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But Not Radkal.
V^TA XII.N? 24,076.
The On!y New York
Republican Paper.
?e-4jajj falr; to-n.orrou f.ir. BBawaaar,
moilerwto aswthwewl ulntl*.
m:\v-vokk, wedxesday, octohkh ui hm_>.?is pac.es. * * pkice one cent
n Clty of New Tork, Jeraey Ctty Bnd Hebol ra.
Bombard Joe Wood and Drive
Him from Box with Seven
Hits for Six Runs in
the First Inning.
jjeW York Team Continues the
Vicious Assault and Scores
Eleven Runs in All on Six
teen Hits, Including
Doyle s Home Run.
Bif Jeff Unsteady. but PuUs Out of
Many Dangerous Holes?Decid
ing Game To Be Played in
Boston This Afternoon
for the World's Title.
IBy IWeerar* lo The TrlbuoeJ
Bo5t"n. "? l ??" Joe Wood and tha
Royal Rootere, not. to mentlon some
thlrty th'HiBHr.l Other '*faVne,N ha?l '-nr
large. palp ' !,'f 'imo f,f !t hrrP to-day,
when the luaty Gianta turned Fenwaj
Park toto a fleld of curnage. mmping
away with the most nnt-sideii vlctory
,if the most s.-nsatumal world'fl series
th?t has ever been pleyed. HrinpitiR
thecotint up t-- three vtctorteB fOT BBCtt
team. the uhancea af New York tn win
the title ;ir. I rlghter than ever before.
Dusk to-morrow will tell the tale, as
th* decidtnK jtame will he played hwe
Bftjj soore of the rlol this afternoon
was 11 to 1
Howard l'mir.-n Wood bad been
?javed"* ffir the battle, I'rimed hy a
three d.v-s' real and BT.ned to top
off a brllllanl seaaon'a record with a
litt'K- cordlal In the form of a arorld'a
rhirmpiiinsbil'. Bul alas and ala'k: the
Igpoaaiblelhappenecl, and the (Hbraltar
nf the Boeton defence iTutnbled into
dust under thc flri- of the New Y..rk
l-'jnr.prs. Maklng good thelr boaet, the
Giants kno ked tl- tar and most ,if
b out "f the same Wood that
baaVd them so myateriouatf on two
previous ocoaalona a trfcloBle batch of
sevcn hits Btruck the Huaton en<amp
Titent in the tlrs: Inning f"i" *lx luclous
The v - - a Ith the pitcher
iing vollejr, and 'he
game in in- bOte a rOOOm
hia-nce to the struggle of painful inem
Ht ln tbe world'a aerlea laal year,
when th' Oianta were imrieci hy the
Athleticg. Hut th< loeera then were the
winners to-day. Wood manapred to re
tire the side. hut not until every man ,
in the battilag order had faced him.
Then he sourricd to the bemh and did
not appear for the rest of the day.
Charlle Hall finished the xtruggle and
served only to fatten the hatting aver
ages of the New York trlbe with ten
rtpe hits. whlch netted flve more runn.
JefT Tesreau. who had already lost
two ki mes to Wood. tinally put acroaa
a wlnner In the series. He waa in
dtro atrait* aii through the grim feud,
?na! needed a fat lead to work under.
But he pegged awav at hia ta.sk, kecp
l?6 the nlne hits he allowed well scat
tered, and held the Ked Sox to a quar
tet of talltes, three of tham comlng
after the Gianta ha 1 s< ored ten runs.
As for the Royal Rootere, well. they
?howed how noyal they are as well as
the color of th" lining of their coats.
They were tht.e Pand and all, hut not
aiter the game atarted dld the already
too famillar strains of Tessle" greet
tha weary ear. The silenee was awful
Ths presem ?? of a fly in the olntment
developed when they marthed hravely
on the fleld Just before the game
(ontinued on tenth page.
This Morning's News
LOCAI.. l'aee
l-egal Correboratlon fiotn Beheppa.... 1
Wiison Won t ('ampaiKn Alone. 1
hieai targeona See No Paager. t
Mrs Roosevelt Oooa to Chicago. 8
Purilsh Crank's Kin, Say WoOBeO. 3
Taft Iieeply c,nr rrlu-ri ;,r News. 3
rTofresalves to Pray for Leader. 3
Scbrsnk's Father Inaane. 4
f'resa Club Honors Sulzer. 5
T*elve Reacued at I'ne. ?
