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Princeton Crumbles Under the
Crimson Attack After an
Aggressive Start.
Tops Two Field Ooals with
Placement Kick from 47
Yard Line?30,000
See Tiger Rout.
By Herbert.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune 1
Cambrldge, Haa*. Nor. --Harvard
defeated Pliaeetoa la a roaring battle
t.f the gridiron by a score of 16 to ?
ln the atadlUBO hero to-day, aml there
by hangs a talc of Churlie Bllckley
umi his marvelloua kkking-. Taie
yonth, who repreeented the rnited
states at the- Olymptc gamea aa one of
tba best aii around atbletea of the
country. dropped two brilliant goals
from tho fidcl. kic-ked another frotn
emenl whlle ataadlag a full forty
eavea yards from the goal poeta and
ored nlne polnta Of the (Timson's
total Not coateat with this h*
phinj-ed and tore his way through the
Princeton line for many snbstantial
gain?, and was an Important factor in
a touchdown acored by Har-wteh in
tn- ln&t few mlnutea of play.
Brk-kley was the rock on whlcB the
-lixers split. and Brlckley waa the very
llfe of the Harvard attack and the
Boal almost. of the defeace, He
ciropped from slieer exhaustion and a
blow on the head just before the game
ended and Lingard was gebstltuted,
but he suffered no III eflecte, on the
-word of those close to tlie team. and.
barring aec idents in pra.tice. will be
ready to work tho aame havoc against
Dartnoath two weeks from to-day,
snd poaalbly agalnat TBle in the cnl
initiating gBBM of the sc-ason.
Brickley waa cheered to-day by ".".
fH?i parBOaa in a waj that oomes to i
tew athletea Even the men of Prince?
ton were generoua enough to applaud
ti e daahlng, brUllant player, even as
be daabed thehr deareel hopea and
brought about the utter confualon of a
team whlch had beaten Dartmouth the
mrttu md whlch waa ael on
winning another football champlonahlpj
for tbe Orange an.i Black. As he Rl
,.tf the Beld with vietory won hla |
natn- Upa of every Har- j
vard man, an-1 well did they clo him j
Ti, touchdown in I
tp. v,, ..,,,. period on two darlng and ;
weii executed forward paaaea 'or galne
of twenty-flve and thlrty yards. re-1
,\ audden chai gli l ot the ,
etuck caugbt tha Hervard playera off
thelr guard. and Waller, after being
spllle.i in recelvini tha aecond paaa,
acrambled to hla feet an.i ataggered
iru. Koal e-treme corner
of th- Beld. The pum out for ? try at
goal talli th these s'.a polnta
Princeton had to be COntent
At no other time w< re the Tlgera
wlthln atrlklng dletanee of tha Crlmeon
goal llne, and al no tlma were thej able
to break down the Harvard defence for;
one oi thoee marchee down th<- fleld ,
whlch had marked thelr pley a week
ag(1. rhe i re tella the atory. Har- I
vard had the better team aa the elevena
took the n>iu to-day, and well deeerve
the vlctory, whlcb avenged In part tha
defeat of a year ago. anu the n.aiiy
defeats <<t othi r j eau
Harvard Started Badly.
Tb* Tlgi ra bad rather tbe better of
the Ilrst half BBd left the fleld with the
score I to ;: i . thelr favor. but they
?were . ..mpletely outplayed in the sec?
ond ball In all eeaentlal polata a.-tu
ally losing more groaad by ntraight
raablng than they made, and piaying
in a way that bordered <>n a panlc I
do not mean to Inaply Ibal they lost
heart or aid r.ot flght on with < ourago,
but the trulh la that dc-Witts punting,
aeaally ao consleteBt araa ragged t..
the polnl almost of utter fallure.
Deeperae ehancea were- taken with\
th.- forward paaaea deep Ib their own
lerrttory. whlcb indioated all too ciear
ly th< Impotenoa Of Ihelr attack against
the Harvard defence and thelr wllling
ness to stake all on the off chance.
They faih-.l on four or flve separate
eocaalocia. partty through the watchful
neis and n sourcefulii'-ss Of the Har?
vard bei ka and partly through the poor
egeeatlon Of the iorward paases, which
had worke.l ho well in the pecond
It was a perf.ct day for football, with
the air cool. c-lear and bracing. The
fleld was a blt slippery and treaeher
ous ln places, but on the whole was ln
good cOodltkM after the storm of yes?
terday. The temjK>rary seats at the
open end of the stadium were not fllled,
but otherwlse the rowa upon rows
whkh eeemed to plle skyward were
rrowded to thelr capacity by fully
30,000 men and women who showed
their love for football in no uncertain
The game was full of tense mnments
ami ao many exciting sltuatlons that
interest did not flag for a moment.
There was organlzed cheerlng and
fonie slnging, while a brass band
blartd forth from time to time, but
th.se were nothlng to the spontaneouB
shout. or, better yet, the spontaneoua
roar, which went up from time to
time as one toam or the other galned
a momentary advantage or made some
dnshing. brllltanl play.
Men who made ap Harvard'a cheer?
lng aectlon marcbed on ihe Held behlnd
their band, nnd when the CrtttTBOn
aquad came running OUt the greetlng
falriy ahook the atanda The Tlgara
followad B moment luter. nnd were met
by a roar from the live hundred Prime
toa men who had made the long Jour
ney, which was equal in eiithusiusm lf
not in volume.
