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Eut Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
[i ..pyrlaht. 1912. by Tho Trlbuno Aasarlatloa j _
y**J AX11. ? N?- 2..080. *-"?*? gagasJ'-.T f"r" X1 .W-V()HK~ SUNDAY, (KTOBKR 20, 19_2^FIVE PARTS-SIXTY-f\V() V.U-ES. * ?T'KICl. FIVK CKXTS.
President Taft Issues State
ment Based on Reports Sub
mitted by Secretary of
SAVING OF $500,000,000
This Alone Is on Nine Great
Crops of Country, According
to Prices of October 1,
1912?Farmer to
Have Share.
Beverly, Mass.. Oct. 19.?"The wave
ef extremely high prices fcr food
(hroughout the civilired wer-ld has
reached its height in the United States,
snd is subsiding. The American people
Have cause to be thankful that, because
of our mdustnal prospenty, it has not
seen attended here with the great hard
ihip which has prevailed in some for
jign countries. where high prices have
:ombmed with low wages to reduce the
working people to a point bordermq on
? This atatement wa- made to-day by
Prealdent Taft, who baaoa hla conclu
si .n on the results of an lnqulrj ha
cauaed to be made b) ha Dopartmenl
of Afrtculturo, and arhlch shows that
as a result of the bumpcr cropa an.l
the great proaperitj ?.f tha Amorlcan
farm-r ther* has boca ;( matenal de
rroaso in tho eoat of food producta, al?
though in moat inetiutcea tha reductlon
ha? not yel rca'h-ii tio- conaumer, an I
in aonif. ;it loMt, Will n.'t do so for
some mnr.'hs. The n>ost notable ;:.
stance of the latter is thc i .t-?- of i orn
which ls ultimatelj marhoted In the
fnrm of ni-.il producta The iti< re
v-rop will Inevltably reault in cheaper
moat?. but not until the cattle, sh.'?-|.
and hoss ? on tiiis year*a crop
have had I U h tha conaumer.
'se.r-taiv Wllaon roporU that, -is
caapared with a year ago. tho ago-re
gate erop arlll ba about 20 poi
orra'-r. Bttd '.hat the BUpply this y.-ar
will gverage 10 per conl gTeater than
it has been for a number 4.f y.-ars. II
tbot I already eortatn atapla
artklon ar- Bhowlnf tin- off.-i t in r?
t s whout crop
is BCgrly 100,(100.000 buahola larger
ihan it was laal yoox, aiul already l
hiRh grailc of Miiiii.-soui flour ia i-os*
irg al tho mills B0 < 4-nta less a barrel
tbun tt 4li?i M yoar Bg?C There are 00
iNN.n.i people in tho C_lt4-d Bi
ami th.- areraga conoMnptlon of Bour
BB and one-flfth t.arr.-ls. s.? that
thi* Itcm Blono, evoa at th.- pn
ptleo, -ill an*< i a aavlng of IIOS^OOO,
The roTB 'i-'i>. for tha Brst tim^ in
blatory of the cotmtry, eaceadfl
?? "?. isheis, arnountlng to 30
ptr cent m? .t.- ihan l.t.?t year Allhouah
this crop win not bo fr.-.-iv m_f*ketcd
for a mr,nth or more. th'-r- is already
a deoreas-e in the prlce of MVOn COBta
i huahel aa compared with lant y.-ar
Tiie imni'-diate B?d temporary cffCCt
of the b:s; corn rrop ln a BCOTCity <>f
meat and an bMNMM 0)1 jrlte, bocaUB*
the farmerB are walilng for the ih.-ap
er corn wlth which to flnlsh thelr
itock for mark't, hut the ultlmate
efftct will bc- ChOfltpor moat. That in
Becond only to corn, the hav crop
BfTects the prlce of meats. Thla year
the hay crop amounta to 72.000,<?'*'>
tons, aa comrared wlth W.OOt 1,000 tOttfl
* year ago ArOT-gO prlce of hay had
fallen on Oetobcf 1 to $11 70 a ton?
a reductlon of $2 74 from the prlce PPB
valllng a year ago. In additlon to
making for r-heaper mcats, th" rodttCOd
prlce of hay will affert almilarly the
eoat of milk, butter, cheese, etc.
