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O'Ccnnor, Finishing in Third
Place. Wins Feature Race at
Belmont Terminal.
Large Crowd Braves November
Blattl f?T Third Day of Ama
teur Meeting?Thrills in
Military Conte3t.
lelte tbe cnill of November. the larg
rowd that aaa yei asea the amatenr
..t Belmont Part TerndneJ was
tcted to the eouraa down in guecna
erday afternoon. The racing. how
, , v.,s not up to the qualltj aet !??
:a- rda and last Wedneaday, bat it
loagb exciteinent and pure en
nl to toeka ihe euttng worth w hil".
L'nfortunatelv the feature race of the
afternoon. the sixth running of the great
United Hunts Streplechase, was a flzzle.
John R. F.-H'a Highbridge. one of the
beat steei'lechaaers that has been de
retoBOd la this part of the country in
lecent years, lost a well earned vlctoo
by fatlure to cover the prepei course, an-l
O'CeaHkOr. owned by W, H. Henry. snd
rldden by E. Klenck. actually the thlrd
horse ecroaa the llne. was declare.l the
winner. because it was the cnly one of
the fleld that ran the proper course.
MISS Chamblet'B Rlce Grain. Hlghbridce.
Robert L_ Oerry'B The Kvader. and
o'Connor started. and aa O'Connor re
fused at the flrst jump, and did not go
over until the fleld was halfway around
tbe course for the first time. hc was
praetlcally out of lt. The Kvader threw
O'Brlen at the second Jump, and that
left the race to Rlce Grain and High?
bridge, The two took the JumpB like a
team. but a\ Pemberton. on Highbridge,
was obvlouBly walting hla time.
On the second round of the course, Rice
Grain waa leadlng down the bhcVstretch
by a length or ao. taklng the jumpa
'easlly. At the gate leadlng to the K>ng
1 course, which was to be followed, both
Iriders ran out and went on over one
^jump of the Bhort course, until called
' back by the patrol Judge.
On the race back to the gate Hlghbrldge
'showed hla worth by closing the gap. and
when flnally headed down the stretch
he led bv ten lengths, flnlshlng well
within hlmaelf. Rlce Grain had to go
back for each of the last two hurdles, and
paased the Judges aecond. Then came a
long walt for O'Connor to ftnish. Uith
the lnst horse across the Judges an
BOUneed that both Highbridge and Rlce
QralB had taken the wrong course even
after being set rlght by the patrol Judge
aad ens-quently O'Connor was declared
the winner. The fact that Mr. Henry had
trled to am O'Connor for $3(0 before the .
,..', k#dsd the Baal oaaustev to the,
i obm dy. _ o..,,,..
, ,,.,., rNUna *9 * s- Van **] :
btoeaht Gold l'late home a winner la tne
l, .,th running of the Hunter's ChampM" .
?>?... ilwhase. flve horses went to the
CharHe Pfizer's Herculoid. Harry j
e', Gold Plate, Peter Hauck Jr. s, j
_ B James Tark's Dttka of Duluth.
Ihe Creentree Stable's Wlnkle-and I
,,,;,, it was a four-mlle chase over |
. roua jumps. lt was a race from the
fall of the flag. ln the last mlle it devel
, ,,i ,nt. a cllnking two-horae affalr.
aith the Bged Herculoid and Gold Plate
Ba the contenders. lf Mr. MorUmer on
Herculoid had not rldden all over the
course he rnlght have made a better race
of lt. As it was. Gold Plate won by four
lengtha tn a drivtng flnish.
Kss?x B. got away at the break and
BaHed over the flrst Jump a coupl? of
lengtha In the van. with the Duke of
Huluth and Herculoid second and third.
Gold Plate got away tadly. and ao did
Winkle. Mr. Van Stade, however, re
covertd and at the aecond Jump waa well
in the running. Essex B. showed the way
to the jump at the half-mile post when he
threw hls rider, Mr. Bamberger, and ran
out through the underbrush in the dlrec
tion of Garden City. The rlder picked
himself up unhurt.
Thla left the fleld clear to Duke of Du?
luth. Herculoid and Gold Plate. and ln
that order they raced for the next two
miles, with Winkle out of it. Then on the
last time around and on the aame Jump
that epelled dlsaster to Eaaex B., Duke
of Duluth, which waa leadlng, fell and
threw Mr. Park heavlly. He scrambled
out of ths way of the other horaes and
got up unharmed. Thereafter Herculoid
and Gold Plate were the lone contendera,
but they made a good race of lt Going
over the Jump Into the stretch the palr
was oa even terma. Gold Plate took the
last Jump hslf a length to the good and
began to draw away. Mr. Mortlmer used
the whlp on Herculoid and Mr. Pflzer'a
hunter reaponded and closed well. but
Gold Plate had a lot left and won eaally
in the last fifty ards.
The eelf-constltuted Judgea ln the atand
though that the appolnted JudgeB had
made a mistake when they declared
FaultlesB the winner of the flrst race.
Charlea R, Flelschman'B Norbitt led for
the flrst mlle and a half. taklng the hur
dle? clearly and showlng plenty of apeed.
