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I ??
massed troops on the Chainp de Mars
vesterday afternoon.
The situation at Berana ls serious.
The troops ln the garrlson are defend
ing the town against tho Montcnegrlns.
ar.d a sanguinary engagement le pro?
The Servian army will not operate
separately agalnst the Turks, accord?
ing to a Vienna dispatch to "The
Times," but is mi-rching through to
join the Bulgarian lorces in accordance
with the plan for Jolnt tictlon.
From Sofla the correspondent of "The
Times" tolegraphs lhat there is little
doubt that King'Nicholas crosaed the
Rubicon entirely on hls own lnitlatlve
and that the adventure is not approved
by reflocting people there.
Tbe Crown Prince of the Hellenes,
says an Athens dispatch. will have on
Saturday for the front ln the capaclty
of copimander ln chlef.
A CtUin.U* dispatch says that the
"Offleial Gazette," for which King
Nlcholas often writes, published _m
article declaring that the government
and the poopla 8C8 d'-tcrniinctl to draw
?et new map of Montenegro in blood.
?vlt ls reported from Uakub that the
Servian merchanta there are closing
Jlheir busln-eS0 and tearing th.* countrv.
' Tskub reports state that the Scr
?viatis bponad fire yesterday on Turkish
"d-tachment.i -arhfch Wera. engaged in
fortlfying froptler poBta T-'isjhfItiet he
tw<en Berrlana and irroprulars con
.-cording to "Die Zcit," of Vienna.
Servb*. has ulready dclivered her ulti?
matum to Turkey, hut this has not
,beep (.onfirmed.
' nstantinople is tn favor of war at
any prlce. Thousands of students
?<rmed with revolv.rs hava oeem dem
onetratlng as a profest agalnst the
gove.rnment's promlse of reform ln Ma?
They went in proCOSOion to the
?Porte damoring for war and broko the
wlndows of the Grand Vizlers palace.
' Tli*. powers t.-day prescnted a col
Je?*tive note jnviting T.urk-y to discuss
-h-*si*hen__ f..r reforms in Macedonia.
It appears, however. that whiie diplo
Tftncy ts tryine: tO arrange the matter
rjetotrftplly, Bxine wtll declde it for them.
-TFYesh Bulgarian attacks on Turkish
frontler towns an- raportad to-in-ht.
and the oplnion is growlng that tha
opposlng parties are uslng diplomatlo
delays only to concentrate their forces
in readiness for th<- inevltable out
The "Frankfurnr Z.itung" publishes
a sensatlunal report tliat Qr-OOCfl will
withdraw from the Balkan agreement
and demobilize. but this ls hardly
creditcd bM** Both 01-008 and Tur?
key are trying to purchase the Chinese
crulser Cbao-Ho, rocently buiit at
Heavy losses were inflkted by the
Turkish troops on 8 hand of (Jreeka
numbering M-OO men. who to-day at
tacked a Turkish frontier post near
I>hislkata. They were drlven back
over the frontler. according to a news
;;gency dispatch from Salonica.
A sklrmlsh between armed Bul?
garian pcaaantfl and Turlrish frontier
guards occurred on Tuesday at "foule
tepe near Klrk-Kills.-<*v. to the n*,rth
t-ast*of Adrlanople, acc-.rding to a dis?
patch to "The Daily Mail." fift'-en
Ttirkish soldiers were wounded. The
commanding offleer at Kirk-Kl!*s-*-h
ftail betm ordered to take measures to
prtvent further attack?.
'fi"* The Russian aviator* arrlved in So?
fla to-day to operate with the Bul?
garlan forces. according to a news
agency dlsjiatch from the Bulgarian
Their Interests Antagonistic
and Irreconcilable?Mobil?
ization in Bosnia Begins.
[Bv Cable to The Trlt.une.*
London. Oct 11.?The great danger
ln the situation from the internatiot.il
point ot view la the fact that the inter?
ests of Austria and Russia are antag
<Jnlstlc and irreconcilable. No serious
ihlnded politician in Vienna bellev**
that the accerd so laboriously patcht-d
up between Austria and Russia for the
purpose of preservitig peace will long
aurvive the shock Ol armed encounter
t-etwven Turkey and the Balkan League.
^The wldespread and deep seated dis
(Mist ol Russia, which is quite uncon
cealed, even ln Austrlan offleial circles.
ie on.- of the most profoundly disturb
ing features of the situation. The
Austro-Hungarian Foreign Seeretary.
