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But Not Radica!
! \* lAMI N? 24,092.
New York'? Only
Republican Paper
llain in-iln> nnrt t? morr<w.
( oUIrr lu-mnfow.
rKK Vj ()>h l h> 1 rX!<n?HKKKTHOff\Th.
?fhen E'haustion Threatens to
End i onstration Thought
ofBreakincjT.R itcord
Spurs Thousands On.
Candidate Refers to "Irrcgular
Repubiican Party," Assails
Its Panaccas and B*yi
He Would Mtke
Bmineti Free.
Govevnor Dfclarc HiJ Party Will
Not Harm Eoncst Ccncern*. Nor
Will It Hesnate witb tbc
Guilty. Which Musl
Pay Penalty.
Oovernor W.Ii ??" N llaon
tat blggaet, l ? nd mosl en
thuaiaatic srort ng of hla > impatgi
Madiacn Squan
when 16.000 men and iromen chee
and fhouted anrt atai
ane hour and two mln
jliow tha Damocratic candidate for
Preeldent how mttch they tho igl
It was a new long dlata *
?ia*m record for Pr, - ? ?
dates that waa eatabliahed laat nlght,
for it f >. ''l I the demonatration for
Cateael Roosevelt on Wedneada; right
t>v ex??t;- twenty-two mia
When Governor Wllaon pok(
tiead tbrough xhr littlt
ing to tba Htap- .it 9:12 6*< lot k laal
night H ;! tha huge
,rowi arhich nmi d the Mg audi
torini-. bad been r*lf for hla
Evcry man and woman
faaaped to I i oi her f< et, almoi
,: | -:? \ .? rl an .i?. and
fc. tl ? aml fr. rn tben
en the demonatration kepi a-ga ing. ti.e
gnal of moat ?f the enth lanatj baing
tba hreaking of the record of the aifhl
3ano He'pi Choering Alonp
- I siisht k*t?
tba nvn
i. men becama qniel
? ud not lasi lonjc. fot
I i ich inap itf.?
tuiie? a? "Thraa Cbeera for lh< >:?
Wbtte and Blue," "My Country, Thi
,.; Tbi imari: " and ilmilar
ua and n ti'-n the
atoppad th< demonatration araa
ewttnued w~ith ren<wed vlfor. The bif
atidleme jolned in alnglnR the Cboi 0* s.
Mra. Woodrow Wtlpon, in ? bog dt
tectiy in front of tba apaakara' plat
femi was no ovarcoBM vrltb enaotlon
that bJm burfe? her fsca ln her handa
and weft, whtle h**r thr^e daughterfl
I'Ut their arms 8roun,d I ??!. Oovernoi
WJlaon looked tov.aid hls fani ly and
KtajaJatd hla'hand acrosa hla eyea. Mra.
WDaoa lifted hei bc n I b ea? ? klaa
*t bar hush^iifi.
During tba antlrej one ho'jr and two
tnlnijfs Governor AVilson rcmalned
?tandlng in ftxrit of the stand. Oocav
aionally he would lalee his hand^ anil
move his Hpg, appartntly anking for
Qulet. i ;:eard hlm or wanttd
to hear hirri. '1 b< :e was only one tbing
that the erowd wanted to do, and that
*'a* to put Wadnaaday night'a record in
the rhadc, and 11 was not untll they
had done no bjf ? 1 :k margin thal an>
tiung llke quiot was rf-stored.
But the band warm't the only thing
that kapt thf aajthoalaani at blajk fUt b,
kti baeoaalacly dreaaad woman. aaid
<a be Mra C. E. Byrna, atlrrad tba
I |MN to almosi trenzied ^nthuslafin
by walki'ig up to the OoWIMff and
i>re?entlng to hln a tiny Atnerhan
?otna of the enthuaiaata, boaravar,
<?atinu?l on nrventli IWff. fourth rolunin.
