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Poor Tackling and Weak De?
fence Give Game to Williams.
Three Long Runs for Touch
downs Overcome Ithacans'
Big Lead in Contest.
[:? Ti legrapb t,, Th? Trlbi
n ?? Nov. 1 The <'"!_i m fo >t
ball team surfer.-d a oruahll |
U of williams on Percy Fleld thla
! .. ? ol -\ te l'1. Poor
aad worae tackling can
. ? i with th.- loaa >.f the
game, for ali of WHHama'a aoorea were
?ade n remarkably long runs, which
frcni hlndrancea after tha Blae
runner had broken through the Cornell
Tlie t ned most auapldoualy for
team, and lt aeemed through
out the flrst period us lf the Red and
Whit- ! layera had dlottnctly "comi
the game entlrely to
a touchdown and a goal from
the half . nded. The
:.. thla polnt waa the
ttieat . ahll I ttralghl foot?
Percy rteld ln many a da>
Betwe. n tha I alvi ^?"lot ba,ld
ttruck up Th.- Bla Red wltb lls
retraln "8ee them marcbtng down to tbe
goal." it aeemed aa if for tbe Brat time
. ,;ne m IW th I
.;i aong wea approprlata and
rittlng. ..wi_.il
I tirst g..t pobaeaalon of the DBli
rced to punt from
llne, after bavtag been
thrown twice for loaee* Captain Bddle
ButiM 1.11. the ball baek to the enemy s
Ine. and then O'Connor and l-'ntz
?Mi afa -i. qulck gelna which carrled
the baii to th< avyard Un* Here Frltt
la the only fumbie of tha
game. hut ( ;' timw WHllama
for a less and received their punt i
fleld. thla t: hraneea were made
.-.! on stiaight footbell aU
aad algbl yarda .??'? a tlm* until 0 ?
was flnally wlthln atriklng d
touchdown with a
In like ma:
at half, Butter occeelonally
maklng good aUempts for Beld geal* the
last one aucceeeful fron ard Un*
When the teama repalred to tha i ta
, the halvea the game was at once
a paaaea ? ? dellghtful
With the score lt 10 tO
ln the air and warm furs ta evidt-n ?
bad much to ba eontented erlth
and a good teain to roprcBOBt them.
Xke ai tond half opened with T i
quarterba.k. and the lo?s of Captain But
ler was at cn.e Mt Kyrich, too. was now
out of the gam* atid the many examples
u apier.did boldlng of the earUer parl of
tely fergotten
ked the Red BB
thlrd quarter araa bardly
a paaa. 1
ball through the left
.: u?e WllUam
?-. mg tha Cornell Unemeh
..nt of the way to elear U wtrt pat
terrltory of Oaraall'a ae<
: seeed Flnn, (XCona
?tor, he dodged his last 0]
d he sped, fuet too feel tai
Hearne. who feUOWi i
forty-flve-yerd rua a i
blow for
te wea left to
Hay, agalB got through the centre of the
llng agaln let
him aUp paat for a aefenty-fOur-yard run
down the middle of the fleld tor a touch?
down to top the Cornell core.
Tboroughly wera out, atarted
t rt quarter of the game wlth the
I te M but wiiiiams's ma chlna waa
h and the Kew Bngtendera sent a
|oa! f. . betweea the poat*
and | Bt-ty-yard run
a torward paae fot tbe Bnal
taliv ol ? ? gam*
The H -*'^:
Wllllam- -.1, Poaitlon. Co.-ntil.l")
vii.h ua. ?
Toung ._.._. OsHyer
Hew?tt .C.J- s ?
Ke-wl c.apt) .R. G. (?,?,_?!!!?
Walker I. r. V!.larn~?h
Rlce . B. E. 01
Utwla .Q B.T,uV',[..
Too-r, .L. H. B.'> < ??'I?'
CrswfoM .H.H B .SWa
Tumer .F. B. . H"'
Touchlr.wr.B -O'OB-BOr. I^wis C2). Walker.
Go_? Ir -.. nt-B t!< i Ml ?el
Htr.1 toi. ?:.' ?-????
-Tl?tor.?',r. of Washington Coll'ge. I mplre
Hlnrk- Uea 1 llnetman -BUley, or
Colg*!* .uarten ol 1" mrnufa earti.
B_*tltut!oni Wllllam* Drlscoll for Crawrora,
gjr, for Hi ? - for Drlscoll. Di
for Bedg* C Turner tor Cli ra,
Crawf'rJ f r Turnei Corael H H Whyte
f'r *ri(2, Keea for Byrtch. Taber for But.cr.
Btnnet for R B. Whyta, Tralaar for laber,
Tater for T: a
Brooklyn "Prep" Beaten by
Bushwick High Eleven.
Although playlng a strong game, the
irooklyn Preparatory Bchool eleven loel
to the Boehwtck High gcheol at Huw
thome Fleld, Brooklyn, yeaterday by a
*cor, of W to o. Th^ Preparatory School
played _gereoatvaly, keeplag Kushwick on
the defeeelve most <>f the tha*
ne-up followa:
Bur.' vlck 10). ?s. B'k'n P
OUltes .U W . .K'-lly
K-m .I. T...McKenns
Uvlagston .UQ. 1
Crilvir .?'". Oavanaugb
'an'".H r'. Walters
S?-hl-_ .B. T. St
Xati . R E .
l/xkt.U n. B.0?a i
V-.ltn .R. H. B. M
f'rt.P. B. . Bannin
lewn?Jewup. '^a! from toae-iowa -
N'-Un. ,;oal from fleld?Nolan Bsfsree- Al
?r. Brooklyn Prep. L'rqplra?P. t'orwln.
