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jjtmnm game
firave and Gay Angl-S to New
York's First Victory.
novle's Nerve Is Tested When
He Tries Out Speaker's
j-eW Motor Car.
. Ttlttreph t Thr Trlbune. 1
/_? tn?Jesse Hurkett. once one
tio?un. tx1,
-k-ate*t ' outflelders and now
th(, \v ? club. was ln the
?Wnfr__i befor tho -ame talking about
V'eS8r ..Th(v ra about Wood." he
Iltchf!j y cal'l J '??:?? :- a:A M;-rcluai*'
r,ald'-*_e'*t of thei I. bul they have
_!*M-_.?r. il pltcher. Old Amos Ru.l.
-d^aSthen. more baseball than tha,
Lu-eS for i moment ' ?**?
Cofhtfullv: "The marest
SSlsChrlst, Mal '?
JS. U?er day Pltcl
ilnce R ? ? " ?
Wber th. rain* ?*?>
?, Bo.ton Blfci .tracll t* l ? ? J"
bonorcdnuVMy ? There"! Be a Hot TlMt
to the Old Town To-nlght." an-. .?<?? Man
Mtt.n i-otan Join-d ta the chon"
t vt:._'
When Speaker drove bla new car
aroand the fleld he broke all speed llmlt s
Into amlthereens. Larry Dnrfa*, whom
ffrls b?d lnvlted out fo:- a "joy rld.
hght snd prayed as ftMakar cut the OC*>
par*. 'Ho is a ?econd Barry tirant." r.ald
Doyle. when the trlp In front of the cheer
tog "fans" had been cmpleted ln safoty.
"The New Bedford Times" had a most
?rM-able story of the flrst claah between
t_# Giants and the R*d Sox ln Its
Wednesday evening edltlc n, but by MBM
Ulp of the pen lt was precedcd by thls
captlon: "By AJbert W. Kane, sportlng
edltor of Tb* Ttasaa,' who is coverlng
teries for thls raper." It should have
tead: "From Th* New-York Trlbune."
"Vot * opmma was mlsplaced.
X*w Bedford "fanr" need not wait until
-r-*n_. to get the news of the battllng
The announcement was made before the
game that if a ball hlt one of the pollce
toen standinsr ln the outfleld lt would stlll
be ln plaj the same as if it had hlt a
There were nlne strike-out victims to
a_y. O'Brien fanned twlca and Hooper,
Ter.es, Wagner, Ball, Devore, Merkle
ind Meyers once each. Three bases were
Itolen ln the game. the pilfcrlng belng
gone hy Wagner, Devore and Fletcher.
The Iargest crowd that ever *_w a base?
ball game in Boston passed through tho
turnstiles of Fenway Park to-day.
Herzcg's rapld-flre coachlng of Mar
jjjuard and the players ln the infleld wa*
two unln poriant r>art of New York's de?
fence. The New Y.rk third baseman
Sh'uted censtant encouragement to Mar
? uard for ever*,' ball pitched, and when
_r was not dlrecting hls coachlng toward
the pltcher's box, he VM keoplng the ln
flt.d keyi d up to flghtlng pltch. Haraog
Ifaugbt Murray home on a sacrlflce fly
ln th* second Innlng and started the
trr . ? for the Red Sox ln the fifth by
slashmg out a two-bagger, scorlng a few
fcitrutes later on a hlt by Fletcher.
Two Boaton "fans" coming out of the
park were talking over the llttle ex
efcange of words between Speaker and
Herzog ln the game yesterday when
Larry Doyle paclfied both men. Sald
?ne: "I can't understand it. Now, lf
Kerrog had gone between Doyle and
Can-lgan lt would have been perfectly
natural, but Doylo to go between Her
|K>g"- _
"v, Just before the game* started Ban
Johnson called Stahl over to hls box and
ihook hands wlth hlm, wishlng him .-**"_
f'Brlng lt home to the American League,"
said Johnson. "Well do our best," re?
plied Stahl.
