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that he could not remaln behlnd to dle
i? bed wblle hli brotbere were fighting
for llberty. Tbe incident hM acfed !iH
a epnr to pntilettaaa The body is lylng
late _n the fcnelent Church of Bt
?e. where great crowds bave been
vlewlng it. _
Acts with Calculated Aggres
siveness Toward Bulgaria,
Servia and Greece.
constaniinopie. t)ct. 18.?Whether
for the purpooe cf furniahlng provoca
ti,,n f"r war or io show the Halkan al?
lles that Turkey cannot be intimtdated.
the lovernment la aetlng with an ag
greeafveneea calculated to brlng on hos
tllltlea. The embargO on 4lrcck ships,
the -detentlon of Servian ammunltlon
and the eelaure of Bulgarlan rallway
cars may all be considered ns belllg
erent acta
t-.re.ks and Bulgariana In Conetantl
nople, numherlng a thousand or more,
bave been BUbjected to treatment de
rdgned to Irrltate these two natlona
Financial eonaWeratlona flgure largely
in the attitude of tne Turkleh govern?
ment and virtually all of the mnny
hundrede of Greeka who are returnlng
to Athens are compelled to pay full
tasee to Ibe end of the year before
ti: y are permltted to emhark. Bven
tha crewa of Qreei ablpa which were
aelaed bave been halad before the pre
recta and made to pay a year's taxes,
as thOUgfa they were Turkish BUbJeCta
Many of th. Greeka have b.-en arrested
on the charge of being deaartlng re
servlsts. and they can secure their re
leaae only by paylng the military ex
emption tax.
Turkey'a action. hoyever, is less ar
bitrary than would seem, because num
bers of the Greeka boid both Hellenie
and Turkish paaeporta to aecure the
advantagee of both natlonalitlea, and
they now have to shoulder tbe respons
ibllitiee of boCb.
The government is determined t*?
expel all BUlgarlan nnd Greek aubjects
ns soon ei war is declared, and these
wlll be tranaported by aome of the
steamers which bave been detained fer
tbat purpose. Trouble Is probabie over
the eelaurea, as most of the c-argoes
nre foreign owned, although tbe ves
aela tiew th.* Greek flag, and tbe own*
wlll clalm damages.
The government la requlsltloning all
boreee owned by foreign reeldenta
. ra! Turkish women are going tO
the front to attend tbe wounded. Thls
wlll be the beglnnlng of a new era in
Turkey for the aex,
\ -onaular telegram reporta the klll
hng of twelve Bulgariana at Kuprili, In
Macdonia, by Turkish eoldlen, Mas
rea ln Macedonia will be nn Inevl
table feature of the wur. but it la ae
s.rt.-d a.ie that the Turks will not
begin them.
Late advlcee say that nghting con
tlnbea around lierana. Th<- Ifonten??
grtna advancing toward Guslnje, I'lava
and Aronn. on the southeastern fron?
tier. are encounterlng much reelatance
md losing heavily.
Eh ere fighting bas occurred at
T.shi, whtre the Turks are dleplaylng
araal bravery. II is further reported
lhat the Turkish forces in the country
between Lake Sc.itari and the sea have
Itopped the advanc. of the Montene
lt la announced that the Forte ln
.?nds to purehaae tbe foreign cargoea
tboard tha detained Greek steamers.
Servia Unable to Comply with
Terms of Note?Bulgaria
More Conciliatory.
Sofla, Oct. 13.?Bulgarla's reply to the
Ruaao-Auatrlan note was presented to
hf dipiomatk* repreeentatlvee to-nlght
This note and one addreaaed to Turk...
Last Hope of Peace Expires When Imme
diate Demobilization of Sultan's Forces Is
Asked for by Aggressive Powers.
