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She'H Have Brother Intercede
with His Friend, King 'Tommy.'
jjjS Gramdbassa Highness a
Gocd Fellow and Doubtless
Will Save Peon.
nflawa-yaar-old Mahogaary Braneh, of
Brookb" ar.d Llberia, baa found a friend
.. w,.; for Mm at the
He La Oeorga J. Bager. a
alahaala wooiim merchant of
u- cia^'?r ai d Klng Buaio, of the Orand
' claaSmatea at Byracuae
aa^g ; inown -t Syracuse aa
,T,.,-.-;, ; ? lua hls Kiven i i
wai aapronounceable. Tha klng did nol
raitsi U nd waa a good
?jfljoflr, | % tO report. He told hls
iuin...v....- inlveralty that he bad
?alartakai "l compll
-Hj, ... ? r. WbO wanl
td bim to kaad tba worit of enllghl
Tha membera of bl
aarahlp I bave a aui
ttatefoi knowledge, They belleve tbat
thelr local loda do not want them edu
caud. and tl ??> have a cuatom
Xo c.h- . oen who ao ept In
?l boy cama to tha attentlon
cf thi authoritlea un Thuraday, when
Mrs '?- ? ? x \.lains
street, Brooklyn, hau hlm arralgned ?
fore Juatlca Ryan, ln the ChlW
Court, as an lncorrigible. Ilahoganj
bound over to Dr. Jose; . ..11, a
merchant and druggist ot Oramdbaasa.
by hls father. Budo. A year u*o .a.-;
Biatember he accompanl'-d Mra LMngwall
on B visit tO Amenca. He ?ot ber per
: ?, , to school.
When b< learaad a Ahort time ago that
he waa ? ? to return to hla aatlva
jtuj | away and found a ho,..
Vttfc Mr*. Mary iiest. of No. 44 Laexingtun
ivaaue Mra. Pingwall dlscovered him
after much trouble and had hlm arreated
Phe told tbe court thal Bhi had to ha^o
| ?
?a**), . would *-nd. or riak
.. declared
tbat ba ai ld rath< i go t< ...
tun. . ? artalnly 11
ai, aducat nan. The caae w*u
Tr.- 'ii has become a fa I
iilldlni in Bcbannerho
Hj. | . ln Uon'a fai
ctr.tr labla luzurlaa of his part ...
w-y..J, to B*y nothlna ?z bla
? monies. ghoeta ami atrange ad
vei.t ;:*-.- bav? made blm a vi
tlea to the ?.u:b. Hla Lmportan ?? ln thelr
Dbanoed by n\s d? laraOloo
ti.at . ? aad, BhouJ
ao deslre, could aome day Lnherlt hla
and four Wlvea. But
has no ir.tt-ntion of Inberltlng
; ???
father. He Intanda ? ? lr h0
n Amerlcan citlaen.
ker, of N ??rgen
y Ln her automoblle a ting
. Blated bjetween
and "Tommy" Lewis,
Kin^ of
Bl ? Wlll gl ' Bl r ! roth.-r, she
nlcate wltb hla blgl
a k him t- ajany
perlod of
the boy'a aervloa two yeara.
.: glve Mrs. Liingwall plenty of
charge to go bick to Africa with her, or
t ? to get in-r busband out of the danger
Benefit To Be Held December 6
at Century Theatre.
Kra John Haya Hammond.
cf tha Women'a Tttanlc Metnortal Fund,
| night, at tr." '
BBpni that a benefit would be held oi
cemr-r I at thi Btre.lt !?
- the memortal,
toward whlch amount tW.OOO has beetl
nimlttce Of on*
auadred of the memorlal are.
Mrs. William H Taft, Mr*> John Ha.v.
Mra ??. ? . irovei
Cleveland Mra Ell. H Oary, Mra
Harrv Peyne Whltney, Mrs Williai .
harlea l ?? MlH
f 'n ^efel
U| relin,
Mr* ?'. Illarn Cummlng Bti
amerlcan, .Mrt AJezandei Orabara Beli,
Mra Rudolph Blankenburg. Mra Champ
Clark. Mra Mli Mrs. Clar
en- f R EdwardB, VJi - H D. Bvana
Warren Fairbanka, Mra John
li ...... Mj
Mra Davld R
.irs Jamea \ Oarlli Id
Virgir.ia Qllderaleeve, Mis .-?arn<.<-i Qonri
\ Hearat, Mra
Wir Iph Hearet, Mrs. Oarret
A Mra, .losejih R. Lamar,
' rra Ollvla l?ev
'atharlm Loring, Mrs.
,14 ifcLean, Mis
Jarr,.? McMILLan atra. Theodore Mar
rank Mel
rohn C. Mi ntgom n nn
M< Lovi T Morton,
Pomerem M -
I ury,
Mlaa Orare C. Stracr ur, Mr- Kohert M,
Th'jmp-. : . Mrs i is< ar \ oo ?,
? , : Mr
hou?.- Mn Benjamln id" wheeler, M-s
' kcraham. MrB. Harvey W
. Mr*. Talcott wllllaina and Mrs
d Wood
Associate on Appellate Bcnch Fatally
LI at Clifton Springs.
h. . |t. Aifn-d si rlnft of
ValJlkhnvllla, aawoeiate Juat'ce <.f tho 4th
''4-partment, Apr*?llate Ulvislon, ia report
ba dvii.K ln a sanatorium ln Clifton
Ppri .
'I'e Bprlng was appolnted to the
Baareaaa Court ba Oavaraa* Mortoa in
January, 18*5, and WBI elected lor the
taflBa lsaMWS und 1910-;921. He ha* he. r.
in the Appellate Division Btnoe 18W- H<
>* Kixty-one years old.
Mlaa Badte Kt'-ckler. .lauKhtc-r ?f Mr. ani
Mra Muurlre Bteekler, of No. 11 Eaat
?i. nnd Mhx K.-i dl. r, of No. 7'.'!
