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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
V?? LXXH..N0 24,083
lalr to-iU> aml probably
tll lll.lt 11114
NEW-YORK, MONDAY, (KTOHKK gt 1cJ12.-.R)l'HTKE\ PAGES. * PKK K ONK ^^^Ig^ggg^S^;
Perfect Organization to Pro
tcct Themselves from Un
just Discipline and Au
tocratic Rule.
Matty. Cobb, Doolan, Sweeney,
Vice-Presidents-Pass Res?
olution Condemning In
temperance Among
With "Dave" Pulta, the oidtime out*
flelder of tbl New Tork Yankee.?. m
rre?ident, and 'Vhristy" KathewaOB,
Mike" Doolan, of the "Phillies"', "Ty"
rvr>b and "Ed" Sweeney, of the Tan
kees. as vi> e-prr-sidents. the organbia*
tlon of the BaMball Playera' Fraior
nity was perfi ted at ? mMtlng held
ln the law offi. es of Alr. Pulta al No.
41 Wall street. yeaterday afternoon.
Thus the long talkeri nf protectlve BB
s4X'latlcn has become a leality, nnd the
attack by a Bpectatoi .>n ' Ty" Cobb at
American league Park in this clty last
May has bome fr ill ln the b.unling to
rether of the playera for the eommon
Wlth the formation of the aMOCla
tion the players are in a position to tie
up major league baseball at ahort no
lice if they ko desire; but lUCfa a on
tingency is furthest from the thought4
li the organizers. the purpose ,,f th*?
fraternlty being prlinariiy to protect 1
the men from unjnet discipline Bound
hand and foot by the law-? of organtxi .1
haieball. the players hnve been for ? I
to aubmlt fo the decreee ot those ln
authority or be blackltsted. They have
been flned an<i auapandad la tha paal
without a hearintr. and it Is to COUnter
act this condition 'hat thev bave
Bi hand-- so that they may proteat
a? a boriv.
Any other gTievancea are (>f mlnor
mportance. Naturally no attempt v ill
b| made to Bl I WBgB BCBla Thi*,
1 be tor. hard On the stnrs wh.)
naklng theli W.O00 1 year. If a |
were adopted the ahlntng llghte
would of compelled tr, accept thi
ary of an ordinary player. On
the men are W4-I! paid.
Hens Wagner Joms.
\\he- Hana Wagn-r enfOlled
member of the fraternlty yesterday the
mst?r inriuded tiie name of nearly
star in the two major league*
The famous BbOTtatOP '>f the Plttal
Ptrates held "ft" until he was convlnoed
,,f nia aartoueaeaa of purpoee hn tho
BMB behlnd the movement. and cog
nlzant of its worth be hl !? '"r
with the associatinn. The only well
kaeWB men who are not memben
P.ube" Benton the pitcher of ihe Cln?
dnnatl Reda: Eddie Plank. of the phil?
adelphia Athletics. and Bhafer and Mc
rormlck. of the Glanta. To date -H*
Players have jolne.l ihe organization.
and a dozen more will be taken Jn dur?
ing the coming week. Many Of the
reaag pi&vers ln the two loaguw have
asked to Joln. but th*. tllroctora have
declded to admit to mernbership only
thoae who have ahown enough aWMty
to earn regular berths wlth tha team*.
The meetlng was called yesterday to
tlaet offlcers and dlscuss policles. BOV
sral resolutions being passed ln the ln
?erest of the players. These will be
preaented to thosa in BUthortty in the
two big leagues. Bach Club has a
member on the board Of dirertorii. ihe
Heveland Napa being the only team
whlch hai not entered into the move?
ment. and consequently waa not rep
resented yesterday. The dirertors who
attended the meetlng were aa follows:
Mathewaon. of the 'itanta; Sweeney. of
'he Yankees: Daubert. of the Brooklyn
Superbae; Doolan. of the Phillies;
Thomas. of the Athletica; Henry. of the
Washlngton Senators; Cobb. of I>e
troit; Mowrey. of the Cardtnals; Pratt.
rf the Browns: Miller, of the Plrates;
Oatbtued oa nleth pag'. second rolumn
This Mornintfs News
bocn. Pbbi
Reeker Wltness Tampeiel With. 1
BBMball Players Band Together. 1
Hg Wder Kllled ln Hoboken. 8
Tastors Dlscuss Roosevelt Hhooting.. 3
State Buys CoMiy Linen for Dix- 4
II Odds o-.er I'ark Poresters. 7
v?w Home for Orphans. 7
Two Men Confess II Uobberies. 8
BUtl Against Trust Company.10
?vtr.ri Wrttar Has PabllBbM Arveatei.M
Taft Pradtotl Republican Vlctory.1
U Satlrl/.es the Bar. 4
'laine for Itepublicans. 4
More BU-hMM lf I'ood PlIlM T)rop... 4
?*groea Unite on Taft.10
BtMBMC Berkshlre Safe. 8
I'oosevalt LaaaW Chicago To-day... 3
srvr1allBtH Oet Permlt to HlK.-ik. 7
r" Idenra Agnlnst "Jack" JalMMOB, . . H
"II Trust Pecree Kffective.14
1'aname Canal Dispute Revlves.14
Turks Dislodaed by Oreeks. 1
rtut.sian Attark on Turkey I'eared . . . . 1
Kuropeaii Pinanclal OuUook. 8
Irlm Davs ln Balkana. ?