Time of qusrter*?Ten. algnt, tea an-.
The Hacklcy School football eleven de
fested the Mohegan Leke teem, ln thelr
annual game at Tarrytown, N. V .
larday, the score being 14 to 0.
Hackley backh aeemed to OTOOM through
the opposing defence with ease, beald?-.s
atoppin*: any offensive work by the Mo*
hegan plungers. Hei??-y rlpi'd the llne
ror I, 12-ysrd Kaln and a touchdown,
whlle Page added the other touchdown oa
a tt-yard run after a completed forward
Pass. Wilson successfuily klcked both
After falllng* to win the chaMiploiinhip
of the Baltusrol Golf c-jub less than a
**eek ago, belna defeated by C. .1. Bulllvan
in the nnal round, Wallace N. Sln'lair
was unsuccesaful again yesterday In his
ouest of the Baltusrol Cup.
Blnclalr waa beaten by Hobert I Marr.
Bv margln n.lng 2 up and 1 to play. In
eddltion to the aweepstakes, arhleh was
WOll by C. V Wh'son wlth g"--fc-7S. I
waa a qiiallfyln round for the Autumn
!n the foi i of a bogey handjeap
Jompetltlon. V b. Hyron was the wlnner,
flnlehlng 12 up.
Commercial Eleven Beaten with
Little Effort.
Brooklyn Team Wofully Weak
in All Departments of
the Game.
De Wltt cilnton. scholastic football
champtoaa ot greater New York in the
n of ifdi. aoored a one-eleed vtctory
over the i 'omm.??retaJ High Bobool aleeea
Bt American LeagUe I'ark yesterday al
ternoen. The score, U to 0, whlle con
vlndng ln ltself, BlVaa no real llne on the
tj of the victorious .lev.ii, nor doea
it fully dlsplay the woful waakneaa, the
total Inabtllty, of tbe Commercial lads to
.. the gaaae aa it shouid i.e played.
a oomUaatlon of drcumstanoea, whleta
inciudcd eeatly fianblaa. a few peaallaa
tions an.i misused opportunltlea without
numtar, in a Baeaauya sxplaln why the
score did not aSHunie g:\atcr pfupoiUoBB,
with the eaeepuon of the closing Bao
ments of the Bjame, when ln sh.er des
perattoa Commercial tonsed caotlon aad
football to the four wlnds in a Wltd
ivor to score, and forced the ball
w. to the ll-yard Uae, Cilnton waa
? r of the situation from whistle to
Physlcally the teams wi re well matched,
,. game was not <>ne minota old
before it was saally seen that Cilnton
Id wm dedsively. The Commercial
team played as though Btrlcken with a
had case of nittles. The llnemen played
high and charged late, with little effort
Bg thdr hnnds. The Cilnton for
were quick to seize their oppor
tunity. Th-- Commercial aecoadary de?
fence, Indeed, was called upon to do mo.->t
of the taekUng, but even their work.
herolc as it was, was not enoush to
the goalward processiona Oflenslvely,
however. the ('ommeicial backa. onley
ted, were i.ractteully WOrtblOSS,
They started slow, ran slower and hit the
line as lf afrald of hurtinK theinselv. a
A fuir Blaed erowd of schoolboys was on
hand, .ind after ti.. Baal whistle blew the
CUntOO lads pranoed around the grldiron
in a Wlld anake dance. Clinton won the
gnd ? ?- t.d t<> defend the south
goal, w.tii a briak wind on their ba< ks
and the Min beatlng IntO the eyes of the
. c.n.in.iciai men. Onley kicked off to
Wm h.er. Hilly Moore rlpped off ten yards
on the iirst play, and that plunge appai
ently took the llght out of tha llrooklyn
t.am. Cilnton marcbed right dowa the
tield. but on the 3-yard line it lost the
ball on downa commercial punted, but
only momentary reeplta *a? galned. The
gl ploughed their way for
Moore and Begemaa alternaUng
with Ollhnore until linaiiy the laat aamad
carried the ball OV? on a tackle around
rlaan n mlasi d the goal.
Thal started the procesaion, and touch?
down followed touchdown in qulck suc
u. Moore. Cbrlstgau, Bbsrpell and
eman -scorlng in turn. Oulmore, djs
ed the b.st all around abiiity of the
game He was Impaaaabk on tne defen
,lve, whlle on tbe attack hla poaition waa
a,open avenue for hla backa when anrat
down was needed, and his plungea on
tackle around playa left nothlng to be de
Tbe Une-up Ibllowi:
1 ;?;?'?
.J*S. .. lAi> k.
*au .Y'a..*.. Hsmbarger
r aloore .r . . .\an
. . ii./Au*
l.e Castio.{? ''.7 ,,.,. .*
i .Jr j>.
taon . ' '".'.. i ?
