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But Not Radical
The Only New York
Republican Paper
aaa t XXII. N*-24,089.
To-tlay and to-morrow, falr and uarnier;
?nodernte vartable wliul*.
Bulgarians Capture Lule Burgas
and Demotica and Cut
Communications with
Servians Seize 123 Ouns?
Hundreds of Villages Wel
come Invaders ? Monte
negrins Occupy Large
Town in the Sanjak.
Sofln. Oet 2S.?The Bulgarian force*.
according to Advices recelved to-nlght.
have enptured the towns of Lule Burgns
anri pemoticn It ls also reported thnt
the Turks are construetlng earthworks
along the Rlver Ergene, west of Baba
It 1" stated that Bulgarlan cavalry
has Bueceeded !n cuttlng communlca
tloriB between Adrianopie and Constan?
tinople and between Adrianopie and
Maeertonla. The. bridge over the Tchor
lu Rlver, at C'herkeBskol, has been
blcwn up. and the turnlng n.ovenient
Ib maklng rapld progress. It Is und4*r
Btood thnt civllians leaving Adrianopie
are permltted to pass through the lines
to the south.
The Turkish commander at Adriano?
pie hae been fonnallr summoned to
aurrender the town. A aeeond military
train from Constantinople, loaded wlth
flour. haa fallen Into the hands of the
Bulgarians at Baba Eski
Belgrada, Oct. 28.?Semi-official ad
viceB report that tha Turkish army,
whlch ratired from Uskub toward Veles,
aurrenderad to-day to the Servian cav?
alry and dellvered up their arma. The
8erviana later aeized 123 guna.
That aection of tha Turkiah army
which wae defeated at Kumanova ap?
peare to have been entirely broken up.
The Turka from latip ara making Velee
the objective point of their retreat.
Prior to the oceupation of latip by the
Servians the inhabitanta aroae againat
the Turks and aeized their arma.
London. Oct. 28.?The Servian Lega
tion announces that a hundred Arnaut
vlllages in the viclnlty of I'skub have
Btirrendered. Great festivitl.*s are be?
ing hold throughout the conquered
Keiiw, Montenegro. < ?i-t. 28?The
Montoncsrrim. captured the large town
of Plevlj.. in the sanjak of Novipazar.
rear tbe Bosniun bordtr. nt noon to
(Il4\ _
? Bf CtiMe to T_
i.,,i,ri.,n.Oct. rt^-Newa of the utmost
Importance ceeaea from ? special cor
reepo*dent ol the-lUlchepoat/'tha weU
known military organ of Austria. Tele
graphlng from the head'iuarters of the
aeeond Bulgarlan. army tt 9 o'clock OB
Sunday nlght. he states that the OOD
eerted actlon of the Bulgarians against
th4- Turkish eastern army is Bteadlly
maklng progr-ss. and this ln spite of
very unfavorable weather.
Already. he says. th.- Turkish line of
retreat upon Constantinople has been
cut off by a aettee of dramatlc move?
menta and Incldenta. The line con
neetlng Lule Burgas and Constantinople
has been cut at Tcherkesakenl. This
has been accomplished by blowing up
the bridge which spans the Rlver
Tchorlu at the point named.
Thia being so, the Turkish army has
only one chance of escape left, being
now entirely aurrounded by Bulgarians,
vla., to accept battle on the banks of
the Rlver Ergene, near the town of
Tchorlu. Thls wlll be her laat battle.
The Btrength of the Turkish forcea
Mftween Baba Eskl and Lule Burgas Is
?stlmated at four army corpa. At Klrk
Ktliaaeh no fewer than 150,000 n.en are
said to have been engaged and the bulk
of these began their retreat on Thura?
day nlght. The retreat waa covered by
a ilvlslon or at the most a dlvision and
a half.
Severe cngagements took place
(ontlnoffd em necond pag*. flrat relumo.
This Mornings News
Beeker Near Breakdown. 1
Cevatepe );iii Had its Hero. *
Ilobbers <^ag W.nnan Cashler. 1
Melnherltance to Sav- Herf. 3
*v.?ldo Oenl.?s Br.-ak *>.lth .Mayor. ?
Drls-oll Tells Ahout Police. 0
Object- te More poll.emen. ?
Lor.i A Taylor'a .N'ew Home. 7
Mr- Belmont Not Puni-hed.18
Tiie riBBllUpt Sherman IU. 1
Mibb Bromley ?corae .MacFartand? 7
Na , Wlreless Station Opens.18
hooafvelt Ready for Garden Speeeh.. 3
Taft YVarns AKHlnst Democratic Tariff 4
RIU?a t'lalms Tour Plvotal Htatea- 4
<3a!n? Reported to tlu- President. 4
Htdgt-s <;ets Warra Weleeaaa rpstate. 4
Candidate* Report Campaign Coata... 4
Blr Kaat Slde Straus Rally. 8
Wilaon Modlftes Tariff Viewe., 8
Sulzer Resents Straua Attack. 8
Turktsh I?efeatt> Multiply Hourly- 1
Kumanla to Ask Share of Spolls. 3
Bewe for Women. 7
Edltorial . ?