Mr YVarner'a Faultleas. rldden by Fred.
Alpers. and Evana Tucker's Speculator,
on which O Helder bad the mount. were
following pretty cloae together for the
greator part of the diatance. Coventry.
the only other entry. was tralllng the
Norbitt "ame down Into the atretch
bnrely ahead of Faultleaa, and with Spec?
ulator close up. In the last quarter Nor?
bitt failed. and the race waB between
Kaultlesa and Speculator. Alpers showed
the best rlding cl the day when he plloted
Kaultless to the front and held her there.
Faultleas won by a noBe, with Speculator
t\> . entenJer and Norbitt thlrd.
To the Btralna of "The Star Spangled
ajanner*' r-lx nllltary mounts cantered on
to tha curse for the Belmont Mllltary
Kandtcap. Hani ah I/Oulse shot out of the
fleld like a Btroah when the breuk came.
The 1-ad Bhe tCO* in the flrM furlong she
At 2P.M.
Brighton Beach
Election Day
Music by 22mlRegf. Hand
Admission 50c?$1 Ahlos Free
never relinqulshed throughout the re
malnder of the two rniles and a quarter
Matabon. the favorlte. ridden by Lleu?
tenant Rockwell, was ln dlmculties from
the start and never got out of the riick
until the last quarter. .when hc (JOOOd
some gr. und. St. Angelo was a gOOd Be?*
ond, while Zagg was third. In rounding
into the baek stretch on the second run
around the course, Lieutenant S. & Pat
ton's Nlght Dress, ridden by Lieutenant
Rambrough, crashed Into a couri-e mark
and threw her rlder. The lleutenant
Jumped to his feet, how. vr, ar.d re
mounting, chased the Held hoirM.
The blggest fleld of the day cane to the
post ln the last race, and ^trar.gely
enough the Ftart was one of the best of
the meetlng. Kight horsea went away at
the Baah of the barrier, with Pblltp st.
venson's Eellweod leading and II. A.
Rourne s I'lun.lara second. It was a mtle
on th" Oet, and v. ? the Mg Held there
was plenty of action. /ellwood kept ln
front at all Btagi?, and Ma Btahteawte,
Plutocrat. after got?g hadly for the flrat
quarter found himself an.i run eecond
around the turn. Norhltt, WMCh had pre
vlously falled. was tba favorlte, hut
.seetned to be tangled up. Zellwoo.l and
Plutocrat thundered into the BtTOtCfa well
ln the van and Hlundara leading the aac*
ond dlvislon roHowed tOB h-t.gths baek. It
looked a.- if lh< tv.-.. Sb-venson horses
would aaOOOBOIh ' iinish, but ln the
last fifty yeMa rldtt, on th outtlde,
came with a ... .' speej and beat
Plutocrat for tl . place. Zellwoocl von b]
four lengths.
The summaries follow;
HANDII AT >?: HaO; for three-year vld* and
upward About tWO BBUee.
Horse snd sge. Wt Jwkey Fln. ?
Ksultle^s. 0 .147 Mr F Alper*.1?
Bpeculator, aged.. .1.*,* O. Heider.l"
Norbttt, 7.138 J. "iark.?J> ;
Coventry. aged..-135 J. Hen.alfo.4
No tlaaa tahea. Hlart good; won In a hard :
drlve Wli.ner. br. ni., by Klngston -Claroenoa, i
owned and tralne.i by Henrs W Wain.-i
Pricea?Faultiee* ? to r>, Bpecalater, ."> to it; j
Norbltt, 3 to 1.
8T_BPLECHA?g of $.*<>0, Inriu.ilnif .-up \;<1
ut-fl at $250; for reglittertd hunter*. AbOUt
fnur mlles over t?,?- rtgulati"n COUTM.
Horse and ag*. \\ t. Jo.-key. Fln.
Gold Platu. 6.I* Mr. Von Stade.I*
Herculold, aged.. 1IW Mr. R . Kortlmi r. Jr.-.""
Wlnkle. 5.168 Mr. App'.eton. 3
Duke of Duluth. ?.1?S8 Mr. J. J'ark.?
E*?ex B.. aged_106 -Mr Raniberger.*
?Fell. No time i-'krn. Start falr, won
handlly. Wlnner. ch. %., by Magnlflcent-An
?oneila. owned ar.d tra.ue.l h> Harry B Page.
(>rP-e*--Gol_ Plate, ti to 6; Herculold, 7 to o;
Wlnkle, 7 to 1.
CHAHE HANDICAP of $1,000 added Abo-it
three rntle* aad an elghth over tbe reguia
tion courae.
Hor?e and sg*. Wt' Jockey. Ha.
Hlghbrldge, 6.1T2 Pemberton . *1
Rlce Graln, 6.148 J. Ryan . *
O'Connor, 5.142 E. Klenek. 3
The Evader. 4....147 T. O'Hri.-n . t
?DUqualMed for golng the wrong cour*e.
t_o?t rlder. No time taken ?art g,>od; won
canterlng. Wlnner (O'Connor), b. g_ hy Stan
hope 11-IIelen O'C , owned by Franela W.
