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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
vou IX\H.Na 24,071
toetrmelrg! rloodip.-, to-day;
probably raln; ,-clder.
PRICE ONE CENTte^lgg*^^^vS%^t,>ok'"
^any Jump to Safety After Boil
ersof EnQ,ish Tank Steamer
gjow Up at Standard
Works in Bayonne.
Arae? Spread to Piers and
jil?r Becomes Liquid Tire,
Xjgttting Bescue Work as
0_.pUint Wife, Daugh?
ters and Orew Oo
Aa axeinelon on the British tank I
Wsmbbr Dunholme set the shlp on flre
h ab? tar to bar allp at the Standard 1
Ot cxmpaaj's plera mt Bayonne Laat *
iBfet, She end the bark Concordla
-~*e deatxtiye- and Pier 3 was burned j
_? pier >7a 4 was almost a total loss i
martr thla rtornlng. The Ioj-vs was esti- j
BHied at trom $500,000 to IT5O.4I0O.
the axpfcHdon ripped off the upper ,
btttot the Dunholme, and the crew, to- |
,father with the captain, his wife and ]
tan daagbtera, leaped overboard to j
men themselvea They were pkked upj
later. One watchman at the pler ii ;
and the ships carpenter was '
burned to death.
nr? spread to three other ships. the
' Saxaien**. the Hohenzollern and the |
Narragansett, but these were saved |
-Hth comparatlvely little damage. ,
There waa no tlme to tow the Dun- *
holnkt cr tha Concordia out from their
picra but U?e other shlps were pulled
yiit lnto New Tork Bay.
Ocean of Liquid Fire.
Kxploeion after exploston occurred on I
board tbe ships. and the burning oll ;
ibot into the air and fell into the sea. |
Soon the ocean wns ..n flre at the pl ira
The company fought the flre wlth its I
<5wn department, alded by itbout thr?e
tlionaa'Ki employes. The flrebo-it \
Jfophir Mills r* .<p?)?id?d lrmn Staten
Island and helped in the \v..rk. The \
Xeir Forker reached the 0c?ne soon)
Iftarr.-Hrd. Ten company tugs Otere
tass tbt hour**. Some of ihem toa
the eicamer Ekelane into the Bay.
unly one man. sn tar as known, v ns ,
tlken to the hospital. He is Petc
liwinon. "i No. .'"7 Avenw K. H.yonne. '
Be, l? badly ourned about the han ls .
and face. Hf w?3 a f<?reman on one <jf j
the j_rge*?. and jumfw-r* overboard. Hla
?v-or-attiwris' not coi.aldered aerlous.
Cause of Exploaion Unknown.
Juat what caused the explosion is not
known. There were about twenty-flve
thoutand Uarrels of gasolene on the
tteamer at the tinie. and the noise of
the exploaion was deafening. The Dun- [
holme burned so rapidly and so fiercely j
that there was no time to get hc-r |
airay from Pler 3. and the pier was set j
aflre and soon burned to the water's j
edge, tbe flames spreading to the ad- j
joinifif pier 4.
Thouaantis of persons llving in Bay- |
onoa iurried to Constable Hook where i
the works of the Standard Oil Con- j
pany art situated. when they hcard the (
treraandous exploaion, but they were j
unable to get close to the flre, the gat'-s
-*-_ clor-ed and no one was aflmitted :
withln the place. They had a food j
riew of the flre, however, as the flam.?*"
reeehigh in the air and 111 up the aklea
for mllea around The residents on
8tat**n Isiand. opposite the flre, had a
mach better view of the flames, how
??er, M thr. two burning vessels were
torwed out on the flats in the Kills.
T"he Bayonne firemen were nor called
?Wn at al) to ald ln the work of flght
?"?J tbe flames, aa the company constd
*r**3 that Ha own flre-flghtlng apparatus,
"*fth ten powerful tugs and those
which were aummoned to the scene,
*are ample to flght the flames.
The Dunholme was to ssll for Stoek
hphn this morning.
Blngham, t.'ta'n, Oct. 10 -The Utah Cop
P?r Company, Idle elnce the beglnnlng of
thf mlners' atrike three weeka ago. re
evett operatlon to-day. There was figm
?*?f to-day between atrlkera and~atrlke
toaakera at the Utah Conaolldated. whlch
f?unied operatlona yeaterday. No one
*M hurt aerloualy.