SocUty . ?
Theatrloal .*. 3
Oblt'iary . ?
SportB .10 and 11
Weather .-?
Shlpplng Sewn .11
Army and N'avy.11
Flnanclai and Warktta.11, 13 andl3
?taaJ E.uta.M
Grant's Daughter's Emeraltl
Not a Oift from Mikado.
Chlcago. Oet. 28.?Frank H. Jones. I
ChkafO baaker, denled reports from
N<*\v York to-day that Mr**. Jones waa
aearchlng for n 125,000 emernld rlng
whlch had been glven to her fnther,
Oeneral V. S. Grant, by the Eitiporar
of Japan.
Mr. Jones said hlB wlfe lost nn emer?
nld ring valued nt .$.">,Om in a HbM
York hotel fIx months ago, and that
the rlng wns n weddlng present nn<l
had no hlntorlr value. ?
o ?
"Will Support the Republican
Ticket from Top to Bottom."
Alexandrla. Mlnn.. Ort. 2*-v-Stntin?*r
posltively tbat he was in favor of the
re-eleotlon of President Taft. Senntor
Knute Neison. at OaohlB, Xo-tjttty .--ald:
"Some people questioticd my attltude
on natlonal lamee when i raluctantly
consented to become .1 candldate fOT
I'nlted States Senator. I flled as a Re?
publican, lntendlng to support the R*.
publlcan ticket. lt is my intentlon now
to support tbe KepuMican ticket from
top to bottom. I never salled under
false colors and never will."
It Didn't Save Man Who Stole
from the Poor Box.
TBy THeuraph tn Thi* Trlbunr 1
Malden. Mass.. Oct. 2?.? Joseph Ber?
nard, an Armenlnn. who says hls home
ls in New York, where be has beaa
employed ns a waiter, v.as charged t -
day v.ith robblng one of the poor tMXOfl
ln the Sacred Heart Church on Satur
d_y of tlve cente.
Bernard told Judge Prlce hr wr-nt
Into the church to pray and found a
whalebone on the floor wlth glue on lt,
and a short dlstance away he saw a
nlckel on the floor. He aald lt was
while he was putting the nlckel ln the
poor box that he was arrested. He
j denled that he had taken any money
from the box.
Judge Prlce told the defendant that
If hls prayer waa no better than hls
1 story It would not be efflcaclous. A flne
of $.*M) was imposed. and in dt fault of
i payment Bernard was taken to tln*
! ('ami.ri<1g*f* jall. _
Surgeons Pind Wonderfui Col?
lection in Man's Stomach.
[Py Tel*Braph to Th-- TrltMUM 1
Pittsfleld. Maes., Oct. 88.- Surgeona
| in the Houae of Mercy Hospltal to-day
' took 182 nalla of varlous sizes. two
1 keys, a buttonhook and a plece of Iron
' fn.m the atomach of Luke Paraona. the
human ostrich." Parsons was pre
parlng for his annual Thanks.glving
feast, and while ln tralnlng was trou
bled wlth what he frmed a slight at
, tack of indlgeetion. The surgeons
niagnosed his case as peritonitls and
1 performed an bpOTatlon. A sharp nall
1 had puactured tho nbdomen .*in<i had
I caused the trouble.
Paraoaa has rallled nnd may llve. If
, he doeB lt wlll he ? long time before he
I cati agaln. lf ever, mako a feast on
nails and keys.
Paraone. who Is forty yeotrt ald, BCCt
dentally swallowed BODM .*-11 inB10 nails
ten years ago and has had a craving
: for metal dlet BTer itnea Knives.
\ spikes and can openers were regarded
i l.y him as special delhacieK
The surgeons found a splke over
k three lnches long. which showed signs
of havlng been partly dlgested. Thls,
they assert shows the power of the
man's dlgestlve organB.
toronto-Detroit Express in Ool
lision with Troop Train.
Toronto. Oct. 28.?Two eoldlera of the
Toronto garrlaon were killed. two prob?
ably fatally lnjured and thlrty-seven oth?
ers badly hurt when a traln on whlch
the troojjfl were roturnlng from sham bat
tles at Milton was wrecked near Strects
vllle .lunctlon, twenty-two miles west of
tlila city. early to-nlght. The special troop
traln crashed Into the engine of the <"b
nadlan Paciflc Express for Detroit, whlch
waa Juat movlng; from Streetavllle Junc
tlon after taking water.
