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there were thousande of troopa along
the frmtiers and the lines of COtt
munlcatlon. and large bodiea Of BJ?>
were ?tatlotf al tae aeaaUer mlUtary
leutree. , _
Now all the frontler lines have been
wiped out and more than half of
Turkey-in-Beropa le overrun by the
invadeis. Klrk-Kiliaeeb has gone. j-i.d
Adrianople llcs at Um men y of the
Buojartaf*. Uatnrt bai beea evacu
ftted as avoll as a hundred smaller
towna. Scutari ia doomed to fall. and
Salonica to stand a alege which will
protrttbly be auccessfui.
Jt is frankly explalned by the allies
that the object m afaoedonla is to en
drile the Turkish army there and in
Thrace. The Hulgarians are anxloua
fur a battle. but are also moving
rd the Cfcatalja lines. which form
the la?t defences of ConstantinopU
It is certain, however, that Nazln
Pncha rnust now f.ght with a'l his
strength. He has no food or suppliPs
and has his back to the wall. K U
J\ist poaalble thut with one great effort,
in which the famous mllltaiy Qjualitlea
Of the Turks will be onlted to the d. -
?pnJrtng courage of men fighting for
their Iast chan? ? of ltfe. he may yet
beat back the Hulgarians nnd turn the
tide of war. If not, the poaltion of
Turkey is indeed hopeless.
Confldenca in Conatantinople.
ln Conatantinople the feeling of con
Bdence le rcvivlng. It Ia bellevcd that
the War IfUteter has at iast assumed
th<^ offensive. BUt thla ls by no means
certain, as the battle may have been
forced upon him.
Sofia dlapatchea indicate a continued
forward movemeat of the Buigarians,
but glve no details. There is gtlll no
lonfirmatlon of the reported enpture
Of Lttle Bttlgag, Demotlka and Drama.
The i'.ulgarlans are stlll tighting in the
dtarectlon of Vlaa, ln purauance of their
plan to advance to the extreme east
ln the dlrectlon of Cuaatantlnople.
The Greeks also an marchlr.g. with
vtctorieo to their credit toward Ba
lonlca, "here a feeling of extreme anx
lety Ia said to provmH and prcsrlatona
are running short. The fact that no
apparent effort is being made to stem
the Qreek advance to Salonica ls held
to Indicate that the bulk of Turkey's
army there baa been traneferred to
Thrace. The main Oreek force ls now
arlthln nlnety miles of the Barvlan
army marching southward from Veles.
Turkish Seaport Captured.
. Klng Oeorge aent the followlng i
sage b) the Oreoh Pretaier fr..m Ko
sani: 'The left wini of the Qreek army
to-day defeated the aaemy and pur
?ued them to Nalbankeuli capturlng
-tandards of two Turkish battalions
nfter deaperate tighting.
"After a three taoura1 engagemenl
Katerlna, on the bohat, waa oocupted
ra atonday moming by the Qreek
army. which |a oontlnulng ln purault
of the enemyj More than one bundred
Oreeki were wounded in the battle of
N< recenl information haa been re
celved of the operatlona arburid Bcutarl
or other pointa to the weet and Bofla
yeeterday eiaerved a atgnwVaat eiience.
The armlee bf Bulgaria, Bervla,
Qreece and lfonten< ? ?w in poa
don of l large portlon of the Turk?
ish rallroad Byatem and alao of the
wagon road* whlle thoae Hnea and
Ia which they do not actually com
mand they are elther aatrlda of or
King and Premier Confer.
ltipioinati- actlyltlee eontlnue ln
London. the Prlme Mtnteter. Mr. Aa
OUlthj had an audience with the King
terday. No fornval aetloa has been
takeg or is Ukely to be taken until the
result of th? great ba.'le is known.
The Brltlab Iftnleter to Hontenegro,
ln coanpany with the atoatenegrtn Pbr
eign Iflnlater, is reported to have visit
cd King Nlcbotaa oa afonday at Rieka,
an,i ? garded ?.? aadoubtedly i"
(. MMCtlea with the convcrsations held
with tiie ambaeaadora of the powera In
Itoaden by sir Bdward Qrey, the jtrit
W\ FVreign Mmiater. The diplomats
nre *till bopeful of avoidlng any com
pllcattOM betweaa the powera.
A wt-11 kefuraaed correapondent ln
Vktma Itieejraphi that Austriu doea
not coatempkite any aettre lnterven
tlon ana th.n there exists in the Au?
trian capitnl n well founded hope of an
Improvement in Austro-Servlan rela
Uoue, thua obvlating the fear of the
tpread of tho Balknn war.
Replying to a requeet made by sev
eral Pulgarian legatlons for more in?
formation as to the progress of events
|n the tast.Tii part of the theatre of
var Premier CueChOat replied that no
nea other than tha- supplied by the
general staff woold be cojimunloeted
Greeks Hold Railway.
