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OF N. P.
First Detailed List?Automo
biles and Passenger Revenue.
The Ntwtaera Paetfte Railway Company.
tae lacotae accoui I aad balaaca sheet 4,f
vhiil, foi ,r ^^
BJ laal were Mitiiinariz.-ti Ui Th4- TlibU i'
f,f October t, has laeued IU fuU psmphlit
l foi tbai year, watch rontains.
?mong otber featarea, a detailed state
, rwned as of Juae ?".
mng the flral Hart of tbe aort wblcr,
pan) baa Uaiued. Tho atocka heM
mts rapreaentlnii pai
- .,.. - Paeifk Railway Com
.. Portland & Seaitie
Haiiwav Company, mmm, Bt Paul
I'aloa Depot Company, 1:9.850; Lake Bu
.. Termlnal and Traaafar lUilway
Companj learwater Short l na
, ??,...- v 127.209; Waahlngton
? -;,! Rallwa) t pmpany, n.oonuo-: mIb
Rlvei Rallwa - Company. ?'?
i Bmp CreeB Rallwa: Company, I100.0CO;
Sorthwaatern Improvement Company, !?'?
Truat Company, 1112.539;
- k 1321,915
Tae bonda oa ? Nortbern Paciflc
I 188,000; Nortbern
Padftc R '" '??? *x ^-s.50?
Nortbern Padflc-Oreat Northern tol
lataral trual Jolnt la IMtfctBt: Waehlng
8 Cohimbla River Railway flrst
mortsase, 12,499.900; Chlcaso. Burllmrton
k q ,i,,: mortgage, 12,2?.<s'' .
si.'.i'ane. Portland a Beattle Railway,
. i thweeti M Impr iv-en-.u
.?,,,, $2,810,000; Qreat Northern Rail?
way Oi -t at .1 rel indina $1,000,000; Soutn
Padftc llral refundlng, H71,
.,,, Toi eka tv BanU Fe ahort llne.
? ellaneoua bonds, 1917,500;
unfunded notea for auadry advan<cea, 15.
T'i, total par ealue
ta, bonda and m ?? - - K >-'
i ?. itdenl Elllotl in bla repori lo tbe
to the quletnea
. . in Northern Paclflc terrltori
durlng the Bflcal yaar, whlcb would bave
beea n-fiected la a decrease in freight
aau-aanga escept for taa iarKc gtain traf
BC iiati.ll. 1 The decrease of $l.?'3o,0bU ln
ItsaBBiajar earntaaa. be says, was the re
?uli of aeverai eaaaea, among them the
buslnaaa, which made
.i poor; the coinpelltlon of
? igel Bound extension
... st pa and the giowim
us, of aut.oWles. eoncernlni which he
Thi lateBl Bgurea for reglatratlon of
autotnoblle. iliov4 thai there bj*. nol
gtatea or abo u
one for everj 115 people, and ln tne atatea
aerred by your company one autpmoblle
li ? !> people rme re
ta In conelderabli t eaae In the short
h-oad and alao has aaa
feel "f redudns the rolutaa ot
-l ,, mporarllj si ?
people of moderate meana canno
, .'-, and alao make ttipe to
the tnountalns parka and '
outlook for Ktneral bualneaa foi the
earreal ye-ai lo all ol thi atatea traveraed
bj tba Nortaera Padftc, Predtlenl Elllotl
aaya, Ib extremely good. Tiie croaa haTe
never been better thati tliey are thia year,
and Ihere ia a marked increase in tlae
ni'Dc-mr-nt of lumbci and manufactured
ai ticles.
Pians Had Been Outlined for
Uniting Large Independents.
The pioje,-t of a oomblnatlcn of tlx
leadini; indepi ndent steel nianufait.itmg
- oftea rumored withla the laat
>ear, I- now stito. to have bei-n aoflnltel)
abandened. It was the ldea of the pro
moter, it \\a? said >esierday. to form a
, ? ? poratlon. wlth a capltalization ot BBaV
09, embra^ltig the Bathlehem Bteel
1 ,,i poratlor, th" Jonoa & Laughlln Bteel
Company, the Republlc Iron and Steel
Compaay, the Larkawanna Steel <\,m
pany and the Toungstown Sheet and Tuoe
'I ? plans. lt ls undpr?tood. inciuded the
le;i<.ina; or buylns of extenslve iron OTS
paopertlaa ln C'anada. which. wlth the
BCaatnl r,re lan<l holdlnjrs of the various
cn.iipanies. would glve the comblnatlon i
supply ample for Its needa for many
i?ais, and lt la said that optlons ware
nbtalned also on large tracts of ore land'
ln thls country.
lereral baaksra, it is said. werf s"
favornlily laipriSSall Wltb the project tliat
they were willing to become he?v> urnle:
writere of tht securltles of the propo--d
ttimp8i:>, but the scheme did not med
v^ lth slmllar favor on the part of the
ateel aaaaufadurtBg ccacerns whi<-h lt
!f-ircd to lnclude ln the comblnatl,,n.
First Convention of New Association
To Be Held Next Month.
Tba first anu al cmvention of the In
?ie:it Baakars' Aaaocwtioa of Amt-r
Ica ast|i ba beM n this dty BB November
BJ Bl th? \\ altioif-Astoria This is the
; ctatton whJcta waa formed ln Nea
laal Augual aitb the prlmary o'n
ol reatrlctlng, if not entlrely ellm.
tiatnik.- '.-et-ri'h-,,ui, k sohemeB and spuri
m k< .-iihI bonda
on Novctnher 'ji, tiie day precedlng tl e
ragular contranUoa, there will be meet?
lng.- ef the various commlttees, composed
of Bs48eabera from HoBton to San Fran
, ami froat St. Paul to New Orleans,
loll'iuiiiR, eraaCb "ili be the flrst meetlng
a4 tha board ?? f axwer^ttpce, Taa ciosin?j
?- p| tae poavaattaa wltl be a din
n-r at tha Waluorf-Astotla on the even?
lng of November 22, at which lmportant
s',ie?cl es Will he made relatlve to th<?
x\ork of the aeaoelation. Beveral of the
laraer cllles are already blddlng for th^
next annual convention.
A BBMMtal traln. whleh-wll! probably be
run as the second sectlon of the Twen
tietli tVntury Umlted, will carry the
Ui|,'ni IBBmbSfB of taa assoclatlon from
Chlcago to New Tork. On the rear of
the observatlon car there will be an elec
tric slun liearlng the name of the aeso
Ahuiit tliirty-flve BtoikholderB of the
Central I'ark, North 4- Kast Rlvt-r Rall?
road fompany yesterday attendod a meet?
lng called to dtsciiBS measures for pre
ventlng the forecloaure eale of the prop?
erty. which ls Bcheduled for October 31.
A. R Moran, Henry N. Curtia and Oeorge
Y. Mfsfgsn. who lasued the cali for the
mettlng, were aeleoted to act aa a pro
taxStfVe (ommlttee and were empowerd
1o levy an dsseBamrnt up to H a Bhare on
BBBcntUig atock for meeting the expeneiiB
of opposlng the aale.
The Orand Trunk Railway Company of
C'anada. according ti> reporte from Chl
4>ago. ls negtitlatlng for the purchase of
control Of the Chlcago Oreat Weatern
Rallroad Compaay. I'reBldt-nt PVnton of
the ChtcagO <Ireat Western aaya that he
lias nt) knowledge of any auch DSfOtla
tlona. I'oaseBBion of tliat llne would glve
the Orand Trunk an independent en?
trance Into Chlcago, Just as the Canadian
Padftc ascured an entran<? through ac
qulBitlon of tiie W'lBconBln Central.
TnA. 1&al Estate
Property Is in the Dyckman Section at Ellwood Street and
Broadway, at Junction of Sherman Avenue.
