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.pnslta. which reach close
,? ,,,? $100,000 mark, tM <^u,lea
from the trial.
PTlendl Of BOCker bHieve when he lf
asked by the DlBtrlct Attorney lf be
. ori tbl gambling houses he Wll!
aiimit lt, aliicB he hi aot on trlal Ior e?>
tortloa. eonfldent ho can convince the
jury that. though a graftaT, he la not B
Evidence Would Hurt Case.
Evidence of Becker'a grafttng would
. r tha proeecutlon con
..; Roaenthal'i
. latter stopped graft
: mbllng by hls
aie of
? ,llce.
r v ill lay hlmaelf open to a
i mlnatlon al the
da "f Mr. Whltman should he take
. He will be aaked queatlons
rivati as well aa hla
-.-. and Mr. Whltman belleves
he can ahow thal Bt *er was grafting
,; yS Of POMCB Cap
fhe latter waa
commander In the old Ten*
proeecutlon haa found four wlt*
tMtlfy, it is aald, that
Patrlck B. Bhea and
.. C_er-B home th?
nlght after tbe murder. The Identlty
of thc-sc wlti '; ,!1 ,s
? ' '" conceaL
-e? may
I . defence, as
and his wife gave tho He to
itory of vlaitlng
Beckei '?' fr":n
Jack ? r ... wi en the latter was In
bidtng ln Harry Pol
thi - Rol n Smlth, who
ild him if ' Blg J?<k"
been kllled a month be
fora , . ,
it was said laal
H. Hawli -. wl tot tbe de?
fence. would be the aubje< t of a grand
thal h ?
ani Be ker fr<
o'clock on the morning of tl
?^. who Mld thej con
veraed wlth Becker for 1 ' i ??r or
m4,. ahoul two houra after the nn r
?-?.&. * i -at cf r -
James 3. Coward
isthc largeet Importcr
and User of
lT;d Leather
in tbe United S.ates
Hundre ls of these superior
"bends " are cut in the Cow?
ard workrooms every week.
American " bends " used by
makere, are ready to
v Brk after a bath of nvi mih
h and Irish Bends
can I"- manipu
lated. The diffeience tells in
the wear.
264-274 Greemvich St., N. Y.
Mal Ordcrs 1-iileil | Mtnd ior Catalogua
All businesi barometeri are
pointing Bteadily t(i 'fatr weather,'
aad this phenomenon ii causing
: iihmenl in \ iew of past u
-.. bich li- ?> alwaya indi
eated unsettled- ii not actually
?i?;!-?.? in Presi
dential election y<
?N. Y. HeraLi, Sunday, Oct. 20.
Thc proaperlty boom is in the
air, and it ifl general?incvitable,
in, matter who is elected.
N'ew V->rk ( itv. being the chicf
centre of American commerce, al?
waya rcaps Ute most benelit from
nal proBperity.
'.?1 thi re bfl a better time to
advertise in tli i- metropolii of the
?,-, - Could there bc a better
mediutn than the Nea York City
Surface Carg, carrying over 1.R00,
000 passengeri daily?all of thr
"buylng clasa," ami all firm be
a ifl the reliability of thc ad
rertiging diiplayed in this mc
If yr?u vant to share in the gen?
eral prosperity that is here, with
more coming, drop ua a postal
and a reprcsentative will call.
Wi bave the exdusive control oi
;.!I tbi advertising ipacc ig all tiie
New York City Surface Cars
lifth Avenue 'Buscs
Study the Cavds
We hive a Standard
New York City Car
Advertising Company
225 Fifth Avenue
Telephone 4680 Madison
Crew and Passengers Aboard
the Berkshire Fight Burning
Cotton in Hold.
| Women Alarnied for Time?
Merchants and Miners' Line
in Run of Hard Luck
with Its Vessels.
