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One Cast for Democratic Ticket
ls for Economic Experimenta
tion and Hard Times.
Letter Discusses Tariff and
Prosperity, Which President
Says Is Largely Due
to Protection.
i areapaaita* ot '?
. . ,rl.. Mass., Oct ?_M..-The Prrsi
denl made publlc thla evealag a lattw
be has Jual written to John Waha
maker, thanklnf him for good work he
la dolng ln Pennaylvanla and em
phaalajni the fact that a vote for the
thlrd party la ? vote for Woodrow
"Wiison anii hard tlmes.
The Prealdenta letter dealt almost
(xclusivc'.y wlth the tariff and pros
I.eritr. v.hi.h he <!? olaivd fffUl largely
due t<> protectloa.
"There are certain facts which stand
Out ao prominently in this campaign
that I cannot conceive how a majority
of our voters can fail to apprehend
them," said the President. "They are
that a vote eaat for the third party ia a
vote eaat for the Democratic ticket,
and that a vote cast for the Democratic
ticket is a vote cast for economic ex
perimentation, which, under the most
lavorable circumatances, would mean
lack of business confidence, the call.ng
of loans, a stringenry of the money
market, the suspension of manufactur?
ing. the destruction of the market for
farm products because the people had
no money to buy and untold suffering
for the wage earner and his family."
The President's Letter.
The letter reails as follows:
\u Deajr Mr. Waaamakar: i a*aat to
than'c vnu for th.. aplendld work you are
dMng for th. i '1,,':1,T1
tj ln the approarhli on. ? 1
thank you not foi ? ot tdr
the larpe. who hi vi
tn loae. bo llttle to galn from a rhange
? on, w ho v. Ill Indea d aur
?>. ? I Democral Presldi
Democral i ' ciiTO the OPPor
tualty to ra
pledgea and ai ".n of i ongresa
JH , Uarch to change the tanrr
frorn ,, ? ? ti ' ?? to a revenite basla
art from the reepectlve mer
its of the protectJ ? :- 1<>r
e? li rouat I? pbvloua to
thlnklng men that bo rai
? ,ot be effei led ' ?'"' oI
readjuatment, the wlpinj onl ol numer
oua Induatri* a whli n
th. \ are pi ??'? led, and w hl :h paj
Were lt B
thal ultlmateh thla readjuatment would
?ucceasful, 4nd thal our preaenl ito
?..i and proBoerouJ Induatrlea could
ara whlch would tbrive
v. thout protection, whal of the I
ttoi iintr would fare tha
aer who wus thrown out ol employ
? foi .' year ui more and arl
led to
learti a ae* iruiV ?
I: , moat "f our wage earn
have for some tlm<
...ny of them auflt i ed
le ..f ir"?7. and I ddubl if more
than a comparatlvely few could undergo
a perlod "f a year'a enforced Idleneaa
without gi ahlp, ev? n actual dla
Ind a year would prove, i
Bufflclent for sa redlcal an adjuatment
whlch would IneTltably resull from such
a change
As a protectloi lat I can eneflt
t.. ln galned from Buch a change. iv-n
alxty yeara, under the protective pi
our Induatrlea have grown at a pace
nd< il th<- world. our
wage ean and maln
d a Btandard of llvlng whlch Ib un
ki.own in the oid world. Even during the
perlod "i ?>( livina. whlch has
nrevalled througl out the dvlllxed world
for a few yeara, OUr peopli have auffered
no Buch hal lahlps as thoae of tha o!<i
world. notably free-trade England, where
net only has th.. ooei ol foodatuffa been
eatnordlhaiily hlgh, bul where the wagea
Of the working people hav?- hy no meana
kept pace \\ itli the li i-ea ed iobI <<T llv?
Th.- ?.
already operating to deereaaa the co
llvlng toxthe American worklngman,
thrr.- ls every Indlcatlon thal v.;,nes win
he malntairu'd On the other hand
laetorlee ar<- runnlng full t!me. then are
abundant ordere ahead, wagea hlgh and lt
la labor. not employment, of whlch there
la a acardty. wltn plenty of emnjoy
menr at good wagea and the prWs <<t
food*tufr? falling in sorric Inntan^en, ln
otbera about to fall. tba w;,j" ea-n
.iust or, fha eve of garQering hla herreat,
fuirl If -tho exfstlnjr condtflona are r.ot
<hanged by a j'olirical apbearalwa arlll
?ee th*> balancea in the moMxiMM banks
BTOW !n the next four yea er h*
Significance in a Name.
"We hava experlmented in the past
with the tariff theoriee of our Demo?
cratic friends." tha President adds.
"You wlll recall as clearly as I do the
passage of the Wiison blll. Is there
not a certain significance in the fact
that it is another Wiison who would
again subject us to Buoh an experi
ment? Wiison and prosperity are
words that refuse to go togather in our
American history."
The letter i/ontinues.
Tou recall the report of IfayOT Gilrog
on condltiona ln New York. When he anil
nla Democratk' adrninlstratlon oonducted
an lnve*tlgatfon into th<- hardahlps and
euffertng whlch Bravalled ln 18H , and
foun'l that lfK.iaii peraona were dependent
on charity, becauae COOO men and n>-ar!v,
l/i.000 wom> n. who und^r normal c>ndi
tlons eaperieni ? ir.ng
employment, were oul of ???.?!. You can
recall tbe daya wheai, ea th>- reaail ol
iust such tariff "readjuatnu-nt" ns 0 ir
Daaaocratlc frlenda now propoee, theru
Were aoup kltchens ln i-vary )nrno i.iv.
;vhcn ahl.'bodled ni'-n were cprnpelled i"
b?g from door to door. Whlle worjif-n and
Ihefr Ilttla ch'ldren died of starvation. or
were stunted ln thelr development frnm
ihe piirallon they wera compelled to
"The election of a Democratic Pres?
ident would mean the election of a
Democratic Senate and House," tha
President concludea, "and the present
Congress has proved how aavagaly and
with what recklessneas the Democrata
would deal with the tariff if they were
in full control of tha executive and
legialative branchea of the government.
I cannot understand how any American
voter can fail to see that by throwing
away his vote on the third party, or by
votlng to put tho Democrata in power
in the White House and in Congress,
he ia as aurely courting dieaater aa is
the small child playing with matches.
And so, Mr. Wanamaker, far above any
pereenal consideration, I am grateful
to you and to all who, like you, are
hel.ping the Republican cause thia
i ' i .
tba only one wlt?) tha
lieal PartalM Almo*i>hcre.
