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Horace Fogel Defiant in His
Answer to Baseball Charges.
Jockey Club May Not Grant
Sar.ction for Race Meet
ing* at Marlboro.
Horace FOgera anawer to the formai
tdgmi agataet hlm by T-aanaa
J. Lynch, 1 resldent of thc National
.-,t league taadqnar*
ta thli clty. yeaterday, and accord?
ing t<> Mi. Lynch eoetaeted of b geooral
,.,...,al. 1:. Bt ef tta Philadelphia
club also quaottoaed the rlght of the
try his case for alleged Btatfl
- reflectlnB on baseball and the
f omplrea, and falrly shouted
Mr. Lynch sai.l that the full
4 th. answer would not be made
public until November M, wh.-n thc league
wlll meet here to try tha i
. of the chargea brought against
? | in an article published
atUTO he stated that the
.:i-ii League race for mi waa
oked" and that Praaldflot Lyaeh and
dn nmplrea were werklag in the m
; of lha New York Club, and that
Bl lt was ' ri.v-d" for tl.e New York
? v Ita POfl ?'?* In his letter of
h rday Mr. Pogel denics he ever
- "ch statements.
??Ii..- doea Mr. Fogel explaln the fact
auch atatementa appeared over hls
tuie'.'" Mr. Lynch was aaked.
II. doea not attempt to explain that
i,t all." wa* tba reply "He merely makes
. neral denlal of that and thc other
gge, aad tbea dedaraa t>.?* National
LeagoB baa oo jurladlctlon in the matter
Ing him for hls alleged statements."
Algernon Daingerfleld, asslstant secre
tary of the Jockey Club, lntimated yester
that th oatroUrng torf body ln the
: mlght not grant a license for the
iay raco meetlng at Marlboro. Md..
, has been announced for next
1 Hite.
BOOM lime ngo the Jockey Club sent
oot a notlce to all falr Assoclatlor.s that
m ovar ten days, as provided
<-s tor falr meetiiiKs. w,,uld bc
(Od. In view ot the fa< t that a
ten-da) meetlni at the Marlboro track
Beld Is.t sprlng. thc appllcatlon for
lllCtloa for another meetlng th.s fall
is almost sure to be refused.
:itcd laiing la pronalaed at Belmont
?I-.,., . ? -rrow, for thc aeeond d iy
... United Huntfl meetlng. The c:,rd
Idod between Jumplng and
wlth thra ? ?.f each Nottlng
h?m, winner ol th. liurdle race on Bat*
lored in the Hollls Hurdle
- Ifl bardly llkely to have thlnes
,..,, way, n> Faultleaa, whlcta was
wi"-. onaa, met wlth an
dent, through no fault of her own,
r>ut her oal ">f th,- runnlng. Also.
i.e b gt<.\v fu.tnr ln Refere*..
4 d to co w, u
orlnti i-.ti Bteeplechaee looks open,
rldge, a gi om Juat nov,
n .ti.s.-ntce. and th. otbera wlll
gether nt welghts which seem to
arell. _
?1 e new manager of the
Dbfl, has signed a flve-year con
tra<t. whlch wai apptroved yeflterdfly, by
h, of the National IuTtflgUtt
Tba releaae of MThree Mngered" Hrown,
ti-.o star pltcher 'if tta Cuba, to
-ill", also wns aoproved,
? larke. msr-iger of the Tjttsburgh
I beglnnlng to w-onder what be
wttl iio with twenty-odd autta of 4-iothcs
M h.its Whlcb 1)-' ls col
? lg on some waeers made last --pring.
H declared last Aprll that t.e WOUld man
the PlratM from tha bench nnd
ln a alngle game. not even
pin.-h htttar, throughoul tta aeaaon
His ftrtenda, eountlng on tta lure of baae?
bail, would nol -,<?? *pt hhn Borioualy, and
i - nreri mada rigm and left Clarke'a
narn- ippaar la a atogle box acore
thla y.-ar. and the result ls m.>r.- ClOthCfl
Ifltfl tl an bfl knowa what tO do wlth.
Bullivan, tha \"t"ran catcher of
i m Chicago Wrhlta Boa', may boy a*cou
trolling Intereat In the Taooma ciub of
b Loflguo, if tM Cblcago
. uta di - not offer hlm a contract h"
wm ko to tha ? i -erhape managa
Word comea from San Francisco that
tbfl moth-r ,f Froi Snodgrass doBlea that
she fninteii when the news came that her
_on had dropped B fly in that fatal t*nth
innlng <4f tl.e deciding gi ? - -.f the
world'a championship aarlea
The Btory goea that Dan Moellar, an
?iij.-,- ..f tbe Waahlngton Senators.
l.aa mudc a Wflget with Clark OrUBth,
manager ?.f the club that he wlll bo(
lohaoeo in aay form next season. Grifflth
he wlll be glad to pflj if h?. lOOfla,
as hc bellev.s Ihat .-moking af
Moeller's batting tbla yar.
Boy D Bawjoi. of the ITalveratty of
Vermonl wrltefl to ;hp sporting editor
that a dinm-r v\ill l>e glvea to-day ta Ray
nd Larry Qordaer, of 11.*- Boston
Wai Sox. aiul to Gutterson, winner of
the broad jump al the Olympic games.
AM Wtret are recent graduat.-s of the unl
ttjiatlt. Governor Fletetae of Vermont.