'???iVU Berchthold, yesterday made the
grlm remark: "We have important and
vitgl int*re?ts in the Balkans, and are
reaoJved to safefruard these in all cir
To pr^pare for eventuallties Au-trla
uobillzing a large force ln Bosnia
: Her-zegovlna, which she annex?d
froin the Ottoman Empire four years
ago ai 8 tlme when Russla, still sufTer
ing trom the effects of the Japancse
wkt; Waa unable to do more than utt?T
j.'mvld protest.
A "Vienna dispatch to "The Dally
MaU" says that Count von Herchtold
is4-*_ported to have remarked tn a mld
Ttlkol conversation with the Greek Min
ifiiar that there was no chance of pre
\ entlng tb? apread of the^war.
m a\ .
"I Alone Oannot Maintain
Peace," He Tells Financiers
Relying on His Efforts
to Avert War.
IBy -Cable to Tiie Trlbune]
'-?Lpndon, Oct. 11.?Much peaalmism on
tjjo Balkan outlook preyails ln Vlonoa.
EJvon tbe Emperor Francls Joseph, who,
aa wJll be rocalled, regarded the situ?
ation aa not wlthout hope, now tflkes
a jglftomier view of the altuatlon. Ye**
tdlUay hls majesty recelved ln audl
etico two flftanclers whp referred to the
present agltated timas and expreaaed
their confidence ln the wlsdom of the
Bmporor and their hope that the cau?e
of piSftce would be malntalned. The
agod th4jharch replled: "I alone canno-^
mahrrtaln peace."
Conatantlnople newspapers fore
ab-vdow plsdnly what klnd of receptlon
vrittbe f Iven to tho bolated step taken
Premier at Sofia Says War Is the Appalling
Ransom About To Be Paid for
Christian Liberation.
fBy Cable to Tha Trlbun*.]
London, Oct. 11.?A atrlklng measage
from the BuJgarian Premier to "The
Daily Newa" thia morning ahowa that
all hope of peace haa been abandoned.
M. Gueahoff recalla the Bulgarian
atrocities of 1876 and the famoua
Pears and McGahan lettera, whlch
stirred Gladatone to ralae a mighty
voice in favor of the emanclpatlon and
freedom of Bulgaria and of the Balkan
Chrlatlans generally.
^le recalls that both these ends would
have been attalned at the Congress of
Berlin, when Turkey waa crushed t-y
Its war wlth Ruasla, had not lmploua
men thrust the Ohrlstlans back Into
UM godless pandemonium branded by
Oladstone's lmmortal words. The mea?
sage contlnuep:
"Tha impending war ia the appalling
ransom which we are going to pay for
our Christian brethren's freedom, of
which they were robbed by the orime
committed at the Congreaa of fcerlin.
We appeal to England for aid. We be
eeech her not to forget the great re?
sponsibility for the iniquitioua work
performed by the Congreaa of Berlin.
We implore her not to oommit again
the error of thinking that Turkey will
be able to work out aione the lasting
p.-cification of the Balkan peninaula.
Let her insist once for all upon the only
satiafactory aolution of the Balkan
question: the diaappearanoe of direct
Turkieh rule in Southeaatern Europe."
The algniflcance of thia remarkable
message cannot be lgnored. Bulgaria
wants a good deal more than the grant
of autonomy to Macedonia, but lt Is
doubtful whether the appeal to England
will r.teive much attentlon. Engllsh
men have forgotten the- Bulgarian atroc
Itiea of 1876, and popular sympathy ls
to-day on the side of thp Turks, despite
the iate Lord Ballsbury'a famous ad
yt-stcrday by the ambassadors of the
powers ln the dlroctlon of the maln
tenance of peace. All the Journals of
thfl Turkish capltal, not only the
unionist and oppositional "Tanln," but
the strongly Kiamillst "Akdam" and
UM *>eml-orrlelal "Yenl Gazetta." to aay
nothing of the governmentnl and the
alw.'i.vs extremely cautlous "Sabah,"
publish articlea each constltuting an
illustratlon of the atate of Ottoman
pufllic opinion. The upshot of thelr
r.-marks is that Turkey has spoken
|M r laat word and that lf that laat
word does not give satlsfactlon war
must ensue.
Ottoman Commanders, Believ
ing Adrianople Impregnable,
Would Welcome Attack.
Constantinople, Oct. 10.?Troops are
movlng to the front in two maln
streams. one to Macedonia and the
ntht-r to Adrianople. The assumptlon
is that Bulgaria and Servia, if they
realiy decide to attack, will lay slego
to Adrianople or try Issues wlth the
Turkish army lu Macedonia, whlch is
more than two hundred thousnnl
The Ottoman commanders would wel?
come an aasault on Adrianople, bellev
ing that the allles would break thtm
telvtt :i_ ilnst the Turkish defences
there, whereas a campaign ln Mace?
donia might be long drawn out and
(onsist mainly of guerrilla flghtlng.
