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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
v<" lAXll.V 24,074. -^^ifMvmito^w.. M'W-VOHK MONDAY, OCTOBEK 14, 1912.-FOIKTEEN PAGES* * PRICE ONE CENT
_^_^__^___^___________________________^__ tA*tat variuble wlndv ?''?" gxraif*.. - \^*_ - ??? _____?---m------??-?-'-**^*-?^'*****-************-*^'"**,~' ****""_r__^
ln filj- of New York. Jersey (Ht and lloboke*
Locked in Wyoming Penitenti
ary with Hundreds of Muti
neers. Battle Desper
ately for Life.
jjill Citizens in Rawlins, Steal
Horses and Hold Posses at
Bay in Hills?Militia
Asked to Quell
... \\\n.. Oct 13?A battle
to-nlght in thr- state penl
tentiary. Locked Inslde the walls with
hundred.-- of mutlnoua prieoaera, ? few
getf-9 fought deaperately t<> reatort
rr*er a ' ;* wholeaale jail de
t.mped outalde the walla was a force
0f citl-ens heavlly armed, raady to
fMtu back tbe conTlcta if tbey mur?
dered the rematntng guards und made
s raab through the gatea Bho-ti and
eocaaional ehots told ->f desperate flght
jng within th< walls. and it was 111
thal aeveral guardt and comicta
Another battle was in progreaa at the
same tlme in the hills south of Raw?
lins. betweei Of citizens and
from twenty to forty escaped | riaonera
Two wen arere killed in the .treets uf
?__!__. one was deaperately wounded
Hnd taa convlcta mara recaptured, foi
hMUS Ibt escape of from ten to thiru
jri-cn.r. tbla afternoon.
The town is in a panic. Praatlc tele?
grarns were aenl to OorerBQ- Carey.
aaa at _h< rldan, imi>loi ing him to tend
.ut. troopa to ?***_tecl th-* citizens.
fawaapeople barrlcaded th.mseives la
th.ir bomea n.-night. or. taeaviiy
armed. patrolled the Btreete.
Prisoners Rush for Gates.
The outbreak to-day was the BBCOItd
ty-four houra About I p.
twenty prlaonera escaned
and nlne were recaptuwad before s
? - afternoon ? party
. ? ? mera ovarpoarered |
:. his keyi and
from thelr
C(.||S | ailllng to risk a
lattle vith tlM guarrl.- made a niBb for
_ rBocaent later the citizens of the
*0-? >,. iiada of ab-ta insid.
?iaui of B-OUtB and
ii'.'l from the prison A few
secomls latei more than a dozen nvn
down th< malB attaet, arme-l
*?ith guns and '. Hoiding tht
feiv citiz' ? * al 1 aj wlth revo'.vers, thev
charged Into a Hvery barn, holdlng up
the or, nd haettty thi_wln_i
. r the horsaa,
A huge negri . armed with a revolver,
was left as guard "ii the outalde
charle- a barber. had heard
md came doarn the
tgun The negro shot
him through the head, kiliing him in
? _ of the ahot the convlcta
*~anae_ from the barn, aome witi*
gaaai borsea and some afoot. a M.-xi
can a__toal 'he proprietor in
erely wounding him, and
a few see nda later i-i'i for the dead
?vith his life. Hugh Rogner, a deput)
sherlff, shot him twice, kiiling him al?
most Inatantly.
Running Battle in the Hills.
L-avint; thelr dytng comra'le, th"
for the rocky hills
?outh of thi town. A party ..f penl ten
tlary guarda followed ln close puraul .
and before the bewlldered clUaena ha i
had tini< t<. form a poBBB purautrt BH 1
.ugitive.- ha.l dlaanpaarad among Ihe
hills. ln a short tlme posses had beea
hnaod, and one of the moai deeperat
man hunt- m the hlatory of tbe Wttl
was on.
The - acatti rad Into small
rroupK, aii striving t.. BBCBpe m the al?
most hapassable atretch "t rock) coun
l-Minu-d on third pn?e. thlrd eolumii.
