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Chance to Fight for $50,000 in
Australia Gone.
"Throw Him Out of My Place or
I Will Kill Him," Says Pugilist
?Accused by Police.
., ijct. 21.?Jack John
fjghl !:i Australia. Hugb
gon "1 ' ??' ? ?*?? .?.
who had offered Johnson |
nnd Bam ;
UCy( ? .. tt(. cablad t
w -.. Kl -. hla representaUve ln
Cbici ' '**'
? al lohnBon'a part
ction had ao angi r< d
: ibllO Of A
- B/eri no Ipngar deatra
When I'harle* BL Krb
. n< v repreaenting tbe mother
BTOn, vlstted Ja k John
. in company wltb
rr!'.. ity marahala to
tub) *h0 arf' ;" :u"
? ? federal grand Jury to
?aorrew, the negro iwgillat becaine ezoUed
ana the laaryar wlth paraonal
?Thn . ryer out of the p'.ace or
I a || klll Mm!" ahouted Johnson to one
raJ efflcera pro
and aaeaed the pug
ier and nlne employi
with Bubpcenaa I
ge, rtant v Itn f ilnat <
?" ???'? ,",t.rift'd;r?1,
offi . '? ****<*? ["
. ? Mtlgatlon into John
Bm.^ , tlona of the Mann whlte
heduled to egln to-mor
. |? Cameron, her mother
and ' ' ",:'"r wttw
I to Mayor m >
rtocn that J ihnaon has violated thc 1
nanee a di
lth aivl bave re.
Hcenae. -
ooiic- aidi ratloa.
tala afternoon
mt Jack 4-urley. a flght pro
wl . Mlaa Cam
.eron atave<l atter her mother
aear- r-.tooh a mald,
o the
t g, where Quea- |
by Martln !?
m of the Ircpartnu-nt of Juetlco.
? fumlahed the gov
? ?
ttved rley hoino.
*8Bm-? ? a>?" *~ ""
World's Championship at Bil
liards at Stake on Nov, 11.
tournament to repew the |
Ikllne wlll
pendent ol
n No
tranata are Wllllam i
? ?'*? * and ilairy P. j
of WBW T.vk: nrlmniPi Mornlig- ,
l pmenuffh; oeot-ge Button and
-"'? ,,i,?"', Tl,y
IfllW KoJI Yamada. of
nefa of tl.- io entrance
otal i ibacrlptlona '
? ? '?nv w,n **a **->'
ln prlxe money, ?
w!rl ? I nd 1" per cent.
flhare wlll ba I2.W0. The
al ;'' t,lirfl- *'?
- e -
First of Series of ChessMatches
Begini in Brownsville.
? j . of the cheaa match, best^
? '
. | R .. nnd thi
ar '"??' ? .
? run untll
w fit to glve up ' r two'
? BUC- I
I to glve(
Bnge to prevcnl
.. nclni for a doxen movea or ^'?.
? 8. ?nd tbei 1?bt
two rooks for noK,
I kr.lrht, had t-lx pawna to bis
? ent'a four, and when tha rann.- araa
two hours. at 8 p. m , !t
U lt would not be fini:-hed ui.til
aa rly hour in th. morning.
_ *
Begins Series of Ohess Matches with
Professor Gromonr.
; ? r Jaojaeo Oronunar, an expert
Cafv de la "f }'arK
Ba *taa>, Of this city. met li
nre oi a aarlea of match gam
ln the neW 1'arlslan cafa of tli* Caf- J aa
-Arts yaati rday.
,,] tne wl Ita plecea and
tyened with the Buy Lopea After a
lnt< reatlng atrUggle the game was
k ? ; in a oomp*tcat4>d posHlon.
Jaff? wlll be pltted atyilr.st A. 1* Bcbnet
fl.r. a wll Icrrown N'ew V'.rk axpert, 10
!: i 'apablawa. oi lia\ana. and
.t Cbteaajo, ; ri
., ;,n<i evealnfl -it ti'?
.I., in
.:". Monop"!.
BBbia'a fraahaaia *aualwalball playera
way yefitftdiy when thlrty-flve
. r. aorted oa the gymnaalani
to I.I Kiendl, the fo:rri.-r 'var.-ity
ln, who l.a.i b"-n appointed by
lfurji Piaher. tha head COach. to look
ti,.- youngateri Among those who
on hand lor tho lnltlal work wer'
/. ami itoberts. of the Com?
merce r S. A. L. champlonahlp team last
A schedule wlll be arranged for the
freabnten, arul they wlll play praittlcally
all tli" freahman teama of othin oollegea
lor the freahman phamaianahip. Tha
? Ity aejitad wm not report for nnoth.r
fertnight, and tha ft'st game wlll not
oome untll tbe Tnankaglvlng reoi
-a. ?? i
The amateur three-cushlon arlmlnatloa
handi'-ap oMlarrt- toun.mi-nt whlch baajaa
a? the Mornlngitide Ullliard Acudemy lust
night rer-ulted in the def.nt of J. Frank
and V. Cleraon ln the two matches con
teated by Wllllam Kennedy, who had a
hanulcap of 16, over D. Geraon, IB,
If Kennedy won hy 16 to 8, Interspers
lug hla Iwerity-foJi-lnriiiiK slr Ing aaltn
bigh run of 6. A. Schlafhter, who
met Krank on even terms, defeated the
iatter by. 20 to L'i. I.i" h had a hlgb I un
of'tau Btxleen playera have entered the
Casualty Co. Seeks to Recover
Manager's Alleged Shortage.
The Casualty Company of Amertea haa
begun auft ln the Supreme Court againat
the National Surety Company to racovei
I20.000 on a hond whleh tho defendant
tava the plaintifT for Wlillnin A. Rogera,
former manac-r of tlu- home offlce, who,
it ls alleged, left hls offlce last May when
it was dlectovered that he was 5. ???
ahort in hla aeconnta Aa eoon as the
Casualty Company dlacovered the alleged
? ige In tiie aecounta of Rocera it ln
?I the National Buretjr Company,
whlcb, howevar, has not anadc good the
amount for which Rogera waa bonded,
The plalntlff saya tbe defendant hns
delayed aetlon by aaklng permtaalon for
ua examlnatlona of tba books and
recorda of tbe caa lalty company. The
latter has taken no aetlon agallnet
ra Mr. Cotmolty, atanager ol th,;
laltj Company of American, refuaed
rdaj to dlacuaa tbe chargea asalaat
J.' y< ra, excepl to say:
"He Is away?I do not know where. Aa
l understand it. Mr. Rogera'a frienda say
that bettlng or gamblllng did not oauah
the Bhortage."
it araa aatd for Rogera that he had stifn
denl premium aecounta outatanding to
make up the alleged 110,000 deflolency.
Sheriff Seeks Negro Who May
Be in New York.
if aaybody aaa aaen Wade nci.oiB or
kaowa ol I ibouta he would con
fer b greal favor if he would notlfy John
a, Bherlfl of Bmtthvllle, Oa, The
B lerlff has evlnced his lntereat
In Echola in the foUovrlag letter. arhleh
waa recelved yeaterday al the BherUTa
, thia clty:
N. v. Clty.
th Bhelrf
Wfil you pleaae Be on the look oul for
? negro By the name of Wsule Echola
He atole M6.00 Tht Second tlnger of Mis
'.i rt ha - ? ol it tha firal Jolnt and
SO I Bb " and
ralka faat ?& Bhort and when caught
? ? Know al once.
