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Committee Told That. Through
W. L. Ward, Senator Was
Askedto Join Third
Term Forces.
Rvan Tells of Giving $450,000
to Aid Parker. and Perkins
Accounts for $122,500
He Gave for Colonel's
Expenses This Year.
' ? ' .? ? V.1 e.-ui '
a/^ahlngi -! Oct. 21.?After Thomaa
F Tljan had startled the Sonato < am
paicn Inveetigating committee to-day
aiih the COOl unnoun-'etnent that he
>-?,j coattibuted *45<fc000 t4> the r>emo
eratk campalgn of 190<1 and Oeorge
ar Perkuu had exhausted th' patience
PearU. Rubies, Emeraldi and
Sapphires, mounted with genuine
Diaraoncb in piatinum and gold.
A prudent buyrr, in Belectmg ar?
ticles of iewe?7? *?tkt lne secur
tf oi an Established Guarintee.
The Tecla Company consider the
eoofidence oi thear patrona a moat
vaiued posseasion, and racces*
fully maintain topremacy in
quality. design and workmanship.
396 Fifth A*eaue 10 Rik de la Paiz
7 Old Bood Street
15 L'Btt?r aaa uaalea
J, ??iuBfl'^O
St Loaa
' UL- S( Bt '64h
FStLai lltK.N Vt'
Loeoit al 1 Otb
1913 Boardw.lk
I4> A*ibui> Mbxmxb
2 KanMluieixtrtjn
$1,000,000 to
Put Out Fire
E'VE spent a mlllion
dotlars to inst.il!
a sprinklcr system
to protect our ten*
anis' merchandi.se.
How much pro?
tection has your
present landlord
purchased for
you ?
Did he spend enough when he built
your factory to cut your insurance
down to 20 cents per $100?
That is the rate many BUSH ten
?nts are paying; some are paying even
Insurance, however, is only one of
many items of overhead expense on
which you make a big saving at
The other overhead savings are ex
plained in our "Economy" Booklet.
May we send it?gratis?
Bush Terminal Co.
General Offices :
100 Broad Street, New York City
New inserted tips make
strong where others
arj weak.
2 for 25 centa
Only two Buites on
a floor. Each having
a atreet frontage of
over one hundred feet.
of the Benatora by convartlng hla testi
m"tiy Into a vehement W-ture on po
litlcal morala, Jamea H. Nugeat, of
Phlladelphla, provlded the flnal our*
prlae by turnlng tha Ilght on the
Rooaevell pre-conventlon .ampaign as
it exlated before Colonel Rooaevell had
become an avowed candidate.
Mr. Nfagent, v ho haa been actlve in
pollticfl ln Phlladelphla for many years.
araa campalgatag for Rooaevelt, ac?
cording to his toathnony, betTore "Bajaa)"
William Flinn had identitied himself
?ith the cauae, He produced a letter
written by Colonel Rooaevell from
"The OutlOOk" Offlce Mklng him to
come to New York, and testitied thal
after the conference he wus referred
tO William L, Ward to dlscuss the
queatlon Of tlnances to carry on the
At that time, according lo Nugent,
Ward appeared to he anxlous to secure
the support of E. A. Van Valkenburg
and "The Phlladelphla North Ameri?
can." "At the s:im? time," the wit
ness added, "Ward .cflid they had given
Penrose a cliance to come with them.
\fter taklng ten daya to eonsider the
propoaitlon Penrose said he would
stand by the organlzation, and Ward
aald, We'Il have to go after Pen?
rose.' "
All this happened early ln February.
before Colonel Rooaevell had conaented
to become a candidate, before the
"?even little Governors" had laoued
r petition urging him to <lo so and
: partly before the La Pollette boom had
to an abrupt end with hla apeech
al the American Publlshers' Associa?
tion dinner ln Phlladelphla.
"Colonel Roosevelt dtdn'l tell me he
would become a candidate," pald Nu?
gent, "bul there was no doubt ln my
mlnd thal he would."
Took Flinn When Penrose DecHned.
lt was nol untll afterward, according
to the wltneaa. thal Benator Flinn cane
into tha Rooai - ell fo d.
"If Penroae had accepted Ward'a in
vitation." he aald "Flinn would never
have been heard of in c-onnectton wlth
this campaign. II d dn't look to me
very much like a .--. for Pen?