There arera few saicr announced in th*.
.real estate market yesterday. The Dyck
i man aectloa figureii ln tho ttmini< by the
'sale f..r the .state of Charlea We..-!
;uf thc property al tha aoutheaat corner
of Broadwa) antl EHwood street. al tha
Ijtinctlon of Bherman ireuua Tha pm
chaaer la reported to be a Mr. Joaepha
Th- ploi haa 8 frontnfto of 801.1 f04
Broadway and 192.* feet on EMwood atreet,
with atl irregular rear line The late Mr
tVelabecker began aecumulatlng this plot
in 1808, nnd thc present transaetion ln
volvea th.- fourth sale of renlty in this
aectlon dlapoaed "f by the eatata artthln a
tt ? ? eeka.
rlarrta a:- Maurtce llandelbaurii '
, >.(ni*rht from Kvi-lyn i 'o\???mry, of Eng
land, No. 80 Cllff atreet a fouratorj fronl
and three BtOT) nar bUlldlng, <m B I"'
25x100 feet The property, whlcli is on the
eaal Blde of i llff Btret t, U fei t north "f
Beekman street. has been heM ln th-,
family of thc preaenl aellera f"r m.
than a century. The Dooglaa Robln
Charlea p. Brown Company negol t<
the tranaactloa.
Alh.it K. liallatin has OOUght from
Jamea J \'nn Alen nnd othera No. 121
j East 65>ih Btreet, a ti\e story American
basument dwelllng, on lot 20xl'.O.5 feet. IM
I feet west of Lexlngton avenue aml faelng
j Normal College. Mr. Gallatin will OOCUOy
the houae.
B, H Welaker has sold for the Flelt I
j mann Reslty Oompany No. MI ?;? l
aven'ie. a three Btory dwelllng.
l'.rillnand Nagel BOld for Erneat W
mann the flve s,o:y flathotise al
northeaat corner ol Hapea avenua an.l
plot H'.xiT feet, tn John F.
' - -?, for $62 <"'.
M. & J.. Il'>s ha,. |. as.-r] foi thfl Ri
1 Holdlng Compaay from tne pinns l
Martln L Cohn inmpmy. Importera of
siiks and allk and cottoa goods. thi
jnfi ani ba aecond loft, con
talnlng about 12,30 In the
i buildlng now ln the conrae of < ?
. tion Bt No. l-'t to IS Fi -irth
I northwest corner of 2Pth street.
? ls for a term of yeara.
Carateln aY Unnehln leaaed the ato
iti'i baaement In th'- new twel
, buildlng Nos. 121 aod 121 Baal Mth atre.-t
'. O'Callaghan ?v Fedden foi a term ol
ilarns A Vaughan rented apartn
No. Bl H aat Mth Btreel to n n
Taylor, Charlea looyamlth, Martha A.
Miiier. Edward I. Horaroan, U. I
aml i-'rar k ?'. Lewla, and ln No. O Eaat
4Ttli Btreet to K. C. George, Mri Francefl
l> Mall. Oaear B. Bergatrom, Wllltaa E
Patten, Rlchard E Howa and J, laale]
Douglaa i. Elltman & Co, hare leaaed
j for Mr* Praactl 11 Ifarkoe N
49ih street. a four Btory Bflgtlflh
I ment house, t.. li. B, de Pouhatni, a
| wholeaale dealer In tapeetrlea and an
for a branch of hla Parla houae
F'orter & <'o. leaaed f?.r I). A .1 H.
JTonles thc northweal romer of Elghtti
I avenue and 124th street tn n motlon plct
j nre theatre concem for ten years at an
: aKpres-ato rcntal of $;;7,500.
DouKias L. Elllroan <v Co. leaaed two '?>
Madison avenue fltorefl in the CafltOn
Chambera, at the northweal cornei ol
! iTth street, for 8. OagOOd Pell A.- '
Jayaon JfeL Merrin leaaed for Cai
nteln As T.lrinekin, agenta for tha B/hlte
Houae. BOUthWeel corne- of Fourth ave?
nue and 3ist atreet, the eteventta loft to
j John Darllng & Co.
I jacoi. Leitner leaaed for the. n B. K:rk
eatate to llorrla M'lstT No.
i Mlnford Place, foui four atory houaea, at
an aggregatc rental of W.of*<.
Pe .?c A Elllman hava leaaed
' tha new Aeollan Hall. No. 27 B7eal I2d
| atreet. to Waiter 1. Robert, F'a'.l liert
? g, Kstelle Stamm HrdEer<-. Agnefl 'I'
I Miles. Dr. K. Iv. I'lider -wood and Mra
| The Iir.wntown InterhorouKh As.-... kv
tion has appolnted a q*BClal committee,
conslatlng of Atexander Qllbert, H. V.
Black, Herberl B. Hardlag, Albarl Plavu,
Major F. T. Letgh, Wllllam H. Heller,
Alberl H Frankel, Charlea A. Hchlen n
and v. a. m. Burrell, to attend the meat'
Intc to be h. ld at the DrUg and Cheml
i al Club to-day at 4 p, m. call.-d by Will?
iam Jay BchletTelln, to dtaeuaa william
street Bubway mal
The DowntOWU ]ri"-rboi'OUKh ABBOCla
tion, of which Mr. Bchlerea la prealdent,
is in favor of the Bpeedy legallaatlon and
constructl'.ii Of the Wll'tam street BOb
way F. W Woolworth, the owner of
the Woolworth Hnllfling. ls alao ln faVOff
of the constructlon of the Wllllam street
Bubway, as are William II. (irace & (*o.,
whlch llnn Ifl now conMricting a bank
|ag buildlng at Hanover Square.
Klisha T. Kverett sold for TbOIBM ?'?
('Inrk elk'ht lota on Kust 3?th street, near
Avenue J, to a builder for Improvement.
Also the two-famlly dwi-lllng house No.
560 Jefferson avenue. for V W. JennliiKs
to a aUaatt for occupam y. and the three.
atory flat No. 417 Ropeis avenue, to a
< ll?nt far Inveatment.
Chartea W. t'onBdon sold the southeast
corner of Kast llth atre.-t and Newklrk
fvenue, a plot tOxWxWxia) fe*t, to Arthur
1 Htrong who wlll erect a C'olonlH
dwelllng houae on the alte.
John H. Oelhardt. Jr., aold for Am. 8
taa Derlelth the two atory buildlng, wlth
etore, No. 619 Claason avtnuo, to Mkha.-l
Charles M. Anderaon A i'o sold lo a
cllent the plot 80x100 feet, cast alde of
Fourth avenue, 20 feet norh of 45th atreet
liarrls A Vaughan liave sold for H>-my
M. W. Kastmari aevt-n ar.d IhfOB HIBJllBf
acrea of land at Manhas;;et, Loag Island ;
? lso for H. K Thompson right and orie
thlrd acrea, itiljolnlnj,' The same hrok.is
have alao sold two propcrtles In I-'i.rt I..-.
N. J.. oaa "ri MbIu street 20x100 f.-.-t, for
the Rryc? estate, nnd the other h plot 150x
179 feet, on Centre atreet.
Pea*o & l-;iliniati have rented for 1 >r.
Albert H Hiiek, foi u tarm of yeara hla
j.lnce nt HewlStt, Long Islnnd. to tforace
Bowkar, nnti for Clarenee C. aterrltt his
new Btoae bouai ln Pelhara Itaaor Road.