The Turkish Foreign Minister re?
ceived to-day the collective note of the
flve powers at the hands of the Aus
trlan repreaentatlve. The note un
doubtedly embodles an offer to dlscusa
wlth the Porte the reallzatlon of re?
forms ln European Turkey on the basls
of the declarations of the Rumellan
commission of 1H80.
The government hears that all thfl
clvll Bervants in Servia have agrecd to
accept only half aalary during the war,
the Servian government giving credlt
notes on tradeapeople for the other
half, payable after the war ia over.
In spite of everythlng, lt ls belleved
here that Montenegro acted premature
Jy. Tt appearB that the allles actually
meant to negotiate a peaceful aolution
affflg relnforclng thelr dlplomacy by a
mobilization of thelr armies.
The bellef ls held here that lt wlll
be Impoaaible for the powers to prevent
a general Balkan confllct. Accordlng
to the best lnformation, Bulgaria
would have already followed the e-_
ample of Montenegro, but requlrea an?
other slx days to cdmplete her prepa
ratlons. Greeee and Servia requlre a
sttll longe.r tlme to make ready.
Banking Houses Decline to DiscuM
Rumored Negotiations.
Members of the flrma of J. P. Morgaa
& Co. and Kuhn, Loeb A Co. decllned
yesterday _> dlacusf the report that the
Turkish government waa dealroua of ne
gotlatlng a loan of $4o,000.00e to $50,000,000
wlth the syndfeate composed of those
two houses and tHe National Clty and
Flrst Natlonal banks. the aame four
banking Interests who constttuted the
American aroup In the elx-power syndl
cate whlch recently offered to loan the
Chlnese government funds up to $800,
It ls the lmpresslon In Wall Street that
the interesta assoclated ln thls American
group are not anxlous to advance money
to Turkey and tliat the ltkellhood of an
offerlng of Turkish bonds to American tn
vestors In the near future ts amall. unless,
oa la reported from Washington, the
Unlted States government la flgurlng ln
the negotiations. The questlon of a loan
wns propoaed by the Turkish representa?
tlvea before the trouble In the Bulkana
became acute, lt ls sald.
? *
Paris. Oct. 10. -Reports of a posslble tn
surrectlon ln Poland have resulted ln
mlsslon that England ln 1878 put her
money on the wrong horae.
The Servian Premier, M. Paaitch, ex?
pressed hlmaelf ln decided terms ln re?
ceiving, late on Wednesday evening,
vlalta from the Auatrlan and Ruaalan
mlniatere ln Belgrade. To them he
sald thal demobllixation was lmpoasl
ble, and, accordlng to hia opinion, war
wlll be ln full progresa during the next
few daya. Nowhere, in faet, ia confl
donce ln the mniptenance of peace per
A peruaal of the proclamatlon of
King Nleholaa of Montenegro shows
that he dld not act without the ap?
proval of hls allles ln opening the cam?
paign. The proclamatlon atates:
Montenegro la ot alone. Wlth lt are
the Christlan Lialkan klngdoms, wlth
which Montenegro ls now allled. We
commenced war unltedly wlth our brother
of Servia, whose forees wlll be led by
our beloved son-ln-law. We ahall galn
freedom from our oppressed brotheis,
along wlth the brave Mallssores, who
have now been flghtlng for two years for
unlon wlth Montenegro. Hurrah for the
Balkan League!
A hlgh diplomatic personage, aaked
whether diplomatic clrcles stlll had any
hopea of peace, replied frankly: "No.
The matter la now out of the hands of
dlplomats and ln the hands of the mll?
ltary authoritlea. The flnal daya or
houra of peace wlll laat no longer than
the time neceaaary to complete con
centratmg operatlons, for I belleve the
actual mobilization ls already finlshed."
Although no detail regardlng the
draftlng of the powers' note to the
Porte haa been revealed, lt ia under?
atood to be practically a counterpart
of the*notes sent to the Balkan powers.
It polnta out ln particular that it would
be opi ortune for the powers to co-op
crato ln cdrrylng out tho long talked of
reforma in European Turkey wlth a
vlew to assurlng the effeetlve realiza
flon of thesn r.-forms in th*> interes*
of the population*; and without pr?-Ju
dlclng the sovcrelgnty of the Sultan or
Ottoman terrltorial lntcgrlty.
.ecret Inetructions belng glven to the
"Inanclera ln Russia Poland to transfer
thelr documents and vaiuablea to Moacow,
accord'.nj" to a dispatch from St Peters
bure to "Le T?mm."
