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IniK tha reapctt and admlratlon of
I'ennsylvanla. where be was born, >f
. IUinois, where he was raised. and of
MlcMgan, where he H espe.iaiiy well
known. Ile eommands tlu- confldence
nnd admlratir* Of all the people of
New Bngland, who believe he deaarrea
tO rank with Humncr and Hoar. He
bas made ? splendid rueord ln 00?
greea, where he has aarved ten u-rma,
nnd n:s admlrable quallfl ?tkmi are
know n of all men.
"My ser,nd choice ls-*. nitor Mc
Cuml.er. of N'oith Hakuta. who has
made ? Bplendtd recoad m OoMrtra
ami is admlrably titt^d for BO high an
?1 think H would be hlghly deslrabb
t?. name B man for aecond place before
Ihe efcetkm were it phyakrally poaalble
to d<> ao."
a wor.i f..r the Bjual-Bcatlona of Qo*r
eruor poMoboroUgfa of Maryland and
oommendatlon of The Trlbuna'a courae
w? n- expreeeed by National Commlttge
inan Martin, of Vlrglnla, who sald:
? i am dlepoeed to belleve it would be
wleer to let the matter atand until the
l_th. No matter who the man may be,
the country can reai ussured thal be
will be one i ompletely in touch with'
the beel and moat progreaalve thought
ln the Republican party.
Martin Prefere Goldaborough.
"Wheiievcr the national committee
meets 1 sball urge the thoughtful con
'sideration of Governor Goldaborough
? i Maryland.
"I think it waa very vdpe for Tho
Trlbune to agitate the naatter al ihis'
time, because it offsets the poaalblllty
..{ ihe oppoaltlon preea aprlnglng any
canard at the last minuto and so de
??r-iving the voters. Of cuurse. lt should
be r. m. inbercd that in the final
amilysiy it will be the Republican clec
tora, not tbe national committee. who
will name the Vice-President."
Chairman Hilles cxprcssed the view
that The Tribune had rendered the
party .i service. espe< ially ln wnrnlng
ihe votera of the poaalblllty that the'
sition press WOUld attempt to
pro-t by tho present situation t', sprlng
a "take story" at th<> lust moment
Some of theae who believe a aelec
tlon ahould bc made before the election
have sent thtir proxlos to Chalrman
Hilles by telegraph, and a number have
cxpreaaed the vlew that they would be
entlrely satisfied to trual to the'chalr
inun and the President the seiection of
ii Vler -Presidential candidate. feeling
that anv man who would b" satisfac
lory tO Mr. Taft would l>.- Mtlafactory
to all Republican voters
May Take Poll by Telegraph.
Il the sentiment for Goverm r Hadley
continues to ahow Up as strongly riur
lng tbe next twenty-four hours aa H
has durlng thr lnst. it may be possible
for the membera of the national com?
mittee |o unlte on him by means of i
telegrraphed poll, even wlthout et
tempting to hoid a meetlng ln New
Toru or etaewhere.
There hi iiso a poaalblllty that it may
be declded te Indtoate Informally the
choice of the national committee be
f,.i. the election, even though formal
action. whhh would be in the nature of
ratifb fltl,,!i of the earlier Intlmatlon.
may be deferred until the meetlng
| , i II. ri for tb* 12th Instant.
' In any event. It la qulte certain that
? .thing will be done ln tho matter
wlthoul the full conaenl and approval
>.t the Preaident and u la equally cer
t.'iin that be Wlll not Ki\- the matter
formal coqaideratlon until after Mr.
rmau'a funeral it is possible that
.Mr. Tufi may return from i'tica to
New Tork to*nlght and then hold a
conference with all the membera of the
national committee who can roauh thls
clty by that time. ln the meantime.
thoae wh.> favor the various men who
bave lei n mentioned as WOTthy of se?
iection wlll have further opportunity
to communicate fheir vlews to Chalr?
man Hilles Tbe disposition of Mr.
Hilles is to be guided by the vlews of
the membera >.f hla party, as well as
b those of the President.
The Republican club ol the 29th Ae
sembly IMstrlct adopted a resolutlon at
a meetlng last night in the clubhouse,
,">9lh atreOt Kgld Madlson avenue. call
ing upon tlu RepubltBan National Com?
mittee to aaleel a eadtdate for the of
flce of Vice- President, |n place of the
late James S. Shermnn. before Klection
Day, that the publb nilght know for
whom they were voting when they eaat
their ballota.
Would Unite R< publicans, Says
State Committeeman.
[Bj Tcl'-graph t'j Thr Trll.ut.f I
(luthrle. Okla , Nov t?Governor Her
bert Hadley of Missouri is the choice of
Janie* A. Harrls. of Guthrie. National
Republican Committeeman, the Taft
manager in Oklahoma. for Vice-President,
icceed the late Jamea B, Sherman.
Harrls, who wlll attend the committee
meetlng in ChlcagO, said to-nlght:
1 believe Oovernor Hadley would be the
choice of the Progreeaive and reguiar Re
mihlican* in Oklahoma if left to a vote
Put the time le t<>.. ahort for a vote to
be taken We n. longer have a split ln
the Hepubliciin paity ln this state. ln
dlcatlons are good"for the election of the
entlre Hepubllcan tlcket next Tuesday,
and the seiection of Hadley Wlll tend still
further to cement all the Republican*.
