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Cardinal Gibbons in Pre-election
Sermon Rebukes Pessimists.
Can Fall Only Through Lethargy
and Apostasy of Her
Sons, Says Prelatc.
tlmore, ttvt. I.?Cardinal Olbbona
to ti
Pied tn i.wak'll
??ii who never takea i n ln
tr> ? : ci. clared thal if the futui
ord tbe d
and fa i of ths Amarlraa RepubUc bs W.U
the causs "th.- IndUfen
lethitii-v .md pollti* I her
.pi d was aen*partlsaa a* to the
i cif tiu- Cardinal
th.'"=riicuous candldatei
for Pi< lldi nt H rancc
rtlc propbets, aho each
predlct the emi of the gorarn*
mr?, favorlto candldste is
~s;on of our foim
? to show tb.-it t
?tion cannot rn i
tect tto endurancs of the Republic.
?ald ic I t- M
ing t.i these dlrs prognostlcatlona for
moro '.'': in hslf B century, but in every in
| |S vvakc up tiu
_l0r, :: aad Iinil tbe gov
?mmenl la trai ? : ? - to the
game q il< t and orderly mannsr as before.
Passed Two Momentuous Crises.
the Cardinal said. in part:
Tv, rlsei occurrad ln m.
own dsy ? iiidi were well cal
,e.t ? stn ngth ol tl ?
Dul,|] 11 was the war betwei n
th. atate*, when tiu- nation w.i^ out ln
twain When rr.tricid.il blOOd was -
over ; - nd s trsrn i nlllct
for foui ean
laniif - happlly ended, and th
min t now mov>- tirmly
unitei tl n ever before, because alavery,
? ontentlon,
been removed once ancl forever.
-rf,- - ??? in ' * <l ln the Pres
j(je,i; ti -1 in isT?'. betw< en Tilden
and Ha' es. Mr. Tilden was
tr.e , . vlctory which, I belleve,
he honestlv won, and by (.ueetlonable de
.,'-? declared the avn -
\ | ? could aurvlve these ter
traordlnarv vltality an.i reaourcea, and
... that in any future |
the. i. alll rise to the oocaslon
. | round of confldi
itabillt. ai
- ln the enllghten
ment I patrtotlt i
the Ami rl< an | - v,.u and
fathers ir.oa for b century and a
. need and ' njoyed the
; .. strong and free govern
. j lf you compare t
of ou u -? tem ??
?...: .,-.. . I dO BOt tlllliK
that our RepubUc, with all its drawbacKs
an.i s: rtcominga wlll suffei in the com- ?
- v : ? Amerlca, with
faults, J love thee still."
Cold, indeed, ami torpid, o
and ? nthuslaam in coi I
hlatoi ol iii" I'nit. .1 8
ahicl been the home of I
. ast to ' dden mlll- ;
other la
- ut \ i v ni of the Amerloan Re
i t on a more stable foun- '
the pal ' cltl-'
ii of our etatc amen
ihe ol our laws. lt mual baye
a s: :?>!? baals than fieetB and d
no.iv - "the
ra>. ia r.ot t" the swift noi the battle
sndurlng stsblllty i
esn I I only under tl
man shouid be _ drone In the eoclal
do man ahould be an indiffer
Itl. .! Snd eco
Bomical queationa which confront bim.
ithy In ch 1c and po
? are aa hurtful to the Btate
n ia hurtful to
ih- f'hi Istlan ? ommonwealth.