Jkk AlQrnings News
locax. Paga
Gambiera Get Word to Opeti Agaln... 3
rollt* Department Polltlca Bxpoaed.. 3
?'Ity Ua) Bue gchool Expert.a
Wfacj a Stage Prlvllsge.10
Mx Caiin ?,' ?un< II of Oaard Oaleara. ? .18 {
Clergj m Ai .Mayor aa to Poltca. .18
?udr?? ? aa i*???ed.18
?avor Naming i- >rmi?'n Snccepsor.. 1
Wllaon Cheered !'t*ty-two MinuteH... 1
Perktoa Bulldozliu' I'altner Say?. 1
lfedge? Talka V ..rnera . 4
?lor.nson Speaka t'patate. 4
*trau* Makaa Tour of Cltjr . *
T. R. ifay Hpeak at Btraoa Maatlng *
Bulaer Attacks Struua. *
Olftn to Campaiicri Kunda. 4
Kor V'lca-Preaident of Hadley Typa s
*h*rman Kuneral ArraiiKem?-n:>' . 6
T*ft Golng Jo 8h?rniati Kuncral. 6
McNamara Plot AKamat Burn*.11
?ow Harvaater Abaorbod Rival.18
!??,?00 Turka Routad. l
Turkey May Rue for Peace. 1
f'ubar, Kle< tiona To-day. ?
Chlli will Not Bell lalaad. ?
.,! . 8
. ?
h r y .8
?taru.10 and 11
*'#ath#! .ii
"hlpplng NewH. 11
^'wr for Woni'-n ........ 18
, lltncial and Markata. . . 13, 14 and 16
Jtet! Eatat* . 18
Ar?i,y ?n^i xavy.l7
Think lt Unwiseto DefcrSelec
tion nf Sherman's Successor
on RepuMican Na
tional Ticket.
Danger Seer In Plan to Delay
Cboice Bccause of Possibiliiy
of Oanard That Unftt
Porson Nlight Be
Secretly Named.
Some Frel Delicaty About Consider
intr Vice - President's BttCCCMOT
Before Funeral Impoisible,
SaysBa-ncF. toCallMect
ing Before Election.
Kansas City. Oct. 31.?"T!e mere
mention of a man's name by hia
frieids as s possible sand Hate for
?uch an office ai the Vice-Presi
dency is highly gratifymg. but does
not necesyarily rrean that he is a
candiciate." said Governor Had'ey
? o-night, i" answer to the cuestion
wheiher he would aciept the nom?
ination as Pres.dent Taft's running
mate if it waa tendered him by the
Republic.in National Ccmmittee.
"I had rather not ansv.er the ques
tion at Ihil time." he said. "II may
not be necessary for me to make an
announcement at all whether I
would accept."
'I h.i ?. if? Ot
th< mambera of Ihe an Na?
tional Committee belh i ?? thal lt I in
wlee to defer the aelectlon of .1 '- I ??
Praaidentlal candidate until aftei
and that
1 1;..,. r: ?.? 1 ladle of Mia
?0 m i f ? ll' ?? !
i i.' .: 1. . arao
Tribune Lo the mambera of tlw com
: ftei noon.
The 1 rib m -? ? ' to ea h ? ?
!., national 1 ommittt In thla < ountry
I telegram cx\ 'hat
araa danger In the proposttlon t>i
dsfer the aelection of a Vice Pr<
tial candklate untll after the election,
jtointing oul tbe poaalblllty thal a
to the effa< I thal 1 1
unflt ot unpopular andtdat< hi
secretly choaan migJit be put out b
tlie oppoaltion presa ;<t an hour too late
for aueoaaafol contradlctlon, and
lag ineanltera to talegraph thalr vlawa
and thali hotce foi Vice-Prealdent II
thay h.'id < ? ?
? 01 > <l In the
i. , ahich had reau hed The Trlb ine
up to the tlma of g"in? to prt
that of Governor Hadley moat fra
Thal tha poaltlon of J ii ?
Tribune la arell taken is aaaartad by ??<
number of tboae whoee rapllaa have
far been racalred.