Paris, Oct. 10?The flnal negotiations for
peace between Turkey and Itely hav
been delayed t? the hesltatlon of Turk*y.
.ccordlng to a dispatch from Rome to "Lfl
TemDs." Italv has flxed Saturday a? a
llmlt after whlch It mav brt-ak off nego
Reqistee on your way to work this
morning. It ie eafer to get your name
:n the books the fir?t day. Thousands
?v*ry year are deprived of a vote be?
cause they negleet to regiater until It la
too late. Regietration places in New
Vork County are printed in thia paper.
Three Offlcers and 18 Men Try to Kiil
Captain of the Lotte Menzell.
Kerlln, Oet ML?TftftM ommtft and
eighteen men of the (.??rnian -ttanishtr'
Lotte Menzfll mutlnled at Horla. In the
Azores, and attempted to klll the cap?
tain to-day. The v--ssel araa l-o-ind fr.-m
Norfolk. Va., to foj-f-nhaKfn
Tho mutlny was supressf-.l hy the ln
tervcr-tlon of the Orman triltflfll H-rthi.
aad thfl rautlneers arre-f-d.
Big Aircraft Goes Up in Flame While
Being Filled with Hydrogen.
Periln, Oet 1" ? ?'-rniany'.- aerlal fleet
suffercd a severe loas to-day by the total
Wre-klng bv exploslon of one of lt* lm
mense mllltary dlriglble hallons and of
the hall ln whlch lt was statloned at
R. lnlckf-ndorf, a suhurb of Berlin.
The dlrlgibl.-, whlch waa of the -emf
rlgld type, wlth tnternal alr balloneta to
preserve Its shape. Invented by Major
OrosH of the Prussian army. was belng
reflllerl wlth hydn-Ken gas hy soldlers of
the flylng corps.
The gas, whlch Is hlghly Inflammable,
was belng paaaed Into the enveloj>e from
metal cyllnders. when the frlctlon of the
gas Itself on the fllllng tube cauaud flre
to break out. A vlolent exploslon rnsued,
completely desfroylng the dlriglble and
blowlng the hall to spllnters.
None of the crew was Injured.
Landmark Saved by Agreement Out
of Oourt.
Cobweb Hall, at No. M Duane street. a
drlnklng and ?_tlng place built more than
a century ago, where "Bill" Tweed and
hls eronles used to plan pollt >al c?m
paigns and campalgns against the clty
treaaury, waa saved from destructlon by
a close margln yesterday
The Kmvlro ("ity Savlnna Bank has a
$M.*W0 mortgage on the property, whlch Is
owned by Mr*,. Mary J. Kerrlgan. wldow
of Alderman I'atrlck Ferrigan. Justice
Ford early ln the jjay appotnted Collln
H. . Woodward recelver of the rents.
Soon after tho court order was lasued an
nouncement waa made that there had
been a settlement out of court between
rnoTtgegee and mortgagor and the land?
mark wlll remaln.
The Department of Health van In?
formed yesterday that three dlplomas of
merlt had been awarded to lt at the
lnternational t'ongreas on Hygiene and
Demography whlch waa recently held ln
Washington. Thls elty's exhlblt at the
congrees wae one of the largest. The
dlplomaa wero awarded aa followa: Bec
tlon I. dlvision of child hygiene; Sectlon
IX, an exhtblt of llterature in varloua
languagci on dlseases and Its preventlon.
and Bectlon XII, bureau of records.
? -i
To dlscuss the new plan to llmlt the
sale of dipped milk to milk stores after
June 1, 1913. Health Commlssioner I.ederle
haa Informed varlous associatlcna of
grocery and milk dealers ln the clty that
he wlll hold a hearing on October 23 at
the Department of Health, The commls
sloner sald ye.terda/ that he wanted to
go Into the detail. of the plan wlth
members of the dlfferent grocery and
milk assoclatlons and to let Tt be known
Juat what was the purpose of the depart?
ment ln regard to thia lateat measurr
adopted to brlng about a. hlgh grade milk
.upply in thia clty.
Unconscious Since Red Sox
Tied Giants' Score.
[By Talegraph to Tha Trlbune.)
Boaton, Oct. 10.-The myat-ary of tha
Identity ot a well dreesed young woman
who be<?me uneoneclous at Fenway Park
In the cruclal eleventh lnning of tha game
yeaterday waa cleared up to-day. when
ahe recovered for a few momente from
her coma at tb^Clty HoepltaK-md mur
mured her nam-Und addreaa.
?My nama la Margaret Rooney.'' ahe
told the nurae. "I llve at No. 1690 Broad?
way, New York."
