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Twelve-Foot Chasm Suddenly
Yawns in Midst of Homing
Rush hour Crowd.
Four of the Victims Go to Hos?
pitai To Be Patchrd Up?In
tense Excitement Among
Big Throng.
Whlli croarda aera hurrylna through
? to thelr Eaat Hdfl homes
la-t nltrlit at tba height ot tbe m<h hour
? atdowalk ln front of No. )?!. on the
nortb hi.:, ol thc Btreet, auddenly jrawned
?: ami flve peraons fell headlung into
i |.lt more than twelva fael 84
llagstones. poorly supported. bad Biv< n
way. Aa tba victims of th- aeddent
fltruggled ln n haap several of the heavy
atonee toppled over on them aml plnned
thtflO down.
Many poraoaa who ha.i alrooat fallen
Intu ihe blg bolfl draw back aa thej
i-ached Its edge, but, nraaaad forward
acaln ??>? ti'^e behind them, they had a
hard Ilght tO keep from ko.uk down All
was -omrnotlon ln the street. Peraona 00
thc aklewalk added their ahiieka to the
a'-rearns of those ln the plt, and while
thoaa near the chaaaa were llghtlng to
g.t away! frorn it those at a dtatance were
iioin*; all ln thelr power to get oearei to
?ea Whal the trouble was.
The sweatshops, with whlch Caaal
street la fllled. had just closed, aml tbe
etreets were rilled with people. The crles
of the Injured attracte.l th.- atteatloo "f
l'atrolnian Klshel, of the EUsabOth stre.t
atation, who aii off duty, aad ha araa the
flrat to glv,- aaalatance. When he looked
Into the biK openlng in the sidewalk and
eaw the Btruggllng timir.-s at the bottnni
he let hlrna.-lf down .;,>i:v and. hanglng
hla hands. dropned bl n place lhai
waa ciear. Joaeph Otto, ,i drlver, of No
UI Mulberry Btreet, followed him, iml
tbfl two were trylng to 11ft the heavy flags
frora tha proatrate bodlea when othei
Scrgeant McL>oughlln an.l Patrolman
.M-tzak. also of the Klizabeth Btrei
iTiir up Wlth a ladder that J. M
i lerk In a nearby atore and llvlng
at No. ?U Van s; i.-n avenue, Brooklyn
: down Into the
crater. They auc<reeded In lifting th.
ponderoUB Blaba frorn the men and wimi
in lus: as Hook and Ladder No. 8, whlch
bad be?-n called by telenhone, arrlved.
Tba Bremen aai nfortunate onea
to the atreet,
Reapondlag from the Hudaon Str.-.-t
Hospitai to an ambulance call, Dr.
Wertben found that none of the flve waa
s< i luusly hurt, though Benjamln Gott
ll.-b. a cigarmnk.-r. ol Na EN Eaal 1'th
? r. had brulaed aa ankle so much that
hi COUld ''"' Walk. The others who had
I n iel Bchwarta, of No. 42
D; Bflther Ziegler, of No. 04
' niirii.n atreet; Klizabeth Snyder, <?' No
3 Bophla Btri et. Maapeth, Ix.ng Island,
and Amanda H^naut, of No. 250 Eaat Bd
- ? e^>
The laat mentloned was on top of lhe
'?*;., and after Bha had bruahed olf her
ilothes went to the Third avenue Hevated
road to cet a traln lor home The Oth
era, who had fallen one upon the other.
were shaken up conslrlerably and went to
tha hospitai. Aft.-r thi y had BWalli
reatorattvaa and boaa patehad up wlth
court plaster all went bi.rne BXCept Qott
lieb. Ha wlll be able to go tO work thlfl
morning, however.
An area of sidewalk about 10 by 15 feel
had la_loa ln over what the police d<
was an old vauit. An examlriation Bhowed,
it was sald, tbat tbfl flugstones had not
been properly shoreri. Not long ago there
was a flre ni Um bullding. and a great
dcal of water araa uaed. lt ls auppoi l
that this had BOma eflti I -|">ii the sup
porta of the tlagatones. The property in
front of whlch tbe BOCtdenl OOCUrred ls
oanaad by the .state of Martln Orossman,
Some of the finest overcoat
floths are too handsome to
silk-line all through.
Who, for instance, would
covcr up the authentic Turtun
on the inside of a soft Seoteh
Shetland ?
Moreorcr, without linings
these overeoats have less
weight nnd are really better
for most of our New York
Fail and Winter vvemther,
Have rather a smart e r
suinj/and more freedom.
So you 11 find some of our
very smartest coat. lined only
through the shoulders.
Stetson Derhies, iliduding
the " Stetson Special" and
"semi-flexihle" which we alone
have in Xew Vork.
Motor wear.
Liveries for town ears.
Rookrs 1*1.1 i Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
! who at one time Trr?d at We. 1101 Jft'-k.son
avenii". The Bronx.
The cave-In waa roped off la.tt niKht
| and a *uard of polh'e-men etationed about
it ta keep the C-riooa uwuy. It ls between
1 Ifotl and NMlherrv Btreet. ln one of the
must thlckty popuhtted dlatrlcta in tba
clty fjp U> a late _ottr tlK 'rnwds hung
about, trylng to f*ft a gllmpre of the hole
Speeches For and Against the
Measure Before Aldermen.