Pelham Manor. N. Y . to Kdward II. CtWV
eray, for tha winter
The Joha n Flfe Companj baa aold an
lntereat In the Arllngton Hotel, at Nt?s.
is and 20 Weal 2T.th atreet, tt, T. A, Austin.
formerly proprletor of t ii?- botela Da VUl?*
and Pottcc de Leon at Atlantlc <'ity
Wllliam R. Ware. fur twenty-one year"
at No. -iS! ColUmbUS aviiine. has leased
an spsrtmenl si Euclld Hall, at Broad
way and BStfa atreet, which he wtll alter
and "' cupj wltb hli real ? atai ??
ui Decembei '
Si i wsgi n ind Btanle: P Kli k
conni cted ?Ith H X. Maxley A
Co. at the uptown offlce In Ihe Marbrldge
Bulldlng, Mroadway nml 31th Ktrif'
Bchli alnger, Inc . haa \t aaed pa t
property fotmerlv occupled hy L
Bamberger & Co., heini: the bsaeiueat n'd
?"irst and second floors of the six story
hulldlnc Nos 147 antl 149 Market strr,-t.
Newark, ti> the F, w. Woolwerth Com?
pany for s period tif twenty yeara, al
19X909 a year. The Wooiwortb cotapany
takts poaaeaslOB of the pretr^e* on Jan
uary 1
Tl . follon K tloni e ere ? e
corded at the H> al Kaiai
im, Noa. 14 a','l 11 Vew atreel
'. ?? ?
i. 138-140. ? a --' '? f " ?'
I Iil00x7fl t?100.4 ?- ?'
:-? ? I tl) NOV 12
\\\ luarpl P !>?>
1411 - I ? ?
.-..,;I , . ?
, i, rOBER '-'I
a\ ta B, tt:,, all; Jai ob Blui
Mayer: ' 191 1
: llul ? \ llennli
I, 11*12; tt..'??
i.vi i;uv.\i.i. w
M ,m ? ' ? ' '
> I . I I
wiu.t? avi:. -."?? ellai "? ? r
J 101.
of | Inwi
,-. . ? i . oct i, isia
v B v e
;i ll wt: ,- * ;-. ?? - ' BStS st T.'.ttrsi.
tl . ?. psi ft a 4?f Ttb an
I'nei ?? l Kofers I, 1 ?
17 41ft K
Ing t'ol ? '? m Jan 1 1912;
1.141 H - . ? '
tn Karl
? , i, |B12;
f .IM
i:i'i;t.' , >\ici. \vk 104
... 8th st;
;il! Ilrn-. Heftt .:" II ? - 27 Willlam al.
? ' t e. 124.11 fl i
H Helntz to Kretl
tlelntz, ,y ? ? iv*; sj ptrt; b 1 i ?> I
. , il llelnli, 380
\ ', 1 ? I .1 - !
III. . '.'. ,.,t 18 maj, i: W Blidgi -.
23>tt7; ? n at a Oievra An
, Irawi t 240 Hei i
at inite 820,3441 all llena; 0 I 18 8100 -4'
i I Iti , I:, ni,. 1243 i'ark ave,
RIDGE -.' >-i -i MxlOO; Rldge lloldlne ''?
1 , ' i tinta 1126
? ? . ? .
I'M, \\?, s ? 101 al ' r. atai
r. ls ,-,
:", Riie 4le I . in ? all lltle;
?. ttorni ? , .
i ?,i, i , , .
5TH AVK ? ?, fi.1 2 fi s ot ISOth
10U r ...... . m w.-ii.
H imta 81., oOU);
Det 18;
I' ?,?. 34R4 Broa i i
7111 iVt. ? 40x100,
(Vt lt ti M refi ree,
?,, A, i I ft'ernei ??- l?ai ? ? ? ? 10; *ln
000; attorni . Mni olm .- . ? | Saaaau
I1TII AVK . - SO.JI fi n of :,7", at. 2.',x.M?;
i,, Kath r Kaj
narrl, at 81 (> ? I*. 813,100; nt
t"ii,'-> .MAI., t |1) 1 ,, ,l?s\
. I'i fl m ot Htli a\e, li'.x
A .lamea aM
ano, i!t:,.' 1 m ? Manrhei i< (4 u, n,i it.,
(?TH f4T ? wt s fi ? of 7th ? ? 17 la
M tt -.ii, ? ? ? ,, ||oo
'?-tn H Rw ! II ? Ml, :,? i .1 and Real M
i.Hiirhhn. Ln. i:.j i i rrnti 11 '
?_,. i Ui 8100
BOTH Bl n i Hm It ir of h
'.trxKsi.', , ? i . ' . nat prop
trty; Jamea .1 Van Alen, Sewporl l: I, lo
lamefl J Van ' l*n an<l i.Ri;i* i
tnlni lenant* i? trueteea I >e, i i!?n. 81
irantee an.i Truai Co, 17*8
riT'I lf BT, 14i1 Baat, fi aty brk. 'Jflxion 11
Hanl u,-i-s ;u d ano t-, Kath rlartmann, 2018
B nf Q (mta 120 000)
Ot 14; 8100 ? " ? fn ea i ,?; tmen i 118
I0HTH ? S Bty brh U 2s
mi 1 1 "lf i," ?'. ? ? ?,, Ijooia
t;.irf ari'i ni,,,. 502 Ktone ute Brooklyn imta
84tl.000i Oel 17 1
IBTTH Bl - :?:.': 7 (t *? -,f I.ent,x at..
41 Sx-.'-.i II. I'.-:tha Grosner lo l.lbhle a Mlih?l
lon, 11 >? weal I.TItli bi imta 1-1",. ."h ? >, B?pi 28
yi; attorney, M Ftoaeti lir, Broadwai
The Bronx.
BRYAX1 AVE, MI and 919, ? s, WhriiiO.
Columbia Omatructlon 4 s, et al 10 .lohn lt
r ntlln, 144 Weal Blal Bt; OtM 17 >mti 811).
000); H"o
t'l.INTftN AVK. ?. s. I,,t 1*4. mai, llOUnl
Uop 60x05.0; John Wintera to Anna M W
wintt-rn, if,4 Kaal 179th Bt; Bept 11 imta 84,
Ano,. 81.
[?'IBLti/STON RI' n a mr K.irarf:n ave,
4t< IOi ; Jamei 8 Begrava to PVaa la tllan
8a2 i- -' IHtl et; " t 21; 81. attorneya Baybel
i, l-:t-n,h, 41 Park Ri
hcik av:-:, 1841, * s, iitojiu,. BHi m.
rhiilit^ 10 Juhii s Toi.tn. i*-.' i:n?r im>ti, at;
d t i'i; $1110, attorni . Jobn Byrae 118 tareed
JACaVHON AVB, ?? ? eer )42/i Bt, HSOxKhi
Si'ii., ? Behoen to llenrj Bchoan hikI ?no. 740
. Dri' - Oel li M4mi attorney, rt- r
1 .,r,i ^!-u?. 4? Broadamy,
I .? >', I'i 11 i|, Mtchael IliCmnurk; I.ena
RUBp to Hrn,' P M ill-r lo. \;,rll 1^ I'-Hi
iinii; IZ990); *iri,: attorney, B Bchubach, 8012
Hi\ il\e
HOLLAND ?i: il47. '.'-?.xiori. leeephlne
Kneh* to Marv A I innriallv. 1X.'!2 f'ruaer ave
fmtfl 83,8001; Od 19; li.1",, Btt4xrBejr, Tfie
Ouarantee Co, 17? Rroatiwav
l,t h 199, aaap \'an .\e?t I'ar):. Nellle rtata
bourajlaa lo (;eo Hauaor, nrc CSaaanoawaaltr)
ave (ii,ta M.OBOjj Oet n, 8100; Btttarne] c n
Hh.', i,iii. 1129 Walker a ?
I^iT l4ift floap N V < Mtlu'll, f'rotet-tor' ;
M;,tlil.i? Antes t,i Mnrasret Antea. lfltKi Hi-ne
dut aea (aaia 11,000); Oci 17. iphi attorneya
Kiiox ?>. Do ,in,K, 27 ' -il.ir at.