The force of the Impact llfted the heavy
baggage car of the troop traln from Its
trucks and lt shot back Into the flrst of
alx passenger coaches in whlch the aol
dlers atore crowded.
The wai," of the baggage car envcloped
the Hgbl ooech behind. and Its heavy
floor, plunglug Juat above that of the pas?
senger coach, cut a swath of death and
Injury among the f-oldlers Tht* rear of
I tln- haggage tar was drlven about three
| tiuarters the length of the pasacnger
coach. Kor that dlatance all aeats w<*re
| swept away tn an inatant. and the men
I who occupled them were swept back wlth
j them and Jammed ln a mass agalnst the
bulkhead of the car. The two men who
were killed were ground to death between
the floora of the telescoplng car**.
The vlctlms were l'rlvat** Murdock Mc
Kensle, of ihe 40th Hlghiandera, and Prl?
vate A. Slnclalr, of the Queen's Own
Orashes Through Decks and
Menaces the Illinois.
[By Tel?gr?ph to Th** Trlr.uin* 1
Plilladclphla. Oct. tb. - Aa niemtier? of
the rrew et the hattl.*shlp Illtnola. at
league Island Navy Yard. were trans
terrlng thls afternoon ammtinltlon brought
from New Vork to other warshlps. a 13
lnch she)! wrlf-hlng 1.100 pounds end IM
wlth a buretlng charge allpped from Its
sllng end, falllng through openlngs In
three rlecka nnd almost Instantly killed
Edward M. Thompeon, a aeaman.
Several of his ahlpinate.i were narr-.w
|y mlssed hy *he shell and. had it fallen
a few feet further, OflfceTB >>t the shlp
salo. lt WOUld have explodi-d and tlam
ogoi the i.attleshlp.
*i imiiii *i>n, viiost* t,o]v raa crualied ov
tbe mass of steel. enllsted ln tln navy
from New Haven about elght montha ago.
? . . .?
Dewey'a Claret or Sautarne Punch
Fur all Social Fuiictlone.
H T Dewey & Sone Co.,138 Fulton St..N.V.
First American Officer Hurt in
Foreign Service Since Boxer
Troubles Here from Nic
aragua with Story.
Shell Swcpt Hat Off as Ho
Hacked at Wire That Halted
Advance, but Cut It Down
Before Another Shot
Tore Head Away.
The flrst Aniorlonn oflcer to he
wounded In foreign Bervlce sint-e the
Boxer tronhlea ln Chlna arrlved in New
Vurk late yeaterday afternoon. Hc
.r,me on crutchea Lleutenant George
C. Mnrtin, "f the United Btatea marines,
c1 .en not acofl at the markamanahtp of
Ihe revohitloalata of Nleeraffua, He
has < tily to look down -tt hls crippk'd
foot to he rernlnded thnt n little coffee
colored rebel frorn thr eornlc opera
seetion of the contlnent acored Iwo hits
wlth one huiiet
.Mnrtin arrlved on tho -tenmer Crl?
t'lhal, of tho Panama Llna, nnd wlth
him camf Suraeon R. B Hovt. wh" wns
ln charge ,,f the fleld hnxpltnl nt tho
battle of Coyatepe Hlll. nnd Ldeutc mnl
r'ommnndor W D. I.cahy. 4,f tho fleet
staff. who wns In command <>f th<- bBOC
nt Corinto. Martin and Royl were "V4>
\\ltno9Po? of i battle whlch. nlthoueh
on n mlnor sonlo. deoervee to rank
among th-- moat spoctn.'tilnr nnd ph-t
ureeejue In the hlatory of Amerlcau
And Coyatepe Hlll had Ita her.. Mo
dld not kr'4,\v mrartly fot whom or wlth
whom he waa Aghtlng*. hut ho phiyed
hla Btring to tho end. lio t\ 111 not c. mo
back t<4 ton his atory
ReHela 75 Yards Away.
"There "44-- ont man al Cnymtepe."
said Martin, Maa I 1 fell ever
aaw Whan we broke fr..tn th^ wnoda
rear the top of tho hlll tho robol
trenchrs were not more thnn Beventy
fl\e yarda Bway. They knew tho point
al whlch we would "'omo ont bomuse
the hrtish wns so thlik thnt w<> h-id t
follow th" trall They hnd a machltM
gUf and n nne-pivinder trttk 0,1 Bl thls
pobrt nt:d there wae 9 bet-ed ***i**e
fence sl-ip ln n\'r fn.-.-r* a?t aor ti aa we
4-?me Intn the opon
"A hi-kv ?hot pul the maehh ? r'm
oal "f 'ommlsrion, and n--- fn.t a. a
mnn lumi od nf t-> fix If. down h< WBBl
Into the trenchee. The OBie-pounder k.-rt
Marlng away and ro dld tho rlfV flre.
