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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
?y- lA.XIl- N?-''"*-l T""".^;''""?,'-1" -""*?""? NKW-VOIIK. WEDNKSDAY.<KTOHKII i*l. 1912.-SIXTEEN PAGES.?? PRICE ONE CJEfj___^_g_____?__M
I ll?!:?k<n
Seize Island of Lemnos. Near
Southern Entf of Strait,
Thus Bottling Enemy's
Fleet in Black Sea.
More than Quarter of a Million
Men Engaged Near Adri
anople?Bulgarian Loss
May Be 2,000
Ather.?. Ort. 2:'.?After a short on
,-a&r-ment wlth tho Turkish garrlson. a
lindiig pnrty of flve hundred Greeki
to-day occupled K.ietro, tho capltal of
ihe Wand of Lemnoa, bobt the entrance
to the Derdanellee, and hoistod th.
Omjj tiog. Thret Turkish offlcers and
flftv-ttvn soldiets wore made prisonere.
Admiral Oountourlotli issuod a proc
umation to the inhnMtanta, announv*
ing the occupatlon of the Island hy
Greece. *
The fnur deatroyera purchaaod In
England arrlved aafoly to-dav at tho
Plra-us. _
London, Oct 22?Tho Qreekl hbVO
raptured Lemnos, thus securing a bn*?e
from which tney can attack the Turk
l*h r-quadron should it ever en.oi.-e
from the Dardanelles. Seemlngly. ho'.v
tvtr, the Turks are not dlspnsed to
leave the Black Soa and rlsk an en*
counter wlth tht- Oreoh fleet
Oreek troops were landed to-day at
Katarlna. on Turkish territory. ln tlie
Golf of Salonlca. and about sovetity
miles from the fortreos, accordlng to a
newg aeein-y dtapateh from Conatantl
Heavy flghtint* around Adrlanopie
and Klrk-Klliseh, to the east of Adrl?
anopie. is reported from Sofia. Three
Turk>' forta nre aald to have heen
taptured. Tho Buhrarlan forcea are * s
tlmate-l at 120.000 men. Tho Turks
are auperlor ln numbera, probably
ahout 140,000.
Accordlng to ono rutnor two thou
nand Uulgarinns were killed and
four thouaand wounded ln a despernte
?paeTemeal outelde of Kirk-Klliseh.
lt i* qulte clear, however. that all re
pofta of tlie fall of Kirk-Kilisth aml
the .uttlng of eommunlcaiionH Wlth
Comtartlnople aro qulte unfounded.
Flghting of a more or loss .serin 18
charncter continues at all polnts along
the extensive frontiers. and an Im?
portant battle is impending in the
Kumanova district between tho Ser
\ians and Zekki Pacha, who, aciord
Inf to a OonBtantlnople roport. which
is probably exaggerated. has one hun?
dred thousand men and strong artll
A Constantinople dlspatch, sent about
midnlght. gives a report that the bat?
tle has begun practically all along the
llne from Adrianople to Kirk-Kilisoh,
the Turklfih troops advancing and the
Bulgarlans falling back, with heavy
The Montenegrlns apparently are
making slow progress ln the dlrectlon
of 6cutarl. Podgorltza dlspatches say
that the bombardment of Tarabosch
continues, but although the fort has
be?n greatly damaged there is no sign
of ylelding.
The Servian arn.ios are probably
havlng the hardest flghting at the pres?
ent m-iment. They are operatlng tow?
ard Uskub and Prlstina and further
north, Ir. the district of Vovipazar, and
?"itve to contend not only against Turk
lih regulars, but also against the Ar
nauts, who are flerce flghting Albanian
Prlstina, whlch tass reported to have
been capuired some days ago, is stlll
in the rtands of the Turks, although
'he Servlan Invaders have necured pos
(ostlnued ou *litb pe*e, flmt eolumn.