147711 ST. I a 186 ft m ,,f Ilroi.k tif. *i'.x
iisi. itit'Tt Bue ner lo Anni* Cohan, ftfto Ht
Marka a^-, Brooklyn (mta 1141.090); 1109; Bepl
80; attaraeya la*B?bi <v i.hiiia*t,,n, i.tj Naa
aau at.
IfJBTH ST. s *, Ksi fi ,. ,,f Kelly st. I.'.xloo.
tjusif. \'lehl in Aufciist Nelaon, 183 Vt ic?,tii
Bt; 4i, t '.'I (BBtf 11,009); linti: nttorney. |{ i*.
LttV. 8BB Hr,,n,lwai
I84TH BT, s b, 78 i ft e ,,r Beatas Ht > '.
7.",xl<'ti, Roben N Qulnn t,, KHworth Realty a
tiinstriifllon t'o. U.'i W Ktntl, st; Oi i IB (flnla
87,309) 81.000; attorne) Lawyara Tltle Intu
r,.,,r. 1 Trael ' ',. l"i Hr"n,h .
iiHTH ST. RM i:,.s, 20x0); Kllz Hlnler et nl
to M.'iil/. M4?,s. 819 Bl Jolina Pl, Hmokbn
untB 84.908); Oci 21; *vwi altonMy, Tltle
Ouarantee & Truat 4-,, ]-,q |lroa,!wu\
17hTH ST, a a 1W5 ft w of Anthony ava,
Itaxwel ffetaaa te OoBtae VleW, ?*r'
? 1,.-,.,. at: Od II "'it*- 12*000): 1100; al
. .; i? *w, 9W Broadway
I841HI PT, 118 Eaat, 80x82.1: Bflther Helm
re Alex Helne fl; Oct 14; addreaa, 118 Baal
|k''", ?t- ? , -.,,?
1*.'JI' BT, ri ?. lot 46. map Bo Belmont. .*>x
Ha. i, Xapolron I^evj 10 Antolnetti I- 81
.-' 18 -?? --'" i]l" ?
81 II BT, * a, :?''" ri c al Park ave, 20x
lOn Sar*h P I'r.nrellv t" Mlclmr-I r ..illr-n. ...
i: S2d *t imtx 88.750); >.. t 10; a"1"; Bttoraay,
p M I'.-itters.n, 87 Wllllam st
WHB aama aad aiMraaa al Braataa and at
lorn.? i
Intereat I per cnt uni.-?? e4U*Brarlaa *t*tcd.
ii. tobbbj -i
i HHI'.KY BT, 4','S Bad m%. --XV.'7'?M'V'
A Uorinan to i bmiki Corporetlon, 11! Broaa
1 way. uct lh -lu. Aprll -'". 1018; 6% per i>nt,
1700; ati..rne>, A Bmlth, Hl Broadway
BOUTH KT. 17h an.i ITH. 41 Ba . l-annle W
I I> Bton ta Amerlcan Mortaage i'o. 31 Nasaau
lat; Oct'21; 6 yr?; 138,800; attornev*. Ilowers k
I Bflinda, 31 N'H?*au at. M , -
WH.l.KTT BT. Bl an.l 04. 60x100; Vj illlam
l'na.l.r et al t.i Oerman Savlns* Hank. 167 4th
I ave. 4>t 21; 6 yr?, 4'j per cent, 180.000; attor
n* a, \m.-mi * Ainanl. 110 Naasau Bt
rASIK PROPERTY; *am- to Einllle JIa. tjer,
! Haet Kutherfi.rd. N J (prior mtg 880.000); Oct
81; 6 vra, 6 par enl B0.O0O; attornev. 0 81
I Ehrhorn, 16 wuiinm *t
11TH AVK. w B. 1)2 ft n of 4Hth ?'. 20 Ol
100X10.10X100; Kllcn H M.-Ale'r to Tltle ln
Buranca Company of New Vork. 180 Broaoway,
uct 10; ;i irs. $1,648).
BTH i\K ? a, 81 2 tt s ef 120th at, .1. s*
100; En anuel M VTelnraub to Waiter A i??
| rle. 878 Eaal 2.4.1 s. (prlor mtg *!?? " '" ? ' ',!
18; d,? Aprll 8, 1018; 8 P?r cent. I..!""1 ?'?
1 ,ir-*v 1C" Hrnadway. ? _ . , , ,
II.TII ST 208 Weat, 24 11x01 8x98 KWM I;
\. , \ |s heln io J-.a.-it, i. Buttenwl. - -.
300 Central I'ark We?t: Od II: :i ir*. I P-r
ceni J4IMO: attorney, Joseph l. BtttxflBWleeer,
820 Broadway.
The Bronx.
ALBXAKDBR AVE, a b. 120 ft n nf 1 .''_.
at. 20xii" U ! Ixa J Wll lama to En Igran
nga Bank. :.i Chambera at; O. ?
.i ra; >S u 0; ittoi eya R a E J u '??> ?
a 81 Cliatnbera at
IlKi 'K ST * *, 272 ? '' ?* "' Aienui Bl Ji l
oaban Kealt) -i o to Tltle '. i
840.000); Oct
per bond; 1120.000; addn
i.-\K\n\Y ?VE, ii ?? car nf n*id*t?n
.... iriiox Fraacta Aiun io i'ark .%]?*
Co, ii Park Bon. Oci 21; I yra; |i00; h:
, rrench. 4i i'ark k?w.
KIRKHIUK WE, ? *. 71B.8 ft n of ?ellea
.-. -? 28x100.4; Anna I- to Bmlly t Uatett,
I8KI Marmlon m". Ool '? 8 yrs, d p*r
. attorney, H A Vlea, 120 Bn id
M v, i iv -. VE. * * 160 ft n of Bt Pel -
i 27 PX2.-.X127.4; Lawrenee MeCarthj
ItKtuatrl.it Barlnaa flai.k. .11
er* ?? . . i.-t 21; ;i ^r < 83.000; attor
ney, M .1 s. mlnn. 61 < bambera st
I'oWl i.i. WE, b s, at ? s lot 22" m..p
.rt, runa a l""x a mux n ium w
?r;'i niebe Conatructlon i'o to North SM*
, corporatton, rtfi Eaat unth *t.
t. 1018; &% p'-r c-iit.
. ? .Mocke. K"Ch k Heidy.
it 140th at
I-. .\\ l.l.l. WE. * *. ir.? ft e from w a
lot 27ii aame map, runa * lo^x - ii nx n I08x
10 . - imi to imme. .lu^ Kov 1. 101
nt od ix 88.800; attoraer, aaaM
| - " a' 114.81
,. , i; aii) Co to Emlarant ln
I. attorni )i i; .s. K i
* ?t
. i; \vi:. n ?. 820 ' " '
\n?iiat S. llUI t.. II. i r\ P M
rlor mtg 88.00 '
\ . . IiOHii
? '
r?T ot t (8 a erewli h and
?rnft,l. rv - " I -'? ?" * s"
,'. Ilan ' l '
?^.ttorney, I. i; Map'a 1861
. ? road
Bath a
-??hl l?
Savlnrs li. I ' ' -
. . .( * , ... .i al
78 I idway
11 Pl trtl Kiat. .?".'" '? H- nr>i son
i igi 08 W ?-"
<. attorneya
Heek . .' M i na. ? ! W
imi ai 884
..rth Reall ird Conat i La*
, ? |sa
,r* ritla ir.air ?,- ? iBd Trval
ITM'ill M'l t 108 ft w of Antl
SOiinu ?: ?"'j- Vlehl to ? ?
? mifl i
**r eaal 14 I. al
? ? Breadwaj.
I4.'1> BT '? * lot 46 m*I' 8 tl B.
I Btaafa ? I, Napol^or
' t Weel :.I 21 I prlor m'.^
v * aa bond- I
'71 Mrn.?.1w ,\
e aad *.'.???? at
riANK -'? 88 raaa b081.
