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Mayor Puts Foot Down Once
and for All on Moosette Pian.
javis Cautions Women Not to
Clash with Police?500.000
Badges i'or Sale Cheap.
Cbeer up, men of New Tork! The
ettea won't tag you Baturday no,
r.nr any other day Mayor Oaynor won't
vt th'"' f,', v"'",i l^a propooltlon once
m H: when two of the
-tjBeetl noa I'tnchot an'l Mi^
Oara ' " ''M '" m"
aad on th< heela of hls veto eame a
from Colonel Rooaevell
retary. O. K. Davta, addreaaed to Chalr
tnan Hotchhlaa of the Mew Tork State
t'ommi!' ar one went to Na?
tional Commltteeman Francea Keller
dupiorini I a"d commandlng tiie
W(,nien of New Tork City, In R<H>aevelfa
name. "not to clash with the police "
T. r araa eaclted, and not unnaturally.
because the Chlcago papera gol it that
rnson had with tlaahtng eyea de
Bed th? police and deelared that Ihe plana
for P^Mindera' Das would be earrled out
ln great* N- ? Fork ln spit-' of them
aal ol Mayor Gaynor. They alao quoted
, | al b ? dldn t aee h.>\\ a
man with a bullet in hla throat could
take su< h a stand agalnst a tnan wlth ;i
bullet ln hla r b.
A Good Provocation.
"H ian't necessury to remir .
tclegram says, "that !t would never do
for any one connected witii the 1'rogres
nives to get Into an open clash with the
police, even on such a good provocation
ii* thls."
Then, referrlng to the remark about the
"It ls the urgent fleptre of t'olonel
RooBevelt that none of the Progreaarvea
anywh-re shall attempt to make thls klnd
of plea for ompathy."
Thls Ib tough on Miss Morrtaon, who ls
a mild nnd gtntle peraon, who never de
fles aaybody or m;.k- - l ry re
m?rks. Bhe never, ahe aald yeeterday,
ther of tht atatements attrlbuted
to her in the Chlc: ;
"Of iree, we won't have Foundera*
T , the Mayor aaya 'No.' " she ot>
"We'll think up some other way to cele
money. The Mayor
was courteous, but lirm. when we aaw
him. N 'a> la off."
Then she walked Into the room in the
? headquarters In the
Hotel .v where she has been
xrorking o'it the detalli ot Foundera1 i>a>
foi Nea York City, and she and Mra.
E. Gorri ' manager for the al ite,
lurnfully on the pllea and ptlea
? rs Daj badgea now never more
om th4- manly breaeta thej wera
aeslt to adorn. '1 here were flve hun?
dred thouaand badgea In thoae pllea?and
Mrs. N ... of ' 'hlcago, man
intry, ? 8
of them to D4
at renta ^ pi. ? ?. and aa much roon
? wlth
t" ? asi in a.) for arlthmi ?
? ntlal |
1 tiiuurn.
Hope to Recoup Somehow.
". ? ? ?
? . ? '
j ? ti.. Maj ?'- <!? i-l"?
, le 4,1, a pian
'. i
t, otbera want
t. , - Garden f?>i tt,"
and then aell badge*
to them. Probably this will I ? d
: after leavlng
1 that the Foundi ommit
t?< that the - ' N"'v
j ,...". t fi thal In on:
? country.
f.'tid. "explalm ?
that what we had planned waa
anii that i iver, 11 we were allowed
thing the -
onrrun wlahlng to
?-. |ji gglng people on the
ally still
pian for patrolllng the 14th Aaaembly Dla
-dav with a prctceaaton of
?Irls and boys.
' We' l ? any taml ? tei*d in
banuannas " Bhe said, and we'll take ln
?? the | ? ? won't hlnder
ua It w?? foolish of those women to ?<>
to tn* Mayor. They should have gone
k ^ thout bothei Ing w Ith hlm "
To Learn Why Baby Cries and
Tommy Lies.
D ???- aon and helr wake up howllng
aaaon al a1.!" Did Ton ?'??? ot ihe
angt-i fh. e teii his anntle a wrong
1 of tti'.r,s?H happen thal aho
ed .n a well regulated ft
Ipl lt wen't happen again, bnd
tht nujhts wll: be Elltd v.,tii alum ter, '? l
r i<t going to achool. Te
?a Inatil for "highi il edt
> which mother l< arna wh ?? the
ton ami heir ciiea, why Tommj ' dla Ifc 8
bi ?? BThy the cook Qldte, Thls is tbi
Schoo; of Mothercrait, at Na MO Weal
i w iii. i, . nti red ite? secdnd
- aterday.
dld mothi r atudj on ln-r flrst
oV." The fl rt cla ? i" aurnery
BttencB all ahout baby clothea and hy
Henle (ri.,s. aa w.-U as eugemca anJ ps..
The afternoon waa ????nt In
asarnlng how t,, tell atortea and play
?aatea |n the evenlng ihere a
BBJ . 'i.niii, .s'.it are emplovod
durinjj thi daytltne who wleh to prepare
for tn?ir own bomea."
. - ;..t th:s achool nre Dr.
?bbi ??. Parry, Mis^ Ailce H Damoa,
bbIbj ..t a. Bmlth, Miss Jean l'ork4
an4i m hS jtan i. Read, the illreajtor.
Theix I? it model nuraatry and pktyroom,
whn? tl n ba taken care 4,1
? ? mothera rex ite th. ir leaaon
Commerce Commission Holds
Up Size and Weight Rule.
xVaeadagton, Oct. i" RegulatSoaa fur
?Bl to Mstrltt the Hl/a nnd tO Ihnit tlu
?*?iKit of pern4,nai h.n^.i,;. et tia ellera,
adopieu \,y KoiiBtaiitiari,? aii rallroada ib
ihi 1 nlted Ktatt-s. were ananended i('
*a> by the Intarataia Coratnerse Conv
BJlBBlon untll Aprll 'A
Tha regulatloa provldea thal oi an)
pl4>t a of imggHKe ih4- ajraataai tflmentdon
?f whleh aacoeda i'i Incbea an aui.iiti4,nai
?rharife t<? , ?? h a'ldltit.tiRl Inch will be
aaadt to equai ten pouadfl ol esc4eea
*?aht. and that r.o Btoea 4,f haggngt of
? graate/ dlmeimltui than N 1m to 4 will
be transpoTted ln any baggage rjr.