'This Is Real Reason of Mc
Comb8's Trip to Chicago.
Broatfaatag af the Demai lallr campalgn
to IneautSa an aiaeigacte atrnggle to obtaln
centaot of the United Btatea Beaate ?as
tiie real purpose of the trlp of Willlam
F. laoConeha, chairman of tti? DeaeocraUa
.1 Comnalttee, to Chlcago, a. oord
ItiK to an armi-uneement madt- yesteniav
;.t beadquarten Ctanoeal that Governor
Wltaoa wouid tt ateeted aad that the
nuvJorlty ia thi Houae of RepreaentatiTea
would remaln Democratic, the lmders of
th.- party leiaad heartlly in th" MiKKes
tlon made by Mr. McCombfl that strenu
OUB efforts ahould hc made to S4'dire a
Democratic majorlty in tbe Beaate.
There arr aevoa states. with alae Bea
ate eeata to tni, to whleh the Democrata
look for Bucoeaa in theti new hopee.
Theae are coiorado antl Idaho, wlth two
Senate eeate each. and Kansas. Montana.
Nevada, Nebraaka and New Jaraay. la
aii. talrty-four Beeatorfal aeata arfll ba at
atake in tha comlng electlon, eichteen of
them now occudnd by lUpuNlcaaa and
thlrteea hy Democrata, whlle two vacan
ties have occurrcd throiiKh death and one
through the i <]? iMon of Benator Un*
mer. At praeeat the RepubUcana have
nfiy Benatora, the Democrata forty-tnree
nnd there are three vacancleB.
The plans for tliis part of the campalgn
Bre 10 reeetve futther attentlon at a con
to he held here on Thursdav
auiLiig Chairman McCombe, nationalcom
mltteemen and leadera Oovernor Har?
mon of ohi... B, M. Mooxe, Wlllard Baula
bury .-'nd Roberl L Huxtapetb are ex
pecti d to be preeeat
ln denlal of UI reporta about Governor
WHscn' tl ?? Knlghta ef Colum
bua, wiiiiain i'. Larkln, chairman ol the
New Yoik chaptei <?' the erdar, -i m the
followlng telegram yeaterday:
The report that Omcrnor Wiison has
jolned the Knlghtfl <>f ColumbuB ls alto
gether erroneou8 a- a mattei ??'? ia<-t he
is not ellglble for meml - ba >s
not a Catnollc.
Chlcago, Oct II. - Charlea Bryan, broth?
er df William Jenninga Bryan, and Ben?
ator Jamefl A. Reed, of Mlaeourl, chalr
man of the campalgn committee, were ln
eoaference wlth Chairman MeCon
u .. rJemocrai National Committee, for
two hours h<
' Kaa?
aaa; Lyi I ?' Mlnheaota; Wood, ol
...,. Coffy, of south Dakota, and
i lhairmen Thotn] ebraaka;
of t\ lorado; McCI n ? I Mll ?
aoati, and Reed, oflowa, alao talked arlth
Mr. M i'ombi
J. Adam Bcde Finds Third
Place Movement" in a Slump.
Bpeaklng of hla reci i gn trip
on the beela of Colonel Roaevell former
' ongreaaman J adam i
I huv. spol
cif4.- from Boaton to Bai co, and
eve'rywhere i found the eame unmlstak
able trend toward P ealdenl Taft. The
thlrd term m< rement or, aa 1
cali lt now, the ?
haa taken a del lt? ilump all I
tne West I have nol dore bo much ?
... ln the Kaat, but my i
Boaton iast week ronvlnced me that in
huaetta ai leaet the aame alump
bad taken pla< e.
i'r.? -r? aeema Io be a ff-iitiK anioiu? the
Democrata tiuf Govtrnor VVIlBon is not
big enougb for thi PTeBldencj and thal
hla electlon would not rhean the future
weUart ol tiie party,
erlck W. Bafabrook, member of tiie
national committee from New rlampehlr*,
laughed yeaterday at the atatemenl ?
winston Churchlll, publlahed ln aome ol
the papera yeaterday mornlng, thal Rooae
Velt WOUld t>e llrrt in that atate and tbe
Democrata .-?? < ond.
"This H ahout as extravagant a clalm
bb Benatoi Dixon makea for the whole
try." he aald. "Aa a mattei ol fact
Colonel Rooaevell may get 7,000 to l< OOO
H Ht wvell will do well if b<
geta .".(ko to 7.000 votes. The RepubUcana
ar<- ebeotutely aure of carrylni St ????
llamuehire t.oth for Ihe national and
atat* tlcketa
Bpeaklng Of the 1,098,800 oi more foreign
bora dtlaena who are elialble to vote n^xt
month. Chairman HliieM of the Republl?
can NaUonal Committee aald yesterday:
Porelgn born rbtera reniiy have a vltal
? ln ti;;- campalgn. Thelr Influence
ahoirid i" a poteni fa tor tn determlnlng
ihe reauh. Thelr attentlon is called t<.
an Outllne of Ihe Taft ndmlniatratlon a
toward thi- hnmigratton queatlon
given bv Charlea Nagel, aecretary pl tha
Department 4.f Commerce anu
whleh contalna tiie Fhfreatl of lmmlgra
tlon That attltode, ln brlef, la the ra
tloaal and bumana enforcvment of the
? iUon lawa and the earneat dlaap
proval of the feature of the DUllngham
bill ts'i cedled, whleh wouM exclude immi
granta above the ordlnary achool agi wno
c annot n ad and write.
Tells Californians Governor's
Ballot Law Is Unfair.
ramento, Cal* Oet tL -Ooven?ar
afarahall of lndiana, Democratic Vtoa*
i"tiriai nomlnee, critlclaed Oxjriwnor
johnaon of california, his Praajreaaave
oppoaeat, at an open alr aaeethig here
late to-dav. Hls raferance to Qovernoi
Johnaon was made after the Democratic
.-. had baaa watoomed ba Baora
menio and ha-' beea wiahed aucceaa by
Orove i. Johnaon", Ooveraor Jobnaon'a
father. 04jaernor Marshaii said
Oovernor Johnaon eame into our atate
and ?ave our peepaO a lot of advice about
runnlng lndiana. 11?> had a lot lo say
abopl how hackward we were ami how
. we laeked progreaa Bul T am not
going to attempt to give you California
people anv advl-e in thia connectlon. 1
tliink you an- oompetent t-nou?.'h and sen
pnough tb hahdle your own affairs
wlthoul auageatioaa from me.
rlowever I A I Wl nt tt> say ln h ph' to
. poi .lohi.' lam ''f lndiana
ih-4t a Taft i< iiuMi'-aii ln lndiana this
?\iii be abe lo vote for Mr. Tafl oa
a Republlcan ticket, under a Republlcan
tOihlem. v7e have ao such law ?s your
electlon law. which 1 am told hars your
i. . blioani from votlnx for Mr. Taft.