The sun waa so warm that the "fans"
ln the centre field bleachers lhai their
coats during the early Innlngs r>f the
game, but as the close of day approached
overcoats would not have baaa unwel
Chlef Meyers had some qulet faa wlth
the crowd ln the slxth innlng, when .he
c.ught Trl* Speakera hlgh (oul lor the
thlrd out. The *_-**- bOWk l l
at ti.e lndlan ln un effort to rattl?; him.
but lf Meyers heani them lt bothered
htrr, not at all. He bald fl
bsll, and holdlng th<
h* called Herzog ovr, ar.d UM i>a;r
tugged at the ball for a full minute be?
fore they Kot lt out of the pocket
The w.ar.ts, on and off the fleld, fought
like maJrnen to win tne garne.
players or, the bench shouted advlce and
?jaetnu-gen *nt to the men at the bat
and In the fleld, and never kept quict
a minute. _
On the roof r,f an autotnoblla garage
just acrea*, from Fenway Park there 1? a
speclally ted stand, whlch has
|**a for both gaihes.
Jlm MeAIeer, I ot the Boston
Red Box, ls more than confident of the
It H'-. smiles when a*ked for an
opinion, and aays aiaal) : "We've a tlght
llttle ball club here. A tlght llttle ball
**?_. All playlr.g the game; all trylng
har. to wn,. a grand leader in Stahl.
Who'll ?in? v. iiy?er-lfh a flne day.
Un't lt? Yea. alr, a fine day."
' waa aome doubt before the game
that S;,eaker weuld he ln the llne-up.
The big Tcxan'ts unkle 1* badly swollen
and heavlly bandagod. but he declares
that nothing but a broken leg wlll keep
hlm <>:. tne beach,
BROADWAY _c 39th ST.
Tel. &SSA? Hryaat.
The Best German Restaurant
IX THE *****!.
lixrelle-it Musle aud Kutertalnment
Who ls leading the charge for the Gianta
with hls bat
(Caa-fft-gbl by Amerl*-?n rrriis AFSorlatlon >
"Fans" Line Up at Polo Grounds
and Raise Price of Plaees.
Preclsely at 4:46 o'clock yesterday after?
noon .1 loaa man a*tr__M up to the
Elghth avenue entrance of the Polo
Grounds, got a piece of board. placed one
tnd a-sainst the fence and leaned against
lt. Having thus settled himself comfort
ably, l.t* drew forth from one pocket a
long stt-mmed plpo and from the other a
well worn tobacco pouch and fllled the
plpe. In ar.other flve mlnutes hc waB lost
In a haze of smoke.
Thls man. John W. Dowd, waa the flrst
of the vanguard of baseball "fans" who
later took up thelr poaltlonB outslde the
mtrance of the fleld to be among the
Brst when the aale of tickets for to-day's
??j-ame between the Olants and tlie Red
Sox begine. At mldnight the crowd had
Increased to a motley twoscore, quite a
falllng off from the hundreds who
f-tormed the gates lost Monday night be?
fore the sale of tickets for the first game.
Mr. Dowd, learned ln the customs of
"fans," explalned thlB by saylna; the
threatenicg clouda cverhead presaged a
postponement of to-day's scheduled
game Although their numbers were
fewer. the "stand-patters" on guard at
the Polo Grounds entrance had raised
the prlce of a place near the head of the
UtM to $5. Last Monday nlght and on
Tuesday morning lt was only $3. The
rlse in price ls aald to be due to the
success of McGraw's men ln Boston yes?
Reach New York This Morning
Almost Two Hours Late.
The Boston Expreaa, msi'le up of thr?*e
sections. carrylr.g the Giants and the Red
Sox from Boston. arrlved at the Grand
Central Statlon at 12 :Zt o'-lock this morn?
ing, one hour and forty-flve mlnutes late.
In tho atatlon awalting the homecom
ers and thtir rlvals had been a crowd
numbering more than flve hundred per
BOIIS, but lt dwlndled aa the tlme pitssed
eo that when the traln pulied lnto the
statlon a bare three hundred were on
All of tho players of both teams, wlth
ihe exception of Marquard and Hhafer,
left the train at 1 LT.th street.
The hero of yesterday's game, "Rube"
Maroi-ard, clad in h long coat pu.Hnif on
a big clgar, accompanied by Shafer
Btrolled through tne crowd unrecognlzed
uiitil he had passed out to I>exington ave?
nue, when the cry, "There goe_- Mar?
quard !** was shouted by a Bmall bov. The
crowd ran to the avenue, but the two
players entered a taxicab and whirled
away before those awalting them reached
the street
Jl L. West'alJ won the tltle In the an?
nual lawn tennis tourrey of the Kings
County Teaiya <"ii*>>, hsM on the reoartao.
iation yesterday afternoon.