This Morning's News
H?(ker i ase to .Jury Thursday. 1
Mabel Hite, Actress, Dead. ll
Natlonal Hotel Strlke Planned. I
heaaevell Home la Qoof* condition.... Bl
Sprac_a_ ls_ of Hugar War. 6
Ho***.a\*'t "Tag Day'* Abandoned. 7
Suffreirette Parade Hat j.lked. 7
*'r. Wlaa, Aged 107, on Broadway. . .,. ?
?"apan Soclety Honor* Pr. Mahle. 9
'?ifta for St John's Cathedral.16
"edgeg P.elie.q on Thlnkers. 4
Secretarv Wilaon I'ral*es Taft. 4
Hillea Heplles to Governor Wilson.... 4
I'rgt Wilaon to Resuine Speaklng... 4
Kulm Appeal* to Farmers. 5
?'"trau-i Want* La Pollette Back. 5
Trenton Hear* Johnwon.'. 6
Four Man Bhool Woman. 1
1'reslderit Tsft Leave? Bewrly. 4
"?"ttor Alda t'ounael from Cage.I*
?""ynamite Caaa Broadens.1*
""oclallst War Goes On.M
Hurton W. Glbaon Indlcted.*?
Advance on Vera Cruz Begln*. 1
Greeks Command the Dardanelles.... 1
Kewa for \\ rrmrn. 7
"?"?lltorlal . ?
So-iaiy . 8
Ohituary . ?
S*portn .10 and 11
I Wa-ather .11
Hhlpplng N'aw.11
l*rmv snd Navy.11
IMinsnclal and Msrkets_11, 18 and 13
^al Bstats .1*
THE "HOPK OF THE lll'88IA8."
1 Itl ? Grand l)uk? Alexl . only son oi the
Caar, who ts dangeroualy ill.
Temperature 103?Injured in
the Groin a Week Ago.
Bt Petersburf, Oct II.?Tha Ruaalsn
crown prince, ths Grand I>uk4^ Aiexis.
la 1> itiK rather serlously ill al tlio 1m
perlal hnnting lodge of Spala, lo Hus
sian 1 I'lainl, as the n-stiit of BB accl
deni on oct4,ber IK, He then auatalned
im Injury on the left side of the groln,
whlch t-aused no anxlety until Bun lay
iv.-ni.'in. wiicii his temperature roae to
lOt.6. This ttacreaaed somewhal yea?
terday, but roae agaln last nlght to
s-xiiai court physicians are ln at
t> ndanoe oa the young i rlnce, who Is
only .-ikIu years old. i'ii<- offlclal bul
letln, isi-ued this morning, says:
Last nlght His Imperlal Hlghnesa, th*
crown prince, complained of pain, whlch,
however, dlaappeared before morning. Th*
? spem a quli t-1 nlght. This morn*
Ing hla temperature waa WH and hla
pulse . -
i Ing ih'- day tiie . rown prince ?uf
f.-r'-.i no pain, and alepi much of the
tlme His evenlng temperature was
101 l pulee, 144.
Right Hand Badly Hurt?72
Years Old, but Sprints.
Brlegrapri ;o Th* irtbirne. r
Wllmlngtoa, Dei.. Oct. __.?Judge
Oeorga Gray, of tha Unltad Btataa Clf>
ii, t Court was struck to-day ay an
anobile bearlng a afarylend lir-ense
ami barrowly escaped serlous injury.
His right haml was badly lin t.
The Jnrist bad alighted fr,,m a trolley
ll ;?ih and Market strenta, when
tb<- car, drtven by b youth "' alxteen,
came mi" sight. Although saventT
two years oiri, the Judge ran fm soma
dlstance ahead Of the automoblle be
fur,- ii strurk him. PolfCB I'ommlH
aioner Stayton, who witnt^serl the mla
hap, prevent the Justlce from falllng.