A man nnmod Durham a prlvate, I
can't lemember his fir**t n.nmo. aeut*
tled out ln front <>f nl! th"- i.t of the
men nnd began tonrlncr nt the fon.*?
wiih a iair of ctlppera. A one-pound
sheii <-w.pt hls hat off bla head! but h-*
kept haektag away nt the wlre, Tho
cttppera dldn't work nnd ho thr.-*w them
away and used hla bayonet Ue didn'l
evon CTOUCh, bul atood strnleh? i. to
hls work.
Last Shot One That Killed.
"Ho broke the wlre clooe to the fence
poet nnd ?or' It away. The ono-pound
or flred agaln Tho ranff' was lower
thls tlme. Hls Whole hoad was blown
off. They dld not have a chan.-e to
flre agaln, for the whole 1 rowd were
through the gap and over the trenches.
The revolutlonlsts pcampered down the
hlll. Our men dldn't hother to chuse
them. We dldn't want th**m; we
wanted the hlll and we had It."
No one would ever attempt to taka
a position llke coyatepe Hlll ln a
sham battle. The umplres would de.
rlnre the attacklng force shot to pkces
long before lt ever reacheil the top.
The hlll measnreil from base to niim
mlt about l/WO yarda. The tlrst three
hundred yarda are bare. Then thi-re ia
B patch i>f thk'k hrush Inafcesulbl., o\
4ept by a narrow trnil The trall ends
at a narrow openlnij- close to th. top
of the hill. arhere tbe rebela ha.l their
trenches and their guns. The hlll Is
at an angle of ahout 4.r> degreea
all the way and lt la .-onsidi-red a hard
.dimb nvea whea ravetutJoM are not
Coyatepe Hill marked one wln? 4.f an
unusuallv stronK poeltlon occupieil hy
thi- retrel forces. The other wlng of the
insurgent army n Med on Banaru-a
Hlll. Thls hlll is not an steep as <'oya
tepe, but the revolutionlsts hail ao. ,,rd
Ingly fortlfled It more atrongly.
Between the tW4, hlllH ls a long wood
eil rldge up4,n whleh the centre of thc
rebel army waj. .-ncarnped. Behlnil :he
rldgo lay the clty "f Mesaya. to whlch
the Amerlcan tro4.ps were trying to
open rallway communlcatlons.
Admiral S?>utherland suggosted to the
federal .ommnnder that ho capture
Oeyatepe, but the Booth Amerlean as
aaped hla* it weuM be ahaolutely con?
trary to the rulea et the game as lt
Waa played ln Nl'iiragun i'o>nto*e
had never been captured and never
wnuld be Once ln the possesslon of
eltlu-r Bhl"-. there It would remain aa
impregnahle as "hunk" ln a game of
American Took Initiative.
The American commander realized
that his ally had already iast hlmself
an<1 his army for the role of reservos
ln th"- r4>ar. and h<" a<-<urdlngly took tho
mittatlve upon btmeetf.
On Ocieber I the Aaaertcaa batteries
?beJled Barranca nui all day, but with
, ut aracfc reault Aa s"'"'n ns it waa
nti-i two battaHona "f jaartoea and a
1 ..i.tiiiur.l oa third _."_.-. tl11ii <<.1uii.ii.
Lawyers Alarmecl at His In
sistence on Talking for Pub
lication and Believe
Breakdovvn Is Near.
Eefore Warned To Be Silent,
Prisoner Declares Weber Plot
ted Death of Braunstcin,
His Partner?Snys Sul?
livan Savcd Him.
Counael for Charlea Becker fear ho la
t.n th.* vettje nf mental and phjralcal
Bpae. The strain he h.-s I.n un
fler Bint*e his arraal for tha murder of
j Herman Roaenthal haa told B4 rereljr on
hlm, and Ms- counael art* worrylng leal
the once Btrong I raln that dlrected the
rong arm" aqnad give wav under the
; Btrem he _ now undrrgolng.
Pc<k<r wrs ordered by his counael
i i...t to a:lvc out any more Intervj.-w*.
BB hlfl laWTfln think that by talklng
, he ls hurting hls cnse rather than help
I ing It. The one great f* ar .?f John
F Ifclntyre, Becker'a chlef counael, la
tbal the convlcted lieutenant will In
slst on nddresslng the court to-morrow
before sentence ls rronounccd.
lu the Interview pulilfthed yesterday,
', Perker's counaal aee an indlcatlon of
approachlng breakdown. To a reporter
' who knew Backar befora hls arreet,
the once powerful lieutenant of poii'***
blmaelf confldod bi***t nlght that he wns
fi ? ling hystencal vlnce his conviction.