Three Parties Start Campaign
with Lively Doings.
tny T- ieprai'h tn Th. Trll
PoUghkeepsle. x y n, , fl .i.'as*,,,
has r.ot been paaard over by tfa.
polltlcal partlea. There la a* much ?
palfti Ing golng on here aa in any ot fhe
doubtful Btatea. Democrata, Republicana
nnd ProgresslveB atarted to work to-day
and will continue until election night,
whep Y'aasar trirls wlll vote Ihrlr prefer
' * pnlla <>f thelr own
The Democrata began work thla morn
? li-M Woodrow Wllaon (Anna M.
Roae, 'M, of Montclalr, N J.) and Thomaa
Marahall (Avrlna Pugh, '13, of Radne,
Wla.) both mounted hoxea on th< campus
and told a iii?r masa meetlng all about
the Democratic pollclea and platform. A
Bmall donkey, dreaaed |n , v'assar hlaaer
and wearlng a Wllaon academlc cap, and
v. Ith a "Free Trade ' : lacard al
fuary sldes, paraded, amld much exclte?
ment. The Democrata had a torchllghl
parade to-night.
The committee ln charge ol the r>enr>
c?atlc party Includet tha Mlaaea Iflrlam
Wlnter, Prancea jeweti and Bdtth Pratt
Nol io be outdone, the Kepublican com?
mittee, compoeed of thi Mlaaea Martha
Mary Phllllpa-and Dorothy Phll
llpa arranged a preaeatatlon of the laat
daj o'. ihe Chicago conventlon, and this
afternoon delegatea frnm each election
' ? ?f tha campua arriv.-.l ln the
audltorlum. Callfon a BulTragettea car?
rled "Teddy for Mlne" banners; farmera
irom Arkanaaa wore overalli, MlssUsln
. - delegatlon was reeplendenl In whlte
and red i oata, and the New Tork
eroup ,' . rhere were pn aa
disks. apeclal "copB" aml all the other
ihinga ? conventlon i aa
of Ihe Republlcan speakera were
R il (Helena Doughty, '13, of New
Vnrk City), Charlea W, Falrbanka (Myra
'IS, of Boston), Allen, of Kanaaa
(Phyllla Brown, u. of Poughkeepalr),
Wanamaker, of Pennaylvanta (AdellneDe
il. of Sprlngfleld, 111.) and Aldrich
(Qrace Coulder, '14, of Cleveland). Every
body waa made up to look the part, r,n 1
Senator Root's brtetly moatacha waa one
of the achlevementa of the day.
After dinner to-nlgbt Theodore Rooae?
velt (Ellxabeth Kelherg, '13. of Pough
keej le) suddenly appeared ln the "aoap
palace," ln the maln luilldlng. nnd thun
dered out a apee l
Whlle tbe whole ilr. maa fo'ind^d on
fnn. the apeechei were loglcal and ciear
and tometlmea setioua, t'>o
Suffragettes Rallv Round Her,
and Call Wiison Coward.
flral 'tnerlcan iufTragette to K" to
jail! It <? me llke di nr i
nnd Mr* Pa f never
celved any heari rt than doea
Maud Maloni froi dmlrlng New
York alsterhood. It fran th* rir sr o]
tunity Amerfcan womrn ha ? had to Bhoa
the dejub of th?*lr slncerlty.
? merel) had to - i 'Ves,
.. re j istlfled In ETngland.
?i ? m hi re, too, f w< had to,
tut Ami men ar.
Noa', however, whe.i a? me Ami
men and a auffraffi ttc
actuall} gcea to jall whal
I'.- Mary I lalton, wh
? i ught, promi llj i alla up Ma d
Malone ar, i Invitea hei to addreaa any
? ".vy. It Is an open
aecrel amorg Buffraglsta who know i
. : Mlss Malone ha* h< ? n none
>pul i- w it:, the i. w leadi ra ol
m ; ' cwlng to hei llttle hablt of
? haa
; . ??'??-.
i 11> si, -I, >l... bi. omi i
en, too -., port Mra
Martha Wentworth Suffren, the prettj
womai with the uelllgerent aoul, wi.o
| long ago to go
i ? - - ma . a Indov, If coi
thi i eme
. " ? did qulte rlejhl io li
rupt the iM.-< tini aal
beei atlBfl 'I
wlth hla anawer, v> hen I d had
n<>r rr.nd. up hls mlnd, thal waa eno
' ?
Indeed! Aft< r all them lt
ahowa Just two thirurs elthei I it he haa
nd to ma ki ? ani
,i man wlthoui a mlnd ln 'h<- Wliite
House?or elae that he haa made
and i o ik up fnr ; ?
;? i dlng some vo ?
"In thnt i mse ha. |a ,i r.... . i ind we
don't '.\,ir.i anj cowarda ir, the Whlte
"It lan't no mui-h ' '
'VOtea for Wiison' that wlll !,'? afT' ted
by thal Inddent."
Mayor Asks Him to Watch the
Health of Children.
I i polntlng Dr Ira B Wlle, of No.
'. .-r 97th Btreet, aa a memlw r of
rh" Board of Rdui atlon, to >' re
mlah T. Mahoney, who realgned t<. be?
come Oominiaatonei ot AceountB, Mayor
Gaynor yesterday wrote:
Dear Doctor Wlle: l am appointlng you
.-I of the Board <>f Kducation. My
objeel In dolng mo is to have you enter
II) Into the work "i ? iam
IniriK Into th<- heniih of the children In
Ui. publlc achoola, and taklng aclentlflc
meana of prevention and eure. AmoriK
ot ? ? ti. nga the eyee, iam and teeth of
Ihe children ahould be earefully looked
Into. it Im almost Impoaalble to bava a
heulthjr body wlthoui K""'l teeth. llut l
Hhuii not ao im" partlcularfl. Ifour r"^'
experleace In deallna wlth the defecta
and dlaeaa'-a of children wlll enahle you
to thlnk of everythlng thal ahould be
I ahould thlnk it would be will lf
there were a stamlliiK 'urnmlttee fr)r this
purpoae ln the Board oi Educatlon, bul
i flubmll that tr, bettei JudgmentB. Bln
foura, W. .1 OAYNOR, Mayor.