Hargent. Jr.. and trained by Wllllam H Henry
Prlcea Hlghbrldge, 7 to 10; Ric* Cialn, 8 to
I; O'Connor, 8 to 1.
TARY HANDI'AP of $2<>o. for three-year
olde and upward, the property nf the 1 nltej
States government or M Bdb*WB M the
T'nlted gtate* ariny. About two inllea and a
quarter on the flat.
Horse and age. Wt. Jotk- ? r ln.
Hannah Loulee.. 8.M0 rapt. cnwell.V
St. Angelo, aged. .lo6 Meut. I.jman.i"
Zagg aged.K4 I.leut. Rradford-8*
Matabon. aged....l?2 Meut. Rorkwell... .4'?
Ki of Elway. a..ll? Meut. Tate....6'"
Nlght l>re*?. 8... . 130 Meut. Rumbough.. 6
No time taken. Ptart falr; won eailly Wln?
ner ch. m.. bv Yellow Talt-Motto, owned hy
Captain M. A. Elllott and traln.-d \.\ M. Smart
Prlcea?Hannah Ix>ul?e. l> to .'. li Aiigel", 1'.
to 1. Zagg 6 to 1
$160; for three-year-olda and upwarJ. About
one mlle on the flat.
Horse and sge. Wt Jockey. I ln.
Zellwood, 4.l.'>2 Mr. i' Meven*on...1*
Norbltt. aged.ir.s Mr, i: Tacker._"-?
Plutoerat, ?.1W> Mr. W. Wlldey.S'
Rlundara. .'..168 Mr. F Alpera.4?
Travel Elght. 8... 140 Mr. Renwlek .*?'
Killarnev Roge, 4 .IfiO Mr. II 1 u< k< r.?'
Roland Par.iee. 8..142 Mr. J Tu< ker..'
Ch. Hargrave, 5...150 Mr. Ramberg<>r-8
No time taken. Start falr; won ea?ll> WlB
ncr b. g., by Knlght Errant - Frances Hlndoo.
owned bv Phlllp Steven*f.n ar.d trained by
Wllllam H. Henrv. Prlc-e* -ZellwooU. 3 to 1;
Norbltt, 4 to 1; Plutoerat. 3 to l
Thrown from Horse and Badly
Out at Meadow Brook Meet.
l By Telearapb tr, Tha Trlbe
Pfsetnary, Long Isiand, Wov. 1?Thlr?
ty-slx rldera <lf the Meadow BTobl Hunt j
Club held a meet at Red BfMge t*><ai ?
for the flrst time In a number of v. m
W'henev. r the hounds met at Ked ?
Bridge it was areraya a aara ^i^,rn that
there would be a Hplll. To-day proved no j
exeep?en le the mia
H B. Dfler wea thrown from hlH hunt-r
CUttlng n lon\' ga?h arrofH hl?c head. ile
aea taken to B nearhy reHldenc.- and I?r
I>ouls N. Lanebeart, who was surumom-d.
found it neeeeaery to sew up a out three
lnchea long that araa J"?t over tha ayee
Mi Drler Waa taken to hl? home.
I-. S VOB Stad. . who WM the eh.liii
,. , Btroi i i*| ...-, nt Belmont Termlnal
lat'-r in the day, also came a croppOT |U8l
,.. -,,i, I,.., wea not injured aml
tiiiihh.-.i bffore the rldera had left tor
The groiind was noft from reeent rains
and the Held found th:>t hunt rs rfunk to
th* ir anhlea in the ?oft _oin-'.
Many Furs Worn at Third
United Hunts Meeting.
Soeiety waa more .xtensively repro
sented at yc.sterdav'? ih .-.. ai BelBJOnt
I'ark Termlnal than si either of Ihe two
other mnetlngs of the United Hunts Ha.
inc AasOclatlOfl Thls. tOO, ln Bptte Of
the rlval attractlon furnls?ie.l bv tbe blg
football game at CambvMg< between Har?
vard and Prineeton, and tlie coM, windy '
weather The latter had the resuit of |
brlnglng out furs of every deacriptton; ln
la. t, furs \\er< the doinlnant BOte from a
sartorlal point of vf? w. being worn not
only by nearly all the women, but I
by many of the men preei al
Many leapard skln coata an.i civet furs.
were seen and furnjsbed .1 plctureequa
touch of coior to tbe Bpectaele
Aa usual, the racea arere preceded by h ;
number of lunehcon partlea al the Turf
and Fleld club. Among thasa who aa
tertatned gnesta were Hi aad Mr' I
gust Belmont, Mrs. Oltvet W. nnd. Mlaa
Clalra Btod, Mr* Wllliam 11. Parejnbar,
Mr. an.i Mra. .1. Allen Townseiul, who
had with them Misa Vlola and Miss Ad,
line Townsead, who wore short ledpard
skln coata. the former's BaOOS, RobSfl C.
