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Webb Carter Beats Herculoid
Head After Furious Drive
in Steeplechase.
Good Sized Crowd Enjoys Finc
Days Racing and Close
Finishes at Meadow
Brook Meeting.
Mi Pajrae Whlti ? I tha keen
""action of see!ng her good hunter and
jiimp'i. Wehh caiter. wln the Retrlbution
Cbalfatage I UP at the Itssdow Brook
\ tesptoehsa i n?ll m< i nng at
Relmont I'ark Terminal yesterdsy. C R
Nppleton. who blund.i.d 9 fOW 4SJT9 BfO
when ba essad up his mount, thinkin?
the horse in fiont had cut the COarSS,
?SjalS had the leg ui>. and more than
made amend> by his devor work ln the
saddle. He let Webb Carter make most
of the runnlng, but saved enough to stand
nff a determlned < hallenge hy Herculoid
in the last half mile and to win by a
head under a strong hand rlde.
Charlea Pflsar started Herculoid and
Rock Abbey, and, with his tralner, was so
confldent of winning that Mr. Alpers, who
tode the former, did not carry whip or
spurs. This proved fatal Herculoid ls
a blg, rather slugglsh, horse and needed
rouslng ln the flnal drive. "I shook my
hand at him." ssld Mr. Alpers, "but lt
waa not enough. The lack of a whlp cost
me the race."
The Retrlbution Challenge Cup is cov
eted,by amateur sportsmen. It vras of
fered a year ago by Mrs. A. Butler Dun
can, to be held by the wlnner untll the
next runnlng of the race. Bayard Tuck
erman, Jr.. captured lt last season wiyi
In the race yestcrday Gnld Plate un
seated Mr. von Staed at the fourth Jump,
but raced on with his fleld and worrled
Mr. Appleton, even if he did not hamper
him at two or three Jumps.
Ab one of the hunting set was heard to
remark. lt was a pretty day. The alr
was hractng, without belng too sharp,
snd lovers of racing turned out ln goodly
numbers. The cosey Httle atand was
-rowded, whlle the lawn waa well fllled
and the rall Hned.
Prices were quoted on the varlous raees,
but there was no slgn of bookmaklng or
open bettlng, although a number of lndi
vldual wagers were made.
The Judges did not appcar to be in their
hest form. Petlte* Chevaux was mistak
en for his stable companlon, Plutocrat, ln
the third race. whlle Nosegay was placed
second In the fifth race, although it looked
from the stand as lf Speculator followed
Zellwood home a good neck before the
Nasturtlum geldlng.
A photographer named Stefano had a
nsrrow escape from death at the finish
of the third race. He, with several
other^. was trying to get a rnapshot of
Beybourn. as the Star Shoot gstdlng
:ame from behind and raced to victory,
(\hen Slcklc with Elllot C. Cowdln. 26",
jp, which flnlshed third, awerved ove:
ind Uiaahad lnto him. Stefano was
>lcked up ln an unconscloua condltlon,
>ut revlved later.
Tango onee more proved his speed and
?onrage b>- wlnnlng the last race for
^Iplng Pf-ck subscrlptlon ponles. Greased
,lghtning closed with a rush, but Evans
r ..ker failed to get htm up by a short
Bf. af. Whltney was ln ugly humor at
he start of the fifth race, and, unseatlng
. Tucker, ran away and played hlde and
;eek with some boys who flnaliy cornered
jim. He was led back to the atart, but
?eared and broke away again, so that
?rank Clark sent the fleld away without
Prlor to the races a number of luncheon
riartles were given at the Tut f and Fleld
Club. Among those who had tables were
W. Scott Cameron. Albert Bugene Galla
tln. J. B. Taylor, Johnson Llvlngston. W.
Burllng Cocka. A. C. Bage, C. C. Bar
rowa. B. C. Brown, Mre. James B. Eustls,
r. K. Bturgis. Frederlck O. Bourne, Mr.
and Mrs. Wiillam Carson Kane. O. An
deraon, B. B. Kerr, R. L,. Smlth and E.
C. Blum.
Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Au
guat Belmont, Mrs. Edmund Randolph,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott Burden. Mr.
and >tra. Jamea A, Burden, MrB. Adolf
lavlenburg. Mias Eugenle L*denburg,
Mrs. Ollver W, Bird. Mlss Clalre Blrd,
Mrs. J. E. Bmtth Hadden, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Goadby Loew. Mrs. F. Ambroso
Clark, Mra. W. Kmlen Roosevelt, Mlss
Roosevelt, Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock, Mlss
Celestlne Hitchcock. Mrs. Payne Whlt?
ney, Mlss Marlon Holllns. Mr. and Mrs.
Jomn E. Cowdln, Mr. and Mrs. August
Belmont, Jr.. Mlss Anna Sands, Mr. and
Mra. Paul Cravath, Mrs. Davld Coddlng
ton, Mlss Vera Cravath. Mra. J. Sergcant
t'ram and her chlldren. Mr. and Mra.
Franklln Qunther, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
a Tallmadge. Mr. and Mrs. Cornellus H.
Tangeman, Mra H. E. Atterbury, Mr. and
Mrs. Gardner W. Brown. Justlce James
W. Gej-ard. Cornellus Vanderbllt, William
Wataon. Andrew Mlller. Foxhall P.
Keene. E. Vtctor I.oew. W. Russell Grace,
Bchuyler L. Parsons. Harry S. Pt-pe, El?
llot C. Cowdln. 2d. Eouls Halght. Samuel
WWotS, 11. A. Buck and Morton C.
The summaries follow:
Pl.crr af V2*>. for three-year-olds and up
?tr.l AN.ut two miles.
HeiM and ???? Wt. .tockey. Un.
"?Jultlris, ? .IM alr. Alper. . 2?*
o^ntr.. a*e<l .140 Ml Itainhergar . . . . ?
No tlnx taU. " Btarl r?o?- Wlnner, b. g..
April 10 the Day
for Ball "Fans'
the malnr leafjue ha?ehall ?ea?on of
1018 will hc*ln on \pril ln. >ele.li<>n of
tliit date ?a? annnun.-e.l ve?trnla>. a*
Ihe reMilt of hii ogreernent 1*888808 1*8*8"
i.lcnt lin.li of the National trague and
rr^Meot Jaaaaea of the laeerteaai
le-ciie, who, under the national uaree
mrnt. are Miithorl/ed to determlne llila
?litrtlng polnl for the franiing of major
league aeheduleN.
Leaves Field "Way Behind in
Race Over Four Miles.
