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But Not Radical.
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
'y* IAX1F- N? 24.0S4. ?__*? __^gg^,od"- XEW-YORK. THURSDAY, ()(TORER LM, 1D12.-SIXTEEX PACKS. * * PRICE OXE CEXT*""|__j?j
I'orU Jerae* rif.d Ifobokrn
Oneof Greatest Battlesof Mod?
ern Times Raging Near Ad
rianople Between Bul?
garians and Turks.
Deciflive Result Likely To-day
gervian Army Captures Novi
pazar and Greeks Win
Signal Victory at El
assona and Serbia.
[By Cahlt t? Tha Tribune. 1
London. Oet H.?Otm a front be?
tween thirtv and f?*rty miles ln extent
one of ths frsaitSBl battles of modern
times ls rsgln* l>etween the Rulgarlans
_od Turks in the Adrianople-Kirk
Kiiiseh district. The flghting ls of a
deaperate character and thore has hern
au enormous loss of life. As all the ln
dependent obsenrers are d<*tained miles
from the scens <>f battle, the only in
fonnation eomlng through is from offl
dal BOUT BS,
This, SJ n.ight he SXPOCtod, is contra
dictory. Constar.tlnople, on fhe one
hand, reports the Bulgarians drlven
,back wlth heavy losses. hut no details
are glven. Bulgarla, on the other sMc,
clalma to have been sueressful all skMlg
the llne, and supports thls* by glving n
nuniher of detatls. Several lmptn-tant
fortfl around Adrlanopie, aooording to
thelr version, were captured. and r?ne
Turkish forre which made s sortlt* was
annlhilat.-d and many prlaonsrs were
taken. It is alleged that wheaover
they retirc ths Turks ar** b irning vil
lages and massa? rlriK the inhabltnnts.
Fleroe batftlos also BTS proccedtllB be?
tween the Turks anrl the Fervlnns in
the weat. and ths latter met B notnble
?uecess yesterday. when Ihey raptur.nl
Prir-tlna, Novipazar BUd other towns.
In thelr flight the Turks havo blown
up brtdgSS nnd abandonexi stores. The
Greok anny BlM dsclBTSS that 11 B
Turks are retnaiini* before Itfl Bd
Kr. n auch nei ounts r.f the flghting
at Kirk Kiiiseh as have been received
at Bofls, II Is posslhla to f<>nn an Idea
of the dssper&te nat'ire et the Bul?
garians The) aps-SSl tn hav^^iiJ*>?*d
lh thelr atT-Tntr-s l'<. R'..**Trr^H^?irklsh
i-:t-r works t! ? most e3ffiiord'nary
SDBtenipl of death. To the Btrain* of
Ihe "gllvltska March" Infantry r<-ni
rnent after Infantry rigiment advsiired
with bsyoneta at chargfe to attack the
i*hain of hllla which stretchos ool be?
fore Kirk Kiiiseh lo the north, and.
after a struggh* lastiiiK hours to*
gethr-r. it fell to the fortOM of the
Bulgarlan atorming column to estab
li-h itsHf on the heights. thougll OtUf
a/ter lt had suffered terrihlc kM
Af to 'he opSfatloOS in I'roiit of
Adrianopb*. a hulletin gives very
Bieagre Informatlon. <?n?* Bulgarlan
force is deocrlbed as advanrlng on the
Roght railway to Agur, with the objOOl
of outfipnking or envelopif;** the BttMg
Turkish position St Kirk Kiiiseh
Jt _ further stated that th.- Turks
ara burnlng vlllnges ?>n their llne of
retreat down the Hivr-r Struma and
ara violating International law hy bom
barrtlnj* unfortified towns. monasteries
and hoapltnlH on tho coMt "f Bulgaria
trom warshipn. Many spodflc exam
Tles of tltese oufVages are given.
Kl-ig Eerdlnand. was ?n the flring
line end was froetsd with bolstorous
enthuslasm hy the advancing trr? >i>"
Other rsporta show the ateady progress
of the Bulgarlan forces aeross the fron
tltr. bounded by tho Rhodope Moun
talrts, and the Raslog and Tarmaras'h
diitricts, in Whlch B hOSttt* force
mlght have threatened to cut iom
munlcatt'ms between Hofln nnd Phlllp
lopolis, are now pemianently occupled
flnd have j-.assed o?t of Turkish posses
MeFs-'ire* from Cnr.stantiriopk- show
(ontlnneH on thlrd pare, Brat eolumn.
This Morning's Netv*
Sum l"p in Bseksr Case. l
Nfcwark I'atrolman Kllls Auto Thlef. . 1
No *-B-rBtam.M DlUon Testiflea. 0
Plants foi Dafldant l'upils. ?*
riufTracettes at Odds. . . '
Kenipner Bcorss Maud Maione. 7
Hooaevelt Consulta srlth Perklna. 9
WHsbb 8|*e.-ik? ln Church. ?