, ? iihi t to a a at x * 20 te
? ii .-.u .- it- Mi - ??? to luguete Oah
. ?. u?? e ii ,?' i:, Wall at
. ? ,s p|? ? *, 26 ? f ''i-" i a at,
23j I l 1 '.?-.".*! 18 -'. Mh- b I. 1*
' HtlHir IO Tl
....... ?.,
I,,; i |t Bl r.2 18 '.'v4l. K'xIU 2x40 10
v . * ro and i aacatta lell
l>?o|i iu ibi ? ''? i ?"?' ? *'" 000; attorni ?
nr Co ;,''. Broadway
EA8T liltOAUWAT, i. a ? ? Montromer)
27x104 8 Bepl 10, \'<"2. M.ratiam and He
,. , si araon (?? Jobn il K..st*r. iriinr
$7.",,i?o ,.'t..r r.e*y. F de P Poater, IM Wall 81
r, 32, t'T fi from * * oo? Qram
... .... 1!04. H.:..n '' Irvlnx t.
Kdwln a and a'arren lYulaahank. trnat"
%:,..., itorney, tla Q .^n' ? ' ;"'
i EXINMTON a\i. 2007 2>"0. n e eor 123
- ...^ . Ihii a IB04 M..i.ia Welnsteln an.
?no lo Hvhll K W rlellar; |15,000; attornev*,
. Man 8 Man, ?'?! Wall *t
MAPIBON AVE Mv: 23.0x111.10x23.21
me 20. IU imuel ai 'i Annla i-n*<i
. ., ?.. \ 4 Klll*rbi rr and V \ 1 ra maa
ta.KMi ., . h "
Mi i|;'? ? i ? 18 <', fr m froni ..n,,-l<
ln aal I at, 188 ? ft ? ot Bed
r ? .???.- I)x2? 11x78; Hepl 28, 1012; Badli
?' ? - Edt* ii I'kiiiKT, $-,.'.'", addreaa,
17:. I . |! ilrtl - .. I
U \ 1 Klt BT, ;?. 21 11?^r' 2i2TI "x?5. ,1'in.. U
IB94I Hri.r. i cammann at al t., t**i?.ii,
11.1.000 attorney, L*wyer? Tltle in
suranr ? . ?? lt>i Itroadway
111'. I'll BT. * a, 'Vlrt ft e nf Av* A M
ii., .ir ivi i nna ? n 4x * 100 Kht i iix i
loo 10 , a a 118th il v a 180 x b 108 ta laa
of i:,,..,|:.il > n u ..ir.iiK .-ald Incl lo befl
Aprll 21), 1806; ''ha* Hlllemeler lo N 1 ltat?
- . i Vaaoclatlon 128,000; attorn.-v
Tltle (luai n.i" ' "o, I7H Broadway.
121-l HT, ? a 218 I ft vs ..f Ith av*. 18.8]
100.11; N.. in. H'1I. l'liili- and Cellna !???.
to Bul a1 I.lfe Inaiiran. e Co; |1 'a"0. addreaa
.'.'.i Cedai 11
I8IBT BT, 82 K.iar. Ifl*x1ooll. IY.in.1* M
and . i* Meeeke to Mutual Llfe Inauranci
' ?. *t. a i in aa, .'.'.' <>.|*r *t
IIRIGOfl AVr-7. * * s, 246'! fr n * nf Trav
er'a Island, iH)ix!i*ix lrr*?. March 28, \'.**i
M ' ? OBtello ta Henry R Wood; 12.800
attorni a, hntton k Kllehelmer. 208 Bread wai
!H I1H1M ?. V PX a a < "r l'.Oti at. run* I
122.11* * 147 8x n P0 f) to ? a l^tii *t * w
Ull 7 tn l,*?lr.n!nf. Mav II. 1811 l^nnai I J
an.l l^ali K Obermeler lo ('rulkahanh Co
117.1 ? attorni, Tltl* Inanraic* i' IM
I Broadway,
IXiT 7.1 map Hh? p.t* aatate Meaea Devoe
' I'.. dhara Hr-I)tiiia. iana ?'?. 1808; '>..!*;? \\
I Edinondarm to Loula Elckworth; 8?oo. addreaa
28 ITatbush a-.-. Mounl Vernon N T
llrTH !' an.l IO, Uktcfe 2. loU 12 ?n'l II
. Ii'.,. i. ?!, lata IB tr, BJ li|o, i B; tnap 803
i.ii Hhertdaa I B4*arave, ?itti Ward; Dei
i 12, I!"";. .laiura S Pearav* to the Park Mr.it
gaa> i'.i, |6,(?io; attornaj*. .ur>t,*l Ac Knri.li
41 I'ark Itow
LOTB Rh and 40, map 401, Seion Ilomwtpail
i N'.,' 1 I8*a Jna.-j.h r r*l" nn ni"1 uri" to Th..
: i; in i urn a rnx, 91*9; addraaB, i!?o4 Batfe
I ?at? ii a
I.i i'l .Vi'.i aaaa V*n N?at I'ark. Man-h 21
1D12. Manoeg mmbourajlafl t" Heary ^'..r
Olahn; li.vi addreefl, 88 weahlngtoa a\c,
l^iT nn m^ip 881, Beaton ll"iiicat*a.l, Bronx
Oct 80, li*a*i. Rathertna and Predertch Beboll
liiiinincr lo lllrUl....-k lnv.atin*nt. Siivlng* an^
Lobb Ce "f Amerlca; 12,01*1, addreaa, I Btae)
Mai'I.av AVB, * ?. IBB n n of st Peter'i
nr 13x137.8, Nov iv. Hh^i l.itao and Minnl.
Bllrerberf ir. Waahiagton Bartaaa Mank, ir
llquldatlon: 18,708 _
I'AIIK AVfl* I 8 COf lOath at, 2.',.'.xll>2x2.'Pl)i
H7 M.u li I, 1810; laTmlt* llr/arl < 'n to PeOpW'l
Trual i'o; 1800,000; Bttoraeya, WlnBata k itii
len 80 S'aaaau sl
wii.i.is AVE, at point .'.76 ft from e? taare
of ai Ini.-iH. . lloe Ot .llvldlna Un' "f lota fl
aad 24. map S-. tir.n" A BBd B, North N'w
Vork. nnd n ^ 144th at. inn- fl I 10 ~C to eentr.
Ita* Of Mi..-k X f 24 to e - MUI I'.n.ok X * w
aleeifl breoh ** ?'? ft le n h 144th ^t x w84.ll t.
baglnnlng; In>c .'>, iwi**, r-Jiwnr.t C Morrii tc
I Joaephlnt N rowp.-rtlnviilt a* geniinl x'nir
i.Han. 113."00; attoraey, Mta M k wiaht. ?
Mal.leii Ijin.
i7>T'ii ht. i *. iftf. ft w of Aatbooy m-, IOO>
100; N'.v 22. Ilill- AiiKiiat aad Annu I Nelanr
tr. Oeorga M Buckbee 18.008; BddraBfl, MI Tra
rnont uve
1*1'. I'H ST, s ,, 288 ft a of I'ark ave, BAxiOO
Aprll 23, U'12. Ml'hiiel T an.l Mari I'.iin.ir.
ti. It.-n. n -n H.*1ly i n; I7HO, attorney*. Sult.i
A 8telnkamp, 140 N'aas.iu st.
808TH BT n s. 01 I ft ? iTaei dhidlna lln*
between lota 138 an.i 6.14. map Oaaraa F aal
M'-ni H iiihIvK-, 24th ward, r na fl H and M4 1
x a e I0B.8 to a a al x ? ?'.! 2 to b*xinninx
ori 28, i"o6. atagdaleaa iina* te Heary n>
ron. 84.800; MtOTBey, Thoma" P Ke.'Kh, 1*"
Weal Itroadwa]
Al.itn S.-lf.ilh to .Ih...I> IIhkii-. J2.O00.
