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College Football S> Boxing
Football Camps Full
of Life and Action
Tigers Work Three Hours, with
Dartmouth Game in View.
Harvard Captain Runs Through
Signals, but May Not Play
Against Brown.
By Ttl.araph to Tb< " I
Prlnceton, N. J . Oet 21?Prlnceton
coaches kept the 'varsity squad on Os
borne Fleld for nearly three hours thls
afternoon. v.Ith the l>artmouth game on
?atnrday ln Vlew. A stlff flfty-minute
ecrtaannage was (ollowad by a long drlll in
briaklDK through. wlth De Wltl and
Waller exchangiiig pUBtB to work out the
ends and backs. Hluethenthal, Princetoa'a
si i edy centre. played star football. At the
openlng of practice the regulars were on
the defensive. an.l the apgrt-Hslve forward
broke thnu^h repeatedly, asnaahlag up
plays. Twlce he pleked up costiy futn
bles by the BCrub and raced down the
fleld like a full tlcdged back, scorlnir two
toiiehdowns unassit-ted.
The "varsity line showed great itnprove
mt nt over the work agalnst Byracuae on
Satjrday. The men were on their loea aii
the time. forclng the scrub team down tbe
fleld untll Boland was pushed ba. k over
hls own goal llne, scoring a safety for
the regulars. The rlght side of the llne
devcloped more spenl and Lopan and
Penfleld could be seen gttting down tiie
fleld under every klck.
De witt hai ilttle the better of Earl
Waller to-day ln puntiug. both men aver
atring over forty yards, lt became so dark
toward the close of the practice that even
"Hobey" Paker, who went throunh last
seas.in without dropplng a ptint. was
gullty of several bad fumbles. Flve laps
t;round tbe Beld flnished the str>
aiternoon'a work.
Ooveraor Woodrow Wllaon was on the
i . 1.1 for ball an hour watchlag the work
of the eleven and chatting wlth "Snake '
Atnea Roaa MeClave, who epied th< Gov
>t on the side lin'-s. eordially I
him to "make hiinsclf at home."
Armstrong. a veteran Prlnceton guard,
took charge <>f tbe Mne to-day along with
Tom Wiison. Tbe 'varsity Uned up aa
folloa a:
Left end. Andrews. left ta< kle. Phlillps;
l- ft guard, Bhenk; centre, Bluethenthal;
rlght guard, Logan; rlghl tackle, Pen
I; right end, F. Treiikman; quarter
back, B Baker; left halfback, Pendleton;
rlght halfback, tt Baker; fuliback, De
Wltl and Waller.
L.ght Work for Yale 'Varsity.
[By T.-lt-Krapli te The Trlb .
New Haven, Conn., Oet 11 All of the
Yale regulara reported iti falrlj good eon
dition at Vale Fleld t4>-day after thelr
ry al Weal Polnl oa Baturday. 1
Wi H > ra! bumps and r.i ,'.-.? n.strib
ut?-d atnona the acjoad, but nobody was
.?..-! ioiisly imrt OT incap i< Itated enough tO
be kept oul of the game aay length of
v. itti the poaalble exceptlon of
Coow Hla ankle has been botherlng
for aomi tlmi and to-day he was
aulte lami II ia doubtful If be will be
to play next Baturday. Ti
th.- onl) regular who failed tu report.
and tt was becauaa of recttatlon.
A great relief ls telt at Yale now that
team i.ih aafely passed the Weat
Polnt crialB. lt la doubtful lf Yale wtll
p'ay again thne next year
Th.- coaeaea and uBdereraduatea alik.
areri wlth the work ol tbe
team lt abowed much power and poten
atrength, which is aii tbi.
ppear. Work was ataited
-. in remedylng tbe eountleoa in
dtvtdual defecta and in amoothlna
the crudlUea ol teaaa play. Thi coa
de nol ? apo l ai oth< i a ?? b t' at untll lha
Brown ganae, and are pleaaed over t'i
Of careful developmenl ?
will have time to i omi to frultlon
out belng Interrupted bi a hard game
whlfc still uadavt koped.
The reRularB t4iok Hght Indlvldual ?
to-da\. moetly la Mmberlng up, handllng
the ball, and in ountlng and ktcklns. By
aa aaorrtrnr tbai will be plungad aga;
to aatrd work a great daal of attenUtm
will be beetowed upon tbe enda and
aaartarbacka Tbe former are not ahow
lng Qu.te as much offenalve Btrength us
exi ectfcil.
in to-day'a prai tlae th. 'van l -
etttutea played tbe taird team and roan
?ajad to acon two touchdowna aad two
aoais. Casties scored tbe Brat oa a abort
pjuagc through guard. wlth a run i f
ikoai h\. yanis Martla klcked tbe goal
Pumpeily plunged ovei for the a.nu
acore. following a st ri. s of llne pla\s.
and ht a'lso klcked the gi?al. Whi ? l r
ran the teaaa at quartarbacfc.
There Ib much hope that Wheeler a ll
prove the Baaa tor the place. rae leat
of the team was maue up of (Jile aad
Sheldon. .-nds. H. WaiTea and JeTOOW
tarklar: Thaw, Oreea and tlarbuBon,
guards; Martyag, centre; Wheeler, i.*>ftuh
?nd Dyer, qiiat terback. I'astlea and
Cainp. left halfback; lie. keit. Baker und
ITalaer. rlght balfback; PutaptxUy and
Alaitin, fuliback.
li wa? a Bae array of materioJ ?i.d
capable ot 'varsity Uevelopment. Walter
Caaapa oicott aad liowaaan asBiat'.i la
Ihe .oachlng to-ilay.