In. Wile, who is thlrty-tive years old.
waa graduated from Roebeater Dnlveralty
i.nd rhe madlcal aehool of the Unlver
?Ity ?.f Pennaylvanla. Ha i? an editor of
i number of medicaJ papera and ha*
,,., actlve Intereat In h number of
?oclal movementa for Improvlng tba phy
?ical condition nf the poor Ha La b Phy
n ,?, tha Btafl of tbe < htldren * de?
partmenl of tha VanderWM Cllnlc, d
attendtng phyaldan t<i tbe Banltarlum for
lifbn-w i 'hlldn n,
- m *
Oldtime Children's Classics De?
clared Mediocre.
Waeblagtoa, <"f II. Booka auch t^
thoae by oilver Optlc and Horatlo Alger,
jr.. whlch pareata "f a quarter century
ago advocated to thelr chlMren an ault
ahle n-adlna, have Ik-ou pbtced ln ,l1'
"horrlbla eaample" <iasa by the Distri't
Publlc Llbrary Commlaalon
The talea and rornaacefl that detlghted
chlldrei .t ian deeadea aad more ago
hava beea claaaed as oadeadrabla ai<'n::
wlth Bve-cent aovela. Thi oomralaalon
baeea Ita eondeannation of ti,?- oldtime
chlldren'i rhaaalra ea th- ground of
medloerlty and not i,-. raaaon ot any
Twenty Years' Campaigning
Behind Woman's Faith.
He Has Inspired Substantial
Progress, Founded on Law
and Order, She Says.
Miss llelea Varick Boawell, head of the
woman'a department of tho Republlcan
National Committee, talkM t4> a crowd of
flvi hundred at the noonday meetlng of
t>. Commercial TTavellera' Sound Money
? at No. IM Broadway, yeaterday,
and ahe dldn'l turn a halr when PeTcj i
Atherton, who Introduoed her, said he
waa afrald to mentlon how many years
she had heen campalgn Ing foi the Ri pub
ii. an part]
"i'm not afrald to lell you," ahe aald,
"that it's twenty yeara, I've campalaned
fur the Republlcan party because i be*
lleve in the home, because I helleva ln
the flag?and I'm campaigning for it now
becauae I belleve ln Mr. Taft."
Then Mi-s Boawell proceeded to satl
Into the other partiea. Sh-, began wlth
thls couplet:
> - la n Ing bua ls brtltlBnt,
H\n it hasn'l mi> mtn.1.
It Ktaga4*ra 11 r. .uu-)? <-r- tion
Wltl Its liiBilllKht on beblad
"The Republlcan party ls no wlll-o'-the
wiap," st.e said. "II has |ta headllghl In
the rigiit place and lt knowa where II la
going. Aml our good and ?rlae 1"'
though he can't focua the llmellghl on
hlmaelf, aa his opponenta can, has proved
by hls record what he can do He haa
? ?: thia country aubatanttal progreaa,
founded on laa i ? ei ? dlfToi -
? nt thlng from the vagariea which prompt
candldatea, as Job Hedgea aaya, to
promlae anythlng from a ton of coal to
an t lectric fan.
"Talk aboul progreaa Wi. it two thlnsrs
COUld mean more fur the country nt lnrco
than the rurni free dellvery ar t| thi ' '
cela poat, both of which Mr T 't haa
glvi n ua?"
Mis? Boawell aald It waa qtilte (n'^r
prlslng of tl ??
women boosting thelr campalgn aftei the
Republl, an party had heen d
the t;rs' time thr>y have n
eomi n," I "W< are gl
havi waki d up to aomethl i
"The thlrd term party aeema to at
tra i -'??.- "? n ??? and Ihoei e/oi ?
to think that narl t
..? wlth Ihi
thal *.fl I have said, the Republlcan
part) standi foi found on law
b .
take I m Ith the |
at ' ? ? high
. osl of llvlna to the protectli -
tarlff. Why, by the markel report" l B?se
thal food li !?'?? don, in thal fr?
of low prli es lf Wiison ? ?
There t
everybn of work and there la no
lo pa) fur anythlng I
an era ol i
do we wanl ???????
do we want to nee I
i.t" work, h.-- ? - ?? r ihe i>en ?
cratlc ad ? ? In ll
j.- |ci s aren't
know a tlu md will get a |
Bum In ? ? ~''
,u1 v. ? ha ? ? l
balance I
Ml - Rarelay llatai d mi
i.h, and i
ii and iiii
Bnngs that
? . iloorf
Makes 200 Schoolboys Fed
Ashamed by Kindness.
, . . m.::i t..- .,-, mon
Ing 4 on Thui i
I I .'. ' . I lii'Tt-b'.
ale t,r a handaome bo) und a
vm1.\ Buffragette.
it wat iast week Thurada abo t I K)
o'clock In the evenlng, thal Dr. Mary
llalton was boldlng a perfectly love!)
meetlng when, ln the dlatance, wa? beard
the tramp <>f many ft .-t and the catcalli
,,: some two hundred youth- lei loooe
from 1" Wltt Cllnton High Bobool
4 ,h. you, Pankhurat! the)
;,, ., ,;,, home and wa.-ih your d
"Will i break up my meetlng jual foi -i
crowd of boyaT" ahe aaked the good peo?
ple w ia, siood neareat her laxli il
"Never!" tbe) cried, and edgfd nearer
to iisti n tt) the argument A ra n ol
apltballa then fell upon the bu(I
and an obllglng man ?-enl and found a
"Then," saya Dr. llalton, "I i-ust my
, ,,. ,,.,., thal crowd "i boya tiii i found
ihe i" Bl looklng one
?? 'Here,' said i. 'Tou aeem to be the
rlngleader. I'm going to have you ar
reated Shall i lei the oftlcei take hlm?'
i iisk.-d tbe crowd.