Women* "Peooevell Day" To Be Held 7
l>ofeaf, ,Kalh )n Hellevue... 8
Bjajrlaa h JoUna i>i*-a. ?
Held on SuUiri^ < harue.13
firest Kleet Saila Away.10
H?dg*a Addressev i [,state MeetlnRS. . 5
btraua Praya f,r ROOOOTOII. 8
Wiison Tsed Harvfat^r Money. 6
'Uxaievelt Sleeplr.g at Mldnighl. 1
'olonel Phyahally Very I'ii. 1
*?d Rank l'astor Kound Ouilty. 1
^brank Held f?r Attemptod Murder.. 3
s'cr v fondok with 'olonel. 4
stat? BMacattea BalMlag DeaHoatealj 7
Portes Bnvoya to Balkana rtecaiied.. 4
nrao-iuiian peaea sigr.ed. 4
Move to Oual s o. r,om Oermany... 4
Kdltorial .
Kwrltty . .
Theatri.Hl nr ,| Mualoal! .... ' 0
Otsltuary . . J
?0rt? .''.'.'.'.io,\i^ia
^?ws for Women. ia
Army snd Navy. ,?
JhlPPhiB News . .lg
';i'*n<lal snd Markets... .ia,' 14 and 1B
?1 Kstats
.. ? j\ i iijnt American Preas ABsoriatinn )
Supposedly Unfermented. It
Made Them Partially Intox
icated, Declare Accusers.
Twelve Fishermen Try Case at
Red Bank?Young New York
Women Had Been Camp
ing on Raritan.
Red niink. n. .1 Oct IS The Rev.
John a. Oakea, paator <>f tha afethodtat
KplscopaJ Church here, iraa round
gullty to-nlght i>\ the twelve flahi r
inori tnembera of r ? <>?!i lal board of
tha church <>( Indleereel coaducl wlth
two young New fork | I .zus'
ia. The iriai was held to-nlgbt In the
Bandey sc hool room, and w-as th*. ftrpt
nf Na kin.i ? v . i ondui ted n I'..
The Ke\ l?l JOhn D. Halidlev. r.f
Ocetan Qrove, dlatiicl .- ... i.m? ndept ?f
the New Hrimswn k diatlil I Bf tha N. w
Jafsej L'onference, pn Ided. The con
jrn-jration is ma<i" up entlrely ba flaher
man. Bafore tho trlal began almoat
tba .11?ir. \ iHaaja gathered oul
butldlng, eagerljr awalttng th| d<
<?f the board,
After (inding tha paator gullty, tha
board uaanlmoualy votad t" accepl hla
reaigtiallon, which was tendered .1 few
daya ago, nnd to allow him two months'
salary for the fl.s?al jrear.
*I*he RaV, Mr. Oakea, arho la Bfty
six yean old, haii been paator of thi
church ajBjce March. Hla wifa and
daughter were overcome when they
first heard some BBOnthfl "!-'" of tha
. hargea aajaJriet tho mlndater, and aa a
reeuli Mrs. Oakea had baan IU ever
Blnce Tha minister wiid to-night thal
hc would leave here with his family as
BOOfl as he could park np. and would
make hls home at I'ittrnan Qrove.
The girls who liKuro in tha caee are
Anna Fltzel. fifteen years old, anl
Hianvhf Dea?e|iB>ona, algteen. They
chaff-d that uV pastor Invltad them
into his home, whlle his wif'- was al>
sent. and phed them with wine uniil
they were partially intoxkated. They
both made afBdavltfl that Ins itwirini-r
toward them was imbaCOtnlng 10 a
minister of the Gkaaptl and a gentle
The girls were vlsltors at Camp Wolf,
a summer camp for girla "ti tiie
Raritan Hay shore. ncar here. 1 on
dutted by the Kev. Dr. K. L. Fox, who
alao conduct* a gajgewpfl OB tba Baal
.side in New York.
Tiie ulrls BltCajad that on the day in
q?aa?aoa they vlatted tha Rev. Mr.
Oakea ln tba pawgaaaja tu t>id him good
by, as they wara aba_rl to return to
New Vork, and that whlle sitting wlth
them in tha parlor ba a?va tbem grapaa
10 get, after whi<-h the 1 ,,invrsatlon kwJ
10 iiomemade wine. Tliey d.< lart-d the
rntnlaW then 'ed them tt. tba callar,
where lie K_v?- them wine supposed tO
he unferinent.il. and tiien they becama
partially Intoxicated.