Jackaon avenue, were married on Sunday.
'i ba weddinx. whlcb took place at Bavtgny
Hall v.;,s attended ty many fnends snd
reiatlve*. After tin ir return from tb*
>moon the couple will make thelr
home ln thla city.
h Tfietrapt. te Tha TribaBM !
'ireenwlch. Conn., Oot 2!.-The enguge
-nt bua b?.eri announced of Mlas M ide
II i ? ward Bmlth, daughter of Mr. and
U A. C. Smtth to Ir-, ln W. Dfl
VorK. Mr. Bmlth ls viee-prealdent
"f th" New Vork (tntrul llailroad. The
'ngaaement *an announced by Mlaa
fcmlth, at a party whlch she Kav* to four
t*ien 04 her frlends at hn father'a homo
ln Fleld Polnt I'ark. (Ireenwlch laat
British Mor.arch Honors Amer?
ican Ambassador's Daughter.
Hongerford, England, Oct 21.?King
Oeorge arrlved here thia evenlng to
apend a few daya as the gueal i
Hon. John lluhert Ward aad Mra
Ward. daughter of the American Ain
The town waa lllumlnated in honor
of the King.
SENFPSESTATE $11,666,000
Sugar Reliner Left Practically
All to Widow.
An appralsal of the estat^ of Charlea
ii. SoiifT, th* augar refiner, ?iu. dled al
Whiteatone on Autrual M of laal year, has
jnat been oomnteted by rhiiip Frank,
tranafer tax appraiaer of Qneens. who
rixea rhe total value of tha eatate ai
114. which is the largeal
ever handled in the BOTOUgb of I
Thia amount dors not lnelude $?',.'". 00,
whleh, it is allaged, is owing to the eatate
by Emngham Lawrenoe, and whlcb la
now a aubject of lititatlon.
According to tl ' ial tba ri al
eatate la valued al 14 ?? the < aah n
hand at the date of Mr. Benffi
. chattehr and bouaehold
. nd arorka of art. tS4iS0<i7; bonda
held at tbe time of death, tiWO,196 17, and
Oeorge Duran Ruel arpralaed 'he art
MO, The ?
. ? ? m, Joaef laraela,
ila I , afontlcelU, MiUel aad
The higheal In >.-?
-.?' by Franz II;
\ portralt of i
- orot landi
., 12000 | 000, &.000, $3C,(M0
and 15, ??
With tbe exoeptloa of ,i few bequeata
arlll, M; Benff left hls entlra ea?
tate tO his wife, and at her death it is
IO l>e (livided between hls brother nnd hla
nleeeB and nephewa.
Curtla B. Fierce, one of Harlerh's old
esl nnd beal known citlzens and a vet
eran of tbe <'ivii War, dled yeaterday at
? istd Btreet aftei
IU, - Hi v. ia eeventy-elght
years old.
Born at Kingaton, ' ' New
v.irk when a young man, nnd at the out?
break of the e ar enliated. He
? ftgbta, i omlna oul of Ihe
He waa a mei
Hamilton Poat, O. A. i:.. ?i"i of the vet
erans' or| tloti of the " ?' ''?
ment He was one of the oldeat menv
rlarlem Republl4?an Club
Mr. Pierce ' tlm< bi gagad In
the iron bualneaa, but for
yea ra 1 ' ?'.:'"
tbe real eatate Intereata ?.f
? v. who h'id lama holdlnga
.;. tb a f' w
..f the ad
' minlatratora of lha eatate He laavea a
. ' neral aill
on xVodneaday Bveo
j int; at - 10 o'clock._
'. bard akHei
old vlco-preald r the Beie R
aal known
reaidenta of Yoakere, 4iie,i at hla home
lerday, from dehillty lnrtd< ? i I
He hnd ln*n an Odd PellOW for
..... e of the few
Vonkort" 1!
:.. ;? o Clvll WaT
t.isldt-o hls wife he '
- s Edl*
denl t,r the Wi
pany, and Willlam B. Edie, of the Edle
Mr ni ?? waa born ln London, Enarlana.
t , thia C4 i hla parenta
Kapoleon Bonaparti Barry, who dled In
Hohokua N 'T-. I ' waa formerly
tor ff ti ?? Bt. Cloud Hotel, then
roadway and i?d ptr,-<t. ai
Houae al P*ourtl
and 18th atreet He waa born a1 Ashland,
He eame to N'ew
York ln IS74 ano bt-eai
ivenui :;?'
for nlneie-n
Professor William R. Brooks Reports
New Arrival in Ea3tem Sky.
,. . , Oel B Profeaa ?r Will
-. tOI . f Bmlth ( H 4-f-rva
ny .?? M-i
out 4
o'clock this mon ' eaatern aky.
Itlon waa ?
ith l
om< t is li
tion a< xtana with n atlon
? through Bmall lele
Ihe twen '?... t
.<! b) Profi BBor Brook"
.. ?e
I-, .. , (, ? :. Prealdi nt Taft
eelved to-nlght tbe foilowlng telegram
from i>mi1b Canon Legrand and Ei
nd, Balgtan di l tho fifth
aal i longrea i of ? !haml ai of
\t a farewell dinner term'nating Ihe
Dftb : "f Charabera
of Commeree, wrhlch took pla ?? al Boston
under y ?ur high patronage. and with
m "ti appr*clated partli :
. t ol Th in aa . Bt pti mber 28,
s, 11 foreign lelegatea drank your hi alth
with renewed cheera, and they reaueated
. : ?., i the : ''-ii mi Baage to
testlfy agan. on their behall oui very
tbankful and m icl heartft li ai pre< ?
i <. your hlgh Interventlon and eo-opera
tton to our work fei proBpt iity
and fmternitj aad parmanaat peace.
I-Ttje. admlM ; ". ,rr' "f
tural Hlatory, tha Matropolltao Museaoa
;, ?rt tbB N< B V-.ik ZOOtoglCBl laik ami
.: ?' , . ii I'hik Muaeuae.
