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But Not Radical
New York'i Only
Republican Paper
Y*u LXXII..X? 94,005. Ts,r 1od*T ?Bt.prmSb,T m"morrow NEW-Y<IBK, M<INIIA V, NO VEMBEB I, 11)11'.?18 I'Adil.S.
Applies to Povvers to Arrange
a Cessatlon of Hostilitics
and Negotiate a
One Warship of Each of the
Oreat Nations of Europe
to Penetrate the Dar
danelles to Con
-jftttre Chnstians in Otroman Capital
Btid To Be in Greater Danger
of Masgacre by Infuri
ited Mob Than
Conatantinople Nov. 8, K>:45 i?.m.
,The Porte hat. applied to the POWOM
?far mediation. 'with a view to the c-s
?aation of hostilittea and for the nego
tiation of peace.
ADPllcation ha.? heen made ta the
Mnbaaalea here and by drcnlar to the
?Ottoman repreeentatives ln ti.e H iro
pean eapltala.
A cemmunieation waa given to the
'proeo te-night which ia net to be made
pybfie until to-morrow. It ia bound to
eauae univareal amaiement.
Recent announcements have led the
people here to belleve that the ttdc was
turninr in favor of the Tnrklah army.
The preaent annotMU ement Ij intended
to break tiie ba.i ne_ara gently. Tha
porte'a appiication to thB P
mediation ta not known to the populBC?
hut lt hi believed that this a< tion aHoald
be approved t.y thi BK??t eallfhtaned
. laaeea.
in eaaaatfaaaa arlft a raquaal niad*
v-v the ambaasad-r* of the great pow?
era Hbe For;? haa Bjranted 'hTn per
atlfBlaB to aand *U warahlp
thraufh the D*rdan
The T'iri.'8'.J arrol i* retreatlng '?>
?he laat line fi fori.n__uona outai.ie
the capital. Tbia ^." annotim-ed in .he
rtrat hulletin idmiil-ng defewt in tbe
great aattle. i hi h ">c pavarnhBaal ---
s ;.d to-n'gh'
The offlciai hullatla fnllaan
The fortum-v of war ari
ual it ia not aiwaya poaalbH to b? -
-c-aeful on all eides. A peopli arhlc-b
-ccepta war munt etibmii with reahjna
rien to all ita consequencea. To over
:oek thia obllgalion l? IO fall In obb'b
duty. ConBoquently. whlle lt weuM be
uawlfle to he hrineceBaarily prond avaf
vlrtorler lt llkewiae would be IfMOBTaot
ta be alanned at want of BUeOBBe
?rw lnetance, ln the preaent war
wtth the four federated atatea the im?
perlal troopa are defendlng OMflBBBtvafl
with au.ceea In the environi of icn
tarl and Janina. but the eaetern army.
in the neighborhood of Viaa nnd Lule
Burgaa. felt obllged to retlre lo the
hnae of defence at Tchataldja.
"In order to faellltate a auceesaful
defence tt haa naturally been derided
*o eaert all efforta to aafeguatd the
mtererta of the fatherland."
The fighttng on Saturday aautfc tt
Lule Burgaa was of the mdst murder
otifl .haracter. The Turka offered a
aplendid realatance. but were flnally
overwhelmed by the Bulgarian artll
lery flre. Thla was terrlflc. and com
pelled the Turka to wlthdraw to the
Ceattanea oa thlrd pa*e. f<x>rth colnrnn.
.?', t ? ?-~- ==-a
This Morning's News
_00A_ ' ?'
-*ilenn e $e?ip Cut ln Aufo. I
t^ayner Aaeailed from Pulplta. 8
The ladepeadent" < hange* Handa... 1
Kervlc** for Botdler I 'ead. 7
Anclent Bird FeeeU Kound.11
Woman Pead ln Tub.13
Oettpa ~.'lll Identify Gunmen. 13
Ttjht ~ Atleged i'andy Truat.14
Tro Prown ln Oapalzod Tug.18
O'Ryan to Bue for Belnstatement. . . .18
Tw$ Jeraev Petrolmen Mght18
Huther Reunltea Bcotch Family... .18
l"iln. Boy To Be Peported.18
Taft and Hadley the Ticket. 1
14,404,000 Votea May Be t'aat. 8
?. R. Jaattee Laat Appeal. 4
Hewarfla for Crooked Votera. 4
T^ft Heana Progreeaive Sermon. 4
'?'? H. fiommer Out for Taft. 4
'-?raeglf Urgea Taft'a Kiection. 4
Taft to Carry New Jeraey. 4
Taft Warne Agalnat Invltlng Panic. 4
Taft TyplAea Truth," Barnea Hays.. 8
?feComba Claime Both Hounee. 5
Htitom Confident of Election. 8
Murphy Predlcta Victory. 8
Uihar Organ Declarea for Taft.18
roal Kaaslae Threatened. 1
Survtves Daah Through Breekere. ... 8
ftrdlnal Olbbone to Votere. 8
Kramer Jokea About HanflTlng. 8
Turkey B?ira for Mediation. 1
Auetrla a Menace to Peace. 3
rtnenelal Out look Brlghter. 3
Cditorial . ?