l-'amlne in Venezuela. 8
?"aptaln of ties MatoM Sees Diaz....14
l-dltorlal . B
Sor-lety . 8
OMtaary . t
?perts .8 and 9
Weather . I
!*hlpplna Newa . 8
"a'ewi for Women.10
nnaoctal and Markete.lg and 13
Real TEetate .13
Money Trust Probers Said to
Have Subpoena for Him.
Waahlngton, Oet 20i?Charlaa Rtd
?leii. of tbe ofBca of tba aergeaat-nt*
anns of the Houaa, haa gone to Xew
a*orb Wlth subpreiiHs for persons who
BM wanted hefori' the HotiBe money
truat investit-atlr^ committee.
Anionf- the BUbpmnaa Is said tn be
ont for Willinm Etocbefaller.
Girl of Fourteen Uses Shotgun,
Not Knowing It Was Loaded.
m Ti lfftidph io Thi TrlbBBf l
Buffern, M. v.. Oct '_''?. The vlllaaje
of Maharab, N. j., near Buffarn, was
Btartled thla morning when it was
learned that Laa Haaamond 1ih<i been '
slmt aml killed by AlUe Winters. the ?
fourtei nycar-old datif-hter of Davi.l
The girl le employ ed in the household
Ol -Mrs. John llarris. who livi-s >>n the :
Island Road, at whi. h place Hamniond
Hamniond was w.asing ber, and she
I toi.l hltn if he did not atop she would
blow off the top of his head Ham
riinmi contlnued tea.sing. and the girl
reaehed for a shotgun whlcb she dld
ii. i know wai loaded, and, polnting it
toward Hammond, pulled thu trlgg.'r.
The i hargt> pieroed llamtnond'a hearl.
tearing opea bll left side and kllling
him instantiy. The Coroner refueed :o
hold the giii.
More than 1,000 Killed in Phil
ippine Catastrophe.
bfanila, Oct. 20l?Tha typhoon whlch
Bwepl ovar several of the Phlllpplne
ielandfl on October 16 reeulted ln the
'deatb of more than a thousand ptr
aona Four unldentlfled Amerlcana,
| three m.-n and a little girl, were among
? those killed.
The coaatlng steamer Tayabaa fonn
dere.i off Bacalante. The bodtaa of flf?
teen Plllplnoa and Bpaniarda iame
aahOJ ?.
The typhoon practleally wlped oul
the towna of Boffo, Danao, Toledo,
Maaain and Bacalante.
? ? ? ??
Men Driven from Launch Res
cued While Swirnming.
v. Illlam .\l Brlde ..mi M .j. Van
of \o. ii?7 Wem i iiiii atroet, und
Bdwai Brooki ??' Xn. l??l (Veat .'{."ith
at, were reecued from the Hudaon
Rlver iast mgiif g*bea aii b,t diuwaed.
aftei ti motoi l?o*t in whlcb *.hey had
been crulalng all day had caught fire.)
Mr Brlde and Van Vlell were burned i
in an exploalon that atarted the fire.
The party went OUl early in tlie dayl
in a 26-foot motor launch, owned by |
| Edward McCullagb. of Ko. 806 Hrad-1
, ford aveaue, The Bronx, and were i*e-|
| turalng, when Bometblng went wiong
wltb the engine ai they were off ITOth
I atreel 11 was nearly 7 o'cloch and
dark, so when afcBrlda nnd Van vieit
wenl forward to *<ee what the trouble
whi they needed a llght. The only
laihp On the boat was on<- without i
-flobe, bul they to.,k that. anyway. Im*
medlately there was an expiosion, and
b'irning gasoiene flew in all dlrectlona
Some of it fell upon the clothlng <<f the
two m?n and they jumped overboard.
They held on t" ihe boat nn long as
they could, but when the flame?. nte
thelr waV astern and <ompel|ed Hrooks
to jo'.n them ln the water all three
started to hw im to ?horer whli h WM i
long; way off.
Kortunately for them. Willlam Fearn
lev. of No. .r?17 West 120th fltreefv ??;,?
o t in a launeh end h* went to thelr
av-lBtance The men were nearly ex
haupted when he pulied them Into hia
boat. Another launch tried to BHlvago
the burnlng mofor boat, but lt was a
useless task.
Gives Alarra When Veterinary
Hospital Oatche.s Fire.
Yvonne Mingot. a tlny French Plr!.
rushed up to a hlg patrolman In Went
10th street laat nlght and, grabbing fian
Ut-Jilly at hla kneec. rrled: "Oh, mla'er,
there's a fire In the dog hoapltal!"
l-'lremen were soon breaklnR In tne
dooru of the veteiinnry hoapltal of Ur.
