Byron House.
One would be likely to lmagine that the
overwhelmlng quantlty of Byronic quota
tfons. adornlng aa they do every'vacant
place, every stone and tlle and all the
wall.. floorB and celllnga, would be likely
to get on the nervea of the occupanta.
But apparently thi. 1. not the case. The
oul.ding i. full of tenanta. Slr John, who
was a proltflc poet on his own aecount.
was modct enough. however. to put only
?n<- single one of hla own vorae* on the
walls of Byron House. It I. a. follow.:
thr o-ir all barda thy fame. dear Byr_*. ever
towera: _.
*fcy glory wanted not, though wantlng wer- ie
And beneath there ls an lntlmatlon that
tfc'H blt of rhyme, auch aa lt ia, la from
the t>en of "Sir John Tollemache Sinclair,
Bfcrt.. who has erected the bulldlng to the
a*mory and glory of Byron."
I am sorry lo aay, however, that Slr
Jehn'a own poetry doea not appeal to hla
eoiployca. One of the elevator men, on
fcolng aaked about lt, remarked of these
BO-.: "It ls the only blt of poetry ln the
whole bulldlng. exceptlng the foreign
Hecea, that I cannot for the ilfe of me
"f?r>rn The Christlan HeraJd.
The new homeattad law and tha general agV
tatlon ln favor of American aettlara remalning
m home baa greatly qulckened popular In
tareet ln tbe vacant lands of tha Unlted Btataa.
atnny persone wlll doubt _*? b? aurprlaed to
?arn that th?ra la to-day In thia country more
?an half a bllllon tcrtt ot public land. nn
StProprtated and unreaervad, and much of
-tilch has navtr b?en survayed. In some
Otunttaa whara public land la reported tha va
aant araa* total only a faw acrea, but there
Ote not leaa than twenty-elx atataa that have
"*a .nt pnbllc lands. Bome of tha Weatei.
**?U* hav* twenty. to thirty mllllon araa
?ch a wait Ina aet Hera, and from that the
*?*** total* *ale down ward until at t*ie foot
Ol tba llat we find Mlaaoun with llttle more
*j_s*> a thouaand acrea remalning undtapoaed ot
ar** ***? government oomplied Ita laat atatla
Adds "The Inter Ocean" to His
Holdings in Chicago.
Chlcago, Oct ?.?H. H. Kohlsaat. edl?
tor and publisher of "The Chlcago Ree
ord-Herald." purchased to-day "The Chl?
cago Inter Ocean" from George W. Hln
man, who will retire from Chlcago Jour?
Mr. Kohlsaat will take lmmedlate charge
of "The Inter Ocean." Important changes
ln the business and edltorial organization
of the paper are said to be lncluded in
the policy he has planned. The offlclal
announcement says the paper will be Re?
publican ln polltlcs.
Mr. Kohlsaat was part owner of "The
Inter Ocean" from 1*91 to 1893. He be?
came edltor and publisher of "The Chl?
cago Tlmes-Herald" ln 1895. The latter
and "The Record" were consolidated ln
1901 lnto "Tha Record-Herald." Mr.
Kohlsaat was wlth "The Record-Herald"
until 1902, when he wlthdrew, only to re
sume his connectlon wlth that paper on
January 1, 1910.
Mr. Hlnman has been edltor and owner
of "The Inter Ocean" since 1901. When
Charles T. Yerkes bought the paper. ln
1897, he engaged Mr. Hlnman, who had
been a member of the staff of "The New
York Sun" for ten years, as editor and
general manager. Four years later Mr
Hlnman purchased all exeept a few shares
of the stock, and has since controlled the
Museum of Natural History- Out
in a Statement.
VilhJtUmur Stefansson, the explorer,
popularly known of lata as the "<lls
coverer of the blond Esklmos," is.-ued a
statement yesterday In conjunctlon wlth
an ofllclal circular from the Amerlcan
Museum of Natural History, denying
statements sttrlbuted to him, and ex
plaining what he sald concerning the
strange people he met among the Ea
klmos of i*oronatlon Gulf and vlclnlty.
It was as follows:
I have never sald to any one that I
dlscovered 2,000 pure Scandinavtans or
any other number of pure Scandlnavlans
ln Coronatlon Oulf or anywhere tlse In
the Arctlc. I never sald that the people
ln question had "no Mongollan charac
terlstlcs whatever," I never sald they had
any connectlon with Leif thu Lucky.
nor wlth a Roandinavlan colony ln New
foundland, nor did I ever hear of such
a oolony before the newspapers nuot?*d
me as dlscusslng lt. I never sald the*
weapons or Implements of the Coronatlon
Oulf Eskimo, or any other Amerlcan
Arctlc people known to inc resembled
those of the Noree colonlsis ln Green
land. What I did say has been brlerty
summarized ln the statement Issued by
the museum.
