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Manly Attitude of the Governor
Prevented Bankruptcy, Says
Democratic Candidate.
"I Was a Conservationist Be?
fore Pinchot Was Heard Of,"
He Says, in Reply to
Voters of Plattsburg.
(Frem * ''a?r 'Mrresmialrnt nf Tha Trirune. 1
PUttaburg, N Y . Oct. n.?Ueutenant
who retires at tho end
p'f thi? year wlth Oovernor Dtz, Intro
duced the men whom the recent Demo
? ntion cboae to run in plaee I
of hlm and hla Immedlate supcrlor to
1'M cheeri!< citiaena ln the Opera House
here to-ntp!.' Durlng the .lay Repreeen
utlve WIIHam Bulaer and his tunnliiB
ajate, Martln H Qlynn, campalgned
thre'ich ten t if Ctween here and Al
AS n(- | n th,- stage tt-,i> ? ven>
Plattsburg handed to
Mr Bulaer, th ough 4>ne of their number.
- ln his answcrs Mr.
gulrer dellvered hlmeelf of the most sue
,t of his poiicles he has yet
OueFtioni^ and answeis foiiow :
C._if elected. will it ? necesaary for
BBpjraj ? under yOU to seeure
the Indoraei t your party organiza
' ffersonlan Pemoirat and
; >mtee I ahall aak the
I- he honeat? ls he
? earn what the people
BBv r:
hai ia your posltion on fllret t prt
man in the atate is m.>re m
?jgror lei than Willlam
?gtj* r lan in th-- atate aill
dfin thnt if we had ha.i them before I
, Bould ?< candidate for Oov?
ernor long ago.
q _Will ^'?>u use your best effortB to
itop praft rn all the state departrnentaT
A I an Koing to Albany for that pur
? -
Q .Whal '.- your posltion on water
A.-l m the original conaervation man.
. l was a coneervationiet hefore Pinchot
waa heard of I "rote on the statute
? New Vork the *,rst r-inservatlon
Wa wrltten on any statute book* in the
q ? If you have any deflnite ideas on
? ta let us know. lf you are
? mphatlcaJly, for many
waltini your speech to-night
to knov. how to i
A._\\ - .?? - never had a boss
and never will have a boss. The only
iian?'' ? ii knowledgea ls the man under
? hat
Enthusiasm Divided.
York at ItdB this morn
reatful Sunday, tlio candl
dHte? opened the thlrd day of thelr up
tour ln Mechanlcvllle under the
?eool. ertop sky of a perfec; autumn day.
ry followed alinost exaCtly
?? ? ? Btraua and Daven
port. th< i andldatea, nearly
it was ramarked
- towns greeted I i twc
Be;s >,f i andldatea wlth an enthualaam
aa enthualaam can be
ajtaa ?
U : ? ? he ?hs r.ot tulkiiiK ahout hlinself
to-da) the Democratic candldate 'a main
conaervatlara one which he
left practlcally untouched.
? ?: it early ln th*- mornlng,
i ? '?; le of Baratoga
tha| thelr home should !?? the
pleaaun and recreatloti
1 by tl" : thi Cham
plain Bhore, toe I'onaressmfin repeated
I tbi natural re
egloi ? ? avtlcally every
itnp, rlsing to :i cHroaa al xVeatport,
aaya bt eved in the conaerva
tion 4,f ? itUnU reeOUrcee, bul there is
eater than these?there |s the
irnan llfe. I want to
? illdren of the state. Thev
i.K fathers and the coming
I want to rear them t !os"
to natur - hearthalde, cloee
books and to the ?.tl<l Integritlea
lei 1 Falla meetlng was notable
Ua .? to Oovernor l>ix and
both of whom were
of the town. In reforrlng to ti,<
chairrnan ^ atatemenl to this effect, Mr.
Fr/nn said:
l to none in my adhen r,ce to
I>em4>erati>' priiwiples. but. though he
te poiiticai faith, I aay
?Mat Charies E. Hughes dld mag
(Jovernor of thls state. And
ly Thi.t Jonn A. Dix dld magnlfi
aa Oovernor. 1 say to-day that
Ml Ihx became (Jovernor the
<>' this state was nearly bank
,t It would have been worse
krupt now had lt not been for
the mardy attitude of this same John A
Criticlaea the Preaa.
I' anu at thls meeting that Mr. Sulzer
Bttered \iIb flrst ci-ltlcism of the oppoBitlon
has pralaed tbe press as
B *hi>:. on geveral OCCaatCaM. ln deelar
ina that, whlle Bpeaaer of the iyegisla
lave the people of the etata
tbt loweat tax tate in fifty-one yeara, he
Republlcan niwspapers whieh are
triti Islng me now. pralaed me when the
adjourned In lKW, tand i ai<
.. fioni Phillp L?runk to i'hilip
Pobi r.
n overalghl 4,11 the part of
aaa aaanagera. Tuonderoga was omltt4d
baer'a schedule to-day. J. F.
??aeuunjf comaUttaensaa of i->sex coun?
ty. anrl Roy l?ckwood, candidate for Dls
trici attorney, mai the traln at Crowa
Point. the candiiiate's nearest stop ta tha
t. and looked alth contempt
aa the "ne huadrod odd paople who
Mr. Bulaer tio-re.
? ! Mr. C.unnlng. "we
c?uld )a\e gathered a crowd of Bva hun?
dred 01 ,ix hundred on an hour'a notlce.
deroga la tne biggeel veftag tawa in
aunty, :n,d thls is tha flrat tlnn- a
CaadMate has ever paVBBad lt by, ex< ept
when Oaoar Straus sklpped lt to < scape
tiie hmallpox we had wlth us then. lt
B bag mistake."
Hedgea, the Republlcan candl?
date tftlk*<1 ln the town several da>s &g<>
BBd was heartilv recelved. Other stops of
lha da) lacloded h
?Valla, I'ort Bdward, WhttehalL Bort
atearw and Wlllsborough. He will swlng
ateat threugh Oaidenahurg to -bsoitow,
^uh an eveafaog meetlng ln Wataertowa,
College TruBtees Will Receive Bids
for $100,000 Building.