? number of state offl.-lnls and many cltl
rena of BaiUagtOfl BlOC wiii take part Ifl
Tha run.ii'n. ea from Bnglend
. tatematleaal aeraa ahow
will bi- h. 1.1 at Olympia, Ixindon, frOM
.; .r,. hl l< .' I] 1 neai >4-ar.
l.ill Brennan, one of the um;
ihe NaUoaal League ataff, has turned to
the atagc for the flff season. He may
BB seen OB Hroadway, lf he makes a hit
iu th? Weet
Th- -I I left Philadelphia yester
il,h, where twelve f.imes wlll
Among those who will mako
,;;?: ar. H. i.d-r. Coombs. Plank,
-fclnaea. CoHtaa, Barrr, Bak?-r. Btmok,
Oldring, Murphy nnd Lapp
rMaoe I'ogel now says he dOOB not in?
tend to aell tta Pliiilles. no matter what
ti.e preeaure. Looks as lf he bai d_a
lovered a baaebail aageL
Iba Flynn and Luther IfcCarthy WOte
*sterday to fight twenty rOVOdfl
at Loa Angeles on Decernber 10 In the
; McCarey'a "white hope" elimlna
ton eanteotfl In the heavywelght dlvlsion.
t was announced that thc winner would
be offered a match wlth Al Palzer.
" hlcago, Oct 2*8.?Joe Tlnker. shortstop
' Chicago National League team,
,nd flned $5 for spetding
tO*day while passing through Evanaton,
n auburb.
Third Baseman to Lead South
Orange Club's Nine.
Cllfforti C. Tliropp, of Kast Orange N
J . has Mnn elected captain of the South
Oi;im-? fleld Club baseball team. whlcli
won the Amateur Baaeball League tltle
this year for the fourth tlme ln succes
Me miceeada Boyd .1. Reararth.
Tbropp has plaved on thre<* of the wii.
nlng teams, u-oially at thlrd beaa He
waa prtreated trom playlng his best ganv*
during the laat season owlng to an injury
io hie ankle, which he broke sliding into
BCCOnd baae ln the latter part of the lfll
s.-ason. He formerly played on tl.e 1'nt
vrslty of Pennaylvania 'varalty. and ha**
at varlous tlmea received offera to play
professional baseball.
Three Four-Oared Shells to
Race on the Hudson.
A trlple senior four-oared rowlng raee
was arrangred between the Unlon Bont
Cfrab, the Naaaaa Boat Club and the
Metropolitan Rowlng Club last night. The
eontest will take plaee on the Harlem
River j-iext Boaday afternoon.
There has been mueh keen rivnlry and
some dlBBcntdon among the crevvs, and lt
was only after weeks of effort that the
clubs. were finally brought together. The
eooraa arlll boa mlle and a Quarter, alona
the Speedway. The race will start at I
Coaches Pleased with Work of
'Varsity Against Colgate.
fBy Telegraph to The Tribune.]
W.st Point. K. Y., Oct. 2*.?Tt was bo
near to aarKneas wnen the military drlll
was over that it waa decided there would
be no football practlce for the Army 'var?
sity to-day. The men were htistled over
to the "a>m." and here the conxhes gr\e
an earnest blackboard talk. All hands
enme out of the Colgate game in good
The Army'B eupporters were mueh
pleased wlth the Bhowing againet the Col?
gate team on laat Saturday. The work
r.n the offenaive waa especlally pleaaitiR.
the best eeen here thls season. Keye> and
Benexlict were powerful ground gHinets.
an**** tlme and agaln crashed through the
heavj Colgate Haa Prichard's forward
passing was excellent. and the plnving of
<? Bara at tackle after I_rkin hart been
hurt closed a big gap in the weakened
Army lln**.
Tievore ln likely to be back ln the game
agaln thls week. DorrLs's work as sub
stitute cfntre was satlnactory, and he
broke through repentedly and pasred ne
< urately. The seond strlng of badrJMd
rr.en ll showing up promlnently, and the
work of I.anphler and Klsenhower in Sat
urday's game brought joy to the Army
rooters. The team wlll start strenuoua
work to-rrx-trrow for the game with Holy
? ross, to be played here next Saturday.
Lack of Speed and Smoothness
in Play Causes Changes.
By ."elepraph to The Tribune )
.\nn.ipolla, oet. ?,?Tba Naval Acad?
emy .-oaelies made additlonnl changes in
the 'varalty this afternoon, rea?al?g that
tha attaek of the team ia Btlll erude ano
tbe bae?Add lacklnf* ln speed and smooth
Deaa ? 'aptain Rodea, who returned to the
fmr after an absenoe of tWC weeka, was
.-it qiiart*.rbHek, ln place of Nicholls. In
grnm aml Falllng, who showed 4*noourag
lng flash-s of playlng ir. Batwday'a gaim*
auainst Pltteburvh, were al-o behind thf*
foartb man wlll be picked from
quite a tl**ld of Hf-plrants. Ingram and
Palllnp are b..th bi**, stronir fel.ows, and
Pailiny. arho is a fourth claaa man, made
B partlCUlarl** e;oori impresslon during th"
ahort perlod he was in Saturday's ?rame.
toward the ilose. Leonard. Alexander. H.
Harrlaoa, ('ollins and Bates are all betnfl
conaidered lor the v tekfleid.
Nicholls wlll probably b<* given BaBM
further oppertunlUai at -juarterbaek. as
he runa well with the ball and handles
the team well. He mlsjudged punts badly
Baturday aad fnmbled al bnportant
pertoda of the game. The coaches hope,
however, that he will overcome theae
The Sfjuail was tinahle tO "pt on tbe
fleld this afternoon funtil after .', o' loek.
nnd the only work wns a little '?lekini***
aad eatihlng antl a slgnal drlll. Me
. a huaky backlMd man, who has
beea ont of the game on account of a
broken finger, returned to the fleld to-day,
i:l Ralaton. a likely candidate for
tackle or end. who has been suffering
from a brulsed knee.