You ar" not as proKM-. sl<a . evidently,
? a.i been Informed you were. or you
WOOld not be lield powerless under thH
pecullar law, which practh ally has loat
to many of you vour fnuicbiae.
l ahould llke to aee California <ast Its
alecteral vote for Woo<1row Wllson hut I
aee ll dopa through the tri i will
of the votera. i would not llke to aaa
Wl. IrOU vyilaon WtO thls fitate if the
vnttrs were drlven to lt by a law which
rendered them powerleaa to vote tor their
ow ii cholda.
a ? ?
Decided Decroase from 1908 Shown
in Western New York Diatricts.
Hochester, i?rt. 21 ?Reglstratlon flg
omplled from the various dlstrlota
ln Western Netv Vork show a deolded
dtx-reaee from the flgurefl of 1 ?*0S. t'ltiea,
towns and ruraj dlstrlcts all show thia
faillr.tr off ln flgures, deaplte the efforts
of party workera, who aave baaa un
usually actlve thls y<?ar.
Reporta from Seneca County BhoW
that the deereaae is enulvalent \o one
Whole electlon dtaUlel ln the clty of"
QanaVB there Is a los# of ahout two
thousand. Wayne I'nunty shows a sIlRht
incrra?e, whlle hoth GNaaaaaa an! Sten
hen i ountles show g BOddaa de4-te4ae.
In the clty of Ilm'heati'i tjif flgurea show
a galn of \.7.'.<; 4,\4'r the 1908 llsta.
No Active Member of Wigwam
Can Raise Moralsof New York
an Inch, He Declares.
Highways of State Used aa
Roads to Treasury, Candi?
date Tells Audiences
in Upstate Tour.
il-Vom n Staff i'orr.*pon'I?r,t of Th*- Trlbaafl ?
Waiton, n v., Oct -l Denoundag
Tammany Hall as nn aggregatlon of ln
dlviduais uatng poUtlea lor private gala,
job E. Hedgea, Republlcan candidate for
Oovernor, in*gan hla third week of cam
I'aignlng upstate to-day. He COVered
Rockland, Orange, BuHhran and i
rountlea in dfislies ly BPeclal traln and
automobflea in a alde trlp be ra ide
nlnety miics through Drattga Coonty by
automoblle, travelllag most of tbe araa
at from tifty to slxo mll*? an hour. Oaa
car ln th<- long procaaalon blt a man bul
hc was not Beiiously h'lrt
Th* glal of aii Ur, Hedgi
was that n.ither .Mi Sulzer OOr Bnj Other
member of tba actlve working force i
Tammany Hall can ralaa rnoral l< la
Xew York Btate on? Indi. and thal Bul
Zcr or himself, he sald, WOUld ba tha n.'XI
Oorarnor. There wus no otbei poaaiblllty
The most the ftogreaatvea could <i"
would he to spiit the Republlcan rote ai d
elect tbe Tammaoy ticket The eauadldata
rlted tbe Roaeathal aaarder ln Wan rork
as ? Bample of lha reeulta of Tammany
ruie. abd relti rated hla pli dge to r< -
more tba Police Cwmmlanloner of Ni w
Vork as his flrst act aa Governor lf the
luwa arera not better eaforced In J
than they ar> now, Ha addi d
"l had u letter this mornlm from tha
edltor of a paper. BBylBg 10 BM I?" you
know that 'f tbe police force th.
were go-.!u< to r whom
they likrd tha] would nol rota for youT
"i arrota back ihai i w.,* rery much
dkfturbed that ba bad bui h an Idea of
me. but if i ti" ama Oovernor
not naade aa) illflereo4 ?? t" na
mrc ii'l nol m ika a fi? ? ? H or u
fala* ii >mlsc to beco lo
Refers to Wilson's Brotherly Love.
Ilr. Ili I of Oov<
and hls fr- ?
ly love lhai
: w llaon wouldn'l lel I Imeelf >>?
photogravpbed wlth Mui
fair. Ha Ilked tbe brol ?
Bltlon, but nol on Intlmate V
ti <? <i.iy'-^ cami i
? ? Maver
atraw. Thi re fo Inallar oae ?t
Cornwall atation, whera tha eendtdati
and hl* party wer<? ni. t I". ?enator **obn
H Roae, px-iTovarnor Odetl and
of Orange County Repubkcana wlth euto
moblleH. Th- party atopped fli l for a
short apeech In <'oraw.il,
home of Dr i/- man Abbott,
. it'ia aseoi lata on "1
Thenee the candidate wa
Newburg for a hasty luncheon al lha
Blka* Club After thal no >n
apeeoh to an audience of ona tl
from a balcoay of tbe City Hall
,-, ?.. . ? i- d to w.i'
den, when a rodferouB audience Hilcd
the "!?? i Mi Hedgi - lo
he wanted to b<? Qorernor to tum
klnd of govemmenl I
bj Tamm u y, and to d thla, ha a itd, tha
? ? ? must elect a Ri publli an 1
ur.- and a Republlcan atati
Among other thlni.-s thi '
Nov. wc i.avi thla very pei illai altua
tlon this year. Apro) F thal i
la runnlng for fl nor a ho *u
nol bi holden tn Hall aoi
nnted bv Tammanj iia1:. and thi iwo
ni./st ln . II 'ai ln tl ?? late o ii
sid ? of ' he ' lovernoi l i ' i
Sr ite Engln ? i undi r tbe dlr< rt
Il of'the dlsburalnn offlcera In New York
City Thlnl II <?? ? r ' am nol golng to
dlactraa hir-h^a\^ ? ? lo mo ihey
mean nothlng ut hlghwaymen
th> laat two >eara
I w-uit lo ? ? lhai a
peeullar thlng happened in N'ew Vork lh?
day. A gentleman handed me ?
blll, a prop ? < .1 ill, i ? ady for Introduc
? -I thc ibeory tl al thi n weri
were ennugn Idlots ln N'-w Tork Btati tn
divide Iba artl-Tammanv Jmlav ?