Then the game began. and lt was a
real game. Prineeton forced the tight
Ing at the start nnd kept the ball In
Harvard territory most of the tlrst
quarter, but could not gel within BCOr
ing distance. Tlie Crimson. 08 tbe
other hand. did little or DO rushlng. and
played for time by punttng on the first
down with almost every line-up.
Breeze Bothered deWitt.
a poor punt by deWitt, wbo aeemed
?.. guffer all through tbe game because
of unfamlliaiity with the addylag our
ln th-- gtadlum, gave the Harvard
team Ita Bral chance t>> strike aa tiu
second quarter opened. The ruahtng
attach waa not strong enough to beat
down the- Prineeton defence, even with
the ball on the five-yard line. iharlie
Brlckley'a good right leg was an nss. t,
aad within three mlnntea he drop
kicked a gonl from the field from a
rath.r dlftlcult nngle when standlng
on Prlnceton'a flfteen-yard line. This,
to all appearances, only served to rouec
the Tig.ita, Bnd they came right back
with n touchdown. which for a time
changed the whole complexloo of tho
Oettlng the ball ln the centre of 1 ?
fleld, Andrewa hurled a long forward
to Pendleton for a eleaa galn of
twenty-flve yarda, and after deWitt
had loel five yarda in ? plunge at the
llne indrewa ahol another pass to
Waller on the other side c.r the fleld.
The blg Prineeton back was kiv
off hla ;>et by Gardner'a flylng tackle,
bul he rolled clear, an.i before the
..th.r Harvard m<n COUld pin him dowu
he m rambled ovcr the goal line f
touchdown. As said before. the punt
out failed. and the half ended a few
mlnutea later,
when the battli waa renewed a daav
ii-itii; fui.ilile ..:' a po..r pass hy deWitt
gavi Harvard the ball on Prlnceton'a
.VyanJ line. Again the defence of the
Tlgera was strong enough to hold off
the Crhnaon'a plunging attack, but.
again, Brlckley was equal to the call,
and dropped another goal from tbe
field. from the 18-yard line.
This Ued the score nnd inspired the
Crimaon to greater efforts. Three or
four minutes later Cardner made a fair
cat. h nf one of deWltt'l punts on
Prlnceton'a 17-yard Una ami once more
Hrl. kley BtOOd in the breach and with
little apparent effort, but unerring ac
curacy, sent the ball shootlng straiKht
between the poeta and over the cross
bar on a kick from plaoement
That was the turnlrig point, and, try
as they would, the Tigers could do
nothing to stem the tlde. In the last
quarter they were on the defenslve and
trylng to light out of thelr own terri?
tory most of the time. With every
thlng to galn and nothlng to lose, they
east discretion to the winds and falriy
played into Harvnrd'B baada with four
forward passes that were so poorly
made aa to be easily intercepted by
Harvard men.
Bsiekley could not go on kicking Koais
forever and failed ln three rather dlffl
cult attempts, but to make aaauraaee
doubly sure Harvard launched an Httack
in the last few minutes of plav which
had Just enough punch to send Hai'lwlck
plunglng over the goal llne for a touch?
down, which he quickly converted into a
Thus is told in a few words the atory
of a game which will live long in the
memory of thoae who looked on. It was
a game that ln a meaaure put the Tigers
out of the running for the BCH alled cham
plonahip and a game which beartened
Harvard men. who are looklng forward to
the struggle with Yale. three wceks from
No serious accldents marred the battle,
although Dunlap ln all probablllty haa been
lost to the. Tigers for tbe rest of the
Beason. The shouldei which has been
troubling him all the fall was injured
once more in making a hard tackle and
Prlncetons best end waB Xorced to leave
the game._ _
How Princeton Took Field
Against Harvard Eleven
y\m,tr. ,-Poettlos-> Player. A%e. Ht.
Andrewa.I.*ft Knd Right .. Felton. 2
l-hllllpa.i>ft Tsckle Right . Hltchrock. ?!
Mienk.l*ti tiuard Rtght... Tnimbull. 1?
Bluelhenthal.Centre.Parmenter..... K
logim.Right Ousrd I.ef t.... Penno? k. 20
PrnBeld.Kisbt Tackie Keft... Bterer. 1?
Dunlap Rtaht Knd Left . < oolldge. 20
H. Hakrr ., Uuartcrbark.Osrdaer. 21
Prndleton Keft Halfback Klsht.... Hardwlck. 20
Waller.Rtaht ll.ilfha.-k Keft ... Brlckley. 20
DeWltt.Fullbsck.Wendell. t*
Average welght of Princeton llne. 1H7 B-1 pound.; sverage welght of Harvard llne.
182 4-7 pound.; averane welsht ?,f Princeton bsckfleld. 171 poundai STernge welaht of
Hartsrd backfleld. 173 pound.; sversge welght of Princeton team. 17S; nrerage welght
of Harcard eleven, 179.
Touchdown?For Harvard, Hardwlck. lioal from touchdown?Hardwlck. I>rop
kleka from fleld?Hrlckley (2). Ooa! from placement on fntr cstch? Brlckley.