A C French, No. li*7 Went 40th Btreet.
After some trouble ali the dogs were
taken out except a female beagle. whlch
was lost ln the ttre.
The regcued were all dogs of hlgh de
gree, and wera udnjured, except that a
BOOtoa bull was alnged about the face.
He hi,* his burns wlth characterlstlc
Some daniage was done next door in the
establlehment of C. B. PfOrlCBlly, who
|. u tallor. Bboemaker arid outfitter for
dogs ' Yvorm" was \* ild Wlth excitement
.luriiig the tlre. as she had lieen a daily
ylsltor to the hospltal. where ahe and the
j.atl?nts were members of a mutual ad
mtrat.on aoclety. Tl.e flremen. to her ln
tanM Jov. left some of th<* dogs in care
of bar father until Dr. French could be
tnformed. _
_ B - "
Seven Long Branch Patriarchs Aggra
gate 654 Years.
Laat Kraiiih. N I.. OCt 20 -This city
elalma the pulin for an abundance of
hk.i1 poopla Seven patriarchs aggregate
|f| yesrs and there are BOine flfty who
tan boaat of four score or BBOre. The
l?aders are Willlam Kedmond. who wlll
celebrate his MM blrthday ln January.
If he llvea; Jemlma Cook, nlnety-seven;
Amella Slckles, ninet v-fl ve; Catherine
Blcblea and Jessle HurgesH, each nlnety
ooej Kamuel Haywnrd, nlnety; *?"? Tucker
Wrl. h. eighty eight. and Jacob Klng and
Jl.nnali ).. .lohnsoii. aaab elghly-sevem
Hesldes those named there are alx who
are eicht v-slx \eare old; three. elghty
f|\e. three, elghty-four, three. elghty
thre?: seven, elghty-two, nnd twenty-one,
Trusts Sober Judgment of the
Voters to Continue Present
Democratic Help.
Mr. Taft Says Its Open Secret
That Progressives Do Not Ex
pect Success and That Ev?
ery Mail Tells of Wan
derers' Return.
Beverly, Mass., Oct. 90 President
Tafl to-nlght laaued ? stiitement pre
dlctlng Republican vlctory next month,
and declaring it "obvloui that elther
tbe Republican or Democratlt nomlneM
will be eiected." He asserts it to bc
an open BBCfBl that "the third party
does not expei-t success."
Tne President KVleWI bUlineil "ii
dltioni of thr- country, wblch, he ?avs
are unprei edentedlj i roipero
aaaerta the bellef tbal the Mber Judg?
ment ..f the rotera win continue prw
cnt coniiitions,
PrMldeni Tafl uyi thai from all
parti of the countr* iMurancei an
comlng that Democrati Intend to vote
for the Republican candldatM and a
rontlnuance of proaperlty and agaln l
tbi programme of economlc coi
and aoctalletlc tubveralon of Amerlcan i
Inatltutlona supp, rt.-d bj Democi
candldatM and tbelr alllM He calls
atteitlon to the gre.n progreaa of tba
country alncc ISCO aa regarda tl.
nnd foreign markete, hh.i Mya tbal
Amerlcan manufacturei 141m worker
would nol have much aplrti leli for in
\fltiing the fr.trixt, market if deprlvad
by a DeBIOCratlC tariff for revenue onl]
of the home market. whlcb the) nou
control thanks to Ihe Republican p -
tectrve tariff.
The President ? Statement
The i'i ei ld< nl 'a itatement I
Klfty-two .-,ua sjgo Becwiera fi
I nlon 1 houghl 1 >?? hlg s dli Ided
North and
Tb.-! <? had be,
? ? ted
n on dangei .. r,? I in add ?
gle ???? ; ? ? nal on n
llfa Tbi n ll wai snd i>^ ho* il, . , m *
lhal the ahlp ? ?' tat< ,...,???. ,- u
uiifted 1 .s arlcl Uneoii
fiom the reefs ..f aeceaston end alaver)
Into tbe pig 1,1 natera ??' ui loi
?->t\ I'ndei Lln a n a am resoors tt hHs
1 on, propelled bj thi ?ind- of
|..'lit.. BB '? wheii |t- ?. OVagl
l.ait. d by Juat au
.nol st 1 fi- ot t"> n proii ? 1
II ohen busJnea we are now
ied witi. f hould Balth ? . r
1 laal ' 'hli ago whlch II dld nol In IMO,
1 11)1 frleno- I ...?!,. ? ? '.St t Im
Demo racy bas learned It n..*t.,k.- rwi
do< b nol ... them. iri *omi
measui e true aa t thi ? I -. nd 1 h< Ri
; ,i,ii< an part) ha." had a difli
ifUl, Ta -h ii. '*.:-, t h< I '.-ii. ?
racy its rnlatakef. "o fnr n' it haa been
taught il some) ow th< obstli al, our 11
? omea forward evi ? ? lo bi
ti ght igaln
? I ., 111 gl i.l ... a ' l,..'V > ? ? r . the
Prealdenl added, that manj Dem?i
,1 ???> - hai ?? >' 1' '>? i'i ns well
and are refualng '<? n-.iv. tbe Brm
rground nt national proaperlty fi,r tbe
q lagmlre pf buslnaaa dieruptlon, trade
lepreMlon aroi con.mercial and Indui
trlal depletlon,
"From all part* of tha country aa
surances are commg that Democrata
intend to vote for tha Republican can
didates and a continuance of proaper
ous business conditions. and agamst the
programmes of economio confuaion and
socialiatic aubversion of our matilu
tions supported by the Democratic can
didates and their allies. Democratic
workingmen refuae to be led from the
factory and good wagaa of 1912 back to
the Democratic hard timea of 1893-'97.