Vork Star.-. a:,d Ihi ;
revlae i bor departmeni
Ready to Spend $50,000,000.
l underataad Ihere .: li exlateri e l<
dav a map wlth aectkma of mnd ln thi
Btati of New Vork, wlth '
partlal roada lald oul foi ? expemlltirrw
.ipprnHohlru.* InO.OOO.OOO appropria.
; |< n v i ieri ls expert ed lo paaa Tlial
map wlll be ln the handa of thc printers
ln ii rmiple of daya, if mj Informatlon u
Mi i III r? fol'.iv.d u' Morl.rr merv.
Goahen and Iflddletown. Thla last irath
'ii'i tha largeel ?.f the ilay, was ii.i.l at
mld-afternoon, .i very Ineonvenlenl hour,
re| tha th'-atrr- was erowded wlth a:. ea
thuaiaatlc audience whlch Kr.-c i< .1 the
candidate w>ih wlld cheera Mi Hedgea
BUmmauriaed for IiIh hearera tb? ? vll? ef
the Tnmmanv state admlntcttatlon, aa
No, no! Let'a gd ii.i ol wbal la at
Albany and then begln to reorganlae the
state on decent lin?*s. berauai we mual
hava prlde In tha Btate "f New Tork.
Then haa nevei been ?? mli iti
waa a r? ildentof ihe Btate of New Ifork
that i did nol reaenl unuhinK I
fected her good name, and ln the laat two
yeara I hava aeen eourta trtfled with. l
bave Been courts moved off the itatutory
board llk,- you would move checkera I
bare aeen Ihe Couri of Appeala pald for
polltlcally within alxty daya i have aeen
tha iiaiin oi economy m votlng away
IH5.00I worth of otticiui aalarlea, and vot?
mg in ii^j.O"" iii.- aame da; almo
I have aeea the gr?-at hfghwaya of tba
Btate of Nea Fort Inatead of belaa uaed
for vemeular trafflc, uaed n*- ? meani ol
a bighway to tba Htatr- Treaaury ir you
llke that, iak" lt i hava aeen the greal
achoola of this atate affected by ? r'll'.-r
nntorial Butborlty. l have aeen the nol
lutinir hand of Tammany H.iii lald on
tlum untll lha i--st of manho .,i ln th"
Btate of Nea Tork ofhdally rrom an
executivc atandpolnl i* arhethar you arlll
bear allaajlanee io an organlaatlon whlch
is n,.itiir-r tmertcan polltlcally oi anv
thinic etae
At kfiddletoara tha eaadldata wenl back
to his spcrini traln headed up toward th<
uvstcrn Catakllla aloag tha Oatarle &
a/eaaaaa llaiiraad. There wera oar ptat
form Bpeeehea at Buatraltvllla Luaon i.u
InKston Mnrioi. Roaoaa Kasr Urarnh an>i
a hlg hall meetlng her., at whlch t-x
Lleutenanl Oovernor M Unh Braaaa pre
Boatoa, 'nt 21. Oovernoa Bhiajaaa v
Koaa, renoriilnatcd by th.- Democrats,
apent $2.2T/t. while his opponent, .los.ph
C. Peii?-ticr. ixp--nd.il Rjaa. acc4*r4llng ta
sworn hIht? tii.'iiiM <if 1 iimpaicii eapMMBi
iiit-.i io 1 day apeakcr loaepk v**alaar proa
tha Republlcan r*taalaatiaa fbt Ooveraar,
ut a cdhi of |u,iu',, whiic his unauoaeaafu]
oti|?oii?:iii, 1 olonel Kvar?-tt C Ilenton,
apent flS.117.
? -
"ETiemy of Union Labor; Eco
nomically Off His Base," He
Says of N. J. Governor.
Progressive Declares He Hopes
Presidential Candidate Is
Better Than His Platform
?Misscs Seeing Colonel.
(!?':..in a BtaBJ rorrenoo Sent ef The Trlbona I
Chlcago, Oct -i Oaear 1 Btraua, tha
thlrd party cindMate for Covernor of
N'.-w Tork, recaived a rouefag weleoma
fr?>rn the people <<< CMcago to-day At
both of his Baaxettaga ayoodraw wiison
was lu's mark. Me t'mlshed a tumultuoils
day by sp'-akinc ta twenty flve hundred
enthualaatie Jawlah etixens ln tii" heaai
of Cbleago'a ?Veet Btde. an equal number
were uaaMe to crowd into the haii. and
do. candldate devoted a faw Inotaonta to
rtlnw gatbl rlng
A lars-' part or Mr Straus's night ad
? ui lakea av arlth a eulogy of his
part) -4 platform ln oaa raapeet Mr
Btraua aanouneed hlmaelf aa aalag in ad
? u* ? of his platform,
Our platform atanda for a minimum
wage for woanetn aad young per^mv" he
s;i|d 'I WoaM no further.. I want a
minimum wage f"r everybodl
,\ t,,r Governor tVltooa, the Kew Tork
Proarreeadvi pror.ounced hlm "ecooomlcal
ly entlrely ofl Ma baaa
Faila to Ses Roosevelt.
Chlcago a li with htr. Btraua from tbe
, 0f bla ar.lv.,1. lie was dlaap
i ,., ;,..,,? tbai he- had miaaed
aeeing Colonel Rooaevell by leaa than aa
hour. Flfteen hundred peraona heard hlm
at hls noon mcetlriK ln the Oarrii k Thea
t'.. aad mani othara ???'" barred oul
rdered the di ora eloeed.
tndldate had Ilttle chance to
raa eom
Imoal ? ntlrel) of partlaaaa of tl ?
," Tl ??' arai no laournere"
I . . Mlcana ar.d
Democrata Mr II nm.me hla
.. aathuala I
.. apirited Bpaechea
.... waa
thruai h " '" '" ' '"*?
? rotesl when thi *
.;,,?. arnor ayiiaoa
the ' ?',,f ,rm
-He'a bett< r tha rarra," ahoa*
M - iraua, aad the
He to.ik up the
I leader
... Hla atl
In the
form of ?
i p |ah to aah i h?i i i nor W ll
? .? on ?: ? D< mo4 ratle plat
r not *
on tha tarin ft platform ex
? i
| ? :..
a ii.nff f.'t- i- vt n ib onli " > ou . 4.