The committee or, Ibws ami lagialation
of tha Board of Aldermen held ln the
4'ltv Hall vesteidav afternoon a publlfl
hearin* Ofl th.- r.ti.lutlon of Altlermim
Btapleton provldtni that the namea of
owners Cf property atld hi.ltl.-rs ..f nmrt
gagea te a percentage or more than M
per nnt of tbe aaseesad valuatlon ahall
be dlaplayed on the fronts of aU buUdtaga
in New York Clty. a larse number <>f
cltlsena appeared both for and agalnst tbe
Kreiliri.k H W hlt Ing. serretarv of the
Cltlsena' Committee of Pourteen, aald
jthat u Bupreme Court Joatlcs, an offlelal
lof the Chamber of Commerce, a former
Ccntroller of Near Vork Clty and a Con
necticul minist.-r were among those who
owned dlaorderly housea ln New foi*
i'itv. P-ther Curry, of St. Jamea a
Chureh, aald that the "lltUe Un plate
Wir' haii ereated a stn among the cltya
uvwbreakera, an.l replied tt. one ol the
rpponents of the reeoluUon, a Mi "?
Muth, r. prepanting tba Weal Wde Taa
payera1 Assoclatlon. by Btattng that dls
orderly bouasa wara aaore aumeroua ..n
the Weal than on tbe Baat Blde.
Those li.-ar.l In tmpoattlon dwelt princl
pally upon the provislon of the proposed
ordlnanoe which requlrea thal the namea
of mortgageea be plac-d with the namea
of ownera on fronts of bulkllngs. Thia
provislon was characterlsed as "outra
geoua" and a "vi.,iati,-ti of psraonal prl
racy." Many of tbe Bpeahera said that
U would make the boktlng of property
"1cm deatrable than lt la." Dr. Hei ry
Berg atsted that, wlth such a provislon
ln force, it wouM be aimost Imposi
give New- York Clty property away.
Tb? rommlttee <iiti not Indlcste what
Its ai-titin wouM ba.
Moderator Calls It Curse of
Presbyterian Church.
Presbyterlan mlnlstsra of Naw rork
and Ita vldnlty, at thelr Monday meetlng
,y. Held ln th-- Preabyterlan Build.
Ing, In Fifth avenue, heard aharp worda
from ihe moderator of theii General Ae
.. :?,!-. ti..- Rev Dr. Mart A. Matthewa.
of Beattie, "The great1 curee restlng <n
Preabyterlan mlnlstera to-day la that 4>f
Ume wsste." he said. "Mlnlati
ave no aenae of r-'sponslnllity fur liie
value of thelr own une. No mlnlatei haa
a rlRht to waats time. lf I could have
? . time that la waated by the
terian mlnlatera of Atnerlca I could earry
the (loaj ei to all Amerli a In ala m..ntns "
ra were the i .?> t offlcera to come In
foi crltldam. "There ate more Preshy.
[terian churchea In Atnorlca ataadlng atlll,
marklng time, aolng to pier.-, becauae
? I elderahlpa in them, than from
any other cause," deelared l>r Matthea
"Tl a mission of ihe elderahip i* nol Ju
jdlclal in Ita chte! aenae. it ls evangelle*
tii If elders do no*. epread tbe Clospel
II ll the fault of their pastor-t. If flderfl
i tha] have no time, auipend them
and cet i Idcra who have time, nr, at any
tate, the wllltngneea to make tin.e from
taa or profeaalon to iio tbe worh In
The moderator's aiMreas provoked BOl a
lacuaelon and some resentmenl
among the minlsters and eldera. Bvery
,i talk at all admltted, how?
ever, the main facts of hls Indlctmeni ol
hla Church, and al.-o his imh remarkable
ln hiiihllng on the lines h-* la>s
down for Gtbera. i u- saiil he workedfrom
alzteen to elghteen boura every da] 991
daya ln the year, and he espected hla
l< rs tt, work as he iii'l
Detective Gets Privilege from
Court Denied by Waldo.
Lleutenanl Antbony Vachrls, better
known aa "Tony," w-hn ?as ln charge ol
the itailan detective bureaua In Brookl! n
ami Manhattan untll thery were abollahed
by Commlaaloner Waldo, "as retired yes?
terday, through an order of the Bupreme
<'ourt la Brooklyn, sinn.-d by Justir-o
Keihy He will rscelve a penaton of H.1-'
Vaehrta, after belng traaafarred t.. t"Ity
island. appli'd fur retlrement Waldo re
fuaed the request, and thrn Vachtls peti
tioned tbe COUrta In HrookUn. and hls re
qiies<t whh granted un tbe ground of
phyaical dlaaMllty after the requlred num?
her of yaara of sai rtoe.
Apimiiiteil In Match, 1192, Vnthrls. aaTVSd
in various Brooklyn iu> ? Incta When
C'ommlsBioner Hinfrharn aaaumed offlce h?,
plated Lleutenanl Joaeph Petroalao In
charge of an Itailan -fiuad la Manhattan,
aad Vachrla, then a Ueutenant, In charge
nf the BQuad in Bi ooklyn.
