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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
yoi 1AX11 N? :M,osl>. T,,.ntnr j^- axiie^Si.-* NEW-YORK, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1912.H3IXTEEN PAGES. ? ? PRICE OXK t^OT^^S?fag^^f^
Doing Well. However, on His
Long Railroad Ride. and
Doctors Satisfied Trip
Will Do No Harm.
Crowds at Stations Silent as
Train Passes ? Only One
Visitor Allowed to See Him
?Due at Oyster Bay
This Morning.
Altoona. Penn.. Oct 22 iTueadajr).?
laeodore Rooaevelt and party passed
through this clty a Uttle before 1
o'clock thia morning. A CTOWd of BOV
erai hundred were in th?> tralnahed t>>
welcome the colonel, bul when it waa
leamed that he waa Btoeplng the croa 1
remalned silent.
Altoona aupportera handed a letter
lo th--1 coad ictot lo be dellvered t,,
Colonel Rooaevell when he awoke, ten
dering their wiahea for a aafe Journey.
Plttshurgh. Oct. 21.?Although Theo?
dore Rooaevelt waa weary frora hls all
day ride from Chlcago to Plttaburgh,
he ahowed no other ili eifecta on his
arrival her to-nlght, nnd the physi
ilar.? who are aecompanylng him were
ronfldent he would reach Oyater Bay
in almos: as good condltlon as when
he left Mt r, j HoapltaL
When ,1 I ?? ime plain thal he \>.:i*
reetlnK comfortahly on the big braas j
hed in his etateroom, the tanaton waa
relaxed. and to-nlghl every one in ili
- car was bn athing mon
Colonel Rooaevell apenl tlu- day in
reading magaalnes, 'alklni; and sleep
ing. Aa bo n as !:.? waa taken '" hla
car in chicv- ?.; to bed, and re
atalned there throughout the aay. He
aald ir. the mornlng he dld not feel like
sleeping. hut the Bwaying of the car
tir-d hlm, and he alepl fi i aeveral
lahl) s uf the journey
-??ii by se ? ?? Jolta,
a "I a
l>rak?- 4>n thi " . and OBp 6
ar twii-4- the train eame lo suth an
abrupt Halt that the i?nlnnel was w>6sed
Hi^,';r ln hta bed.
itroarteea of the Ro>aaavell iraln
watrhed illenl ? rowda At i
of the Btatlona iK-rsons were out
the train i?as.-. Thej brought
- and fruita to the wounded man
? i h m meaeages of greetlng.
Tliei' aaa no cheering, and the people
lalked m aubdaed tonea, thal tli?-? *?
might be no poaa l dlaturblng
the colonel lt all formed a atrange
tontraat lo every other trip < olonel
? ; i aa made durlng the am
paii/n. with the cheering and band lap
pinK and blaiing of brai i da
Crowda Watch in Silence.
At l.ima, Ohio, there was Ihe only
fluggestl4m of a cheer durlng the day.
a lartr* crowd had gathered at the
atatlon, and some one atarted a cheer.
colonel CecJJ I.yon of Texaa. the ex
President's travelllng companion. who
was standlng on the. platform, ralaad
hlB hand. The crowd underetood, and
the ch.-er dled away on the llpa of the
man who htu) bt nun it.
Dr. Alexander Lambert. of New York,
who. with Dr. Hcurry Terrell. of Dallas.
ls cartng f4,r Colonel Roosevelt. fcald
the wr.und had bb d aome (JuririK tha
dav, bat the ble?dint; was merely the
result of the dralring of the wound.
and waa an Indieation of the healing
Bulletlna were isaued l>y the physi
elans from time to time durlng the day,
baa they mereiy reported that the
(olonel waa restlng ea.sily and thal his
londltion waa iinehunged.
Alded hy the X-ray examinat lon
made yeatartlay Dr. Lambert was ei la
ta determine the posltion of tha bullet
by an external examination to-day. Hc
I'laeed a rlnper on the preehW s;> ?i.
and Colonel Roosevelt showed ba was
Inntlniird on flfth |?aa<?. fourth i-olumn.