John Dax
Smltliville, Oa
The negro la In Raul for penaylvanla
He Mav Btop in nen york t are j Daya
Hut Hia Home la Camp Hill a I. a Ba
Sure to lookoul for Him far ami near.
Hence Lampblack Polish for Smiles
Awaits More Convenient Time.
The Central Park hlppo who goe*"
under the name "f Bmilea waa acheduled
foi b lampblack polish yeaterday, but he
? get it becauae he dldn'l want lt.
Bnj 'ier. who haa t harge ol Ihe
l. had the preparatlon all ready to
rub on bui the ? Bed Into a ? i
When Sn) n hlm the
- started after Snyder and the ,-??
er was fo: fuge on the top
of a wall, from which he could nol
down until I ?
lr waa decided then that it would be
a the polishlnt? untll au< h
time as WOUld be more corr. enlelit
. :v Smilea is tractable, nnd no
uat what was the trouble yester?
Head of State Department "Acting
President" in the Capital.
Waahlngton, Oct. 21.-Secretary Knoa
and Ranal rd B Mlller, chlef of the Far
rn dlvlelon of the Btate Department,
constllutina the :p'"iai erobasay -lis
.,l by the Prxwddenl ;o Japaa to rfp
Cnlted Btati a at the funi r il
: the iat- Emperor Mutaublto,I
i to-day to Waahlngton.
ranklni mernber of the Cablnet 8ec
retary K: oa is "acting Prealdent" tn
Waahlngton, He hndi many problems
I foi i onalderatlon, prim Ipally the
:, ln M"\lcO.
Patrlck Callahan, a Commlsaioner ol
? \ ii i: iat 10th atreet, was
11,000 ball on two complalnta
? ?-. Illegally placlng two
n a nomlni tion petltion by Chlef
Maglatrate McAdoo iti th- Tomba courl
Th-- eomplalnanta v> ?re Pi ter
, Aii \ inder Norwood. The/
- Callahan ?ith plaring their
? . a nomlnatlon petltion which he
ttlng foi John Kahra, Progrea
dldate !"'? tl" Aaaambly, without
? idmlral Oaterhaua has wrltten a
? ot. of thanks tn Dock Commlsaioner
Tomklna and hla auperintendenta for
. ,,i eratioa wlth the chlef patrol
offlcer durlng the recenl naval rt lew
The adtnli il wrltea that l.leutenant t'onv
mander Oherardl eapedally mentloned '
\ Manlv. Bupfrintendenl ol docka, and
6'Rourke, of the euperln
? ho were eonstaatly at
and efflclent lr, planntng and car
rying out the work. both day ami night.
BalrJmore, Oet 11.?In the cane apnlnstj
A p. Young a New Tor* stnekhrou-or.
and offlclals of the Potomac KcHnln*
Company, charged wlth mlauee of the
mails ln floatina atock, >? Jury in the
United Btatea IdstrWt Court here to
hrouirht ln a verdlct of uullty
agalnsl Youna and aniultted the offlcerB
of the company. Beatenoa was hub
Many Southern Motorists to
Make Trip with Glidden.
'I'.v Tflegrraph to Th" Trlhune ]
Memphis. Oet 21.?Charles J. fjiidden's
tour from Detrolt to New OrlcanB ln the
lntereat of the next Olldden tour has
awakened nxotetfati of the ajouth, and it
ls axpeoted that more than half the con
ti?tants next June wili r? present South?
ern cltl'-B More than forty entrlca have
heen promlsed.
The run of the tourlsts from Rogera
Bprlnga to Mernphls to-day waa the har!
<-t tif the trlr>. OWlng to mammoth wash
owts occuning after heavy ralns laHt
week. *M| Widdea'l Maxwell nr.d th"?
leil wlnner, which accornpanles hlm,
hava made paarfaol runs. If there fihould
,.aiIiV aaaH dnriag the eoateet m
jaae tbe Tannaaaaa aad landa win tw
Wl,, n Mr. Qiaxtd"ti sntarvd Memphls to
day be wa? aaearted by mot..rihts in car8
,,f all Baakea, and after a para.le through
the clty hlB party WM -titertained at
dinner hy the taaal trade aaseirtailea.
Beats Jackson in Singles of Terrace
Club's Lawn Tennis Tourney.
The lawn tennis Btagiea and iloublea of
tlut Terracu Club. ot F.'atbusii, ?'"'
aawaahl ta >? oeaawaaloa on aalnrday. w,
is. fiates haai Oeorge n Jawkaon in the
flnal match of the slnglcs by a Bcora pl
6? i. bi), t>?4. ln coinlng thiough to
the flnal nuinil \V. H. 0at4BS beal J M4>
CaiTOll C?1, 7-r,; K. Shumway 6?1, f-"fi
(' Taylrc 1- J, i?6. 6?1; 11. Wauijli ?>?3.
I, 1, U 8.
'J. II Ju4-k)ton In hls half of tbe tour
niinint beal K. Fh4?arer 'i- ?>. 1?1, "--?m>
li 'l'n Isi I 4. |?4ove; D. Whitney 9?7.
7?6; W. Pait.'ttt 1?1, ? I, I ?
Thia s-i'-'fcs (lates a Wg on the prefll
deatt'a etip, >?lileli Jackson won la?t >4'.ir.
ln the douhhs fln.il II. (}. Treinx and 11.
Ji Wautvli beat u. Itand and E. lluir
Bted 8?1, 6?2, ?--3.
Italian Doctor, Out on Bail,
Complainant, Living Near By,
Thinks Mob Is After Him
^ and Calls Police.
Pr. Xlcr.ia BrtMBorl, an Italian phyel*
ci.in. of No. 185 Morrlfl avenue, wbo was
Indlcted yeaterday and arralgned before
t idge Sv.ann, in General Beaadona, en h
cimrcc of attempted eztortlon, araa re
!<.is-'-ii r n |5,. ball lata ln the afl
He Immedlately took a aubway tr.iin for
hls home tn The Bronx, an.i when he.
cllmbed to the atreel level al thi Wlth
street rtatlon be was met by ?'?
tion of more than a hundred Italian
friends. who Inatsted on holdlng :. recep?
tlon on the rpot.
Th.- phyalclan was nrrcstcl lust Thurs
day, togetner with Gluaappa Oaapare and
OiuHo Cuvaaal, veterlmiry sut),'enns, on
thi complalol of Dr. Vlto Pltarro, a phy
slctun and a druggial at No. IM MmrN
avenue, who alleged lhai th.- trlo had
written lettcrs ln which they demanded
money, threatealng to kidnap i.'.s son if
it were not forthcomlng.
it. Brunorl n very popular among the
Itallans of Th" BrOBX. Wiml was Baahed
nptown thal t; ?? court had perrnltted his
.ti hall aml that i \.n tbi a be waa
i way home. \ few of hla moel
InUinate frlendB organiaed as a receptlon
Ittee and haatily Bumraoncd otl
who elther belleved thal the doctor was
Innocent of the cbargi u OT wh)
:ik'-'i hlm ao wa " ry lld i ?? care.