.V J! .', " . ciuMon
Begeman . ';? {1 ' ' " . (,nley
"'3 i'.......... Woodwortn
. ;? ?
i...i;. ..ii minutes. ___________
Union College Freshmen Bow
to Clever Football Tactics.
Pawllng achooi defeated tbe Iftdoa Col.
nan football team ycterday ln
-:, t The^aon R'lve?
aleven,'ooiafaaedl Iti rtvatt by lt- jarted
,?, .?",., ,ri<k forawticma. aiid aae
1 gro und galnera
1 Tha Une-up followa:
swwrlagfaai ***** l'nlon Fr" hssssb
.'* t x. Liarrow
Daaa .?.'" .'.. . Bmith
Von tternutii. ;? ?. _ janllu,
? .X"X. Uardner
Met>eh .*? '*./ Qarrlaoe
Tol^man ."? '. EeefeT
.X p..'. .. Zlmm.r
Ctarkann .?? l-??_ ' v Venees
Thabnera .iV ii ?. . Nortb
-.;v;; .;;::.;.._?-*?
,",.l.u.h'.own;'"i:prn'?5,.<%M fhalmer^
ofHe?rter^rSrVai; ?wa.v.. teariem
a:.d twelve Bdautea
Military School's Scrubs Beaten
by H. 8. of Commerce Oubs.
Pliylng a brliliant, daahing game
throttghout the aecond half after a
,VI,,c ,..i beglnnlng, the High Behool ei
(.?mm..,,.. eubO Hwept the second team
of tha htontclalf Mllltary Academy off
their feet and won by a score of 20 to 6 at
Hontclalr resterday moming. Kour tlmea
ln tbe tlrst half the Commerce t-ain had
? tbe hal) oa the 5-yard line with B ?rst
' down but each time the cadetB stlff.n.d
and t?eld llke a BtOSM wall. Commerce
leroad the nght all the way, but tbeb
attack abowed a hvah of effeettve raweh
at the crudal moments. Montdair failed
ta make r single first down In the ajBtlra
half but they frac.d at the right time
and tbe half eoded without B score.
Tba ht.e-up toflowa:
ia oo), PoalUoaa m. m. a. Cabatt).
wawth .y .*?. ;.;,;,
?;::;::::::: :t;::::::::::-v.,,s,ie,,n
.fe'o.V.V........... Pratei
r-n,ner .r t... . . Hay
McK'nVy ??:?:::::::& h.?.R^fom
.. ...R. II. ?. Whltnei
,;;a'K,'. .:::.........r. B . t^aanegea
substiiufi-: M'.i."''Blr- -J?leverii' for COBant.
Commerce- Marauiaiil fer Maloner. Btanalauf
., , omateln for Btanalauf, Pennsma
. Duff, ror Pejnaaitooor, i<*
han for Kenrlch, DaM for Ifc-Klnbjy. Napp fw
foi NaPP, Krankli, for
?. McKinley. Fwinch < ar
"'" gtevena Oosla from touchdown-Qulnn
*,v Referee Mr Whltemore. Montclalr 11. X.
Uropln ' M' BrewB, CowaBsrea. Tuaa of <iuar
t.-ia Blghl riilnut.y <*<*._
[,, g hard fought gam- Ihe PeekakUl
lllHUry Academy defeated the Middle
towfl High School, gl l-e,-kskill, N. V..
yaaUrday. by a score of 21 to 12. The
cadetfl ntlllzed the forward pass with
?,',',? effect. and by it two touchdowna
TohnSSS'Th. Peekak.il juilback. WM
the indlvldual star, defeatlnj' tho High
Behool boys single bandtd.
Hanover Eleven Piles Up Big
Score Against Amherst.
Fumbling at Critical Points
Robs the Green of More
? Touchdowns.
' B) Telegreph lo Ti.e Trlboaa i
Hanover, H. H . Nov. 2.?DeBplte the
heavy an,i allppery Beld, Dertmouth cama
bach yeaterday ani nuahed Amherst all
ovei tbe fleld. with the acore II to o in
her favor, the Oreen came baek in the
aecond half ar.,1 'ptlOd up R more. flve
touchdowna by aforey, twe by H ?
and two i,y Whltney, together wlth Bva
goala from tou hdowna bj Eaglehorn,
being reaponalble for tbe core. Though
the Oreen ahowed a preat hnprovei
ln thelr anap, they ahould bave beaten
the Amherat team al leeei ri >. Ha l
thi y held the h.,11 ree time-,.
when they were In th. :ive-yaid llne, th-.
i ore w.niid bave been B potota larK-r.
The (Ji.-en have not tO date mi*tered the
art of holdlnic on to the bnll when they
ne<"d to rooet Ktimbllnp and frequent
p.-naitk-a formed a big faatura of the
A^ a whole. the Dartmouth line nh
I algaa of what they have ln them. There
I *ai a change m the llne that haa not
beea ^cen on the eval ae far thi* >??_'
Together Wlth th>- chanRe. the C.r,-. n
. torwarda poaaeaeed that neceeeery puncb
| .it tha aad of t b r drlva The ba< k ti. Id
I Improved every opportunity to ge for a
and though Helale Hobbe, Am
t'a coecb, claimed he had flve flrat
stiing Ilnemen on tbe bencb, lt rmiFt he
remembered tbel imnnouih'i flrat ptrinic
beel?lei i araa never bt the *ame all al
once. Preojueal mibitlttites ln the Oreen
backfleld weakened h.-r chance ef roiiing
ut, a larger ?