Touchdown?For Princeton. Waller. on forward paa* from Andr^w*. Punt out for
trt at W?al ml.*ed.
8uh?Htute? f.rr Har-ard?F1r?t half: HradJee. fullback. for Wendell; O Brien,
rlsht end for < oolld#e. Kerond half: II. Dri.coll. right guard. for Irumbull. Wlsglea
worth. centre. for Parmenter; I.ln_srd, halfback. for Brlckley. In lari tlve mlnute* of
P">Hub*tlt..te? for Princeton-Hr.t half: Wl*ht. right end. for Dunlap. He.ond half:
H Baker halfback for Pendlelon; Prndleton. rlsht end. for Wlsht: Kmmun.. qusrier
b?,k f..rV Baker: H. Hwart. rlsht guard. for l.osan; Itallln. rislit Hn-Me. for Penfleld;
Mfreli rlsht end. for Pendleton; PendletoD. halfback. fur Baker.
*r?re b> uuartera-Hrat quarter: Harvard I); Piinceton. 0. Kecond quarter: Har?
vard. 3: Princeton, 6. Thlrd quarter: Harvard. || Prln. clon. ?. Fourth quarter: llar
^VmSloTTte'ro*-*. 9. l-n_ford. Tr.n.l,. Vtogtto 99, Datf g. ?il.l.n,, Penn
gytV-BB- I.lne?a?an? l.leutensnt ?lly, l. H. A_
How Harvard Lowered Prineeton's
Colors in Thrilling Struggle
Play by Play Story of Crimson
Triumph on Cambridge
Cambridge, Maai Nov I H
outpla) ed l'i Inccton In thi
half <?f thi ir football atruggle In I
diuni hera t.>-da>. which more tha
tha allghl advantaa
fir^t hiiif Tl
was, >.ii tha who,. ., !.'? mesaur. of tha
respective sbllltlea oi thi tw> ?
slready told, ti,. better tea
ii also baa been told le.w
lej atood aut abov. hla f.-ii.>w- gad did |
so much to brtag about u vlctorj for tha
ng thn ? goala from the
ii. id. nu it ? i ? ?
the playa which led up t" the vartoua
aeorea and how tha Uda of battle Brat
Bowed to Prineeton nxi then ebbed
The tleld was ln r-n..iiliably K"".! OOB"
dltlon coneldi i Ing tha
terday, bul tha torf wai a Ml soft snd
allppery in places, m hli h alowed up
backa t.. aomt i ttent A f.iirly strong
hr../.. Men acrosa tbe Bele, bul addled
h. re snd thi re Inalda the watta ol thi
Btadlum m a way that worked te '
advantage of Fettoo and nfound
sd deWitt
First Quarter.
Harvard WOB thi *!'e "lll. lala
an.i captalna gathered near the centre <?t
the Held, and dectded to defend the north
goal, with the wlnd Utarhtti ib us favos,
ThlH gave Prineeton tt.< klek-off, si
witt s-tit ttie baan aaillng down tl
to Hardwick, who r.m it back twelve
yarda before ba was Brnothered bj o horde
..( Ttgera Pelton punted for Harvard
on tbe first down. and the ball w-nt 001
uf bounda at Prlnceton'a fe-yard Bna
The Tigers then began an attack wblcb
looked promlsing for tWO plays. io- "St-w"
n,>ker BUeed ofl three rei la throoab tha
centre gad Csptaln Pamdleton ruahed
ground th. end for eight yards and a Brel
down. Thla Roml work was Boatrallsed
however, bj a afteen-yard penaltj foi
hoMIng, and when Walker and Pendletoo
were smothcred on the neal two playa by
th.> fa-nt chargtag forwarda deWIti punted,
Captatn Wendell then teated th.- Prlnca
ton defence for a PtUnga ot three yards,
but l-'elt.i, punted ..n the next lin.-up,
gad Peadletoa naadi a falr cateh on Bta
own Is-yard line. DeWIti qulekly sllpped
around Haivard's rlghl end for eigbl
yards. but PendletOB failed t?, galn, ae
thr-.; deWIti agalfl punted. P7lthoul a
single rushlng play, PeltOB gOt a lonK.
beowdas poat which PendletOB raa back
tifteen yarda before betag tnrned over
Another ex.hange of punta follOWed BftOI
Captala WendeU had retlred in favor of
Bradlec and Prineeton gaiaed so ne
ground, the TiKeis taklna tha ball near
Ihe .entre of the Held
Th-a bagaa an aasauH b? Prineeton
that in aaaaa roapacta was tiu- beat aus
tafaed of the day, U'all.r. deWitt and
Peadletoa took tarna at oarrytng th. ball
rnostly for short galns off ta. UI. . e\cpt
f?i one daak or twalva rarda by Pendle
ton Two flrst downs were made, and the
ball was carried to Harvard's li-yard
Un... hut an offaldai ptnalty of live yarda
checked the advance, whlle Hltchiock
broke through and tbrew P.ndleton for a
lons of eight yards on the next play. Th.
ground waB recovered by a forwar.l paM
from deWitt to S. Haker for Ihe mmo dln
tan.ee, but It who tbe 'ourth down, ao that
BtWlti punted OUt of bounds at Harvard's
l,r?-yard line.