[By (*ebl. to Thi* Trlbeae.l ,
London, Oct 11 A general Balkan
wa>* is Inevltable. Turkey has rejected
tho propoeal contalned ln the collective
note of the powers. and at the same
time tbe Halkan League's reply to the
Auatro-Ruaalan note wlU express its
repret at Us inabillty 4o comply with
tb. desire of tbe powers, as it does not
contaln a aufhcienl guarantee for the
execution "f the proposed reforma
Te thls ri ply la appended a copy
of the note handed to the Turkish For?
eign Minister demanding that reforms
ln Macedonia in the spirit of Artide
XXIII Of the treaty of Hcrlln be begun
under the control of the powers and
the Halkan Btatea, and demanding as a
pledge of g*-"*d falth Immedlate demob
illr/.ation by Turkey.
The reforms which the Halkan States
are demanding for Macedonia are, tfl
detail, as follows:
Provlnclal autonomy under Belglan
OT B*a iss governor generala.
Free educatlon.
A mllitla gendarmerle coinmanded by
Belglan or Swiss offlcers.
Tbe application of these reforms Ifl
be by a superior COUOCll under the
guarantee and control of the repre?
sentatlves in Constantinople of the
greai powers and the Halkan States.
Purthermore, the Turkish govern?
ment must undertake to enecute theso
reforma within six months and d_
m-blllzo lmmedlately.
In the preeence "f such demanda the
situation, of course. at once resolves it
aelf Into a mere queetlon of when the
war wlll be declared Tbe mlnletera of
the Halkan States are stlll in Constan?
tinople and a day or two may yet elapse
before they demand thelr passports.
In Parla and Vienna it is belleved that
the outbreak will take place on
The movernent "f tbe Bulgarlan army
haa begun. Trains are going through
toward tho frontier every two houra,
some of them being through trains
from Ihe north.
In Sofla the publlfl bave enthuslastl
caiiy acclalmed the declaratlon that
Servian and Bulgarian money wlll be
All trains leavlng Sofla for the Turk?
ish frontier are packed to thelr Utmoat
capaclty. Even th.- luggage vana are
crowded. As each train departs lt ls
cheered by enthuslastic crowds.
Among the crowds are many weeping
,are couched ln moderate terms. The
j Bulgarian government says lt ls most
anxious to do nothlng whlch wlll ag
gravats the preeenl pracarloua sltuv
tion, and is deslrous of leavlng opefj
every avenue for the malntenance of
peace until the last poaatble moment
The reply polnts out that the wording
Of one of the most important clauaes "f
the powers' note is not clear, and, tt
Bulgaria ia anxious to avold all mls
undeiratandlllg. asks the powers to state i
preciaely what the doubtful clauas
really means.
Iu condualon the note declares that
the delay has been due to the fact that
the note of the poweM was addressed
| tO all the Halkan States and that there?
fore time was necessary for a discus?
sion of Its fontents by the Btatea.
Most of th- Bulgarian towns have
a deeerted appearanee. 'inly old men,
boya and women are to be seen. Prac
The Keystone of the Foot
is the Arch
A sagging arch means a dragglng step,
splayed walk and weak ankles. Raise
the arch to its natural position, and the
entire foot-structure is restored to Its
graceful curve. and strengthened.
Surgeons and orthopedists agree that
proper mechanical asslstance is the ap?
proved method of treating structural foot
weakness. They endorse the Coward
Arch Support Shoe as one that aids the
ligaments to recover their true position,
without painful process or anatomical
264-274 Greenwich St., N. Y. (Near Warren Street)
_OLD NOWMEKE ELSE I Mall Order* Fllled | Send lor -it.i.gu*
women. I>ut the travellers Ihomaalvoa
aro perfectly <-alm. stan.llng at atten
tion. as though 00 parade ground, and
ontriinlng in abaoltttO ordor.
The streets of Sofia aro full of many
and varted uniforms. There is much
frelght transport. ns tho troops, as .1
rnio. do not carry knapaacka, bul only
? amall pach and also a pair of heavy
cartridge pouchee. They nre clad ln
heavy overcoata and wear peaked for
age capa.