? 'V.-s,' they 4 tried.
? "Very weU, ofllcer,' I said 'But, dear
a> aorry I ahall be io t.our
,,,, ? hei |n court to-morrow, my bo)
"Thal wai loo much.
" 'Aw! Let hlm go!' the othi
,,1,.,] we'll be good. Don't have blra
jugged Honeat, we'll behave.'
"So i relented, and thoae two hundred
boya hio.mI by as me.-k as lamba and 11k
tened to my apee* h i gave it to 'era hot
and heavy, too
"Night achool is mi Thuraday Hereafter
we have our meetlng on iTlday."
Cartoonist's Widow Will Exaraine
Corespondent's Effects.
The wldi e of Homei A I ? > >? nport, the
eartoonl I "?? Ived the privllege frora
Vl< >.chaneelli i Garrieon al Jeri ?? ("II -
i.- i,i , r.amlnlng the beloni I
Mrs. Ai.n Howard Reaklrt, who aaa tlu
roreapond nt In the Davenpoi l
^,,11. thal .'t"' ?" he n moved from the
torage warehouae al Red Banh b) Mi
Mr' Davenpon had obtalaed an m
junctlon to prevenl Mr- Reaklrt from
n movlng or dlapoi Ing of anj propi 11) oa
the Hi> mdi i r.i'in. ln whl< h aad
Davenport were Intereated. Mrs Reaklrt
appeari d Ihro igh coum el yeeten |i
>,,|V . | . a/rll modlfled ao ahe could gel
. he ii' > " for thia wlntei oul of
\;, s l 'a i nport i lalmed the
rlght to eaamlne theae to ascertaln lf any
had ,>*''" owned b) her huabaad, aad tha
(ourt Buatained I ? i
I.ai tosse, Wl"., Oct JI- John B 1'i-til
aoo, of u.-tit-at, Wla., who on Beptember
BJ, at the Burllngton paaaenger atatlon
i:, ,-.. ahol an.l Kiii. ii Mra, Bevera Ifttre,
tin- da) after ?h4 had marrled bli rlvaJ,
to-day pleaded gullty and was aenteaaad
to vaujtun paaltamtlary for life.
Suffragist, He Says, Before He
Became a Progressive.
lf Wlnaton Chnrchlll thought ha enuld
corr.e to New York and eaeape the com?
mon fute of man. he lenrnej hls mlBtaka
yeaterday morning. There, lt wan, the
"\oter, fnr women" questlon, waltlng for
him in the corrldor arhlle he eonferred
Wlth aundry polltlcal prrsons abo'it tho
ili Btiay ot the Hull Moo.se.
Mr. rhurch:ll hore up very well when
hls tlma rani.\ II- dldn't aeem a hlt dls
i when Informed that certain auf
Ita had heen aaylng thlnin ahout hls
attltude and the attltude, of most Hull
Mr ,."r- candtdatea toward votea for
fl, im. ri
Mr. Chnrchlll-that Is hls real tltle, even
if the doorkeeper at I'rmrresslve head
quartera doea call hlm "Uovemor
L'hurchlll" waa a attffraglal long before
he was ii riugnaBlae. and he malntalna
hll BUPfrOfl of the w niriari BUtTrauta
piank i* perfectly conalatent
"And It la vi-ri' popular," he deeinred.
"WIh'ih v. r we have a meetlng In New
Hampehlre tho auffraga plank g>t- ita
dUB Of attentlon and receivefl the great' t
amount of apptauae. Tbe farrnerfl wanl
their whrea to \ot... and tha artvea want
to No, i don't say all tha farmera ara
for Buffrage; that areuM be abeurd; hut ,-i
aatlfll ictory majorltv ar- in f.i
we have been greatly aurptiaed by the
enthuslaam of the people for this n i
ur.- New Hampshire la a coneervatlve
?rate. t ut wa have lenrned It is all right
i n suffraip
"I belleve the Liem^ ratic and R< | I -
llc.-m partlea made tin- mlstake of thelr
ln nol pasalng the woman aufl
?? i. .. ndum i ni last May, arhi n w i
niir . i ? ? ? nal conventlon Thi i ? ?*
son waa very plaln to .-???? Thej wera
; i., They knew lf the peoi le k'"t a
chanee ta vote on lt. lt would K" through.
"We need m'>re women workera p '->
New Hampshire now, who are ,itt>.l to
talk equal auffrage The women we have
nr.- dolng Rplendid work, however They
have organiaed throughoul the atate and
,ir>. helplng lt, the campaign, lust a
women In other states ar... They are not
. h , much speaklng, but nre servtng ?
commlttees nnri dolng general campaign
Mrs. Churchill, wlfe of the no-,ellFt-poll
tlcian, is an enthustaatlc auffragl t, hav
Ing mada a tour of th<- etate wlth her
and laat wlntei nnd marched In tlv
New Vork suffrnge paradi In Maj Mr
1 wlfe of NOW HllMir
ahln Governor, auffrage
? ?
Democratic Women to Have
Big Part in Affair.
; hough the men of the 11 n
part have laken over the women'a pmni
of "rally l ?.;.." and wlll roal ? ..
; ? lans aren't goini e
out ol H ', ? ? wi n't mai
h .
.. bul a omi n " 111 alt I
? i
h t un isual !:, un affair nl
\: , ? . . | ha
Ihe ..?????
at the li,,!, I Inipei
.:'.???? - t
? -
? I
Bvei ' ? ? the 1
? ,? w nm*a
i ? ? .
I'Iana foi 8
\- ?
? ? i rday. i
' ".!.' ., i ...
f thi
- . arlll hi ? ? ii '
i f thi
a I* Hlr
\t- lamea H Mra. John
i, [>eai . snd Mrs. J
one wlll be w
women >?