Robert Halght, all phla,
who took part ln the ? wlth
Ward at the Manhattan Hoti o ? I
ruary i>. on "the question ol linat:
i orroborated Nugent'a teatlmony, ind
added that Ward had practlcallV
Bgread to ralse $lf>,(K'K? to start the
Roosevelt movement in Phlladelph i
The money was nol forthcoming. how?
ever, and soon afterward Van Valken
hurg and Flinn were place,1 at the
To what extent the Democratic |
owoa ii-: exletence to Thomas p. Ryan.
| wiio was the flrst wltneaa at to-day'a
-ii. waa Indlcatad in his own teatl?
mony. Although opposed to Parker,
j the New Tork Onanctar gave $490,000
to the .ampaign of 1144?4. i)f thi?
amount. $350,000 waa contributed wh?n
the Democrati, organlzation a ia
!ng dlaaolution nn i waa uaed to rcver
its debta.
"i did nol glve th^ money to trv lo
e!e't Parker," said Mr. Ryan, I
nterely wanted to preeerve th" Demo
cratlc organlaatlon."
Mr, Ryan also said that he had given
betweentTO,000andS80,000to the Har
imon pre-conventlon campaign ol
preaenl year, and more than 130,000
jto the I'nderwood campaign. 'I w:ts
not asked to ald Mr Wiison or Mr.
Clark," he added later, BhOWlng that
i:.- had no Incllnatlon to dlacrlmlnate
among the candidatea, "but I would
have given them assistance if j 'r.ri
been requested."
Perkins Lectures Senators.
In decided contrast to Mr. P.yan, who
ga\e an aci-ounting of hls campaign
i-ontrlbutlons without hesltatlon,
tleorge W. Perkins. followlng the ex
ample a4rl by Senator Dlxon. Medill
IfcCormlck and other Roosevelt lead?
ere almost from the outset claahed
j with the committee, brandlshed hls
! flsts and thouted his cienatue and in
j sisted on telllng tho menibers where
thelr duty lay. Although he waa sup
pressed several tlmea and parta Of his
teatlmony were strleken from the rec?
ord. the wltness maintalned this attl?
tude up to the time he left the stand.
Mr. Perklrus declared wlth BOme heat
that the < harge that he had under
written the Roosevelt campaign for
$8,001X000 should be placed at the top
of the long list of "unmitlgnted Hes
throughout the campaign." He said
hla ( ontrtbiitions to the Roosevelt pre
conventlon ampaign amounted to
$122,600, taklng occaslon ln the course
of hls .statement to c-rltlelse the com?
mittee for maklng lt appear that tho
total subscrlptlons for this purpone
wera enormous.
The wltness resented lnqulrles by
Senator Pomerene as to whether or not
he ki it tnemoranda of the urnounts he
?Ubat rlbed, and lnaiHted that Blmllar
i|uc-stiona ehould have been put to
Thotnai F. Ryan.
"I know what you are here for Just
;,s well as you know what 1 am here
for," he said. "You can't get away
with thut wlth me."
Mr. Perkins flnally admltted thot he
had kopt no record of his contrlbutlons,
but had ohtalned the amounts from the
persons to whom he had n.ade them.
IfttCh Of Mr- Perkins s testlmony was
takatl up with UI 6laborate explanation
of th.i part he played in the contribu
rlon of 150,000 to the campaign of 1904
by the New York Mfe InBurance Com?
pany, the organlzation of the Har?
vester trust. and In presentlng hls own
rtewa on the propar methods of solicit
lng campaign (oiitrlbutlons.
(?f the Harvester trust he said: "It
is not OBl) legal. but moral to the
hlghaat degree, and Of the gnatest ben
llt to the coiisuit ( r aad producer."
When Heiator Poincrcne suggesied
thal he had the NflM vlews regarding
the st< <-i truai in> reptled eanphatl:
cally, "Ani'-n:"
??aea Mi. Perklna took the stand he
gave hls oecupatlon aa "retired worklng
man " ln V*H Mr. P< rklns sald he was
aaked by Cornellua N. HII.ns ta tHke a
plaoa a* a member ol a local committee
in New Vork to ald In collecting f.nio.
? l worked in N<w York." said Mr. Per?
kins, "wlth Mr. Bttaa There w- i> tdrnl'ai
commlttees in PhUadelpbla, Pittsburgh,
Boeton and Chicago."
Mr. Perkins ilath (l-iiP-d that he knew
of any coii'erteii polltlcal action by tbe
linanclal La|ar*ata In Wall Street. He,
wiid that, a- he r<-tnenihercd lt, he -ave
. 09 or 818,868 to the vn fund.