What is true of wheat and corn an-1
hay ia _L?o true of oats, but to a still
greater degree. Thia yeara CfOP
amounta to 1.417,000,<XX) bushel*. an
lr,. reaae over last year 'a OTOfl of more
than 60 per cent. Most of thla crop ls
used for atock, and the lncreaae4l crop
*nd lower pricea?on October 1 a
bishel of oats cost 0.6 centa, aa rum
<4intlnuo?l on third pa_e. idUh ralumn.
This M orn ings News
local. Paaa
Bo<k*r witnaaaaa Dlepate Rooa. i
M'onrian Rebbod on btreet. B
Maud Mal,, - i: . 'o.t fiom Kally. 1
Bo.-kr-i Jrjrora Regtot* r.10
Confeeeea Kllllng WUktm.10
Uoroner Keaumea Baaho InQOoal.18
?ooeette'fl Poundero* Day.18
Total itociatiMtlon 7B7.gSl. 1
' Reoaevelt'fl Truai Coatrol I'lan.3
Wllaon 1'nlln tO Mentlon Sulzer. 4
llfitreH Bpoaka In .Manhattan. 4
Bhl Thrifot of Straua. 4
Sulzer Dwelll on lliin.self. 4
l"0,0ii0 UpotatO Majorlty for Taft- 5
Why Hedgflfl Will Ba fiovernor. *
?gli- a Taft. Man. ?
yuiet Oraorod for Bo?gwiti. 1
lafl on 4'oKt of I.ivlng. 1
l!.-niv> Wuoo Sont in Maila. 8
t L*rg*fl Study of 4'rankH. 3
loeialiat Parolod Bl Llttla laiin? io
Bulgariana Tak* Muatapha Pacha.... f
How Ebiropa Vlewa iiaikan Prohlom.. a
-loyd <;?-.,rf>'o -Booad**. ?
Rlft in KuffraKlM Camp. 6
Hadoro StavH TroOPO. "
_t_BC E _ L. A W E OUB.
? ln Phlllpainea ?i;f..<ioo,oo<i. 7
i.,i .B
Bty . 8
fbituary . ?
Ipoi ts .11, 18, 13, 14 and 15
?"hlpplne; N****? .!?
lt?al F>tato.I'art 4, I'hko* 3, 4 and 6
Tlnan. lai & HarfcatB. I'ai t 4, 1 _gea I & 7
Doctors Declare He Cannot Go
Home To-morrow Unless He
Rests All To-day With?
out a Break.
Present Plans Are for the Colo?
nel to Leave Hospital on Mon?
day. but He Is Told It De
pends Entirely on His Not
Overdoing To-day.
Chlcago, < in || The bulletln last ed
I ..t t; 15 o'clock to-nlghi by Coloitel
H .relffl phyali I u ? at] i
Pulse, 84; temperature, 98.4; respira
i tion, 18.
To-nlght, Colonel Roosevelt is fa
tiqued from having undertaken to re
spond to some of the importwnities of
h,s fnends. Wh.le he has to-day prob?
ably passed the crisis. he is not alto
gether beyond the range of danger.
It is only by continued care and abso
, lute re?t. which we have to-mght atriet
ly ordered. that the favorable progress
which his case has been making can be
. maintamed. The sweMing in the chest
I has dimmished: the infiltration is les?\
| but the possibilities of mfect.on are not
; yet passed.
The difficulty is to make him appre
! ciate that. while hie general physical
j vigcr appears good. a sufficient time
has not elapsed for repair of such a
BSrioufl wound to take place.
Chicago, i ?? t 19. Colonel Theodcre
Ro -vit must rfst nl! <k.v to-morrovi
in abaolute qulet lf he la to be ablfl t"
? take nn early traln for Nsu fork Mon?
day moi nlng.
This v,js the decialon reaehed to
nlght bj the aurgeona who me| In con
Bultatlon ln his rooma here after a day
during which tn. ? assert the colonel
had i" en overdoing. A aucceaalon of
s.m i.il meeflnps uuil at lea.st one Im
portanl polltical conference, whlch he
held vith Qovernor Jobnaon, took pl u >?
to-day, uuil tl)*- aurgeona deflnltel) de
terrr,1ned t.. call a iu.lt.