. il lo :nf,k.' iIl- | ? -ni?(?
. i.oi fnii .w irH< ataBtn*
? igue lr.
. rtalt. III | . !
? md for
\\ hai
,? b) "fr. edom" ' Do you
unllmlted and m npetltlon
Btry and foreign coua
? a tarlff foi revi ia onlj "
Recalls Jersey Trust Law.
?: .|i | ? ? i , rm ndmenl madi
i 0f Ne* Jeraei In 1898
thi holdlng eompanlea,
,,r w-ni, | il itform now corn
\t that time elxtera atatea had
. atrlngent lawa lo prohlbll the
i. mi Ictlon ol tion The imi nd
atat ute of New Ji i
.:. tbe niodern truata :??
? . . | .ia.
c jrou have
G ? ? rnoi to ? ?
. ,,t (he det t lopmenl of truata ln
v"i,r ? . ,,?.
1! yoil '??'! BOtl tO llft
p of th" trUBta fnun the f'ii4iat
.,r tmeiican Indueti lee, will you
m>i ? a Pl ? ildent, and. lf ao,
. v.. taken a poi Ith ?? pnautlon > ou
? ... -n a nt gath ? pomtlon Tha poal
ii,.,, ,,r the I'rogi nlve pai t\ la not d< -
....--. ? merli an
? with perpel lal threal nt ? rfml
nu| ua . flo? ? i ol propoai to leave hnneat
i men In i poaltlon where they
do nol know a hai the l iw ls.
Now, <to\. rnor ^ llaon, >"'i
I, i.i ned :i.at!. a acholar and J OUI com
in iixl of lh< illengee
admlratlon, i ji Inetead "f deaMag in
? itlon upon theae Importanl aub
Jecta, Bpeak 4,ui ln languagi thal wo can
!'.-.,|,l.- are forced t<> helleve thal ?-ltli?-r
?mi ire hldlng your Ignoranee upon theae
Huhjecl di thal ? ou are preaumtna upon
e of the A m? rtcan people.
Mr, Btra ittacked tbe Demo
rratle r Udate'a BtrJtuda on
Immlgration as cxprcsa4?d In hls hlatory.
11 11 . i ei tra la from thi Nt * Jeraey
i;,,\... n ii ,411 I..-- whll< pre ildent ,>f
Prlnceton, which he deelared abowed
hlm to ba Inlmieal to unkn aabor,
Leavimt tbe theatro, Mr. Btraua had to
flght hla way baeh to his hotel through
thouaanda ol ChlCTgoana who wlabed to
ahaka hla hand
Rope Across Road Nearly De
capitates Civil Engineer.
Waahlngton, Oet BL?-Nearly decapl
tated in aa automoblle aeddent, Aiea
ander O'Shea, a etvU engineer, Haa ln a
local hoB] Ital betwaan llfe and death.
Mr O'Shea, who la connected wlth the
governmenl gun prpvthg grounda al lad
lan Head, waa i!r'.\in^ hla automobtle
rapidly through thd navy yard bul night
when be daahed Into ? rope atretched
acroaa the road, Tha rope oaught him
h. n- ath the i hin. Thal bla head wa nol
ton, from Ma abouldera arad due to the
alarknaaa of the rope und to lha quick
aetioa of a frland la the car, who re
\ eraed the eaglne.
O'Shea waa hurrled t" the hnspitai,
where bbti ntai n atltcbea wera taken ia
hla throat. i.atii he rcoovored oonacioua
aaaa, bul his racal carda appaai para<
11 aad,
Peremptorily Ordered to Appear
in Waters-Pierce Suit.
john n. arcbbold, at th-- Buuadard 011
Coaaaaayi huviiu faiie,i to atsay a Buh
pti'iia Berved upon hlm to appi-ar a? a
wltaeaa badora Oooaanfaatoaar Jaeoba in a
sult hy the WaterH-1'l.?!? ??? < ompany
Bgafttt the Btaadard ??ii Company, an
otti.r waa obtained ln tha Supreme CoUti
yt st. rday wiilch periinptoilly tllre, ts Mr.
Archltold to appear befi>re the rnmrnin
alow r Mt ArcMiold must te?tlfy tlila
'no- Wate!t-i'!' ?? ?'? company ts tiytn| t<i
BhOW that tha Stanilaril OU f'ninpany
aaetka to aal tontroi ot it? rtval. The autt
waa brought ln St. Ixiuls and the ex
amlnatlon ls batag held lo re under a cpm
miBNlon frotn the Mlssourl court.
\ r m * u j, ?
Ulju o:
.lohn Yiil.\ H.-p'ibllcan, wno IBBraetBta the
V.th iBBSlllj Dlatrl.t of New York City, nnd
is-a rarrfiBM tot to^stotkm, was aera in
?a'aHaad. aa Daraaakti V, VHs\ After paasiuu
throuirh th- publlc schools he wa* epprenti" d
ti. tba pIlimblBa tiH.U' In 1*70. H<- worked at
thla trada ln Baitlaal for ten yeara, and tba I
eflJM t., the fnlt.-.l State?. wli",i h' ohtalned
emp! -vmont ot the BBflBfl trade. He BBBBFBd
hliatBIBB In 1W3 as a maater plumber.
Ia IM Mr Vulc wqb appolnt"d prealdent of
thc Kxaminlng Board ti Plumber* of BBjW
revh Ctty hy Hayav Strnng. belng nt the same
tlmc rr.asurcr of thc New Y'.rk l?cal A*?o
.iutlon nf Miuitrr Plumber* and a member al
thc aiaUB4lie eommlttee of thc National As*o
rl?Hr,n of Maater Plumber*. Hfl BlBB wa* aP_
polnted and aarved tare raan aa *ecr*tary ef
UbcbJ Beaoel Board MI which he leaagaed aa
acrnunt of pr?*?ure of bustne**. H* engaged
In th* llBllikaa Imslncs* in IS'rfO, aud haa
raaaj Bpartmenl hooaaa
mi rala ama aaaadaatai hy tiie RepuUlcaa
party ln IM (of the A???mbly ln the oM Sth
llllllll Dlatrl'-t. whl.-b then tmduded th"
aattra Horongh ot The Broaa. Ha aeaeailad
in r.Hiu.lnK the peBBBBTBtla majorltv bv abearl
4.000 votea, bal waa a^teated. Ra bei.mgi t0 a
number al aoetal aad property oaaaaraf aafloata
Nomlnat-.l for (he As'.mi.U BgBiB bv
tbe itepiihii.an part] m 1341 he recelved 7.141
to 12m eaat fbt Tbonaa P Bgaa, Daaae*
?peakar Marrltt, in IM apaclBtal Mr Tota
a member of rh* followlng Aaaaitly cotnmtt
??: ritlea, Tnxatlon and rtetrenr-hment and
i fcnala
The Weaaaa'a Aaafltary te tha BB* kousobly
Dtatrlet Bapehllran fiuh has s*n? out an np
paal to the women of Bha dtatrlet, thrmugh
Mi- Oatdafl Knox Hell. pr?t-l<l*nt of the *>ix
Illary. to take an actlve part ln th? campeljrn
The appeal wa* t?*ne,| Jua' befor* th* laat
r. ?lvtniit,.n daya ano ln the nplnlon of Wlll?