The museum's statement, after referring
to the tendency toward blondness of the
Eakimo.H in question, says:
It is too early to settle d"flnltely on
any theory explaining the faots. Of the
varlous explanatlons that have so far
been suggested, it seems to Mr. Stefans?
son that the one open to tho fewest se
rlous objectlon.** is thnt of the admlxtur?
of a large amount of European blood, at
sotne falrly reniote period. ln this con?
nectlon the dlsappearance ln the flfteenth
or slxteenth centurles of the Norse colony
from Greenland, sugge-sts its. lt as a
posslble source of the European-like
Accademy of Music Assemblage
Indorses Home Rule.
William H. K. Redmond. the Irish M.
P.. told an enthuslastlc audlence that
crowded the Brooklyn Academy of Music
last nlght of the work of himself and hls
constltuents lh behalf of Hom?* Rule for
Ireland. After saylng that th? clty of
Washington rt-presented the llberty of the
world, Mr. Redmond aeverely arralgncd
those people ln the north of Ireland who
were reported as belng agalnst Home
Rule. Mr. Redmond sald he did not credit
the cable reports of hls countrymen's an
tagonism to the measure, since he had
represented them ln Parllament for seven
The advocate of Home Rule made an
earnest plea for the support of all Irish
Americans ln the Ilght for an Irish Parlla?
ment, and pald a tribute to every man of
the Irish race who had labored in behalf
of the movernent in the laat thlrty years
He Baid that during that tlme the Irlsh
had grown poorer ln their own country
and the birth rate had fallen steadlly.
"The eye_ of the world are centred on
the House of Parllament ln London at
present," sald Mr. Redmond, and added
that the whole clvlllzed world was anx
iously awalt ing the decislon.
After the Irish Icadcr had flnlshed hls
address, John J. Connor, of tho l*nlt>*d L
Irish League of Brooklyn, offered a reso
lutlon lndorslng the work of John Red?
mond, M. P., Mr. Redmond's brother, and
his colleagues. for their unremlttlng work
ln behalf of Home Rule. The resolutlon
was unanlmously adopted.
Bome of those who sat on the speakt-r's
piatform were Justice Luke D. Stapleton,
of the Brooklyn 8-prema Court; John
O'Callaghan. the Rev. FfWWam Belford,
the Rev. M- J- Tlern_"J*f Congresaman
Pttgerald and MonMgnor Taafe. Mlaa
Marie Narelle cang several solos.
Controller Sohraer Reports on
1911-'12 Finances.
Albany, Oct. 9.?State Controller Boh?
mer laaued a atatement to-day showing
the condition of the state's flnances. Ex?
clusive of recelpts from direct taxes and
expendltures for the sinklng funds, the
revenues for the flscal year 1911-M2 were
180,26^,268 and the dlsbursements $75.
881.21*6, leavlng a surplus of $4,381,972.
l>urlng the prevloua flscal year. lVO.-'lO.
the revenues were $68,813,575 and the dls?
bursements $4(9,000,751, leavlng a deflcit of
Sohmer's statement says he has col
lt-cted, "under laws existing at the begin
nlng of hls term," $4,262,000 more revenue
than was ever obtalned before In the his?
tory of the state. Thls Increaae does not
Include any of the moneys obtalned by
the enactment of the nn** legisiation dur?
ing his term of offlce, such aa the secured
debt tax law and the boxlng law, direct
taxes. exclse tax. mortgage tax or taxes
on automoblles. Nelther does lt Include
any of the large Inheritance taxes accru
lng to the state because of the Tltanlc
From The Ix*_don Chronlcle.
How aa aeroplane wa? dealgned by an In
vantor whlle watchtng elgar amoke waa told In
an lntervlew by W. Rowland King. dealgner to
tha Oratoame-Whlte Avlatlon Company.
?Tor yeara paat." ha aald, 'I have bean at
perlmantlng wlth amoke, wlth the object of
learning how air currenta behave. ao aa to
?aln data for tha betterment nt monoplanaa. I
used to gat amoke and drlva It agalnit an ob
}tf\. and watch how It baharad. From what
I hava leanned I hava now deeign-d a machlna
whlch will fly afflciantly and practlcally allant
I- ?? The monoplane had baan buiit at Hen
_on In ahapa lt la totally unllka evary ma
china at tha aarodrome, and, If lt fulflla tba
makara antlcipatlona, will go a long way
toward aolving a numbar of prcbUma whlch
baaa bean parplaatng tha bulidera ef atr oratt.
Journal of Commerce Attacks
Publiclty Law In Court.
Hitchcock and Wickersham and
Local Federal Offlcials
the Defendants.