SOelety . ?
OWtuery . f
aperte . 8
?Vewa fer Women. 3
Real Batate .10
rinaaetit .nn Marketa.18 and 13
?eethtr .181
French Formula Unacccptable
to Austria and Consequently
to Germany.
London. Nov. 4.?It is ihe generai he
I lief that Ruigriria wlll refuefl to Ueten
: to anything in the way of medtatiotl
I until the Hulgarian army Is at the
gates of Constantinople, antl wlll ln?
BlOl that Turkey make an appeal di
rect to the allles wlthout interferenee
iron. tlie powers.
The powers have not been able to
' -tgroe tipon the French Premier's for
tnuln of "terrltorlal dl-)interestednes.= ."
which is not BCCeptable to elther AttB?
I tria ot Oerniany. They ar? takint;
steps, however, for the proteetlon of
Cbriotlana nnd their own political ln
: tereata In Turttay.
ln connoction wlth the Servian otti
patton of Prtghrend, a warniug from
NtiHtrta .tppe.irs in the offlcial Vlenna
I'remd-iiblatt." whlch, on the suppo ?
r-.tu.ti that the Servlnns have now at
, tained the objoct of their opaiatlOM
[toward the weat, e?i>.
' There aie neitlu. uiilltary nor na
i tlonal mottvee for the garvlan armv to
I penetratc the dlfltlictfl beyond Prisli- |
i;end. whlch are flgoluaively Inbablted '
by Albanfana, that is. therefore. Into j
ihe umleniahle territory of anotherl
Balkan people"
Three Give Skin to Girl for
Whom Newsboy Died.
Gary, Ind.. Nov. 8.?Thrte more men ,
1 ?her father. her brother and her flan. e
I ? gave UP flfty square tnohefl of skin
i for the hurned body of >liss Bthel
Bmlth, for whom "Bllly" Kugh. thfl
i rippied aewahojr, g.iv,- bla lii> by ai
l..wing a nseless llnib lo be amputa'e.l
fOT its skin. The opcration was pei -
f,...nie?i thla afternoon al ? lorai hoe<
; pltaL
Charles smith. thi tether; Ra:
Bmlth, twenty-'.!!* ? ears old; her
, brother and Roy Roherta, twenty-on?
Lyeara old, her fianc*, gave the skin.
Wh. n itugh gave btfl llmh aol enough
; skin was obtained. I Is aald bfiaa
Bmitli Wlll l.e well in a month
Baseball League Official Shoo.e
Man in Chicago.
("hi-ag... Nov. ... Htith. i t'.-rd B
('....kr aspis'.snt aecretary of the Chl-1
uago National League P.aseball ClUb,
Bhol and killed one Of two men ln ar, |
, . OUBObUfl WhO BtOpPed liito on Wash?
ington Boulevard earlj lo-da: nnd or?
dered him to throw up hli handa. The ?
Other man, Cooke said, did nol leave
! the aufomobile, and when his .-nrnpan
;.ii was shot sped away.
Pollce found in the dead man 'fl
j pocket nn accident Insurance pollcy
made out to Edward Meyerfl and a
Ideputy sheriff's star. Coofefl sald that
j the man he shot got out of the auto?
moblle and polnted a revolver at him
The poliee releaaed <"*?oke on his own
re. ngnlzance to appear at tbe inquesl
G. H. Utter's Death Gives Dem
ocrats Balance?If?
The death of Representative r;. H
T'tter, of Westerly. R. T.. yesterday
givea the I>emocrats the balance of
pOWgf In Congress should the presiden?
tial election go to th* House. That is.
unleaa Oovernor Pothler calle s sp^clsl
election and a Hepubllcan be eleeted to
the vacancy.