It was Harvard's pollcy to witste no
energy in Its own terrltory, so for the
fourth time Felton returned tbe punt with?
out a ruahing play, and. tbe tlrnt quarter
ended a moment later with the hall well
down ln Prlnceton's terrltory, but ln poa
seeslon of the Tlgera.
Second Quarter.
A bad punt by deWitt op.-ne.l tbe way
for Harvard's tlrBt score as Ihe second
period began He mlstudged the wlnd;
the ball went scarcely twenty yards, and
then bounded back te Prlnceton'a tt-jraid
llne, where Harvard took poaHeaslon. with
a chance to strlke. IVnfleld Was offslde
on the flrst play, which gave Harvard
an addltlonal BVS yard?. and then Hrlck
ley and Hardwick l.etwe.n them carried
th- hall to Prlnceton's lf.-yard llne, In
Bhort plunges of abeaji three yarda each.
Agaln Prineeton gaffered ihe penalty of
aatag offsidc, aad tne Harvard under
gradaatea ?houted for a touchdown with
OAly t?n yards to ro.
At thla (iltlcal point th.- I'rii.IM <!?
iVnc. stlfTened, and Hardwick, Hii.kl.y
and agaln Hardwick could only advance
Captain WendelL
Lauds arickley
Bsalss. Mav. 9,?"Tbe um' "a? a
herd feagbt _iu,ir. With I harlev Itri, Ule,
.,?. Ihe r.nl l>o"rr of Ihr H.?r\ .< r.l ,1
li?rk." ii.1 I -MilHin Wendell lo-nlsht.
"Brtekler** ?-,ri, abswi h?? lo Im aaa sf
ii,,- aasal irs*sifcsM* ptsyse* thal Iba
ga_m ham r,rr BsssaspsB. Ths gmat?i?
Im Irll.ni w i? I.ul liltle tosa remnrkable
lh_a Brichkr*e gsal ?k*kles. Pihwrtse
fo.iKht hard .11 lliro.isli. Ba < l.lcf power
I,.... in <iri*\r,i peeaoa un.i aad attaefcai
t,,n lt* line an.l backfleld were week, an.1
wl.ilc lu.lUl.luallr II. flghtlnc lOlOg*
iraa _.i. *? -? team B bwbed n>e ee?
lliii?lii?iu il .howed ln?t ?ear.
"Hur.iwi.k. ?r ?esvead, ??> k?tae
rnentul in mi.u.oi,. llte lon, hilmcn for
il,at aitfc, ile iltowed ae waB >n balh
, l,..r,| kiiiI ?prn atlx.k*. bnl wh? -ninr
xtkxti IrseMoi bi n.e leegh ifceaa al Iba
11,1,1. f.ur,lncr'? Keneral?hli> m< llnr.
Ilnr, ,r,l.r,l<" ,1, fcn, c ?honed
|,.?,rl? in the l.<-_ln.ioir of I hc kui.ic. llM
( rini.un ,,,en :i|,|?arrnl I, not l..in_ n|i on
I'rin. .-ton* ?>?|e,ii ,i| lnrw.,r,l |>4???-? IS
II,, ?r, SOd l?-rl,..l. hOWSfSr, Ihe II.M.inl
player* *kssrsd ae ta*pesvs_wei n> Ih?
d.rmtlnn, t.e.l Iit Ihe en,| of Ihe gB?M
tlie, l,i,.l _<>l Ihe inii.lerT ?f lb? form
sf iheir opiioiicui.' gaate."
the ball ala rarda tt. Ibrae deeperate
, Then Brlckley atood forth for
? tl?. r.iiiiiK bech to the lS-yard
:i,,,., i e t ...k aa aei urate i aea from Par?
menter, and wlth the greateet eeae aad
-, klcked a pretty goel from Un
ii. 1,1 from a rather dlaValt angle Thla
-ea thi atgnal foi a wlld daanooetratlon
from Harvard atan.ln. while all was sl
i,,.,, in the camp of the Tlgei i
Princeton'* turn waa to come, however,
,n,i thal right outckly. After Waller had
ki< k--,i nrr t<> the Koai llne and Brlckley
aad daehed beich Bfteea yarda Dunlep,
i-rii.ton'o beet end, made tbe tackl.
u.,1 threw out the ahoulder whli h h ia
i?, i, bothertng him all tbe aeaeon, an.i
wmM forced lo retlre ln favor of Wlght
nn thi neat play Hardwlck found a hole
,rr teckle and Jumped through for twelve
yarda, but for aoma reaaon tbe attaeh
v... ? ii.inttaued, an.i reltoe beomed
?? , f Ma Ioiik punta down the Beld.
The Tlgera felled to galn ln twe at
tempta ao thal another e-changc <>f
,,,,,,,. rollowed, whlch gava Princeton tbe
,,?!: near tbe centre of tbe Beld. Ib 9
moment the whole aepect ol the atruggle
ehenged. Th- Tlgera auddenli vartad
ti,, h attaeh an.i tooh Harvard complstely
by aurpriea andrewa dropped beek from
,i?i and abol a forwerd peea t-' Peodle
lon whlch w.ih inc-omi'h ted.