: lt. .1 tO
MiSfl Donnelly, Moosette Cliief,
Will Aid Fighting Suffragctte.
.v.i id Malone. wbo wlll be arraJi
the "tn- ?? of Chlef Mii'. trate i ?
al No 44 Court Btreet, Brooklyn, to-mur
r,,w- afternoon on the charge of "i
|| ? ' t ?? V\ 11*4 ? Bnd Marshall
mi ? i -.,' al the A ?"!? my of Mualc lasl
Baturday night, t""i nol worrj Mlsa
Marj Donnelly, Brstarhlle Buffragette and
now organlxer of Mooeetta orators, wi'l
I e al the tilal at;d wlll have i
sympathtsera wlth hei to lee thal Justlce
li done Mi- Malone.
Also, Mlsa Donnelly is golng t" make
polnl of belng preaenl al ? i ?
% h< re Mlaa Malone goea to flra qu< l
about woman auffraga at i
.mi ihe will back up Mlsa Malone wlth
hei not Inconaidt rable volce.
The tlrne has rorii-.' al B SBld ' tel
, , , "when Maud Malone must "? an
:? n ii Women and m< n are li
, t tha v.ay she was put out of that
meetlng. There were a loi of Irlshmen
at the open alr meetlng held yeaterday,
and they were mad ciear through. i'm
golng to raiiy the KnlgbU of Columbua
and have a bodyguard of them to protect
.1 i Malone Ht meetlagfl after this"
miss jeaale Aabley, nomlnated on tbe
? ticket for tbe ottic" o' judge,
?.. .,,. || ciear that lf Mlsa Malone wera
ii . .i i ? fore ber ahaVd nevei I a < onvlcted
?Miss Malone aakci a legiUmate queetlon
Bhe ahould bave been anawered one way
or the other, but ariHW.-r.il
Estimate Board Not Well Dis
posed Toward Increases,
i. i, Wlnthrop, preatdenl ol tha Board
of Educatlon; Patrlck F. McOowan, a
mi mber of the Board ol Bducattoa, nnd
W ll M.ixw.-n, City Buperlntendenl ol
Bcboola. appeared before Ihe budget com?
mittee of the Board "f Betlmata yeeter
auv lo nsk fiTt |H,31I.630 Io carr) OUl the
s, i.i work of the cltj for IM1 The al?
lowance made for IM2 was P ,8?9 519 "4
Indtcated by tbe tempei of tbe
commlttea thal tbere ao ild i ?? many
, ii i? the various Itema President
Mltchel of the Board "f Aldi men fa
...i..i ;- antlng the Baroa amounl f"r the
comlng yeai as t..r thla >?-ar. arltb an ad
ditlon "f at. amounl proportlonata to tha
ln, reaaed number of puplls ln the achoola
ime item for HW for the ,. n -
phonographa wanl by the board entirely,
Commlsalonef Johnson asked Hl 89.1*74)0
foi th,- i'l" Department, aa coi
wlth ts?vtr ?:.;...', for Hlt < >f thal amount
he wanted tl.OB.UI to pay ror im eddt
tii.uHl men. M of them for new Bre com?
paniea to ba organiaed /
.1. i?. Hammitt. eecaatar) of the CltlxenB
rrii.-ii, prot.-sted agalnal an item of PN,
MI for the Bureau ef Flra Preventlon. H"
declared that the allowance for tha
bureau al preaenl .earaeanted Nl per cent
a commlttea "f rlremaa aaked thal th*
aalaiies of all membera of tbe unlformed
f,,r.-, betow tha grada of deputy feremen
b? incrcaaad &*) a year. The loweat bul
ur> puld now ls $1,0W a year. I
"Preposterous," Suffrage Folk
Say, Then Talk It Over.
That*s How Miss Jones Feels
About Organizing on Lines
Adopted by Men.
Will the "party" aobhle up the "state"
"r win tha "atate" gobble up tho "party"f
That Ib the question which ia lurklng'wav
back In the mltnls ,,f |ota of good BUf
rraglate?though they don't admit lt for a
"It Ib prefe-etly prepoateroua to think of
BUCh a thlna," they aadara, and then pro
ceed to tell you how the "state" baa
adopted "party" metboda, and Just how
each organlaatlon is Koinc to retain Ita
It ahouldn't he necet^Hi-y to explnln that
the ??sfai<)" nieans the New Vork State
Woman SuffraKe A?so.-|atloh and tho
"party" the woman .-"ffraRe party; nor
thal the one ls the okjeat VOtOB for wum ',1
organlaatlon in tha state, ho doesn't enjoy
havli : foikw say lt is belng gobbtod up by
the i/ery youngeat orn;nnlzatlon.
"Well, whal doea it all rnean""' the re
riirter aaked yeaterday of Mlaa Roaalle
Jonee, the energetic younp woman who
put the thlm; through nt the auffra -
n Utlca I > . I'.'k
"II meana vlctory In IBIB," anawered
Mlaa Jonea, rapturoualy "Voi see, thls
atate has aimply got to be orgaalaed bj a
tematlcally if we're to win arhen th^ i if
fi. ?? referendum is put before the people
in 1916. The party method ls thu on!v
sure w.'iv.
"Wa are dlvidlng the 'ta'* ir.to electlon
dlstrlets and Aasembly districts for auf?
frage Just the way the men dlvlde lt for
tha Republlcan and Democratic parties.
"it t i.ik iim- inaurgenta we cali our
aelvea four houra to perauade the sf.-tmi
pat leadera from npetate thnt the old
auffrage methoda muat g\vn way to ri'ai
men'H politlcal methoda atitl when they
onvlncod they gave ln beauttfully.
["here waa one deai old woman who
sit maklng tattlng all through thi ron
\ ention.
''And what do you think about ItT I
? . hei
Do whatever you arant, my dear,'ahe
? ?: w >? wanl Buffrage In I
'Tl ? ?-? old w omen upatal '
longed to aulTrage aoeletlea Blnce the daya
of H ? ? i: \: ? on But the ?
have been church affairs. or Woman'a
Chrlatlun Ti i affalra, or
They have never b
t'i all ?