Lteutenant Joaeph Petroalno, who bad
iK-cn aent to Italy, waa murdered in Pa?
lermo. Bldly, In 1909, aad Vachrla aad
D.-tective John Crowlay wara ordered by
< imitnisBioner Blngbam to ko to Italy tn
I InTaatlgata Thali reporta ralattva to
j Itailan tilmlnals, through which an agre
inent was miule with tlu- Itailan govern
ment la police affairs was hlghly pralaed
by POitoa <'ommlssli,nr I'-ak* i
Lteutenant Vachrla had llglired In a
number of lmportant crlmlnal trlala
Expert Cracksmen Poison Three
Dogs and Oet $3,140.
Bxpert crackamen made a baul of W.198
from the clubhouae In Celtle I'ark, on the
tiutskirts of Long Island Clty; aome time
before auarlae yeaterday mornlng, and gol
aafety away, leavlng thrai watchdog8
(ii.ui frntn pataen. Of tba moaay atolen
B.149 h-lonir.-d to tlu' [rieh-Am? riran At!i
litt- i'IiiIi. as the recelpti fnun tbe Cluh
il faii gamea on Bunday Tba ra
mali.der h.-li.nKed to Thornas Lynch, nian
? ??? i of the park.
Tbe burgtara entered by forcii.K a amall
aldadoor in th? ntoeareoax where thej
found ksys to all the rooms. Before gat?
; tlna; to work they had drli,k? from tbe
bar Thoj then drllled a hola cloae to
I tiie , oinhlnatii'li on 08 8 Of tbe saf. dOOl
[drjve the ms46_aaktm back lata tha saf,
land, tarabtg tbe knoii, oriene.l 1 h?- doors
Lynch and "Joe" Hoiisky aad Mlchael
I Kenney, wateaasea, were aataap la the
I bulMIng, bat tba robbery waa not dtscov*
| .i ,i untll 7 o'doi-u yeaterday moralni
Ahout '.', o'tiitck Lynch had tiren dlsturli-'l
by bearlng the tious ba^klag, but as tbi ?
siaiii atoppe-, he wem to alaep again
i ntii rocwntly r J Conway, prealdenl
ol tbe [rlah-American Athletlc ( lub, haa
i, in in tlu- hablt ut oarrylna H'1- recelpl
away with hlm, bul tbe ia*t few ?.- ..
he let ihi-in n n,ain in thi club safe
untll tha neai day. Wblh the gamea
wvre under wa) on Bundaj aome om tel
phoned to the park thal Mr Conway'a
homi ln .Manhattan whh ?ii flre. Mr. Con
w,o telephoned to hla bonte ami fonmi
thgt (Bl i? i'Tt was niitrue
m IN 18 IMI
Policeman Testifies I. W. W.
Leader Was in Riot the Day
Anna Lopizzo Was Killed.
"Have You Got Ettor, Too?"
His Query When Arrested,
Declares Officer ? Guns
Held Disturbers at Bay.
Salem. Mass. i >. -t. i'l !?>? I K l-'lynn.
of the Ifaaaaehuaetta dlatriel police,
t.-ntif\ln>? to-day in tba Irlal ol .i"?eph J.
Ktt'ir. -\rtiuo (llovannlttl and Joseph
I'aniso for the murder ol Anna Loplaao
ln the Lawreace toxtlle atrtke, daaukiad
tha aaaaull oa a young Kiri in the Btreeta
of Lawrence, January ? laat, by rlotera,
l'lynn declared tbat'the defendanl Kttor
was In tbe "c.ritre of the mob."
? i had Collowed tba mob frocn u atreet*
car riot." sald llytm. "when I Baw a
number of them ruah upon a young flrl
wbo araa earrylni a luneh boa. They
took the box away and thuw lt Into tba
air. Tbea thay iai.1 banda on her ami
tora nff part of h.-r clothtng. Whlle thla |
araa goiag oa i aaw Kttor paaa by ln ti>.
centre of tha mob, '
Flynn told of aeveral riots on the morn?
ing of tbat day?lilsturbanc.-s whlch eame
t" fl r limax the same aft'-rnoori ln tba
klllln*; of Anna l.oplz/.o. Ile deacrlbed
how he an.) another offlcor held al bay i
mob near tha Laurrence dya irorba after
arreetlng a atrlker who had flourlBhed a
reTOlver and drlven a workman from i
car near the wnrks. Ile Identlfled ln couri
? cartrldgfl heit contalnlng twenty-five
cartrldgea, a loaded revolve* aad two
knlvea whlch ba had taken from the
"After ?. bad aireated thla maa "
Plynn oontlnued, "wa wera forced t" boW
B mob at b.iy until v.r could gol tha
prlaoni r Into tb.Bce "f tl e worka.
Then th" ni"ii atormed tha worka,
amaablng tha armdowa an.l attempted to
enter the .iffife to releaaa tha prlaoner, i
drew my revolvei ami tbreatened to .-ti.t
tha fl r.-1 man who entered, Meanwhlle,
police relnforcernentfl came, and w- ?"t
our prlaoner to tha atation ln an auto
niole-nnt uniil tbe tlrea had been punct
ured, however, wltb tba k
by tho Btrikera "
Prynn and Iflchael Bj ron
wbo arrested Arturo Glovanniltl iftei
Indlctment, teatlfled thal the defendanl
Bdmltted edvialng lhe Btrlki
by day and acr iik.- wlld ai rnala al
Dbrht." un tba night Flynn arreated
OI< rannlttl, the defend n teal
Bed, aald to i Im:
"1 don't w.int you to i it an> lyi
lt, here.'
i iissui-e.i hlm lhat i had
nothlna intn thi bo ? i n -ontlnued,
"and told hlm lhai he n bi '? d "s ?