"Wbaaever Mr. Bilss woukl get short or
fuada would get low," he aald, "1 would
make a eontrlbutJon of $.i.ivio or POaM "
chairman Clapp a-k"d of what .-ontrl
butlona alr. Perklaa knew outafcte hh
"I was ronneeted wlth tha New Y' rk
Life inaurance Company nnd i knew of
thal eompany'a contribution," aadd Mr
Perkina, who produeed a 1oi>k ateternent
regardlng the eontrihutlona of tha Ineur
anca company, whleh tlu- rommittee pir
mitted ldm to read in;<> the record.
Defends Inaurance Company's Gift.
Mr. Perkina grea particularly earaeet
aa. conciudlng the Btatement, ha
l believed ai the time, and ha\e alwavs
i alnce jieiieveri. thm in thls tranaactlon
Mr. McCall ditl exactl) rlght; that he
vould have heen nntnie t hla trust. wt-ak
! and < ovardlv had he taken any other
I eoiirse. There Is tio queetlon but that
the UtorouaThlv unaerupukMUi. dastardly
I attaeka upon Mr. MeCall bv certain por
tlona of the sen*atlona.l press of the coun?
try brought about hls untlmely death;
\et It is a moM slfrniflcAnt fnet that In 'ili
thi? critlclsm of hoth hlm and me not a
?dnglr pollryhoHer, *n far aa T atn aware,
f.ut of the'manv thoiiBarda ln the N*<*w"
fork Llfe, ever wrt.te a aingle letter of
rrltleism t.r iv.n.plalnt of what we dld.
elther to Mr. MeCall or mytelf.
Without miv 1; w or rcRiilation lo giilca
us. Impreesed wlth the Kreat re*ponsll>tllty
no were rarrvlng, tirmiy bellevlng that
the Dentocratlc party waa advoratin*?
flnanrlnl theoriea which. lf ennoted Into
'iM-s. w.nild most Pierloualy affect the aa
aetfl of the pollcvhohlers of the New York
I.ife. hoth Mr. McCall and I dld our duty
us wi aaw lt.
Mr. Perkins said that fnr the New York
i.:f? inmiratice Companv ha advanced to
Mr. ni'ss ?48.r.nn, for whleh ha wa.?i rehn>
Md hy the company. Later, when
the Insurance li n beean. b< re?
turned the money to tha ompany.
i.ii'ir1' relating to n contribution of
110,000 which Mr. Bllaa aaked Mr. l'frklns
to aaad to Beaator BaverMge for i:sc in
the lndiana campnign were read.
"Senator BevarMga returned the
money," ?-aid Mr Terklns. "saylnjc thnt
he hati been abla to finance his campalgn
himaelf "
Perkins in Favor of Publicity.
When tha 1901 campalgn was reaehed In
? ? ? tamlaation ot Mr Perkina the wlt
neaa spoke at lensth on the ?> :'
publlclty of oampalgn eentributlona, as
sertinn that he had heen working to that
end tor >ebr
"in tha Hanna campavlgna and tiie l?*o*
? ampRlKn I urged publlclty," be said, "bul
without much reault. When IBM
aloni; l thoughl tiie time "as rlpf for
publielty. i kept after Mi Hltehcock, tha
national committee chairman, h!I tn-?
lummi i ... tion, urging pli
The flnancler produi e<i
, . *aiii hu
had aubmltted tn the Republlcan ' i
' 'ommlttee.
< me memoran I ed a pian 1
collectlng contrlbutiona from mea of
meana all o^ei the country. In lt .\l;
F'trkins said that ''outatoe of N.
Chlcago, Phlladelphla and Boaton. tha
Itlei ol tbe couatrj bave 11 ??? l i ?
ii.-vt i been aaked to ontrlbute."
Anotbei memorandum to ( rialrman
Hlt. bcock on September 18, M | I
that th- contrlbutiona aad expend
ol tha Republk an National Co
made publli
Mr. P< rklns .. - r,. ? n< ed aa an
gated falaehood ' ti.'- <' ai?,' that
underwrltten tha Rooaevell pri
campalgn tl Ib eai la the aum ol U.ooo.WM
ii.. ti Btilh d that bla total i oati ll il
mt .- $] ??'<" BJ ili | from t
chair anii abaklai hla i len ???? I nat, Mi
Perklm bHi
"Among the g of l mll gat< :
llee throughout thia campalgn thal ut .v
ment perhap* ought to ba placed at Ihe
tOP, h<- a i-t- lt !? UaTgl
Want* Penrose to Retract.