lam CbBvera. leader of the dlatrtcr. played an
llll|lia IflBl part ln aecurlng a credttabl* regl"
tratlon. The work now to b* taken up try th*
aantltary bicludee tbe diatrtbutinn of atantate
and the u-vinn < f vetaaa to get to th* noiis on
? . Day.
????? aBtartalaaaaata kuat year
?? ,. atl ? I 1 ' more than a thotisand
and ealldraa. it ni?o eendaeted la
reetbrattona into the mndittnn of all the
i akerlea of the dtatrlet, nrajad 'he adoptinn of
',*, aawtlag ihe welfare of uomen anri rhil
i , .. :;? ! ., . ? ,? ,.r und nn Ur th..
' m; axpartaweed t't^M-r ir. a -
lot 'n Pifth avenua
A regular meetlng of the .*,tli A?**mU\ I<ia
trl t Bea '? waa hrld laat night Iii
?'. lubhtwae, la W?e4 Mth atreet Byroa 0
Hortee, caadldata for th" Aflaeaa
tb* rneetlntf.
o*c?r W Barbarn pnaietd al tha Urge
meetlng of tba Tt'i ?aeeetbly Dtatrlel BapuMI
hii on aatardav algl ?
? ? 're Wllllflaa ArmBtraaa naeeeaded ad
bi entrrtalnlng the member* un'll Bl
arrlval ol lak ? Baagaa R^eubUcaa eaadl
iai>. f.,_ Oeveraar, waa announced by a torrent
?f eheera froei tha atreet bi
IT.'- here.'" aal I thfl IutV". "and T gMBB
thal naeana mj Baha " it IM, for every mnn
? |fl aa hla f?er and *honrln?- an Mr lbdgea
entered the dOflf
When BBVaaty iVB vntcr* a?*ernbl?d ln front
of vn .iii Baa* 72o Btreel on Paturdajr alglri I
. i ian t. MtPa. Repabtlcefl eandldflta I
I ,:|reTtian ordcred rhem ro dla ,
? v? have no buataem here." ?aii l??
?,> ?"i a**J "
? i i^h ..our pardon." Mr. Mllla ?pok* up. I
"They have bticlaaafl here They rame on my
.rivltatlcn "
?Wbo are vou"" grnwled the offV"r Mr
Barnes Issues Address to Party
Workers in State.
Lcwis Shows Hc Waa Absent
Often When Labor Bills
Were Voted On.
ln an ofllclnl enmmunU ati.'ti addreeaed
to i in- 'ifticiiti arorkera la tbe RepuMlcaa
orr-'.ini/.iitlon tbrougbottl tbe at.ite, Chiilr
man Ibirm-B Of tbe EtepubUeaB Htate
The ttaa La runnlng rapldly to Tafl
Rooaevelt haa no chance to gel an elect
oriii vote eacepl ln Callfornla. where
Johaaon haa kept tba Tail electora uff
tti,. ttckat New fork will gu?" Tafl
and proaperlty its electoral vote, if you
do your ahare lt la Taft or Wllaon,
Hedgea or Bulaer, Keep free trada out <>f
the capltal at Waablagton. I'ut tba Tam
mai . govommenl oul ol tbe capltal al
Albany Keep yuur awa mlnd rouiaaweoa,
your haad up aad Ket a Demoerat ol bbb
Blbla mlnd for avery RepuMlcaa wbo baa
loal ina.
lleferrliig ttl t|M rec.nl of Caa*giaMtaBII
Bulaer, Tanunaay eaadldala tor Oovaci*or,
as a Cungi aaaaiiaii. a i*aaoaal <>f aableb tbe
mndidat.' boaata much. forumr Hciiatur
Merton B. Lewaa, abalraaaa of iba Raajatba
Ueaa famp*>lg*' eaanmlttaas aaid yeater?
i aee ibal Ur. Suixer i? appaaUaa to
Iba working people on bis raeerd. I
notfee. too, thal ha aaa Lndoraed entbual
aatlcally b) the prealdenl oftbe Amenean
i'"i.iati.iii tha othar day up the atate. II
aaa b*en publlely atated thal the fedara
iion ia Batlatted witii bla Congreaalopal
record But if the labor unlon men were
to wrtta tn Ibe tmertcan Pederatioa al
Labor, Cura) Bulldlng. Waahington, D. C
for hla vote mi viirioii:i meaauree urged
by tho Aaaarlcaa Pedeiallon ol I^ibor,
(boy would get a Complete record, and
tha record would show blm a "rtueker."
ni, nioic charltably put. an abaaatae,
i'm laataaoe, ba aaa abaeat and ra*
corded um not votlng on tbe followlng
"labor*' meaauree: January IT, i!a?;. repeai
of tbe federal algbl bour inw; December
ii, iBM, uiiti comp ilaorj pttotaga blll; May
I I'.-JS. cbll'l labor blll for the DtBtHel of
Columbia; lolnt reeolutlon dJaapprovlng
certain lawa enaeted bj teglalaturea of
New Mcxicii; May II, lill, BtatehOOd for
Arlaoaa and New afexlco; Aprll 2, Itlt,
children'a bureau bltl; Mnv n, popular
election of Unlted siutc*. Baaatara
Here H a further record of tbe Tam?
many candidate for Governor on impor
i.u.t queatlona thal cama befor" Contrreee:
i)n t'anadlan reclproctty ha voted yea.
Oa tba free n?t blll ba voted yea l?i<l
nol \"t'- on propoaitlon te peaa tha biu
owr the v.t.)
i n the cotion aohedule ha voted yea.