Coolidge a "Find" at Harvard.
[Bj Talegrepb te Thi TrBaaaM i
Canibriilge. Mu*s., o t. 11. -Wlth few
aa tptloaa the Harvard football playera
camt OUt on Boldit-r.s' Fleld to-day |B
aplenilid tondltion after the Amherst
aaaaaa, Thcri waa no scrlmmage. but the
lln-men eame ln for the uflu<4l eoaehlBg.
and the flrst teaaa spent a toog time in
elgnal drlll.
TI.e Aniheist game added no playcr to
th" Injored list. estoaat 'hat pnniite, the
oubstltute fi.llbatk, n-,-< ivexl a klck on
the back whloh will r..|.ilr. a liitit; atten
aaaa for a few daya. Btattb ?nd Ceotkawt,
the end TUeaaa WhO have been on the
hospltal list. wtll ba out aguiti ln a day or
two. so that Harvard will hav. the benefl!
of aii its best aaaltiiial for the piliMetoa
game. now only two WQOhB off.
it was eapected that thls week could
lie <1>IVOted ta pri paring for the coming of
tl. 'I'lgers, bul the Urown team did so
well against Pennsvivania that Harvard
xAiii take the Baaae more earloualy than it
eapected to. The acouta have providid
tht Harvard acrah t'-am with some Browa
pia\?, whleh win ho aaad axuinst tb<
?varsity tO-U?erroa and WadB<
llrown's rush llne dld some BBaaadM
t harglng agalnst Pennsylvania. an.l the
Ilarvnrd forwards have been told th.it
they will have no eaay time.
Trumbull wai at rjght guard to-day
iWhen the 'var?lty practlsed plays, and
xfjV.Hngit waa at rlght end. Trumbull
looks aa If he bas the makings of e aplen
did forward. whlle t'oolldge will f'-rre
CBrlen *t right end. io<,ildge's play ln
the Amheral same was the best that any
Harvard end rush baa done ?hla fail. He
was alwavs down und.-r Fetton'a klcks,
whlch were blftl and BTetaged forty
aerea yards.
Drlscoll. who *rts Bt riahl guard r-g
ularly for the Brat two gamea was on
the fleld again to^lay. but lt La doubt
fnl wh4 ther he wlll regaln hls 1'lace over
Trumbull. M . _ .,. j
Harvard's line )s In great need of work
on the defence, i nd wHI recelvB a hard
hammerlng thla week.
( gptaln Wendell ian through Blpnaia
this afternoon, a though ho is atin auf
fennS with hls '.in ear." He ma>-not
ptayaaarnal BrOU n, but there Ih no doubt
that ba wlll I- ready for PHneeton.
Confidence at Dartmouth.
wlll d.fe.it Prlaceton nexl Baturday.
The team returned fron. WllllamatoW
ln fairly sood condition, W Rogera and
Whitnev belna the only two "ho re
ceived allaht Injurlee Rogera has a
wrenched ankle, whlle Ivaltney'a ahoul
der may keep hlm oul of tha gama for
a few days. Pennett ls fltlll OUt, nnd I
?eema aa thougB tha Mi capUln would
DOl play mUCh thla year. Hls knee re
fuses to knll flrmly anough lo enabie
biin to Btand any rough work
Thla afternoon there was tiie < ustom
ar v hour'a drill. Then the flrst and aec
ond teama went through a hard thirty
mlnute acrimmage Bob Hoffaett has
been ahlfted to left end and played a
wonderful game there. At last it aeema
there 1s a aolutlon for at laaal ona of
? .. . ? i poaltiona Murdock and Ohea
played well for th* perond team.
The tralntng taMe ?n" atarted to day.
There is an old CUBtom al '
Btartlng the tralnlng table the week be
ireton aame and keeplng it
up tili th.- end !>'' the Beaaon Blateen
men have made tha table bo far More
win be added a prove
worthy of the dlstlmtion.
Shake-Up at Pennsylvania.
I Ry Te]e?rrfip 1 to Th- TrlbUI ?
Phlladelphla, Oct 11.?More thi ?
ahake-up ls comlng ln the Pennaylvanla
varsity football team aa a reaull of Ihe
cruehlng defeat by Brown and Bmlth
atarted tho hall rolllng to-day when he
eent Mlnda ir? as quarterback In pl
Marshall. The last named haa - own
poor generalship In all the gamee thus
far plavd. and th<- chancea are that If
glven fl place on the team he wlll play
at end until Yo ing la able to get around
to Bomething nearer hla natural form.
it is stin thought thal the faeulty wlll
relnatate Rodgera, whlch would materlally
atrengthen tha llne, b il the appearance
of t'raiie the huaky ta kle, who was huri
ln the Dtckinson game, was the one rlfl
ln the eloud o| k1"""i that hung ovei
Kranklln fleld to-day
Th<- Quakera were ao aore from the
hammerlng recelved al Provldence on
Baturday that bej md a drill ln signals
and a short acrimmage the playera did
little work.
Easy Day for Brown Eleven.
B Ti IceTBph to The Trlba
Provldence, Oet. 2) Caaea of "Charley
Horae" kepl several of the Brown foot?
ball playera out of prr-.<tiee to-day, and
the coa.hes gave the men only Ilght work
in preparatlon for the meetlng wlth Har?
vard at cambridge n.-xt Baturday.