To P| ake Auctioneers.16
Kanrestsr Csss Hearlng Resumed-15
Bherman'a CrtaapSlcn statement. 4
HlUea to Smr.ke wilson Out. 8
Taft Coafldsnt of Eleetion. *
PpstSta Flfforss Show Sweep for Taft 5
HedRfs Hlts Prirnary Law. B
?*' Uzer Bpssks Cjistate. ?*
SUMM Talkn in flnclnnati. 8
Ptrkins <'a\e 8*10,000 to Reverldge.. ? ? S
Prlmary I'ratid lntiuii y.l*
hay Murder t<) White Hlave" Plot... S
P'awa ir, CottOfl Case.15
McNamara Uauled Nitro ln Wagon. .IS
LsWtoaea Police Spared Rioteni.XS
Madero Mny Kxr-cute I >1a7.. 1
""alkan Alli'-s Win All A'.on*r I.ine- 1
?^'e** a for Women.? T
IMItorlal . 8
MeiKty . 8
Ohltuary . ?
BpsstB .10 n nd 11
Wemtam .?
Khl;.plng Newa ..\.XI
Army and Navy.XX
''Inanctul and Marketa-18, 13 and 14
hen! Estate .14
I am defending an American?not a murderer.
His accusers are vile. not lovers of the flag under which we live.
This trial had its birth in the hearts of four murderers?Rose, Weber,
Vallon and Schepps.
The District Attorney has been.misled, perhapa deceived. maybe actu
ated by ambition, to the end that he haa fathered a prosecution "framed
up" by crooks.
Think of a policeman, skilled as Becker is, instigating a clumsy job
Mke that! If he was planning it, with his knowledge as a policeman he
would have planned it otherwise.
Mr. Mclntyre asks if we bring good people here to testify for the
people. Can we bring good witnesses here from the cesspool of life in
which this defendant lived?
While others have been working with their eyes on the prizes of
public life, the District Attorney and his staff have been here working on
this case.
There are the men behind the guns?"Lefty" Louie. "Whitey" Lewis,
'Gyp" the Blood and "Dago" Frank. There are the brains behind the
?Ains?Rose, Vallon and Weber, and there is the will behind the guns?
Army Board Favors Temporary
1,000 Foot Wharves.
Washlngton. Oot, 28 ? Plers oxtcnd
ing 1.000 feet Into the Hudson from
J thc New Jersey ahore wlll bc permittcd
' if Sei-rotary Stlmson approves the re
1 jHirt of army-*nRineers, Just complet04,
I to-day. The North Oerman Uojrd,
Hamhurfj-Amerlcan and Holland-Amer
ir:, lin.-is wlll be boneffted by the
Change. The army englm'ers recom
mcnd only temporary struetun-s, BOW
F,r more than Iwo years the tlir?""
lines montioned hnve fought f.Sr pler
1.rnajtha equal to thot?o grante.1 on the
Now Tork side of the rlver. The army
board has Im en equally aa determin.-d
I tO ki.-p the Hudson's fairway clear. lt
j was m>t untll the ptMBtMHtJ ?,f tha
three lines entabllshing B new oc.-nn
j tennlnal at Fort Pond Hay. near Moti
tauk Point, I.,,ng Island. became al
I most a prohability that the army men
i viel.b ,1
Thovsands Die from Unknown
Disease in California.
San Fraticisto, Oct '-'?:. CaMfomla
wilil ducka are dying by thoUBBAda ot
;, dlaeaae n.-w t.. Bssortamaa ami acten*
tlata. Aft.-r examination Bf six .liicko
tbal dlad of ihe BMNNge al Vista Lake.
K.-rn CbUfltr, Ihe rniti"l Btatea Bu?
reau of Health here ls unable to make
? _n-Tfr but flmls that the eyujj,1
' tome r.-semide those of an epidemlc on
(Ir.-al Balt I.ake. in whlch it la eatt
? 1 thut a mlllion duckfl dlad,
Remarkabie Gain Made After
Incurion of Stomach. (
; B Tel*B***PB ;" * ? ' ' n,'""f' '
Hart ford. conn.. Oct. 23.?Just thraa
weeks after noted surgeons had intl
mutei] that there was practii-ally no
bope tor him. Judge James P. Platt, <if
the Initi'd States District Court, re?
turned to his home ln Merlden to-day.