In tba Baal :ound Weatf-.ll defeated K.
- Anderson at H 0, I *_. >> i After the
flrst aat tie led nll tiie way, as Anderson
areakoned as the match progresaed.
World's Series Fight
at a Critical Stage
"Smoky" Joe Wood Almost
Sure to Face Jeff Tesreau
jn Game To-day.
Stands in Breach and Oives
McGraw the Strategical
Position So Valuable
at This Time.
By Harbart.
Once more It waa necesssry, yeater?
day, to sacrlflce myself on the altar of
duty and remaln ln the office wlth a
royal basehnll battle golng on ln B'.a
ton. I carefully watched. however.
each inove made by the opposlng teams
over the playograph ln Madison Squsre
Garden. and feel almoat as lf I waa
quallfled to comment on the victory of
the Gianta, whlch, hb the golfers aay.
made the series sll square wlth flva
to go.
Ah I suggested yesterdty. McGraw
decided to aend Rube Marquard agali.st
Buck O'Brlen and to auve big Jeff
Teareau to face Smoky Joe Wood at
tlM Polo Grounds to-day. It Ib Batlsfy
ing that my confidence 1*0 Marquard.
expressed on moro than one occaalon ln
the last two weeks, was J4istlfled. After
watchlng the flve InnlngB he pltched
against the Brooklyn Superbas n few
days ago, my eonvictlon was strong
that he had returned to hls best f?>rm
of the sprlng. when he equalled the
world'a record of __.a_.880l vlctoriea ln
a row. Marquard pltched a brilllant
game yeaterday, and wlth confidence
onco more restored Ib quite likely t
wlrt another. and so help the Giants
When I sald ln ycst-rdays Trlbune
that Jake Stahl had lost a strong stra
tegic pcsltion, and that John J. M'Graw
really wm better off so far as the uae
of hls pltchers waa concerned. I reck
oned wlthout Buck O'Brlen, who. whlle
a llttle unsteady at times Judalng ffOtB
a dlstance, yesterday pltched the klnd
of hall that would win nlne out of t.*n
games. Marquard had to be at hls b_8l
to beat hlm, snd even then heeded ih.
help of Murray. Her/.og and flatohar,
who were able to dellver the telllng
cllnch the world's champlonsWp. _
Official Score of Third
Game for World's Title
A B. R H. 2-B. 8-B. H.R. BH. 8.B. B.B. K.O. PO. A. E.
DeTore, ritht fleld ... 4 0 t 0 0 0 0 1 0 ? "
neyle. te cond baae.... 8 0 0 0 0 ? " ? ? ? ?
Snodgra.s. centre fleld 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Murrar. left fleld. 4 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 0
Merkle. flrat beae. ?????j!!!!!!!
meteeB.mmtm3e.... sriitootoooiso
Meyer.. catcher . 4 I 1 0 I ? ? ? \ \ \ \ J
Heteher. ahortatop.A. 0 8 1 ? 0 0 0 1 J I I 0
Marquard. pltcher. I 0 0 0 0 0 * _ __ __?_!__
Totala.M ~* "l "l ? ? ' " * ' " * '
A.B. R. H. 2-B. 8-B. H.R. S.H. BB. B.R SO. PO. A. E.
Hooper. rlght WAA.... 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 I J jJ J ? ?
Yert.ee. .eoond b..e... 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 I 1 0
Hpeaker. centre fleld.. 4 0 l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l 0
Le*!.. left fleld. ?*?!!!! I !' l B l A
(iemter.thltAheaa... I ? 1 J J ? \ J J J ? ~Q J
Mahl. flrat baae. 000 Jzla'*ll?a
?.Vagner.-hortatop.... 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 8 0
Carrigen. catcher. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0
f.dTcetcher. t 0 0 0 0 0 0 ? J J ?
O'Brlen. pltcher. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 I ? S
ssrp,,cher.; o ?? '? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ;
2S- ::: 1 o o o o a o o o i o o ?
Tot.U. 30 1 "l ? ? ? ? ? " ? " " 8
-W* batted for tarrlg-u. ln eUbtb lnning. tBII batted to, O'Brlen I. elghtb
Innlng. tHenrickaon ran for Mtahl in nlnth Innlng.
0 l 0 0 1 S 0 0 0?2
>>,, tork. O0"00000 1?1
P??t<m .