The large number of Missourtans ln Okla?
homa ls another excellcnt reaaon for
Oklaboma to be for Hadley, and the
strong RepuhlKan ahowlng made by MIs
eouri ln the past entltlea that state to
thls recognltlon of her favorlte eon.
President Taft will he re-elected. The
nomlnatlon of Hadley wlll add strength
to the tlcket. not only ln the YVeet, but ln
the country at large
Ohio Republicans Talk of Him for
Nominee for Vice-President.
[By T<l"Rr?|.h t<, The Trlbune )
Columbus, Ohlo, Nov 1 ?lt ls sald here
that John Maynard Harlan, son of the
late Juatlce Harlan. of the I'nlted States
Suv'eme Court may -ucceed Jumes 8.
Sherman as ihe Republican nominee for
Thls was tbe talk ln the "Inner clrcle"
at the Republican rieadriuartcrs here. and
lt was based on reports rei eiverl from
Washington and from the "prosperlty
al" tialn which is travelling through
state, carrylng the eandldataa for
?! nd thi ' the state
Albany. Nov 1 Tbe Court of Apgeala
took a rtcess to-day until November 18.
llf'S HOME UlY
More than 25,000 CitizensPass
by Body of Vice-President
Lying in State.
After Mr. Taft and Other Offi
cials Have Been Seated at
To-day's Funeral Others
Will Be Admitted.
rtica. Nov. i.-rtka pald tributa to-day
to the nii-inory of VlOB-Prcaldanl James S.
Sherman. Kor hotirs this aftarttOOn and
evenlng tbouaaoda ..f peraena Bled sllently
through Ihe Onehla County COUrthOUM
[and pazerl foi the laat time on the faOB
..f the Vice-Presldent. who?. body WBB
lylng ln state in the rotun<la of the build
The body. clathed in a cutaway Bult of
black. repoaed ln n ooftin of Bolld ma
bogany covered with iiiack broadcloth,
with bandlea of antlqoe siiver. The Vice
'? t- face bora a loo- of aerenity,
but it was ovarapread with a tlnge of
purple. the mark left by the malaily that
eauaad hls death. [n his rIkht arm lay a
boncb of violeta, the gifi of his grand
children. and ln one hand was a spray of
red flowers from the Sherman gardens.
An Elks pm, the laatgnta of one of tha
few orders to Which Mi Sherman be
longed, ftleamed from ti.e lapel of hls coat.
The eofln rested on a llag-draped cata
fai<iue. ovar which was Buepended :i
canopy of naga. a floral pieeo of whlte
lilies had been laid 00 the ...frln, while
paim>, ferna and Bowere were arraajged ;-i
profusion on elther side. Th. exteiioi 'if
the building waa draped with featooni
of BagB on ba.'kgrouhds of bla k BDd
Th. body lay in state from n o'dorh
thls afternoon until l? o'clock to-nlght,
nnd lt was estimated that nu>re than -'.
000 perBons iiassed through the building.
The procaaalen which earlier in the day
eacorted tha Vice-Preotdent'a body from
th.- Sherman home ln Qeneeea Btreel to
thi courtbouM was Impoaing. l.ined up
On tl..- OPPOslte slue of the street as Ihe
bodv Braa borne from the house to tbe
beeraa were hundred* of Mr. Sherman's
friends, nrighbors and business associ
Salutad by Veterans.
The Rev Dr. Ixiuls H. Hofden, the fam-j
Uy iKisn.r was the first '<> have the
houae. followed by a committee of i itlsens .
baaded by Thomas R Proctor. a.- the
bearers carrled the coffin dowa tha wlnd-1
ing walk several gray haired veterans.]
hned up on either side, BBlUtad as it
paaaed. They were membera of Bacon
ToBt No |3, iJrand Army of the ttepub- j
Iic. Mr Shfrman was the first assoH- |
nte member elected by the po*t The
others la walting hared thelr heads as
the coffin v._s place! in the hearBB anl
the little band of veterans toOh their
placea at tha head of the proceaelon.
Two hundred loiks. each waaring an hry
leaf ln the lapel of hls COat; membeis of
the Otttsena' Committee. the Chamber of
Commene, Hoosters' I'lub and Onelda
County Har Association, directors of sev
eral baoka and scores of citizens. fiianda
and neiKhbors of the Vice-I'iesident, WBI 8
amotiK th'.ae in the procession.
A? the cortege moved down Oenesee
Btreet thrn.gh the InndnesB Be.'tion of the
city the bella >.f the City Hall and va?
rious cburchea were tolled.
Private and P tblic Servicei.
The private aervieeB at Ihe hc
... for members of the familv wlll
be conducted by Dr. Holden, of the H>
formed Church of whkh Mr. Bherman
was for many years the treasurer und an
actlve Bupporter.
The aervlcea in the First Preabyterlan
Church wlll hegin at 2 o'clock, ami wlll
be ln charga of the Rev. Dr, M. \\.