Edward Herd. of thf Totnpklna Avenue
('onsrctatlonal Church, proved the rlctor
over 8 Beld of aJxteen runneri that com
peted in the annual ehamplonahlp run of
the Sunday Bchool Athh tic League, held
yesterday. Herd led th. way thro
wlnnlng as he piea.M-d by more than 890
yards. in the fast lim- of M mll
Th.- aummary follov
Fo>ltion. nanie and . bnrch. Time.
i Edward Herd. Torapkim Avaaua
. cn.;regatlon..l . .24:21
2-1'. Heuer, W\.koff Helghta Preaby
t.n.m . 24:M
8-J. W. Atherton, Central Congrega
tlonal . 85:01
4?C. Ten Eyck, Hoiough I'ark Method
lat . 25:11
B?E. Elsrhuer. Proapoct Helghta Prra- _
bvterlan . 28:18
6 M atolley. H. P. M. i:. 88:81
7 w. Ceater, Pu?h?i k Avaaoa
Methodlst Bptacopal . 28:29
8?L. Court, Wvekoff Helghts Proaby
teilan ... . 88:80
f? a. Joaeph, M. E. at. Preabytertaa . 88*8
10? E. llreden. H P. M. 1". 88:00
11 ? 1. H. Rannick. Buahwlck Avenu"
Methodlat EplacopaJ. 25:4*>
12- H Howa Van-lerveer Park Methodlst
HoiM'-opal . 88:40
18-T. Ochiemelater, w>-. koff Helghts
Preshyterlan . 28:86
14 -H. Luts, Wy.-kofr Heighta Preeby
terlan . 88:18
16?E. I>-nz. Wyvkoff Helgh'a Preshy
terlan . 15:21
16?E. Stchdtlender. W.wkoff Helghta
Presbyterlan .20:40
Strikes Stride, Beating Cres
cents at Soccer.
Defeaiing the Crescent Athleth- Club
for the flrst time this season at IJvlng
8ton, staten Tsiand, yesterday, the BOCCOr
football players of the Staten Island
Orlcket Club etrongly reinfor.yd Ita po
sltlon as leader ln the chainpionyhip
eerles of the Fleld Club Soocer liagiia of
New York and New Jt-rsey. of which they
are the tltle holders.
The home tearn won handlly hy the
fcore of 4 goals to 1. The tirst en.ounter
between the same teama had resulted in a
BCerelaaa game. Fred Mllnea captaln of
the Pllgrlnia, of Enrland, agr.ln played
rlght half for Btatea,Island
The llne-up followa:
btaten Island (4... I'osltion. Cresceat (1)
Vaa 8*r Zee.G. <Apiot
Olndall .R. p.. M.-Olland
IHiUer .I,. B. Charlwood
| Mllnea .R H._ Watson
Hannlng ....C. H.f}. .leffers
Uriganl .I.H. Humi ?
1 Kaufmann .O. R. Parret
M.-Whlnnle .I. K. j*
Pjwyee ....C. Harland
vicoll .I. L.w. Jeffers
Van Laar.O. L. Philllp
Referee? F. Dsvtes. Uaeamaa Kaufmann
and Blampl.in. Goala?Dwyar (2). KcW
Van I^ar, Staten Island: Harland, Creaeent.
Time of halves?Forty-flve mlnutee.
bv Inepector B. ? Varnlah. owned by rhar!<-!<
Husseil Flelachmann and trained b) Bllaa
Veitch. Prices?Norbltt, 8 'o .">. Faultleaa, 4
to 0; Coventry, 20 to 1.
CHALLXNGE <'\'V of 8500; for realatered
huntera. About three mllea over tlx
tion ^teeplerhaae r-iurae
Horee and aa^ 'Wt. ,lo^k? | Fin.
Web (Jarter, aged.,108 Mr. Appieton. i?
H.-rculold. axe-1...158 Mr. Alpera.. _ 2''4
Rock Abbey, 8....188 Mr. Pruea. .1,,?
F>aex B., aged. ..lf.9 Mr. HamhcrKT ..4
Gold Plate. fl.188 Mr. Von Stado_ ?
*Loat rld.r. No time taken. Start fair
Wlnn^r, br. $}., by Mentone- Amphr-ra, own^d
by the Greentreo Stable and tram.-d h\ Jamea
Ow?sns. Prices?Web Cart<-r. 7 to 1. Herculold,
7 to 10; Rock Abbey, 7 to 10.
W"EKJHT HANDICAP of $200 and plate; for
all ages. About slx furlonga on the flat.
Horae and age. Wt. Jockcy l"in.
Reybourn, B.180 Mr. H. Turkor..? 1 "*
levaux, 4 14S Mr E. Tucker.... 2?
PUklt, .1.14S Bfr.B.C.Cowdln,2d. 8?
.1. A Munro, aged. 145 Mr. J Tucker. 4'1
Rlundara, B.144 Mr. Alpf-r?. B'j
c Hargravc, B...14S Mr. Bunbergar.... ?s
Fcrmer, aged.143 Mr. W. H Wlldey 7
?I'hitocrat. 4.14B Mr. P, Hfvcngon.. (?*
TrSTOl Ught, 8...140 Mr. N Frllice. ?'
Dolly Varden, 2...130 Mr. R?nwlrk.10'?
Rampage, aged...142 Mr. Jnaephthal_11
?Coupled ln the b^tting. tlt waa Pluto.rat
Inatead of Petlta Cheveaux that flnl.vhed aae
ond, but the pla. Ing Judges dli-r-layd the Bum
bera aa ahown here. No tlrn* tak^n. Start
BOOa Wlnner, b g. by Star Shoot -I^at R?
BOrt owned by Fr<-derlck Johnaon and tralnrd
by john P. Mavb^rry. Prlcs R^ybourn, 1 to
8l P.tlta Cheveaux, 4 to 1; Skkle, 10 to 1.
year oldB and upward. About two mllea and
a half over the re?i 'atlon cowa*.
Horae and age. Wt. Jockey. Fln.
Rlce Oraln, 6.106 1. Hugh^s.? T"?
Macedonlan, aged.144 Mr. Alp^rn. 2"?
O'Connor, f>.1B7 E. Klenck .8
No time taken. Ftart good. Wlnner, br. g,
bv MlRralne \>rna Rlce, own?d by Mlaa
Chamblet nnd tralne^ by John t?. C,,yle. Prlcea
R!. c (Jraln, I to !>: Ma.edonlan, 6 to 1;
O'Connor, 2 to 1.
CHALLKNci: ct'P of $200; for IbrM r*ai
olda and upward. About one mile and a
half on the flat
Horne and age. Wt. Jocke>. Fln.