Beaufort, N. C, Oct 20.?Tha Her
chgnta and Mlnera1 ?tearoahlp Berk
ahlre, bound from Bavannah for Phila?
delphia, whlch raced Into Cape Look*
OUl Cova early to-dav wlth her cotton
hold nflre, la now anchorad wlthln two
hundred yards of ahore, wlth passen
gera and crew safe aboard. From the
>n ln which the shlp lavs all en
board could be landed at any tlnve ln
any weather nnd no alara la felt. it ls
.'. that the veaael will be able to
continue her trlp to Philadelphia ?<?
morrow or Tueaday.
Captaln Hart bad th- cotton hatcb
opened to-day and turned several
stroams of water upon the blazing car
->i g, : of the cotton waa brought
on deck, but the crew will only at?
tempt to keep the tlre under control
until naaletance arrlvaa. Th- i
Si minole, Bummoned by wlre
leaa, was expected to raaeh th<
tc-niKht and a wrecklng si. anier has
. from Korfolk.
The Berkshire aailed from Bavannah
<m Friday with a small number of pas?
sengers and a cargo coneiating largely
of cotton. Fir-- was dlacovered ln her
forward hold ahortly afon mldnlgbt
list night, when she was off the North
Carolina coaat, forty-threa mllea north
weal nf i ''ii e Lookout.
Wlreleaa calla for aaalatance soi.n
l alongaide t :* ? * - Clyda liner
.. only twenty-llve mllea away
nnd also bound foi Philadelphia Had
ih- Bltuatlon i "ii crltli al, paai i - ? ra
and crew could bav< been Iranaferred
from the Berkahln to tbeApache wlth
oul dlfflculty, bul as hla shlp
no tmmedlate danger, Captaln Hart
decided to make for Cape i
reaumed her
Berkehlre, buill in 1881 li one
oldaal raaaela In the coaatwiBi
? ? i : Her hull ls Iron and
2JK1 feel long, wlth a bi im of
;:v."> feet and im t tonnago of l.JiOO.
'Hv Telegrapfa t-- The Ti
Baltlmore. f>t. 20.- Joseph Whitney.
'it i.i th.- aferchanta and Miners'
Bteamahlp Company, stated to-day
that lu- had received word from Cap*
talB Hart that all the paBBOngCM
ard the steamer Berkshire, bound
from Bavannah to Philadelphia, whlch
Sre about forty-tbrea mllea north*
eaal of Cape Lookout, were safe aboard
;>,.- Bteamer and that tba fire, conflned
to the forward hold, was und,-r control.
At the comj any's maln oAcea In this
city only a few short nie?.?aKeH had
been received from Captaln Hart.
The fire, accordlng tO dlspatchep from
Bpeclal correspor.dents, was dlacovered
Ut mldnlght ln the lower forward
1 old. The Berkshir- was then some
dlstance from the coaat, rolllng and
toaalng and making only fair beadway
agalnst the head wlnds. When the Bre
j was rejMirted to tho captaln ha real
1 ized immediately the haeaaaUy of gat?
tlng to ehore as qulckly as poaalble
Orderlng ali the hatchea battened down.
).. bad the wlreleaa operator aand out
the distress call, and Immediately
turned tha abip'a noae toward tha
Blight harbor back of Cai.e Lookout. to
v. hlch tnaiinera glva tha name Lookout
Three vessels answered the call al
ini.st Immediately. Tl.ey were the CTB
tan, of the same llne, whlcb left Baltl
more on Friday evening for Bavannah;
the Apache, of the Cylde Llne. and an
Other veaael of whose ldentlty the offl
cials here are not eertaln.
The Apacho was tl.e nearest vessel
and soon came in slght of the burning
llner. The Cretan foflOWOd, and both
gtOOd by to offer what asslstan"- they
could. It was 1 0*elook when the
Apache reaehed the side of the Berk?
shire. Two hours later the veBBe!
dropped anchor ln the less turbulen*.
waters <>f the cove. the other two ships
Immediately behind her.
The men pasengers arorfcad wlth the
crew ln nubdulng the Bamea and ln
preventlng the fire from spreadli.g. A
late dispatch said the steamer was not
Bertoualy damaged. For a time the
women paaaenajera wera aiarmed, but
COnfidence was snon restored.