On the wool achedule iu- voted ytB\ And
v.as palred ln favor of paaalng it over
tb- Preal leat'a veto,
nn tbe metal achedule he voted yea.
Ani aiti.in voted yea on the propoattaua to
paaa the naaaaure over the veto.
On the legulatlve appropiUtton btu pro*
vbilini 'or ib- iitven-year tenure of oflBOB
for clvll employes of tne K<ivernment ba
voted ye& But voted no on tbe propoal
iioi to paaa tbe biu orer the veto.
On the exclse tax on Incotnei he voted
i?n tiie propoaitlon to invextlpatc the
i'o-ralled money trcrtt he voted yea.
Conault The Tribune'a Room and
Board Registor, No. 320 Tribune Build
Republlcan i aiulalat.' tor ? - lection 10
thj Aanembly from the .'Sth Dlatrtet.
Mills. re',m|na; to b* riffletl. exrlalned all to
tnn aatlafactloii ot ih? petl aiaae. who waa
A rro\wi thal rifkel the larae aaaenibly tal!
f ,|?. v.i | i licaaCJial tq tbe loot"
?ari alghl iBrteaed te -^^-hex by Meler Fteln
IrlnU, titnlllate for Attorney Heneril: Renja
mln W B Hi "?n an.l \hra!m'r. B. Uttbert,
eanaUdatea I Baaa Ceert; Jeetah T.
. tloa to lha
ata Blttaey 4- craaa, eendklaU for N i
IIbbj te the v- I gaaaaaniiBl Herta
Mr i nine aUM In t-harae ef the rrietftln*.
Oororntn Wl - n'a arrtttagfl arera lha theaae of
Mr. Herta'i talk, tba BBBBkar eeattaattag the
opttil na .? 'ba Peaaei
Prcaideatlal aapl mi arltli Ma reeeaa apaiBhBe.
The faUowtag t-ami-nlcn meettn?r< will he
h,M ?' ' , ?ajB*liiaa
? CaaaaBlttee:
BJ Loara". Ke. 4.14
, h ffad
and Jamea i ? ihmalei,
- ' i BB8 aM MBtH itreat.
-,- OoatavB Hnrtnan. H-nJanun M Dar
BB 1 Jl n C. 4 'aper?.
PBiaral Ctaav No 4* Aveaaaa C Pp*akera:
M,,rrU petaa Harry BxOpp. *??? ^ffflfx
,. ,i e Iward Tann,-: ?
Uadiaoe ATaoae Beptlat Clnweh afaana
LfBgna Bladlaen i>"nw ?"<? 8Ut ?,tr"t
(gMn?avB'B Hall). Jolnt debate. Speaker*:
W W U Polnl iHet'i. J Bt Wall. of N*W
r#nw (P, i, aad .tahn ay. mUUmt (Dem.).
' camp Kedgae, MMk aareet aed IVllMa are
. B airaert, Oeanave
Hart man aad John C. '"apera.
Independent Can't Use Term,
Judge Dike Rules.
Judge Dlke, ln Preeklyo, daatded yea?
terday that John O. Nelaoo. a eandldate
in the leth Congreea Dtatrltf on the In
dapandont Piugiaaelve tleket, coald not
ata taa tarm 'Tiogreaalve," and thal fur?
ther he had bo rlghl to i* d.-signated on
tbe onl kal ballat baaauaa bla petition
was 'fataiiy daCeettva.''
Durlng argument Nelaoa, who waa in
court repreeentlng hlmeelf, Jumped up
and pulled a large American Bag from
heneath hla eoat
"Thia la tha Bag i BBflred durlng tha
gpaalah-Amerlcaa War." he crtai, "i de?
mand justice."
"glt dowa,'' aald Judge Dlke. "you win
hava your turn."
\\ liion teatlfled that ba was cllglble on
the CIvU Boivtco Uat two years aico for a
vurd Joh. When he dld BOt get lt
he walked from Hrooklyn tO Waphlngton
and anw Praatdaat Taft. The lutervlew
,: ; not prove aatJafactaay, and be then
atarted, wlth Baa othera, to dlatiibute
two mllllon plaeafl of "Proarraaatve PoU
, |i i" llterature. He oontaadad that he
? ia the orlgtnal Progtaaalva.
Judga Dlke rulad thal a< tha National
riUglOOBllB party candldates were com
aaoaly tettned "I'rogr. sslves," tla- term
waa li 4i arai aa aaaat
Secretary Wiloon's Daughter to Aid
at RaUie8 Where Father Speaks.
WaaJilngton, Oct II.?l-'lora Wllson,
daughter of the Beorettury of Agricuit
II!.'. win alng at all pettttcal raiiies
where her father will speak OB hla
ta/eatara trip for FJrealdent Taft. Secre?
tary wiiNon aad hia daughtar arflj cam*
palgn through aflchlgan, ituiiana aad
lowa, npanlni tiieir tour ln ataro.uette?
Miih, to-morrow avaalag
lalaa wiison. an ardeat Buffraglat, win
Hpeak at some of the polnts.
i a
A Jolnt dehate hy represontatlvea of the
Republlcan. I'roKraaalve and Democratic
partiea will he held thia evenlng. utuh-r
the ausplces of the Men'a U?aKUe, of tho
Maillnoti Avenue Haptist Church. Tho de?
hate will take place at 8 o'clock. in
Sanders's Hall. In tha pariah house of
the church. No. BJ Baat Uat street.
The Hepubllcan party will be repre
aantad hy fmatet COBiayeaaaaaa w. w. La
I'olnt. of Vermont; the Democrutlc 8p?-ak
<i will be John W. Kellt-r, ex-Coiumls
sioner of chaiitioH and Correctlonai
Judge I Bf. Wall, of New Jeraey, will
repraaeal the Prograaaatva party Ad
mlBslon will be free and all are cordlally
Jullan Hawthorne, Albert Freeman,
Joslah Qulncy and Dr. Wllliam J. Norton
appeared I afava Judge Mayer ln the
rjaltal State* Dlstrlct Oaait yeaterday
afternoon and entered pbuiB of not gullty
ta a auperse4llng Indlctmont chatglng
them wlth BBthg the nuills to defraud In
veMtors ln the atock of the Hawthorne
inlnes ln Oanada. John McKlnnon, alao
named ln the Indlctment, haa yet to plead.
The trlal of Hawthorne and hl8 ftBBOi'latea
haa heen aet for November 18, before
Judge Hough.