Ceaaory to murder 1 ...intiltti
turned to me an.i aaked, 'Havi
Kttor. too" i t"id hlm I ?? ao
Kttor nl the poll.-e stntlon."
l'lvnt.'s testlmony waa w I
courl ad lourned for I v
core of Laa rence mlll workei
i he coui Irooni io da \
McKenna's Lawyer Raiiei
Bronx County Issue.
fore lu.iqr Roialsky In <'.? 11- ?.>i -
yeaterday for the murder of ~i\
Slgrid Rckatrom, whoae bod
btdden beneath ?? qulll ln thi pi
the tenemenl hou i when - he llved il
No, !f,~ Ogden avenue, The Bronx, on
..ui:. ?; A imy wa* < hoaen In i h<
ifi mlnutei -cloae i" i record In a murder
caaa and Aaalatanl Dlatriel Attorney
''. Nott, ji . outllned hl
.n iw'i nty.fi* - liiinut' h
Bmanuel Kleln, couium 1 foi M I
moved thal ti ? Indli trn.-nt b< d
mi the ground that the courl had no
jurli dle tion Thi ciime, he aald, hud
rommltted ln The Bronx, and a blll petaed
by the Leglelaturt on Aprll II, more than
two montha before the crlme w.,s commll '
t.'i, rn.ni.- The Brona i aoparate county
lt waa trua, io- ?-ini thal tha flnal clauee
ln the biu made lt dependenl upon ihe re-I
buH ol tha -b' tion thla fail, bul thal I
clauae, ha argued, mn unconstltutlonal. I
The Leglalature, he sald, wus forbldden ?
by th<- Btate conatltutlon to dalegate anj
if Its powera, and ln aubmlttlng the blll
niaklnif The Brona a county tr. the v.,i> >i_
tba laglalatura hafl attamrtri to di-i. ????<'? ?>
its powera,
"There la no couaty of The Bronx," ]
said Judge Boaalaky.
"Even if that biu bas paaaed,' sald Mr
Nott, "lt doea not take efT.-ct untll l.ui'i j
aiv. 1914. ?'
Mr. Kleln then road from thi Btate coa
Btltutlon tha aectlon on whlcb he relled,
and mentloned aeveral caaea whlch, he
sald, weia .-iim ai
"The actlon of the Leglalaturi
.iuii?e Roaalaky, "la dependent upon the |
wlll of the pcopli. and thU courl is n..t ,
devold "I luiisdli llon, i ii< m your m,,
Kour wltneaBea were called yeaterd
I*r. .lohn Rlegelman, who performed 'he j
autopsy; Dr. Joaeph D Bchlacht, wbo a.is
tir nt called; Di Bchaefer, of Fordharn I
Hoapltal, aad the janltor who found tha
body, The phyaiciana agreed thal thi llt?
Ile piri was choked to death with auch
vlolence thal bonea In b< i throa wt i"
T>n da ? ago Mi Henkel, Unlted Btatei
Marshni. recelved from the Departmenl
of Justlce, Waahington, a batch of auI -
pn-nas foi wltneaflea needed ai ?> hearing
to ba held m thla city on Wedni - I r
ln the government'fl Bherman Laa ill
agalnal lha Internatlonal Harveatei t'n.r,
pany-and other defendanti Deputy Mar
?bal Kumb learned n at CharleB Bteeli
waa seiioualy in and not llkely to ?? able
to attend th>- beartng. H< al a reporti i
that Lealle i> Ward dlad al London, on
julv r? IfM, an.l tbat Oeorge V Hebard
flled on Novembei 17, rfll The wlt
,,. -.- thua far served Include E. M F
Mlller. i? Wllaon, W, i' l.aw. John Daly,
Archer Brown and aeveral promlnent cor
poration lawyen havln*1 ofllcei bi ibi^
Larry Doyle, Artte Latbam and Ocoi ??
wiitie. of th.- Oiaata, wera In tha n.n
].' m police court yt U rda ?. hargi .i v. Ith
pkaylng baaeball oa Bundaj and each wa*
Bi . ,i H I'"' V and Latbam had pa i
Uctpati 'i i" i gaan il l he Leno? i rral
144th atreet and i.ivenu ard Waltae
playad Bl the Olympto Oval, Flfth avenui
end IHtfa atreet Th>- d? b ? llvea a h i
eerved Bummonae on tba men aald thal
they had aeen im peraoo paj for admls
siim. but had aeea men buy nrvaaaalnea
rui :?? eepta, amj then _?? into the grourtda.
Gravesend Bay Folk Urge Gov- j
ernment to Build One.