Zellwood, 4.188 Mr. P. Stevennon... 1'
Nesaaar. 4.1?1 Mr. Alpera. 2?
Ppeculator, aged..1*5 Mr. E Tucker .... !??
Rlundara, B.162 Mr. H. Tucker. 4?*
Kndymlon, aged...149 Mr. Fatr.berger. 6
|| M Whltncy. 4.144 Mr J Tu- ker. ?
?Cnaeated rider at poat and ntn away. No
time taken Htart falr. Wlnner. b. g., by
Knlght Errant Francej HladOO, owned by
Phlllp Pteveneon and trained bv William H.
Henry' Prices - Zellwood, 6 to 2; Noaegay. 9
to .'?. BVaeaJatar, 2 to 1.
SCFiIPJTION; for ponle*; $10 earh. with up
(\hIuc $100) added. About alx furlongs on
the flat.
Horso. Wt. Jockey. Fln
Tango .1?B Mr. H. I. llell... 1?
Creai-ed Llghtnlng.lfiO Mr, E. Tucker. ... 8*!a
.1BB MrEC.Cowdln.2d. B?
\ imbar Twenty..l?B Mr. P. gtavaJaaSB.. 4'
Number One.160 Mr. Alpera. B'4
Flaahllarht .180 Mr. J. Tucker. ?:
.10B Mr. R. Itelmont. 7
No time taken Start falr. Wlnner. hr r
breedlng unknown, owned by llerbert L. Pratt
BJid tralnrd bv William H Basry, PM<?
Tanao. 8 to .'?: Greaaed IJghtnlng, 6 lo 1;
Plasboy, 3 to 1.
situated ln the Rue de Rtvoll
overlooklng Tullerles Gardens,
i'River Seine & Champt Elysees,'
Thoroughly Warmed in Winter)
contains every comfort and
Luxury in modern construction.
The prestige of the Old Hotel Meurice
is to-day challenged by the pre-eminence
of the Hew Meurice, which has absolutely
the flnest clientele of any Hotel in Europe
THE HJESTAURANr is said to be the best
in Paris and has become the renaezvous
of fashion
OaaVss / Me?#r/sofa/. Pmrtm. F SCMWENTEK. Manaier
Poly Prep Beats Boys
High in Bitter Fight
Du Trembly and Gleason Play
the Leading Parts.
Opens Way to One Touchdown
After a Long March Down
the Field.
Poiy Prep's foothali eleven defeated the
team Of Bov.s' Hlgb BchOOl at Washlng
ton I'irk. Brooklyn, jresterday mornlng.
The tcort was 11 to 0, and it glreo a falr
Indlcatlon of the dlfferenca In poarer of
two teama Tbe attacb <>f Boys' Hlgb
uas effectlve, even scnsationai in atresks.
bul lt lacked tbe ateady drive that marked
tbe off.? of Poly, and whlla tho R'd
and Black BCOred aoon after the game
opened, tho Poiy tesm ahowed srit of tho
proper sort and only beean to flgbt wbon
the tide was golng agalnst them The
pluek, superior skill and rarc foothali
aenst ot Du Trembly, at quarterback, and
the runnlng ot CHesson aaa tb< na ihrough
to 9 well won elctory.
D? Trembly and Qlessoa wcr? the llfe
of the Poly toam, and did moat ol tne
work on the attack Du Tromblyt aoon
found that the centre ot the Boys llne
W?a a rock. so be BWUng bla plays around
th. . nda, l. it end partlcularly, with Qlea
rrylng the hall The scnsationai
i-mnlng of Oleason brought tbe crowd to
Its f.ct tbunderini applause, but tbe re
n-arkahie Interference of the other bacas.
who plcked their nvn with unening BKIII.
was an important factor in his bui.s.
As lt was Qleaaon peeled off many runa
varylng from flfteon t.. thlrty-flve yards
The game was marr.'d by ireqiient |? n
altiea and I'olv suffered most. The worst
Deodora Monarch Scores Hon
ors Over Strong Field.
Seldnm fn the hlatOT) Of the Bulldop
Club has ancb a eoilactlon of i-tars been
^rouped touether ln the abOW rlng as RM I
yeaterday at the Qraad Contral Palao
t'or the fonrteenth annual show. Theoon
atellatlon ir.cluded the EngMsh rleala,
Baron Beamlng and Deodora afonamh.
and the equally good ehamf'ton. Hewletl
Klng Orry. Robert Lobban'a Deodora
Ifonsrch and Baron Beamtng. from the
Inwall Kenmls, niet on American aoil al
Ishp. when the Monarch made I ?
h.-r.-. and John HOfTSS pla.-ed the M< '?
.im! over the Baron Mr. Morttrosr fol?
lowed his axample yesterday, wbon tha
IWO mtt In the limlt class and then ths
Monarch went lnto tha open clasa to trj
h(s luck with Kini: Orry. II. r. agsHl
BCOTCd, and bls victory In the wlnncr-'
class was tben a (oregone eonclualon
Tbla was inde.d a mlghty aictorj
ln bltches, John W. Minturn brought
out a new one that la all ahe is caui to i>..
for this was h< r d.hut ln the l.
is called Crlaale Denton, and ?- a wel
known wtaaer ln tbo w. st. Bhe start.d
in the hmlt class and won right through,
even teatlng the hltherto unbeaten i ham
plon, Leone tfaaslwyn, from tha ksansli
of J. Cooper M?.tt. in wlonera ahe wss
choaen tor flrst honois, ti? resenra go?
Ing to Allaon Lederer's Champlon P*lor
encc Khunda.
Th. awarda foiiow ;
w ..um I
1 r.u' - Bla k i ? ' \ I ? Ho* l< i -
i:!iis. third Busan I Wood ? Kllmore)
loga)?1 Irst Rlwln II
Reynol i. ? u ? ? I
Bully Hayes; third, Rol. 11 V^ !?? ?
t.iik.' of Hu. Cll
Clasi .1 (American bred rtoga) Klrsl I
ii Reyoolds'a Weather. i ....... r.* ??:. I Roberi
Bauihliker'a Pltland'a Bon: third, wtlilaiu T,
? :?- 4 (llmlt; .ir>c . under 4.'. peandu
Klrst. Lantcn Reorba h'l Markhani Supifin.-,
??? i .. John r Colltna'i Mo ton Bqulre; third.
EUwIn 1: Reynolda'i 9V< .ihero.l Oak.
Class 5 illniii. dogi ifi potindi and i
Klrst, Robert Lobbai ?., Menareh; see
otai, liiwall K-iiiri- Baron Beamlng; third.
>lrs i H Rho id. ? ?- W< ?? \ ?