The vlitim at llrst or't-red the
youth'a arrest, and then he relented
gftef li-itiirlng hlm. ln the excltement
no 4,ri4- g.?t the yoitth's name or tho
name of the owner of the inr.
Work as Carpenters to Build
Tabernacle for Revival.
Sedalla, Mn., Ot t. 22.?Wlth lons*
coats and hlgh hats laid aside, and clad
in OVerallfl anri Jumpers, twelvo of the
loading Protestant jreachera of the
clty worked as carpantars to-day to
conatruct a tabernacle ln whlch to Imld
revlval servteea.
Thay flnislied the day wlth splinters
In their Dngers ami musclea sore. The
P.r-v. Har.,Id < oopcr, Of th>- First Con
gragntlonal Church, maahed * i i *-* thumb,
but kept on working. Kvery memb'-r
of the lorce pron.iscd tO return to work
to-morrow. They expact to complete
the buililing by i-ri'hiy.
Fifth Avenue Baptists to Have
16-Story Building as Neighbor.
Within the near future, it Ih BTPBfftad. a
alxteen-story oanoa bulldlBg win adjoin
thr- Fifth Avenqe Baptlst ''hurch The
Forty-flfth 8treet Company has at last
taken tltle t4> I h<- prot.. Hv at N<> 7 to 11
West 4.1th sti.it, tha sale of whlch by
ih,- AbeyntoB Rdalty Company, controDed
by Horkefeller InterestK. was alinoilllliad
In The Tribune some tlme ago Th* ibiay
in the pasBtngj of tnie eaosed tt to t,.- be?
lieved that the BMtrBCt to l.uy vvoild not
|,e carrled out.
It ls said thnt the Metropolltan Llfe
liisiiiaine i'ompany has already mnde a
loan Of W>-<**> tO eairy 4>n the propos.-d
buildlng project The plot, whlch meas
Ures tfXlOU feet, was acquired by the
RM,-kef4ib-rs in IM 14' prof.t th- c hur?h.
and its raaali laal June f4?r a Bom said
tO ba amjAjm tor a coinmenlal Improve
rnent arotised conidderahlw BBBBBBBBl
Two Years and Ten Months Old, She
Claims Damages of $5,000.
Hoeheater. Oat tt Aana Natan. tha
roongeal piaintiff on reoord hata, aetx hea
primty oa the adg* of a chalr h the Ba
preme Conrt thla afternoon an.i gaaao
Wlth the wid.-ev.d Int.-r.st of tWO v,,,.s
an.l ten months at 'he jury In h.-r ncUOB
agalnet EUsabeth Bryaan, aeventy-aeveB
years old, for p\IM damages for BBBBBfl
an<1 hattery.
Antia'x father aiul M's Bl"IBOB are
nelghbors. Tbe coinplaint alleg.-s ttiat the
.1. f.-ndant turm-d tbe stn-am from ? '-'',:"
dOB li"-<- on Ui. chilil as she wae t-lnu
vvlu-e|,..| past the Hncuii hou-.-; that 'he
bat*j tiari eonvahdona and oouM aoi walh
im six weeks. Th* dSJeBBS I" that UtO
Bryaaa araa iTrfwhllna ttie lawa BBd t,,*t
_ fe-w dropa fell on the baby.
Diaz's Rebels Take Refuge in
Barracks, While Attacking
Army Spreads Over
the City.
Five Thousand Foreigners and
10,000 Mexicans Are Shel
tered on Vessels?The Des
Moines Watches Amer
ican Interests.
(Rper Inl to Tha Trjhuna )
Mexlco city. Mexlco, Oct 22 ivia
Laredo).?- The federal attack r<n Vera
Cruz was made to-day, with the rosi'lt,
accordlng to lnformation received by
the government at <! o'clock to-nlght.
that the rebelB were fnrced to barrl
cade themaelves ln their btrracka,
leaving tho fedorals In po*sc?sion of
thi- publlc buildlngs and of tho greater
part of the city.