*'l am sorry that I mnde the stnte
| ments I did." said Hecker "It was
contrary to the advtco of counaal, but
I have l.een feellng fort Of hysterlcal
Ince the trlal. and I suj pose that ls
?*.'*. I made them It was my lm
Calli Weber Arch-Plottar.
Before hla counsel muid cet a rd
to hlm yesterday. Becker n.lded to hls
Btory Of Sunday nlght by derlarlng
that "Haitl Jaek*1 Roaa, "Mridgte" Wo
, bar, Harry VnlLm and "Sam" Schepps
had alOttod to klll BadlOl Hraunsteln.
, Wi her's gambllng house partner. Wc
: ber he palnted as the arch- onsrirator
iof-the plot. and said he hnd offered
vxtmi to havo Btaunateln * Purnped
Thls plot was hatt h<*d two months
lifurt- th- kllllng of RoOOBthal, Becker
alleged. addlng that had "Jaek" Silll
van (JOCOk A. I'.elchi b<*en pe.-mttted
1 to tell his whole story on tl.e stand he
wouhl have told of thls lon-plta.y.
in his two lu.urs of boioteroua '??-11
niony Hulllvan dld maii.ig.* to ?.** on
lhe revur-i ih.it in arould ha**.- frustrat
. ,| tht murder of lto-enthal had he
kn.'wn of lt |B tiu"**. as ln* hud pre
-. entod tho kllltag of Brauaotflte.
That part of Becker's Interview
ntitetl in yestirday'n Tribune wherein
i.... k.r iald Ji'iin r. FininKaii had
Kivcn bla wlfa I1&.000 or $161000 wafl
braadod as faloa i?v Mrs. ifarj Lano,
latar of Ura, BUoabotb Flnnegan,
w idov. of tbe paoudo-benefactor. Tho
estate of $17.<W0, .-ht* aald, ? nt tO
Plnnafan'i wldow.
Further Refutation.
Bei ki i s story roiiceruing bla large
baak aooouata was aloo disproved.
Bei ker *>aid on Sunday that when his
wif.* showed hlm all thls weaith ln
-rreenbacka whlch she kept ln un old
tin hox, he told her to take two daya
off from school and bank tho money,
fMJkW ln all. He aald he asslsted ln
bunklng lt. The time he llxed as somo
time during thla sprlng.
Tln* ,mly two successive days last
sprlng when Becker mude deposit were
April *_'I and 25. <?ii th>' lirst day
Becker dapoaltad $&600 la four banks,
and "ii tho foUOWlnf day he l.anked
|ll,fiOO la four other institutions, mak?
ing a total of .*? 1 h.4J4HJ in all.
Thls lalls short by $11,600 of tho
amount Bockflf aald lu* dopoOited on
those two days. aad thfl other discrep
anc] between hls fltoiry and tln* HgUTnM
is that baak aoeouatfl aggrcgating $4$,
82870 were naoovorod by Dtotrld At
tortfey whitman m nlne dlfferaat
l.aiiks, all of whlch was deposite.I dur
.iii* thfl days when BoOkOT ruled the
strong arm" squad and when ROM
aaid Becker was graftlng rlght and left
from gamblers.
Then, too, Becker had safe deposit
boxes ln two dlfferent banks which
were never opoaofl* by the District At?
torney, ao that the amount of money
they contalned was not learned.
Iieside:! hls new story toncerning the.
alleged plot to klll Raehal Braunstein,
BOCkOT said yesterday that YVIIllarr. |
Shapiro. chauffeur of the murder car,
told seviral people that Vallon rode
uptown wlth the gunmen, and that he
and Schepps figured ln the actual klll?
lng of Rosenthal.
Jurista on Court Narrative.
In the Interview he gave yesterday
afternoon Becker agaln evlru-i-d hla
feellng of hopekssness thnt hls counsel
tan save hlm from the electric chalr.
Bellevlng that he muBt dle, Becker an?
nounced that lt was hla plan to tell hla
verslon of the murder before Juatlce
(?off \yben thfl clerk asked hlm to-mor?
row morning If he had anything to say
why the sentence af death should not
be pronounced upon hlm. Mr. Mcln?
tyre wlll try hla best to previ-nt such
pr.it edurc, for fear of the effect lt mlght
havo "o lha appeal.
T am lnnoient." aald Becker yester
dny. ?and they btb now golng to sen*
( unlliiut--* ?? -'-""-* ommmt ?*..!..mn.
The young cashier who was gBgged and robbed of $500 yesterdaj
afternoon in an insurance office in Brooklyn.
Get Into Cashier's Cage of Pru
dential Life Insurance Com?
pany by Ruse.