"i nas ln hOpe tnat BeaatOI Pl
would ba here this atornini He made
that atatemenl on tha Boat ol tha Benate
and be OUght to he reipilred I
r.r. hke a gentleotan, he oughl to take lt
i. 'i h< ri- la no' a acintlllfl of tt nth In
lt. from A to /."
"junt a mlnute." laterruptad Chairman
ciapp "Aii thal la ne4 eaaai
<jen> lt All thal tbe eatamittet
to detertntne proof u the abeeace vt
I want ;o ki.ow v. ? ??? ; Btattd, ' Mr
Perkina went on. i vvant to know
W], ther i can ba ch t r?.- ? ^ i wlth theae
thinns on tbe floor of I ? I nlted Ktatt-.
geaate aad nol be given an opportunlty
to dlsprove then
He Inalated thal Mr. Penn
brought before tha committee and aay
arhetbei bla charge wa- "mera bot air."
lle dld not bellevi the Benatoi ahould be
allowed to ? v.--' .i ? .'\ wlth tl e aii
"Did you ever entei into an arrange*
lut-nt to uaderwrlti an> portlon of Colonel
Rooeevelt'a campalgn?" be wei n:k.-d.
"Not one dollar," aald Mi Perkina
"Do you kiatw of any 4Ui" *\vr. un'ler
taklng to <i" so '
"I do no(
Denies Hilles's AccusationB.
TaklnK uii accuaatloiu by Chairman
iiiih-B thut the Internatlonal Harvaater
compan> had made larg.ntrlbutlona to
the Roosevelt campalgn Mr. Perklaa ')? -
chtred, Wlth
"ThiB ls at; gbaolute falaehood mada eut
of tiie Wbole Cloth, and If Mr. Hlllea Ihin
any reaaon t'i believa that contrihitions
huve bi?en Iliade ir. Ihe h.'llVeHt.-i COm
p.my he owea II ta bm aad to others t<>
have the books of the company audlted
tor the purpose of provlng or dlSpTOVhag
the acucitllon."
Mr Perkina rooa from his k"?i and pro
te'-ted that ba had been "elllfled" ...4 no
othe, man h*vd h^en. and he Inalated that
tbe C4.mmlttee reqillre hla aOCUBarB 10
prove thelr < h;-rKee.
BenatftT Clapp replied that tha 4'ommlt
tee had no in.iitH of dolru/ that.
"if 1 weie rraaldant. and a aubordlnata
ahould make such ? charge as Mr. HIH*'?
has nuule, I aboold niakt- hlm prove \\ oi
dlBmlaa hlm l^roni ot?f<-." rapllad Mr. Per?
klaa, still BtandlnK and shaklng hls hand
The chairman rarnlndad lilm that he
had been brouaiu to VVaabtBgtou lo ipaah
ln hls own bahfllf
"That 1h Iui4-," Mr. I'erklns salij; "hut
what I want to know la whether the roin
mtttaa iB K"inK to hrlns Henator l'enrosf
or Mr. Ililles back and comj.el hlm to
make good."
Mr. I'erklnB contended that lt would b"
easv to prove what had b?'en contrlbuted
to the campalKU fund from the treaHiuy
of the liarveflter company. He aald he
was a member of the board of dlret-ft.rH
of that company and chairman of the
BJaaaOS committee, and knew thnt not fl
cent of the company funde had 84489
Klven to nld Co.onel RooBevelt.
Mr. Perkins |?ave IiIh contrlbutlons to
tha RooBevelt p-e-conventlon fund aa foi?
To New York State committee, 818,068;
R H Hooker. for the national fuinl,
$^?Mo: the NVaBhlriKton bureau, 8Jh\aC0;
for pollB. atC, la Naw York and Rrook
lvn n?.0(?v sent to otl.t.r sitHten. |BJjBr;
to k. W. Wana, li".""1*1
? Thls atatemenl is absolutely coniplete,"
aald Mr Perkln?. "My total contiibu
tions were |122..V?n.''
Mr. I'erkins repeated that he thought
the committee had 4'onfusetl the amounts
contrlbuted to olonel Roosevelt's com
palRti ln sut-li a way aa to make the aK
ajragate appear laiKer than it really was.
