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But Not Radical
SMbtm* (?
New York'a Only
Republican Paper
..i,i, 1913, by Tbe Trlbune AseorlatlonJ
fr?* LXXH..N? 24,094. ^^Sr^S^^r" LVEW-YORK, Sl'NDAV, NOVKMHKl*
To the Voters:
In two days you will vote upon the great issues before the country. Prosperity is now with us and is
increasing every day. In this situation one of the parties advocates destroying the protective tariff
system?attempting the difficult operation of pulling the underpinning out of the industrial structure without
bringing the whole house down about our heads. Another would weaken the security of personal rights
and of property by diminishirw? the independence of the judiciary. If either of these parties gets into power
the country will have to do business "with the foundations tom up." You a!l know what that means. Is
this season of prosperity the time to tear up the foundations? If you are thinking of leaving the sanely con
structive Republican party for one of these parties have you refiected sufficiently onthe probable consequences
of its success to yourselves as merchants or manufacturers or wage earners, or to your country, whose stable
institutions, buttressed by Constitutional guarantees and an independent judiciary, have always been your
pride? If not, think it over between now and Election Day.
Upstate Republicans Return to
Party, He Declares in Many
Speeches Coverincj
Rousing Meeting at Cooper
Union HearG Depew Whilc
Awaiting Candidate'5 Ar
rjval Enthusiasm Show?
Gains on Er\st Bi
it, lr?>m tlu
naane. '-" ! '
? that.
Lhe sam? '??: ?.
?that th. .:-,??
the st.
a K'.<at ; '''"
that was
had made up
in national polll
Ho feit confldeai thi
awakanli -
pabllcam li ' ? P?>w< ' " "" v;''''
Startitic I ia toiif laal nlfhl al
We.t Stde Republican Cluba
loartere. al No 270 Weai Mth atreat.
ne apoke t.. big and enthuataatlc a idi
ences auci eaaivelj ? fore the I
Rcpublkan Club, at the Harlem
race, No. _!<? Eaat UUth atreet; 1
monwc-alth Hall. No. 20?l5 Amaterdam
avenue; Terrace Lyceum, No. '-'"'?' E-"1
Broadway. and flnally wound up at the
ureat niass meeting under the au
r-f the Republican Club of th*: City <>f
New York at Cooper Union.
The meeting al tha Wc-st Blda Re?
publican Club waa more ln the nature
ot a houaowarming than an opon 1 >?
(ontUiufil on terond pa?e. _et- eoliimn.
This Morning's News
local Pata
Vanderbllt Babj Utaya Abroed. -
Byan QiveB |l,aet,eai. 4
Trouble in Theatre Organlaatlon. 4
Gunrd OffWrs' Ti Ip t<. AIV.an>. 5
Actreaa Suea Boaatei. 5
Vo-rii Blaya Bweetheart. is
Frank Ma Tell \n . 16
\\ llson a t Long Brancb ., ?. 2
8lreu_ Makes VYlinl ur I .2
Hedges Confldent, ile Telle V< .. 2
Jewlsh Votera Hear Sulzer. 2
Johnson Make. Spee<-h itecord. 2
Bore .lews l.'rge Sttauf- tO Qalt. 2
H*.... ..i the Klectlon Outlook. 6
Taft Gains Clark l?<mocrata. 6
?'lairns of Carnpaign Leader*. 7
itate Republican, Predicta Lewl ?
''ro?ressi\.- Women Parade. 7(
MessaKe from Wilson. 7
Women Talk Polltii b. 7
-i iPB Rush to Aid Sailo . 1 .
lemes h Sherman Borled. ?!
onfeaees Ktlling llr-j ?>-... 4 ,
Turk_ Itefuse i.. Admit Defeat ?? *|
?aaaacreB Due m Any Moment. 3
Attack on Adrianople Nexl. 3
Dlplomai Partltlona Torkey...-. 3!
