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Petition Headed by Sheriff Har?
burger Will Be Sent to Pro?
gressive Candidate.
Say Head of State Ticket Was
Chosen by Ungrateful Na?
tional Leader Merely to
Catch Jewish Votes.
Another army of Jews has Jolned in a
petltlon to Oscar _t Straus that he wlth
draw from the race for the governorshlp
in fa\or of William Sulzer. to whom they
say their race owes a great ilebt of gratl
tude. In addltlon the Unlted Independent
Hebrew oeawri-tlon baa aanl letters to afl
Hebrew votera asklng them to support
Sulzer for this rea.-on.
A petition signed l>y a thousand Jewish
rotera, headed by Sberiff Harburger, wlll
ba sent to BttBXf, asklng him to wlth
draWllomthe race, in favor of sulzer, on
tbe ground that Sulzer haa fhovrn himself
tu.be the friend of tba Jews, and there
l.irv eptltled to the support of their votes
The petition WlU set forth that 8uUer
during his long publlc career haa dona
everythtng ba bU power to aid the Jewlefc
race, and has alwaya beoa ready to take
:p their Bgbl w-henevrr he waa InformOd
or learned the Jews were not reoelving
just ccnsWeration.
LaM week a letter was sent to Straus.
signed Bf four presldents of Jewish or
ganlzations. headed by JuIIub Broder, of
tli.-'Kedeiatldn of Russlan Jewa. tho four
organlzatinna repiesenting nearly
tliouaaiKl men. ?.allln_ "Pon the I'rcKi ? ."
sive candidate to wlthdraw In favor of
Buhaer, BhM- Harburger said laat nlght:
? lf th. .Kwisli voters of thls stite do
n..1 east th?ir votee for Mr. Suliei they
wlll fall toehon their appieciatlon for tbe
?efk flOWQ in-thelr behalf by Congreasman
ThO'V-ltef Independent Hebrew Aeao
< iatton. with beadowartera at Ha afl Can
trnl I'ark W.-st. bai Bent a letter to all
.lewl.h votera asklns th<m to caal thelr
\otca for Sulzer on Election Day and to
*)>? 'id tii.- aay In jvorklng far his eleotion.
The b ttar Seelarea latlen was
formed with no alllanc- with any political
orfNggettea am* .boolotaly Wlthout any
.?iation with or promise from Con
greeg-f-h Suls.-r, directly or ladlreetly,
TI... letter gOetJ on;
We have iro hopc of fOB OT reward other
than the satletactlon of knowlng thai wa
innnd to* stanrt by a worthy c-hanipioti
of our de*?Tvtng cHi:s. upon th, Boor ol
ih- national leglslature. Aa chalrman
ot the Forelgn Relatlona Committee ol
the Houae ef Keproeentatlveai he has
ln ihe poBltli n t.. wteld a greater
liitliieiic- lxi b< hidf oi favorable legislation
and advoi icj of .'ewlfch rights in Itusslati
terrltory, than any other member of
Congreaa. The ebrojgatkm of the Ruaalan
treaty la due lo bla peraonal ar.d oftlcial
Reallzing Mr. Bulser'a marvellous popu
latiiv with trr.- Jewleh votera of the state.
because of hies record un<l Influenee ln
their te~bpir. tjit- I'ronresslve party, true
tn its Instlnct of Ingrmtltude, whlch has
ehairaeterlaed the national leader of the
movement, prevailed upon Mr straus to
allow his name to be ?aef fOT M other
purnoea than to catch the Hebrew vote,
wlthout an) apedal clalm to Its favor.
The letter is Btfned by Moms r.oseiithal,
as president of the aaaOCtatlon.
WILL march" for wilson
Combination Rally?Parade To
Be Held To-morrow.
The Wllsori and Marshall I'ollege Men's
League is ta father a demonstration for
ItB eandi'lat '.s. att.-r all. Althuugh vrush
lagly ???ppotnted when c.evaenar WOeon
declded to call off the Wg parade sched
uled for yesterday because of Vlce-l'resi
dent Shermans funeral. the leader6 of tha
league are b'.glhnlng to cheer up ag-ln
wltb the preepeet of ati eld-faahloned
rally to be held to-morrow nlght and to
?xtend from Washington Square t-. ?'o
'.umbns Clrcle
Tt rron't be a parade exactlj, for the
Baarenera or partlerp?nta In the geenen*
?tiutlon will take most of the nlght paoo
ng a glvea polnt. . They wlll form in
fifth avenue. below 11th street. and wh?ia
iii li ready stretch the line up tbe. eve
oue to 2fd 'street and then up Broadway
;o the Clrcle The thlrty banda hlred for
:he parade t-cheduled for yesterday wlll
fnlfll thelr contract:- by banging out
melodles' at dlfferent Intervals along the
patbway Of jubllatlon. Every onOin llne
wlll have a toreh. and red fire wlll dlm
the whlte lU'hts wlotiK the famous thor
The apiix. or whatever it may be called.
of the show will rest in Umgacre Square,
but at freqae?1 Intervals all along the
route. orators will vle with the bands.
shouting from anloaaohflaa Another feat
ure wlll "be the* ef?Mge of the lllumlnated
floats, which wera aJao prepared for yea
terday's parade fhat was to bt
Joseph It. Truesdale and John L de
Baulles, the granil marshals of thls rally
parade, sent about the town last nlght
a motor bu? w|th illurrilnated placards
K.mpletely coverlng Its sides.
Whitridge Says Final "No" to
Westche3ter Trolleymen.
The refusal of Frederlck W. Wbltrldge,
president of the Yonkera Rallroad Com?
pany and tbe Weet Choatot Kloctrlc Kall
vay Company, of Mount Vernon, to slgn
an agreiment wuggested by Mayors Len
non of Yonker9, Flske of Mount Vernon
and Waldorf of New Rochelle, whlch
would have settled peaceably tha dlffl
cultles between the motortnen aud con
ductors and the trollny companlea. led t.?
the bellef ln Vonkers last nlght that the
servlce would be suspended to-day.