.\ Blm ere man a ho Ina Chrls
? hat hs la
i ..i thj than the tor* ;
pid. htkewarm Chrlstlan who never takea
an Interost ln the rellglon of Chrlst ln
llic manner, a cltlxen who earnestl)
.. faulty polltical prlncli
to the state than t hi
. r takea an II I
in ti ? poll ire c,r hf?< country. ]
lt . mj yrx'. > Iction that lf
doomed to dec sy, if
i shall ever record
. fall of ths American Re
do* '.l.il s lll
-,. but to the Indlflerence,
uid poiitkai apostasy ut ber
uw |
are bo md to take
an Intereat in puMk' afl'airs. thal * I = * * >"
a_;? % levolvet .rn those who sre en
dov. ?! wtth euperlor Intelllgen
asstl ii and wh? oughl to be the leodera
emi pxvmplars of the aropli suldlng
polltrtai rectltude.
i mclueden Um Cardinal aald:
Mj,- Ood .?o enMghten tbe mlnd at;d
Sttlcki ' the Amei
peoi I th< n ClVlc dutlerc
bs to ln them i? earneat and
pra< t ? il In tbe - omlnj. i let tion,
and i a so gulde th< li hc
'. . t a chief maflatrate ?
admi wlll redound t" ths matc -
rial prosperlty and moral welfBre of our
Defeat Centipede Crews of Non
pareil and Union Clubs.
Tiu bsbIoi osaHpede orew af tbe Metra*
BeUtan Rowlng Club rotted to rleterp to
the flrM of the fall rSgSttSS whlr-h IhS
clubs of the Harlem River plan to haM
Until the w.ather BtOlTOBlB The TOCi Waa
temjed over tbe rsgulsf Ipssdway eeui a
on tbe Harlem Rlrer, whlle several tbou*
aand totereated apectators Uaed ths I
of tba atraaas.
"IfetS" defeated th> r-|c\vs 0
and T'nlon Hout clubs by B
acant three qusrtora of a lengtb to a
Ing fltttsb- No tni'dala were offer.-.l, but
the men raced a BWi-tpatakta for tbe
ahtrta, and al the ttnlsh tha "Nons" and
Dnlon -. atripped off their- Jeraaps
arul tofsed them ovcr to the wirns \
m_U ra< e tietween the almont nuK. .i
w.1- r-iwecl to th'1 clubhouse, at the n<.rth
of tbe eourae, and n-; I
r>,e ablvi poki d in
:.M Baata Brst
' li- -, Ti.e Tl l! .
i :?:. ^ , Nov, t Thi
Btoted poilttoal rsaifrTilgT vhlob has beea
? ' ( Lll. g? bad IU
dsmanstratloa laat night wtth an
m_- |) Hall Bach
Sarty '.v_k repreaented b> speaksn
of New
ark: thi Democrata by Heatrls Vni-'.i',
ot Brooklyn, ?r, II, of l.ex
ln^i... . k ; thi l ? :?!? ?? r. by ESlica
vicShnne, -if I'nlontown, Penn., and
Adal, |.. and thi 8o< lallsl
Nary Nourse, of CasnOTa, Va., ancl Cl h
Istte Oreenbaum, <>t Chlcago. Tbe siu
dei.i wlll ballol on Tueed
'i ?' ?, man Amerlcss ' ttla
of tbe ,-'t_tc of Wear fork "halla wltb par?
Ih. atlon tiu- nomlna*
haa of the tlrat Oerman-Amsrlcan sver
nomlnated bv h great party to tbe blgh
e.fhc. ,,r .,,. L'ongreaa
tn.in Wllliam Bulaer." yeaterday tiu
leaauc _ c-ommltt?i met ln the Grand
1 i b,n Motc I and [hi iii d an ap|>e_l to thi
J0o,iw (lemutn-Amerieans to rots for him.
"Oerman An erlcai -." thi ?? ?uM, "have no
Istth in t ? of Theodore Kooae
Democratic Presidential Nominee Blames Taft
for Failing to Accomplish What He
Knows To Be Impossible.
By Ida Husted Harper.
Aii thfl PrealdenUal eancildates nre to
ba elected 1 it is dlflleult for women ;<>
an b". but thfl leaders >f
aii the partlea, men who know every?
thlng thal is humanly poaatble aboul
have e I
Ing Jub1 how everj man Ib Koing to vota
mahi a mlatabe ln tbelr
ch <>t theae greal lead( ri haa,
ael id iii in tbe daily arhleh .
i ?; ii' to prove that tho ai cceaa of
- predeatlned und fore
ordalned. There j-- one good thing ab I
M II previ nl a vaat num?
ber of election ot ta Uaually "monej
t.dks," bui just now tbe-party boaac t
g, and the money it "6et
lays low en aea nuffln'." 01 couraa, tbe
leadera of the Prohlbitlon ].aity must be
excepted; they haven't bad enough am
bltlon even to ^et out aml buatla for tbelr
cai-didate; nor an- the Bodallata an
B the poaltlve election of Mr.