S'.inectd.ly, N. Y.. Oct. 21?The board
? ea of I'nlon < 'ollcge has an
Hounced that it will reeelve blda f<>r the
ln'W Iiod.ijOO gymnasluin at tiie January
' | of the boaril.
Between PW.000 and 170,'xiO aaa he? n
ralaed, a large part of whl< h was glvvn
t>y tha BtudentB. many of whom worked
Outside of colleKe to enm the money.
Vork on the new strueture will be begun
ln the early apnng.
Woman and Little Sister Fight
Store Detectives.
Mlaa Mary aVahtnanto, twelve rean old
and her married Btater, Ifra. I Btherlna
Sinions. of No. MC 17th atrert Brooklyn.
were arrest* <i lat* yeeterda) afternoon iii
front of h liepartmeiu BtOrfl in Fultmi
atreet. Brooklyn aml taken tO the Adains
Mrort police slatlon, (harged with shop
According to Mrs. Qrace Krltaer, a de
tecthe employed by the departmenl atore,
she saw thc palr Rolng frorn count-i tO
counfor. u<itlng In a BUBplctoua nianuei.
At the lace cou.uer. tha detective charged,
the llttle Rlrl plcked up about a dozcn
lace < ollars. whlch she haiuled over to I
her Btater, who placed Ibern in a paper
hag. and then the two i>as*ed on t" an?
other counter. where they wera Beea to
take some pteCBB of embroidery. At the
allverwara counter they ptcked up some
forka and s;m>ohs. it is alleged
Tbe store detectives followed tbe flrl
ani ber -Ister to the stroet. wher?. they
endeavored to place them under arrest.
They fOUgbt furlously. A man who waa
passlng by attempted to assist tin- de
tectlvea and waa bltten on the thumh.
Scores of honMgolag ahoppera, attracted
by the excltement. gathered in front of
the store. Police Detective Joaeph Flood.
on his way downtown in a car, Jumped
off aml ran to tbe aaalatanca of the atore
detectlvea Ha managed to aubdue the
woman and the girl and tnok them to thr>
poNce statlon. Tbe woman ?ni have a
hearing in tbe Adama street police eourl
thla morniaaj, The girl, who "as Benl
to the Chlldren'e Boclety, wlll app ar In
the Chlldien's Court to-day.
Man and Three Boys Held for
Upper West Side Thefts.
Followlng a number of . omplalnta re
eelved at tho Weat 47th atreet police ata
tion. Detectives l-"itzpatn>k and Mc.Mann
were detailed to run down thlevea wl
loot last month was eatlmated at liiur,.
than *...???'> Laat night they arrea!
Clarb, tweaty-two >car- old, of No
vt'eat 45th street. on a charge of burglary,
and then gathered in three boya wi.o aald
they were Joseph Cook. John AQUlnO Hnd
John (Jleaaon.
According to tho detectlvea, tho boya
who range in hic from eleven to thlrteen
years. bave beea aaalatlng ciaik ln nu
inem.is robberlea in tbe upper Weat BWe
The police sald they found a number nt
pawnttcketa in Clark'a honv
Aqulno, better known aa "Needlea," act
ed a- n-iki-sman for th" boya Ha Bald
Clark. aliaa "Skeerh." mel them aix
months ago and told them he hud BOOie
work at whlch they could make much
clark WOuM go to various ho'i--'
try to sell wood in ord<r to Snd OUl if
any "tie wus home, ba saui. and when a
place had b?en decided on ona of the
bnys would br llfted OVOT thi- traiis.uii
and the th'.ngs be st"le would be turned
over t" c'.ark Bometlmea, ha said. they
had to use a laddct to get lato a ho ifle
"He dldn't give ua a Bquare leal
young Aqulno "We pulled off qulte a
few trtcka for clark. 1 ut the beel he ever
riffere.i us for uur aervlcea waa i
of plgeonB."
Th'- txiya wlll he arralgnfd ln the Chll
dren'a court thi- morning on a charge
nlle dellnqulney.
Temperance Woman Criticises
Patent Medicine "Ads."
Ponland, Ore., Oct 2\. Thal the manu
facturera of manv patenl medlclm
woraa than lilghway robbera and OUghl
it behind prlaon bare." waa tha
declaratloa to-day of Mra Martha Ail^n.
Buperlntendenl of tha departmenl of i.i
Ical temperance of the National vl
christian Temperanci !
Kewapapera that refuae to r rnl
upleal pateal medlelne advertlaeniejita
a-eie Lauded by Ih4 apeaker, a
admlnlatered a thruai to edltora of
? . aaylng:
Proteata aaalnal drua-drlnfc advertia.
menta have made edltora of ohurch
ai-ers mtaerable. and they probably wlll
laerablc ""til aueh ha*
?? ? ng ceaaea _^_
Woman Found Working in Vander?
bllt Hotel as Maid.
On advice* that ahe hfid aacaped from
an inaano asylum at Worceater, Ma .
Amelia Philllpa was .-.rreMed last night
by DateetJve Boyle al tha Vanderbllt
Hotel. wbara ahe wa* working aa a mald.
Bhe went along praeeably wlth the Bleuth.
i: /. Scrlbner, superlntendent of the
Worceater inatitution, lafornad the Naw
Yi rk police that the woman'a namn wa
Mra Wllllam Bayna Phiiilps, allaa AtneUa
Bacon, and that sh^ had been a nuree ln
Caaada and this country up to laat Iwb
ruary. when ahe was COOVtCted Of grand
larceny anil ceaamltted to the Bberberna
reformatory. Afterward si." araa aenl to
the asylum
she obtalned the place at the Vander?
bllt Hotel two days ago 00 the atrengtb
of | i.-commendation from the V< ing
Woaaen'a christian Association.
Carpet Company, with 7,000 on Pay
roll, Starts Pension System.