\\t ? ... ,,, ? n9
cmirr'i from the suhwav they aurged
forward wlth a cheer and gave bini Bn
effuslvc welcome. I.iftlne hlm to thelr
ahouldera, three of i?r Brunorl'a frienda
hore him ln trlumph alonir |4tth Bi
and to a real of the ci ?
tralled alotlg In tbe renr. cheerlng 11
for the l,. ? r at frequenl IntcrvaN
? | p
i Ign'l !n-w ii crowd that num
bered aeveral thouaand before the pn
ii n had moved half a block By the
time the Brunorl home wa* reachai tha
crowd araa thicker lhan that tvlilel gal
< ra around a world
Bruaorl tt a] ed -.t lh<
ing hi.- fr.. nda clamoiing on thi
-. a ii:-! tbat l
the di- tor atopped Impraa Ivaly tn the
. an.l dt-IIvered
thanks It had such a p^aslnK effect
that an encore waa di ?
soice gri n hoarai. I il tha i "'-'-'i wi
k among them
ti.at ti.. j .i. manded moii
. wlfe obllgad, and then thi
duUor'.s llttle son w.ib Called on for a,
few worda
In the mean t'.me Pr. I'lt.irro, the com- '
plalnant, Who Hvea Just acp.ss t
from l?r Brunorl, bad ' ei peeklng
through tha bllndi Ha and Brunorl w. :.?
.-:,,? p , : ? ? ? nt unpleaa
th.rn aad be miii r.
tatned a -park of affectton within bla
m rtakh | tha arlld abouta of
? io r* r tboaa of more siriiat.-r n ?
Ing, be grew alarmcd He hurr!..! to the
bone and called up tba M
? . ?
Would th- lieutenanl p ? ? ? I bla
reaervea ! ? ntorrla avenui! he
d There waa an an??ry r
? ? ? upon lyn'htnR T?r Brunorl
when tbe police arrlved they dlacovered
iir Pltairo'a mlatake. Bul tba i a I
bo larga that t:.tt!ic wa* nn Impoealblllty
;,p,i tt.r- i ? opli were acatti I lhe
doctor's frienda bad riot as yel drunk
.ntlv from the cup of
wen tba Itallana .tt havin*r l>r Brunorl
1 Bi I: tha! th- V hlred .1 1 all at UOtll Btri -1
nnd M' rri arl en t ? ?
more Bpeechi
1 ir. Pltai ro arai eati emi 1 lortlfied
wbea be found ha had bluadered He was
alao sxtremel) frlghtened at the friend
biblted by hla am mi 'fl fl ?? nda. It
v\,is r.'.t untll -' patrotnaafl im.i ba
tlaned In bla froni ball thal h- fell nt
His Ropes Hanged Hundreds?
Never Saw One in Use.
[Br Telograpb '" ft,'- Trtbaae I
Baltimore, Oet 2\ winiam ifyera, the
man who Bpua the rope thal hnn?e.l <;ui
teau, the aaaaaala of Prealdeni Qerneid
and hundreda of other murderera ln all
party of the country, la dead ln 1 e, at thc
age of seventy-slx.
Ifyera never aaw a hnnpinn hlmaeif, ,'s
be had a horror of this rm-tliod of capltal
pualabnaent Ha arould m.-.ke the r.oose.a |
ar.d have th'-m all prepared tO PUl BTOUnd
tha aecka of tbe i ondeaaned men, hut
there hla work ended. He recelved lunii
prlcea for hls work.
No rope th.it Ifyera spun ever broke,
for it was made of the strorifrest s.-l>?? ted
h'-mp flbra
.... e
System of Bonuses Adopted?Shorter
Hours and Highor Wagcs.
The New Vork Telephone ''ompany haa
adopted a system of honuaes for Ita em?
ployes ln the operating d.-partmcnt who
remaln ln aaraice more than two yeara.
Th.- company has decided to irlve a honus
of |2B to all operator- at the end of two
'?ears' aervloe. Those who atay more
than two yeara win vret III aach la ad
dition to their pay at the ead of th.- ...n
up to the nlnth year pf servlca. and
thoae who remaln ten and mor.- years
wlll recelve $100 bonus at the end of the
tenth vear and at the end of each year
Tbe company has also decided to pay
tha beglnnera |1 ? week more than they
are reeetvlng al preaent
On the baala <>f imst recorda lt Ikih
h,< 11 a tltnated tbat the company will
pay OUt sorni-thlnK llke 1111100 extra
aach year In New xork. Offlcfala of the
company declara that they aie dolng
everythlng they can to make more pleab
ant t'he llves of tiie "hello" k'irls. Within
the laat two yeara their openttlng houra
have heen conalderably redooed and their
pay has Peen lacraBBBd
Big Celebratlon to Mark Actual Be
ginning of Work.
The Ray RldgB BectSaa of Hrooklyn wll!
celebrate the hejjtnnlnK of work on the
Fourth avenue t-uhway. from 43d street to
Fort Hamllton. next Saturday. Chalrman
Wllliox of the I'uhllc SerUce f'ommls
alon wlll swln*; the official pl< k and BM
tt,'- altver apade thal tha Ftourth Avenue
Buhway Celebratlon I'ommitt.-e win pro
vi.le for this occaslon.
T.'u BTOUnd l.r.aklng ceremony wlll tak
place on Fourth avenua and 6S1I1 atreet,
ln front Of a Krandstam) that Is imw
be'nir erected Before tha gnunil brer.k
Ina there wlll be a parade. atartliiK fiom
tld street. to ahftut Itltb street aml
Fourth avenue, ln whlch thlrty thousand
ptraons wlll take part.
Prosperity Reports Show In
creased Cigar Consumption.
[FVeaa The Trlbune Ilureau.]
Wa.shlngton, Oct 21.?Prosperlty In the
Phlllpplneu ls reflected ln the annual re?
ports of the eolleetors of lnternal revenue
and of customs. The flgures aaem to
Bhow that tiie natlvea are becoming in
veterate smokers.
In the report 4>n cigars manufactured
durlng tiie last flscal year lt Is explained
that the Imre.tse of 115.000,000 over 1&08
"ls due ln part to thelr lncreased eoo
Bumptlan ln the udaada and ln part to
the shlpments to the home market<^.?? In
Bf there were KiP.OOO.nOO cigars made. and
214,001,000 were manuhictured In 1012.
Durlnit the year ended June Ml 1912, the
total lnternal revenue collected amounteil
to no.MXOMll, "" meraaaa of MMMllMv or
10.3 per cent, over the precedlng year Re
celpta from new sources amounted to
$1?0,H61 ,rt0, whlle MBB,M3 was the result ff
Increaaea in the output of taxable prod
ucts and to improvt d conditions. The
of collectlon amounted to 3.06 per
,-t nt.
An Increase of P25.R76 M in the amount
of lmport dxltlea la reported by the col
lector of customs. Thls ls larjtely due to
the larger amount of rice Imported, he
? f the fallure of tiie crop ln ihe
Phlllpplaea. The total customs t.-venue
ing to the laaular Traaanry waa
JV."*. 123 o4. and In additlon J2.T>.72" 2ii was
collected at Joto and Zambeanga aad pald
Into the trensury of Moro Provlnoe.
Negro Kills Himeelf After
Wounding- White Victim.
After flrlnp flve Bhota Into the body of
a white womaa, Charlea Lee, a aegro,
kllled hlmself lnsiantly by Bandhlg <'i
bullet Into hls lieart Inst nlxht. The
woman is in a aariaua oendlttoa in Har?
lem Hospltal. Her name ls MUdred Kelly,
thirty-flve years old. Three or four d.iys
ago she uent to board at the apartmenl
?if Mr. .'im! Mis Jo*' i'h A(--rett. at No. 2
7th street Sunday I^-e found out
where she was nnd trta ser, bul
ahe kepl away from hlm.