The girls further asserted tbai they
tried to leave the houae by Um fronl
door, but were ordered BJ the pawtor lo
uaa the rear door. which they did. He
r?iiowed tbeaa acroaa a back lot, they
also alleged.
The trial was a BBCrel one. bQl ona
?f those pn-M-nt said tha paator ad
mltted when on tba sta.nl m his owq
defence that ha had been hnprud.nt,
bUt had 00 wrongful mtention toward
,,?. ,4,1* ||e said tbai When lie We.li
U, the eellar the girls fOllOWad hin.
without any reaneal oa his part, and
that ha did n..t know they wera down
ihere untll one of them tou. h< d blm
Di the back and U-gan U t;'lk <" ,,,m
All tbrOUgh the trlal Ihe pasMr 9B<
as If ln B tran.e IVBwXa aaked B ??ee
iion he would give a violent atart, as if
Bwakatrlng frean deep thoiajbt At the \
beginnlng he rernarked that he ex
pajctad to be vlndtrated. On fl prevl
ous oe.asion. wiien 9 charge was made
aKalUHt him ln another parlsh, li- waa
vlndirated, he said, and BtOCe tliai tlm.
he had acompllahed mm h padd along
reltglous lines.
PmOTO ? (Iv AMBTUfArv.
t'lrl 11 A HOClATirif,
BJ ' ,i: \\\ BKKM ON ' ' 'A HINO MM
Anncunccs Hc Won't Bc Smgle
Candidate Engaged Arjainst
No Active Antacjonist.
"That's Fine," He Says When
Tribune Corrcspondcnt Shovvs
Him Bulletin?Will Finish
Plani for Thil Week.
Prlni ttoii. N J.. <" t 15. i nleea
'oloneJ Rooaevell n overa ? utll lenl ly
? I take par) again In tha can
or Wllaon, al tbe i nd of hla
ind Friday In Weal V'lrglnla, Dalaware
ind Pennaylvanla, wlll make no further
i.. . .- th< : i ? aenl i ampetgn.
i mg the readlng of a tcli gi ara
>n the condition of Colonel Roosevelt
?i II o'clock to-night Qovemof Wiison
innounced hla IntBntlon of chacelllng
? ! i-ampalgn engagemenl from
rvhii ii be could pdpaibly withdraw untll
tolonel Rooaevell waa again able to
tahe to th< stuiiip.
"l . annot," be aald, i aneel the on
mgementa whleji are Immedletely
thead of me without aubjectlng thoae
wbo haye arrangad them to vere aerl
>ue embarraaamenl and grealt unnecea
lary expenae, bul i ahall cul the aeriea
,t tha earlleel puaadhlii polnt Mr. Taft
IM at DO time taken .11 " tlVB part in
he campalgn, and I have no deetre to
,c thc Blngla ratndldate on tha Btump
tswjaged againal no actlva antagoniet
Oovernor Wllaon was aaked if hla
actlva apeorhmahlng would end on t.is
roturn Ofl Saturday from DotBrWaurO,
Weat VirRlnia and I'ennsy Ivanl.i.
"Ves," ha said, "I have asked my
ouuiagera to arraage t" cauieel the. ea
ragameata Ib Man York aml Brooklyn
for next Baturday nijrht."
Before laaulng his BtotaaBaol Qov?
,-nior Wllaon tajkad over tha long dla
tance telepl* ne to DeaBOormtlc National
headquartera In Naw v.nk and to hls
BBcretary, Joaeph P. Tumulty. Tho
Oovernor wlll leava bare bi n o'clock
[,, naorrow night, and, aft-r HiaakniK
it WllmmKti n and WheOllng on Thurs
|;-v atad Friday. Bflll BStd hls tlip with
i apeech at Pltteburgh "" F.-niay night.
Ti.c bulletin whleji Oovernor Wllaon
read was glven to him ?>>? Tha Tribune
odant it Bhld the coloMl'i
ondltlon was much bettejr than m the
for< noon.
That s tin-. vsas thc i 1,,, . i ?..r B
unimi ot
Household Sizes Reach New
High Mark at Minea.
| |; I' ', ;-r:i|.|i l(, Tha 1 rlliiin,- |
\\ Ukr-s I'.aric I'otm., Oct LS. OoaJ
ooft another lump bare to-day, and nnt
ind BtOVa COOJ sizes WOTO s"ld hy the
nih-i endenl opemtora Int |688 a loa
,n can al the niine.