Schoolboys to Hold Annual
"Cross-Country Run at
I!-. Telegraph to The Trllmne >
Princeton. N. J-. Ort. 21?Acoordin** lo
I nT.ouneement made to-day by the
PftneetOfl track management, the annual
Interecboleatle 'creea ceuatry run wiii b<
bei.) !?? n oa Novi mber *. Invltation-*
have beea sent to 270 aehoola. The raee
ivlll bB rOB ov.tr the reguiar three-mlie
course, and a cup, will be awarded to the
team making the lowest srore. Indlvld
nal medals wlll be glven to the flrat, sec?
ond and third men to flnish.
Laat yaar the cup went to Rnrringir
Hlgh School. While ln Princeton tht
0 ill !?? 4-ntfrtalned by upper class
men, ard wlll wltness the Princeton-Nrw
york I'niverslty football garne a? gueM?
. t the athletic association.
! By Ti-lrgraph to The Tribune.)
Cliii-ago, Oct. 28.--Gerry Hermann. prea?
ldent of the finelnnatl Rede. arrlved
here to-day and went into aecret con?
ference with President Murphy of the
Cuba. Hermann ia anxioun to secure
Tinker to manage hls club in place of
Hank O'Oay. It waa said that Murphy
wanted too much ln exenanga for Tinker
pnd that the owner of the Reds informed
him he would not weaken hls elub to
strengthen tlie West Side team.
The Metropolitan Regiatration Aeaocla
tlon heard the grievance of twenty-one
ethletea who competed In the recent
fiamii of the TIpperary Men's Asaoela- I
tlon, and then reserved decifllon. The
men charged that the prlzes dlstrlbuted
wre not the aame an hod been repre
One man deelared that the clock h*.
won was valued at $2h0. whlie the pro
moters had guaranteed one that was
worth a dollar more._
Cambridge, Ma.-s., Oct. 28.?KdwnriJ K.
Mahan. of Natlek, wa? to-nlght elected
captaln of the Harvard freshmen football
team Wells Blanehard, of **oncor_, waa
elected manr.ger, and Samuel M alelton,
Jr, ot Chlcago. asslstant manage
Football Tide Now Running to the
Flood, with Big Games in Offing
Harvard Eleven Faces a Hard
Task, as Do Most of the
Other Teams.
George Foster Sanford Among
Those Who Reapond to Call
for Help in Building Up
a Strong Line.
Most of the leadlrg football elevens
hav.- >nly four more games left on thelr
schedules, whlle Princeton ard Dartmouth
have only three each. The prelimlnary
season. so called, ls now over, so that
the games to come wlll be full of Interest.
Harvard. perhaps, has the hardest row to
hoe, as the Crlmson must face Princeton.
Vanderbllt, Dartmouth and Yale on suc
44'. (ilng Saturdays. Vanderbllt may have
BUjoyed eaay pMdag so far th's season,
but the fact remains that the eleven <
from Niishville, Tenn , has run up thfl j
hiige total of 329 polnts ln flve games,
Wblcb indicate? much power, even If the
opposltlon has not been af the strongest ,
If Harvard wlns these four games th"
rlght and title to the so-called champlon- i
ship "111 he unquestloned.
BngflgemeOtfl for some Of thfl other
teams may he Bammartaed as follows: I
Yale wiii meet "'oigate, Brown, Prlnooton I
and Harvard. In the order named; Prlme- j
t">n wlll face Harvard. New York ('ni- I
Veraity and Yale; Dartmouth wlll take
th" fleld against Amherst, Cornell nn.l j
Har*,ard; Pennsylvanla wlll do battle
wlth Pennsylvanla State. Mlehlgan, th"
CarllBle In.llans and Cornell; Brown wlll
tackie Vermont, Yale, Iaafayetto, Nor
wich and Carllele, the laat named ganie
comlng on Thankaglrlng Dav, whll.- 4*,,r
nell hopes to redeem the poor showlng of
the early season In gam.-s wlth Wllllama,
Dartmouth, Mlehlgan and Pennsylvanla.
George Foster Sanford saw enough at I
Princeton on Saturday to make hlm drop I
businesa for a day. at leiiat, and hnrry j
to New Haven yeaterday. That hls pid-l
ence on the fleld Insplred the Yale for
wardfl goes without aaylng.
Thfl Pennsylvanla e,.?ven Is llkely to
suffer another defeat ne>.t Saturday If
there la anythlng In football dope. lt wlll
line up against the strong Pennsylvat.l.i
State College team, whlch on 0BBMM
played must be ranked wlth the best !
Blg BUT HoUeabach 'a cosching th
Penn State eleven, whleh, lt may be re- j
called, defeated Coinell by a score of CJ '
to 6, and alao Washlngton nnd .leffers",!, I
(which held Yale to a 18 to 3 acore on j
Saturday), hy *> to 0. The fame of aueh |
players as Very, Mauthe, Mlller and Kr. I
gie has gone forth ln the football land. '
BO 'hat Andy Smith and hls men have'
reaaon to bc fearfui cf the approachlng
gam4 ?
The fnct that Pennsylvanla ha/1 s fOOd
chance to wln the LafByette game ..n
Baturday, but lacked the nnai puoch, l*d
some crltlcs to express thc. opinion that
the backfleld, whlch looks llke one of th??
best In the country, haa been ovarrated. I
nnd that the weaknesa do-a not all He ln '
the. Hne. Thls doeB not follow. but. .n .
Illg by the news from Philadelphia last
nlglit, Andy Smlth, the h( ad coach. f
m4>r? and more the need t-f a fleld gen- !
eral. sa both MarBhall and Bttadfl havo ,
failed to rnn-i thc requlr?ments.
Yale Eleven N. eds Guards.