I'.ili.n*-! ROOSSVSII at ll o'< lo< k 'o
I nighl tulil ths night nUTSSj, Mnr .
FltZKerald. thnt bS felt v.-i \ tired H^
! liad put in tlie time since the conflulta
[ttoa of his BurgSOns ln reading. talk
i Ing wilh Mrs Roosevelt, shaving him?
self, liaviiix a liath and eating 8 little
Ihincheon. His tonfaerature sl !??"."
1< -.v.is M J, at whlch flgure if n
Imslnsd vvh.-ti tak.-n ngain it 11 o' luck
ii:- raaplratton snd pulse were atatlon
ory aad nbout normal
The evenlng bull'tin v,.- dlatinctly
moderate ln tone, though the surg.-ons
' were < mphatic in declaring there Ib no
I danger ln nlght from any source excepl
i tho pataJBtJt'fl own i-niTgettc dlSOOSltlon,
v.iii.ii will nol sllow him to keep him
aelf qulet
Dr .I*.hn H Murphy. chlef of the
aurgeona ln i-harge of Colonel Hoose
\*?lt's CSS8, deelared as bs l*-ft the
COlODSra rooms to-night that his
:it was golng nnd'-r Btrfcter dis
.ipline to-morrow than h<- hns y.-t
fxperlenccd durlng IiIh Btay ln the h'.s
"The colonel ls going to be made to
Dndsrstand that bla cr*>ing to New
York Monday depcnfls on his rcsting
ln perf'it qulSt all day Sunday," said
Dr. Murphy. "There are golng to !"?
BO .allers; there will be no polltical
or bUStDSSB conference.
?The day must be one of complete re
rK.se or we cannot sanctlon any rall
road trip the flrst of m-xt week. Our
potisnl naadfl aii hla Btrsogth to rs
pair the damage don*- io hla body.
While lying in bed he has felt bo well
K* nerally that he has not reallzed what
a task i8 lald upon his system. nnd in
(onserpien.e he has been ready-too
ready?to meet the demands whlch hla
(il.-nds and acquaintanccs have made
,,? him. There Ims bSSfl a tenden< y 811
his purt to OVSrdO it all the time. and
thlg must stop until he Ifl more r.'-arly
rooovsrod. Otherwlae-and this will be
put aqusrely up to the rwtonsB-lt will
oot bs aafe for him t*? try to go to Naw
Vurii Monday."
Was to See Johnson.
How thtfl will affect a confer.-ir B with
OorSTOOr Johnson of ralilornia. whMi
was BrTSngOd to tak?.' place to-morrow
morning. remains to be seen whSB the
Hurgeons' ruling ts lald before Colon-I
Hoosevelt. The colonel, it Ib known.
h-48 told (lovernor JohjnBon not to sa<
rmee hi? ?eat at the head of the Call
rornia government to hla work ln tbfl
,.r?gre?slve . umpalgn, nnd lt ls known
,h;il l(,fore tho colonels injury ?h"
,;?,,.,?,? was headedbruk toward t al
IforniS, ln *.rd,-r not te ***** the legSl
Hide Ihe ..onl.r.s of the state .lur.i.Kh?
ui. iimben.y.
OofWnor John^n now iriBists. it is
,;,i.i, tuat bla Place ls at *??**?
I,, flring llne ln the place of his ,.,,,
I)(,.iry (??able<? chlef, and tha. O*
1 Nothlng was Bettl.-.l 81 the <onf.-.
,.,?, to-dsy bstwsso th- <'.ov.r,.or and
,?.. (,;1(I),.,, U ls said, BSKJ the ina.l.ir
J?nlin?fl4l ?.d IhlrU p-flfl. *"?*"* --"? """
i-M.??? M,?..'!','-'?'"'" ., ',' " .,,1
A\c., cor. '."Jth St.? Advt.
I lu'sc are thc troops th.it have been -ghting the Turkish force* nqar Sctttaii, ctptaring gcveral very strcmg positiooa Brith tbe btyooet
Friend of Lleutenant Swears
"Bald Jack" Said Defendant
Had Nothing to Do with
Murder of Rosenthal.