This is M above what has boreto
i.rc been coraaddared a good priee for
nal. ex'<-|'t in limes of B strike or an
ictual farnine. The lar^et .Oilppers are
iot reaiizing on tha aaratnea The btg
?miianies have contracta by whleb
h. > are tieti uo '" *'?'? 73 a ton for tboaa
,l_e*. and they are ruahing thelr prod
,CI I,, Canadlan and laka polnta \mtoi
lavigalion closes.
His Testimony Si.pplies Good.
Legal Corroboration of Gam
blers' Evidence Impli
cating Becker.
Defeats Mclntyre's Labored
Effort to Prove His Innocence
Is Purely Constructive?
Most Obliging in His
Trying Hard to Show He Did the
Shooting?Jurors Correct Counsel,
Demonstrating Closest of At
tention in Proceedings
Before Them.
"8am" Bcheppe, the Beet and "un?
auapectlng" Mercury, who bora couni
iess meeaagea for 'he aaka of his di \i
old pai." ??pald Jack" Roee, between
the Bcceaaorlea and the gunmen nmr
derera before and after th>- ahootlng of
Herman Ftoeenthal, oceupled tho wit
- land durlng tha entlre _ojirl
ae> |on yeaterdaj at the trlal <?f Llau
tenanl Charlea Becker. Bl ? g; and
arell bullt hnmaculately nr.n^l and
wearlnii heavy eyeglaaaea, tha wltneea
looked more iiK?- a poet-graduata than
aoclata of gamblera and the ha
bli at of underworld clrclea,
s. heppa waa called hy ihe \ i
llon t<> rorroborata Ihe teetlmonj "f hla
... i.-ttes, Roa<, Webei nd Vallon,
f., onfaaaed a.. oroplli ? ?< ln the
i ,,m-. ii.- did falrly arell In thal re
ipecl and Mlled ln tha ni. >.?
ta ,,f the renaarkable murdi r ploi
which waa iwfoeded by the per k>ua
w iiiieivae.
Legall) itcheppa'a leatlmony is 9
wood , orrobM \W n aa
I nor iti'ii' ted ta reajard to thi
( rlma > ? .ried proud <<t ihul
and Bajuratlvely ahowed hbJ taeth and
anarled ? ' alr. Il< Intj re, ? - inael for
ti,. defew ? wii. n th- later drova htm
late m.iti) ? orn?rt4 m an "ff.lt to ahow
... e w..s purelj
9trnctlveH icheppa dattieity wigg.e-i
withonl mai h
evered up bla "Injured feel
,,.) .,npin>.Mi ib.th ai an i
... I,,tt, away 'he amth al h - miois
Shrewdly Gudeleat.
Hla gTHWeaa aalnd ara9 "''? m0*' r'*
markable feature ol Bt
tvortd employment Thougb he illtti d
? it! tha Intereal of th.run Ira
tora like a buay bee, and nt here and
ii,,,,. at tlrnea Bnd placea a-hera hla
,,reeeni -? would ba th.- moal damaglng
t,, ihe .ief.nda.it. ba uevai on?e heard
,, ,?.., h aa a arhlaperlng of tn. murder
plot, I:- teatlfled. Tbough ha was near
th.. apol arhere many "f tha alb
ronveraatlona Impllcatlng Becker arere
held among Roae, Weber, Valtoo and
ti,o police Ueutenant. tn- alwaya evlth
drea to a aafe dlatance, according to
Inatructlona, ao thal he was un
Bble t.. hear arhal wbb aald
He took th.- autoaiobtk trlp nrlth
Roae and Vallon <-n the nixht of the
murder, when the latter wera aaaena
Hing the gunmen, naerely 'tof tha
... ,,f the ride." he said. He sat
lnUg ln lh.- M. nt ..al. and. thOUfh he
knew the men Lehind him W9.W
terelng. after "Daajo" Frmnk Clroflcl
had been taken Into tha car ba beard
?'?, , word they aakt Uter, ha waa
,?? 8Ven 'curloua*' arbea ba aaw th?
four gunmen aa-etnhled in 'Brloaie
Webera poker parlor. al 42d atreet nnd
BUth avenue, a Ilttle wi.iie before tba
ahootlng*. . .
When Weber lefl the party ln hla
,,!,,?. enjoylm a bountlful repaat or
,|PI,d by thelr hoal and arent ... tba
llrtropole to flnd the elctim/' ?cheppa
thought to aak hi... arbera he
?.. folng. be aald. Wbea Weber
iln,. ,,.? k :,nd announeed, so tnat
BcheppB beard him. thal "Iloaenthal
prai ox.t ai the atetr.le." a..d tba
four gunmen aroaa from tha tabla and
.,,,.?,,v went out Bcheppa entertalned
?,, auaptcton, he teatlfled,
No real sus,,i. ion BOtered his ....nd.
