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Xrtolloxk ttribunr.
tvesday. ? ?
Ovaed and puMiahM daily ?>?**?. T,\
Aaaoelatk.1 \n] sJcre
11 Ret -.ddreBa
? xiulldina. No. 158 Nasaau aireev.
IPTION R.\TF.S-P.y MaO. PostacB
Pald. out.>.l,t< o' <;r( at-r N*xv Yora. 70 (
. 4 on
' ". 4
: .
i ? Bjonth.j 3 oi)
.[ .
a r.( . ? ? -,
Buaday only, e!x montha." ? r)0
. ??
ra Babeerlpllona to ?"????23aB*b"
Unlversa ? '? ?-?'??* i'0""*"0
OOO month... I1.B0 "" r?ar.aax-aw
Btd rr.t.nths.$307 | OM V*'.?**?
One rr.onth.$1 Oi Ona year.S12.28
One aaeatl I BB Ona rear.fio.os
One aaeath... | BB year.B4J.00
Bl MD Y ONl.Y:
One month.8 .TB On* year.18-58
Rnteretl al tha Poeteglce al New Tork aa
v itttr
Our renders will confer a favef hr advls
tng ua wh*a thej ar.- unable to pr
eopy e? The Trlbuna from their rewa. ?' ?r.
me. Clrcalation ncpartmen'.
According to hla own teatlmony Mr.
. i >;? ... ra* a Baul among
iho campalgn rontrlbutora. Ho atood
ind Bhoulders Rbove all the rest.
glvlng $450,000 In 1904 to the Parker
: wlth the li"!"1 of electlng
a Democratic l'n ' Blmply in
uable the Democratl ? N'a
Comroittee to prescrre appear
ances. No more heroic glrer tr? a loat
;.,:-?* haa been brotigbl tn llght by the
excursions of the Clapp InTestlgatlng
Mr. Ryan'a theory of givlng la alao
entitled to nnlque rank. He testlfied
tbai ln the eonrae of the eampalg
ioini.il nomlna
tion be gave betvt - f~5,000 and
rraon fund Bnd more
130,000 i" the riulcrvrood fund.
rraon nnd Mr. I'nderwood
ho rlvals for the n
v eaat they protested tbey
ind tbe managi ra
thinklng bla nomln I r ibable,
, ouM nol bul bi '? red ,!' '"
il'aj cause weakened by b large
contribution to tbe coffeii
cnmpiiign committee from a
frlendly to them. But Mr. Rynn'si
mlnd doea nol move along thal klnd |
... tr:i<k Hc wna Jusl aa willing
to flnance all the other candldates. ' I
"waa not asked to uld Mr. Clark or
?Mr. Wllst ii." be said,
given them asslstance if it bad
i-i Wntteraon waa rigbt when
be told the Wllson managera last win
? lf they appiled to Mr,
thej would not come away empty
Tbe Wllaon people wen
plclom of '- ? ? tlp and dld n I
acl npon It. Ht vv Spenker Clark'a
board i to bear of
ofll |>y Mr. Rynn'a bei ?
procllvltlea bas nol yel been sel down
aa veracloua hlstory.
The Ryan ?f campalgn giv
Ing, if earrled to a logieal eoneluslon.
woold make it easy t4i return to tbe
llfe In politlcal manag
jf hc had contrlbuted between tSO.miO
and $100,000 to all fonr of the leadlng
Democratic candldates tbey would
have been relativelj no bettei i
- thelr phaneea agalnst one an- j
other than lf be had refralned alto
getber frora contributlng. The
apenl wonld bave beneflted those arbo
apeul it, bni would really bave helped,
no one of the candldates more than ,
any other. it waa "academlc" -
ootlng ln the alr for thi
pleaeure of ahootlng. lt may be Mr. .
Ryan's auhtle purposo to ptmh the ens-;
tom of politlcal Bubscriptlon to a '
reductio ad abturdum, If :tll gtvera
ompelled to give equally to all,
candldates tliere would booh be nol
need or laws ti> restraln excesslve
campalgn i
Mr. Bryan baa a*iitten for ;i syndl
i of newspapera a strlklng artlcle
,itt the advantagca of llmiting tbe ten
ure ??: tbi Presidenl to a alngle term.
ii. baa aumaiarlzed the argumi
whkb led hlm, aa the power behlnd
the throne at Baltlmore, to Insert ln
tbe Dei ?? l platform a
rieclarntlon pledging the partj
Presldentlal cand le to the t
term principle. Ile edlt for
havlng (Ume somethlng thougfa nol In
ti 4- beat way, for tba Blngle ?
should be iengthened to aii years 14,
forward an lmportant constltuti
reform, aad hc nndoubtedly ezpreaaed
bJa own alncere eonvictlon wbea lio
wrote the Other dl
ma is ripe, therafore, for an
nmendment ta the Ci natltuttOn a
atrengtben our Prealdenta by re
raovtng th.- temptatlona thal n
wi aa, and tlc part)
the way to thia lmportant change. it
to llmlt the Prealdent to n
thal when be takea hla
. of oflice he will have nuthlng be
I -,:? i ? perfi rmaa of bla
dutles? no aml ? Bure
: by fldellty to the
publlc weal.
it weakl, bowever, greatly strengthen
Mr. Bryan's Baajerttoa thtl "tho Deino- j
"cratJc party leeda the way to thia
"importnnt chaage" ?f no coniii qnotej
flie DeaxfOCrttk eanrHdate for Trevl ,
ddBl ns Caivarlng tt. He innnot do that. |
evii) after tbe heart-to hi"irt and
lirother-to-lirotlier rommunton whleh '
he rec-4-ntlv had nt I.incoln ^>ftli QtYl
araor WUsoa The bittat aatd m hla '
>I)f'4'4'h of ui'i-eptani'e that "a rlatforni (
is nut a programme," ntul ns the <nii
illdtite o| the DetDOefxUk party Mr.