They prefer independence and money in
the aavinga bank to loaa of employment
and dependence on charity.
Pay Envelopes Feedera of Trade.
"Democratic bueineaa man feel the
same way. They know that when in
dustriea languish their buainess lan
guishea, too. Thi pay envelopes are
the feeders of trade in every form.
When they are empty or sonmpy the
biggest department store feela the
effect as well aa the corner grocery."
Praeldent Taft eontlnued:
Driftlng? Well. let me glanee at sonie
of the rthft 'mr home market hal di Ifted
from 87,O?.800,OW Iti 187" to 03,000,000.000
not | bad drlft. that. And It Is this maf
nitlcerU home market, without oqual ln
the past or present, that tn.- Democrata
propo-e to rllsmember and dlaorganlze,
ami invite every nation in the world to
prey upon, whlle those same natlons
keep the barrirrs to thelr own markets
lust as high as they ple.ise
Then look at our forelun trade A fa?
vorite Demor-ratie argument la thaf Ro
publ!. ana build up ano cultlvate tbl bome
market at the expense of our fortlan
. oinna rce. when tbl faet ls that the
growth of forelgn trade has almost kept
proportlonate pace wlth the domestle
from H.808.880.0W in 1178 to MNMIMII ln
isi: , , .
4>ur exporta for the past yeai nmounted
to 12170 319.32". of whlch K14. W2.803 were
maniifactureM readv for conaumptlon, the
large at export trade and the largest pro
liorllon of nisnufa'tures readv for ron
aumptlOB the rountry has e'er known.
Change Would Cotit Home Market.
"The American manufacturer and the
American worker," Prealdenl Taft dc
Clareda "would not have much spirit
left for invading the foreign market if
deprived by a Democratic 'tariff for
revenue only' of the best market of all,
more than equal *..) purchaaing power
to all Europe, the l*l?me market, which
they now control. thanks to the Re?
publican protective tariff."
The statement go.-s en 10 say:
ijernian forrlgn commerea ls also mak
ing Kr.-at advanrea. |iartl<-ularly annutg
nur neighbors of Bouth Amerba, hut a
-.uggestUin that ilennany should, for that
reaaon take protectlon out of Its tariff
would probably be recelved wlth arrblng
(onllnued ??n se.oiu page, flfth calutan.
Greeks Commanded by Crown
Prince Constantine Take
Elassona. at Foot of
Mount Olympus.
Small Succes8es Reported Also
from Servian and Bulgarian
Capitals ? Albanians
Open Fire Under
White Fiag.
Athena, Oct -'?- -After a four hotire1
enpagemeiit fhe Ur.-.k'- J estenfay dla*
lodged the Turks from the strong posi
tions whlcb they bad taken In the de?
fence of Elaaaona, al tha foot of Mount
Olympua, and occupled the town.
Crown Prince Conatantlne was in per*
aonal cotnmand The < Jr. .-k troops
abowed trr.-nt courage Thelr loaaea
v . i.- amalL
Afti i b prellmlnary artlllery duel the
GreeV Infantr* charged repoatedly aml
flnall* dlslodged the enemy, ali thou*
aand In number, rapturing th.-n m en
Biege gyn*.
The Turkish troopa tetire.i toward
Barandaporo Paaa, where the maln
force* had concentrated The Qreeka
ortup) all the hetghta to tha north of
Klaasona, aml a declalve battle Ih inr
a is estlmAted thal (><i\x thouaand
Turka are concentrated al Bervla, o
amdll town ln Macedonla, about twentj
mllea fi om Mnunl ' H mp m altl
? onatantlnople Ot't. 2U ll li re*
poi ted from Janma thal ali Qreeb war*
- . pa and three tranaporta hava ap
;?? :u -rl off th..i -t ? f Bpil i- Th. ;,
apparenl objj i La the landlng ?f
ti oopa
Belgrade < ).-t 20u The s. rvlan army,
under cotnmand of tiu Crown Prince,
haa captured Rulya helgl l - ? Btrati g*
.ii poaltlon to the aouth ol I
ome mllea beloa Vranye.
An ofti. i;.i r. porl from Ihi Oem
siaff ai Nlali aaya lbal l
i.n . ;..k. n all lh.- treni h.-s ln th ?
Turkiah lerrltor) .ur, md Vranya and
that lln- Turks ba ? '; 0a< *
., roaa Moi??*? ? l ?