M testin.d. untii after Ihe murder,
ilI1(1 lhilt araa when hla cloaa frlendl
ROM was ln hJdlng at the bonM of |
Harrv pollok and he. wCheppe, knew
that "Hald J'i'k" *HH ****** ,,v ,h"
pouV a
Calla Mclntyre a Liar.
BcheppB was anxloua t?> cerreel the
Impreaalon thal Beene "f ,l'" ?*?*?
,,,,? n had evidemiv entertalned tbai
h, araa tba **m?rdaf i?'Mm.f" and
gara *l.<""> to "Lefty" ''"ui'' ,l* ,,1S
trlbute among tba gunmen. Ha b*w
,?,,, a raga arhen Mr. Mclntyra aaked
him if it wera not trua and callad the
lawyer a Mar. Juatka r?,rr admon
Isbed tiie witn.ss for nsitiR such lan
Bruaca and s.heppa offered an apology
whleh counael tor n>?- defenca refun.-d
lo in < ept.
? i ,i,)Mi aranl any apolojalea from
that tblng;.M aald alr. af( totyre, with a
;-h<o\ of dlaajroat.
?| had no Intention <>f ap..loi;i/.ing
,,,,!.?. the COUrt had asked me to,"
?cbeppa retorted.
??He did not apologl/e to you. ne
BpOloglsed to the .....rt,- interpoHeJ
Dlatrtcl Attorney Whitman.
Tbera i? no dotiht that moag of the
Contlnued on ?litb paae. 9_wl <oltimn.
Ifllwaukee, wis. Oct j;,.?The poik?
to-nigh1 oompleted the work of tran
Bcrlbihg tbe confeaaion of John
Schrank, glven to Chlef of PoMee Jann
aen laat ni^ht. The dotalled confea
siun is bb followa:
"What objecl iii'i you have In fol?
lowlng arouad aud trylng to meet
Thepdore Rooeevelt?" Bchrank was
? \\'i ii. becauee I have been readlng
hlatory and followlng up htatory, and
l have aeen that this man Rooaevell la
trylng to break one of the oldtlme ea
tahllBhed tradltiona of the cottntr>V'he
anawered, Hcalllng it a thlrd termer,
whlch he haa no right to. He can
, ti ate b thlrd part) and create all thi j
officea, bul to nomlnate hlmaelf, nnd
l thlnk thal i'. la abeolutel) "neceeeary I
ti. eatabllah now and have the thlrd j
term tradltion to exlat, and nol be vlo- .
lated by anybody."
Q.?Well, what <h'i you bave ln mlnd to
dr. when jrou wenl around In theae dlffer
? nl places? A. i had ln mlnd to meel
him, and he aacaped me ? rery time. He
eacaped me In Atlanta and L'hattanooga.
i.i ld ea sp4 ii a hal ' A He hae nol
come the wai I expei ti d He dld not
come oul the way i expected If be goea ln
a hall to-day and BpeakB ln a h ill and he
n this way or thal way, h? goea
...:t ,i dlffe ? nl we). and the man got
,, v
i.i Whal dld he eai ape from ' A,
i i,,ii, ii ?? ii- ???? I aran'ed to meel him.
? j Why dt'i you want t<> meel him '
\ Beceuae i wanted t,. pul him oul ol
thi way; a man thal wanta a thlrd term
righl to llve
? i ri...t ia ? ., i wai:ted to kiil him" A. -
i dld
y ii.,v, ?.,,ii any other reaaon ln want
klll him ' a i bave.
Tells of McKinley Dream.
Q.?Whal ? 1.-4 hi
sevi r.ii ln whli h Mi Mi Klnley
ind he told me that _fi
ill) ia- r< al mur
derer and nol I'xolgosz, nr whatever hla
name wai Mi Rooaevell ia practlcally
?: ? i eal m
di nl McKlnlej ln order to gel the
ii \ ol thi L'nlted Btatea,
ti., w .i v thinga wei e thal time, I ? waa
; 'n be Presldi nt, all the
;. ? ? int him: that's the rea
son the) gave him the vlce-Prealdency,
that's w hat I
to thlnk Mi McKIn i|
i ? ared to m* i .- di am ai i said: "This
ls my murden r, aml nobody eba
'.? i - ik vi Ith an) bod) ln Naw
t tl lefl A No.