Wllson has thuB far avolded Commtt
tinp hlmself to anythlng whatsocver
In th?? national platform. The best
that Mr. Bryan can do ls to s,rv: "(iov
"ernor Wiison Ifl p'ed^'ed by his plnt
"form to n slnude term." But there
remalns tiie p* rtineut qtiestl.in, "Will
"he Naaaaajae the valldliy of I pledge
'made on his Is-luilf tboajt which be
"wna not cfmsnlte<l nnd ln which be
"may not persoually LelieveV"
U would be slugular, if Mr. Wilsou
realtj apfKoved thc alngle terua thaory,
thal ba shoulil refralii from exi reaalng,
even privately to Mr. Bryan, hl- -.";
ractton that tbe Democratic party had
pul blm in :i poelUon, if elacii
a new pre edeni In American ; ? M Ica
Dlag to I.widered
aa b candldata for leaomlnation bal
alao actlvelj working to secure a con
atltnUonal ?mendment maklng hla n>
itton Uupoaalble. vVh? sbouldn I
b idly lead in the dlrectlon ln
which ili" Democratic pnrty elalms to
be leadlng?
Mr. Bryan aeama Mraself Bl ? lo"
in anawer tbat questlon. Before be
writei another Brtlde praltlng the
actlvlty ot the Democratic party ln
nshering In a dealrable coiiatltutlona]
reform be ougbt ai leaal to get ? few
word* of Indoraement and syi
from tbe Pemocratk nominee f""'
ent 11 Mr. Wllaon is agalnal
tbe alngle term, whal wlll l( bare
proflted Mr Bryan to bare written a
repadiatcd prlneiple lata a sbletracked
platforml _______
Being prodded by Governor Dlx, the
l lttle Falla auUiorltiea perrnltted
Sociallsts i" epeak ln tbe local parkj
and nothlng ontoward bnppened. A wi ,
, t- nerj wordi were Bpilled. bul no
i waa si."l. I-. iplte of all the
authorlti ? stupldly dld to make tbe
?:,...- v.. rse there waa no rioting
Bnd no vlolence. Probably tb<
chance of it now thal tbe Soclallst*
. ibeir s:n. Tbe resull nh
how empty were tl," feara which the
Mayor and Sheriff entertalned of the
? 0f permlttlng the itrlkera tn
ln pnblic and Iteten to tbe
Soclalists. Thesc ofBrlala bave done ? I
laat under preaaure of pnblic i
what if they bad been aenaible ilioy ,
would bave done o\ Brrt.
But the Governor and tbe Bherlff
havea't settlcd the eonstltutlonal ques
. between them. li la to be boped
when the caae agal I Mayor Lunn for
trylng to speak witlwut o permit
oomea up ln court lt wlll I ?
nougb to obtnln an autl
ontrol wl
hi re ' vor gathe
I ab lo Bl eeta aud pnrks. The qu?
... |j hold such n
,nBg . ittempted al Llttle l alls
la going to arlae again and again
-.-.i-y to flnd oul
police maj forbid them withotil rlolal
Ing ? (Hutional
Mr Rooaevelt never Ind
? Bigm
: ? ' '
it wus ''' ' ? ?'
The aorl i-f redpro" Itj Mi
? R tO RiVI
Mr Ri
idea. The sorl ol re- Iproclty Mi
worked out against the farm -
facl Mr Roosevelt dld no
He hns- rondemned it unsparlngly ?1
The New York Pl
Thc attempl r>f Mr R
to nroviKe feellng
,unl of Canadian n
,f tbe moat dlsrredl
. ,-au.
agalnst blm. Tbe plea thal Mr. <
? r aa fooled Into aupporting ]
an agreemenl and tbat he nevi
,!?. arrangemeni wblch waa
.lutely without found
Into the agrei ?
Mr. Tafl con inlted Mr, Roosevelt fully
aboul tbe detalla of the pendlug nege
tlatlonii nnd dlacussed Ita effe
agrk-ultore aml tbe objectkma which
mighl be raleed on tho very grounda
on whlcb Mr Rooaevell de loum ed II
? i of the border
[n r- i'.y. Mr. Rooaevell on
January 12, 1011, wrote:
[ at t M>b
it Wltb the
Ti.tth...'.;" edltora. . . . It seems to
. . ! ? ?!,;,? y. te do With
-. ?m every atand
polnt, l flrmly belleve ln frea trade
wlth Canada for both ?
. is. As y i: aay, I
cosl la BUbstantlall) Ihe same ln the
. that yi u are amply
by tha platform Whetber
will accept such reclprocltj I
? ot know, bul 11 la greatly to y me
. ?? u to make the i ffort. lt may dam
..,,. i;.;, ib ly for h whlle,
the i ''
klo wool.
vou propoae.
Bul this waa nol all. if it were
[ght be a -me gronnd for say
ing that the approval wai iia*-*'il on Im*
;???. The agr<
ncludeil pursuanl t<> this udvlce
and waa lubmitted to Congress on
January 20, 1911, and on thal aame
a aumroary "f 1,s i'r"N Moria waa
Ished. An anlmnted debate ln and
oul of Congress followed, and every
detail of dutj rbanges became publlc
property, and svery objectlon to tho
mearare, on tho gronnd thal lt wai
nnfalr to tho farmer nnd on other
was brougbl forward. Yet.
wlth all thal Informatlon before blm,
knowlng exactly whal he waa dolng,
I ebruary 13, the very night before
tho measure was to come to ? vote In
the Jloti^o, Mr. Rooaevell tbua heartlly
commended it la b apeech al tna Re
pnbllcan Club:
I want to ua' how plad I am to hear
;n whlcb the club has to
night reeponded to the two appeala
,1 tho hands of
? denl Taft, i':'th In hla eff"its to
Ity wlth i 'ar-.'iila and In
nre the fortlflcatlon "t
ii,, t anal And In nddltlon
to what haa been said about reclproclty
with Canada, i would iik'1 to make thi
polnt: lt Bhouid alwaya be a i iriiina!
polnt in our forelgn policy to eetabllah
il ;,n'l most friendly relatlona
of etrual raaped nnd advantage v.-uh
out greal nelghbor on tr.e north. And
i h ill thi raciproi Ity arrangemeni be
repn aents an affori to brlng
? ?! cloear, n more Intlmate, a more
nrlendly relattonahip of nuituni advan
tasro .n equal torrns between Canada
aml the Unlted ?tataa.
Nor did Mr. RtMWevelt BtOp thoro.
Oofaffaai ndjourn.-d without BCtlOfl bf
t!io Sonato. A spi'cia! session wus
cnlli'd. Baal aftor flaOtaj di'lmlo, with the
full provislons of tho Mgreonient hoforo
tho pulilio ln both coUBtlies and with
iptclflc iiHTisuros to carry it out bafora
both CVMagreaa ami thi' Ottawi Parlla<
mont, tba Hoajae ajniin paKHcd tho hlll
?in Aprll 21, 1911. In "Tba Mturday
Evailtng I'ost" for Aprll 99 wus BO nu
thorizod Intorvlow wlth Mr. Roosevolt
nommendlag the BajiajeneBl Ib the
Btrongest terms.