The < orresrpndent of "The Daily
Telegraph" at Kosani describes the
Turkish force opposing the (Jreeks as
eattrely disorganired and incapable of
offerltiK resistance. He says that the
Qreek force is ndvanclng by mule road
to Verrla. whlle the Greeks also hold
the Monastlr railway, and adds that lf
the Turks have n<> reinforcements at
Bakmloa that etty ertii soon i>e in the
hands of the allies.
The Greeks ehowed great dash and
bravery in nssa ilting and carrying the
poaltlOBa Ia the loag defile of Raranda
j..r(., where they suffered very sever
Terrible details are reaching Btl
grada according to the correspondent
of "The Standard" there, of the re
treat of the Turks from Kumanova.
They tried to etop the Sarvian advance
by making braastworka of dead bodiea.
Six thousand bodiea were found on the
road from Kumanova to Uakub, and six
truck loada of petroieum had to be
brought from the rear for the purposs
of crematmg the dead.
The Turklah foreea at Veles nuin
barel >??,?>',,>. ?ays a Beigrade olapatrti
t,> "The Daily Kxi>ress." The flghtlng
there was exceptionally sangulnary.
The Turks were utterly demorallaed
and made a wlUI retreat iu the dlrectlon
pf Monastlr and Salonica.
The dlfgeulHee of the <;reek army in
tranaport and cornmUsarlat, in the ab
aence of a railway. are described in a
l-arisaa dlepab h. Kverything has to be
cariied by i>ack anlmals. The roads are
ln a terrihle e*?nditl?n and eut up by
artlllery. The Crown Prince ls puahing
eaat with frenzied haate. aa the army
rnust have bread. He wants to rea< h
Salonica, where hls supplies will be
replenlahed by way of the sea.
TK Balgartea rlgM and left wlaga are deatag hi o. Kaata PacluVi ?,rmy..whirh. u?*?***? .^t'vlaav^dJSSH. The former nmy eat
the Bulgarian, blew D, the rai.road bridg.) to Kulell BurgaA TbeBatoariaa a*"~^ * ""^^aMM armlea. indlcated by black b.ocks and flags.
. , t < i _. ,t,- ,'r.i.ii. .??n,urefl \ er la tl >? I"ien I 'ris \ eies. iinu i"r l" *?
off the Turks from Constantlnople. In t ba west the i,reeK? eapi u"'
era alao in aartooa 'lanirer.
aaaaaaaai M * ^aa^'^V
CJVtr3LST,eK ^
T *%J R 1<
?i /KeO^ i*^? *
\M0NASr.o |j V*^
** ti3 nwSAuoNicA
veles falls to servians
Cavalry Coramanded by King's
Brother Distinguishes Itself.
Kelgrade, Oct. 29.?The Turkish
trOOPe which evacunted I*tip and Vel< s
ar,-" retreating toward Monastlr and
Salonica pursued by Servinn cavalry,
aceordtof to a report from Bervlan
beadquartera at the froi i
The Servians captuted large stores
ol waf material.
The capture of Veles was effec t< 1 by
a comparatlvely small body of Servlan
cavalry under command of the King's
brother. Prince Araene. It was n dar
ing manceuvre, which has exojted ad
mirntlon. It has also prOTOkad com
ment because, hud the Turks been
aware of the ?mallneea of the Bervlan
force. the result might have been
serious. As It was, they WOM taken bv
aurprlee and haatlly retreated.
The Benrian offldala who have been
matalled in the turrendered towna of
Old Bervla report that the Arnauts and
Turke in their diatrlcta are dellverlng
up their arms, deciaring tliey have loot
falth in the power'of Turkey, and nre
glad that the servians will allow them
to return to their honi'-s.
Vranya. Oct It.?At the battle or
Kumanova th<- S.-rvians loel 100 kllled
nnd |,0M wounded. The Turks lotl
jn.ooo killed or wounded.
All the BCCOUnta of the flght pay
tribute to the valor of the Servian offl
pere and men. Lleutenanl BfUtch, com
| mandlng sn lnfantry company, hlew out
his bralnd rather than obey a con.mand
to retire from an exposed posltion,
Whereupon his men eharg.-d the Turks.
with the result that all of them wer?
The commanrier ln chlef, ("rown
Prince Alexander, was fr.'nucntly on
the flrlng llne, and entered tho tOWU
whlle the battle was ln ftttl swtng.
?\Vherever he pnaaed the BOldtera, eveu
the wounded) cheered.
Only Ninety Miles from Main
Servian Army.
Athens, oct. L'fv-The itrong Turkish
fortreae of Verrla has been piaced a>>
aelutely at the mercy of the invading
Qreek army, which has captured the
Tiipotamce defllee formlng the key to
the attuation, The capture of the town
of Verrla Itaelf b only a question of
The whole of the Turkish army
around Ifonaatlr will be cut off when
V. tria falls. and Will be unable to
communlcatc etther wttb Salonica or
Verrla lies to the north Of the town
of Servia, on the way to Salonica, to
which city a rallroad runs.
Athens. Oct. 20.?Accordlng to rella
ble Information the allles have at the
front 16<S,000 more men than they have
heretofore been credlted with.