Detalls bave I.--. i. i-i > i ? I -<f a
poete i f"i t ?
. h of Nleb, -.ti Th .i a*
Albanian irregi'lars who conatituted
the attack,ng party were repulsed and
hoiatad * wlute fiag. A Servian cap
tmn with a detachment approached t'^e
irraQulara, who opened fire, kilhng an
officer and twelve men and wOunding
for'.y. The Servian artillery immadi*
ately shelled tbe enemy, k,!l,ng* two
None Permitted to Go to the
Front?Arrest Awaits In
fringers of Rule.
ii ? ? .
London, ? "t 21. Tbe f< | of wa-- ra*
> riopes the movementa of the armlea
ln the Balkana, aml lt l? very dlfTlcnlt
to extracl from many confllctlng re
porta an rxii'l Idea of what is taking
place. i 'ii l'Oth sides the cenaorahlp
ls very atrict, and down to the present
ro correapondenta have Heen niiowed to
go to the front. One of them. greatly
darlng. made a dasli ln nn automobile
over three mountain rnngos, from Sofla
to Phlllppopolla, but waa thraatened
witii arrest lf he trled I" go to the scene
,,f tba Bgbtlng, and tho authnrities,
dlBlrusting him, poeted sentrlcs at his
So far aa can ha judged from the
various ie>grams to hand. the posi?
tion Ih aa follows;
In the eastern th-atr. of the war the
Hulgarian i.rniv ls nmving Boiithwaid.
the capture of .Muafalii PBCha leavlng
the roa.l open tor i m.'ir. h on Adrlan
opie. aavaateaa mllea to the souiheast.
Adiianopte is the bay to tba position
and all the evidence polnts to the fact
that ther- will 00 a great battle in
the nelghborhood of that city.
The BulgarinnH BTB aluo ndvanelng
Into Turkey by wav of Tlrnovo and
Kirk-KlllBeh. thirty tivo nilbs cnst of
Adrlanopie, nnd they may bo almlng
at the overthrow of tho Ottoman rlght
at Klrk-Klllseh, with tha object of
driving a wedge between Adrlanopie
and tbe niuin body of tfM Turkish
army, under Nfizlm I'acha.
Mennwhlle. the Fcrvlnns nre aivaac*
ing into Turkey o\er a wlde front. tlie
three <oluninB of whlch Klng I'cter**
annv 1b compoaeil movlng at dlfferent
polnta from Novlpftzar, wlth T'skub as
thelr objectlve. The Invaders daim
varloua succeaaeH. hut lt is eertaln tha,
tbey have found little reslstance The
Turkish troopa aro cm entratlng at
Eighty Turkiah Priaonera.
The Creeka movlng north won thelr
flrat vlctory at Klussmia. a few mllen
acroBB the frontler Tl...' town waa
captured at the end of four hours
flghttng after an aitiilerv duel. The
f'rown Prince. Constantine. ordered th?
flrBt divlalon to .harg.* Wlth hnyonetB.
The six thousand Turks pitted agnins'
Ihem offered a desperate r.-sistance. but
?ere flnallv ilriv. n b;n k. and a brlll
lant charKe of Creek cavalry COM*
pirted tim macomfltura "f tha Turks.
who Wtthdraw along the road to
Perbifl. about twenty mil**** frorn Mount
rtbmpuB, lcaving clghty prisonera an?i
( ontlnned on flftli pna**- BBBaBi < oluma.
Kiamil Pacha Makes Fervent Appeal to
England to See Ring Is Not Rushed
by Powerful Combatant.
rBv t'sble to The Trlbuna.1 i
London, Oct. |X -Grave news reached
London last night from r,,nstanti
nople, Information recelved by the
Porto foraahadowa th?- poeeiblllty
of the armed Interveutlon of ? certain
power. Owtng to diaeenatona ln the
Buropean concert the power in gUMtlon
ls not mentloned by name, but from the
faci that it announced that Turkey bai
i.-n ?< vulnerable part of h.-r emplre
undefended i-1 congeejuence of the
draftlnp- of large numberu ,,f troops
from the Aalatlc provlncM to Europe,
it mai be preaumed that Russia ls the
lateBl menace to the Ottoman Emplre
The chlef villain in the Balkan tra
gedy is expected to make a dramatlc
entry In tlu- aeeond act, and the vet*
(Tan Turkish sl.tt.sman. Kiamil I'acha,
J mak.-s ? fervent appeal t<> Kngland t<>
i'avert this , alaslrophe. He says:
"FVrdlnand'i band la but that of the
puppet sei.-. t.-.i to --trike at Turkay'i
? heart l bopa that Kngland will he
i tiue tO ber Bplendid past and stand by
I us unfllncblnglj ln tbe approachlng
I hour of 4,111 national peril If W8
; neadi must tight 4,ut this unnaceaaary
land futiie war with th- federatad
?tatM, sureiv Kngland i-. powerful aiul
nfluentlal enough to see that the rlng
ll not ruihed and that Turkey is not
- ,,. ed fn.rn another quarter whlle
flghting f"i her llfe with her flist f,,.-s.
| \- an old man. vtlth ,,ne f,,.,t in the
grgve, i expreM in all Mriouinem the
p thal tbe Balkan war is bul th
I prelude to i gtgantlc itruggli Involv
? | Buropa
Bngland has alwavs baea the sln
?? ere frienii of ini-rtuit lonal peaee nnd |
Police Bar Columbian Accusint?