On the klck-off Captain ''onnelly. nf
Amherat, returned the ball flve rarda
They falled te t*ain aft.-r two attempta at
lir.e imaabaa aad aaal MeOay baek to
klck. i.ieweiiyn returned the iunt Bfteen
yards and ran his team down to the
|-yard Un* Then .t waa that WThltney
BpUled a paaa aad Amhersl received a
llfe. It whs not lonK. bOWeVOT, Btttll
Dartmouth punched h. r way baek and
,,, iforey over for tbe Bret touchdewa
After thla the Oreen made tirat downa
aimoat at wiii. and rogiotered :~ BOiata
by the and of the flrst half. The aecond
half waa much the name, Dartmouth
klck'.np the ball mopt of tha ttBM and
?UCCeedlag In maklnK leng Kain.i through
centre and around the end*. Cihee worked
two pretty forward paases for forty and
thlrty yards, reapectlvely
The nensatlon of the a?< ond half was
when Horey ran ahrty yards through a
brokc-n Beld for bla fouith touchdown.
II, had on the play before gOttOO away
for aaventy-Bve yards, but was called
baek. and the OreOB waa p. nali-.d fot
bolding. Whltney and HogOOtt were both
gOOd tor nul.fltantl.il galna at any time.
the latter taklng Whitney's place at left
half and Kiving "P hla end poaltlon to
cui the Haa Captain Hennett and Engle
hom PUt up tha b.nt gamea Knglehorn
fOOght Hke a wlld man and tote up avery
thltiK that came near him. Beaaatt
played a hard, steady game.
The Oreen backers clulm that lf the
Oreen aboW the nght th-y have in them
,,,,v Wlll ba labia to take the acalp of
the CWn-MB. 'l'h'>' *99B the hei f atid
are gettlng anappier every practlce.
Th.' linc-up foilows:
DertmoetbOH l"-e<Hnns. Arrhrr.MO.^
Uogaeti .rS..'..'..'.'.' Whitt.-n
BnglehotT . ( ?.Bhuiiiwsy
Hain.an .(. chainh.-iiin
Olbaae -..k'cY" . UM
u<-ntiett .??_. ? ?.BoeaM
a_t*p .b*? .tiv,?i>y
i-rri-rjj .on'..".. Oaepai
LleweliyB .j? . ? .ronnriiy
Whltney .,y H | ' ,.Warren
?aaey .'.'.'.'.i\n.' .Moiay
__? _mV?m_m Dertmeetb- eabtea aa i "..
,*U 1 ,, .,? M or.. Sfl tackie. Whltnvw.
lor, I'-tt ,",l-111*' ' nntra; <;u-f" n. risht
lett guarii; 11 n"a.'.;H?,.M ant Waruunaker,
???"?! '?U('!b1;. ^rterbsck; H?*sMt. lisr
t\ halfback; Murdock, rlghl
"'???'"' Tl,\,1 t lit.a k. Amhsisi Oui
iiS'^t tacKbV:XMoo^'??,!,. hs.M-.-K.
Beats University of South Da?
kota in Close Fought Contest.
A?? Arbor. Mlch., Nov. 2.-Securlng a
louchdown and goal ln the laat few mln
ut... of Play. Mlchlgan to-day defeated the
? riveralty of aaatta Daaau foothaii
el. ven bv a OOBre of 7 to 6. ln a thrllllng
game-the flrst contest In whlch the two
unlversltles have ever partlcipnted
Held scoreles* In U.e hrst quarter. both
aleveaa played desperat- football In the
BOai i-riod and flnally. Hfter an exchang?
o# panta Houth Dakota aaeared the baii
on Mlchlgan'a 4o-yard line Two forward
paa-es neatly executed nett.-d D-BOtB
more than half the distance. and flheeke
tore through for a touchdown. Before
I-otts could recover Sheeks's erratlc punt
out Mlchlgan players had him blocked.
?noTo <_) ov AwirtLKAN Prxe** A sjooaticw
College and School
Football Games
Harvard defeated Prtacetoe on the grkHroa yerteniay afternoon, an.i for
the first time ln a quarter of a CBBtury the Cl-BflOB WBVad at the maat
bead above the Orangc and Black of Old Naaaau it was a great battle,
BAd a crowd of some 30.000 apectatrs had their deslre. for aptrlted actl ?
aatlated are yet the nnai arblstla aeat tho rival eievens off th<- fleld. Penn?
aylvanla 1. ,-ived another beatlng. thls time at the handa of Penn BUte,
whlle th.- Red BBd Whlte of Cornell wecps ln symprithy. for tha Ithaca boya
wera walloped hy the william!- eleven. AariMrat araa ao match for Dart?
mouth, and th.- -Hig Oreen Team- won wlthout aa effort Tha play of
Bwartbmore and the ladlaaa waa up te the Btandard. but Brown was forced
to tha llmll to down th.- plucky Vermonl team, In th. Weel Wl
made merry at the aspenaa of Cbtcago, "?rai .sent the Haroon llmptag off tbe
field well beaten.
KA_n Alalmni* 7?riilane . ?