Verrla, which Ia only flfty mlles from
Palonlca. ls largely populuted by
Greeks. It ls ftfty-ftve mlles due north
from the Tttreo-Greek frontier and on
the rallroad connectlng Salonica and
Monastlr. Th<> ih-w Qreek posltion
brlnga the Qreek and Servian fQCeeg
within ninety mlles of one another.
Wounded Mutilated by Kurds?
Christians Surrender, but Mos
lems Fight to the Last.
fpy Cablf to The Trltnin.- 1
London, Oct. 30.?A graphlc descrip
tlon of the stormlng of Kirk-Kilisseh
has been sent by an eyewltness to a
Lelpslc newspaper. The eyewltness
was a German Red Cross asnlstant
who was ln the town at the time. The
Hulgarian attacks, he says, were car
rled out with des[>erate bravery, and
.very lnch of territory had to be car
ried at the polnt of the bayonet and
only with terrible loae.
The flnal night attack on the vlne
yarde was suoeessful only after l fear
ful hand-to-hand flght, in which bay
onets, clubs, rifles, sabres, yatagans,
knives and even axes were used. Aft?>r
the repulse of the flrst attack on the
vineyards ln the aft-Tnoon the wrlter
went over the fleld to belp the wounded.
He declares posltively that the bashl
bazouks and Kurds who followed the
retreating Hulgarlans massacred and
mutilated the I'ulgarian wounded ln an
Hppnlllng manner. The Ittcky ones
were thoae who were kllled outright
by bullets, for the way in whl< h the
Kurdlah devlla had mangled the help
less wounded was awful. In most < ases
the vlctlms' eyes had been gouged out
and their eara and nosea cut off.. Many
had had thelr atomacha rlpped open.
The fighting went on all night long
by the blindlng glare of searchllghts
from the forta. By mornlng the Bul
rariana were maatera of the vtneyarda,
*nd the attnek on the lin* of foitreaaea
rrownlng the hiiis around tha town
bogin II "as the aamc stor\ of count
i.ss bayonei attacka beroic darlng and
fenrful lOM on the Bulgarian BidO.
Bvery attack was repulaed, bnt the
iphtinjr rontinued unlnterruptedly untll
Wedneaday afternoon, when there waa
i general pauae untll evenlng.
Meanwhlle newa arrlved thal the
maln Turkish army was retreatlng, and
tha Bulgarlana declded to mak< a laat
affort. stormlnK columna advanced to
the atta< k at 11 o'clocb ai nlght The
Bulgarians were forbldden to ahoot,
md tha bayonei only wns uoad. They
fell in whola ranka under the Turkish
tirc, but they prcsscd forward Bteadlly
untll the Turkish reetetani ?? co]
poaetbly becauae thc defendera ??
tht army was retreating and thal th.
forta had been captured.
The Chrlatiana in the Turklah ranka
lurrendered In troopa, bu1 the M
fought to the laat
Sultan's New First Minister
Will Retain Nazim Pacha.
Conatantlnople, r> t. -".'. -Klamil
Pacha, President of the Coundl of
state, aaaumed tl.fllca >f Orand
Vixier this afternoon In aucceealon to
fjhaei Moukhtar Pa< ba, rea gned.
An Impertel decrea commanda tha
new Orand Vlaler to proeecuta tha war
with aii anergy In order to m
vii torious issue.
Although aii the changea In tha Cabl?
net have not yet been made, it la an?
nounced that Nazim Pacha will 1" re
litlned as Minister of War and No
radunghtan Pacha aa Miniater of For
Hgn Affalra. Jemalledbi Pacha arlll
glao be retalned as Bheik-ul-Ialam
The change in the Orand Vl?l<
not azpected matarlally to Influence
elther tha Internal or azternal
tion. When Kiainii Pa< ba, three
montha ago, accepted the pr?
thc Coundl, he became tha domlnan!
flgure of the Cablnet and it was fore
aeen that be would aucceed to the
Orand Vhderate at an opportuna mo
Thc motlvea for tiv reotgnatlon <>f
Mukhtar Pacha are not known. it la
? .i thal ba began to feel tiiat tha
reeponeibillty for tha crlaia was bur
deneotne, whlla tha unfavorable reporta|
? um nt with regard to the ill ?
r>f hla aon s operatloni agalnat tha Bul?
garlana doubtleaa i auaed blni m n h
- h ^'iin.
Thc retentlon of Nouradunghlan
Pacha as Forelgn Miniater ahowa that ?
no atartllng Innovatlona In th< forelgn,
pollcy are llkcl>.
Consort of Ferdinand of Bul
garia Tends Wounded.
Phlllppopolla, Oct 29 Queen Bl
tenor of Buigaria. who haa been bera
ror the last few days, has aaaumed the
Ireaa of an ordlnary nurae, knd is at
(ending the sb k and wounded arrivmg
rrom battleflelda
The larga waitlng room al the raii
poad atatlon has been converted Into a
receptlon room for the wounded, and
frotii there the nicn are aaalgned to tha
i artoua boepltala
Turkey Names Articles and
Material Liable to Seizure.