Deba They are almply clalmlng a mill?
ion votea for him, and declarlng that tour
yeara from now Demo rata and Repub
Ucana viin have to comblne on a Preat*
1 ndldate to l eal the one i>ut up
by the B Kothlng la aald aboul
the- i , bul probably they are
to comnme wlth the Socialist*.
As Women See It.
The part of women in p< Utlcal catn
1b largely that of the onlooker.
Po bfl surc, t-ome of them hava got Into
the centre of the atagfl this year. but
tbelr number comparad to tba whole body
of women fs veiy .small. The latter, hOW
ever, i:a\< don< ?re watchlng and tiunk
Ing in tin preacnl eampalgn than In .'ill
tbe parl years, and befon another takea
plaee tlie polltldana will hear somethlne
drop. Jt won't i- b bomb, but it wlll
hava much tha aami i on the old j
party strongholda Jual now they nrn
pondering over the Baturday ni?.iit
of the candidates. There w i
Governor Wllaon'a for Inatance, ln whlch
he .--aid: "If 1 BXOW I COttM gain tba
, ovlded i wo ild take II wlth?
oul the aupport of tlie two houaflfl of Con
ild have a choice In the mat?
ter I WOUld II WOUld put B
man ln a poaltlOfl of knowlng what ou?ht
to be done for thi people of the Unlted
Statea and Ipnglng tO do lt bul being ab?
solutely powerle
Thi.- haa been exactly the posltlon of
: i Tafl dui Ing th( laal two yeara
;,nd >.t Oovernor Wllaon has attacked
him throughout the campi Ign becauoi bfl
? accompllal ed all that be eet out
Women, of couraa have Uttle
mlng poWer, bui thoy can't aultfl boi
? f thla poflltlon, To 11
- thit if Republii ans. in onl' r t''
rebuke the reactlonarlea In the I'nlted
Btatea S( nate, d< i Ide to sa rll ? Prei Ident
_>aft, tl ? ^"'" to turn nol only
iii.- Presldency bul the entlre govern?
ment over to ' ni.* r tbe i ?nio.
ulve party, arlth power to keep
it.-. if ln offlce for >? arould ha
th? only way to avold a contlnuoua ?
lock In leglalatlon and to aeoure a
poll, i to the buslness lnt< ?? I
of the country. It would alao be aa
? on the p.ut of Republl
. Bna voluntarll to give up the reina of
governmenl and let th<
lor a Whlle.
With the Spellbinders.
And then the women were Intereflted In
, .-h of < lov.t nor Johnaon, the
dentlal cai
? b turday nlght, In which I
ird Theod ? r?H crltlclaed
for ualng tbe big atlck. but let me tell
im my own experience that th?
wbo ln ? rlghteoufl cauae lsn'1 r ad
a atlck or a clul. or any othoi
.,, isn't worth bla aalt ^
an I'M'i utive."
This wlll i ? very t noo itmgltig to tboee
mllltant auSraglatfl In atald country twho
think women ought to go after thi ballot
bammer and atonea "Wa arlll not only
wi,i a v* "" ? ln ballata but In moral
Bentlmi nt," ha aald. "We're on our Ux ?
and our heada are high In the alr." M"
mual hav. been talklng ? ??? ' the ballet,
Inatead or the i.aiiot. but wouMn'l lt have
..?ni tf Mary Donnelly oi
,,,, Mooaattaa had aald tbatt And I :?