Th. pley wea repeated, however, un<t
thla time the paaa wenl falr aad through
,,? ., elean gata af twealy-ava rarda
DeWltt was amotbared for a Bve-yerd
loaa aa he trled t.> sHp ar,.iin.i the end,
bu, .ndrcwa qulckl) abol a loaa forward
,,?. te Waller, who had praetlcaUy a
,!.,,, Beld, Gardner apllled him aith ?
Bylng tackie, i"'t tbe Prtoeoton beca
aerambkd to in* r.-.-t and staggered ovei
tba goal Uae at tba aatreaai oorner of tbe
i,,i,i fbr a Uwchdowa. Thi pual out waa
mliaed aa thal Prlaceloa toet ? chaaeo foi
? tr> ai goal, bui the Tlgera wera bo tba
i,,,,! i,v a score ef >? to :t. aad thelf fol*
lowera were ta a fraaay of j.?> The 'i';<
half ended ti..- mlnutes later. after ?*
szehange of punU and sev ral Ineffec lual
attempta by both t.-ams to galn neuae
o) ruehlng.
Third Qusrter.
"Hobey" Baker, arheee br-Uant i>i*\ a
week BgO did BB niu. h tO hrtnK ahotlt the
gefBat of Dartmouth, took his plaee la
tiie Prmeetoa i.a.kit.id as tbe gaeoad half
,,,? ,,. ,i in order t.> naaka a plaee i":
him Captain Peadletea weal te riKht and
in place ot Wlgbt Baker, hewever, wan
aot le abtaa aHheugh ba werked hla
heiilaal aad latet raOred when Peadleton
aKain arenl te the baekaold and streit to
rlghl cn-i. Baker klcked off hh a atarter,
bui Brlckley cluded the Princeton ta<klei?
an.l (laah-'d l>a<-k tw.-nt>-tlve ycar.la bc
loae belag lald low. Braalea aaade <>niy
oae yuiti aa a plaaga through the c-cntr.-.
ko thal Fetten puated a faM nfty-nve
yarda tO Haker, who waa downed ln ln?
traeka oa Iba aVyard line
\\ alh r fWmblad BB the tlrnt play, recov
erlnK tba bafl for a flve-yard 1>.hh, but th?*
uaually n.nsl.-?tent deWltt then fumhled a
bad paaa for a punt, and Mam.nl took
the hall on I'rineeton'M 5-yard llne. It
put the Tlgera Ib a aaaparala attuatloa,
bai tber feagbt bn<k ta a arai wblefe
Itoppod the Harvard atta.'k almost In Its
traeka Hardwlck tore off two yards, hui
thls galn waa offaet by a tlve-yard ponalty
Tigers Start Off Well, but
Weight and Skill Turn the
Tide of Battle.
foi oJBJlde play. Tha chancea wera atllf
brigln for a touchdown, b it when Brlck-1
i. / ,.. i Bradlea were stopped tn turn
foot of Kround Brlckley
araa i llled .?" once more for a try at goal
from thi Btandlng on the LB-yard
Une, i, ball tbrough to the mark
for a brliliant imal and three polnts,
which lb ?] thi aeore
Bakei kicked off to renew the combat
snd Hardwii k raa the ball back tea
rarda t,> bla owa te?yard line. Brlckley
hii tha Centre for three yards, following
which Peltoa punted wHi down the Beld.
1'. i :,,.. k BtO| l?'d deWitt on a double paas
nnd u'ltrbii. who had oeen substltuted for
Coolldge, charged through and apill?J
. ? f . ., yard leaa This for rd de
\', iti to punt and Cirdner made a falr
catch for HsrvsN oa Prlnceton'a 47-yard
it aa ? "?' freaa the goal post.
bul Brlckley did not beettate wbea called
.?ti for a try at gnal tom pliuement
. urefull] be meaaured ihe dtatanoo; care
fuiiy he dlreeted the plactag of the ball,
.,:..i then taklng only two ghort stepa, he
drova lt ?ptnnlng end over end with the
gccuracy of ? nharpshooier f.?r an pretty
a K'.il as ha? been seen ln many a long
Fourth Quarter.
Th. fourth quarter waa aa Uaged with
crimaon tbat bardly a sound was heard
from lha Princetoo ptand Bradlea made
no galn as a atarti rf ao tbat reltoo punt
.,1 to Baker, wl.uvda ? falr catch on
an ?wb gvyard llne. Walter dashed
around ona end for twelve yarda, but lt
went for BothlnB, a^ Prlooeton waa pena>
laod because some of the playera etartad
before tba ball A rushlng play and a for?
ward paas fal|ed< ?""' deWIti punted to
Oardner, wbo waa upeel by I'endkton bc
fore he could take a atep
Blicklej reneWOd the attack for Har?
vard i.y siipping between taekla and uuard
for twelve yarda and .1 Brat down, but
1 .tr,. eton i|Uii Kly ctiei ked further ad
vanca and r*sitoa punted io bak.r. waa
(umllled as he nat tacKled. hinnioii* re
. ,.v r. u th- ball OUt of bounda on his own
IB-yard llne, but Inatead ol puntlng the
Tlgera trled to catch thu Harvard men oft
liieii guai.i i,i ii>iiih a long forward paas
ln thelr own terrltory. Brlckley lnter
cepted th.- ball on rMaoeton'e 10-yard Hnt,
tbua puiting bla team la a good poatUon
Im another acora Afier six yards had
been galned la rushlag m three trles
Brlckley was hurrl.d ln ti.Mng to miiko a
drop ki<ik from ttie taVyard Baa and
DiUtseo, in- MUi fcoiug over lor u touch
back . . ,
Th, Tlgera resilstng tiiai thelr only
ehaaca ,a> ln aome uaexpeeted play, took
ti,. same deeperate chancea of a forward
paaa la thelr OWB terrltory three tlmes,
and three tlmea waa the ball mtercepted.