A ault ln equlty was begun ln the Fed?
eral District Court yesterday afternoon
by Morris & Plante, of No. 135 Broadway,
as counsel for the Journal of Commerce
and Commercial Bulletin Company, a cor?
poratlon whlch publlshes the daily newa
paier known ae "The Journal of Com?
merce," and alao publlshe* "The Review,"
a weekly, against Frank Hitchcock, PoBt
master General; George \V. WickerBham,
Attorney General; Edward M. Morgan,
Postmaster, nnd Henry A. Wlse, District
Attorney, for the purpo.e of testlng the
cnn8titutionallty of the postal approprla
tlon law of August 24, whlch requlres
editors, pub_sher.s and buslness managers
or owners of every newspaper, magazlne,
periodical or other publlcation to file wlth
the postal authorltlea statements not
later than October 1, rcgardlng clrcula
tlon nnd the like, under penalty of beng
excludcd from tho mnlls.
The Journal of Commerce and Com?
mercial Bulletin Company states ln tho
complalnt that It has mora than 11,000,000
lnvested ln Its daily and weekly publlca?
tlons, whlch have wide and favorable
reputatlons as advertlsing medliims, wtth
subscribers ln all parts of the country,
and that tha papers nre dlstributed by
thi) postal service, belng carried as second
class mall matter.
It adds that the dcnlal of the uae of the
mejls for the clrculatlng of the two pub
llcatlon.i would result ln the loss of Ita
subscrtptlon llst and the loss ln tbe an
nual sales of many thousands of coptes
of the newspaper and much advertlsing
The* complalnt further esserts that, tn
addition to the newapapera owned and
pubbllshed by the Journal of Commerce
and Commercial Bulletin Company, up
wards of 25.000 newspapera. magazlnec and
I-erlodic_ld are publlshed In and through
out the Cnlted Rtatee, each of whlch 1*
dolng a large and thrlvlng buslness, and
together th<- owners- thereof have made
lnvestments In thls country of cash
aggregatlng m.iny mllllonn of dollars, and
eac,h and all of them are cqually affocted
by the leglslatlve enactment which lt ts
clalmed vlolate. the Klrst and Fifth
amendments to the Constltutlon, and be?
lng therefore unconstltutlonal, ls vold and
can havo no force or effect.
The complalnt further states that the
Journal of Commerce and Commercial
Bulletin Company has never d!sc!->sed the
clrculutlon of Its publlcatlons to the pub?
lic or to offlcials of the government (ex
ce|-t ln so far nn necessary to secure
< i.try of the daily newspaper and Insur?
ance weekly ag^ second cla.n mutter), and
that nelther tbe 1'iiited Stiitrs nor the
1'ost Offlce Department nor the public at
large have any Interest ln knowlng the
clrculutlon of those publlcatlons or the
average number of paid subecrlberr. nor
Ib sald lnformation or a statement ther-*of
uia.terlal or necessary to ald or asslat tn
the operation of the Post Offlce Depnrt
in-nt, or 1 ii tiie carrylng of the malls;
nor ha-s anything to do wlth or bear. any
reiatlon to the regulatlon of the m.ll. or
the carrylng of mall matter of second
The complalnt states that as It Ib the
duty of Postmaster General Hitchcock
and the other defendanta to commenee
crlmlnal proseeutlot. to recover from tho
complalnant flnes and penaltlea In ac
rurdanco wllh the provlsion of the new
postal law, therefore the Journal of Com?
merce and Commercial Bulletin Company
wlll be subjected to a multiplldty of
s^its and proaecutlons and the property
wlll be taken and ril-aii-ted by lines, and
lt wlll huffer Irreparablo lnjury.
It ls alaa BaBOftei that lt ls necessary
for the proper enjoyment of Its property
and tho carrylng on of Its buslness that
the complalnant he permltted to contlnue
the um- of the mnlls and that as there Ib
no adcqUHt'i remedy at law a suit ln
equlty has heen undertaken to test tho
postal publiclty law, lt being added that
In the absence of rellef through equlty
the penaltles would be unreasonable and
cor fiacatory, and would deprlve tho Jout
nal of Commerce and Commerdal Bul?
letin Company of Its llberty and property
without due prooess of law, and would
llkewlpe d-ny to lt equal protection of
laws and would abrldge the freedom of
the press ln contraventlon of the Klr-t
and Fifth amendments to the Constltu?
The Federal District Court ls therefore
asked to protect the company against the
threatened lnvaslon by the defendants of
its lnherent rights, and as rellef to ad
Judge and decree that the law com
plained of ls illegal and vold because be
yend the power. of Congress to enact, and
because lt ls ln vlolatlon of the Constltu?
The court ls further asked to lssue an
order restralnlng the defendants and all
persons actlng through or under them,
from ln any way tnforclng or attemptlnpc
to enforce the law complnlned of until lt
can determlne on motion and hearing
whether a temporary injunctlon with like
effect shall not bc granted pendente llte.
Important! The comin-j election.
You will want to vote. To vote you
muat refliater. Your flrat chance ia to
morrow. There wlll be three more
daya, but do it to-morrow. Any time
between 7 a. m. and 10 p. m.
Kree adfultalon to the American Muaeum of
Natural Hlstory and tbe Metropolitan Mu?
aeum of Art.