Almoat lmmedlately Mlas Rooney lapsed
agaln lnto unconsdouaness. The police
and hospital authorltles were lnclined to
believe Mlaa Rooney had coma over to
root for the Qlanta.
In the flrat half of tha tenth lnning the
woman appeared elated. Then, ln the last
half, after Speaker mada hta great slide
that tled the score. ahe dropped Umply in
her saat. Already overexcited and un
strung, ahe eeemed exhausted after the
Olanta failed to score ln their half of the
eleventh. The next seen of her was when
ahe waa walklng daaed about the grand
atand as the "fana" left the park.
Mrn K. H. (lilmore. of No. 1090 Broad?
way. sald last nlght that Mlas Rooney,
who had been the gueat of frlenda at har
houae for the laat two weeks. went to
Boston to see the baseball game. She
aald that ahe recelved a telegram laat
night from acqualntances of tha glrl in
Hoston assurlng her that Mlaa Rooney's
lllneaa waa not aerloua and that she
would return to New York to-day.
Schoolma'am Therefore Sues
for $150,000 Damagea.
Alleging that Wllllam Hughes. a
wealthy paper atock dealer, ln business
at No. 90 Metropolitan avenue. Gre*'n
polnt. broke hla promlse to ma_*ry har
because hla children by & prior marrlage
objected, Misa May I. Mclntyre, a aohool
teacher. bagan ault ln the Supreme Court
yesterday for $160,000 damagea for broach
of promlse.
Mias Mrlfityre aaya that her engage
ment to Jlughes, who ls about fifty-slx
years old, waa announced. and that ln
preparatlon for the expected marrlage
?-h." reslgned Ier Job as teacher and
abandoned her atudi-a in college, wtj-ere
the expected to take a degree.
Mi.-x Mclntyrs WeA ort affldavlt telllng
thf difflculty whlch two process aerv.-ra
had in servlng Ett_gb<8 wlth OM aumni'-ns
ln the ault. 8he aald that the defendant
divldes hls tlme between three .llfY.-r. nt
homea of m*mbers of hls fumlly. and the
proceas a**rvera had to go from one to
the other looklng f?>r hlm. flnally nalllng
the aummona <>n the door of hla horn- at
No. 179 l.lncoln Road, Flatbuah.
Mlas Mclntyre aaya that the weddluit
.vaa to take pla''e on OtAmaf 2. but In
September Hughes Informed her that he,
rould not marry her on account of fhe
-rt Jeotlons et hla children. The platntllT
?aya that bealdes giving up bat empl \
ment and atudles, aha went to cunslder
\b\* expenae In maklng arrnngementa for
UM wedding. all of whlch la ln<-lude-l in
tha damagea, whlch alao include-, ang__-h
of mind.
Bank Threatens to Foreclose
Fifth Avenne Property.
The Power-* Savlnga Rank. at No 12S
R.wery. haa Informed Oeneral Panlel E
Sl.klra that lt holds a tirst ni' tgage of
011 N.OOO* on htn property. at Nos 23 and
II rifth avrnue?all that Is now left to
Ihe gnnerul ? and If the Int.-r. st. amount
iiik t,, $2,*?.",*"?.. was not pald by yeasorAny
foreclosure proc*-e.1!ngs w.ciM !,.- 1 .*gun tt
mea Mrs. Slckbs. from whom the Vet
(?run ha.- Uen aeparnted for thlrty-two
\.*:irs, was nlso Informed, hut replle*! th a
->h>* rould do nothlng.
Henry A 8<*henck, presldertt of the buv
Itigi bank, poM reetertmy afternoon lhat
tba K'Ti'-ral was PSMA In arreara for three
f88IB* taxes on hla home and tfae propertv
0-88884 wlth It. Th" 8888888d valuatlon
0l Um property ls $118.OO*'. I'anlcl l?.
Waaa, ot Ban, WitoutM * U'oif, No, m
Hro-idway, who la rc. insel for the general,
sal.l he had not b"en lnform--d of tho ln
t.-mb 1 foreclosures, aa dtd John Rellley,
Of No. 1 ?o Broadway. attorney for Stan
ton Slckles. the general's son In the
County Clerka offlce It waa sald no Us
peii'lcns papera had been flled there.
Th.* general's home contnlns hundreds
of ro-tly art plecos and books that ha
colle.ted during hls travels all over the
Btanton Picklfs sald yesterday thst hls
mother had redeemed the Jewels whlrh ahe
pawned In ordar to meet the other obll
gatlons of hla father, and replaced them
ln har aafe depoalt vault. He alao aald
that he contiruod to recelve many threat
enlng lettera, ututlgned. from wrltera who
do not wish hlm to mentlon the name of ?
promlnent woman who la aald to have
been the rause of breaking up hls famlly.