Sfyker, presldent of Hamllion College.
Hi Bherman and Dr. Btrykei werefrlenda
for many yaara They were claaamatea
at Hamiiton College an.i were membera or
H;. Baav college fraternlty. Mr, siur
man from i.oyhood had been a member of
the college church at CUnton ..f which
Dr. Stryker was pastor, and, although
th.- vice rresident had atteftded tha Ke
formed Church ln this city for years, he
never gava up l.is memb*rshlt> in the col
lcjte church.
lent Taft will accup] the first pew
to the 1- ft of the centre alsl. \\'lto\hlm
wlll be hls mllltary alds an.i othar mem?
bera of hlB party. To the left of the na
tlon's Chief Kxe.utlvn wlll he t-ated the
honorary hearers and across the alsb wlll
be the actlve beanrs.
A block of pews back of the paa occu
pled by the Preeldent wlfl i?- held for
Ber.ators. Representattves, Cabinal ottl
eara and members of the Utlca organlza
tl.ms thal wlll he represented at the
funeral On the rlght elde of the centre
aisle the pews from the front to the rear
of ti.e church wlll be rescrved for the
members of the Sherman family and thelr
lmmedlate friends.
Public to be Admittad.
It was at first planned to Issue tickets
of adrnlBslon for the church Beiviees. but
thls haB been reconsldered. and, after the
reserved Btalfl have been taken, thi pub?
lic will be admitted
The cotfin will be placed >.n a dais In
front of the pulplt: which wlll be flanked
by memhi rs of the Conklli.K I.'ncondl
tlonals, a polltical club of I'tlca.
The burlal wlll be ln a crypt in an lm
positig maiiBoleum recently en-rted by
Mrs*. Sherman's family in Korest RUI
Cemetery. This tomb waB opened first
for occupancy less than a month ago,
when tlie body of Mra. Sherman's mother
was j.laced ln one of Ita crypts. The
tomb ls of granlte. and marhlr llned. The
roof eonalsta of three lmmense slahs of
gianlte. one of which welgha slxtecn tone
MeBBSgeB of comlolence contlnue to pour
In from all I>-rta of the world. A large
percentsge are from petBons of dlBtlm
tion. hut many come from those not so
well known ln life.
AmoiiK the measages receivd bv Mrs.
Bherman io*day was one from 1'rince
TokuRawa, of Tokio, presldet.t of the
Japanese House of Peers, who vlslted the
L'nlted States In 1810.
The Chamber of Commerce has re
quested that there be a general suspen
?ioii >>f buslnena in the city from 1 to 4
o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
Stops Here Overnight?Will
Depart Early To-day.
I'nstdent Taft, who BITived ln the city
froit Washington last night. wlll leave
here for I'tlca to attend the runeral of
S'iie-l'reHidont Shermun over the NeW
York I'mtral nt 6 30 o'clock thla mornlng.
He wlll be accompanled hy Chalrtnai:
IlilleB and other members of thfc RepuL
llran National Committee. M. mbers of
tl.. BaUMe and otr.rr= who are BO go BB
the funeral wlll he on the same traln.
The party win raaeh Mew rort about
10:11 to-nlght on Ihelr return from I'tica.
end the President will spend Sunday he: ?
Th.. Preaident arrive,! from WMblngton
last nlght on the traln due at 10:15 ..Vlock.
It was more than twettty mlnutes late.
however, ano it was after ii o'ch.ck be?
fore he reached tbe Manhattan Hotel.
Among the membera of tbe national
comralttee who wlll attend tna funeral oi
the Vlee-Pieeldenl wlll be Atvah H Mar?
tin, of Vlrglnla; V. W. Kstabrook, of New
Hampablre, and Senator W. Mum
Crane, of Maeeaehueetta The headquar
ters of the national committee Ul the
?rimea BuOdlng wiu be cloeed durtni tha
,,,,?.? 0f the funeral of tle Vln- I'r.sl
(b nt. __
Exchanges of This and Many
Other Cities Closed To-day.
The exchanges of thls nnd OthW lm
portanl cities will 'e rioaed to-day aa a
t.mrk of reaaeet tO tbe memory Of the
VI, e-I'resident of the Unlted States. JamCf
S. Sherman. whose funeral wlll take place
at Ith a thls afternoon. The goveminfl
committee of the BtOCh I changc held ;<
special meeting at 11 a. tn yesterday an.l
declded t<> clo*e that instltutlon to day,
and later the governlng bodles of the i\,n
?Olldated Stock Kxchance, Cotton '.x
change, Produce Kxchange. Coffee Kx
change and Curb Aaaociatlon tooh Bimllar
action. Tbe Chirago Board of Trade and
the principal graln exchang.s <>f other
rltlea wlll he dosed. as wlll the Boeton,
Phlladelphla, Chlcago, Baltlmore and
OtheT stock cxrhanges and the New Or
hans and other cotton exi hnnges.
