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College Footba
Coaches Send Crimson ThrougTr
Stiff Practice for Battle
with Tigers.
Princeton Has Hard Day of It,
Dunlap Doing Some Fast,
Aggressive Work at
Right End.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune 1
.'ambridge. Mass.. Oct. 30.~The Har?
vard 'varslty team got back to good old
fashioned football thls afternoon. Yester?
day the regulars and eubstttutcs were
not allowed to play on offence, but to-day
tbey were sent after the acrub team and
-MOted four touchdowns and a field goal.
The regulars were lined up as they have
heen all week and as they wlll start the
Princeton game. except that Lmgard
agaln waa in Captain Wendell's place.
Wendell ran thro.:gh signals nnd was ac
tlve about the fleld. To-morrow hc wlll
get into the game, he says.
The scrlmmage to-morrow wlll b* tne
laal of the week. and the 'varslty will M
up against a mighty stiff line. This wl.l
ba compostd of the 'varslty coaches now
on the fleld. Leary and Oll Browne will
be tbe ends. Fred Huntlngton will plav
centre, Fisher and Paul Wlthlngton wlll
be the guards. whlle L. Wlthlngton wlll
play one t.ckle and Charley Hann the
other. There also will be a good back?
fleld. with Wigglesworth nt ouarter and
Foster, captain of the 1906 team, at one
of tbe haives.
To-day Fred Huntlngton played centre
for the second team againat the 'varsity
ecbetltutea, ann* screu a touchdown for
then. recovering the ball after lt had been
fumbled by Bradlee and maklng a long
, n The 'varsity put on straight football
to-dav, there being no klcklng or
fr.rw.rd pass frllls. Every fffort ls being
made to put a lot of flght into the team
and to get lt to be as aggressive as it
Wlll r.nd the Tlgers on Saturday.
The acrub afiain fsed the Tigers' of
ftoce, but made little headway. The var
?tfty'a four tOOChdOWUB were ihe result of
s.-me hard work. Two of them came by
pMit-sing the middle ef the line and tl.e
tackles for continuous gains of more than
?.l vards and the other two wre made
1 Hii.kle- atti Hardwlck on IS-yard end
Mill.olland. the substltute aad, kicked a
f.i.i goal frean th. - -yard Itae.
'i.i-night thc entlra squa.l wni to the
college gymnaslum to practise signala.
Harvard bai a fen new playa that de
mar.d apeed ar! aureneea la worktni eul
lha ??ifnnwnta. Banlth, one ?i the most
, Udns aad ruabera "f tba earty season,
Wbo has been in tl.e !,4,spital wlth jaun
dl"' . was out thia afternoon. playing ln
): old place arltb tba Bnbetltatee.
0.01.11. wb.-se Iflf wa-= i,_rt the other
dajr, nai not on the Bald, but wlll he ln
tha aciiinaaagfl to-nBOBTOW Attetether,
Harvard ls in mighty good phyalcal cendl
lior te go Into its firat big U4.ni..
Many Shifts at Princeton.
, B- Telesraph to The Tr.'t-i
Prini-eton. N. J-. Oct. I'O.?V.aking many
Shifts in the wlng positions. the Pilnceton
coaches drove the 'varsity through a long.
hard practice of two beara aad B half
this afternoon. Dunlap was the favorite
et right end agaln to-day, playing a fast,
nggresslve game. "Ooldie" PTIg-t W88
brought over from the scrub nml ptaead ln
the left end berth on the 'varalty. Wlght's
?aork was good, and if his knee does not
lother hlm he should give Strelt and An
drews a flght for the position. Trenchard
ronsiders Wlght a valuable man. and has
been training hlm carefully all season.
ln the scrlmmage te day tha coachea
devoted the greater part of thelr attention
to the end*. Thomr**on. former f.ll-W.M
??rn fullback. was used to strengthen the
Ki-ub attack. Tbe big back. along with
Walter llamn.'ind, gave the regulars a
Itvely time of it, scoring one hard earne"l
touchdown. The 'varsity Hne was slow
'nnd the tackllng of lha ends inaccuate.
Dunlap alone showed any conslstency in
1,1s work
Cunnlnghani gave tne regulars the ball
egalrvst the freshmen later in the practlee,
and De Witt. wlth W. Waller and H.
Baker as runnlng mates. succeeded in
ng twier. Captain Pendleton was not
In the scrlmmage. and "Stew" Baker
played but n short tlme, giving way to
litzpatrlck is watching his veterans
closely to jee that none of the flrst strlng
men are overworked. "Kd" Trenkman.
who waa back ln the line-up yesterday.
occupied rlght tackie during the latter
part of the scrlmmage. "Hobey" Baker
nnd Pendleton did a lot of place klcklng
vhile Waller snd De Witt vied wlth each
other in puntlng.
, b
Capture Doublea Title in Co
lumbia Lawn Tennis Tourney.
By defeating T. T. Cook nnd C. lr,
Milter ln the final round of the Columbla
1 rUveralty donbtaa lawn tennis champlon?
ahlp tournament on the South Fleld
courts yesLrday afternoon. A. L. Bern
helm and Hamilton Adler won the tltle.
The match was hard fought, although the
latter palr won at 9?2, 9?2, 7?6.
Cook and Mlller were off thelr game In
the firat set, and went to pieces agaln in
the second set after they had started off
well. In the declalve set they braced and
almost beat Bernhelm and Adler, but the
advantage was ao great that they could
not overcome lt.
ln the eeml-flnal round of the slngles J.
t* O'Ntale defeated M. H. Brombacher.
; 45?1* Brombacher put up a good flght
ln the flrst set and eeemed to have lt all
hla own way, when O'Neale began to play
a volleylng game and Brombacher was
completely unnerred. O'Neale contlnued
theae tactics In the second set and won
eaally. O'Neale and Y. Conger wlll meet
fr.) thi flnals to-day._
Aator Court. 20 V/tat :14th Bt
Telephone 2.T2 Oreeley
14X5 to 112 Kaat llth St. Tel..M*.<>- Kiuyv.aant.