.-- a'l'le le I-t'.l State U-Xn lltimpnlilre.. . 0
?wvasd f" .ri',nrrt " . VUglala M. I. :t-lie.,i... k> I
I-rnn State . .. 14?Imn.?
in.ri.noiiiii BB?AeahetBt . a wi.vr.
? ,,,,..? r*?Vrrrimnt . 7 ... ,,,, ?
! . .,,.. , ._viralrila _ ?? Mlnne-ots . I.C?llllnol* . 0
r_S3? _^.i. ;?;::::..it *?*<-?-.?...o-,..? .u
? "'"?" Sio_____-? o (>h o state. It?Taea . a
a, raeass.. . M- ?'"?" ?; ,", ,n.,?n_,i .aa-OtfXMa . 7
5";:.? . LiZZ :. air?v*S .2i_w?h?e,ter,,.?
lute. 7-B??rdn|_ .? ohlehiaaa . ?? K?nn.? . 3
|:rn??rl_er rolj . ?? Vto--e?ter I'oly .. 0 BC"lIOOI. (iAMKS.
iX'ett. ^hu'uV.. ..:.:.'. <?nin,o? .__*-gwaawoa?jol . o
l_f?wite ,v_i|_m|iton ? Tawllnc .?*J?I nl.m I iiI.h .. 0
,"?'?"? .'*__, .". ? ?"??-," .: tl I'eek.klll M. A.. . .2l-MI?l,ilel..? n II ,fl II
_-___?__ T S is_Mhl.lirb.ir, .. 7 ??..- klrjr .U? Mohegun I ake . . 0
Sprlnrflelrl T. I "-j^/TTlj-fe - (om.nrr.e ( ub? 20- MoOtl -Islr M. A. ? ? ?
?I"'-rt i__S_s__ Terh ... 1 Morrt.town . IB OofUweM . 0
tsZoSSto .'.'.'ii I..*--,.. e?iile ... U MBBaaiabeag... , . 7
??.'., ,,i."
Dofeat Prineeton Freshmen on
Soldiers Field.
Idge, tfaaa.. Nov. 2.-Whlle the
Harvard 'var.-ity WBS d. f. Bttng ITIil ?
t,.n wlthlt. tbe amphitheatre. thls after
,,?,? tha Harvard eube wera applylng a
almilar dOBB m the TlgSt Tl al Boldlera"
F., 1,1. the former wlnning by a *core of
14 to 0.
The Crimson bOjn 8<ored thelr IT81
touchdown ln th- tlrat period on a for?
ward paaa from Maban to l.yman AgalB
,n the aecond period a forward i
which RolUna took. Bava McElnlocb a
cbance to carrj the ball ovar tbe llne on
a plunge Med Mahaa trled three fWd
goade, t-'.t bls attempta arent wlde of tlie
goal posta.
HorrorSlW .?.????- "^wwa.
L.man . ? ? .? Bemmatia
Morgan . , ,;. Hr>?lBer
' ' "? .{'.' "???' . Haves
Boucr .. Ua
Aiw iy ." 2. ... [__*a
n . , k "... .- I-inb<-rtoii
?>ll"l?"ll ,..J ,',, . lAW
m Kl' ' k . ,' ! | ...... Pa sa
Mahan .? g. IheB
M'"^Mti'it'ea"!.'.' CuNla fnr j*2p^J*ffi
ror Rolllns. Deaerty f? Cs-ytmartl. *B??''?
Wins Interscholastic Title by
Bcating Mercersburg Eleven.
[Bi Tetegrspk ts Tha Tribaaa 1
Lawreocevtlle. N. J.. Nov l-^wreuee.
vllle won tbe lnterflcholnntlc champion
ahlp here to-day by defeatlng the Btrong
Mercerahurg team by tbe score of II to
7 Lawnnrevllle has gone through her
entire scholastlc aeaaon without defeat.
loslng only the flrst game to the Prinee?
ton fresbmen. la ? Baaaa fttled with Baa
tackllng, Bplcndld klcklng and excellent
running. ihe ov. rw hclni.d M. rctsburg
to-dav for the first time in several yaara.
Bbenh at halfhack played a wonderful
game ? BCtag both touchdowns for hta
team and Leekang BUfsarbry. His aeeond
touchdown ?'tui asade on a long forward
paaa wbJeh earried him over thi goal
Uaptala Cartet kicked goal hleroers
I burgs sole touchdown came lri the second
j quarter an.i was the reault of a long run.
i Hetts. Of I.awrenrevllle. also put up a
. r-at garn<\ breaklng up rlaya, agBBlng
bolM kiiI tackllng with the preclslon of
a ma.'hine.
Poater at end was down under every
pual and seldom mHsed hls man.
Ames aa guarterback during the flrat
,md ga hal? the second, played tlnely an 1
latsWeepted many forward passes. Cnrter.
Btetneera aad Madison also exceiied,
Whlh netCbtT and Hlgb-r were un
e.iualled FOT M? p-ersburg. Provost, Max
field and Ilunt played the best.