Mltcheii, Tenney, Bean and Qoldberg
are nur?ing bad anklea and were n?t !n
toga Their piaeea were tak
tutes, The roachea devoted conalderable
Andrewa wnom they hoped to de
velop Into a good alternate f^r Ftean at
haifbai-k Captain Aahbaugh and Henry,
the fullhack, were drlllerl ln klcking, BB
pecially the former, who prnitiperi place
kiiks. a coupte of n?-w formatlona were
tn.ri oul before ).ra<itl< c ? aed
Lafayette in High Glee.
Eaaton, Penn., Oct IL Lafayette dld
not Jeopardlae her chaacea for the Penn
Bylvanla game wbea ahe mel (Jrafnua on
Baturday, for the entire backfleld waa
on the rtdelinea with the eaceptlon of
Dlarnond. the quarterbaek, who waa
Iifrilerl tr, run the team. Kvei: \\]th I
stiiiit.- lol of backe, Uralnua waa defeated
by H i-olnts tr> 8. Thla augura well f"r
l.afayett.-'s ihan ea liexr Snturday after?
noon againat Pennaylvanla.
The star of the eleven thla full la a,
Phlladelphla boy, Dlarnond hy name h..
played a remarkah'..- game against Vale
and ahowed his abtttty to thlnk qutckly
on Baturday, when on Ihe fallure nf rh,
ends tO get fre,- fo a forward paaa he
tucked the baii under haa irn and
BQulrmed through tha entire Uralnua team
for a touchdown.
Another pleaaaat feature of Saturday's
gnme was the dlsrover> of fl sferllng bach
ln Kelly. He was not even a flrst BUbartJ
tute, hut wh?-n put In played llke () firat
riass man and "iii get Into the game
against Pennaylvanla oa Baturday. i>a
favette hns made aueh progrt-saa the last
two weeka that the unrlergraduatea feel
Bure the team wili rake Pefaaaytvaala'a
measure, and on that Bl rount there wlll
be a blg repreaentatloa of attidente at the
Regulars Who Have Been Out of
Game Back on Squad.
[By T*4egrapfc te The TrBniaa
Annapoiia, Oct. 21-Distinct cnan*ea
were made ln the llne-up of the Naval
Atademy football team, for the return of
several of the vet-rans WBO had heen out
of the game for on-- reason or another
put a lot of heart Into the wbole BQJUad,
who went to work thla afternoon wltb
plenty of aplrlt, ln splte of conacrjuttva
defeata by Lehlgh and BwarthBM
Mrown, the blg guard, who haa had
grip, waa In condition to go through sig
nal. Ovensi.li, who ha-s lilled out the
perlod of tnforred lnactlvity nt tin arder
of the auperintenik-iit, \sas baek a' his
place on b ft end. The blggest CBaaga was
the brlnging of Ingrum frnm eeotra to
th. oai kllelrl, wh.-re he Ifl belng ttrafhed
tr, aaa his uaj paaada ln ptoughlng a way
fnr the man with tha hall Batea, <n,>k
and Nl'holls were th?- other backs, hut lt
ls prohahle that McK.-avy will llrui a
? liind the line when hln hanil heals.
Mcfteavy La evea haavler than lagraia,
and this wlll glve tuo hacks of the llne
arnaahlna type Browa and Howa were al
th,- gaaitla thla aiteriiooa*, Redtnan arid
Yaughun at the tn.-kl.-s atul Overeach und
QUchrlal took cara ol lha ends. This
combtnatloB Bave a Uaa averagina over
l>wi puuids, and ?-wry muii oi thernia Vut
? Baseball ** Automobiling
Omits Practice, but Points Out
Errors Made by "Vkts ty.
[By Telegrapli to The Tttbona.l
Ithaca, N. J, Oct n Bj "ay of re*t
ins the men ..ft. r t thall
la * Ba.? ?. ( dla
pei ed With field wot
gathen d the p i
talk la ai
n tl.. ni through Hignala ln Ihe
At the
? ting.
. riticlsing and andea ' pr- '
..1. w of Ihe :..?' thal ? ment
? ?
to ;:.' lim m< ? whll
.. ntn i i Is atti llon on thi I n?
to strena hen It a
"Tl ls i
WOrY ..f ' ?
"' ' "
t:- r yai
that p"i"i t' ? toi m II llne on
paasea over 1
10 bave .-. ? ?
i) ,na on I n partleular po
. ? ? t
?.t thi primi
ln footbal I
of - holee .
? -...- will ? In i
tlib W4 ek, and < day 1
v ii d- mand that the teai
? ? .>?
Team in Good Condition
Squad Has Light Practice.
W . st Polnt. K. Y.. I '??! 21 Llgl t |
t:. ? waa In order for th i ' ? lol
ball squad thi Xone of the
.? ho partli Ipated ln th.- guine
wlth fale on Baturda) took parl ? I
' work to-.lay The men eame out ":
game In excellen! eondltlon. aalde from a
few i
,,f much Batlafaetlon lo Harry Tuthlll,
tralner of the i letroU tmertcan I
all team, who Ib handllng tlu men
Tlo- reaull ol Kal Ib n??l
worrying elthei coai h< or pla: ? i
Knowlng the B/eaknw ? In the
line and wlth Captaln Devore on Ihe aid*
i lines, it waa it allat d thal I
Ai imv could hope foi ?. .? t.. hold ^ ah- to
a am ili acore, and thia waa a< o
, The woi ii ol Key? and llobba on the
oftenalre waa pleafln* to the oaacbea, and
- i proved" i demon on t he eec*
ondary line of defence, mnklna some
lackli b tl rlni and hard
Devore'a lea atlll gtvea hlm trouMo, bul
lie expecta to be In the w rlmma
few daya Hoi Ollleepl re piaylng
st.'.r football on the enda and follow the
? i,m|] lik. i.oiiiHi Hoge'B recovei y "t
aome ol Plynn'a fumblea on Baturday waa
eharai terlatl. of the play af Armj enda
j for tbe laei two ?? ? u i, all ? io havi been
under the tutelage of Lleutenanl Hanv
1 mond.