Electrlcal Hhow, New (irand Central Pal aee.
Arrlval of reaerve fleet and the auxlllarlea.
Addreaa by Tlmothy U Woodruff before atu
d-nta of Adelphl College. college, 11 ?. m,
Dlnner of the Ka?g?- Kdge Club. C*f6 Boule
vard. 7 p. Bt
Meetlng of the Woman'a I'eace Clrcle, Wal
dorf-Aatorla, 8 p. m.
Meetin. of the Weatcheeter County Cbambers
of commerca. Hotel Manhattan. 8 p. m.
Public lectures of the Uoard of Kducatloti, 8:13
_m Publlo Hchool H. No. 41. Weat 28th
atrcei. "Tba Pietentlon ot Tuberculosle,"
ln Thomaa Uarllngton; I'ubllc School ?*J.
lMMh atreet and Ht. Nleholaa avenue, Ven
ta? * Ulen ArnoW tireve; Public achool -tf.
k- .' mi Kaat 67lh aticct, "The coaat of
Maln." Alfre-l H. L?*"t*. PuM?c Hchool fl'..
HeMer aod V"* *-'reeta. 'The Oldt.t
Htorle- ol the World." I*r. Charlea K.
Horne Public Hchool 1<*< 13MH atreet weat
of Kl th e*.nue. "The Wonders of the
Bliemuidoah Vailey," Dr. Oeoige Donadeon;
5r.,h?l II". 1_M atreet and Klghth
avenue "Period of American Dlecovery."
nV Anna P. MaoVay. Public Hchool IM.
ulnth atreet and Anutenlam avenue. "Dle
WaJkUre ?'? Mra. Mary Hlll Brown; Instltu
tinn for 'utnt, Fort Waahlngton avenue and
taaa street "Sculpture of New York." John
ohinrv Adama; l_.bor Temple. leth atreet
am*Taaoaai\weme0. "A uay m m*jB&
aamaafaV Court." Emeit K. Coultar; Publlo
J42T8_llarTrlo Through the Hrltlah Ieiea."
lfe?b_? I* Btoad; Initltute HaU. So 218
Eftff_.*__* bSS- ts|
Superlntendent Upholds His
Age-Rating Policy.
Board Members to Attend Po
litical Meetings and Report
on What Happens.
Ib a cnmmunlcatlon to the Board of
Educatlon yesterday Dr. Wllllam H.
Maxwell. Superlntendent of Clty Schools,
warned the public and the press to pay
little attention to statements derogatory
to the public schools that masqueraded
as parts of Professor Hanus's report or
as rupplementary thereto.
The superlntendent's cnmmunlcatlon
was ln answer to a report recently
brought out by Dr. Frank P. Bachman.
of the Hanus- school lnqulry commlttee.
Ur. Maxwell's letter to the board stated
that an lnqulry addressed to Professor
Hanus had ellelted thls reply:
I have not seen thls report of Bach
man's before. nor have I had anythlng
to do wlth lt, consequently I have not
authorized Its publlcatlon In the news?
papers. It ls no part of the report whlch
I am submitting to the commlttee on
school lnqulry
Thls statement by Professor Hanus, tb'a
Clty Superlntendent declares, ls sufflolent
wamlng to beware of statements purport
Ing to be part of the Hanus report. He
refers to Dr. Bachman In quotatlon marks
as "educatlonal expert" to the commlttee
on school lnqulry.
Contlnulng, Dr. Maxwell says:
Inasmuch, however. as Dr. Bachman
has assalled. Indircctly. my honesty of
purpose ln treatlng the subject of "over
age," I feel constralned to notlce some ot
hls statements.
The crlterlon of efflclency whlch Dr.
Bachman seta up mlght be appllcable?
though even that ls doubtful-to a homo
geneous Engllah speaklng communlty ln
whlch children are sent to school at the
earlleat legal ag<*. It dlstlnctly does not
apply to New York. where the foreign
born, or the children of the foreign born.
constttute 40 per cent of the populatlon,
and where the majorlty of the foreign
children are not (amlliar wlth our lan?
guage when they enter achool.
By a single illuatration, Dr. Maxwell
aatd. he would expose the fallacy of the
Bacbman argument. He polnted out that
the author of "The Promlaed Land" sald
she waa thirteen years old when she
came to thls country from Russla. In a
little more than four years she paaaed
through the nlne-year course ln the Boa?
ton elementary schools.
Must Considee Conditiona.
"Tet on any baala of normal age yet
propoaed." aays Dr. Maxwell, "she would
have been ratad aa over agt* throughout
the entlre course. On Dr. Bachman _ hy
potheaia her presenca ln a Boston Fchool
woutd have b_en adduced aa evldence of
ineflldency. So much for the everlastlng
fallacy of conslderlng flgurea wlthout
conaiderlng the condltlons under whlch
they arlse.