?If a womai II ? ? move In tl
? f the
clul sh- waan't aaki i If the wi'e
of the mlnlati f the Methodlal rhurch
itarted a rlub, l
anythlng Ui do wlth lt. I'nder tho party
ayatem ?? '?'
. .;,. ted There will '
nocreed.no o r. no moi ey ln lt "
Th* || ' - ' ??'?'" !p'l
? . ... ... ? ??..., m ? | llcal th I'r-e
Ihe "yi " , ? red lx>ng
it Bummer In a little
rellow '??"' N'' ? Mai ?? Jeany H iwe, and
Irtbur Uvermoi*, of Yonker.s Mra.
Mra Dexter P Rum
H Ifalo, and Mra Emma B.
Su. et of K'i heater.
Mrs l.lvermore
... - il will b"
,. as many .Us" ?
time to ho
whleh ls ?
i ventlon In
I .11 k
S,.xt d .- to I ' al So IB9
n avenue, the "pi rt) ' leadera at
, . . ... u-re equally aure
that I teroua to
the parl
? ??? ? ' ? ?"?
? thal the
? wanted
.iv has only
. so they would "come down to
? ijorlty ever) time
? the n .i, _
Doesn't Remembcr Giving Pa
tient Fatal Dose.
, Btate of rotna
B?ndav mornlng Mlaa Plorenee Harrla,
.re H patli nt a dose of
,-hi. wlth fatal ? ' '
terdny afteri aaked for a drlnk
of wati
l, v ,; Mott. of th" Homoso
[ever one to
ltl,,n . t0 Miss Harrla aboul I ?
death of Mi AJI? Halajht. for fi ? 1
mlghl again become unconaclous
.,.. . ,.., | , bi ii"'-? i b form of aphaala
had entlrely blotted oul from the mlnd --f
the nurse the Incldenl of the woman s
,i, Bth The '!?? tor Bald if al.ontlnued
to Iroprove ahe mlghl recovei her
memory. and then probably would aak
questlons heraelf Mlaa Harrla recognlaed
Bome of the doctora nnd nuraea and apoko
to |hem, bul dld nol mentlon Mrs.
Halght'a death
Bunday mornlng the nurse by miatake
,.,..,. mi . Halgbl a doaa of oaall< acld
inBtead of rnaom Balta. PTodlng out her
roUtake, Miss Jlarrls called |0 the nlKht
upervlaor and reaident phyatclan. bul
Mr.? Haight eaplred. deanlte all efforta
t,, m,m. in-r. Then the nurae r.-ilnte.l. Bhe
had t.n ln the bexapttal two yeara, and
1? regard.a rery competeat Mr.
Haight suJd hrt would take no action
agalnat Miss Harrla, aa he knew his wife'a
death wa- cauaed by a miatake
As a reaull of Injurlea recelved when
Bhe waa run down by an nutoraobile. Mrs.
Margarel Paatern, of No, UTB Jackaoa ave
.lempatead, ls bovertng between llf*
and death al Jamalca HoaplUl, with an
,.v. ;i chance of recovery. Bhe has con
,,, on of tbe brala
M, i Paati tn had gone ro Kulton atreet
Queeiia lo rleii aome frleada Aa ahe
Biighted from a trolley car an autoroo
,. ,.. optrai .; b) Elmer W. Wallenha ipt,
,,t tl?mpatead knocked her down
Paullne GreMae, a aeveataaa-yearold
girl WhO BVOB at No 1531 W-bst.r ave
,,..;. waa removed to Bellevue Hoapltal
yeaterda) for obaervatlon Laat Baturday
aaa w::ness.4i aa aectdaat la which a
small Klrl wus hadly burneil. Bhe w.-nt
luto lastertes. but itfterward BBBI.1 ta
bava recoverod. Featerdaj paornlnf aaa
raa aereaualBg into the atreot, and bagnn
to throw Btoaaa at Ilttle children H-r
parente aay stl" h-'" ' H,'n w?rkln>? hanl
t,, learn Englleh, an.l was thuB under a
?train _ _
___- m
Consult The Tribune's Room and
Board Regiater, No. 320 Tribune Build
Buy Chandeliers with
Thought as Well as Money
The Same Judgment Should
Be Used in Their Selec
tion as Is Used for
Rugs, Ete.
"There aeenis to he llttle or no reaaon
why the qjueatlon of chandeliers ln pri?
vate bomea ha.s not enme up for is n>.ti*
oua or for aa trlvlal conalderatlon aa tt.e
questlon of rugs. hanginga, chlna an'l all
tbe other houaeh il l acceeeorles, and yet
;t haan't," declared a well known Intorior
decorator to the Tribune reporter.
"Inaamuch as llghtlng- adequata llght?
lng?is probably next in Importance in tbe
home tO ' ulinary thlnga. It n'-i-rns par*
ti'-uliirly perverse that so Ilttla apa a la
devoted to thla aubject ln our rnagaainea
and that ao llttle time ani conalderatlon
are glven '?> Baturea bv the irdiuary
"I'iri- the ui.r^t part. tha llghtlng ar
rangementa ln the average home ara
BtrocloUB, There la no evidence of
thought ln their aelectlon, and wher as
everytblag elae in the room may ba tn
hannony, thi llghtlng arrangenteata
1 itrlks h" dlacordant a not" that tha untty
? the roi'iri is wellnlgh lost.
i-'or ezample, why should tbtre be
? iHlnty gllt ilxtur.-s. with glass daagle
dangleB, In a room completely mlaalon In
?tyle? Again, why ahould u Bmall draw
Ing room adopt the type of crystal con
li iptlon that only looks well?becavuae mt,
ln blatant evidence In a large ballroom
or aucfa rooms aa one geea Ln the nalaces
Kl Vrrsalll-s, Hampton Court. BtC.?