'.? 1 - ? .?! up to .t<. thla
? i im alona,
oa ii propei :>
) Whal property! A l own ptojrirty
4J 'v\ hal '?'?? M lt ? on Isl of ' \ It i-.-Ii
alut - ol ii nn rtmenl houa< with ten ten
anta li tlmated
'.i Did ou atti nri my polltlcal meet
Ina - n Men Tork i lefl " \ i
attended s< eral t*ea, ilr: ever slnca l
Khm riimli , ti I attend
?-I polltlcal aatetlngs m Evansville, ind.,
ol thi three potttli al p ?
i.i w.-n. wi:\ dld you come here ' A
? i o ri,.- k in .?i'i*i
lo ilri.l "nt in the city where ha ?
and when I could m<
'.i Have you been tliinklng lately? A.
No, aii. that aln'l mj habit
i.i w hal t- v our favorlte drlnk when
\,,u do? A
had your mlnd sel upon
si.tlng Mi Rooaevelt, how doea tt come
i had to follow him t-> ao man)
1 efore irou i aml here? A As i
have i- en telling you ,i mlnute ano, hi
me many a Hme he eacaped mi
ln ' I I BgO
<l B) leavina the place where l ?
? !???,r" A 8< me ol her
ii.rl i was watchlna and he dldn't
rome r,m iii.ii vs.,v. and lt w.i>-- advertlsed
|,.ip. i ? li, SMMlld . OBM "ii the
Assailant Fails to Ask About
thc Colonel's Condition?
Wants No Newspapers.
Mllwaukee, Oct. II, -.lust before he
hy down to Bleop in hls narrow cell eot
at I o'clock to-nlght John Schrank ex
preeaed the Brel arorda of regret that
he haa uttered alnce the abootlng.
'Tin sorry I "hot," said Schrank, as
,. deputy sheriff was locklng him np
f.,r tha nlKht
Then Schrank dropped on his rot,
?nd Wlthln half an hour was sleep
|n| "inst llke a kld," as the Jall nttend
anta expreaaed it. Thc men wbo are
watchlng Schraali were surprlsed by
two thinsrH: That thc prisoner rtt no
,,,,,, uiked to k'.> a newepaper and
th.it bd made no Inqulrj whatever re
gardlng Colonel Rooaevalt'a condition.
She Says He's a Pleasant,f
Tractable Patient.
Chicago, Oet li -"Thc Coloaal is one
,,f the pleaaBBsteel an.i most traetabtel
paliciits I have had In B lonK time.'"
said the nlgbl Bbrae, Maigarel ntaamrald, i
,- si..- preparaj foi ber night wateh.
ii, doea Just what ba is aafeed to do. j
;in,i ,,?iv .. in- tn wanl to ba ejulet nnd
,.,.?! and thlnk. I thlnk he's a yci y
klndl) BOrl of man from the way he trl->
?0 make blBsaell plaaaanf
Production in 1911 Greater
than Any Year Except 1909.
\Va:hinc,u>n. Oct 18.?An oftVlal esti
mate of the production of goid and sii
i/er In Ihe Knlted States in 1911 is 4
187,063 flne ouncea of gold. valuad al
106 900.000, and 6UWM00 llne oiiawea
4 sllver, valued at 182,615.700, The
,;,!,?. ,,f the col.1 produicl was Kreater
man ln any year ex-ept 1900 when it
W9A 600,673,400, Thoae fl*"res con.
.,,,. wltb 006^*100 ln goid t?i W,
,;,l 500 of silver ln IflO;
Callfornla led all the states i? gohl.
-Ith 119.02H.riOO, aml Nevada ln Btlver,
prt1 h $7,120,400
john ajCHRANK.
PkOtOgrapb of Kast Side man who ahot
Colonel Rooaevelt.
Korthweetern, and. Inateed, he eame on
Bought Revolver Here.
q Where dld you buy the revolver?
A In New York
Q, when? a On Baturday, the nat.
Q.?Aad you boughl it nrlth the ohject ln
vi. \. ..t ahootli | Mr Rooaevi II ! A I ?J
rir. exai th
Q._Where did you buy It? a.-i couid
nol really tell y?"i where; it was an
Broadway. I kn<>w It'a below < anal street,
bul i . ould nol tell you tl ?? name.
q - niii you evei thia matt?r
with any other peraon of what you in
tended to do ' A No, all
n y.et .iidn't tell enybody whj sroa
ix.iiRht tbe revolver? A -No, alr; Bobody
kni bj i had imiit-iit a revolver.
t^ in this drearn that you had. Mc
Klnley told you it waan't Caolgoaa that
kllled McKlnley. but it was Roosevelt?