.i;,-__o*- OBrten S hlta and t runa In 88 tlme. at bet In S Innlnr-; o8 Bedlent. 1
h,t smam^mVtmmTal bat E I toetB* MeaWee fj*^**"*
.7 Hmrrittr. (Iv-Mffioi. Double pler--Speaker to Btahl. Left en basee? New
*" . * tmZnZ ! IWbLae ea balla-Oft* OBrlae, 8; off Marqnard. 1. Flrrt ba.e
o\rKerr Ur.oDn.7HUMb; Pl^er-By Be_len? ,Heraog>. ??*"^?"?
l. ? OBrlen. 8. TI?e-t:lS. Vn-plrea-At pief. Bvaaa, ea beaaa. KUaa: left fleld.
O'l-oughlln; rlght fleld, Rlgler, _
punch wlth a hlt when a hlt was most
O'Brien. however. has been beaten. so
that ln polnt of faet McGraw _ pr'MU >n
_oai appear stronger. as psychologl
ciilly hls defeat will haw a potent ef?
fect if the two pitchers again fnce each
other. The Olunts wlll go Into the
game arlth a better mcntal attltude and
wlth n splrlt of we-beat-thls-fellow-be
fort--Ae-can-beat-hlm-agaln. The Red
?OX, on tho other hand. have some rea?
son to dread the rcappeoraiM c of Mar?
quard, who rnowed them _aw_ yester?
day In such commandlng fashlon.
It Is hnrdly necessary for me to re
peat that I expect the Glanta to win
the serlis. My **a_aOM have been glven
on two or thre> ocenslons, and nothing
ha* occurred ln the three g-rnc* played
to change tliem. As lt happen*. the
teams are llvlng up closely to thelr
records of the aeason. The Giants *re
showing n ?llghtly *tronger offem ??*.
whlle the Red Sox nre showing them
-elve*- a blt better on the defence. In
the Inr.g run the more aggresslve team
wlll win.
Joe Wo<>d must be feared, but lf big
Jeff Tesreau takes hls meayture to-day
the ttrongaat prop wlll be knocked nut
from the Honton defence. < ?n physlqu
alone the chance* are In favor of Tes?
reau turnlng the tables on hla less
husky opp. tient thls afternoon, ami,
USD-laas to aty, much depend* upon the
outcome. The thlrd garne ln the series j
was the turnlng polnt a year ago. and
the thlrd gam*> thls year ls likely tO bt
the most crltlral. It does not follow
lhai th. loslng team must give np hope.
but It does mcan thnt tha loslng team
wiii b<* nt a great iHaailt-ntaaa n*lt_
only four BM*. games to play.
Judglng frotn io *C_nnt_, the Boston
"fBtis" dl<l not forget how to btj M'orts
men in rootlng for the Rad Sox. Th-v
applandad weary *rno_ pla. In a way to
IntflcaU that whlle thay lovad tha E_*_
Box muoh, they loved baseha;1 and fair
* more.
Browns Beaten by Cardinals by
Misplay in the Eighth.
Pt. l.owi.w, Oct lrt. ? Mowrey's Blngle, foi
lewad by **_"**__. single. aad Bto*f_IT*
UTOr bl UM t_fht_ Innlng gavi the it
i i Nat: nal Laag-s riaa the paeon
game of tbi Ittti rt?_fU* tttiot tM th,- clty j
ehamplonship wlth ttM local An.-rlcan
l taaa* bar? thls afternoon by a
lf : t_ :.
Tl.e Browns got n run ln the aecond on
a hit and two arrora in th* nftu th?
<?,,!; . tn* lead, aeortai two runs ,
I _mm s, a single and another '
>ia*s Austln's dotihle. a wlld p!t<*h and a
aln.le In th** aame Innlng tled lt for th<
The score by Innln.s follows:
n h.k
Natlonnl- .0 0 0 0 z ?? 0 1 0--3 6 I
Americans .0 1 0 0 1 o 0 0 0-2 ? 1
Hatierles Bul. and Wlngo; Hnumgard
ner. Mltchell und Btonbtha. I'mplrcs?
O'Brien and rinoeran._
Ranger to Carry Passengers to
Races and Back Again.