[Pratn T!,,- Tribea< Bure< u |
Weehlngton, Oet '^ Adrlcei w^r. re
reived to-day by thc Depi rtmi nl
thal tha Amerlcan Bmbaaay In Conatantl
nopia has m eived from tli 01 toman
Mlnlstry of Forelgn Affairs a llst oi tha
artlclei eoneidered by Turkey to be con
iraband Of war in tha Balkan war The
net oomprlaaa artlelea meutlonod in tha
finai protoool of tiie Leadoa Naval Con
ference, and i? aa foDowa:
Implemanta and apparatua mad< exeju
i-lvely foi the manufactun of iniiiai Icris
ot war, for tiie manufacture oi repali of
urms nr <'f mllitary inaterlul (Or UM on
Imid or sea.
ClnthlnK and fabrics for clothlng, boote
and aboea auitable for mllitary uae,
fiold and sllver In OOtn OT buillon, papCt
Veaaela, ciaft and boata of Bll kmds.
rioa inn docka, parta of docka, as alao thelr
unaaaembled parta
Flxed rallwav muterlal and rolllng atoi k
knd materla] for telegraphe, radio-tele
Kiaplis and telephonea.
Balloons and Hylng rnachlrus ind thelr
unassenibled partn, as also thelr accee
?oriea, artlclei and materlala diatlw tlve aa
Intended for OM In COnnectlOTJ with l<ul
loona or riyin? mai hlnea
I'owder Rtid exploslves whicb ai e not
?perlallv adapted for uaa la war.
Barbed wire. a- alao tha Implemenfc for
placlni and cuttlna tha aama
Horaeahoea atel noraeahoelnii materlala
Harness and aaddlcry material.
Seizing Everything That Can
Stand Up for War Purposes.
I)r. Ilenry 0 Dnlght, an ofllccr of the
Amerlcan Blblr Sock-ty, who for thirty
reara was a ml*slonary in Turkev. has
recelved wotd from his son, H (Iriswold
\~>v. leht, Who Is now in that country, t? 11
Ina of eondltlons there.
The letter wan wrltten nfter Meeneaagie
had begun hoatlllttes. l>r. Itwlpht asld
yeaterda> that thc Turtolsh gnvernment
..i it, rj horM II i euM lay boM
of, Includlng atreetcar boreaa, Ia Con
stantlnople, and, ln fact. any horscs that
ean atand up.
"In retnrn, my eom tells me. the gov
ernment is handlng out r. 0. V.'a to be
redeemed after tho war ls over."
this abortage of aeraaa Dr. Dwlgbt
said. probably acoounta for the poorehow
Ing of the cavalry.
Dr. l?wi?ht said tiie defoatt of the
Turks before Adrlanople eould i>e attrib
uted to two reaaona the abeoluta rotten?
i eaa of eondltkmi or the foreordalned plan
to snTitice the garrlson there and eventu
fiih fall baek on the Chatalje forttnea
tlona, twenty mllee from Conatantlnopte
"Thoee fortifiintiotis ar?- ImpregnaMe,"
he added "They were plannod by Oer
m.in offleera reara 'i?" wnii a large
army the Turka coaM retreat to theraage
of hiiis ln tbai reglon and emoke their
Mabmoud Rhefket Pacha, who baa been
appolnted to the bead of the rommlaaarlat
abould be general ln < Mef, accordlng to
Di Dwlght, wiio aald tiie Turkleb arii
aral t>.-i<) been Iralaed ln Qermany and
waa a capable offlcar In Uu 10*8, when Dr.
Dwlght, who knowa bbn weH, wai ? mfs
slon iry In Turkey,
Nazim Pacha Is Resourceful,
Active and Popular.
The per?onallty of Nazlm Facha, TlMnV
I Iflnlater ol War, who baa aaeumed
peraonal rommand ol all Turklah forcea,
Ia deanibed I > E aahmead'Bartlett, eor*
reapondenl tn Conatantlnopte of "The
Dally Telegraph." as fotlowa:
"He is i ertalnly a man who Ii p n ? 11 a
utmoat confldence. Neai si\t> years md,
N'azlm Ia an active and as strnng as a
tnan of thlrty, and bul for Ids i.alr. whl'h
is turnlng gray, one would belleva him to ?