For inetance, National 1 omn
n an llarlow, of ftfontana, arirea:
1 fu'Iy agree with you that Vice
President nomination ehould be made
now. My choioa would be Governor
Hadley of Missoun, or Fairbanks, of
Indiana. I think we are placing oan
geroue card in hands of the tntmy to
wait until after election.
(Stfned) T. A. MARLOW.
Georaje E Pexton, national
-, trom Wi orntnc, telagrapha:
I beheve that the poMtion of The
Tribune ae outlined ifl your telegram of
this date ifc right. The people should
know for whom they ars voting. I am
in favor of Governor Hadley as our
nommee to succeed Mr. Sherman, and I
beheve that I voice the sentiment of 9
targe majority of the Repubhcan voters
of the West.
chapin I'.k.v.m. national committae
man fron. tha Dlatrlct of Columbla
In reply to your telegram I conslder
it advisable that the Repubhcan Na?
tional Committee make the choice of a
Vice- Presidential candidate of the Re
pubhean pmrty by next Saturday, if
praoticable. In view of a possible meet
ing of the committee at that time !
do not deem it proper for me to ex
press my choice in advance.
(gifned) CHAPIN BROWN.
T. k Nladringhaua, national eonualt
taaanaa fro?i Mlaaourt talafrapha aa
|f it were possible to do so, I believe
it would be praferable to make salec
tion of candidate for V.ce-Preaident
pnor to the election. My personal
preferance to ffll this vacancy is Gov?
ernor Herbert 8. Hadley of Missouri.
1.. h. bfooalay, national eonunltte*
man ftom allaataalppl. talaajrapha
I favor nomination of Vica-Presiden?
tial candidate before election. Will
favor the candidate who can add the
greatest atrength to Presidential ticket.
Am not at this time sufficiently in
'orm-d as to who the candidate ihould
be. (S.gneo) L. B. MOSELEY.
Tha* MlnnaaoU ajould favoi the vi ?
laetfon ol (layarnor Haitey hi ladaoatai
Cvutinuvd on Uftli i>a?f. ?l?th <?Imhmi.
immander In hlef o
Turklah I
i ?>?
Democratic Stat<: Chairma,i
Sees Plot m Hn ing cf
ThrcaU; of Jai! for Ignorant
Ones Baid to Havo Beon
Madc by Progres
xive Spotleis.
. leorge "?: Palm<
? had I ? ? 11 ?<?' 'ii '""'?
l;i. ? ?
... ? barkai P
. - ?? ntin
? ?
.,f N. v V"rk
1 in- atatetnei I hn? i
fai ? thal the J '! rnittee,
With tba Bppi >vai of C l
haa obtalned thi aervlcc i im .(
Burna and n large -i.-.P < f
IV. T.
,i,,, ,,,.. in the ;,B 8uch
? ? u aa the B :i i ?
m.v flnd
Both ? ? J rome > ? had
long . i with the ? "i"i ?
II |a indaral.i tl ? rered thalr
h<T\ ii - * 'vii 10 it con :?? al?
Ive arlll ><f cour e, ffai
. n .: ? -.1"'" ! !" P I ,f "" "
be expei ta '.> < mploy.
Mr. !'?
..r tiif
ment, undi i tl. lin* """
.? |., ,.,.; , r, anlaed u ? ?? i l rie
ll ,,: >.. ....? .. Perktna, lo u.
timidaU ? kee| trom n e iwl
volera In the t'lty ol N?? iorl
? '
att< n pt to prevent n ? < ' olonia
,,,., ?? ,,... ,-it : ,e 'meai
Bppeai M""K ,f ' ' ,,l!"1 '""
...t Katoi ? * ' o, ?? ? ' ? *ul ' "' ' x
aminina and cl eckin* r< siatratl..
: I ?? ' .'
votei l?? cromded ??.na ?f tna
tlniPfl whei the head* ol the
hoi a, hold an u?> '?'