To say thal Mr. Rooaevell dld nol
know wbat he waa eommendlng, bul
waa atrenuoualy flgbtlng fora meastire
whlch bad been before the world for
montha wlthoui tbougbl or study, ls at
to discredll bls IntelUgence and
hia leadenblp. Tho Progressive cam
palgners ahoald not make Ibelr leader
rldiculous. Mr. Rooaevelt'a nnsparing
rondemnation ot tbe aori of rerlprocity
Mr. Tafl worked out was reserved
till long after the questlon waa settled
So tiie colonel !a ri norted to be bav
Ing dlfflcultj in "getting bwbj wlth lt"
ln the case of Mr. George W. PerklM
and, worse atill, even to entertatn
doubti of his Bblllty to "gei away with
But what is t'i become of tbe colonel,
excepl of coorse as an blstorlc ebarac
ter on Bcconnt of his pasi aervlees, lf
tbe veneratloo of his capadty for Mget
. a iv wltb it" ahall dlsappear from
the earth? By provlng t<>o groat a
welght even for iho colonel to carry
Mr. Perklna wlll make his nme secure.
Bul lt was bound i" come, y>>u can
"gel away wlth it" wltb all of tbe peo
I !.? aome of tha time and wltb somo of
tba people all of tha ttme, bul yon
ran'i "get away wlth it" wltb all of the
people all of the time, BtpeclBlly if you
attempt to "get away wlth" Mr. George
\v. Perfcii s.
ls tho referendnm hlll to approvi tho
i^?'io of $80,000,000 of atate bonda f?r
hlgbway constructlon eonstltutlonal?
This questlon hns been ralsed by the
nerretary of the Board of Trade and
Transportatli n because the state con
st it ut ion. Sectlon 12, Article VII, Ifl
taken us; forbidding the Issue of blgh
way bondi In aildltion to tho $50,
000,000 now aiifiiorizod. when lt saye:
"Tbe ntrgrozato of tho debtfl nuthori/od
?by this sectlon shall not at any one
"tliv.o exeeed tho ium Of f50.000.000
ectlon contalnlng tbesa worda is
tbe one adopted In 1906 maklng irpeciaJ
proTlMloa for tbe Issue of hlgbway con
.'t , tii a bonda, and II l?.nlended
hj -i .-.- who say fnrtber horrowlng ls
now iT.possible thal I " debt
... :i:t'r prnvision auperaedes, bo f;"'
rowlng money for bigbwny pur
general pro
vlaiona of He< llon 4. Article VII.
Thla vi'-\. lo I e mlstaken,
Sootion 4 ot Article VII p
regular way ln whlcb debts may be
created bj ilic state for ??
lir purposc*. it requlrea tbnl debl
rreating ai I - of the !?? gislature sball
beapi.d by popii
takinc ??!*"" r Pection l-' provl
ptlon lo '
t.ase of hlghwaj bonda up to
. ,,... ... lature la allowed
iOO.OOO withi ut ?
Ing popular approval of I
tborixin r l ?
the Leglalature to create a certain debl
which the I - ':
nol rreate without popular aunotlon.
[I limita tho amounl of debl whlch
Ihe Legislature acting Ind ndi
, ., ,,-, ate. II do - nol I
from ti.. i "_? iture anj pow??r wiii'-h
it forroorlj wlth r< -
creatin confera ad
md llmlta tbui addl
tional power.
rpUp ... ? wbb-h
relian' ? l by those \\li" thlnk
a Idltional borrov Ing '
eonstltutlonal la nol a restrii tlon upon
the amounl thal may be borrowed for
hlgbway eonstructlon, bul a reatrii'tlon
,.ii tbe amounl thal ma) be Iwrrowed
by the Legtalarure without a referen?
dnm of the debt-oreatlng acta I the
I.,,;.!.. It llmlts, nol the amounl tbnl
may be ral the amonnt tbat
may be ralai d In u b].ia] v. II
ptlon whU'h blghway
fuinis maj ?'ii ?"> from tbe operatlon of
Co general rei trictlona upon tu? crea
tion of utate debts. The verj. fncl
that there \n i llmil 11 >?.*>>*>'> to
the fund- whlch may be borrowed
nnder Sectlon 12 is proof positlve that
it was never Intended t" bave I
tion supersede Sectlon 4 as regarda
blghway debts, Tbe atate never
meanl to leave ltself, whon thal
$50,000,000 wbb authorlzed and the
' bonda bad yean to run, wltb no rni
of carrylng on tbe work of blghway
Tho r.aikan war afforda another
nt'riklng lllustratlon oi the parados
that whlle n on li proverblall) tbe
.. ..f war," Ibi '?. of II never re
sir.iins natlom whlch want to flght
t four of the iive presi
? h bave for ye ira been "ajioUlng
for a flght," and noa thej are ai tuallj
al it, and yel thej are all In poor flnan
dal condition and largely dependent
i ii|niii other natlona fnr loa
Tho Rscal tribulatlonfl of rnrkay
have been a byword of the world for
many yeara, and ahe Ib by no meana
from tin in now, although Bhe baa
I made progre.-*, ii, tl.al dli'i-'-iluii. Ilor
forelgu indi-i'ti'uii's- aiuountH to
; $3Mi,(J00,000, nearly all of II al i par
cenl Intereat, and all of it excepl i
? iitiy quoted 'ii the
' rnarkei below par?from (?!? down to 77
Bulgaria baa oul bond-, amountlng to
Inearlj 1*82,000.000, al 8, ,"i ami i>_. par
cenl Intereat, an.i ranglng on tne mar?
ket bofniv 'ln- v\.ir began at from 98
down to 88 tt li Intereatlng to "ii
nerve thal Bulgarian (Ta rank below
? Tiirkisii 4'a B< i Ui owaa aboul $00,
OOOjOOO, on whlcb ahe paya 4 per cent,
land hor bonds wera recently quoted al
- ? Montenegro baa forelgn obllgatlocia
[of oul] $1,290,000, luenrred leaa than
three years ago, Bl 4 par cent A few
I inoiiths ago they were quoted it 92,
Ibut sitvo Montenegro began llghtlng
Turkey they bave fallen lo 87.8
Graaca baa forelgn debta of naarl]
$162,600,000, al 24V 4 and .'. p- r cent,
rooenti> quoted al from 98 down to 4:t.