The coaeh Ploneer. of the New York
OoaaMaf Clah, wlll he nin from the Van?
derbllt HM<I. 34th street nnd Park ave?
nue. to the Piplng Kock Club, at I?cust
Vailey, vla Flushlng, stopplng at Fluah?
lng Bay Hotel and the Red Llon Inn, also
al Ball'l H'-kI ff>r 'hange of horses. from
Haturday, October 12, to Baturday. < >,?
tober 19, lnrluslve O. IxjuIs Rnlxs-valn's
occaslonal alternate wlth the rlbbona wlll
be Wllllam Goadby Loew.
The coach wlll start each day at 9:30
a. m., reachlng the Piplng Rock Club at
12:_; leaving there on the return trlp at
4 o'clock, and arrlvlng at the Vanderbllt
Hotel ?t 7:15 o'clock.
Besldes giving the paeaengere a dellght
ful run, It wlll afford them an opportunity
to attend the racea at the Piplng Rock
Club to-morrow. Thursday and the fol?
lowlng Saturday.
Yaehtamen who race on Long Island
Bound are enthuslastlcally dlscussing a
new class of one-dealgn sloops that have
Ju*t been ordered by slx members of the
New York Yacht Club from the Herrcg
hoffs. They are to be known as the New
York "flftles"-a claaa Juata trlfle Bmall
er than the Avenger. but llfty feet on the
water Une . ._
Oeorge F. Baker, Jr.. rear commodore
of the club, is the "father" of the new
class, and some of the other owners are
Ralph N. Ellls. W. Karl Dodge and How
ard Maxwell. Theae yachta, whlch are
to be of compoalte conatructlon, wlll carry
qulte a large aall plan. and those who
na". eeen fhe plana say that they wlll
make good crulaera as well as raclng
Meeting with Meadowsweet
Awaited with Interest.
BeviTal conslgnments of horses for the
Piping Rock meeting reached ru-lmont
l'ark yesterday. Included ln the lot were
those tialned by Owyn Tompklns and
I/ewls Garth and the stable of Frederlck
Johnson. Mr. Tompklns brought Klng
cash, probably the best threo-year-old stee
plechaser that has been Bhown thls year.
I-lngcash ls ln the Northwood Plate, to be
run the flrst day. and the Harbor Hlll.
tho last day.
The meeting between thls horse and
Mcadowswer.t ls awaited wlth much in?
terest. Meadowsweet was bought recent?
ly by F. Ambrose Clark for K.000 for the
Harbor Hlll She has never raced, but
baf schoollng has been llttle short of mar
vellous. She ls not In the Northwood
}*!.*.*,*, but n*.ay start ln tho Hrook Cham?
pion 00888880*0888 on Saturday.
Lewls (Varth has two three-year-old
ste-?plechaser*s ln hls lot?I.'tmost and
Julla Armour The former is eliglble for
tbi Hut lor Hlll. wbtlo Julla Armour ia
In the Northwood Plate, for Saturday; the
Matlnecock, to be run on Wedneaday, and
tl.e oak Itidge, the closing day. t'tmost.
whlch Ib sald to be a youngster of much
promlse, wis purchased a few days ogo
by George ?_____ Julia Armour Ib one
Ot tbotaa ugly du< kllngB of the turf whlch
may turn out to be a great stecplechaser.
Mr. -Oarth bought her during the summer
f<,r $1"*\ aal an hour later *he had her
flrst achooling over the Jumps. A few
weeks later she was showing the way
home to th- good thrce-ycar-olds ln Can?
Among the boxholders for the meeting
are the following:
Robert Racon. James Gordon Bennett,
Auguat Belmont Mortlmer Schlff. F. D
Morgan, Adrlnn Is-I'.n. Wllllain Goadby
Loew, rylot Moi-e, C. L. Tlffany, W.
Butler Duncan, Paul lv Craratb, E M
Cravath, Charlea I- I>ana. J. K. Pavis,
Thomas Hltcbeock. Josbon p, Knapp,
Stanley M?>rtimer, Lewin Nlxon, John a
Phlppo, Thomas F. tiyetx, Mra, W, i*-.
Vanderbilt, jr. Tbomas F. Whiie, How?
ard F, W'hltney, Payne Whitney. Oeorge
A. Elll.i, II K. Knapp. W. Hurllng Cocka,
F. Ambroee 4*|nrk. T B. Davla, JHvId
C. Halatead, 4*h;_r!.'S Kohler. W'.U'.am lv
Lewls, Bradley Martln, ir, Harry Piyn**
Whitney, Adoiph 8. Ocho, P B. Pratt.