?? went home laat Bight about 8
o'clock aad ttiad to open hla door, but lt
? )1 open. even though It araa un?
!,?-K.-,i lie kaard BToaiMaj and called
Patrolman Oura aad Btta frotn the Btreet.
i'. . aboved thelr way In. and fuut.d tbe
| leoding on the floor. In tl.- other
.-ml ,if the room st4i4,d the negro, but as
they ent(T4'd he kllled hlms.df.
womaa was abot ln each hand, in
,? end tsrloa la tbe bead !.???
.a So. 7" ^^'' ^-t UM atreei and waa e
v. ]r /,,. ? a bok '. ? '?
?? tt. who is the Janltor of ]
iVeat UTth Btreet houae, aald l
mmn Wai ? ?? and Uved li
Astoiia. where th< aagre was bar aaa I
Charges Unlawful Payments to
Executor of Estate.
The Central Tru?t l mpany bt??ran a
?? . . . iii.st the Mo i"t Moiria
Bank for the eged unlawfu
t ?? -ii Edward \ y. . rbo waa
r hla irand<
father, John M'juatie, a wealthy con
Tbe tn.st company ls the bui>
atee for tl 'tate
The pinltittff company says that Mo*
unlawfuUy drew checka ,,n the
bank, and that the latter aboold bave
kaowa that the checka ahouM not he
benored lt is alleged that MeQaade r<m
n aceountlng >>t hla executorshlp
and that gate ?'.'?, Ided
that p*!.2l.T had tteen lm;,roperly drawn.
ti e Central Trual Coenpany aays that
the former executor drew eneeaa to other
? to wbom taa eatate was not oi>
aad to blmaelf
It is further alleged that hf made prom
laeor] notea and dlacounted them at the
defendant baak McQuade waa a director
ickholder of th-horik
Weeping Housewife Asks Patrolman
to Put It Together- He Does.
Btamford, Conn., Oct B.?Pollee haad?
quartera I ? r;i" <?
,!.,\ from !'" iadi y atrei l i rde iatrol
inat, Kurt'i aTM BBBl to answer lt.
When k ii tt, p sebed the place of
trouble be found a woman In houaa eteaa*
Ing attlre, ataadlng dejeetedly b-fore. a
dlamantled BJtchen atove, both be* hands
bla< k wlth BOOl from a BIOVO plpe ahe
had t.een eleanlng
with teius in bar eyea she told the
patrolman that she hai! taken the atove
down and cleane I lt and was nnable to
put lt tog'ther. She pleadad ?lth him to
aet it up for her. so she could get bat
bua ?and's dinner ready In time
Kurth, a niarrted man and expertenceti
in such mattara, complled wlth her re
r - ?
Boats in Crash on Lake Stc Claire ?
Smaller One Goes Down.
Detrolt, Od 21 la deteraalne taa eauee
and, if poaMble, Hi the blatne tor th.- eol
llalon to-day between tbe Maamara I'ln*
Lake and PleetWOOd, Which result. li ln
the sinking t,f tho former VBBBbI and the
drownlng of lwn of hPr team, aa investi
gatlon by feileral Inspcctors has baaa
The accldent occurred ln !*4ke Ste
Clalre. "ir Peebe latand. According to
Captaln i-Yrguson t<r tlu- Plne Lake,
"croaeed algnala" were responalble.
'in, pine Laika sank in laea than a
minute after aaa waa struck.
The followlng bankruptcy petltloiifl were
nied yeatarday:
BCHWEIGBK, who ex>mp<MM tht? nrin af I/fvl
tton Itriitliria * i'o., Imporfrs 4>f iln-m K.t?
al No 14- t'lftti avenuf VolHBtarj ft,r theae
ciedltora: J ai>i ;?iia"iM. 11.000; n l-'r-.:, 84 ?>
aad i:. UoidmanK. ?1<>?, ai; on aaalaaed clalma.
lt Aag alltKfil that il,ey *ro BWOlvetil ami
ii..-, ... praferentlaJ paymenta. Tha (n.alnesa
whi) ataiied by lleinHnl I^vinon an4
1 if brother, n?nno. la laal, ai.,i they eon
1 toaether untll Jaaaarj ' HOT, when,
Benno arlUldtev an.l Mr. HrautiaehweiBer be
cama a pertner Juilaa Hami apatolBtad ?
ar lua W Wl, keixliani rc-Uer. l.lalillltlca.
, . , Aaa ata at'out 4^0,100.
THB DAObXBB IMPOBT 00^ dealera ln
ait?ii:ol,ilea at No. 731 Fifth avenue. Invol
ui tsry.
EDWARD KOHI'-.HTSON, tradljut na the
Robertaon Manufa-tnrina Co. araaBa, NaC 1P
lath m Invoanatary. LaaBIIUtea IJn.ooo,
aad BBBeta 1M.1B0
BaWJAMIM siMiKH, johber in tnm meota
at No 2DI ChBTCh atreet lnvoluiituj Mahll
hlse, 193,000
RI.s I'ANiOH, ?hn rompoa" the flrm Bl Kal
f. n!.t.rt!.-r & Ountor. fornn-rly iiianutacturera of
plano eovera and bIooIb. So 1 Weat lMh
? ir.M anl Uiils-vtll. N V \oluntary. LlaUI
Itief. MB.aaO' and r.o aaaets.
pobllshara, of 1 :? We.t 37th otreet^ Voluntary.
Uabllltlaa, $1?,257. anJ aaaetn. 8?.-4.,.
U:\NNK H HAKKi:. ,f No. .14 Weat 12th
BtrtaaC Voluntary I.labllltlea. lM.02x. and no
WIIXIAM ? HKKFI'.oN. of No aill Madl
aon ave, formerly dealer In aowna at Re. 4B
Kaat 'J?th atreet. Voluntary Uabllltlea,
8^,101, uml aa?eta. $45.
UBNRT HAJISEM, a atudent. llvlna Bt No.
27 Eaal Ullh atreet. Voluntary Llabtllttee.
fl.0o7, and no aaacta. a
Army Testing New Guns De
signed by Cobnel Deport.
[From The Tribune Bureau. 1
Washington, October 21.
of guns deslgned by ('olonel Deport, who
is th.. rtaalgnar uf the Freneta fieid gun,
have recently been taatad by the War De
l':irtment. The fleld gun haa been sent to
Fort Hiley for "further experiment. It waa
te.sted at Sandy Hook, and while lt may
tiot be accepted in its entln-ty there are
Boate feataraa of it that undoubtediy win
be adopted hy the army. lt is proposed j
t" have the Held artillery ofllcera at Fort
Rllay become famlliar wlth the workinga I
of thia gun. Tbe recoll mechanlsm is ar- !
ranged so that lt may he elevated up to
l'| il'grees, which is conslderably greater
than can be effected by the fleld carriage
In use in the army, oven wlth the trall
burled ln the ground. This feature is of
lmportance ln vlew of the development of !
the aeroplane.
The Important feature of the gun la the I
two-r art trall. When the gun ls In uio j
one part la swung on one side and the j
other on the opposlte alde ln order to
take up the recoil when the. gun Is tralned
toward either side. Hy this arrangetii.-iit
the gun can be tralned ln an azimuth of
U dagreea. For traaaportatlon the. two
parta of the tru.Il can be brought together
ln a alngle pioce. it ls atated that aaa*
aral "f thes.j guns hava been purehaaed
by tha IUlI1.ii) army.