In theso clrnini^taiico^ the poaelbll
Ity of BBfvjiing furthor loans for tho
prosooiitlnn of tho wnr boCOfDOl a lilgh
]y lltBUBtlllg fOplC of spi'oiilation. lf
I sooins oortniii fhut inori' inoniw will l>o
I needed by all tba rlghtera, lf the wai
: continuea end is devalopad ta bh) eon
BjderaMe aataat. Tbe greal powaia
I'niiid nfakablj prevenl than from got
tlng it in tho Buropean Laoaay Luaritet,
lf thi'.v sau Ut so to do; and if would
jhe qtiite laglesJ ff>r them, aftor rteclar
j ing ln adrance their Btrong aiaappiwal
Of any brCBCh Oi the peti.e. to refus*
the mi-nns for wagug war. ret it is
j not a oommon thlng tha to Bhiat "p
Isotirces of supply. nnd lt will not be
Borprlatng lf the battltng -rates flnd
| somewhere nll the fnnils tliey ne^d for
[maintalnmg their armiei tn the rieid
tiiiti: the confilcl reachea a mlfltary
Mr. Stil/.er Is now jb:i intr to give the
good look at the man who, rs
Spoaker. was. h'Mped by 'that >rr,?;it
statesman. Rlchard Croker," and aa
(lo\ernor expe'ts to be helped by that
other grent statesman. Charlea F.
Talklng aboul "angaW in the penm
iary .sense, what's tha matter with
Thomaa P. Ryan? And most of it. too.
just for the bonOT of the party ln a
mmpalem which be knew was. alnvuh
loat! N'n. not a mere angi'l, but an
The nrr<k? aeeoaa the Turks of tis
ir;cr tynhold and cholera germa an rau
)iiti4ms of war, and the Turks charge
the Moctanagrlna arlth n '"k dmndum
bulleta, ii will probabl ? jmlicioua
ln balleva neither.
If Fliram Jr.hnson fllls all of Colonel
Rooeevelt'a apeaklng t-ns'nKftriert.s f<>r
tho rost of the campalgn it ts to he
thal he will mend tbo oratorleal
inanritr'.- which he re, ently dlaplayad;
else thi ra will be "too much J' I
with a vengaanca
The rnrrier pitreons whlrh bave Just
flown from Niapara Paill tn NOW York
in from -'1x and a half to eeveu honrs
remfnd nmbltimis aviators thnt h!1 thelr
aaroplanefl hava not rot m.idn this a
blnlless age.
"I am n propre=slvo," nays Judere
Parker. Ryan belleved ln hls progres
slvetif";s to the cvtent of $450,000.
A romet ha* beon dlseov?red. F.vl
dently trylng to maintaln the reput.i
tlon of eometn for mmln!r In yeara of
uar ntni trouble
Tho death ..f W. B. Heyburn bas
alven .'-'i opportunlty to appolnt a
I'nlted Btatea Banator to a Democratic
? , ,.;? ;1 !?.. nui itcan itate. Tha
iltuatlon ar n ntly In afalne
and lt North Dakota. it mlghl arhw
I 0 v laaachuaetta. Conn I
fork, Nea Jeraey nnd On-gon, tn
which Btatea there nro Democrat
legfsl turaa I
.. ? ? f,.r charlty i' bad *nmia;h.
tag day" f-r polltli..: purpoaaa
would bo ui Mayor ?
ls rlght tn. t:. ! Barnlnat
,nd fun.l i
? ' ' '
. ?? | Wllson <\<< ' tnlua
thal ' ? r*e*nt
I tha i ountry.
m rrom Ni'* ?'? i ?'>? i; ?-,
all in ...in' Dld not hla <
? ,1 the ?'?! i-' and
arquaim l
. hla 1 ? ' <"<>'* ?
. i that th-, never I
? ?-'? ' "I'h '??"'
, . , .tat.mentB In Slr BMney
d Ifamoir ot King hd
I . Blog
?.,? contradlcted by
who wntea m "The Port
? , ; ? ??? on the lata Klnr? ehar
Bcter and petsonaMyl Tbe contradlctlona
,ppl, rhlefl} to th* depreeial m ot thi
I r dlptomacy an.l Intellectual
leeta Here ls one of Mr I^egga'a atoriea
? \- ;..,,! -i.-HhiI. n. In tha ot I <l ?' " Kli <c
Brd often uaed to make purchnaea et
- hop and bV a :?" l chata v-l'h
. or thrica In Bno
.a ti'?>n prli. had ?? Id
.u-,., . , | an to !"?? ln L*?ndon come
a ? Tl - time arrlved when tba
Bnced to '?' la London on I
sll bla <''"ira?!:e, ba
! i^ft : . ,-t Mariboro .< h Houea, not
. x|- etlng to gal anj ("> the
following da| ha r.-~*l\*d nn Invltadon
,,, ,. ?. three daya at Baadrlni
terlng tl * room Into which he
' waa shown, he ??? graetad moal amlably |
by ti." prtnoe, who praaantad hlm to 'My
t v if,. the prtnoeaa; my brother, tiie Dnke
of Bdlnburgh, ami my arother'a arifa.'"
h* dldn'l climb tho hllla of fama,
,(? pi thi mlddle aTOun I;
.-!.-. i I natr.it
.; n. fn .mi
, .., |... ... ? , i in\" and h" was koixI.
Ai .1 tl.i ?'? I' I ? !'f' : ? '"'' r Bt"od
i .i n froni o every I '
hla wife if rou would know
d ti t '-;??
An I to hla Ilttle children go,
\ ik them how daddy playea.
Ami then go aak ln* nvigi li ?ia, lo. .
And li.-.ir thi in - ng hla | raii - .
I te|| ...ii ii" a ia Kir.fi and true,
That h mor marhed his araya.
,;,. ttneaa is not by aumbera told.
aiwaya wrltten down
, . all that a gold
,.- noi Into t crown
Bu men "-- ^,"' ?M <1,v v '
.,r,ii klnd ..nd true
and" ..'I thelr baal. ajoag UWa way
?????-""""LrStroli rreoPreaa.