I_?wrenreville il.'b I'osltlons. Merocrsnur* <7>.
wSSt .i* ?.Mll>r
ka Lnn .UT. BeUer
,,,.,,, .L-O. Wltberow
, a *r' ..C. Oberle
BtVlnber. .g. O. Maafleld
Vf ?.Q H. Proroel
. .. . U H.B. Ollver
i" .B. II. H. Huni
m.- her".'. : .r. B. Bteeka
-.il.atltntes' liawrencevllle ? Brlmmer tor
Ka-ffmann. Heldes for BUtaberg, liadham tor
HlBler TOUBB tor Amea. W. Franahelm for
Fk i-r I.. Vrsnahetin for BSBton. Ames for
ghml'I'liMf of quarters- PtfteM minutes
each. _
In the laat tacross* game of tbe full
xeaaon of the Crescent Athletic Club. at
mv RldBe, >esterday afternoon, the MeW
Moon playera defeated the twelve from
Btevena Inatltuta by the fcore of 1 ffoala
to 1 The tlrat period of play ended 2-4).
Weight of the Winning Eleven
Brushes Aside Defence.
feiogrBph lo The Tifbeee.] !
Iflddletowa, Conn.. Noi I ?TJelnB
nothlng but stralght footbell, Weele
U ,i Union <>n Aadrue Field
afternoea by tn* aeore of II to l
rteltora auiterad from leek of ari
psrth nl irly ln th- l n<-k fleld, but put up I ,
.i piui !cy f,_riit. ruehlng the Weeleyan
men off their fed in the epenlBfl mln
\it> B Of the* content
I'nion aeored flrat, two good ruaa by
Otlbert brtnglng tbe ball te tbe le-:
loe, from wbebce Dewey a. nt it over j
the goal POel We-l.-vati got th^ jump
on the rlattore'l?i the ae.ond querter,
however, eerrytaa the i>..n th<- i.-ngth ot*
the Beld la the flrol Bve mlnntea, and
flnally pushing fCenan over the line for
the flret touchdowa Bacoa klcked an
easy goal
The second touchdown was aeored only
a few necon.ls before the . looo of the
half. riacon carrylng the ball BCRMBB on
aa end run and agaln klcklng tba goal.
Ivenan BOCUred his necond touchdoam ln
the thlrd period, Ha.-oti klcklng tba goal,
brtnglng the score up to 21 The last
touchdown came ln the fourth p.-rlod,
Laggrea aaaklag a rua af 2'> yarda for
the aeore n.,, on brought the total up
to II h>- Ucklag tha goal,
The llne up follow s:
WeeWyaa <2?> Po* .tion l*ni*n i'
N?',-r?e . I* K. ??
. i. r. arood
ateeb .I. " .
Kpragui .'". i.avi
llern ard . B Q.laekssa
?i .lt "* . l*lrl h
Riintia .it. k . Btoray
Ba ....
Newl ill
Bebetltutlona: a'eaieyan - Plaoioed, Qlaaa,
M ? . i ? B?Hc, I?i
i ai :, >., ., - i. Plsher, il- .
Touebdewna Kenai (21 Ba on, i ??>-r.-n
Ooals from u ichdown Ha oa (4) Ooal
?i. ,i Dewej (Jmphra ?urphi Btewa Bei
eree T"horpe, < 'oluml Is
. ,, in,,i,i i Tln*. qoaiter* ot IS mlnuti ? ?
: Rochester Eleven Outv/ei^hed
and Outplayed Throughout.
[Bj Talaerepb te
gyracuoe, Nov. 2.?The Untveratt) >,f
Recheeter waa defeated by gyraouai .t
tha ttaill"m this afternoon before a crowd
of three thoaaaad pereoaa by b aoon ol
bj io 9, Byraeaae outwelghed the rtaltora
aad outplay.il th> in al all BlBgea oi i -i
gaaae, hat tha ft?al aeore did n.?t Indtcata
t , ooataat lyraeuaa put up agalnat kUch
Igaa b week ?r.o.
Only foi h tfane durlng the third period
leould Roeheeter withstan.i the gyracuae
I attack. ....-tle waa the *t;ir of tbe k.c:iu
j for gyracuao, maKTB turn of Ihe touch
I downs, klcklng four goals and niaktng
I aeveral li and 20 yard runs. Inirlng tba
latter part of the contest nearly all of
' tbe ?yraeaaa subjitltutes were sent in.
I The llne-up follows:
Bna__? ?B) p.,ai-ion*. aaehestsf (0)
S.wi.?ur .U-?|. ''."f
' .1 1K ..-... Bs khaus
i rockmortOB .K. ']. '?' 1',
Probm (captain)...H.T.Belrd
Ksiber .,{ B. 1'",u
, viHlteia .W- lt. ??
CastU.U ?. H. Btsr-y
i? ,U(1- .lt H. B.ForsyUi icaptaln)
smitti.?*. a . Chasere
TuliHiIiisii* -Bmlth. Parber, Csstke tl).
. , . i Rubatltutea; R wheat. i
L*wl* for Balrd; IVi.r.l f..r Lewla: Miller for
n.iir,i Brrscus* Darfey for waltsrs; tw
l.lna f?r Castle; Hhufclt for Woodruff: Mng?ley
for Smlth, lUl?.y for Karher. Mulvey for
Beymoor; Arm?tr<>ng . for Ayllag; ?';pitgotl
for Biowa; Banslsi for Armstrons; HUch ock
for Ihi eknierton; IMgrartn for Probst <"
tl-lalM Itt-feix- Kvan.-c Wlllluin*. 1 ppU*
Wrlght I'olumbla Hssd llneainan Roberts,
Tuft* Time of u,uartera?Fifteen nnnute*.