This Mornings News
LOCAL. I'age
ahektr'a I'rl.nda Wis Over Widow.., 1
h J. BUckei - tuto Crash... 1
?tebt C-ts Down Motorboat. l
^?hltm;. ? :tness . 3
i l.'.iMjfi. 3
to-Kht -.mii Ican Prealdem *. 5
?heFsi Qlrl to Testify. b
si' Th..;:..-,? Liptoo Arrlvet. 7
Impui.. Koodstuffs CondeaMM..11
-rscking i.-nox Library.19
*-****"l?rn Drowna, Tlde Impedlal htecat.M
?"oor Box Thief KlghtS Ifl <'hur.li.14
rnator Worka Deaouaeea Rooaevelt.. -
WHe? Attacka T. R._ Kntire Carat r.. i
Rooseveir s campaign Coetllasl. ?*
K*ir Bardla Attacka Ball Moo.se. s
?ahaaa Aoewera Rooeevell. -
kiii Cltlsena. 1
J*f**tB?_ ,-.,,,,, .,;,?,, xo-day. ?
,1t',,'? -"** & fio l ol l-docatora. 7
''""""? aeta Hright_ll
. roREiour
Is. 1
Vf<- - Turk. -. to War. 3
? uutlook. a
liop Ofiiouiici - Idle Rich. 5
111, .M.xlco_ S
?"?*'*.ti; I . 6
***cl. t v. . 8
0bltuary . . ,
Xperts v ._"'._
s. .8 nnd 9
'*"*- for Wornen. p
JJannclhi and Marketa.lo'and'u
w?*ther . xl
*hlPpms News ....'.'.'.'..ll
?????I-state..'.'.'."'.'. ..19
Whale Swims Away, Leaving
Lump Worth $33,000.
I B> T*l?*greph tc Tlic- Trlliune. I
Beattle, Oct IS.?A. 4'. Oould, an
Alaska mining man, who arrlved on
UM steamer BpokatM to-tlay, told of the
finiling of a valuable piece of amber
gl-t bjr Dr. Klhott and Oeorge Howc
near Beerard ? few weeks ago.
Blliotl and Bowee wera on the launch
in Sewaril Harbor. when tlielr way *.k;'s
harred l.y a larn.- whal.. They atopped
ihe launch aml watched tlie animal
until it swatn away, leavlng on thestw
ia s "f the churned water a lump of
ambergris welghlng flfty-two pounds.
The flnd was taken t" BeWard, where it
was valued at $4<> an oun<*. . ..r $33,000.
Democratic County Chairmen
Say He Is Losing Ground.
Mv T. v-v-t.ii'ii i'. Th* Trlbune i
Omaha, Oct 11?Reports from Demo
c r.itle county chairmen iri all parts of
Nebraaka show thal Rooaevelt ls rapld?
ly luslng Btrength. The reports were
iu anawer to the queetion, "le Rooae
vell loalng "t gaining""
Of thlrty-aeTen anawer* from ea
many countles. thlrt,-<>m* Say Ihe
Roosevelt sentimenl I* decreaalng de
cldedly. Flve ate uncertain, and only
jr* the colonel is galnlng.
Finds Him Behind Blind with
Head Partly Shot Off.
Merriek, Long Island. 4>< t. 18. John
Baptlate Aiter. <>f this place, was shot
tc. death yeaterday afternoon by hie
frlend, Rhlnehardl Oodlgkelt, whlle
they were hunting .'?iid ducks on Qreat
Bouth Hay.
The two men had conatructed *? bllnd
near the edge of ihe wat.r and were
concealed from earh other thereby.
Ducks flew near and the two men MXMM
Blmultane-oualy and each flred two liar
rels. Ko dUCka f*-H and Oodlgkell saw
his frlend drop behlnd the bllnd. but
thought rmthing of it. He walted a
long time f<u" other du.-ks b> appear.
Wli.ii none came along he started
home, .-alling to Alter. He recelved no
reply, and golng behlnd the bllnd
found Alter dead, Wlth a part of hls
head shot away.
Oodlgkell reported Ihe case to the
authorltles. He was dlsoharged to-day
by Corodon Norton, Juatice of the
peace at Wantagh.
Bather Locked Out of Room
Chasing Hotel Thief.