Ha placad in the, re. ord a atatewteal
ehowing that campalgn expenditurea ln
Bngland during a general election for 4>V?
Members of rnrllnment amour.tcd to
lf, OOO.uOO.
S.-r;itor nilver dlsncreed thnt the com?
mittee had confused the amounta spent
hy the Roosevelt forcea. and summed up
teattmoay as ahoarlng l^.ono contrihuted
by Mr. Perkins. Frank A Munsey. Don
n. Hanna and Wllllam riinn.
Mr. Perkinfl Geta Excited.
When Senator Pomrrene creaa BXamlnCd
Mr Perkins there was an axptoatea*. Mr
Pomerena wanted to know arhether Per?
klna had any niemorandum of the 119.300
s. 'if to various states.
"I kept no memorandum," aald Mr.
Perkins I only knew from the accounts
of the people to whom I gave money how
much I gave. Why dldn't you ask a mem
ber of your own party for a memoran?
dum? You dldn't ask Mr. Ryan to ac
count for hls >450.i?a-,."
"I am not here to be lectured," lnt*r
rupted Senator Pomerene.
Mr. Perkins rose from hla chalr ar,d
Bbouted at Ms questloner:
"I know what you are here for, all
right, Just as well as I know what I'm
here for."
The Senator and Mr. Perkins engaaed
in a heated exehange while Mr. Ponu
reCM trled to flnd out Just how much Mr.
Perkins gave to or collected for the 1901
Mr. Perkins said that the aeveral Items
In the 1904 llst put in by Elmer E. Dover.
cre.Hting "Q, W. P" wlth contrlhntlons,
probably were eontrlhutions ohtalned by
Mr. Bttea from men suggested by Mr. Per?
kins. He could recali nothlng about eon?
trlhutions to various atates In 1901, ex
Cep4 in th" caae Of the tlo.OOO aent to
S? nator Beverldge.
I remember that," sald the wltness,
"becauaa he sent the money back. I near?
ly fall dend when \ got the che.k It
was the flrst time on record that I ever
knew of any publlc man, runnlng for of?
flce or otherwlse, returnlr.g a dollar that
he got hls hands on."
A defalled rross-examtnatlort falled to
make Mr. Perkins remember that he had
ever sent any more money to Mr. P.ever
Idge than the flo.OOO whlch was returned.
The wltness clashed wlth Senator Pom
t rrn<> contlnually. and flnally. when the
queatloner demanded to know whether
the arltneaa had krpt any accounts of hls
ixpeuditurea, he leaned forward and ex
"I don't go Into this thlng as n t-nnker
I go Into theae mattera Juat as 1 would
to buUd a hoapltal or a llbrary. I mark
off the amounta I glve, and that's the
1 ? nd of lt. I axpeet no r.-turn "
Struck from tha Record.
The two men elaahad agnin on tha Som
Tork Ufe laauraaea eoatrlbutlea ln 1904,
tnd Mr Perklnn sliouted:
"Now you ar*- queatJonlng my rnottvee.
\n.i arl ? ar-- y,.u aotng It? Mmply t" g. *
|tte headllnea ln lo-morroa raornlnga
kriov. !t'.'"
| Th.. commlttea voted unanlmoualy to
tl i Btatemeni fron tba ??
? ,1!-. H. r.ator PoUU t- ',- gl
i - ??-. ask.-i abo t thi
agalnal th- barvei tei ir al
Mr. Perklna teld ha peraoaally ?sd
: Prealdent Rooaevell to altl
... tl' Burea <?? CVi-pera
v Ma inveatlgatlng IU ani l b4 I ?' l
i gmlth, Commlaaloner of
.,. .. thal if tb' aulta eor* heg n
"wr '?? "''i flghl
? :.t Rooaevell Mi Perklna an:d,
? deUyed ..nt'l Ihe Itiveatl
uas < omple'r
aflal Im bound to sav that to have
,u, tliir.it -?:*' wa ild have be?n men
.'? |) unfalr." add?>d Mr Perklna. "If
be had ??' dona that I helleve he would
[ hava beea unflt te be Praahlenl "
Mr Perklna .-xplalned that * h-n ha
.;,??: v ? n .',! Ogl t ' be m??nt the s it
' wouid h* fo-iftht li tba courta ( -
examlnatlon falled 'o ahaka tbe atata
! ment.
? - di bad i aen brought ?o ? '.!