This Morning's News
LOCAL. I'age
Heokfr Wltsraaaaa WtmJkaa Dafeace... l
rga Iander Paya Ma.fta Duty.... l
Wald,, Ratlrea 1 iiap*-? If.i O'Hrlen. 6
Meeaatta Ta* I>ay I'alled Off. 7
"Farty" tt, Oobhla "8tate"1. 7
Bfeaaaa Bafrlenda Bay aarf. 9
?I'v Htot in The Bmnx.11
i!k Cave^n Bagalfa Kive.16
keeaavell ailaadlng Irtp Wall. l
SoiialiatK Win gpBBCB Klaht. 8
I'ix 1'efendn Linen I'urthase. 8
lohnvon LeaOB Auatralian Oflferfl.11
state police Aeenaa Btta*.16
bynaaaltara Kpent 120,000.ia
Pearoaa 1'rRed to Aid ItoOBevelt.. 3
Taft Thanks Wanamuker. 4
raaraea Urgea i<i?.' Taft xfota. *
ii'-drcs Asks Tammany'a Defeal. 4
? hall Owaeh Hacklea wiixon. 4
Straus KpfakB In Chlcago. 4
Sulzer Prajatja Oovernor Dlx. 6
Woman Pralaen I'ren'lderit. 7
Turka DeeBavaltaed by RaToreaa. 1
Aimlea Mark Titn,- al \ era <iu.z. 8
N'ewft f'?r Women. 7
K-iitorlal . 8
? t y . 8
1 iieatrtcal . 0
OMtaary. 9
Hporta .10 and 11
Weather .11
fhipping ajawa . . 11
Army and rtavy.11
Hnantlal aad atarkata. ia, 13 and 14
ReaJ Eaialc .14
Negro Has Stab Wound Stitched
and Recovers.
Bj TelegTaph to The Tiibane I
Phlladelphla, cvt. 21.?John Thomp
aon, a tegro, lefl the Pennaylvanla
Hoapltal tn-dny w."U and strmiR. after
aurvlvini the operatlon of bavlng nlne
atltchea taken In tna heart.
Thoapaon waa atabbed in a quarrel
aeventy-eeven daya ago. The knlfa
penetrated deep Into his heart, and the
hoapltal doctora had llttle hope of aav
ing his lif*.. n?- w.is operated on with
iii tWo houra and the wmind in his
hean was aewed up without deiay.
Net only did he llve through the opera?
tlon. bul he iipRan Itnmedlately to im?
prove, nnd tc-iiay he fll declared aa
well ,'tr,(l as Mmnt; as before he wag
Policeman Oets Worst of En
counter When Defending Wife.
Patrolman Charlea Palmer, of ihe
Tninn Market statlon. who llves at No.
1S'J Kast End avenua, l>roke his ritrht
.utn last nlffht in attemi'tiiiK t" strike
a man who had Inaulted blm aml hH
wife while they were atandlng at t! ??
corner "f Baal End avenue and SMh
Btreet. Palmer waa off duty and "i'l'
hia wife went out for a walk. They
atopped for a momenl and a man ip?
proached ?nd addreaaed Inaultlng r. -
marks to Mis. Palmer and then to her
Palmer beinir off duty did not ? are lo
make an arrest, bul the man contln ied
bla abualve remarka ac4jordlng to the
policeman, and then stmrk at him.
He strurk back and broke his ar:n.
Mrs. Painier reached Into her bue
band'a pockel and gol his revolver ao
he could not use lt, aml then managed
arate the men
A CTOWd COllOCted and before th.- ,ir
rival of a uiilfornierl policeman, I'alm
er*a antagonial k<>\ away. palmer sn'd
Ihe man was one whom he had re
moved frooB ;t movlng plcture ahow In
the neighborhood a week or so ngo.
Several Made 111 at Swarthmore
by Food Served.
Trllmne 1
Phlladelphla, <><t. :'l Miss Emily
r.iv ;?? . ..; Norrlatown, a atudeni al
Bwarthmore College, la reported to be
dylng at ber ln.me from ptomalm poi
sonitiK. Three.othef atudenta are in a
condition, whlle olhera were
nvade ili. The college autboi II
rnltl i to-olghi thal Miss Liveaey had
beea polaoned, bul raftsaed to rtva the
namea of IHc othera. .i.i; tUci luui
i,.i-ii only Mtghtly affei-t. d.
Mra. Liveaey, mother oi the airl. s. ld
'he food aerved at the ("lieKe cauaed
trouble. Bhe said to-nbjht that
man1 atudenta were iii arheti Bhe re
mo4 "ii her daughti r
.detective 'locked up.
Robert Seleske Accused of Ex
tortion of Money and Watch.