"Unless very much better reasons than
any advanced by Dr. Bachman are laid
before me I shall adhere to the standarda
of normal age whlch I adopted ln 1904.
and whlch have heaet followed by the ma?
jorlty of aupertntendenta ln other cltlea."
When tbe readlng of the communlcatlon
waa flnlahed ni.-nibers of tha board clua
tered about Dr. Maxwell. and a reaolution
waa adopt/d to print It and glve tt wlde
apread clrculatlon.
The board also adopted a reaolution of?
fered by Thomas W. Churchlll. to ap
polnt a commlttee of thrae to lnveatlgat
allegatlona of dtahoncaty and of exeesalvo
abaence contalned ln reports aubmltted to
the superlntendent by asaiatants.
At the laat meeting of the board tbe re?
ports of assoclate aupertntendenta and
others revlewlng the work of the last
achool year were referred to Mr. Church?
lll. In some reports. which Mr. Churchlll
said lt *aa Imperatlva to InveaUgate,
were draatlo allegatlons of low ethlcal
standard ln the teachlng force. and there
w.-ro other features of Intereet ln a re?
port aubmltted on "The Operatlon of the
Retlrement I_?W."
"Thls board should not parmlt to pass
unquestloned theae serious reproaohes
from an offlclal of hlgh posltlon," sald
Mr. t'hurchlll.
It waa alleged ln one report referred to
that the greateat confualon Imaglnable
prcvalled ln the organliatlon of depart
mental teachlng, and that too often the
supervlsory work was such as could bo
performed by the clerk or Jtuiltor.
Before the board voted favorably on a
proposltlon of Herman A. Metz to permlt
politlcal gatherlngs of all parUee ln seven
clty achoola there waa much llvely dla
Commlssloner Patrlck H. McOowan sald
he was absolutely opposed to Injectlng
politics into the schools.
Ananiaa Candidate.
"It would have no educatlonal value,"
sald Mr. McGowan.
At thla polnt Abraham Stern convulaed
the board wlth a reply to Mr. McGowan.
"If Theodore Rooaevelt were to speak In
a school." sald Mr. Stern ln a aolemn
manner. "and were to hear that you had
sald auch a meeting would have no edu?
catlonal value, you would recelve a com?
munlcatlon next day. ekying: *Mr. Mc?
Gowan. you are a llar.' "
Mr Metz Btoutly malntained that the
schoo'lhouae was s far better place to hear
politlcal speeches than the back rooms of
""^""McGowan stlll had obJecUona to
make. _Am.
"The t-ents In the schoolrooms ir?ma-?
to flt children. not men." said Mr. Mc
TtotoeeSty brought half a dosen mem?
bers to their feet, all wantlng to show
Mr McGowan that the same seats were
an* excellent flt for the adult audlences
that attended free lecturea.
It was determlned. ln passlng the reso
lutlon. to have a member of the board at
each rally to see how things went and to
have reports made later. If necessary.
Some of the women membera voluntoered.
A proposltlon to charge a fee for ad
mlsslon to evenlng schools waa solldly
voted down.
Will Have Headquarters in the Wal
dorf After October 16.
The advlsory board to the woman'a de?
partment of the Republican National
Commlttee ls about to move. After Oc?
tober 1? H wl" bave rooms on the slx
teenth floor of the Waldorf-Astoria.
Thls and -veral other things were de?
cided upon at a meeting yesterday at the
RepubliVan headquarters in the Times
BM?lnNel.on Herrlck Henry. tha chair?
man Preelded. Mrs. Charles F. 3oy of
M^sourl; Mrs. Lars Anderson. of Maa
iarhuaetta; Mra. Henry SeUgman. of New
leraey and other members from afar at
iended'. along wlth those from New York
All reported the rapid organl-ation of
Republican woman ln tbe varloua atateau I
The wedding of Mlss Elleen Reglna
Whelan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Joseph THlT*_r. end Gustave Brwin Bteln
bach took place yesterday morning ln the
Lady Chapel of St. Patricks Cathedral.
Mr. Steinbach ls the son of the lata
Erwln Steinbach, of Brooklyn. a Tapal
marquls. and untll hls death a few years
ago one of th* promlnent men ln Catholic
The Rev. Jamea J. Coan. of Brooklyn.
performed the ceremony at 11:30 o'clock.
and a breakfast followed at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Whelan. No. 128 East ?th
Mrs. Charlea Boedecker (Marie Joeeph
Ine Steinbach), who now makes her home
ln Berlln. waa the brlda'e only attendant
Paul Koechl. of Brooklyn, acted aa best
man. and servlng as ushers were Otto
Koechl. Dr. Charles Boedecker. Louls
Klingenberg and Wllllam Steinbach.