?upportlng Colonel Rooaevell
HO ., ,-. (i S. rn'or I'on,. ? ?
again," aald Mt PerklnB.
nawer a suppositioti "
After an argunaent, Mr 1'erklnn sold le
irould nol avi a >W4 d a ? lagle ln I
fere wlth a I 11 i
grammi ol proR
Pi . .,!.--ludlng l!i ?estiinom Mr Per
k.ri< :.le a Btatemeni d- i lai Ina lhai
. ; a favor '?! at. Prealdent,
I'.ibu al offacer or exoeutlva
"And I am not ln thla movement | s
for any favom," be arettl on. "When lh|fl
campaign la over, !f on the Cth of No?
vember Mr Roaeevell la elected, on Ko
vember I our aceouata artll be al! aquare."
Ryan Tella of Big Gifta.
'i homaa Portun< R aa wt a tha lirst
wltneaa to-day
"Karly In the campaign of 1904." ba
wiid. "i gavt mtui te tbe Peaaocratle
campaign fund. although I was oppoa-d
to tl - nomlnatlon of Judga parker. i
gave ' robaWy RMQI ln amaller contrll i
tlona When the end of tha ra
waa draarlni near and it araa oulta ap
parenl lhai Mr. Parker could nol ba
elected aome of my frlenda cama lo ma
and lold ma Ihe campaign arould collapaa
.nl. ? i ihe commlttea receired Bnandal
.. latam a i tnally agreed, ln order to
pay the party workera and preaerve t.'?
Integrlty ol the party. to furnlah $.-",'?"
?Thla made a total Of |4S4vOM I nave
througboul tiie campaign. Thla
peraonal eontrlbutlon, and dld nol repre
aenl am one .xrept myself i dld ti"t
money to try'to elei I Parker. I
merely wanted to areaerva Ihe Democratic
ln reply to questlonfl c4H*een Ing the pre
eonventlon campaign ?' hHJ, Mr. Ryan
said thal he had contrihuted between
|-"?0 and IJMII tO (lovernor Hnimon's
campaign and inora than t*M K> ***+
-. . ntatlva IJniJarweoeTo.
? w ' ,? | eama bach from Buropa in
IHi i made m> my mlnd that lha ..>
r DetnocratlG aueeeaa arera rery
brtght " BaM Mr. Ryan. "1 ihi ngbl any
Democral exeepl Mr. Bryan could ba
?lected and araa nilllng to ald any other
naa Re had led tha party ?" 'l"f:'t
three Umae, and I ragarded him as the
only clnud on the borlZ'-n.
? I had no special interest ln anv one, but
i had known Qovaraec Haraaon of oido
for twenty-flve yeara and belleved he
Aoul.l make a good President. I ?oy*
Ma managera aaaaawhare between m.m
and HbMN l-ater on, rnv frlend. Senator
Hankhead. manager for MT. mderwoo-l,
cama ta ma artth m> aigumaarl la wvat
Of b Southern man for I'r.Hident. That
appaalad ta me. and I gave hlm thlrty
odd thoiiaand dollara. I was not asked
ta ald Mr. Clark or Mr. Wiison. but
would have glven them asalstan-e lf lt
had been requested."
Mr- Ryan sald that before Mr. Parker's
noaataattaa ba araa eeavtoead he could not
i.- ajaiotad,
\\. W Durbln. of Ol.lo, CJovemor Wll
aoria campaign manager ln tha state.
leartlned that he had recelved 13 600 from
Mr McComba to ald Mr Wiison s candl
dacy ln (Jhlo. . .
The committee vlll meet tO-morroW, but
It ls piobable no wttneee*rfl wlll be heard
tb?n. Several wlll be summoned for
Wednesdav, according bl praaBBi plans.
antf tbe committee after vVednesday a
senslon will probably adlourn untll after
For a list of furnished rooms in New
York conault Tha Tribune'a Room and
Board Register.?Advt.
To stimulate interest in the International Conteats
$1,000 to ihe operator who exceeds IftSl vear's record by writing the preatot number of tvorda
in the Pmfessiona] Typewrittng Contest for the WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP FOR
SPEED AND ACCURAt V. Open to all ex*cept Professional contcstants of 1911.
$50 to ANY typewritcr operator fot each word a minute in excess of the Professional record
of 112 net'words a minute, e^tablished at the International Contest of 1911.