One of them?a gun for mountatn aer
vlce?haa not proved satisfactt.ry. The
Board of Ordnaace and Foitln^attoa of |
the Wnr Departmenl fibda thal the f-'at
ut. s of this gun nre BO uch as to Justlfy
Ita a loptlon a.s againat the ona now in oaa
ln the army. The Deport motintaln gun j
baa a dtfferent recoll At the inatant of
firlng a spring la releaaed whlch carr..-i
tha barrel forward, and Just before the
gun reaches the forward limlt the cart
rldge bj tlreu, ao that tba >ii-igy of the,
recoll is aapended against tbe rootlon of;
fig, Tba K'ni trall is h.ld ln poat* .
tion by n apada, BO tl.;it thera ls no rear- !
ward motlon of the carriage, hut the Im
? of the spring cauaaa a Jump Blde
alae Tha dlamounted equlpment makea
B ? ..id for four mulen and tak.-.-i about
ralnutaa to aaaembla for firlng.
Tha gun la nnr ooaalrlered aa effectlve
aa the preaenl army gun.
ORDERB ? ha followlng or-I
rh rs bave been leeued:
- y, ? ROBERT l BROWN. 14th
November l. and name of v. ..??,.- GBORQE
L? HVKAM. rav.urj, r- I arefrom.
. M :n ..'I.. h.il t. ;
in i.i ,e i ?altned
lt regtment !'? bl . iry I,
Major .;K" II) i kth
tavalr-. iarj I, 1913,
lajor MAUIVKN liii.i. r.v
fiom Sih m . from Ban (
Man n l. 1811
onel CHARLES W. Pl
28th Infaatry, and Colom IVILUAM u.
i.I:AY, medli *l orpa, to K board
. , ? unlaatlon foi retire
i VNEY, Ith ? ? i . ?
,, ? .,? ictlon* chlef
Fort Huachuca, vi a Captain JOHN I. JOR
|i v.\, quartermaBti i i
16. . _
- nrat Lieutenanl CAMPBBLL n
H"I" ?
rra and name of Hr*t Lieuten?
anl WE8I C JACOB8, ?.?oantnrui.fr>. BbBOM
Ueutenant AlK'HlBAl,ri T COL.LBT.
a\.iir>. lo Waiter Reed OeaereJ Ho?
of aheenre Captain HARRi
K SIOH ' lai ii ffl try, tl ? moni
.,- ;, i montha oi
In Itun
M BLANCH tRD, rpe, two
;?. laptuln AI.I.Ii:
v, w.i.i.iAM.--. naedlcal corpe, twen!
faptaln Q R CtaABBI. detaehed the Mlr.v
eota; home, awalt ? rdere
Naval intellll ?'? '? lhe Mtr.r
inder r. I BHAFLEY, le
land; to navy yar.i. Ifare
nmander R 7 JOHN8TOM, d*
to thfl N>* Hamp
,?"??If) It i NEEDHAM,
detarh. I th* ""n ntuna >> it
r: . ,, 2. ...1 ln . ou.n.anij arbefl
? '
n Mtlng ,.ut the Q l. and
KriBlun L I- HWtrLflTY, deraehed the New
Jersey; to the AeUtlc *tati >n.
? t Eurgeon I> C, POST, Naval Med
,c-al iSchnol, Wa*hir*;t<>n.
Actlni; AaBlfltant S.irfc.o.'i C H. I.OWEl.U
i.n* Angelea
AB*tht'ant Naval Conatractor \v. P. DRt
i.kv. deiaehed arorke Qeneral Blectrta
Company, Bchenectady, November 4, to
navy yard, Pu?et Sound.
followlng movementa of veasela have
been reported to tha Navy Department:
Oet. m?Th.- Merytaag, at Mare island
I.lght; the TruM.-r,, it .-'an Pedro; 'he Jus
tin, at CorlatO, the Vermmit, at IUmptoii
? 1 he i ? i..- aad I ?>?? Bterett, at
navy yard. Ni .v V.v... Ukf Bl
Bmlth. th.- Lameon, tha Preetoa aaa me
a ? : ' '
afcCall. at West Potnti th,. Kanene. Bl
I'hii3d.ji|)hta; tha Mlnaeaeu. ihe Qeorgta
an.l the Bouth Carollna, at Rockland.
Oct. 23 ?The fallfornla, at B in Jaaa BBI
Sur. the Ot '?!? --. Bl * CrUBJ the
Naahville. at Norfolk; the V 2 and tbe
Aie--t, at San Francleco; lha Iroqi - ? l
thi K-t. at Man Islr.nd; the Btandlah, Bt
Norfulki the North I'akuta. at Kuckland.
Oct. IS?The Actlve. frorn Port Watsonvllle for
Mare Ialan.l . ,.
Oet 18 Tha fltaryland, the imquota and the
F-1. from Port Wataoovllla for Mare Island.
the Alert nnd th* T 2. from POTI Wa
for Ban Franclaco; th.- Truxtun, rrom Baa
Dlego for San Pedro; the Boppl*, from .-an
Fran. I?. o for Honoiulu; the Perklna and tbe
st.r.rt, from North River, Nea Tork, ror
navy vard \"ew York; the Koe. the I'atild
ing. ttie Drayton, the Terry aud the Mc< all,
from I'eekskin for aVeat Polnt: the < ln.-in
natl, fn.m Itaalla tof Cebu; the Tacorn*.
from Hlui'tleld^ for Tamploo; the Btandian,
from AanapallB for Norfolk; the ''allfornla,
from Corlato for San Juan d*. Sur
Oct. 10?The Clevi and, from San Juan del OBr
for Corinl I ? " \rfthusa. from Fort Aitr.ur
for iii npton Roeda: tl "? fr"nl
Vorktnwn for Norfolk; the Ma.-I lonoujrh, the
Thornton. the Rtockton, the Shubrlck, the
Dahlitren ?nd th, 11. I.?ng from naw yard.
.\e-.v York. for Norfolk; tha Celtlc, frofla
navy yard. N.-w Vork. for Hampton Koad*.
Discuss Economy and Siraplifl
cation of Methods.
[From The Tribune Btire I U 1
Waahington, oct. ui.-A eonJferenoa ol
commandanta Of naval stationa in the
LJalted Btatea aad Ita poaaeaalona was
held at the Navy Department to-day, and
? ?i mattera looklng toward untt rm
economy and the ?ttmpllncatlon of admin
letrative methoda The Secretary of the
Navy ha.- planned for a ? lea of theee
coni , ,no a, believlna tna; practleal re
an be obtalm a.
nr,.. of tha Importanl prohienis to ne
takvn >ip wlll be aa to wheiber mechanica
1? navy yarda ahould be piaced under
civll aenrlce Btoat of the mechanica are
anxloua to hava tl e clvU aervice ?t?fded
to them, but lt waa Uaurn ' ^-'^'..K
nn authorltatlva aource that *?? is clour?tfui
that auch a r< ommendatJoo arlll be made,
the bellef of nav; oflii lala belng that bet?
ter aervice is aecured under i reaent con
dlUona with Juai aa na ich protection to
ihe men Thc report of We eommani ? ta
on thla poln wlll not be made i ubllc untl
lt haa boen paaaed upon by Prealdent
Nearly all the important ai?arAl4>M apaara
repreaented to-day. Rear ?x,,ni,-a?AJbert
,,' VV1 . vy yards at
the Navy D?partment, made a ahort
apeech Among thi ofH . ; *??
i . ,r Admiral Frank E Beatty, cam
Sandant ot the Waehtagton yard;Rear
Admiral De Wltt Coffman, of the Boston
Navy Yard Rear Admiral Jai
ii'.im, Charleaton B. C.; Capialn Wtltam
? l'ullam Great l^akea, lllmoia; Captain
GeoVgei W. Kllne, GuMUnamo, Cuba;
rhi-i- p.-ar vdmlral Charlea H. T. M ore,
CaviteTR l. and Captala Charlea C.