Rhode laland haa two Representa
tives in Congreas, the preaent member
being O. F. O'Shaughnesay, DflMiOfrat
On the revlaed poll of states. therefore.
the Democrata would awlng 9M, the Re
publlcana, 22. and the Maine, Nebraska
| and New Mexico delegations would re
I maln deadlocked.
Zenas W. BHas, fonnerly lleutenant
i (Jovemor. was named by the executivo
! < ommlttee of the Republican state com
' mlttee last night to run for Mr. Utter's
I seat. An effort wlll he made to-day to
I have Mr Bliss's name on to-morrow a
.? e
Had Two Families and Wanted
to Give Roosevelt the Benefit
The offlcprs of the Honest Ballot Aa
sociation received ft report yeaterday
Itom an election dlfltri' t .aptaln down
U>wn that a man W_0 flOOgbt to regis?
ter there admltted having another j
, home and famlly ln Harlem. j
The man asked. on the strength of
j his second famlly, he be allowed to caft
Itwo ballota for Rogaevoltt This per
; misslon wa. deflrfed by the tinsym
': pathetk elcctlor. officlals.
iPULITZER LEFT $20,000,000
Newspapers Form One-Third of
Publisher's Estate.
St l.ouis, Nov. ."..--Advance ligutes of
tiie appraiaai of thg Jooopfc PuUtaar ea?
tate Indlcate that the publlsher l*ft about
?3?.<>io/(00. His aewapaper propertlfle here
flnd ln New York. however. form only
ab... t one-thlrd of the eMate. though 11
[wlU g.neialK s?pi.,s..I they OOW lltute I
Its bulk.
The lerger pa-.t of thi fertui.
atock- and bondfl. tne prlndpal realtj '?>
i.lV the Pulltser Buildlng end the PullUer
,..!,,. m New v.-ik nnd rountry h?n?ea
lat Bar Harbor arjd Jekyl Fslanfl.
Herbert S. Hadley, of Mi??ouri.
People in Parts of the Country
Will Freeze to Death if Aid Is
Not Immediate. Says Com?
merce Commissioner.
Failure of Roads to Return
Equipment to Lines Owning It
Denounced by the Commis
sion as "Nothing Less
than Theft."
i Krum i he Trlhuae Bareevj
Waahlngton, N<-v. 3.--T0 averl a -ar
abortaga throaghont tha oonntrjr, tha
luteratate Commerce CommlaaloO haa
loaoed a warniiiB to railroad* an.i Bhip
pera recommending BMSliraa to 1m
prove the altuatlon, arhleh UireateM ta
paralra* toduatry a"?i iwadaee i ooal
It la potnted out thal ihc.unlaolon
reoatvaa advlcaB dall) from manufai i -
?irera, atate Igatltuttona, coal n?er< hai la
,,?! prlvat.- Indlvlilu.ilM thnt. UnleBB !*?
iief u fottiicoinitiK. graat di.??" aad
auftarlng alll enaue.
"Tha condition ia acute," declared
Commieaioner Franklin L. Lane. "Great
inatitutiona of the country?the Umver
eity of Michigan. at Ann Arbor, for in
.taoc#_are practically out of fuel. and
cannot get it becauae there are no care
for ita traneportation. If an immedi?
ate remedy ia not found, people in parts
of thie country will be free.mg to
death hecauee of th.ir inabtlity to get
Railroada lataMish Embargo.
Tl?. , oinmissiun'.x .,,.!? ;,!, |n part, i"i
,..na thal roanj ol the ruada which
JveaSequatels eupplled ihemaclvea with
min.in f." the tranaportatlon of eoel
'. unabl. loaecure thelr equipment from
hJjr -onne-tlna llnea. Il having b< ap
propriated by thoae ttaeo and aol lo other
< aaaaaaei oo flfib page, tmartm aataflaa,
Wash.nQton. Nov. 3.?Fsir and
moderate weather m almost every
part of the country on Election Day
is expected by tlie experte of tha
Weather Bureau. Indications are
favorable for all diatricta east of the
Rocky Mountatnv
On tlie Pac.fic Slope conditions
prcmise to be lomewhct unaettled,
and it may be that certam sectiona
of the lake region and the Ohio and
Mississtppi valleys will have local
Lc.te.n and Southem states will
have considerably warmer tempera?
ture* Tuesday, and there i* no irtdi
cation of unseosonahly cold weather
,n any part of the country.