I . Itlna ofH< ? ? of the
;. ?,. I . I '.? ', aI|
fr ahten Ihe membera of the ho i ? hold by
nlmatinK thal lf th? rather o, aon ap
,,..,,,:-> i" vou on Ei'-cttoi i>a n< artll ?
'' 'fii*B i !..(... ? " i ? ? md a
... roi k that "?" i"1 n?1 be '"''ri ''"' n
an othei cit) ihan New fork. lor ta
- othei i iui ' I ? ''\
"ommlttee la Informed that a man i an ? i
,., ,, ,H iv.i aeveral ?! i' i I- ?? n .-ii
n to perfoi
tba. Hty ol Seij Tork
Im mon fr. : ' ? '., :
>nv r.th i larg< ? Ity In th i punti rne
^'ratlon llata ara aubjected to an itliii
i nlnatlon bl the po U a authorltlea,
. ,. Htat?> Huperlntendent ?' h.l?ctioii ano
.,;!,. ..-ii- charged witb Ihe duti of
uurKlng th< l?*f?l *?&*? ':' ' "
aurlng ai ' ' "-""V 'l' P? '""
of" ,; . ., .Ugator* eraployed bj hinei
aon and pi ? fo ? *? ?,:- l!''("!1.!"
,.,'. emlhenl purlat G.pV l '-rk im
,. not intended to atop fi.1 and protett
I p ballot box, bul to k..-i> Democrata
,..!,., are entltled to Ihe auffraga from rot
. J) appaallng "? the feara of .. . >,,
.. ,,f theb famille" Tl eaa man maka
,'.,,,. i.ilii.rs viaiU thal ?i-- unautborlaad
by*" iaw. .-,r.. !.. v.out!.-.. ../.-wMv law.
Pamlllea thal are a??bjji ted to tna m<
. <|f ,,,,... ;,,,.,. n m unauthoriaed
;,!,.,?.,., abould raaant tba affront bj ajacl
r^thwi. and bs reportlm to thepropar
i oritlea tba IndJgnlttea t.. wbksb
.,,.: aubjected. _
Shc's the One His Honor Makes
Mrs. B. S. Catts.
The kwl """? MHXur 0*99* ,i"1 '?'?
fore leau mi! hbi ?dB< e jri i ?'
hik ataa to unlta Ui maniaara n> ajaaain
Bamual Catta, a roung lawjrar, II
',i No 142 Waal 49tb atreat, .m<? Btbal
. ..,?:.. Cooklin, of No J* Plnehturtl
Ait'-r tbe Mayor h id givaa tba ? oupta
hi? hest ariabaa and ''?'?'? Uiam farawa I
... commented
"riiat hi tna prattaaal glrl i h;?ve
niarried aiooe i bave baan Mayor.
itanani ?Vllllam K< nnall bia i ??
,?, ai.i. aaid 'i >' ? ? h ": 'll""'! I
pjood judKMi'tii
m -
\radem: ot \i: le Hrooklyn, i >J- M W?
\ < mber ?'; Prae - Ad-. t.
CKNKBAf* s.wnir
v.hr. I maaterlj atratai I a acb i ? '???? :'"1 b "'-:
i nj v |,hln itrl . ?? ance of Conatantinople.
Counsel of Despair Said to Prevail at ihe
Portc?Cabinet Discussing
Ejading War.
Gonstantmoplc. Nov 1. 1 I m.? Serioi;s newi haf been received
from rtw fro ' Tha Counctl of Ifiniateri is itill sitting at the Portc.
It is belitved that the miniitcri irc discuwing the question of con
duding peacc with the Balkan StaitCi
The exact nature ol the latrst advices from the battlc line in
Thract has not been made known. but iast evening the government
received the follov/ing report from Naxiffl Hacha. the War Minister
and commandat of the Turkish forces:
"Our eastern army has been engaged for the last four days in
serious fighting with the Bulgarian forces between Lu!e Burgas and
Visa Our army corps. concentrated at Lule BurgSJ and to the
noith. are offering vigorous resistancc to the enemy advancing in
this dtrection.