H C. PhlpP8, B I. Huriill, James A.
llialr. Jr . W. M. Haidwiu, Mi.m. J. A.
Burden, Jay F. Carllslo, w. R. Orace,
Mr." J K. S. Hadd.'n, Frederlck John
aon, Harvey S. Ladew and Lathrop
Perth, West Australia. Oct. II BaWI
Langfordi tba American baarywalgbl
pUgtttSt, ^as given the AaC-t-OB tO-da*/
mv, :? Bam MeVay, <f Callfornia. Ia Iho
??.,* i i ,,i tho iit-'i.t m,*v, v etalmoo
n fOUi TB-0 araa not allowed, and he re
r; ?,'. to coatiaua
Princeton Football Board Reg
ulates Sale of Seats.
Princeton, N. J.. Oct. 10?Determlned ln
its efforts to keep the tickets for the bo
called "big games" out of the hands of
scalperB, the Princeton Unlverslty foot?
ball management haa announced that all
purchasers of tickets must sign contracts
not to sell their paateboards at a proflt or
to strangers.
Heretofore there has been a verbal
agreement between the purchaser and the
management that the tickets will not be
resold. but as thls system has not pre?
vented the 8peculators from getting pos
session of a conslderable number of tlck?
et*-, the new policy has been adopted.
The majorlty of the pasteboards are al
lotted on the application blank nystem.
and aa euch tlcket is numbered seats for
either the Yale-Princeton or Harvard
I'rlnceton battle can be traced back to
the original owners. If any are found ln
the hands of speculators the original ap
pllcant will be blackllated and debarred
from applying for seats for future games.
It was also decided to llmlt the tickets
to three to each undergraduate this year.
instead of four, as was the case last year.
Commi8sion to Question Leach's
Riffht to Box To-night.
Although only roUttM matt>T8 were
traaaaotai at the Bwattag ol the state
Athletic '"ommission yesterday, a Bpeclal
meeting was called for to-day to question
tba McMahon brothers, proprietors tf
the St. Nlcholas A. Ci I-?ach 4*ross and
hls manager, Sam Wallach, relatlve to
Cross'h udsertlscl appearance at the St.
Nlcholaa club to-nlght.
It anaa recently state . !n some quarters
that Cross would be allowed to box to
nlght, wlth the consent af the commls?
sion. At the meeting y 08.01-81*, how
arar, John J. Dlxon deciar.yi that no for
m.il npi'i'eatlon had been made to the
OOlU-Blattoa for relnstatt-ment by 4"ro_s.
either to hlm or to Cbarlaa J. Harvey. the
ae> I'.'tary. and that it requlred unanimous
eOBBOBt on the part of the comtnlssioners
to put ('ross back In good stai.ding.
* The commlssion has not been formilly
BOtlflod by Cross that he lntended to box
nor has any dlrect communlcatlon been
recelved hy th" tmniiil?aon asklng per
miaBlen to appear la pobtte,M said Hnrvey
yaaterrtar "Tba ooRualaoloa Just wants
to know what abOUt lt."
Register! Regiater!! Thia ia the
first day of regiatration. If you do not
regiater you cannot vote. If you do not
register to-day you may not be ablo
to regiater on tha three other daya.
Better do it to-day. Booths open from
7 a. m to 10 p. m.
Herzog Leading the Giants
and Rea[Sox in Batting
The cnmpoalte seore of the thre* games, one of Ptbbtb was a tle. between th*
BAmM and Ited Not, wlth batting and fleld percentagrs. follows:
AB. K. II. 2-B. 8 B. TB. BM. H.B. P.C. OJ A. E. V.C.
Herrog. 3b . 10 2 S ? l 10 1 1 ??<"> * ? *> ??"<?>
Murray, rf.-lf. ... II I I I I *? * ? il? ? ? ? ? 00?