Counsel for Defence Says Hc
Has Ten'or Twelve to Testify
?Case IVTay Go to Jury Fri
day?Court Adiourns to
Let Jurors Register.
There \\ aa ? pi epondi i police
wltneaaea who teatlfled foi fln- defence
,-st. i.i.1 .,: ? he trlal of Lleutenanl
i 'ii.ti lea B.r for th 11? |
man Roi i nl hal
Joaeph I>. Rhephard, .. member of
it-, Itei - " itrong ann al the
i |me Rob4 , i hal'ii g'tmblin*. hon ?
rai.l.-.l In tprll, waa 4-aIled to contri
ih, t .-. rtaln parta ,,f the U atlmoi
Mrs. Roaenl ibI and Mbj Margolta, i?"
oi the
.ii. ..rr.. ? on the nlghl ol Iba
rald. Bhephard contradlcted tha t*on
veraationa which tho gambler'a wldow
teatlfled >h< had wiih Bo< ker al lha
tlma i Ie a*a ore thal Margolia ?
preaenl al tiu- rald
Tin- most Important teatimon In the
oplnion ..f John i<\ Mclntyre, i
for tha defence, waa k.'-.o by Lleu?
tenanl Pfttrti ? B. ^li.i^. of tha Bl Nlch?
olaa avenua Btatlon, nwi hla wife, who
declared thoy apent tho evenlng* of July
17 at Bockor'a bouae, ?n.i thal "Sara"
Bchoppa did not come thore thal nlghl
to si-o Bockor, iis he testlfied. Bhea
aald he had been ln tha Pollca Depart?
ment fot? twentj yeara He admltted
on crooo-examlnatlon by Dlatrlct Al
torne* vVhltman that Hc-k.-r had beon
i,im Buporlor ofBcer undor whom h* had
worked lo tha 4,iti 19th Procinct Th i
li.-iil.nant and bls wif- had Called OB
tha Bockora aoclally aaaay tlmee, ha
"Immunity Certificates" Produced.
Tha itlpulatlona which wera made bj
Dlatrlcl Attornerj Whltman, wlth tha
?unsi'iit of Judga Mtilqueon, who had
?hargc of tho july grand inr>-. grantlng
Immuntty tt> Roaa, vVeber, Vallon and
Bchoppa, tha prlnclpal wlfnoopea for the
rjromjnitlrm irora pul In evidence bj
Ih.- 4l.-f.-nci- nnd rcol lo tha jmv. Mv ,
liif-clii.n Of the COUTl Mr. Whflman j
producod Un- atlpulattona Bl lha ra j
jnest of Bockor'a couaaoL
in Bubotance thoy franted to thc Foor
irltnoaooa bnmttnlty fr..m pronocutioo
f..r tha ItoBonthal murder, <>r an) other
rrtma nrisinK oul of the tostimon) thej
*?_?/?, proTldod tha toallmony I
thal Bockor waa a prlnclpal In tha
murdi-r and it could ba BbowB thal ih.
wltaaBa did nol actuall) Bri ? shot
Into ihe b4.ily ..f kos.-nthH. Thc "im
mnnlty cci tlll. at'-s" W4IM BtfAOd oy Un:
Distrht Attorney 4,r his as.sist.nii, Mr.
Moaa, anri a- kiiowi-<iu-.i by tha wit
BOBBOfl bofora ? notary public.
Thi- Donfeoalow of "Bold Jack" Rooa
u it wa i oaigtonlll '"?"?*' '" ,t"' ,)iH"
,,.,,, Attoraey ,,is,, au placod in evi
,1c,,-.- an.i road W th" jury by coumbI
f,,r BM <I.I'-n<". Th- il.-l'.-m . e\i
oently deolred tha admlaalon of the
orlglnal d? umonl m ordor "? ?->>""? ir
poBSlblO, any dis. rci-.m-h's in th
,,,- ?Bald Jack" on ""? ortUtom atend
The coi.M-ssioti w;4H th- B-ma ? th ll
publlsh.n '?'?? n.wM.ai-er.s aome tlma
,i.,, .pparontly II co**r*_mbnded In
praeUenUi oaorji dotall to Bobo. aiorj
>n th? wiln.-ss staiul.
rm witneeoea tootllted yeotardaj to
toDlinurd on lr"th pagr. ???. ond lolumo.