M?? wae aorcbaee Binall couatry weah
,y newapapera not lnfrequently ^???>;
'.",r.. l0 roll op tbeli ?learaa and do the
Such b man. a Bctitchman, waa
racently mentloned by B. W iniler ol
Ottawa in ? wnen a erowd of wrltara
a-ere relatlng eaparlancaa thay had had.
Thia man aecordlag to Mr IjUlar, taraad
t? tha managlng adltor-wha wanl ddwn
,,, ,. adltorlal room ut I eV.k avaiy
mornlng, by tbe aray, wrote out tha aa
algnmaau for tha day and than s-eot
.,,- ,,, eover thara and said h? bad no
tlced a iniunin af ,*waa Mt JoklaaH la
ti...r papera, and trtonght it would he
well if hla aaw paper earrled aoeh a
column "But whera,'' ha aaked, "oaa i
get a mon to trrlte 'amf Tha nwaaglai
-.1 that lha owner, belng
:1 a-rtta -??? n !1 oolumn Mnaaalt
? \ . ? aald tha owaar, "i aaa i'm a hlt
'i.iisk u' tha i""- i oaa wrlta ap lha ????
Ml Mtth netleea, and ihe w.:e Mt deatliH,
ami ti,. araa Ml aaajrlagea, hul the ame
Wt Jok:, mnn. thot'a dlf-fee-rent. I can
write boony, but. i Jaka wl' Krcat ii4'*u
"Tlint jrlrl ha^ rejeited BM tl raa timrs,"
eoi Bded the dlacoaaplata youth.
"Wall," replied ni** Cayeane, "you
, fi, esteouragod A girl \sho win
i, ten lo three propoaala from the siun?
muai i ilnk 8onaaUitni af him."
Waahh gtoa Btar,
Wht:n thp affairB of a buslness concern
were wound up four Bjonths aKo bicaui*
of the .Itath of a partner a man whose
whlte halr made hlm luok much older
than he really was lost a g"Od posttion.
ji-> has. nppii-d at baadrada of placca
?lace then, but "we wlll take your aa
drees and let you know" was untll yes?
terday the beat reault Ha Hvea arlth hia
wlfe and two ehlldrea tn un apartment
house. and on operiin< hls door to *o on
tbe daily. almost hopeleas. hUBt f"r worK
be rnet the nian who oocuples an apart
meat on tha aame floor, but to whom he
bad never apoken. "I don't know whethor
lt waa the H-cker trlal or Koosevelt or
the weather," sald tho work aeekrr. "bul
wa rol talking about aomethlng and pree
r-ntlv I told my hard luek story. H*
neighbor gave me a rdnt. followed tt up
Wlth B BOod WOrd and now I am in
?ame bualnaaa nousa where ho is env
ploved. Funny: I looked all over for
work and found !t n*xt door ln a Harlem
"Good gradoua, you don't dare tojaend
out all that abuaa of the candidate, <io
' ?'.Si:r... I do. U'fl ?h "^?fB^?daS5iWTh?
us. i glve the Bbuai and he geta th<
iidvrrfisIrK" Cleveland Plaln I'ealer.
Neither Implies the Other, and a New
Party Does Not Mean Utopia.
To the Killfor of The Tribune.
.<ir: "rtogiaaelTe*' is a cotnmon enoutrh |
word. In general use. to convey a meanlng
Of movlng forward, Lmorovlng. It beln? ,
the eommon d< alri and effort of clvUlaed j
rnanklnd to progresa the adoptloa of the ;
term "Progreaslve" as the title of a polltl- ,
uty waa a elever and dtrect appeal
? imaglnatlon and aympalhy.
Belf-atyled Progreaalva party proposes
many cbanaee, but lt ls manlfeet that
. is not as a matter of courae,
.. i, ,.. .?? i,e qutte the c i
Real progreaa la probably more a matter
of erowth than of pronounced change,
Tha policy of tha Pregreaalva party i?
"Change." They would flrst reform the
polltlcal machlnery of the country by
('hanfflns? frorn Republlean aml
rrattc holmes to Progi'eealva boaBsa. Then
they would ehaaga the Conatltutlon: they
would change the laara regulatlntr bl?
bualnaaa: they would change the oppor
tunltlaa of llfe so that those who have
falled under old condltions may tuccced
under those promiaed. What aa aUurtng
promlso! Aud bacaoaa the Republtoaaa
to a'.ih.serll.e to th.-se chanses on
the ground that they are not tiuiy pro
, praetiral and belpful, they am
contemptuously dubbed non-progresslve,
-[-,,,. y,. | ,ii whlch tiie Pro
? - rely for popular favor in thelr
.... undertaka tl ? rehabllltatlon ol
. . ? At tba pi"
ple al all rula " Tha i omraon im;
,-.e i ten tt it tha pt ople of
... a ruled; t
raon aenas *r..i go d idi mi al ? ? lha
; I i tre pi
i properly aettled avery ;
whlch haa '
now told that we must cl uige; tl
nga l^s progresa, We
,-:?.. me poor old n, whli h haa
fldn Iratlon of the wi rld
model for othen. aad w<
for lt tba wlll ef tba majorltj the arbl
trary wlll, the uastabla arlll, the wlll for
? belng?wb< .'.igent or ln
I chlefl ' ?' ' i I
A rnoat Irnpnrtrint eha ? ?re t!:e
Un ? i .;- of th ? | oi la whl< h la to cura
ttie ii? st from ??t'r !"ili'1 *? " '
: _ la the l.dtlatlv-. r-fe:' n>: I ?
? I
to say:
. .
.:; tndlBcrlmlnatelv
?i. ? i proi
IM dis
iree, Mr Rooaevell
Il ? la hlm*
... thal
r.,a> not e-.t-utii.it.-. Tba
ibout reetoring tbe rula of tha
tba int
'.;. i patrli tlai i ? ?' f thla coun
? ? uigea -
Bl W !
weigh th. facti of propresa and Pl BB
whlch tha country haa expei ? '?
.,;..- tba Conatltutlon, the Republlcan
party and the proteetrva tarUf i aperieaea
m aspertment
Kew Vork, rvt 14 Iftt
Is It Only a Plewant Little Fiction
with Whlch We Ticklc Our Fancy?