Moses Out VermGnt Eleven by
Narrow Margin.
Sreen Mountain Team Holds
Twicc for Downs at Criti
cal Points.
, B] , etegr ipb to The Trtbaaa 1
Provi lence, ? iy nosed
.ut a victory over Vermont to-day by the
?.01. .,i i. to v. Th. .. ? ? M' ? ' Jn grld
roB wan ' down to tbe
Inal tx rio: or pl iy, and tn i
? kted a marked aupi rtority ovar the
wbo ahowed rery UI
iew of the gai wll fali
ut , qi weel ' tant
btraight, old fashloned fool
rarled arlth s thlrty-w
.?ft end bj Crowther, tb '' 0.uar
l thal
Brown, tbe team dlspla
lach Of pop and glnger Bt th
when Brown waa within ea?y
itriklng dleUi
? he ball was bul three rarda from ,:-c
.., .,, m ?? held capltal
aowaa ind turned bai k the half
ind bpIi ? * of the Bi
Brown ?? Ul"
,v football tri. .i foui
got away with lt for a >'ir,!s
? trial Of th
ratnlnfi nlneteen yarda tha
ln the
.. ,.,.|. bul bj llne plum
led by l '
? Beld
gwlck'a fuit
to Brown Juet l
ror the end of the first period. ?
Mcond play of th. i.i V
.,,- penallzed back to her -
for holding, snd then lost tha ball on a
furoble, after which lern
., over ln two pla: " n ? u,?
leather Bn>?tb kicked an ?
At this point Brown began to show
some fightlng aplrlt, a
that marked the I ' ' Har"
vard snd follc
vard run around the end to V?
yard llne Tenney, Henrj
tbe opposlng Une for ci
: .]., ball ove , ? rowthei
,i, touchdown. Captaln h failed
i, i La attempt tor a i
(Ui PooM '?""""[:%,
.C T.'.'.Wha
Warfe . ? . . Ii. rry
Kuli .Jf . ? . t
'?' .J.".',. . Salmonl
?'" . . ?,. . i lyna
.: ...
.r i h ....... Osllagher
TaaBsy . .., ,,
.F Ii "
t ? ? Bl I I ' '__
Wisconsin Plavs Straight Foot?
ball and Wina Easily.
Madison, v
,,, ,., K0 ,.,. tl II ' am araa eltminated
,,,?? ,, nrideratton ln the :
laglate conference el umpionsbtp
f,,. rjnlversit) of pfibcoi ?
powerfal atevaa be..lay. W
, re of ? I ?
Th- | _? ?? aaa ona of the moat ap* -
taeuiar evea played bere abound ng ln
torward aaaaea M.
tacklee-back and othi tdrma
U Bucb lacl Chlcai
de. Ided
.I thi powerful drtve oi ihe
WigcoaaiB backa ln ci
Olllette'i abttlty to turn l u Btaroon enda
behlnd effictent Interfei
it Vaa its Ina illlt. <" K-lu l
Chlcago the h
Xbree tlmea the rialtora nert ab ?
..,i,. w/tsconsln'i - ird ? n , ind on toui
otber oooaalnna thej loet the ball on
downs when anoth.. foot would bava
nftdc the fourth dowa fw tbeaa. Wle
conam outchargcd Ita beaeler opponenta
BuUer waa espedallj - <?" Uve a
CoDegevUle, Peaa., Nov. I
punts belped a^eajrUunora ta defeat
LTrslnua here t..-day by the acon ol I
to o. Uralnua team is eompoasd ehlefly oi
oew men. bat from whistle to ehtstli
taey battled bravely to Btava otr defea
at the hunds of tba veteraa BwaithnMii
Twice in the second period I'rsinus hei
Bwarthmora for downa within the Li-yan
line, onlv to have thelr punts blocked BW
n.fail into a Bwarthmora man
handa f*v easy toucbdowna
Penn Yields to State College in
Battle on Gridiron.
Penn Misses Chance to Score
on Irresistible Rushes of
Mercer and Minds.
? ??, The Trtbeaa l
Philadelphla, Nov l?Profltlng by three
? i ? ,i., i tl? ? Be alevea
prevei i I P u lylvanla from acortng, tha
Btate II ? ? V : :
of ii to I A crowd of full)
turned om to aae the battle,
la wh oh P< i aaylvanl i played the
The Btal i aeored two touch
downa, on, in the BCCOnd and the other i"
th.- fourth quarter. In uddition gtate
X tOachdOWn after B
? ---. hut it wai theallowed.
in th<- flrat half Penneytvaata put up such
nderfu) flght that gtate Catlega wa.-*
truehed by I'.nnsyl
. etghty-flve yarda t,. aeventy-eeveal
yarda But in th- Becond half state Col
lege carrled th- hall from .scrimmage Bl
t tal of EbCty-flve >arda to tifteen yardt*
for Pennaylvanla.