The Aleaaader Smith & Bona carpet
Conapeny, ef Vonkera. tbe largest eotwera
of ita kind in tha world, empioylng
thousand handa, haa establlshed a aya?
tem bv Whlch old .inploM-s wlll bfl plaCfld
on an "honor roll ' and retJred wltb an
ajgaared laacaaaa la thelr decHalag years,
and haberera ln-'apacitated by aeeldenl
wlll reclv bMlf pay and free inedical
Tba company ba.- dHtnbuted large auma
ln thc last few years'in bonuaes to Ita
oider aanaAayaa.
Witness Tells His Company Was
Merged with Trust Years Ago
After the introduction t.f do.uinentary
evidence showing that OuBtAv K. Kiaael
ba., ereeeated Mlla af expeneea to lat
Aaaarleaa iugai Raflalng Compaay r?
legal aervlcea rendered In a loan Ol |
njaxoia, at tha beaiiag ol thi |ov
arnanetrt*a diaaolutlon ault raaterday,
Charlea C. Hairleoa, aa aged augar aaer
ehant, wa- aalled aa a wltm
Mr, Hairrlaea laatldefl that la IMI N
was a member of tht BUgar Im ?f HAT'
.isr.ri. New hall & Wllles, at Phlladelphla.
WhlCh a year later becatio- th< ln m "'
llarriBon & lla\ i-int >?i. when Alfred H
Havenaeynr Jolned tha panrtnarahlp '"
thi- fail of ihs;, tha nama al ihe flrra
was ebaaged to Harrlaon, I'raaler & Co?i
aad it oontlnoed In aaalaaaa uatll Is'"'
when tha I raiiKlln Bugar ReBBlBg ''om?
pany waa orgaalaed Two yeara laler,
tt).- wltness atated. the eompany, whlch,
jlke the partnerahlptt, had been maklni
h fair proflt, became a aubeidlar) "i tha
Amerlcan Sugar Iteflnlng Compai
Tin hearing win be contlnued to-day
Little Falls Officials Cali Off
Mayor Would Abandon Lunn
Trial, but District Attorney
Says It Must Go On.
Uttle Patla, \. v. Oct. ?!. \ weeh'a
realatance to th,- Invaalon of Boclallat
oratora from Bchenectady, who were ar
rested wh'ti they tried to address factory
strlkers here. was Called off hy the local
authorltlea to-day, wban they permltted
several promlnent Boclallata to addreaa
the strikers lt is generally belleved here
tbai o" furthi i trouble win be esperl
enced. A meaaage from Qov4frnor DIs t>>
Mayor Bhall and Pherlff Moon regardlng
thi coaatltutlonal rishts of free epeech
had much to do with clearlng up tho
The propoaition of allowlag Mayor
Lunn of Bchenectady and other Boclallata
""',; ti nt clty who were arreited
durlng the week to return to theii homea !
without further proeecutlon waa aald t..
be favored bj Ifayor Shall H,,,| Qthei ff
offlclala to-day, bul Dtetrlcl Attorney
PTank Bchmtdt, of lllon, refueed t.> con
s. nt. and deelared thal th. trial "f M lyor
Luan on the charge of vlolatlag a citj
ordloance should proceed t't-morrow. as
Bcbeduled. The Bchenectady Mayor and
his followers, accordlngly, remalned in )
tlu city to-night, awaltlng the dlapoaitlon j
of thi. which, they helleve, will
be dlamlaaed hy the court.
''"' i. houra thia afternoon the Bo?
clallata held an open alr meeting, which
? ! hundred atrikera
from t ?? local knlttlng mirla Xanj of
the men aad women workers wenl wlth?
oul thelr n4,on meal thal they mlghl be
preaenl win n tt,.- *| eatdng began. Chlef
of Police Long ?1 i<! nol attend, bul waa
ted 1 an a latanl and .i number
,,f pollcemen Thi n Waa no trouble
The striker'- wen addreaaed by M
i. inn and by Charlw Edward Rw
the Bodallal candldate foi Oov4H*nor,
both of whom denounced tlu- erTm:
the authorltiefl t.. curtatl the rlghti
free aneech They urged the atrlket l
refraln from violence, Refening t,. tto
?"m Oovernor Dla t" ti,.- clty
authorltlea on the conatitutlonal rlghti of
free apeet h, afi Rua tell said:
"We have aron oul ln "iir riKht. and ,r'
now ready to drop th.- matt4-r. provi
tne stiikei , led the i ime treat- |
ment in the future that was given them |
to-day. However, ;f th. authorltlei li
upon .-. proeecutlon, which tn our mlad
would be mallcloua, we wiii r.
every legal reraedy in tli4- way of redreaa
and will aeek to recovei peraonal ilam
agea for falae arreeta ??
Mayor Lunn !n a atatemenl to-ntel il aald
that "It has been a clean cut Bghl f,,r
fr->? apetech, without which no progreB
"f any klnd la poealble. ' Sdayor Shall of
Uttle Falla said that refiral to permll
meetlnga In Ihe park was made becauae
red speakera mlghl Inclte liotlng,
? ?? t he wlthdrea his opposition u|M>n
heinjr i-onvmii-i th. re was no llkellhood
,.f troubto.
No DecisionsHandod Down by
Hig-hcst Tribunal.
^tnn. < >? t I'l l'*or the f|r I |
j,- many vi-i,rs the Bupreme Courl to-day
let the fli ? in day after the summt?r
reee>n paaa without announdng .,
arere t ap4(t.-d ln the
ha nl coal caax l ? I ? n I m< i ger
nd tl
The courl advanred for early ronalder
atlon caaea Involvli - the < onatll itlonallt)
of the whlti alava act; the convtctlon of
Charlea H?-Ht<-. form4r aecretary of the
American Bugar Reflnlng Company,
charged \ jt;? - igai ruatoma fraud; the
valldlty t.f the Indlctmenl of ITnlted
Ifachlner) oflli lal and the tltle t,> val ia
ble oil landi clalmed ?? tranacontlnental
railroada undei the land granl a' i tl
wi ,- ae! for heaiing on Januai ? ?