This Morning's News
X.OCAX.. Page
Wl Tankera Burn at Bayonne. 1
***-**rtrmen at Colller'a Polaoned. 1
I,**ar Defence Hard Hlt. 1
hnat Sell Pure Oyatara.10
Chlaetown F.xclee Licenaea Ref uaed.. 10
"?ae Ouerra to Teatify Against Olb
jee .10
?^?aade Against "Turkey Trot".10
"fdro-Aeroplane Havee Drownlnx Man.18
. ?!!_*** Her' Now B5 Sh,l>" Strong.IB
* oavldaon Indlrted for Murder.18
JUt Expresa 4 harge Trged.11
"cHanlgal Near Kxploslone.11
"oaunegro Wlna Flrat Battle. 1
j^wala Approved aa to Paeeporta_ 7
QM-r*a'-? Independence Day. 7
"?bel Prtae for Dr. f'arrel. 7
?jjtaeT Notlflcatlon Held. 4
????avelt Again Crttlclsea Wilson... 4
*J*J8ae Addreeaas Upatate Meetlnga.. 4
*ha.un Worrted Over Ind. League._ 4
^"??8o Weleomea Oovernor Wlleon.. 8
*f**bo!d 4'ontradlcta Rooaevelt. 0
?u*4a Anawers Perkins. 8
? -asoaz.z.AiraoTJS.
Amtmitl . o
?*UtY ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 8
^tuary . .7
!?*u ..*'.?'.'fj'and 0
"??a for Women.t.io
'ytny trid Navy. n
?aath?r . .IX
J^PPing N.wa .........11
"nanctal and Marketa.. lg, u and 14
"??? Kauta . . 14
Men Were Quartered in Bind
ery Because They Had Been
Attacked by Strikers?
Food Sent to Them.
t _
Violent Nau.ea Follows Eating
of Meal Brought from Res
tanrant ? Ambulances
and Surgeons Rushed
to the Scene.
Twelve men employed in the book
Mndlng department of P. F. CoUter &
Son, publlsherH. No. 487 Went Ifltb
street, were strlcken with stomach
trouble late last night, and all required
?nediral attentlon. There has been a
strik" there for several "" eeks. and !t
was lerorte.i that an efl'ort to pols *n
the OMB had been made. The names nf
the men treated follow:
Joseph L. Tront, of No. .'{??!? Tth street
Brooklyn; Albert Furst, No. Ml West
1*1 st street; Thomas B. Hazzard. No.
114 Washington street. Bloomfleld.
N .!.. Harry I'roffman. Ko. 141 Baal
1084 street; Frank Rattinci, Ne. 1Su4
St. John'w Flace, Brooklyn; Andrew
Ansterland. No. <>41 Baltio street,
Brooklyn; Louls Corn, No. 7<'7 Fourth
nvenue. Brooklyn; Martln K?tt*r, No.
Tl'i Slxth avenue, Brooklyn; Geori ??
Brown. No. 280 West .'llith atreet; Fd
ward Herkoff. No. Ifl Highland Boul.
vard, Brookhn; Fhllip Seifen. No. 2W
Hopkinson avenue. Brookl-.y. and
Frank Oerges, No. 140 Wesl 100th
All of thfin remained in .he build?
Sirue ihe strike trouble started it h.i*<
been necessary to quarter the men of
tho kookblndlng department in th
buildlng'i :is a number of them had
been attarked i>\ the strikers.
last nlght, aa usual. tho dlnner f<>r
the mon was sent in from a nearby
rest aura nt It ( onslsted of soup, ham
and i-otatoos. cako and roffee. Soon
after rh*> nien tfllabe. eatinj- th. y be?
gan v> riron t<> tho (loor. writhlng ln
pain. The> wore all soi?< d with v4olent
attacks of nnuaen and vomltlng.