Ho underwent an opOTBtlOB at the
Charter oak Hospital, in this c-ity. <,n
October _. an intision being made at
the pit of hls stomach, after ho had
been llterally starvlng for ten days b*>
causa of a BtHoture r,f the oBaophaffua
Whlla ihe judge wlll havo to be fed
indcflnitely through a silver tube, he
baa made a remarkable partlal recov?
ery and ls lomparutlvf-ly BtrOBff, as he
ls 'able tO walk about for short dis
taneaa, Juefea Platt la a son of the
IhIp l'nlted States Senator orvllle IL
Platt. tO whom a memorial was dedl
cated at the state Capttol ia?t weak.
Guardsman Asks $15,000 for
Mollycoddle Talk.
[B] T'l">.-r:,ph t<> Tba Trlhune 1
South Norwalk. Conn.. Oct. LS.-Alleglnsr
that hr' was a namby-pamuy soldler and
unpopubtr wlth the men, Captain Albert
Mussmari. af tlu; ftk Company, C. A. C.
<? N. Q., of this place, refuaed ta protnota
Horaoa at. Oraar from aergeant to lleu?
tenant two yaaia age Qray, ?*-*? ,H ,l
lawyer Ib Wow York, prafarred eharfta
eaatnet <'aptain Muaeniaa. The affair
Idered for a tlme. but came to a
cllmaa to*4ay, arben ''ray brought sult
for 115.000. alleglng that CBPUlB MOBB*
,,,1,,,'h attitud.- and aUteraenta deetroy4*d
Iiih M.iiii.ii:- oai-ari Injurad him la his
, ...fe.si.ui. bunHllatad and shamed him
_nd oa laad him to lose many friendabJp*
Captain Mnssmau COBM8 from on?- Of
tbe wealthlest fainlllt-.s ?f th. town. whlle
the plalnllff ia the BOB of ''harh-s A. <Jtay,
an fttt4.ni"> af thls place.
In March, 1910, when there was a HBU*
tenant'a bartb vacant and ?iray waated
lt Captain Mossman wiote to Oener.il
Col.- aaytafl that Oray was clever, but of
??gucb an unfortunate i? rsonallty" that
Ma compaay would auaTar U he were a*
vai.c-d Oraj at oasoa aaofawrad charges.
againat Captain Mossman BBd aavera
other offlclala. alleglng thev were _ddlrtr.l
to llquor and were general good-for-uoth
lnBM] H. was not Bustained at a COUH
Takes Out Jersey Automobile License
After Offlclal Threat.
!H> Telegraph to The Trlhun* 1
Trenton, N. J , Oct. e%-Ute, JUttoUne
K.-rce Astor. wldow of Colonel John Jaeob
Astor, who lost hls llfe on the Tltanic,
to-day took out a New Jeraey license for
her automobile. Mrs. Astor. who makes
her Kiimmrr home In Hernardsvllle, was
thnatened wlth arrest yesterday. accord
_- U> B re,,ort dled wlth the nrntor ve
, ,,. iee department, ?hecauaa ?Je waarun
nillK her car In New Jeraay without ?
" ti?."' r. port says that Mrs. AotOC_hJ
exceeded the Mfteen-day touriBt pilviieg'
a,nd thal upon promise to get a 'N'W_H;,;"
aey lleenee she was p. rmltt.-.J to go witn-j
o it the t-mbarrassment of an arrest,.
Running Up Stecp Mili. He Dis
tances Bluecoals. Who Fire
in Air to Stop Him.
Had Car Stolen in Rochester
and $1,000 in Loot from
Fishkill and Rhinebeck,
According to Police.
miver Woods, sIIsb Thomsa Rysn,
allas Thumas Woodft all-is Thomas
Murphy, of Plttsburtf, an iiliej-i-<i -Ln.,
mnblle tllli-f, W:is shnt lillil Klllr-d ln
Newark last nlghl by Patrolman
inu*d McLaughlln, arho waa pursulng
him along 8| r k - atrei t. I 'lan ncc Tsll
iiihiis, ninetrr-n yeara old, ? f No. --"1
(iritigi* street, Albany, a*ho aras nith
\\. ...ls. was BtTested. .\fti-r th.- ihoot*
ing McLaughlln waa paroled In th<
r.f Usutonsnl Kuhn by i.'ount* Physl*
i inn *?b K'.-i./.n .
The dend m;ui snd his companion, se
??4>rdlng tr. ilir. pol *-. were wanted In
many citles up Nl a lnrk Btata tot tn*
theft nf autoanobllea and automobile
Bundriss Thr* pollee hsd ;? tlp thsl
they mlght try to dlspoM ot I
their phinder ln Newark, and were on
the lookout for them. Tlny learned
yesterday that ths men tiu * j i.-. n al
ready sl tiu- Llncoln Qsrags, al So.
147 Washlngton atreet, and were to re*
tirn later.