To th- E 111 ?? of The Trll i
oir. The natht t" fraadoa of a|
on< of the guaranteea of the conatltutlon
which was ao learly won, and whlch we
Ameaicaas have alwaya prlde.i ouraelvea
-,\aa tho InallenahU right Ol everj cttt
?aa. Your news columns have racorded a
number of recent laetancea ..f t>:e denlal
of trtft apeech by offlclala ln vartoua ratts
of tho country. The happonlngB at IJttle
iralls. N. V . aftHiri call atteBtton tO the
grawtng tendwney to dtereaard thia ruada
rnental rlabt Tha Trlbuae haa alwaya
fouRiu any encroaehments on our oonatl
tutlonal rlkjhts, Hrd I am BUTB vou wlll
uphold them in tirs Inetanee.
Her- in tba Mayor "f faheneetady ad?
dreaalng an audience of about forty
people In broad aaylight, r.ot on a bnsy
thoroughfare, where traffle mUht be ob
atructed, but in a park. where the night
before, tbe ll'ill Ifooeera had he!<! forth.
Tha t lloa order htayer i.unn to stop
Bpeaklng, although there is no si?n of
dlaorder und no apparenl escuaa for the
?? |fr. i.'inti quotaa tha
Conatltutlon and defanda hla right to
apeak he is arraatad and draggad to a
ri-;t: .'iii. Another Ltoeiallat, ta a??
clergyman, whlla reading from tba Blble
,-,t a park m'.rir.k' is b1 o ..i led f.?r t.)
raaaon whatever scept hla polltlcal be
it La Just iu b thal
ereata lawleasneea Othar ofllclala, aeelng
how llttle iidn thera la la thi pra
BUch th'.mis occur, art- emboldened lo uae
slmllar metlmda ln BfJenctng th< I
oppoaa thelr vlewe, or at tha Ald ition of
,-i few powerfol men. A fundami ntal
ri*rht of a Law-abldlng dtlsen th? Ifayor
Of a laure cltN' h ifl i.n vtcioi
taeked. Hut thia \* oaly one of a number
of alnillar oocurreaooa Whlch bave re
illved hut llttle att'-ntloll. Th.'3(3 OUt
ragea should call forth .i stronj? protest
from every love* of treadoai and Ameri
i-nn democracy. lt should br- UapeaBtUfl
ln thla day to gMBStlOn B man'a rlKht to
free api BCh, IVa must afhrm our faith In
thi>se , onstltutlonal ffuarnnteea Whleh, we
ri.iim, mak" thla tha land of the free.
"They have rlRhts who flare matnt.i'n
taeaa." 1. i> IfACKBNZIS.
New York, Oet. IS, hUt
To the Edltor of The Trlhune.
Slr: I nm a dally raadat of The Tribune
and do wlah th.it lt would copy from
WoodreW Wllaon'a book an article Hhow
lnj< hla lo\o for the forelffn populatlon
when he sald that the Chlnese were the
flaaat deslruble tmmlsranta we had, or
u,?rda tr> that eftVct. Representatlve
llodenburs. of llllnois, I thlnk, called at?
tentlon to lt.
liatUntti. i-'vuu.. U?U iV, Iftt
People and S
Mr. and Mrs. C OttVOf Iseltn are due to
arrlve ln New York to-day from Europe.
They will ba at the Bt lOtfs tor a short
stay before going to thelr place at Alkeu.
S. C.
commodorc and Mrs. Klbrldge T. <",. rry
ara book*d to sall from B8?glaad for New
York tO-morrOW. They went abroad early
|n P^ptambar, after apaadiag the aummer
Bt NVwport.
Mlaa IBahal Atterbury, daughter of Mra.
Lawlfl H. Atterbury, wfB be marrled on
Dt-ccinber I to l>> Hoy Mlller.
Connt von Bernatortt, the Oerman Am
baaaador In Waahlngtoa, and the Couat
aaa von Bernatorfl ara due to arrlve m
New fork t-.-day on the Kaiserin Au
guste Victotia.
Mr and Mrs. Newbold K<!gar have re?
turned 10 the clty from Southampton.
Long Island, where th<?y spent the sum
ni.r, and BXe at the Hotel IMmont.
I Plr .l.?hn Frt-nrh has returned
t? the dty from the vVeet and is at the
Mr and Mrs. Stuart Dnncan will come
to town at the end of th,- month from
Ni.wport. Mrs. Duman returned from Bu
rope a fortnlBht ago, after sp-ndlng six
weeka abroad. ,
Mr and Mrs. WlllUm H. PalCOnar have
r.-turn-.l to the dty frotn l.ak<. Mohonk
arnl are at thelr ItOttBe, No. 701 Madis.m
Mr and Mrs. M. Orme Wllson are due
to arrlve ln New York to-day on the Kal
*rr Wllhelm der tJross*.
Mrs H*rman n. Duryra, who haa been
abroad throughout the summer. will ar?
rlve ln New York to-dav on board the
Kaiserin Auguste Yictorla.
Mr. and Mra. W, A. 81ayback left town
y*sterday for Pcsadena. Cal.
Mr and Mrs. WUllaai H. Tew have re?
turned to the clty for the winter from
Westburv. Long Island.
Mrs. Adalr salled from Emrlanrt for N*w
York on Paturday on th* larmania, and
H due here at tn... end ot the week. Mrs.
john U- MllhUrn is also a paasenger on
i tha aatne ship.
' Mr and Mrs. Lawraaea I> Oiil*sple are
bookad to sall from Kngland for New
foi k to-morrow.
! <*|r Goorpe AakWttb, K. C. B? <"on
Itrolltr Oeneral of th* I^bor ivpartment
of the Hrltlsh government and Its arr-i
trator ln an labor durputee, ar.d Lady
Ukwtth. Who ar.. nt th.) St. TteRls. wll
,.l for Europe to-morrow on the Maure
Mr antl Mra Oeorge W. aUkar, who
? of Mr and Mrs Ch
.. , ,. ,, ... B i ova, l*ong lalai -.
;for M :-,.,. thatr r*turn from hu
r,.,?. . a to Turfedo to Bpend the
? fall.
Mr nnd Mra V. Cmnd ITHatttavUle
Iwlli return <?> town at th.? end of tha
rrom Newi -tt. and wltl *p*nd the
j Mr | ?? xVllllam t. atenedlet have
?--., ,.f tti.-lr n*w houee, No.
-.?? iv, i Tl ? '? foimerly nvedat
? tiue.
..'. ,r i Frederlck .Tames,
WhO Bpanl a feW daya ln town. have re?
turned to th-'ir place at Nvack.
