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Important Collection Goes on
View at Metropolitan To-day.
After Half Century of Indiffer
ence Fine Canvases Will
Come Into Their Own.
A _pe !.il exhibltlon of palntinp.--, rnOStly
of tho ItaUan l ' la Wttl be opened to
IhC pu.ll- tO-day at the Metropolitan
Th- CoUeCttOn hns been
loaned by Mra L. E. Holden, of Cleve
land Thsre ara twsnty-ssvsB In all, and
f..r a period of three months they will be
gallery ?.f sp-oclal exhlhl
Uons. Later ln the aeason they wlll he
to thelr schools and
- ir; the varloua gallerlea
l?r. Edward Rot_n_0_, the director of
? -t. rday thnt the "ol
n is ..f mucfa Importance. Th.* last
exhibltlon of these plctursa was ln
.in.1 alnce then, he snld,
ls ol paintlngs repre
I had Increased t.. aucb an eztent as
- KhlMtOfl of pnrti "llar Im
. ? itudent?
;? "The Muaeum Bulletin." Jusl t.sued.
aee haa baen devoted to the n<?i
? Uon.
of the turei arera purchssad
- J*,i kx.n Jarvea, whogathered
. many yeara apsat in Italy,
jn the hop< that tliey mlght l>c UtUise.
bi a r. . .. . for an Amerlcsn museam
for the atudy of ltiilian art. Thls hope
was not reallsed. In hls .lay, The Mft
Bulletin" aaya, appreclatlon for
.uch works was la.e. eapeclslly Ib Amer
? M Mr. Jarvea valnly offered 1..
cf his plcturea to th.* n.w Vork Hlatorl
foi J"?>. He had held two
Ity, on.- In lfW and
ihe .-thor ir.
?reater number of the Jarvea plct?
urea were depoelted wltb the trustee- of
- after the Ctvtt
f.T a loan whlrh the college made
him. VnaMe to Btael hii oblla-tlona, tbe
pictures became the property of the ___?
.*-ome of the palntings shown are "Jfla
i Hn.i Child." bj Franc-soo Hotti
"Vlrgrtn, Chlhl nnd Angels, ' by Nerl
dl Ki.-ci: "Xadonns and Child Bathroned
a -h flslnta." by Lorenso da San Beve*
rino; "Madonna and Child,," achool of
Leonardo <ia VlncL snd "Portralts of a
(icntleman and (Ilt Wlfe," bv Olovannl
ta Moronl.
- .ie_ announclng th.- opening of the
Uon 1 he Holden collection,
l>!. Robii - terday
number acojulaittona by
| . lle annoji.-t.l
-s an Iltlon "ii'- of the nu
upaney ln the latt.r
pnrt of tlu ? ;it The cork Iloors,
1 the old woodi n floors
throughoi t tl ? ild. wer
vantugeous from many polnts ol vlew,
ie of l helr belng leaa com
I wooden floora and
? ? t ln the galleries.
? I .ii ln EgJ pt, l>r. Honn.s n
abl< i'las.-ical Bl*t
pursaaj !.???. boea ... greal im
-::._. and ttne ex:-.inj>!? * of M-uljiture
and |
arlll i.< glvee lati
During t ro s the Egyp
of the imjucum haa
.????i th. largei ;>art of ita afforta on
? ? na granted
to lt by tb ' inm-nt on the
'. ? Iti
A b ... war... twelfth cen
i beei glven to the museum by
I r-.. al i< ir* ln th, ot ramti
. -. .ala Mlnoi
nlh century, and lustr.- tllea ln tl.e
... I. ian, fourteentfa can
The mus- um haa m iju__
f Oei mat- u, nateaance sculpl ?
an eaample of earved aad palnted wood
he style
of v . Nuremburg, Mt-l
Th. purchased seVBrsl
rei La bi >nae, gold and alivsr
?: '.-1
beea _nsde to the ati
iala, i Ibojim a, nn tal
v.ork aad iroodwork collectlons.
...... ? ? ? ? UM BB1*8 col- |
le.ti. ? Eastern art was rear
;, ? . ? iplea an i ?
red, in an effOli more .__?.?< tively 10
Uon TWO new rooms
. and addsd 10 '
Tba m w roon.s
i Ut .Mii. rausted cHhagn bag
walls nni.-li<<i ln a lougl. BS '
- Ightlj Mi.- ? Ths "ih sa
? the public to-day.
ln ? room ara e_
. ? i ? . .
a . ? te* ath tr?
eteeotl anti ry, imr
? . church all' ar,
Ing thi OTk Of BpalB ar.d
. ..i Ib thla braaen of art. have been
? .1 K. Alfred Jones. <f London, Is
i ? g libiary during Jttty
re M volume?, of I
Ths Tribune's Room and Bosrd Req
Ister contains a rsliable list of fur
nuhed rooms. No. 320 Tribune Build
Ing, \ci. t.
i ? ? h. ..ii Mueeuia of
Natural ll:.i ? ?*?'? Mit.-uni of
i ark ar.d thi. \ an
tle ? ? ?' . am.
i ? trtc?l m.nv.. Ke-s Otaad omrai Palsee
l .. of tknt n? lt .i-.-rt- b> Pre-id^nt Taft
1 . ^ mt. 1'ii-h-i ' lub f"r ' "
man Bulser, clubbeu?t, 6 30 p bl
m taeyi Ns, *-,-w
.-._ et tli<- LhIIii Arn. rlcan l>mn
.ii Bq_art Hotel,
? lr_.
tn m.*fih(!. rase ns Pee**-_*a Tabern_<ie,
Mo '. i. en iiIhk
i ? tbt Bosrd el KSa/Tf**?. 1:11
hvil, IMth str-M.
- ->tiK I'i 'Jinrian
?ttl W InkHiii I'ubll. nch-ul H3.
<ii?i ot Klrst svsaue, "The Flre
-iiiilt-ioTir r Jotni'h John
Pnblk K. I... ,1 SS ?>*>!*! atreet, eatl of
'.?nu... I.>_i._, Qutse 0. tli< lll.orie
irli ? IT. ('Isrk: Public
l Wi ll'ti. ^'.ift, ._?t uf H.venlh aeo
iiHii.M.t." Thse
dan mj i P ... Bchool l.'i.. ISM atreat
? nd W.diwiiih ivrnui-, "M.D.eniktl. - hii'1
tta M->> llr*>a-r) Murray, Public
?-? (.-.'.I l_. Au-ubon svsnut an. I6_th tirset,
Moau m.'i 'i* H.eri-ry." Prof?-???ii'
" w Prmtles; Museniii <>f Ksloral
77i|, rii..i and Cplumtui _v?-nu-,
British I_i*-_,-' |.r pet, r Mt'Qii"".