Dlnnar, ni r ""? ''?"""; '
VAundatlee for ??al Peeee, foi
5J" indi MM Haml ton Wrtghl alekla.
mocracy" Nlblo'a Oarden, ITOtb atreel and
Thlrd avenue, H p m.
%,,',,,.?? br arthur E Kelmar at maaa
t ;.l f tha Boelallat i aba* PaJty, Arima
,, Hall \'u 23 Bt Ifark'a Place, I p m.
p-iiti, ..' debai ?, andei tha ai,api<*s nf Ute
Man'Y l"aeue of tt..- Madlaon Avanua
Baptlat Chureh, wand*,B Hall. No. SO East
i BDubllcan maBfl meetlna. under the atuv
, of th* AUtomobJlB Tra.le l.*a,uc.
,,;'" ???;':*,i ot WucaUon.
W.dlelBti Hlgh ?eheol. 11511;
Muii-' ln M' mi- BBglaa I " i,f'?r W Dg
k.-n,., Puhll. Bil.I 4. I:^i"at.n an.
Rtxlgc Bti*ttii. "OeorgB WtiBhlnRlon ami
bbb," tha Hon. QeorgB '- ;
ho, i ea ?'?'? ",'r< '? ? ai o I
avevraa, "Anthraelia Coel." Bea M. la
iiuikh. Publli ? ' - ol BC ??th Btreot, *aat
et Birai n'-.n-it.. ii. Troubad4?4jr I-1"*'.
Troft-aaor Charlea J, ilaik. of Yal*-.
11* Behtx.l. 5*0. M7ih atraat, weat of Bev
antti avanua, "Kl*i-!r!< Motora," 'Hieodora
1 .n.n.a: Peblle K'l.i l?2, IBBd itrwl
and Wattaweetk Bvenua, "The ithk-ii.) b
?spreeaton," Mr* M?ry Oregory Mui
rav; l'.ibhc behool l?:>. Aiiduhon avenua
an.) leaui aii*ft, "The Plaaat lia.-a, ls it
inhaMtedr" PrafaaBei Roben IV, l'lentlaa;
Mu*i n ?.' Mataral Hlete>ry, ITIB 8
an.l 4'olumbua av*niie, "Bummtr l>aya in
Bwltaerlantl, ln Curtli Lm Ubwb; Hb
btaw Ti-, heleal li.atltut*. No. 'irt Btu
aaal atreet "Water," Dr, w.uium ?'
rook. P.ibiit- Mbrary, No. 1":: \\-?t
185th atreet. ".\*ro umI Hla T?>acher."
f,aBor Allen I'. rjuii. Bt, Cornellua*a
I'lnirrh. No, 4i;a W*ai 4e,th aircot, "Enoch
Arjan," 5Ira Marlan Leland. I
"RUB OF 1912"
Moulin Rouge Reopens, Flushed
with Ziegfeld Talent.
Incessant Laughter Oreets
Spirited Fun Making in
New Show.
Klneteen-twelva has ladeed been a faol
Lsh yeau" ln many reepecte, bul no ona
year, not even 1!'!:'. po ild ba 1< Bg
and full enougb of foiiy to furnl h t n
elaborate acenea wlth teemlng frlvollty.
in fact, ii glance at the progranune re
veala aomewbere among tha foui
r.f name- oti whlch are printed the cast
of charaetera those of Cleopatra, Vcnua,
Recamler and Queen Louiae of Pruaala
Bo the folllea are not only those of our
i.un )ear of graee or dlagrace, ai thi
l to be la i n l rhl
i-or "Tha Follli ? of I W" '' a I
. \-. in r rlng up and d< wn Broadaray and
rilontc the oul ati haa de
tected the Joy thal prevalla among audl
il the burleaqui a 11 wai
work to plan B flral elaea edltioa of the
same klnd of show, dreea II gori
flood it wll
more grown-up klnd of fun. people it arlth
jrouth and cleverni ? and turn II looee.
it went Uke wii.itit ? laal night, and wlth
,. || ;, do I ' in thi a irld wlll contlnue to
do i i ? nlmlti
Mr. Ziegfeld, ch. ? ? p lt on the
The festival atarts off wltb an Inquiry
on tha i ai t of ti..- atage roaaager aa to
what the audience wanta ln the way of
"A n.nK and dance!" iles a flrat
This ia aupplled, after whl'h crltlclsm ls
liurled at the a.-t from varlOtkB parta of
tha audlenre. A pallery boy and a
Prenchman ln an orchestra ehair become
tnvolved In a y.-iiinsr matcb, whlch drowna
out everythlria- else, and tho pallerv l>oy
Btarta to cllmb down the alde ol the
houae to - la foa n? i? dra*rgeo
back by his "girl.1 Both ''"tne doa -
Btalra and go on i - atagi to glvi a Bow
. : \ daace, a bll ol
work ?
roprlate vigoi
Wataon, Ir., wb '??? ot
,.,,. ? ? ful nonaeni
put over* ' Berl IV *
i Le Brun ai d Q - Mn<l
i i., oi ' bounder I placi
. of Le Brun and Q ?" n a.*
f a caved-h
i in I' thi
Vccordlng to ihe new Mo ln Rouge of
m tel be oi
ror any mora i
bout Ita ra
I : nd ai
othera dai aauty
I i.d to a B|. Beea
' '
nnd lani llful OlrL" A
? ? ? - .
forma I e, nn to nn '??? '"
chltectui 'iy a-< II arrai g< i vanU ?
Bl the rear c a flral. a Ru
alave followed, An
of I1 '?'?" i. '
a. Recamlei ? :
.... ,. a i. iiflfl .,f Prui
( armen, Joan or Aj e, a me
i-j,ir;<- im a Frencta ooatumi
the twenth th ?
girl Tl ? it cal
in thla aaaemblaaa of bea i( ? Jo in ol
Are h?s perhapa nev r *??? been ir.