Twlce Harvard advanded within striking
dlstanci snd twlce Brlckley aalaaed goais
Iroui r.ith.i dilllcuit anglea, but tlie thlrd
tlrm Prineeton pald tbe penaity.
Taklng the ball on the BVyard line when
Hardwick Inteieeptod a wtld forward
paas, the ball waa ruehed rard by yard
aeepsi and deeper Into Prineeton a ter?
rltory. Btreil was called from tba side
ttneo to atrengthen tha defence if poasibie,
and !'? ndleton returned iu the back fleld
ln place of Baker, but Hardwick and
Brli kl. . plunged nnd tore thelr way along
until tha ball nsted only four yarda from.
the COVeted goal llne.
Then th< Tlgera braeed and fought back
wllb tbe eourage for which they are
fetnoua und with a rtospHratlon born al
ni.>st of .i.spair. Three tlmes t'harlle
11,i, kli \ charged Into the llne, but three
tlmea ha araa beld for a aeaat yard. on
the fourth and last play. however. Hard?
wick sl|, cd hls way between tackle and
end and itaggered over the goal llne for
B touchdown. He kicked the goal a mo
iii. nt later. and the BOOre read M to fi.
Says Youngster's Exhibition of
Accuracy in Kicking May
Stand Unequalled.
Veteran Declares Princeton
System Obsolete?Expecta
Yale to Triumph Over
Both Teams.
By Sol Metzger.
[By Telesraph to The Trlhune. 1
fambrldge, Mass.. Nov. 2.-Tn defeatlng
Princeton ln the Stadium to-day Harvard
showed a ?urprtatngty strong defaoee and
an attack whlch. thanks to the goal kiek
ing of Brlckley, proved equal to the re
qulrement.i placed upon lt. Thls lad's
work in thls rcspect was not only the
most brilliant performance of the day. but
It is llkely to stand for many years as the
nnest exhibition of goal kl< king seen upon
any fleld.
It was Brlckley who made possible the
Crimsoti '.lctory, when the stalwart Tlgers
had tWfce beaten baek the attack of the
Crlmeoe at thelr goal llne. by the most
accurate and cleanest of drop klcks, and
it was Brlckley who placed his team ln
the lead bv in. _ns of B goal frotn the fleld
from th* 4T-yard llne when the game was
provtng itself at> even atruggle.
rillWflOB Play^ tt dlaappointlng game
\fter having the advantage upon attack
ir ?,e flrst half the Tlgera '?????*_??
Urely in the aecond period. V, aller. deWltt
an.l even "Hobe.y baker **ere unable
M galfl gronnd against the flerce and con
stantly l.v-reastng defenslv* strength of
the Harvard forwards. On top of this
deWltt and Bluether.thal. who between
them had develope.l. B puntlng gBBM BM
year ago whlch marked a new era. as ra.
a, this feetere of football is coacerned,
Mt their team ln dire straits hy a fun.ble
.???, a fourth down on thelr _-yard i?*.
i oomMnattoo of mleukoe by the two.
and althoagh Harvard dM nol have the
punch Brlckley dlu. _
Krom that tl.ne on Princetona doom
was aealed. as deWltt grew *???<" ^J
?eaker ln bbl punting. and the Tlgera
,..,..lfI,ally found themseives Wlth one
(rl,irter.opUvand Harvard thr?*|poUtt
ln tbe lead. It was a new altuetl.
foi tne mea oa tbe team wbo bave ptoyrf
, J two yeara, and onetooked wlth analety
[Jl, what oouree the m _f??^
would naa m aaJ-lag the parpleglag ?aea.
tlon. , _..-? i
Princeton elected to - fonvard paaa
upon forward pass when tha ball wa-ta
its poaaeaalea near its goal Ua* naaa
after time Andrewa *?* caUed baek b
the falnt hope that hla leog I
[?endleton, whlch had peved the way for
PrlncetOB'a only touchdown. COUld be re
pcated. And even Andrewa fBBed. Hla
rasses aecmad almost B-BOd at the Har?
vard beoka, and one was ooofrooted wlth
the fact that Prlneeton would b.? BBfe
put to escape another score on thi I
of Harvard.
T.ger* in Dire Strait*.
Then Brlckley three tlmi tBUed al
goal* bui linaiiv the Crlmeon team ral
ii.,i and by mtana of a powerful attack,
almcd mostly eutelde of Wnceton'a I >??
1,'s, ealeuJated to t.c tbe weakest polnta
ln the Tiger l!ne, pounded Ita eray for
thlrty yar.is down the ti. id and over tl ?