Robert Beleske, ; detective attached
to tbe StalTK streel polli e Btation, Will ? j
iamsburg, araa arreated last niajht b]
Lieutenanl Daualel Coatigan, "f Police
Headquartera, and loefcad up ln h.
own sUlion ho'isi- on ;? ChargB of ex
The complalnant, according t" police
recorda, is Vlctor Pelman, of Ma 27
F.a-i sih street. Manhattan, who al
legea thal on Baturday bagave Beleske
.v;j and a goid watr h and chaln. and
thal yeaterday he turned over $1<*0 to
the detective. He then reported the
affair to Headojuartera and Beleeke'a
arreat followed.
S<-l>-ske has heen on the pollCC force
for aeveral yeara. He la forty-two
i a
Men in Brooklyn Station Fail to
Detain Woman in Black.
An tinldentifled woman. dreaaed In
brack, attempted to r-ommit Buiclda late
yesterday afternoon Ly jumplnir ln front
i,f a tialn hOtBBd for Manhattan at the
Boroueh Mall statlon, Brooklyn, bul waa
atopped by the ?jnl^k werk of a Bubaray
cateinan and a man waltlnK for his truin,
arho tbrew tbell arms ajmut her.
As they led bar npatalra te imn her
over tn a patrolman, she muttered her
IhBnks, sayinK "I'm K'ad you atopped
Patrolraan Hanvej aaa her break awav
from t)?'' "i"" arul caughl her Sli> Iie
came hysteri'-al and a CfOWd aathererl,
thlnklag Bha was belng held up, and de
manded an eaplanatlon,
rlanvey, who araa not aware of lha at
lempt at suicid'-. lel go Of hei aiai and
iilaiiegefl t" al|p aaray and roah**!
acrosa the atreel Into the north entrance
of Borough Hall.
Although they sear. I.erl Ihe liinlillllK she
could nol ba found. ln ber illnht ahe
Iropped a paekaa-e contalninR a Mack
Financier Plans to Lend Farm
ers Money at Low Rate.
I M> T'learapli tr> I'l,. THhune |
st. I'aui, Oei 'A -Whea Jarnea .i Hlll
irganlaea hla blg 6r*eaiclal IriatJtuttoo in
st I'eui a greal n.<i arlll ba glven to
rarraera of tbe Majrthwaal In the matter
ot Dorroarlng money Mr. Hlll has lomr
kaoked win, dUplenaure on thc rate* ef
Int. r.-t Ottarged the farmern of Mlnn,
sr.t , Xorth Ds-kota. South DakOtd Bttd
MonlauMa, ratea Brtden usually earj froaa
| le l<> j>er '-ent. Ha ls sald t<> he a nrm
BeHevei ha rate* of from l to ti p.T rent. J
Mr. Hiil. a'cordlnK tO a rellahle BOUrce,
pald "ti< ,f the feataraa of hla new in^-ti- h
luflon would I,. to lak" can- of lha fatin
ii.i in \tnd raoney al ratea rauch],
lower ihar, ni m prevail.
if Mr Hlll makes BjOOd, Ilnanc'?i> ??i).
that Neathweal la 'iitaln io haye a i>:*i'
boean. Kocb duy aeea a step aaa rer ta
tompletlon of the National Hank and
rrn.'i Company that Mr. Hlll ls plannlni;
And dHnK th, I,, -:t Arn. i I'-iin Uill'K
H.T.Dewe) k Bona Co., im r'ulton st.,N. V
Accused Lieutenant's Lawyers
Seem To Be Desperate, or ai
Least Prompted to Take
Long Chances.
Defendant's Taking Stand in His
Own Behalf Still Undecided?
Several Friends Give Testi
mony That Actually Aids
Prosecution's Case.
There were many weak Bpota ln tha
evldence preeented by the defence at
tha iHai 4,f Liautenanl Charlea Becker
for the murder of Herman Roeenthal
yeaterdav. At timaa it appeared thal
Beckar'a lawyera were prompted by u
spirn of deaperatron, or al leaal taking
long chancea, ln calllng wltneaaea who
helped their cause Ilttle and In aome
Inatancea aeemad to areaken the case
ror the defendant Though twentj
one wltneaaea teatlfled, the aum total
of th?- day'a worh was comparatlvely
nil for th,- ?i, r- n e.