Justice Newberger May Get Help in
Hearing Election Cases.
ln order thal Im mlghl deddc whethei
tlu- nam< of Maxlm Blmkrant should be
permltted t.> appear or, the election bal
h,t as the imii Mooac candldate for as
aombly In the IBth Aasembiy Dlatrlet, Jub
t!rt- Newburger dire.ted yesterday that
the Koard of Eleetlons produre. before
hlm to-day the regi.Mratlon list of the
The purpose of thls Order was to de
termlne arhetber tn. namea atgaed to
Btrakrant'a petltloa <>t nomlnaUon arere
taoaa of legal rotera Th.- proctredlna
Bgainal the regularitj of the nomlnatloa
of tha Bull afooaa candldaU was brought
by Maa Bchulta, a reglatered Democratic
vnter of the tota Aaaembly Diatrict
lie allegeil that 288 of the namea sijcned
(,, the Hirnktatit petltlOB w.-r.- thOM of
rtfcistered votara and thal man] other
namea ware obtalaed bj fraud, the alg
aaturea batag afflxad to blaah sheeu nnd
the sik'io-is believlng they were kIwhk
thelr itidorsi-ineiit to Oacar B Btraua.
I'oui hundred t.f the algnaturea on the
i.i.titun ware lllegally ajgnod to lt, Bchulta
aald. Counael i"i Blrnkranl aald tha can?
dldate had "'?*| nan.i i on his petltlon and
that tlu- law renulred only flve hundred.
Juatlce NewLurgei announced that ba
would oonfer wlth hla nolleagtiaa as to
whether it would be advlsubie for aev
ei-jii juattcea t" handle th- man) election
that an- expectod to i oma up la
atead 4.1 brlaglng them iii before one
JtiMi'-i .
Greek Witnesses in Newspaper Suit
Have Gone Home, Court Heari.
TlM v. ar in the DaihBBB was ln con
i.iiit't nt tlu Bupreane Courl raatarday,
I,,.t tiie courl tooa no action to pnndah
thoi ? n ? ponail le for tlu oonfllct
Tbe war and the eouii claaaed ln the
suit Demetrlua via.-m. edltoi oi Ihe O100B.
aawepaper "AtlaBtla," broughl ttaauaet
gokvatea A. Xaathaky, edltor t.i "paa
HeUaale, " artother Oroek Bewaaaper, for
aileged liaea, for whlrh Vtaata aal d
110 884J ,1 uaag< b
wiien tbe caae waa called to trlal !>e
lore .iu-ti,f iiitidrii-k yeaterday, counael
ask4.1 (hai Ti'4' trial hc adjournod for
1 in,,- months, fcacauaa aumy of tha Oreeti
witm-ssi-. in tbe ca M ha\, 10888 hai k
home i" lala part bt the war. Jawttei
Hendi Ich a,, - f?t - - ? 1 ti,e esptaaatleav
The Tribune s Room and Board
Regiater will save you many a step.
Consult it.?Advt.
i ..r.lniiirrl from flrat pafle.
rlpht for he pald: "Thnt's mljrhty sor*-?
"The bullet is Imhed.le.l in the ma
i-.r rjectoral autacte," aald Dr. Lamlrert,
"and. as the X-ray photograph showed,
ia -Iose to the fourth rib on the right
llde. it will be a slmple matter to
remove the bullet later, ahould Colonel
liooaevelt wlah lt.''
TIkto waa little doubt ln Dr. I.am
bert'a mind that Colonel Roosevelt.
WOUld lie well enouRh to address the
i impalgn raUy piatiaad for Matllaon
Sriuare C.arden on October .'ID. Th.e
colonel, said the doctor, WOUld be per
mltted in apeak for half an hour.
"Bul if you teil him be may sp?ak
f.if half nn hmir, ayoa't he keep on
talking?" the doctor was ask"d.
"Oh, no," he replicd. "I'll l>e richt
there, and III rlnjr Uw ball on him."
Talka a Little Politica.
The only peraoa who aaw Colonel
Rooaevell after he boarded tho irala,
aalde from the pbyetdaai and rnetnbera
Of bla family, was Walter Brown. Ohlo
I'ri'Kiesaive leader. who apanl an hour
mi the traln during thi- tnp acroaa Ohlo
an.1 talked wlth the .olonel for a '"w
niitiutea. After his d.-parture ColOBal
Rooaevell dlctated thla statement:
colonel Rooeeveh axpreeeea his regrei
that whlle p.issina through Ohlo on the
day or wlinh ho was to have Bpoketi
heri !?? is unable to meel thi- aympa
thetla frienda who ^-aih.-r at dlfTerenl
tona t" greel him.
He would lik.- t.i tak" advantage "f hia
? i ortunlt) i" ask hls frienda throushoul
the stat.- tr> glve thelr aupporl heartllj
to the Progreaalve ticket, and partlcularli
t.i Mr Oarford, tb.- Proareaalve candl
? i.it? for Oovernor, whom Colonel ibm-.
veH eateema a? .-xar-tM- the lype of man
Whom all sx-nnrl .-Itlzr-Ii" BllOUld ITIOBl
heartllj welcome t" leadershlp In this
areal Rghl f'>r hieh ld> ata
Colonel Rooaevelt is travetling to ny
Bter Ray on the private car Idead, on
whlch i'r'snl'-iit Taft made hia lWO
montha* tour lael year, He la guarded
by two private detectives. He Is due
ln Men Vnrk at >> <>* r/ctoch to-mormw
morning. Hla eai will b.- taken dl
rectlj ti. n-.v-t'T Ray, and before 1?
o'elock the colonel probably wlll ba la
bed at Kagamora Hlll.
Untll h.- has ralllerl frnm th" efT? -ts
<f rh<- uip Colonel Rooaevelt will he
requlred tn real abaolutaly. He
eager t" pluage lato the work of the
? in, and One Of the chli'f ion
cerna .-i thoae aboul him arlll t'f' ,r>
hlm frorn undertaking too
n. ?xpecta to aea Benator
i>ixon. h's campaign rnaaager, to?
rn. -rrnw. but thelr talk probably wlll
rlef one.