One of tho men opened a window and
callod Patrolman Foyle, of the I'harles
street atation. An pooti as he lenriu*
the trouble he sent ln a eall to St. Vln
rent's Hoirpltal. Dr. o'Rellly respond
ed. He lmmediately began to UM a
stomaoh pump. and when he. saw what
a blx job fa-od hlm h- askcl f--r a
Another ainbulance from St. Vln
cent's and one from tho New York Hos?
pital uere called The pump wus used
--ii oach of the vlrtlms and they were
all soon able to move around.
Two ot the men were taken to St.
Vincent's so that the dootors oould
study thelr cases. Nelther was suffer
ln? much ill effects. but the physlcians
wanted to make an analysis of the
fo.,d they ate. 8ample_ tt the food
will be sent to the Board of Health for
further analysis.
The trouble ln the bindery started
btcMUM 8?>n',v members of thf local
union refuaed to afflliate wlth the ln?
ternational BookblndertV Fnlon. The
lnternational unlon haa been supplylng
the men for the bindery work alnce the
trouble started.
Two waiters who had been carrylng
food from the restaurant to the bind?
ery were sought by the police last
nlght. It was hoped to learn lf they
had been lntercepted ln the street by
persons who mlght have had an in?
terest ln poisonlng the workmen.
St. Regis Accuses Young Man
of Offering Worthless Oheck.
A young man, who salcl hls name wts
I.eon Bell, of Oakland, Cal., was ar
resto 1 on the complalnt of the Hotel 8t.
RegU Fifth avenue and 66th street,
and locked up ln the Kast 51st street
statlon last nlght on a charge of beat
Ing the hotel to the amount of $98 lt
for room and meals, and wlth trylng to
pass a worthless and forced oheck.
On October 1 the young man came to
tho 8t. Regls and reglstered aa "Wlll?
lam H. Ollver, Chlcago." Yesterday the
hotel presented a bill to date, and he
handed the cashler a check dated Octo?
ber 1. 1912, and made out on the Croek
<*r National Bank. of San Francisoo.
pay-ble to Wllllam H Ollver. for ?"rT6.
and signed "John P. Ollver." He aald
John P. Ollver was hls uncle.
The cashler grew susplclou* and
hnnded lt to Oust?v R. Schmldt. the
manager, who decided that the hand
writli.g on the reglster and that of the
rheck showed a strlking resemblan.e.
He and the house detectlve. Jacob Vet
ter Jr., went to his room. and there.
according to Vetter, he confessed that
ho had made out the check. that Ml
name was Bell. and that he was In the
automoblle buslness.
(By Telesraph to The Trlbuna. 1
gan Franrlsco. Oct. 10 -No longer the
allk stocklng brlgade dwelllng ln the
exclusive resldential district wlll be both
erod bv the tock's crow at sunrlse. for
A I Welnland. a retlred chemist. of San
ta Mimln, haa manufaetured a cortcoc
tlon whlch. Mt -?<*ln? fed to roostars. pre
venta them from crowlng. Ac-cordlna m
Wr-lnlaml, hia preparatlon contatna only
Ingredlents that are harmless to the blrda,
whlle putting an effectrve stop to the
.early mornlng eall.
Krause, the Waiter, as Eye
Witness, Identifies Four Gun?
men as Those Who Fired
the Fatal Shots.
Stubborn Opposition to Testi
. mony Indicates That He'll
Try to Implicate Vallon
as the Real
The p??ople's cr->p agalnst Ueutenant
t'harles Becker, who is on trlal before
Justice <'off ln the extraordinary term
of the Supreme Court for the murder
of Herman Rosenthal. got well under
way yesterday. The twelfth Juror
needed to flll the jury box was oh
talned an hour after court opened.
Therei_|on District Attorney Whitman
promptly dellvered his openlng addrc?s
to the Jury, and hefore court adjourned
81 t> p. m several wltneases for the
[ proserutien had heen dlsposed of.
It was a trying day for the defence.
; The t??stimony of Ix-uls Krause, the
walt4tr, who was a 4 lose eyewltness to
fie shooting of Roaanthal, struck at the
! very f< undatiuiis of the plan of de
fenoe which it wm understood Beck
I er*8 liwyers had curcfully Iiiltl.