From unofth'ial BOurcea !t was
learned that General Diaz, the rebel
londer, and Genoral Beltran, the fed?
eral commander. had slgneri an armis
tlce until l? o'clock to-morrow morning.
The flghting to-day waa said to have
been Bccompenled by little ios.s <?n
elther side. The federal forcea largely
ouiniimbered tlie rebel*. Who did not
attempt ? atubborn reaiatance.
other reporta say it is the ixpecta
lioii that Diaz will abandon tho cily
before to-morrow and tiy to eaCBpa bjr
hiiat or by sllpping through the cordon
of fedorals about the city.
Oeneral Blanquei reaehed the cepltal
from tlie north tri-night wlth 1 ..*"???*>
troops. Tho n\o tralna nrere tmna
ferred tu the Mexican Rallway and
proceeded Immedletelj for Vera ?'ru/..
Vera cruz. Mexlco, Ocl 22 The fed?
erml forcea began their advance on
Vera cruz al noon lo-dny. The rebela
under Qeni ml Fellx I >laa arho
the i Ity, calmli awelted theli ip*
pi..in h.
Oeneral Beltran, commandei of the
federala, had previoualy Informed the
Cll I'ouncll thnt the bettlc waa aboul
to begln. Hj d<- lln< d lo aljf ? more
timt- fur tbe removal ol noi combat
ii-its to (he oeutral zon?
Thiily bhIUiih aaSBpsd fr.-m the fleet
and >oined Diaz. A tem ot th> fodltmIs
from Oeneral Beltran'a outpoota alao
came over lu the rohi-ls.
The boeta in the harbor heva oa
I.i.ard more than 1lve thOUaand for.-ign
refugeea and ion thouaend Mexlcana.
The Unlted Btatea crulaer Dea Molnea
is lying about flve hundred yarda fr<tn\
the Amorii an Conaulate. The ipace
between is oeutral. and manj ol tha
refugee crafl bave taken up poeltlona
Onl) thirty-two Amerlcana remaln
wlthln the town. The foroign consula
ha\. gone aboard the boate. Tha
Amerlcan Consul, Willlam W. Canada,
haa aaaumed the leaderahlp of theaitu
etton Raln threatena to drench both
trfugeea and flghters.
Wlthln an hour or two after the sd
,*ance the federala wera only aevea
miles from tho dty. General Dlaa <nid
that Ihe artlllery on the helghts ln the
r.utskirts would fire on the loyal troopa.
Only If hls outposts are drlven back
wlll he flght ln tho dty.
Demand for Burrender Msde.
A demand for the mirrender of tha
t.ity waa nent by General Beltran
yesterday. Tho lotter was brought to
the rebel llnes by Captaln Limon. anrl
was couched ln most polltc torms, ion
rlnding wlth the Intlmatlon that If ihe
rebela did not aurrender duty would
nbiige the federal coanmandef to nae
force. When th*- loyal emissary
entered the city ho ,-mbraoed the revo
lutlonary curnet who met him. They
had been schoolmates.
General Fellx Dlaa, repiying, thanked
General Beltran for tha polite form of
the communieatlon and aald he waa
aorry the situation obllged him to offer
a forclble dofen< e. At the same time
he asked General Beltran to flx the
longest posslble time for the evaoua
lion Of ths city by the non-combatants.
General Dlaz then *ent oop'.e* of ooth
communb atlons to the forelgn constils
asklng that foreigners ln the dty make
an Inventory of the effect* lefl behind
when they moved out and promising
to lndemnlfy them ln the shortest pos?
slble time for the damage that mlght
be entalled by battle.
General Dlaz also addressod a com
munli-ation to Captaln Ch.ules F.
Hughea. commander of the De* Molnea,
aaylng that he would i-ondui i the atto*
atlon accordlng to international ,a\v,
and addlng: "It ls 11nno.ess.1ry to -*|h
embark Amerlcan marines on my ac?