FIVE PRIZES of $200.00 each to typists \\-ho write 108 net words a minute. < hpeo to all
cxcept Professional contestants of 1011.
FIVE PRIZES of $100.00 each to typists who write 100 net words a minute. Open to all
cxcept Professional contcstants and Amateur prize winners of 1911.
One prize ONLY to any sifjgle operator. ??& -
()nc hour's writillg.
International Tvpcwritinp Kules to govern..
F.ntries received by Contest MgT J. N. Kimball. 1358 Broadway. N. V. CSty. \
69th Regiment Armory, Lexington Ave, between 25th and 26th
Streets, New York City, NOVEMBER llth to 16th, inclusive, will be
1 iintimirri friim ttr?t psrt"
pffort tn deny th?' pofseosion of jmv
t i>. ;.r,ti when aha araa aaked ar*
calljr abouj the plecea aald ahe had
them with har and would produca
em. Oa leavlng Ihe pi^r the Lau
.li-rs drove dln 11 to tha i !uatom H(
ln ? i?iar touring car and Burren
"? i .-.> piei ea, ? hlch a ere promptly
? .-nt to the ippi er'a Btorei
The Jewela ?rhl< h co of a
m ekla ??? n. broo h and a
ware held by the Appral ? i ft r ap
pralaal, ami yeaterday ll araa learnad
.it tha Publlc Bton there
araa aome difference of oplnlon aa to
thelr worth the home value a
llkely be aboul 100,000.
Mr. Lauder. ll ^.,u learned, a
reprc ent< I I although b<
hhUI ta havo rtHnalned ln this clty un?
tll fhf daapoaltlfrn "f hla arlfn'a Jawala
waa (Jftt?rmln??d.
t'fi to a few mlnutea before
hour lt was aald that Mr Lauder had
not appeared al the Cti tom H<
Before the Appra li ei - Storea ck ed
for tho day, hoaraver, ll waa reported
thal tha Jawala had beea relaaaed, aa
the owner had appeared ai the Cuatom
H ? md m ttli d the aaa bj th*? pay
if $33,000.
,\n" nd in health were taken Intol
conaideration by the cuatoma offlciala,
11 waa aald, in dealing lenlentlj wlth
I .-.?? i. . id< ra
Simply Error, Says Son.
Oeorge Lauder, Jr., aald laal alghl at
bla bome, In Qwenwtch, Conn., that
the epleode waa dua to an error in tha
,[<?? laratton,
??My mother had aome Jewelry which
was not properly entored on th<? deo
laratlon," hH Bald "She haa had lt
many yeara and was brlnglng 11 back
from abroad. Tha Jewalry waa ln i
nd not on her pewon. lt was
not Bdaad, bul was sint to the Publlc
Btorea The amount waa nothlng Hk-i
890,000. My mother appaarad before
Oaneral Henry to-day and pald the
duty, bul I '1? not know the amount.
?There was almply b Balataka In an?
terlng the Jawala on tlu- d.-.-laratlon,
and the incldaal is now cloeed.
):, , . . g\ )pfa to Tho Trihur.f.l
lv. | ?,?, r> -. a -Oeorge Lauder,
who waa aaaociatad la bualneaa wlth An
,irew Caraagle for tblrty yeara, rettred
in tJM. !!?> araa a partaer <-f Mr. Carnefii
ln aii bualneaa enteiphaaa In whleh Mr.
I'Hrnejri- was Inurxaeted, and ramalned In
eleaa taaah wltl. htm untll ihe United
Btatea Bteal Corporation took orer the
Caraagle tatareeta, ln bHL
Mr. Lauder acted aiore aa h conOdential
advfcier than an ornoial of the eoanpanlea,
although be waa B dlrector In all the
Carnegle cempanlee. Ha araa aaperta
tendent of the l.ntimer Coka Company,
a member of the nrea af <"amegie &
Co.. aad Baalated la formlag th(- flrm
of Caraagle, Phlppa <* Co. He becaane a
dlrector ln the Carnegle Bteal Compaay,
Limlted, !'? UMi arhefl it araa foraaad.
Mr Laadar mnrrk-dt Miss Mfliia
Roaaeya Vettck. Thelr aoa, Oeorge Laa?
dar, Jr., aad aaughtar, atra. James 4'.
Oreenway, Hre bi creenwu-h. Cona.
Never Knew of Ryan's Oolossal
Oampaign Contribution.
BUt-JudgB Alton B. Parker. the Demo?
cratic rr.'Hl.h'iitlai candldate ln 1901.