Chlcago, oct. UL., Oeorge h. Rug
gle? whlle In the bathtub ln a hotel
here to-dav heard some on?- in hia bed?
room. He daehed out and found a man
maklng off with hls clothec. He ran
at the man, who darted thrmigh the
hall door, and before he could eheck
hlmaelf Ruggies waa outslde his door,
Whlch swung to nnd lo. ked behlnd him.
Ruggies abandoned the chaae and
trled to get his door open nr to O tM
:li<* transom. as several guests were i)[i
proachlng. His eftorts proving un
avalllng, he waa foreed to enatcfc up n
rug from the liall to drape himself
Kinplnyes of the hotel thlnklng Rug?
gies was insane (ook him thus clad to
a trunk room and sent for the police,
before be could make them bellevtj his
explanatlon. He returned to his room
I,*. way of u freight elevator.
Man Seized as Burgiar for En
tering Actress's Room.
paul Renaod, thlrty-aeven years old,
a Frem hmai , ^?. in> sald he had been In
the country less than two weeks, was
erralgned In the Harlem court yeater?
day "ti the complalnt <*f Frank Caae,
manager of the Hotel Algonquln, at
No. .Mi West 44th street. on a charge
of attempted burglary.
Itenaud, according to Caae, entered
the hotel by means unknown on Satur
daj nlghl an.i after sleeplng ln a room
.,ri the ninth floor aros,, j,t fl o'clock
rday morning and cllmbed tlown
the tire escape in llght attlre to the
room occupled by Charlotte Walker,
the actress, wife of Kugene Walter,
the playwright.
Miss Walker screamed. and roueed
si \'*iid gueota and attendant* on the
?eventh floor, Renaud, it is said.
leaied to the wlndow through which
he had entered and acrambled up the
fire escape to the nlnth floor. He then
daehed up two fllghts of slairs, and in
th?- hall of the eleventh floor ran into
th?- arms of Caae, He was overpowered
and held untll the arrival of s patroi?
in the Harlem court the comptaln
anl was unable t.. explaln linw Re
naud ha.i come Into poooeeeton of a
key tn the room in the hotel where
hc had spent the nlght, and for that
on the charge of attempted burg?
lary \*.hs not snstatned Rostai carde
Of an .ibjectlonalile liature were found
In his poaaeaa-On, nnd for that reason
he arts held ln |600 ball for exami?
nation to-morrow._
Taft Decides Not to Transfer
Seeretary of Legation.
I frem Tbe Trtbune Bareea i
Waahtngton, Oet lt **Hogh H. Ofbaan.
s.ci.taiy ol the Amerlcan I,egatlon at
Havana, who waa aaaawlted aeveral weeki
.,.-,, bj H Culiati newspaper man as a r?
sult <-f fl cunii'over.sy over the n'Kellh
cinlm, win not be tiraaeferred te Brueeeifl
?. anaouneed recently. Preeldenl Teft
has dlrected thal Hr. CMbeoa i?- retalne-t
ai Havana becauae ef his faralllerlty arlth
Amerlcan Interepta ln t.'uba.
J Hutler Wrlght, of Wyoming. who was
appolnted t.. Bucceed Mr. GMbeon al Ha?
vana, *.vlll ln sent t.. Prumslfl as nei*r,
tary of thr Hgathm Kdward H'll. second
?jaoretary ef the legatlon Ht Havana hai
beea tiunsfeired to the State I>epor!
uient Kramls T. ltne of 1'enns*. Ivanla.
wlll BUOCeed hlm.
Convince Mrs. Rosenthal That
Murder Was Due to Feud
?Annuity Reported
Settled on Her.
So Affected at Inquest That She
Twice Swooned?Weber and
Vallon on Stand To-day?
Mclntyre's Life Again
Mrs. Herman Rosenthal has had her
sympathies played upon by friends of
Becker, according to information in the
hands of pnvate detectives. As a re?
sult, it is not expected that the widow
of tbe murdered gambler will be the
strong witness against the police lieu?
tenant that she was expected to be. It
is reported that an annuity has been
settled on her for life.