Th.- traln t-- Whlch wa* HMa'hed the
colonel'a car was aeat out "f this city
ln two aectlona. The colonel'a car, that
if th- newapapar ccrreapondeata and
aeveral mall cara made up the first
tlon and waa Baal ahaad of the reg
ular train, "i aeilOCtd s'dion.
, ,,-t n ir.i,,iir>i Rooeevelt'a
. Mt in Mercj Hoapltal ama raih.r
II, ,i,.Pi onl] aboul foui bour*.
?r. iuentl} aad a**ralna te I ?
nrrvoui lt was aald thal thla waa rnlefly
due to the excltement of bla eomlag de
partura and aot t" any uatoward *ymp
Umg befo ? tb" llme ha ?'?? tn leave
ib- Colonel was r?-ad\ He was full',
and ovei hla ti I < >thea ha
wore th.' h.-av\ BTmy ''? -TCnat he bad OH
the evenlag bt waa abot wlth tha bullet
bola ln tbe rlghl '
Thfl otftcnel w,ilk.-d frorn his rnom 10
tb- wbe,-l chalr ln the . orrldor, Bttd at
apual .i"1" a* abandoned tha ehair
,,,?!. on tb- ..nn of I?r. Lambert, took
ti . f. ?. atepa to the embulein ?
Colo'ni R.rw I I ad4 roodby to th*
. who had taken - ara al Mm and
ahook handa arlth and thanked Hother
Ma i: , ..,,-1. tl ? mother Buucrlor La
i barga of the hoapltal.
To avotd a crowd al th* atation Colonel
Rooaevell boaurded tbe car in the rallroad
rarda ?t llth atiaet half - '"?'?* ****?
? was then bai ked into the ter
mlaal traln ahed, where the colonel'a
baggaga waa reoetved. Ia the party arlth
Colonel Booaevelt wer* Mrs liooaevelt.
Kth.d Kooaevelt, Thendore. jr.. 4'o.onel
Cedl Larea and Dra. I-ambert and Ter
PhlMp Booaevelt, the Colonels cotialn.
who hnl mlsaed the traln. hurrled to
Rngli WOOd Statlon. aeveral miles out from
tha 1 ?nlnti Htatlon, and boerded th" traln
Ura AUea L*?agwarth weal on another
traln at r< 40 o'clock, bound for ' Inctnnatl.
Colonel Rooeevelt'a traln. whlch had
been acheduled t" leava Chicago at 1:11
a in . dbl nol pull OUl Untll I'Jfc There
had been a coiiiainn aa tba Barilngtaa
tracka al llth street, adjeantng tb* ralta
ovoi which tha Rooaevelt trala waa ta
i aa
Two unattached engtnea craahad Into
....Ch other an hour before Colonel Rooae?
velt'a trala ama t-- paas, raaulthag ln bi
,1111.- thaCaenl to a hoapltal one ..f the
, a-1?
Starts Speaking To-day to Fill
Roosevelt's Engagements.
Oovernoi Johnaoa. of Chllfornla, airived
ln this iiiv yeatwrdaj afleraoon aad hadd
a conference arlth Beamtor Joaeph M
Dlxon. at th.- Proajreaalva aational head
ouartere, to arranga th" naeettlaga at
whi.b h. is to 011 coinii'i Rooaevelt'a
Bpeaktag etagagi rn- nta
it ?,,s dectded tb.it Oovernor Johnaoa
ahould apeak al neoa to-day al KUaabeth,
N .1 . and Iii Tr"iit..n tn-nlffht ; M-mi.ri'ow
at S-i.inton, IVnn . B?d Ofl th" -4th at
llarrlBburg, Penn Kttot that Oovernor
johnaon arlll aaaai ln plaaa of Colonel
Rooaevell al naeettaga ln Ooanectleut,
Ma imchuaetta and Malae, retarnlng hara
,,, nn,.- ta apeak al tbe mass baeetlng m
m. -li.-nn Bqaara Oarden aa tbe :i"tn
Aaked th<- aacaaalti her Wa reetgnatton
frnm executlve oftlcc, In Cullfornla, b"
caaaa of iiiidoaigaal ahaaaint, Ooreraor
Johnsnn sald that ln- dld nol think hls
oaaca was la danger. H" had ."inniiu.i
ealad ahHh the Attorney (Ji-netal of hls
?late, ba added. ami had beea Uafornaed
thal the kagad aapeeta <>f bis abBaMaea aaara
all rl?ht.
Speaking of the condition Of Colonel
Rooeevett, whom he aaw im Batarday,
i; i\ araor Jahaaoa aald i
"It la llttle undemtood what an vxtraor
dinarlly nervoua aheeh he wirit throiifrh,
nnd how much nervoua ener*y he exp. ml
Bd ln makln* :he apaiCh after th.- shoot
Iiik. 1 can't BOaoelra of any other man
in the world wlio could have done thts."
As to tho politlcal outlook. the Gover?
nor said the moetinge of the Progresstve
part) ever\where were en'.huslastlc and
reports Indloat^d a vletory ln November.
Oovernor Wilsoon was merely marking
tim?', was the optnion expressed by the
Governor of California, an4l his etrength
waa waning.
"He makes beautiful speeches and uses
the most 4-harming metaphors," fcatd Gov?
ernor .lohnson. "but he gets nowhere on
got ernmeatal probieme."
As t" the other speaking arrangementa
of 4 olonel Roosevelt, lt was arranged
that Senator Moeea B. Clapp would ap?
pear for him at the Brooklyn Academy of
afuaiC, on the '.'9th, and W. Bourke CocB
ran nt Provldence on the 28th, Boston
on the joth and R4K hester on the 3lst.
I'on.ier Senator Heverlilire will take some
of the remalning meetings.