In aome Inatancea the rross-examl
natlon of the defeni a'a ^
i-rought out ?? itlmonj that apparentl
atrengthened the caae for the proaecu
tWin. Any benefll which the defeni ??
mtght have galned from these wit
waa apparently outwelghed by
the reaourcefulneaa of the Weti
torney and his aaetatant, Mr. ,\!
turnlne. th,. tide thelr wb; on thi
, roaa-examlnatlon
Two or thn ?? *. ir?,.- : ?,, i,.
entlrely Incompetenl from a legal polni
,-f \ lew, aiHi th.- . oui t dld ii"! permll
them i4, teatlf) regardine. matter on
? hi- h Becker'a ? i unsel Intended
amlne tht-rn The teatlmony of ?
wltneaaea was clearlj a aurprlat
diaapi olntmi nl to i ounsel f^r the a i
cuaed Ueutenant.
Tombs Furn,she? Wltnesses.
The wltneSBM ? ed bj Mi>- defen ?
yeaterday dltl nol me well, an
B claafl Three r.f thi m w ei ?? pi
from thi Ton ' - iwo ol ? hom bi ?
awattlag trlal foi m irdei oi bi r.
nnd tha third a ii .-?? " The crlmlnal
brought out h Diatrlcl Attorney Wbit
man. ! ? l ? I llaMTedlted thelr
i> Btimon; <?>. Ith the I
Then there wer< even w||?
whoa* leatlmonj ? i, Ita faca
mlghi be open to pn fai 01 of
the defendanl ' ? ? ? ol bl Basocia -
tion a Ith the Polli i>Di
i.f thea4 wltne ^, - bowever, furnlahed
i,.v; imoni on i rot - examlnatlon whlcl
materlally helped the proaecutloa '??
nf th4- polieemen called were foi m< ?
membei - of Ueutenant Bt ki i 4
"atrong ai m ' bc,
The defi nci
. - for Mf ker at Intervala dur?
lng. the day'a prooeedlnga Thi
hlm a good reputatlon f<
;.,,,! ,.,..?! " w ith hardl an 1 tt eption
tl,.. , harai t< 1 wltnearw * admlttH ln
? ,, questlona by Mr Mosa that
;i? y never had heard anj one dlsruss
ln, ,1 .. partlcular 1 haracterlatli a of
?r?.a,.-fnitiess" an.l "quletneas" rela
tl-.e lo Me, ker. Pomfl Of them h.ol nol
heard Beckar'a rharacter dlaenaaad al
:ill' ptlor to lha time he was Indleted
for the murder of Roaeathal.
The defence called Ltieutenant Eroeal I
L von Dalaelaka, who was on desk
rjnty al the Weal 47th Btreal pollca ata- I
tion on the mornlng of July 14 m an
effort to Bupporl the teatlmony ot a
pre+lous wltneaa (Hawlay), who taall- j
n.-d that Becker wa-^ at lha police ata- |
tion practically all tha time from 8:80
(,, B a m. and could aot have mel
Roae and Weber at dawn and
aratulated them on lha taking ofl ol
Rosenthal as they teatlfled. Von |
Delaelaka had the police blotter wlth
the entries in hls own handwrltlng to
nx the time of Becker'a arrlral aad
Itay i*t the stati-m, and hls testimonv
iendeti tO dlacrodll further Hawl-Vs
Blotter Tears Down Teatimony.
'Pl,.. lieutenant's entiv lltowed that
Becker anivad at '?_*:. toatead of .im
I m. The wltnt-ss said 1k aaa Back
,.,- around the atatlon Ilttle after thal
limP, bUl dld not know where h. went.
Hawlay had placed the llme 0! tha ex
amatsoa of lUe *re,y ^anwder car" In
ri-nnt of the Btatroo al aboul dawn.