Handkerchief Stuffed Into Vic
tim's Mouth?Men Escape
After Daylight Job
in Brooklyn.
l hree robbers entorod tho braneh of?
flce Of the Prudontlal Life Insur.uii ??
Company at No. 248 Blatbuab avenue,
Brooklyn, at 2 o'clock yosterdny nftcr
noon and got away wlth about $500.
One clew the police hnve to the ldentlty
? >f the men ls r handkerchief whl.-h
they left in the o-outta of Mlsa Alrkte
Brennels, the enshlor. when they went
away They havo also ihe descrlptlon
of tho nion. given them by the capbfc \
Miss Brennels was alone in the offlce
Whea two men wr.lkod In and saiil they
were employea of the pfaw V4.rk Tale*
11*-,.,ri?* Compaay nnd came to change
t!., recetver oa th?. telephone Inatru
rni'nt behlnd UM glass partlflon Miss
I Irt nnetfl th">:ght she recognlzed one 'if
tiio mon as an omploye of the company
aiul opened the door, As soon as they
got into her i ompartment they selzed
and gagg'*>l he*i fastenlng her handa
behlnd ber i>;?' k.
Then they rlned tbe caah drewer aad
tba aafa Whlle they were working
Marry bforley, ol Holiy Cottage,
Bath Beach, came to thi- om ?
rni-t a mim. who waa preaanaablj the
lookoul for the I o who had i
the place. He toid ber thal the caahler
bad k"4'no out of her mlnd aiul that hc
was on his way to summon tho pol ce,
Miss Morley gianced ln the offlce nnd
maile up her mlml thnt u robbery wns
ln pr.-'gres?. Siie rushed out and called
for help.
Wulter Reilly, an agent of the com?
pany, ptatloned at the Broadway offlce.
wns tho flrst to respond. He released
the cashier, who was In an hystorkal
COndltfOB, Her arms had beon twistod
aiul fh4" had been choked. hut had not
heen serlously Injured hy her experl
enca. shi said afthrward that she
f.-lt ;..: ;f tho men had tried to "i'".pe"
h.-r. bul there was no tra.-e of tho use
4,f an aBBBBthetlO ahout the ro4>m or on
th.- baadkarelrief whlch hail heen force 1
Int i her mouth.
In the .'Xiltement tho men made thelr
aeeape. Th3 handkerchief ,is of small
value aa a dlew to their Mentity. it is
marked with an lnltlal "R," but Is not
peculiar in any way tha* mlght mak*
It tlliaathH to traie It to any partlcuiar
store. Miss Hrennels llves at No. .T7*l
I'ates avenue. She ls one of two cash
krs employed at tbe braneh. The
other le Miss t'arrle Hlumen. who wa.4
at luncheon when the thievea eniend.
Aged Retired Merchant May
Die from Injuries.
Irwln C Stump, seventy years old. a
renlred buslness man. who llved at No.
26.6 Broadway, fell down the elevator
shaft nt that add maa laat nlght and
was ho badly Injured that lt was said
at the J. Hood Wrlght Hoapltal. where
he waa taken, that hls chances for re?
covery were small Hls skull was fract
uro4l and both of hls nrms were broken.
Tho elevator was aal <if order and a
me.-hanlc was engaged in repalrlng It.
The car was about six feet above the
flrst floor nnd the door was opeo. Mr. ;
Stump came ln hurrledly and not no- '
ticing that the car was not at the floor j
st.*ppi-d through the doorway and fell
to the baaement.
At the hiaise lt waa said that the man
engaged lu flxlng the elevator waH
standlng at the open door, but Mr.
B-UflBp brushed past hlm befo/e warn- \
Ing C".uld ba Klven. Mr. Stump has a i
wife but nn chlldren.
Butler? From Prlie Dairlea?35c. Lb.
Xo unciTt.Unty atont Its freMiness aiul
quality wh. n lt 4 nnio* from Aeker, Mer
rall * Ceadlt C?.'a storea in <Jr**ntt*r N. V.
- Ad\t.
Aged Woman" Loses Life Whilt
Kneeling Before Altar.
Bt Paul, oei. 28.?Mrs. johaaaa Mo
Ifann. aerea'ty-Ovfl years o'.<i, wai
1 h'irneii to deatb to-day whllo kaoollai
! iu fn.nt of an altar BTflOtad near hei
. bedalda. The flama from one of thi
candlea Igaltad her dothing. Th.
woman was dead when members of tht
i household entorod Ba* room.
Mrs. McMaaa was a pi.meer residen
' of St. Paul. and was the aunt of th.