; chalrman HotchklaB waa rlghl
when be aald tbey oouk bave their auto?
moblle parade, bu! oouldn't blow thelr
horns. That is the buetaeae >>f the can
rhen they ar.- teUlng Uu electora
| ,.oilld 'vote for liie"! III
Bularr, for Inatance* the women nk. blm;
ae iias alwaya been theli greal and good
I at when Oongraaa Ifl ao depend
. ,,t oa hha foi raaolutlona and treatlea
nnd thtnga and when the arhde R
Kmrii'1 tremmea at bla power la that
auguat body, ahould be M put Into thfl
comparatlvelj o Itlon of ? mer?
...or of Ne* Vork" My, my. how
glad women ought to be that tbey are
not called apon to dedde theae va?t m
ternaUo-al q -aatfonal
THe Candidates on Suffrage.
]Uvr. ia iinotiMi pflrptoxtal problem:
Haa a wtf< ? "?,', lo t,y to ,,HV,; ''"'
,.?? vote bet way. or, Indeed, an
,hl. romen of ? ?-?* Juetllled lfl aaklng
ttlls ^ ,he meni Haan't every ??? ?
rlirht artd Isn't lt his duty to vote hli
own convictloiiB'.' If a woman parouadea
him to repreaent ber, haan't ha loet hla
own repreaentatlon? More men probebly
wiii ba Influenced by women ln eaatlng
th( Ir vot< i to-morrow than has evi
the caae at a prevloua election, tor the
n thal men never were ao wobbly ln
i woman never ao
poattlve In thelra -Most women win make
the attltude of the Preeidi ntial i andldab i
on tbe euffrage questlon the basls of
their appeals, and all auch should ri
? the indlsputal le fact that, arlth the
? \ ? ptlon of the Demo< ratte, all of 11
are on record equally in favor ol lt,
the aeb ctlon therefore should be maoV i n
some other ground Thi i oi Itlon of fl
Preaidenl on this questlon la valuable at
preaent only for Ita nn ral effect, as dur
iiik the next four yean at leaat, Ita de
claion arlll real wbolly arlth the* Indl?
vldual atatea
Ten Dentists to Look After
School Children.
Tootha. be may aoon eaaae to bfl ";
the Important causea ol abaence from
Bchool The Department of Health arlll
appolnt tcu dentlats to work among
school diildren nnd free dontal CllnlCI
wiii be malntalned under the Juriadlctton
of tho chlld bygtene dlvlalon At the
present time there are nlneteen free oan
tat Cllnlca, bUt only one of tbeaa is niain
talned wbolly for the treatment of achool
chlldren. lt la aupported by phiianthropie
citizen;". The rest ar.' BUppOTted by <lental
college* or dlflpeneai
The department'fl Invoatigatlon bas de
veloped th< Btartllng facl that of the
chlldren ezamlned M.1 per cent have de
;, i tb ? teeth. it baa remalned ao for tba
laat three yeara Tbe loaa In achool tlma
due t.i abaenea caused by tootbacbe, It Ifl
-.,,,!. and t.. dlaea ea cauaed by detectlve
teeht, n ndera the neod of projx r treat?
ment an economlc neceseltj.
in aaklng for an appropriation t.. cover
the i xi? nses of free di ntai cllnl< - thfl I'
partraent of Health polnted oui to tha
Board of Estlmate that tbe altuatlon area
most a nfa A majorlty of the chlldren,
it was said. were unable to pay for prl?
vate u
ln ?.'<;! tAXt/aa phyalcal ?
.,,... . ^i tl.c greater .ity; U6.M3 bad
,i, fectlvi tt< th ' ?: tl. 71 IM were lfl
Manhattan and 51.051 In Brooklj n
One of Two Newark Women
Killed by Gas Yesterday.