Burprloe hns boon cauaed ln the
sti.. 's of Bofla by tho Brrtval of con
alderable numbeni of Turklah aoldlen
from the Bulgarian frontler and al?-o
froin Macedonia? Those aro motrtly de
aertera from tiie Bultan'a army, and In
nearly all cases Chrlatiana, lt is 1 ?
porte 1 thnt the Turks hav.- driveii
many of them off, aa once they have
croeaed the fr-mtler they cannol retum
or reotnne th.-ir itatua. nhriatlan aoM
iors are said to be deaertlng Turkey en
Tho fear that 11 Balkan wnr wlll ln
tho <>nd nffoct tho peace of Europe l<
daily growInK In Vienna, In f-pito ..f th.
citogorlal dental of the Austrlan Mln?
ister of War to the effect that there is
not h w-ord of truth In the rumora of
Au.striHn moblllsatlon. The danger llea
in the sanjak or Turkish provtnea nt
Novipazar. lt is undersfuok thiu Aus?
tria wlll lnterfero the m*>m.nl n Ser?
vian forctt rnters the sanjak, and thal
Austria wlll never allow Servia to DOB
sess this coveted district. arhlch arould
afford her, through IfontenefXO, an
ontlet tO the Adrlatlc.
No mobilization Is needed in the part
Of the Austrlan "Empire whlch bordera
the sanjak. Three army COTPO ha..?
been garrisonod there for two yeara In
prrfc.'t r> adlneaa.
The followlng remarks bv the Bervlan
Premier, whlch are by no mi
ficlent in frankneaa, ar. worthy of no?
"We should prefer now, aa before, to
obtaln reforms 1 ? > peaceahle means.
Without th.-se reforma peace is im
poealble. Notwlthatanding Ifonte
negro's declaratlon of war. peace wo il 1
stlll be poaalble, although our hope
thereof is rory mall. Our wlah n
thal tho powera leave us in pi
manage our own affalrs, whlch a>? nr<
qulte able t<< ac. ompllah "
Some daya ago the Bervlan Premier
sald: "We hope ln thls wnr to obl lln
our long cherlahed wlah of .
the sea."
tloniiy aii buslneBP )..,* beea sns
Athens, Oif l.'i I ha On ah ?
Turkey was handed to tiu. Turklel
Logatkm to-night.
Belgrade, O l 1.1 The 1
<"Viundl has drafti d Bervla'a r- .
the Ruaao-Auattian note, end ll aill
bo <!? lh > red to-morrow, Tha repl)
axpreaaea regret ai Bervla'a Inablllt)
to ? omply with the terma of the note
becauae thr. Ruaao-Auatrlan 1 ro]
fall to provlde gi aranteea foi 11
ecutlon of the propoaed reforma
5-5lmiiiT.it... ui,h ti,,. delivery of
this reply n memorandum wlll ?.e
preaented to Turkey demandlng nu
tonomv for certaln pro* li
control of the Balkan Stat.*.
Ambassador of Dual Monarchy
in St. Petersburg Begins
Important Negotiations.
[Br C.bU to Th* , ,
London. Oct, 14. -Aftor confereaeej
wlth count Berchtold and an audlence
wlth tho emparor, tho Auatn 11 n
garinn Amhassador t-> RuaMa 'ms re
tumod to hia post as the bearer of
Important overturts. The real objed
of the Austro-Russlan Begotlatlona is
an agreemenl on whal COunl Berchtold
has oalled the vitul Intereata of the
Dual Monarchy ln tho Balkan* M flat
particularly after the antlctpeted vlc?
tory of the Balkan Btataa ah Auatro
Russlan conflirf rnav he prevented
Ruaala ia aaked to approve Auetria.
demands. as folloarai
XiMpazar mual ,?, ,,? ,?.,,??. ,|(l
..nnexed by Servia or IfontonOgTo as
it conatftutoa tho dual monarchy'a com
merclal road to Turkey.
The -?gean mual oof be barred by
host lle states.