I'rftn.-k Baddy to ' okmlal Baak: II
,Mur\ \ 11.11> i., Marv J CunalnfTiara; 17.ooo.
Ifannah li. nann I.. Aarnri I.on*?lH,|l. r IIOO.
Kre.l.-rlrk I. Hanfl and uim, .-xr*. to I'rhur
Securltle* Co, llo.OOO.
Btajiaa W MMmns to r.it/. k Doellaa,
1 81.00".
Mai Kahterl and aaw te BJaall* rucha: a?w.
w.? Broni Realty Co le Bdw r Cole; ?,.?
i ':.- laeurani a Ce le Tuie owarea
rantee *r..l Trust co to MaiRflret i>
"""*' ti
rhoma* (' Arnow to Mataofl ' Arno* . ?"?
Wllliam I.t,-I, to QtBTtrttdB Kavis. 11.900
IVashlayton II TSyloi i<> Ka'h BtretxBI,
Wllaon Maralall lo Wm Itankin; 8'.'l."""
.?-Hnl IO S;illl?. 84,OOO mmmam
JuIIh Chertoff to Wm Rankin; 82,nivv
Elli Kllberhorn to tin. w Rankin; ?-"?"
Ba ..- m - ime, 8i.V(Hiu.
Jacob Merke! tt, i..-hh liark. *l>"rt.
Auaaai Kelaon to o*, ir Hentachel; $l"'
Bujrene i..'v> io Bls^aanond larry; ?a.oso.
i.n.vTt MurtuaBH Ce te Detiieatlc aad roi
elajn Mlssion.irv Baetet) t,f Proteaiam Kpla
,, pal t ii'iivh. 1197.009 _ ,
Lawyera Tltla Inaurance and Tntet co to
Ieawyers M, riK-ie" Co; 827.000 ?___.
Herman Melnemann to Manhattan MnrtwaBn
Cn. 81li.li-'
Wllaon M PoWell tr, ilampden Vialdron.
80 i, n
Krtieet T Fellnwea lo EUa I Howe; 17fc000.
l/-uis Hubener te Bnoeh C Ball; 14,991
North Blde Morteaare I'orporatlon to Marv J
Areher; $2.<W
Panlel Rejer to E L Ilobbard: $1,200.
si i AVK 1499 a'ater Buperilalea Ce aat
(Ir.-tih.n Uiman. owaer; M <1oldbe.-a, con
fai-ior. $21' . _
I48TU BT M: E*.ht, !"iillpp Freuder.mai-n'-r
& Son aat t'hatles ,\ LS!-P n, own*r and ct)n
trat toi . Iiui .
TRACaU, etr, on Broadway from a a ot
.-:,.in sq to n * nf Slierman aq; John I
Kani Co mt rorty-aaconl Btreet, ManDattan
?. Ille a Bl Nkbolaa Railway Co, owner; New
Y-ik ''li- Rallwa) '',,. |4*BB4M (reaewali '
: RACKS, ? ?". "ii Brol<;wBi fr
ol li . ton it; same aift Metntpulltan *,r?"1
Rallwaj Co, owner; New lor* CRy Rallwa)
Co. lessee (reneiral); $1-4. .
TRAt'Krt, etc. on Park ave from a h or 4V1BI
v ,,, n b ,f Ctd at; aama act Motiopollinn
stre*' Kaiiway Co, owner; New xorU i ny
i: iiiway Co, l< iee? irenewali. I I
1 .-|> BT, 41 r ami 418 Baat; Adolnh Rapapor"
. reilerlrk D I'litlllpn and Jessle \ Phllllp-.
m u M?y P.et'.nina Oo, eootractor,
1 THAf'KS. Bte, on int avt- from 86th
Ut; john p Kane Co ?:;? Metiapolltan Btreet
! Railway Co, owner; Sam York Clty Rallwaj
. ? r. irenewal i. U7fl ? #..?. ,
ii 31 avo from 8 a of G*tn *|
' io -, - nf 8?th st; sjni.- acl Ifetropolll u
r iiiway C . owner; Mew Ter* Cltj
-? e (renewal? '?
TRAi K'.-. et<, t,n Orand at fi ?n eetaw b
of Centre at; lohn P Kane Co ak< Dry .?.
Eaat Broadwa; A I'a'ti-rv nallwa-. ' n. owner.
?. Rallwaj <??? lei
' BERGEN AVB. ?>10 and 812; D Plxiutlello Co
acl B <t B Bnlldlna Co, owner and ei
81 90 rn ..
fRKflCENT 8.VE t w cor of 184th *t wx*>:
D Pla tlello Co eel Kltehea Impforement ce.
owner antl eontra'-tor: 1111. .
PROSPETT AVE, ?? s. IM ft n ol 5841 Bt.
25xl(K> i,i 'or Rrhwarta aat Pttwpect 8
Co owner- Harrj Appalbauea and NewJf**
Plumblna an.l S .pply i'o. tontra, tors: 8,4 95.
ITTH sr uo w.-tt. n Di Ltaas Ce aat
Royal ImttroYemenl Co et al. Od v. 1912: WM.
VVE8TOHBHTER AVE. 2909 to illS. frank
Ooldman i'o net Olover ConatrOCtlon I 0 et ai.
-.-., B, 1912; 8177 00
BAME PROPERTi olwell I> o 1 co agt
v , , IU] 18 1"U 8372 58
I ranh ilo.tlman I o agt
' aame M I $12 191
i2P W\ 20B West U il* '.".'n ar' EdWSrS
I 81, 1912: 1131
atai Kln proof ?"?'*t>
o ei al;
m. Kemleln .t- I ea
? h "f -J: A
r. i to ia v l
f?13 . 8B 800
> \ v. v -. ?'?" fl n of Pontlac
i . . Dledrli (lereka kft ParW ?- --milnl
... ? :? 1813 ? ? ? ? I
0 'I'i dJBBJ 21
ORAND Bl 221 and 121; te ? 8 ?
... r." rtnrenburser \ Bard, 1
? tl 11-', ooty
? 1 rOBER 11
HOl i: .- r f Proai d? "t
1 , - s - ,
loaurs of ntir I;
M )- 'i rlan.1
ZKP.K41 \ ?'? K n ? s. interser ar s Maela)
I 1 .T1" io Kre.le, i ). v BO ,th.?t>rtti
. ? .K-i Eeraaa iv l larovement t'a
? i ni ifon-eloeura of int*': attotaay, w n
)?? ; . ? ,\ s r *>? * ot 170 map ol v. ,.
Inaionvllle, Brona wm w PanSold "k"
i .? , - al (a tion to detennln*
rlaltn 1 sttornev. ,) Rot-e:i|
BT. cn,; Ksxt, Mi-rtllla r iifndrieu?
-? ? atare et al iforer'oaur*
Bi ittoraeya, i i a A
. x no f' w ef Lexlnati ? ???
L'OxlOO.'i He'kni?n BatBta :x jt' Datrld n
? :,; ractlon to -? eel laaaei,
4. ii t ,-i'. ; k iBt li-1.- ? m Bi i- Kei adm
Keii e# a! ,aetlon t-, ,iHr:.,r.