When they, went i.ai k last evenlng,
Patrolmsn Bmlth, UcLatighlln snd \i<
Donald wera sent there. Aa Ihey ap
proachod the garage the man, who
proved to lie Woods, uas :ii fronl ..f ths
place, and, throwlng off a raln coat,
dashed away. Ha waa followed by Mc
Langhlln nnd McDonald. Bmlth Bslsod
Taliiiians sa bs cams out <.t' the garage.
w'iiimIs proved to bs too fleel of fool
for the bluecoats, s*nd ** ii?-n ha turned
iiitii Bpruce Btreet, tha Bteepesi hlll ln
t\:,. t\iv, had .i hlg lead. McLaugh*
lln flred sev?-tal ahotfl in thr- itir tn trv
tn halt the fugitlve. nnd e*;ii> 1 ln had no
Intention ot hlttlng him.
Ths big grade, he said, < ?. i<i? ntiv
caUSCd him to beii'l over and dlsat
rSAged blfl alm. "ne nf tlie bllllelS
Btmck Woods in the*back sbova ths
left hlp, and passed Into Boms vital
orgsn. Hefell unconscloua, waa placed
in an gatomdblle, and taken t.. bi Bi i
nabas Hospltal. ?h**re later in- dled.
.\n automobile WoodS Snd Tallmnn.s
had proved to h* a car Btolen from
Ror-hester on Se;.ti*ii.bor IS. ln the rar
was about $1,000 worth of aundrie**,
Boms of whlch wera i?i*-rittn'-*i aa bar*
in? heen Btolefl from Fishkill Sunday
nlght, and BOmS from Rhlnebo. k.
Woods bad a ten .shnt flsagssliis re?
rolaer, fully toaded, ln hls pocket Ifl
the car was a box of cartridges l"r tlu
weapon nnd two ptOCSfl nf rul*t?*-r boSS
that tiie police said were used sa black*
Tsllmsns said he first met Woods ln
Troy three weeks ago, aml that he told
him hls home W8M In IMf tsburgh. The
pOllOS SSStirtfid that he had llved also
in Btlisnsetsdy
fRv T"le?{ri,pli tr. Tlu- Trll.uin* !
Mshkin Leading, n. y, Oet Bl?Ths
kllllng of Thomas Rjrsn remoraa ona of a
Bsnis* erks hava been vlaltihg gsragsa
alonit the Hudson valley anrl mshlllg Ug
hauls of BtttomoMla tlres nnd tubaa
A month bko twn nicn stnle an Anir ri
can tinderslunK ear frnm RocbeSter. They
reaehed Amaterdam, where they ateja
numbers from a ear and starleil doWfl ih"
Hudson. Tlx- numher WSfl New Ynrk
JMN. Many Karages ln lln- val l.y weTS
vIMted durlnK nl*hts and stock tnk.n.
AmotiR the places that reported theft- tn
the pollri* were Hudson, Rhlnebeek, Hyde
I'ark, FoflgfchsSPSBt BS4 fishkill I Bnd
At thla place. early Baturday morning,
the men got away wlth J].n<?) worth of
BiippHea They wera trsesd tn Newark.
wheie they made thr- Uncoln I'ark
(.Jarase thelr headi|iiarters.
Sn holdly had thi- pui,- operated that
they risltad Baiagea ns early n* .*. o'clock
ln the morning, II 's bfllered they i*_u
uosed of mticli ot thelr loot in and around
Newark tn ehuuffeuis. < "lil.-i nf PoHofl
forbett of Newark tttspbOflMd tn chlef
nf Police John Mara ln Tt to-ninht tn
come to Newark at once and Idsntlfy
th.. goedB taken from the North Avenue
(JaraKe in thls nlnre, whlch was roh'oed
last Saturday morning.
Expresses Confidence of His
Acquittal as He Goes to
Cell at the End of an
Arduous Day.
Prosecutor Unsparing in His
Summing Up of State's
Case, Saying Gunmen
Obeyed Will Back
of Conspiracy.
Excoriates Witnesses for Prosecution
?Calls Rose. Vallon, Schepps and
Weber Vilest of Degencrates
?Jury to Get Case To-day
?Oorament Unfa7orable
to Defendant.
Il was a solmnn. tired looklng lot of
no b who flled from ths Jury bo> sl ths
adjoummenl <>f Justlce OolTa conn
last nlght The grarlty of ths respon*
albiill i Imposed on them Ifl de< Mlni
tbe gulll rn um.ncs "f Uoutenanl
(ii.-u lea Be< k. r of Ihe murder <<t Her
man R< entl il had been drlven hom<
ii. them during elghl h.-urs nf .-'^uuninK
up lo counsel on both Btdes, Ifl a cour:
room Btuffy and uncomfortabls from
th.* lack of proper rentllatlon. Mr.