..?:?. d to i o '? .n ? beauty chorua, l l
ended lo repreaenl
Aa for thi a:l ? . lt tooh "n
new rigor
ear aao Butteri d al the I irki
trol . '
,i. velopmeni In tha dep ? ; Ti n ?
aichore of ladli a wl
themi - ?'?' i W ,:" ?
' '
,., dam ea had 1 ? ""'1
i,. on Brrol ind Btella Chai
r hlef BBponcni of the i manly
?rt ol ??' Ing ln th
? plah ?' rur
taln for background, Mr Brrol In I
. ri i Ing dreea, aad Miss Chati lalm
tbe n arkl), Ln a verj well dealgned blach
siik pierrette coatume, dan ed them
. and their BUdlence I I nlah.
Lorrali ? '?"" Qrani
daaeea ami Berl yilllama'a ui
? n..,iy were other f< i<
threa bo Th* '"?'', "''?'
-itriis, ln -.? hli h polll
noa Ln tha Umellgbt were burleaqui d A
fighl i" twaen tha ; 0 ;' and II ?? Bull
and th< i1
efforte to rlde tl e donkey tooh place ?
the grnii'l Bnale
Raymond Hu bell i oi ,
for lha "Fi '?' ls
winaome. H. B. Bmlth contrll uted tha
iin'-s, doaena of whlch were wlnnei , and
jullan Mitchell pul tl i raar'i f< o lahneaa
Into sta^'- Bh
Th" w! oi" ' olever The firii
a"t, as tha ."-how atanda now, la much
brlgbter than thi aeoi ? I It haa I
promptu Bplrit, and puta averj ona ln tha
, (. ibaret-general-ro rnood,
(;\s-i OF "FOtaUEB "1' IMI '
a Maaagw ..
A Tb4*itrefMr .Chartea a*-rOjaer
s,,iik uriil I 'Hn ? M' D.
\\n% B heek *mi m4?re
A Oalli .""rrvv w*?ao"
M Poulet, from 1'nria.? harlea J
,' |K ,r ^, ||M .Bernard ura
Mam aelli Par* .? ?
Mam'Mlla Muxlme.Bvi lyn i
Mi K.ii.x !'r.-l>. a IlrKt nlal.t.-i
i "har ? i
I*,, rn ? '?' ' ' '?' n"l,r
iir.we;: Noyta arriaa* ?a|ler....B?ri Wll
Mr Knlftl 1 I'..; 1. !'
Siar, D :.??;? i. H*\n I.u. k
.bla Adom*
s ,'lK-r
rabman.'V ?/?????"?
I.-i:? OteaW., ,?**> ,?'""'",' ls
j ,_,MM), .Lllllan i/>rraln?
-ri,. ^ i; Bmlth ii (Irmmi t i ioeka on
statm laaaad reglal irad - rnid
r.ik'i.t. Tha collectlona arlll ba cloaed al
s p. m. to-naorrow, and tha commlttea ln
charK" cnfldfrntly expects Ji.Vl.'aaj
bave been no Larga oontributlona ataoa
the Standard OU ?'ompany''s >.,,Nl laat
CMdtanoafa, Tana. Oet B. A tala
phone raeaaaga fr.mi Briotal, T.-nn.,
that Brown McMlUln, aon al Baaton Mo
lllllln, Peaaocratk aaadHate far Oor
trnor, m dylng ln thi*t city. Brown m- -
Millln Ib well known aa a ntwapaper man
and lb wldely acqualntcd in Washington.
?'And They Lived Happy Ever
After" a Genuine Surprise.
George Beban in Old Act Suc
ceeds in Tdpping Bill at
A surprise ls ln store for thOBB who so
to u. f. Keittrs Dalon Btajnare Thaatre
thia week, Real, utaqneJlned aurprtaaa
ar.. mr* In the .lomnln of vaudevllle, Just
ea they are ba tn.- wtder tieiri of the
theatn ln general, and this i* one of
Koeptloaal eaaea where the uaea
; eeted trnly happena "An<i They Uved
Happy Bver After," lt la called, aad It
i.^ a piayi.-t. Phtltp Isartaolotnae, who
wrote "Over Night'1 an.l "Uttle Itlaa
Brown.'* !b re?] onalbh foi Ita ida
? ? ? Uaerlcan atage frmn th* <;-rtnan.
Llke all good BurprlaaBi II la complete.
Ti,.. tltle would aaara t" promlax -. awe?Jt
? mental love Mt.ry of tt'. farry
full eompli ment t,f
ea ?? -. hetoiti" and bra ? h< ro, a boae
llno of llfe runs on In lh' I t'-.l B8 all falry
.-torles BhOUld. Inittei*4l. it I* ftirOB Of ?ho
moal aurprtarna aort, ao aurprlalag that
i no InkiinK of Hf tiatur- ahould be Kiv.-n.
Igae and ba aorprlaed, ih the only la
tion. Also, marvel that :!?? cl<
aad hunior of th- Idal f4>r it ls trnly
- rer been made uea ..; be
i ? t . gayi ty "f natli a
? :< dll to the Anu rll ,i. iilapt' r ami ti o
oliglna! ilertnan author, whoae r.ame do>.
noi appear o,-, the proararama, for their
orlginallty aad abUIti to amuae wlth
j HometiiiiiK al together novei:
"Antl They Uved Happy Kver After"
i may be th. clevereat tafag "n th<- MU,
, lait it has no monopoly ?n the laughter
'which ln king at the theatre thia w*ek
j When all !b ?ald and done. lt seuuns to la
the old, familUr Bort of fnn which pets
tho Bnoet ilemonBtratht i4wpon?e. T! at
J would her-m to acrount for the oontlnu. .1
I succesa of the Avon t'omedy Four, who
hava beea doini? thelr low-eoeaedy atuni
for rnoie than a few year . and foi '
hearty laugha whl h aavara] fnmi lai
t .. ing trlcha racoived In
otherwlaa novel aketeh b Qraham Mof
ithor of "Buaty PuTia the SMin.