PlUnar GiiwiteMOhifts Brau
ORAND PRIX -Bruaaela K-poaltlon, 1U10.
11 &> Boxing
Prospects Brighter with Vet
erans Back in Line-up.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Ithaea, N. Y., Oct. 30.-A long. st"*enu
oub practlce. contlnulng until dark thla
afternoon, waa in order for the Cornell
football squad, and the acrlmmage. whlch
lasted over an hour. waa sparkllng wlth
life and punch. For the flrBt tlme in over
a week the scrub eleven succeeded in
croaslng the 'varsity goal llne. but the
atlmulus of making the openlng acore of
the str-sion waa Bhortlived, ror the "var
Btty runnera three tlmea acored touch
doWns agalnat the hard fighting aecond
Progress ia being made slowly an
surely under Dr. Sharp's dlrectlon and
Daa Reed is gradually etrengthening hls
llne men by cloalng up the holes and
perfectlng the breaklng through and
tackling. The general feellng Ib Btrong
that having passed the crlals of the sea?
son laat Saturday. the Red and Whlte
football team-,will gather power con
elstently. ancr.i'e a very potent factor in
the Tiianksgiving l>ay contest wlth I'enn
eylvania on Franklin Field.
Captain Kddle Butler took command
agaln to-day and retaimd hla position
throughout the afternoon. ln tbe la.it
twenty-four hours he appears to have re
, ovt r.d much of hls polae on the fleld and
be ran the team ln his oldtime form. Wlth
Butler in the baekfleld and the attaok
well chosen the reat of the ruiyiera
**?OWed up to advantage
CbaaopalSB and Franklin were In the
line-up at the start of the acrlmmage to
dav for the flrst work ln aome tlme, and
wlth the appearance of these two men
thi sick list is cut uown to mlnor injuries
to ihe aubatltutea. lt wlll "?*?>???
eral'daya for CharapalfO to get into con?
dition, but he wlll ba ready for a little
work hv the end of the week.
Kvrich and o'Hearn** were on the enfifl
to-dav for the full period. and unleea aome
accident takes them ont of tl.e game thev
will probably retaln thelr ]o.n for the rest
of tlie season. _
Hazlett Does Well at Centre?
Scrub Holds 'Varsity.
(By Telegraph to The Trlhune ]
Providern c. Oct. 30.?In a hirty-mlnute
Bt-nmmage this afternoon. the tlrst since
th Harvard game, neither the Brown
?varsity nor the second eleven acored, but
the latter had a shade the better of the
golng. This was largely due to the fact
that thi second string llne-up was reln
forced by the presence of two regulars,
Kulp and Wade, as tackles.
With the advent of Hazlett. Murphy
and Sims as flrst eleven llnemen the an*
ticipated shake-up in tho 'varsity tor
warda nsaterlaHaed, but whether or not ?
thls chance would become permanent !
iHiilij not Le told by the coaches.
iv.r tbe balaaee of the week the threeI
wlll be trle I out. Hazlett at centre. replai
b>| Mltchell, who was badly brulaed In the j
CanbrMaa game, and the two others golng '
In as t 14 Mea la place of Wade and Kratl
Haale 'a work was watehed with apedal
Intereat Though In a new poettlon Ha i*
letl gnvo .. t-reditable account of bl?H
f-elf. No special formatlons or trlcks were
_ncevered to-day in practlce, only Btralght
bOC?taa and well worn football ta. ti.?
ba?Ik need in the acrlmmage. t'rowther
ir-U back ln bla berth of quarter. and
ran the 'varsity well.
'Varsity Puts Lots of Oinger
Into Long Drill.
I By TolOgraet* to The Trlhune 1
Weat Point, Oet 30.?The Army football
team got beek to strenuous work today.
aad the coaches tlrove the men through a
4o-ininutc scrimtnage. There was more
glnger and snap in evidence than In any
prevlous practlce, though Beaedlct, Pur
nell. Keyes arid Hebha arere not ln the
Hohbs ilid go ln when the signal was
glven for a punt and dld BOflM excellent
ki. king. aeaaa of bla punts aeeraflaa fifty
flve yards. (;il!e?:p|e, who has heen tak?
ing a wi 11 aarned rest, waa back at rljfht
end for a while on the regulars, and dld
good w.,rk. His hard tackle of a acrub
back near the latters goal llne, after one
of Hobbs'a long punts, was responsllde
for tlu* regulars' tirst touchdown, as the
ball was dropped and Kowley caught It np
and ran over the Borub llne for the tally.
Hobbs muffed OtM of I'orer's passes
whi' ? ln a klck formatlon, hut pleked the
ball up and ran slxty-flve yard.. through
the scrub, by beautlful dodglng. for a
touchdown. Prlchard* made the thlrd
tally for the regulars. The Bci-ubs were
unable to score. The team lined up to?
day with Ijorer at centre. Kerr atul Her
rlck at guards. Wynne and Kowley at
tacklaa. with CH-ceete and Hece at the
wli.g posltions. Prlchard .Irove | new
comblnatlon of baekfleld i?'-n from hls po
sitlon at quarter. Hodgson, J. F. Hodg
Bon. P. A. I_nphier, Kisenhower. Booth
and Coffln, the latter a little plebe who
did well, were all trled on the reguiar
Biuad. Captaln Devore was ln toga to?
day. and, although stlll limplng, got ln
the eignal tirlll and trled hls luck at goal
Coaches Not Pleased with Work
Against St. John's Team.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Annapolis, Oct. 30.?The football teams
of the Naval Academy and St. John's
College practised agulnst each other thla
afternoon. each team holdlng the ball und
trylng out offenslve playa for a flailaHa
perlod without regard to downa. Both
teams got Just the kind of practlce need?
ed, the mldshlpmen belng called upon to
break up a lot of cleverly executed for?
ward passes. while the colleglarvs trled
Btcpping heavy llne playa.