When Mr. tuid Mrs. Steinbach return
from their wedding trlp they will make
their home at No. 7 Eaat 41st street
Ellsabeth. N. J.. Oct. 9. -Misa Florenca
Jessle Mackenzle, daughter of Francls
Alexander Mackenzle. and Oeorge Andre
Laroussrnl. of Now Orleans. were m^tled
here thls evenlng in the Church of the
Immaculato Conceptlon. The ceremony
waa performed by tha Rev. I- J. Poh 1 and
the Rev. John A. Dillon. The mald of
honor was Mlas Eltse Henriette Mac^n"
zle. a alster of the brlde, and the best
man waa Paul Henry Larousslnl, a
brother of the brldegroom. The ushers
were Edward Frands and Gordon Alex?
ander Mackenzle. brothers of the brlde,
and Emll and Henry Erhard. of Boston.
her couslns. The organlst waa Bauman
Lowe. of Bt Bartholomews Church.
South Orange. N. J.. Oct e>*UAA*e4
to-nlght at 7 o'clock ln hls own church,
st George's Ep.scopal. ln th. *f?oZ
sectlon, to Mlss Vlrginia Hyde. of^Roose
velt Park. the Rev. E mer Nelson Owen
had Bishop Edwin 8. Lines. of tbe New
ark dlocese. to pcrform the ceremony
The -itnees Includexl relattva. and*m
frlend. of the brlde. relutlves of tha bride
iroom and tha vestry and ofllcer. of tha
P The" father of the brlde, John A.J??
gave her ln marrlage and she was at
Ki by Ml? are.ee L. Welnert of New
york. aa brldesmald. The^brlde^s brother
Charles F. Hyde. was beat ????*?
ushers were Hugh M. Jones, of Maple
wood. and Edward Jones.
Orange. N. J.. Oct. S.-M1-.JKarlan Pat
ten Barradale. dau^er of Mr. BB* Mra.
Wllllam Dunbar Barradale. of thla clty
and Henry Southmayd Morgan. of Eaat
Orange. were married to-nlght in tha
llillslde Preabyterlan Church here. Tha
ma'd of honor was Mlss Maxguertte
Ja-oba, of Orange. and the tnatror,of
honor was Mrs. C. Dean Hammond Mlss
EWe Morgan and Misa Vlrginia Cogan
were brldesmalds. The ushersi were B
Morgan and Chauncey D. Barradale.
brother. of the bSmmyS?*J?_-j **?
Lealie King and Charles B. Yardlay. Jr,.
of East Orange. _
[By Telegraph to The Trlbuna.]
Philadelphia. Oct -.-Mlss Susan B. Per?
sons daughter of Medlcal Director Remus
Chs\rhm Persons. U. 8. N.. was married
fn Holy Trlnity Church thi. afternoon to
Naval Constructor Louls Bowen McBrlde.
T' 8 fc The bride's alsterB, Mra. Sld
?ay Morgan Henry. of New Tork. and
Mrs. Sldney Le Breton. were matrons of
honor Naval Constructor Sldney Mor?
gan Henry. U. 8. N.. waa best man^ Tha
uahers Included: Lleutenant Davld MacEK
Le Breton. naval con.tructor; W. B. Fer
guaon. John A. Stillman. Jamea I* Ather
ST Emory 8. Land. and Paul Wlltatock
and Wllllam 8. Detwller.
r '
(By Telegraph to The Trlbune.]
Pontlac, Mlch.. Oct ..-Ueutenant Fred?
erlck 8. Strong. Jr.. son of Colonel and
Mrs. Frederlck 8. Btrong. of Fort Mon
roe, Va., waa marrled here at noon to
day to Mlaa Marjorle Lee Ward. daugh?
ter of Mr. and Mra. WIIlls C. Ward. of
Orohard Lakeu The weddlng was a mlll?
tary affair, aeveral offlcera of the regular
army taklng part ln the ceremonles.
Tha brlde wore a strlng of pearLe, the
glft of her aunt, Mra. F. H. Pay. of
Aubuffp, N. Y. Mlaa Helen Fay was maid
of honor. A large number of out-of-town
gruests attended, among them Mr. and
Mrs. Oeorge HL Root, al New York Clty:
Mrs. Jamea W. Rlley. of West Polnt;
Mr. and Mre. Louls H. Pelouze, of New
York City; Mr. and Mra. FTed H. Fay
and Dudley, Harold and Wlllls Fay, of
Auburn, and Mr. and Mrs. William O.
Cook, of Troy.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Strong wlll livo ln
[By Telegraph to The Trlhune.]
Greenwlch, Conn., Oct. 9.?The wefldlng
of Mlss Katherlne Smlth. eldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Wllllarns Smlth, and
Thomas Carry, for thirty years manager
of Park A Tllford's Fifth avenue etore In
New York City. and now a leadlng mer?
chant here, took place at St Mary's
Charch this morning. in the preaence of a
thousand guosts. Tha bride'8 slster, Mrs.
Arthur Woodcock, waa matron of honor,
and the best man waB Edward Fischer,
of New York. A large receptlon followed
at the bungalow of tho bride's paronts,
opposlte the Conyers Manor Estate, at
whlch her father gave the brlde a wel
come aurprlse ln the shape of J_:>,000 worth
of railroad and bank bonda Ho had al?
ready glven her a beautiful home.