A Well, he s.iys in this way. -This is
my murderer.
>i in,i \..u ever meet Caolgoaa or know
htm In iiis llfetlme? A - No. str. How
rould I? I have been all that time slnee
I have been here in New fork.
q Did \.,'i know John M'>st when he
wa illvi ' \ No. alr
q |ii,| you ever bear Kmma (.oldtnan.
a * No, alr; i am not an anarehiat or
? , ..? |{.|.ut>llcan. I
J ist took Up the think th.- way I thought
it was beet to ii.?.
q._Ya . bbi ml ? ?? of any party?
ilr, i t' oughl there should be an
.'xample of the third term if It should
exlal . ny long.r Mr tJra.it was refused
and he waa aatiafled, this man was re-.
fuaed and he ta not aaUafled. it's gone
beyond iirnlts. if !.<? k-?eps on doing thia
aftei electlon, he ean'l poKsfaty earr) a
Bolld Weatern state. Tiie next thing we
will have is a i.-ivtl war. bocBBBe h.- artU
s,i\ the scoundrela and thirves an.l crooks
nomlnatioa and now they will
ateal my electlon, and they will tak,e up
ainis in all the Western states. We are
.i\ll war laat to keep him ln a
thlrd term, In an tllegittmate place.
ii Well do you belleve that that's a
,'. ?, i thal fOU comml'ted this even
\ i belli v. that is my duty as a
cltlaer t.> do. it's tba dutj <>f avery eitl
Z. II to ?.
'j WelL boa .li'i you happen to get the
Idea (tia. it was your duty among all the
people that llve in the I'nlted States'' A.
1 don't know I thought maybr BOtne
. mlghi dn it before i got there.
Never Committed to Institution.
Have you v\ er bei n committed to an
? .tt of an) kind" A No. sir;
.. \. ? i have alwaya atayed out of trou
ble I have never been ln any trouble
whatever, and this trouble I committed
now l am contented I did
,,. Vn'i ai.' nol .i bll aorry? a No,
I initlnii.'.l aa lliir.l |ihk>*. fourth rolumn.
('hi.agn, Oet. lo.?Colonel Roose
velt'a conditton waa found lmproved
at ?'. la o'clock to-night. when the
phvsielHtis mad^ thelr flnal exam
Inatlon of hla wound.
As a precnutlonary measure tet
uniiM arititoxtn was admlnlstered
ln a nndium dose, and the p.itient
was told hc might eat what he de
Btred. His breathlng caused him
l.ss peln after hls restful day.
The bulletJn of the surgeons
Record* show that Mr. Rooaavelt'a
pulae is 86, his temperature 99.2,
respiration is 18; that he has lets
pain in breathing than he had in
the forenoon, that he has practically
no cough, that there haa been no
bloody expectoration.
We find him in magnificent physi
cal condition, due to his regular
physical exercise, his habitual ab
stinence from tobacco and liquor.
Aa a precautionary measura, h?
has been given a proDhylactic dose
of anti-tetanic serum to guard
against occurrence of lockjaw.
Leucocyte count, 8,800; lympho
cytes, 11.5.
WEDS his telephone girl
Richest Irishman in Connecti
cut Takes Bride Half His Age.
| I4> rsiBgrapB. le The I'rihun.. |
Ilartford, t'otiii.. Oct. 15.?After a ro
nantic coiirtship colonel Putrh k bfc
lov.rn. atxty-three years old, of the
?tna Ufa Insurance Company. for
Bwff state Senator, Repuhllcan polltl
ui laadar aad tba rlebaai irishman in
'oiinecth itt, was marrted this atter
>oon to his telephone oparator. Julia
Plllabur* Kinghorn. half her husband's
lK,. ,,. ,] tli.- couple departetl this even
rjf'to Bpend thetr boneymoon in New
Fork clty. lt bi reported that Colonel
vlrGnvern gave the bride a we.lding
reeent of a laraja anm <>f money, com
il, nh hdleved to he J.Mt.lKX).
His Wound Not Merely Super
ficial, as First Thought, but
Doctors Declare Him
in No Danger.
X-Ray Photographs Show Bullet
Struck No Vital Organ,
Though It Passed Very
Near Both Liver
and Lung.