Sorne of the paasea of the colleglana
were as good as have been aean here thls
vear and ln a few cases were Bucceaaful
agalnst the mldrhlpmen. The Navy backa
wera not aucceBsful ln galnlng regularly
oehind the llne ahlft lnterference wblch
has been trled recently, and tbe coachea
were far from aatlafled wlth thelr work.
On stralght plays through the llne. tha
welght of the Navy playera told. Ingram
belng partlcularly auccessful in tear Ing
off subatantlal galns
At thfc beglnnlng of the game Ingram
waa at fullback. Nicholls at quarter and
H. Harrlson and Cook at the halves.
Falllng took Cook's place when the regu?
lars lined up agalnet the acrubs at tho
(-..rclualon of the practlce agalnat St.
John's, and made aome long galns.
Several of the Navy coachea gave ape
cial attentlon to the St. John's players.
and the game waa in no aenae a reguiar
[l.y Telegraph to The Tribune. I
Middletown. Conn.. Oct. 80.-The Wea
leyaa 'varsity football eleven were put
through a hard acrlmmage hy Hlgh
agalnat the freshmen and Junior class
teams to-day. Special attentlon was
paid te the llne men, who have been
unoer ?). M. Kratr.. the huaky rlght
tackle of Brown T'niveralty, the laat few
days ?
Th' work of the entire team "was high?
ly satlafaclorj* to the roacKlng staff.
LBtte trouble is expected from t'nlon
| College, which playa here on Saturday.
tem* Yachting %* Thorough
Yale Rounding Into
Form for Big Games
Selection of New Guards a
Perplexing Question for
the Coaches.
[By Telegraph to The Trlbuna.]
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 30.?Another
day of Important practice wlth even
larger number of coachea than appeared
yesterday confronted the Yale 'varslty
players when they appeared at the fleld
thls afternoon. The flnal line up of the
team as lt will face Princeton and Har?
vard and the character of the play for
these games are being deterrnlned. The
coaches are plannlng to stay around as
long as possible and nearly all of them
wlll reappear tomorrow. After the usual
routlne and signal drill Howe llned up
hls team against the 6crub for a thlrty
mlnute scrlmmage. The work was on the
whole .atlsfactory. Tom Bhevlln arrlved
from the Weat and Intered into the coach
lng with sest.
The power of the attack in straight
playing was stronger than usual. and the
defence against the stralghtaway gam
was as stan, h us ev.r. But the weak
ness ln the open game waa marked. The
team tried three forward pass.m ami all
failed. I?ter the men had a speclal prac
tlce seaslon with thla play, both on the
offence and defence.
Bome of the regulara were reated to-day.
Galiauer, whose end work has lost Its
edge, was ldle. The falling off In the play
of thls star ean only be arcounted for by
overwork and hls aggresslveness ls ex?
pected to return onee he ls in good con?
dition. Phllbin arrlved at the fleld too
late lo get tnto the scrlmmage and
"Lefty" Flynn had recitatlons. Croney
had a day off to give hls Injured ankle a
chance to Improve.
Regardlng the outlook for the guards,
coach Howe admltted to-nlght there was
much uncertalnty. He salri that he dld
not expect Harblaon back very aoon, not
for a week at leaat, and ...osslbly much
longer Much work haa bi-en dOM wlth
Thaw and d-reen. thfl substitutes, but they j
failed to ahow up hrllllantly. Arnold I**
puttlng.up a good game and Is expected
to make good Madden, who waa for?
merly at fullback. 1*- being aatched
closely, but Howe said he could fo, m
no deflnlte opinion of hls value as > .-i
He Is green to the posltlon and cannot be
falrly Judged. All that ls known ls tnai
he !s a good football player.
As for the quarterbacka. Howe aaid ne
regarded Cornell as the 'varslty quarter
wlth Wheeler second choice. He declared
there was little to chooae between tho
work of theae two men. Cornell now re
relvlng a slight preference because of hls
greater experlence. hla phyalcal advan
tagea over Wheeler and hla remarkable
speed. Loftus and Dyer would also be
used with, these men. The former failed
to appear to-day.
In the scrlmmage the regulars scored
three touchdowns nnd no tlme was taken
ln klcklng goals. The play was as usual
straight foott nll almost entirely. rne
teams exchanged klcks twlce. Tli.-re
were no long runs to speak at Spal'l
Ing sllced 16 yarda off outalde tackie on<-e
for the 'varsity. Castles for the BCTUb
ran one klckoff back cleverly for twenty
yards, and Mitchell of the acrub ahot
around end once for flfteen yards.
The scrub never got danferously near
the 'varslty goal, although lt twlce hal
possesslon 8. the ball in 'varsity terrl
t".rv, both tlmi'B on fumbles by Heckert,
whose work in thls partlcuiar was very
pour. The 'varslty defense was good and
? he acrub could not galn conslstently.
The regulara made short contlnuoua
gains for all of thelr scores. Bpaldlng
mad. the flrst touchdown on a Hne hack.
Wheeler smaahed over on the aaeaad one
on a centre piunge. having about half 8
foot to go, and Wlser made the third on
a tackie piunge
The coaches are spendlng som- 1!?''
on the indlan. Bt. Oermalne. He haa
been working regularly wlth the BQjnad
for some tlme and has a flne build and
experlence for guard. The prevalence
of injurles among the guarda has turned
attention hls may.