Two women md deatb by
gaa at dlfferent tlmea and placea ln New
ark yeeterday. They wera Mia. Anna
Hornung. a widow, forty yeara otd, ot
No. Bt North 4th Mreet. mvl Mra LoratU
Bercaugb, thlrty-two yeara old, wlfe ,,f
Rusllng Bercaugb, a retlred captald or
the N< \-ark nn Department
Mra Hornung whs adjudged a bu
by County Phyoklan McKenale, who de
I Mra Bt rea igh'a d< ath a< ddabtal
in the abaenea of aay apparent n
lor auicid'. Both women died In theli
Mih Bercaugb wa* aaphyxlal
lylng on a bed in a room oooupled by
Aniiie Watera, a aervant The gas .
from an open Jet i.enr tbe bad. Bha had
been around the bo iie aarller In th<
and after glvlng boon ordi rw retlred t>
i rant'a room.
Mra Hornung was found In bed arlth a
adjuated to an open i< t over her
bed and extendlng to ber moutb Hone
ol bar relatlvea could advance any rea
man foi ti..- woman'a act, but aevaral of
them recalled lhat not Ioi-.k age Mra
Hornung aaked them that ln death ahe
ithed In a ni a whlte drooa ahe had
juat made. Hei r? luaet nttl be corn)
Mrs. Cleveland's Son Says He
Likes Professor Preston.
Iity Telograpb if. Tbe Trlbaw l
Bxeter, N. H., Nov l?Richard Potaom
Cleveland, con of Mra Orover Cleveland,
,,,. t Tbemaa Jea Preaton, peo
fesaor of arcbaology and hlatory of arti
;,t Wella Collega Aurora, M. v. urhow
angagement t<> Mr.-. Cleveland has been
announced. Tha son of tho late Preaident
bas aaen Profeeeor Preetoo oo one ... ?
cadon, ami waa favorahiy Impreoefld by
? Ye?, i have met Profeflflot Preaton,
1-r said "i met blm laat aupamer at our
aummer home ln tha Wblta MounUlna
?I do nol feel that 1 know him very
wcii, but waa ptoaaed wbb him <>" th
only' OCCaaton that I ever aaw him. The
meetlng was durlng my vacatloo, ?? i
paaaed mo.t of it it. the naouatatna at
^^^ofwttlln. to aay how long 1
i _?? known Bb( ut the engagement. al
l,;. think I ^?^?n?h?Uvlited
lona ai anybody haa. My mother vlsltefl
i, . ,i lxeter ii few day ago, but I
Kveh?oth?nf" ->' Aboul *"- ?" **
ut tiiat time,"
During Suffrage Carnival Week
(NOVKMBER 4th TO 9th)
Articles Written EXCLUS1VELY for
Will Appear Every Day
of Baltimore Woman
Jests About Crime.
Can't Hang a Man with Wooden
Leg, Law Requires Rope, Is
Murderer's Ghastly Jest.
Chlcago Nov. L-Charles Newton Kra
mer, elrcna clowa, blgh
dlver, who 001 i having I
go| ? i Oerti ? ? 1 af Baltl?
more, I ? ? ? ? > ted srUl r- p< il hla '
of the murder to-morrou a ;.- n the
. orei > i?'.- Inquc st oa i tti- 11
vi-tim is reaumed. Mra Kramer, who
gave ti"- police ths Rrsl deflnlte Informa?
tion that her bueband killed
II tsetlfy. in tbe m< an tlma Kra
mer sild bl i arlfi are . ? Ing hi Id without
Kramer'a demeanor remalna thi
. ii- Bral waa I iksn ln
ii.- Inabkta ti.it bs klllsd the
be wiii be freed when trled bv
the Criminal Court He contln ted l ? Je
tboul hla predlcament to-day and eeemed
in a Joll) ni' od.
"Under tbe law they can't hang s maa
wltb i wooden leg '" <tlis Btata," bs rs
"How la that?" Ihqulred a palloa of?
? i;. lusc tba law al ? ? "' atust
be ussd," ths prlsoner replled, wKb a
Police Captatn NTootbaar had Kramer
beford blm in his private ofllcs f->r more
than an houi to-nlght and ths two wi nl
ovsr tbe srrltten confesslon dlctated bj
the prlsoner nn gaturday, Bsfore bs
would atb\ bis slgnature Kramer Inslsted
on making s number of unlmportanl
chanses. iie msde tbe oorreetloBfl ln hla
own bandwrltlng, nnd over each ehanae
hs Inssrtsd his Inltlals, ln order, as he
expreesed it lhal the police could nol
"put anythlng over ?>it him."