Iirn , attorney, I, O Ila:,il,iirB*r
Y. \KT HOrBTON BT 488 Hannah Tn:::
? illaa UlBlllfl el al , fnre
rioaura of m-j'. attorni - Btreeek A
ROAD lestllna frmn W. st Kurnii tn Ilut.i i
? ., Iniaraei ? Ian* i*?,|ln,{ {,asi
,ui Ina (tround I I Reformed Date*
rhureh Inroush tha Heda* rartn, x
Thomaa i Hannon aal '? '? retla *. Ifawei
.-? ,i tferecloeura f mta); Bttornej P I
: n s. -.'4R tl f: e of BHi ave. 1? Oi
>s 0 Margaret ' Hall n*' Mvanea Realtj
rtru tion Co e1 ui , fortelOBUra ol
rt,tk i atterneyi Klamaa, i.ew. Cora A
!.. v ; r, r
N'ORTHERN Wi: ? e eor of 179th al
92.6x100 Morthern a\e. n a eor nf I7MI
st 02.Sa100 t?o n,-tt,,iis, N'ew Tork Mfl
Inamranea Co pk' Blreh Realty Ce at al
fforeeloaura "f two mtfa); s'tornev. H 81
Belllnaer, |r
!i!|t W|- s,;,i Pe!'., W I|iie|<*4at1ier aN-1
rriemona i. Plath al al iforecloeure nf mta;i
K R Wallaeh \
2S8TH BT. n * TB ft e ,>f carpenter ava
28x07 i F.miiv \ Pterev loans w M Realtj
ro J? Iinf)
Minority Holders May Make an Ap
pcal to the Courts.
FSfforta are belng rnada to aal minorlt)
holdera of atecurtttaa c>r the United Btatea
tfotor Compan) to take atepa foi prevent'
lag th" l.-itlnratlitn of Ihe reorajnlzitini
pian, ahlch aaa nade publlc a feei da\.?
ii^'n The eoatentton ot tii?? oppoeltlon it
that the new awaiag eapltal oaaaai
should he fleourerl throtiaa a new hon,!
i<t?ue lnHtead <if thrmiKh aaaeaaatent Ol
the oiii Btnek, (ind tln- courta may ba na
tllluni'tl ftir nti Itljunctlon tti prevent thf
phin fltHn Itelna; rle,-lnr..il uperatlve or
in.i\ ba imkt'ti tu appotnt a refaree to tak*
teatlmony reaaiditiK the liiiKlness am'
asaats "f the aonpaay, The reealvaraart
tO make thelr report tn the rourt n"Xl
BlfRliOdATB'9 rut lt: WEBTt'HKMTEf
OaxiatJ Ia tiie Matter nf the Apyll, atlor
fur l.eltera of A,lmlnlstrailon on the Ooodfl
Chaltal* Hiui fretiiis of Oaeiai C. Mtntlii
Dseaxtaad To oSe Cradlteee nf the Bartata ol
lieoiRe C ManilOa Detease.l: I'les-e Takl
Ntili. r, Ihat AlaaaaaVai I Meniilea, the j,etl
tlnii'i h^riln, tnlenilt I, .ih,U ',, ||:e Surrn
Bate*! i oiii t of Ihe i i'uat] nf West,'healer, fm
i -.-t t.-r?. ,,f Admlnlairatloa oa tae i?ot>.ts. ihat
t, is .in-1 lYeiiita t,f Oeorsa C Maaalaa. ,te
, f userl, Bftth a intcllrle I Bteurltjr, Jiiiraiimit t<
the provlslnna of Ses-tlnii I'tlflt ?' ll,e I'ode ol
i ivii Proeodora of ihe smtr nf Ne? raxrkj nn<:
I >ou aad i .,,-ti of Mm mi- Bwrabj imtiried aad
raijulre,! Bjt vlitiif 4,f tha ,ifor.?4ld prevlsloni
of leetlaei -Hiu ,,f ti.ild Oada, aad la ao?>
suanoe of llie unler ma le fur that pturpoSB hj
Mnn 1'rank V. Mll!ar,1 the s.iM S.irr,,Bat?,
ilatetl heptember '^ritli, Ifil'J, lo prrsent an)
aad "ii t-litiniB th.it \,,u maj hav* aK-mist tlu
i Hatata ef Otaoraja C. Ifaaslea, ,ie- e??e,i, to tht
aald BvrTtxtata nf the County of fVeetehseter
at hla lll'lre In the Cauntl Cottti llnne,- n
tbe viiiane nf w'hit.t Plalna, Waatcheatei
<\?unt>, Nnxv Tork, ea nr before the 7n. aaj
ii Noveasber. toi^. al nr aft,-r ?rblch'tlma th<
i.enalty af the. l,un,| tn be gtvoe for BeOBrltJ
by ihe Betltloner te waoaa Letten of Adniiiiia
trattnn htreln Bhsll le Biantt-l, Is to be flxe^
i,y th# said s irrtsaate.
lniteil Septeu.ler 99th. 1D12
CTRUfl \ I'.isnui',
Altnrney for Pstltleear,
_ Irvlnaton N T.
Bacretarj nr Btate, m Thia certlfleate, ixsoe,:
in iinpii, ata, berab certlljei that the Rlrtwaam
<t MlehelBon Company, a aoaaeetle stm-k mr
piration. haa flle,| ln thls nfrl,v, on thia 4tl
i!?\ of Octobar, 1!U2. pepera fnr the vnlunturv
tllssnlutlon of su, h , orp, rMlinn unrler Baetlof
I'.'l ,,f the Ueneral I'urpoi .itlnn Ijiw. an.l ttial
it iippr-ars therefmm thai aueh eorporatlon bai
i nmplied wlth sall BSCtlon ln nnler t,? be dls
ivitaeaa aay i,.in,i ani the aeai oi
ntrire af the Se-ietarv of State, at
II* 8.1 the ? K\ of Albany, thia fourth ,ia>
i>f October, ono >houaand nine hun
i)re<1 antl twelve
JOBB f: pidi.eon.
bacond Uaput> a^retary of Siata
BOKU14.M OF iimuiKI.iV - _
Boro Brooklyn, City of New York
The Famous Shore Road at the Ciateway of the Nation
Ovcrlookinjf New York Bay.
Where health abounds and home values are reasonable.
4th Avenue Subway Celebration
SATURDAY, OCT. 26, 2 P. M.
Official Orand Stand 4th Ave. and 68th St.
Take Bay Ridge "L" at Brooklyn Bridge.
Within ion feet of Ith ara.. 80 lata wlll ba
aaciiflced to qulcfc buyer far 11.800 flaca,
arlll rtivi.i.hei plota of 5 i<? or 20 mhb,
everj lel arlll sell for |2, ? aar; in*
aubwajr ;* n-,- belng eompli ed rlata u i
s-,,r.-M for invai ir Open avenlnaa and fun
dar, I. M. GM.I.AOHEB. 7-01 Btb a\->.
Btity Baetloa ?r Orand *t.. eloee ta raaatwtant
tranafer polnta 8 etorj bulldlnf, plet aealOO.