-- Ttchnlcsl InstltuU, Ko. M btat
tm .tre^t, "Hydtogen and Hydrogen Per
" tn Wliiiai. ;. gstsbrooki . I*ublli*
l.lbrary, Na. 10:-. Wtsl IgMh mr.-t, 'The
Aiiii?.rn?nl- of thf Koinan P__pU." I?r Al
P. Ball; K? < orn^iluB'* < r_ir_h, So. *i*
w.-r 4"ti tu-.t "Tht Nsfl-n't capltol." A.
s_-i._u_!.i ru?.. h
Brooklyn Congressman and
Register Taken 111 in Street.
Former Oongt essmun Jamos Tt. Howe
fainted last nlght on the street ln
Rrooklyn and had tn hc taken hOOM ln
an ambnlancfv Mr. Howe had been ill
"Ith a heavy cold. Ha left hls home,
at N'o. ?_.'?_ Jefferflon avenue, to take a
short walk, and whlle on Granlta
atreet, near Hushwiek avenue, fell off
the curb.
Mrs. Blanche Kirk. of No 000 Lln
coln Place, who was Rittlng on a Btoop
talking t? sotn* friemls, ruahad to Mr.
uowe'a aealalaiiie i?r. Maagrode, who
was called from Hushwiek Hospital.
aaM Mr. Howe was suffering from a
tiet-voua breakdown.
Mr. Howe, a Repuhlicuti. was the last
Regiater nf Kings under the ?fea aye
tcni. When he took ofrk??? ln lr*o0 he
advocated a 1,111 eabetttatlng a aatery
and said he would -give away tbe feet,
He kept hla promtaa, and th.* Waablng
ton statue, costing Sfili.tiori. was tin
velled by hls grandson in 1.06, in W'iM
i.tinsburg Piaza.
On the etreatag of January M, of thls
>cir. Mr. Howe celetuat.'ii tu.t nulv his
sfv.uity-thlrd birthday Imt hls foity
ninth wedding annl\ ersary, his wife,
BOn and hls granilchlUlren fortntng
th?- family party. Booti afterward be
vacated the h.msc al Na III s. uth
*.-th stret, Willlamsburg. where be bad
llved thirty-nine yeara, Ttu* property
was acqulred t>>- the elty f<>r tha wlden
ing af Roehllng atreet
Charles Ransom Miller Speaks
at School of Journalism.
Ailvi.-e og editorml writing was given
to tha students in the PuHtaar Sc li'iol of
Journalistn at I'olutnlna yesterday ;,\
Charlea Raaaom Mlller, editor ol "lha
New Vork Times." Kdlturlals BbOtlM ba
wrltten as an authorltv. sald Mr. Mlller,
and f,<r this reason ahould ba arrltten bj
Aft.r emphaslzlng the importaii'*e of hls
tors and the law ln the equli-m*nt ni-c ?-.???
sary to an adltorlal Wlitar, Mr. Mlller
Thi Colambla couran alma ir* confer
a good worklna hnowledge ol economlca,
of the tariff, of flnance, taxatlon
I currency. The clooesl attention ahould
. *.?n to -o* lal movemi ;it*:. to the ef
- maklng lo proipoti thi ? omfort, ihe
welfare and tt.* appineaa of thooa who
oj Is net fully under thelr own con?
trol, who nee.l h.-i|.. protection and aa
. cotiraaament.
Put :t is not enouKh to know of m<*
' hardahlpa ol the pooi and of the a
? Ing ^ui-s: th.-;- ahould be full knowl?
edge of what soclet) and the lawi
!.a*.e dona for the 1.r and for the
; Iiik rlass in the la-t century. the lawa
I that have been pt-1 I ??"* rlng ll
1 ditloni of laimr and ol llvlng, thi
' tlnulna and effectlve Influenre ol |
i oplnion upon government in gl*.
i tlon to tl.os.- who in a former aa) wem
T.Iltorial wrlter should b. an optl
mlat; h< ahould noj lel any one -,>?1 -
him that man is denperati I *?n?J
etj |g relen.leaa, for lt
true lb - '? : ,th,a
U bti importanl openneaa of mln-n,
' nesB tc adveraarlea ta politi. 1 or In other
He al ould eflurp hlmai If ? I
of prlnclplea, eonvlctlona reached b
dld stu.lv and thought He wlll flnd them
?bfe to pracUcallj all
tasks and lf i ii?-v are well reaet
sound rSdaidurlng. the, wlll Inveai hlm
-arltb the power I.nvtace others a i
I that ls on" cre.it aim of ? toi
Tbe we.i.iii p of Mlaa Bdi 1 Chlpn an
Moehring. -Sanghtef of Mr and Mra Ed?
ward Moebring. of Brooklyn, and Kenneth
. Cunnlnabam tooh plaee last even?
lng in tha Koatrand Avenue Metl
Eplacopal < Iburcb, Brooklyn
a slster of tba brtdegrootn, Mlaa Kath
1 cunalaabam aeted aa mald nr
honor, and the brl.'estuald:- Wara Mlss
Helen McManigal. of Bcranton. Penn
Misa Florenoa A. Hague of R?
.1 . and Mlaa Mary McBwan, ol Oh
I'.in^-*. S .1. Mt Cunnlngham. who I
' son of Mr. and Mra B, Woo-ward *
' nlngngm, of Kast Llberty, Penn.. h
beal man hls brother, Crawford *
Cunntng-ham. Tba
I jamea Aakln, Jr - T. Perry Blacli Harold
n Wnrner bi 'i Duncan SVorrell.
? n wm- v of ChrM
Methodlat Eplacopal Church PHtsburgh.
PMteetei by th- rXee Dr Archlbald P
Campbell. offlclated Tha ceremony wa?
I followed by i reeeptloa ?t Ihe Pouch
Oallery, Ttiookivn The brtda waa gradu
from Smith ta """ Mr Cunnlngham
t*ra<ii;ated from Amherat ta ItCB and
?ubaaquontly from the Law iehool of the
I'nlver-ltv of 1'lttsl.ur*-*:'
Virginia Girl Weds Here. as Lieuten?
ant Boatwright Did.
Mlaa Allce V, Boatwrtghl of St ?
Va and Hobrard L Andernoi
- vr, were marrl4 i yeaterday
- .if. Church of the Tranaflgun I
mTt auylng al tha rfotel ?*<
,.,ide nrtivcd here on Frlday nlght,
Mng to have tha cei-emoi
Tho hbllday. however. Intt *
-.,,? the obtalnlna ate lleonee, and - tba
wedding had to ba poetponed
The brlde's brother. [ieutenanl W ?
Boatwright, V. I A and Mlaa Oladya
itkinaon erara marriad at tha l bureh of
'Iguratlon three months aKO.
Mr. Anderaea ta a grf nats of tha I nl
vrcitv of glrf-ata.