Dutrict Attorney Whitman lost an?
other witness last night, when Max
Kahn, who was the flat mate of "Gyp"
the Blood and "Lefty" Louie in Brook?
lyn, mysteriously escaped from the
House of Detention with two other
District Attorney Whitman bas de
tailed a strong guard of detectives to
protect Giovanm Stanish. the Austrian,
who gave euch damaging testimony
against Becker on Friday. Stanish, who
picked out "Whltey" Lewis as one of
the four gunmen he saw shoot Rosen?
thal, appealed for protection a few
hours after he left the stand. He told
the District Attorney that ha was fol?
lowed from his home. at No. 209 West
43d street, on Friday night by four
men, who pressed their faces close to
his a dozen times during a walk of
three blocks, as if to fix hls identlty
firmly in their minds.
John F. Mclntyre, counsel for Becker,
hae had another threat made against
his life. The first was by letter early
last week. and the second was made in
court on Saturday night. just as Jus?
tice Goff left the bench, by a man who
threatened to blow Mr. Mclntyre's head
"Bridgie" Weber and Harry Vallon
will be called to the stand to-day.
"Sam" Schepps will follow them. They
will corroborate Rose's story, and
Weber is expected to connect Jacob
Reich, alies "Jack" Sullivan, with the
murder. Weber, it is understood, will
testify that it was Reich who brouqht
the gunmen to his place.
Prlvate detectives ?.*?...rkmg in eoa
junction with tbe D!at**tcl Attorney'a
offlce bav.* unearthed Informatloa lead
itikt them tu guapect that Mrs. H-tnian
Roaenthal, wldow of the ramWer f->r
murdi' Lie itenanl Charles
Becker la on trial. win n.-t b<* the bitter
ultnes-f* agalnat the polloi ofllclal thal
it was generally aaapmed she arould be.
Ft). ndS Ol I'" bei it was said * -
terdajr, had Inaldtouoly arora Mrs. Ro
senthai over t" theli Bide, havlng gone
to her aid wht n poverty overtook her
following tbe death of her huaband.
Wlth Ingenloua argumenta Mra. Roaen?
thal wan pereuaded that her husband
had been done to death becauae of ?
gamblere* feud, and wns prevalled tipon
to ?*,<?. ,*jit the word of Becker's friends
thal be had nothlng to do wlth ber hus
1 and's death.
These friends of the police lieutenant
worked upon Mra. Becker'a sympath)
end played th* Ir triimp eard ln totich
iii(C her WOman'a heart with a .?nrrow
fui picture of Becker's sllently miffer
ItiiT wife. who had etUCk tO hlm since
hls arrest.
Rumor of Annuity.
Mrs. Roaenthal is now Uvlng uptown
in comfortable clreumetancee, and the
etory thal was told yeaterday was that
.ni iiiinuity bad been aettled upon her
lor life.
The furniture ntul othrr flttlngl of
the place, al NO. 14)4 West 4.'.th str.et,
where Roaenthal ran a gambling houae
wlth Hecker f..t a partner, wlll be sold
under the huminer nt th>- Broadway
Art QaJlerlea on Wedneaday, nml Mrs
Roaenthal arlll recelve part of the pro
. eeds. Thls much was revealed by one
of the attaehes ol tb- auction muns,
who said that by arrangement with the
lawyers of the Int,rest.d pnrtl<?s Mrs.
H. aenthal would be well taken care of.
The furniture and OthOT effects cost
Rosenthal $15,000, nml the aale le ex
pectad tO brlng ln ns much, or even
more, the notortety Of the cnae prob
;,i,iv landing a Bctltious value to the
artlcles it "as en tbi? fnfnRure thnt
Roae, actlngi aa he aaya, ns aRent for
Becker, lenl t\..><'{> tu Reaenthai
The prlvate detoetlvee who hnve
been al emrt on tbe <ase learned that
Mrs Rosenthal m. loiiRcr f.Ml-d the
plnch Of poverly, as she ,|ld Immedl
utely after her husbatnl's murd-r The
Inveatlgators found *al the renl <.f
Ko KH West 48th street had been
Mttled and that the landleed held ne
llen iiKalm-t Roaenthal'S estate Th,
house is no*.*-. foi r*-rit
if. ns theae detecthrea allega, Mrs
Roaenthal has been won over to
Becker'a si.ic tboes who turned the
tii.k have ?"'' -oinplisbed whnt was
regnrded as impoaatMe 4?-n weeks ano.