The government offlces here and else
Wbere also will < lose their doora to-day.
but the local biinks and trust oompanlea
will be open for buslness as usual. as
th- day is not a legal hollday, ai tba
Cleartng Houae will ksue its weekly atate
ment of the COndltlOT of the tneinber in
Telegram to Mrs. Sherman on
Behalf of Meeting.
am a. Prendergaat, who preatdedal
the Progreeatve mns* meetlng :?t Madlaon
gquara Oarden laal night, aeol the follow
Ina telegram lo Mrs Sh.-tniun. widow of
the \ iie-l'resldent:
Mra Janies richoolcraft Sherman.
UUca, N 1
\t the euggeatlon of Theodore II.
vell and ln the name <>f tlfteen thouaand
Itlaena of thi- city, gathered ln maaa
meeting. I have the honOr t,. evt. i.-l ,
you their heartfelt sympathv ln v.,,.r
?reat aorrow.
i 'hiiinniiM
Turkish Offlcer Tells Why Kirk
Kilisseh Fell.
Constantinople. Nov. 1 ivla Kislenje.
Humanift).?A Turkish ofBcer Who way
at Kirk-Kllisseh when it fell Into the
hands of the BllIgarlans, In relatlng the
story ol the battle. said:
"We had been starvlng for eight
daya, and it was Impoeaible f..r the s<.l
rliers. worn out and with empty stom
achs, to flght"
Aaked what the present Bltuatlon of
the Turkish army was, the officer re
plied. "It has no sltuation; there is no
The conditinn of the refugoea who gr?
arrlving her.- fr-.m Klrk-Kilisseh and
Adrianople is most mtlable Bome ten
thousand of them, ln< ludlng womi n BOd
cblldren, ?ara .amping ln the court
yarda of the moaquea, and already
there is danger of an eptdemk breaklng
OUt among them
Three Turkish offl< ers commlttad BUl
rfde a' Klrk-Klllsaeli when the panlfl
Blialng from the defeat of tho Turks b]
the Mulgarlans Het in.
Capture of a Third Military
Train an Aid to Invaders
in Great Battle.
Bofla, Nov. i -The newopaper "Mir''
dedares that Turkey has not yet sued
the Balkan states for poarn. and aaya
that much aa they deslre a eessution of
bostilitles 1he> are engaged in a war
of llberatlen, and the time has no! yet
arrlved when they ean demand from
Turkey the replv she hltherto has arro
giinlly r.'fused to give.
'The blood we have Bhed and the
dazzllng vtrt<.rles we have galned," aaya
the "Mir," "have conferred on ua rights
nobody will think of Infiinging."
Detalla thua tar received <,f the rout
of the irt.tnenae Turkish urmy BhOW
thai the Huigariati forces were tui
merieally fnr Infcrlor.
Tha Turkish nrmy Is reported to have
aggregntod 200,0(10 men. lt Ineludod the
gnrrlson whlch bad retreated from the
captured fortress of Klrk-Klllsseh a*
well aa tbe maln borly of Turkish
troopa whieh iiad advanced from Con
atantlnopla it comprlaed practically
the whole of the Turkish troopi re
mainlng in Furope, apnrt from the gar
risons of Adrianople, Balonlca, Mon
astir, Yanina, Scutari and a fi w other
This great army was under the per
sonal command of Nazim I'm ba, Mln
ister ol War and cotniuan.ler ln chlef,
assisted by some of th? moat able gen
erala in the Turkish army.
The flght opencd with the dlgCOVery
by the Turka of a number of Bulgaiian
ca.alry scouts. The Turks drew in
their outpoats, und these were closely
fullowed by Unes of Hulgarlan skir
mishers. who were succeeded by the
maln Uulganan army In tigliting for
The bsttle, whlch waa dratlned t..
lust several daya, was aoon in proK
ress all ulong the llne. The Hulgarian
troops repeutedly dellvered Qgroa at
tacks, sometimes at one point, some
tlmes at another, ulong the Turkish
llne extending from Lule Hurgas to
The Turkish troops ofTered a stub
born and desperate reslstance. but were
unable to wlthstand the onalaught of
the impetuouK Bulgarians, and flnally
they turned and tled in great dlsorder
lowartl Tchorlu.
Tlie capture of a third Turklah mili
tury traln near Lule Hurgas before the
battle was an immense advnntage to
the Htilgnrlans. as It furnlshed them
with more facllltiea for the tranaport of
their troops and supplles to the dla?
trlct where the flghting took place.
Triple Entente Is Agreed on a Mediation
Programme, but Austria-Hungary and
Her Allies Still Hesitate.
'Hy Cabla <? The Tribune l
London. Nov. _. The povvers aro
. otisid-ring the question of Interven
tion A Vlenna telegram states thnt
Bngland, Praace ami Ruaeta have ai
ready agreed on b mediation pro
gramme baeed on the proposai of M.
Poincard, the French Premler, whlle
the Triple Alllance povvers are still
diacuaaing the matter in the Austrlun
The BallUUB allk-B, however, nerord
Ing 10 al! accuiints. are determined to
dlecUBfl peace terms only with Tur?
key. "We shall march on Constantl
nople" is ln effect the declaration of
tbe Balkan aiiies to the powera,
While Turkey ln believed to l.e BO
deavoring to sectire European Inter
vention on her own bwhalf, flnshed
with vlctory the Bulgarian troopa are
reported l<> have control of the situa
tion, and even were thelr own state.s
nien deslrotis of brlnging the hoatilltiea
to an early concluslon, such wishes
would probably he ignorcd until tbe
armles nf the alliea had installed them
Belvea ln the Turkish capltal. .