Suffragctte Put Out of Brooklyn
Academy of Music Despite
Governor's Protests.
rj M ii. ... the mllltanl ? if
trled ti break up the Demo
. ratlc n eetlng in tbe A< ademy >f
m ?.-!? Brook 1} ii. while Governor wii
ion waa ap* Bktna. li al nlghl Bhe was
idmlrabl! when iu.it ..
doaen "h isky pstrolmi n i srrled h'-r
bodily ti"in the hsll,
For flfteen mln itea pandemonitun
reigned aa Mlaa Mab. I":' queatlon
iit.-r queatlon to Oovernor Wilaon.
When he decllned to answer any naore
i ,, r, - ., .? io take hi r wat, the ball
rlnging ..ll thfl while wlth ahouta nf
"811 down'.Phrow her <.ut"' "?;.'
I ome and mlnd the baby!*" and simiiar
. hlial Maglntrate ?? 11?. Ksmpnsr was
in the sudlence near Mlaa Malons, an.l
when Bhe refused to atop her hockllng
of the New Jeraey Qovernor he ordered
tbe |.oii.'.'iii'm i" ?!'?' I ber, whlch they
dld wlth slscrlty.
Governor Wilson wsa ln the mldst of
;, dlscuBslon on monopoly, whsn Mlsa
. -ho waa aeated ln th" baleony,
?houted out, "Govevynor Wilson'" ln
Btantly the alr m i i dllsd with hoots
Ood vells aml CSllfl ' A "ThrOW her out!"
The Governor msnaged to rsstors or
.i.r long enough to -
??Wall ii mlnuts; we bsvi no rlghl to
i?. ru.l.- to .i woman. vVhat is it,
??Mr. Wilson." Bhe aald, "vou Juat BSld
vou' nre trylng tn ' '".?,"1' ?
and i aak you whal aboul woman auf<
rrage? Th< mi n h e ? morjopoly."
Outside His Jurisdiction.
??Woman BurTrage, rnadam," BaldGov
., ra..a- vviis.in, "is nol a Qusstioa thal Ib
,i, .iit with by ti"' natlonal governaasnt
n, ,.,||. i nm hsre only as the repre
s.iitative of the nai onsl party."
"H it." petslsted MiSS Malone, "I am
apesklng i ? rou sa an Amerlcan."
?I hope you will not connider It a
diacourtearj 11 I docllne to .-.nswer those
,,,,,-ti'.ns on thla occaston."
Mlaa Malons, however, declln?l to
take n*> for an answer. lu raln An
,ir.w McLean, tha .h;,innan. appsnlsd
to bar to he qulet Bhe appatentlv waa
beB( ()[1 m,.(kjIV trouble, for aha kspi
,-,t ii just as bard 33 ?"?"?
"i ?ni aure ths lady will nol insist.
wh.n i positiveiv dsctlns to daseoss the
qoostlon bow," bsM Ckrrsrnnr wmem
.im ing b rnornsntsry lull.
?wii.v do vou do Uni "? rang oul the
rotce of Mlas Mslone,
njiie got no rurthsr, for ths half
,],;,,? patrolmen, wlth MsglstrsU
Kempn-r dlrw Ung them. pleksd hc
..,, une-remonionsly an.l l arried her
..ut nf B BfldS door, with the a...!..?,..'.
v.-IHiibT and ahoOtlng -atralls and
Oovernor WUswa finntlcnlly trylng to
make blmablf beard to protssl against
i!? -iminiaiv ii.atm. i.t of th- auffru
Willlam G McA.ln... Henry Morgen
thaa and Jnsoph P. Tumuitv, Oayjrsrnor
WilBon'fl se. i.tnry. arbo araars arltb btm
on tbe fltsge. Jdtoed In the abouts, but
tl.eau.il. nce only yell'd t?K loud-r, and
when qniet waa llnallv rcstnrod Miss
w;.s 4.n her way to th- Adams
,.. police Btatlon, where she was
lo.-k.vl ni' on a charge of dlstnrbing th.