The (iefeiu-e. as excluslvely outlined
! for The Trihrne .-everal week? ago by
| ..no e\t Becker's lawyers. lntended t"
| show tl.at tlu* actual shooting of the
i Rnmblei 801 not done l>\ nny one of
! the four gunmen r..,w charged with *he
: <rim*\ it was Indleated that the re*
BpOnalbtt.tr for tha fatal shot would Oe
I placed on one of the four wltneests
| for the state -supposedly Harry Vallon
who "conlessed" t.i the District At
! torn.y and were to \e the most Im
j,< itant wltnesses for the people.
The defence would contend, lt was
sai.l. that the actual kllllng of Rosen?
thal was not contemplated at the tlme
M was shot, but that he was to he
' kidnapped" or "stuck up" to such an
extent thnt he would I.e glad to leave
the Jurlsdlctlon of the Mate where hls
ready informatlon about gambling and
graft would b0 UMvalllag for the Dla?
trtct Attorney.
Vallon Under F,re.
lt waa tt? lie i-ontended that Vallon,
whti was with the Zellg gangstera aent
to frlghteh or carry Rosenthal away.
did the shoolfng in a moment of freniy
nt the sight of the "dlrty squealer." aa
the gangsters referred to Iioaenthal.
The whole afTalr was to l.e represented
as a gang plot agalnst Rosenthal, of
whlch Hecker had no knowledge. and It
was to b8 alleged that the real lnstlg'a*
tors of the crime were the four gam
blers. Rose, WobOT, Vallon and
S. hepps, who have turned state'a wlt
nesses and have recelved Immunlty,
accordltig to Becker's lawyers.
The defence demonstrated the prob
alde use of thls line of argument ln
several t learly deflned channels of
cross-examlnatlon of the wltnessea
yesterdi-/.-. The poMeoOMa and the
M'tropole walters who testlfled to the
Inddents and persons they saw at the
s.ene of the crime dlre?*tly after Ita
, ommission were aaked if they had not
afterward identlfled a man they saw
there as Harry Vallon. The lawyere
ft>r the defence brought Vallon'a name
lnto their questlons several times. ln an
apparent effort to place hlm. if pos?
slble, at the scene of the shooting.
Krause made a dramatlc identiflra
tlon of the four gunmen charged with
the actual shooting in court. These
four prisoners, "Lefty" I?ule Rosen
berg. "Whltey" Jyewls (Frank Muller),
"Gyp" the Blood (Harry HerowttS) and
"Dago" Frank ('iroflcl. were brought
from the Tombs at the request of Jus?
tice Goff and lined up at the bar .'or
Krause to ldentlfy one by one. as he
had done hefore ln the c.oroner'a court
wlth "Whltey" Dewls and "Dago"
Frank, the flrst two arreeted. ar.d wlth
the other two after they were captured
ln Ridgewood.
The witness left hla chair, came down
to the bar and touched each of the
prlsonerh aa he Identlfled them. Each
smiled eynleally. He waa sure. Krause
sald, that he had seen three of them
flre polnt blank at Roaenthal. He waa
not sure whether "Dago FYank" did any
flring, though he saw hlm there wlth
tbe others. I
Saw Sulllvan Thara.
"Jack" Sulllvan (Jacob Relch) was
brought lnto court wlth the four gun?
men. Krause Identlfled hlm aa the man
he eBW ln company wlth the othara who
llngere-d over the body of the gambler
after he was shot. Krause teatlfled
thnt Sulllvan. upon looklng up at hla
eotnpftfllMta "wlth a smlle." aald that
Rosenthal wns "dead, all rlght."
Sulllvan seemed to take the whole
proceeding as a huge Joke. He almoat
laughed aloud in the face of the little
walter aa the latter touched hlm. The
forntor "Klng Ot the Newshoys" wore
a hroau smlle all the tlme he waa In
..furt. He swaggered out of the room
with an Indlffer-mt roll of hls ahoulders,
nodding amlllngly to aeveral acquaint
ancea whom ,he saw seated among the
John F. Mclntyre fought agalnat the
identlflcatlon of the four gunmen by
the witness Krause wlth the moat et*
fectlve ammunltlon he could muater
from the reservolr of hls long experi?
ence as a croas-cxamlner In crlmlnal
caaea. He attacked the credibllity ot
the -witnees relentleealy. He plnned
Inntin***-) mm -Mr_ o?*- ???*-? emtntrm.