.\ Vlenna diplomat, wbo received hls
information from Hulgarlan head'juar
tera, says that the powetl have already
taken a pr< liniinary step toward me
diatlon. Turkey Beeins incllned to ac
i ? |.t It. luit Hulgarla. he added, has
sent no reply.
Reporta on the last battle chnracter
ize the fury of the Kulgarian troops as
Indeecrlbable. It was rather slaughter
Ing that. figbting? a fearful hut?d-to
h.uid struggle in which the Rulgariun
no h.nger liatettOd to the coin
manda of the offlcers Thelr feroclty
knew no bounda. lt will be hy the
will of the ImpetttOtM Hulgarlan army,
ratber than that of the government of
Bofla, if the march to Constantinople ls
undertaken and completed. In any eaaa
tba Bulgarlana are certaln t.. deetroy
thi 1. hataldja f-.rts
Th.re ls no dotibt thnt publlc opln?
lon ln th.- alheil states ls dectdedty ad
., rae t.. my toterventson b) the powers.
.v importanl artlcla by th- Servian
I ..iniMi.r.l from Bral i.if
THrace II undoubtedly wlll be reck
MMd among th. vvorld's great strug
\i.-m uninterroptedly for four
toy, .nnd three nights the battle has
. -.,], ,)..- vv.tr.ltig mooa having
afforded aufllcknt Ugbt at night for
lh# lirlTlt.,, i? continue their murder
:?ium:iits agamat each other.
Turt and Bulgar are loched In a grap
.,,,. Wblch wlll l?' BfO??? *** ,,y th*
declalve defeal of one or the other.
.,.,;,. comptote deaith of newa from
,?.. fronl on We.lnesdav and Thurs
,?y had glven n- M a fee.lngof dC
,???ien.v. and sensatlona, rurnoraof
Turkish revereea Kain.-d currency. To
i_y Ofnctol reports proved these ru
mora to he unfounded.
!U ,,. rams from various s?u,.es gave
fa ora.de i.UOt. Ot th. miMtoJT g*
??. lroopi c.mmanded bf
lai'tn.. Mukhtar. m the vic ni.y of
v,s, we,e aapeclally .onnnended.
.,.;;,. T,? klshfor.es wen- reported not
J. ,v io have been bokttng the
, n,t to have effected an imporlan
llviu?, which wa? threatening the
Iniinn,' IfthlsTurUishc.duxnn
SS handa wltb the ijrrtoej ?
Adrianople ihe M'.lgarlan army Wll ba
praSy surrounded and Us p...U.on
. ,.i-v il.si ? rate.
,t isalUe'l ^at. realUing the grav
? ,f Ihe BlU.at.on. the Hulgarlan
mmfanderB have withdrawn the army
5 Kt.stenje and thelr fOCCa- befofe
Adrtanopl.. -"-I tha. these troopaIW
,?.lnK hurrlad to aupport the main Uui
itailan army'a centie.
%??.,. IdOB of the desperate nature of
?,, flghtlng la gathered from tbe fa
tl,.lt nl?te than flV4 tl.ousand wotinded
?Oldlen arrlved ln Constantinople to
nlgbl from tbe front. Fortunately a
^Sortty Of the bUlh*. dri.l.,1 clear,
holee ln their vtctttna, and these wlll
,,,,,! rapldlv. A beich Of dea-rtera ar?
rlved with the wounded.
Mu.h rndbjnatkm and Burpriea wu?
Mpreaaed here to-d.> over the fact
,??, a creek torpedo boat had Biicceed
,.,, |a ,.ntering the Oulf of Salonka
,ast night. <lesplte the mine nnd
heavlly armed forta, and h*own up the
Turkish battleshlp Foth-I-Hulend. Tha
emmandant of the forts wlll be called
?, accoont for peraaKtteg thls c.reek
In'iirslon. _
The inovement of tmops to the front
continue* a battoikm of Kurdiah and
Alhanlan volunteera marchMl through
th- Btreets of IVra thls evenlng on the
way ta tba ra-ramt station. The men
were frequently tblfll and apieared
to l.e In the beat of splrlts.
Dash of Infantry Unparalleled
and Splendidly Supported
by Artillery.
Vi.-ima. Nov. 2.? LW-ut. VVngencr.
. orr-spotidcnt for the Vlenna "Rekha
post," telegrapliH from the headquar
ters of tba Hulgarlan army as follow",
und t date >if Thursday:
"I have Just returned with a traln
of woundetl after having spent three
dnys al the front. For three days and
night* I have not beeii out of my
dothes. My poor horse could not move
another step becauae of exhuustlon.
"The great and rtnal battle entered
the declslvc phane Thursday mornlng,
when the Uulgurlan left wlng al iiu
Forelgn Mlnister appears In the "Mir."