[P.y TeifrrHph ti Th- Trlburo ]
New* Haven. Oct. 28? After the flfltne
what dlscouragiug cxhlbitlon on Satur
day the Yale football squid went bfl k
to fundamentalh wlth a eaattfoettca tO*da) ,
and not even a signal practlee waa held
ln -ome reapei-ls lt waa one af the _ -
remarkable pra?-t|ce (.easlons of thfl |
son. for rarely has TflJfl ha.l t.'gether
sui-h a collection of aii-star coachea out*
hlle of the unial Btaff. Howard JoOOS,
wl... turned out one of th" beal Yal.
teams that ever played fo"*tbali ln th*
year he waa head coach, was on ham)
and .Ild much indlvldual COachtag, whlie
Qaorga foster Benfeed, famous aa a in..
eeecB, alao put ln an appearance for the
flrst tlme thls ye^r.
Tbe under*raduates who follow Yale
football closely never reet satlsrled wlth j
the t'Hm untll Sanford has appeared and
coach" d. Thej place abaolute rellame on
hls methods, and lt aeems ne il nobody |
geta resulte wlth the forwards as San- I
lord does. Furthermore he stlrs up a '
wonderful bplrlt ln the aquad, Another
famoua coach who appeared to-d;iy was
Hefff-flager, tr,n old guard. He has not
been on Yale fleld ln several fOOte, nnd
lt showa how the coaches aro raapondlng
to Howe'a ur?er.t ? a lii". It also fchovs
< 1. a rlv that the coachea are not at all sat
Isfled wlth the team, and Wblle the bellef
Is general thnt Yale hns the msteilal ln
the rough, a tremendous amount of Work
inui-t bc done to develop the team.
Dr. Bull agaln w_s on hand to take
Football Regulars Rounding
Into Better Condition.
(By Telegraph tn Th.- Trihun* '
Ithaea. N Y, Oct 28. -Agaln Dr.
Sharpe was forced lo reaort to flv.- o'cl >? k
lectures owlng to the faet that bo few
men were fre? from academii- ilutles thls
nfternoon ar.d 4,;,!> the klckers of the aquad
were on the fleld. I.ate in tho afternoon
the coachea took the platform to dlacuss
the wcakneasea apparent ln Bat'ird;.-.-'
game. Thls jihise nf the question de
msnded less conalderatlon than at any
other tlme to date, for Dr. Sharpe has
made great advancement aith the back?
fleld and Dan Heed has whipped the Hne,
Into condition.
fully half of the period was devoted to
an outllne of new plays and formatlons
wlnch remaln to be maatered before Cor?
nell meeta Willlams here next Sat4*rday
and later encounters the strong teams of
liartmouth. Mlehlgan and Pennsy.vania.
After dinner at the training quartera the
men repaired to the armory, where a alg
nal drill was held und the new plays ex*
l lain.d In dctail.
It la wun encouragement that no addl
tiona to the alck list are noted as a re?
ault of the game wlth Bucknell. The
phyalcal condition of the team at present
Is better than it has been at any tlme
during the year, and the coaches wlll not
be handlcapped wlth abaenteea on the
three acrlmmage daya whlch atart to-mor?
row. Those men who have been out of
condition are comlng around aatiafaetorily.
Captain Kutler has been out of the.
game for aeveral weeka, snd. even con
!l.\l.I-!: \n<.
charge r.f hls klckera wlth hla slow.
tlenl drflllng, whlch hai alrei
eflfa tlve thla ?? ar. T, - aquad ot'
coachea was completed bj the preeence
of "po" 01 II *s**"" "?'"'*?* ?'*?'
sity it was announced thal Tom Bhev
lin may i"'t la ai appeai
aoy, bul II i uneartaln. it wai nol i
pected t.i hav. Bbevlln appeai until the
flnal two weeha, aad his preaence * I
early In lha ?eaaon, if b* ?' ?
-meana, tir-t. tbal lha team is conaW
a little bei Ind ln *. li l ot devt
an 1 si*.*nt:.i!\. thal Sl -*. Ifl B III ald i.
velr.plnr moi ?? i ?*??? i I lack.
There were Imp4 rl inl polnti
li, Yale pla I of BatU
aaeb ns the offenalre -.Mirk of thi enda,
the ta kllni', lhe ?? ?
fet r fo tha fOI ?' ",\ i ??.*-?
terference, the lack of ? flnal pun<
aeorlng from tba B ird Ibie, the ?
andary*defeaalvi w-.ik. with the ei
tlon of Pumpelly, and Ihe fall ire ol I
lh - t" ..j en bo l irea
are ne. ?'.??!
The o. Ill i*i ; indamentali and ?
\r< .I - ted two houra thla after.
i . ? n The enda under Joni
worked In coverli k punl until i ?
m arcel*/ ii ind Banfo d and Heffe
m Ith Mcl "evltl md Bc illy, coa bed ti..- t. i
wards ln tharglng low, breaklng through
and making holei Sanford, a-* u
roameti aboul to Bee vi.ii i..:?! Bad
How ? and < ii- otl ??? ? t- bu ? ith the
qunrteri>;..-i-'..-, rentrei and barki
M. i ..f the regulan reported In good
condition. Harbtaon hurl I
Baturdaj and .ild nol aii" ,r !'? win ho
out of the game foi i ???? k His Injury
1-4 untlmely, becaust ha wai faal devel.
InK Into a reliabie man at either guard or|
tackle, and hla Ioob, cotnblned with that of,
York, ?ho haa i fi ?? . aad Itandall, i: o
haa a v r nched knee, leavei Vale "hard
up" for guarda who were a**arce ln tiu*
Prat place It leavee only Coonej ind li
foi the two placea. Tha latter dld.
flne work .aa a BUbOtttUte la t jear, bul
thla year haa been kept o it becanaa of
threatened appendlcttie it h do wooderl
th** coecbei t nl for Baaford. To tiu the'
gapapmeof tbecentrei or tacklea may i?
moved over.
Penn. Looking for a General.
[ lt;. Tfelegrapk ia Tbe Ti -.une.)