Murray gteallng so. ond btat.
bath Derqn slldlnjr ha-~k to ftrst bnse.
Marquard Pitches Masterly Game, but Josh
Devore Averts Defeat by Sensational
Catch of Long Drive in the Ninth
Inning, with Score at 2 to I.
fBy 1>l*(-rar-h ?<* Tti* TfltMMM 1
Boston. Oct 1<?.?All the fleldln* sins
of a whole season wore redeemed by
llttle J"sh Fevore thls afternoon when.
with an uncanny catch of a long fly by
Cady. he handed tn the redoubtable
Kube Idnrnuard a hixhly seasoned and
well garnished vlctory over the Boston
Red Sox ln the thlrd game of the
world's series at Kenway Park. The
score was 2 to 1.
lt ls small wonder that the gallant
Krenchman walted at the bench after
the game was over until Joehua, hang
ln* on to the pesky pellet for dear life,
came In from the rlght fleld paature.
Then Rlohard gently placed hls mlghty
left arm around the neck of Terre
Ha'ite's most dtstlngulshed eltlsen and
escorted hlm to the clubhouse.
Bube was rlght ln the act of flnlah?
lng a masterly and artlstlc plece of
pltchlng ln the last half of the nlnth
innlng, when an error by Merkle
changed the whoUt complexinn of af
falra, putting runnt-rs on second and
thlrd. wlth two oat and only a base hlt
needed to win the game. Fady, a
long dlstance hlt ter when he manaf-en
to connect wlth the ball, alm?*d one of
those lon*. loplng flles toward the
rlght fleld bleachers. It was a fearful
smash that had vlctory for Boston
written all over lt. Turnlng hls back
to the Plate. Devore raced for the
fence. One of the runners had crossed
the rubber, the other was raclng madly
on hls way home. and the ey-*s of _.*.
4MK> spectators were faatene.l on the
spry New York raittlelder
About ten feet from the barrler the
sphere came hurtllng over Josh's shoul
der landod "kerplunk" ln his glove and
tho struggle was over. Kv.-n the rabld
Boston "fans" felt forced to turn the
roar of seemlng vlctory Int.- wlld ap?
The game, watched by a crowd
larger by several thousands than the
one whlch looked on yesterday. was
charaoterized by one of those flnlshes
that drlve strong me-i mad and popu
late Insane asylums. Huch, Indeed. have
been all the contests played so far.
Kor elght Innlngs Marquard was :he
aome of invlnclnllUy. No game ln the
sensational Jtrlng of vlctorles that he
put together ln the early purt of the
geuson wasso well pltched. Only two
of the Red Sox had reached second. and
onlv slx had landed on flrst base before
the'break came. ln the mean tlme tne
Giants had stralghtened out OBriens
curvea for a brace of runa. whlch
looked M good as Rold and as big: is
the Wooiworth Bulldlng.
Aft.-r the mue*1 dreaded Speaker ha.l
popj.ed t-i Flot. hor ln the last half of
the nlnth fhe taxloab drivers outalde
the park started thelr englnes. and the
attendants bejran to'pl.-k up the waste
paper around tho stands. At thls polnt
I/ewls rapped a hot one to Merkle, and
Fred made an awkward toss to Mar?
quard. who eovered the bag. Klem
ruled tho runner safe.
Slzlng up the occaslon as a propl
tloua one, I>arry Gardner produced hls
flrst hlt of tho series, a smart double
tlyouith Merkle to rlght fleld With
proper coachlng lt would have been a
trlple. but I.ewls was momentarlly held
at thlrd before starilng toward the
plate to score, and oonsequently Gard?
ner was forced to remaln at second.
Th- situation was a tlckllsh one for
Marquard, but the two hits whlch
Stnbl'l bat contalned when the j-ame
started had been flred earller. and he
smaahed a hard boundlng grounder tO
Marquard. who wheeled and threw
Gardner out at thlrd, Herzog making
a beautiful play in blocking off the
Tieklish Situation at End.