The cttadel at Adrianople ia tiii holding out Our forces in
the neighborhcod of Visa are Biaking l lUCCessfui advance."
Still earlie: official sdvices itated thal ? Bulgarian force of 30.000
men had concentrated m the [strandia Mountains, where "the retrtat
of the Bulgarians had been cut off."
Judge Releases Disturbcr A:
rested in Chicago.
hlcage, 0 ? -'I. Bnoring la no
, ,!?.,.. Thla .?" lalon randan i
... itunietiwl Judge Uhlri la lh< M
i :bloago avenua coui.my. XN ?1'l,r
Moxak, iwenty-five yeare old, araa ar
laai nlght on a eharga oi dta
,?.? ri) , ondnoJ He had rawled Into
. ii;i<j i|u ober i In an unmla
Ukable mana< i t ? '? - ' '1l- turb
ani?? arouaed tha lenai ?f 'he build
ing. arho endeavorad U> awaken tha
Iman. The atti mi t wai i eaaful
and the aolice were ? ilh d The latter
.,,;,.,.. to >> ui ? '.!?'-?'- and he
w;ii tmkan to !'"' "'.i1""' In ?? ambu
i.,M,,. in eo in he <!.?? lai ? ) that be
h.i.l l.^rn Bttacfced by two nfen.
?Tottr only offence \*ms anoring," ra
marked I le lodge, "and i canM Rna \<>n
f.?r that"
County Judge's Trotter Beats
Justice Tompkins's at Goshen.
i n- Tatagraph te Tha Trtbaaa I
Qoahan, M. v., Oct at. Phra huadrad
paraona to-dnv aaar Joatlce Artbur S.
Tompkiart Mttla Kata beatan b)
County Jintea laagar'a Amaala The
horaaa wata caDad at i: 80 and Judaa
TompkJna <irew tha pota, ti waa aa?
noancad thal aafy ona acora arould ba
ajlaarad. Tha trattara eame dowa avan
,,|, ;,ri'i Baeajer naaaad for tha wordL
Botfe horaaa broka at tha ouarter Al
tha half LMtla Kate i m! by ala langtha,
Becger araa noalna bar out al tha thraa
quartera, arhan both horaaa broka
judaa Tumi klna eron I ba haai
>. thraa langtha bi 2:27%.
Judge Baegar drove baek la lha ataad
;u,,i announcad thal amaala had pullad
i irentj -flve mlnutaa irera ali an
i,.,,,,. tha ac tnd haat In the w i ond
heat Little Kate broka at the Nv<
elghtha, and Judge Beeger aron the beat ,
I-. two Ipngtl a In 2:27. Judge Be .
w ?, | . third b< at In 2:29, iftei i
i r< ttj rai a. Little Kate I roke at ihc
tbree-quarti ra \?>>*
:?, par i aae of < fcaai i | >p?
- Ad\l
Turkish General^Wouuded or a
Prisoncr, Says Report.
Ijondon, Nov. 1. Naaim Pacha, the
Turkish Minlater ol Waf and com
ma ii''. r In chl< ?' U: Tl i aca, baa baan
iken prlaoner, accord
:. i. from Bofla to "Tbe
Morning Poal "
\. n rdlng to i \ lenna dlapatcb,
N.i.'im .-a- killed durtng .ii? battle
yaaterday, bul thla la nol regardad aa
i orrect.
Be-llevua Hospital Ambulances
Busy After Collision.
Hlx peraona a/are Injured in ?> ."'
Ilslon under the 'I." road at Tblrd gve
nui and 2Sd atreei thla morning be
tween a arhlU tourlng car and a black
... in Which the blai k . ;ir ",..s
amaahad and Inunedlately ael on Bra by
ita own ^:isni< ne.