. Roberta Kacei Loaa >..' Penalon., 3,
Reyalt: in Parla.Parl 4, 8
la the London Tbeatrea .Parl 4, 81
? n th.- i...n.i...i Hotel Pai t 4, 8 i
To I'irmh Parrtell Btatue, ,..Parl 4, 8,
Condoctoi i...><??< Appeal ..Part 4. 8:
BdltOI lal ?. . 8 .
lo< let) .? ? 8
Meetc and Drama. B\
r"?n_ary . 9
VBerte. io, ll, 12, 13 und 14
W'esthe, . .14
"t'lpping Newa . 14
Haai Eatate Parl 4, Pagee 3, 4 and *
1 im* Parl 4, Pag< 6
Because of It Miss Brett Would
Not Wed Lieut. Dawley.
Iii. Telegraph lo The Trlbti
Porttand Ore Nov. 2. Mlaa L. v.
Bn tt, daughter .-f the late Major ?'
E. Brett, ..r ti.e ?_'11h United Btatea in
fi.ntrv. recently arrived In Portlnnd on
Ihe Bteamei Bearer to ared neutei
E. .1. Dawley, rornroandlng Batl ry E
-.1 Ki. i.i Artlllery,
Mlaa Hr.-'t nonftded to frlenda <>" thi
steamer that one f;t< i;.i adornmenl ahe
disllked wai a mu tache, Al lha doch
ah? wns im" hy the lleutennnt, who
mustache >>f recenl
? b. To-d ??? II v .,>: learned thnt
rned t<. her mother
in SiMi F and there haa I
no \' eddlng.
i.i. ? '. n inl i >an lej lefl t..-!iisht for
beence i<> \ latl
mother. lt waa anna in< od thal
! Ball -.ti .l.ni'i
. i i i, Mnnili
Nev\ Rochelle's Largest Dancc
Held for Waldorf Miller.
Waldorf M.H'-r. who haa been par*
: i. ? l?.ii! ii > rar. Hln< <? he
ng rom lh( rot -
? p Ro helli oi
of Julj ?".. 1011. led 1
,. ? , ? ; '>;? ! ...| loll S.i.iiil
: - mo al M< troi
liiill Inal night.
i'tri. ,i f. u montha igo M ? ? aho Ii
i M-ent) -.ui. \ ? .i i old v ai .< h< Ipleea
i be
il net er recover, H< "
I the use of hla ;<viu-* and handa
ind then he Buddenl) f>> ind he rould
.,-.;. i,i,t wa unable to
walk without the ald of two people to
gulde htm. He waa i arrled to the dance
? .1 in hla ? hal
mnd nt'" ? i t'"
? ? frh nda to hold him, and he
? , ,?? nd the haII 11
. -t ,i.?i.' .- . rer held In x- n Ro
. ne Ihouaand 111 aona ;it
GALE batters steamer
Battleships Go to the Noruega,
Which May Founder.
Norfolk, V:> . Nov. 2, The N< i
gian Bteamer Noruega, ln colllalon
terday with lha fulWrlgged Bhlp <;ien
lui. is in a terrlflc gale to-nlghl ? '
Body* i land and k%aendlng off wlre?
i. ss >;iiis f..r ntd Two unknown bat
tleehlpa and a ravanua cutter, accord
Ing to wlreleaa Information, ptcked i.i>
tha dlatreaa cnlla al 9 o'clock to-nlghl
and are niBhlng to ald tha dietreeeed
Th<- ni' wa| u 1 hal one of the
? ? waa a uahed
in tba ? "liiM'.ii. lhal ahe la inkink'
watei faal and la la immlneni dangar
of foundeting. Tha Noruega ia iinaWc
to liKht her wny up thi ? th
Virginia capea, tha ahelter
and the ? rew la exhauated.
Samuel A. Seitz Killed by Com
panion, Who Tries Suicide.