Nelthar Senator Dlxon, manager of the
Roosevelt campalgn, nor State Chairman
Hotrhklss Will meet Colonel Roosevelt
When he paaaCB through the clty thls
mornlng on hls way to Oyeter Bay. The
leadera have deeided to walt UBttl Mr.
Rooaevelt has baaa ahte to racovor fuUy
from the atraln of the trip. and it may
he aeveral daya bedbra they will attempt
to coafer wtth hlm, or even to see him.
Meanwhlle preparatkMM are belng made
for tba naaea meetlng on Wednesday.
Octobei 18th, which, Chalrataaa Hotcn
kiss said, would be the most memorable
politlcal neeting ever hold In New Yoik.
Physical and Psychological
Traits Similar, Says Expert.
[Krom Tha Trttmaa Hur.iiu. |
xVaahlagtoa, Oet Ii. The phyaical
characteriatica nt .lohn Schrank are ln
BCCOrd with his psychological peeuliarl
accordlng to Arthur afcDonald, the
' \i far as l can Judge from Sehrank'a
photographa," Bahl Dr McDonald to
night, "hf ahowa tin- followlng charac
?? r i -1Ica:
The dlatance between hla aygomatlo
rfrchea (cheek boneaj la relattvely great.
Thia is more trequenl In erlmlnala, eape
i lall; murderera, than In normal men.
Hm head la brachycephallc (broad
head i, v. hi'h exiata ln 71 per cent of nor
mnla, ><: ;???! cenl of erlmlnala, 75 per
. .nt ..f Inaane .?rlmlnals and '.' per cent
of the Inaane. lt may he remarked that
rranlaJ anomallee are more frequent In
rrtmii ila than ln the crlmlnal tn?ane
Ti;t may have aome eignlflcance, as
Si hrank ahowa mme aymptoma of men?
tal a' normalities than of crlmlnallty.
nnd hence manj abnormalltlea ar" not to
expected, which is the caae wlth
"As in helgnt, be is comparatlvely short
ln Btatuif wMeh la a ooadlttoa " i'<*r cent
moi.. fciu.-nt ln 4-rimlnals than ln nor?
mal- il.- is heavy ln welght. which Is
the caaa la BJ par cent Of crlmlnals and
;.;? j.. r cenl of uormals.
"One eye irlght) ls hlgher than the
otht-r Thls ls more frcpient in the In?
aane than ti"- Boraaal. By Inddentally
obaerving aome four hundred of the paa
aeqgera on an ooaaa ateauaar i found this
pecullarity frequent |n thoaa of Baurotlc
tendendea Thls may be stgnlnYant. Blnce
B greal tn.ijority of the laaaaa were pre
neurotlc. Bchraak'a ?ys are also
arlde apait, which ts a charaeterlstle of
eretlBfl He also has ptoata (dr4ioplng of
the eyettda), which is a slgn of braln
"But, on the other hand, his llght eyea
.'itni halr, which uaually no together, are
more frequent ln nunnalt. than ln crlm?
lnals Hls hlgh forehead alao la more
often found in normala ?t per cent) than
in erlmlnala (? per cent)
"4)n the whole Bchraak'a phyalca] an
thropotoglcal characteriatica, aa i.?r as
ona can judge from a photograph, would
si-.-m to be in accordance vuth l.is pay
chologieal i- which have al
ready ???' n deax rlbed ln the publlc preaa
in ntaklng theae feet obeetrvaxiene II
muBt be remi mbered that crlmlnal
anthropolog] la Ju?l bagtanlng t-> be a
thougb the faeta here givea
, the n aulta of the lateel Inveetlgattona.
iat be coi aidei ? d only aa tenta
tlvi "
Will Fill T. R.'s Campaign
Dates, Using His Data.
wm tn a f. v\ boura aft4-r he arrlved ln
hTew rork yeaterday Oovarnor JohnaonI
had planned a tentative achedule tif the j
,!,,?. i'.pl..,;. i Room rell would hav '
BJIed had lie tiot hi etl sliot. and a few
Otbet BBd was on his way to New
Jersey to make the npentng addresB 4>f
a tlnal tWO WeaBB1 campalgn ln six: hiast
em Btatea. Tiie eOBOdulc xvouM be a hard
one, the Oovernor wafl told, hut he re
fused t'i worry about it.
Camdan'a maatlng laat nigiit waa an la
Bovatloa for thia campalgn. a play wa?
given ln B theatra, and at the close of
the performanre the Governtir spoke.
Oovernor xVllaon'B labor record was hls
tnaln toplc. Thls waa a subject Colonel
Roosevelt had Just begun to handle when
he waa Bhot lt waa leamed that all the
niaterlal I olonel Uoosevelt was to uae
would be utillzid by Governor Johns4in
ln future addreeaea. i-**t night the r;ov
ernor spi'ke only of the Jollne letter and
Oovernor tVUaon'a addreaa to the Prlaoe
t4>n graduaUag elaaa in 1909.
"Ooveraor WUapn'a attitude, as ahown
ln theae laro Inatancea and others whlok
i aball produce, bbowb hla whole attitude
toward labor erganlaatloaa eaaagod aft4r
be beeame a candldate for efBce," Gov
,-iiii.i Johnaon ?uiii.
_ a?????
Oyster Bay Will Give Him a
Quiet Welcome Home.
Membera of Cotoaal iioos.v.it's baata*
diat.' family have reejuaatad tha aflteerfl
,,r tbe Rooaavell Prograaalve ''lub ot
Oyeter Bay lo refrala from making any
demonatration whan the Roosevelt apecial
train reachea Oyater Hay thia fejreooon
Tha Rev. Oeorge Parrar, paator of tue
llethodiat Kplsiopal Church and presl
,i,,,i of tbe Piugreaalve Clua, asked the
aatln mt mbarahlp to reepect the wiBhes
oi the family.
Although ihe frlenda aad BympathlaerB
of colonel Hooaavali ware ready to turn
out wlth a hand and give tha aaadldata
as royai 8 r."entlon as they accordeti
hlm on bla return from Afrtoa in i9io,
, kri taking IntO o.nsid.ratlon hls
phyaical condltlon and will rafraln.