Philadelphia, Oet H -The Untveraltyl
of Penaaylvanla football team had ?
plte from hard triiliimc thls afternoon
and tii?rt- wa^ tio acrlmmage on Franklin
Fiejti jf tbe team la the aeai practlce
.io**M not ahow th** needed apark the play*
ers may ba buatled off |o tha country.
Aady Hniitii is looktng ov.r hla aecond
-tring of halfbachi for aome ona who ean
iiirfct the attack >.f the 'varalty machlne.
Me la convlneed that there mual be ?'
cetllng that hla Bnl?e aill ln Well al an
early date u wlll reojulre OOHM um.* |..r
him to get in i-oiiditio/i. This greal kan
iii<ap whloh I'omiii har beea lahoflni
uadar aO aeaaoa im gradually being re?
moved by the development of Trainor and
14 . i.nnor.
Ryrtch la now* ln good condition, aad
tba fear that ln w.hiM not play bls for
nn r mar game at I* ft .-nil is being dla
pelled. "Unde" wi.yt.-.- balfback, la aow
avaiiahit- for practlca for tht Dral tlme
in a et.iipii- of weefca, aad Plan tyconnor
autterad ne ili aftecta of bla w.rk en Bat*
, tirday, a foi tundi. tht?J f-.i the . urnell
proepecta, ? fdr another aethach arould
hava pul blm off tho lald foi lha year.
I Champalga'B return le work i** welcoaMd
by the ?TjOaflhae. for it adda a deal of aa
1 p. liein-e antl atrength to the llna an.'.
McCutebeoa'a return relnforeaa tba oontre
j position. wbfeh Jeaa Whyte alona baa been
' n sponslble for sjn, .,. r, nn Btate
gaaaa. . ,
i in brit-f. h Beeata thal Dr. Bhetrye la *;<>-v
[starting out on the Bnal lap ol i.is flrat
vear at CoruoH as football coacb arlth
prospeeta matcrialiy blIghtened, and un*
b***s mlsfortune intitvenes lt BOOma as lf
he would be able to whip a teain to?
gether to eradltably repreeeal hla w..-k
and the iinivoralty.
Brown Looks to Yale Game.
! tij- Tilagrapk te Tha Trlbw ?
rieiMama Oet lt^-*Battered aad
bruisetl from the hanimering Whlch Har
*.ar4l gave them, the Hrown football m *n
went thiough only a light workout <>ii
the field thls afternoon. The regulan
for the most part were out of the prac
fU-e. theli plaees being taken by aubstl
tutes and set ond string men.
Practlce was conflned to rudlmentary
taotleB, auch aa puntlng and work with
the dummy. Brown will go 001 after
Ynle'a stalp with renewed giit after the
aavere beating administereti i>y Harvard,
and In preparatlmi Wlll try out the |>la> i
?ttttin-t V-rtnont bi-re next Saturdav.
I.???.,! Bomewhere, but that at present
? ? li noi b 'varslty haifback
] Peaa Hne i. too green to have a
playei dlreci things. it ma- bt thatJoor*
dei or ' raig win be teated ttalfl woeb !n
l"-u?llng the team. r.nd If thev flhOW that
- more eapabte 'hun Minds or
Marshall wns one or the other wlll take
i!.. rudder <.f tne Red aad BhM shlp.
Rest for Dartmouth Team.
[By Telegraph to Th.- Trlbuaa 1
Hanover, N H . "? t B rta Dart
m,,mh i td .ur. ."?! i oaM yaa*
terday evenlng, aadlj dlaappolnted over
tt,.- defeat nt Princeton The phiyers
? ita afternoon, but to-morrow wlll
begln work ln overcomlng the faults
? bd ii ?ropi ? aal tba Tigera,
agta is atlll a' Bhl h"tne in
Worceeter, b'it ls expected at Hanov-r to
morrow. Baakharl araa la "'hiirge ?f the
fam during tta trip bome, but haa noth?
ing to r.-p'.rt
i . Dartmouth cuba defeated Wereea*
l<-r Aca.lenn thia afternoon by a acore of
T.-if. r and Douglaa i>ia>ed well
for tli<- '
Light Work for the Tigers.
[By Telegi Trlboaa 1
I'riK-eion, N. .(.. Oel ?.?Tta Princeton
coachei dld nol i*t , ilre mu?-h of the foot*
baii aquad to dav. foUowtng the hard
bflttle wlth Dflftmoutta <>ri Sat'irday. An
hour's light Bcrlmmagi waa all tho work
Ihat K-.ni- Pltapatrlck wouM allow tho
veterana Th? ui''" w.ilk'-'l '?r ran slowly
througb th.. playa, but stiff laekBag nnd
iu. iklng through w. m not perrartted. The
regulara wera on tha defenalve through
tie entlra practlee, "Hoggle" Trenchari
giving partlcuiar attention to the ends.
daturday*B gaata Bbowad Prtacetoa'a
wlngs Bfl danger flpotfl ln tta defence, an.l
ever* effort la betng nwda t.? strcngth'-n
them. Sti-'it. wl?, sh.iw.-.l up well against
Dartmouth, waa la at left aad to-day,
aupplantlng Anirowe, whlla Ounlup held
dOWa th-- llght sl.i>'. Our,lap la a flrst
elaafl man, nnd lf hls bad shoulder comes
aroind ln time he wlll undoubtedly atart
tta mme against Harvard. Streit Is a
blg, clumsy fellow, with a lot to learn
Bboet his poa-ttoa, but ne is full of tight
an il a usefui man ln any hcrth.