- a- ~~
[Bj Talegiapb to Tba Xrlbana
Philadelphia, Oct. H.-Annccih.'-n,.-'
bu j,,st heen made of th.- angagemenl of
Miss B. Mau.ie Aabbtn-t daoghtar of tba
MU Dr Joha Ashhurst. ef this <!tv. to
Howard Mabarda, N - <>f Maw Torb. The
traddtaif win take piace Deceabcr I ta
Holy Trinitv Cburcb here Mb-^ Aahhural
la protnineni m PhHadMpbla aoeial rtreloa
, ,, |i ? siste, of Mrs Bdward P. Betper
a?d Mrs K J. Pbrat M. Rlebarda, arho
is a greduate of iba-BaM Bchool of ra la
rnlver.slty. Iw a < Ivll engineer.
Collector to Sell Abandoned Merchan
dise to Highest Bidders.
,.?,,,.,?? igmb wiii aet as aaetli
MXt fuaadar at the Apprelaer'i I
when he wlll offer six months* aCCUmula
tlOB of unclalmed aml abundon. d DB-1
chandiae reciv.4 al thla part Tba ofr.i
ii.kk ooa-prtaa m Mta, coverlng aboul
even* article of utlllty aud luxury known.
*l lu* artlcles range from hair color re
atorers to electrlc appltanoaa, lacludlng
niovlng picture machlnes. Whlle dr*,
Kooda predomlnate, there are heavy OttOT*
lnga of tobacco, wlnes, li^uors aud cor
dials The merchandlse may bo Inspe. t- ,1
ln tha aetoare room In the Public utoies
on Thursday and 1'rlday.
Schnitzler's Episodic Play Pre
sented at Little Theatre.
Doris Keane Makes Marked
Impression in the Char?
acter of Mirai.
One of Anatol's ladies of the heart, in
the episode w.itch takes plate befere a
flower shop, calia hlm an idler. To whlch
Anatol promptly replien that an Idler _ the
lasl woul ln tlvlllzatlon. lle koph about
atpping rsperlencea aad tandaaj them to
sold in the crujlble of his Msursly nnd
phllOSOphlC SOUL Anatol's particular form
..f experlenca seeklng: lies along the puth
of lova
Flve tlmea ha la seen _,w:i>inK with de
lightful aelf-forgetfulaeea In the armi of
a psSSblg fancy. Ifl each case the woman
1*. of a dlfferent type. Anatol moves
aloog no restrtcted hlghway of lova. Ha
Bnda pleaaure u-hind the scenes at the
( pera a*. ha does in the eouservatory of
faahlon, in tha aecloded home or the
In the tive eplsodea the camnt of play*
fni lo-.e i* run. No hearta i.re forsvsr
brckerf slthougl the wtatful and the w*eh?
fui hraathe thelr way lata the scenes.
There Is s haual <>f memory sbo.it it Blt
Love la a water llly that floats with eweet
fr__grance on thr- surface of Ilfe. Sorne
tlmet thla dreame who paddlea nm<.n?
tbe blOSSOma CSpslseS and -iiffers i oinle
ttagedy thereby, but he n?\er di?<lovers
t! at tb.- flowers have root*'
in tbe dist aceoa tb>- tnan lovsa a uttle
vn l wbo haa nevei lived before, ile and
ahe and bla bsarl friend ine piaying at
hypaotlam ln Anatol'a room-. The kIi-1
fails in a trance. an i tba lover, prompted
by hll friend, asks her QUSStlOM Poos
ahe love hlm? Hai aha ever loved beforet]
The answsra a'.- more tban Batlsfactory.
ai tb.- questlon tuggested bj ii- friend,
Has rhe been true to hlm'' Anatol bero
Ically rebels. He wAke* her Instsad "f
asklnK her, and she unswer* hlm, ai she
put It hwr.-relf, better awake thi.n aalsep.
Marguerite <iark played tbe Kiri ln thla
?cona Bha waa ilmple and Bnawafce na
lilMa was lntended s dellcate flower that
Ilfe would aome daj break
': h- second epi ?? takei place ln the
frlend'l i.Miix'si rooma, Max im expect
lag .1 vtsll from Blsnca, a llttle lady fr-.m
Anatol ai. 1 M* \ rsad
over Anatol's past, for t'<?- perpetual lover
haa broughl a boa ..f Ma 'ove lettera io
bury wlth Maa One of the aouvenlrs wss I
trom .. harmlng ^':rl whom he found li i
? is show Blai ? '? ll S_a_'*
I Rlanca, formerly Anatol's, Anatol :-r..-**.
) pi \\ ni: i evlv< .I ji- for- ;
??? hlm. Oall Kane I
\i -- Kane waa wonderfully arra ?
mlght hav.- represented .. Chopln boc*
! turne. bul It would tak.. n
. ir. it would t;.k. brute force, t" ?
1 one reallsi nged to tb
no force, not
Ivlllsed force
ln the "l-.ii ewi
; r hei e Anal tlng 1 rom Iflmt,
I bls love from ? , ra Doiis K<
r .. - , ? ndtdlj colorful i<-; -. ? nts.
Of a W'lii-li v. ho h.s tlo back
,.i bul pb nt-' of for.. tha
man "t hei oan boundli ? .ilty.
I;. r. ' Iri ber llkea
dlsllkea, ahi t to leai *
tl.e lUXUl > of llfl
.lollnb.1 aii-1
wlstfully : ? nelva
dlnnei Lovi ? . ? ockerj '.
her, t u ? ?>. aubn .i* t-. i - |oke
? . ! tlng Is -ii. arttatli t; ? at.
ln th.- foui!?? ..?-- ..rf.io. ? ?
flower ahop on
? ;.,!. |-11., m !;?? ll ' ' !
to ti-' the llnesl woman "f them all. showt
liiat Anati . Ina mi '.- i
once every th Ina ? ' I ll Ha
Dl- Idler, nol ? I h Uf.-, but wlth
lova Yt t she regretl bei
i lage n iti. ,u othi tnal n hls
a*ay io ons .?? hl. vegranl lovea 'i.i
brk lle ot ni I mf -i of i
Katfaerlne Kmmet was ibe Qabrlella Bha
played wttb grace aad alaeerlty,
'i hi lasl s<? di ? ndi In i ri< -t Anatol
.ii led But the nlKbi be
foi. I..- lasl free nlght?be went to Iha
ghl homa one ? f t ..
the i> arns that hei
Ih hurrylng t" dress foi bl- aeddlng
naakea hava ol tb>- furniture. Befoi
flnal curtaln falli al* gathera her nervea
and rows v ngeanre on Anatol I
I marrled llfa Thua things are i.-ft i-,,
i i.... a i' ? fur- ladj ban !<?! the
furniture ar.out wlt' conalderable e- .
l..n< e. Her grlel wa ro' whollj ? n
iln< Ing
John Barryraori i'.i Oswald Y..rke
played Anatol and hla best friend Hi
Barrymon " .l! '> '"
.,. wai agreeabli In tbe part. B t
i.. v ..^ aot thi pai t .. :t ot .rn- i
Anatol I .i tn. i ??
tn n .. ths world, who
: .i ... e as a serious
i r. of ? atremel. Ilgbt
,,....; ; : and lov for hlm ara a
,,t humoreaqua Mr. Ban mon
not catch the polee of ibe parl He playi
It more iik<- a boi who takes Mmsell
?arlousl] And then hla manncrlsms?
thej mlght almost be called mechanlsms,
?,, ,,:,.. is. and Inevitable they ara Tbe
-alk, ti.- eaniate, the nhakim? of tbe
),,,,,! , ;.. , . ,. i . s. Btsnce
Ifi forka ara n i ? too atli I tettry
?- .Max He hardly rnade hlmself f.-it.