Wlnmlll; Mr. and Mrs. Tbeodore Rosaa
veit, jr.. Mr an.i Mra Bnewdaw A.
lahnestuck. Mr. and Mrs. August Bel?
mont, Jr., Mrs. Kranklln Mott Wamei,
Mrs. Tyler Mor.se. R, Thornton Wilson,
I'.rry Ilelniont, W. I'.uss.-li OraOa Loull
Ilalght, Harry H. Pa?B< Mr. and Mrs. I".
J.. Ountber, Jay Coogan, Mr. and Mrr
i'hlllp Boyer, Harvey B. L-BOew, Mr
Kllse Ladew and Mis- Hllda llolmes.
< >thera present at the raeeo WOTi Mra
Payne Whltaey, Mrs. Edmund Randbiph,
Mr. and Mra. Cortlandt Dlxon Barnes. .Mr.
and Mra. P. <). Beach, Mr. and Mi> W
(joadby I>oew. Mr. arid Mrs. John K.
( owdln, Mra. Adolf LadenbttTg, MIsb Ku
genle M. I_adenburg, Mra. K. Smlth Had
den, Mr. and Mra. Wllliam A. Hazard.
Mrs. Hlchard Stevens. Mra. Thomas iia?t
lngs, Mra. James A. Butden, Miss Mabei
Gerry, Mr. anJ Mrs. Lytttotoa Fox. Mr
and Mra. Harry Vlngut. Mlss Angell. a
Bchuyler Brown. MIps Marle Talb-r. lUB
tlca James W. Herard, liardlncr
Coegan, W. Bt?Bag Coeke, Frank
Hltcbooek, Maurice Barke-Roebe, B. 1
Sklddy von Stade, K. Yn tor LOBW, Judgl I
Frederlc Kernochan, Judge JOaeph B, I
Oorrigan, Altn rl Bugene OeUatla, Aadrew
Miller, Koxhnii P. Keeae, Laoaard Jaeeh,
John B. FoUonohoa, H. K. ivnaiT. Schuy
l.-r I'n.^-.n.-. MMdletOB S Il.irrlll. Halph
N. E1IU and Fr-derick Hrooks.
Mi- Theodore Booeevelt, Jr., was la ?
alrapla lallor made dr.ss uf dark Uae,
wlth a white hat. Sh<- WBM in a party
wltb Mri?. Augoet Belmont, *r.. snd Mra
Beowdetl A. FahneJ.to.-k. Mra. BelflBOnl
, ?r.,\ hlUH tailor made dres* and
i, blacb v-lv-t hat. titnimed wlth ostrh n
f, athera Mra PB?neeeaeh wore a leopard
hkln coat whlch raaehel below the knees. ?
B broWB B?hi and a dark brown velvet
Mra I'ayne Whltney's coatume was ..f
magenta striped s,-rg,-. trtnimed wlth fur.
wlth whlch sh.- wore a velvet hat to
Mlaa LadeahargTa ^wtume anu of taape
? loth. wlth whlch she wor* a chinchilla
stole and a brown velvet hat.
.Mo- Lyttleton Foa wa* ln a strlpe.l
rhlffon broeddoth, Mrt- Hlrd ln I
green broedcloUi and Mtsa ciairo j
Blld Iti ? lallor ma.le BVtl of naw blue.
Mra Phlllp Boyer w..re a hhort seai-{
Bt, B hn.wn .loth sklrt and a black
.?atln hat trlmtne-l with f.athei*
Mrs. .'oiirtlan.lt DtSOB Harnes wore al
long s< ilskin coat and a plcturo hat of j
black i itln, ttimaaed with fur.
Mrs. lalni'n.l Kandolph was tn taupe
cloth trlnu.I wlth fur. and a dark j
brown \<-lvet hat.
Mra 4agaat Behaaal had on a Narfala
it ol iray miataae, a Maa fox scarf and j
a btacl velvet hat
Mlaa Gerry was la plum colored velv.-t. '
sltii a hat to match, an.l Mra. Thomas.
I-Utchcoch Wore a tailor mad?5 suit of dark |
gri aa
Mra v. Ooadby Loew ?a? attired la a
gotdea brown tailor innde sult and a
blacb ?? elvi t hat, trbaaaed aHh feathers.
Thomas Lynch Seeks Interview
with Ban Johnson.
Chltago! Nov. I.-Thomas l.ynch. presi?
dent of tlie Mattoaal Laagaa, was here
to-.la>, aml made efTorta to nee Han
Johnson. president of the American
League, bui *rea aot aacceseful.
Pn Ident Murphy. of the Chlcego we
tlonals returned from his trlp East He
had a ahort interview with Bhortatop
Tink.-r. of th. ChlcagO National*. who la
eager t<> be traded to I'lnclnnatl. but
the nature ot the talk was nol revei
? * aeoaawa ???-..
, >? n*t* BBOOi'
r-'.- ?? j J'J*. ['on. ?,?,,-?
MMILTR ?BANCMi !??? ?'-.?,. AVBMI'B
Octcber 26th, 1918.
tew Tork Trltuns,
?:?w york Clty,
K. Y.
Zt ray Interest you to kr.ow that thls
eonpany aflvertloed a apsctflo car ir. rr.ree Ke* Yorg
nowsrapsr* BB t.-.e aaras day, andi of ihe three, the
gew york Tritur.e, furr.leh*! ua a thlrd rcr* rorllas
than the cthsr two.