Pennaylvanla'a flrat aerieea miHtak*
: period. Mlnds wa*
called upon to punt from hla'13?yard u no.
but tbe forwarda fa'.led to protect him an*
Ht.it-- College blocked the kick. Han-.'-rV
recpverlng it for the visttors <>n th*
?l line. gtate CMlege nt
? i tbe ball across by Un*
plunglng, bnl four yards were al* th*
; heav) Btate O Bage backs could get iuj
two ptungea, bo quarterhack Miller trled;
an end run. Ha was forc< d to eprlntl
, , .:? ,,-r M the Ih M. but he cov-j
ered tblrteen rarda before he was forcedj
i .t ef bounda, B vard from the goal llne^
n.-re Pennaylvanla braoad apleaoidly.
Btajte Collega f-Ued to jrain an lr<h orv
? rat plunge and l->st four yards on a)
fuinblc "ti the r.ext play, but reeovcrcV
From thls polnt Mauthe wenW
,,v.??? tbe Uae la two plunges and th<-nl
klck'-d tho goal.
A f. w nlnutea before thls tally Penn-,
la. had a chance to score. Oet*
tlt,^- tbe ball Bt mldti.M Mercer and Mlnds
,1 it bt Irresistible style to tn?ld.?
'0-y.ird haa Btate braced an-l
ball came ln from the side llnes and!
took lfereer*a plaee, oetensit-ly to try a'
lOal Be made a forward pa?s BB
| but the ball klt the ground and.,
v it on dowwa (Jnco more, ln
fore Btate haa
i. Pennaylvanla ruahed tba ball to
>;ir.i llne, where it was net on
icored lt.s second touchdoun
ly after the fourtii pi rlod opened
I punt, w ilch Mer. er
i not reach As the ball bound.-d tho
Quaker leader jugghd it. and befon he
. over lt Wila ! lt up for
Btate and urri d 11 to the U-yard
before he waa iowt ' Lli ?? plunginc
was BlOW WOrk, and Miller. trled B
tvard . ai over
the ball rlaht undi r M<
leader tackling the B I
than golng Cor thi
_ . ? lown for St tte.
wlth a itlonal forward
Miller to Very. The letter -
i ?.. , Quaker l tcklera and travel ? ?
la, only to have the ; laj
low. ' ' ' "?"
h. f,,r? Miller made the |
made a mu ibow
. ad b n b. II vtd ; - albli
r ut ;
a even chance to a
Tl e llne-up wa:
ala (14). i tlooa ---ta:
>:, . '"
. it..i
1 ?:::::::? -:::::." u
. ;...u h. b.?'?
. -H B.h
? ? ?? i . Maaaae
M th*, \>rv. Ooal* tnm
igtaioa; joori
' r""J ' ?_
VI , ellman for - ?"?, ?
r Mau I ;- '?. "?
TlsM af perieda Twelve "-n
Thorpe, Single Handed, Pilea
Up Big Football Score.
tu> Telegraab to Toe Tribune.1
Bouth liethleh.tn. 1'enn., Nov. 2.?Le?,
high fought a good flght against the foot?
ball eleven of the Beat tooted rariisl?
Indiana to-day, but went down to defeat"
,,. of :)4 to 14 It was Thorpe,
..... Hympte athlete, who vlrtually defeat
high, for he made 2S of the viaitora'
The Indians had BB all-powerful
offence, whlch Leblgh could not fathom
with un-.- degrea of aueeaaa On the other,
hand, Lehtgh'e offence worked with con
Dly at time.?. but her forward
? lb brilliant Paaaetti, who waa
wardtag end. completely be
wildered the ladlaaa by his accurato
throws, nnd BO BCOCed Lehlgh's touch
downa Ba. b time Hahan was on the re
eelvlng ?"d He aaade good both goals.
<>n two other occasiona Lehlgh lookedi
to aeore. but the lnevltable hap
ei'.lng the klckoff lntho
balf behlga waal right down the
Then the Indians rallled and
atopped Lehtga whaa Raaaattl epsayed a
forward paaa Tha alerl Tborpa gathere.1
ill into lus argaa running atid dodg
?? atghty-flve yarda throega the en
tire -ehlgh team for -c teuehdowa. -\satn
l ,.. k>d Lehlgfa pot the Jump on
playa eaaplad wttfe fe
h ... they brought the ball ta
? itne Here -ehlgh I
bed aranl to tha ladlaaa
14] | ?. loaa. H4
.i" r.
. !. ; . Houae*
'" ..' ...
. i'
'" .lt !
?k . B |
.Q B - ??
?; taln?....I. M. ^111. ... I
i: M i
? r. b., ? a
ichdbwaa l v
2 (iuala fi ? '
? - . M.-. *.ffrev
, ., _mb*. k for lt."i?- r a. kerl]
f, r
... ,; . ;,.. ,
I h i*row<U, Rwarthi
L*o*e-llt>, (.'ornell. Head II???
. llavertord. Tlne of ,juartei?-T?el>*
Crowds Hear News of Defeat
and Melt Silently Away.
princeton, N. J , Nov. 2.? Princeton tool>
,almly the defeat of her football team at
, fcmbrfdgo to-day. Nearly everybody that
was left in town turned out to hear the
detatled reports of the game, and there
? v.ts much eiithu.slasrn durlng the Hme tho
Tlgfcra held the had by a score of (J to 3.
In the crowd that stood before the col?
lege newspap*-r ofllce were Preaident Hib
i,. ii and membera of the faeulty, The
Btreeta of I'rlnceton are desert.d to-night.

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