The federal commander nddressed
ths Atm-rloiui Consul. saying: "I shall
not atiack the elty before tho iipse
of twenty-four hours, and dur.ng that
time Amerlcan* should seek safety."
Genoral Dlaz has slnce askod Gem-ra!
Beltran to name tho time ind place
at whlch non-combatants coi ld pass
both lines. Captaln Hughea 'onfetred
with Commodore Azuota. tbe federal
naval commander, as ts what would be
hl* attltude during the flghting. C'jm
modore Azuota promlsed not to ,?ar
tii ipnte nor to fire In the dtrocttea of
the city. Captaln Hughes Ihon warned
tho eof_medere that any brsach of hi*
proanlee woubi i>o eonsidered a hostlk
,?i toward tho I'nltod States.
Commodore Azuota wlll neep the
n nllsin"4 t br*e>. fourth celuma.
Brother of ?'Jack" Sulllran. Former momher "StNUg Arm" Sqtiflil. who toid
of rald on Uiiseiitlial's pl.K'e.
1 OF Mi
Wife of "Mike" Donlin, Base?
ball Star. Sought Aid of
Christian Science.
Actress Was One of Best
Known of Broadway's Vaude
ville Favorites?Husband
Coming Here.
it waa only about thlrty daya -''K"
tbal Mah.-I Hit.- toid a r-p-rter ihat
wonderful things had happ aed" to
her sir,. a a 'l..r k day ln the early sum
ln. r. wh.-n th- ii-?ttora said ih? arould
ilie |n a sh.-rt time.
"But Its all differen: pjpfl ' ? ?" """''
.,? :), :i tiin.-, as she s.-ii ti i, rolieT |
,-halr In her rooms nt ihe ''..w^trtrlT
Broadway ami !*Tth atreet i t trnad
'., i J.kI |Ust aa I BUPPOB* _U ' 11 "I"'
m<- aii .1". F.ir almost ' ?? o months I
ba ??!!I taken ani m< dl ne .'nd i
,.- g doctor i ome ni ? r me."
Sh?- had embraced Chrlatlan Bclenee
and was arden.* ll '?? en lasl j
winter. when the romedlenn* ?m so
iii h- r mother, Mr* Blsle Hlte, trled
to gel ber daughter to flv* up sur
geons and phyalclana and Btudy Mrs.
KddyV I.RB. Bul Miss Mi* I kept 4,n
working and bellevlng lfl doctora untll
ihe iiiii.-h'i a performance al ib<- I
hambra Bhe became .m> ni on June 10
ihat ahe waa removed at once to Dr.
.john B, Waik.is aanatorlum, In Bael
:'H-;,i gtreal Bhe unrJerwenl ?; aerloua
operatlon, snd ln her i onvalesi ? nea
"aflke" Donlin, her baaebail-hero hua
band, i< 11 the Plttaburgh club u> ba at
her bedslde. Then perltonltli d,-vei
Oped aiul lt was not thought that she
would racoi er.
Afier she came from he sanatorlum
hBff mother and .Mrs. Illldah He.. ler
and K. V. Stlmson, N'.w York manager
of a DetroH automoblle concern, all
beal thelr eff4,rts to turn tha actraas
to Chrlatlan Bclenee.
Ami they Bucceeded.
Early in Beptember Mra, Donlla ba
gan t" gi-t better and w.-nt 4,ut twlce
a day Ib ber rolllng chalr. she even
w<i,i up to the POW OrOUnda to vell
for "lltke" anil t" Implore blm to slam
it 0Ut And "ti.- ilay SbB had tho Joy
4>f seelng him do lt ns B_e BCt in her
electric automoblle along tba *ide
lines. Up atul down BroadWS;' peopbi
talked about her recovery anil the
marvel Of lt nnd were ir\n<\.