?Doug** Bomelsler, the greatest star
on the team, la an uncertalnty. Howo
said to nlght that he would not play
Baturdaj and probably not against
Hrown. His shoulder Is dlslocat.d ao
,?Mi\ tn.it hla aee-ulaeaa te Ibe team thia
vear I*" little. II '"?>' b"* that l.e can
play through thfl blg games without being
hurt. Hit absolute lack of arrimma*;.
work aii R?as<u. ls bound to affect lil-i
work and lha coaches are not relylng on
Coaches Work 'Varsity Till
Long After Dark.
i; Telegraph le Tha Trll -
Hanever. I*. H., Oel 88 After a half
houra charglng, the flrst team lln. waa
sent In to flght the 'varslty backa at
Dartmeuth'fl football practlee to-day.
Lat.-r ln the afteri,4,011 Bleoeh e\\h hls
string of freshmen came on to the fleld
nnd foiiKht wlth the 'varalty untll long
after dark. Cavanaugh aeenis determlne.l
to have a flghtlw- llr.e fur.. HarvHrd three
we.ka hence.
There will be | call lssued f.-r all tl.e
old alumnl stars Cavanaugh wlshes to
gather together thfl old men that ure
r\ (thln reachlng diatance. Hla Int.ntlon Ifl
to have theae old warriors come up to
Hanever and give hls men the chol"-e of
hgbtlng OT taklng a heatlng. There |
apt to he a shake-up ln tl.e bachfleld
Htches. an old Worceater atar'. Is I .f
a good ebaaea at fullback. lllcki.x
plungea bard, ia a -jre taeftder nr,.i eaa
hang "ii t"> the ba!',
Dartmouth la m>t dlscourag.d bjr ber
poor showlng at Brlnc-ton On tbe OtheT
?,nnd. every student at Hanover ls jcill
Ing te tske the Harvard gam. Cavan?
augh flg?rea that If he can whlp the
frltnson he wlll hav. re.le4-m.il bbl fam.
Hold Last Drill on Franklin
Field Before State Game.
II \ TOlefropb tn The Trlbun' |
IMillodelpl.lii. Oet SO?Flnal praetlea on
Franklin Fleld for the game wlth Penn
State CMflajfl "??. Saturday waa held thla
aft-moon by t fl Cnlveralty of Pennsyl
vanla football team to-day. The squad
wlll go to Medla. Penn.. to-morrow. wbflTfl
the flnlsh.d touehes wlll be put on.
The practice at Medla wlll be beM be?
hlnd bnrrod K?tes Andy Smlth thls af?
ternoon announced that he had declded
|0 start Waltet Cralg ol iiuarterbaek on#
Baturday. Cralg played that posltlon In
practice thla afternoon end ahowed aa
much football knowledgfl and abUtty that
Smith is convlm ad of tn. arladotn of play?
ing Iba former Central High lebool star
there in lha Stnte game. lu to-day's drill
the slgnals w.-re ci.Il<-.l by Mlnds.
Marshall wlll be reserved for goal kl. k
lng. Mereet v.as ln the acrlmmage thls
afternoon for thfl flrst tlme slnce the
Lafayetta game Jourdet has fully r>
covered from the Injury tii hls bttOfl atid
should be ln the pln.< of condition on Sat?
The acrlmmage to-day was one of tha
best of the season. A regular game was
played wlth tl.e aame scrub as oti yester?
day, wlth a full set of offlclals. The acrub
started ln to tear the 'varslty up and
,arrled the ball to the lo-yard Hne. where
Mlmla Intercep'ed a forward pass and
run the length of the fleld for a touch?
down. Cralg and Jourdet suhscquently
scored for tbe varslty. Offenslvely th.>
Quakers ar. strong, but thelr defence l.s
atlll weak
Only Light Practice for N. Y. U.
Football Squad.
Practice for the New York Cnlveralty
football team waa llght yeaterday after?
noon, aa the coachea are giving the men
a raat aftai four weeks of ateady work.
The next game ls not untll Elertlon Day.
when the team from Tnnlty College wlll
meet the New York University eleven at
Ohlo Fleld, and preparation for thla game
wlll not atart untll thls afternoon.
Olcott took charge of the 'varslty and
Relllv. the aaalatant coach, had the sec?
ond atrlng men. Most of the work cen
tred around the forward pass, and Olcott
"drllled the backs ln getting the ball off
qulckly and in the blocklng of opposlng
llnemen. He also gave especlal attention
to the ends.
Many of the 'varalty llnemen were not
out, but there were enougn around whlch
to build :. good flghting aquad.
The llne-up for the afternoon waa aa
followa: Enda. Dutcher and Merrltt;
taekles. Welner and Veaeley; guards,
Hrletol and Makay; centre, Rtidolph:
quarterback, Oardello, halves, Baldle and
I Braun; fullback, McDermott.
Raees for Sonder Class To Be
Held Off Marblehead.
Boston, l)Cf. ?"**>. The flfth serles af IH"
terpatlO?al KondT \at it rac^s lo be held
next September off Marblehead, tetwen
c.ermnn arid Amerlr.ir; loat*. was an
nouncrd to-day The Interaatloaal con
teat between the two countrles for thla
tvpe of boat now standa three Amerlcan
victorlea to one (Jfrmin.
Aa ln the four prevlous contests, the
raees wlll be salled under the Joint mnn
ugement of Ihe Kaiserllt-her Vacht '*inb,
nf Klel. and tl.' Kastern V.tcbt I'lub. of
Boetoa, an-i aceerdtag te the ndea of
the International Yac*.|*t Hu. Ing I'nlon.
There **>Hl ba at >nn tivo ta.
j Tha Amerlcan trials ?.??ill ba held ..**.
M&rl leliead, beglnt,lt.it August 14 192,
[arlth the flrst laternatloaaI race in tha
aama aratera an Beptember 1
The Amerlian trial rit.es wlll be open
t.> the jrachta ot aay oraaataad ??_-rlcaa
yacht club. and entii's wlll deaa on
July I'j, 1S13, wlth llenr.v Howaril. chalr
| man of the O.rman-Amerlcan nt>e to'ii
mlttee, ln this city Kntrles wlll be r<*
Stll'ted tO bOaU Completed B?d l.tLIl" In-I.