Gfranvllle Barkai made tb.- adaptnti >n
oi aaanlt-ler'a plsy for ti..- Bngllsfa
apaaklag ??htltr Hls v.islon was n.ed
laat mght i?t the Uttle Theatre. It waa
uaususll) ft"- frooi tha flavor of n tranr>
imi ,,, gnd preservo- tha Centloental
iplrlt \e\\ well, ln spit.- of some '.IIh
, [,.. t ? . nali
Tba mountlng ?i tbe play wax ln th?
usual qulet, fOOd taste of tho Uttle
Senate Candidate C-ets Rings and Pins
Stolen from Hotel.
fhlcafft. <"? !t vaiuaMa Jswslry, ln
cludlriK rt-fS an.l plns owned by ColODSl
jamea Harnllton Lss/te, Dssaooratlc _an?
dldate for rnit.-d Slat.s ?sSBtOt f r< .ri.
Illinois, was among atotea property re
K.ver.il by Ibe polic- to-day. Two former
employea of n rsssss-i a hotsl an ra ar?
c.iionei Losrla rspertad hls losa to the
poll.. a we. k affO. Many Ihsfp from
hoteli havi Bcourred reoently. rta total
amount reeovered to-day WBS ab,.ut
HwlRht Klmen.lorf i.peat.-.l bls le. ture,
?The Heart of lh. Rocky Mountains,"
yeaterday aflarneee at canMsjIs HaB be
f,n. i|._ usual lnrice und enthusiastlc
_udlei i
Pinero - Barrie - Shaw Efforts
Fail to Find Favor.
Two on the Same Trite Subject
and the Third a Modernized
"Nance Oldfleld."
'Ry GaMa to Tl.e Trlh'ine 1
London, Oct 14.?t'harlcs Krohin.in's
much anticlpated triple-btll sensatlon.
wlth Plnero, Harrle and Shaw as au
thors, was produced to-nlght at tho
Duke of York'a Theatre and was verv
dl.sappointlng. The evenlng began with
the conacloua nclntillatlon of 4 5-eorge
Hernard sfiaw In ??4)vcrruled," do
BCrtbod na a "demonstration.'' Sir A.
W. Plnero's play, "The AVIdow of WBB*
d.ile Head," waa cnlb-d a fantasy, and
was merely tedlous. J. M. Marrie's
i omedy, "Uosallnd," proved aearcely
more than a BChoolboy m.*--tcrplccc.
The only hope of an Intcrcstlng even?
lng was Hpolled bv Mr. Parrb's mod
aaty. aii three autbora hud choaan tho
game theme, vi_., the poaalblllty anl
the rlght of a mnn or a woman of
loving twice. but when Mr. K;irrl<*
found thnt the two others had treated
the aubject ht- himself had choaan be
wlthdrew hls play and substlfuted ,in
nther be bad wrltt-ti earller. The re?
sult was that the audlence. after mt
miaelm the futinty of Bhaw and the
dulaeaa of Plnaro, were daprlved of the
Interest "f so-ing If Puirie COUld bf
more aneeeaaful along tlu- same llnen.
Mr. shaw set hls play ln modarn
times and uaed the famlllar daviee flf
two men faiiing in leve arlth each oth?
ers urtvea during tho foreed pro
ptnqulty of a kmg aea royage. "no
wife redprocated the love she had iu
spired, whlle tho other was almply
bored. At the ^nd all are brought to?
gether, of course. for mutual re< r.uiiti i
ti.in and explanatlon, and tlu* problem
is aa much In the air at the ti*
t.ilti as it was at tirst.
Thls juHtittcH an infenii'e thal Mr.
Bha* hud no other Idea than thal of
produclng claver dlalogui bul if hla
only purpoae araa to be brllllanl
be aaM at once thal h haa fa
around. The beel thing In the play
are the hits ,it tlie modem
gubei: "*'*
itton ..f outward appearancea
f-r prln< n ?
Slr A W Plnero wenl ta Hi"
time of I'ccirgc m an.i deveioped Iil-i
t!.< Bla b.' Iic--.il.- of the KhOht -,|
huaband H *> i'??"??
du< Ing .i
- tnd, b) mahlng tha di ad man a
ln whom it waa Impoe
?Iblf >" bnaglne th? rmlng a loa
? ?] . ar loved, killed all chance <?f in?
terest. Ther.* WM not even anv effort
at clever dlalogui ta llven thlnga np.
.md tn thls eaaa also the preblan waa
.1 M H.,rr:,- I,..'1 ' -'?
door Johnnli
mother. Many ?'f thoae nf ua who ra
j. ? .,n tbe i :---i * m d< of forl *
Ellen Terry aa Nance Oldfleld, arlth
Martin Harve) aa iba i?-? ar. Thi
m :>i gtad ?han thi t lri
ng came !>? an ? ? r.< 1
Oueota of Rflntbroi Imi i dri aa
r.lie ,rsal c,r- Ud thi
opei ng performance laal nlght ?,f "Tha
... ...
Mt and Mra ?
Mr. ai '?' t, the Hnn
? _ Mra Blbert n Oarj C C BuHl, Mr
.-,n i Mr- Oeorge F, Bakar, tr. Dr hh-i
Mra !'? ray R Turnura M m Ri th st
Denls. Mr nnd Mr? TTnomaa l!
Ml ..i '1 Mrs W'llll. in \\ i .i ' ? II, l'r i
fessor nnd Mi i *..* d< Matthewa,
Roberl Van Cortlandt, Bamuel Uater
i ? ? eel ls- lln, Mr.