.'laf* ?; (open; .i-.k- undei ?4.'. pounds) Flrsl
Roorbach'i Mai un Hupreme: Becond
Ji I ii r i ?' : id - \t . third, Edw In
H Reynoldi'i Weathered <>ak
("laxi 7 (open; doga, 4'. pounds ana, fniri
1 Irst Robert Lobl in Deodora Monarch nr
ond, Mra C M Hamlltoi '? Cl an plo Hewleti
Kin* Orr>, tblrd, Amold Lawsoa's Dreaniwold
I (wlnncrs; f|e>rsii I'irst. Ruh^rt I/i*
han'.s Deodora Monarch; reservo, Mrs. C. M.
lhin.llton'a ch. II<-?lett KhiK Orry.
CUaa ii (pupplca; bltches) Kirft. Mr?. C
M. Hamllton'i }i<>?i?tt Blnful PtIdcsob; bk
or.d. Rockcltffl K'lita ls' Rock. Ilffe Mssts.x;
third, Min .1 T H',-*? PrtncCM Alex.
(lass 13 (BOYlce; bi>. hen Flrst, Judborn
Kennels* Aihuar Bmb; aaaand, Honard
l^axht's Marchloneaa Templi; third, Mra. '
M Hamllt'.n's Blnful Prtneees.
ClaM H (American t>r.-d MtchM)- I'lmt,
Amold Lawson'i Mavourneen Mlca; eocond,
Wiillam Drvw'B Oaby I'-.-lys. third. Waltrr
Murrai's 'n.ornbun Pearl
? 'lass 10 '11rr.lt. bltchos) Flrnt, Harrj- Rmli
ton'a Woodeiaft BaronesB; second. Arnoid
l.ti?uoti'n Mavourneen Mlca.
ciann 16 (llmlt; bltches) Kimt. Roekcllffe
RenntlB* Crliali Dantoo larond. Ro.-whill K<n
neir Ito.:ktiill Burprtse; tlilrd. Arn.Jd i^?
uon's Hawlett Fr.Hr, .
e'la^x 1 r (open; Mtahc*, uniler f rty Boundal
n ' Hari\ Rusbton'l \\ oodirafl Baron^s.".
Becond, AmoM Lawson'i ktarourneen Mi^a
i'lass 1h (open; bltchlS, forty pounds and
o\m iirst, Rockcllffi granela' crisst* Inn
toa; aaeaad, inwall K.nneh- eh. Floresea
Hliunda; third, J. Cooper Mott'a ch LaetM
Haselwj n.
l!> (wlnners; bltches) Klrst. Rovkrllnv
Kennels' Crlaale Denton; raaarra, Inwall Kt-n
neli' cli. Klorenca l-i
Cutler Tries in Vain to Hold
Horace Mann in Check.
Aft.r hnidlnu its opooonta acoteloaa foi
three perlods tha CutlOT aTchOOl foothali
eleven linally weak.ned. and Hoiace Mann
S> hool \vori a hStd ^arne on Its ..un Hel I
al Flsldston yeatordaj mornlng b> a aeore
of U to o.
Cutler was on the run duiiiu; the BTSl
two perlods, bnt when Its goal llne was
threatened the def.-n. <? stood up well.
The fourth parlod opened with the bali
ln llora. e Mann's poasaaalon ln mldfleld,
After Wainuright ha.i made a twsaty*
flve-yard run, a forwatd pSSS, Wright tO
| Cook. for Bve >..i.ls, and an end run,
hy Ceok, brougbl tha ovsl to tha
*e>ygrd llne.
rin the tuxt ptaj Van Alstynadtalocated
bM albsw, and Bohr had to tahs bla plaei
m the cuthr I...? kti.-lfl. Stuait WSl ' an
n?ed f( r three plajra throogh the line foi
twontj ysrda asal i '">>k for two, With
the hall on Cutl.rs S-\anl line Wrlghl
went over for htc Mrst touehdowo
Stuart and Wright utillzed the last ino
tneiif. of play by rashlng the haii dewn t"
.in .? | :.-\.iiil Ihv l'rum that |>oliil
Btuart brohc through f?.r tha aeoond
touchdoa n.
Th. line-up follows;
H Mann (19). r?lllllll I SlfST <<?
Horn .1. i: . . (Tonnelly
Wlllhiina .I. T. .I.. cohu
i .i. <;. .Sobdi n
i iui nell .C.\ an Horn
?? . n . ... R. (. \v Cohu
i >. : . H . IliiSlllllT
! Iltislil.% . R. i:. TwN.tTi.it
W t'L-ln .Q. n. II-Tl ? rt
| <'o<jk .I.. il II. . untlvln
\ an AiMwif. i! ii i: Walnwrlghl
luart ii . Ksci
l.il-., l..r Stt.
art. Betir fi ? i ? n.. Htuai I '??' Drive,
i;?-? nol + foi ,; ish strau i. foi Duan< n
?, .i 'i. own - irl '.?.??? '
Wl'ltoms, ' i.-'.i. i mpir. rtiorpe.. 1* u
Head llneeroun lt il Wllltonta, II.i
m. . lUuu. Tiiue of Lirloda Tcn nilnutea each.
fault wa? holding in the llne, and the
viinners lost no fewer than nin.^ty yaroa
fOi Illegal work. On tha other hani.
Boya' High ae.-tned to have a bad case 01
greased Bngera, and ten tlmea fumMca
the ball. Half a dozen of thelr tumbles
cara* with the ball wlthln eaay strlking
dlntance of tho goal, and the Foly for
warda j.otinced on a.-veral.
Tho Foly Prep boya were kcencr In fol?
lowlng tho ball, got off faster. chargei
hardor and what they lacked ln physKiue
they more than made up ln aggreBBive
riess and flghtlng abillty.
The flrat acore came early In the game
Boya* Hlgh took the ball near mldti?M
and Tiffany tore off yarda before he waa
stf-pp.'d l?y a maaa of tacklers. A DW
Plav on a dHayed pass fooled Foly and
Marshall boomed along for elght yards.
Holltnun was used through the llne twice
and on the -econd plunge carried the ball
1 .-hind the posts.
That score rouaed tho Foly boya to
greater effort. Taklng tho ball after the
klckoff Du Trembly tested the Boys' llne
but found It flrm aa Olbraltar, but Olea
Kin swept around left <-nd for nlne yarda
and followfd lt up with one daah after
another until the ball r?atod on the 18
viird llno r?'i Trembly then made a for
Ward pass to Cchran, who acored a
The sr-.-ond half of the game was
marked bv a little "free-for-all" In whbh
w. bb wa* dlaquallfled for Mugglng Du
Trcmhlv. After ntuch good worlc l"i
Trembly bucked his way over the Un
for th.- flti.il touchdown of the game.