The conference of Mr. Whitridge and
the maybrs lasted nearly two houra. Mr.
Whitridge relterated hla posltlon that that
there wa** nothlng to arbltrate; that he
could not make a contract with an unln
corpore.ted aiid Irresponslble body.
The Republlca* National Committee
gave out, tha followlne atatement laat
The slatement haa been made that rall
wav nwll clerka wlll he ?ompelled thls
vear to pay rallroad fares to thelr hornes
from wberpyer .they may happen to be If
they deelre to vote An effort has l ei-n
maile to clrculate thls atatement and to
aive it a pojlitlcal flavor. As a matter of
fact there ta not the sllghlewt foundatlon
for It The followlng letter frorp Tbeo
o. re Ingalls, generai auperlntendent of
the rallway mall aervice, explalnts the
",Vo such order Ib In effect. Clerks were
Klven the sume ptivtlege thla year that
they have always had. that is, they may
uae thelr traimpprtatlon to Ko to their
homae for the ptu-posj- of voting ln the
aame manner as ihey ar? allowed to pro
eeed to their homee between tours of
Candidate Makes Rapid Whirl
of Manhattan and Crosses
Into Brooklyn.
At Academy of Music, Across
Bridge, They Cheer Him for
Hour or More, Led
by Woodruff.
Oflear S. Straus hnd hls flrst evenlng: of
outdoor oaaapalgning last niKht?the cold
efit night of this aut.nnn. The tempera?
ture was ao ehiily that at three or four Of
the far uptown meetlng pttceg only about
two hundred peraona braved tho coM to
atand tn the windy streets whlle the can?
didate dnttverad hls speech. It wnn
cold that Mr. Straus hlmsclf hundled up
an.1 gave merely the outllnes of hli- VlOWa
The candldute flrst apoke from a gayly
covered truck that was anchored ln the
square at Flfth avenue and 110th Btreet.
About the WagOB were crOWdod some four
hundre.i peraona, and II waa with the
utmo*t dlfnculty ihut Mr Btrana*a auto
moblle was able to Bpproach the wagon.
The candidate tatkod f<>r only ten nBUUtOa
before his manager wartted him thal ba
was due at another place.
Then he whtxzed off to another be
flagged wagon Bl Flrpt avenue and liat
atreat, where ba gpoke for flve nilnutes
to a erowd "f BJV4 hundred peraona. who
cheered and gathered about him until the
police reaajrvea formed on ench sldc of
him an.i rnahed hlnu back to hia antoano*
At thnt meeting hr said. ln part:
ir you genUomen want Tammany Hall
to retna.ii in power I must advtae you
nol to tojta for iHe. J would rather a
thousand tlmes ?o down to defeat fiKhtlnK
the battle or th<> people timn to r" ',;
Albanj with elfher a ttarnea wi a Murphy
on my BhoUldera. And 1 want to tefl
you, my audlence. thal |uei ,<s aura aa
the stars ahtne .,n this beautifUl night
thal i am golng t" be tha next Oovernor
ol tMs Bmptre state (Cheeri >
At Btghtfa avenue and IJd stte.t ha re?
celved the greateai greetlng .,f all even?
lng About two thousand peraona wera
crowded around the three big trucka,
leaded with banda and Bpeakera, wl o
had been waltlng for Mr. Straus. it was
so lutc hopever, that he oouM talk to
them only for .1 few mlnutea
,\t Tompklna Bquare Mr. straus met
another enthualaatic audlence. Al
Hamiiton Fiah rark ba waa so preaead
ab'.nt by the peopla thal he ha?l t<> make
a brief apeech from the runnlng boar l
of hls machlne, He was introduced by tha
IV Bruchloff Hls S.war.l I'ark
meeting was also very e>rdhil.
At the Brooklyn Academy of Muslc the
Progreaalvo candidate for Oovernor was j
luced by Controller william A. '
Prendergaet, who euloglaed him al some
length. At tb.at meetlng he was eheered - '
the ebeerlng being led by Tlmothy D.
Woodruff?for an aggregate of an hour
and a half.
Northwestern Ohio Voters
Flocking Back to Taft.
[By Tel< trapM le fhe THamM I
i.'olumbus, ohlo. Nov. 2. ? Hemai kable
strenKth <?f tha followero ot Preetdent
Taft was f.iun.i ln NoiUiweatorn <<hio to
day bj the Tafl permanent prosperity
special traln OBITied Joha Maynard Har
l.-ui .,i! his sp aklng trip from town to
Mr. Harlan landed man) of hls moHt
effectivo blowa In ihe Htate ln his ipeoch
es to-day. Whlte he was bu.?y talking to
tho farmera who gainere.i at every
Btop. the Btate .hairman, Harry >l.
Dougherty, was martlng on the tmin his
worken In tha Beld and recelvlng thelr
ln county after county wben the thlrd
party leadeil had had things almoat
whoily their ov.n way BtOtiOfl came of
!ai*,.- defeetioni from thelr r.ii.k.^ a? Elec
tioa Day eama aearer, unUI la bobm
pia.es they wera In deBspair.
Cheered and fUled with bope and confl
tanoa tha atwaknifl raephed Cotumbua at
hi, oarty hour ti.i> avenlng for tba tinai
raftly <>f tho campnagn, a mn-s of votera
paokod MamerlBl Haii io its capacity to
katen to tiu- argoraentn ? >! Mr. Harlan,
and wUdly applauded ai I'hainnun
Dougherty reoountod the condlttoni that
had i > an uneuvered by his BeM foreea
during tba weak.