?aaa Beckar was preeent, ae be could
D,,t hav,- met Roae and Weber athiiit
thal time, a* ihe latter teatlfled. Lleu
lenant v..n Delaelaka rafarrad lo the
biottar again and alacovered thal tha
ar had heen axamlBOd "flhortly aft4-r
I ,,?, lock," arhleh is conaldi rablj aft.-r
lawa 4>n a s'liinii, t s mornlng ln the
nlddle of 'uli
Patrolman Willlam .1 Flle. win, WM
n th>- Ifetroi.? wtnii Roaenthal wai
.-hot nnd was 8 witn.ss for the pTOBe
ntion. was calli 'i bj tiw- dafei.
arday. In aaawer t" tha queetlona of
loim K M t ? 1111 > it, I'.i-iktiM coaneeL
).. denled that ha aaw "Jack" Suiu
an. I.ouie Krause 4,r M4>rris l.uh in,
trato, axcapt Suiiivan. are Importanl
aitattaaaa for the state. at th,- an aa >>t
he shoolinu- <>n > ross-txaminat rjoaj
M admitted. BOWejwar, that li?- ,ln| go,
p,i .mt of ihe atatropole ln time t<,
detitlfy any of th, men wh>, ,InI the
diootlng. and hls aitention was rtveted
MO them as ttM) Bpad away ln the
murder <ar," whleh he an.l other po
leaaaaa rhaaad In a taxlehb
Mr. Mclntyre fjiMlWad in* former
rtatemenl laat nlght%a ta tha dectaton
< oiilui""' oa ateth BaaWA eerAOil rnluniD.
I Mcctivcs Steincrt and White, both of whom are under indictment for perjury, tcstiticd about the raid
en Rosenthal's garnbling house.
Pajama-Clnd Co-ed Racos Over
Campus to Savc Violin.
Belolt, W ' '?? ?"?*
morning*1 All< ?? Thornl ?n, a
lt. i-.it Colli !?? bt .iro .1 noise In her
flgfl) the ' I man.
? . ? ?/ he had her
vi"iin undei
' ? ? I " ? ''?
dld nol itop he
protesl l?i thi a< llon*
..: [,,. ? ? Bhe roae
frorn ? ? I a li ng pin froi
thal lay convenlentli neai and ad
m ,n He Bed. BlM
followed ?cn - ihe rampua they'
r> f??vi -. "
(tnaily oVopp4 'l ihe 1"rM
...|| 'A ? I ?
Governor Marshall to End Gain
bluiff o:i Indiar.a Track.
-'' Ta
a wlll
track -.f ii
,,|, n
ln i nmpllani ? a/ltli
,,,,!? ra ? '? -iiKiit l>j ii" -?
. , nor Marshall
;,-< fotlowi il '??: orl
from pi i ete dete< tlvei i mplo ? d
.! thal then ? ? more
KumhlinR -it ih?
. - ttempt
,. tralnlng oi lei und Qo ern< i
ahall, who li '
nl.,. telegraphed hla s.- n
l . mlUtlfl if ".???> authorlf.t-1
| . .1 to stop the ui"-:.
draggeiTby automobile
Patrolman Badly Hurt by His
Own Machinc.
,., , , . ,lk-,T patrolman Bugene
Cahlll, of the Baal 22d atreel I itlon.
bought a motor car. Laal nfcht li*
u,?. oul in the auto arith hia wife and
?lster-ln-law from hla home ;?t No <? >
BaBtern Parkway, Brooklyn. m Brook
,?,?? be atopped Ihe ma
rhine auddenls and thoked hla englne
.,, avold a colll Ion arlth a BL John'a
PIB .? car.
,,? itnrted i" erank the machlne
again, when auddenly II atarted off.
CahH1 arrabbed the axla nnd waa
dragged aboul one hundred feet, whlH
the women acreamed for help Peter
Bmlth ot No. WO Presldenl Btreet,
Btopped the machlne, and Pather Fit*.
gerald of Bt. Qregory'a Church, ralled
anambulance. Dr. P.e, of Bt, John'a
Ho.pitai. took Cahlll i"""" wlth a
froctured leg and poaalhle Internal In
Jurlee. _
Daniel Frohman Testifies as
Expert in Damage Snit.
Danid Prohman, ibeatrleal manager,
?u an aaperl arKn. " <"
,-. aaterda] lo teaUf) to lha Imporl
. of a perfed ayelM to an snaotlonal
Th.- caae la arhlcl hti Pi ''". ? '
,? ;,.,.,l was thal ot Mta Bertha Weat
brook l:. i'l. ai actreaa, agalnal Uberl
Plaut t.i taldenl of l>hn * Plnh manu
farturim ehemlel foi
whlch aha auffered arh< n I * '?
ol Mi Plaul ran Into ll
ti,. so i'l. nt <>" urred i I ? ? ? ,:??,' '??