Tba alx peraona Injurad arare takan
to Bellevua Efoapltal in ambulaneea
rii.'.v a ere:
ROOER8, Mra Nellla, twenty-onayaara
old, of No ::.;'. (Vesl IStfc atr< .-t.
ROSENBBRQ, rlarrj twenty-faur
yaara oi<i. of No, 29 Rldgra itraei
i.im ki'.v Mtaa Lydla. tarenty-etghl
yeara old, of No. ::11-t s.iuth Orand
ii Bl Louia.
I RIRD. Man ? . ..f No. 161 Buffolk
?trai i
DARNBR, Bartram, It yeara eM, of Ma.
26! Wesi 46th atreat.
aii a/are i nt and bruleed and >-<.me
arare badJy bumed. Patrolmaji WefaV
? r Covnd Miaa Locke */anderlng
around byatartcally in tb< .itreet. gejt
iha arag ao arroogtbi np she e>>uid *?y
nothtng abottl tbi aooident.
Priad araa the drlver and ownar of
the 1'iai h '??'??? aM.i Darner "?* the
,; of tba "iher nMohtne, the num
.,.., 0f MiM.ii bl tlatad fu> batongrtnt to
?/ b. Klrby, .>;' Mo. M Central Parh
\\ o^l
V( L,., ln. ,,t wuaic, Brooklyn, ?': l' M. tfy*
% irrec.-Advt.
200,000 TURKS
Maslerly Bulgarian Strategy Places Constanti
nople Virtually at the Mercy of
General Savoffs Army.
Nazim Pacha, Complctely Out-manoeuvred, Falk Back
on Tchorlu, News of the Capture of Which
Comes to Hand ? Lule Burgas
Called a Sedan.
h Cahk ta Th* Triauaa, I
London, Nov. 1.?Now beyond all question the Turks have suf
fered a crushing defeat. Details are still lacking. but the fact that
a message has been received from Constantinople stating that, in
consequenee of gravc news from the front, the Cabinet is stiil sitting
and is bclieved to be considering the question of suing for peace is
of great signifkance.
No such dispatch would have been allowed to pass the ccnsor
if the Turks had no', been in a desperate plight. It was known early
yesterday that the Turkish left had been compelled to retreat after
suffering great slaughter, but there was just a possibility that this
might have been countered by an attempt on the part of Nazim
Pacha to break the Bulgarian centre.
Later information, however, shows that the smashing of the
turkish left rendeT-ed a general retreat necessary, the right wing
being obliged to fall back to prevent the possibility of being cut off.
Both wings are now believed to be retreating as rapidly as pos
siblc to the lines of Techatalja. the last defences of Constantinople.
from which city they are only twenty miles distant.
Laiesl reports are thal Tchorlu ba- been takei and that the
i ligarians are advancing on the lines of Tchatalja.
According to a Vienna dispatch Nazim was- killed during yester
day's battle. but this is unconhrmed and is probably untrue.
In this wise a four days' battle in Thraec has ended in tha
triui the Bulgarian commander in chief, General Savoft, whost
^kilful stratcg) has probably brougl t t- a close one ol tbc diorte^t and
aigns on rco>rd.
\ gr ,.t Turkish army, estimated at more than 200/000 men, has
been and is in -.ctrcat. Constantinople is bclieved t<? be at the
iriercj of the victorious Bulgarian army. and a council. vtting at the
Porte, is discussing the advisabiltty of suing for peace.
h is only a fortnight since Turkey declared war. ihc firsf week of
the campaigo ck ted with tlie dtamatk fall ol Kirk-Kiliaaeh, fultj reveal
g i : the first tinic the disorgataization, bad morale and maffkient cotn- a
iriat "i th< Turkish army. To-day thal anr.i ia defeated, routed, I
within fift) miles from Ccmatanfmople. It- retreat within the capttal'i
hnc of defences ia probablj cut ?