"The tlda haa turned. and we are going
to carry th- Btate. I flrraly b< kbeVO," Mr.
Dougherty toM the four thouaand listen
era ai the night meetlng
Mr. lla.'iaiit- Btfohg defenca Of tbe
protectivi t.iriff in the roanufacturlng aiul
Bzportlng terrltory <.r the stat. ims opened
th<- eyes of workm.i, by the tnousands 10
the real dangera that would follow Demo?
eratlc Bncoeaa. Th<- ehange >.f Bentimenl
Bbown by tha reporta of thi n< 11 work
.1. cauaed a dprleton to praaa the iight
still further. nnd Mr. Harlan will addresB
two moro blg BftOOtlngB UI the Btate on
Fifteen Thousand Cheered by
First Avenue Throngs.
There were to be two Bociallet party
paradoa last night but aomebow one of
them never t aai. to paaa About Bfteen
thousand peraona gathered in RtttgOra
S<iuare, ln the lOWOT Baat Side, around f.
o'clock, but nobedy eeemed ta bo bi
authority. and the members of tl.e various
labor organlzations BtOOd BbOUt in clus
ters and seemed to be utterly at B losa
what to do. Flnally a small body of men,
aay flve hundred. detached Itaelf and
BtraKKled o\*-r to 1'nion Square.
The uptown parade came off, accordlng
t,, BOBednle. Urand Marahal John A. Wall
atarted from Mth street and Flrst avenue
with the leadlntr dlvlalon. and all the way
south to VSth street other dlvlBionB
dropped ln, and the throng wtnt down the
Each dlvlalon ln the parade of about
fifteen thousund peffOOna contained several
large wagons, in tvhich were BOatad
women who worked bljf calclum llghts.
The parade ended at t'nion 8c|iiare, where
the march*r? were revlewed by the Bpeak?
Diutier Kue-ts of tlie Hot.i \>therland
Tueeday night wiu be treated to a aovelty
ln the Wai <>f ele. tion return devlees.
Whlle dinner ls being served moving plct
urtrH wlll be anowa for the aniusement ot
the RuestB' and the latest reports from
cttlea and states ln all parts of the coun?
try wlll appear on two large oereena
ereeted ut aftber end of the maln dtntng
Gueets consequenlly wlll not he com
pelled to do more than ralse thelr eyes
from thelr i/lates to know the latest newa
ln the tloBlnar 110111" of the polltical strug
Twenty Speeches in One Day
Accomplished by T.
R.'s Mate.
Oalifornian Introduced as Suc
cessor to Roosevelt in 1916
?Big Crowds Greet
the Speaker.
? Jovernor Hlram Johnson of Oallfomla
s.-t a record yesterday whlch Mlght to
defy the efforts of rival candidat.s fol
tome time to come. In B day which began
at S.30 o'clock in the mornlng and ended
at midnight l.e made twenty apeochao.
Even lf one of these, which oooatetod
mer.-ly of B wave of the hand and a hastv
handahake aa tbe traln moved away, is
ruled out the Piogreaaive candidate f.>r
Vlce-President should still have a COOH
fortaole lead Oa the contenders for hla
record The sunriso meetlng was at Cort
lan.i, the midnight one at Seward I'ark.
J'armers were the chlef eleni'-nt of the
first. breadllneri af the last.
Cortland gets up early. Yesterday it
woke al 5:30 o'clock to the rtialns of
"OttWard, Chrlstlnn BoMler," as played
by a Ptegra?rive arcbeatra Even after
thls awakening ihe audlence was enthnsi
astlc ln its grcetlng of the Californla
QOI ernor.
Followlng the meetlng at Cortland,
which was Itidoors. came a string <>f rcar
platform or atatlon speeches at Oxford,
Norwleb) chenango Pelle, Bldney, 14b
erty, Walton. IflddlgtOWn, <ios! ?
Buffern. The traln ran behlnd i
and ln many placea the crowda had t.<
wait for houra lo get a gllmpae of the can
gt?ata Keverthelea*, there were largtf
aii.lletices nt almost all the storx. AII tlu
croarda except tbe one ,-.t Middletown
wer* frlendly. In that plaee the leige
thrnng irot after Dr. Henjamin Fay.- IIIti .
on.- of the proRressive oratora and be
seemed pleaeed when the traln pul
At Walton I>r. Mllls Intr.C. <-,|
as the man who would aucceed Theodore
Rooaevell as Preaident iti 1114 Th.- Chll
foi nlan let the honoi 11
At several of the meetlnga anow a?aa
faiiing. and the Bpeaker eontented hlm?
sdf with a few sh?>rt aentencea,
"There ere two men between wh< ir the
voters must cbooae," ba aaM- 'XHt the
one hand we havi the man ol naarvelloua
dynatnlc force and anergj . tbe man Wbo,
when he atarta geta there; the man wbo
has the punch und Isn't afr.ii.l t.
I'va heard Theodore Rooaevelt ci I
for uslng the big stlck. but lei me t.-ll you
from my own experience that th<- men
who ln a rlghteoua cauee lea't read
WM a stick or a I luh or any <.'
fectlve weapon lon'l nortb his aalt aa an
ezecuUve. On the other aida we I
man of metaphora, wi..> has tak- n no
definite st.-md on any laaue. it ls * r ) ou
?., | ooee between them on t;.<- Ith of No?
< lovernor Johnson arrtvd rit th>- I.ri.
statlon. In Jersey t'lty, at 7:*0 o'.'lork.
and was Immcdlately hurrl'-d to Men
York. Here his schedule ??? as fol*
lOWa: Flrst avenue at.d 67th street, Flrst
avenue and Htb atreet, Bergen avenue
end ltMh rtreet, Batbgate even
tTTfi i treet, Fifth avenue end 110th Btreel
Tenth avenue and :.7th street, Weat n.? ia
ton and Bedford etroeta, Tompklni
Banare, Hamllton Pleh Park and Beward
Park, AB but one of theae meetlng) nen
out of doors
At the meet.ng at Hth atreet, Oovernor
Jcjinson paid a wnnn trlbute to A
Plnchot, ?ho waa preaent. He *? I
the crowd that th.- Progreaalvi partj
would not oni> win a rtctory in ballota
t.ut a hlgher rtctory ln erywtalhting the
moral aentlmenl <,f the ooontry.