.ucd Mra Robert Eraklne Ely, Mlaa Antm*
Ruaaell, I" Par4 j Orant, Mlaa
Merlngton Mi and Mra
Tbomai W Lamoat, Mr :,ii.i Mrs Eger
ton I- arinthrop, Jr. Mr and Mi
arard i Locbe, Mttcbetl Kennerly, Nl. h
Middie. Charlea Itann Kennedj Edlth
Wynne Matthtaon, Henry L Btoddard,
Roben J COlller, Loula K Anapacher,
Kathryn KMder, V Burrall Hoffman,
jr. Orace Oeorge, Bvert Fanaen Wendell,
M* und Mr-* K i. Bui-lng ima, Pi
Nlcholaa Murray Butler, M
, rot here, Profeeaor and Mr Johi '
Mi aml Mrs Normaa Hapgi d, Robert
i nderwood Jobnaon Joa< p li
. Marke, Hedwlg Relcher, Kate
Douglaa Wlggln, i
,,.,.,i Roblnaon, Edward Bheldoh,
Bigelow Palne, Edwln BJorkm a, Mar
gari t Mayo, Mi aid Mn Joha Corbln
and BeU ii"et. _
Mlle. M1//.1 Ha I*' . who Inga thi
inK parl in "The Bprtag Mald," returned
io tbia clty yeeterda) on the North ?
man Lloyd Un. I I'nuz Prfedrti h Wilh-'.u,
a:i,.i ;, holfda) apenl al ? ? home In
Auatrla-Hungar; Beeldea much bag
?i,.. brouahl over a ta-i -.-.iii.-ii sh.. thlckx
win ba taken up by ri*_:r? i tblnhlng aro
ln thla ettj Tha fbd, arhleh araa ? a ?
fully tboughl oul bj Mll< H
Mri \ ci | of a tan aralklni *ti. k. wltt
coatly handla .-< n<i dangllng rlW i
as Loula XIV carrled al .rt Tha
young sinK-'i thlnks th.- cane add gi i -
tn aaa*a carrlaga and h much more tf
,i,.|, ,,t for protection agalnai attack than
the carrytng of a woollj -Icik
Hubert Vea, th- Duteh portrall palnter,
wbo untU thli aummei had made no palnt
iiikh la his aatlva land la twenty yeara,
returned yeaterday oa the Holland Amer
ii a llner Rottardam After havlng lookad
,,*,*.r the work of the PUturtert aebool ea
hihiti'iu in Parla h,* aaM he araa glad
t,, K-i bin-k to America, arhere ati araa
stiii aane and alneare,
Colonal ii Anthony Dyer, a rleh reater
oolei palnter, arhe araa .? falloa tra ?
with Mr. Vea, umi aaw tbi Parla exhlbt
tion, ni**" dodared thal th.* Puturlati imd
k >ii? taei
Henry Mlller caaaa back bi Neat ferk
list nlghl m hla auccaaaful play "Tbe
Ralnbow." He wlll plaj for one areab
?nis ai 'iie Oraad Opera H i
lamea T Pnaera in |,l*i mualeal off.ir
In'if "Thi- Two l.lttle Brldaa," began tlie
w.ek auHi't.iuusiy laat Blgbl al tbe Waat
End Thaatre,
At li. P. Keiths Harlem Opera Houee,
Mllian Ituaaeira Bucooea WIMflru, by
fleoree Hrondhurst. le the blll of the weea
The plav waa well recelved last week.
Vaudeville Justifiedof Her Chil?
dren at Union Square.
Ada Reeve, frora England, and
Blanche Walsh Also on
This Week's Bills.
A young, chubby cheeked chap ln a
whlte flannel suit wlth black stripes von
a lot af aaata-sa al b\ T. Katth's Uatoa
Square Theatre y.sterday afternoon by
Stspptalg to tbe footlights aiul announcing
that ths ? Ol. at tha end of the tlrst Inn?
lng la ths GHanta-Rad Sox baaaeall game
stood _ to I la favor of the home team.
Kv. ry on.- liked the way he announced lt,
but they didn't pay tflOCh attentlon to
that at lirst. When be continued to come
out after each number they began to
taaa more ootloa of htax Finally, he
atayed and walla he was there the audi
ence forgot the score entirely,
He waa Lso Carrlllo, an.l ba didn't <io
niu.h baaldaa talk a l-ttla about aero
plnnlriK and t< 11 a few atorlSS in C*b_B-SS
(iiii.it. which he learnsd oul 'Frlses way.
lle was perf.i tly CSSUBl aliout lt, Just as
lf BS w.re lalklBg to 0S_ pSTSOB Instead
..f io .1 houseful Bul i ach one ln tha
houseful though) be was talklBg to hlm.
so tba. all Inalsted oa hla comlng ba?'K
and ta'kin? some more.
Tbe ftinnlsst pntt of lt was that hla
WBSn't UM only good BCt 00 the BTO
gramms. Tbera sre some vaudeville
managera In town who think that they
have dtecharged tbelr duty to tba public
when they pal on one paasabls ?r't .-acii
week, bul Mr. Keith'a record atnee hs
oi..*ne.i his uth atreet houss bas proved
thal be ls not among them. There la
only one trouble wlth th" programme
tbere this week from 'he oritlc. polnt or
vlew. Th. re is notltlflf Ifl it whlch do I
not add bi kast a slight Bomethtng t'> tbi
enjoyment ol tha afternoon, and aa crltii
unl. -1 he can flnd something
whJ.-h he eaa eonsdentlously and unmer
clfully condemn.
What Mi Keltfa thought waa tha bsel
think' on tha bill waa a one ?" I ikstch
bj Bdward Peple, author of "The Llttleat
lt. ? !.'? entltled ' T ?? i llri" Bo many
i tivalled lt tlal to call lt best would
ittei of in.ilvidual '
There - ? o doubl how? rer, tbat It wa
g.i. lt had I -? ama
, ? ..... N-w Vork audti ;?' ??
- ami II pum ' v i. better itlH, tt
. fhtful frlnge of comedy t.? con
soi.- the audlence afb i the puncb had
Hall M Ullstsr, Albert
Latacha and Cyrll Voung dld excellent
work ll || up,
li would be unfalr t.. go further into
detail wltl ? ? ? thlng ... o .t
. v. i - bod). whlch can't ba done her
t a or t ????ii a.
r of
? tl-s Wlll ? tO have
ln ti.-- ?? der f theh
as follow*. M.n and Bylvany, in a thnii
ing M Mahoo, l't.i
..-.i.i i .. - gtng and
danclng ? I 11 that) called
... i: -..ud and
u:- \ Mornlng ln Hlcksvllle";
Jennlngs and l< rn of i lever
Besale Wynn, who
and hla
I the varli I
Th- N.n 1?
??? ,
g to 1
Nol thal audevlllc
? demptlon J ?*' al
that If It b .1 t" contlnue
?.. di ;?? nd on
? ts appeal l
ioon< r ? n to pall, oi ..t t- -t
tion of I ? iblli
* ii ?
le of ih.- ?. BUdevllle pla] '?
? h .ni'-r? .1 thsl fleld
No doubt othi
? future
sgo tbere was scar *elj i
ln this the publii I
: .n the European
|t has l? "li the
to pr...! . . ? ? ? ? theatres d ted tfl
Itgltlmate drama, bul hera 11 i ??? em to
Ung the vaudevllla itage aa thelr
future domain
a rte
.... . i . Ittl. ' Ham
\ torla Theatre tbi*- ar<
ep Arnold D ippor
for hls m.-s ig. li ls a
gem of wit. and Mr. Daly makes II
parkle wlth added brll am | I ? hla da
,?. ii terpretatlo- ot tha
Inet [t Is called v "omedy f"r u
find it i lhat II la a l< aaon
foi t ? oi also Ch ??' L "
and Lou I
llinax on"' ? ?