\? rormal .lcmonstratton will ba made
When the apedal reaehaa the station. but
the Piugrcaalvw aal lhay caa't attempt
,,,',,,;-, the rillaga and turn away crowds
vt the oolonel'a idmlrara ?iio are bound
t,, gatbei to Bee hha iranafarred from his
,-ar t4i his BUtoreobUa,_
Editor Hopes Injury Will Not Inter
fcre with Career.
Xbe Wmarhai eabla aaawaage was sent
to Theodore IxOoaeveM reatarway by wiu
lam R Hearat, who |a ln London:
i leam with amcereal ragrat af your in
lnrv Bvery thoughtful American reallxea
how great a force you eaerciae throughout
our country ln aupport <>f popular rlghtB
ind politlcal llbertlea, All must hope as I
do thal nelther thls regrettaMc accldent
nor any other ocucrrtnee wUi ?i-ea lalti
fere wlth your effectlve and eaaentlal
work along those progri-aslve and pa
trlotlc linea.
Roosevelt Never Interfered
with Trusts, Says Senator.
Buffalo, Oct. 21. ?That the paramount
isaue of the Prealdentlal campaign waa
not the tariff queation, the regulation
of the trusts or the hlgh coat of llving.
but whether the people or the lntereata
8haII rule, waa the keynote of the addreaa
of Unlted States Senator James A. O'Oor
man at the Broadway Audltoiium to
nlght. Mayor Lcwls P. Fuhrmann pre
alded. Mltchell May, candidate for Secre?
tary of State on the Democratic ticket.
also spoke.
Senator (^Gorman said ba belleved that
the people would not be influenced by the
pledged made by "a candidate of the
thlrd party when they remembered that
durlnp the seven and one-half years dur?
ing whlch he was in aupreme power ln
this country, at a time when he could do
aomething If he wiahed. he never ralsed
hls hand or llfted his volce to promote the
pollclea he now professes to belleve.
Under hls admlnlstratton the trusts and
monopolle8 grew and multlplled without
executlve Interference."
Suitcase of Roosevelt' | Assailint
Sent to Milwaukee Official.
Milwaukee. Oet. 21.?The. sultcase be
longlng to John Schrank, who trled to klll
Colonel Roosevelt, reached Milwaukee to?
day from Cbarleston, S. C, where it had
been left at a hot?l.
The grip was addnssed to the Chlef of
Police John T. Janasen. and was placed
uaopened ln his oftlce. The Chlef says lt
wlll not be opened for the present
Polls Show the State Is His by
50,000 Plurality.
[H-. Telaarraab ta Tba Tiaaana.1
Chicago, Oet U. -Flgaraa aoaapOed from
a thouaand letters. contalBlBg dow'nstate
polls, by practncta and townshlpa. led
naaaagera Of the Kepublican national
campaign to predh t to-day that President
Taft would oarry th.- state hy a plurallty
Of OO.onO votea. Anftlyztna the polls. Davtd
A. Mulvane. direi-tor Of the Chicago head
quarters, aald:
AbOUt MMM, or about one-half, of the
votera of th" Btate bave beea polied. and
th" flgures show that Wiison wlll get
425 000 votea. He will not get as many
votea as Bryan dld ln 11*08. becauae h"
wlll loae the Democratic farmera, who do
not agree with hlm that farmera do not
ne'd protection, while Democratic busi?
ness men ar" deelariner themselvea ln
favor of contlnued prosperity. Mr Roose?
velt wlll recetve approxlmately 3f>.<X)0
votea. Preatdenl Taft arlll get 475.i?>
votea. whlch wlll glve hlm the electoral
rot* "f tha state by a pturaMty of M.ooi.
What Mr Mulvane declared to be a
typlcal poll, taken ln the southeastern
part of the state, showed: Taft, 2S0; Wll?
aon, vjk Rooaevelt 4*
Entitled to Place on Ballot, Ap
pellate Court Rules.
Albany. Oct. 21.?The Appellate Division.
3d Derartment. tivnlgbt afflrmed the de?
clsion of Supremc Court Justlce Chester
to tha "ffect that O. D. BL Hasbrouck, of
Klngston. Is entitled to a place on the
official ballot as th" Progressive party's
candidate for Suprem" Court Justlce in
-,! , 3d Diatrlct
Sons of St. George Hold Their
Annual Dinner.
Tb" order of the Sons of St. fJenr/?"
held its annual dinner last night at the
I nlon Square Hotel ln celebratlon of the
mth aantvaraary of the Battle <>f Tra
fal>?ax. The walls of the room were hung
wlth the Stars and 8trlpea, the Unlon
la. k and the naval flags of England
Blshop Courtney, rector of St. James'a
i hurch, was the chlef speaker.
"g|n " Trafalgar," he aald, "aeaman
ihlp, in the old sense, has vanished: no
more do wa hear of maklng or furling
sail or working ahlp. All that is relegat
ed to 111" day we celebrate. But the quall
tlea of heart and mlnd whlch made that
autumn day so glorloua shall never grow
OUtwern, for they made the Brltlsb Em
plr* and they and they alone can make
It last
? Treaa Trafalgar ue Ertgllshmen may
learn anew the meanlng of loyalty. Ab 1
aee lt, loyalty meana our country, right
or wrong. We may be aahamed of her
mlatakes. but she is greater than her
Tiie Rev Arthur H. Judge spoke of
loyalty to the crown aa the unifylng force
In the emplre. W. H Johnson. of Brook?
lyn, sanK "The Navy": the Rev. F. C.
Kardlng apoka on uKngllahnaan and Dem
ocracy " Ha aald Bnglaad alone could
?bow an unlnterrupted growth In dem
"Democracy is not a matter of tnon
arcby or renubHc," he aald. "hut of sub
stitutlng tiie rule of reason for the ruie
,,f force. Thla aubetltatton is the under
eurrent of Brltlab historv"
Three Harlem Boys Injured by
Explosion That Follows.