"We're on our toes." be agdalmed,
"and our heads nn- high la tba all
Large gudleaoaa heard his olty sp. echea
Strong Roosevelt Man Works
for Republican Congressman.
Audlev Clarhe, i member .?! th
committee of the National Proa
orgaiiitutlon of Kings .'ounty. has eome
out publlcly for ' '.miTessman William M.
Calder, Republican eandldata in tba Mh
Congreaa i>irtrict Mr Clarka recentlr
preolded at ?? Mg Pi giaagtva maaa me**!
fog at Proepeel Hall, and wns tt
of Oevemec itiram Jobnaen of Californla,
National Frogrcaetve aandldate for v*lee
Prealdent, ? iOa bt made a tour oi Brook<
? -. a few daya ago Te e ane onl foi M
.'alder, he w,.s COmpelled to turn l.i- DO1 ii
Ii . !???.,..... , ffatloaal Pl .
candidate for i otigreea in the ith i trlct
and rlgM kAnd rioii of COUnl I.-.d-t
Tlmetby I. Woo.iruff.
In an open lettaf Mr. I larke says be
Intenda to do all ln hla power to belp
etect coionei Rooeevelt bui believe tbe
weifarc oi all tr..- people would ba I*
eonaerved by the retom ol Mr Caioer
to Coagieea He totedda i<> ask all hla
frlenda ln the Ith Dtetrid 10 vote lor him.
h. writea, be says. nithoul crttlctatng
th? ahlllty or chamcter of .Mr Full.-r or
Hoben II. Roy, the Peaaocratle candi?
date, and add.'-:
At (hla arlgta m governmental afXalri I
believe i am perfectly eonelateni ln my
attitude, and tnai i apeak from my heart
and from my l.i-Ht artadom when 1 say
that your <1< t.-nt al thls time WOUld be ?:
blow to cftli i.-ncy, eameetneae, honesty
and lndependcnce in publlc offlce, a ?.?:-,
eua lo*? to our illhtrlct and to Brooklyn,
an.l a dlecouragement to iii men In publlc
llfe who have tried to do thelr dutf .i
ihey have s?en it i nd BOOOrdlng to their
I aal judgment.
Mr. Calder ls the only Republlcaa Con?
gressman from Hrookiyn al preaent and
he appears to have tl.e l.ost chann
eaaang the Kepuhiican Oengreea oaadl'
datefl of ivlr.nlng thls fall.
Is Now $2,755,000, Against
$20,181,000 a Year Ago.
Washington, Nov. 2. -Large rolarna fioui
custorns dutles and lnternal revenue i..xi-s
in Oetober bave geareaagd tha gaddl of
the federal Treusury for tlie current flscal
year to f$,1o\\A9\ A year ago the detl.lt
was 120.181, OCu.
Totai reeelpta for october reetihad wi.
170.000. an tii;.-rease of IS.ihl.uoo ov.-i OetO<
ber. 19U. Urdinary dlaburaementa for 'h?
n.onth wera 9%mJtA9\ or HlMai greater
th.-.n ln Oetober, lsn.
Custorns reeelpta for the current flscal
>?-;.:- up to November l amounted to ii;?;.
IMjIOI, an lacroaaa ef iMLflMM over tba
aerreapent*4ni pattcd last year, lnternal
revenne reeelpta, amoenUng io HM41Mafc
were liXuu.Ouu greater than th. lirst four
montln of the 1. at flscal year.
The Treaiury began NOVOmber with
(Ma.7M.aiO ln the generai fund, Inciudlng
MfclQ&ON as a worklng belanfie.
Democratic Candidate Devotes
Much of His Speech to
Attacks on Straus.
Declares Every Friend of tho
Czar of Russia Is Hoping
for His Defeat on
Wlllinm Sulzer. nemocrattc. candidate
for Oovernor, WOnt after the .Tcwlsh vote
Igain tooth and nail last night before four
largl aii'llences compnBed almoat exdu
ilvely of Jewa. iie ancountered the first
MM at hla thlrd meeting of the evenlng.
at the I.enox (.'astno, lltth atreet and
Lenoa avenue, where tha Cayttga Crab
nf lanunan) iiaii. m the 3i*t Aaaaanhty
Dlatrict, ggtbered Ulee peopla to boar him
After predlcttng that the Deaaoeratk
nomtnai for Becrotary of state, Mit.h.n
May, who was on the platform, would
carvc oul a oareer ln that ofhea whlcb
would make every Jew In the Btate proud
t.. BcknOWledga blm one of hls race, he
pluaged Into the itory of his abrogatkm
.1 tha Ituaalan treaty of 1832. He. said:
There I* BO man in thla country to-day
whom th ? Cear hataa waraa than he hate*
im.-. i pr< pared th.- reaolutlon to abrogata
ihe treaty; I reported it out of the r.,m
tnlttee on Forelgri Affalra. of which i am
the chalrman, and i paaaed it through tba
Houae of Repreaentatlvea by a vote >>r
:',?? io i Every friend ihe Caar haa u
hoping that i wlll ba defeated on Election
|,,% ,.