The police profssa t.i plaoa little rred
K: ainer's declai ation I
klll. .1 Mlaa Blnser In m lt-di fen ? . and
wlll endeavor to ihow t c,a t the motlvs tpt
ti... kUll eaa i obbery. ln i upport ot
thla theory, they point t.i the
?tan ?? ?!. ' tbe clotheetlna uhl th Kra?
mer used to blnd Mlsa Blnger was taken
fiom ti,. ba k yard al 4 o'clock In th.
evenlng, aeveral houra before tbe murder
was commltti -I 11 ? ipl ? ?' ?
is that bla wife BSkSd blm 10 |
clnthealU. I '??
in theli room
.Mr.-. Krami ?ned bjr
ti.. polii ? ofHi lal to day bul tav< no
new Information
Kramer and hla wlfi tnt t In Captatn
.: i private oflli a foi i ti a au>"
:,,, nu I ""? They freet d ? i h
other attet tlonately,
?I ,,,bi thi | e that you bad nothlng
lo _o vv ith ib- murdei " Krami r aald to
i alone am t.? btame sad sra
. to tski aii ti..- conaequc
hope the; do not tiy to aiick yoti tor lt."
When Mn Kran ] !',J l",1
from th? room Ki
bti ..f . motli n i hi re ' "' hla
. . ^ ... .t | la wife loodby.
Ritndolph Worthen, Mlss .Ji'-?
cr _ IUI ? ? l ? . i , , il
Capitalizes Pie in Dishcs She
Commends for Thanksgiving.
B; :? ? Brapl I
Millbury, htam . Kov. I. Mlsa i" lls C
Pmtdi nl ^unl Della,??
\, i bew will" and
? , gi.e ?.. I ?
maklng an ' "' Naw Bngland
I dinner. Tbe question of
? m. d by a rsportsr foi
? talk mi polltli ? ?' Torrsy'a
liome bsrs. Hen Thanksgiving
Chlcken ;
no.< ? ? .
Nutl H
i iffee,
' eppermlnta
? iltslng ple wsi
Bh< lovea pl< , end If n I I
ao da i her dlstlngulshed n< phew. lt ls
likely thsl the Presldent wlll -.t
|uat auch s meni aa thi _ ia lorrcy
... | |, , ,>.,.,.. ?,?,! i im t.. dlne wtth hei
oi 'i inl bivlns
ln i .llni | polltl ? Mi i"'" '?? "?'"
ii been resdlnll ron.f the
l>hi vv a few !
?; Roosevelt haa ? liia po
luu-al i "il v. i b,.v. been following my
nephew _ rampelsn ln the newapap*ra.
-,,,,| | f, ,i th it the i.pl< of the l'nlted
Btatea wlll re-elecl "Nei hew Wlll" Tues?
day. II. .!? s. I v-s lt_
Veteran Inficlder Picked to
Manage St. Louis Cardinals.
Bt Leula Nov. 4. Mlllsi Huggln . aee
ond basemsn of Ihe Bt Loula Cardlnala
baa agreed lo eenfar to-morrow wltb tbe
(iui. msnagsrasal wltb a vlaw to sssuratng
charga la place <if Rogsr Brssnahan, tba
recently debosed managsr. it i* n..t
Known what offei wlll be made, bai as
Hugglna haa been tendered th- manage
ment of Ihe Clndnnetl oluh srHb a ftetSt
., year salary, It la aapsctsd tha local
ownere wlU sae.i thal o?Sr. Brssaahaa
received iio.BBd b year, and had a oon
,,...,, wii.ii called for II pai osal of
th. i lub'a prodta
Make Government Expcrt and His
Wife Hia;h Chicfs of Tribe.