The dlfhYulty is tbat Austria ri,,,., ?,?
_eeai dlapoaed to give .. bfndlng assur
ance that under D0 ctMJUmetancea will
sho make any terrltnrlal BCqulaltiona Ib
the BBlkana Bhould ar. nnderstandlng
he reached. however, the pratmocta of
the locallzatlon of tho \\g\tMn wa_
would be nntnrally eaonhougly |_.
The Vienna f'ablnel BPemp (o ,?. ,,,..
termlned to prote, t the dual ?,.,?
archy's Interesta, erefl at th). _,_k f
collislon wlth Russia,
|ll> CBfela tn Tl. Trlrmn*- |
London, o.t 14. ('ompllcations are
feared between Austria. Italy and Rue
sla if the negotiations af Ouchy be
tween Turkey and Ifaly for peBCO In
Trlpoll are broken off, as Itnlv wlll COB
slder the Otttbraak of war ln the Bai
kaai as relieving her from her pledge
not t.. carry the war into Buropeaa
The poaoe li'gotiatlon.s. boWOVOT,
have not yet been broken r.ff Indofl
nitely. Italy has de. Ided to fix Tues?
day aa the llmlt for further negotia?
tions, the rO-OOa for this being that
while aa agreement waa almost raai bed
on the inltlal basis pTOBOOOd b\ tho
Ottoman government, Turk.y p{ the
last moment advanced nTOpOOBla whi !i
Italy considered would eomplet<!> up
aet tho promlsed accord.
The ltallan government has arranged
to eall up half a million of her army re
servists in anticipatlon of the failure of
Ihe negotiations.
Declarations of War by Bul?
garia and-Servia Will Cause
Another Slump in Europe.
To Buy U. S. Stocks Abroad and
Sell Them Later at Prices
National Prosperity
[ |4i CahU to Tho Trlbiiticl
London, Oct 18. a demorallaad and
demoralialng week bas just come to an
end on tho European stock markets.
Berlln had her Black Tuesday and h-r
Black Prtday, Parla had her Black frl?
day, whlch was alao i -.cry bad day ln
London, and London iiad her Black
Saturday. Vienna and St. f'etersburg
were no more fortunate.
r. mdon atood up well moal of the
week. but tbe preaaure at laal becama
Ioo great and the mark.'t gave way "n
Priday nml Baturday almost to panic.
There wns do actual failure, but moro
th ui one hmise had to be helped
? if eouraa, ih,~ Bnllaui situation waa
reeponglble, aml the action of the mar?
kets BbOWe the fear that BUTOpe -ntei -
talna that it wlll be Impossible to lo
. the confllct. The slump would
probably nol have been BO great had
Bpeculnthm ln Oermanr, Austria and
l'i in ce not been so wldeapread, For
the last tw.ivo months every quarter
day In Berlln has broughl Wlth lt dan
ger "f fallures at tha settlement and
when danger Of war is added tO B tre
mendoua overeipeneion ln speculatlon
the result Is nuturally a wild rush to
get oul from under, in whlch all prices
he ?? ?? gone lo ameah.
Overspeculation in Franee.
The wnr talk bas alao served to show
how Prance bas been boneycombed
wlth apeculatlon In the laat few
month \- B04 n as the Bil latlOH ln
the Balkana came to ? head thousands
mall Prench apeculators began to
ruah to cover. Tha Prench marketa
wenl t plecea, and not till then was II
realiied how wldeapread tha
tlve movernent had become In Prance.