Out r.f tha rsrjlta cf tha Trlbune we were
sbla tc ssll thlf car **? l*a CUll prlce.
Bilnr, s ussr Of auteMOblle advertising space
ln a!l the BBtrepolltaa rflw*rar?r* ?e are ln a pcsltlon
to reca?oend the flsw Yrrk -lbune uoed car column,
ar_ conelder lt lndlapsnaaUe ln advertl^lr.g and aelllng
? occnd hand car*.
Your* very truly,
Poerjjaa?-vOtor Csr Oo.
THE TRIBUNE Reachca the Better Clagg?Thoge Who
Can Afford and Do Purchase Automobiles
Election Reforms Urged at New
York Athletic Club.
t . ?..; ; ? bI poi haa bai a almmertag al
the New Vork Athletfta Club for aome
time Tha athletic centtngent wha re-]
sent the Idea >>t turolng the dob Into a
Mg m |gl organlaeuon, ar.- out for d|
i. t prlrnaiiea Thera la a atroag aeatl
tn.-iit ... . i ? 11 ti'ig the Botataatlai
. ommltl ? Ii atead of having it sppe i
by ti. : of governora on Tuea
Thla arould I..- a most iwdlcal ebsnge,
an.i it ia beBeved by theae bbosI aetlva
in thr . hib s Bffslra that it Aould be fol
lowad bj .ni sdmlnlstratloB wblefa would
bnng gl'- at. i proeperltj
it is propeasd to aaaand the oenatitutlon
at a Bpeetal mesllag of tho efctb, bo aa to
pernalt the alactlSB of a nominating .-0111
mlttei-. and lt ls not unlikely that BO
..i 1 meetlng to act upon this wlll be an
nouaced soon.
Another Intereatlng BuggeeUoa wlll !.>?
propoaed, tO thls effect: That ln case a
candidate for o-ftee doea not recelve tbe
majori'y of th.- total number of votea
. .M ln .111 *1 ? tion, he shouid be d. cland
not elected, even thougl there la ao op-.
poaition ticket Tbe board maj sppolnl
aome ona t.. thls ottee, pro tem., snd a
11..\v eleeltoa be beld to rt 11 the vacancy
iiuiiv daya 1 1;?-r the regutar slectloa
Thla would enabla menibera to prevent
tha election of a candidate whom they
might not constder quallned t.. the oflloa
tor which be had been aomlaated, without
having to put ui> an OPPOSlng candidate
Cornell's String of 'Cross-Coun
try Triumphs Broken.
[By Telegraph te Tha Trlbaae.]
Ithaca, n. v., Nov. 2.?The ElarvaroVCor
ii-ii 'eroaa country run held here thla
mornlng reeulted in a narrow victory for
the Crimson team, the score being f>2 to 60,
and Cornell'a long htring of Yroaa-coun
try vIctorleB wae broken.
lt took Captata John Paul Jonefl L'O
minutes 17 aaeonae to cover the course,
which approxlma'ted six miles, finlshlng
43 aeconda In advance of Copcland, Har?
vard. Boyd, of Harvard, followed Cope
l.md about +0 aeconda behlnd the tirst
Crlinaon runner, and the moat exclting
race of the run came when l_.iwl.ss, ol
Harvard, and BfOdt, Of Con.-II, came
down the atralghtaway alope toward the
flntsh, Luwlesa leadlng Brodl by a yard.
The Btruggle was on when the last turn
brotighl the flnlah int<> view. and glanclhg
ov.-r hla ahouldei rrequeatly, the Har?
vard runner counterbalanced every aprtnt
Brodl made, and the flnlah abowed no
appi eciable chai ga ln t be dlstance be?
tween thoee men Carter Bntshod fourth
for Harvard. beating "ut Longneld at the
iavt moment by a balr,
The ruaaera Balehed as followa:
Jones. Cornell; Copeland, Harvard;
Boyd, Harvard; Lawleaa. Harvard: Brod
Cornell; Carter, Harvard; Longnetd, '"r
11,.11, Flnch, Cornell; Cadla, Cornell;
Hi.nkn1.1n. Harvard; MacLure, Harvard;
Bhaw, Cornell; Klngsley, Cornell; Ingte
h.nt. Cornell; Evans, Cornell, and Boyn
ton. Harvard.
By wtnatug hia fourth Bonaaeutlva vtc
tory, I'erdinand PoageaberB, of tha Lle
derkrana Club, oaptured the Brat ptise, in
def.atlllg Wllliam U. rslnll. ln the tinal
jaaaa of tbe amateur bandlcap lal imik
iiue bllllard toanuuaeat, whleh 1 nded at
Daly*a academy, last algbt Tbe aoore
waa ^<J?> to MB
(Jerahell had a leO-point handicap. Pog
genberg, besldea aa av. rage of 11 MT, and
high runs oi Bl and tt, made the high
tournamehl run of Tu.
ln a fa?t game the Montclalr Athletic
Club BOCCer football team met and de?
feated the Rlchmond County team, ln the
tieid club league, b> tha Bcora of I to 0.