X'achts competlng ln the trlal* must le
ii'sigr.i.l nnd bullt and all salls, ball-rloth
and Bttlafa made In the . ountry to whlch
they lielung. The total cosi of conatruc
tlOfl i.iuat not exceetl *".'.???'. Tho crewa
meet he amateur membera of the paeht
clubs whlch are admltted to the trlal
rac.es and ahall conslat of noi more th?a
three peraona, who muat be cltlxena "f
the country In whlch the yacht wai bullt
The flrat international Hiuider boat race
was held ln thia country ln IS**, with
a cup named for Pret-ldcnt RaaaaeaH aa
tiie prlnclpal lncentlve. The tiuphy waa
won by T. U I'ark. owner of tlie Amerl?
can yaiht, \'lm. The second serlea was
held at Klid In 1907. when the Oermans
*uccessfully defentled the cup preaunlutl
bv the Oerman Kni-tf-ror. Tlm thlrd con
test was off Murblt heatl In BM, antl a
CUP Daned for Presltlent Tafl was won
by Wm. II I'hilds, owner of tha Amerl?
ian yacht. .loy.tie. The fourth Berles
was at Klel ln HU, and iiere the Amert
can faOttt, Blbelot, owned by Itobert W.
Kmmona, Sd, of Boston, and Harry
Pityne Whitney, of New York. won the
principal trophy, agaln nanu-d for and
presented by the Oerman KinpiTtir.
The Sonder yacht. whlch la a tln keel
cra(t of 4,035 pounds dlsplacement and
the length. Ix-am uml draft of whlch do
'not total over f2 feet, wlth n sall area
liniit.il to ,V4) sipKtre feet. lias been
popular type of boat In Eastern waters
since the flrst International raceB off
Marbleheuti. ?lx yeara ago.
Coaches Strive to Put 'Varsity
in Form for Cornell Game.
I >ly Telerrsph to Tbe Tribune ]
Wllliamstown, Mass., Ort. .''O?Injuries
have crlppled the William*. football teum
to Bome extent, but several new candl?
dates have reporte<l since the New York
I'niversity contest. and, to Jmlge frtun
the work during the first few tlaya of the
week, a strong eleven wlll face Cornell
on Saturday. The faultB whlch the New
Y'ork t'niveralty game brought out hava
been pradlc?ted, and more than a mere
Improvement la manlfeat.
Tlie centre poaltlon was weak, hut Daly
has glven Kyre and Hewlett good coach
Ing. and both are ahowlng up to better
Moat Important of all the day's hap
penlngs. however, waa the flrst appear?
ance of Alnalle. the veteran halfhack. He
haa been troubled wlth a mlnor tendency
toward weakneas of the heart, and never
entera the game until thi. laat of tln
?eason A year ago he played a few
minutea tn the New York I'niversity
game. but thls aeason he may not be able
to do acrlmmage work before the Wea
ieyan conteat. If by any chance he de
velops rapldly thla week he wlll go tn
agalnat Cornell. It was Alnalle who
made lhe sensatlonal 106-yard run through
the entire Cornell team at Ithaea a year
bred Racing^
Lynch Declares League Has
Jurisdiotion in Fogel Affair,
Joe Jeannetve to Take Part in
Five Fights with Aus
tralian Stars.
Thomas J. Lynch. president of the Na?
tional League. doea not agree with the
contentlon of Horace Fogel. president of
the Philadelphia club, that the league has
no jurlsdlctlon In the matter of lnvestl
gatlng Fogel's alleged statements reflect
lng upon National League baseball.
In a atatement made yesterday Lynch
says he has been advlsed by John Con
way Tooln, retalned as counsel ln the in?
qulry into Fogel's case. that the league
not only has juriadirtlon. but that further
If it Is proven that Fogel made the asser
tlona attrlhuted to hlm hc may be pun
lshcd even to the extent of barrlng hlm
from further pnrtlcipatlon in the National
I,eague's affairs.
The league ofnclals, according to Lynch,
are unanlmously inslatent that Fogel's
case be prohed and that "approprlate ac?
tlon" be taken "If it ls found that any
person has been gullty of maklng falae
statements" retlectlng on the league'B
method In conducting championship con
testa. Fogel's hearing will be held here
on Novimber 38.
Wlth a view to deciding on a succssor
to Jack J>hnaon'a tltle as heavywelght
champlon of the world. W. C. Kelly. rep
res.ntlng Hugh Mclntosh. the Auatrallan
promoter, algned a contract wlth Dan
MoKetrlek, manager of Joe Jeannette
yeaterday. The contract calls for the
appearance of Jeannette ln flve contesta
In Auatralla. the flrst of whlch will be
wlth Ham Langford and the second wlth
Sam McVey, both of whom are now ln
Australla. Mclntosh agrees to give Jean?
nette tio.OOO, wlth the privilege ef -*i per
,-ei.t of the gate, wlth flve round trip
tlckets for hlmself, manager ar.d -parrtng
partners. and they wlll sall fr:>m San
Francis.o the *.atter part of November.
In addltlon to these stipulations, Mcln?
tosh wlll give a gold bell emhlematlc of
the world's heavywelght championship.
More than live thousand invltatlons
have been accepted for the openlng of
the st. Klcholaa lee Rlah to-morrow
evening Al! the leading exponents of tlg
ure and fancy rkatlng will be 4,11 band
to exhlblt their speclnlHes. along wlth th"
Many improvements have heen made In
the rlnk. The new e,|.ilpment wlll Inaure
a perfectly frozen surface of leo at all
tlmea. The rlnk wlll be thrown open to
the pubttfl on gaturday morning, and
three music sesslons dalL* wIU th.-reafter
be held during th- s.-aaon.