The lin.-up follows:
Po|v pren ri4l. Posltlon. Roys' Hlab "'?'?
Oulnn .U81. Hapi-?port
Sutton .U T. \f"*?
o,te.?icn .L. G. Haatt
Neurobr .C.JfJel
Redmond .R. G. Wehb
Brounder .R t. Utauer
.R E. ,*??/??
Du Trembly.Q n. T ffany
Oleaaon .R. H. M.5oUmaS
LuarJkl .L- H. H.M.-itshull
i h. Dotan
I Touchdowna Du Traaably. Hollmsn, Cocbran.
OoaU from touehdown Oleaaoo '2i. Subatitu ?
tlom Haggerti for Qulnn, McQueeney for
entdleton for Oatargren. Kefaree i.i
Thorpe, i>c Ls HaM-'- Uraplw Dara Fulti,
I Brown Time 0* game-Four perlods of twelva
1 mlnutea asi h
Beats Stevens by Rallying in
Closing Minutes.
Fordham played ? Bterllng upiiiii gam"
Itevena Inatltute on Fordham
Fleld yeaterdsy, an<i won In tbe eloetng
utea by a,acore <>r i* to 18. Twoteuch
downa that easne alraoot when tbi Baal
ahlatle waa t" he MOWn changed the as
|,,-. t nf tl < k'amo and turned defeat Into
victory for tbe Fordham alewaa
Blilllanl runnlng, auperb klcklng and
plent) "f apen football made the game aa
ilaai ? ii ii been noen !n The
Bronx thla fall
s--v. n- io k the lead at ihe staM. An
-??I (ofward pas Jtiat before tbe
end ot th. tiiM p.rio.i gave Btevena .m
opportunlty for a touchdown. of wbleb
adraatage waa qulckly taken Another
touchdown .-am?? in iin aeoond period. af<
tlt tWO w. II executed forward pas < | had
: i ighi ihe bull down t<> Fordham'* .:
yard hne
Fordham'a < Imnr. earae weil on ln th>)
lourth perlod, when IfeLally t.?.k Sea
puat .ii. I ran It !><? k ten yarda
10 Ihe bVyard linr Klliffe then br"ke
thmugh ci.i do?ig-d tbe entlre gtevena
? .-\.n |0- ,( touchdown, Bchoffmelater
ki< kiny ti ? sjoal ln the laal two mlnutea
Kane made aaothei touchdown
ift? . forward pass had g.iln<--l thirty
i h< llne up foiiowa.
Fordham (18). l'o^ition Hievens -r.''
\ Ivtaaa .L- F.. iioweii
i . .LT. atrelcli
HltDOntttl . I, (1. Hansou
htulv..C. Ulanrhard
Karrubhl . ? . R. T. <*i\t
M. Carthj .R r . Seller
l* Hlntbrllffa .R. B. Hutlar
-tchafTmelstei W B . S'eagrayi
11 Kane.I. H. B .Uuinham
\t N'a I) R H H .Austln
ll. k.i ? . F. B. Haary
Tourhdowna Keagraye. Uurnham. Ivllffe. M
K.in^ .;<Mil from t?u.hdo?n 8chaffm?lster
riubatltutloni Kardbsm: i"-o,init n.r MeNslly.
. \ Kan? (?'. ItrCartby, i:urit for Vlviane, m
Nally (<-i S. hafTmeiner. O'Toola for Sarubhl.
' S haffnielster fot M-Nally. Sar inhl for u Ti?>l?.
M '-jrUiv for \ K*iie. O'loo'e for .--arrubl.
? Doollna ? ? M Nally, tu-.. f..r Daellag, (?iea
\ Kane for QIaaaaa ftev
!?? HIM foi Hsaaaa. campball for
ii an i ?? l, Randrtl f?r Btllar, itatn-r for Aaa
Hn, Kradahaw for gaOgiaye. K'fer.e Murphy.
,.f v.ii. Umplra Murpbr. ol Bratra. HaM
I llaeamaa Pr N'awton, (Jelveratti of fennsyi
I vana i lme of parleda iSrelva mlnutea
Cubs to Use West Side Grounds
for Another Season.
[Bj Tetegraaa t" The Tfrlbaaa l
Chjcago, Nov. 5. There win h.- no new
baseball park thia season for the Chlcago
Cuba. aceordlng t.? Chaiiaa W, Murphy,
who retiirin-d on Saturday from the Kast.
ahere lt is nupposed he went to Inapeet
th* ii" w Hrortklyn ball park.
Murphy de.-Ured after havlng vlewed
the Bbbeta Fleld that ho had n. w plaiis
f..r th* ball park ho expecta to bulld.
apeclflcatioea of which are now belng
drawn Ho a.nd, fartn*r, that probably it
uiuil-l be two or thr.-.- montha before
those wer* coniplet.-d This BaOBBfl th*
("ubs will contlnue to plav at the old U'.-at
Blde Fark for another Bsaaon at least.
Runs Up Big Score Against
Morris High School.
McCusker, Freer and Blodgett
Offensive Stars of Hard
Fought Oontest.
The High School of Commerce, rated by
many as the probable wlnner of the
scholastlc champlonshlp of greater New
York. cllmbed a notch nearer Us goa!
by beatlng the Morris Hlgh School eleven
by a score of 21 to 0 at American League
Tark vesterday afternoon. Whlle the
Commerce students halled the victory
with wlld glec, tho coaches found llttlc
ov.r which to enthuso. Damaging fum
bles in plunglng the llne, which frcquentlv
gave Morris possession of tre ball, and
the lnablllty of the bafiks and ends to
cling to forward pas?e3 with absolutsly
clear fields bsfOTO th'in, held the aeote
Commerce atarted out with a furlous
rtish and tore through the Bronx line ln
line style. Krom ta^kle to tacklc Com
naerca not alone outweighed Morris. but
outplayed them in every way. Two touch
downa were scored in rapld succesaion
ln the flrst perlod, but.one- in the lead the
btg Commerce team appeared to let up ln
Its efforts. Opportunity after opportunlty
prosented ltself, but the fajtUfS oaPtahlO
of Industry pla>ed ln a atlpshod OOrt "f
way and were held safely by u se.ondarv
te?m which never cedsed 10 Dght hard.
lt was not untll IstO in the totirth p^'lod
that the commerce boys found tnemaelvea
again, and then th.-y scored a touchdown
with only a few minutes to play.
bllly McCusker, Jlmmy Freer and H.ipk
Blodgett were the batterlng. rams 011 the
atta.k and showed that any Una which
holds them must be strcng indeed. Ihe
attai k of Commerce hmg.d around Blooti
?. ti. and tlme aiter tlme the yoatnrui
glsnt pioughed through th* llne and cir
cled the ends for long galna. Mcc usker.
too. was used frequently, ?nd ossbed
through thn llne, runnlng like a oUeaK
and pl.kliig his openlnga with rare sklll.
i.a" in tho game he played quarterbacK
in place of Brown and ran the team fault
leeely. r'roer was up to bla uaual al.I
ar.i. and his lnterferenca alded Blodgett
and M.('usker ln their man. runs.