Htate.1 laBt Utghl that he was astounded
at Uta "Ollllir"" rontrihutlona to the
DaaaocratJe eamiinlgn fund la that year
ln Thotnas F-riui," Ityan. as lt wa.s
,u.n in tha taataaaaay rWore the ciapp
roaunittff :u Wanhlngton to-day. Mr.
Parfcar said:
l have read the teatlmony of Mr. Ryan
and I ain aato.nid.-d. 1 waa alwnya un
S"r the Inioreaalon that Mr. Ityan aad
iMH.mt were icadlng cqntrlbutora to
?, Democmtl. oainpalgn. becauae the
...... -aid so. but that they were coloaaai
SontrUJUtora *? now apiware. I n*ver
Smm Mr Belmont favored my nomlna
ttoa and Mr. R>un had vigoroualy op
PTaoW appears. from Mr. Ryan's teatl
mony that Iat.. ln the campalgn.wbea
y e ec on waa not even hoped for by
itxWi he uald a vaat sum of money to
nWt the d.-bts of the national commit
,nJ! that th* honor of the DemocraUo
ilrtv mlght not \* lmpuirned Auguat
ftSont le aald to have jolned ln that
? m,?rtak!nK Nelther they nor thtdr
tri,BBdi ever gave to me a hlnt of thia
,,'noiial sacrltUe -not for the candldate.
but for the party to which they were at
ta.hftl For eight y#-ars they have suf
rarad reproach, but l lor one doff my hat
U> UiCiu. For the honor of the JUemo
However spacious the showroom ar
rangement of furniture it is usually left
to the customer's imagination to picture
how selections will loolc amid the actual
surroundings of the home.
In our endeavor to offer every possible
assistance we are always pleased to as
semble furniture, draperies and other ac
cessories in our Decorating Department
so that harmonious effects may be care
fully studied before purchases are made.
Those with homes to furnish are par
ticularly invited to utilize these facilities
and compare FLINT PRICES with
the best obtainable elsewhere.
Geo. C. Flint Co.
43-47 West 23*St. 24-28 West 34*St
Typewriters which re
quirc hand settings of the
carriage in order to reach
thc starting point of any
line are now out-of-datc.
They have been ren
dered obsolete by the
of the
R e m i n g t o;n
Typewriter ^.."i;
The Column Selector of the Model 10 Remington
selects the exact point in each line where the writ
ing is to begin?not by a step to step movement
of the cdjriage?not by tedious hand adjustments?
but by the automaticrenponse of the carriage to the
pressure of a single key.
In ordinary letter writing,the position for writing
the date, the address, the first line of each paragraph,
"Yours truly," and addressing the envelopes is
reached instantly, the hands of the operator never
leaving the keyboard.
The time saving? Figured on the basis of the
operator's wages, it amounts to enough in a short
time to pay for the machine.
Send for our illuttrated booklet deacnbmg the many
laber aaving feerures ol the Remington Vutble Modela
Remington Typewriter Company
325-331 Broadway
Telepboa*. Worth 6060 aranobea Svarywbera
cratlc party?not ln tha hope ol electlng
Ita candidate, for Ita defeat waa amply
assured ln the cloalng week* of the cam?
paign?they m?de good the obllgatlone ot
the organlzation, not out of the funda of
corporatlons. but out of thelr own pock
One outcome of the campaign of 1904 Ib
the abolltlon of corporate contrlr/uUona
by federal Btatutea and by the atatutea
of thla and many other atate*. Thena
?trUuto8, aupplemented aa they have been
by acta requlring enforced publlcation of
coturlbutlons wlth the names of oontrlb
utora, wlll ulttmately do away with the
nractlce of ralslng large auma of monay
fo make meschandlae ot the votea of cltl
z??ns. and for thla all good cttlien*. wlll
be Uiacklul.
Benjamin Thaw aettled for 33,005 yeater?
day the Bult for 310,000 brought by Loula
Hauck aa guardlan of hla daughter, Ab
ble Hauck. who waa run over by Thaw'a
automoblle. The aettlement waa an?
nounced when the caae waa called for
trlal before Juatlce Ilendrlck, who gave
hla conaent to the aettlement and to the ?
Btlpulatton between the father of the |
chlld and Harvey T. Andrewa, hla attor?
ney, whereby Andrewa ls to recelve II,aa
for hlB aervlcea.

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