Laurie, the aea forward .>f Montclalr.
played a llne game. tn tbe Urst half
Montclalr bad the vls.ltor.-s Bl I to i), which
they followed up with four more polnts,
and woa the game without giving the
Etlchmond boya a look in.
nidamoiiie Towa Csr, itka aew; prtea basad en ;
?< \"1r? re.iutr.,1 <;ir .?;,ri !?? K"f\ lll \V\iorl.
Cbnrcb A Partrt-W Osrsaa, DrajMaray an.i
,',lith st., 4 to 1; p, 111. \?!a tni Mr. Illu. k. Tel. I
simM'ol _
ol'KN AND il.os'KI) ' 'A ItS.
Hl> r l P-TO-DATB BBRVlca
#:;#.', hour. 9^IH)-B*U0 niontlily.
F.perirnrril l lnui. ? >n - Murri?> ilill 18.
Kl.KCiA M B-paaewngec Hudaoni owners
.irtvr. areekU) artanjaeiBenta made; i.._u
per hour. Telephone Hii MetrsBB,
Low and Shippen Beat Smith
and Langlands in Match.
Tn a four-hall pn.fessional match over
the new courae of the .-"omervllle Country
Ctob yeaterdejr Qeorga -oer, of Baltusrol,
and Wllllam ghlppon, the Shlnnecock
Indtan. defeated AJee Smith. of Wykagyi.
and Oeorge Langtanda ol the home club,
by l up an.l '.', to play. The dlstance was
thlrty-.?ljI hffloa It was a hard fought
match all Ihe way until the last few holes
..? the afternoon, when Low and Shippen
Bradoallj drew away,
The wtnaeiB won the flrst hole played
an.l became I up at the thlrd, holdlng thls
adVBBtaga to the turn. Low and Shippen
Hnlehed the mornlng round 1 up.
Qoing tO Ihe U^yard second hole in the
?anglanda laid a nlbliek shot
dead t<> the ptn out ef water ln a bunher,
and w is thua enebled to halvethe hole
Bmltb snd Lanalanda eaaared the match
it the fourth, hut at the tifth I.ow and
Bhlppen be tame 1 up agaln. and held
Ivantaga at the n.-xt, reeehlng the
turn by thal nargln.
n holed a twenty-four-foot put at
the ahort aeventh for a 1 After the
halved tenth Low ran down a put from
the edge <>f th.- eleventb gre?n and aaved
thi hole, nrhtle <?;. the twolftli hf bad an
other good one for a halve. The next three
holea arere th.-n placed to the credit of
Lon and ghlppon. arMch aettled the
Th. COUI ??? had been extended some
?rhet b) reptfdng tlie tees. and It was
fully 9,to yairda long, arhicK, together with
itie ;-,,n groaad, canaad high acorea
Smith'.-- IndlvMnal efforl hl the afternoon
-j. the beet <>f the day, whlle Shlp
pen I i si. The wlnanra had a best bnl!
Of IM for the thirty-six holes. and Smlth's
and Lanfland'a ggvree arere ML The bye
holea arere played out.
The beet bell of the nalrs followre:
I. w and Wllllam Shippen.
MoaaiNa aOVMTD.
oei .'- ? I l s ' * 9 4 to
tettiaa* 9?as si
out... . 4 *l f> * < < ' 8 l-gf ?.
ln. .'. 0 4 R 4 4 4 4 6 41 -7T 1>?
Aie- Sinlth an<1 .ieorge LB.nglands:
on t :t 7 I I ? * O 4-41
| 7 4 I 4 4 4 I 5 41-82
arTBaNOOM aouai)
out. 4 :i ;. i *> ? i 9 i aa
/ictory in 'Cross-Country Run
a Fine Performance.
Worningside Athletic Club Wing
Team Honors in Metro?
politan Fixture.
Arthur Roth. a dlstanee runner of th*
iOhaWB Athl.-th- I'l'ib. of The Bronx,
leaded home a lield of elghty-three run
lers ln qtiest of the junior metropolitan
hamplonship ln the 'cross-country run
leld under the management of the Ama
:eur Athletic t'nlon over the new course'
n Van Cortlandt I'ark ycster.iay.
leading throughout. Roth flnally dashed
iway In the last ipiarter of a mlle, to win
landlly by twenty cards In the fast time
">t 31 mlnutes 37 BQCQB?fc Thomas P.
Bardea, lat.- of the Teakara Young Men'*
I'hrlstlan Assoclatlon. one of the inrll
cldnal starters, Bntahed second. His t!m?
was 31 mlnutes 37 seconds. Sldney Ix-sll,.,
it the Ix>ng laland Athletk Club, sprinted
across the flnlsh In third poslt'oti, fifteen
yarda behind. wlth RuaBBfl Sprin^teen, -)f
the Yonkers Young M-n*a .'hristlan As
Kfciatlon. ln fourth posltlon, flve yards ln
bla wake.