Morris kl'ked off to'omtnei'c.- and aoon
th.- l.iu. backs carried the ball down
th. tieid to the 15-yard llne, where freer
| fuinbled and (,'herr foll <-n the l.aU for
Mocrls. An Bttaeh on the Commerce llne
I g.nned nothlng and Hugglnweg klcked
I ..'it of d.mger So..n. however, " omi
! brought it bacb up the tield with Hag<
I meyer, Freei an<i Blodgett carrying the
hall untll ilnally McCusker plunged over
? for .1 touchdown. Blodgett klcked th?
I goal commerce kl??ke.l off 10 Morris, and
I a few- aeconda latcr Bl-xlgeit Intercepteo
a fo. war.1 peaa Ti,.- ball belonged 10
Commerce ln mldneld Tm marcb up th.
1 field was bearun again with Kreer brak
, Ing through "for subftanila! ^alns. At the
I end blodKett waded through tbe line and
Bcorad With half a ilo/.eu tacklers cllnging
to his Jersey. Hiodg.tt again klcked an
'?<1> aWSl ? ,
1 The Morris team seemed to gain a llttla
1 pewor after the second touchdown, or
| ? Iso Commerce arsaksned. tor The Bronx
bovs not alone held auccesafully, but
? galned some nttie ground. They tried a
f.-w forward t^sses, and worked tha pla)
w!th gOOd effect. but COUld not BCOrO. ln
th* tlnal perlod Commerce carried the
hall down to the 6-yard llne, where they
f mbled some more, and the hall went '"
Morris Hugainweg trled to punt, but
Hagemayer crashad through tha llne ano
1 after blocklng the ball. fell on if 091 the
^-v?rd llne Paul Brown scored and Blod*
I jtuiuuna s n?<2 toe added the extra point.
Captain Kerr of tha Commorea team was
the Indlvldual defenstve star of tho Kanie
The llne-up follows
1 nn.merie .211. Poaltlon. Morrm .n.
Btrong .U E . O'Hars.
Ilagetmysr .I* T. Schnabel
Moritjjonierr .L. O. S. o*t
I ]?? Hoer.C. Rokolowar
li. 1 .R. (J. Stons
.'.11111.R T. \V<lnberg<?r
K*iir .R. K. (Jrlll
, Hrown .Q R. Cherr
McOiskSf _L. ff. B. Stra.han
Blodnett .R H. R.Oargan
Vr>-*r .F R. Huggenwlg
T II I dowm M-Omker, Blodgett, Hrown
Goala frnm toachdofras Blodgett ?
S,ibatlt:tion? Kelleher for O Hara, Manley
for Htrachan. Kannerack for Kreer, c|app (or
McCusker, M'-''-.;?krr fer Hrown. Brown for
McCUBkar, Mc(\l?ker for Kannera.-k. Ratn-.?r
for rlapp, Matthla for Montgom*ry. Clapp for
B|r,?<g?.tt. Hlodgett for Clupp. Referee I.,-\ine.
t'nlverslty of Pennavlvanla I'mplro -Karrl?:.
DartSMttth. Tlme of game--Four BOrloda lor
twelve ntlsstaa
The Ki.rdham fre*hman foothali team
w.ts defeated by the Freparatory School
elsven of the some Institution on Fordham
lleld xesterday by the neore of 13 to 0.
The game was marred by freejuent
f umbli s, and r.peated p.-naltles for be?
lng offside. The freshman team waa the
cblef offender.
The I'reparatory eleven's game was of
the Bpectacular varlety, Maliony runnlng
flfty yards after rtcoverlng a forward
pass from Rowan and Robln aasrerlag
thirty yards on a run around left end.
The Commerce Cttbg went down to de
fent before the Yonkers Hlgh School foot
ball team at Van Cortlandt Park yes?
terday mornlng by a score of 13 to i.
Commerce not only lost the game, but
the Bervlces of Paul Blake, the best back
on the team, who fractured his collar
bone In maklng a dlvlng tacklo.
Walter Camp, Jr., Gives
Up Football at Yale
Princeton Tcam Settles Down
to Work After Regt at Sea
shore for Two Days.
| By Telegrapb to The Trlbune )
K*W llaven, I'onn. Nov. o.?Yale lost
another of Its heat football playera to
day. Whdn Walt.-r ('amp. Jr.. announced
thal be would i>o anabte t.? eontinuo on
th. Bquad. Caanp has baan ln poor haaltb
all fall du* to aii attaik of n.-urltis, and
his phyaocal condltgon haa baan auch that
hli playlng has not baen up to form.
Hla payoMano advls.-d hlm to glve up
Um garna for a time an.i h< dednod t->
,1 op OUt for the raOt ol UM season.
Tod Coy, dear from fliattanooga, ar
rirad b>da) to betg oal m tii<* aeachlng.
)|. aald it was apparent tbat a deal of
! work has to b. dotu- bofor..- the t.-uin will
h. |n < h.impioiishlp form.
I'. ii.ll. toii play.d at guanl again and
:;.,, aia to bo a Istura
i Prlncstoa K. ?'?. Koo. :.. ?Tne Tlgera
p.it ln tbi-lr tlrst appcaralicc ln Prlnec
1 ten to-day atoO* their dMaatroua trlp to
I "iiiuM id?< . Tiity Bgaal th* la.*t two da>*
gj Atlantk < lt> gettliiK r.-sted for the.
fortnigbfa herd work la pr*aarattaa for
Vai. Diialaa, who waa InJnrad In the
Btadlura, has not ret returaed. but Kean.
I Itaaatrlell bipog ln ?se hlm against
Val? if hla shouldei OM be nurs.-d along.
Paadle was uaed at aad for a whlle
! bul ilnally went ha. k to lOnfl half. where
be ?at i-iaying * h<-n pfaetJc* onaad.
[Bl TeW-graph to Th* Trlbune I
llanover. N H. PJa*. & -Ihe Iiarlmouth
, t.K.k ?ii a 11.m Iraa. of llfe 18 day. with
UM ain.al of ?Klua" iirady aod "?HW?"