! ay Telearapb te Th4. Trttmna |
Newport. Oct tl.?The Outor rVvir.tain
Plablng Club, n.atle ur of several men of
tbe aoclal colony, had its annual meetlng
and dinner thia -vi>:,lng, and to-morrow
. -,...-.. Ita li.vh'.ng st-ason with
ocial Incidents
the annual competltlon for the A. Lanfeer
Norrie cup. now held by V.'llllain R.
Hunt -r. the president.
Mr. and Mrs. Willlam Storrs Wellt, Dr.
and Mrs. Willlam C. Rlves and Mr. and
Mrs. auattn L Sands hav eaaeed thelr
aaaBOn and have gone to New York.
Mrs Francis 8. Watflon. havlng con
cluded hfr visit with her slsfpr j^ra
Charlea IVhltney, has letuined to Hoeton.
Mra, Yatnlfrbilt la entertalnln* Mr. ar.d
Mrs. Wllliain B. Saepherd and Mlsa
Maude Q. Sheplierd, of New York, at The
M!*s Annie l>yman waa a luncheon en
tertalnt'r to-.iay.
\>r. and Mra. Klchard V. Mattison hava
returned te Ambler, Penn.. for the wln
t?r. havlng closed Busl.y Park.
Mrs J. I. W'ysong will go to New York
la BJOiroW. and Mr. and Mrs. H. Caslmlr
De RhaSB on Wednes.lay.
Mr. and Mrs Samuel i:. H-.nt'.ngt.on will
close their seaaon on ThurBday.
Mrs James J. Brown waa a dinner
hostesa at the Muenchlng* r King thia
I evenlng.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Olmstcad and MIbb
I oimst*atl have taken apartm*nts at the
| New ciiffs for aeveral waataa, Mr. and
Mrs. Alired 'i'mtkern aa hava tak*n apart
:i. nl ;it the sam* place for the wlr.ter.
'"Ht'tain l-'p-v of the Oerman t-ruliwr
trt&orta Lnlas gave a atag dinner aboard
lils ship *hls evenlntr, and hls guesta *.n
cttaded tho ranklng offlexrs of the army
and navy here.
I By Telaarraph to The Tribune. l
Lenox, Oct IL?Bntrlea for the i>noi
chryaanthemum show on Thursday and
Prlday cloaad to-day, and the dispiay
promlaaa to be iarge. In the department
for vegetables Mrs. Robert Wlnthrop and
Willlam B. 0. Fleld have offered ellver
cups for the best exhlhitB. Tho exhlbltore
inelnde Mrs. Wllliam l>ougIajB Sloane,
Mm Rob*rt Wlnthrop, Mra Morrla K.
Jeaup, Mrs. John B, Alexajidre, Mra
Willlam B. O. Fleld, Charlea Lanler, Rob?
ert W. 1'aterson, Hptncer F. Bhotter actt
Olraud Foater.
Mlaa Nancy C, Wharton, prealdent of
the Lenox Improvement Soclety, haa ap?
polnted Newbo'.d Morrla, Dr. Henry P.
Jaques and George B. Blake a committee
to act wlth tho Laurel Hlll Aasoclatlon,
of Stoekbrldge. In ae<njr1ng leglaiatlon to
rrevent the pollutlon of the Housatonlo
River by BBWaga*
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ross W. WhlBtler will
close Hlllslde eottage on next Monday
and ball for Kurope on November I,
Mr. and Mrs. t'ortland Field BlBiiop and
Miss Beatrlce Blshop salled on Saturday
from Kurope for New York. They are ?x
p?cted ln Lenox on Frlday.
Thara were many depaatavea for s>w
York to-day, Including Mr. and Mra.
(Ji-irx* M. Boardman, Mrs. Ctfcartea Stew
art ftn.lt.h and Miss Mary C. Phelpa, who
| have heen wlth Mr. and Mrs. Rol art W,
! Pataraotti Mr aad Mrs. Bayard C. Hop
I pln, Mrs. John K. Alexandre and the
Mleaea M CrvtMee and Anna. Alexandre,
j and Mr and Mrs. .toward C. Dlckl
Mrs Joseph W. Burden ha* cloaad I'n
Ider Ledga and wi;i return to n?w
I to-morrow.
Mr and Mrs Qet -?-?? V. Bakeff art traV
| eiiing in the Berkahiree,
Arrivlng at the Haplewood, Plttal
i to-day ware Mr and Mrs. Horace Bt
kflaa E3eanor Brown, Mr. and Mra I
. Jamea W. Taylor and Rob
I'-'.-rkin, of New YorK
Mt. and Mrs Loula [aelln, Mr
i". Talmaga, Mlaa 0
3 D. Grlfflth, of New Yoik. Bamuel
B, Croft and Mi.-* J. C. Montatrue, of
idelphla, "4i-e at tbe Curl i
I Mr and Mrs. FrcJ.-rick R, Releer, of
Naw Ha\4'n, hav. laaued Invh ?
the marrlage of thelr da Ighti r, Mil
Mary. to BoBawall M. Curtle, of .? K,
The ceretnony will take pla.-e i" at.
Mary'N ChUIXh, New HaVBtt, on .Novem?
ber IS.
Admiral ar.d Mrs. .t. E. l'lllab ,ry and
ii ral and Mrs xVUUam B. Bailey, who
| have baaa at HaatOO Hall. have k. ne to
New York.
j Mlaa Mai.el T. Boardman, WBO ha? been
|a gu<bt af Mrs. W. Murray iraiv, haa
j gOBB to J-aybrook, Conn.
^udget This Year Calls for
$1,550,000 Expenditure.
New Haven, Oct, '.'? "In splte of the
large Rtfts whlch Tale haa reoantly re
eetved the unlveralty stand- '.1 i to face
with a fleflclt unleaa .1 conalderabla bv
, reaaa In Ita productlve I ? ired
tha year "
This was tbe statement glven out to
night after the October meetlng of the
Yale Corporatlon. The meetlng waa large
:i up with a dlacuaalon of the
unlveralty budget for thle year, which
calls for an expendltun- of P.BBO.OBI .
Annouaoement was mada that ihe pr??
llmlnary unlveralty reistatratlon showed
aaea in tlm enterlag claaaaa la most
departmenta. This is apeelally marked
in thi college and tn the Law school.