Ths remainder of Hsmmsrstsln's Mll is
;.ii half
Ivi i. it a lj be falr to
il,,,. ,,.. ?: thi two sti
Diid, moreovi r, opinion ? mlghl wi
Iy dlffer on ome >f tbem. But,
ifllcl. ? i hi. ty lo ? mi
don'l like oaa you
? flnd an i id favoi Ite ln
the neat.
Th.- followlng la Iha programme ine
tloldte '
"The Glrl from Mll?
waukee." as oppeallng as rh.- bi
whlch made thal town famous; tha Flve
v iodj _ ii ls and ii _ in; "Rube" Dlck
haraetar ot the ei iudge;
m?- an.t compaay, In a panto
mbule"; 1
nine, "ib.- i n": Edward Blon
(i,.ii in.i company, hi "Tne i. .-t Boy";
i. v . s, renaders, sad tba Rosa
-/aleroo Troupe of "*/l**e WaJksra
\,\-,i i;,., . atralght from Iba music
Dalla bf London, trlsd ber voice on a
\..,v Tork audlsncs sl ths Colonlal Thea
ttrdai aftsi noon for tha Brsl time,
aad 'udgtng from ths dss_-_stratl_D
which greeted M II Bttsd to psi
. vp remlnda ona af asvsral of tha
other aorigstera whom Bngtand has aaal
over here, bul lier volce ls perhaps more
.. than any. After a brlef tom
in vaudevtl-( aha win star m a musical
comedy of her aern, under ths Baanasjs
ni. nt ol M irtlB Bsch
-fh. Colonlal aii.i.-i ano-bsr to ths
happi playlata of tha week in frank
Craven'a snd Bsotl welsh'a "Honor
Among Tineves." oaat rlbsd ss "a solutlon
Of the ilMiincial probbni ln BBS art ir
i_ undoubtedly a aotutloa of tbe proMsas
whleh confronta the four charactera eon
eerned, snd one srhlcb aill aurprla
nudlsni ?? thal views It Bul i? la to bs
hope.l tlial many of the indlvldual ui-m
i?-rs ol tha au-tanca wlll not attempt te
?olva thelr tlniin-i.ii BfObteflM In that
a prsttj little mualcal offerlng i saa
in 'Tl..- Land Sf DykSS." .resentod by
Sam 4"hlp. Marv Marblo and companv It
ls from the pen <>f Herb.it Hall Wmslow.
with musln and lytics by Albert von
Tilzer. other numbers on the blll are
Stuart Barnes, * the fhesterfleldlan mono
loj-lst"; Rice and t'uhen, in their sketch
Of the -*t- n. twent, thlrts," "The Path of
tbe Prlaaroai Fbxber girls, ln
dalnty Mta of raudeetlle; Fred Wataon
and Rose Santos. slngers and daneers; the
Ibal-ray Boya, In aa oiiuinai athletic feat?
ure, and Erpottl vnd l.lliputlans.
Smne people like Mclntyre and Heath.
Th. y have. la-en what la known in vaude?
vllle parlance as "headliners" for sonv
yeara aad tha laaead le tbat they suc
aaadad in musical aamady before tbat.
For those whoee taete runs to the an?
tique they are unbeatable. Bocb persons
are adalaai to go to Proctor's Kifth Ave?
nue Theatre thls week and to secure thelr
?-eats early, for apparently ther- ata
many Uke them along Uttle old Broad
P'.rtunately for those who have more
modern Itantngt. th.* at.dent negro coaae
dianu hold down the ,-nd of the i?ll. There
are several thfalga ahead of them v.l.Uh
may he eounted on to appeal to lOTeH
of modernlty Chlef among thabi la Lad
dle CMfc arhoae dandng la racammeaded
to the attention of the Mclatyre and
Heath eupportere. Thara la aometblng un
to date in it. ee__etb__g allre and aame*
thing somewhat arti-tlc, too. Mr. ClltPt
method- Of ?.vrltiKlnir. a lauffh fr.*m his
audlenea area't gulta *?-? boery oXth ***
i Mr, Mclntyra'a and Mr- Heath's. ettiwr.
Bot, gg has been sald. there are num
bera who llke the oM stuff. and Its ex
poaltlon In a phantaay called "Waiting
at tbo CbUTCta" evoked salvos of applau-e
yeaterday. Anotbai peraon wba teeatvoA
a Uttle more apylause than she earned
waa Beatfe Ct-Bord, arbom best thing araa
*ly ai.urate tmttatlc-n of Hessle MO
Coy. . . .
tour othea aeta which --ompieted
the programme wera Ceoly ?nd Wehb- in
\ Btorm) Plnlah'; Ihe Four Iy.ndon-.
ln .1 sensatlonal castlng act; WlllaW
Simtns nnd company. in the ever green
?succeee. ?Fllndflr'e Furnished Flat ;
Recbel l-owe, ?n Kngiish comadlenne on
,!?. ilr,s of Alk- Lloyd. and Victorlne
an.i Zolar, two falr women. m a series
of daaoee. wtndtng ap wlth a poslng
r.alizatlon of the famous painung "An
Affair Of Honor."
Blanche Walsh tops the programme at
Q K K.lths Alhambra Theatr- this
iroek Bhe la seen bi bar newest offerlng,
?The Counteee Nadlne." This la a grlp
pins uttle drama of Ruaalaa loee, havlng
to do -aitii a roong wldow wba wrinxa
a confeaalon from tba murderer of her
huaband and allowa hlm ta escape trom
the police after learnln*. hls story. Uiff
Uordon. the premier 0_r__an dlaleet oo
,...,-,..,?. |, on hand here with a budget
of politlcal and humoro ia atortaa, and Jim
Dlamond and Bybll Brannan preeent a
hodee-podae nf hUarlty undee tbe title of
The Provldence Playere are seen here
f,,r the nrat tlme In a brilllant llttle tarce
Who'i Brownf The Hanlon
Brothere dellneate a rapid flre eomedy
pantomlme called "Juat Phor Phun," an.l
the real of tha blll la made up of DoBy
Connolly and Percy Wenrlch. m aotnja\
Holmea an.l Bucbanan. ln "The Glrl of
ik17? ?. Banaone and Delila, aenaatlonal ac
. tbe Oraal Toraadoea * *M>
*,-t of aertal twlr ?
i. !?? Ketth'a Bronx Theatre haa aa prln
,? thla week the well known
? .r actor Oeorge Bebaa, who
m dramatlc nk.-uii In "Tho
M ?? Ti.is is a raodefllle
. t om of the ordlnary. ar*..! la ?