Hendrlcksen went ln to run for Stahl.
as the Boston manager felt that there
was a crisls at hand whlch needed
more speed than he possessed. Wag?
ner rapped a warm drlve at Fletcher,
who made a play* for flrst Instead of
MObnd. where Hendrlcksen mlght have
been forced. Merkle commltted the
only error <>f the game by mufflng
Fletcher's throw. Hendrlcksen reached
thlrd on the mlsplay, and Wagner,
who, of course, waa safe, lost no tlme
ln steallng second unmolested. Thus
thtngs were shaped up for a dramatlc
flnlah. when Devore saved the day by
corralling Fady's fly.
Wlth the entrame of O'Brien Into the
game, all the pitchers whlch Stahl has
at hls dlsposal have appeared. For a
tlme lt looked as though the Glanta
were going to hlt the youngstef hard.
He was extremely wlld at the begln
nlng but steadled down ln the plnchea
and pltched masterfully. He was a
source of much joy to two of the
Giants. however, and now every one of
them. except the pitchers. haa made at
least one hlt ln the aerles. and wlll not
have the fear of making a record like
that of "Red" Murray . last year.
Josh Devore secured hls title to a safo
ty on hls flrat tlme at bat and followed
( oniinu*- ?? ?-hth taama. -U*
Leading Fac ts of
Big Baseball Series
New York Olant* defeated Boaton Red
Sli In play-off nt eleven innlo* tle game
ot Wrdneaday hy a *rore of t to 1. Stand
Ina now read*: New Vork, 1; Boaton. 1.
Thlrd same will he played at Polo
i.r ><i:i,|... la thi* rlty. to-d*?y at 3 oVIoek.
Tlcket* *old for rej.ilarly arheduled
game liere vewterdaj good for to-day.
whlle .le.OO* neat* will he pat on ?l- at
Polo Orouod* tht* mornlns. when gatee
? re opened at 9 o'clock.
Offl.lnl pald attendanee In Boaton yea
daj. llJ-81 Total iwelpta. 0*M4t.
.IM.I.-.I aa follow*:
1*1 *. > rrt .034AM SS
ome . w.n** "
National -Jornmliwlon. ?,St4 20
Total pald attendanee for three tame*.
100,30*.. whlch fall* ?ll?htly hehlnd laat
year'* flstire* of 101.7SS. Total reeelpta
for three aanw*, 019O.??S, a new reeord
over laat year, when the total waa 8100.
014 oO. Theae reeelpta are divided aa fol?
IMuyera .01O6.1M ?4
Cldha . 70.7*0 oa
National CommlMlon 10.004 10
Weather foreraft f?r to-day: Prohablo
*hower*. wlth a elian.e for clear weather.
U. S. May Quarantine New Eng?
land Output for Moths.
( Krem Th-> Trlbun.* Bureau I
Washington. Oct. 1(1.?A quarantine
of Chrlstmas trees and for-sst products
in New England states may be estab
lished by the Department of Agricult
tire as a result of a war belng waged
against the gypay woth and the brown
tall moth, whlch are among the moat
lestructlve lnsects which attack frult,
shade and forest trees.
The moths are known to exlst in lim
Ited areas in Malne, New Hampshire.
Maasachusetts, Rhode Island and Con?
nectlcut. If the proposed quarantine ls
istabllshed the Seeretary.of Agrlculture
will issue regulations provlding for the
Inspectlon of foresr produc1*. auch aa
L-ordwood. lumber. telephone poles and
rallroad tles, shtpped out of the quar
antlned area The nhipment of Chrlst?
mas trees and greena ln all probablllty
will be prohiblted. exeept tn ao far as lt
may he posslble to lnspect them.
Hefore the quarantine la established
the Seeretary of Agrlculture will hold
public hearlngs.
[From The Trlbune Burae-a.)
Washington. Oct. 10.?The \*j'eather
Bureau predletlon for New York to-mor?
row ls that the weather will be cloudy.
There ia a poaalbliity of raln in the
afternoon, but lt ls belleved that the
showera will hold off untll evenlng or
later. The temperature wtll ba moderate.
For Saturday ln Boaton the predletlon
la that the wenther will be uneottled.
There la a chance that there wlli be raln.
Ottoman Commander, Officers
and" Troops Surrender to
Montenegrin Invaders
Near Lake Scutari.