The Merchants and Miners" has bet>n
partlcularly unfnrtunate ln tbe last
year or so. aeveral v.-sh. ls havlng been
deatroyed or badly mjured. The Nan*
tucket waa the laat vessel to be burned.
On Septemher 2 Bhe took fire at her
pinr at Locust Point and uunk. The
Ontaiio took fire off Ifontaub Point laat
Mprlng and wae beached. Her rebulld
lng ls belng completod. A year or
mnre ago another Bteamer was wrecked
Bt the mouth of the Ht. John's Rlver, ln
Florida, and the Essex burned at her
dock only two or three yeara before.
Whitman Handicapped, SayB J. A.
Delehanty, Hia Aid.
AawiMant IdHtrlct Attorney J. A. Dele
haiitv talk.-d to eighty-flve membera of
the West Bide branch of the Young Men'a
Chrlstlan Association yeaterday afternoon
on "The Rulea of Kvldern ?" as applled to
oaeea hantlrt by tho Polloa Dei.artment.
Tha speaker dw.lt upon the fad that
in the old days kb-ntlflcatlon wae not ao
rllfhcilt as now. He snld that. for In
stance, it was then the rule to photuf-rnph
a prlHoner and take hia finirer print 1m
|ii> BHlmiB Immediately after hla arrest, and
thls often proved Invaluable lo the prose
cutinii. .^inro Mayof 'laynor'n rullng that
a man suspected of a crlme must not be
pbotograpbed or have the Imprlnt of hlB
flngerw taken until he had been proven
gUllty the District Attorney hnd been han
dlCapped, for he was often not able to
asi ertain until after the eaae- came up
for trlal whether or not the man had h
pfWtOUa rnmmal record.
In thls way, said Mr. Delehanty, the
prosecutlng attorney had hla hands tled
and wius unable to produce evUence ln
time to be of avall.
Boy Dead, Father Hurt, but
Baby Escapes in Accident
in Elizabeth.
No Fatalities in Manhattan,
Though Man Run Down with
Two Women Is Badly Hurt
-Day of Many Mishaps.
As usunl Sunday brOUghl Itl toll of
automoblle ao Identa la l*fanbattan
.1 young man and two women were r'in
down at l'nion Square nmi Baai 18th
Btreet and the man waa badly Injured.
Two ilaten were Btruck and brulaed
at Lexlngton avenua aad 28d street.
There were no fatllities in the ''iiy.
bul ln Hoboken a youth who waa tak?
lng a "Joy rlde" withoul permlaalon
wi c Uilled.
in Bllaabeth a father wai out walk
Ing wlth his ava-yaar-old boy and iraa
trundllng hla two-raontha-old chlld la
., peraabulator. An automoblle atruck
the grOup. The Uttle b,,y was kllled
nr.ii the father scrlously injur"'l
ln the "Joy ride' at Hoboken, whlch
arai got up by a maa who no: only rii,i
nol have a li -4-nsc I>ut kr.cw Uttle BBOUt
operatlng a rar. Harry I.m-hs, twen'v
years old, Of No 1088 Washlngton
(treel Hoboken, was s<> badly injured
thal he dled in christ Hoepltal, Jeraey
city. H4- waa daahed fr"tn tho ma*
chlni headlong int<> n tree, fracturlng
bli BkulL
Oeorge Vogel, twenty yeari old, of
N,.. '_"_'."> Hudaon itreat Hoboken, wai
inter arrested ami charged with irlo
lntlng th- Btate automol lle law. He
waa employed i?y Rlchard Btevena, r.f
Ci rrtle Polnt, Hoboken, as ?
and never WU allOWOd tO UBC tbl B l
He conceived th<- Idi ,
taklng aome of 1 ? on a ride
about the Caetle Polni irrounda whlle
Mr. Btevena waa awaj from the houaa
and called up Lueha and Frank M -
\ Kernan, aeventeen yeara old, <>f No
I Waahlngton atreet, Hoboken
wen aoon at the Btevena
i. ieba waa Mttlng on the front
with Vogel when the i ar atrucli ? tn ?