[Bj "" '
lUdelphla, Nov. 2. Bamuel I
.>.-,!?/.. ., millio :,|,M' mauufacl
urer of thi eil and Junlor n?en b*
tlrm ,,i jamefl n. Belti A Co* with
.f the largeal trunk planta U l
- 11,,,! and kined al Cn
:.. | ,.,; . whlle i unting In
aboul th ? Water Oap.
killed i) ? ? ,|,"" ,,|c
own gnn, In tha handa ol hia eom
joaeph A. Murray, tha lw<
old aon of Dr. B. J Murn
thia ?- j i > ao wealthy. and
|n th.t excluah.ti."1 "f ,;'
lon ii,
un,..-,.- ..i the trag
Murra) bad conaldarabla troobja uMI'
i.i- own aingle bniraliad gun.
ji,?i, ol phi aaanta fleja acroaa the
Murray qulcklj grnaped one >.i B
and, loadlng tbe latter'a gun,
ln :. iii.-ti.fiii of excltemenl b<
i . had reallj anj chance ... alm.
iii.i conUntM of the gun entered f* i
, .!,,-,. uj over Hi" heart, and na
M ir.-.1 inBtantly. ? ,
;;,.? ,i ,? ,i of both men were notineo
, ,,,, they <L parted ror thi ucene ol th ?
accident Immedlately. 8elta leavan a
Vvii, .?n?l v three-year-oM aon After he
had kllle ' i.i" companloii. Murra
.,., bul ,'; guldi knoi ked
i . m from blg bajHl,
With War Virtually Ended
Duty of Powers Is Now to
Prevent Threatenocl
British Naval Aetivity Portenrls
Dnnonstration ln Turkish
Waters Warships at
Qibraltar Rnshinfr
1,. N All li..'
I !,!.? t
momentoua ? I
know u i- foi th< Bll!< - to n
? ?? ih, || .;, . thi I--.1
' ? ?
? i,, . ol the allled ..
. ith, i. ii ii"- *
? -.-,? i -\ hli ii in
ii.li. Il
? ? ''in.- and
evei ' lh'
;,il. Th< mal
? . . ? . ;!.-? .!? '?
.iii.l the I ii.ui ? '
..- -..: Ili i and i li I
?I* . ... ..' .i ..ii ?? .-ii i i
. . i, wo inded to the i
.,,,,1 all ti.d gloi ? Turklah
D0Bti that om e lx at al the
. | > .. nna, are noa named and
. ,|.,i \,;.i to thla the rellglo ia fanat
,, whlch ao readlly Inflami
.,,, i,. art Thi ?? o n ? on to
i ?uppoae thal tha rabble of ConatanU
.. wiii remaln i ifllclontlj cabn to
' vlea a ahlnlng Croaa above the dom<
' .i Bt, Bopbla a Ith equanlmlt
City Already Smouldenncj.
gui i, era tha ln_ammabl<
I ,? the doomed - Itj T noul
| dertaf already. Tba TurBlah ara
,,,, B( |g careful, wb are toid, to keep
I bai k bad newa from th<- people. Eai h
! (1;, ? BV ||_| oi beaten ooldli ri and
.:. | pi gaanta come pourtng along
mlry roada wtil ol tha eltj M >s
, | erbole natlon Blghl and
taklng refuge arlthln the rapital
Vi hal i.'ti- can the Chrtetlana of Con
btantlnoplc eapecl from thla boat? Tha
, . .... ?. .ii Con tantlpople
. .ii, and' II la !?>' th< powaea ol
; Europe t.. sink all Jealouati a and
l_ataat4meaearea ao thal arhai la n<.\\
only ? terrlble poaalblllty may nol be
come a hldapua fai l Bei We thi
other queatlona noa Inh Into Inaignlfl
i anoa
. 0f maM ? I Balonli a have
,.i tba dlfl atch of ararablpa i"
thal placa by Oreal Brltaln, France
nd Oermany. Brltlah >vui
: srai rl In the m-.i.i- i i
... .H and y<
.,, tivlty ln Porl mouth dix kyurd el
1 tlng Ihe alxth - ' :'"' 1!
! id.it ready for ?
Englanrl's Warhke Preparatons.
Thi offlclal expl inatlon i I thla a< -
I th Ity la thal II haa been ordered
,,, , |y ii, readlni h foi the quarterly
moblllaation on Mpnday bui the prep
,. t|0 | more ararllke nature
,,,! BCttVC ? : ? ? I ' ??'? I ' ' ''" ''''?