. M interpreted by Mr. Bebaa and
I iaa.lab playera Tho atory unfoMa a
? Iddnapptng aud tta connectlon
??.ith tbe notorloue Black Hand organtsa
i.,' Rooney and Marion Bent, also on
ii,,. bni i,. |. preeenl thelr laugblng aklt
v t the Newi Btai I ' and Nellte Wex*
Ing, the eparkllng Engllah comadlenne,
>, mlngly alnga a number of aonga; Bva
rt!,d company, ln the
u trrled . L-eu Hawhlna,
-the Chaeterfleld "f Mlnatreley"; lurreii
.,.,,] .-, oway, In "Behlnd the ft anaa"; tho
. , me', Madden
and Fiupatrlck. la "Tbe ?tVanderer," and
the Zanettoa, Jugglere, lomplete the pro
. ne lu re.
Prett) glrla and funny comedlana make
I..11.- Folltee" company which
for the areek al tbe olympio Th<*
?terda) Tbe nonaenatcal musical
? ; |X| :. *.\ Royal Plueh," was ptaaented
ln a ni" it elal ir.U" manner by a
perfbrmara, beaded by Phil Ott
and Ali... !_i-.i". The music throughout
U of tbe Whlatllng klnd, and the comedy
Is iif tbe best. Th.- tcener) and electrlcal
!,. in keeping wlth tho rest of
the ahow.
George GMddena, whose Admiral Blr
Peter Antrobue, bi "Pomander walk."
rraa ono ot the most amueing characters
Iii Loula N I'.irkets comedy, returns to
NeW Vork next ue.-k from I.ondon. He
haa been angaged for Annie RaaaeU'e
company, ln WhlOb he Wtll be seen as
Ti a*. bumphln, Elob Acree and i>"k
berry. ln theae parts. whlch he ha?
, :;, pi *..ci no con temporary actor can
|j none .an equal hlm.
The openlng date for the preeentatlon
of irthui Colllna'a big Drury Lane
tnelodrama "The tvhip" at the Manhat
t;,:- Opera Houae haa been postponed
from Electlon Daj to Mondayt N'ovem
i..*i* 11
? The ZlOgfeld F.dlies." series of 1*?1.>.
.! the Moulla Ro ige aexl Monday
, \. IllK.
Henr) Mortlmer has been angagad 11
a ii waiiai*ii for hla original role in
"The Indlacretlon <>r Truth," which will
ha preaented ln N'ew York mi November
||, with Muriel Stan-. Walter Hampden
miii Bcott Cooper In tiie eaat
Rehaaraala of "The Five rrankfortera"
wlll be begun tO-day under the staKe
dlrectlon of Ptlb Bdwardaa ar:'! the tirst
performance wlll occiir out of town on
October It.
Ril hard Pennett has enKajred Edlth
w *, ni.e Matthlaaa for the leading woaa
>n'a role la tii-1 productlon of Margaret
TurnbuU'a aaa play, "The stronger
I'lniii "
wi..ui Charlea Frohamn predacm "4ifn
, ,.r iftM al bla Qlflhe Tboatra London,
? latlOB with Cohaa _ Harris, Wal
Inca Bddlngor will play the part of Tra
.,,.,- Qiadwtn, tbal be oii^inaiiy treated
in thls country.
., ? -
Hereafter To Be Known as Veterans'
Association, Naval Militia, New York.
hlbany, Oct M The Kaval Iteaarra As
?Odatlon Of the State ..f Now York .--rt i
tie.i to ti'? leeretary of state th.-it it has
ehatlgad Iti name tO the Veterans' Asso
datloa, lat EtattaHon, Naval Militia, New
Th-* association was organlzed t-o pro
niote tba fonaatlon and equipment of a
hiat.- iiiv.il militia and ol a national naval
i-cseive. The certitl.ate ts sisiied by Her
lurt I. Satterlee, New York.
Phlladelphla, Oct 14 Krank Lane, a*
one time a wldely known actor. and who,
durinj; the Bta, s- rved t_vi ral sea?
sons as a National I_pague baseball um
pire. <lled In a hospital here to-day from
ursemia. He was a -on of John I_.ne. a
trogedlan, and wlth his fathcr appeared
ln productlons wlth Lawrenee Harrett,
Edwln Booth and Alessandro SalvinL,
J.ater he appeared ln faxccs. Mi. LanO
was jo y. ms old.
Tel. -raph to Tho Trlhynel
N'ewburg. N. Y , Oct. 14.?Albert Theo*
dore, seventy-slx years old, a busl*
DSSS man of thls clty. died ln the hospital
here to-day. Theodore, who could -?>-*__
seven languagee, was attached to the
I'nion army during the Clvll War. He
a rted as Interpreter for Oeneral Orant
B_en the latter made hls trlp around tha
world. Theodore had been a Canadlaa
ouetoma Inspector. compib ation of dl*-?
eases caused hls death.
MAJOR HENRY <". COL-B, of the s_l>
alateace department of the army, is dead.
in Washington from typhoid fever. He
was focty-three yeara old. .Major f'oi
aerVSd wlth dlstinctlon ln tl*e Phllipptn.S
ln th.- Bpanlah-Amerlcan war and later
assist'd In the paclflcation of Cuba.
IIICHABL KAVA.VAOH, the yidest em.
ploye uf "The Journal of CominsrCS,"
died at hls home, Nu. t"> M street, lirook?
lyn, on Saturday. Il>- was employed lu
the mechanlcal department for forty
yeara, ramalnlng Ib actlve aervice up to
wltbin two days of hls death. Mr. Kav
anagh was about al?ty-eeven years old,
and came to this .ity from Montreal in
1V72. A Wlfe and slx children survlve tilm.
Former Cincinnati Man Laid to Res.
in Ea_t Greenwich, R. I.
[By Telegraph to Tbe TllflWI ]
Baal GreeaW-Ch, h. i.. Oct ".'.-?
Th.- hody of I-uclen Wulafn, late oi
( u.lnnatl, who died in Paris last Auf-_it?
WM '-ommltted to the jrrave here to-da/
ln the famlly burylnK ground, on Va
bld Qreene farm, which has been th.
home of the Groene and Koelker 'ainille*.
to which Mrs. Wulsin bclongs, ever since
\(rV). Mr. Wulsin was one of ('lnclnnatl'g
most public splrlted men, havlng besn ac?
tlve ln many SBterprt?CS d. voted to trta
promotlon of the clty's eommer.-ial, in?
dustrial and artfstk a*slf_ra for mor*.
than a -reneratlnn.
Tb<- pallliasiara were ***, c. Qosborn, ot
the .'lnclnnatl park concert fund; H. U
Uiws, ex-pr.sident of the .'ommer*
dal ciub. Bdward Ooeper, first vices
presldenl of ths CHlsana* Trust Companyg
XV. XX'. Taylor, of the Rookwood Pot_e**S*
Compaay; _. a. Ault. chalnnan o_ tha
Cincinnati Park Commission; A. C. Shln
kle. president of the Caatral Trust Com?
panv, Oeorga W, Armstrofig. Mr. Wul?
sin'- sucoessor as president of tho Bald*
ala Plano ('ompany; __. ?'. Di'-klnson, ot
Chlcago, vlce-pres-denl of tha BaMsrM
cornpan-; Colonel Joba a. ritts, presi-*
dent of the Fourth ohio Cavalrv AsSSClaa
tlon. and H. K. Krehhiel. of New York,
l as lontc aasO-Satsd with 'he dead.
man in the m.;skal llf- of ClnrlBBett
Among tha men wl.o came to follow
thelr chief to the grave were W. J. Macy,
A. P. Elagsmsysr, I-. D. Sarjrent, FratiK
II Oee, C. M Rebsrtsso, -nd V. Ge_t, of
Ctnelanatt, an<i }?;. <;. Hereth, of in.iian
BBOtia The cummltment SSI rlCa S*g_ read*
by the Kev. John Diman.