one of the randldatea for Covernor
of this state wantcl to arbltrete thla
matter and wrote lettera to th?* newe
t,, that effect My Qod, think of
lt' Arbitrat" when American Uvea ano
American lll.eitles itr- at atako' Before
I'd nrbltrate the ln>. lll i.at Ic r.k'htB <>f OM
american .ittr.-n I.i apend overy dollar
in tha Treaeury and overy drop of bu.od
in .'.tn.-ri Btl ?? elti
Applause of Beveral mlnntea' d sratlon
?reetad tha expraaeJon of thts aantlnient
When lt had dled down a blt an enthuuV
Bstlc youngater In tbe andJence att M <>ff
f.,r anothei two mlnutea by Bkouttng:
"Y..' '
-. two meetlnga of the nighl wera
ged by tne Btnndarda aol on
evenlnga At the Weat End
Caafno, No. BH Weat le'.th ^tr- et, where
ii, Btrived ahortly after | o'dock, ararea
a doien peopla wera oo han.i to >jr?et the
te, and only aboul two hundred
arrtvrd ln time to boar him talk. Emptra
Hall. at UStb stte.t ni.d Etghth avenue,
geva blm a acant threa hundred, l >ugl
it made up t-) a certain oatoat for lt? lack
of numbera by tha eecdtallty of its greet
ITaeamnn floldfoglr was a proml
neni Bgura at this meetlng.
At bOth Of theae gatbettngB Mr. Sulzer
Bl Ml Htra . ? from a
new dln :tlon. Taklng up the Bull Mooaa
., laratlon that the Daane
? r:> \\a>- doiiiin.it. d hy a boaa. he
remarkrd that lf Mr BtraUfl was rlght
the next LaajBatatara ??! tba Btate wouM
? ler tha thaanh >.f b pottttcal maater,
bocaoaa lt woeBd aureiy he DaoBjoeratic
tlge iniijorlt'. Ile contlnurd:
laws of B state bagta In <<ne of ita
branchee, ?". if by any Monderful aerlea
i>l chancea Mr Straus shouid h.- elected
(Jovernor of a partj thal has no l^uis
latun to aaetot blm in keeptng hia prom
a ..in he h.'e|, them'' l|.i? i.\ny
It WOUld ba for a < andtdato Bltiia'ed i*
lli Btraua i? t>. aeeh t.. ride Into power
b) promlslng a lot of reforma and tiien
. - ,;? raeponalbtllty foi faliing io keep
i i- promlaea by expiaihing n.at the flogla
lature aould aol recogniaa him aa ita
and obej bla ordeia
Mi S'l.. ia 1 am <l;aid, ta talklnx With
oul knowlng thi altuatlon, or ho la talk?
ing In tbe bope thal tba people who hear
blm do nol know it if i am elected Gov
rrnor ol thla date, aa l aureiy wlll be. 1
en be held lo aceouni f.?r any fallure io
ke. |, in\ promlsee, and %..u wiu aiwaya
:.11-1 me wllling to take whetover reepon
? ii.iiiiy ls eonung to me
After tho Lenoa Caatno mootlng, the
. ??? rlatted ti.e mh COagreea Dta>
trlet, which nomlnated hhn for Congreaa
before ba reoelved tha govemorahlp aonv
,i atii n Hve hundred men w<r>- waltlng
In tl.Id al AblngdoB Square when hH
automobile errived, after havinit atopped
ek< at a Progreealva rally ln Jaek
?on gquare, foui blocka t<> the north
If I badn't b. ? n nomlnated f..r Gov*
, rn.ii?." Mr, BUlaef told IiIb former BM
BtltUeOte, "I would have gone to my
t-uth coneeeuttva tem la Ckaagreaa from
thla dletrtd Pew anen eerve twenty yeara
ln Bueceeelon In th.- Nutioual l.carisiar re
Mi Btaln thonght so much about hla
?d i>r yeara ta Cangraea that he wrote
a bOOh about It."
The other meotlttga of the evenlng were
at Baal Houeton Bojuare, tba Oraad Mueto
Hall, al Oraad und Orefanrd streets, and
: i No tn Baal Broadway, The oandidata
Will t tel '."->l-i\ and Will make a tour of
j.oii* island to-morrow,
His Message Featiue of Acad?
emy Meeting.
a meaaage from Colonel Rooaevell waa
na.i laat night al a ball Mooaa rally in
tbe Academi >.f Muale, Brooklyn. The
ui. BBBgi was In the form of a Utter te I
Ueutenani Qovarnay Ttmothy L w *>d
i uff. the Kin>{- County leader <>f the Nv
tionni PFOgreaatve pauTty, who openod th.
m. "tltiK. AcCOrdlBjg to tba colonel, he
Bnda it a phyatoal unpoaatblttty t>> keap
the apeaking angagemanta which have
l.e. ii airangda for him tn rarlooa large
cities. and Is .ompelled to do tlie beat he
ran lo fulfll his pnrt by wrltlng,
Controller winiam a. Prandergaat,
Oeuil I Htniis, the partv's (iovrnorflhip
candidate; fttdOlBCh M. Davenport. can
fddata tor ideutenant Oovernor, and n?n
,1'iinln l''Hy Mills, of rallforniu. addreaaed
the Batheting. Tho enfonefa Bseaaagt
in ui. ihe blggeet att la it he said:
i Brtlcularly regret my inabiiity to
eotne to Brooklyn. I feel under pecullar
obllgatlona t>. the aood people of Brook?
lyn ln ihls flRht Brooklyn took the lead
and set the 0008 for the people of the
resl of the state to follow. There has il
ivajs been a hlRh < lvlc standard .n
Brooklyn. and i have aiwaya foit that i
could appeal to the men and wom.n of
Brooklyn with the certalnty that I was
inakinK an appeal lo those whose bellef
ln kood cUlsenahlp waa MomethiiiB rery
i ? il and rery Kenulne.