MempiP, P. II 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 .3*8 19 3 0 1.000
,,0.|, 21,. 12 1 3 1 0 4 1 0 .250 7 13 0 1.000
K,...,lgrs. rf.-rf.-lf 12 1 S 1 0 4 0 1 .2.10 4 0 0 1.000
Mrrk,r |l,. 12 * t 0 l 4 1 0 .1?S 38 0 2 .947
?levoreilf. 7 12 0 0 2 0 1 .285 I 0 0 1.000
,,rrltrr Cf . 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 1 0 1.000
riHrher. SS. II 0 1 0 0 I 0 0 .000 7 5 4 .800
Shafer.... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 3 0 1.000
Wll-on *' ... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 1 1 .500
MctorruUk . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000 0 0 0.000
T' ' p . 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 S 2 0 1.000
7r--d-li. p. . 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 1 0 1.000
M.."ewa- LV. ... 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 t 6 0 1.000
M?rq.,.rd. P. 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 0 t 0 1.000
A B. R. H. ?B. 8-a T.B. 8.H. 8.B. P.C. O. A. E. P.C.
Hocper. rf. 11 3 4 2 0 ? 1 1 .3*8 5 0 0 1.000
"r-e?_er ef. 11 3 4 0 I ? 1 0 .Ms 5 2 0 1.000
r- r, 4 o l 0 0 1 I 0 .250 11 1 0 1.000
M-a-eV. '-_"..... 12 1 3 ? 0 8 0 1 .IM 10 II 1 .90*
i I lf H t 4 1 0 5 0 0 .308 S 0 1 .SS9
If-ltl lb '".'.'.'.'. 13 0 4 0 0 4 0 1 .308 27 1 0 1.000
K____.ll .... 13 1 I 0 1 0 0 0 .230 7 ? 0 1.000
,?;_,.,. 3b. 11 0 110 12 0 .173 8 8 0 1.000
naranrr. ,0000000 .000 0 5 0 1.000
< irrls in. *. ^ j ft 0 0 0 0 j000 000 .000
_*_" . 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 .000
Bal' . 30000008.000 130 1.000
WotM1, ?*? . 10000000.000 00* 1.000
H*"' ?. 80000000 .000 0 l 0 1.000
<<>"i0*'P. 10000000.000 000.000
Bedient. p. ,0000000.000 150.000
(yUrten, p. z ?
? . ??,, on rrror-.??w Aork. 2| Boston. 4. I-*f* on bas**?Xew York. 21; Boston.
io ___* ba_> en balla-Ot Te.reaii. 4; off Wood. *; off Hall. 4: off Bedient. 1: off
_______ li off O'Brien. 3. -trurk out?By Tesreau, 4; by Wood. 11; by M.thewec*.. 4;
_______ ? *>y Marquard. t| by O'Brien. ft, Double plays-Stahl and Wood: Fletrh.r
_?? Her-og V*K*r and -Uhl. Hlt by pltcher-By Wood (Xeyara), by Bedient (Her
!_.?. b_ Bedient (ttaodg-?**>. Hlte-Off Wood. S ln ? Innliiga: off Tea-eau. 5 I. 7 1-3
___!_. off Crandall. 1 ln ? Innlngs; off ( olUna. 0 ln 7 1-3 h*_l__e, off 11.11. t In t *-?
_55l off B-_l?*nt. I ln * U_d-_.; et Mathewson. 11 In 11 l__l.ga; off O'Briea. S la S
Innlngs; off Marquard, 7 In S Inning*. _ _
Howe Says Guards Are Weak
est Points in Yale Line.
Pendleton and Baker Score Al?
most at Will in Practice
at Princeton.
[By Telegraph to The Trlbune.]
New Haven, Oct. 10.?Many of the Talo
stara enjoyed a rest from acrtmmage
work to-day, partly to prevent the dally
routine from getting them atale and
partly In an effort to develop the aecond
team players to a hlgher polnt
In speaklng to a Trlbune reporter to?
day concerning the dlfferent departmenta
and the work, Howe, the head coach,
"Our maln trouble is stlll wlth the
guards and quarterbacks. I look upon
the guards as belng our weakest polnt.
Wo have vcteran ends. and whlle, wlth'
the posslble exception of Bomelsler, they
do not perform spectacular stuats, they
are consistent and steady and we hava
alwaya known what they wlU do. I regard
the tackles as belng a little ahead of tho
guards. They are developing slowiy, how?
ever, and may never come up to stand?
ard. Of cou: tf we hav? good centres ln
Ketcham and Martyng. The quarter?
backs, Cornish, Cornell, Loftus and Fobs,
are perhaps showing all we can expect..
They have made no bad mistakes, but
their work Is not yet Batlsfactory. What
they all need ls to get a Uttle wlser from
experience in games. I expect they wlU
bo capable of good work at the end of
the season, but need lota of lnstruction/
I have about decided to plck out some'
other men and see what I can flnd to
develop. We wlU probably need them.