Rogera, Portareouth, N H
Buartw, I:1B; auaaet, 0.11; moon ?ets, 2:38;
moon'a n)'1 , 1*.
A lt P M.
Sandv IPok . f? f**
Oovepnor'a I*lan1 . ItW 5-f*
. .;y0 7 M
The Kroonland, :?: rted aa Jtl mlle* eaat of
yeaterday, I? aapected io
? '?<X)n -? ., . -#
Maln. reported na 400 rrllea eaat or
Handy ll"?'!' at noon yesterday. ls 4UO>
The Kalaerln A ifuate Vlctoria reporred aa
,,, , t*t of ,-n.:'. Hoofe at n.,r.n >eater
k ! i aftern on
-?; rted aa 1.3V) mlle*
.-. h H ob at 8:11 p m on Sunday. Is
:,,..\ F-'-r. Uae
? ie.N 'i .v P rt
W der <-r Bn tnen, i " I 19 ? N '? Uoyd
? Mlnnehaha.London, Oci 12-Atl I'rar.a
? FderGrosae. . ..Bremen. Oct 18. . .N O Uoyfl
I. Oct
?Krooniar. ! Aatwerp, Oci U ..Red -tar
I 5 I),-|Mitii,i at of A 'ii' ulUirr'-,
i-^TN JW fcajft*. t> w b
~ Vci. .*?
Afjo^s r\..'..v Ar a \. i*
l'. II. LAItT MI.Hf. "-.",
?*?"?'?"" "**"?n5?rJ;JTTZZ5rMT.?'"q^Sk'?i-"i * ?a.ava^ij xTT! sT.'...'"?r^
BTf rorjc. a. r.
Ci-,t..!.. Zl, 1912.
Ottlilal Itex-onl ami Fori'tttHl. W.isMmrton.
i) ? UI The W.-stern dopresslon has IBMlVSd
Itself late a Barrew trough extradtng frotn
l,x, l.ake S'liierlnr. and there were show
,r? B8d thunderetorma over the distrlcta Ini -
,,,.,!,',-, h io II e ??ntward of thls area and
local ralna aad ?noxtra in roioraiio Raln a ao
contlnued ln th., iJuiith Atlaatte Btatea aaa
I iva ;i>i:ttri BBt ln tin ihe north I'a, IhV i-ouet.
wnerc thera baa beea another deoided faii ln
piessuic . .. .?,?.,.
It ls Keinrally warmer eaat of the Mlfsls
?innl River und ln tha BJtBSt f.ulf ataiea. WltB
aulte hbih Wtaparatitiee mer the intfri ir dia
tn. :?? whlle ln the Weal UBBPI raturca are low,
DU) H*;,!, H ilslnB teiuK-ncy west of the BoeBj
Moillltalns . .
,,.. will he looal ratna Tueaday In the
aaatern uppat u.ke refkm. the onio vaHeyand
tt,,. rtoutb e?tandlna '1 ueaday night or Wednee
.lav'into New Bngland nnd the mlddla Atlantto
?tutea and eonilnuli.K ln the south Atlantlc
.,',,,,' rjver thB remaln ler of the ,'ouniry the
wel h-r wHI N falr Tuaadar. exept jn the
!?,)?aelile BtateB, and lt will be falr Wedne*
,iav ?..t of lha Alleahaai Mountaina. aaaapt
ln tha extreme Noi tl.weat.
"\ ir??.r weather will prevall Tueaday ln he
Btatea, and lt will be eolder ln the.
vu'.I^ImjI and Ohio valle>s and the lake re
*,* lt will be warm-r Tuesday in tt," NOCth
wiat and warti.et Wedneaday h.-lw.ei, tho
Mi"aia?ippi Blw aad Ihe Boeky Mountatna.
ti,." winis along thf Bew Bngtand eoaaa will
he tiKiit to tnoderata rarlable. i.>nitna aouth
,...J id Bonthi alona the rdddle atlantlo
, ,i't moderate s-mtlieaat and south; alona tbe
south Atlantlc ooast. moderate n rth.aat. alona
the eaat Oulf eOBBt moderate east to south:
alonK the west r.ulf c.ias'. moderate eouth,
.Mfilna to north Tueaday nl?rht; on the lower
lakea moderati aouth. ahlftlns to north weat
rt, 1 norl:, b) T'..-.:.:. nl*ht .-,n the upper
1hIc,? n,otleraie northweal and north
Steamera deperHna Tueaday for Bwpean
norts Will have moderate varlable wlnds, wlth
f.ilr weather. to the Crnnd Uanks.
fawaraai tor Paeaaal i.oeaiitiea.?For East
ern !'? -i BBf ll ani.i. I Imidlneaa and warmer (o
,tbb" WadaeavlBT r',ln aad aotaofi moderate
southiast and south wlnda. beco'mln* north
*V'nr Kastern New York, falr to-day,
warmer In east antl aouth portlona; Wednea?
day raln and eolder; moderate aoutheat.t lo
south adaaa, Beaeaalaa aaslanvaM wednea
Ko'r southern N'tw Kngland. falr and warmer
to-.Uy; Wedneaday raln, ce"? ?? -'-"?? aaaa.
|g a. m. 44 1 p. m.Hl| p. m. 69
: Official oh*ervatlons of Oattfld Ffntee wea-her
I bureau*. taken at S p. m. last nlltht, follow:
| Cltv. Temperature. Weather.
? aii aay .m ctear
' Aiiiimlc city. 60 Cleai
Hoston . M
BnffBlO . BS Cleir
ChicaflO . 70 t'lrudy
New iirlran*. 74 Cl-ar
lt, l?uis. 70 Ciear
i Washlneton . C Cloudy
Leeal OfhVlel Record - Th" followlna- onV!al
i record from the Weather laireau show* the
| rhanRea In the temperaluro for the laat twiiiy
I four hours, ln comparlson wlth the correspond
Inf date of last year
ttii. taii iuii. taii
8i. m. 80 M ? p. m. M .-,7
I fl a. ni. M Sl 9 p. m. 58 54
0 a m. 54 IHMl p. m.68 54
lf ra... M .V? 12 p. m. 68 ?
4pm. ."'7 M
Hlghcflt temperature yesterday, 80 d?8Teee;
loweflt, 51; averaK-', M; average for correspond
ln?; date ,aat vear, Mi averane for OBTiaapoad-.
', inv date laal thtrty-tbrsa years, 54.
I.ocs^ ferecaal l-'atr and warmer to-day;
I rala aaa oolder afedneaday; moderate southeaat
? to south wlnd.a. Uvurning northwe*t W?dnea
aeata aoatbaaat to south wlada bo-omine
I Dorthweat b\ avedneeday nlKht.