Lleutenanl Boyera, arho was ona of tb.
Army'B oemt eentre* t. n yeara :ty,<>. J..in.-?i
th? stnff of coachea to-day, and wtwked
hard with Waddetl, WcOee and Dorer,
who are aubatltuten for the plvotal p,,?i
Beat Seniors, and Get Grip on
Baseball Title.
? Tbe Columbta aophotnorea need to win
only one game In the Interclaaa baaeball
S4 ries for the Bddle ?'oiiinH madala to
make aurc of the champtonahlp, for they
defeated the aenlora In the nexi te the
iast tiK't'i by a acore <>f fi to ., yMterdai
| The jtanie was played on Bouth PleM be
i fore a record-i reaklng erowd The aenlora
j hlt i.ee hard in the firsi lnnlng ai d Bcored
i three runs before they retired The
sopiiomoi i s. bowever, evened mattera by
[ gtttinR three runa .,ff Qretach, and by
addlag three more ln thi second lnnlng
; made eure of tbe game.
Bpooner tht aophomore rU'lii Belder,
? went baeh t" the tennla courta In the aec
ood lnnlng and madi a onoahandod eatcfe
of a lim. thal wouM hava been good for
a home run Tl. rra two on baaea
at the time. H waa the most aeaaatlonai
j.j,,.- ot Beidlng m the Barlea
Tfca acore bj Innlaga foUowi
H 11 I
Seniors I " 10 11 I 7 1
Bophomorea I .: . n | j
Batterlea Qretach aad bfalo) ; \- ? , i
Bhibley Impir. a. c. Rothwi II
lf you uae The Tribune's Situationa
Wanted columna.?Advt.
KU -,, Bl \'Ki . Ol THE VANKEBB.
Falr Golfers Capture St. An
drews Course for a Day.
Allowance Helps to Win Net
Prize Gross Award Goes
to Mrs. Rogers.
rlaring that i done
... frrajrettee. flfty
Invaded the
St. Andrea '
lon, this i lom er golf elub of
ar aa tax ed t o I t t o a i
the \ i-lt.,1 b, pian) of a
had i t v. i aeen the courae bef. Mis
N i' : . ? t. ? rlaltui f.i mntron, wnn
m;tn a card "f I Tbe
net pri ? " I'uff. of
I '
ad been returned
to tbe effect
1 luffa hani loo llb
, ral Howevi recelved II
ahi atarted the round, and is her card
was In before It wa dlacovered that her
the commtt
. notblng to do but let it stand.
ioweier, diclared that she
did nol want th- prtae if there waa any
questlon ufl to her iiKht to tbe handicap
There la littl* doubt bul that bef allow?
ance aill be coaatderably reduced before
another tournamenl lakea place
Mis. Rogera'a prlncipal trouble waa on
on the tiist four of whlcb Bhe
? ihn i puta. off the lee and
tbii.net, the falrwaj ahe waa dellghted
with tt,?? reeull Oul ln 17. she turned
foi home with the Idea that sb- mlaiit
, total well io keeptag with her
? .iti. Bhe acddentally toucbed tn-r
ball whlle add r eaal ni it for tha second
t tl ? ? ? ? ? lh Thia p. nalty atroke,
rnupled arlth an t-xtia putt, Bava ber '
for Ihe hole Kour trlea foi the cup 4in
teenth areen ga vt hei anotbei
\t thal ahi ? ??. home la i'i
foi . .
(lei , -it,l folloa
.1 c
hle wa- offered bj the club'a pro
feaaional, Irvlng itrlngar, f,.r the eoaa
petltoi whtt bad the greateal number of
? on ii-r card. Mis- Bleaaoi N
Whitney, ol Morrla County, aad Mra W
l) Judaon, of Braradale, each bad one
hole under pai BBuree, but the ejueetlon
ai to who ahould bave ihe maahle was
left uiidt iiiii-d. for Mlaa Whltnej di.i not
tn play off.
The aaxt tournamenl for tbe women
wiii be held al the Qreenwloh Country
i 'ini, on Tbureda .
Thi acorei arere a>- folloa ?
Ml ?
Ml -
i lro
\ ;, laida Duff, I' aiw odla Ifl
N I'. Roaers, fialtuarol, . H
M lf iiitji'..-. Dunwoodti io.'
i-, an, t- (Jwyer, Blaranoj Itl
u ,i laiii,. Wykaarl W
u i Blrd, I. inwoodle ...101
Mai !.??.,..1-1. Italnncld.lM
, w Rendla Mldland Bt
i*. lt 4-,,-k. .. s, arsdale, .. io".
i..-iw ,,-ii,.- Ha Ift, Rnglaa.I, M
. ir ii i- t'.o relly, BtlgleWaOd 111
i?..,? ar, ? '? ntii,I.104
I A Moort , Kcaradali ... .107
Wharton, P alnneld . .114
p lnnrtii- i:>-.\ . ountj . IN
i: ii Ri Ith, Monl lali IM
a B. Roesln, Ontury.10J
t i Rj ,1,. Craafi rd .IM
i-: Brltlainan, Dunwoodla I I
lt Rtochtoi, t'lalnfleld 104
A. \\ . I'hilvt-rf. Mnli'ipar. . 10>
Mn 1. y Ottt n, Wi kag] I
Mn. W D. Judaon s- Bradale. 110
Mn N P Tyler, Wykagyl.. IB
Mi m |, Pateraon, Bneleweod lal
Mn \\ B l. ii,"'-,' Knal< atoed III
Mlaa Julla Bredl Baaea Counti 191
Hi h I 1 ?? in iton, Clleo. !('?