He say?: "A great new power, that of
the Hnlknn league, hns arlsen. Wr
decllne Europcnn Intervention. We
wlll see what can be done n? soon aa
we aro ln Salonlca and Constantlno
The Hulgarlan Mlnister of the In
terlor ln an lntervlew received in
VIcnna says: "We do not want Kurope.
We decllne Intervention. We alone
wlll arrnnge our affalrs."
The offlcial organs at Sofla. Belgradi,
Athens aml Cettinje publish simultane
ously artfcles decllnlng tbe interven?
tion of the powers. Whlle the Balkan
States _fl around are emphatlc against
Interferetice, negotlatlons are golng on
between the soyerelKns and statesuicn
nf the allled Balkan States as to the
(erms to be made with Turkey
The reported lntentlon of the Hul?
garlan army to march on Constantl
nople, as the most effectlve means of
fndlng the war, is regarded in Vlenna
as a natural deslre, at any rate so long
as the Tchntaldja llnes remain nn
broken. These are recognir,ed as tho
last llne of Turkish defence, and may
hold out for some time.
ln Conatantinople itself the posltion
of Europeana is one of grave perii,
and alarmlng messages sent by boai
to Rumanla and telegraphed from
there Indicate that a massacre is
feared. FMerce Kurds roam about, con
versing in angry whlspers, as lf in
citlng each other to acts of vlolence.
Htamboul ls Sooded with hugry refu
rees, who have been driven Into the
city panicstrlcken by the advance of
the Bulgarlan nrmies. The Inhabltants
r>r the solltar>' vlllagea by the side of
the Boaporui are making a huVrled
fllght to the clty, fearlng plunder Hnd
massacre on the part of the rOUted BOl
dlera of Turhey or those of the con
querlng Invader,
The Inhabttanta are keeplng their
loora lacked and are watehlng for the
flrst sign of rlot. They remember with
-lread the BUdden riutbreak which ush
rred In Ihe Armenian massacres.
nnrhlssar took tbe offensive with
u.ighty Impetua The prelude to the
itnni craah al anna was ? murderoua
opening engagement, which laai Mon
ilay reeulted very favorablv for the
Bulgarlana, eapecially on tl elr right
a Ii . ,t Lule Hurgas
"on the left wing, where the Bul
icarian offensive started. the Turks. by
taklng the offensive from Beral by way
,f \'isa agalnat the Bulgarlan left
Wing, had attempted b> meet the d.in
?er threatenteg their line of retreat
iWlng to the Bulgarlan advance by way
,f Srrnl to Tchataldja. The Turks ulso
bad already auccaeded ln drlvlng baek
ihe advance body of Bulgarians beyond
"i?n Tueada) mornlng, when the
mlffhty Hulgarian counter attack was
lellvered against their right wing from
i llne runnlng from Uakubdere to
Hadjlfakll and the helgbts of Monastlr
lagh. the Turks' frotit mnka were sim
|,I> rut. down by a startiing aaaault aa*
'cuted with unnaralleled daah, yet tbe)
Miccm'dcd in siistatnlng the light b)
contlnuall) brlnglng up reserves.
"Bitter forest flghtlng raged through
>ut the day, ln the .ourse ,,f which
the Turkish maln body desreneratcd
into aenaaleea masses wlthout cenatat
sney or i>ower of rlghtlng
"At the same time the Bulgarlan
right wing attaekad the Turkish | .>si
tlons at Lule Hurgas from Baba I'xkl
Uld Venlklti. and drove the Turks from
their fortifled posltions 00 the Telan
iera, AJvulldora and Krgene nvers
hack to Lule Hurgas The Bulgarlan
Infantry was splendidly suppurted l.v
irtlllery. wblch af crlthal moments
roeceeded in holdtng down the Turks
hy an annlhllatlng tlre.
"Wltb the help of the guns most of
Ihe Turkish poettlona were taken by
hayonet assaults. Some ,,f them, hOW
Ftver, were stormed and taken wlthout
inv prellmlnary action or artlllery sup
"The daah Of the Biilgarian Infantry
was unnaralleled and. Hke tho tactlcal
achlevementa reeultlng from it, aur?
paaaed all that eould be belleved pos?
sible. Wlthout the least o.ncession to
Hcruples of niodorn tactlcs. It applled
Its battle ery. Now for tlie knife.' to
?ondltions of realtty; that Is to say, to
Its tactlcs.
"Four hundred paces aml still further
from the enemy's llnes whole regiments
rogfl Hke one rnan and hurb-d them
selv.s ln one solid charRing mass on
the enemy wlthout haltlng. still flrlng
and ibspislng all cover.
"Their offlcera were powerloaa
ugalnst thls burnlng frenzy to get at
th< Turk with the knlfe or Imyonet
All attempts to hold the troops ii.
leash were frultless. One regimept
BUliOd Itself on the enemy on the
nere order of i aergeant, totally dle
regardtof its otneers' ordera to hall
ind lb* down.
"Tuosdtiy's flerce engagements had
-esulted siiceessfullv for the Bulgarl
uiH both at Bunarhlssar and Lule
Hurgas. yet they had stiuck no de, ls
ve blow, for the Turks had brought
jp the whole of their reserves and
BeM their advance In check.