When the Kamlibr's wife wns t.stlfy
Ing before tbe urand Jury on July _*.'{,
(ellinK of the relatlons thnt existed
between her husband and Barker, she
Btade no effort to r.-siiain her fe.-linfrs
toward the Ueutnnant, and ber bttter*
ii. -s agalnat him was Intense.
Hhe t,?Id of the threata that had
been -s*'nt ta ber huebnnd over the
( ,.,.. ,,,,,?.!
ll.lrrl >.--?? f.iiirtl, roli.in.,
SULZER I have no boss!
MURPHY?Tell -tn yoti never seen me before the Cflnventkm, Bill. I'erhap. they 11 eat that
tin. I--".
Craft Plying Around Fleet in
Collision with Vixen, Said To
Be Owned byJ.D. Archbold.
Yacht Takes Three Survivors to
Pier. from Which They Are
Rushed to Hospital for
A part) "f thirteen persmis. many
women among them, arere thrown into
the sratera ?>( th.- Hu.i?<'n Rlvar, off
Waat _._. "rtreet, lasl Blf-t, ***l- n ,l;*'
rorty-foo. motor boat. the Madvlc, in
whlh thev wer.- siilllnK. traa run
down and col t" Iwo ?>> the Vlxen,
? speedy Bteam ya.ht. The Vlxen,
?CCor_ll-_ te UoydB1 marine re-lstr-r,
is owned by John D Arehbold, the
gtandard <>H -aagnate.
Ka far aa tha poMce bave been able to
,,,,,?, prary oot on board the ifadTfe
waa reacaed. Thr."* ol the survivors
srera taken to the recreation ph-r at
West 120th street by the, Vlxen, Bad
from there were taken to the J. Hood
Wtighl HoBRttal, where they were
treated by the phyalelana, Kona of
thetn >* said to he MriouBly lajured as
ii result of tho acc-dont
Acoountl as t>. how the accident oe?
curred lilffor, and there was not any
clear det-rli.tl.in to bc abUlnod last
nlKlit. BO Tar as can be learned, how -
,v.r, th. Madvlc w.-.m proceedlng down
the iiver. making _ _li__lt ot Ihe tieet
in tlM Hudson, and tho Vlxen, Wltb ?
large paity ot men aad women sittinK
on thi after deck, araa going north.
Th.- Madvlc, lt Ih sald, suddenly cut
Bcrose th?* bowa of tho larger boat,
whlch ls sald ta bare been gOUlg at
blKh Hp.ed. There was a hasty ex
ehantja ..f arhlatlee between the boats,
but tho dt-tance between then was too
?horJ to prevent a collision and th-y
eame together wltb ? rooowidlng rraah.
Cute Through Boat Liks Knifs.
The sharp l?r?w bf tl.e Vlxen struck
th. Madvl. broadalda OB Just forward
Of h.r midaectlon. sheariiiK tlirough
the motor boBl as a bagt kniff would
Hll... .-, ehtSBB S<> hlf-h was tho speed
of tha Vlx.-n that tho Madvi. was coin
pletely eat ta b-M and botb aoetlOM
of tha motor boat slun*. around an.l
raagad theniselves aaa oa atther alde
of the Vlxon's bOWB,
Instaiitly the alr was hlled with tho
plerclng KraaaM of iba woiaen on both
yacbta, ___M of tho persons on the
Madvlc, those BBB ted ta tho how of the
boat maaaged t.> leap to the deck of
the Vlxen as tho wrackaga "dld along
?Ida hor forward soctlon. nth.-is
-rraaped cablaa daaggtag ta the Vlxan'a
arake and pulled theaaaalvet to the dock
wlth the asslstanco of thelr frlenda. A
few moineiits Hfter they hud cllmbed
?board tha yacht the ttttn soctlon of
tht Madvic sank.