"Hota" Maker. who furnlshed the sen
Bfltloa "f Suturdny's oootOBt by hla brlll?
lant run. was hard at work at place klck
lag. Haker's y.ou.1 against Dartmouth
WBfl ?? fa< t..r In the Princeton attack
whlch is llkilv to app.ar ln the atruggle
at i ambrtdgO. Captnln Pendleton also
practlaad goal kl-klng. for he waa none
too awuratfl "in Saturday.
Tom Wilson took the llnemen over to
i t.,, Ulllg iliimmy and gave the men
a long, hard drllllng There Is a lot of
Improvement necesaitry ln thi- depart
Roll Up Big Score in Hodge
Podge of Rugby Football.
(14, TYIejo ipl, to Th"> THbOflfl 1
Torontoy Ont, Oct M.?The OarUale
Inillans BtflBDly srnodi.-r.-d the Toronto
Cnlverslty Old Poys team at n coinhlnu
tion of football In the Studlum here thls
afternoon, tta score being is to i. Kach
Bavate "-rlti'-lsm was h.-ard for brui-lng
t".getl:er two teams that kii.-w practically
nothing of eai:h others style of Rugby,
Tlu- lmllans a'-ce[,teil the iuvltatlon. con
dltlooal mi th.- Anu<ri<-aii rulea beloa used.
The flrat half of tlu- game. however,
Bbowed Tberpa and bla fellow reiiskius
that thei. 4i*,|,on.-nw WOI- BO easy that
tta} oonaantod la tta laal half ta play
under th.- pgnedlaa rulea, ani then beat
th" Ii4,me team at Its own gBIBC
In the tirst period. played under Amcrl
"?aii rulea the Americans scored 41
polnts, nnil ln the second. un.ler C'ana
4ilan rulea, .". polnts. The 4 iid Boya got
thelr Btflgte pnini in tiie flOCQnd period.
While the Old Boys were mide up of
si h former stars as Lawson, Dlxon,
Newton and (inll, they wei.- h'-Ipless
against tiie tactics of the Indlans.
There really wafl only one feature In
th.- ,-t.tlre gam<-. and thnt wns Thorpe,
whose Indlvldual plnys and sprlnts made
the onlookers feel tli.it tbey had at least
got a little for thelr mom-v
The oonbBBl BttraCted a Mg crowd, s<ats
selling readily at $2 each. The game
proved nothhig, bowarer, BBd was only a
speetacle whlch dhl not appeal etrongly
to most of those present.
ment. as the forwarda are far from sure
ln downlng riinners ln the open fleld.
??Moi" I.ogan showed up well on Satur?
day in his tackllng. and he was in flne
form to-dav, showing no ill effects from
hls flrst big Kunin. Off the fleld "Moi" ls
an enthusiastle long dlstance walker. He
gets no chance thla year to indulge hia
taatl but last fall. along wlth flve other
athU-tea. he started to walk to New
Haven on the evenlng of the Yale-Prince
ton game. New Haven was reaehed. but
Logaa and Slmons alone completed the
long tramp. their less hardy eotnpanlons
dropping off at intermedlate points.
Penfleld played next to Logan at tackle
to-day and showed conalderable snap and
daah. Hls work agalnst Dartmouth was
far from satlsfactory. but he ls Btrongly
bullt and aggreaalve. and glvea promise
of roundlng Into a flrst claaa man.
Prlneeton's lack of llne materlal bM
forced the coachea to make use of back
fleld men aa forwarda. Laat year Penfleld
was a quarterback; Shr.nck. who a now
playlng left guard. waa a fullback. and
Strelt has Only recently been ehifted from
aecond etrlng fullback to end.
DeWltt occupled hls ueual place at fuii
baek and did some clever punttng from
different formatlons. Earl Waller aad
"Hobe" Baker alternated at right hali
baak. while Captaln Pendleton played
left half. Baker showed more life than
any one else on the field. actlng as K ba
had no, been through Saturday's gruelllnr
??H.*fF' Herring had his scrub team out
behind the statids to-day. worklng up
Harvard formatlons to attack the reg?
ulars to-morrow. Aa the team leaves
Prlneeton early Friday morning. only
three days of actual work remaln. arid
Cunnlngham expects to give his iretareaa
n llveiy time.
Three new coachea wera on the neio
thls afternoon, Ralph Davia. "04; Kaff**r.
?OJ, and Bteve McClavo, '03. Davia helped
wlth tbe ends. while Kaffer and McClave
took the backs.
The line-up waa as follows: Left end,
Btrelt; left tackle. Phinips; left guard.
Bhenck; centre, Blaetbentbal; right guard.
Logan; rigbt tackle, Pentield; rlght end,
Dunlap; ojuartorbaek, s. Baker; left haif
back, Pendleton; right balfback. Waller
and H. Baker, and fullback, deWltt.
Harvard Waatea No Time.
[By nilgiaaa to The Tribune.)
Cambrldge. Mass., Oct. ffl.-Harvar**.
began pieparlng thla afternoon for Its
game with Princeton m xt Saturday.
IHtrhnenb and Parmenter were excusei
from the practlce. but not because they
wera lnjured la the Brown game. but t-jj
auaa they were due for a rest. The othrr
playera w-ere out, except Brlckley. Cap?
taln Wendell. who wrenched hls ankle on
Saturday, Waa llmplng a little. but wlll te
all right tor the Tigers.
The BQUad wns on tlie field for two
hours and B half, and there was som'
thtng doing every moment. The ent*.s
w**re sejit down the tleld agaln and sgain
under kicks. Felton getting away some
beatJtUbl punts, which lf repeAted airaln't
the Tigers will rreate a aenaatlon. The j
COaohea then separated the players into
Btraadfl for indlvidual eoaehlng the in
Btrui tlon on tlie lessona of the Brown
name lastlng more than a half hour.