Why n alap on t - aai ? ol be '? a ahould
he funny i? hard t" tell, but tho haai
mlrth of ? given f- r tht
- Identli al alap thal
ded over the footllghti *
;' : .
;t,at moel of ua so to the theatre, a i
hai p) v.v i ii..t there
tunlty In tble week'a bill to rt -i
wlth It.
Laughter la tht- t,,n Fmm ? i 'a
ir ua wh o an
New 1 ork In "Up and Down Bl
? :.? i ta tbe f mo ?
? i down thia tim.. i ut there i
r off ln I.- or ln ht r
win:: . ? ? - i ? Tha me me
li HMtt. ex- l|
? a rld, xihn co ?-. b i r.
wltl, a few gra) balra bul ini r*as-ii abll
- an in ttir. partl ? the only
r tn. ? *
' .?? i e
; IiBji I ...
1 mlr*i . w t. id hlm for hlfl I
i r n aa. and I l wlth
? .? ?- i prli
A. Bi wii alnglng 11
: i a pleaelni
i . : md 1
? i ? faata nd
? ?. . mi'! tralned
Bu ? li ??. compli te a
? :n I t.
Tl." Hf ll ? .i ' rt-*
Item I hla week* In I lool
Id i ? tal
? the |.|e
? ay ? lh
? < 'uti ? li tomobll wl h
Puaa I the ht r ? plrlt a ho,
though undeTatai ffali ? ( a al .
|S tio* ' .''.'! 1
? .. .
; IkIi waa
| Th* ittlng
all equal
ly, even tendei ? ?. cami
i nt ln a feal ire numlx r,
boldlng a Ilttle (real) i t
: | -. offi rlng, ?? I Ich unn
. ' of de
llaht from i4ll over Ihe ln . ? ?. ?:?
? ?: b] B a Rolfe, who alao compoeed
rtc Will .1 Kt ?
"Klnck," wa- the prlnclpal e
..(, ti.. pr >gi -.??'?
pantomlme, I ui sinr* t>.
u much "f
and atnce nothlng l- .'ot:.- ln panti
all II a ptaj
tba MU
.i ( be a .... ii tiiin*,- Ib old in th* vaude?
vllle world la no partlcular ln
? ? ? loat Ita appeal. Al le iat
wlth ' 'fhe glgn of tba itose."
\. h|, h ' li ??'.'" Beban i - doing a|
n R Vl< V rla The pla) li t ha*
aeveral ttmea bt foi t ln New
.. t once inur?t it ' uc.la In top
; ing all other acl ...-. thi bill.
a ...I - ? thi e ork of?;? ..rk'e Beban,
actor, la recelved wlth aa n - approval
ga thal of < .< orge Beban, authoi
This uttle aketeb of Itallan tragedy aoo
<.-. .ii ln grlpplng Ita beari a Bptta of
the poor preparatloa for ii given by Ha|
? on the bill, aa acl <.f alli ged
11, > i. ... com< liana.
Bam Chip and afary bfarble are ?
acqualntance i to ra idi llle patroaa, aad
although thej come In a nea aettlag, ea
titled ? Tbe Lan I of i >yki ," they gtva
thelr famlllar eharacteriaatloaa of roly
poly Dutch boj aad girl, reapectlvely. k
bti of eongt a few danelng atepe an.l a
twlnkllag ..f bamor auuin make a auc
? r th* ^k< t.:h.
i or the real <?r tha bill, '?<<i?it)pr^. the
cartoonlat, th* ortglaai "i'm the Quy,"
la th< only oaa to aobleve much abo a tha
ordlnary. The other numbera wara mikl
hiatitiy np to tii* usual Vltstorla Btaad
ard They ware TotaaCf contortlonlat;
Pepplno, aooordloa player; Moeher, Uayoa
aad Mooaar, bioyalietaj Kaltner an?i
Brown, 8aagara Hr,,i daaeei . Bti .Hm, the
aducated bear; Darrena and Barrea, eo>
medlaaa; Raah Lrai Toy. njagafian; Mix
ley and berner, atagi :i- (-"vm
11.,., a^raanaata,
vi.i k. ? re, the aVg"**1 ooaai i
oaee more the Bteiiar attracttoa al tha
, , kmlal, arhere taal areeh ahe atada her
Nea Vork ileDiil For the present BBgaga*
tnenl ahe is appaartng bn a new repertory
,,r aeng*. ta the aouompaalnxentol aavarai
(.-, io ? fal daacwa
Ifueti la "Im) the keynote or the aua>
ber whleh i<in atpoodai IfoBt aad Cherldah
Mrapaoa alae, The snc'ess of both lal
tnualoal cornody, aotahty la '?Woodland,**
when- they san^ taajetlaer, baa followed
taeen m their aauuralBn Into vauiieviiie.
(lertrn.ltt Viuiil-riillt BJad ChNBTga Mooie,
other miiHlcol comedy ftivorltt-a, are also
ti> be aeen. The remainder of the pro
GOVERNOR WILSOX Goodness! Wliat's the hurry?
gramma uae up of Tlm MeMahon
and Edlth Cbaapelle ln the oomedy aketch
II,w Rubby Mi-s.-d th" Traln"; .loe
the h ibrew coanedlan; the Aua
trallan Wooit hoppera, ln a trea eh< pplng
flct; tha Frey Twlna, In atatueeque i"1- s
and Bxhlbltlona of arreatllBg; Haydn, Dun
; har and H.tydn. ln "Artletk "ddltles."
and Tachoar'B eat?
\t n r Kelth'a Brona Theatre th;s
, ?? led by Blllla
- i* th.- t.riKht and ahlnina Ilght,
wltb wiiu M.'it Wakefieid almoet equally
popular In her planologue. That rar ty,
B venttiloqulat, Ia alao on the blll in the
m of Bd !?' Reynai l ' >ther leadlng
i .- th.- playlet, "Honor Among
tha i Ig -< Itj i?'? tr, -
rtet; Buraa aad Fulten, ln I
: i
Travclllna Baleaman and the Female
Dnimmer"; Haattnaa aad wiison, "The
Ltmattca." nnd tha Four Ke*ais.