Jovernor Strongly Urged to
Take Second Place on Re?
publican Ticket.
l: I'- !",;rnp,i t,, Tba Trihiin. |
jefTereoa <'ity, Uxx, Wov. :'- Thal
lovernor Hadley wHI accepl the aom
ii,llon for Yloe-I're.si.leiit t., BUCOOfld
hc Igtfl .l.iinch B. Sh.-iinan. if it Is ten
ered to blm by the Republican Wa
lonal Committee, is the ire n eral 0?ta>
,n nt Hadlev's Intimate friends Iit.
Whlle the (lovernor declined to dt*- |
nss thfl matter to-nlght. lt ls known j
hat his friends through the state have ;
con nrglng him to n.-.-ept the n<>mina- j
[on should the national committee ten
ar it- Thal he wlU <? ao is not
OuMfld here.
udge and Artist Risk Digestion
bi Election Bet.
, TtlafltBPb '? Th* Tr,l.iin?.l
i..,s Angelea, Nov. :!.-.r.nlge vi.-t.., |
IbaW, "f H"" I'lat'',. t Court of Appeal-. .
ill ent a Whi.le en.vv. icasomildv well
..oke.i and flflgfliaied. *f Qolonel Rooee
eli BhouM be elected Preaidenl next:
?ueaday. H vYWeon 'vm?. w. k. Chapta.,
locul artiat, must eat the crow. J
Four-lnch Gash Made When
Auto Strikes Mound. Throw
ing Him Against Rib in
Top of Machine.
Wound Is Not Serious, and Will
Not Prcvont Governor from
Keeping Speaking Dates,
He Tells Democratic
B Telegrapb le tha Trtbene.1
Princeton. ft. J, Nov. ?,. -Oovernor
WoodTOW Wilson. Democratic candi?
date for 1'renldent, ls nnrslng a four
in'h scalp wonnd. tlie result of being
thrown SKiiinst the top of an auto?
moblle while on his way home here
early this mornlng nfter making a
ipeecll at Red Hank.
The tJovcrnor got home and went to
I cd wtthOUl telliiiR Mrs. Wilson or his
dgughten of the aeddeot, fearing that
Ihey vvnnl'l be too much alarmed.
They did not know of the acddenl
tititlI tlie 'im ernor toid them at the
breahf-gt table thls mornlng. They
were Bhochad, hat becamo eahh when
thoy found lt was not serlona.
Qovemor WHson. ln talklng of the
acddenl to-day, said that the automo?
blle wafl coInK at a speed of abotit tlf
teen mlles an hour. Uc sakl a shndovv
luid flvldently concealed the mouad
from thfl i?biiuffenr- a mi.und, he said,
eviilentlv caUged by tbe (llling ln of
aa .x.avatlon.
"We struck the mound st right |
angU'fl." hc sald, "and I struck the roof
of the automoblle at thfl same moment.
lt v as n very hard blow. There Is no
,|.,ubt aboul that. Hut. fortunately. I
am liard hrnd.-d. 1 had my hgt on,
and th.'t BA ted ??< a cushlnn. but not
hr ;, ib fen, e. Captalp McDonalda who
i eiuinur.t ..ii iiiil, i>age. -.Ut ll .olumn.
Missouri Governor Choice of 19 Out of 24 j
National Committeemen So Far Reporting
and the President's Own Selection
for Running Mate.
Party's Ruling Body Cannot Possibly Ratify Change
Before Ballots Are Cast, but Unanimity for Ticket
Makes lt Clear to Voters That Mr. Sherman's
Successor Practically Is Naraed.
Taft and Hadley will be the ticket for which every Repub
lican voter will eaat hia bailot on Election Day.
President Taft favors the selection of Governor Herbert S.
Hadley for second place on the Republican ticket, and as nineteen
out of the twenty-five members of the Republican National Com?
mittee thus far heard from favor Hadley, while others have indicated
or are known to stand ready to vote for the choice of the President,
his nomination by the national committee is assured.
Chairman Hilles of the committee will also lend his influence to
tl., Missouri Governor, so that nothing further is needed to insure
Governor Hadley's nomination.
Only the physical impossibility of getting the national com?
mittee together and the illegality of proxies sent by telegraph pre
vent the assembling or the formal polling of the committee and the
nomination of Governor Hadley before the election.
President Taft pointed out to friends yesterday that he had
urged the availability of Governor Hadley for second place four
years ago, when a compromise with the "stand-pat" faction of the
party ultimately resulted in the nomination of the late Vive-Presi
dent Sherman.