The folk who llve on Ihe BtHarl ' '
Qraveaend Bay, a? who bava property |
theie. gatbered yesterday ln the offleea
of COIonel i. W. Roaaaler, of the Calted
Btatea Engineer Co4jps, In tbe .\mi>
Bulldlng, and gave their roaaoafl way t i
governmenl ahoold build a breahwati r
that would protict the bay and its ,-n
rlronmenta from tba ravagea of weaterry
wlad blowa wavaa
John Slii.-lils, who OWna ahout $400,01)0
worth of property Stex9g tlu- shi.ie. aald
that ln the forty years be had Uved down
that way he had b.-.n coinpi lletl to pay
out an eaormoua aum Of money for re
pairs. \\f had Been many boats turn
from their atoorlaga aad daahed io plecea
along tbe sbora and asalnst the bulk
Willlam C Redfietd, ConRrcssman ft"nt
Brooklyn, aald ba had puced the matter
before the Committee on EUvera and Har
!,,i sad be believed the buIMtng of a
breakwater would he a move that tha
governmenl would not repret. He said
thal i.n,i, i preaenl condltlona it was |m~ I
posalble for veasela to encnor la titaves-j
end Bay for any conaldetmble ttata. It
dld nol requlre much argumont t'i prova
tlnit 8 breakwater was needed. he said,
aa lt ii.iilil be Feen at B fclanc lh.it the
aetlon of the wavaa bad atade a ?,'t-, at
, n\ e (here.
Willlam O, Kord. B consult inp ensrlneer,
aubmltted a hrlef In whleh he set forth
what he ileolareil wero BOBM of the rafl
aona why a breakwater should b? built
One of the main reasOBS was that lt
wouM maaa poaaible the eonatructlon of
aoma twetve mlles of pntaatad whartaga.
He aald Omveaend Bay would never te
availaMc fur full devatopmant without a
breaka ster.
Outlook Bright, He Says, Be?
cause People Will Push Ahead.
The Boclallat candldate for Prealdent,
t . _dr< ed a large crowd
'i-t,-i,i.i\ from a platform erected In
Rutgera Bqusre. He made i plea for the
election to Congresa of Meyer London
from tba llth Diatrict, whlcb ls at pres
ehl represented al Washlngton by Henry
\l Ooldfogle He fell q ilte aure If Lon?
don wera senl to Waahlngton he wo
make the rapitallata trembla In thelr
"Every time i thir,k of the young blood
over here that has eaughl tho spirit of
revolutlon ami ls going t,i overthrow capl
t.iii'ti) nnd aabar in ? aew admlnlstratloa
the people'a governmenl l weep teara
ol li.;.-." aald Deba
?;,iilt la typifled '?? ti
monumenl atandlns. ovei tbare, thp llne
new bultdlna Thi Jewiah Daily r*or
ward.1 * hi, h it .. monumenl te
ontlnued the s[ reker. Then he told
aa no one was %t ?
thlng ftu them it was up t,, ? ?
wlth all thelr ml?:iit and puah
? ,,.i lie de !..r. -l tlu re ni rai 'waa i
llmi whei the outl va rlghl an-l
, ,i-e enth ii
? Deba aa d ? | Italli
la not
t dlffi ??????. t ?? i
i,. rnot ratlc ai -; l Progreaslt a
fi ,,,n ihe puin' ? 4 leai "f Ihe
iti-l fin vi, ir
? on."
t ?.' romplah i t nat Hn- newspapera
eferi lo 1 polll '
I !?. DS, nl
ind th.-n
thi ? e rote 11 r tl t froi . ?
ked I:""-- ?
Prof S.-iit. of Columbia, Sug- |
gestl Two Enabling Plans.
1 ! dwai I M Hlilt. ft the de- j
l artmenl ,if pi.liti, s ..f Columbia I'nl
? , ,if the inti'i - I
i.< igue, i" In favor of
Itatlon b) atti
foi the pi.. Ili ge t,, vote ln the '
? olltrKefl md unlver Itlea where they hap
i, i, t,. I-. . ?
ln Ball
., i-1 ,i.i>. (,: oposi d tha
Ited to ?oti ,n tl ?
nd v illoi - Thia, he
thinks, wouM obvlate much of the oppo
: iti,,n whleh the propo Itlon 4.f glvlnaj
the balloti to atudenta In collese
h . brought oul in the paat. Hla letter
aald, In part
Small communltlea do not care to have
ti., w domeetlc aifultH aettled by a group
oi -.tnui),' mtn who have bad no oppor
lunliv to famlllartae themselrea tnor
ouKhly vt-itti local condltlona snd whoae
??us.- ut reaponalblllt) ls leaaened by an
approachlng change of realdenee. Dld
nol Hanover have a aome what unhappy
experlence wlth Ihe atudenta of Dart
ni,utii. and Anu Arboi wlth tims,, of
MIchlRan'.' When l waa In Uambler tiin-*
yeara ago i wa told thal the Kenyon
Btiidents nnd elected their Janltor as
m ,,, Bnd forci ,l the tou n to inilld u
nea achool.
imt tii.H- a>, two wsya in which atu
ami tranamltted to the count) elerka of
thelr it -pfittlve countlea. nr, b?-lnn pr?
irided with a apeclal ballot, they mlghl
i xerclse a auffraae llmited to atate and
i atlonal qui-tlona
An underaraduate of twenty-one knowa i
., much of tlo' politlcal laauea as the
llllteratea who are allnw. d t,i \.,t.' ln
thls atate; and hls clvlc Ideala are al
i. i-t aa robual aB those of the "8am"
I'aui Aaaortatlon.