Mr* u all 1 Pi i". Balteavel IM
Mi \ Lal maB, Ontury.III
Mi-- 1: N. w lu'iifN. Morrta .'? i?.
Mri K i' 1 "'? ft a, Enah.I 1
Mi .1 lt Hhoaf, Bearadala.118
Mr- I. H Bai li. CentUl r. '!!>
Mi- M il Ma IJonald, I'm,*.Ha 131
MNs .; Wood. Elaeketxaexk.mo
||n '' .1 S.-lt.-r. IJlWBIxOJ Ui
M,? Attioii- Jefcaaea, Bliraae) i-n
Tbe follOWlag eoiui'eteil, but returned
no carda: Mrs. Ft c. Brown, vwuagyi;
Mis. .1 c Barelay, Itaeltenaack; Mra, B,
,\. Ciiaalaghaaa, Baglawoodi Mn J. a
Phllbrli a, Montclalr; Mra, f Travla,
Moi.ti laii, .Miss Paga Behwarawalder,
Knglewood; Mra. J. A. Hon, Dunwoodie,
jk Golf ?# L
Big Purse Likely for Subscrip
tion Race at Piping Rock.
Owner of the Giants Not at
Death's Door, According
to Joe O'Brien.
So much Interest was shown ln the pony
siibs.riptiori race at the meetlng ?f Lhe
Piping Roch Ractng Assoclatlon last week
tiiat plans are already belng made for one
on a more ambltious acale next year, with
thoroughbceda instead of polo ponlea Tne
race aill be for two-year-olda, which are
now belng boughl as fast as BultaMa
r.n.s aaa be aeeured, ami are kept at the
Hltchcoch Btablea, al v7ee*bury. There
wlll i.e al leaet forty aubacrlhei who
will pay II.oijO each. <if thla amount H<*>
wili ba use.i to buy lha boree, while the
balance arlll go to the puree, whlch should
be worth fulty $'J".""'
The horaea arlll be dletrlbuted by lot to
the various Bubecrlbera at the gykhana
gam.-s nf lhe club n.-xt spring, whlle thej
r. probably al ala furloaga, wlll be
run next October.
.lohn O'Dowd, the aeneatlonal fleldlng
shortst.ip who was trled out by th- V:n
k.-.-s last svimm.-r before tha ndvenl of
McMlllan, was released t" tha Brockton
elub ?'f the New Bngland Leegue yeater?
day, O'Dowd was origlnally purcbaead
frnm Brockton
joe O'Brien, Becretan "? ,!l" '^n1*'
w !? authortty for the Btatemeni yeaterday
that John T. Bruah, owner of the club, La
nol dangeroualy I1L A rumor was Circu?
lar.d thal Mr. Hmsh was near death, bUI
this was dealed. Ha was out automobll
bag | few days BgO, aad y,-st?rday was
?ip and aboul hla rooma In tha Hotel Im
perlal Mr. Bruah Buatalned a broken hip
ln ?? automol lle aoddenl aevi ral weeka
u B ! ,. ... ...?,;.. or leaa eondned
ind.? ever Blnce. The fractura La dolng
M well as can I
u .1,1, Murphy, chlef ov
,,.. , | .,- wlth another
stat'-m.-nr. whl h Indi-at'S that
new pi.. i arell aa a new manager,
will be s.-.-'n on the team ni tl ? <r
-trnleaa i am badly mletaken, a
have a l.i ball club and a ? on
in ian," aaya Murphy. I aaa
poeltlve our pltchlng atall will be
Btronger, and tiie MtfteM wlll be made
up r,f fast men who can bll
- ,,,-? alow on l ?? ^,":?'
llnes la polnted oul by Murphj ln a cnm
parlaon of Ihe eluba In the number of
Btoleu baaea, whlch abowa thi
for aixth place with Phlladelphla Ha de
.-larea men nlm-teen and twenty feai I oM
must be found to take the places of the
playera who have been yeara m the game
and hava "alowed up "
Murphy talka as lf it waa a Bimple thlng
to pick up fast. capabla playera to re
place tha veterans.
Ram Walla'h la one of lhe b islrst llttle
i.tter anitera ln the aportJng wortd to?
day. In B mlsslve tO tha sp-Tting edltor
9.B, leclarea that ad Wotgaat la afraid
of Laacb Croaa, the Eaal Btde llghtwelght
?Wolgaat." savs vVallach, "Ifl hJdlng be
hlnd hls impoaalbla demanda. He says
wlll not meel L*saeb for leaa than
\sher' he knows that no club In
ld would giv- him so much money
??..,? boatng ten rounda with no dedalon.
The rnoel peculiar part of it aii. bowever
i- th.it Wolgaat is wtiiing to boa ba other
. iti. - foi Bmall puraa - i arlll guarantee
j- ,<> to meel 'Toea ln New
^,,'U or arlll glve hlm the prefareace of
flcreptlng 30 per cent of th.> grosa re
eelpta; bul bo far as hla H<V'?" ls con
i ni afraid that he arlll hava t.>
wall n long time "
I'harlev Dooln sa"'- he will atlch t.. the
Phllllea. This expreaalon cama followlng
a rumor thal ha would managa tha Cuba
ri'-xt year.
r. gel has bad six offera for the
i with every effer Ihe prlea
goea up
Pennaylvaala men ,.r? atirred up ever
the cruahlng defeal of the eleven by
Brown on Baturday, and .me who ls foi
lowtng tba work ol tha teaai rtotwly.aald
? rday:
?Andy Bmlth arlll Infuae aome flghtlng
Bplrlt ln tbe m.-n tbls week. lf lt ls necea
nrj to take them up to tha hoapltal
?nd have it Injected artth a hyperdermle.