In tho bow of the Madvlc wore May
Iirowos. dHtighter of Mrs. Addle
DtBWBB, of W* BOO West l."*t'th street;
John C Stewart, of No. 50_ West l.l.i
street, nnd B man whOSO name has not
been learned. They were thrown int'j
the water and arere saved by means ef
ro|ie? nnd life preservers.
When qulet was BUlllclently reatored to
permlt the ? "untinK >if survlvors, it
was found that only tan of those who
Ware "t. the MadvlC had been rescued
by the Vlxen. The three ?ll" WON
mlsslmr w-re Mrs Mury Help, I'harles
her four-v^ar-old son. and hls brnther.
WTTtlam, flve yeare old Just as lt seemed
certaln that the woman nnd the two
, hlldren hnd been drowned a tugboal
loomed up tu the darknCM nml a man
wlth a megaphone aald he had two
, hlldrea and "ne eroman on board aml
would take them downtown.
It later turned out that these wer
the missinR peraona
Thoae reecued were Bernard Bauer,
,,f N" 1333 Briatow atreet, The Hr.'tix.
Mra. t/ictorla Bauer, iws mother. alxty
yeara old; t'haries Bauer, ber huaband,
fK.-v. ri ? ?- Iwo; Mra Addle Drewee, N ??
? Tmmi w.*st iTiutii street; May Drewea
her daughtei Mra Dora Qaaaar, No.
88fi Home atreet, The Bronx; John '.
Oaeeer, h-*r hueband; Mrs. Mary Help,
No, 1333 Briatow atreet, The Bronx;
Charlea Help, four years old, her ion;
| Wllllam Help, Bve yeara old, her son;
i Henry C. Heaelg, real estate dealer,
N,. :-iHi West IflOth street; John C
Stewart. No .*>l>_" West H1st street, nnd
| Mlchael Egan, addreea unknown.
Mrs. Qaaaar and the two boys,
Charles and Wllllam Help, were takeri
tn the hospital. After those on the
Vlxen had all heen nttended to, the
?yachl proceeded ?>*-, her way up the
Cigar Clerk Threatened with
Gun Whiie Till Is Looted.
TWO men entered mn* of the l'nlted
4 ln.tr Stores. at No- 14 Plral avenue.
aboul mldnight laat nlKht. and, arhlle
,,,,,. of them held up the clerk. Kd
wnr.i Danvtger, <>f Ho. 334 Uefferta ave?
nu.*. ilro.iklyn. at the polnt of a revol
v,.r, the other robbed ih?* ttH of IMI
in caah.
Danvtger, who reported the affair to
the pollCC of the Baal ."ith street sta?
tlon. early thls morning, said he was
lu the rear of tha store armnglng stock
when he heard some one enter. Ab the
plaea ls ln a well llghted distrlct. and
onlv hnlf a block from S pollceman on
? fixed post, the elerk had no fear af
any trouble, Bul aa he turned around
he fi'iind the muzzle of a revolver
Btarlng hlm tn the face, whlle a dark
1.1...1 man, about twenty-eflfct years
old, wamad blm to make no outcry. A
iii.iineiit later lu*, heard fhe cash regis
t,*r bell tinkie
Th,- men |,ft the store after warnlm;
hlm not tn attempt to warn the poll.
ir he wanted t<> Mva. Danvlgar amltad
in tbe atore, faarlng ta rantura out for
Beveral mlnuteab nnd then ran out anl
told th? patroiman at the oorner.
a ?*
'London. Oct li,-?dnathai powerful m
dependent Leodoa banking eembana the
Peklng coireapendapl el "The Dally Teie
?.-rnph" a aea its bas oflsred t.> andertaka
laaeoneMa Chtnaee cenveralan schemes to
uny amoual
r, ,,'tt Weit v-.i gt., Oct 14 at || \ M . 1:00,
,'-,? u, ,| t ;o |> M (lf mlnutea earller
trom Wet Itewken), Oet. IS, 10:00 A. M
fi-i.tn Weel 4fd Bt. al O.I., A M frou.
Wet ha* k.n. I" *ee fle.-t depart Fare: 50c,
children. 25r. Tlcketa on sale at l'tcrs,
Srend .'-nttal Termlnal; 14S, |M and 2I?