Colonel of Crirae.
t'htcego, Oct. 20. - An attempt to see
Colonel Rooeevelt waa made ,,i Mercy
pttal ahortly before mldnlghi to-1
night bv Lula K. Ifollna who gave his
rcM ia Bogota, Colombia, ami said
he vvaa a MCTBt dlplomatb t.-preseuta
r i v e ,.f th? i 'olombian go.ernmeni. He
arai --id by detei IIvm ann clt) ae?
Ifollna said his father is a S.-nator
,,f 4'ojomhla. He sent Colonel Roose?
velt a postal 4 ard and wrote hlm a
I long letter contalning ae, usatlons that
! the ...l,,ne| had COflaBBtttad nn atro
rioua crlme" in taklng Panama fTom
riibin. and biddlng him beWBtre r,f
, the v-ngean.e of Ood
Mollna was accompani4 -,i hv two
\l.\n nn*'. WbO gave their name- .,- B
Carello and Batebaa aferan. They vni i
i they had known Mollna only ? few
; hours.
Mo'iiia declared he would go to New
J Vork OB ihe samo train wlth the colo
i..| vv OUtd see hlm tl)4'ie. ,,t WOUld
folloa hlm to Oyatet Bay.
The detectivea ottet QUMtlonlng
Mollna, i-rnritieil "um to depart. Colo?
nel Rooaevell knew nothing af th< a
t.-mpi I.. aee iiim.
The note on the postal i ard read
j colonel RooMvelt: i ilncerelj deilre
voui complete recovirj Now that you
>re lylng on a bed ,.f pain. remember the
i Mmlghtv 4;,?| and how easy lt ll to dis
:,,,?.?, from the eartb. After thla re?
member vamr areatea* offen.-e ln your Of*
1 flclal - ,r.er rhe robtiet-y of Panama from
Colombia. Try to remedy thls iataulty
and God will proteet you.
The detectivea ?aiti Mollna waa not
Mollna said he enme from N'ew Or
leana eepeclaUy to see the colonel as
aoon as ho heard of thc shootlng. He
.aald hl f 'llowed hlm in th" West dur?
ing hls last speaklng tour from Texas
to callfornla.
Acid Given to Woman in Mis
take for Salts.
Mrs Alite Haight, twenty-sever,
years ohl. of No. 8 Yonkers avenue,
Vonkera wife of Abraham H. Haight,
an employ* ai the otis BlevatOT Com*
pany, dlad In 'ho Tonkera Homoeo
pathle Blld Muternity Hospital yester?
day under cireumstancea that are being
investlgated by the hospital authorities.
Dr. R. Ollver Phllllps, of the bospital
staff. Hays oxalic add was adrnTaWtered
to the patlent in mistake for Kpsom
salta. She dled in ten mlnutes. Tho
nurse. Miss Florence Harrla, waa un
strung by the womnn's death. Hhe be?
came utn'onsclotis, anil remained in
that state last nlght.
The hospital authorities have not yet
|enrn<*d bow the acid came to be in
tbo hospital. for no acid ls kept there.
It ls thought thnt lt may have been
left there by a riOBBOr.
MJai Hnrris. whose home ll in Ton
kf,,s, was BaM bf Dr. Phllllps to be a
conpetent Buras. lha has had about
tvao years* training nt the hospital.
Mr Halgbti husband of the dead
woman. said he aympathlzrd wlth the
nurse, aud he has aaked that no action
be tak.n against her,_
Fifty Men Enter Mexico a Few Miles
Weat of El Paao.
Kl Paso. Tex? Oct. L'O.-Rebel troops
recruitod and armed on Amerlcan aoil
have begun to cross Into Mexico. A
group of flffv men entered late to-duy
,t Pelea N. ?'???? a -*?*?**' ml,e8 w*st of
Kl PaaO. Shortly after General E. E.
Bteavar diapatrhed two troopa of the
",j Cavalrv |o march In all haate along
Tn,. ,\,-w Mexico border. Organization
,,f othet baruls at \arious polnts on the
border ls reported.
of the integrity of Turkey. She has nc
Balkan axe to grlnd, and therefore we
wa rn her now* that we are threatenen
by a new enemy. Kngland's professed
friendshlp for Turkey niay shortly h?*
pul to I, s.-vere test. We may need thj
interverition of Kngland's vigorous
rlght arm to prevent us from being ab
BOlutely cruahed. 1 am convinced that
the boasted humanity of Europe ls
laad. Ii has been replaced by a skel
eton. the dry bOBOa of which shake
ldly in the wlnd when the selflshness
nnd avnrtclouBneaa <>t eertabi powers
compel an appeal to the old spirlt of
This war ls likely to he hltter
enough without lettlng loose religious
paaalona, The < ontest i? none of our
Beeklng, it was forced upon us for
reaaona whi. h are daily be.omlng
rlearer, We were reluctantly com
pelled to have r. eourae to hoetllltlea
to defend our honor and our natioi al
Integrity. With the Bwords of our ene
mies at our throats Turkey had to
unahtath The ottoman go*.ernment.
condemna ln 'be strongest possibie
manner the pernlclous attempt ot" a
so-called Chrlatlan monarch to unchaln
fanatlclaaa, with all Ita attendant evilB.