Rsgisterl Ragiatarll This ia tha
first day of ragiatration. If you do not
ragietar you cannot vota. lf you do not
regiatar to-day you may not ba abla
to ragiatar on tha thraa other daya.
Battar do it to-day. Bootha open from
7 a. m. to 10 p. m.
No Clemency for Miss Zindel
Unless She Gives Up Money.
Mlss Rose Zindel, of the Zindel Manu
farturlng 4'ompany, who pleaded gullty
to forgery ln tha aecond degree, through
Qeorem Gordon )4att!<\ asked Jiistlee
Hlanchard for clemency yesterday, In th.
Crlmlnal Rranch of the bupreme Court,
*a*SMM-B0 of her IU health. The Juatice do
<?!<!,,! thal he would flrat glve Mlaa Zin?
del an opportunlty of telllng a referee
whom he would appolnt what became of
certaln asaets belonglng to the manu
facturlng company. whlch lt waa charged
ahe had serreted to defraud her credltora.
Juatice Hlanchard aakl that the defend?
ant muat flrat make a complete dla
cloaure before he would conslder tho plea
for clemency. whlch Mr. Battle promiaed
ahe would do. 4V,un?el for tho tvntury
Hank, whlch caahed the forged note that
cauaed the convlctlon of Mlas Zindel, and
alao other credltora told tha court that
Mli-- Zindel got poaaession of at leuat
floO.000 wlthln thlrty daya of the tlme the
company waa forcod Into bankruptcy. 31-*>r
books failed to show what became of the
The recelver ln bankruptcy had left her
as cuatodlan of the fumlture tn her horna.
and It waa latar dlscovered that aha had
removed the more expensive 8-8800 to an
empty apartrnet.t tn tho aame house. lt
waa charged agalnst Misa Zindel that she
kept a card Index that ahowed aha had
for aeveral yeara carrled oo a syatematl.
(Hy Telegraph lo The Trlhuna. 1
Milwaukee, Oet. lO.-Ralph De PaJma'a
purse, contalnlng fl.000. whlch lt was
thought was atolen when he was Injured
ln the recent automoblle racea here, haa
been found. It waa In a pocket ln a ault
whlch he did not wear on the day of the
Almost Annihilate Force of 150
Near Herma, Mexico.
All Those Oaptured Alive Muti
lated?Severe Loss by Rev
olutionists Reported.
Laredo, Tex., Oct. 10.?A rebel force,
numberlng 1,800, under the leadershtp of
Cheche Campos, practically annlhllated a
force of 160 federals near Herma, between
Jlmlnez and Torreon, late yeaterday, ac?
cordlng to advlcea received here to-day.
Of the federal force, only 17 are said to
have e.caped. Among the dead are four
offlcera, Including Colonel Tello, ln com?
mand of the federala.
After kllllng Tello, tiie rebels hanged
hls body to a telegraph pole. Eighteen
federals were captured and thelr eara cut
off. The federal flag bearer received an
offer of hls llberty lf he would aurrender
the flag, whlch he kept after he was
captured. He refused and was shot.
The federals were marching on the pub?
lic road ln a wooded aectlon, accordlng to
the report, when the rebels suddenly ap?
peared on both sldes and ln front of them.
The battle dld not last long, as the rebel
forco was overwhelmlng,
The federals are reported ta have In
fllcted aeverc loaa upon the rebels, but
the number of the latter kllled ls not
Mexico Clty. Oct. 10.?Oovernment troops
under Major Jose Tello were defeated
yesterday by rebels near Eacalon. Five
of Oeneral Pascual Orozco's old Heu
tenantu are sald to have taken part
In the engagement. Major Tello had been
ordered to drlve the rebels from the
Derrame ranch, where they had been
holdlng coundl. The eneounter took
plflOfl at the San Agutstln ranch nearby.
Tlu- rebels fought from the ranch build?
ings, but as the federals dld not advance
they pretended to retreat. Then the
fedorals followed and were subjected to
a heavy flre, and were forced to with?
draw, but carried with them a few prla
Jose Orozco, couslh of Pascual, and
Felix Tt-n.zuH wer. in command of the
rel-.lH, but were relnforced by Cheche
CampiiH, l_uls Fernandez and Franelaco
del Torro. Accordlng to a fugltlve, the
federals were flanktd by the rebels and
many of them kllled Major Tello and
all except one of the other offlcers were
TtM federal dead./it is eatlmated, num?
ber at least on.- aundred, and censored
aceounta of the engagement whlch
reached the capltal to-nlght aay that tho
rebels' losa was even greater.