Th. ' iedj Btai . LulU Qlaaer,
ti | Tom Rlchard ' in an operetta,
Love." i* a l< adli -; attractlon ai
i: '? Kelth'a Alhambra Theatre, where
Odtva. "'??? Vaana of the Deep." la also
appeaiing They have for
Kato Eltnore and Bam WBlLame, and
.lohn P Uii'le and hls company, ln two
?ketchetf Leo Carrillo, la dlalect atoriea;
i'r-d Wataon and Iten.i Santoa. alnging
. number; La Feen Croaa and
,,,.,,, (l.,v ]., "Roman Bporta and Paa
i . t'oomba aad AldareU. operatic ae>
Zanettoo, fcgglera
\t the Olympli "Tha Daaatera" waa
. ? fi foi the Brat llma at yeaterdaya
, matinee. The attractlon, whlch la pr. -
[duced bj i comnanj In-tludJng more than
tha uauaJ number of i omediana and
pretts glrta la mada ap ol two burlettaa,
? ? , ,, aome toneful mu?l<- and
irati ly coatumed.
Liebler Company Given FlfBraB to
Prove Response to Rcdnction.
fork'a reaponBe to the reductlon
;n thi price of theatre aeata has been
llate, aeeordlng to a Btatement la
il lay by the Liebler C ?
.,.'1 !? haa taken the Inttlatlve in thi* re?
gard, ehopplng the ehargea for "The
Daughter of Reaven," at I
?:. i.' 0 (>r th" or h< atra to
<? i itilng all other parta of tba
houae proportloaately.
.. of the flrm, aald yeaterday:
? vFlthli hour of bu laa * fi "?
i untll 1" in the morning wa had
callera al the box offl a aad to t.iephono
orth of aeata, nnd the
malntalned thla st indard
. ? . reductlon ha
ighl on Ry Wadnead i
? ? ? rou won'l bo al '?? to
get inalde tha theatre unlaaa aeata have
At the Academy of Muete, ln necord
aace wlth his plan of preaantlng revlvala
of bucci uuTui mualcal comadtaa at 'he
? t houae, Wllllam Ita hart night
praaented "Tha Red Miu." the waU-re
moi y ind Btcma ?
The Knlckerbocker Theatre production
waa uaed and the play vt ry agr - ? ly
Btaaed The eaal waa led by well McNell
and Waiter Wllla tn the parta '
plnyed by Montgomery and Btone, whlle
Btella Tracy. FlorencB Qulnn and Sadle
Klrbv were promlneni In thelr aupporl
The plaj was unuauaU) well recelved,
ind the new policy "f mualcal revtvata, a,
i romlBtng Idea, atarted 08 Ltnder the beat
poaalble auaplcea
it was 1 oaaa of Baga of all aattaaa al I
tha Wtnter Oarden laat eveatng, whea
,1... captalna of the blg Atlantlc Uaera La
nori were preaenl wlth thelr offlcera. Be?
tween tn.- acta of "The Paaaing Show of
IfU" tha hand from the Kaiser \Mlhelm
Ii played. ^_
1 larlotte Walkcr ln "Tha Trall of the
Loneaoma Ptne" has the boaida at thi
Orand Opaaa House thla weak, Tha Brat
parfotinenoa of tha roanaatk Braaaa araaj
glven Laat night befara a fail Lvoaaa
Two larga ataalaacaa aajayad the re
vlvul of "Mother." .lules lv'kert iJood-i
raaa'a drama of hom.. Ltte, irhlek was araa j
?ented by tha stock company at B !?'? I
Kelth'a Harlem I *pera House yeaterday.I
Tha Utla paurt waa utarpretad by Lydla
Knott Oeorga Boula Bpeneer, the LeadLnal
man was se.-n as Ilany LeJCB, a friend ot1
tbe family, ai 1 IVtlltafla. B Baaaay aa
john Cbaee.
Pblllp Bartholeraaa'a raree, "Oaar
Night. ' is the Mll thla week at the West
End Theatre. The farce la well.aeated,
l-'mily I'allaway maklriK a apeclally favor
ahle impresslon ln the only serlous role in
the play.
Broadway Burlesque Sets High
Standard at Columbia.
a rt'".'. Behmaa b irleaque, t" a brlll
> l.int urray of eostumes nnd with LBW
! Kelly as the brlgbt antl shlning llght, was
revealed to the eudlBBfe at the I'olumbla
j Theatre last night "A Mlxup at New
i port" la its offietal tin*. hut it might
, have been any other place so lonR as lt
mlxed up the destlnies of the varlous
chara.ters ln the funny fashlon whleh fhe
| andlaaoo axpeetad. That it did this to
I the accompanlment of the necessary
| Amazon chorus ln the required abbre
vtated coatutnaa niade the burlesque all
thnt Its sponsors could hope for It.
i.ow Kelly, Frt.i Wyckoft and i^n Haa
are eredlte.l wlth the authorshlp.
are alBO tl * leadlag funmakers. as
they hav* been in pruvtous hurlesque
in the praaenl ? >htcle they have one par
,riv amuBing fenture. the eharacter
of professor Dope, as dopy as his aatne
? a ti i wandera through a series of
tl ? ? wlth the face of an owl aad
Ity of an Imbeclle. Low Kelly
playa th* part, and doej lt wlth entlre
sattsf a< tion to every one concerned.