The coadies of the Pennsylvanla foot?
ball team have had movlng pictures of
the plays ti.ken, v. (th a view, lt is said,
,.f loc.ttlng th. weakn.ss.-s of the forma?
ttons Harvard mlght proflt by a fllm of
"Hobey" Haker's *a)-yard run last Batur?
day The use of the "movles" are manl
It v.as reported yestenlay that certain
alumnl ?>f th.- I'nlv.-rsity of Pennsylvanla
had made a B-COttd demand that Eil'.s
Ward, the rowing coach, l>e dlsmiss.'l.
Connia Mack haa signed Bohert L. Stev
enaon, a pltcher, who played on the
freehman t-4-n "f the Cnlverslty of
Mlnneaota last >ear.
?Hell D.vll" Sklllman, Prlnceton's fa
ii-.oua football seer, announced to en
Ihualaatlc undergraduatea yeaterday that
S.it :r lay'a BOOra WOUld read: Princeton,
14 Harvard, 11 Sklllman la the prophet
who lald John deWitt ln i&oa that hls
team nould COnQUer Yale by a score of
11 to 6. John plnned the prophecy be
neath hla Jersey an?I led forth Princeton
to vl.tory, atnl the score was 11 to 6. ln
lha llght Of hlstory, Sklllman'a announce
nient wlll have a profound effect on
Princeton bettlng sentiment.
After a conference between James E.
Milllv.-in, chairman of the national cham?
plonahlp; Frederlck W. Kublen, aaalstant
clty surv.yor and vlce-presldent of the
Mi tro'rolitmi Aaaoclatlori, and Andrew F.
Tully, chairman of the junior metropoll?
tan aasoclatlon Yroes-country commlt?
te,-, It was declded to change the n.w
Yrois-country course at Van Cortlanil
Park, H.) that the manata win not tie c.,m
pelled to run on the macadam road. The
change wlll make lt poaatble for the run
nera to wear splkea and the full dletanee
wtll be run on the grass.
Marqiila F. Horr, football roach at Pur
due Cnlverslty, was summarlly diamlsae.1
to-day ut a apeclal meetlng of the boar.l
of dlrectors of the Purdue Athletlc Ahso
ilatbm The actlon came aa a blg aur
prlse to ihe studenta. Moll trVt take
charge <>f the team. The football team
lin baan playing a loalng game, an.l lt waa
charged that Horr neglected hla dutlea.
Six studenta of Lake Forest Cnlveralty
staite.I last nlght on a nlnety-mllo walk
to Melolt, WIs., so that they may he prea?
ent at the football game on Saturduy with
Belolt College Tho stud4inta took 75 centa
each to eover Incldental expenaes and Ken
nedy, the ciuch, Kave them compllmentary
tlckets to the game. They carrlud food
nn.l blanketa, and wlll aleep In barna en
route They have been promised a free
ride back If Lake Forest wlna.
Krom Tha Boaton Tranaorlpt.
Thomaa Adolphua iiainher Hrown A.ifuitua
Ub hard Oatcoynn "Jooillatte haa juat b.en ap?
polnted to a "vaeanry" ln the noard of Bdu
rntlun at I'aaaal,-, hut why Should not auch a
!.,?-. ln 1,1,n,.-if be the whole board T
coupe ima
$3750 to $4100
v: Theae three body type? ar.
.NKg ?ll iiii,iinii-,l ,,!> the (a
??? iiou.a Marmon ??at" , haarla Cv^
Sidney B. Bow man Automobile Co.
$$$? HM 1 MtufiM * NKRVICF. SSRJ
H 225-231 WEST 49TH ST. ?gg
$ Baseball <?
Oor*-?11 Ready for Dual Run
with Harvard on Saturday.
[By Telegraph to Ths Tribune.]
Ithaea, N. Y., Oct. 30.?Flnal arrange
menta for tho dual 'crosa-country run
wlth Harvard here on Saturday were
ratlfled by the faculty committee on atu
dent affalra to-day.
The race will be run over the eourae to
be uaed by the IntercollegUte 'croas
cour-try run later in the month. The an
nouncement of the peraonnel 0f the Cor?
nell team waa unexpeotedly made thla
afternoon, for aa a general thlng Moak
ley'a flnal aelectlons are made at the last
The team wlll be made up of John Paul
Jones. leongtieia, Flnch, Brodt, Inglehart.
Beckwlth, Kent, Lamb, Klngaley and
Bvana. Captaln Jonea and Brodt are the
only veterana, and it ia probable on thla
account that one or two other membera
of the Cornell 'croaa-country equad wlll
be permitted to run aa subatltutee. The
race belng part of a two-year agreement.
wlth a run at Cambridge next year, Har?
vard will be accorded tha eame privllege
on her own couree.
?. a
Mrs. Powers and Ohoate Lead
on Apawamis Links.
A match play eompetltlon ln mlxed
fouraomea has been completed over the
Apawamis llnke, In whlch Mra Waiter
H. Powera and Edward A. Choata were
victors over Mr. and MrB. Charlea H.
Connor by 2 up and 1 to play. The eom?
petltlon extended over several daya
1 The complete. aummary followa:
Flrat round-Mra. Albert J. atorgaa and
Frank Moore beat Mr and Mrs Iluj-h D.
Montgorr.ery. 1 up tM hljee)* Ujb. MbbB.
Wonham and Seavey Batrelle beat Mr and
Mra. Albert B. Aehforth 1 up i**_**?U
Mrs. I_wrenoe J. I*ool and H**?? ?**?
Oravea beat Mr. and Mra. Charlea M. bbttOgn,
jr.. 1 up (10 holes); Mr. and Mra. Charles
B Connor beat Mre. Willlam Rand. Jr, snd
Fred Wonham. t up aad 0 t*JffiJMt*
Bertha Benedict and Dr. Alfred Stl?raan
btot Mra Samuel 8. F uller and Senay
Plummer. ? up and 6 ti plav; Mra. Watter
H. I'owers and Kdward A. fWte beatJg*.
and Mrs. Willlam J. Ttngu*. 8 up and T to
plav; Mlst Mary Downey and Harold L.