Oeneral iiuerta, who nearly a montb
ago got a leave of absence to hare hls
eyes treated, reached the capltal to-day,
hrlnglng approxlmately 1.000 men wno
were engaged ln th*? northern campaign.
The rapld ahlftlng of the government
totxag throughout the greater part of the
rerubllc. coupled wlth an lncreaalng num?
ber of new j-oints from whlch dlsturbances
are raportoi daily, has served to strength
en the popular bellef that the administra?
tion'* predlcament ls fast becomlng critl
cal, in splto of offlclai asaurances of lm?
provement. Ih general, fhe country.
troubles -an l>e clisslfied under three
heads- a more or less organlzed move
met In the north, Including the'states of
Sonora. Chlhuahua. ("oahulla. Neuvo
I.e.-ii and Durango; Oeneral Agullar's re
l-ellnui ln the states of Vcra ?'ruz and
Pp bla, and a warfare not unllke anar-Hy
ln thfl statea <>f Mexleo, Morelos, Ouer
rero. Mlchoiican and Zacatecas, wlth
prowllng hands In other states.
Unable to Maintain Peace.
The operatlona of the rebels along the
llne of th.* N'orthwestern Railroad and ta
Southern Chlhuahua along the llne or
Um '.'? ntral the very territory from
whlch orozco's army was driven by Oen?
eral Iiuerta?give* evldence of the govern
ment's inablllty to malntaln peace in that
reglon. Oeneral Hlanquet, after the de?
feat o| thrro hundred of l'araverro's men
on Saturday at Alte de loa --.peranzaa.
Htat*- of N'uevo Leon, announced the de
partur* of the "dlsperaed" rebels for
? 'hlhuahua. hut It has since be?>n reported
that hands are operatlng ln that state,
und thero Is a notable Increase In activity
ln Nuevo l.eon adjolnlng.
The Ilrst messages from the north alnce
o.-toher . were received to-day from
Jlmlnez. They told of a general con
centratlon movement of the Inaurgenta
near Kscalon. Later camo newa of the
Between Torreon and Zavalza the gor
ernment la rebulldlng seven bridges, de
stroyed prlor to the conference. ln the
State of Vera Cruz Aguilar has succeedad
In evading a st-rlous eneounter wlth the
federuls, who appear cautlous. A con
slderablc force of federals has heen con
. entrated on the Mexlcan Rallway. whlle
most of Agullar'a army la .omo dlstance
to the south. The reglon giving the ad?
ministration most cause for worry, how?
ever, la that overrun hy bands, who, for
want of a better name, are stlll styled
Zapatlstas. though lt ls doubtful lf more
than a amall percentage ever recelve or?
ders from tho notorlous rt-bel of Morelos.
The government makes no aecret of the
f.-ut thnt it would be glad to arrange
peace wlth Zapata, and lt Is asaerted that
DflgDttattODg to that end are under way.
But even lf consummatod lt Is extremely
doubtful lf thls would result In any wlde
spread peace.
Magistrate Will Take Two Run
aways to See Game.
After havlng come all the way from
flcranton, Penn., to aee the champlonahlp
gamea between the Olants and the Red
Sox, John 1-giin, ten years old, and hla
brother Wllllam, one year hls Junior,
were plcked up ln Bayonne, N, J., yester?
day by Patrolman Oallagher.
When the youngaters were arralgned
before Recordfr Mara the elder of the
pair plped up:
Say, Judge, la thls New York? We
came from Scranton, to aee the 'oham
peene' play and we don't want to mlsa
the game. You can send us to Jail
afterward.*, If you want to, but We Just
got to see that game, Judge."
"Well. well," aald the court, beamlng
upon the pair, "how much money have
you boys got?"
"Nothln," chorused the undaunted
brothers, "but we kln skln over the fence
like we do ln Scranton."
"No, you won't akln over the fence,"
replied tho court, assumlng hls magls
tertal frown. The llttle lads were about
to break Into tears, when Recorder Mara
added, "But you will come to the game
wlth me as my gueata."
Recorder Mara made arrungementa to
car* for the llttle Egan brothers until
the next New York game. and then he
sent word to thelr parenta that they were
Men's Utility Raincoats
throughout and abaolutely Rainproof?The new cut
English Raglan model?Silk Velvet Collar and Satin 1 Q CA
lined yoke. Regularly $21.00. Special 10,wv
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Slipper accessories, bowsl rosettes, buckles, etc, 50a to $10.
At Sixth ATenue Store only.
Sixth AYcnue
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548 Fifth Avenue
above Forty-flfth St
Tba beauty of the acenery,
tbe amooth roadbed and
eeej rldlng equipment
maae the journey alto
gefber dclij-bt.nl.