Through you. 1 icotre to ask them to he
patieal with BBO at thla time and to ac
cept the word for tho deed. it ia not
phyeically jiosslble for nie to addresa
them. as i ao oaroeatly doatred to do.
i tnerefore n?nd them this maoaago of
grertlng, and I ask them to stand with
us iii thls greal eonteet for the rlght of
thi American people to rule iheniBelves.
w?,. ate warring for the overthrow of
boaalam and apeclal prlvllege, iioth ln
publlc and 1n private liie. We are i>n
i|, ,i\ i Ing tO make tblB a ajenulne demoo
ih'\ not nierelv a polltical democrocy,
but an lndustrlal demoi-racy, to eltmlnate
s|.e< lal prlvlleue ln hnatnaaa and ln poll
tlca allke. te eipialire opportunity, and to
iry to get for every man and every wom?
an ln thls broad land the ehanee to live
thfli Uvea usefully and honorahly. und.r
cuidltiona which wlll aeeure happlnesa
,.nd eelf-reepeet to them and t>> thelr chll
i 1 i ? I i,
Even if Elected President, He
Tells Audience at Long
Would Rather Not Have the
Presidency if Both Branches
of National Legislature
Were Not Democratic.
fBy ToWrsph to The Tribune 1
I.ong Pranch, N. J . Nov k?Governor
Wilson toid about flftecn hundred i?
sons In the hyceum here to-nlght that lf
he could Ket the Presidency of the Fnlted
Stat.-s and have his choice he would not
take It unb-ss the two Houses of Congreaa
were Democratlc also. He sald that he
had a wllltagBOea and longlng to Borve
the p.-opl.-, aitd h. sald that lt was enoogb
to hreak a man's heart to get only part
of the meana to do ^o.
"lt I knew I could myself galn the
rtOOhlmil*. provided I would take !t
wlthout the support of the two houses
and have ny cbOlce ln tbe mattor. 1
would decllne to take it," he said. "lt
would be, no doubt, a very coneplcuous
plaea to oocupy, but it wouhi ba despe
rately lonely, and not only that. but lt
would put n man In a posltlon whl a
ougbl to breah a man's heart, if anythlng
wlll the posltlon of knowlng what OUght
to be done for the people of the Unlted
States and longlng to do it, and bei l
ahsolutely powetless to accompllsh lt.
"i cannot Imagina anythlng tbnt wogld
near the heart Of a man more than that.
i.f peelng epeetnl lateroeta Btm further
Intrenched la that nHJmate stronghoid of
th.iis. of aeebig every impulee of tbe
people of the (nite.l Ktates balk-d and
defeatfd because th.-re was one part ef
their own Koverinr.nl whnh was wlth?
held from them. I do not know what I
mlght be tempted to say If I nera ln a
posltlon like that. and 1 am of the ...n
: lenl eapectatton that the people of New
j.-.-. .ihd the people of a number of
other rtatea that i mlght mentlon are
1,'olrig to see to It that In the next Henate
,,f tha Unlted sthtes there ls .-.
I >. im... ratlC majorlty."
atrong Intlaaatlen that u he an
ed Preaident he arould rontimie to m
,ih Oovernor ><t New Jeraey nntll M
irere alao glven by Mr. Wllaon when, In
apeaklng for the Aaaembly eandblale In
Ifonmouth County, be aaid the w-.rk ..f
refonn In Ni ? Jeraey nnd not <? t b* a
completed, and be nanted a Democratlc
Leglalatore to aid hitn ln eaiTylag ?-it
bla p'oKiHinm^.
Darkneas in Senate. He Says.
Oovernor Wllaon bbM thal the Benab
Plnanee Committee flgef tba tarlff ached
?ecrel sesaion.
"floma <>f ti.,- committee rooms ->f the
,r- bermetieally aaaled an.l an
gnpervtoua to tba Ugbt," he said. "and
Ona of t'ie plae.s that ls least pervloiiB t>;
tl.e light Is that part of tbe Henate <om
mtttee room nbleb contalna the inslde in
fonnatlon u|>on whlch tarlff achedules ar?j
The tarlff, Oovernor WHson asserted.
whs re_pon<-.ble for the high coet of Uv?
lng. He Bald that It BOrvad to make
proflta for k few and that tbe man who
,1?I the work got practicalty nothlng out
el it. He ortnctaMd Th.-odore Rooaevelt,
altbowgb i.ot mendonlng bbi name, for
his plan to drlv.? more ef the protltF Ir.'o
the irorktagBaan*! pay aavalapa Ha said
thal lt was sitnply a rans of eharlng the
?polla "nd that the consumer was fiie one
who baa to ao?er.
Man in Car Drowned and Girl
Companion Saved.
BoUttd Hrook, N J. Nov. '.' C I
jnrol. of No. '.")'-' Kiverside Drlve, NeW
Vork Clty, naa drowned thla afternoon.
wh-.i an entomoWle nbicb be was driv
lag wenl through a aaaall bridge on itari
i?? avenue. near Union avenue with
lecofa in th.- ear, nbleb was a aaaall bne,
was a yOttng woman, nhO is said to be
Miss PaeaiB M-Nelll, of Momervllle. Hhe
was also thrown into the water when
ihe bridge craebed in, but ahe managed
io k< t aahora
The aitomobtle barled Jacob heneatn
it and by the time It was removed from
him h* had been drowned. Tbe BOdg
was removod to a furnihou.e near bv,
where goetarg worke.1 over It. Then lt
was laken to an undertaklng establlsh
ment here. .1
Tbe a.>Ident occurred just across the
llne in Mlddleee* Cbunty. The bridge is
i small one used diiiiy by bundreda of
tutomobillata on thelr way ttoin this
nlne tn N.w Brunaaich lt ls belleved
ihmi a beavj traek, whi.-n nenl over the
bridge a Bhort whlle befora Jaeowa ear,
weakened ihe bridge, and as the auto
mobtlf Waa croBMlng lt the bridge.
eaved ln
MIsb McNelll. after seelng that the
iM,d> ot Jacob wa* taken in ehanga by
nn undertaker, sent #w,rd to his rela
tlves ln Manhattan and then went to her
tioine. _
_ e
Wilson iBSues Statement Regarding
One of Three Ohoicea.