, .,i|,.,i i,- at> i lal !i.' i ? ' terday
., ?. and <iii'" t"1 '" ?"'" ?
hip i. 1:15 p ni. li is even
that tbe dockyard men are
ilng nverth.' tbe Mlbra trlnea
,??i ? ihlna arhleh la altogether
-. ho f Hotrlng ii"!" " u''-s Pootod ;<<
,,,, R^yal Ballora' rlbme: MAII suh
l ..min.ieil '-" H'ir.l ???????? l""rH' eelWBIB,
X&5** to?ach..vlaBOITTIIKRN
...'iW -v II.
i Ad%t.
Man Clinging in Rigging of
Wreck Off Hattcras Solc
Survivor of Crev
of Seven.
Lifc Lines Shot. but, Bemimbeil
with Colrl, Sc.'iman Is Belpleil
W.ivc Wrenchcs Corn
rade from Spar and
Dashcs Him to Death.
. ? \ < ?.
. r .1 ?hn Maxwtfl
traacheroua Hatti i i
. . nighl '?? hlle bound
and brobgQ
ln tWO I
fell to Igbt
.i two other
. ? ,. , ie
to-nigbl it
the ai :
, . ,. the men
. i |e* the buge t
i..i. thl
,., ..i ....bi hla hold and waa
BW4.pt II "' Yi'"
through i
Seas Baffle Lifesavers.
Kn all-day batl
,,. by the Ufeaavera, bui I
lt in,poaalble for them to launch their
,?,,,,!? Etheridga ol thla ata
. , ... | ,, captain Weacott, of the
CapUlti Mldgett. of the
,.?,, aUtlona, arlth theli
n ?' ; vv',v '" **"
. , tll.. :,i bring tbe two aea
men aahon
Repeatedlj durlng tbe dai tl
. , ,,,,. ??..* ovei tba Maxwi II,
but Ihe two men ln tbt '
ently too banumbed by tb.M
. exhauated by thelr long flghl
....,;?,, the lementa to attoch
,,..,.?? Fklluretofel the llne faatened
.? ,,,.. i.ihea buoy mlght b.
prevented l
Ihe men ln thla waj The<
,,,, .,K;1,!i and agaln trled to pul thelr
llfeboati to ?? t, ?>ul each tlm.
i b) the aravi >.
u.,,.1 ira sent up tbe coai '? Noi
f0l_ where tbe nav, yard'a arlrele
nwhed tbe pllgbl of tbe veaeeland i.i
to the AUantlc ti.-.-t ontlu aouth m d U
-,.......i Newa cama bneb here that
,??. ?, the ahlpa aroold ateam aa near
lh? ,boala i poeetbla and attempl to
tbe nn ii from Um aeaward. rhe
lae telegraph alao brougbl
.,,, ,,.,. pay, ,?i,. cutter aervlo
,, ?.-, ., n. wel to eanlBl In tbe n
Companion Swept Into S;a.
Whlle tbe Ufeaavera a-at< hed Ihe aea
poundlng the -/eaael to ple ea one of
the two men waa aeen to ?
a big arave awepl np over tbe riggtm .
,,,. bad been ? renched from th< pai
uin. i, he had club had all day, daabed
,ni,, ii,.. aea and drowned befon tha
, bll ' ""'?" ' BMoi tb llfi
;,., M ,, powerleaa to i d blm
n waa n..i until after no >n tl U ?
Identlt: of lb< vt tapl became known.
a i le.t n?recBag< beaiing tbe name
aah i Under the .??
,,, tbe terrUk ara*. i the cr_ft broke
in two aad i- i-is' gotng to pleci -. Bh i
uiii ba ii wre* k, a Ith ber i ergo ol < --.ii
? . ..