Hut Mabal Hlta dlad yeaterday after?
noon at No. 520 Wist lllth street.
Mikr-," about t'> s(4-|, out on a stiKe
at ToungatOWn, <?hi4;, re.elvud a tele
gram tii.* tirst aewa h<- bad that his
wife was dv Ing.
Mts Donlin. who hail beefl < onflned
to her bed for threi- daya, was c,?n
sclotis untll a few mlnutes before she
dled, and able to raoognlaa her motlnr
alnmat to the very end. It was her
slronr wlll that kept her allve as long
as 't did, aesordlng to Dr. James P.
Hunt, 4,1 No. if West 4<Sth Btreet the
physbian ln rfbatVB. Dr. Hunt saiil the
oparatlon laal ?inn''. whldi was for
cancar 4,f the biteatlnea, aarvad to stave
,,lf death fnr a while, but that the ma
Ugnaal gi*owth sooa raappaarad, ami
the patlent was t<"i weak.-m-d to make
, ihyslcal flght for her llfe. It was
but ti short life. any way only twent/
seven years. And of thes4- twenty
BBVea y<-ars over slxte.n w. re spent ln
maklng "ther paapls laugh. tor Kabal
Hite went nn th-- stage srhan she araa
a little glrl.
The iii-tress was "nf Bf the best
knowa of all of Ftmad vv avs favorites.
In Aprll, a year afi". she appeared ln
a rnusiiiil comedy. whlcb soon expired.
And then she went bmk to vaudevilk,
appaartag in May with a eompany <>f
il.iwns, one of whom she luatlly pro
Clalmad SbB araa. She waa weak and
thin tin n. and people sittlng In the
front mivi .'.uld SBB the lliii-s ln her
palr. drawn faca, but her funny hands
aiul tiot kept g4dng. ami the smile
llghted her face. It Waa whlle she was
playing thls act that ber lllnesa oo
curred, a f<--w months later.
li i iia ii iiiffTi 7rnirr~am'm-m--~.mmwbbjpm? - ?
\\ ll.l.l.WI BHAPIBO.
Chauffeur of "murder car," arho made aflldavlt Incrlmlnatlng Llsnt Becker.
Chauffeur Rushes Posse in Pur
suit, and Three Men Are
Caught by His Aid.
Deny Knowing Woman, Who
Was of Attractive Appear?
ance, but Came from
Disorderly House.
[Hy T'leaiaph to The Trlbuna 1
Pt ral ford, Conn., Oct. 2-. -Kollowing
a ride through the country roads be?
tween Hrldgeport and Peck's Mills tO
night ln an automobllo, four men und
a uuiiian, known as Rose Whlte, of
Brldgeport, alighted ln the road nonr
the last named place and ordered ihe
chauffeur of the car to driv.i back to
Hrldgeport. When he had gone a hun
dir'd yards he heard flve revolver s'lots
in th.- rear. I.ooklng backward, he saw
tho four men surroundlng the woman
and flring at her.
The woman had fallen ln the tnlddle
of the road. The men then ran Into
the shrubbery at the *lde of the road
and dlsappeared.
Willlam Hall, drlver of the rar. pee
Ing the woman had been murdered, at
once put on full apeed and drove to
Stratford. near the scene of the mur?
der. Hore he aroused Chlef of Police
Jinlson. who at once sutnmoned hls
aid* and dopnrted for the upot ln Hall's
After scoiirlng about Ihe wooded
countryslde for more than en hour
Juds*>n and hl* deputles ovrtook tho
men. who were travelllng ln palrs. The
men showed slgns of fight and ex
? hanged shot* wlth the police. Junson
captured two of the men and hls dep- |
utle* got a thlrd. The fourth man got I
away and has not yet been otught.
Ths prlsoners, who are evldenlly
foreigners, wonld make no ntatemont
about tlie murder. They would only
say that thoy came from Now York,
and that thoy knew nothlng of the
woman. Thoy gave their names as
"Joe" Buonna. Joseph Mottes ?nd
Frank Prizzichonl.