Oovernor wilson waa raucti dlaturbed
by tha im i.i< nt. an.i befora gettl-i baeb
I.. hla apeech aald be regretted whal
ha.l hnppeni il
? 1..11I1-S and -c" lii tii.-ii." he aald, "thla
la 1 .1 ious matter. it was v-r\ much
againai my a III and wlah thal the lady
ahould ba ejected. 1 would ratber hava
the meetlng broken up, beeauaa I ro
.[,,., the ri^hts of ovory peroon boldlng
atrong convlctlonfl lo pul queeUone,
h.,u. ?? -1 inopportune.
??The queatlon "as not perttneni to
(, i,,, 1 waa dlacuaatnjr, and of courae
II ,. : .,; |.. 1 tinenl to tha national i am
bul 1 am alncerelj aorry for tba
it- Idenl
m Malone waa later arralgned ln
tha Adama atreet courl <>? a charge of
dlaorderly condud and ball a_a Bxed
.,: s.'.iMi. Dlractl) afte* leavlng th??,
Academj of Muslc she had got Ih
tOUCh with h.r brother. a lawyer ln
Manhattan, and be appearad preparad
to Bd as her l.oii.lsnian. Sh." refnsed
for aome reaaon aha did nol .livuige t<>
accapt baii. however, and declared she
WOUld apefld ihe night in Jail.
Passengers Panicstricken, but
the Apache Stands by
to Give Aid.
N.irfoik. v.i.. I). t. 20.- With b Borca
Bra raglng ln ono ot ?**? cargo nolda
anil the peaaengera panlcstrtcken, tha
Merchanta and Mlnora' Llna ateamor
li.i-K hlre, bound to Philadelphia from
Bavannah, waa reported this morning
nt 1 o'.-iock in aerloua danger forty
three mllea northeaal of Cape Lookout.
\. C.
Th.- ciyda llner Apache la atandlnB
by, Aaalatanca has also been aaked
by wireleaa 4>f tha reva__e euttera ata
tloned ofl the CaroUna coast
F. K. Burnham Kills All and
Other Big Game in Alaska.
San Fran.-i.se1. Oct 19.?Frank K.
I'.iirnhain. of NOW Vork. big gunie
hunfll*, and Mrs. H'iriiham urrlv .'il ln
San Krancis.., to-day with trophlOB Of j
a hunt of forly-thrc- dayi in the t'as
aiur district ..f Alaska. Thelr Bag COU
slst?-d of .six rarilioii. f.mr l.la. k moim
talB ?heept two mdooe. ono goal and 1
si-v.nw-.-n b.iirs. Mrs. Hiunham.
dreasod in tr4.11s.rs, acooaapaaled her
huabaod over _f>o mllea of country
which fow white huntera hava uplorod.
The m4.st thrilling part r.f tho trip.
Burnham said. was tha kllling 4>f live
griz/iy boara Ib two _U?titoa wlth
s. ven rillc slnis. Ha and his Indian
siul.l- had s-parated to tnill ;i 1" ar
fllghted ,11 a ilistant ridge. when Mnrn
ham atapfied into an opt-n 0pO%. and
fac-.l an inimense grizzly. Hc had
haidly ahot ll whon another eharghd
hlm fi'in >n.- side and three more from
thc oppoelte sid-.
I got three 4if them wlth flve shots,"
aald Burnham.
Dewey's Old Burgunay and Cl_4-ets
Wlth .noals. BtrengtbOB Hrain an.l Bodjf.
H T. Ik-wrv * 8011s Co113?r"ult<jn St .N.Y.
Compared with State Eiection
Year. lncrease Is Far Great?
er, or 90,029.
afsrked Improvemenl ln the regiatra?
tion in all the borougl ' '?' ? the
the four daya, brought th I
toiais for this year well abov ? V se
for l'.M>-s ti every borough. Rsgl tfstl'>n
ln Manhattan, v hl. h h id lagg. >i be
liin.l. was partlcularly actlve yesterday.