?f ?ix tn. n In addltlon t-> Captain '.--1
,,..> ti,. u ahlpped al N< ? fork, and .\
j, ,. ,, | ,-,, the a ownei ,
mtU i .--t. r.iav afteraoon lhat thej did
i ,.. iiuv. a llal <>f ti"' men aval!abl< 'l he
va- ivorth about
,,?, ,. o_ ,,i us tona bihI i.-.i- n ?itii
Captain Emefson Asscmbles Dairy Herd, Only to Fmd
Graiidson Stayed Abroad?Youngster's Par
t nts I lerc 1 iii Christmas.
Captaln Ii ? E Em< ?? ?. ol I
' Ti. WU
1-,. nch llder Pro ?
,,, from ii ? He la the gi
father of lh< ? x ? '
.i.ri,iit milllona, and had > ?"'"?< I
Baltlmon ln gri I th
i , |.ji.i li'd. Hla
Mi ilfred (?.
[ lnm i . ? '"'
! . old * ''"'
m i ri I ?" "
the i : ' ' '
I- . ? tho liat and n ? I
i ;. ri.iit. Mme. Alfred
f< wi: la
?iu Boltl
. , ba
V anderbllt
|)f t| Vsll'lll h
\i n ? ' ? d
. oung
? ' ?
? m
[Oltrk Griffith, Oharged, Saved
by Pilching Skill.
ii. lena, Honl Nov. 2 111 i rged by
? ded <i. ? r i'lt'l unabl !?.
u in. ii had lammed, Clark Orlfflth,
manager ..f tuo Waahlngton American
i.. . ? ived himai if from i r>>'..
able ila oldthne skill
? pitcher Belaing a atone the ilae
r.f a baaeball, he threw and Btruck tho
i anlno il on I he hi ad, felllng IL He
r with tha bul ?
' bla gun-.
Th told by aet eral of
?. of Oi IfBI h, a ho returned
r la] fi..ii. i.i' ran< h.
Burgeon S'lpplies ' Hinires" to
Lad H ilpleu from Birth.
i: iltlm. re, No Z A remai'
,.|, i atlon, v. hloh he reeulti d Bueoeaa?
waa i" rfoi mi ?) recently al ? local
? ,,..-?; ..n b fourti en- i ar-old boj
who from birth hi I I?? unable i"
' niove hia awa The fai i became
Blnce ho a ia born the pan ata of
.,,ii,,i ,i neci i u v i" feed him
.i,i .ti rh . I onaa wera
I... ii..Imai "hln
The , ??! through the wlld
... i? re i"' Jolnl i ahould
i ,\ i? , ?,. .in.i modelled upon th
Hona Bctu i ?? Inta, bui h ai nature nor
, ||d haa lefl the
i, pltal movi hla Jawa
rmal children of hla age
Woman Recovers S-ght and,
f Thirks Dresses "TrigfatS."
Columbue, Qhlo, Nov, 2. Whal la
perhapi lh< ? rltta lam 11
,,,,,,?? , i the : reeenl daj w< irlng ajp
,.,,,-, i ol ttered here to
,,n who had nol Been the
llghi . i -i. 1 i": four yeara. The Bral
j thing ahe aald after ber alghl waa Bud
: denl) n Btored I > '>??'?' thla morning
'Whal awful frlghta m.i n are
| maklng of tl.lv< ln tha new
' Btj leaf*
Th ? woman who made thla declora- j
' tion i-j Mi <? W. K. i.i- ? ?' i romlnent I
in OnJumb
I'nti. thal the youns halr to the Vnn*
tlerblli fortune mtfhl bava pura m'^
u hen told Of thi^ Mr. \'.niderl)ii:
remarked: "Why ahould tha chlld aead
.. n bole dalry .'"
Ii the Infnni to be chrlatonod at
Newport or al Baltltnore?*' iie ?as
b iki ii.
m.ha . ;,n he bo ' hrlatened al aithar
when he la In EnglandT*' ha
ni reply,
"Why did you it..i bring 'iip baby
B II Ii ' >.ll ."'
"We thought that nt thla aeauaan ..f
ar the trip would be i.>.. aevere
oung ? hilri.'' h<- repl|ed.