.ii. \vimi.*? to s.iti fram is.o i
Honotula. Kov. I al4er trsvelllag
through thi Nrtv-n aad Bodsty Kn.ui.sc
tn ti.e louth Bsaa un.br a eaauBlaaloa
trom ti.e Bmlthsonlsn Instltutlon snd ths
Departmeat al Agrlealtai F. B Hyda,
ol Washington, la a pa ? b i on ths
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Great Care Should Be Exercised in the Choice
and Maintenance of the Bathroom Fixtures.
Bv Dr. Jacolyn Van Vliet Manning.
Tho bawiroom, before the flxturc-s aro
Inatalled, should be P.niehed wltb ?
amooth, damp-proof cement, or whlte vlt
tifled tilitur. The usual flxtures are tho
bathtuhi siatlonary lavatory and the
cloeeti tha eleaet may ho reeessed. De
ali ible addltloofl ar-- a aeparate fec.i
beater, foot bath, shower and, lfl
one-fbmily honiea a rooi. LuzurlOufl ?d
dltlong Include a lollet table. with mir
rora, an iiutomatlo flcale, ?n open flre and
a reii <.f crepe paper toarela
The rlathtub.
The most ?>izahl# lixture, and the one
from which the room takes Ita name, ls
tha bathtub. Its Btae and cost are aucb
thal thfl average peraon acoepta the bath*
mi. witli whlch he flnda himself provtded,
? i beolutely as he acoepta wlth no
the cotor of bla eyes.
But la Installinj .. ni w bathtub thi
ointi to ba conatdi red.
tbtub should r st squarely on the
ii"'.:'. arlth no obaeure or Inacceaalble duat
? >?? Ineect trapa below or behind lt. Tba
??? tide wall al ould be provlded arlth
a atrong metal handrall, strongly eiamped
on, which may be graaped on entarlag or
leavlng the tub. Tha top of the tub
hould be lou- enough to permtt enterinu
or leavlng tha bath by n singie step.
taken without muscular atrain. Tlie wa
ter flervlea of tba bathtub ahould never
enter 11 the floor of tbe tub. The meoh
anlem thla floor supply of water Ifl
?UCh thal lt Ifl alwaya poaslble lhat B
peraon draming water from a tap on tho
tlooi- below the tub mav receive aome of
the sollcd water from the tub. The hot
and cold wnter aervice plpea therefore,
should be placed BOmewhat above the es
c;i[ie pipc.
Tiie ateam vapor peril may be atoMod
by having a double bath rock. wlth a hot
and a cold water lever whlch pefmlta
mhdng tha Water to an agreeable tem?
perature as lt flows. The inhalation of
Bteam vapor may jeopariliz.- a week heart
aufllciently to make a hot bath dani?er
ous; lt Wlll also dampen gnrmenta whlch
ara removed and reeumed whlle In the
bathroom. Thla bathtub faucet may be
tbreaded for the receptlon of a tube con
nectlng with aa overhead ahowor. tn
? it is aapeelaUy dealrable that
Ihe double mixinu faucet be da -
Waate Pipet.
Tt.. waate and overflow plpea of tha
i BthtUb are BUbject tO tbe same L'logfflng
..c< nta as arere spoken of In oonneotlon
with Btattonary wa - inda t.rease,
soap, lint. dlit and hair adhere to and
clog the waate plpea It ls no uncommon
thing tO aee the perforated opening of
tha overdow plpe almoal atooped up by
enamel, arlth liappy oockroeebea drawn
by the abundnnce of fooil ln the waste
plpe, playing about ln the bathtub. Qer
hard itatea that thfl outlet of a bathtub
ihottld I e very large to permlt a qutck
d I arne of the water, thua aeeurlng a
t orough acourlag of the trap and waste
plpe Th*- apeedy UbaratkM of forty or
fifty gallona Of wnter would aet aa a flush
tunk. The retarded dratalng of a bathtub
|i therefore nol Obly * trlal rt patlenee,
bul neglected saiumry edMaoey in the
boma i Bnd, by meeaurement, that tha
bathtub waate pltig N freQUOUtly one and
Inchflfl In dlameter. Wlth a
proper Btralner tt mlght ba oonaMflrably
m ignlfled. i am the more pleaaed lo
brtag Bueh naatten to tba attentlon of
women, as lt la a favorlte aaylng Of deal
era that aromea would obtala t.?-tt? r .<?? r
i better domeatlc meehanlama and
luppllea if tbey demanded them.