Tlshon. Parenda returnefl to the 'varslty llne
and la thought slrong enough to start against
Cernell. Curtls was use.i for a time In tbe
l-rf-kflel.j and nucce. rfeij In making t-onslstt-ui
galns |fe will probably be In condltlon M
plav in the Harvard game.
TBy Telegraph to The Trlbune. 1
Ifhara, N. T.. Nov. B ? Corneli v\ 111 . i.,t r\
badlv crlppled teani against PaHaaaath on
Salurday. It la almoat rerlaln tliat Captain
Batll will not be able to ptay, ai.d i. tther
Flli nor Kyrlrh Is In ai y klnd of condltlon.
Ih. former belng under a BhP*fl-lan'-i .are.
O'Connor went to quarterback t-> day, and
dld well
IHy Telegraph to The Trlbune. I
Phlladelphla. Nov. 8. ? -Pennsy|v:tn,a'a troi
hles rrdoubled to-day when tfaJBaaajbOM BfO*
hurt In the early pait of the aft.-rnoon'8 pra<
the and *ent to the tralnlng housa crmc
Mercer and Peden watchfd th- work from ihe
aldr. llnes.
I Hv Telegraph to Tbe Trlbune. I
Annapolla, Md , Nov. .'. -Leonar.t. arfc*
welghs ooly 142 poundK. dld hrllllant work ln
Ihe baeklleld to-day and giws piomlse of be
lomlnc tlie best back ln the ac.i.leius . Cap
t it In Kodes wii at quarterha.k a?-.itn an-l ?vlll
prohat-ly hold the poaltlon for (he reniaunl. r of
tha i?ason.
[B\ Telegraph to The Tnl.uue |
West Polnt. N Y.. Nov fi -llabb* Heucdl. t.
J'rltchard and Purnell were out of the-Army
llne-up to-day, rettlng up for S:itunl:r'a game
with the Indiana. Captain Dovore. whose |ag
la mendliig rnpldly. contlnue.l his alarhlng plu>
at tackle. _____^
I-M SAIION -N*w c*r* Ilmoualn. and lour
iiu.: b;- tlie h iur ur trip. ebeep rates for
menthly eervlce; speelal ratea for lhaatrt
.-ills I'MVKHSU. TAXIMF.TKK "All C ? .
1..:: Kaat B*d Ktfwal Pheaaa Plaaa nati
College and School
Foothali Games
Triallr .19 New York tnli. 0
Fordbam .U stevena .*'
tommercc . ,tl Mnrrls .?
Manual Tralnlng 15 Krasmua .?
Toly I*rep.11 Bo>V Hlgh <
Horare Mann. ...11 < utler .?
Yonkers .13 Commerce Cuba.. 0
Mason Cars Run One-Two in
Contest at Brighton Beach.
Natlonal Goes Through Fences,
Driver Sustaining Scalp Wound
and Mechanic Broken Arm.
Two tdsson esra, recent bidders for
favor ln the East, achleved a slgnal
triumph at Brighton Beach, yesterday.
when, In the IGO-mlle race, the feature of
the eard arranged by the Motor Pealer;'
Exhlblt Company. they rsn flrot snd ow
ond, belng tho only oars to tlnish the full
dtstaaee. Dsrkrjeas, whleb fefl wltb geir?
prising Bwiftnesa, upset csJcolatlotBS hi
this race, and the offlcials wero Obllgod,
as a measure of safety, to flag the rc
malnln? esra off the elrcult.
The winnlng car was driveu by Rnlph
Mulford, whilo Lelsnd Mitchell hand' ti
tha s,-, ond. Third place was awsrded tO
Spencer Wfsh.irt's Bfercsr, which COVOred
? in ' ? i^ht mlles; fourth to Pullea'a
Mereer, nlpety-flve mlles: fifth to Mm
ker's K'llne, nlnety-two mlles, and Btxlb
to f.e Caln'a Stutz, nlnety mlles. The
wlnner'r tlme was 1:42:11. gbOUt a mlnute
and a half behind the record aet bj
rYlshart at Columbua late in Aug
There waa only one acctdent of moansnl
Nell Whalen's Natlonal, one of the f\
rorltea In 'he tieid of thirteen aUrtsra,
hurlod itseif through a row of trsi
two feneep nn theelubhouseturn. VThsltn
auststaad a nasty eot on the s.-aip; .loc
Becker, h's Rischsnle, cam< OfJt with ;.
broken right mm, and the car was badly
smashed. Itoth men were taken to the
Conoy island Reception Hoapital tot
treatment. and were later ah!.- tO gO ;"
their homes. Rarrlng mfernal Injurtes,
they are In no dantrer.
The erOWd was one -.f the largOSl e\er
attraeted bs a matlnea rnesf al tho cooras,
numbenng above 19*000, ol which more
than half reached th.- track in motor
cars. The gomg was ln fIrs. ,'.,-?- DOttdr*
The summarles follow:
I'lrst rar* iroOlT *<> InebM. non iti
mlles G'orn" R< I W D I . BtUtJ
iLowte); Mercedea iWlsha l) Becond: Natlonal
(S/nalen), third Tlm 9 17*1
Perond rar.- lunder 301 Inchea, non-Btoca;
Ovi :uies: handlcap; enduranci tropl ?
im Kllos lOrmsby): Mason fMulford), Becond
Mercer (Umberg), third Tto* 9:01.2s.
Third ra-e ffree for .,U hsndlcap; ten mlles)
?Wos b\ Mjk'i iMitchell): Btuti .r.#?l?i.
If, r, ?o>-, (Wlahart), third. Ttaaa,
0:47 M
.f-*. ror-ail; i " Im i) ^ w
h\ MMM IMulford): Masen fMltchell). seeond;
Mercet tWIabarti, ',s IWrs. third Wcrcci
? Pijll^r-.. 93 mlles, fourth. Tiine I *'- 11.
B ?
Erasmus Team Soundly Beaten
by Heavier Eleven.
The sjraamui iiaii Hlgh Beheol reotball
alevea suffered Its most deeialva <ief?at in
y.-ars at tha hands of the fast Ifanusl
Tralnlng Hlgh School team in their an
nual game at Washington Park, Br?nkl\n,
y.sterdav by B 96090 of % to n.
The Manual llne averaged almost ten
pounds heavier than that of Krasiuus. and
the heavy Manual bscka found it aasy ts
smash through the dofence for suhstan
fial galns. Oiarles and rlsrmon were
. onoasteait grottnd gnin.-rs for Ifanual.