Moss, Asslstsnt Dlstrlei Attorney, nnd
John V Mclntyre, counsel for the de?
fence, were greatly sshausted by thelr
efforts in tho last analysla "f ths casa
aml oppoalng sppeels t" tha lury. Tha
. menl ??( Be< ker n m resl in the
handa nt bla psera t.. .;.,\ sfter J
iji.rT Interprets ihe law in bla i barge io
Tbe closinj bo ira ..f the Be< ker trlsl
yesterds) iwre perbaps the most try
Ing i" even ""?' concerned In thls re
in.itk..i ? ? sea aince H ??? gen, siztaen
igu, Aa iii'nin or freedpm loomed
large in the perspectlve >>t the sccaasd
police ofBcer his fealagraa gradually
became stolld, nnd he aal for hotira^
with sxpi ? Sl
ths twslve ni' n s ii" '???? .>nd< r ths
? ? um t.
Ths terrlflo mental a traln under
wln. h I'..-. k> r is lai.ni inis- ..? tbe ap
pr.mr ii ..I the i-ii.i of his eaae fl
throughout ths proceedlnga
yesterds) Under tbe atrong and con*
vlncing a usatlona <>f the prosecutor
ln hla aumming up the melancbolj ex
preaalon of tha derendant'a fece
.i,*.-i.,-nr-ri. to clear sgaln ?>n!y when Mr.
Mosa had Onlsbed thia address snd ths
tenslon s sa br >ken
Then a loui hlng ii't!.* eplaode oc*
? .1 red Jual before the sc< aet .1 man was
i.,k. n ba< k to the Tombs. His wlfe,
who had asl through the long daya of
the trlal, slwaya ln the sam.- place snd
chalr, where bs might see ber, made
I,,-r am] to ths prlsoners* raillng ard
hroke down sa he pul hla srma around
ber abouldera snd trled l.mfort her.
li was ihe Brsl ahoa of emotlon thal
she had Bxhlbltod. Bt cker smlled as be
talked to her m 8 l->w wi. e. nnd she re
newed her courage Bhortiy.
The defendanl abook handa with his
four lawyers sl ths adjournment of
court nnd greeted sereral poiii-emen
who wlshsd him good luck ns be left
thr- courtroom. Ths characteristk
smiie. which had scsrcely deserted him
until yesterday, came back, and bs
said thal bs felt "confldent of sc
Comments Unfavorable to Becker.
Ths oommenta ln the courtroom wsrs
general and unfavorable to Becker'a
, bant ea of acquittal al thr' . loss of th.
flnal argumenl of ths Assistant ims
uj. i Attorney. Unbnpassioned, as a
rule, snd wlth cool and s-hnusttva
analysla Mr Mobb tors donra ths
theory of sn underworld consptarac) lri
whti h Ba ker bad no part whlcb was
tl.e central thems of ths flnal plea of
tio dr-f.-ni-i- ib* branded Becker, with
Irona bol from tiu* fir?* of accumulattirs
evidence piled up sgatnsl btan bjr the
Btate, as ths strong dlrectlng srill
power behind the whols sordld murder
plnt which SndSd Ifl the death of Ho
ssnthaL "JBald laeV Hose and
"Brtdgle** Weber were the baalns <>f
ths conspiracy; "Whitr-y** Lewls,
"Dago" frank, "i.^fty" Louls and
"i;.\p" the Blood were he men behind
the Run*-, hi- snld.
There ome s fllftlfigu*-?l->**1 gatherlng
nf yp.-, lalnrs ln the OOUTtrOom COflB*
pared "ith other days, and n.nny
women btete Bcatlored through the
crnwii Tl.e nrltrSS nf some of the law?
yers Ifl fhe oaSB bWrb present. and
many meml.irs sf the bar had found
thelr way Into court t<> UsteU to the
sunimlng up
There were inninents of teime excite
n.ent rluring tlu- pl* as nf l.oth Mr. Mr
Intyre and Mr. Most-. Tlie members of
the jury fnllowcrl bnth flBOfl Cloflely.
Perhaps they paid ? little cloosr atten*
tlon t.. Mr. Moss. ib was less ghren
m hlgh Rlghtfl of r xpinsiv oratory, and
on thit account may have been more
convlnclng. Botta Bldefl occuplad prac*
tftqally the entire four konrs allotted to
nack ln Ihs flnal addrsssss to ths Jury.
lt was T:M p. bs. when court adjourned
Mr Mclntyres summing up was fl
meniless excoriatlou of all the wit
t inilinurd oa ?UtU o#?_e. Mcofld column.
Whose rcvoltition in Vera Cruz was quickly put down, and'who with
his officeri and men are to be court martiallcd and probably shot
within J4 hours.