Imwnev h^at Mr. and Mrs. Howard ?->*?')?'*.
u up :ind I to play; Mrs. riierlee XX. Park
nnd Ueorge M. Barn-e t*OW a bye
Beeend round?Mrs. Morgan and Moor
hcat Mtl. Wonhim and Battelle, ** up, Mr.
and Mre. Connor heat Mre. Pool and <Jrates,
i ;i up and 2 to play. Mre. Powers and Choate
heat Mles tl-nedlct and Dr. Stlllman. 3 up
and I to play. Mrs Park and Barnes beat
Mr and Mre. Downey 3 up and 1 to play.
Bem!-flnal round Mr. and Mrs. Connor
beat Mre Morg.in*hnd Moore. 6 up and o tt)
play, Mra. P.overs and Choate beat Mra
park an<l Barn.-e. 1 up 410 holes).
Flnsl rouml- Mra Powers and rhoate bett
Mr. and Mre Connor, 2 up and 1 to play.
Report Denied That Chess Mas
ters Are Not Ooming.
I>atest Qenaaa rhesy magazlnes atate
most alarmlBf r.ews regardlng the New
York-Havana congress, to he opened In
thi* city on November M They sa,' that
In BddlHon to I^aker, Schlechter, Dr
Hernateln and Dr. Vldmar will not mske
the trlp to thla city. and that the par
tlclpatlon of both Marocay and Tarreach
1? very doubtful.
When F\ D. Rosebault, the manager
of the rongreee. waa told about It yeB
I terday he said that he had received three
I rable dtapntches from Ueopotd Hoffer, the
Ixmdon agent of the congreBB, nnd that
! ln none of these mention waa made of
any wlthdrnwal during laat week.
tXader date of October 11 Champion
Ijisker writee to a frlend from Berl.n that
he would gladly avall himself of hla
frlend*a interventlon to make it peeefhte
for him lo play In the congress, but the
letter riiiitalnlng thla offer arrlved a day
1 ,ir tWO too lnte Mr. Irfisker adds that
he |s busy writing booka One of them
ha hepaa win be paMlahed bf the end of
the year.
! The tournament committee of the Pro
gt.'sslve Cheaa Club, No. 14o Seciintl ave
I nue. ln thls city. haB decldeil t.i arrang*
the followlng matches between Its mem?
A. Kupclilk vs H. Kllre of Boston. at
present a realdent of thla city; ProfeBeor
Jacqoaa Orommer va. ^Y. O Morrls,
Counsellur J. I.lebergall vb. Dr. J. Putx
mun. J. Oreenberger vs Willlam Frled
Bian. and Vletor FTank va. J. Young.
Oscar Chajea, Charles Jaffe, A. Marder,
I Tenenwurxr-l and Jacijuea Orommer are
scheduled to glve exhlbltlons. PrlieB will
bo glven to the wtar-uers of tho matehea
and to those making the beat ahowlng ln
almultaneouB exhlbltlona.
From Tha Detroit Free Preea
A New Yorlt teacher ls trylng to celieft
1150,000 for a broken heart. She must have
entlmated her .laic.aaea at reguiar meat prices.
Other Spor*5
-ffi m JOE HME1
Negro Has Little Trouble in
Outpointing Jim Johnson.
Willie Lewis "Comes Back" to
Take Measure of Thomas,
the Englisbman.
Joe Jeannette, the negro heavywelght,
had an easy tlme In outpointing 'Hat
tllng" Jim Johnson, the glant negro, of
Philadelphia. Johnton entered the Itpg
last nlght weighlng .21 pounds. He was a
aplendld speclmen of human phy-tlque,
and tho slnuous Jeannette, who weighed
only 193 pounds, seemed dwarfed by com
parlaon. When the contest started, how?
ever, lt was eaally to be aeen that Joha
son's sile asset was his wonderfui build
and goriila-llke stretigth. He could hit
hard -hit llke a sledgehammer when, he
landod?and the one clean weilop he did
land ln the bout nearly knocked Jean?
nette out. That one wallop found Ita
blllet ln the slxth round. and lt waa hy
the most earnest sort of hanging on that
Jeannette escaped aerioua trouble
In the early rounda Jeannette atood od
and poked hls left Into the face, and found
lt not a difficult task to land clean and.
often. He plled up the polnta and mad*
Johnson look foollsh by the aimple way!
ln whlch he ateyed away from, or atepped.
lnslde of, wlld swtnga. After a whlla tha]
crowd began to have a llttla fun, and enei
wlt announced that lt waa ttmo to turn
on more lighta ao that Jo* could a*e b
man. After the alzth round Jeannette
sllpped Johnson'a ewlnga and waJlops, nnd.
smashed hls own rlght hom* over thal
heart wlth telling effect. Johnaon waei
tired at the end, wblle Jeannette flniahed!
ln goofl style.
One more "Engllsh champlon" came by
the cudgela at tbe handa of an Amertcani
boxer. Thls tlme lt was Dia Thomaa. BX-,
champlon mlddlewelght. ao it waa an?
nounced. Willie Lewis, the tlme honoredi
veteran of the East Slde, was rhe man,.
who pollahed Thomaa off ln less than thre*
rounda. The latter entered the ring,
welghing 176 pounda, whlch gave hlm an
advantage of only twenty-one pounds
over Lewia. Laboring under handicaps,
however, he failed to daunt Lewia. He
almply boxed hls man Into klnks and
knocked him out when he got tired of
"Young** Reilley. welghing 1S2 pound?.
atopped Patsey Whlte. the newsboy, in
nlne rounds. White weighed only 1.4
'pounds but untll the elghth round had
Ithe better or the bOXfa K
Beat Columbia Freshmen in the
Interclass Meet.
t'olumbla's aophomore clasi won a vn -
tory ,.ver the freshmen yesterday, piling
up *6 polnts to thelr opponenta" 21 ln the
erenta of the annual sophomore-fresh
rea'i track meet on South Fleld. The pole
vault, broad Jump and hlgh Jump w.re
I poatponed until to-day on account of
darknesx. but they cannot change the
atandlng of the classes even lf the flrst
>ear men ahould fcore every polnt.