II ,i and "" ..- ? a lower
ii.i of'ber rlghl ?? ' ' '"' *******
M apparenl diffewnca la lha alaa of ber
Connsel foi tta ?<? "? - aaked Mr Proh
Buming Mlsa Beld'a eya waa ln
(ur | u ahe aOegea, arojuld II Interfera
vtth hei arorl aa aa eraotl ?
uo.ii.i it t revenl her from factally ea
preaalng 'en*a41on"t
Tin- expert repJi "f the theatrkal m.m.i
KBf was "Anythllu: Brhlt* ?TOUM mak,
it diiiieuii for aa airtreaa la aapreaa aa
emotioa fadalff would cauaa a naauBager
t.r h.'itat'. ritioiit ereploylng ber."
"Iliklt." the atyllah eyeglaia. Bryptok or
Tork Pabblee. Spencar a, I Maidtm l^auie.
It Costs Pittsburgh Steel Manti
facturer $33,000 to Re
gain Possession of
Valuable Articles First Brought
to This Country Years Ago?
Bon Says Incident Was
Due to Declara
tion Error.
? the moai tinuaual i bbcb ln 'h ?
.,f the cufltoma aeri lee e 8
?!,-,! nrhen Oeorg< Lauder, Ihe agi i
rei of Pittsburgh and
foi m< i ite of A
i irnegii p nd >:<.:;.iicii dutj yesterday
on tlu,. pi< ea 4,1 JeaHrj worth aboul
it'NMNMi m lii h hla wife had boughl
. .1 snd flrat brought to thia co tn
\i, 1 .1 id r, b< ompanled by Hi ?.
i.;,,,i ?. Mi-s Ellaabeth Lauder and
u iln.iiii T. Lauder a mald and man
,,? ,ii i\ed ii- re on Baturdaj on
the Whlte Btar llner Baltlc from Lh .
prpool. On the aama ateamahlp eame
Andrew 1 Btra Carnagle and
thelr daughter, .Miss liargaret Carna
The Laudera had made prevloua
trlpa lo this country arlth regular dec
laratlona and were not aaked queettona
concerning tha Jewela Tha duty on
whatever foratgn purchaaea thej had
brought In was pald and the detention!
,,f their baggage waa navar contam
Soon after thelr departure from New
Votk thia year Information was re
., |.\ the cuatoma offli lala that the
Laudera had purchaaed lawelry abroad
;,?,i nad brought " '" thia country
?rlthoul the paymenl of duty
DeciHo to Watch Them.
The matter was dlacuaaed i>y tha man
higher up, and whlle they di-i nol give
the inforra itlon much ? redence it araa
deuided to aratch lha Laudera irhen
they cama ln afeanwhlla lt was re
marked that it had been the cuatom of
the Laudera <>n anivlng ln thia por! lo
tnaka requeate to leave tha par imme
dtately, for tha reaaon thal etther Mrs.
Lauder or htr. Laiitlaf was m poor
health and dld nol wtsh to be detalaed. I
Laal Baturday tha Laudera an al
through Ihe regular formality of ac
' nowledglag thalr algnaturea on the
declaratloae and maklag arfldavlt that
the baggage arhleh lhay tefl on tha pter
f,,r examliiation was their pi'4ipefty.
This madi II poaBlhla for ttteen to hmve
fi,,. ,.niii. esamlnatlon 4,f baggage to
,,lts who had ae-'onipanl-il them
fr.,111 Europe and weiv famlllar wlth (
the contaota. 1
john crCoanor, aa actlag deputi
. | ,,r and one af tha craft ie-t ottl
, lala in tha traartoma Barvtca, was In I
charge 4,f the pler, on whVh w,-re aar?
, rai apactal ageata af the Tremsury De
|,ai-ttnent. 11 was one Of those deli, Bte
altuatkma Brhlch fraquaatly preseht .
themeelvee lo cuatoma ottlctahi tn which
they are requlred '4, a.-k rather dtreci
queetkana of reputaWe and aged par
aa* tha iMiaien arera aboul to laavs
the pier Mr. nVonmir aaked if tha]
had any j.welrv Wlth them. There flTfl ;
none vlslhle on Mrs. Lauder that could ,
rompare with tha three pfaoaa th,- oua<
toma otii. lais arara looldng for.
Ifra, I.auihr, it was learned, mnde no |
(ontinued on tlilrU vaae. OXth atbim*.
President Gets Six-Leaf Clover
from Little Girl.
[ Kmm a Itafl Tribune.]