Tbe frequeocy oftne trting \
aod tbetr bo_rtY lea-rrag
time make nme-taMea no*
neceaaary aod atrolda anr
uocertainty of train ttraij
- mi
London Police So Interpret
Murder Witness's Remarks.
London, Oct. 10? Thomaa Coupa the
eyewltneaa of tha Roaenthal murder,
wlth hls iegal repreaentatlve and Asalat?
ant Dlatriet Attorney De Ford. arrlved ln
London to-day. where they have alnce
been ln conference. Coupe, when asked
what w?vrt hia plana, replled:
?l cannot aay. If I dtd It mlght en
danger my life."
Mr. De Ford refuaea to dlacuaa the caae.
He Intenda to return to New York on
Saturday. , T . ?
Whlle the police authorltles ln London
have been given no Informatlon aa to
Couoa'a tntentlona they regard hls re
marka as Indlcatlng that he lntenda to
return to the l'nlted Statea.
Heirs to Dispose of Murdered
Oambler's Household Effects.
The murder last July of Herman Rosen?
thal. the gambler. haa had another after
math wlth the announcement of tha aale
by public auction of a large part of tho
handaomo furnlshlngs of hla realdonce.
No. IM Weat 48th atreet. The sale, which
ls belng held (pr the beneflt of hla heirs,
will begln on Wedneaday morning, Octo?
ber 145, at the Broadway Art Oallertes. No.
1302 Broadway. where an exhlbltlon of tha
art objecta is belng held.
Roaenthal, who waa known for hls taate.
ln elaborate and artlatle furniahlng*-, ae
lected tlie larger part of the collectlon
whlch ta belng aold. Among the thlnga are
several palntlngs of whlch he waa par
tlcularly fond. lncluding two olls of tbor
oughbrede, laia and Sadla S. The otla also
include epeelmena from the bruahes of T.
R. GrlfTen. the Amerlcan landacape arttat,
and K. Wlthkowakl, who la repreaented
by a atudy of atreet boya
Notable examplea of marquetry are alao
included ln the collectlon, among them an
antlque buhl cablnet, a FYench marquetry
bed set, wlth an estimated value of $1,600;
a mahogany baby grand plano, and tall
ebony sorcena Inlald wlth Ivory and moth
Included In the ceramlca to be aold are
a pair of old Engllah porcelaln vaaea, a
large vase of Bevrea ware, and other brlc
A-brac A copy of tha "Crouchlng" Venua
ln Carrara marble, wltb aeveral smaller
plecea, la also catalogued for the sale,
together wlth a number of Oriental rugs.
McKay Alao Expected to Testify Be?
fore Curran Oommittee.
The Curran Aldermanlc Commlttee wlil
reaume Its Investlgatlon lqto the Pollca
Department ln the Aldermanlc Chambera,
at tha City Hall. at 11 o'clock thla morn?
The queatlon of appolntlns men of un
aavory charactera to the force will be
agaln taken up. Commlaatoner Waldo
and Deputy Commlaatoner McKay prob?
ably wlil be recalled at to-day's aession.
i mmb ?
Aro you a good oltison? If ao, you
wlil want to voto in November; vou
will aoo that you aro rogistorod oarly,
so that you can voto. This ia tha firat
day of regiatration. You oan flnd
where to do It by looklng in tha
papara. Do it to-day and aesurs your'
telf of a vot0.
"Never before have the gTMt
cereal cropa of the United Statai
been ao bountiful aa those of tha
year. Records of produetion lot
almost every cereal have been $nr**
paaaed, in aome Inatances by mtlr ?
icns of buahels."
?Daily Papeia
Everybody knowa that the crops
have an influence uron evarj*
branch of business. When tha
farmers are prospering tha cotia>
try is prospering. And the dedue*
tion can be made fro i the fore*
going report from Washington.
Advertisers who are lookinf fof
"good crops" from their publictt"*
campaigns should conaidef the
best field in which such crops cafl
grow. The New York CitySur
face Cars carry daily over 1,800,_?
passengers, all of them able arw
willing to buy what they see ae
vertised in those cars. because ex
perience has taught the travemn""
public that only trutimil and hofl
**st propositions are permitted tt>
be displaved therein.
Here'a'your held. Mr Adver*
tiser, if you want to have recora
results from your public.ty.
We have the exclusive coo'ro*
of all the advertising in all the
New York City Surface Cirt
Fifth Avenue 'Buses
Study the Cavds
We hsvt a SUndifd
New York City Car
Advertising Company
225 Fifth Avenue
Telephone 4680 MacHton
Made of Choicest Grapes
24 Hudson Street, NeW Mtm

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