"Karly on Wednesday mornlng strong
Bulgarlan forces on the llne at Lule
Burgas and Dederkeni. along the rall
woy and ln the dlrection of Tchorlu
"The Bulgarians immedlately took up
the pursult and contlnued to press the
rmemy with extraordlnary energy
throughout the nlght. the result being
that the Turkish retreat degenerated
Into wll i fllght and on thls wing the
Turks became totally dlspersed.
"Meantlme, on their own left win?
loutheast of Hunarhlaear the Bulgari?
ans had completely enveloped the
rurks from the northeast.
"When dawn broke to-day <Thuri
lay) a declslve a^eck upon the right
flank of the Turks was dellvered from
the line at Urun, Belll and Visa. Heav
ily shaken by previous fighting, the
Turks were unable to withstand the
Bulgarians' overwh, imtng B-RI ?*"
tack, ahandonfng their llne Of retreat
through Serai. Almost totally dls
tanded. the Turkish masses rettred in
disorder through Engara and Topcikoei
dlrectly south on Tchorlu.
"Here also the Bulgars pursued the
enemy by parallc-1 and contlnuul OUt
flanklng movenunt* along the Turkish
main line of communications through
S.rai. Tarkenl and Tcherkeakeni. and
sought to cut the enemy s retreat to
th-- TchataMJa lmes.
-The Turkish losses gre enormoua.
Their line of retreat is traceabb- bv
a long trail of discarded WO-POCU and
equipment, and. sad to say. oaao hj
burning villages and the bodics <?f
maaaacrad ChrlathuMi Ihe Bulgart
ana captured gut>* k-8 many thou*
Bgntfl of rifles."
The "Relchpost." ln u further aCCOUni
of the battle l)etween the Bulgarians
and Turks at Lule Hurgas. says the
reeervleta from Aeta Mteor fought with
Kte.it courage in severe hand-to-hand
conflicts with the Bulgarians ln the
woods, but desplte the fact tbat tbe
Turks COnttnually brought free* re?
serves their llnes were broken and the}
were forcod U) retreat.
"Th- nght." contlnuee the Helchpoet'
correnpor.deilt, "waa of th.. aame char
eoter oa that at Kirk-Kiiisseh. The
Turks began by fl eouragvotis rush, but
then brOke ranks and were Belaed with
panlc, which spread to the entlre army
corpa Of four Turkish divisinns. and
the 48.000 men were put tO Blgttl and
dlaperaed tn eonfualon.
"on the right wing the Turki had
mtrencned tbemaelvea ln aeveral atrong
linee, one on either alde of Lula Bur
g_l The Bulgarlan artillery took up
. pnsltion on the flank of the Intrench
menta and aheUed the Turklah llnea
The Hulgarian Infantry in the tighting
BhOWOd remarkable conto-mpt for
.bath. The defeat of the Turkish army
was complete."
Greek Torpedo Boat Steals by
Night Into Gulf of Salonica.
.xthens. Nov. L?The Turkish cruleer
B*eth-I-Bulend, ?808 tons. was runk
durlng last night ln the Oulf of Balon
|ca by a Ureek torpedo boat. TheOreek
commander's daring enterprlae was
carrled out under the guha of tbe Turk?
ish forts wlthout being ohserved. and
the torpedo boat escaped U-BCathed
The crulser was not of great value.
but it waa oonalderad better to sink
ber than to leave her free t,. do what
ever little damage sho mlghl h.ive
Lleutenanl Vothlat commander of t.-.e
torpedo boat which last night sank tb"
Turkish battleehlp Feth-I-Bulend at
Balonlca, to-day sent th.. tollowlng re
porl of th- ln< Ident to tho govern?
ment: - .
"The forts of Karabun were flashing
their aearchllghta unceaaingly between
th.- aatuary of the Karavofanare and
|h? mouth of the Vardar Rlvet, but I
paaaed snfely la Making full ataam
for Balonlca, I arrlved at 11:20 o'.lock
in the evenlng.
"I dlacovered a Turkish erulaer at
the left extremlty of a pler, At the
right extremlty wen other reeeela, in
cludlng a Kussian warship. I manoeu
vred cautloiialy, epcaped ,lete> tion and
leunched a torpedo at a dlstan, .? <>f 1"''?
metrea from the Btarboard aide of my
vessel Then tumltig allgbtly ',. the
lefi i launched another from th'- porl
sbie. Then I ateamed away at full
apeed t<> a safe dlatance and agaln
turning I discharged a third torpedo
at tho breakwater.
"Then such nn explosloti was heard
lhat we thought a ennnon had been
tlred on land After the p.rst ezploalon
we nottced llghta movlng about on the
crulser and heard whlstl.s being blow 11.
Th.. oflloere* quartera were in up by 'he
exploalon, whlch occurred at a Bpot a
int;.. forward of the rlghl funnel.
"Dense volumea of amoke poured
from the funnel and the t/eeoel lurched
forward by the bowa l then departed
nt full spe.d. [tasslng ln t'mnt of Kara?
bun. which certalnly had been apprlxed
of the evenl from Balonlca as the fort
reaa btkaed all <>f its aearchllghta.