Broedwey; i-*l W. lllth 8t., 33* Fulton
gl., Hrooklyn?Advt.
11. BLIMNffll IN
Little Son of R. J. Buchholz,
Coal Merchant. Loses Leg
in Same Accident.
Typewriter Manufacturer's Car
Strikes the Other Machine
at Street Intersection
in Purchase.
A* lh.* result of I COlllOtOn between
two BWlftly movlng automobiles at
Purchase street aad Westcheeter ave?
nue, Purchase, yeaterday afternoon,
Charlea Buchhols, the alx-year-old son
of EL .1 Buchhols, u conl merchant, liv?
ing iti Westchester avehue. and Wlll
i.iin St John, chauffeur for the Buch
hol/. famlly, were seriously injured. It
was found necessary to amputate the
little boy'a left leg at the hip after he
hud been placed on the operatlng table
nt the I'nlted Hospital, Port Chester.
At a late hour last nlght lt was sald
tho boy was boarlng up romarkably
well under tho ihock, and unless com
pllcattoae tsBBOed would probably re
covei St. John, the chauffeur, wlll
also recover.
RlChard Buchholz, the twelve-year
old brother of the boy ln the hospltal,
aaa also thrown out of the car. B. J.
Bllckonsdcrfer, the typewriter manu
facturer, of Now York, was hurled from
the other machlne.
Purchase is a small MtUeaent, tom
posed mostly of wealthy Now York
buslness men, and ls a short distance
from Harrlson. Westchester avenue,
where the accident occurred. is a favor?
lte stretch of road for hlgh speedlng
automobiles. Many miuhines were
paaalag at the tlme of the accident. and
the injured persons wore carried to the
hospital ln fort Chester In one of these
Lads Go Out for Driva.
RlChard a"d Charles Buchholz, ac
companied by the chauffeur, left thelr
father's home ln Westchester avenue
about B o'clock, intonding to take a
short spln before dlnner. Rlehard
called up the chauffeur and told hlm
to brlng the big touring car to tbe door.
The two boys got in and were driven
awny, wavlng a farewell to thelr par
tnta, who rcmalned at home.
For al'iiut an hour St. John drove
about the surmundlng cotintryslde with
hls employ.r's sorus and then he
turned tho machlne toward **___*. Just
h.h the chauffeur of the Buchlulz car
made a wide turn from Purchase
street Into Westchester avenue Mr.
Blick.'ii-dcrfer. sltting ln the froat heat
of hls high powttad touring car, came
down tho avenue.
Bt John, a skilled drlver. and Ed?
ward Nlckels. Bllokensderfei's chauf?
feur, hlmself an .xpert at the wheel,
saw eacb other at the same Instant.
The distance hetween the rapidly ad
vaaetag "*-*? was too short. however,
t.. avold tii>' eraah, Both Nlchola and
St. John made frantlc efforts to swing
their machines clear of each other.
without raccaoa
The Bltckenaderfar aatomoblle struck
t < mtlnu-d on ttfth page, alith rolumn.
Byelopolye, in Novipazar, Cap?
tured After Prolonged Fight
ing?Invaders Ptish Tow?
ard Servian Frontier.
Southern Division of Aggressive
Army Burns Villages Within
Sight of Scutari, Chil?
dren Perishing in
the Flames.
Garrison of Thrcatened Lake City
Reinforced by 8,000 Men, Mak?
ing 20,000 Moslems to Re
sist the Christian
Podgoritza, lloateaegro, Oet, 13.??
Tho northern Montenegrin army.
under Oeneral Vukoiltch, whlch re
cently crossed tho horder Into the
sanjak of Novipazar told Servia i,
gainod a flrm foothold last nlght by
capturlng Byelopolye. >>ne of tho chief
towns of tlM piovlme Byelopolye fell
after prolonged flghtlng, hut no In
formation has been received regard
ing the losses on either side.
The Berb lahaMtaata Of Byelopolye
welcom-'d the Montenegrlns as libera
tors from the Turkish yoke. A chUT* h
service was hold nnd prayers were
offered for the llOBti n<grin Kinc
Tbe Monten.grins have set up I
piovisional governnvnt in tne capt?
ured town.