There was keen competltlon for the
It-am honors, which ultlmately went to the
Morningslde Athletlc Club. The Harlem
?lub had a total ef 4K polnts, Its members
Itelng recorded withln the flrst flfteon
plecea The I,ong Island Athletlc club.
eoaapesed aaoetly of poaagatara, carrled
away the second prize wlth a total of BJ
points, a safe distance |n advance of the
Mohawk Athletlc Club, whlch was thlrd
with M points: The Yonkers Young Men's
i'hrlstlan Association. Jrish-Amerteaii
Athletlc Club, Putnam Athletic club and
the Knlghts of St. Antony teams flnlshed
In the order named, whlle the Wear York,
I'astlme and St. George Athletic clubs
also antered full teams, but failed to fln?
lsh flve representatlves.
The fleld was sent off bv James K. 8.1.
IIvan, the secretary-treasurer of the Ama?
teur Athletlc Unkm, who acted as referee. I
Immedlately after the gun shot there was
B scramble for the leading posltlon The
men ran well bunched for the first mlle,
and upon reachlng the mlle and a half
statlon, Martin D. Huy.-man. of the irish
Amerlcan Athletlc Club: Henry KraiBT
nnd Sldney Lrella of the Long Island
Athletic club, and Ruaaell gprtatateon, al
the Yonkers Young llWa CMSttan Asso?
ciation. were closely h-BCBOd, with the re
n.aining fleld strag?ling behind for a
quarter <>f a mlle.
Keaiing the turnlng point of the ?rg\
lap. rtard.-n and Huysman. who were
?tlll together, became forfaaed, nnd '? -i
ten yards whlch permltted Roth. Sprlnt
steen. Kramer. Hughes and Crltd
Ihe New York Athh-tic Club. tO doaa B*
Huyemea. who had a lead of two feet,
wea ci-.cked for the three mtlco m II mta
utes io aecoada Oae huadred rarda aflar
peaatng the flrst Can tep, Krt
Into the lead, but it was a momentary
,,,., ia Reth, H'lysmat. BBd R-ird-n -hot
past him wlth a dollB-OOd spurt.
Then Roth assum.-d the '.-ad. but ?< un
able to shake ofl the determlned Bardea
LoB-B, Spitntsteen. Kiam.-r and H'jys
naa emre traiimg deeely behind.
The summ3ry follow s:
I'os. Nam aa I ? lub >
1 \rthar Roth, Mohaak ?. ' ? '. . ,
Turn F Bardea, anatt* bed.
2 Sldney Leslle. long '-lllI"> A.? '. ; :
|{ ?Jprlnar*'. W?. V. ' k#r* T M '
.1 -Henn Kraner Ung Waad A >
m i, Huysman irlsh kmorii oa ?
4 M. Hurt.ea. Jr.. New York A. '
-O. j. Crltcttey, Kew Tert A. <
B I J. Wlltlama, Mornlr.gslde a. c.
ft R Rlgby. Putnam ft, C.. ?
: -o Nvison, HorolBgaM* * ? . ?': ,.
I t popors. Mehawh a < ? ?
B?O. Glbbotm. He* Tort A.C...
10 C ItcCaao. m rolnesM 9 ? ??? ?
m |- Keller. Kr.ight- ol Bl Int
13 i Kaler, Mon-ngaUe _. C
_F. Rugglero. inalta,-he.l. .. . ' ,' *
-H. Honahan. uiiattached ????????.
13 M MC-USkey. Yonker* *i M ? . A ??
i? .< Maaninc. Mornlnaslde A < ....... ?;*?
-T B NeUon. Irlsh Aiv.rr.-an A. C ???
-J. 3. Reynolds. Irlsh -Ameri.-an A I BB .
15 I. IHlBT ~ Yonkera T. M. <?? A -.? ;*
-K. .lor.lan. Xavler A A. . ??. .
l.i <; Soons. Mori>lng?l?lH A_c ????_??_? gjf
, Donnelly. Irlab Uaori ? a < ... g*
ih M \ Devaney. Irlab American A ?
3 A A Kl.t-n-ond. l-n. teltti _ C. g:W
-.. T Carroll. l.ong Island A. I ??
?1 p Utlson. Mohawk /_ C.. .... . .
? ? i \v I'lant. UMC laland A. C
True Values Low Prlcea
Y..i, don't Bead to p;?y faaey pri.-es for
,,, ,, ., ? .,?i bay aera. Bvery oertkat
? of our ahopa la .1 real bargata
lf yuu ara lookiag tet a B/.od. servlce
,b. car. n wlll pey rea to rfcdt our
.,?.. Every car la fully egslMSd
.. ,,,.,-, ,1 . Bsctly aa repreeented.
Motor & Supply Co.
tuthoriaoa Exchaagi Agta tor Belek Oara
239 West 58th St.
,,,,, ,1,,.i-i oi Broadway.
Ifotii ratS J",,t ov.rhtiiil.il from atem lo
,t.ii. tlie -qulpm.nt on <ara U llk. n.? :
,,?.,' ?,.l??i,i ..f Preste leak. eteek, sh??.a.
tnhea apeedesaeter, wlud.hl.ld. top. ald.
rurtaiaa aad r..h.. All igatsanata on both
,?r? rhe Pallaaaa ?ar has four n.?? Bbsee
?? ii a... ibe paini <>n both rars fsaast be
t.,1,1 from n.iv. Wlll atnnd an.' lna|?eellon
'.,,1 (|,-,>?.nstr?tion vou <?n put tli.m tbraagk.