*?*oro *_> bv uNOCB-vkoo* t* uscrnwo4?
Supposed Dead Man Alive and
Supposed Live Man Dead.
le-a Angdea, Ocl 23, Two tnen
named Charlea K. vTtlsoa wera seri
I ouBly ill it th.- bb?ne tlme el the
rounty hoapltal here, and when 4,ne
dled, s..\,-:.ii daya ago, thalr Identitiee
|l?,;.me inire.l. Tl" bodj "f th'* dead
Charlea i: Wilson, whlch waa 4,n Ita
\s;, I.. Phlladerphla t" nn the arave
j im. nd..] f?,r the ,,ther Charlaa B Wil
s,?i. raa halted to-day and turned
I bai I. from Vuina. ArlB.
? :r\ ,,f ibe arror was mad'- by
|...s-.|U dead Charh?H li. W'il
II, walhed into -i tl'Uel wher.- he
' I ,.) 4V.-tn.rlv llve.l .nnd was surprlsed
when th< landlady raiated it waaax
plained to IVIlBon thal tbe bosptta!
: ,,,i re ..it.-ii his deatb and his sister
ui Phll idelphla had beeb BoUftad. At
the m mi tlme tbe wldow "f tbe other
wiisiiD s.nt word to the hospital tbal
ahe waa comlng to-day to attend bar
husband, who had baea reported to
b< r aa ? onvaleect nl
Th,- iivlni Wiisi.n telegraphed to his
alater, Miss Clara Wllaon, to-day that
abe might dis. ani inournlng, whlle the
hoepltal authorities (l.-t,at..l as to th
K,-riih-.st means of breaklng tbe B0W8
lo ii,.- widowed Mra Wilson.
Louis Mitchell Killed While
Making Spiral Glide.
Montgomery, Ala . Oct. S Louta Mir i,
, i ;,, evlator, fell two hundred f.-et this
afternoon and waa kllled. liltebell lo~t
control "f hla machine arblle trylng a
aplral gllda
Mitchell bad been in Ihe nlr before five
I Boectatora for over an hour.
and ahortly before I o'clock bagan his ,|p
srent. At a helxht of six huniln-d feel
l? loel control of hls biplane. and at an
elevatiofl ?f two hundred feet It aeetn.-d ()
140 tu pieces. He was pthned under the
nioiur and ftaa dead wli.n >>ur_eona
reached blm.
? ,? ii.-ih. of iietrolt, MttobeH'a
partner, waa llylng dlrectly over him.
li. wns carrylna a peuuyougjtrt und had
pliinnid to follow Mitchell ln a slmllur
ipfral lleth said to-nteht that after
Mitchell loat control of hls machine the
planea tllted to tho perpeadtcular ao that
hc could aae to th? BTOUnd between them.
Mitchell ? I Ody wlll ba taken to-morrow
to iils l.iini.' al Camden, Ark., for burlal.
Mr Mltehell, who was among the BBBB>
tatora, dfd not *>?? h4-r husband full.
Mltchell'a death hilngs the toll of-heav
1,-i-ihan-air flylng nuichlnes up to _Oi.
Leave Dinner Guests Unserved
in Washington Hotels.
[8*rot_ riie Trltoma Bareaa.]
Waohlagton, Oet. 9. without a mo
mept'a warnlng and with hundreds of
eueeta la the dininn rooaas, th? waiters
at tl.e N.-w Wlllard, the Ralelgh aud ?ev
?-ral other hotels went OB a strike at 7
o'dock to-nlght. only a comparatlvely
few waiters remafned, and It was neces
? arv tO ,-iff.ir.l them police protectlon.
The rtrlkere, all whlte men, paraded
the str.ets and attempted demonstratl"ns,
hut ttVy wre dlspersed hy the police.
Tiie maBBgera were taken by surpii.ae.
nnd tbe dtntna rooms w.ie prai'tlcally
eloeed after tha wait.-rs waike.i out At
the Raldgh even the cooks Jolned in the
Bdward Rloclilinger, >f New Tork. ot -
eanizer fr?r the internatlonal' Hotel Work
t-rs' l'nion. confi-rred with the waiters on
Si iti. !.?\ nisrht. and Ib said to have urned
a strik.- 10 demonstrate th,. str.nRth of
the union.
Tha iiian.is'-r of the N< w Wlllard stated
to-nlght tliat ahsolutely no d.-mands for
an lncreaae ln was-es i,r hetter worktnK
Conditlona had heen made, and that he
d|d BOt kno\* tbe Objaet Of the strlkp.
\ , ..iiiinltiec of thr- slrikers will walt on
tbe hotel maaagera to-morrow.
Li- li ln 4|ualliv and ahsoluiely fresh .