From Hall It was learned truat he
had been hlred by the men at Brldge?
port. They told him to drlve along
Water street. ^When they reaehed an
alleged disorderly house on that atreet.
they allghted, went lnslde, and came
OUl wlth the woman. who seemed wlll
Ing to accompany them. Hall was
then told to drlve to stratford.
Throughout the trlp the men and
thelr won.an companion apt earod ln
tho bost of eptrtta, and drank plentl
fully of champagne, arblch one of the
men had aith him ln a sulti-ase. Whon
the road near feck'a Miiis was reaehed
one Of the mon told Hall to turn the
*rar around and drlve back. The next
mlnute Hall heard the shots and saw
thn "oiiiin fall.
Tho woman's body was taken to
Stratford ln Halls automobile, and
placed in the morgue. She waa ex
penalvsly dressed and wore Jewelry, but
this I-ad not bSSfl touched. The woman
was about thirty years old. and of at?
tractlve appearance.
Husband, Once Insane, Says He
Shot in Self-Defence.
Ban Frandeco, Oct. II.?Tra just
killed my arlfB," said a volce over the
telephone tO police headquarters to
day. "You'd botter oon.e and get me
In a hurry before I klll tnyself."
At ths address gtrsn the pollcs found
Mrs. Alico Cuirlor dead on the kltchen
floor. QssrfS, her husband. told tlie
pollee bla aifs had attacked him ln a
delirlum roaulthtg from typhoid fever
wlth ,-; knifo and B idstol and that he
had shot her In self dsfanrs
As ths vMifnan lay on the floor. the
husb.-iiid asserts, she said to him,
"Woll, Ceorge. you'd better flnish me,"
so bs shot hor agaln.
Currter formerly was an lnmate of
tho Napa Insane Asylun..
Woollen Co. Head Says Re-elec
tion Means Prosperity.
[lt) *fal8grae> te Tha Tribaae.]
Hosion, Oet -"-'.-Willlam M. Wood.
president of Ihe Amerlcan Woollen
Company, deelared to-day that he was
Hiipportlng Preeident Taft for re-"lec
Mr Wood said hls eompany's busi?
ness was the bost he had ever experl
eticed In hls twenty-flve years as a
manufacturer. Thls, he deelared, was
"a part of the great prosperity that is
sweeping the country," addlng: "I
hope lhat lt may be contlnued and
fort nied by the eiectlon of President
Reglytnt tO a report that he had been
ili, Presldsnt Woed said: "I haven't
time to be sick nowadays. Business is
too good. Moreover, it ls golng to con?
tinue good if Mr. Taft la re-elei led,
and I sincerely hope he wlll be."
Shapiro, Driver of 'Murder Car,'
Unexpectedly Asks to Testify
and Describes Movements
on Night of Crime.
Makes Sensational Affidavit to
District Attorney, However,
Tending to Show Gunmen
Were Carrying Out Or
ders of Lieutenant.
Expects Acquittal, He Says, Believ
ing Jury Wlll Not Sanction a
"Frame-Up"?Suraming Up
Restricted and Jury
Should Have Case
The last witness was examlned and
'both sldea closed thelr case yesterl
| at the trlal of Lleutenant Charles
Becker for the murder of Herman
Kosenthal. The defenie reated with?
out calling B"< ker to the witness stand
i to testify ln hls own behalf. Opposing
counsel will snm up to-ilay. Just;,,
iloff ls expected to charge the Jury
to-morrow morning, and Becker's fate
i should be ln the hands of the Jury by
? noon.
Tho court Miled that ea.h slde slvuhl
: have four hours for maklng the Baai
' addr.-sses to the Jury. John K. Ifc
i Intyre. < ounsel for the defem o, will
begln his last plea f<>r hls client at 10
; a. nv, and must flnlsh by U o'clock.