Judge Maycr to Stop Frauds by Se
vcre Sentcnccs -?1 Go to Prison.
lt ,i,;,- Jullua M. Maj ei. ln tbe United
gtati i H'-tt li t < '4.UI t yeaterda). an
nounced hla Intentlon i>f atopplns natur
allsatlon frauda through the Impoaltlon
. n -? nti ni
Judge Mayer had b< fore hlm Meyer
i.. ? Bamuel Bhaplro aad Abrabam
? -. i,,, had pleaded gullty ti. Indlct
n ii ? t , harging tbe procurlag of (alaa
BltnesneB ln naturallaatlon caaes.
B . ;. i i.,u j, "conntltutlon achool,'' al
which applloanta for dttaenehlp were sup
o d t be lai tructed la the i.etpli i of
got di nment,
According to Assjataal L'nlted Btatea
Clrlflltha, pupt|a were cbarged
tuitlon f,-, i from 09 i" Pl aph i a aad
tvitm b ? - were auapUad gi -
Judge Mayer eofltenced si. gol to sighl
month hnpalsoeraaal mi BlaekweU'a Isl?
and antl aava Levy thrae montha aad
Bhaplro two montha al the name plsce.
The transfer ta\ apprataal ol tbe eatate
,,r Mra Loutaa Anu Baaaall, a ha dled la
.,.-. op Man h II. 19 .'. BBOWa ., |?m -
aoaalti in New forb stat, v*aiaad al
liii.-'ti \irs itusseii araa tba raatbar <>f
1...1 I'.dith Ruaaatl Ptayfalr, wife af sir
i. ,i, Playfalr, af lAvnaon. Mrs. RtataetTa
Itoldlnga in Naw N"tk conatated oi aharea
of tlu- Mi.sttui & Albany Hallt,,a,l and th,
in, hburg mad.
Sale of Overcoats
at Cut Prices.
A great sale this. Profitable to you who
took advantage. Profitable to us. too.
Acquainting many with our other equally
worthy garments. Suits, hats, furnishings,
and so on. Getting folks enthusiastic over
them. So we'll continue the sale. In a
limited way as before. Fancy overcoats in
gocd'.y assortmcnt this morning. Brand
new irom our tailors.
Seasonable and in just the favored pat
terns, colors, and styles. Equals of
everything really good elsewhere. Many,
many "exclusivenesses" confined to our
All at Savings <rf from
$3.00 to $8.50.
_h^JA-WAY AT WARREN ST. - NEW YORK-5'- AV..BET. 27T- 4 28'"STS.
Our Four Storea Offer To-day
Fancy Coats at
Cut from $15.50
Fancy Coats at
Cut from $18.50
Fancy Coats at
Children's Departments
at All Stores Exccpt
Broadway and Warren St.
Government Charges $20,000
Was Spent on Dynamite 'Jobs.'
Bookkeeper Testifies One Set of
Accounts Were Kept for Pub
lic, Another Secretly.
j oiifl, oct 21 - Readtag from thi
Knanclal acco nt booka of tho Intorna.
tlonal Aaaoelatlon ol Brldge aml Btruct'
iron vVorkera when John i. Mo
,. the ai cretarj treaaurer, o M
, on im Ui i -i "campaign ol
counl Mli Mary Dyi
former i.kkeeper for McNamara, teetl
Bed Bl it.-' dynamite ennsplrary trlal to
aao record of money expended
w.'S k.-; t f"t the unloi -? offlctala and
tlvfl board meroberB, whlla a .iif
ferenl record a*n_ Kept for the, puhil.
' thi -.ion.
A ri : "J iggHng" the, ar- )
r- xovernmant ehargea, was
? i.'.i lo coi ii the payreentfl for
MI ? Dye'B teattmony araa th.it a dual
ayatem of re.ordlng ei ?ndlturea araa ln
- or untll tha ezaeutlva
board dei i"i to alloar McNamara 11.001
a month wlthoui requlrlng any account*
Iel.itlnued untll after ' Tha
v : Tlmi bulld ng wa ? bloa n
up ir m< out ..r this ii 000 .i month, th ?
i, thal McNamara pald
...-,. i m m mlgal .irnl Jamea B Mc
Namara f"r th. Paclflr Coael explo lona
,ii ! | r ti h ty-flve other exploalons.
Knew How Money Was Used.
1 . lefendanta named hy wltneaBea u
havlng ' ? ? ? "f Hi" executlve
board, and aald to .ogalaanl of the
. . I- ? ? i ioney araa i>ut arera
Fr.iiik M. Ryan, pre Idenl ? >' the unlon;
John T. Butler, of Buffalo, flrst vtce*
Bugene A. Clanejr, of ian
Prancl ?? Henry W Legleltner, of Den
\,i: Pranh C. Wobb, of Now York.
Ml< ha.-I J, Toung, Of BOOtOO, aml llerhert
B Hocktn, the pr"Hr-nt serretary. They
ar.- among the f.irty-Mv.; men now on
trial eharged wlth Ulegally tranaportlng
Mlaa Dye ("stit'e.i that ln IfU tw waa
pald to U'.iih. whllo 11,67] waa recorded
ln M< Namara'a report to tha unlon; W.'.'TO
waB pald tO lloeklii, whlle 12.043 was re?
ported ta the unlon, und 12,;'-.iT WM pald
to i J. McNamara, whllo ti.w was ra?
ported to th.. unlon. the dlfforonea In aaeb
eaaa being eharged to tho emorgoacy
fund. Altogether tho governmont -Uegafl
that 00,008 woo reprenented in Bggragato
dlfferencea and was uaed for dynamltlng.