Acker, M.-rrall A Condil 4Vs stores in J
Sreeter New Vork.?Advt.
Mexico Calls Newspaper Man
an Undesirable Alien.
;.*?'; edal U The Trltmne. |
Mexico, City ivia Laredo Jtinctlon),
Oct. 28.*?Harry H. Duan, an Amierlean
newspeper man. who has lie<?n repre
.sentlriK a strlng Of I'nlted States
papers. has heen arrested and Will be
deported under Artlcle 33 of tije fed?
eral constitution as an undt-siralile
Another allen also to bs deported ia
named farii-hrieti. H*- is sai-1 to he an
Italian. who acquired prominence re?
cently by asserting that he was the
representative of General Fellx Dlaz
Uunii. who recently returned from
Moll Vnrk. was held Incommtmi. gde
t.i-da. sntnewherr- on the elty's out
sklrts. lb* was seeretly tak* n out of
town ln an automobile.
Dunn'fl wlfe ts a nlece of Beftor d?* la
Barra, ex-Ambassador t<. tlie I'nlted
Stati'.s and recentlv etflBoen for a Cah
Inet pogt by Oeneral Diaz.
Artist Used His Brush to Coun
terfeit $10 Bills.
Chlcago, Oct -.'I? Louls Gagmore.
who turned his talent as an artist to
th.- palntlng of $|n counterfelt govern?
ment notes, was senteneed to-day to
?.-r\ e one y. ar In the I'nlted States
prison at For! I.eavenworth. Kan..
after he had admltted hls gullt
Gagmotre told the court he had paint
ed the notes so thnt he could support
hls wlfe and chlld, when he found he
could not aelt his plctures. The fed?
eral nuthorltles dedared the notes were
<n well executed that It had been dlffl
cult to dijcover thelr source.
Stricken After Making Speech
to 1,000 Baptist Delegates.
T'tlcn, N. Y.. Oct. 2.'.?After outllrting
hl? experlence In thirty years of preach
Inf? the Kospel and teiteratinK his love
nf tlu servlce, the Hev. Jabez Ford. of
Camden, died In the presence of 1.0O- d-le
gatCB t.> the Raptist state conventlon af
thla ufternoon's eeeStOS In Tahcrnacle
Church, thls city.
Tlu* r-onventlon was dlscusslnjr condl?
tlons of the Chureh snd Mr. Ford, known
as the epr'noe of Onelda County Haptlst
paaterS." waa heard wlth Interest ln a
splrlted address He had Just completed
hls rt-marki aml had sat down when he
dicd hefore help could rea- li blm. Hls
son the Rev Bpi nc-r J. Ford, pastor of
the Central Park Raptlst Church. New
Tork. was In the conventlon at the time
Mr Kord was a veteran of the Clvll
War. hnVtng served as emrlneer wlth
i ompany U 16th New York. He had
heen a pastor in onelda, Madlson and
Oewego countleg. He was seventy-one
years old. and hls wife and son were
meinliers of thls aftcrnoon'a audlence.
? **
Barber Shop Porter Gets $3,
000 for Words and Music.
[ B) T-lojrsiih t.? Th.- Ti -lliiin? 1
Fiankfnrt, Ind., ()ct. :3? John Herry, a
negro. who for the last three or four
months has been unployed In a harher
shop BS b porter. has come into a snug
fortune aud acqulred conaiderable funie.
Barry has conslderahle musical talent,
and ln hls idle moments wrote the word^
and muslc 0/ a song whlch he sang to tha
men ln the shop Then he wrote wordt
Bnd muslc for a comlc opera and a short
story, sendlng them to n Chlcago com?
pany. The company accepted Berry'a of
ferhiK.s an?l sent him a check for $3.00<>
for the romlc op?*ra. $200 each for two
saci.il BUngS and $*i7 for the story, m&k
Ina $3,467.
Rerry was so delightetl wlth the success
if hls flrst venture that he reilgnetl hle
rrork, left for hls homs in Muncle and
(?III devote hls time to writing muale.
Ocwey'i Port Wlne wlth Ollve Oil
A wonderfui Pieab snd RIood Bullder
H T Hewey & Sons Co ,138 Fulton 8t.,N.Y.
Federal Forces Easily Capture
the Town, and a Muddle
Ensues Instead of a
Great Battle.
Rebels Offer Slight Resistance
to the Attacking Columns
and Men and Leaders
Are Made Pris
Crushing of Revolt Disposes of H:i
Last Big Rival and Mexico Looks
for Peaee?Non-Combatants
Protected by Unitel
States Guns.
rsp-ciai ti) Th.- TiBj?i |
Mexico Clty, Mex. (vla Lare.lo June
tlon), Oct. 23.-?The r4-\ult pi Qenetnl
FVlix Diaz ended to-day .'ts abntptl] Sfl
it began. The federal foroea regalnet,
the citv of Vera Cruz after three hours
of flghting. Dlaz ami hls chief ai.1..