I'.,. Northera New Rnaland, fair and warmer'
to-day; Wedneada raln solder ln west por- j
tion by nlaht; moderaie south win le.
, l-'or rhe IHetrlrt Of Columbia am! Marylard.
'fair and warmer to-day; W< Ineeday raln and
I colder; lljchr to moerata south vtnda, be.-om
? avodnaflday
Fnr Vlrglnla, loeal raln-. to-day and \Ve.in.-?
imr, erariaor to-da* ra im IVedoee
day ia north and areol povtteao; raudBcata
noi Iheasl and east win la
Ki.r Delaware fair to-day; Wadneaday rala
[and colder al nlflht; modirate aouthi
?outh wlnd*. hen.mina; nortbweat Wednaeday
Por Nea lereey, I rarraer in weat
portioa; WedaaedBy raln and colder: modorata
soatheast an.l south wln.ls, hcomlna; north
| *ri ? ? Wedi aaday.
l-'or Weatern Pennsyivanln. IfieTSBBfag eloudl
neaa t.i'iav. arartner in aeathern pertwa: raln
and colder trvpiaht or Wedneeday: moderate
south wlnds. shlfMnc to rmr'hwest VTedneaday.
1-v.r Weetera New Tork, Increaalag doudlneas
I to-day: raln and eolder to nlarhl or Wedaaa
da^ , moderate south wlruls, shlftlna* to BOftaV*
west Wedai aday.
^arrlllo.Kingston. <Vt 17. ...V T Ol
Advance.Crlatobal. Oet 15.Peneml
haratoaa.HaeaM, Oct tl.Waj-t?
?'" K- Prledrlch. ..Klngeton, Ot 17..Hamb-Arn
Patrla. *:ii,ra!tnr. Oct 11.Creek
linatol City.-wansea, Oct 6.Brt?t4j|
Btal Anna.Ulbraltar, Oct 13.Fabre
?;'""'.Bremen, (iot 10...N O Uoyd
l^impasaa.'lampa, Oet 17.Malory
*Oruba.Klngaton, Oct 18....R MDP
?Clement.Para. Oct 12.Rooth
K'-nlB Albert.Naplea. Oct 11 .. N O L.oyd
Marengo.Ifull. Oct 9.Wllaon
san Jaolnto.Gaheaton. Oct 17_Mallory
Lataapaaaa .Tatnpa, oct is.Mallorjr
?Majeatlc.Southampton, Oet l?..WSUr
? Hermudlan.Rermuda, Oel 22 .QuabtM
?Santa Marta.Klngatoa, Oel B*.i: t Oa
t'omua..N>w Orleana, Ot-t 19 So Pao
San Gugllelmo. ...Naplea. Oet 12.Itailan
PBbI.Galveston, Oct 17.6o Pao
?brlngs mall.
Taaaal For Llne. eto>ea. *all?.
Kaffer W II. P.remen. Xill, f! 30 a m 10:?0 a in
Orena-ja. Grenada. Trlnid.id. 10:00 a m 12:<si m
, RofrJam. Rnt'idam, llo;i-A - lu.noam
| Mohawk, J'keoiuille, riyde.- laOpm
, C of tovaaaafe, .savrrh.'sav- 3:-io p m
I ?Maiiretania, I.pool. t'jnard - 1:00 am
>' ' BUi , :...,. .,-,1. .,,. R D - d" a m 12 -4i tn
| Almlrante, Colon, r k Ce.. ? .'<" a m 1200m
41 ' ler.San Juan,NT4tPK.lU:UUa n>12.J4rm
i. Dowaflhlre Bantoe -.n.ovam Itwpm
I Taorinina. Naplea, Itailan..- -
Arsentlna, Naplea, Aust_ - licOpm
-. Oalveaton, Mallorjr.- 1 ,,o p m
ilroquola, Ja^ka'vllle. Clydta. - 1:00 p m
Aanuea, N?w t sriaaaa so p- 12:00 m
. liavr,'. KreiK-h.. 7:00 a m 10:00 an
Baltlc, l.iveipooi, vt' .S ... 8:30a m 12 n0 m
Mexico, Ila-.ana, Warl. li-miim 12:00 m
Albinala, iia.ti, h-a.n.oo am 3:00 pm
II, Copenhafea, S A. 2 OSg m
Caraathta, Napies. caaerd. ??? 12:00m
P d Plemoate, Naplea, lial - -
, !.. i i. Ituaa.- -
t'ranium, Rotterdam. I'mn, ? ?
C of 18 1-ouiu, Savan, Sav..- 8:00 p BJ
?Mall for BJ Mauretanla cloaes 8:30 p ta
i I s'.'amer. In N. Y P it,
Japan, i ,.r-a. (.'hlna ivia Taooma)
ta kjfani . ..Oct. 25, t:39
Fl '? Ii ,'i ralan la New
Zeaiand, Auatralla (via Vlctoria)
Uarama .Oct. 25. ? 30
J : , . < ? a. Chlea (vta BeetUe)
ProtM U'ie .Oct 28, 0:30
Haa iii irkk san Pranrlecoj -Hono
lulo . ,. .Oct. 25, ?:?0
UawaiL lapan, f'ores. t'hlna fvla
blaa .Oct. 28. ?:30
Japan. Ina (Ua Seattle) -
Baankl Maru .Oct. 81. 6:80
Corea, Oilna, Phillpplnee
'??m VI torla) Uonteaala .Oct. 81.1:80
Oueat, Phi:tppin?s ivia San Kran
B lrunsiort.Oct. 31, 680
T.ih;ti, Merqpeons, Ceok falantja
N ?* Z-alanti. Auatralla (via Baa
Prancleco)- Aorangt . Nov. 8, e:34>
.. Bamoaii lalaaJa, New Zea?
iand, Auatralla (via San Fr&n
clsco)?V-titura .Nor. 14. IN
Port of New York. Monday, Octobei1
21, 1912.
Hf-nnier Amerna (Ital), Oenoa October 7.
I'a!.:iio 8 and Naples ft, to Har+fleld, Po;arl
wlU UI lota aal 1 W3 ateerage paa
Mnferfl and mdse. Arrlved at the Uar at
mldnlaat, 20th.
Bl i:ier \Vaverlt>y (Br). Hambunr Peptember
Shii-lds Octobar I, la .-Impson. St,*nc?
iiK. with au)far. Arrlved at the Bar at
i m.
Bteamer Aihinga (Oer), f'ort ne rjaix oeto
ber 2, Oonalrea 4. Port-taa-Prtnce 6. Jcremle 7,
Aux I'ayes n. Carragei.-i n. I orto Columbla
aad Banta Marta 13, Klrarston 15, JeremI-and
Port-au- 1'ilnee lii, to th<; Hambura-AmerU-aa
Ltae, Brlth 18 ra^^engera, imlla and mdse.
: at the Rar at 4 a m.
imer Creol?. New urleana Ootoi'er 16. to
itbera I i Ce, ?ith pasaenaers and
? I* IWt Quarantlne at 7:25 a m.
M.-u'iit-r Mj:. hloneal (Nor), -St Ann s Bay
11. U :.'? ?. 1 Por* Antonlo
ia to the fr.lted Kr:lt ,-,-, wlth frult. Ar
t Ived B| the H.ir ar 2am
mer i.a Tetn ? ,-.i\r^ OeSBeea 12,
to the C'ompaanle 'Jer^ra.i TranMatlanti )..?*,
witl. 1J1 second cabln and 574 fteerage paa
sengers anl mdse. Arrned at the Bar at 1
a m.