It is noteworthy that among those national committeemen still
to be heard from are most of the more progressive members, includ
ing Messrs. Fred. Hale, of Maine; Du Pont, of Delaware; Wasson,
of Pennsylvania: Rogers, of WUconsin, and Howell, of Nebraska,
all of whom are expected to cast their votes for Governor Hadley.
National Committeemen Weat, of Illinois. and Perkins, of
Washington, have both indicated their purpose to vote for the mai.
preferred by President Taft, so that their votes may be already
counted as certain to be cast for Governor Hadley.
While several names have been suggested for Vice-President,
none other than Governor Hadley has received the support of more
than two members of the committee, with the single exception of
Mr. Wanamaker.
Chairman Hilles expressed entire confidence yesterday evening
that Governor Hadley would be nominated. He attributes the fail
ure to hear from the remaining members of the committee to the
fact that most of the committeemen are absent from their homes.
heing engaged in the campaign, from which he argues that his tele
grams sent to them on Friday evening have thus far failed to reach
their destination.
Chairman Hilles gave out the following statement last night:
The suggestion that members of the Republican National Committee
shouid authbrize the executive committee. or the chairman of the committee,
to nominate a candidate for Vice-President to fill the vacancy caused by tho
death of Mr. Sherman is not feasible, and therefore has not received favorable
consideration. It has already been made clear that it would have been a.
physical impossibility for the members of the committee to attend a meetine
prior to Election Day, there not being sufficient interim between the death of
the Vice-President and Election Day for the committee to convene. Proxie*
by wire would not have been legal, and action based on such proxies would
have been an unwarrantable innovation and would have established a dan
gerous precedent. ... .,? ,
A majority of the members of the committee have, however, publicly ex-?
pressed their choice for a candidate. Mr. Hale. of Maine, favors immediate
action but has not as yet indicated his choice of a candidate. While the
member of the committee from the State of Idaho has not gtven voice to his
views. the Republican State Committee of Idaho has reeommended the sale-'
tion of Governor Herbert S. Hadley of Missouri.
The following list contains the names of those members who have pub?
licly announced their preferences:
Estabrook, New Hampshire.REPRESENTATIVE M'CALL
Brooker Connecticut .GOVERNOR HADLEY
Ban^ New York . "?U?PS!g&&S
Barker' Alabama .GOVERNOR HADLEY
J.ckson Georgia W . GOVERNOR HADLEY
Mosefey MissLippi .GOVERNOR HADLEY
BrownyDistr,ct of Columbia.GOVE^RNOR HADLEY
McCulloch, Kentucky .JSvFv^u^Zv
Goodrich. lndiana .?2^_K?g U_r^v
Warren. Michigan .SSv^nhS SaHI FY
Hawkins. Minnesota ,.?2 v??? KAr.^V
Niedringhaus. Missouri .?SvFRNOR HADI EY
Harris Oklahoma.GOVERNOR HADLfcY
MarioJ; Montan.' /. .GOVERNOR HADLEY
___?__? Nevada .GOVERNOR HADLEY
Pexton"wJom'ni':'::.' . GOVERNOR HADLEY
Therefore of twenty-fcur members who avow their positions on thi!
question. eiqht'cen Rive Governor Hadley as their first choice. two favor M%
Wanamaker" and one each vote for Secretary Stimson, Congressman McCalt
Justice Hughes and Governor Goldsborough.
Governor Hadley has also been reeommended by:
State Chairman Herbert W. Clark. of New Mexico;
State Chairman Jessc F. M?Donald. of Colorado;
S'ate Chairman F. C. Williams. of Vermont;
Congressman E. W. Martin. of South Dakota:
Con-ressman I. W. Fordnev. of Michigan;
ConRressman William H. Wilder. of Massachusetts;
Congressman E. J. Hill. of Connecticut
Mr Wanamaker has been reeommended by State Chairman Edmunc
Mitchell of Delaware and Ccngressman J. Hampton Moore. of Pennsylvania
Although Mr. Hilles had not been able to reach National Com
mitteeman Hart, of Tdaho. up to last evening, The Tribune receivec
last night the following telegram:
"Rigby. Idaho, Nov. 2.
"My choice for Vice-Presidential candidate is Gov?
ernor Hadley of Missouri.
(Signed) "JOHN W. HART."
;It is also asserted that, although Committeeman Jackson, o

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