This they Badly laeked on Baturday at
Brown, for aa Blll Hollenbach nnd s.-v
flral other old Pennaylvanla eoaohaa re
marked. wben they heard the aeoee, 'it
la dtagraceful * freahman team from
Pennaylvanla abould not allow aay Browa
eleven t.. boal them b) thal Bcore.' The
rhnnga from Marshall to Mm-Is for slgnal
gtvlng will di.uiiil.-s.t help on thla llne
conalderabty, r->r II wlll be n niamherad
that laal aaaann Mlnda nol only ran tbe
team well, bul pul a lot of glnger into
the play.-rs
"The line men wlll hava to learn to
keep their eyaa open and wat< h tbe ball
A hlt, as the old BtylB of .hargtng has be
,,,?!,. OUl Of date ln modern football.
There will dnuhtleas be a blg chajige ln
thla r.-gard by the end of tbe week, as
tbe men were Just commencing to BO
better ln this regard iatv laal week. Bal
whi n they got lata a real gaune they
forgoi what they had been laughl and
the Brown llnemen and backs found lt
Ian eaay matter to make ground through
| ihe line Theae bolaa should be atopped
up by Baturday, when Lafayette trlea to
repeat tha doea adratniatared by Browa.
Mllly Qneal, tha long dlstance runner.
has heen angagad oa coach by the 8tli
Reglment Athletlc Assoclatlon.
Mr? j. H. Taylor! Slwanoy; Mra. F. E.
Donohoe, Montclalr; Mra R B. Arring
t,,n. BcaOWdale; Mrs H. v7. I.U. Scars
dala and Mrs I'eivv f>, Am.-a, DllBf.
m oodte
I'ri.fesslonal golfers had a few hours
of fun aii tn themaelvawat I'ox Hlllayea?
terday. It waa a four-bali nffalr, in
Whlch Tmii Anderson, Of Montclalr. and
Have Hunter, of Baaea County, defaat
,,| Oeorga Btrath, of the I'res.-ent Ath?
letlc Club, and Jack Hobena, of Kngie
wi.nd, by I UP and 4 10 play.
Btrath celebratad hia Bevenay aauoad
blrthday raoentljr, Ha waa nol ho posi
ti\?. .,*> to iiis acore yeaterday, though
he has biipes of llvlng as many yeara aa
there were atrokee oa hia card. Btrath
stui refuaea to dotf his eap to Anderson
who is only a few years bla Junlor, and
declarea thal it was "Waa Davey Hunter
wbo dld the husiii'-ss "
TltAVF.I 1 KKH" CO.,
Aftnr iViurt. 20 Weat lllth Ht.
Telephone 'J* ."-' Ilte.-ley.
DflDT 1DTUIID 4 hlneae H>*teurmnt. Alr. 7 k B
rUnl BKInUn Metl Ht. tiee Kv* "Telegram.".
.awn Tennis S
Kurls Wordy Bomb at Murphy,
Owner of the Cubs.
f'hlcaao. Oct. 21?1 dare Prealdent
farphy to relense me. He la'ks the
lerve to do it. He started somethlng he
an't flnlsh. I am gettlng tlred of this
theap talk, and dare him to go through
vith what he has started."
Thll was the bomb hurled at the owner
,f the CuhB to-day by Frank Chance.
aanap.r of the ('hleago tenm. Taunted
o dl sp.'tation by the liiBultlng lnnuendoes
if Murphy. the peerless leader ls anxious
i, settle the wordy controversy once and
Or tiII. He added:
'T will glve Murphy $1,000 for every good
dayer he has ever secured, wlth the ex
?eptlon of three men, slnce he haa beer.
u tbe head of the club. I am the man
tsponslble for all the tradeB which put
he club where It ls. I have almost
teKKed hlm on my knees to go out and
ptt me certuln ball playera to help me,
mt th" answer has always been my team
vas thf) beat there was and that I did
mt aeed any more players.
"What Murphy wants ls a munager he
?an run in hla own swcet way. I have
?efused to let hlm run the team aince I
lavc baaa there, and that is ona rcason
M don't want me. Ia 1910. when we were
IghtlBg for the pennant and lt looked as
f my pitihlng staff was going to BjtVO
lUt, Murphy ordered me to play three
louble-haadera ln one week, and I abBo
Utely tohl hlm 1 would not. He would
tave put the team out of the race at thnt
ini.- by crippttng the i.ltching Btaft Just
,.r the Baka of gettlng a little larger r<
iins from gamea arlth thu PhUMoa .-md
:he Pli ?'
?Wl- could bave won the peanaat inst
leaaon If be had given me a ttttla h?-ip i"
retting mi n. I am going to stay here for
i \.v days to answer anythlng he wants
Oonnecticut League to Decide
on Wider Scope at Meeting.
New Haven, Oct. 21.-After dlscusidng
routlae buataeea foi aevaral hours to-day,
tbe annual meetlng of tha COsiaectlcut
Baaeball League was adjourned untll No?
vember ?). at wiilch time ofllceis will ne
ilected and actton tak4 n upon applica
itons fur memberahlp from Ptttsfleld,
\!., New tXNSdon ar.d New Hrltaln.
Th.- league has a balance of 11,000 ln the
treaaury as compsrfd with a detlclt a
;.-.ii ago
Citron and McCloskey, Heavy
weights, in Main Bout.