>? irtll under Bfty. He i- a stout, thlek I
ian, bultt aomewbal on the Hnes of]
Sapoieon, only moeb blgger. He has a
- U.- htit and an alr of InteiNM di :i
I hoea wh<? know him w?dl t?*ll me he ls
the real man for the posltion. and the best
commander*ln*chlef Turkey possesses Ht
the preaeal day. Me is alwayi optlmletlo
and ii. ? tat if his plana faii be
la Immedlately ready with an alternatlve
aeheme, and his great characterietlc is hai
readim to meel any audden amereeney
irhieh may artaa Tbe army undoubtedly,
baa tbe utmoat confldem ?? In him. and is
.?ii aatasned tbai be blnaeetf will take
? | r<me command ln the Held
"Tbe ralny aeaenn is about to set ln. and
this wiii roader tbe o(..-iatlona n l
arduoua. as tbe roads, arhlch aro uttie
better than tracka, will !>?? tumed mto
quagmlrea after the rain comee the froet
.md the snow, Wh.n l aawJtaaUH Pi ha
he told me it would be poaatbla, t>ut o
iiimcuit. to operata ln the ain
t?r ln th* Balkatta, and that b.n-id
. red they had only two iimntlia of poaslble
weatber before thi m."
Gladys Evans Refuses Abso
lutely to Report to Police.
Dublln, Od B htlea Oladya ETana. the
tniiitant auffragette, who was rearreetad
lober ? foi fiiiiing to report to tho
police, was ajachargad. the majristratn
holdlng that the -dx da\s she had re
malned In jaii wns eafaeteat punishm<?nt.
Mlaa Bvaaa who was aanteaeed on au
guat 7 to IH-e ><-ars ln prlaoo for lw Indl
atism. Is OUt on Bconea, Alter her re
leaae agala lo day sre; daclared that no
matter how often ahe was arreetod and
puniahed. ahe would not report baraatf
to tbe police
Liberal Oigan Urges Voters to
Go Armed to Polls.
Havana, Oel B TbaConaerrattreleed*
era to-folght declare tbai they are fully
I witii tbe goyernment meaeurea
to pree< rre wder and are eonfldent thnt
no dtaturbaneea win take pktoa betweea
now and DeCtloa Day. They helieve also
that the etectlena win be held without
dlaordera, exeapt such as ordtnarlly result
irom aSI Iteni. nt Kt tiie polls.
The UberaJa are not so well satislled.
They an ftUI susphlous of the attltude
..f the rural guarda througbeut the coon
The "Ulthne Mota." i Eayei orvaa, to
nlgbl prints an Intlammatory artlcle nd
furlng all Llbarala ta go to tho poiia
armed. n doclarao that if i-iherai rights
arr deated much Meed win now.
In liavanu abaolute ipilet prevalls.
StroiiK cavalry di laithUtOata aie pa
trolling the elty. The only lnillcatlon of
trouble in the interlor is a rumer from
Banta Clara timt a party of Beykdae has
taken to the woods, whl< h Is lmiirobab'e.
At ClenfUagee there> is an lnten??> partl
a i ntlmint. The Mayor ls nportu*. to
haee refaeed to permit Captala Querei the
ainiy ofhVer delegated by the rresldent
to*take rommand of the rurales and po
Bee untll after the i le'Mon, to as?>uma
of? ?
Quayaejea\ Oai 29.- A new JCcuadorean
Cabtaat has been formed by I'resldent
Leonblas Plaza, tn which the portfolloa
ure dlatrlbUted aa follows:
Forelgn Affalra?l?r. Alfredo Ha<juerlzo
Interlor?Dr. Modesto I'enaherrera.
\\'ar and Marlne?General Juan F. Na
nnenoa Jnen F. Oame.
Instrurtions and Poata?I?uls N. I>Ulon
(.'ongrcsa eloacd lts sesslons to-day.
(ontlntird from flr*t p?*e.
when his attentlon was raiied to a atory
thnt he was golng to tell Presldert
Tafl he coald not oarry New Torh
"On tiie contrary," aald thc state
< hulrmau, "I told blm that he was suro
to earry this atate, and that i knew
whut I was talking about."
Benator Crane told the Prealdent that
Maaaachuaetta was aafa for the Bepub
lican column. Naval Offleer Kracke
told him there were some bad ipota in
Kings County, but they flgurad he
would carry it by at leaat 5,000.
Chalnnan Jinies read ? faw reports
he had recelved from a number of
atatea, all of whlch were most encour
HKinjf in tone. <?ne fmm Connectlcul
aald Tafl arould <arry that state by at
least !."..<?NI
The Preakfenl itood nt one Maa of
the Knipire RoOOB whlle he talked to
the , allers one by on*>. He had a short
talk with aach one. With State t'halr
man Barnea and President Koenlg of
the county Commlttee he had longer
talka after ynmo of the others had
*one. Senator Crane nnd Charles P.
Tafl departed early.
Former tjovernor Frank S. Biack waa
In th?> hotel at the time the eonfer
ences were ?;olng on. He dld not go up
to the lTesldc-nt with the others, be
(Hiise he had not been Invlted. it was
nol known that he would be in town.
As the varlnus men enmo down from
the , onference all aald the repons were
of an encouraglng charaeter and the
Prealdent was In a most happy and
cheerful frama <t mind. it was said
that he was really surprlsed at the
fevorabla charaeter of w>me of the re
porta beeauaa of Informatlon eariier In
the campalgn that wns of not such a
reaaaurlng charaeter. Prom every state
eame the nawa that the Taft tlde was
running strong an<l the Kepubllcan
ti- ket waa gainlng every day.
whiie thc Republtcaa oonference was
golng on a number of leadera of th<%
Progreeetvea among tbaaaj FYank A.