Uf? stand ready to
make any good
mortgage in Greater
New York, We should
like to consider your
Capltal . . $ 5,000,000
Sarplus(allcamcd) 11,000,000
176 B'wav, N. Y. 175 Remscn St., rJ'klya.
350 Fulton St., Jamalca.
Princeton Football Coach ln
sists on Talking About Tariff.
Went to Gridiron to See Prac.
tice Game and Ran Into Red
hot Political Discussion.
fPJv Telerr?ph to Tb" Tribune.]
Princeton. K. J., Oet 21?It Isn't oft*?
Ibal polltlra p-ts niinh of a ahow ln thi
Princeton football fleld, but lt '" tMi
afternoon. and aii bacaaaa Oajjaaaraat WTJ.
arm went to ao? the team at pra^tiee-, wfta
the expeetatlon that ho was srolnsr to talk
football, and not poljtlcs. only to flnd hla*.
so]f the centre of a rcdhot dlsena^lon o*
tbe tariff, whlch he ended by lea^nt Ua
K L. Amei, the football coach and ?
member of tho class of '90, waa the po
IHleal heckl*-r of Oovernor "Wiison. Aa
aoon as he met the Oovernor h- forjot
all about football and began to talk tartff.
The Oovernor parrled hy talkln* football,
but Ames kept talkinK tariff, and flnally
tho Govcihor, In a in>llte> nnd 'I'^'omatli;
war. made, fnr the gata,
Oevarraor Wllaon took ihe oe -r?n'i
K'hhI naturedly, although reffretttrr, that
he could not pet away from I | .
whiri aarea la aa aadtaac ? pin ?? aa t??
Prlneataa atldlron.
"1 thlnk the offence waa almost rrlntf
nal." h<> aald lausrhlnirly. "I erenl bl th?
ti-ui for dtveraton, bul to my rr*aaTte|
f'liir.il ti al i eoold i. I aad ijr from
pniiti. < ir waa lucky for tne ??
not mor.' coaebea present."
The Qoven or BaM to-atghl ,l al ther?
ua>- BO hariKe ln hls plan" I -
the Btump unleaa Colonel Rooaevelt 4<H
Intn tho r-ampalitn asaln
"I shall want to read tl ?
re arrivinx at an?
deflnite dectatori aa to makli
? ? ? hea ln tho , ampaign,"
The eourse of Gover-nor Wllaon ? tflBafl
now and Election Day wlll dei
tlrely on what Colonel K, .
Oyater Btvjr. If tb.-. colonel recoi i ?.'?
Btfently to actlyiil ampalflB
and aends out BtatemenLM outlli
vlews on the issues, it is. i i tbB
Oovernor Wllaon wlll do lik.'wiao H- I
may also conalder any BCtlvlt) of thla f
klnd on tho part of CotoneJ Roo I '?
BUrBeleat Justiflcatlon for hlm t" mak* a
few apeeches.
The Oov.'rnor probably bal tb'- In vl*w
when h?. said that lt had BOl ? beea4b
clded whetber be waa poln*: f" -peak at
Phlladelphla on October M ? I
Bquare Oardeo on Octol m "Baal
datea are stui in tbe air." he ?
Dlaeuaatag tbe vlait to i'hl, ax1 f Chalr?
man MiL'omijs, Oovernor vYIlaoa ttlA
tbe eampalgn BBaauaanr was m\ Lob w*1'
tn confer wlth the stat." ch.ili': in acd
membera of the national eommiitee.
S.-nator Moke Bmlth, o( 0 rela, alB
araa in Prealdent Clovelan.i's I'mMnet. will
be tba Btar fpeaker at a atudenta' Demo?
cratic rneetln* ln Alex.irvl-r Hall 0B
Thursday nljjht. "1 aur.-iv arl I be there.
the Governor said, "but, ef courae, I
won't mak>' a apeech."
Ho alao sald he exp.ctcl to Utend tha
Iii:.. . ?tuti-Dai'tmouth footoall trame her*
mi Sattirday.
The Oov.'rnor spent the freater part at
the iiiiy la aaawaftac aia ? no ?? wJenoa,
He wlll go to Trenton tO-BBOfTOW,
Canadian Government Comniiiaioi
Reporta Adverscly to Company.
ottawa. Oat 21.-The k>v- rnm.-nt to-441
i.'.iv'ii the repcai of tba c mraaaaal
which ha.s been nivestigatlni,' ctarKeatbU
tba rniu.nl |hea laaaaaaar: C? Bpaaa^aj
I'anada, an offohoot of tba I nlted SbW
Machlnery Company, havUU '?' *dlu*r"
tera in Boetea, was a ooaablne, u;d *??
acttag in reatralat of tr.;d? ba ? **
The lart that a niinont;. i -\A mti
alao DBjata led to a raport U .' tha
Jority had fnund aKainst the ?..?.upaBj'
The report wlll be mado publlc iate/ ?
th< wtok.
Wa.MhlnKton. Oct- 21.-Th. Slip[*2J
Court to-day advanced I'or ? . > ci>i*aa>
eration th?- henring of tbe valldUf 9t_mt
dictnunU aKainst the InlteU f''0* **'
chlnery Company ofllclaie.
Thuinas OweBB, a former TenefliaB
Ueaaal hispectoi. whn enteretl tb iwl0*"
i,i L.iwrence F. Carroll, a well *?0*"
Brooklyn puhtlrian. at Orand '""t ??J
i >rl?cKs avenua, vTllltamabura. liwt Tbaar
day and tlrerl a shot at Wllllam Da^1*
waa held without ball veeterd D ? > u**'r
ir.ae Vaorbeea Ln llanhatu *vtn*!.
court on a eharaa of attempted foliw^
aaaaadt and carrylna ooncealed *f*'JU
Oweaa, lt ls aald, was lo,.,iliiK f"r l'?iT**
wlth whom ha has had a falllnf ^
iiv\,ns wus formerly OBB "f Carrolt'eaW
WashinKtorr. Oct. 21 -Atton ') ,,",ne'*J
\\ i. k.Tsham wlll dellver several (,,m^
speeches in Ohlo thla we> k for ,rf9~_
Taft. bealaalns at Barnesvllle on Wedne*
day nlaht.
Soups, Stews and
I Hashes
Are dellghtful dlshea whea
properly aeasoned. U?*
FUh, Boaeta, StcaJcs and Sala<?
| aeeut insipid without lt.
An Appetittr
Johv Paaaaarb Soa*. kstnf*- :

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