C. L. Tlchenor won the mlle and half
mlle for the sephomores. showlng up well
ln both events. He has been workin*
wlth the cross-*ountr> aquad at three
mile dlstancea all fall and thla w*a hl
first try at the hslf slnc? his high seheol
days The tlme waa slow, 2 mlnutes and
13 1-5 -econde. but Hernle Wefers ttrtnka
Tl. henor wlll make good at the dlstanee.
The aummariea follow:
po->ard dath Won by F. I.. Bi-eflr, *W,
I, r Panek. '10. aeeond; B. T. Applaba, '16,
third. Tlma, 0:10%. , __ ,?__
224>ya.d dash-Won by r. L. Brady, '16;
D W Vollmer, 16, second i R. m. Ormseee,
16. thir.l Tlme. O.JbH.
lataaii daah Won bv P. ___T^t__al__ii 1_;
I\ aamVW. '10, -*ond; ft H-bberd, 'lfl, tWrd.
Tlj.aif"mii? raa?Wea by a u Tlabaae-. Jl?;
F itubbarl, '16, ??cond? _L A. Herea, 1*.
Iliird Tlme. 2:18"*a. ?____, ...
One-*lle run -Won br <_* L MM ??;
XV. K. t>unn. 16. aeeond; W. 3. Hardino, 'IB.
third Tlma. 0:llV ?._,??-,_? Ma
Twe-mlla ruo-Won br C. ?t*"*"'*"' ,??
W P Olinn, '16. sacond; F. H*tTn_?_? '.\
third. Tlma 10:4)9**..
120- -arl hlgh hurdlea?Woo br 8. ?, Olt
hernT *% F. U VreAy, ?J.e-e*dl 9, W.
UO-yard low hut-lea-Won byF, UBW).
?II 6 E Oraham. *ll. aeeondi T. M. mttnmte.
Shot BBV-Waa by J A. Armitroeg. n* wlth
?,. 4?, I- R Beatty. 'll aaooni. wjlh Bl
ft 9 ln V. Banbom, '16, !__-. wt-? U lt.
9 '" -BBBBBW
a DiREcroiryar
Guaranteed Rebullt Cars
5 pass. 1912 Torpedo 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
7 pass. 1912 Tourin*- 6-cyl. ...48 h.p.
5 pass. 1912 Tourin-r .30 h.p.
7 pass. 1912 Lattdealet 6-cyl...38 h.p.
5 pa?i. 1911 Touring .30 h.p.
5 pass. .910 Touring .30 h.p.
Tht Looomobile Company af Amtrloa
Broadway <_ 76th Street, Now York
_ Telephone 7800 Schuyler.
Now Lirtdaulotte Bodlli $900 tt $1200
PACKAHD. PBBRI?MB and Other Stylea
80 IUI lltil.II - 17*180 TO tlOO.
NEW INSIDF Drlve Bodlee. |3O0.
200 Totirlna Tlodies. 12(1 (eome worth $S00).
Jandorf Automobile Co.,
Dlaplavril In the gr.*at ARENA" at.
126 10J30 W. 56tfc $U "Yh-AveV"1
Bodies of Quality
K.|tiln;te.l la moat luxurleua munner.
Aell at 30*'<* of ettnal value.
ttl XXe.t Uth 8t.. "New York._
We have on hand a few
1912 NEW CAR8
of dlfferent makes that we wtll dlapoae of
at reduced prlces to make room for 1?1S
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We are oftVrlng itoullt cara. all stylee.
Inte rt.oil-K at esceedlngty low prlces, fully
guaranteed. Wlll take your old car as part
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drlve. clolh, leather trirnmed, ROTHSi'HILD.
IIKKW8TKR; other ?ood makes P.ARQA1N&
lUmoved for ronventenoe of buyers to
FOR SALE?A Ftvi pmwf tr 1111 atty
Hor.g Piwtr Touring Car. Fo4fy Eqvifftd.
This car ls ln beautiful condition:
wlll be overhauled thoroughly be?
fore dellvery Price, $700.00. A
seven-passenger 1?11 wlth tour?
ing and llmousine bodiea?llrnou
Blne body a!">ne coat $1,760. In
absolutr!" flrst-clasB condition.
Prlce complete $2,000.00.
1,876 Broadway.
MILES; COST $5,000. SELL $3,000.
DUFORD, 127 EAST 83D. _
looka llke new car, haa erery poaalble eq-lp
ment. maer.eto, top. _c four new aboe* en
car now two new extra ahoae and tubea ana
all other extraa: < ar muat be aaen to b* ap
praclate.; aet qule_l> : no dealera Inqujra for
Mr. l.eonirda ear, Ml'Nfi'H S OABA?? 188M
and Alexander ave. Teleohoua 53?Melroae.
WB-ST 81DE T. ti. C. A.?IndlrldualI roaJ
work. Bmall Shop Cleaeee. TrucU r_ff <_?_?
waltlne. Send for booklet 300 Weat 9119 at
Phone TB20 Col._
BATTERIE8 and oolla repaired; alao fgr aalt.
truaranteed aa ?--. aa new. JOHN T. EBSER.
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\K*pee\emeeg ChmmWemra. Mmremr WW fee,
VACKARD8.?Naw cara. llmoualne aad te*r
ln?; by tha hear or trip; cheap ratae rer
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ISrf Eaat 9?d_Btra.t_ Phona^Plaaa a\00.^ _
EI EOANT ft-paaeenfer Hudaon; **_JMSi
drlva. weekly errangamenta made; 1*8*1
per beur. Tele-hoaa Bli Mtlrea*. ,

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