Muneey and llenry I- Bteddard, were
about the lobby of the Manhattan atid
llatened with interest to tho reporta
that iiit' red downatalra
Gcrman Flycr Oovers 777 Miles
?Baltic Stops One.
Berlln. Oct. 29. Whlle many of the
nall ?>ns whlch atarted from HtutU-art on
gunday In the Internatlonal conteat for
the <;.,rd"ti Benaetl oup have returned to
!tc- cii-th. aoma of them are stiii la the
nlr. The Belglan haltaon Mln'kelers.
ptloted bj !?' '?*rard, landed last Mght nt
Alexanderhofi in Courlaad, Kussia, hav
Ing eovered 1.SV) ktlometrea f777 mllem,
tha l< 'iirest dlntanee so far reported. Th"
KelchsfliiKvereln. plloted by l>r. Brbckel
aaana, of Qermany, aorerad more thaa
L*M ktlomatrea
Jcnn ,\>- l>an< la. In chaiga of the KnK
nsh balloon Moneymoon, ernt a meaaage
that ba bopad to nall for another nl?cht.
a. ron Hoffman, aid nf John Berry, ettot
of the AmeHcan baBeon MOBoa Popala
tlon, reports havInK soen a l>alloon drlft
Ing hlfh over the Baltic In the dlr.otlon
of Denmark.
Th. Oermaa Hambnrg III, ptloted .by
i'. Blmermaeher, hinded In the Bomtnten
Poreet, the Bmperor'a greet huntlnfj pre
serve, near the Russlan frontler. Thc
Praakfort (F. R. Laahart), Auatrla,
Mndad at Rosennwskole, apparently In
Buaalan Petand. The Betgeaa H (La Mux
ter), Belftlum, mnde a landlnK Iti Bohemla
< ?ther balloons to land were the l.lhla
(Nliia Plccolo), Itallan; tho Antarte (lvl
ward V. von MagmuadOi Auatrlai the
Bueley (Captala Fraaa Mannaburth),
Auatrla, and tha Cloot (Captala BaMeNn),
Denmark. Th.- latter two daeeeaded near
Praguo, ht Behenna.
The Melvetla made a stormy landlnK
tw. ntv-slx rr-l'.es weat of Pantxig, the pllot
fearlng to eroaa tiie Battta Hea. after
eovertag 760 klloaaetrea <47Ui miles.)
American and European Long
itudes To Be Checked Up.
Parla Oat 2?-The exaet time at u
jclven moment In Amerlca and Buropa
will be e5tahllahed shortly by wlreless
telegraphy. About the mlddle uf Xo\cm
ber It will be posalble, for the flrst time,
to tstabllsh with preclMon the longi
tudes of Amerlca nnd Suropa ln tnelr re
latlon to each other by the oxchange of
wireless slgnals hetween the great ata
tion at Arllngton, Va.. and the Klffel
Tower, ln Parle, and other Kuropean fta
t'ommander H. U. Hough, at the In?
ternatlonal Time t'onference here, de
rlared that the observatory In Waahlng
ton waa now dlstrlhuting time with errors
of only one-thousandth part of a aecond.
llltherto Kuropean and Amerlcan time
has been eetabllshed by eable, allow
ancea belnn made for loaa of time ln
transmlshlon. and It haa bren flxed on'.y
three timea -ln l&W, 1870 und 1872.
Believed in Capital Death Sen
tence Will Be Carried
Out at Vera Cruz.
Insurgent Activity Shows Peace
in Republic Is Still Remote
?Minor Officers of the
Army Revolt.
Mexico Clty, Oct. 20.-Presldent
Madero will lnterfere no more in the
oase of General Feiix Diaz. who has
been condemned to death at Vera Cruz.
This statement was made by the For
elgn Minister, Sefior Lascurain, at the
Foreign Offlce to-night. He said that
the entire matter was now ln the hands
of the Supreme Cottlt, which will de
cide the queetabfl i l Jurlsdlctlon.
The Presldent, Seflor Lascurain
added. is dlsposed to abtde entlrely
by the law.
Cenernl Dlaz and hls associates will
be asecuted at Vera Cruz by decree of
the COUrt martial, according to a ru
mor which re/uhed the capital to-day.
There ls reason to belleve that they
were placed ln ^an Juan de T'lloa
prlson to-dny.
Colonel Dlaz Onlaz, chlef ally in the
Dfctl revolt, who escaped In the con
fusion on the day of the flghtlng, was
captured Iast night ten miles from
Vera Cruz. The small force of rebeja
Who followed ' :.n to the hills are Htlll
at large.
With the capture of Ordaz the gov
erntnent expresses the belief that tho
Dlaz revolt ls entlrely ended, but re
ports from varlous parts of the re
PUbUc indicate that much time rnust
elapse before the complete restoration
of peace ln Mexico.