Tigers' goal it waa raah aeneralenrp|
on the part ,.f Prteeetoa, aad yet II aaay
not le cjuestioned, for the good n
tl_t th* Tlgers were behind. Thelr r'lti
nlnc attack had proved a failur
the\ must needs revert to tbe chance of
a forward pass In thls /one in order to I
have any opportunity Of winning tbe
Herverd'a eleven a_rprleed me ln tiei
atrength of its iine. Pannock. at
guard, and Mltcheeek and Btorer, al
tackie. ?ataag into promlneace by the |
?ort of aggreaatve werh that marka greai
playera Many a time I t-aught Pennock
te.irlng gTBBt holes ln Vrlncetons line
an.i by terrMe faralaa behind the acrbn
BUUra tbrowtaB the Tiger backs for big
leew a Penaoek aurprleed Tugea, whom
I had thought lo be the best guard on
tho Iield. and Storer and Hitchcock. whlle
not gulte so brll'lant. were dogged and i
atttrdy In d.-fendlng thelr own posttlons |
At tha ends there was little to choose I
ex.-ept that Harvard men were better |
ln fllfaaalia work, whereas the Prlncton
ends were handlcapped by reaaon of thelr
obsolete system. Not onlv did the Tlgers
play the waltlng end style, but they dl
gressed from even that weak method by
playlng the end on the slde opimslte to
Harvard*'' formatlon several yards be?
hind his llne of scrimmage. Thls proved
pure folly. and why Harvard did not take
more advantage of such a glarlng weak
neas I fall to understand.
The Princeton team aa a team had
never hc_;d of Rula 7. Section 2. Ifl the
ofTlclal football guide. On Its ktck-off, after
r.ri.kle-'s goal from the fleld. the bail
Creaaed Harvnrd's goal llne, and was not
declared dead. The Harvard baek who
plcked lt up could have walked through
the entlre Princeton team and madq a
touchdown. for every member of that team
stopped running when the ball had croaeed
the goal llne. Sectlon 9, Hule 7. In cover
Ing thls polnt dlstlnctly says: "lf the ball
la not declared dead. the slde defendlng
ths goal may run wlth lt."
Rulaa Poorly Obaarved.
1 notlced a almllar fault in Ptinceton's
play agalnat Dartmouth. but did not make
a note of lt at the time. It waa when
Baker made his re* kick for goal. Sec
tton II, Rule S, dlstlnctly states that
such a klck, provlding It ls not a goal
from the fleld, may be run baek hy th,
oppeetag team. It ls an actual fact that
Harvard-Prineeton Game
Told in a Nutshell
flrsead arnined by ruahlng.
10-1 BBWaa hr rualilog.
Haaasat of nunta.
.\\eraar rilstanre of pilBts.
liuioiiiix l.a.'k punts, In yarda...
forward puaara attempted.
(.rmiiiil galned by forward paesee.
taVeagsd l?al lo forward passee.. .
I <tu ?nl paaaea Incoinpleted.
I'.-i, oi i. . .
(?rouiiH i..?i hy prnaltles.
I iimlilra .
Hall luat h> fiimblra. .....
QSeaad l?at ln fumbles .
PUWsteefl rremered.
Hall lost by forward paase*.
,-Flret Half
Harvard. rrinreten.
' aa
I-hr, nnd Half-n
Harrard. I'rlneeton.
when Raker kicked thla goal the entlra
Prineeton team stood on the llne of arrlm
inage and watched the ball cftiry down
the hVI 1. lt |g snmcwlinl hard to recon
clle these two facts with modern f,,(,t.
ball. And such ft?< ts give one good
grounds for stating that the 1'rinceton
system of aad play Is ob*olete.
I'pon thr other hand, whlle eredit |g
due tc the vlctor. lt must be said in al!
Justlte that CsiaBBOB'a genernlshlp was as
lacklng in the Prineeton game to-diy g|
ln the one of a year ago. At that tiioe
I called attentlon to the fact thnt OarOr
ner could have used a forward pas* an\
of the flve tirnes the Harvard attack
reacbed prlnceton's tt-yard hne, becauaa
the Tigers had a formation which off. re!
nhBolutely no reslstance to a pass BMda
to either side of the fidd Oa the tWS
occasions to-day when Harvard had n,
resort to the *plendld drop kbklng of
Brlckley a touchdown was al.solutely gg
ansured fact had fjardaaw used the sam?
play, as PrtncetOO/a defence provid*d no
means for stopping it, either a year ago
or to-day.
The Tigers massed three of thelr backa
dlrectly behlnd the llne cf acrlmmige
and the fourth quarterb.i.k, Kmmoni-,
was ten yards back of the centre ruBh.
Uolden of<portunltles (Of scorfng touch
downs are sHdom pres.-nt.-ii, and becauaa
Harvard has absolutely refused to notlce
them ln these two blg games with Prinee?
ton I cannot help bellevlng there ts lit?
tle hope of thls Crimson eleven d- f< ltlr.g
Bluethenthal was one man on the Tlger
line w ho rankpd head and ahoulderB abov*
his team niates. This was not die ao
much to his aggressive and splrlted play"
aa to the fact that he kept the other llne
rrfen up to the mark when the tlde turnM
for the Crimson. His value to hls team
as a leader Is greater than as a player,
whereln he ls splendid.
Prineeton Fumblea Costly.