The fo'.lowlng .tatement bf Covcrnoi
rVOOdron WHson, Democratlc cyndldate
for th." PreatdeW y. naa IssueC yesterday
throogh ihe aeadguartera of the uemo
?ratlc National Committee:
Tbe iBBUe ls now i learly made up, nnd
lOea t" th'' people. I, for one, do ROt
loubt the verdict. The voters must take
,1., or another of three ohptoee:
Kirst -Intruat the government to tha
regular Hepubllcan party agaln, whlch
nlways t.egins a eampalgn with promises
jt action, and then always. at tha end,
Jriiws baek and WHrns against chanae.
Ireadlng to attempl anythlng at eli, foi
rear It should not aatlan those who con?
trol eredlt and who it has so long per
rnltted to a< t as trustees for the people
n every mattei of pollcy.
Becond- Place the guldatice of their af
falrs In the handa of men who ar.- ?eareh*
Ing about for BOme new way lii which to
lierform old dutlea, all along pluln and lm
l.eratlve, whlch can casily be p.-rformeil
RttbOUt the Invetitloii of n.-w methodf,
?or example, wlthout ahlftlng th. wholo
rnergy and Initlattv,- of the law to the
executtve i.ranch of the govei?meut
Third-.;o forward, wlthout pootpone
menl or axperlmenl <>r confuaion, to ef?
fect the reforms whl<h the whole coun?
try walts for, and whlch all parties pro
fess to belleve neceaaary, through the in
itrumentiillty of a great rstabllshed and
undlvided party. clear and exnlleit aa to
Its purposes, wllltng to effect them by
the ordlnaiy procss of legislatlon; wlll
Ing to be guided by tlu- common counael
it th.- natlon as a arbole, the pbiln people
with the rest. regardful of every Interest,
the little as well as the big, because con
fteoted With every Interest by sympathy
nnd . omprehenslon, and BOOeriy deter
mln.-d to obe> the volc?- of thouglittul
men everywhere by a C_refully conslder?d
r'ours?? of moilerate yet courageous re
form. The mer. ariga statement of the
L-holces ls a predlction. We shall trust
.iirs'.'.yes and let the jlttle Kroups of dls
roverera who woutrt. nave uh vest our
powera ln them learn. In thelr turn, and
nt thelr lelsure, to trust us alao.
( nntlnued from flrat pare.
Iltical meetlng, aa lt was the occaslon |
of the formal optnlng by the club of ,
its bandaome new quar'.era, to which
lt has moved from No. 2:507 Broadway,
where lt had been for the la.st fifteen
Mr. Medges was welcomed and Intro?
duced by the. presldent of the club,
Oaafajg K. Belderhaf^, whose aygfdjB
were drowned ln an uproar of applause
for HedgcH. He BBOlM ^nformally,
standing In the mldst of members as
they packed about him.
Good News from Upstate.
"I wlsh you a welcom*. to-nlght ln
your new home," he said, "and bring
you good tldings. I have just. returned
from a tour upstate, nnd I can assure
you the voters up there are foJnfl to
give a good account of themselves.
There were many who when they flrst
went Into the Progresslve movement
did not reallze that it was to be used
simpiy to axtarmtnata the Republican
party. They reallze that now. and
are turnlng back, for they do not want
the party to he extermlnated.
"There ia golng to be a great ChadgO
In the rural Demoeratlc vote, because
the upatate Democrats don't baHova
that Tammany Hall represents Democ
ra^y. Tammany doesn't want me to
DO Oovernor of the state because I
won't do lt any good when 1 get to Al
From the West Side Republlcan Club
ba daahod to the Unloa BenuMlcaa
Club, ln Harlem Terrace, where he
Waa greeted by a brass hand and a
hall full of yelling enthusiasts. He
told his hcarers here, as well. of the
arai <? of awakening on the part of
the voters to the vltal Importance of
thd l .mpalgn and fhe ronridem ??? in
Republlcan success that was Bweeptng
through the ptate a? the fact of the
election *waa bccomlng an lmniinent
"I want you to see that ihe next
f.? gislature, tOO, is Republican," he
said In closing, a sentlment that
brought fjorth b roar of abaara which
proved that if tha voters there could
baVO their way his wish wouid be ful
.\t CofBaaonweaith Haii. his next
gtopplng place. he got the bigg.st aiul
QOlaieet receptlon yet and found the
pla<?? packed to the Bkyttghtg with hl.s
a.lir.ir.-rs. Throughout hls twenty
niinute speech hlfl facile mood was at
its beat, alternatlng between qulet
a.-riousness and tlashing bUJDOr, that
compelled thougbtfulnaaa at tha same
time it brought buujrba, booauao of Ita
philoHophlcal prcsentatlon of tha facts
Of the campaign.
Frequent Bursts of Applauae.
His hearers showed by freouent out
breukB Of upplaus^ and eries of en
< ouragement that thev felt Ihelr par
tisanshlp for him wns puCOd just
where they wantad lt to stay and that
they were not a hit dlsappo?nte,1 m
"A receptlon like this makes a n.an
forgOt that he ls tire.i." he said. when
tha ten-mlnute ovatJoo that a^eeted
him BubBfdad BUhlckeBtty tor him to
"1 am BUfBciontly human and frank
10 say that it pleasee me. In thla cun
pnlgn i have ondaaTorad to aatabliah
the pracedant that it is not urtdlgnlflod
an.i Impropar for a tnan to say that lie
wanfa high ochbe.