Tuxpan and ozuluama are the cen
tres of the revolt in the coagt regiotJ
between Vera Cruz and Tamploo,
where a rlsing Is headed by mlnor offi?
cers of the regular army. A gunboat
will proceed from Vera <'ruz to Tux?
pan and co-operaie with a land ex
pedltlon at that POtttt Local and for?
eign companies at Tuxpan and in the
adjacent terrltory are the vlcthna of
forced loans.
'Jeneral OrotCO, with a stnall force,
ls now on the Banto I'omlngo ranch
in the northern part of the State of I
Coahulla, Che'-he Campes is operatlng j
In the nelghborhOOd of Torreon. to the
south of which aaother itatloa on the I
llno of the Mexican Centra! baa !>oen '
burned and the rallroad CUt, making
neceaaary another suspension of tratlio
north of Zacatecaa. Two statlons on
the llno to Guadalajara have be'-n
In tho State of Morelns the Zapatlst
nctivltiea are eomplicatod sllghtly by
the rlsing of a small garrlson of gOY
ernment troops at rautepec, and the
State of Tlaxcala offers a new phaae
by a oonfltct between the ruraks and
regulars over the. i|iiestion of the valid
Ity of tbd elei tion of thi- Governor.
The rlsing ln Yucatan will recpiire an
energetlc campalgn.
Bl Paao, Tex . Oct. 29-The rebol leader
Antone Kojas has h.KUn hts former brl
graadego' ln Amerloen acittlamenta of the
Caaai Orandee regton, according to refu*
gaoa arrlyfag teaday. Kojas ia botdlng a.
f. gbtUabury for BJN raaaom. shiiisuury
ls a Wealthy ranchman of CoUttla Fa
checo, a Iformon aettlement, but Ia not a
Mormon. Other Amerlcans have been re
loaaei on the payment of amaUet ran
Salttllo, Mexico, Oot 29.- Thirty-eight
rebeB of (lenaral Orozco's army have
been eaeouted on the niucker reaehi oear
here. under auspenslon of the guarantees.
The men were taken prlsoners in a skir
paJab And lined up the next mornlnK with?
out ev_m the formallty of asking their
names an<l shot. Ten rebels wvre kllled
ln the sklrtnlsh.
Information of the preaenoe of the reb
els was brought to the federals by Wlll
lam Jennlngs, ono of the owners of the
The Tribune'a Room and Board
Register will save you many a step.?
Traffic Olub Hears Argument
for Improvement.
The Traffic Club met at the Waldorf
Astorla Iast night atid elected the follow
Ing oftlcers for the tnsuing ye?ir: Fre.?l
dent, A. F. Mack; vlce-presldents, H. H.
Wallace. F. R, RalfT, W. J. L. Hanham,
\V. C. Bates and Joseph D. LJlIy; secre
tary, c a. swope, aad treaeurer, f. c.
I>r. Irving W. Fay, of the I'olytechnlc
Instltute, of Brooklyn, spoke on "Recent
Plscoverles In Ohemlcal Industry," and
Kobert T. Donahue. traffic Inapector of
the Publlc Servlce Commlsslon, spoke on
"The Losson of New York's Traffic Con
dltlona." Mr. Donahue said the rallroads
should reduce the eoat of handllng frelght
at New York by Improvlng lts means of
handllng. He added: ,
The Panam.i Canal will niake N.w York
the commerdal centre of the erorld. and
\.t we have done nothlng to looot the In
Jreased straln It will throw ut>on our
transportation faclllties. We have not
lmproved our docks or our meivhant nm
rlne. We have truetod to past success to
Insure the future.
Baltimore Girfs Fiance Findj
Her Bound Body in a Room
ing House in Chicago.
Police Search for Two Friendj
of the Slain Woman, Who
Disappeared,?Her Money
and Jewelry Gone.
Chicago, Oct. 29.-The romancs of (n
elopment waa wiped out ly a brutal tnu
der here early to-day, when Mls? Sophfc
O. Slnger, an attractlve Baltimore fin,
was found dead. Money and jewelry
brought from her Maryland home to
grace her wedding to-morrow to Wllllam ;
K. Worthen, a atreetcar conductor, wai
mlssing. and robbery haa been accepted
aa the motlve for the erlme.
Worthen dlscovered the body when h?
returned after mldnight to the rcoma oc
Riptad by the glrl and htmself and tw<?
vaudeville performers ln a roomlng
house at No. 3229 Indlana avenue. Mltt
Slnger had been bound and gagged and
atraeh heavy blows with a "bllly" mada
from an lron door knob wrapped ln a
handkerchlef. Her body was wrapped nr
a blanket.
The two vaudeville performera. Charleg
D. Conway, a hlgh dlver. whoae rlght leg
has been amputated below the knee, and'
his wlfe, who Is known as Bcatrlce Riall
and Muy Monte, a variety actreaa, who
had been befrlended by Worthen, ara b?
ing sought by the police. The tody of
Miss Slnger was found on the bed ln th?
room occupled by them. The couple'
were in the houae laat evenlng, but no*
trace of them has been found slnca the?
dlaeorery of the murder.