Miss Dy? atated tbat prior ta tba
monthly allowancea to McNamara funda
were eharged up ns donatlona to varloua
itnloriH or hh advanCOfl tO various of
Aetala without any later Bhowtng as to
tho dlapooltlon of the money.
Oeorga rlagerty, of Phllltpsbunr. N. J.
Identlfled many letters hotwoon himself
an.l j .1 McNamara on the Btaa*. to-day,
in one of tho lottora a roferenea to "put
tlng the blidgfl at Phllllpoburg Into tha
river." tho government ehargea, was
mada by Hagajtrty as a raaull of a labor
dlaputo. Haggerty, la \Mm\ nraa biialooaa
aKenl of a looal unlon at Ka.slon. I'etin
Th.- proaecutlon aaaorted tbat actd wus
employed to dootroy proporty prlor to
tha uaa of dynamite, gnd the testlmony
ol Haggerty, who Ih nol a dofendaat, was
t.ik'-n hh Bhowlng an earilar motlva for
Illegal Interatate Bhlpmonl of explosivea.
\ doaen foreman of atructural Iron an.l
Bteel erectlon j<>i>h wera oxploalona oc
eurred may bo callad to teetlfy to-mor?
row. Th. \ ara to ho queattoned about tha
detalla of exploalona whlch McManlgal
confeBBod he cauaod.
Will Await Appcal on Conviction for
Manslaughtcr in Prison.
better anowa aa "Hitf," Kiiis.m,
?ftj yeara old, gambler and man-about
town, eonvlotod of rrtawla**_tittr in tha
Brat degroo for klUlng Wllllam .1. Har
rlngtoa last raar, ami BBBtonood to not
leaa than Btght yaara nor more than
twent) years In Ktat.-'s pHaOfl t?> Justlce
V.iiiori lf. DavlB, wa.s Mirien.leie.l hy 11i**
bondsman i aotordajr,
Ba appaalafl hla eaaa on January 2, 1812,
aml was nleaseil ln tl.'i.ono hall, furnlshcl
I. Airiililo I'anlone, of No. .",7 Kenmare
l.ast r-pimr Klllson was oommltteil lo
the cniial I-llp Insam- Asylum, soon
aftr-rw.ir.l BBCapod, an.l lat.-r wai foutul
in Naw Jeraay. Uaartng of this <s?ape,
hls hon.himiii savs hlm uiitl an arttfeil wlth
hlm io Hiuifiider.
2 for 25
"m iM-ihh DtiiT _?'? 8 fcwt Baata 11 Br I.
?1111. PASMXIi BHOtt Or 1818.
rLHinUUat ,. ir.ggai - 18
?I niliutliii, Op. II
"Marai %de
Alionl "???>!liinse.""
Uailne l-.lli.itt- rb., ? ' ?? B'j a li \v?
(tilli Nl. Th ? B] i: 4:15. Mt.To I
V. Naw Amerl- ,11 a_i U l?l"|-|.' 1
I III; BltUTE Weeh
48TH ST. THEATRE '; k \ <l\ ?:'. r
i IHINO. h'y k 8t) .: S 10 Mi rom'a vi "? ?
II ?!?. t IIMMH . 11 ?<? _ o( M a iv
Thura uml >'ni
i.\M( .i. w o ii i i ra _n i
?AVeka THE MAoTEn ,,,,.
. ''? I ?W St I
Ui;u \l>\\ \\
W. ,
\\ r.?T KMI l.-th.U "f ??'.!. A ? M' . 1
^r,,';;; OVER NIGHT
. i i. pnUAsJ'C "IrVTKK.
m. wun?n 9 B _b: ? M._. st
Bvflfl ? 18 M.ita \V.r1. AHat . 2 15
Tom'w Mal. II.".t "..-.ita I1J88,
In hla
A ltitigh * Ith ?"? v h-'m t ' ?>? V
BCTflD II'*".' i'. i.'.Ml St. Kva 1 l'.V Mta \\ - I
ftalUrtA Baf. T..iM'w Mat. H*st Sents Sl "0
The Woman Haters
Url ' i'v?. Hun.
Wlth Sallle
Ith < harlolte Wulker.
GRAND "" THVI1 ol ????"'? m>Jhkbo3bie
Gains Strength and Weig-ht in
Small Village Near City.
Tlmothy D. ("Blg Tlm"> Sulllvan Is
iralning strennth and wel?ht after his
lotijr and serlous lllness ln a small vIIIhk.
ne:ir New Y'U'k. lt was sat.l yaatOldaj
iifi.inoori hy Dr. Herman Reta, of BTo IM
West Nth street. who Ifl the Senator's
family phyaletan.
Tha .loet'ir donlod rumora that Senator
Suiiivan araa dytng la a Banatorlum.
"U'e had to aa\*e hlm from hls many
frienda and adralrora," ha aald. "ile has
fast been gainlng ln health, an.i all that
waa needed was thal he ahould go to
Botna qulet nttie vlllage where ha mlgbl
re I Thats why ha la nol now in tha
?'ile ha- not been well for the last ton
months, due t" overwork. Even during
his trips abroad and out w.m ba dld not
i.ik.' advantaga of tho opportunlty to bb*
cure rest. Tha death of his wife, of
i.iiirse, alao traatlj dopraaaod him. But
he is better now than he ha.? been for
many years. and we hope soon to se. hlm
up ami around."