The total regiatration ln the elty for
the four daya this year ia 707,826, as
compared ' Ith 682,168 In 1908 I
last Presldentla] vear, ai
25,658, and an Increaae of 96,020 ts
compared with 617,797 in 1910, ths
last governorshlp year
Th.- total regiatration for ihe atlrs
dtj yeaterday, thi fourth and laat
day, waa Mo 120, aa compared with
142,659 in 1908, sn Increaae of 17,461,
aml a.s compand with 154,878 in 1910,
.ui lncrease of 5,242
The total registration by borougha
for tour .iays this year la aa followa:
Manhattan ind The Bronx, 871 577,
as compared wlth 370,270 ln l'-M's. an
ln. rease of l..'"?>7. and aa compared arltb
'',20,163 in 1910, an .in reaav of 45, !l l
Brooklyn, 200,183, aa compared wlth
249,759 ln 1908, an Incri a ? of 10 124
Lnd aa compared wlth 229.195 In L910,
.,,, increaae of 30,988.
Queens, 5fc\352, aa compared wlth 46,
?_'(..". in 1908, an i:n I'las.- oi' 13,089, Sttd
ompared wltb 17,082 In 1910, an in
, rease ? t 12,320.
Btchmond, 16,71?. aa comi snad with
' 15,870 a 1908, an increaae of ' :'s. :?n l
,,.- , .nn! ared wlth 15,407 In 1910, an in
Although the total for four days ln
Ifsnhsttsn an.l Th" Bronx bi above
thal of t1"' 1"1"' days four yeara ago,
there was a nasrksd decrsase ln th"
Domocrstlc dlstricts bsMys ilth etrost
as follows 1st Distrht. 1,749, 2d, 77:.'.
.",.1. 951; tth. 171; -"'th. 1,534; 7th. 1,109;
8th, 302; 9th, 1,517, and Mth, 7-'"..
Other Democratac decrebaea were:
Ilth Dlatrlct 1,0116; 12th, 1,404; 13th,
1,083; Wth, 1,080; Mth. M.'l: 18th, 788;
20th, 619; --d. 859; -?<''>? ?Vm,; -Sth'
608, an.l 30th, 2,082.
Th,- Iieino. r.iti' ilstriOtB in Th*
Hronx iBCrSSSOd on SCCOUnl of th*- in
-?rease "f pOpUlStlOn, 33 follOITS; ? "?- I
District, 1*664; ?"??"' !,,'?", Mth, .>:>-. sm
85th, 4.748.
in th.- Rspublleaa dlstricts the 28d
ni rsased s.o7."., the larajosl inersass m
the city. ThS in< r.ase in the Mth waa
Boms RepubWcan decrejaaeaj flrstwi
2Bth District 2,738; '_7th. 2,512; 29th,
2,038; snd 81st 15Q
ln Brooklyn ths RapubUcmn dbitirlcta
abowed Ihs foUowlug Increaaaa: -"th
District 237; 12th, 587; 16th, 1,604, snd
18th, RJ4&
PecresBoa were as followa ln bobbs of
th.- Rspubllcan dlstricts: ith lustrlct.
870, Mth. MB; 11th. 110, and 17th. 588.
DeerflOcratac dlstricts ahowsd tbe foi
Lontinurcl ?n Bfl.-tind pugr, 8ftll rol.nnn.
Adrianople and Uskub Watched
as the Stratenic Poinis for
First Great Trial of
Ottoman Forces Withdraw frora
Frontier Posts as Their
Opponents Advance in
Preparation for De
cisive Battle.
* -
Montenegrins Arabush and Cut to
Pieces 2,000 of the Snemy Near
Berana, Takir.s' Prisoner
Sahil Bcv. the
|B) ' kl M ta T ?
London, Oct 20. -Tha Balkan war ii
now in full swiiur. both on land i ?.
>.-a. ii..- fon ea of the ..
:. n i' i,s ; n. a | h ? I) 'n- '.g?'d
Muatapha Pacha has fallen befon i
COUplfl Oi liali.lin; - .; Bv
Klng Ferdinand himself belng i i
tator of the operatlons. On thelr .v -
li'.w a ths Uarltaa \ a .-:- the 11
arnr - ,.i?? uii ii Bome bordi r \III i
Bulgarlan troopa too, ?? ? taken
hi'inia. in the ita/ I. ?
polnl of the baj onet
The Turklah flea % agalnat
tbe Bulgarlan port of V urna, In Um
k St... bombarded V&raa foi
? rai eatei a a i Ireek
ii. el ia blo iksdli i t fanlaa
Greece, too, has nottAed tii?- p
thal there wiii be d aa ef
Ive blockade of the I
from I'.'-veza to thi
Four B3tt'es Imminent.