Barcaln to imrlt buver
B C, MA8TKBH *? Wall Street.
ia arlth paymonta on irory haBtJaorni
8 rooma, alectrlc. gaa, 'phone, baat.
beautlful rlew; rery hlfh; l.irue plot; aaleet
loeatlon; wllllng to lo*". new houae; pay
aienta or $:,n monthly mek?e you the owner;
? ,iii ht r..,uKlit at bbj harealn; anawer at
once. C. RuTII. Doi 40. Tribune Uptown
? itlee I n',4 Bi MXdway._
Well-Built Houae with Plenty of Ground
Near rallmad s'aflon; within easy commutlnfl
dlfltaaea of N*w York. property havlng all Im
provement*. flne rrees; permanent aatef prlvl
leg-ee and maanlflcent vlew. J. S NAYLOR,
PA W>at B8d Hl . V Y. Tel 811? Sohu>l*r
w 2 f.imlT\ ! i :*?-. 12 rooniB e'.eetrlelty,
s:rftm I.hr'. . ,,:-i . r BDxlOO; B8.8IB)
\V. C. I!KF,\ r * X I 0., ?aprliurlWIil. I- !?_
IH.000. BB ? IBy terms. wlll buy nln*
rnorn h - if-hnlf u<r>'; two
(II<>ri baiha Bulll for all yr'ir --ounrl
home. v.ith Kiearr. heat and all city
eonvenloacea. Near >xpre*? etatlon on
Road of Antlna. I.<-se than one
lii.ur from N. Y. Ctty. See this house
b*fore pur. haaim: eleewbere,
Addre** HMi.un
P. O. Boi 391. New York City.
I 4)K Y4)l WHO I.OMi H)R \ RKAI.
i \v? bave nn exhlbltloi ai our r.rr.. <?* a bo! of
h*autlful plctur-B abOWlna tiie exterlor* and
I inti rlora of rno catuTorata i.unaaion*. ?urh a*
' ar* 1*in?; bullt on the Leaarue'e propeitl,*
i^-f'P In. 'phon- or write for partlculara
I E< i BI'OO Dlra ?
f'KHfl Madtesa Bq. 40 IV. S'nd <*t.. N. Y. <'
. ? . ? : i HOME AT ROSF: V1I.LA;
n??>??? ima an>i al raa
ro--!,. brand nea hi .??*. Ju*t eomplatad; * i n
onventenre, in. ludlns; ?>in parir.r*.
J varuum cleanar*. bulli la bookcaaea, .-ie-rr! il
*-r>(iT,. ap*< ial ventllatlOfi: l aautlful fixtureo;
I bandaome Becoratlona; ' *r,iwoori trirouxhvi'.
' Isr*r BBrletia: raa il 888 imme.iiate po*
aeaaloa I'F.IST A PRIBT, Ma:iat1n? Agvuts.
raa Rroad S- . N'ewark, N .1_
I FAIUti 141 Brrea, loan *o|l. no stone. roli
Infl all kinr.a frull lt>*l.1*nce. 14 reomfl
! fov ] (amllles arge baraa ,i ii s'.i fm-,n
bldfa ln flrst .'la*a order wlndmlll. artealan
wall no bottei farrn In Btate lir.nOn \o.
' i: * rjRAKJK. ?' Broadway._
Bomervllla, N i . rlghi alde ol atreat; ?,*<
i b*-n 'ia*,| for .a f-nnltur* nrvl rarp^t *tr,r# for
] thc laat ? ft*an -.??ara Appl] r" Q TBObIAS,
S-Kncrvillc N. 1
4'.! .'KNTrai. ?VE (neai I itaaml EIba
. \n -to:r, :, rtMoaa; *2''. Baa b':ain*s*
Bouth Broadway, Dobba Ferrj N T.i tee
mlnut**- v.-alk from atation: flw t"onis. I<itch*n
and bath; 130 a month Addreaa P, o Baa if>.
IU*tlngs?oi'. Hudaon N V
WEJrr bide.
385CnNTRAL~PARK VV. (.gf. )
7-8 Kooms Ftreproof buildiog, two
2 Baths .-.) artmenta on a floor,
$900-$1.400 cxtra large, light rooms.
McVickar-GaillarJ Rcalty Co.,
444 Coluaabaa A*e.. >*w iork._
iO h>?> M>,vi ?' Two ebolea famliv apart
aaenta naar Btb *^ ra. mg ontrai r*r'<.
reaaonabl. rental. Apply Buperintendeat, Telc
phone M? l''.,-i.. i __^______^_
405 PARiTaVE.^h^t0"
10 TO 13 ROOMS, 4 BATHS S^"
M4)4)|{K t HVIKOIT, ;,4? Sth \ve (48 9AX
1^4.i \<H2 BROADWAT m?ar Sumpter BL),
Hrnr.k!' n ."> largo. flne ro im?, t.ath; |12.
112 80
7 larjte roon's and bath. all Improvement*
steam heat, eleetrte llffht hardwood leera
thi-ougluiu'.. lo.Mi' i Ba K-iat Ijjth Bt BM
A,,. j -.?i f ? fron atailon. Trlce M.TBO;
jl ,,;;() rael v,.ol? i" Builder on premi*"
8108 Bawa, 1-7 r,,r rrdhlh. 1 family cottafl*.
'1 i o na and lialh ateam iieat. parquet floor*
i.!?;;,|. ln ,-e'l_r C. IO. WILLIAMS. IMI
_:?? ni?.. R >. h jl^____________________,
Mortcjage loans
on improved Real Estate
ln Greater New York wlll
be consldered and qulckly
acted on by
6URPLU8- - 0.5OP,O0P
1S0 Braadway, lf*w Yerk.
1S8 w??n?nt Street, B-e*?kli__)
8G7 Fnltea Street. Janaalca.
Uoing to
Starting in
; Business ?
Where? w
katfora Tou Deode Pboao ar Writa for a 4>*2
RENTS" WORTH WHILE. with loll fti
ticsla/*, (ru*?i_ed aad tisted tn This v.uaeer
Directory. Ajoc pa.eBoolt FREF.TOPFOPLE
I Traw Diredory, Frifltiag aad* Beo-kuirai O.
l^biiauora. TBL. innOrtiarl
V.'e I'.epaii or Rfl i' i" Tour [5
ai a low price, wlth avarentei ,.?'?-1. ?
deior'.'ai'i u a -i aai ii.it-* fl!\er. free ? aii
..r wr'.r.
284 Nlntli \?e, Nre. inrU (ilj.
S. W. Corner Madisoa ?.\e. and 2?lb St.
,^rera * fe-.v .ieM iMe *nit?* of Berter baa*
room aud bath, at rarj attraci ?* prtcaa *r
t>- aaasoa or yaar.
EDWARD Pl RCrUS. Mflaaier.
18 IJramerry Park. 20th Ht.. near Ith \?e.
The only hotol in thla p..n of tha cltv
adaptel for r>-nne.1 fanilll**. l-8-l ro.-rna BM
hath. furnlshed or uifui ni.ihe.l Amer'. . j
and Kurop.-an plana Parlor. be-roea *? l
? . ? ;,. par ??'k and up for t?o pereofls,
Vmerlcan plan. _
lentral Park ?nl at 7?d Bt.
4?utte* i.? ? .\ read; '??r tn*p.-'-uoi ?-iJ oeau
ran<-y. '.."I'.KN \: JOHN-TON.
13-19 *t*_tT 11HI ST.
1-1-3-4 Uoniii* and llath,
818.00 per week np. Iiirlndlnr meaU.
HOTEL AVON **?*? *T'
Very attract!- - tafl, l or.nstlnf of.
parlor, hedroom aml hath. eoutham *_po
sure; I'.'l ^nil l'J.1 per week __________
Now oper.. New V.nk's Ute*t faahlonsMe
hotel. Hooklet* and pnrtloulara on reou**:.
for The Tribune i**lved at thelr I'ptown
i Offlre. No 1884 Hroadwa... between 3lJth an.
I 87th sts.. aatll 1) O'clech p m AJvertlae
i *ata recatrad *t the Mlewtaa branch offlc**,
at raaalar ratafl nntii 8 n'ciook p. ?*., aaai
: CiU Sth a\?. ? e ,or. _3d at.; I'oH Btfe B__!
l'J- H . 104 Ba?t 14th at ; 2M W?*t 4M
j Bt . l,?tween 7th and Btfe ;?\es, 243 W_lt'
lasth *t.; aOBI :td av* ; lTfei l?t a.e. nea*
lajth *t . in Baal l-fla *t. _J
Lerge and
To Let
Single or en Suitto
?he tribune
154 Naiiau Stret'
Cppoal.a City HaJl Park
The Centre of Transit for tha
Metropolitan Diatrict
?V Stations
Entranca to Brooklyn BHdge
All wilhin ? St?p.
Abeolutely Safe Fa?t
(Plunger Type)
E'ectric Light and J?witor
ROOM 610

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