He waa hurled head flral n>
trnnk. Neither of the other two lad
waa thrown out bul they were both ta
? i, </ogel having bla left leg badly
cruabed nnd McKeynari h th bli
legs injur, d and cut
Vtacent Haui k. flv< eai d, of No
ri7_ Cherry atreet, Bllaabeth, waa ln
atantly kllled, his father. Claren ? H
Hauck, badly injurevi aboui the b
face and I ody, 'ind i two-raonthi
tafanl hurted from a bahy caniagean i
allghUy iniur. ,1 yeitei
When they were run IM
moblle on Morrla avenue.
The boy wai kllled outrigbl i'nd bla
' faihrr was 1,'irl-?>! BBVer ll I
dei '? i uni ona loua
Th. automoblle waa ownad and drlvi n
by Qeorgi B Mawhlnney, of Na 290
: Hcvert i l'"rt Rli hmond,
IStaten laland. In thi car nith blm at
j tbi tlme were bli i'1 ai d Mr. an 1
.Mr-. W. T. llolt, Bla ? : P M Rlch
mond, neighbora All four were ?
to Police Headqui r'-1 . arbere Maa
blnney waa bald ta M.000 ball for tha
grand Jury, and the otheM r- ? 1 ? '
after they had toid th*
Mawhlnney .ii.'i thoai ta thi machine
toid the police thal Hauck and tin- two
chlldren were on the atreet clooe to
the gutter. He was comtng down Mor?
rla BVanue, f,nd in trylng to pass the
automoblle of T,r. T C. Blatek, r,f Blla?
abeth, turned toward the rurb and
craahed int<> the Hauck famlly.
Chauffeur Held in $10,000 for
Killing Hotelkeeper.
Coroner Kelnl.erg heM Roreo Plarulli, of
No fii Eaat UM Street, iti |M,IM h*n
yeaterday. pr-ndlng an in'iiieat, on tli ?
charge th;it Plsi ul'l wa^ ihe , hauffeur ?'
nn automobile ahleh fMiHiiy Injured Will
lam P, King. a liotelke.per, of No. 3i
Cooper Bouas*. Thi poBoa r-ay idscuiii
ado-ta tbi chargi la true.
King was knockr-.l down in the square
n4-ar bli place on Friday. A BOHcOman ??n
ataUonary poet eaugbl tbi number of th
autemobOe ai ll raeed away, ani it ?;,
traeed te i garago al Ne H Weel Bth
atreet, Wbaia M waa found thnt Pla Qlll
had gone out wlth three other BMB "ii B
trip to Cnmatawn.
Plaeulb, tbi p"'i< * sav. contendi thal
the aceldenl va;i" cauaed by the <-ar ski i
dlng. They declara lu madi no attempt
to r-top th*- automoblle, bul trl,<| m throw
off ii'a pv-' ?'" th King dk 'i ? v.i ii boun
after ,We accident.
"It aeems an bad a cnarv na any that
?ver came before. me," aald Coruncr l-'ein
John IUuer, a porter, of No. Oi rUgbth
avenue, alleged to have bc, n 4>ne ,,f tl,a
occupants of the BBT, was BBBfl to the
House of Detentlon.
? a
Two Glrl Companlons Strtick, But
Escape Serious Injury.
A young man aud tWO ronng women
were atrurk and Injured, '""? serlou-dy,
hy nn automohlle laft nlght when croRMng
Kaat 16th street at Cnlon BgBBia They
were Josaph Wilhier. a taf'.or, of No. 6_4
6th atreet: Annle Wlllner. hla alster, aud
Annle Zwlner. hoth of the siim.- addtaBl
wii.ner waa takaq t" thi New fork lfos
pltal, where it was found he wjip si.lYer
ing from Int.-rnal Injuries
The autorr.oliile, the pollc-e h.i.v, WBI
operated by Herman Hlus, of No. 111
Madlaon street, und was golng at a rruxl
erate rate of Ipeed when the accident
oocurred. Rlus waa not detalned by the
When crosslng l.e.tlnr/ton BVBBUI aad
23d stm-t wlth thelr mother, Mra Mad
line Shoamaker. of No. Ml Third BVentM,
Matle'lnn BBd Uertha Hhoemaker, elght
and eleven yeara old, resp<-> tiv.ly, were
atruck by un automoblle owned Hn4l
operated, the police cay, by Clarence L.