It ls somewhat hard to reconcile th?
play of Harvard's forwards. especlally
the ends and tackles, when down the fleM
under Felton'a high punts. The latter
were as fine as wlll be seen thla scason,
with the prohable exception of Flynn'a,
at Yale, and they were sufflclent'.y high
to give hls team matea all the tlroe In
the world to get down under. Yet, tlms
and agaln PefadletOU, who was pla:.!ng
back ln the rirst half for Prineeton. fum
bled these punts, but had time to rrcover
them and g?t ur.der way before the <rlm
boii tacUera were upon him.
Here the Tigers may be crlticse^. for
thelr plan of uslng one man tn the bJick,
Beld to rec.-ive Felton'a punts. On a eaka
day BUeb a method WOUMf prov* dlsas
trous with arr. other team thSB PrlnCS
ton. yet when tlie Tigers1 eoai bi i saw flt
to place I'endlrton in thlf Bfecarl
itlon to-day a hl'-'h w ind was causing th*
ball to faii almoat aaywaawe. la tha
ond half Prinoton used Baker f<
work, and though he was mucii better hi'
noi evldently Inaptred t!..- Harvard
t down the Beld ?? i pre
rent "Hobej" from maklng ." ? -
taculsr ru - '?; ll" ?
agalnst Dartmouth. And when Baker did
have hls troublea with a punt Bmmons
sppeared and mved the baU foi Pi
ID what would h:i
most crltical sitiatlon.
There Is difficulty la BUmmlni
maln petnta broughl to ttght bj I i
e.uvo tor the reason thal the tWO ?
were aoaaewhat dtseppotntlnj ???
work. Prlnceton'a play, for exampU,
? rought oul w.-akii. BM ?? thal
prising. whereaa the Harvard team. whil<
wlnnteg the game. showed nothma
side nf tbe atrength of Ita Uae upoo de?
fence, the drop and place klckll ?
Brlckley, and the good work. yea, rery
Kood work. of lbMdwich. F-lton. whom
gosstp wouM bava aa an end below the
Bverage, and whom Haaghton must i ?
um i.aoae of hla puntlng ablltty, proved
n stronc defensive player
On the whete, the tackllng of the Har?
vard men was away above that of the
Prineeton playera, Bradlse, eapedally.
Showlng up well In this respect. ln con
Junetlon with hla two tackles and that
ever present left guard, rvnnock. There
was a BOtlCeahte lack of punch in the
work of Harvard. and were it not for
Brlckley the &btteon team would be ln a
snd pMgM for the Yale game.
Mrickley. I must repeat. ls away ahead
of any one as a klcker of goals. He com
bfned two rare quallttea?speed and ae
curacy His two drop kkks were holated
over the crossbars the lnstant the ba'd
waa received. It wlll take a magnlfleent
llne to hairy thls man sufficiently to pre
rent him scorlng from anywhere within
the opposlng 40-yard llne. Haughfm
s< ems to have pounded and hammered
the fact Into rtardner that Brlckley ia a
place klcker of ablllty. and tbat lt la
good polley to make a free catch an*
where within the opposlng team'a terri
Gardner can st least be truBted tn get
away with thls sort of a play, but ln
direetlng an attack where a selectlon of
plays ls concerned. I am very much sfrald
that Harvard ls in crying need of a Quar
terback. Gosslp has lt that the Yale
coachea are llkewlse dissatlstled. If thls
Is true, there ls no further need of worry
g| New IfiTBB tor Cornell cannot possl
bly dlrect a team more poorly than did
i*.ardrier to-day. lt looks llke an eveu
break between Yale and Harvard In thls
Whlle the Prineeton llne seemed atrong
er defensively than offensively. It did not
stand the test like the Harvard forwards
lt ls true thal the Tigers played a dea
parate defensive game when Harvard ad
vaneed the ball ojooa to Ita ?oai Uae, i?ut
the eredit here belongs more to the Prinee?
ton baeks than to the line men. PrB
ton here aacrlflced Its defence for a for?
ward puBB by Baaaaang it.s three bacha
hind the llne of scrimnmKe, M piSVloaat)
Ktated, so that they holateied up ti.e d<
feaOC far above Un normal strenj;tb
As to the outlook for the two gaaast
to follow between the COntendhsg ?!?
tO-day and Yale, I think Yale looks llk
a certain wlnner over the Tigers. T'
Yale attack wlll be bullt around I'lynn.
nnd Just who ia golng to atop I'lynn la
running back punts. unless lt ts IVnfleld.
I canno' Bee. And Flynn will QUtkfefe
deWitt three to two. lf deWitt does a^
poorly aa be did to-day. His work tn
thla reapeet was to me the most disap
polntlng of all, as I had looked upon him
aa a man well above the average ln klck
lng ablllty.
The Yale llne materlal ia the beat l
have aeen at New HAven or elaewhere ln
the last four or flve years, but whether
It can be rounded Into the perfect form
of the old Yale teamB la the o,ueatlon
With a llne of thla power and Flynn. a
whole team ln blmself. in tne backfleld.
Yale ahould defeat I'rlnceton as well aa
Hurvard. To my mind if Vale cannot
wln over these two teams there la some
thlng radaeally wrong with the coachlng
nt New Bavea And my ideae aa to the
nspecthe atrength of each agalnat Yale
are based BO the more favorable parta or
the play of each to-day.

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