Steamer Alberto Treves (Ital), MHrttetltea
September 27 and Ualon O t->ber a. to J \V
I ? i, with ndse. Arri\ci at t::e Bar
tt I B
:ier Paula 4(3er). Hatn!,,;rc I U ? r 4, to
T?i-.l! " T.\ ii l.-n, In ballaat. Arrlved at the
Bar at 12^0 p m
.er EI Dciit^nte. OBlTeeton Oetobev 11.
? rn Pactflo To, wlth mdae. I'asaed
rantlr.e at 11 50 a m
T - rt Newport Newa and Nor?
folk, to the Old Domtnt i "!i p.,s?en
i.d mdae !'ass,-l ln tjuarantine at 2:24)
p m
Stenmer Inxjuote, Jat-karnvllie October IB
and rimrleston 1ft. to the <"lyde Sa <"o. wlth
pa*semrers and mdse. Reported off Ilfghlinda
_ P RI.
st.imer Manzar,l!:o (Cuban), Havsn.i Orto
bat ia to the N*w Tork an! Cube Mai! Sa
i'o. wlth sugar. Arrlved at the Bar at 231
p m
:ner Jamestnwn. Newport Newa and Ncr
? , rhe oid Demmlon aa Ce? with paaaei
Lt>r? and m-lse. PaBBBd ln yuarantlne itl 11
p m.
tnor Sfanna Hata, Tviltlmore. to th?
New York .1 Battlmore Transportatlnn Co,
? :?s. p^e?e,i in QtiarajiUaa at 8 04 a m.
Bteamer ColoradO, 4-;alv?et,:n via Key Weat.
tn tho Halli ?:? ta Oa, wlth paaat>ngera and
1 !n Q'larantlne at ?:25 a m.
Bteamet Ortaad fNor), Tuapan Otrtatsar T antl
Havana 14. to the Sfunpon ?s I.tne. tarrtll mdse*
Arrlved at the Bar at 11 r tr: BwtSI
- ner An.'on. CrtatohaJ iK-tol'er 14. to tho
Pana:' - I lm irltll ^3 paaajngera,
lhafli and mdaa Arrlvad at the Rar at 8:0a
.1 ?
inar s V Uickeabaca, AtaadUla october
II. SlartUrutH 15 ant Han J. in M, to the In
aular Llne, with *o paaeenaare, malla and
mdse Arrlved at the B?r ai ?." a m.
Htf.uner Colurabtfl iBr), 'ilasitow and Mo*
rtlta rvtober 12. to H.-nderson Bros. wlth ?t
flrst aad 4''l s<.-fr.d cabln and 24.1 ad-erage
pisseriKers ar.d m !.??- Alltxei at the Bar at
10:1.1 a ra.
Bteamer Mjronqutn. Azua Octobar 13, Pan
Domlngo Cltl aad M.vor's 14. San'-hei and
Baaia 11 P terto P!sta and Monte t**rl?M 1H. to
the i'1 Wlltl :t7 r'4saenrt.ra, mails
irrhe1 a? the Bar at 9:0f> a m
Pu.'v Rool N J. Oet 21. 9 10 p m?Wtnd
east: Mght breeze; rartlv cloudy; ameefh atNU
Bteaaxesrfl Madlaon, Norfolk and Newport
Newa: C CrtBtobel; I ippfSRnn (DutchV, '
Demerara; Onondaara, Brurawick. -
Cherlo-irg. Oct 21. 7 p m ? Kronprln* Wllhelm
(Otcr), New York via Piymouth for 1'remea
(ano pro'-t'4>ledi.
! . Oct 21. 7:lrt p m?Prealdent I.lncolB
(Oer), New York Bor Cberboora and Ham-?
1 : 1 iMp m, Prlni Wllteta
Next Vork for I'herbourg and Brernea
Ctartatiaaaand, Oel 20, 9 a 1, -Heiiig oiav
CDan), New TetB for I'tiiwuhagen.
Glasi, .-.. Oet 2ii I'anieronU (Bv), New Tork
% 1 MovlIIe.
IU re, Oct BO, 11 p m -Rivhambeau (r*r), New
7o K.
Mad-i'i. Oct 20? Ivernla tr.r). New Tork for
Oenoa ar.d Naples.
Bfontevtdeo, Oel B) COaaarlB (Br), New Tortt
for Buenoa Ayrea.
Rlo de Janelro. ijct lft?Wellgvnde (Oer), Nx)W
Ti ; . vl 1 Car* ad ? an I I ??
l'ail.e'os. Oel 21- "'h.i'Tiea iBri. So',hampton
- Klnavon ?"d New York
Naplea, Od !?? Martha Wfahlnatm (Anat),
Naw York. M.r.'loza lltal), New Yerk: tath,
it U'tilghi. Duca dl Genova iltal), New York.
ibrla (Br), Now York.
Plraeua, Od il- Athlnal ((Jreeki New York.
Nori New Yoik via
St Vlacent C V*. Durban anJ 8abani<
PemamMico, ert 11 Pxttwa iBra^), New York
via Baltlmore.
, , , . 1,, t 19?Paol P^tlx iBri. New York.
Pai ETa-8alaam, Od 20? Kasanxa (Br). N?w
York v 1? Bt Vinoent, i- \', Cape Town.
Algo.i Bar, I-Hst London, Port Natal and
Lourenco Hareiuee.
1 -,.|,|, 0 t W Baraa Krsklne <Br), New
York tor Shanghal.
I.lverpool. Oct t9--Tor.av/anda (Brl. Norfolk.
fardtff. 4,ot 20?Rutear.ire il'n, New York.
1 , r.'loii' Oct 20? Weehawken iBr). New York.
Olbraltar, Oct 20 .'axonU (Br), (fiom Trt
este. BtC), New York.
Meeslna. Oet 21?Pannonla (Br), ifrom Fluroe).
Ne* York
Pheit-iurit. Oct 20. 9 p m- Oeorre Washlnaton
(Oer), ifrom Bremen and Fouthafflpton). New
Boutoeae, Od 19. ? p m?Nletiw Amrterdam
i!>, telii (from Rotterdam). New York.
Klngst. n. Oct l" -I'lyde iBr). (from New
Tork) ("olon, et.-. and Southampton; IBth,
Oruba (Br), ,fmm Southampton, etc), New
Hambiirg, Oct 18?Deutachlaad (Ger). New
SbjBIIBBB. O.-t 18?WelU rity (Br). New T4jrk.
Maltn Oct 17 -Pherfela <c*r), (from Calcutt*
and'Colombo), Boeton and New Tork.
Ubau, Oct 14V-Caar (Ruse). New York.
Olbraltar. Oct 20?Madonna (Pr). New Tork
via St Mtchaele for Naplea.
Scllly, Oct 21, *:3u a m? Kronprln* Wllhelm
(i;,M. New Tork for Ptymooth, I'harleatoix
and Bremen, 11:53 a m, President l.lncota
(4ler), New Tork for Plymouth. ^herbuurr
and Hambura.
st lltchaela Oet 17-Slrlua (Dutch), New Tork
via Weat Ir.dlea and Yenexuela for Havre
ami Amaterdam.
Lbard, 4>t 21?Voltumo (Br), New Tork for
Sagrea, Oct 21- Adrlatleo (Ital), New Torti
via Nort<-lfc '? '???-*

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