Then the seeond team wai called to the
fi.-ld. Bevaral of the Bcrub coach.m Baw
tho Tigers p'ay on Sat'irdny, and the
"btacb leraeyod" feUowa ran through a
|Ol of the rrltneton plays agalnst the
'varalty. Tbore waa no taekling in the
Bcrlmmaga. whlch wos meant only to
help the 'varsity coaches make the as
?figr.mants on defence.
.! ,st tiefore dark the reyulars Bnd the
siib-jtltutea ran through Harvard's playa
agalnat one another. The 4'rimson frtartel
on Ita attack for^ the Princ-ton game
early laat week. nnd now la well along.
Tlu re wlll be aeveral new plavs. nnd Har?
vard may be expeeterJ to nnoover a dlf?
ferent btand of forward passlng than hns
bec-n aoen in the stadlum thls fall.
Fred Huntington. who waa fullback on
the 'varsity laat fall. after being at cen?
tre until almost th*- Yale game, }otned the
staff of ^on^hes this afternoon. He will
iielp on th? rush lln.- defence. and also
wlll work wlth Parmenter after to-mor?
Th? tickets for the Princeton game aro
golng wlth a ru?h. There wlll be 31000
aeetl at least in the s-nadlum. carpenters
now beir.j* at work plaeing benehes
nround the running ti?... .nd erectlnrc
litgh stnnds at the open end of the fleld.
Kratz to Hel^ Wesleyan Team.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune 1
Mtddletown. Conn.. Oct. 38.-0. M.
KrataS the Brown Unlveralty right tackle |
Who wns Bllghtly lnjured ln the Harvard I
gama on Saturday, wlll hehp Hlgh. the
Wesleyan head coach, for a few daya.
Kratz haa been a malnetay on the
Brown eleven for four yeara and wlll be
n valuable addition to the coaohlng staff
The WfSleyan eleven came through the
Tufta game ln splendld condition.
Carnegie Hall Selected for Good
Roads Rally on Friday.
Heavy Downtown Trafflc Makes
Inadvisable Use of the
I'indir.g that lt would bc fllflBOSt il
siidr booaaea of tta denalty of trafl
| attempt t<* take care of hundreds of au
: tomobiles ln the viclnlty of Madlaon
! So.ua re Gardi-n. lt hfll bOOfl deddfld by tl>^:
J Automoblle Trade League to cbangi
j route of its good roads parade, aa ? -.,
j hoi.i the BUbeeejuent raih in Carnegie
I Hall, at Beventta aveaoe nmi CTth street,
I a point from WbdCk the hug,- parade of
: motor v.'hici.s can be fllf araoil to better
! advantage than in thfl BBOre erowded
; tlon further down tor. n.
', The committee in Oharga ?- BlBO arrang
I iug to dletributa raaarved Beal ttcketa to
! those who take port In tta ogtgmt, in
order that they may ba eertaln of bear*
lota 1-: li' dgea, the Repuolican eaa*
Idldate; Chartea W. Palrbenha and tit-:
?other promtaeot flpeakert, who arlll
| cuss the subjeit 4,f hlghway improvement
| ln thls state. As th"* nc-.-ti'ig will ba puu
Ip ln the Intereat of good roada, t.aaa*
mitt-e feetfl that tha automoMBata should
be tflkOfl I'.irt Of tlts*-.
That tbe parade arlll i. .,:!?? of the larg*
c-t over seen ln New York is a.-sured
from th<- .arly reapOBflee i'i Ita invlta
tlons aeal to various organizations invlt
lag lapteeeatallon of thatr motoring mmtea*
bers and personally to us" rs of autotno
btlcfl, From indhidunl motorlsta more
than two hundred and flfty n-sponsos
lu ? beefl recelved to tta oflhet that
tbey wlll ta ln Hne, whlle the Re;
Club promises not less than one hundred
i-ars. and the L'nion Iaeague Club wlll
have Its pennants on at least flfty cars.
In view of the fact that the lnvltatton
were ?ent out only three days ago, the
number of responsea make lt appear prob.
able that two thousand or three tBOUBBad
cara wlll be ln line. The change in the lo?
catlon of thc meetlng wlll make only a
slight dtfferencc ln tho plans for the
{..ira.de, whlch will form, aa orlglnally ar?
ranged. Bt Washlngton Square, totlOWtag
the arrlval of the Hrooklyn contingent.
Of 5.000 box cars ordered by tt.
sylvBZda RaHroad for dellvery aa early aa
ppflfllkla. according to an anr.oun. .-ment
made yesterday. 1,000 wlll be cxclu_i\.-!y
for tli- transportation of automobiles. !<? -
porta from Detrolt Indlcate that thera
wlll agaln be a shortag.- of care for thli
purpose. aa was the case a y.ar ago
Los Angeles to Phcarix Contest
Engages Big Field.
fI3> T-:*."' Trlbun- |
PtaBBrfa, Ar!', Oct U -Thc flftb lAt
Angclrs to Phoenlx "desert rae* '
hardest endurance mi test run ani
In America, because lt Involvaa U
of *-tirr pulUng through aaod aud
ended tO-day. The winner was
lm i ar, diUen ov Ralph Hamlin, ?
net tlo-fl waa U houra aud t- mli
fio'iles'? Cadlllac was BOCOOd and Full
National third. There were thlrty ot:
entrles. ten from Lon Ai._ ' *-n
ty-two from gan Dtego. up to 4
thls afternoon aeveral of the ...
failed to re.toh thls clty. but aa the Our**?
is fairlv w.-ll marked no feara ar* eater
t.vir.-'d for the BflfBty ot all t!
ants. _
One Hundred Candidates Prom
ise to Report for Practice.
An exhortatlon meetlng was he-1 al
Columbla yesterday to stlr up enthusiasm
In the fieehman crew. Jlm Rlce. Captain
Downing, of the 'varsity ..-ight and Harry
Fi-her. graduato manager. spoke to the
yo.ingsters ar.d urged them to report for
fall practlee before It was too late.