"The bistory of th" ralauae of llghtlng
Sxturea may ba stated In this way: Ia
former tlmea the chandeller was only a
frame of metal or wood pendant from th*
roof to l.old little lamna or candWs. The
flrord ltself Ib French, meanlng a candle
holder. Now It meana a Ilght .iolder ln
the broadest aenae, aa lt appllea to gaa
l.ght, aa well as oll and eleetric Ilght
"In very carly timea the waodea I h.in
deller was rapldly dlaplaced by metal,
and then by cryetal ami giasa. aa tha
tn-ase from the candlea gradually ruinmi
rhe wood. This er.ange took plaea ln the
fourteenth century, and tbe BevantOSBth
century shows us. ln the esanaplea thal
remaln, many brasa, oappar, iron and
athrer chandetlera <i eaqulelte deatgn and
"in the elghteenth century Franee and
her deelgnera ?Boulle, Geuthtere, Tbo?
mire,, ete concelvcd man} aplemlld rock
cryatal chandellera, whlch wera iaig*
enough to Ilght ih ? most apa< I lUB aak :ia
Hut?and bere'a the tragedy -theaa aaala
b.-en copied ln poor Imltatlons .'o r i mis
never inudo for IhflBI. and thla tkXOX h.ia
led to daaeeratlona throughout thia de>
partment of home decoratlon. ii a aaa
unfalr to blame any one pariod for all tbe
futur.. lack of ;nventlon, hut th""* |g
hardly any doubt that th;s one fltjrle et
cbandeUer choked the growth i
vldual dealga Ln llghtlng flxturea.
"However, the lapld a.iopfiori of 4??a
aml electrtdty throughout the >!t/tlUed
world has glven an Impctus to mr o?Jt
deelgnera, and our ahoae aiv ahewing th.?
most tltting thlnga for every type tt
room. Therefore, ona hns now ea i*aaah
opportuntty for careCul eholee here as lu
oth'.-r departnaenta ol hous.- ratwltwbliag.
"There ls abaolutely no exctiae. now for
buying conamonptaoa dealgna or ciajhing
types, smco tbe ;?hopa devoted to chan?
deliers, bracketa, ctc, are equlpped w;ta
a varlety to meet all taatos aad pur?*a.
All that la nec.essary i? for th? purchaaer
to uae aa much Judgment ln buyliia: tbiru
as ho usea ln aelcctlng rugs. hanjrlr.ga,
ete. considering the room whlcb ls to ba
lllumlnated, Ita ftiacdon, color niaera*,
alie. ahape, ete."
There la nothlng r.ew la thla ldea, only
lt la raxely brougnt to bear ln :hls ln
Postal Card Departments
All communicationa (and they are welcome) ahould be made by poeta?, aa far
aa it ia possible.
Recipes Tested and
Found Good
\ mclpea appearina tn theaa columaa hava
h?*n tested. ?,?..,
i. i-na ir?menta ara uned unlesa otr.er
m iaa ?:at*ii -__
? partmeat wll! h* alad to answer anv
Quaatlea Bubmntad t?' read'ra ana
? ? "? i'tii;.,r>- Bdtter, New-Terh Trib'in*.
M Naaaa i street
11 > aepertmeal wltl not b* n^p^njibia t<>r
v. . la ri- ' a -ivmpanled 6y
for return. Klndiy tnr.oaa stampa
ItliMlfl i"i :'rln?: Bti an?w?r by l?ti*r.
Wrlta ? onls ene alde of tha paper and aea
tha) aanr.a and addreaa axxompaai eaea tten?
bails maj be prepared from the left-over
roaal oi ateak "f yeaterday. To every
two cupful* of mlnced meat add -wo cup
f ila of aofl grated bread erumba BaaaoB
?maJI mlnced onlon. a scant t*a
aalt and a very acant haif
, fUl of aago, of thyme :md of
!?' >rm the whole Into balla
or rroquettea and fry them ln a frying
pan tlll covered arlth a rl.'h coat of
wlth a garnish of parsley.
; i f ualag thia mlxture h mea
green peppera or i.ik Bi
onlona may be atuffed wlth It and bak-d
ln the ovt-n. The oi.lons should t>e par
lolled h-fore baking atai part of thelr
interlor carefull) removod, Peppera fllled
v.iti, a aavorj itufflng ar* excellent if
. cooklng hai,', as green
Ilttle Julce, atul t:
llkel> to become too dry when they are
? ?:,. dlt" I lieat of thO ov. n
mied wlth bi ifflng, however, aeem
to be better for belng expoeed to ihe
.-at of th*. oven. The rank Juio.-a
and tiie aurface, lf basted fre
wlth fat or butter. becomea
brown and cruaty, bul not too dry.
MT ROA8T The aaaaoa'fl new wal
?k dleptayed ln tbe
,. be uaed to good advantaare In
a nut roasi a \ i'ireiarlnn'8 aubetltute for
meat ll taBtea remarkkbly llk* a meat
[oaf, Add a very acant tablespoonful of
,alt, a sr.it.t teaapoonful of pepper and
, eai ii of satc-. thyme and para
!,., to a quart of *crate<l bread erumba
n ln a acant cupful of mlnced
and moteten the whole wlth a
Uttle miik About a thlrd of a cupful la
... in i ded. The exaet amount de
penda on the softneaa of the erumba tiie
aofter the erumba tlu leaa miik needed
r . .ui. enough lo hold the loaf to?
gether; too much will make tt soggy.
Bake it ahout one hour ln a falrly hot
oven or untll lt la brown on top and
to be thoroughly tion* It may >e
aerved elther hot or cold In sll.-es. and Is
ver> attractlve with tomato aauee.
ORANOE MARMAXaaVDE (by recjuest.)