Aaalstanl DlBtrlct Attorney Frank
Moss wlll sum up thc eaaa tor the peo
pl* Hla allotted time w ill be from 1:10
to 7:30 p. m , as annouacad by Justlce
"I have no fear of the outcome,"
Be4'ker said after COUTt ' tor I canm.t
conceive that any New Y?.rk jury would
fall to see that the case against me was
a frame-up'. lt must appear to th?
Jury how these witnessea 'framed up"
and tucked in thelr testlmony. The
whole case of the s'ate was based on
the evidence of crlmlnals. I tonft
dently expect to be BCQtltttad."
Decision Somawhat of a Surprit*.
The dectaBOfl bf the defendant's law?
yers not t" put Beck.-r on the witness
stand came um somewhat of a surprise.
Whlle tt would have opened the d4j4ir
to the Dlstrlct Attorney for an almost
unllmited . ross-examtnatlon of the po
Ibe lieutenant on all sorts of subjects,
lt was thought the chance would be
taken ln a last effort to bolster up what
otherwlse appeannl llke a weak de?
fence. Becker himself was anxious to
tell his st4,ry to the jury, he said, but
willingly l)4,wed to the veto of his
ThS dsrlslnri was reached after a long
conference between Mr. Mclntyre an4l
his rhent and thf other lawyers for the
4lcfence just prlor to restlng thelr i ase.
Apparently tiie defence feared the latl
tude the District Attorney would have
in going into the wltness's past.
An importunt llnk was added to the
heavy chaln of evidence whlch tho
pro8eeution has forged around the de?
fendant by the testimony of Wllllam
Shapiro, the chauffeur of the "muider
car" whlch mrrled the gunmen on the
night of the shootlng. The appearanr-e
of Shapiro as a witness on rebuttal for
Ihe state furnlshed a dramatic liimax
ln the prosecution's case lie had been
expected to testify for the deten. e. u
was the purpose of the defem.> as lat*
as Bunday ta ?'Hii the chaalfaar as aaa
of its wltnessi-s.
They expected to show hy his testl?
mony. it was said. that "S.im" Sch'ppa
and Harry Vallon had !>een at the
siene of the crlme and were passengers
ln the "murder car" as it sped from
that dangenius se. tirm. Tha def.jucc
had made a pcrsistcnt but unsuccesBful
,-ri'nii to aaso.iate Schepps und Vallon
with UM actual shootlng throughout
thelr eaaa,
Shapiro was an unexpe.-ted and vol
untary witness for the l>istn<t Attor?
ney. The stolld i hauffeur, who was
flnally Indlcted as a co-.lefendant |a
the case, wavered for weeks between
confesslng or golng to trlal. The Dla?
trlct Attorney did not expect that he
would "c4,nie across." While court was
ln 8ess.4>n yesterday he aent hia toun
Bel, Aaron J. Levy, to Mr. Whitman
with the message that he 1 a?I some?
thing to tell the Diatrbt Attorney.
Whi-n Mr. Whltman fouml out that
Shapiro had not bt-?-n SObfBSMMM <I by
the defence he consented to see him.
Makes Sensational Affidavit.
Shaplio made a sensational affidavit
In the presence of the Dlstrlct Attor?
ney and hls counsel coverlng the nat
ure of the testimony he ? o ild give.
Whlle all the statements to wluch Sha?
piro Bwore ln his affiduvlt were not ad
mitted in evideme, Mr. Levy after
ward gave out the affidavit to th*
In the tirst place, Shapiro ?wore that
Vallon and Schepps were not in hii
car just prlor to or after thc murd??r >
of Rosenthal. Hia testlmony to-that
effect was admltted in evidence.
He swore ln his statement to the
District Attorney that he heard one of
the four gunmen ln the car mentlon
Becker's name. He saiil: "B?-cker
has the cops Bsart. und il ia a clean

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