Luntern Blldefl were, shown of llfe in
the Colunibia barge at Poughkeepsie and
also of tta racea. The net renult was
that thfl freshmen promlsed to give Rlce
a squad ot one hundred candidates for
the claea crew. About forty have made up
tr? si'-.-.l to date.
Princeton. N. J.. Oct. 21.?The fresh?
men to-day won the annual fall taaeh
and fleld games on Cnlverslty Fleld wltn
a total of 37 polnto.
The sophomorcs won aeeond place. with
a total of 32 polnts; the eentora were
third, wlth 16, and the Junlore a poor
fourth. wlth only 6 polnts. There w?re
no etartllng performances.
"jt^=r___-.?*f4-_j-j | n iii--*4-_-fe_?-_a_B-?a_a____?
VLAtt.\\St*r USWS
Guaranteed Rebullt Cars
5 pass. 1912 Torprdo 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
7 pass. 1Q12 Touring 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
! paaa 1('*2 Toorfof .SO h.p.
7 pass. 1912 Laodaalet 6-cyl...38 h.p.
5 pass. 1911 Touring .30 h.p.
5 paaa. 1910 Touring .30 h.p.
The looomobila Company tf Amirlca
Broadway Sl 76th Street, New York
Telephone 7800 Schuyler.
Now LandaulettB Budles $900 tt $1200
PACKAKD. PEERI?MI and (Hher Stylea.
N'KW INRIDK Drlve Podlrs. $300
Th.**e are SWI'l.I, KOt'R PASSENGKR.
200 TouriiiK Dtxlli-a. |2*> laeme worth $.100i
Jandorf Automobile Co.,
l>W[...i . .-.I ii. 'ht* gron: -\IXKSA" nt,
126 to 130 VV. 56th St., -rft,*^
Bodies of Quality
! i|tilpi>etl In ninat luaurltins manner.
Nell at .Mi nf actual ?alue.
*??: Weat tUlh Ht.. New Vork._
a HtpMciHii.K Buantsaa wagon, 1*12.
l/apaeliy 1,000 Iba.. auHabla for all llght
work antl haa a hand trade body; both <ar
have rirry posaibia equlpment on them and all
new tlrea and all other extra-; wlll br- *,->; > ??
>our offer. Ir.qulre Mr KORNER. 83| Kaa;
13Sd et.. half bldk from M a?e. ??*" station.
T-l.. Uaa? Melrtae.
We have mi huntt a few
of .llfftr-nt makea that we mll dlapoae of
nt reduced prices to mako room for 1913
_u* P mv. !<>N. ?.'?.n Weat .",4th Bt.
We arn ofTerlng rebullt cara. all atviaa.
late nodela, at -'Xceedlnjly low prlcea; fully
r;uarant**i.l. Wlll taUa your old car aa part
4 Wrat eCrttl St , rt?*aV B*war.
FOR SALE A Five passanger 1910 Slxty
Hirsi Power Touring Car, Fully Equippsd.
Thla car Ih in beautiful condition;
wlll be overhauled thoroughly be
, fore dellvery. Prloa, 1700.00. A
aeveri-pasBenger 1911 wlth tour?
ing and llmoustne bodlea?llmou
slne body alone cost $1,750. In
abaolutely flrst-class condition.
Prlce complete $2,0on.oo.
1,876 Broadway.
A BCICK lflll TOVtaHQ. *4*.0. RUN- \M"
look. llke n<*w .ar; liu* eun p*-BlbM .-., ,n
: ment. mugtieio. tor, *4_-.; tour nt-w ?lio. >. . n
' car now; tan n!" extra almea Bad t.n.a and
I all other extraa. i-.i HMWI be Beefl ta Bfl
preciated; ad qulekl); do dealers Ineulrefor
Mr. laonartra ear, Mi NlfH's 0
and Alexv.ier ave T->"!'on- M V
drlve. cloth. leather trimmed ? ROTHBCHILI'
IBREWSTER. oth-i ?..oi| mak. ? BAROAlNS
?OLD IOR RTORAl't: 4HAR4.r>.
R. move,l for con*. : buyer* to
IflS-l BHOAl.WAY. MK.il BIIT **TKI- t T
[WEST S1DK Y .11. 4. A. lndlvl<1u_t ro.)
work. Sm.ll Ihop .'l.-sr-a. Tru.-k l'o?lt44>*-?
T w.lilt.g. p-n.l for booklet. 300 We.t -Tth ?"
___r^one_7!1-0 Col._
BATTERIBB ani cetlt rriained; also for aale:
guarantei-.l a* fii. ?'. na new, IOHM V. HIBB.
Tunl'.ion H-r ilr... I.'* Hr .i.i.*....
I.l-W hour. S.'i04}-$7tH) monthly.
Kxperleni-ed ( li_uft.--.ira. *>liirr?> Hlll tt*
vtiKAKiis. -.New cara. Ilmeaaiae and t"?-r*
Ing. t.y the hour ur trip; cheap rate. tor
monthly aervice; apecLI rate. for the.tr.
1-3 Eait .Vld Btreet __?h_na_Plaaa IMixi
PACKAUDP. 13 hour; th.-aires. $3; b.i?in'??
und 'I'tum. |l pii.aengor: IIUO-JI"'-'
monthlv ; a?k our plan: car*. aervlc. excel?
lent. 409t?CoL _
ELEOANT 9-ameaengar llu.lao,i: """'J.''
.Irlv.-. areekl) erraaaemeata made; I??*'
per hour relephone v.M M"-lroae._
POR HKNI Pacturd laniauU-it.*. n4*at_*r
p.arltu*. owner drhes \\>t>r. i'154) Bi-e-e
way. TeU phone. K2?*> Schuvler.

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