The eorporatton approved the appoint
menta of Profeeaor Henrl UerKson, of
Profeaor de Vrtea, of the rnt'-er
Blty Of A Itati 1 am, and of 1'rofennor Will?
iam Ramaay, formerly of Knlveraitv 00*
lege. London, as Woodward Leotarara for
this year.
Season Bogina with Sale of Chicago
Man'fl Library.
Wlth tiie auctlon of the llbiary of
I'harbs 4.'. Johnaon. of ChloagO, the book
in.,1 ...rt sale flaaaon practlcally began yea
terday afternoon nt the aaderaan Auctlon
Company*a B>lleaiee, Madlaon avanaa -tt
10th si . ' ? \ I en the ilrst ses-ylon of iVB
that .ld 4 >ini 1 s<- ti.i aaVa began at 2:30
..i, ? ...in the h:iii araa well Blled
with i'l''..' .s aad buyera froni thia and
other cltlee.
Oeorga i?. ?mltb, of Lhla etty. *'?"? Hn
extenalva purenaaer He btd tha top prloa
of the afternoon, vsoo. for a copy of Hy
ron's "Poema on Varloua Oecaslona."
only two hundred eoptea arera arlated,
gnd this was tin- si-i-ond 0M MM at auc?
tlon In thla country. It waa prlntid ln
Newark by B. & .1. RWaa m uVf. Mr.
Kii-.Ith alao ohtalned fnr ?V>20 an uncut aet
of Alken oolored i-laies on aportlng aub
Jerts in thlrteeii VOluraea, the flrst three
havlng llluatratlona by Robert and Oeorga
rrulkshank. He gave Ili') for another
mt nf Alken oolored plates contalnerl fh a
voluma by C. j. Apperley, entitled "Llfe
of a FportBinan." and J16u for I'ynson'a
aei-ord edltloti Of BoCCaCdO ' linprlnted al
London in 1527."
\\ N. Hlll ohtalned fo/ HM a flrst edl
tlon Of MnHallnd and Helen," by Shelley.
bound by I>e Sauty In dark blue levant
H,. also gava HIS for one of the (Ifty
ooplea prlnted of Wllllam Blake'a orlglnai
publicaUona In faeelralle.
Tbe total of the afternoon and evenlng
tiules waa J7.34>4.
. *
The Kthcl. my Horlety. of whlch f/imes
tl 1 annon. prealdent of tho Fourth Xa
tloual Bank. is htad, wlll bold Its flrst
full meeting 011 Krlday avealng, at 7
o'clock. at the Alrline Club. ln tne Vlfth
Avenue bulldlng. The subject foi a round
tai !<? dlacuaelon wlll bo th? "General Mun
Bjrer." whlch wlll be conaldered from va
rloua anxlea by aome 01' tho promlnent
general managers la tho country.
j Then He Sees Himself in Mov
ing Picture Series.
[BYaaa a BfcaBJ t'orr.vponii.-nt ef Tha rrlbB8B8.|
| Baverly, Masa.. Oct a^?Prealdent Taft
? ? rtatne I at lunckt
' ors of the cltles ln thls vli.ll rMao
Ihe has been entertalned thia innimett,
j They lacluded John P\ Pltagi rald, ot Boa
' ton. J. Edward Barry, ed camhrMge;
Jamea H. Malone, ot fheisea; Qeoran H.
Farrell, of Maldaai Wllllum Connery, of
I.ynn; Isaac Patch. of Gloticester; Robaft
IB, Burke, of Nawburyport F. a
of Heveily; DavM 1. O'CotiaaU, of
[ Worc^ster: J. Heary Oleaeon, of M.irlN>r
'o.iKh: H. c. Howard, ot Brockton: Ba>
, ward H. Moulton, Of BaverbUl;
Boanlon. of lAwreoca; Rufus B. \dun?.
i of Meaa, and Charlea i". KataaBati al
I The mavors spent tba early al bb!
Parrematta ami iat.. thia a alng BCoae>
nanlad the Prealdent and Mra. Pafl and
1 Miss Taft to a Bpeeaal aaovlag .- I re *???
j tertalnmant in Baverly, .?? rare*
?t , ? ttng the Preatdeat'a arrlval ?.?' n**'
eriy, aaveral Inetdaatfl ot tha trip ><t Kob
lert Taft and m:>s Taft ln Qlaei r Park,
. and ' 'ster?
Altoona aad other potata weri ah aa
j Th.- Ptxtaldant, aoooaipaaled l leere
j tary of State Ki.i.X. will 1- a\ beW OB
? v t.<r PoHamouth, Kltterj and.
Poland Bprlnga He will return on Prt
|day and leave tha aame dai foi
hridK*. Bprlnga, Penn. Mr. Knoa arlU ae?
company hlm al Bteal aa fai
On tbla trip Mr Taft aill bavt hla nrtt
ooofereace wltb Mr %am Blaca tha se**
??ft WMblngtoa for Japaa nany
waeka ago, Mnea then many dli
qoaattona have laattaaed Inaaavtaaea and
the PraaMaat ls anxious to have a lonf
, talk arlth the aaad of the state Deaar>
aaaat Qraat Brttala'a attitude toward
trea toiis through tire Panama Canal for
lAnifiiian abjaa la aae ?>f theae naattara
land anuther Lb the M.-M.'.tn sltuatlon.
|new york from the suburbi.
In New York aaawaatefa tak* tnf.r cccu
patlnn without aerlouaneaa.?Phiiadalph*
Thara arr flfty thouaand WBaBBB ln Wf"
forfc who Bupport tlialr huaband!1. av- 5*'*
Carrta Chapaaaa <'att. Thia i* IntareBttaai
Pleaa* aaad furth*r nartloula?:*?QeveBaxl
Plaln rtaler.
Tor tht* siik* of New York'a nnn-comM1,
ani pupulatlon, thea* embattle.t rT)lna*S?a
ouKht to learn to ahoot atralaht ? Boate*
Ho far aa h*ard from, no V*w Tork nat*
has Introduced tha lnnovatlon of -*tTt\?
Ita patrona for th* uae of a knlf* Bmi f**
?Chlcaao Trlbun*.
The tax vahtee of Naw Tork Clty aal'**
Bati- IT.600,000.000. about threa 111x1*8 tj*
vnlu*a af Texaa. The old atate haa ftiwj
to pass on the road to her daatui)-. *
B-lory to Qod, ahe xrtll paaa lt!? HotJiW"

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