Colonel Dlaz Ordaz. were taken p
.-rs, together with all the federal BOl
dlers who .leserted to the reb.-l stan 1
nrd iitip week ago to-day.
Imniedlately on rccelvlng ofltclal
ronflrrnatloB of ihe federal viot. ?)??.?
i'i- - ? al Madero aeni a personal teie
gram t.. Oeneral Beltran orderinj blm
to conrene a court martial to iry Di 8
and th? ..ther- t*oB?plratora, and il' gull
to execute them within twenty-fo ??
hours *Thle dtapoeaa of all oonjoctu a
ns to the fate of the rebe! leaders ? .
eral Bettraa is to ba, th. haad of " a
court, which arlll be compoed "f all the
federal tenenJa al Vera Craa.
AlthOUgb Diaz is a ilvilian without
military Btandlag, ha\ing reslgned
from tlu- army a jeea ago. the stat
atea prortdp that clvlllana charged
wlth the BBTence 4)f conspiracy may be
brought nndef the operation ,,f tRO
military law The court wjll tri" Colo?
nel Dlaz Ordaz ari'l all the offlcers of
tba -lst Rattalion thaf rebelled. Prl
vates whn flaaartfd alae are to he
trled. nii'l probal.ly one Ifl ten wlll be
sele. terl bv lot for cxecuti'Ui
ttepreoentatlvea nf a local hank arere
notifidl yesterday l>>' its brancfe Bl
Vera Cruz that the Parls correnpond
ent of the bank had been directed to
plate $2T>At*\ to the credlt of Oenernl
Diaz. The supposition ls that th's
eontrlbutlon, which was not pabl over.
was made bj som<- members of tho
old Clentlflco party, now refugees in
Defeat of Diaz Expected. ,
What happened at Vera I'ruz thla
afternoon has been foreshadowed in
dispatihes to The Tribune as a rOBUlt
of confldential information ooncernlng
the a<tnal condition of affairs in the In
aurgent camp and lack of the slightest
reason for belleving that Dlaz would
not be alBBPPOtated ln his exnectatloii
that the entlre army would pronoume
for lilm and against Ma4lero.
Dlaz and hls men offered but feehle
resistance to the attai k 4,f the federals
under Oeneral Beltran. Vera Cruz was
retaken wlth slight loss of llfe on elther
slde and wlth little property damage.
Dlaz's downfall, lt ls conceded here,
glves Immense prestlge to the admin
Istratlon. Hy one deelalve atroke, and
contrary to the general lmpression of
what probably aroold happan. Preatdenfl
Madero has ilispused ,,f tiie last and
most formiilable rival to dteputO hi
authority. As a result he finds hlmse.'
to-nlght virtually as hlgh ln popular
fa\?r as when he t4.?ik offlce a y.-ar a--.
Crowds are paradlng the streets and
thronglng in front of the National Pal
ace cheering the army and ahoutlng
"Vlvo Madero!"
ln the opinion of foreign ohservers of
evenfs ln Mexico, the Dlaz tiprising ha-i
ttirned BUt t4> ba a blesslng m dlsguise
to Mailero. It subjected the adminis
tration to the most severe test that has
been put upon its stabiltj". and proved
that the loyalty ,,f the army, whlch
many persons were lnclined to doubt,
is steadfast and that no popular de?
mand exlats ln Mexico for the acces
sion to power of a military despot of
the type that Dlaz, had he won, un
doubte4lly would have been.
May Influence Other Reballionj.
The defeat of Dlaz, a nephew of ti."
exiled President, unquestlonably ma'
be expected to dlshearten Or4>zco. Za
pata and the lesser rebe! chleftnlrs
who ha4l espoused hls propaganda and
were preparlng to make eommon cauce
wlth hlm against lladBfO. Tn-d-,y'_
vlctory ieaves the government free to
continue Its aggresslve campaign in
other dlsturbed sections of the republlc.
The dlsaftected elements now are ib
prlved ol any lndivjdual of sufTlclent
promlnenr;e and followlng about whom
they can rally for another attempt at
overthrowing Madero.
Only Bufflcient tnvips wlll be left ln
Vera .'ruz to puBtia the clty. The re
malndcr wlll be Beat back imniedlately
to the polnts from whlch they were
wlthdrawn to go to Vera Cruz. Kow
that the defeat of Dlaz is aceompllshed.
lt la no longer inopportune to say thnt
on Wednesday nlght. a few hours aff?r
the Dlaz uprlslng. FIrnesto Madero. Mln
lster of Flnance, usaured the Tribune

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