Aa aaaiatanta to Kelly iti the large typ*
lon are the Watson M?ters, Klttb*
nnd Fannte, who simc and daBOB a com
parai .>?:>? sn-.aii part of the time and
thelr gowne from one elaborate
?reatlon to another the greater part of
the evenlttg. No prlma donna of the
i hlRhest pr! ed mualcai comedy could wear
I more strlklnK eostumes. nor could aay
aggregatlon of chorua Klrls work hnrder
ing out of one bit of ralment Into
In Bddltlon to the Newport burlesque
|| -. |a another. cali..! "A KutM ln 1T.in.1
? , . where any fnn or Kowns left over
? flrst haif of the bill are put Otl
of sonKs and dancea thei
i lenty, the *ver present ran binrtlnK tbe
? topether wherever a plot ls necee
aary which Ui eeldom. "For laughing
t only," is the deacrlptloo the
- elve of thelr plece. It BCblevea
ui it they wante<l of It.
Wllllsim A Brady, who ls in <hlca?o
j \g of his Prlno.-ss Theatre.
' will r< turt to-morrow to glvt, hls personal
attentlon to the Bnal rehearsals of Jules
,, ..[?? an'a "The Polnt of Vlew,
preaented at a serie* of matlneea at
th Street Tlieatre, begin
:; Priilav.
ii ii. FYaaee arranged yesterday with
. iaa Frohmaa to produce "Bachelora
I nn.l BeneJicta" with Ralph Herz at the
rion Theatra on Saturday night, No- ?
vt mbei -'
Murray, a nlece of j. M Parrie. |
will make iwr American ataga debut with
??Th- Bllndneaa t>f Vlrtue," to ho pre
Bonted under the dlrectlon <>f wnilam
Morrla al the Thirty-nlnth Btreet Theatre
i. \t Mt.ti la} night
joec i lolllna returned ba tha >ast of "The |
lierry Counteaa" at the Caalne Theatre
laat ulghl aftar an ebeenoe of several
daya, owlng to a aevere cold.
Arthur Bourehlar has purcbaaad the
i rlghta to "Uttle MIbb Brown"
and will preaent it at tbe <-?' irri.-k Theatre,
London, later ba the Beaai -i
pioreace Roberta, beal krown aa an
emotlonal aetreaa, artll offer for the first
time here a comedv !n one act, "The
Woman Intervenee," by ?'? Hartley Man
,,,..-? al the Unlon Square Theatr. nea*
\|. iay she baa engaged i company ln
dudlng Charlea Wyngate, iiaib. rt ahrowne
an.l Turn Magulre.
Oaaeral sir john rrenea, rhief of tim
banartal ?taff and the praetlcal Inwl of
th* P.rltlsh mMtary forces, will o.vupy B
box at the New AmSterdam Theatre to
nlgbt to wltneaa Prana l.ehar's musical
play "The CoUBt of LuxeiubmirK"
("larencn Handyside haa been BBafaged
by Ollver Morosco for a prominent part
iti "Peg "' MW Heart." ln which Laurette
Taj 1"!' will be aeen at the new .'.nt
Thektre, tn West 18th street, beglnning on
November 2V
Anne Sntherland has b.-,.n engaged by
John <"ort for one of the lmportant parts
!n "Hansomeil," a drama by Theodore
Hurt Bayer and cleveland RodgerB.
? at] ralagrapk le The TrBa?e.1
U'RshlnKt.n. <>et. 21? CetaM anrl Har
rls araaattted Douglaa FalrbnnWs ln
?Hawthorne, U. & A," a comedy by
Jamea Bernard Ffcaan, at the National
Theatre here to-niKht.
Orcbeetrel rehearsals began yesterday
mornlna ;|t the afetropoUtan opera House
under the dlrectlon of (liorglo Poiacco.
tiie n-'W conductor. Mr. Poiacco Btarted
work on ' i->'- Huguenota," which ls to
open the seaaun, and thls mornlng Alfred
ll.it/. bbUI take Up "The Magtc Flute."
The chWub has been rehearalng for the
last week. and the ballet aUo beglna
work to-day.
MORQAN -HATHBONE \* th? Charck of the
I'rar.>r1(?'jratlon On Bfll ."-!..y. Oi loa?V ia.
"''... :: t , Rev. Or. HoUghtOfl Mary KBth
boaa to wintam | tfevaaa jr.
ROOERB NICOLL a- S'ew Win1?or. N. Y.,
i Monday October It. 1M2, by the Ree N'*th*a
| .\ >.?**.*. i' ii mi ted i ? the Bev, <;
Ifonro* Royce, Pannlt Harper Ni-oii to
Wllllam .Torrlan Rogeri Ot HtW Vork.
Nollce* of marclare* nn.l death* must be
*. r umpaiiird bt full name an.l addreaa.
Barry NapoeaanB llania. Mary W.
| \a<'. Johnaton. Kl.anor lf.
. Mra .l.imes I' M teph.
tt M. - B
? im C. Karkln. Wllllam.
E'iie, } Robb, u Inlfn I M.
K. Biaalej H
in, wcitam. Walti
Oardiner, Bllaa E. Wlllkama, Perry P.
-. Ar.ne M.
BABJtT ''n o,-toher M, Napol'on B. RatTf,
a?er1 65 Kuneral frnm hls lat,. r?a',rienr-*.
liohoku*. V .1. T i.-a.lav aftrrnoon. at ?:*?
rk RetnalM arlll lle b) st*' at Th?
Kuneral Chureh, No 41 Weel BM BL, on
Wedneadaj afternoon, betweea tba houra of
12 an.l 4 p. ni.
BOWDEN Entered Int i?> e^?n
ins. oi tober i?. at her reetdence, No 114
Eaat MU n , Alaaa C. Bewden, ?in* of
Iba Rev Jamea Jarvi- ! U ighter
of thi .,'? Dr Al"ian.!pr H. Btevena, la the
78th year or her aice Fui ?a at
'irn"e rhiiroh, Hroadwav and 10th at.. on
Tueedar. Ot.n.r a, al io M a m Intcr
m*nt at Oreenwood Can
Ir la wltb areat recret that innouncmant
la madf to the BMmbera of thla Sorlety of
the death of thelr f llee memt.er. Mr*.