Beverly, Maea., <>'t. 21.?Prealdent
Tafl recelved yeaterday from a little
Birl a six-leaf clover.
The chlld, who wrota thal she waa
<iKht years Old, aald Bhe s?-nt It. "four
leavea for good luck und tWO tO defeat
the Hull tfooea "
Nugget In Gizzard Sets Woman
Tracing Its Source.
. ld. Mass.. net. SL Mtaa .lennie
I'.ol'lnson has aaked i marketman to
and nrhere I dueh she imunrht al hla
- i
In the glaaard of the duck ahe found
mp -f goid aa larga as a pea*.
. .- the duck came from Miss
on bellevea there ls mor- K"id.
und she Intenda to turn r^japawtor,
Conple Secretlv Wedded, Em
barrassed by the Rodent.
. . , Tl ? rril
21 Walter ft Beyet
aml Miss Florence M. li" hardeori were
s,.!-.-iiv married lasl Pebruarj al Law
i, | r . entli they declded to
form ii anno im emenl of their
-,. to their parente, bul found
n ., predicamenl when they
honghi ihi tnarriaga certlflcata and
could nol flnd it.
it was then remembered thal the
d hidden it away, and aearch
was made through a cupboard, arhare
Bhe had placed lt To their aorrow the
eouple found thal a mouae had feasted
on the treaaured documenl and aii that
waa lefl was ahreda, Beyet was on
pelled to make a htinrled trlp to LaW
irg to K"t ? certlflad eopy to
.-how to his frtenda and ralaUvag,
Cutter Saves Passengers and
Crew of the Berkshire.
Waahington, i k i U The llre on the
ateamer Uerkahlre, ablaae ln i^iokout
Carollna, alm i Bunday
, aaa 1 ader control
late to ordlng to a dlapateh te
the revenue cutter earvlca The com
mandei of tha Bemlnole reported that he
was runnlng short of coal, bul arould ha
ki-i-p aii flre atreama poim,' for
.,,,. time longer Arrangementa are
belng mada to ? ? t ? oal t" tbe c itter early
The Berkahlre'a paaaangara, arho arera
taken aboard tba B ralaola to-day, arera
landed ?.' the Cape Lookout llfeaavlnil
st.ition to-nlghl and win reanaln there
nitil tha Beminelfl can leave the born*
ng ateamei ?>< take then t,. Peaafort.
An i xi'losioii in the luiid. I'lohahly of
Barrela of turpenUne, and Ihe peraiatenl
tlaalng of tba oottoo cargo, la sp!t<- ef
tba erTorta of tha eahauated trew, afcted
.> life aavera a:,ri th<- crew ef the Semi- I
pO|e, alanned Captain Harl ind ha aban>|
loned hopa of taklng hla s-mit> to Phlla
lelphla, arith her paaaengera, after b day ;
.i iuii of ?i. la) Tbe traaafer was <f- j
tcted arlthoul dlfnoulty. Tha twenty?4?ae I
? ra, v ho hava been on thelr way
i nu.iii to Phlladelphla arnee PH? j
be w nt t" tli> ir deetinatioaa hy
Several "f tha crelj ara reported to have
and araa palafully
turned before in> \ lefl th. ihlp
Draftsinsn Fires at Vice-Consul:
Misses ~nd Uses Pistol's Butt.
. ;t Newa, Va ? Oet II. -Kor aa al?
aged Inaull t" his wife. Charlea P.
trowa, ?' drafteoaaa la the lecad stiip
,-ir 'I. shot al Joaeph I. /ara, CubBR Viie
'niisiil Bl this BOIt
Brown md Eara and apaaaed nre with
i revetver and Mlaaad Browa then
iverpowered Zara and heat hlm with
ba hutt >if i is prletoL Warraata have
iem laaued foi tha arreal of both men.
it neceasary vou rould Uve on thla pure,
vholaaome beveraaa a lona time?Advt.
Kirk-Kiliseh, in Thrace. Said to
Have Been Captured and
20,000 Moslem Pris
oners Made.
Constantinople Itself Admita
Enemy Is Withi^i Twelve
Miles of Adrianople,
Reinforcements for
Which Fall Back.