Defenders Ousted Successivcly
from Two Strongly Entrenched
Positions on Mountain
Sides, Losing Four
of Their Guns.
Sensation Caused in Europe by Offl
cial Statement That Austria
Hnngary Intends to Guard
Her Balkan Interests
at All Hazards.
Podgorltza, .Montenegro, Oct. 10 ?
The Montenegrlns have captured
Detchitch Mountain. The Turkish
commander and offlcers. with many
soldlers. have surrendered.
For the last thirty hours the battle
between the Montenegrin forees, under *
dlrect command of King Nlcholas. and
Turkish troops strongly entrenched in
the hills has been in progress. The
flght began at 8 o'clock yesterd-iy
morning, the flrst shot belng flred by
Prlnce Peter against the Turkish posl?
tlon on Mount Planlnitza. Wlthln a
few hours the Turks evacuated that
Strongly fortlfled poeitlons were oc?
cupled by the Turks, however, on
Detchitch Mountaln, which command*
the road to Scutari, and reinfoivt
ments were brought up, whlch resulted
ln a general engagement, whlch cx
tended along the llne for several mlba.
King Nlcholas remalned at hls head?
quarters here whlle Crown Prlnce I?a
nllo dlrected operatlons at the front.
Tbe Montenegrlns resumed the boin
bardmg.rjX.of JD*Stchltch ai cjawn and i
heavy cannonadlng was kept up until
11 o'clock ln the morr.lng. when th*
Turkish batterl**s on the mountaln
were ailenced.
In the mean tlme, a great battle waa
proceedlng near the Turkish town of
Tusht, about fifteen miles to the south
of Podgorltxa. At 4 o'clock ln the af- -
ternoon the Turklah commander on ,
Detchitch Mountaln, wlth his offlcers |
and a majorlty of hla troops, surre'i- j
dered. The Montenegrlns captured four '
The Montenegrin standard was hoiat
ed over the captured posltlon. There
were heavy los-es on both aldes, but j
the Montenegrin camp gave Itself ov r
to rejoiclnga on the flrat vlctory ln the '
A divlalon of Montenegrlns com
manded by General Vukotuch crossed
the frontler early thls mornlng near
Berana. _
TBy Cabla to Tha Trlbun*.]
London, Oct. 11.?The actual war
news from the Montenegrin frontler,
though perhaps not so Important as
the developmenta ln the situation else?
where, shows that the allles won a
splendld vlctory ln the flrst battle yes?
terday. The Montenegrlns resumed
thelr bombardment of the strongly for?
tlfled Turkish mountaln poaltlon at
Detchitch. and the cannonade contin?
ued until 11 o'clock. when the Turkish
battery on the mountaln was sllenced.
At 4:40 o'clock In the afternoon, it waa
ai.nounced Detchitch fell, the com?
mander of the fortress, wlth hls offlcers
and the majorlty of hls troopa, aur
renderlng to the Montenegrlns, who
captured four guns The Montenegrin
standard was then holsted on the capt?
ured poaltlona. There were heavy
loasea on both sidea
Accordlng to the correspondent of
"Tbe Mornlng Poat." who ia acqualnted
wlth the ground. the capture of Detch?
itch Mountaln leavea nothing between
the Montenegrin forees and Scutari ex?
cept a amall Turkish garrlaon at TushL
Wlth ordlnary luck. unless the Turka
bring up heavy retnforeemente by way
of Scutai-i Lake, the correapondent
thinka the Montenegrina wlth ten thou?
sand jmen could advance along the
plain on the northeaat ahore of the lake
and get within atriking diatance of
King Nleholaa, lt ls added, has al?
ways coveted Scutari, and now hes tha
chance of a llfetlme. Hla aucceaa.
however. would lncur Austrla's an
The Podgorltxa correapondent of "Tha
Tlmea," in recordlng the fall of ^Det?
chitch, says that all through the after?
noon a flerce flght raged for poaaeaalon
of the lower stronghold, which com
mande tho road to Tlahi. The Malls
sorl tribesmen fought on the alde of the
A Salonlca dispatch aays that the
Sultan - flrman. exhorting the army
and Turkish aub.ecta to prepare for the
defence of the country, waa read to tha

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