Scutari. Oet. 13.? The Montenegrins
have burned the Mussulman vill.i- ?
of Krania, several children perlsblBI
in tho flames. Tho lighting Ifl that
Mighborbood b. vhdble _*om bore
London, Oct. II..? The replles of tho
Balkan States to the powerB* BOte,
vlrtually rejecting intcrventiOB, will b>'
dollvered at tho A'arlous capltala tO
morrow, and at tho same time notes
practically ln the shape cf an ulti?
matum will be sent to Turkey demand?
lng autonomy for the Maeedoalafl
Accordlng to a rellable diapateh from
ROOIO, the Balkan coalitlon wlll taaka a
demand which it will be impossihlo for
the Porte to accept? namely, that tho
reforms be exocatod under the control
of the Buropeaa powaro and the Bal?
kan States, and, as a pledge. that the
Porte BBaaat to the Inunedtate demob
Ulsatlon of the Turkish forcea
Until Tueaday to Reply.
It is understood that the Porte aill
have until Tueaday to reply: therefore,
there is every probabtltt** that gene-al
boetlUtiea Bill be opened before the
B f!v Ie ended.
The Pocte'a reply to the eoHoctlve
noto of the powera is axpected to
morrcw*. Accordlag to C*e_nB_eattaop_
dlepatchea, It wlll contaln a:i eapreaa. m
,,f *Jm uillltigr.es-; of Turkey to carry
out tho reform. demaadod Ul Mace?
donia. with the proviso that tho BBBM
be done directly under Ottoman ad?
Desplte assurancos in the press that
RumHiiia will remaln passive, it is
Itoatly assorted ln BucharOOt that a
Bulgarian advance toward Adrianople
will involve ? Rumanian advance
toward Varaa. Tho pabUe sympathio
of Rarnan- are largel) pro-Turk an.l
the Buchareet govarnmant has made all
pr. narations.
A Sofia dispatch reports that tha
movement of the Bulgarian army has
already begun.
Tbc Montenegrins. .ontinuing their
advan.c. have captured Byelopolye, an
I important strategic point to the nortli
j west of Berana after desperate tlghtlng.
j They are now on their way to ClenttlB,
: thirty miles to the n>>rthoast of By.-lo
I polye and CtoeO tO the Servian frontier,
against which they will direct an at
I tack. It is in thls directi.-n that the
! Montenegrins expect to Join hands with
! tho Servian artny when the latter ad
eaacaa from the north.
Accordlng to B <'onstantin.<plo dis?
patch to "The Stan.;. rd ' BaaBd Pacha
| arrtved Bt Scutari to-day with rcin
Iforcements. raising the garrison from
j i_,<m?o to 20..00 mon if this nawi is
j true, the Montenegrins will ha\e ,t
jdlffleult task in capturlng Scutari.
Heports from Cotttnje M. that n ter
rible battle was aragad <>n Fri.la\ even?
ing. the Montenegrins atta> king tha
Turks at the foot Of Bhroka Mountain.
forcing them tO retire with a lOOB of
three hundred mon. The Montenegrins
took many piisoners. The casiialty list
on the Mont.-negrin side is ostimat.-d at
one hundred kllled or wounded.
Two Turkish gunboats on Lake S-'ii
tarl born hardad Oeneral Martinovit ? h's
right wing.
. Deseiibing the capturo of Detchitch
mountain, I correspondent at th<* front
says that th.- flnal charge of tho Mon?
tenegrins was so furlous that the re
treatlng Turks had no tlme t > dis
able thelr guns, and they were u.tually
flred at with thelr own ftuns by tbe
Montenesrins aa they BBdoavotOd to
make their eBcape to the .mth.
The notod Macedonlan leader Todor
Laaaiaa. eommltted aulclde on Krlday,
accordlng lo a dispatch from Sofia, be?
cause th.- milltary doetofl refused to
enroM hlm in th. amy, OB ai count of
the faet that he was sufferlng from
tuberculosls. He lofl a letter saylng

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