Oray, of So. 783 Beoh BtTOOt, The Hronx.
The cbUdrao. aft.r balBg attended by Dr
Hawklna, of Bellevue Hoapttal, for mtB
:in.i hiulaaa. wera taken to their home m
?i..- a itomoMla
One Dead and Four Hurt in
Grade Crossing Crash.
Blngtaamton, K. v., Oct -" Foster
Dy. r. of Bndloott, is dead nnd four eom
panloiiH?Mrs D] er and Mr. and Mr-..
Thomas .1. W'.-lsh nnd K-ir! Grlpnln?all
if Bndloott, are, lnjured ba a result of
Qrippin'a car belng atrui k by a traln on
i roaatng bf the Aoittroae and At
ford division of tbe Leckawaana Raii
road, near Heart Lake Station, this morn?
The automobile was about ta pass over
?ossing when i.'rippln, at th.? wheel,
BBW tbe traln eomlng. He stopped hls
car to beoh up and hla engine ataUed.
in tha craab tha part) wera thrown a
hundred feet
The lnjured wera taken b> IfontTOaa and
ruabed to Binghamton on n traln At the
hospltal here II was found thal Djrer was
aufferlng from a eompound fracture of
tha rmht tblgh and his leg was ampu
tated. ib dl? d to-nlght
Tbe two women ara aufferlng from ae*
eere abocb and Qrlpptn from a badly
apralned i .vk.
"Constitutional" O'Brien Taken to
Hospital in Physician'8 Auto.
Jamea J. O'Brien, bnown all over the
greater clt* as "Conatitutional" O'Brien,
i ?; a patrolman he waa abli
. .; tiu , i irge agalnat a priaoner
,v quoting the law, waa aeverely lnjured
i u, ., ii imoblle a< 11 li nl I eatarday at
?Com tltutionnl" "'Mrlen. wh-? baa
grown wealihy ln real eatate, retlred from
th.- force flve vt ai ago, and llves ln Klm
' ? ... lal md.
I).- ;,;. it< ra were ln th.-tr ma
chlr.i vesterda* afu rnooi and ai I
tomoblli waa turnlng oul of Thompeon
ni,, Hulse Btreef, Long laland
iitv. ii Bkldded. While trylng to rlght II
aaa thrown from hla tt at, land*
I, u .... hl Ide ,.i Ihe asphall pav< m< nl
- lefl arm an i two rlbi Dr
Harrii ?? Maj I attan, *? ho wai
, ia m n hlne. h irrli ' wlth O Brlen to St.
ind Clt]
Mlaa O'Brien tooli the partly damaged
One Said To Be Ont on Face and
Hands at Hastings-on-Hudson.
Two Ui ni ittan id| arer ild tu ba
ln an a irecked In Maal
? Bteraay
handa by the wlnd
hl< IJ ol tlu ? ' ' '"''?'**
| ata ted back for
? ned Bla paa
tiaualh ? *?*--?
.,, ? t.i , ?
, | .. hlll oi ?Vael ingl n avenue
? ? ? ,
,- ua-, thrown
N :-'
.f x .,,.,.- in lln ii..i' nlne wo ild .