' .Ian.ea ?'. Bewdi rdiiy '"-tot^r 10,
CatAFT a? Otea Caare, I* I. aa Saturday.
October i?, IB11 Praneeo M. iraft. Fun-rai
aervlcea arlll bi held al her late reetdeoee,
'i'l Cove, L. [., en Wedaeaday, Oetaber 23.
at 1:80 i m Carrlaaca wHI raeel traln
r. >. blng 'i'"" Cave Qtan bl, I M p. m.
CROU "n October 21. 1018, at I b| a BV, at
hls home, No. 12". Church ?t . Kr?cp. n. L? I ,
. c Croaa In la T>.-- u Kuneral
Icea wlll le held at the ]?' ilton charet,
l n p. ra., Wedneadas interm*nt Bvor
at 4 p m Weim aday.
EDIE \t Tonkera, N V . auddenly. on Mon
,'?>. Octobei 21, latl Ri i"i Mle. ln hie
? . -al len Icee . Ita reel
dence, No. W Bouth Broadway v..nk?r*.
N | . Wedneeday afternoon. at 2:30 o'clock.
naKB \t Watertowo, N Y, ^n October ia,
Beekwall riaka
rREBMAM laaal t*. HW. Wllllam
Kreeman. belored hul and of Maraaret Free
man Kuneral aervlcea Tueaday, S p. ra., at
hla late re?ld?n a, No IM Winthrop at..
Bl "klyn, N V.
GAKPINER On October 1*. lltt. bBBBI E.,
ad ?if- ? f Joaeph H. Oardiner, at her
reetdence, No. 21 BchermerhorB at., nrooklyn.
OIBBONI Oa Bttaday, Octebor aa, l?i-. Anne
M Oibb na. wldon of Mlchael J. Olbbona, at
her i'-i len. a, Ni, l-i'T Baabarlek ave , lirook
HARRI8 Entered Into re*t Hundav. f).-tober
rd 1112 Mary Wlllel rlre of the
Re-, Dr II I'.lrhard flarrla. Urace rh'irrh.
I'l.ilarleljjhla. In her 61?t year Short aervlcea
al Berr'a underteklna parlora, fheatnal ?t.,
: Ifth. I'hlla.!"lphla or WedBeeday, OB>
ti | , r ^j at I p in Fj-.eral ?.-rv|c-e? at St.
n.ort:*'* Chureh, Heoip*tead, I^>r.g i*i md.
Thured:iv. 0 tober -4 Bl 1 o'rlock. Int?r
meet Weelbury rtttmow Oaaaetery, ^ona '*'
an.l rie:i*e oml: flower*.
JOHNSTON. ln ixin.ion. OetaBar i?. Kleaner
More, uirirjw of t'.-r lat.- Theodore v .Ivhn
aton. of Pouertkeepela N Y NaeJea o." u
n> ral hereaficr.
MALCOLM I'-1 a' i'at?klll. N V., O. tober
aa, Joeeph Malcoim, ax.-.i T? reara Kuneral
'rum.iH\, October 2Z, frooa iu? Lata rea*aeaoa?
a: 2 o i-ioi-k.
PIERCE Oa OtBBllW B, 1912. I'lirtla B Flerre,
af<i 7S vear*. beloved hviaband of Adeialde
ii Pterea, taraaarly "f KtaajBtea, H. Y. Ku?
neral *ervlcea at hl* reMdence. No. 66 Kaat
ir Membt-r* of
rlartem Republlcan Club, rlamtltea Po*t.
,; x h nti ReCtmeal V.-teran* Invlted to
I'.ANKIN Al rrtn-et. n. V J. Sun.lay, Ote
bei :". Itlrt, Wllllam Raaku bn th* n?34
vear tl hls age 1 itL-ra! ?^r\l .>* wlll be
|.*PI ^n Wednei I ? H, Bt hla hom*.
Evetyo t'l?<e. Princeton. N. J . at m a. m..
ai,,l iit the hoi.ie of hls *on. IVtwaid s R?r?
BtB, Nu T.M Ulirh ?t . Newark. N J . at S
p. m.
KOBB BaBBaala. october 2<?, winifred
Ba Chewt iiobb. wir^ ot l?r. W. L* Roub. of
Tioy. Funeral prlsate. \Ye.ln.?'iay after
nooa, at 2 o'elo.-k
aTANLBTT I'.o'iert Stanley. aued W. Servlreo
tt Tbe Kuneral Church, N >. i'll sv*?t 21d et.
(Frank rampbell Hull Ilna'. Remaln* I\lng
Mr inorlal fhapel. abov* adJre*st. Time later.
W v! TI'R Un October 18. Naoml Rhoeda,
wMow ef the late Th"m?? Waiter. of Wll
minflton Del . in h.*r s.ith year, at the
reeldence "f ber ,'auahter, Mr*. charle* W.
r ,'jer. No 111 Ea*r 21st *t. Tuneral pri?
Wll 1.1AMS- At hl* re?Mence. on Saturday,
Octobet IB, Perr* I'enti, bual*nd of Eilaev
beth Kn*vala Wllllama an.l ion of the late
j. hn B and Mary Macui) Wllllam* Fu
n?-ral aervlcea at the I'hurch of ZUm and 8t.
Tlmothy. I7tb ?t , *e*t of Klahth ave., oa
Tueaday. October 22, a 10 a. m.
283d 8t. Hy Hail?m Tra'.n and by Trelley.
Offlc*. 20 Eaat ?3d St.. N. T.
FRAVK E. CAMPBEI.;^ 841-1 Weat 284
Pt rhapele. Private Room*. Prlvat* Arnbii
l.ineea. Tel. 1824 fheleea.
MA1N oFFIfE?No. 154 Naaiau atreet.
L'PTOWN OITli'E?No. 1:164 Broadway, er
any American DUtrlct T*lefraph Offlce.
HMtlEM OFFICER? No. 187 Ea*t 125tk
atreet. No. 2*1 W?at 125th atreet and Ne.
210 Weat 125th fltreac

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