Patient Reads Telegrams, Books and
Magazines, Enjoys His Meals,
Drinks Buttennilk, Sees Many
Callers and Settles Down for
"His Most Comfortable
Night in a Long
Chicago, Oct. 15.?At midnight Colo?
nel Roosevelt was soundly sleeping. Or.
John E. Golden, asBistant surgaon of
the hospitai, and Or. J. B. Murphy's
chief associate in charge of the case,
took a look at the patient and reported
that the patient's temperature re
mained at 98.8 and his pulse was 8-t,
two points nearer normal.
"He will sleep till morning. He s
all right," said Dr. Golden.
Chicago, Oct. 15.?After having had
severa! short naps, Colonel Roosevelt
awakened at 10:30 p. m. and called for
hot water to shava himself. It is his
theory that he sleeps better if fresh'y
shaved. He sat up in bed with a hand
mirror against his knees and shaved,
and then was given a sponge bath and
alcohot rubdown by his nurse.
After the bath his clinical record was
taken. His temperature was 98.8, and
hia pt-lse, 88.
He turned on his night I'ght and
began to read again, saying he would
do so until he got sleepy.
rhlcago, Oct. 1"?. -Theodnre Roosevelt
liad? the last of his callers at the Md. f
Hospltal jriiod night at B o'clocll this
'evenlng aml prepared for a comfi>rtahle
night, which was to be ,si?ent in part
ln reading.
He said he felt flne, and t<>!d Dr.
John W (Jolden. who is kceplng wat' ii
over him to-night, that unless the flnal
injection of the tetanus anti-toxin in
terfered he would have tiie "rirst real
comfortahle evenlng 10 himself" he had
enjoyed in many a day.
On his bed Colonel Roosevelt had
plled aeveral copleo of the writings Of
Macaulay, aeveral back numners of
magazines and the Bible. Hls tele
gram.s he had read and answered. leav
Ing those coniing after 8 o'clock t>
answered to-morrov\
With hls ai>ectaclcs comfortahly ad
j'lsted. all hls books within reaoh aml
hls dnwn pillows replaced by oushion*
of lurled hair, the colonel told Mlaa
Margaret Fitzgerald, the night ntirs"
asaigned to h_s roum, that all he wanted
waa within hls reach and that no one
ti.1 wcrry about him unti! he began
worrying for them.
Within flve minutes the crowds had
gone and the hospitai gave no indt
catlon that lt housed an injured ex
Hia Phyaiciana Pleased.
Colonel Rooeevelt was resting falrly
easily late to-night, and hls physicians
said. after a day of nervous strain.
that they were pleased with hia condi?
tion. The clinical record showed, how?
ever. that hia condition waa hardly as
favorable as when he entered the h >v
I Ital early this morning on his arrhal
from Milwaukee.
Colonel Koosevelt's pulse at 10 o'clock
was !S4>, or fotptcen 0081018 above nor?
mal, and two counta above tha record
two uours after he was shut. 11 is tem?
perature was 99.2, or three-llfths ot i
degree above normal. It was believed
the night would Indicale whethcr th
wound would hcal normally.
Dr. John B. Murphy, who is In charge
of the case, loft the hospitai before 10
O'clock for thc nigiit.
"Culiinel Roosevelt ls resting qulet
ly," he said. "He had a small dinner.
There \v;i< less distnss in hla breath
lng. His general condition ls exi ep
tionally good, and he should iiave i
good night."
All of the attendlng physidans J. ft
thc hospitai fnr the night. except 1>;
Scurrv Tcrrell. who remalned ln a
room next to that ti the patient. It
was said that no further ex.unitritloiis
of the wound would be made until H
O'clock to-morrow morning, bTBbM B
constiltation will be held.
Tetanus antltoxin was injected into
the colonel's abdomen a short time be?
fore he went to sleep. A rise in tem?
perature followed. COgothar with slie,ht
loeaJ iiritation ctherwise the colonel
exhibited no symptoms from the anti?
toxin, aithotigh the suigeons were pre
pared for the *upht aaioaea and dizzi
ness which sometimes follow the treat
ment. The three-flftha of a degree
rlse >>f temperature, it is said, were
not caused by the condition of the
wound, as up to the time of the in?
jection the patient's temperature was
practlcally normal. The Increase in
the rate of hia pulse ls not at present
acoounted for.
Colonel Roosevelt told hia nurae U>
nlglit, as he plcked up hia hook for a
second spell of reading, about 11 o'clock,
that he was golttf home to Oyst r Bay
on Suiiilay. He onh-red his breakfait

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