There will be no lack of actlon at the
New rft,,r Athletlc ''lub. of Harlem. to
nlKht. Three ten-round Conteeta will be
leiidtd, and whlle none of the men are
*t top notcha still they are ev.-nly
matcheil and amhltious. Sam Citron. of
tbe lower Baat Bid.-. and Tom Mct'ioskey,
WhO feel that they are destlned |0 0880
1ay wear the heavyweight tltlf, will ap?
pear In the star bout Whlle nelther make
an] pretenoa of belng champlon at pres
ant, tbey are hard, willing workers, and
will doubtiess furnlsh excltement.
i.iriy 1'helan and Pave Cronln, two
reatherwetghta, of Harlem, will crosa
glovea ln the Bemi-flnal bout, and a rare
battle Ib ln Proapect Law Meyera and
Bob Adler wll! appear In the opMlBg ten
round cntest.
. .ui Morrla, the Oklahoma heav\ arelght,
win be m New Tork again withln two
we.k? He wired his manager. Hlllv New
man. to g,> ahead securlng matchee for
hlm. and he will iirobably be matehed to
meet "Bandy" Ferguson, the Boston
heavyweight, before the Pllgrlm Athletlc
Club, of Boaton, ln a few weeka.
The time ls faat coming. boxlng en
thualaata belleve, when 'Taekey" McFar
laad will bare to face Jack Krltton or
pla) dead, Brtttoa boxed a draw arlth the
Btockyardar boj bn Mecnphla laat year.
ami aince that time Molarlaad has atu
illoualy refuaad to glve hlm a return
matcb. ln the tmanwhlle llrltton haa
come along In Sne st>ie and aaon win be
ln a posltion to demand a bout
It will be "Morgaa night" at the Forty
fourth Btreet Bportlag ?'iui> on Thuraday.
'a, k llrltton, the Cbl< ago llghtwelght, who
receatly defeated Leach t'roita and several
other good bo\B and who boxed a draw
wlth "I'ackey" McFarl.ind last year, will
faee Freddte Dnffy, of Hoston. I)uffv has
defeated maay good men, C)wen Moran
among otherN. and ls ready to make Brlt
ton DOl al top apeod. Ia another ten
round ceateat, at teaat one which laached
il.ii for ten rounda, the llon hearted Jlm
SaMige, who qult In three rounda to
"Ouaboat" Mnith, aill try conclualonB wlth
"Flghtlng" Jack Keating, whoso home la
00 the tolllng pralries of North Dakota.
Morgan declarea that if Savage doea not
Jiimp over the ropes ho may win. "Young"
Rellley haa asked for a return match wlth
Patay Whlte. und the boya will meet ln
the openlng ten-round conteat of the Bhow.
Jaaa MeMahOB will not op4<m the Emplre
Athletlc I'lub untll some time after Klec
tion I>ay. The preaer.t decllne in Intereat
ls the teason given, but when the altuatlon
brlghteaa ap 'he club wiii raepaa tta doors
with the usual hlgh grade boutj.
Other Sports
Crawls Through Ropes in tho
Garden to Save Stewart.
"Chief Official of the County"
Raves, Dances and Flnally
Has His Say.
Sheriff Julliia Harburger atopped ?M
bottt between Jlm Stewart. the heavy.
BraftjM boxer, of Brooklyn. and "Oun
t>oat" Smlth. of San Franclaco, at the end
tt the aeventh round to prevent Stewart
from reeelving unnecesaary punlehment,
\t Madison Square Oarden, laat night.
Thla Is the flrst time alnce boxlng be
rnmc legallzed that any perBons other
than the referee atopped a conteat ln any
')t the boxlng cluba In New York State,
but It wa8 not exactly neceaeary, fo
Bllly Joh, the rereree or the Garden Ath
letlc t'luh, waa on th?? polnt of ordering
lhe men to leave the rlng when tha
rllmtnutlve flgure of the Sheriff waa Been
rlamhaalna up on the platform, wavlng
the boaera out of the arena wlth a gran
lllociuent pesture and rare dlaplay of clvlo
The actlon of the "chief ofrldal of V*w
Vork <"ounty," to quote from tho Sheriff a
favorlte aumor, waa exceedlngly unpop
ular wlth the crowd, but lt waa tlmely,
lo aay the leaat. Stewart waa a beaten
man from the ttme the flrat gong eounded.
and U was only a queatlon of time untll
he must have gone down and o'Jt before
the furloua broadsldea of terrtflo punchea
whlch the Callfornla sallor drove home
wlth telllng force.
Stewart waa floored for the full count
po f,?wer than fonr tlmea, and after erta
tng from the laat, to ba eaved by the bell
whlch ended the eeventh round, wti ai
lizzy that he etood ln nald-ilng unabte to
rlnd hie corner untll dtrected there by the
refere.. and hla aeeonda. The men behind
hlm worked herolcally, but Stewart waa
In had condition, and, a-eing thla, the
Bberiff rushed to actlon.
lt Ib customary for peraona entering tha
ring to cllmb over the mlddle rope, Ixit
ihls llttle conventtonaltty dldn't both*r
the "chlef offlcer." He wrlggled und.-r
the bottom rope. llke a amall boy beatlng
hla way Into a clrcue tent, and thoae ln
the crowd who dld not "boo" were qulck
ly convulaed. Bat the worat, or, from a
theatrical vlewpolnt, the beet, waa yet
to come, and, be It reeorded. the Sheriff
made a moat tremendous hlt Wlth an
Idea of Impfessing tiie erowd with th*
majeaty of the law?an Impreeeion arhteh
waa aoon dlspelled by hls allght phyBtejee
and thln aray hair, he rnlred h,s hand for
sllence. The reatilt wna lnstantaneous,
hut not exactiy to hla fency All over
tbe houae hoota, boos nnd hlases. Inter
mlnKled with eatcall? hurat forth. Tba
Sheriff wa* dumfounde.'. This to th*
"chlef offl'-lal of the ,-(. .n?>'"
wh.-n gr.-at Cr^aar tiW. Ihe the] ?! I '
i.ot tempt eian thua. Tha Sh-riff wa
moved, strongly and unaccoupthr>ly. [?'<?
a moment he was threatened with apo
plexy, but Ihen he compromlsed and ?!??
layed the urok". HeTd fool them?he\l
tell them all about it.