Iplpe and wtrulner whlch can be
? Uied ls a better waate
water flxturo than the plug and unclean
ebtfl overflow plpe. It Is, however, an
awkward lixture unless reeessed ln the
head of tho bathtub.
The enamelled iron tub ahould be re
enamelled once a year, uslng care to not
allow the enamel to get on the surface
of the overflow. In case a wooden rall
ln looflfl the tub, the rall ahould be waabed
clean with soap and water dally. Every
bO-flflWlffl ls famfllar with metboda for
kceplng the surface of the tub clean and
.-hlnlnp. KerooOM is a valuable aid in
the removal of greasy depo-.lts.
Per thfl comfort Of the bather and the
InteKrity ut the plpea the bathroom of
the farmhouse should be placed dlrectly
ever the warm kitchen. Hy thls arrar.ge
ment B single waate and Vflnt plpe line
will nnswer for thfl bathroom flxtures and
thfl kitchen sink.
The Closet.
I'h. cloeflt ih the most important bath
room llxtur'.'. It ls the cuHtodian of the
most daagOfOUfl hOUeehfltd waate and,
arben aankary, contributes mont dlrectly
to tbe wellbelng of the houaehold. In
tbe modern type of water closet all mech
anlsm is freely cxpose.l, the excrc-ta ls re
catved dlrectly into a sufflclent amount of
water, there ls u generoua fluab of three
or more gallons of water, atid a large and
Iree water way Into the soil plpe. The
Uflual closet seat la tmsanitary to an ex
treme degree. It ls of wood, and therefore
abflOrbent The oval form necesaltates
dangerous contact. Rigid daily dlalnfec
tlon does not Insure peraonal safety from
thls type of closet seat. Thls la well un?
deratood ln a country we are apt to
decry as sufferlng from retarded develop
ment, and In Hpaln every hostlery sup
plles adjuetable paper closet seat covers,
to be uaed once and deatroyed.
An American woman lnvented a sani
tary closet seat whlch ls now Installed In
many publlc utllltles, etc. On thls seat
three Inches of surface ls cut entlrely
away at the front, and the approxlmat
Ing free ends are roumied. The seat has
been manufactured In porcelaln eontlnu
OUB arlth the body of tho closet. and haa
been found to be satiafactory. It would
seem that an unbreakable aluminum aeat
and cover could be provlded Bfl a substl
tutfl for wood.
Care of the Closet.
When the eatlrO aurfbae of the bowl ia
tlioroughly doucned and the COOJtfl-?_ of
the trap speedliy and entlrely changed at
every fluahlng, it la sufflclent to acour the
surfacea once dally wlth a stout wblsk
broom. The kaeplng in sanitary eondltlon
of the olil-fashloned pan, valve ar.d plun
ger type of elo?;et ls another story. It
should be replaced by a modern closet.
Obstruetlon ln the closet sometlmes comea
from the most extraordlnary sources. I
havo on several occaslons obaerved that
the contents of the vacuum cleaner were
tbrown en maase into the closet bowl by
unscrupulous men servants. Thls lnex
eueahle act atrtOUaly embarrassea the
slphon jet. trap and water seal, and the
seml-dlstfolve.' dlrt wlll be tbrown baek
Into the contalner at every attempt to
lluah the closet for aome hours. It la lm
po??lble to foreaee and prevent such un
toward occurrences, but thelr repetltlon
can be pnevented.
A thorough scrubblng and fluahlng
whlch leaves clean water in the water
trap once dally Is better than ?-ellances
on any of the many Ibjuld deodorants anu
The floor Jolnt of the closet Is of ex
treme lmportance. If constructe.l of ce
ment and rubber lt may dislntegrate
glvlng rlse to fllthy lenkage.
(To be contlnued.)

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