Meanwhile fotii great bsttlea are un
mlnenl between tba^Turklah forcei
tbe an.i . -? Of I ?? Bslk?U nilies, the
moal crltical belng thal abo
between the Bulgarlan army
naajrcbihg on Adrianople and the T
ish foreo defendin8 the approev b to
thal i Ity. Adrianop
fortlfled . i r 1,1 Burrounded br.hllls, snd
conarttutea Turkey'a i hlsf < n.a.iei
ion by th.- Bulgarians
and a atrateartc pi 'in ths posaeaslon of
whlch could not bui hava a farrsnolH
lnx effecl on the Bnal IssM
Th.- other thrse i-atiies _re aspsetsd
tn take plac at Uskub, in Ma. i iluti.a;
Bcutari, near ths Montsnegrin fr..n
i..|-. and Bflllina, "ii ths Otaeh fron
i..i\ The srmles ef all tha slllsa ars
on the move and bo far. excopt m th ?
rsuae of Montenegro, hsvs mal little bo
The who.,- Bervlan army is now said
1., I.,- operatlnf on Turkish t.n-itorv.
Pristlns, which was rsportsd taken by
tl..- s. rvlsne, haa apparently not bsoa
attacked. Tha isrvians howejvsr,
hav.- bad an ea ountst artth the Ar
Joint Serbo-Bulqarian Attack.
Th.- Bulgsrisna srs said lo ba cross
ing the bordsr at Kcrl 1'alanka, ap
psrontly wlth the objeot of Joining the
Hervians operatlng from the neighbor
liin.l of Vranje, and as th*88 Ifl alr.-ady
a riitnor of a battle at Knmanuva, lt
appsara likeiv that there arill i>e a joint
attack of S.-rvians ai.d Hulgariana at
that place
lt is reported from Vtonaa that i
Turkish fini" of two thoiisaml which
attempt*' i to rscaptnrs Bera_nsrasssjt
up by Montenegrtiu, arhs cnptwsd Um
M in onunandar, Bshll Bsy. Th^
liontsnegrin ndvnacs was Btoppsd be?
fore Taral'osh, whli h hlocks the way t>>
For. "s have come through the Mth
luna PSSS unoppOSOd, and their f.>r
arard movemenl In Bptrua has boen un
Checked. The Turkish anny sppSSJrStO
be remalnlni altogstbflr ui ths daCsn*
Tn.- Bsrvian Iflnlstsr <>f "rVsr has sn
nounced that Ihe Servian trOODS havo
made < detour around rristlna anl
1 reby Interruptsd Turkish coanansaU?
lainms between Mltroaitss and Kotch
A tstsgnus from Dubnitsa ptates
that Bandsnaky, th" notorlous IfnoataB
olan brlgsnd, has prnossdsd to ths
BBountsinous dlatriet <>f Prta an.l
lected a for.f 2000 or 8.000 pass
ants. wbOflS he his armed with Mann
li. her rtftSB and ammunit ion. Thelr
number is b.-ing sufljsssntod daily, and
they srs ready t.. begtn efaSfntsBM
. Marchinq on Adrianopls.
Accordlng to Constsntlnople di?
pat. hes, while ths Bnlssriana ar-)
nsrchlng ?v Adrianopla a Btrong Turk?
ish for." is invading Rulgaria by way
of the DsJaUBBS valley. One army ia
moving Otl Sofla and a aBOOOd has
PhHIpOpOllB as its objective point.
A.lriano! 1" an.l I'skub are beimr
WStchsd as the strategi" potttta for the
firsl Rreat battle. Adrianople is <le
f end.d by modern fortres.ses wlth
three hundred of the most modern
guns. It is the main nat. way to Tur?
key and should give the invad.rs a
long si< fb.
The TurkH already hav SMfcOOO men
In poFition amund Adrianople and
thotiHands more are arrlvinj,' daily ;n
ihe front. s.. that while th?ir adver
Barien for the moment havt- some ad

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