PrisoiK'i- Accused of $9,000
Bond Thelt in St. Louis.
turned la tero bond .-ouporui
to tba Hanover Natlonal
n llll .ui lh lu BJM ar
? night < cbargea of
? a ? '? ' '.: obj af
rrortti "t bondi Thi ai I waa
, .. itreet by
i Artnatrong on a bj nch
? >t Loula.
that on July IS Wllliara
llca, aent
irlng Heln a fugitlva
irom . ? ?? fad that ba nol
hia wlfe In Bt Loula, bul
i bonda aggre*
i ?? i . .: :.v ladli tmeat K
. i bonda !b.*-u>iI bv the BunI
, iy of St. Loula lha
ii,,,.., impany ol Bl Jos.-ph,
tbe Bt Loula an I Bu wrban Tele
I th< Kanaaa City Long
i' atam ? T< lephone < Sompany.
i, t is underatood, the
: Bank t ri. -1 te i ollei t
Central Natlonal Hank. of
. t Louia on two coupona from i-'tii Na
191 from the ' Long Dietance
.-. .. i .-,? I,.- Company. Tl.upoaa were
leturned n,.n k.-.i "Payment ?-to|iped." In
ii. , oui oi - tm. ?? <\t Hetfl
i md ih- told tha polti ?? h.- was
twenty-elghl yeara old nnd llved bl No.
SOI \\.-t ttctb atreet Ihla city. He was
loeke.l ur> In tbe Wt"<f ilth Btreet *.t.itir>li.
( antlnued from flrat page._
of ey4'brows by Oerman atatesmen and
economlati. ._ , ,?,_
Ami thli unnrecedented grpwth of ?ur
foreign trade la accompanled by '?*Pttn,a1, ''
as unprece.l. tit.rl ln our liome trade irom
one end of the country to the Otber?tne
AUantic to the PaolOi tne bt. *-*wrfn"
to the Kio Qrande. it is not a ludden
Innatlon, but a gradual advance und":??
vorable conditloni from the ProatrauOT
<,f 19.17 to proaperlty as substar.tlal as u
All Itid'ustrie- nre hummtng and there ll
vvo,k at good wagea- prlncely, comparea
with wagw abroa- for all w**0 ai'0, ,''"
Ing to work, while in the Pittsburgh 4l s
tr.t, alone, I umb-rstand, there ls a ao
manil for at leaat thlrty thousand woik
era in exceeu of the number aviuiai ie.
Bualnesa, whoieeall and retail. s aciive
ruid prodtable, for the people have
money with whlch to buy. The gueatloa
for tne American roter bt whether tme
condition shall continue, and the nauon
sli? 11 go forward tr) even greater prus
^Thr'farmers are enjoylng the tcn-at-st
proaperitj In the eaperlence of American
agrieulture. Every day tbe .Northern
Padfii is carrylna a minion ouihela oi
graln to Duiuth. The jrleld ln tbat aone
alone li 157,000,00* bufehela. so that tne
conveyance by the raUwa) oTthe fann
?ra* gralB from the region trfbutary to
the Northern PacUlo to that paint. of dia*
tributlon will requlre IW daya. Thliivaat
crop ls worth in e*. ess of B0O,08O,880 to
the farmera produclna lt.
At th.- preaent the ?t???-i Indugtry. cotty
monly regarded as.the harometer of busl
neaa, h drlven to it- utmost capaclty,
wlth orders far ahead for steel rails
other InduatHea are equally actlve, ano
altogether national rondltumi aial proe
pcctS were never ao proiperoua and prom
king, provlded the Amerlcan peopk de*
,1,1,. to apply to thelr poiitaal cholwI the
same good ludgment and prudent for**
sight whh h thev apply, as a rule, to their
personal affairs
"Aa we come nearer th? day of elec
tion," aayi Mr. Taft. "it is to be ex?