?ii i>. here only until Chriatmaa."
\ii V'anderbill expreaaed sreat |n?
ln l ??? departure of Rock Band,
tiu famoua thoroughbred BtaWon, whicb
blpped to London yeatarday oc
the Atlantlc Tranapart llner Mlnne*
waaka Mr. VanderbHt i^n the Mlnne*.
? i ~hf pasaed the Proveriie "vjt
bound, l>ut ho .li.l n,.t kiL.w that Rock
BanJ waa on board
i [e utld he had i onw hei ?? to ai tend
horei shovv. which ii<' eapacted
trould ??? unuaually t'mo thla yenr. He
-,i.i he i ould ?<? al once to Newport
ea weeka with bla mother,
and i it.-t would ceturt to thla city.
1 e V .rbllta ?ill <>< cup) tha entire
top rlooi "i tha new yunderbUl HoteL
.,, 34th ? tt"-1 and Fourth avenue
Mra. VanderbiM appaarad to be en?
loj ing ? \.. Ilehl healtb. sii' wore a
, rge t illormade aull and a large
,,,,,,.. hai trlmmed with purpk plumea.
i ,!;,. provence docked Mr.
Mra. VanderbHt and Captatn
,,, iefi the ph r In fl blg auto
Suspended When She Refuses
to Salute Stars and Stripes.
Balt Laka City. Dtah, Nov. 1?Tha
peralatenl refuaal of Lena Tylar, thir
t, ,ii yaara oM, tn aaluta the Aaaartran
nag and raclta a parfriotk formula led
to-day t"> har auas>aaMrton ftrotn the
FTanklln publlc achooi here.
?i don't want t.) nmlute any Bagl'
aald the chlld, "but W I a??at, i artll
Bniute ihe BocUUIal baa;, which Btanda
for iibert) and Juatlce."
- B
St. Andrew's Soeiety Votes for
"Scotch" at Dinner.
Waahlngton, Nov. - Smt. h fathera,
huabnndfl ;m<i lovara, membera of tba
B< Andrew'fl Boclety oi tbe Diatrt l of
Columbia, ara practlcall) In htdlng tn
the reaull <.f thetr declaion last
nighi ." aboltob women from thetr
offlcial dinner becauaa thetr preBence
would Beceaaitate tba abaanca <>f icotch
whlakey. Indlgnanl Bcol h arotnen ara
? hn atenlng reprlaala
.,,i, ;,.i whlake; aa agalnat
. n waa irlrtually unanlrooua, and
? k,n after ? baated dlacuaaioti al
I , annual election of tha organlaatloo.
Bay State Man Cast Ballot for
William Henry Harrison.
:, -i ,,..; .l(,i, ta Taa TiiOena i
I,.,,. Nov. -'. "If CkJd ?l?ares BM
until Tuaada) i arlll rota for Prenta
Tafl and tha Republlcan atata
ticket." aald Joehua H. Dnvla, Botn *?
vllle'B Bral Bupartntandenl <>r Bchools,
wnq aartu celebrate to-morrow bla
ninety-elghth blrtbday with a fjamiiy
,, .,,?,,, . ; hla home In Eaat s.imer
Mr, Davla baa alwayg taken aa ac
,,V(. intereel >" publlc affnim, He *ast
. ? . hall.it for Wllliam Henry Hai
tisuti. .tti.l haa VOtad at every I'roBi
dentlal election alnca, Ha votea et tiw
Preecotl Bchooihouee, his "i<i achooi.
Althougb feeble an.i almowi deaf and
poor of algbt, Mr- \>>cs\* takeg g flkoti
walk with one of his taua^targ abnoai
everj pieauauit daj,
ItivaliDil.le for InvalWi and ?!onvaleac?ni?<
s, na <'" .', lt Kulton St..N. V.
Republicans Regret Seiection of
Missouri Governor Cannot
Be Made Before
Election Day.
Hilles May Issue Statemcnt if
He Receives Enough Replies
to Indicate Choice of Na?
tional Committee at
Coming Meeting.