Turkey is fully aware that Kerdlnand's
appeal to the worst of all human nas
slons is i-hlerlv intended for the gal
Kiamil utges th'- Kngllsh people to
dlaregard the efforta of the Bulgarlana
to Inflame sentiment against Turkey.
Th-- latter will COUBlenance no holy
war. and >o far as she is concerned it
Is utterly tintrue that a w*r ia on of
[glam i.gainst ChrtatlBBlty.
~a" . ' i ?i?-?i-?
Trapper Says Work on Ashokan
Dam Drove Them Away.
|B) Telearaph te The Tiiteeae |
Poughbeepale, x. y.. Oct '.'o.?Aa
<erting that the dlsappeatance of
akunka from the Ashokan dNtrid has
deprlved him of .1 aubetantlal annual
ln< ? ?me. Alvah Mchardeon, a trapper.
haa rtled ). . l.tun foi $S00 against New j
Torb Cltj Tha trapper aaya that the
? oining "f the army of workmen has I
dr!\en ihe skunks from the reglon.
The Huslness Damage Commission J
now has the clBlffl under < onsideratlon J
and'the meniber* are wnndering how |
tl are to learn for thelr own satis-'
factlon as to whether tbe akunka have
really gone.
J'.u more than a dozen years Rlch
ardBOn lia* heen earning his living B8j
,1 trapper In Ulater County and'
iW'.nks wera hla Bpaclalty. He says
tbal thelr skiiiB helped support a big
Burst of Flame, Sweeping Into
Crowd, Causes Panic.
ima, Cal., Ocl 80.?Tortj per
>,,iis were bumed aeverely ln an auto
moblle exploalOB iiere to-day. Mayor
X.iitm.it. of this town and three others
maj dle.
A crowd gathered a'oout a hurning
automobile that had been dragged from
a garage. Mayor Zariman, who is
clilef of the Fire Department. r
aponded to the firm alarm and attacked
the blaze with a chemical extlnguleher.
The Ma>or was thrown forty feet by
the explosion.
James Mott and Maurice and Wi
Prandon were enveloped in flames, and
rescued a few moments later Just at the
point of death. The crowd waa swept
hy a blast of flame and aeveral persons
were trampled ln the panic.
Bad Boy Muat Attend for Any
noying Glergyman.
| p> Til'Briiph to Th*' Tribune !
Philadelphia. Oct. 'JO.?Waiter Hayes.
flfteen yeara old, had the alternatlve of
going to jail or to Sunday schoo' when
he was arralgned before Magistrafe
YeoteB in the Juvenlle Court this
morning. Hayes and aeveral compan?
ion* had been annoylng the patrons of
the Kapld Trunslt '"ornpany ln Ger
mantown, and laat evenlng Hayes
grabbed the hat of the Rev. George W
Llncoln. rector of the Kpiscopal Church
of Rt John the Baptlst, and made off
wlth lt. The boy was arrested after
When arralgned to-day the magis
trate aeverely reprlmanded Hayes aml
wanted to eend him to a rcformatory.
but lnstead asked the boy where ba
went to Sunday school.
"8t Stephen's Methodtst. when I do
ro," the lad repliou. "but l ain't heen
there for a long. long time."
"Well, 1*11 tell > ou how T am going to
punieh you.-' said Maglstrate Yeates,
"and Dr. I.incoln haa agreed to it
You are to go to St. Stephen's Sunday
Rchool regularly for sixteen Sunclais,
and we wlll ask the Rev. Dr. t'hannel,
the paetor, to keep us informed lf you
do not attend. Nol one Sunday muat
you mlsa. and then you come back here
and I'M see If the punlBhment haa done
any good."
[Bi T?l-*ri.rli to Tbe Tribune. t
,'hlcago, Oct W.-Joaeph Marski, the
laat of Chtoaga'a r-entenarians. dled at his
home here to-day He was 110 vear* okl.
and eontended that hla sense of humor
alwaya had kept him young. !!? waa of
tlu molt eheerful <lli4P08ltlori and had a
large cljccle of friende.
Driver of Murder Car Tells
Counsel "Some One in Tombs"
Urged Him to Take Stand
for Lieutenant.
Belief Prevails He Will Admil
Being a Grafter but Deny He
Is a Murderer-Whitman
to Attack Witnesses
for Accused.