(iiih the briefest and vaguest accounts of the great battle have >et
been received, for the -.\ar has been especiallj remarkabte in that not i
single war correspondent has been allowed at the front. except in the
. ase of the little Montenegrin campaign againat Seutari.
rhus no independenl personal narratives of the ar?orbing exents
liave been possible, and tlie worid has had to depend on bia^sed ofticia!
.unts provided by the respective governments. or confused detaiN
itipplie I by w< unded soldiers.
Apparently Nazim Pacha has been complctely outmanceuvred by
Savoff's skilful generalship. The Bulgarian turning movement along
the Black Sea i ast now appcars t<> liave been a feint, which induccd
m il commandci to throw his main army to the eastward, to
such effeel that the Bulgarian fwrce on this side had the greate^t difft
euhv in hoiding the Turk> in chcck.
In faet. this poinl -eerns a little in doubt. The Bulgarians gave
wav, and thus enabled Nazim Pacha to repOTt to t'onstantinople some
succcss in this directii ?:??
In the nicantime. however, General Savoff hurled his great strength
against the Turks' weukened left wing. which he crushed in at Lule
Burgas. The fighting along the whole front, which evidently haM bcau
of the mo*l stubbom and determined character, was rarried on day and
nighl without intermtssion, and both lides lost heavily.
The capture of Nazim Pacha's headquarters, at Tchorlu, to which
town the defeated Turks retrcated. has not as yet been reported, but is
hourh expected at S<>tia. in which case the Turks will be forced within
uw defensive lines of Tchatalja, the only retnaining fortified positio l
pi ttecting Constantinople. These knc< ?.re twenty-five miles to the
northwest of the .-a; %
Adrianople *tiil h>?lds ,,ut. but hai tott its importancc uow OafA tg?
Turk? have niet their Sedan at Lule Burgas.
\ iiotieeahle feature of the war is the intigntneant oarti played by
the Turkiah and the Greefc Iteets.
The firsl air \. tim *'i the war. ilic Kr.ssiau avia'?r Poouff, was
instructor of aviation in the Russian srmy. With ievere.1 ofher aviator
he left Russia a few pays ago to Offer his services to the Bulgarian
army. While tlving with his machinc ovcr Adrianople he was brougbt
down b\ Turkish s.'irnpnel ihells. Specia! reports ?ay he was killed.
1 Bj Cabia '.) Tha Tr.bun^
Londan, N',,v- *? II ,s iwd?ret?od
tbal the Immadtata re*nit of the lab M
Turkleh dtaaater nrtll he ai atteaant by
tbe poweri to medjate between the
belligerenta. Repraeantatlotia will be
.,,,,,).. i?,i!i to Conatantii ople and to tba
capltala of the BaUtaa aiilea with a
rta? ta brtnajang ',,e uar ,r> atl <nd
gnd avoldlng further bloodebad.
On tbe .?tlier band, th?. vlctorfous
BaJkan argaiea bave platnrjr ihtimated
that thev will manh otj < ?..nstanUnople.
thal thiy do nol deajlra tturopean in
tervrnti-.t an?l tliat th<-> wil' niake
p ao a Ith TurkeS * Itboul aM froaa
The Rr?at powers inny reaati to a
flnanclal boycoti t<> phjojeb eny unren
aanable demands by the Balkun Statea.
[ The power of the purae wlll. It ia ar
' Kued, >>e aa eft'ectlve aa the rower of
the aword.
The attenti.m of the powere has been
! ralled to the iak of a maaaacre of
i CbrkfUaaa tn ConataattnoHo and aa
I Saloniia by the denmralized Turklah
| eoMtary, aided and abetted by the
! eivllian niob, and a unlted naval dem?
onatration will be made if needfnl.
Warehlp? are already proceeding to
Turklah waters. ?
To Attack Saloniea.
The Greek army is marching in forct
> to attack S;iloni<a. the way for thiaad
I vance ha\ ing been oponed by a DaUtN
which took pla-e at Kailar bet?e<-nthe
Greek dhisiona whtrh are marrhlng to
?orrovich "nd a force ot four tn<jUI

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