Vienna and st. Petereburg mlght
naturall) have been expected t" sulfer
?. ,,s Austria and R taeia are the
danger i - ntrea for anv gprt tA ot lha
?' ar !? thi great powi ra '" ?' tbe speeu
lativ activity of Oermany and Prance
? bed the Bnani lal trouble lo Paris
and Berlln, whlle \ lei na and it Pi
tereburg stood up ramarkably w.n.
i i der tht - R ls very
unaafa to attempt to ftred-ct the ??
of the markets wlthln the n.-xt few
Fur on.- thing, Bulgaria, Bet la
?nd ? yet bi me ai ii- a
.ints ln th.- Bghtlng No OIM
doUbtS that tbelr urmirs will BOOH bS
m action, aevertheleea anothas slump
ih ta be expected when tba tlghtlng be
: that there may le n slight re
?.*-. b I fir.r. be fnlr.y well main
talned when Europi u wttled down
te wati h tbe ronftict. but imtii it
is aii over aml poacB ?.n a baala satis
to the gr*.it powera on< - more
Ihere wlil always be a danger
of a spread of the liKt.tiriK, and everj
rumoi concerned wlth tbe lealousj of
. and Rueeia a III upeel tbe mar?
keta to a ?greater or leea degree. Thus
:, perlod of anxtety and disturbance
ma) be antk i| ati d, wlth no reej re
.... t* untll tbe war is ended
a ni. ti' a probably wUI profH hargely
ln the long run. as she ls now buylng
ba< k al Ion prues the aacurltlea which
h.-r evldenl proeperlty arlll enable her
to sell in Kurope on< e more ut a much
| , ?'.. i lev.l wbeti f-nrs on thls sl(b of
the ocean are nllayed. America will
beneSt alao by Ibe fact thal thls rush
to turn securities lnto money wlll mean
better prlcea for Amerlcan products on
the European markets. Altogether,
wlth Its Btmng business posltlon and
with its greal orope, America stands to
make 11 hUgB PTOflt from the Halkan
The position of the monej market is
good for ii"- tlms of tbe yenr, the po?
litlcal situation being as lt Is. The
Hank of Kngland dedded on Thuraday
i,, ??,,.., to Iti discount rate of I per
rent, bUi it ls niore than likely to In
rreaae the mftrre to B vr cent thta
w.ek. Ti..- sblpmenta of K"id to Egypt,
Oermany and freBoa reduced tha r>
eerve to $135,988,000 at the last state?
ment, and alnce v"/edneeday ti*..* Bank
has lost an addltlonal $-.?"?? *,000 to for
elgn account, wblle the sblpmenta to
Egypt, tba Contlnenl and Braall this
....,, K ?,.. expected to be beavy.
with the bnmediate politlcal outlook
Bo gloomy, tbe Hank wlll probably con?
sul. t lt WlM tO put up lln* bars agalnst
ali hut th" most neceasary wlth
drawals The proportlon of th- re
eerve to llabllltles was sllghtly higiier
f,.r tiie week at 18 Bi
The payment of interest on the public
debt and the large government dls
bursements for supplles, amountlng
altogether lo almoal 180,000,000, made
money plentlful ln the open mark< t,
and rates ruled at less than _ per eent
f,,r overnlgbl knUM and %% for weekl...
Bxturea Dlaoounta, however, bardened
on the war news. slxty-day blll- betag
now QUOted at .'I7*, three months" paper
pl P4 and for longer terms at l\.
Plods I' Oladman, maenRer of h NV?*.
ark departmeal store, was psttb-f on a
"Ims irlth his wife and BOOM friends nt
lUth Btreet ani Rlveralde Drive i.-,.i
bveninf whea bS ttAX a band in his
Hi Biade B |rab for the hand. hut the
CrOWd WM 1'iicked so liKhtly that he was
hetpteaa Us na his money, betaraen *r*>
and fAA, ko with the hand. and caught a
gllmpse ol tia- ssakpooket BtrueKiing
looaa from tba eroerd, ii?- gave .-hHse.
?ho-ttne "Htop Uriof!"
Rlveralde Drree wns fuii of ptrsona
w.itc IniiK tha e-araaapa and many of th.-m
tciok up the cry and the chase. The
rugtrdva araa caughl after sptlntlng a
block, and Detectives Thompson. Deerlng
ard Blrmlngham placed hlm under arrest.
Thev took him to the West 126th street
Btatlen. where he sald he was Meyer
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