Mlss Busan Alma TIer, a soclal favorlte
of Mount Vernon, was married to Archl
bold Grelg McNaughton laat night at the
home of the brlde's parenta in Gramatan
avenue, Mount Vernon. The brldegroom
Ib a aon of James McNaughton and a
member of Whltbeck & Co., a big hard
ware flrm of 8chenectady, N. Y. The
ceremony waa hald ln the drawlng room,
whlch waa tranaformed Into a floral
bower, wlth plnk and yellow chry-anthe
mum.8, and waa performed by the Rev.
Harry Beattys, ln the presence of about
three hundred guosts. The maid of honor
waa Mlss Jeanne Tler. and the bridea
malds were Mlss Laura McNaughton,
Mlss Chrystine McNaughton. Miss Delta
Boyce and Mlss Chrlstlna Van Wagner.
The best man was Wllllam Henry Mc?
Naughton. The ushers were Daniel Tler,
Alexander McNaughton. Charles McLoan
and Joel Coffln. The father of the brlde
Lb rich and ls one of the largest real
estate devalopera tn Mount Vernon.
rrom Vlce-Consul Oeneral De Wltt C. PooL
jr., Berlin.
The Imperlal Supreme Court at Lelpalc
haa recently decided that lt la lawful to use
tha names of placaa In the trade namee of
beara to dealgnate the character. or type,
aa well aa the plaee of rrutnufacture. The
dedalon grew out of a ault brought by the
pllaener Brauerelen agatnat the Deutsohe
Blerbrauarel-Akten-Oeaallachaft, of Rade
berg. Saxony, to reatraln tha latter from
selling a certaln brand of beer under tho
dealgnatlon "Radeborger Pllaener."
Two lower courta decided tha4 aa the
beer ln questlon waa not actually produced
In Plleen the Deutache Blerbrauerel waa not
Juetlfled In ualng auch a dealgnatlon. One
of theae courta held, In agreement wlth *
poaltlon recentlr aaeutaed by the patent
offlce tn tha matter of the reglatratlon ot
trade-marka. that a deelgnatlon tuch aa
"P.adeberger Pllaener" Is not permlsalble,
because a beer cannot have tmo placea ot
orlgln. The Supreme Court held that for
thia rery reaaon a beer that beara ln ao
clear a manner the namea of two ptaoea
cunnot be underatood to have oiiglnated tn
both of them. and one af the namea muat
therefore ba underatood to repraaent aome
thlng elae than the locallty ln whlch tha
beer waa manufactured.
a l
Froin Tha Clevelaad Leader.
A no-atep etreetcar waa ordered built for tba
aaveland Rallway Company yeaterday, aad lf
lt worka all rlght all new motor equtpped cara
wlll ba ot that pattern.'
Tha car haa a door on tha alde, as tha
new trallers hava, hut there la no step. The
bottom of the car bulgea down Uv,the middle,
and paaaenge? may walk down an tnoilned
plana to get out. Tha Brlll Company ia bulld?
lng lt at tba Kuhlman car ehopa, Colllnwood.
All Wnda of taner wrtnklea ara on tha ne?
trallers, fhe flrat sample of whlch ls due next
week. The sl.edoors open and sbut, when tha
conductor presaes a botton, by an electro-pneo
matlc device. The atr brakes ant automatlc
The new tralna wlll be equipped wtth an autu
matlc slKnal to the motorman. A llght wlll
flash ln his cab when all dooti of both cara
are closed. The new cara are very llght, welgh
log only about four hundred and ninety pounda
for each -eat- The tengthwlee seats wtll give
places for atxty-two paesengers.
P'xteeii of the new oa? ai*e now ln the
palntahop and thlrty-three are building. Tbe
flrst conslgnment after the aample car w_l
come on Au.-uat 28.
? a
IIrcm The Charleaton Newa and Courter.
"Canned goods qulet," -ayt- the market re?
port. The reference Ls not to pbonographto
Ahbott, Oraee Van D. Iaeach, "eiiup.
Barry, Robert P. Law, Llzzle R,
Corcoran. Jo-<iph R. Iaoeb. Morrts.
Day, Danlel W, McWtlllama, Kate Ei,
Det's, Johl B. Mliler, iieUy A. ii.
Drake-Smlth, Baratow? Seaman. Ellei R.
faLlotz, - . t.- M. Squlres, Amy Z.
Krueger, ilinnle.
ABBOTT?On Tueaday, October 8, Oraca Vaa
Dusen, \vif<* of Len-la t,. Abbott, in tha Olati
year of her age. Funeral aervlcea at har late
reaidence, No. 153 Weat 73d at., Xew Tork
City, Frlday, October 11, at 11 a. m.