- lt I.- too early in tlu* BOBaon to prepare ,
blttei orange marmalade, a* tiie Beviilaj
orangea, which are eapoclally used for the
are rarely found in market untll I
Pebruary and Mareh. Orange marmalade!
is aometlmea prepared from the ordlaary
Seen in t
, h. nam*a of Bhopa arheri ar'.. lea msn
l thia pagi irara aaan can be ebtamat]
bv sendlng a atatnped and addrassad ai i
,u ?.-?...? m if Khoaa ' New-York Mbune
To iBaura .i prompl reply, lha data uf pubii
.., ion ahoule ba glrea
Imported RanneJ ln man-. attractlve
coiora and deatgna haa beea reduced la
one stop ni 60 eenta a ja'd it la tweaty
aeven mchea a Ide.
ln the same abop, tlann-lette, in many
colora, Bultable for naaklag arlntar bath
robea and kimonoa is aelilng for II cents
a yard. _
Kimonoa of flannelette, all made and
neatly tlnlsh*d wlth plping of some plain
color, may be bounht at prlees ranglnK
from M ' ? ata aaeh to li 7G each.
Blouaea of ihlffon Cloth over etrlped
Bllk and UxOB, and tlnlshed Wlth a flne net
yoka nnd collar are 15 eit'h. Th-y may
ha had In blaek, two abadea of blue or
taupe. _
1'nlque and attractlve tailored whlt*
Unen ahirtwalata are made wlth narrow
tucka at taa Btdea They button at tha
letf wlth llaps ander which pass a wide
blai'k rtbbon Th" atOCk ls of blaek rlb
hon with a Unen turnovar and the ribbon
paaaea under the tlaps of the turn back
euffa They may ba booght for the mod
,.,,,,. prio ??? H 9S aaeh.
Pl itn.esa slips of messallne ln the llahter
colora, cut scant, but flnlshed at the bot
ewe*t orange wlth lemon Of gtapefrult
added to lmpart '.he desircd bittemeas,
but lt ls a poor aub-stltute for the bltter
orange marmalade prepared from genuine
Sevllle orange.*. In the followlng reclpe for
marmaiade two lemons are usod to every
dozen sweet oranges. Cut the oranges
and lemoBfl Into very thln Bllces, rejectlng
thelr aeede, and then cut tho sllcs int.)
thln atrtps. Add enough water to mak>?
seven pints. Lat lt stand cvernlght la a
covered bowl. The r.ext morning put the
mixture Into a pre^ervlng ketth
laln llnedi and cook the frult untf, the
rlnd ls tender. Then ald aavea pounda
cf th- best grannlatfd sugar. Let
slowly untll the rlnd ls tram ??
fr-|uently ahtle lt i- ? . '? -i i.
cooltng a llttl? ' ti a- Baucer. When lt ha*
acqutred a jeiijiike conslatency lt i
re;iriy. Take the kett'.e off the tir. whea
lt contentfl hnia rea he,l thia polnl and
let 11 becomi part.;. cool. Then poar the
maraaalada into jelly gtaeaea thal havi
heen BterlHaed Beal op when coM wlth
; aratfr,
Useful Household Tips
li.l* d*partrnent ml! pB) <?i
*\al al'ie for It* pur| ? *?? \ I I ?>?
Houae I lp? Departmenl, Nea -
V.irk Tribune. So IM n ?*a. j - ? ?
CARPETB.?To remove greaae Bpota from
01 tuga Bcrape a small btock of
magnesta with a knti> tato Baa p'.wdr:
gnd apread on the xt-ease ipot s? that tt
covera lt eatlrely. Rub it In a llttle and
let lt mund overnlghl Remove It the.
t) wlth a clean whiskbroom and
the IDOt wlll be gone ii A J
Vau Neat, N. Y
Sew a larg? sl/.'d p< arl button to one cor?
ner of the dlabcloth to nse when neces
sary ln BCiaplBI obetlnate purtleles from
liates. J- B
liiooklyn, N V.
p:it.-To clean a dna coffee pot atralner,
rub lt thorOUghly wlth eait, then rlnae
lt well M"S M. K. R.
Stajnford, n f
Si'ALKS ON PALMI -Four or t\r*?
diops of caator oll allowed to tnokle
doun Into the heart of the ralm wlll re?
move the BcaJee. Apply on<e> a week.
Yvash ln luhewavm ?oap aude and rlnse la
cold water **? **? 0?
Mount Vernon. N. Y.
Daily Bill of Fare.
BREAKFABT.? Frled homlny. brolled
rahes liver. baked potatoea, Fr*nch
bread, , offee.
LUNCHEON OR sri'i'liU.-i'onwinime,
rodtlsh cakea, gherkins. e^g biaculta. pre
served Mraw herrles, cake, tea,
DINNER ?Oyatara on tha half ahall,
roast pork, apple sauce, maahed yellow
turnlpe, potato croauettea, peach ple,
Amerlcan choeae, coffoe.
he Shops
tom wlth a pteated rultle ma) >'e pui
ihus?d for H*f each.
Flne linen hheets are belng aotd at
greatly redi.i prlcea ln one Urge shop
The prloa for a pa:r of -dngle bed aheets l
to 50. A palr of the doubh- bed BUM COBU
The filrnv. little knitterl wool ri "epel
cera" that give Just the aeceeaary added
warmth to thi- br.-akf.ist coatUUM these
Bharp auturnn mornlncs are |! ,-ach.
Xeat nttie baadbaga ln tha n?-w popular
flat ahape are being aold ln ona simp ior
ti 96 aaeh. They are of pin aeal
Little carved aauadlewood fana ihat make
approprlat" ani grai eful favora ar.- o"
centa each In one ahop.
.fardlnleres and fern dlehea of dark
brown wlcker are beglnnlng to vle la
favor wlth the bra<-. ones. In a ahop
whlch makea a Bpectalty of them the\
may be bought at prices ranging up from
75 centa up_
4)ur proeeaae* prolong Ihe llfe of Kug*.
Carpet*. llTaperle*. \Ve Hmiu- tbesfl cio.
ou?hi>, te*tnre thMr flfll ,r*. r*nil?i thrna
The f hos. j. stewart co.
fl'wa.v. see. H'lh Haj >? Y. Phon* HS94I Hr.ant
Erlr,' t or. Sth Sta., ,l*r*e? 4 IIj. Thoae IM.
41 year*' experlence.

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