H 1, cara -an ba hoiight rkeap.Ifaadre^r.
MacNally al laiaajra i.aras;.. Ulth Bt. and
ilh ,\?r? l?o l.lwks from Subwaj.
New Landaulette Bodles $900 to $1200
? ? Vl r MM. I'BERl.Eae and other Styles.
M) i \\l BODlltB. jraso TO $100.
NEW IN8IDE Drlra Bodles. $300.
SOOToorfna Bodles. BM laoma arortb UMl
Jandorf Automobile Co-,
i ,26 to 130 W. 56th tt, '%,'&?*
We bava ..11 h.iud a few f'
of JiSereni makea tbat ara wlll diapoB. of
;.t raduced prlcea to aaska reeea for ibi.i
K'""\\. 1- m.u.i.on. ne w.st Mta ?t.
THOMAS 1909.
? ? n-paaaenger; Ideal for hm-king or pri
vnt," fuii, equlpped; .0*1 13,000; qulck saln
*i_:,' ?n) dtmonatratlon. Aak f?r l.eanan4.
iii,,i.\ Uarage, ii'.ith Bt., tlortia av*.. two
blocks fn>m aubway._
PIERCK-ARROW. leea, Bseen-paaaeaa**
lourlnp a.oe perfeet tl.'-'<?'. Mrs. C,
kl, i.mn. .v> -noy ?t.. east <>f Mertirk
Read, four t.i.x'k* s<>uth of Kultou at.. Ja
icnger; rebullt, retlnlahed, wlll aeii Bl ser
Kiiln i" 'lUl'-U purrlmaer. AMKKU'AN
MAKION s m.i:s ?'?>. ia?fl B'way, New forh.
MAUION-lBtl four pinaena.r touriiiK, fully
equlpped; t>xcellenl coadltiea; *fi"><v amkr
ICAN-MARION HAI.KS CO., istm Broadway.
rH.tt.MERN? 1011 t'ourlng eer. full ?-qulp
m.nt, *....?. .\MKltlc\N M.MIION IALH
CO., 1?imi Broadway, New York.
FOR SALF A Five passenger 1910 Sirty
Horse Pewer Tounng Car, Fully Equipped
This car ls ln beautlful eondltlon;'
will be overliauh'd thoroughly be?
fore dettvery Price. $700.at, a
seven-passenger 1911 wlth tour
Ina; and llmousine bodies?llmou
Blne hody alone c?3t $1,750. In
absolutely flrst-clasH eondltlon.
PHce c-.iinplete $2,000.00.
1,876 Broadway.
tAKV I't^KN.ilK l.nilU ?.IM-*> IM*
loriuM. raaa at all pbicbb. nn
>k araiTB,_
A. (1. SPALDINli and BROS..
Phoae *>t?l <ol. 1873 BBqADaLiT.
Bodies of Quality
Kquipix-il ln mo,l IumixIou* munncr.
Sirll at .MK; ,?f aetiial value.
??-?7 YVe?t Mth it.. New *iork._
Automoblle Work of Every Deteription.
I'ainiiiiK Trlniining. Taps, 81 Ip ' overa
lt. pairs etc. U'in.l Bhlelds, Bumptrs.
\v,.,)dwork Metal ?nd Blaeksmlth w< k
aia^aaa w>?i aua atreet..*?** *?orw.
'Phone* 248C and 54B7 Columbu*
Bodies Stor.,1 t>paii<-d ;,tid_jj_"?i__d__
n..w is iie- tlma te porel aea a ber w? ara
lelllng them ;<t praetic.ilh vour ,,wn tlgure
noKtlv late ?ledel* >',nii. h. ,,n,l make IM ??
iA The, ..r retoullt and fully guarantead
1 .1 . ..i li- pl . ? Vt esl Mn?1 Hi
MILES; COST $5,000, SELL $3,000.
looki IlUt- new ear; has every powible ed'np
uent. inugnet,,, Up, Ae.; four BSW ?[?<>*? ?'?
_r now; two new extra ?hoo aad t'lbe* ??
,11 other extra*; ear muat be ?een te p**v
ireclated; act qufc-kly: ao deaiers. lnqi-'i*'?r
Mr. l.?-.in*W* car. M1NK '.''< OARJ .h. !?-?'
,nd Alexandrr aw 7_lenhone 03- Meiro**
\1 lOMUttll.1. AMI AITO TKLC- l>
JVK8T BIDE Y. M. C A.-tndlvld?tJ res'l
work. Bmall Shop Claases. Truck Vox tion*
uraltlng. 8*nd for booklet. 300 W*?t 6Tth K
Phone TB2Q Col._
UTTaanCa and coU* repeliad; *l*o, '*???..;
KUaranteed _* good u? new JOHN I- hs?s*.?.
.nltlon R.-polra. 1UOJS Uroadway.

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