President Can't Attend Until After
Election, so Date Is Ohanged.
At the request of President Taft the
dinner tbat was to he Klven for Chair
riuin llilles of tha Uepunllran Xatlonal
Commlttea al the Hotel AMnr on Satur
ilay night, N'ovenilier 2, has been po.st
ponod untii after eieetion. Praatilanl
Taft la anxlOUB to he present and had
aecepted an Invltatlon to attend on the
date tlist flxed. Tha fact that he wlll
be unable to bo horo at the time was
made known i" |i ll Atherton. aecre
tary of the National Republlcao Looglie,
hy .lohn lluys llammon.l, preatdenl Of
the organlxatlon, under the auaplcoa <>f
whteh tha dinner la to ba glven.
Mr. Hammond dld not say wh\ th.
Preatdenl would ba unable to lome ba
fore election, hut atatod thal the dinner
would be pootponed untll some day about
K\\o waaka after election.
cupipc U ?? 8 40th St, i:, d?. -i -
tmrinc M ,.,. |?.?w & Sa! at j 13
in fh>? IVat of all Dre*
imts' Berald
Alfr, ,1 Butra'a i r,|nt"iy,
LYCEUM , 4M : ',
? IIIK ' 41IM) THK I'AIM" l.l|<|._
CRITERION ,:,:-?,->:.?;. _*? -?;*
i a?t .*> Karbta Laat -.* Mattaeee
cr:,vrn timi; MONDAY. !40T. I9T.
In tha 9th rinj
THK \l I \< I,
!'? I i-rna
1 I B8.. 4)4 T. 19 Saatfl v x'
HELEN WARE M%j:';!llllf
PARK ?"?'" >! ' " ' *?""
rnnix v, . , j | . .. (. .,, ,, ^
l_?t I Merks. I'un. MHi,.l?. II,-mt,.
TO-Mi iftR< ,\\ ?AT i
LIBERTY ,..J-.'?
LIBERTY l ,-''18'
?'?13. 1 om' i '
EtrtM, ttlg, Mats. Ttimv. 8 >,it .'I.V
The Laal u.ini in M aalea I fawedy.
i *?> rsrjraa
?I vo?#?a
POPrtATTO-rtORROW 5O*ro*,50
GAIETY !'?">?>? and 4?'h.
afata Tom'a ?n,l 1.. i 30.
,h i n_Hi
>y thi: ftne
fo.1 ^-ail
,r it ,? Nu?ll BOd lilu.ir.l \l,?Ir?.
.".,:,? The Lad> of the Slipper
ua lala lat Nat Neat M
BOB Offl'-e open .ially ? A. M ' ? .. P. M.
fxcyTiiDY Tn*a ? ?- * ''?'; p k u' -v**
WCil I un I Mat(1 ayad . sxt & Haa Day, 1
Wl. ir Willlam Winter BjfSI
"I have aaen avery lmportant er^rtaf,*
illsplayad ln Amarica dunna th? last llltf
\f:,ri. and I tl ink "The DmiKl.Di ol
PRICES 25c. to $1.50
T-t_i?rp w \i r \< K'S
_t__ -C-J uat WED 184
isr __ Nat ? *?
fullj a tted O | ]>J
li.!:-..' Rurks_?5p j*___.
? I'TTI r? THaUTaxat,249W.#991
BJraa al I li, 9red
* Pat, M,tts Bt - 30
DCI SCPfl ?",i M ' '?' ,lr B*WB) E> '????*?
DCLAolfU ifata Thura and Ral 1:89
THI t IMRj OV BKI K\. ,_.
RFPIIRIIR ' M st IJrKvenlnea ?? '' ^h?*J!
? Kli ntl an.l pavhl 11. las , I^*,'-1
Ullintl ?.(\ l; 'i Jlmmle Brli F.m??
PllUn OU. n,,, sr I'arua. A-.on ComtaTl
Dulls Mata L'lc OrahamMorTara glfjgjjf
nnmallll B'way, l_Ada Reevee, Id* "rooV
PULUrllnL ,.,_,,, Sl ?unt ^ ,,. r,__ni_ar
" i>..:l. Mata 25c. [aon.VanderblH .1 M<__
ll UAarRQl ' ^v'-- I'-ulu Oiasrr. i),l:.a. K*t*
RLnSUDBR ,2ag| KMnore A 8amWllltaxS*
n i< lly Mata. ?Sc KreJWataon. rt^itaSaal*1
HlRIFM??r ' "MtrTHKR" j_L_
nnnutm {|() ,,.V|1 ,i._.,,_. I^^MatuHfS
I: AHVKl.TK HALL, Next Nat. Aft. at t[*
Stelnu.is IMano. lUt. \V,,lf*,,hn Jl'ijifi
JOEWEBER'S si:_*?iViK5
tuthor 4.f Hui.tv Pulls thH Strln|__
ni 1AII B'waraadlOthat ^^l.,
"in, UatB.^'i tl-aOc. , Marblo ?,llLii^?
51k AUP H'??V. "Pl'88 IN B0*/ITar
in AfCa _.sth s, Moraan- Bsll*>' * ?%
Daily Mat. 1'5 5<fc.l san. Telix Adler. ?^

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