"FTom the Hrst 1 went diroctly be?
fore the people on that hasls. I think
1 have made a better contrlbution to
thg 'i.i ??. t primary movement than men
Who Blmpty theorize about It. lf men
gel oul and frankly and falrly BBOOli
their deatre for oflee it wlll raise the
entire level of servire to the state.
"I want to sny rljrht here that I wlll
not po into OffiOO trammelled by any
I r.mils.H. although i have had plenty
ajf opportunity to ohtain support ln .'X
Changa for promlses. Rut I have not
made any promlses, because no ques?
tion ever omes up ln the same rnanner
when it comes to aetual executlve de?
cision as it ls preeented during a cam
Hls next receptlon. at the Terrace
Lyoourn, at No 20? Baat Broadwajr,
was the most spettacular of the even
Ing, He found waltlng outHlde the hall
for him g great OVOrfaOW erowd. who
BroetOd him with a Volley Of ydls. and
his appearance was signaiized by a
flare of red flre.
Starts for Coopar Union.
The hall was Jammed to Ita utmost
rapaiiiy of more than flve hundred
people, who were with him from the
llr.it word until the last. when he J
A Bottle a Day
1VIII Keep
Old Age Away
Lives Long and Well
Thore's a store of wealth and more of
health ln every drop you drink.
Order supply for r.ome iim<- Orooen B [><.a'.?r?.
hastened away to appear at the maln
event on his evcning's programme, at
the Cooper I'nlon mass meetlng.
Whlle waitlng for the appearance of *
Hedgea at the Cooper ITnion mass
meeting, at whlch a great CTOWd began
to gather as early as 6:90 oVIo.k, to
Itand ln Ibe COM In a long line for an '
hour before the doors were opened, the
voters were addressed by former Sen?
ator Cbauncey ML Depew. Senator
Elihu Root was to preside, but was ab
aent to attend Vlce rrealdent sher
man'a funeral. Mr. Depew paid a
touchlng tribiite to the dead Vlce-'
PTeetdenfa memory' that founii a re
sponsive chord in the hearts of the au
Mr. Depew also spoke of Colonel
ItOOeevelt/a bnlting from the Republl
can party, deolarlng that the only rea
son was that Taft had received th*
After five minut"8 of tumtilt, In
whl.h the audlence which packed the
.-.iiditorltim and two brans banda vled
with each other ln creatlng a racket,
Mr Hedges succeeded in maklng him?
self heard
His opening remarka were charac- '
teriatlc and had drawn half a dozen
laughs from the audlence when a man
aeated near the centre of the hall arose
and Btated loti'lly that he would like
to aak :i few Queatlona.
Many peraona in th*> audlence hlssed
and admonlebed the ushere to "throw
him out." Mr. Hedges, however, ralaed
Ibla hand and asked him to proceed.
Two Queationa Anawered.
The first questlon is, Don't you owe
your nomination to Mr. Barnes" Th?
BOCOnd, What will you do lf you flnd ,
an incompetent city o-ktel? fnn you
do what Charles B. HugbeO did, rc
movw him, or, like Cummissioner
Waldo and Mayor Uaynor ln thls city,
wlll you Btt down and orack jokes?"
Ttie temper c.f the audtanoa was
against questions. but Mr. Hedges sig
I nailt-d I'or sihrne and, statlng that _g
1 was gla<l the questions had been asked
and were of a nature that any
might ask if they were serlously
meant, roplled to both.
"I owe my nomination to nobody."
he declar.d, "but to the majorlty of the
delegutos at the Republican oonven
tion at Syracuse. and l am as fr- e
from peraonal obllggtfon to any Indl
Vldual M anj man that walks tne
In reply to the second questlon he
aald, in part;
"If, when I beoome Oovernor. tbe
laws that 1 am charged with the en
forcee-ent Of are not being anforced,
aml human llfe ln the City of New
\..rk, for instanve, is in Jeoiardy. I
will remove anybody charged with tbe
non-enforcement of those laws.
?And anawering you in the ,ame
spint Of good faith that I assume you
askci tbe queetlo-, I want to tell you
that there will be no slngle r.fflclal art
I will perform for the purpose of cre?
atlng ifl effci't upon the publt<* mind,
nnd n ithlng iO serious that 1 wlll dodge
to dodge the publlc mind."
Bltber these replles gave satisfactlo:
or the man d-emed It unwlse to prees
the .peaker further. for many ln th*
audlence were expreaetng a destre te
have him thrown out?and Mr. Hedges
concluded his addreaa untnterrupted
Plans Final Whirlwind Tour of
Manhattan and The Bronx.
Job K. Hedges, Republican candidate
f.,i Oovernor, wlll speak right up to th*.
opening Of Klcctlon Day. He will close
his eampalgn to-morrow nlght with a
vihirlwlnd tour through Manhattan and
The Broas,
To-morrow mornlng Mr. Hedges wlll
Ko up tO Klahklll. where he wlll sr^*
at nooii He will speak at Klngston !?
tbe afternoon al * o'eloek.
In tlie evening he ls booked to spea*
?it a great open alr meeting at Ablngd"n
Square In Greennrtch Vitlage. an.l al"?
nt the' following placea: Old Voung
Men'a Christian Aasoctation Bulbling.
215th street and Whlte Plalna avenue,
McKinley Bquare. l^ath street ?nd Hos
t,.n Road; Camp Taft. No UO Kaat HVh
I'uiinan s Hall. 1'rospeet evenu*.
near Weatcneeter avenue. and Camp
Hedges. 140th street and Wtllls avenue
* <fifth>lcenue *Q
?Importing, ? MarMactartng
The quality as well as the style of
our Furs assure complete satisfac
tion?only the most carefully se
lected skins and the finest work
manship are used.
384 <3=i{thAv&w
Between 35th and 36th Sta. Tel. 2044 Ureeley

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