Three small bovs were palnfully injured
nr l'irst avenue and 113th street last
niglit. when one of them threvv several
eartrldges in a tin can Into a bontlre. The
ezploaloa brought a number of excited
peraoea tO the scene, believlng that a
beaab had been aet off.
John (iramamattlzo, five yeara, old. of
No. 335 Kast 113th street, was struck ln
the leg by two bullets; Joseph Qranzo,
Btght years old, of N'o. 349 East 112th
stre't. was cut on the head by llvlng tin,
and Joseph Spinelli, elght yeara old, of
Xo. 413 East 112th atreet. had hla face and
head badly cut by being hurled to the
street by the concusalon. The boys were
treated by Dr. Eaton. of the Harlem Hos?
pitai. and sent to thelr homes.
Detective Jamea A. Donovan, who heard
tbe explosion, arrested a man in a pool
roata at No. 312 East 112th street for hav
lng a revolver. The prlsoner struck the
detective on the head and eacaped.
Waahington, Oct. 21.?William H. I^wls,
Asslstant Attorney General, whose mem
bershlp ln the Amerlcan Bar Assoclatlon
resulted in the defeat of an attempt to
ouat hlm becauae lt waa not known he
waa a negro when he waa accepted, waa
admltted to practiae to-day before the
Bapreme Coart
For a liat of furniahfld rooma in Naw
York conflult Tha Tribune'a Room and
Board Regiaterv-Advt
are the same as when we atarted
71 years ago, but our buaiaeas
methoda are right up-to-date, and
ao our organization haa grown
until, with achain of 155 OFFICES
around the world, with experienced
asaiatants, interpretera, ete, we
give a aervice to travelera complete
in all departmenl*. You deal with
the aame firm in London, Paria,
Bombay or Yokohama, aa in New
York. You cin't get thia world
wide aervice elaewhere.
Kte?m*hlp and Railrvad Ticket*
?Toor* Arranged Kverywher*.
an<4 E*ery Requlsite for the Tra?
245 rlrnndrrav (opp. < Ity Hall.)
'.'414 Flfth Avenue <ror. 21th Bt.)
11.13 Flfth Arenue inear 4?t h Nt.)
-M.H9 Broadwav (near 84th St.)
Governor Denies Extravagance
in Purchase of Linen.
Supply Depleted, He Asserts,
and Sheets, Tablecloths, Ete,
Bought Will Last Years.
I By T>l**r*ph to Th" Trlhun.- 1
Albany, Oct. Sl.?Oovernor Dlx to-night
said that the crlticlsms about the coat
to the state of llnen In the Executlv?
Mansion were made merely for th^lr po?
lltlcal effect, belng good campaign ma
terlal. He admitted the purchase of the
linen and the prlees paid for it, but d<*.
nl.d that It was extravagance.
"Tho llnen and tablecloths." tbe 0 tt*
ernor sald. "wlll last for yeara, and ur
worfh all that was pald foi th- BB."
Within the laat few months ajjaj aaa
been pald for llnen shecta, plllow ca*es.
tablecloths and napklns. Some of tin
sheets cost $47 25 eacn and H SBBj 1* tO
mark th<m.
"When we took possesslon of tbe Ba
aeutlve Mansion," sald Mr. Dlx, "the
llnen closet waa depleted. There was
h.irdly a dr*cent towel ln the house. Tb
prlcea crltlcised are for bed llnen foi the
state bedi'hambei ln tha mansion ariil linen
for the state dinlug room, whlch la aaad
only on state occaslons. We have inv.-n
torled the llnen closet for our succcssors
on January 1, and have pro/:ded sultabte,
tablecloths and napklns for every possible
occasion. Some of these table-?loth?, thi
hlgher prlced ones, are for a dinner oor*
vloe for thlrty persons.
"The linen purchaaed ls of the charaeter
whlch we use ln our own homes, both in
Albany and at Thomson. lt ls not extrav?
agance in prh'es and ls merely ln keeping
wlth tbe other furnishlnas of the man
alon. Ferhape the most exlravagant pur
chase in recent years was that under
Oovernor Odell, when $600 a dozen was
paid for dinner plates. They are really
works of art, but there was nothlng to
go wlth them for the tabie.
"The state crest Is worked ln on all the
llnen. Thia wlll prove an additlonal eafe
guard against any one ateallng it. It is
really a shaine the way tiilngs have dl>
appeared from time to time frorn the
mansion, and we have sought to remedv
thl? condition by havlng an tnventory of
thinga ln the mansion taken every six
Attorney General Upholds Sec?
retary of State's Action.
Albany, Oct. 21.?Attorney G*ne.ral i'ar
mody ln an opinion to-day upheld thi*
aetlon of Secretary of Stati- hazanskv tn
placing the Frogreaalve party nomlnationfl
ln the sixth column on the election ballot
Nomlnatlona by the Progresalve party
and the Boclallat I**bor party were madi
by petition, and the Secretary of Stata
ruled that ln the matter of Independent
romlnatlona the onea flled flret ahould
follow the regular nomlnatlona on tba
ballot The Progreaslve nomlnatlona were
flled flrat. and accordlngly were place.' in
the elxth cojumn, followlng the nomlna
tlona ot the Democratic, Republlcan. 80
clallst. Independence Latague and ProhlBB
tlon partlea.
Subsequently Progresalve inedera ra?
rjueated that the namea of Its candidates
be piaced ln the aeventh column. next ta
the blank column on the ballot, aml that
the nomtnatlons of the Soclallst latbei
party should h?? piaced in the aisth co -
umn Secretary Lazansky declined to
do thla.
rhlcago, Oct. 21- Rev-lsed flgures on the
reglstratlon for the November electlons
show a total of 44s,0*>2 names on the poll
book*, the largest reglstration ln the
elty'a hlstory.
QUALITY is more
important than
quantity. But ia
Fatima Cigarettes the
simple, inexpensive
package enables us
to give you both.
20 for 15 ceots.
?'DUUncttnly lniMitid"

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