pected that the intelligent voter will
appreciate more keenly the .respomi
bility which attachea to his ballot. ln
n.itional electioni, at least, the great
majonty like to feel that they are vot
Ing for a candidate who has a chance
of sucoess. lt is obvious that either the
Republican or the Democratic nominees
will be elected, and not to vote for the
Republican candidates Is, ln effect, *o
support their Democratic opponents
and the Democratic platform of a
't.iriff for revenuo only,' freighted with
dire consequences for the country, now
busy and prosperous under Republican
rule. lt is well known to every one. an
open secret on evory street corner, thnt
the Third Term party does not expest
'i he Prealdenl eontlnuea:
. ii eorreepondent of "The N.-w
y,.rk Evenlng Poet.' wrltlna fr"m < hl
iys: "lt may be aald thHt neitner
t nor i ny ot the ?_r.en
-?,...1 polltlclans who surroutid him ex
or ani other im
I .?? ?? Htat.-. wlth the poeeible e_<*eptlon
I Knd Kanaaa From aourcea
. , |? the candidate ir la learned that
Rooaevell will I.atlalied lf he
can complete the demorallaatlon of thi
Bn parl
it remaina to i?- ae<n how many Re
M ;iri. v [j] t ln .ompl. t
Ing the deroorglUatlon of the Republican
? .ii tv and h-ndltu; thi relm of govern*
,,,, ,ii ovi r ta ?i - Dem icrati to grattrj
n.. r.. ' '?'? sagi
"I believe that the Republican party
will be found, as a whole," Prealdent
taft coneluded. "too patriotic, too loyil
to its orinciples and ita traditiona, too
just in its atttude toward public aer
vants whom it nas intrusted with duties
faithfully performed to commit han
k'ari in the form and for the objects m
dicated. Every mail bringa assurances
that those who have strayed ara re?
turning to tho fold, and that ln every
atate IB which the Republican party la
not disfranchised oldtime majorities
will be rolled up for the Republican
Defeat New Hampahire Eleven
for Fleet Title.
N'orfolk, Va.. Oct. 20?On Bt. Helen i
nthletic tleld thls afternoon. before six
thouaand enthualaatlc apectatora thc
football elavan of tha battleahlp Mlch*
Igaa dafaated th.e team of the Ifow
Hampshire hy lt to ?). Th,- game was
foe the champtonahlp of the Atlantlc
fleet. and was botly cnt4.st.-u
The Mlchlgan men aucceaafully
worked Hne plungaa for thelr tOUch*
Sowna Hundrada of dtQeera wer.
among the Bpeetatora The ^flchlgan
te.im was the fuvorlte, several thou
earui dollars rhanglng handa
Post-Season Displays of newest Paris
Fashions begin this day?styles that
you will not see in any other New York cstab
lishment at any price.
?the very last word from abroad.
fiftb flv'tiu* at 46th Street
Andrew Alexander
Dress Shoes for Men
Patent Leuther Button Shoes
with tip; cloth or kid tops. For
Evening Dress, Patent Lcather
Butlon Shoes, with plain toe and
Black Cloth Tops. $5 to $?
Pumps, made to fit snug
at sides, in Patent
Leatheror <_ ^ (+> ?
Dull Calf. *P^ tO $>/
Sixth Avenue
at Nineteenth Sl.
548-Fifth Avenue
above hirty-fifth Street
Vote the
Winning Ticket
1 ?
? - f
Lv. New York 4.00 p. m.
Ar. Chicago 8.55 a. m.
Water Level Route? Yoxx Can Sleep
and Cincinno.ti
Lv. New York 4.00 p. m.
Ar. Cincinnati 8.50 a. m.
Ar. St. Louis 3.00 p. m.
Water Level Route? You Can Sleep
Lv. New York 5.30 p. m.
Ar. Cleveland 7.15 a. m.
Water Level Route? You Can Sleep
S :?'
For Detroit
Lv. New York 5.00 p. m.
Ar. Detroit 7.15 a. m.
Water Level Route? You Can Sleep
For Buffalo
Lv. New York
Ar. Buffalo
8.30 a. m.
5.15 p. m.
Water Level Route? You Can Sleep
Railroad and Pullrr.an tickets delivcred hy Special
Mcssenger without extra charge. For further
inforraation address General Eastern l'assenger
Agent, 1218 Broadway.
New York 'Phone, 6310 MadUon
Brooklyn 'Phone, 167 Main

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