Willlam Shaplro, chauffeur of th*
murder car, it was learned yeaterday bf
District Attorney Whitman, has btW
tampered with by emiasarles of "the
H.vstem" winle a prlsoner ln the Tomh?.
This was partly corroborated by a let?
ter written bv Shapiro to his rnimaal.
Aaron J. Lovy, on Saturday. saving he
had been asked by "some one in tlie
Tombs" to be a wltness for Becker.
Who this some one is the District At?
torney ls endeavorlng to flnd out.
Lieutenant Charles Becker will take
the staml in his own behalf, accordlng
to his counsel, John F. Mclntyre. A -
cordlng to others Becker'a testlmony in
a senten.e wlll be, ' I am a grafter. bttl
I had no hand in the murder of Her?
man Rosenthal.'* And some of the--,
think it not unlikely that Becker, to
?ava his neck, may reveal the whole
system of police graft.
Mr. Mcfntyre said he had ahou*
twer-tv wltnesses yet to be put on ihe
stand. and the belief of both Bldea is
that the case wlll go to the- Jury
Thursday or Frlday night.
Defence May Call Chauffeur.
Mr Mclntyre said he wmiid probably
call Shapiro, who would teetify tbal
Vallon ,md S. hopps were among th<
five ni.-n who aacapad bl 'he murder
car, aud one of them. he Is not sure
Whlch, held a smoklng revolver in h'\<
hand a- he ran from the prostrate
body of Herman Rosenthal.
Whoever had the revolver, Shapiro
will testify. held it against his hr-ad
and told him to "diive llke h?ll."
Diatrlcl Attornev W unan said if
Bhaplro tr.,.k the stand and told an..
auch atory he could tear II to placaa.
He said hr would dnfront Shapiro wlth
his own affidavit. ln which the . hauf
feur swore he could not identifv mr
of the men who escaped in the murd"r
car. and BBld he did not Identifv Ro?<\
Vallon, Bcbeppa, Weber or an> of the
fOur gunmen.
The Dtatrlct Attornev- he* found
wttneaaea who wlll contradicl thr tea
ttmon\- of police Lieutenant Patiicb R.
Shen and hla Wlfe The lieutenant ->nd
bia wlfa swore they were at Recker's
bome ihe night Bcheppa said he called
there aa a messenger from Uose^yvheu
Rose waa hlding at Harry Tollok's
Thomas Coupe, the clerk in the F*lks
Club who wltnessed the murd. r BBd
was drlven to his home in England b\
IhreBta is living at the N'ew Weston
Hoteh Madlaon avenue an.l IPtfc street
He haa beer. under guard Blncg he WBI
brought bacb to this country by As
sistant Diatrlcl Attorney De F'ord, BBd
is registered under the name of Williarr
Allen. His guard is posing as his sc< -
Sees Boldneaa of "the System."
The tamperlng with William Shaplrr
Is regar.led by District Attorney Whit?
man aa one of the boldeat moves playe<J
by "the eystem" ln Its efforts to aavi
Lieutenant Becker from paylng thi
penalty for tho death of the gambler*
Informer, whlch tho Btate lays at hli
Shapiro, as admltted ln a letter tr.
hls counBel. Aaron J. Levy, waa ap
proaoheil by "some one ln the TombB*
and asked to be a wltness for Becker
"I received such a letter.'* said Mr
Levy last nlght, "and it Is now locked
up ln my offlce. I wlll see my cllent
to-morrow morning and talk to hlrr.
ibout It."
Shapiro. it was learned by the Dle
irict Attorney. has constantly been ln
the recelpt cf messages purportlng to
ome from Becker. While It la not
ikely that Be< ker has had an opportu
nlty to talk to Shapiro or any of the
>tlier men accused of murder. It would
Oe tlie easle.st thlng ln the worid for.
ilrn to send a measage to the chauffeur
?>f tho murder car.
When District Attorney Whitman
i4ag told that Shapiro would probably
ie called for the defence he aald he dld
not fear any atory he mlght tell.
"If Shapiro testlfles that Vallon and
?Schepps escaped ln the murder car,"
?ald the l>istri<*t Attorney, "I will tear
lis story to pieces. I will confront hiru
jvith hls own affidavit, In whlch Ih
IWOCe tliat he dld not know who the
nen were who escaped ln the car, anl
?lgo that he could not Identlfy any ol
he men umler arrest as partb iranls li
he murder.
"When Vallon. Schepps, Weber, Rose
md the four gunmen were llnrd up be
'.,re him and he was asked lf he coul '
ii.k out any of the men who escapeo
n the murder car he said he could not
dentify ?ny of them, and he said h?
;ould not even Identifv any of them a*
ia\ing been at the scene of the raur
lf Becker rake*. the stand. and noth
Ing but B radi"a! change In the presen
plans of the defence wlll prevent hln.
he wlll be asked by the Dlatriet Attor
new about the large hank deposits rc
made during the eight month;. he wa
at the head of the "stiong arm" siimd
It was only nfte-- a hard fluht on th
part of Mr. Mclntyrq that e\ ideao

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