Found by Her Fiance.
Worthen, who waa held by the pollea,
declared that before leavlng the houae,
laat night he handed hla tlance 148 in tha
pieeenoa Of the Conways. He went d wn
town. It was after mldnight when he re.'
turned to the house and found the hall
wny .-pattered with blood. He arouaed
others In the house by repeated poundlng
on tha door leadlng to the f'onway room
after tlndlug that Mtas Springer waa not
ln Her cwn room.
A key was flnallv furnlshed by Mrs.
Julla McC'arthy, keeper of the houae, and
the door was apOBOd. The money Worthen
had glven to the woman was mbalng aa
well M several artlcje* of Jewelry.
A trall of blood led to the kttcben which
the four had the use of, and th.-re tha
door knob "bllly" was found < n tiie floor
wrapped ln a handkerchlef aaturated with
blood and with a leather ahoeatring nt
tached to lt ln loop fashlon. Worthen
aald COBWay had once exhlblted the blud
geoa to Mias Springer with tiie remark:
"This la what I kno'-k >m out with."
The police aeerehed Mi>- Slnger't
trunks and the etTects of Worihen. but
nothing to throw light on the murder
m ih found. In the gtrl'n trunks were I
loma new garments, whlch Worthen >ald
m ra to have been a part of her wrdiing
"She dld OOt want me to leave her
alone last nlght," he sald. "but I had
sonie matters to ba looked after and [
wanted to have them out of the way. ao
uothlng would lr.terrupt our boneymooa,
"I bacamo aoajaalatad arfth Mlaa singer
tiv. yeara ago. We were rldlng bOBM oa
a Rtr?etcar; our acqualntaiic?? started aa ?
a rllrtatlon. I have kept company with
her ever slnce.
Inqueat Raveala Nothing.
The mystery surrour.ding the murder
w.is not solved by the lmjueat. whlch waa
adjourned to-nlght after a few wltrasuss
bad been examtned. Coroner Hoffmau
?ald no more could be done untll he
pollea found Charlea D. Conway and hla
Conway rer-ently had his leg amputated,
and whs advlaed by the surgeon that un
lesa he contlnu?d treatment he would dle.
Actlng on this Informatlon. tbe poUcfe ara
watching all the hospltala and doctori*
offlcea for Conway.
Albert F. Harmon, a nephew of tha
vlrtlm. testlfied that when he aa*v MIsS
Slnger a week ago she told him the Con
araya had a quarral the prevlooa nignt.
When Miss Slnger want to aee what tha
trouble waa Conway stood ln tha room
swlnglng a "bUly" made of a doorknob.
and ahouted. "Anybody who comea in
here geta tida on the head."
Mrs. Charles K. Sucky, ownar of the
roomlng house where Worthen and M1a?
Slnger formerly ltved. teatlfled that Mlsa
Slnger drank heavlly at tlmea, and tha?
she trled to kaep Worthen ln ignoranco
of lt. _
Baltimore. Oct. 23 -Sophla O. Bing'f.
who waa found murdered in Chicago. was
the daughter of the late Frank O. Slnger,
Of this elty. and her famlly la well con
nected here. She llved with her mothef
ln U-nnox street, ln North Baitlmore. Her
brother, Prank O. Slnger, Jr., Is a promt
nent oontroetor and bullder.
Mlss Slnger lnherlted $30,W from her
fathers estate. When she left Baltlmora.
on Oetober ?. ahe la known to have had
with her Jewelry valued at aeveral thou
sand dollars and about 11.000 In money
Mr. Slnger engaged a prtvate detectlve.
who atarted at once for Chicago.
Wllllam R. Worthen was formerly a
street rallway rondnetor here. He llved
with his brother. and the latter's wlfe sald
Mlss Slnger was a fremient vlsltor ?t
their home.
Whlle members of Mlss Singer's fanlly
expressed Ignorance of her asso<.!at!?n
with Worthen and declared they dld not
know ahe was with him ln Chicago, or
anything concerning thelr contemptibd
mentaga Mrs. Worthen aald ahe w?s not ,
surprised to hear that they were together
or that they intended to be marrte.d.
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think about 'most ? What do you expect (or
your money?
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queetioned, and who won't loae any time about it.
We offerjuet that?at prices which are uniform in
all atores; been doing it 37 yeare.
Eyeglass headquarters? Fifth Ave.-27th St.
jm i^ .,, m 237 FIFTH AVENUE (27th St.)
;?/*/*YeV?,a,^ *A *? WEST 42nd ST. (Nr. BVay)
Gy^dJ^^^tmruC^ 650 MADISON AVE. v'Cr. 60th St.
gm ?B.T -BE 104 EAST 23rd ST. <4th Avenue)
i.nnrfon Parla NIaw Ynrlc
l> Old lionit It. H Rne Scrlew new ? ur?

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