"As we paaaed. unootlerd. I carried
out a pr.>mtse previousiy made by
ninnera ?"d flred a ahoi at th,- fortresa
from a range of 2.50O mctres"
Conatantinople. Nov. 1. The com?
mander of the Feth-I-Buiend telo
grapha that almost all the erew nt the
warship was saved. He reports that
th-. Qreek torpedo boat entered the
harbor unexpectedly at midnight and
launched two toepodoOO at the stern
of the Turkish vessel, whlch began to
sink immeiii.iteiy. The commander,
three engineers and four bluajacketa
Wen thrown Into the water, where
th.y were rescued by Ilshing boat*
The hoilers of the Feth-I-Hul.til . x
ploded as she sank.
The Keth-l-Bulcnd saw actlve s.r
lice in 'he DanUbe under Il.ib.irt
Fiicha durlng tho Russo-TurUlsh War
of InTS-'TO. She crulsed at BM in 1B0B,
I France Leads the Powers of
Europe in Effort to Prevent
a General War.
I'arls, Nov. 2? A special dlapatch
from Conatantinople says it is rumored
there that the Turkish government has
requeetod the British Seet to pam
I through the DHrdunellcs and oome to
Paris, Nov. 1.?A pollcy of "tirri
torlal dlslnterestedness'" in the Bal
kans ls, lf France, Russla and (beat
Hrltain have their way. to repla. >? thi
now dlscredlted shlbboleth of the
"status cjuo" as a basls ,,f COllOCtlve
action by the great powers should the
time arrive for a rcdistrihiitmn of
so\erelgnty ln Turkey through the vlc
torles of the allled Balkan State* OVOT
the Turks. Thls self-sacriflclng ordi
nance. of course, would apply only to
the natlons eonstltutlng the concert of
Europe, as there is nn longer any sug
gesllon of opposlng the aspirations ?t
the Bulgars, (ireeks and Setbs for a
nutional unlty.
It is reoognlzed that each of the allies
must have Ita reapectlve slice of new
territory should the Mussulmans Ilnally
a<Hnowledge defeat, but lt la scutely
fawed here thnt any attempt by out
sidfa to put their hands ln the grab
? >ag almoat assuredly wlll lead to the
Kur.jj.an conflagratlon which the
vhan\ellerles aver they are so anxloua
to aviid.
A fa.l agreement as to the new fur
mula rhleh ls to cement the accord of
the pofrers has not yet been reached.
. France, missia and Oreat Brltaln are
? ready tcsuhscrlbe to it, but the powera
| of the 1-lple Alliance?Germany, Aui
trla and Ualy?under the Ieadershlp of
Austrla, still hesltata. The existence
of an un<t>rstanding between AtiBtrla
and Serviaon the BUbJOCt of the Btatue
of Novibaair ami .Salonha. which lt
! had been hqied here meant that Aus
| tria llnally |ad decided that Saionlca
| was not worfi a War. and which would
'have i leared he way for the new pro
Igramme, was ofTlclally denled to-nlght
hy Ihe Servlan lflnlater in Parls.
M. I'oincare, the French I'remler,
who 1h worklnt untiringly for peace,
does not despali, however, of eventu
ally raliying all ?he powers under the
banner of "dlBliteraetednaaaw'' whkh
he belleves the stirest and i.erhaps tbe
only meann of avettlng a general war.
S'. Petershurg. N?v. 1.?The "Vledo
moetr to-dav- puldUhes an intervlew
with lf, Kazonoff. tba Russian Forelgn
Mlnister, 11 whlcb ba exprcssos the
bopa thal the vv;:t in the Halkans may
he ...cali/ed. but d.-iiaies that Russla
cannot j'dn the jjowers in a peate-at
.'iny-prlce pollcy. If. Baaonoff lava
stress ..n the rendine?8 of the Russian
artns for battle, but says he t.hinks thi
economfc Intereata <>f aia?tria and the
oiber powera can be satiafled without
a icsort to hoetilttlee.
Constantinople, Nov. 1? Esa .1 Pa< ha,
commander of the Turkiah for.es at
,s. utari, tolegrapbbtg nnder date of
October 3o to the commander of th<j
Turkish COrpB at Saionlca, said:
Send me some Turkish troopa. lf,
is impossible to hold out at this place
with Albanians alone.
Cwd Pacha hlmself ls an Alhanlan.
Vlenna, N'ov. 1.?Negotlatlons are la
prOgraea between representatu^s of
Hulgarla. S.rvia, Montenegro and
Qreece, with a view to reaching an
agreement in regard to their d.n.ands
from Turkey at the oimluslon of lios
tilltk-s. accordlng to the "N'eue Frele
As it ls tlie Intenthm of the four
Balkan Htates to take jolnt actlon ln
this reapact, the aiiies woui.i prefer to
enter into dlrect and Imtnediate nen'i
tiations with Turkey, bttt lt is under
sioi.d that the Ottomaa government re
fuaea t.> accepi this propoattloii and
will ln all probablllty appeal I.. the
European powera for mediation. lt ls
uncartain, however, whether tbe R-ikdn
states wiii tolerate any Interventi* n.
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