Prom all aidea ?? eaterda) <?n:e ea?
preoaioaa <.f approval thal thfc ?euU
nient. ?.f m<-mbers .,f ihe Republican
Natlpnal Committee gnd other lend< ?
[ nf the partv appeated *To Ba iryatal
i lizitiK on Oovernor Hadley t.. auc? td
I Vlce-Preeldent Bberman as candld
fOT that offiise,
lt was generali: t*>a:r< tto?i tha* if
would be Impoaalhhi i<> get the Reeaab ?
: committee together t-> make >he
choice before election, an.l tbe h.-pe
w.i- expreaeod that Bonaahow a way
mlght I"- found to ladlcata In a aeml?
ottdal aa) tha man who Meaed to ba
tho choice ef tha majorlty ef the mem
bera of the committee.
Hadley Favored by Taft.
Whlle ;'i v-iis omctall) announced laal
niqht after a conference between Pn
ii. nt Tafl and aaveral membera of hla
Cablnel and Republican Benatora and
Repreeentatrvea thal ao .m lo
Vlce-Preeldent Sherman on the Repub
H. an ti. kel arould be m lected until
afterelectton, Ooveraor Haile] ef M --
si.nri is kn.wti t-> be fbVOTOd by Pl
dent Tat' and many of the 1>-ad'-rs.
Conferencea yeaterday on the apedal
traln arbtch brought the President an.l
?everal party leedora baek to Now fork
from the Sherman funeral in Utlca <ie
vekrped uppeellloii to the f..rniai ooanl?
nation gt this time of I m;?n fOff sec
ond pia> a on tbe ticket
Althoogh Preatdeol Tafl was under*
st.l t.. have approved aarl] an*
[nouncemenl of a VTce-PreaidenUal
I choice, ba was aron over to tho other
! vit-w, aml lt was said last niRht tli.it
! the national COOimittee al it.s nvelin*
[on November 13 afttl make tha aetec
: tinn. ?
Attomej Qeneral vVlckereham, Bt -
retary of Commerce and Labor Nagei
| Peetmaater Qeneral Hitchcock, Chalr
m.in Hillea Ol tho RepUbUcaa National
I Committee an.l Benatora it..?>t, t'rotiK
ni.i Ponrooo arere vlallora on .Mr. Taft'o
pi ivata car i a tha aray don n from
The rppllee thal bave been received
by Tha Trlbune ;.? Ita Inqalrj aaade
I of ever) aaaanbat of tba comaalttao ln?
i dkate that the aenthnenl of a large
! proportion Of lhat body favots th> -.
I lectloa of Oovemoi Hadley >>f Mrc
Ieouri The foUowtng dlepatcb waa re?
ceived by .1 L> l.ewis. national < om
tnltteeman from Vermont, yeaterday:
"My .hold fOT Viie-l'resiileiit isio- -
I ernor Hadley of Missouri.''
Harnaud Hehn. who ls al tha Majes
tii- Hotel, haa tha proxy of in? brother,
I Beathenea Bi?n, national conunltte
man for Pnrto Ki... Ha said yester?
day that he did not feel ut llberty to
say arbom ha would vote for until ha had
tba quailhcatlona of the varleua men
[mentloned tbraahed out i>y the coja
jmittee, Hla attituda araa protty etearly
! indleated. however, WhOO he sald:
?j aea bnly atate now that when the
. matter cotnea up I shall rast tha roli
j of my brother (Or ihe moat progres
; slve of them all."
ateaeogea are conMng In to chalrman
I Iflllaa rlghl alonx imlie;Uiiig the rlioi<..
IOf the national .ommltteemen, along
! the llnes of the diapat" hea to Tbe
' Tribune, wliieh have baasi prlnted. It
I may, be thut If definite word on that
I polnt ls received from M,i.stami;,ii> ali
I of the members of '.h< rotnmlttoe,
I enough to indU'ut. tho probable choice
al Chloago, when the ooaamlttee meeta
, formally a vreeb after etectlon, some
; atatemenl may ba hwrued to-day or to

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