BARRY? Major Rob-it. Peabody Barry, late of
TT. S. A., at hls reslden-.e, Cllfn.-n Farm,
Warrenton, Faurjuler County. Vlrglnla, en
IVeiinesiUy. October 9, 11H2. ln the 74lh yaaa
of hlt og?\
CORCORA.V-Joseph R.. age. 40. Servlcaa.
''The Funeral Church." -41 Weat 23d at, ,
(Frar-k Campbell Bulldlng). H*malna lylao*
ir. i'.i tuorial Chapel, abova address.
DAT?On Tuesday. October 8, 1912, Danlel
Wood Day in hla B.d ynajv. Funeral servkea
on Thuraday, October 10, at 2:15 p. m., af
the reatdeno- of hla -on-ln-!aw, Mr. WtUlara
W M ?.11--, on Old Short HllA Road. M11W
burn, X. J.
DETTS?On Wedneaday, October 0, 191-1 JOha
Saniord Datta, youngeat at>n of the late
James an-1 Amella O. Detta. of Stamford,
Conn. Funeral on Friday, prlvata. Bt- Loula
ptatata pleaae copy.
DRAKE-SMITH?Suddenly, on October 8, UUk
baratow D' ake -sSmlth. loloved huaband af
CTara Lagrave and eldest aon of the latae
Danlel and Uenrletta M. Drak-*-__nlth. WtJt
n-. ral prlvate.
KLOTZ-Suddenly, on October 7, 1913, Bllaat
M Klotz. ln hls 40th year. Funeral aervlcea
wlll be held Thuraday evening, at 8 . clock,)
at 1,1s late reaidence, Xo. 907 Llncoln Plaea,'
KR.E'SBR?On October 1, 1912, Mtnnle *_-?-??
ger (n'e Mlnnio Len), beloved wlfe of Ceorna
Kruiger. Funeral servlces wlll ba held.
Thuraday nlght, at 8 o'clock, at her lat
home. Xo. 4811 Fort Hainllton Parkwaj^,.
LAW?On October 7, 1912. at her restdeac-fc.
Xo. 658 Klth st., Rrooklyn. U?__ R. Law*
(nee Bradshaw), wlfe of the late Wllllam hai
Law. Funeral Thuraday at 9:30 a. m.
L.EACH?At Dreamwylde, Halnea Falla. N. T.,
Mn_ Xellte P. Le?oh, daughter of AndreW
L. and Surah E. Panchen and mother of A,
A. Leao.h, Jr. Funeral at Dre*mwylda, 1
p. m.. October 10. 1912. lntern.ent Baturday
at Long Ridge, Conn. ,
LOER TS* Baaid ?* Dlrectora of the Hebrew
Tchnleal Institute Invlte the Membera and
the Alumnl to attend the funeral of our re
vered President. Dr. Morrla Loeb, on Oete-.
ber 10, at 1:30 o'clock. at 6aJera FK-lda
MirjaER?At HasUngs-on-the-Hudaoo, Octoher
9 1912, Betay Ann Breeae, wldow of Charlaa
W Mlllor. Funeral aervlcea from her late
reaidence, Xo. 34 Maln st., on Frlday *rven
lng. Ootober 1!, at 7:45 P. m. Interment at
convenlence of the famlly.
M'WH-l-IAMS?At her reaidenoe, Ne. 18 Ham
? llton at.. Baal Orange, X. Jon Tueaday.
October 8. 1?12. Kate E McWllllama. fu?
neral and Interment prlvate.
8EAMAX?Tueeday, October 8. Elleo Robert
aon wlfe of ihe late Jamea J Seaman, aged
77 Funeral aervlcea at St. Andrew'a Church,
127th at and Fifth ave., Thuraday, loth
lnnt., at 12 m. Interment at Kenalco. Cht
cago and Loa Angelea papera pleaae copy.
6Qt;iRBft?At r-outh Orange N. J.. October ?.
1912 A?y Z., wldow of Walter Squlrea.
Funeral aervlc-s wlll be hel-1 at tha resi
denre ot her daughter. Mra. WUllam Hollla
ter, Xo. 37.1 Hil'.alde Place. Frlday, MM
11 at 4 o'clock. Interment at Medflel*.
Mai*.. Saturday momtng, at U ?oloc*.
Boaton papers pleaae copy.
233d Bt. By Harlem Train and by Trolla*
^^ Offlce, 20 Eaat 2Sd St.. N. T.
FRANK E. CA*ilPBELL. 241-* Weat US
Pt Chapela, Prlvate Rooma. Prlvate Ambtt
lancea. Tel. 1324 Chelaa*.
__ --rr?wni- I -*
MAIN OFFICK?Xo. 154 Naaaau street.
UPTOWN OFFtCE?No. 1304 Broadway. or
any American Dlatrlct Telegraph Offlce.
HARLEM OFFICE.**?Xo. 157 Eaat l*5tl?
atreet. Xo. 2?S Weat 125th atreat aad N*
219 Weat 126th atreet.

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