Agala raislng hls band for alleaee, tba
Sh.-riff began, "I." l.ut hia volce araa
drouned out ln the riot of nolse. Bo li?
walted. he shuffled around the rlng. hia
face the color of a cock's comb. Klnaliy
he made a neu atart. 'I wlll not'" and
then the riot began all rver. t
The Bherllf was annoye,] More than
that, he waa BUad ciear through, BAd el
lence or no ailcnce, he thrust hls wonla of
artodOBfl upon the uneducated multttude.
Wavlng hla arms Uke an Kuet WkOO spell
blnder, hopplng around ln panixyain of
anger, be flnally yelled: "1 wlll n? allow
any brutality, and If thia affalr degener
ates Into a prlaeflght. I'll etop it. I
atopped thia bout becauae lt waa be
cotning brutal," Mere hopping enl a bo*
holder yelled: "Nov alng a song Shertq;
you've danced enougto."
Havlng epoken, the Shertfl left the rtng.
but thia time he left over the ralddle
rope. mm moet peraona who know any
thlng about tba boxlng game d ->.
Frank S. O'N'ell. of the Btate Athletle
Commlselon, eat *vt the ringelde aad kae*
a atralght faoe throughout- After thlnga
had quleted doavn a Tribune man aaked
Mr. o'Nell wliat ha thought about the
"The Bhertff took hia aotlon, and 1 have
nothlng to eay. The refaree waa ln ?
poelUon to know how badly injured Btew
...: waa," he aald.
ln tba aecond round Btewart rao U"J> a
right on the jew. aad J'-Bt ae Joh wa*
about to call "ten" ever hlm the bell
rang. 80 lt contlrrued. Smlth might have
won ln any one round lf he bad poeeeseed
a ciear head, but he threar baa punoh
around ln true aallor faablon and waa
unable to acore a knockout.
Joe Thomaa. the New OrlaanB light
welght, had an eaay time outpotntlng
Wlllle Beeoher in the openlng ten-round
conteet. The rave waa faat throughout,
but there wafl never a time ln whlch the
result waa in doubt.
(iiiaraiitcecl Rebullt i ars
5 pass. 1*>12 Torpedo 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
7 pass. 1^12 Touring 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
?I paae, 1^12 Touring .30 h.p.
7 pass. 1912 I.audaulet 6-cyl...38 h.p.
5 pass. V>\\ Touring .30 h.p.
5 pail. 1910 Touring .30 h.p.
Tht Looomobllt Company of Amirlca
Broadway At 76th Street. Now York
Telephone 7800 Schuyler.
Automobile and Coach Builderi.
H.i i>- bulldlng and ramodallng a epar-laJty.
raliitlng. upholxtary, fandara, fora doora aad
reitali tug- whaala, demountable rlma.
Rothachlld llodlt-a at aacrltVce prlcea.
Alfred J. Walkcr & Co., Inc,
218-220 Weat 65th St.
Tflaphona. \9% Col. gatabllahad 18T1
A 1)1* ixvnn paaaenaer touring- car. fulljr
aQUlppad, taken ln trada for aoma W'eatern
real eatate; rar ta too bla. tharafora wanti
to a?H Any reaaonabla offar ronaldrrej.
Car la standard Amarlran make. tullv
aqulppad. and auarantaad wlth manufactur
ar'a name. A.. Sox 40, Trlbxtna.
Taad Car Dep't.
HTDflONB, ieta-u-10.
CAD1M..V. 1*13,
CHAI.MER8 -M.-' 1012.
E. M. r. "80," 19U.
SIMPI.EX "ftO." 1911.
Alao 3 Bodiea. All rara to ha offared a?
prlcea that wtll mova them nulckly.
_noe Broadway. _
clrlva. cloth. laather trlmmed; ROTIIS" ""/.'?
BRKWSTBB; othar good makaa RAHiJAiM'
Ramoved for C4)nvenlanca of liuyara J,'
lnier. llrooualna, ln haat of eonJltton ab
ply P. F. ETCHNER. BelnorC ?Bth **.
Hroad waj^_._--?
WEST BIDE Y. M. C. A*?ladlxidoal rt**
work. Bmall Bhop Claaaaa. Truck Pjf""":
waltlna. Bend for booklot. 100 Weat oTtB ai
Thona TfllO i'ol___?a
automobTilesfor rent._
aa-aa hour. asoo-aioe n"?>(i>i/. ^
Experleneed < hauffeura._Mtirray Hlll^r
PACKARD8.?Naw eara. Ilmoualna aad t?j?
Ing; by tha hour or irlp; chaap r*t'".ira
monthly aervlca; apaclal rataa tor tUtw
ralla. l.'NfVKRSAL TAXIafETER clA3LgW"
153 Eaat 6Sd Btrtxtt. Phana naa? ?ee.

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