Hev rather Ftaah CToatp*.
jMen Finish Job Begun bj
| "Dearie," So Called by Victim.
a battorod aad bioody young mai
! told the deaa" lieutenant ln the Eas
' 104th street station last nlght that h.
waa a laborer and lived in a Thlrd ave
nue lodgtng houae. He di.l not look th.
part nnd the pollee think John Plno
rar that'a th.* na-ne give fako pedi
gree, because he was aahatned of hav
ing mjaeed his afan as a street mashei
and w.i - then bOOten by a crowd o
Plnover went up to Mlss Mary Fee
nev. twenty-flve yeara e-Wi. and attrac
tlve, too. nf \... 13 South Dean street
Iningtoo-on-HudBOB. ?>? ahfl wns walk
Ing along 125th ifraet near Lenox ave
, unit 8 o'clock last nlght.
H.-lIo. do.it*!.-. where are you"
Uight then Mlss Feeney swatted hirr
with her m^h bag. Pinover. aiw.y;
gallant Blapped ber twk-e. And ther
the mon on the corner Interfered. Th?*ii
V'lctltn went t" nP'ht OOUTt where Mag
latrate Pfoahl was slttlr.g. He wil
have thirty days ln the workhouse tr
r.-ii.ver from blfl I?rulscs.
Mourning Foster Mother.Learns
Real Mother Died Hour Before.
i: -. . ?>;? ,;. ? tO Th. Trllvin.**. ?
Atlantic City, o.-t. 'JS,?Harry Steel
inan. Of this . ity. was robbed by death
tO*-day of blfl real mother and his fo**
' ter mother. While standing beside the
.lead body of Mrs. Pitman Steelman,
whose son he believed he waa. he re
OOlYfld 0 telegram Informing hlm of the
death of Mrs. Mary Risley, hls real
mother. whose death had occurred ln
Philadelphia one hour before.
Young Steelman dldn't know Mra.
Rialey was hls real mother until hls
foster father explained the situation to
hlm. He had betm adopted by the
Steelmans when oly a few days old.
Central Pilot Found Senseless
as Train Rushes On.
(By T-le-rraph to Tlm Tribune]
Albanyi Oet 28.--As traln 14. one of
the New York C'entral's ttyers. wlth a
lnrge number of passengers aboard, was
Bpaodlng toward New York, Willlam
Ctencfta, dHver of the locomotive, was
lylng uncODOdOOfl ln the cab aa the re?
sult of ? stroke of apoplexy, accordlng
to rapbftfl Bt the I'nlon Station to-dav.
I'lemens's body was dlacovered at
Khlrn-vllff by the flreman, who ran the
trnlii tO Poiighkeopsie. Clemens was
removed to the Vassar Hospltal. nnd
dled shortiy afterward. The lncldent
occurred Saturday afternoon.
Robert I'lemens, a brother of tho
engine drlver. wns the conductor of '.he
traln. The dead man leaves a udfo.
Hls home araa ln New York City.
Oermany Drawg Up Regulations
for Safety of Life at Sea.
Berlin. Oct. 2$.-New rules for ocean
golng steamshlps were myprovet to-day
at a conference held at the Mlr.fatry of
the lnterlor at which representatlves of
tbe llernian Mlnlstrles. the Federal Coun
cll and the slilpplng Interests were pres?
ent. The new rules have been adopted as
the baals of Germany s attltude at the
International Marltltne Conference to be
held In London.
They deal wlth the questlon of bulk
heada. llfeboats. wlreless telegraphy and
the reportlng of lcebergs.
All passenger ste.ainera carrying 75 per?
sons, Including fhe crew, "and frt-ighters
carrying a crevv ,,f t>o must ln future be
i*.pill p.tl wlth wli*.*lesM telegraphy bavlng
a ni.iius of ino si a mllea
These rflflBOla niust also carry a eertaln
proitortlon of skiil.-ii oarsmen to man the
The regulatlons ns to bulkheads have
been thoroughly amended.
Vice-President Suffering from
a Complicatirn of Diseases
and Steadily Grow?
ing Weaker.
Patient Rallies at Nightfall
Under lnfluence of Powerful
Medicines ? Members of
His Family Remain Oon
stantly with Him.
Utica. N. Y? Oct. 29 (Tuesday)?At
1 o'clock this morning Mr. Sherman
i was quietly aleeping. The phyeiciana
| had an extendcd conaultation to-night,
and after a careful examination said
they found greater source of encour*
: agemont and decided improvement.
Ctba, N. Y? Oct .8?James S. Pher
jmnn, Vh-e-Prosldont of tho I'nlted
: States and Republican candidate for
I re-electlon, is seriously III and steadily
falling in hls home here.
Whlle his physlcian, Dr. Fayette H.
Peck. hclleves there is uo immedlate
danger of death, yet the dlsting-ished
pnti. nt's condition ls such that lt is a
matter of conje. ture how much longer
he can wtthetand the ravagea of the
|d_Bea_BB with arhlch he ts affllcted.