(By T. Ir-rrapli to The Trtbur-.e )
Lake Gaorge, N. v., Ost n.-Arrivais a*
th.- Fort Wllllam Henry Hotel from New
York by automoblle lnclud. Mrs. E. P.
ii.a_.-i Mlss J. Ulafs, Mr. BBd Mtn. .lohri
Bprlng. Mr. and Mrs. C. a. W-vrba.'S,
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Towne, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Carr, Mr. and Mrs. J. BdWta Ogden,j
Mrs. Wllllam M.u-son, Mrs. lf, F. -_*?_]
a. tt. Hennaa Payna, Mr. an-i Mrs. Frar.i*
Sutphsn, Miss Bsalirl-S O. Sutphen and?
Frank Sutphen. Jr. .
Donault The Tribune'a Room and Board
Register. No. 320 Tribune Building.
Fl. hr. Ortcs H. .t-u-rwaM, E. T.. H. \
*.*.>-, Anthonv. Thorat, Newbeiry D. j
En-fli-h. Abl.lt L. Van i'*mp-n. SavHUoa, !
-?oot?. Bdwerd n. Whaelar, AiictG.
Rockwtll, BtteUt H.
In *l. i.i.>rl.iin.
Jackson, Kev. Samu.1 M.
BEHR ' -UglSBly. st Mo-rl.town. N^ J.. fcSJ
Bunday. u tob.r IS, Oraee Ho-t_,S__Sj
daimhter of _*r.dtrt.-k IL DSd Alice \era_a_J
llehr. agtd elght week..
D_V -Oa Fridav. October 11. 1012. at tht hotntj
of hlt tlti-r, No. U Wn Ml lt-, Anthony
I>-v ln tbe Sl:h '.ear et hla ai;e, cld-tt totk,
pt th- lst. Ue\. Rteaard Varlah Dej *n-\
Ltvlnla Apies Scott, irr.i-id-Ori of tht Ute
Aiuhonv P.v. of thla clty, _.n-i also of C*Mo-\
nel J_s?ph warrea K-tt, of N^w ltnintwl*a,
N. .1. Funeral ttrvtot af th- Mail.l. ..ol-^
l'..-r!_i- Church, Fltth av.nu. and _leh st^, ea
Itmn |a ber 1". ut 10 o'cIoc'k. K^n
lucky an_ New Orl-_u*i paper- .leaao eepg.
BNO-ISH Kl .T-rs.y (lt>. en Mon.la>, Oc_m
"i.-r 14 ISU Abblt 1. Bnsllsh. -Ui_w?J ****-?
rlen tnm ber lat.* res.ii.ni-. No. .? siu>
m. Tl-Jil-Sller. Ootober lb. at '_ p, Bk ;
rnoTE- on ?aiataaj. Oelessr tt, i"". FA*r*r*i
Bead run t the lets Kdwsrt Bllss an.tl
Catheriae <?? r?i..te. F.ner.i atrvtcta wll *>*.
held from h.t l?t. real.-nre. No. 130 I.-xlnB-l
l n nve , on UV.In.a.lay. October M. 1M-, ttl
U) a. m. lattiwt-l 1 rl_*ei
RO KWKI? asttlh Hardes. ??isht-r of r?r_i
WlUlaoi H. an- Mlddlt J H. RockwtU, Utl
her ath rter. ra Oetobt II ISia i-_uera.|
prt\at-. PleaaeeaUl aaareca
WBUMHWaLP At tor home. lafl Dleso^1
Cal ..-.. 7 101*1. Eli-t ? ' K H
Inta wift of Cheriee J steuoi _-aii Ir.ttr?,
menl Wednesday, October i?i. at w.yodiawnj
New Ynrk on arrlval nt tr;tln ir_
Oiht-I Btatlon at 1.3. a. ni. Relatlvti ad
frtflflrlt tnvlted.
THORNK At hla hSM Darenport ''.r.-mja*
N>w -toehollt, N V. on .^ar ir.la. mornlnf,'
Ootebei l_ 1S12, Stwberri Davenport.
Mt ton of I. aaal
Susann.i XV. Thorn- Fun. -1! tt ?' >*t at hls
late home on Tu.ndav _M-_lfl_, October 13.
191. at 11 o'eloch .'arilag^s a' KSW H(>t,
,'h'de itatton on niri'.-.ii ot tho I0o."> a. n_
train from '".ran.l (Vr.rr.il Depot.
vas CAllT-lN?Al mahtrmy s I., rvtoher i_,
1.12 garlllloa Vati Cflmp-fl, as^l Tl >tart.
ITun-ral tervhet wlll bt hel.l at hlt Ute r*al?
d-n. .. Ne 9* '?v*"t Mllten ave, en T-ie-dsr,
Oflteher is. I c-io.k p. m.
tVHKKLF.H- All.- Q Wli.eler. tfed ?_1 ftr.
\lir? I'li- Fureral ."hur.li. No it', We_l -_||
?I iKrtnk Campbii. Bulldlng), ruseday, J
c'.lo. k. Automobll- 1 M
rHE FRIENDS ot th.* Kev. s.o 1. \m pay*
lev )a.k-on. D I'. I.I. D. lat.- of the t*Uy
nf N.-w Vork srt Invtted to ettend a meet-.
Inu In 1 t" __-*_or* In tht Atttmbly H?U
nf the Unlted Cherltlei Hull iIhr, 2'il st
and ith ?ve.. N'-1*- Xmk. on tht afternoon.
of Tuet.lay. October lo, at 4 .
"33d St By Harlem Trnin and by Trolltr. I
Offlee. _0 Eaat ieO St.. N. T.
FRANK K. OAMPI-EI ... 211 * We.t 2M.
fit rhupei-,. Prl.stt Rooma Prlvate Ambti-1
lancea Tel. l__l Chelata _
aaaMUU"~~~****- - - ??-?_-~ee~ssa
M UM OFFI'K- -No. 1_4 Nantt.i ttrttt.
LFTOWN OFFlOE?No. 1S?4 Brosdway. or
any Amtrlc-an UUtrlit l'tlesraph Ofllce
|{AK|-_! OFFK'ES -No. 15T Eaat l-*?h.
ttrttt. NO.-Sa Wttt 125th ttrtet and No. '
210 Wrtt U-'-li atreei.

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