"We are better off ln backa than then
other departmenta. We have falr flrst!
strlng men but our second atrlng is far
from the Btandard. Not much can yet be
told of them becauae they haven't work<-d
together much as yet"
The practice to-day, after the uaual
routine, conatsted of a thlrty mlnute
scrimmage wlth the ecrubs. One change
of conaiderable importance was made.
"Bunny" Warren, who ha* hltherto been
playing halfback, waa moved up to tackle*
and played ln that posltlon on tha 'var?
slty to-day. Warren ls etocklly buUt
enough for tackle, and fast enough for
halfback, and the comblnatlon ought ta
make hlm good tn hls new poBltlon. Mar?
kle, Castles, Talbot, Flynn, Cornell, Xveryi
and Oallauer were all reated.
[By Telegraph to The Trtbune.1
Princeton. N. J., Oct 10?In one of tha
fasteet acrimmagea of thla year on Oa
borne Fleld Prlnceton'e 'varalty eleven
ripped up the scrub team for three hard
earned touchdowns. The Indlvldual plays
by Pendleton, Waller and "Hobey"
Baker were the features of the after
noon's work. Though somewhat handi
capped by a slow charging Une, tha
speedy Tiger backs ran rlngs around tha
second strlng ends, advanclng the ball
almost at will.
Captain Pendleton was ln the Bcrlmmag
lng for only a few mlnutes thla afternoon.
'"?Hobey" Baker was shunted over to left
half. whlle Strelt and Walter completed
the backfleld. "Stew" Baker changed po?
sltlon agaln, playing quarterback on the
' varslty ln pla~e of Emmona. It ls likely
that he wt!l start the game on Saturday
In thls berth, as he ahowed epeed and
good Judgment to-day.
Another change was the ahlftlng of F.
Trenkrran to an end position. Tre.'kman
haa been playing second strlng fullback
all season, but the coaches seem to con
sider him a flnd as a forward. I. Swart,
who played a strong game yesterday ln
the line, occupled a tackle berth on the
scrub, giving E. Trenkman a llvely tlme
of it. Da Wltt was on the fleld to-day.
but took no part ln the serlmmaglng. The
coaches are nurslng him along for the
Vlrginia game. aa the visltors are report?
ed to have a heavy Une and a flret class
set of backs.
Penn. Back's Injury to Shoulder
Casts Gloom on Squad.
fFiv TV>.raph fo Tlie Trlbune.]
Philadelphia. Oct. 10? There was gloom
on Frankiln Field thls afternoon when lt
was reported that Jack Harrlngton. the
'varslty back. who haa been a tower of
strength to the T'niverslty of Penneyl
vnnia, both on oifence ard defence, may
aal be able to sta-t the Swarthmore game
OH S.ircrday.
An X-ray ptotttte of Harrington's in?
jured aboaldOT wi.s taken to-day, and the
?i-vtrir*--. sald It wculd be a ndstake to put
hlm ln the game on Saturday. Ab this
contest ls looked on as uncertaln, owing
to the strength dlsp'ayed hy the Garner
team thls year?they havlng defeated
I__fayettc by a s:ore of 22 to 0?the loss
of Harrlngton may be a eerious one.
F M. Gould loat hls tltle as champlon
of the Van 4 ortlandt Park links when ne
was defeated by W. F. Purcell ln the
flnal round of the champlonahlp play yea?
terday. Purcell won by 2 up ln an elgh
tecn-hole game.
In the quallfylng round Purcell led hls
opponent by 7S to 74. Slxteen players
**___ot_. orrowo
ey A-TOnoBux
_-t__-_-*- uiatj
1911 BUICK
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abaorbera, bumpere, clock, apeedome
ter, windahiald, ate. Will demonatrate
100 miles. Six montha' guarantee. $650.
ANDREW DEININGER. 207W. 75th 8t.
ilupmobUe Bua-n-aa" Wagon. 1011.?Fully
e,*uipped; wl" demonitrata any place;
guarinteed for one year, $030. BAIRD, 207
Weat TOtb ?t._
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WEST 81DE Y. M. C. A.?Indlvldual road
work. Small flhop Classea. Truck Potltions
waltlng. s-n-i for bookUt. 300 Weat 97tb at.
'Phone 79-0 ''ol_
PACKARD renting co.
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Col. 87*0.

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