Iir. Peck nuthorized thls statement
to-nlght regardliig Mr. Bhenaaa'a ill?
I and his present condition:
, i. "Mr. Sherman haa been sick all of
thia year, due to condition of the kid
neya, hardening of tha arteries and
, aoftening of the muscles of the heart,
which is somewhat stretched. Mr.
Sherman had an attack in the Adiron
dacka?at Big Mooae, to be exact?irt
June. and I expected him to die. Ha
got out of Big Moose safely and im
proved steadily and very aatiafactority
until the latter part of Auguet. Sinca
than his condition haa been aggravated
and he has been steadily failing.
"For the last three weeka, aince ha
came back from Connecticut, whara ha
went to rest, he has been dreaaed only
once, and that was a week ago Friday,
when, against my proteat, he went out
to the polls to register.
, | "Mr. Sherman ia now in tha condition
which that sort of trouble leada to, and
I is very aerioualy ill, but there ia, I be*
! lisve, no immediate danger of death."
After a day of, discouraging eymp*
Itoms Mr Sherman htlffrd at nightfall
[aad eootinued to siVw improvement
'< during th.' evenlng, Thls was due tn
|no amall measure to powerful medt
Wli. tln-r the Vice-President can
much longer BUftuaafaHy eombat tha
attack Ol l-dney trouble and compllca
ti.ms, lirst apparent more than a year
ago, is B matter of grave doubt.
Tho members of the Vlce-Presldert's
famlly are with him .onstantly, and
! his Intimati- (Handa have been notlfieJ
! that he has been failing steadily.
Dr. Peck has been ln frequent tele?
phone consultatlon wlth Dr. Theodore
C. Janeway, Of New York.
Th.- Vi. e-Preslih-nt realizes the pre
carloua natura <>f his Ulnaaa, and ?om?
i i ago he agreed not to undertaka
any campaign work or other duties that
? i t:l\ his Btrength.
\ iltttle before ii o'clock to-nlght a
eon of the Vlce-Prealdenl made public
thla statement signed bv the attendlnr
j physicians:
After oonsultatlon to-nlght ln the carw.
of Yice-I'resident Sherman. tba dtaffnoaie
of weakened heart niuscle. the reault or
overwork. wlth some kldney tnvolvement.
la conflrmed. _,_,___
Dt. Peck ia the family physlcian and
Dr. Elsner la a Bpeciallst living ln Syra?
Leaders Uncertain of Course
Should Sherman Withdraw.
: \\ asliir.irtoti. Oct. .$.?Tho lllness of
i Vlce-I'toshlent Sherman und spoculatlon
I ?ver the posfibllltles of hls wlthdrawsl
from the BapuMlcan tlca.-t because of
the pr.iarious condition of hla health
aroused dlscus*"l,,n here to-day over the
probable methods of fllling his place.
The Keneral opinion expressed was tnat
tho Repuldlcan N'atlona) ''ommtttee or
the BXeCUt-Ve committee posaeBsed jiower
to flll a vacancy on the tlcket. No ona
here prO-easea to know whether the Cnl
cago convention ?i e, IMoaliy provlded for
BU?h an BBBBIffBnrr The report of tho
190S convention does not appear to ahow
that BOCh a provislon was made then,
and the stenographlc report of the con?
vention thla year has not yet been printe
Should a aaaaaey occur elthet before
or after .-lertlon. some Republican lead?
ers argui'd. the alactore would have powvr
to vote foi any candidate for Vlce-Preat
dent they mlght chooae. Preced^nts wera
a4lmltted to b. lacklng. but lt waa de?
clared that only party dlaclpllne and
honor had in the paat bound elcotors to
?ote for thelr party nomlnees. No one
suggested. however, that a choice by the
Republican National Committee or ita ex?
ecutive committee would fall to recelve
the aupport of the Taft electors.
<*rdlnarlly. should there be no Vlce
rresident, the Ptesldent pro tem. ot the
.Senate would preslde over th it body. and
i the Hne of succes?lon to the Presldeacy
'would be to the Secretary of State. Por
] the iast several months, however, the
| present Senate h?n been unable to agree
on a president pro tem. and that ofllce
has been vacant.
Charlea D. Hllles, chairman of the Re?
publican National Committee, made ex
haustlve inqutrles some tlme ago aa to
the nei esalty of certlfylng to the varloua
seeretaries of state the narue* of the Re?
publican candldatea, and aa a ren.lt he
certlHed the nanieH of Taft ar.d Sherman
for prlntinK on ballots in all stattta. Jg
supplemental petition, however, probably
; would be accepted In moat Btaten where
bullots have not already been prlnted.
The procedure where ballots already hava
been prlnted was uot knowa.

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