Governor of Threatened City W.irm
the Residents to Husband Their
Food and Also Recommends
Those Able to Lcave
to Do So.
fn> 4'ahle to The Trlhun*. 1
London, Oet 22.?The eyes of Europe
are directed toward Adrianople, where
all mllitary crltlcs are agreed one .tf
the world's hlstorlc battles must be
foustht. Whlle the Bulgarlan maln
army has forced the Turks back on tho
outer forts of Adrianople, the left wing
ls also maklng considerable progres*.
and varlous unconflrmed telegrams
have been receiverl announclng fhe
capture Of Kirk-Kiliseh, in Thrace.
Where tha Bulgarlan attack. It ls m!
leged. was so sudden and S4> careft.Hv
planned that 20,000 Turkifh soldleri
were captured and three months' am
munition. food and general supplles for
an entlre army (orps fell Into the
handa of the rlctora
Strong detai hmcnts 4>f Bulgarlan
troops started Immedlately to cut off
all "inmiinlcation between Kirk-Ktli
aeh and Adrianople, und soon after
ward the arhala string of outlylng forta
north ol Adrianople were taken by
Bulgarlan troops.
lt le added that the auccess of the in
I ntVamj army has been auch that all
troops Intenaed a? reinforeements for
Adrianople have been stopped and are
retreating further ea-st along the rall
road iine as far as Ergene. Some of
theee troops, Whleh were sent only a
few days ago frotn Constantinople, a.^
now rettting so preclpltately toward
Eakl Baba that the movement ia
equivalent to a flight.
The Turks, after their nrst reverses,
aeem to hava lost aii cxm&deaca in
themaatvas and iheir laadara,
Penned Up in Adrianople.
Tha latest dispatch from thls district
laaarta that communicatlons with
ConatanUnopte are already completvly
aevetad and that the Turkish artny
now penned up In Adrianople, whltb
is much amaller than has been v<;t!
mated, 18 at the marcy of a few waaka'
atega bj tlu- Bulgarlan troops.
KitiK I'Vnhnand is personally dlreot
Ing hls army's operationa and is show
itis iiimself a shrewd and brllli.irt
ommander. Some even predlct ?hat
Adrianople will fall Into the handa of
the Bulgarlan8 after only a few days'
It ls admltted ln Constantinople U
nelf that the Bulgarlans are estah
lished withln twelve mlles of Adr'a
uople and that a big battle ls 1mm'
:nent. The Governor of Adrianople
aaa issued a prodamation warnlng the
:,sldents to husband tholr food, owing
Lo the poaelbtlity of an lnvestment of
the town. He recommends those able
;o leave to do ao.
A strong Hulgarlan force yestenlay
Bttackad Bazbozet, near Adrianople.
Which fell Into their hands. and a iBfBjO
number of Turkish prlsoners were
taken, who were at once escorted to
Bulgaiian terrltory.
Heroic Bulgarian Attack.
The strong Turkish fOffttaaaj Of Chlr
men. ten mlles to the south af Mua
t.iph.i Pacha, was the s< ene ,,f n heroic
itty< k. Bulgaiian troops to the number
af ten thousanil stormed the outworks.
lrove bach Ub8 Turks at the polnt of
ihe bayonet and linally took the fort.
afj wlth comparatlvely few losses. thu?
pushlng thi- investnient of Aurlanople
Len miles further south.
The great Turkish fortress, it ls now
*tateil, will be entlrely tnvesfed from
hiinien to Kirk-Kiliseh, as extreme
ainga west and east. From these
IKilnts the lnvestment lines are foldlng
4outh to a meeting place on the Ki\er
Maritza. when Adrianople wltl be com
idetely shut off from communlcatlon
*ith Constantinople
lf there is any truth In the story of
he . apture ol Kirk-Kiliseh the Turks
ire un,)uestlon.ibly ln a perilotis posi
lon. Th.are are iniBaanuiB r4iads iantf?
ag from Kiik-Killsidi south to the rnll
ray by Which the Turkish army gfnWl
ta ammunition an.l sujiplies. By foi
owing them the Bulgarlans could eoine
n behind the Turks and cut off thelr
Ottcman Pian of Campalgn.
M4 anwhile none of the newa of flght
ns has originated in Constantinople
nd ctitaca are now speculatlng on the
io88lbllity of the Turks belng ahle to
>rooeed wlth thelr pian of campalgn.
"he Turks counted on belng able to
iold th?- Billgaiiaaa along the line from
kdrlanople to Kirk-Kiliseh, and on
naking u rapid daah through Maee
;onia to Sotia, but the scbeme haa par

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