DttbgWall and Brierly got off good punts
for Manual Tralnlng and Eraamus Hsli,
p,. tlvcly.
Th. ilnc-up followa:
Manual (30) P -.. i (0)
Ackermaa .??? l'. Brlarty
Mr.iarry .U T . WalterboeB
I'lngwall .I.. 0.Ds VBM
Neiiman .C. Ilalsleid
Paraaettl .R. O. Coatellanos
Voutig .R. T . Kephart
yuic.ti.R. k. Mattbswi
Zeifz .Q. ?. Olson
? 'i.artss .U H. Ii.F.ishong
Hurmiin .R H. K.Web^r
Taplow .K. H.- Snyder
Subatituteg --lioldherg for Zeltz. Zelti for
(Joidherg. Callaa for weber, Jack^on for Ha!
ttfad. Uaeno tor Qulnn. Kg?n for Arkernian.
A.'kerman for Kgau. Ronie for Sinder. HjII
for Hulitead, Cotuoy for Tapiow. .'1iaile? (X),
ltannon >2i <!o?l froni tou.'lidnwn Pingwall.
Referee?^>a^e F'litz. Hrown I'tnplre - McEl
roy. Corti. II Head llnesnian - t'itzpatrlck,
y.iie. Tlme of ipiarteri Twel\e ait.1 one-half
mlnntea each.
Hartford Eleven Outplays New
York University on
Ohio Field.
Winners Score Touchriowns in
First Half and Are Content
to Hold Opponents
Trinity CoJIegM had little trouble In dt>
featlng tfe bedly Ihaken New v.rk Fnl
I reratty eleven in thelr annual footr-aii
batti* on Ohio r*Md reegefaay. The ftnal
acore waa W to o la Trinity?. raror, and
II could have be n muefa goate-r if the
Hartford team had pat tho s-nap and
Idrlve Into Ita ganic ln the fl-ial half tha.t
II dld in the rtrst perind. The N'cw York
eleven, which haa goae through a mo?t
! diaastroua aaaaon, laltod lo boM Ra*aaa,
ti Trinity fullbach, In his (laahing tuna,
! and waa clearly antpbyyad both ortrn
?l\.-lv and dof/mslvely.
Tiiniiy t-.ok tbe feaaatsr hand at tha
klch-OtT, hamuiere.l lt-- way into New
Yoi k territory, and ln .-. fow mlnutea
puahed the i-aM acrooa far o toinMnnp.
: it waa olmoal tbi enaaa in tbr ae.-ona
'.|i':iir.r, wh.-n. 011 a 81*00 of well pao*
i talned nashlng, of wWeh rfudenn bore the
biunt, tbe bal waa eacrled aeross for th*
I aecoad aoort rVhen the half ended th*
l tally was 14 to I for Trinity Trinity
icame wtthin. an ac* Of ;etting another
i touchdown In Um third i^riod, but Kew
j York hHd <>ti its 5-yard linc. Tn trylng to
gat tbe baii doam tbo Baaf, bowevar. New
i Torb faib-d utterly, for a pass from tha
ranfi i rolJed behtnd th* eoai llne. where
; ;. Kew York man toll on it for a safety.
llud.op. Who \*% ih' Bhtaing star on
ibr Trinity ? irv ? of a rear ago, piayed
,i top notch game yesterday, but hardi.
up to tln high standard h* set la.^t fal'
n anything, ho Beataed a little out of aoa>
ditlon, and he*ttat*d Bftghtty befoif tak
Ing tip his pia>5 Ms baadlbag "f tbe baii
was n'>t rlton. and twiee he made fum
bies that g?\o th* leatber to Kew Yora*
Univsraity. TMa fatilt may i.ave. bean
The ehlef fauits of tbe Kew York teap
were tiialanoaa and biablNty to mat--h
arlta with Um quleb tMabiag Hartford
?,. ? p wi.-nei araa the edly man on f ??
team who soeni<>l to know whv to -!o
aii'l wh.n tO do lt. Hla ta-'kllng wa? a
featara, for be brouajbl bta man down
\sitii dlapatib and it was aaMooB thal
even Hudson oauM get more than a y.r-1
U rOOgfa his ata* of the I!ne.
Tb*rc waa llttf* open football and 1*m
kleklng lo the garna Baeh team trie-1
thre* or four forward passes, and only
one. a lOSal 10*8 by Huntley, the Kew
York quartarbach, t.. McKay, was go<.-;
It lost Ita effe.fi vene^s, however. **?
eaaaa there had been holding in the II**
and th* hall wa* caJled ba*b
Trinity dldn't punt more than half a
rtozon tlm*s all told. Sage. who dld tb*
kl.kiiiK. got off some good drlves d*8Btb
tb* handltap Of P0Jg pasaing by Klnrv ?
One o(" Bag*'a PfOBta carried more than
sixty BBWBB. and hlh av.-rage diatanee \.a?
well over ftfty yarda Ke trled a dro-.?
ki.k ln the flrst half. hot the pass anff
poor and tbe l'.i.k was blocked.
A fumble by Hnntl.y pat Trinity in ^
position to got Ha flrst touchdown. N
York had the ball on its l--y.ird ln.
frhea Huntley let it slip out of his handa
and MdOta grabbed it np for Trinlt>
On a doable paaa CoOatt ran &cio<?
rield through the whole New York Fnl
rcrafty eleven for a score. Kinney goi
the pnal aft. r Bag* had kicked out.
EfUdsOfl tor.- off a twenty-yard run we
on ln th* second pertod that put tb* baii
on New fork'a hVyard ine. i-.i^iei
?dlced throiiKli ri.cht ta.-kle for flve yir<i-.
and Hudson got a lirst down Uwoaajn
centre. Wlener thr.-w Lawler back tni^*'
Nurd-'. and HiKison again had to tako
tbe ball. this time for a alx-yard gaia.
Lawlcr carried it to the :-y.ird line, and
s g? ar*nl <>v<-r for the touchdown.
Tha llne lip ;md summary follow:
Trlnltvlltf). Posltlon N. Y. U. (Ol
.1 V. M.-oie.Ul. R,u.!'''
Uow-ell .\.T... \\|en?
'.^'Jor I!.Ua. Pre.?>r
Kinney .c. Torran--?
j '(> Moore.B. Q. S*cKV
laimbert .B. T.wV"
cole .R B. Wheeei
s.ige .Q b. haa* ???
Lawler .U> 1.Thompeo"
.V.lett .R- "? B.-Sml!h
Hu-1-on .F. B. Mlller
Touchdowna?Collett. Kag*. Goala from
touchdowne Kinney (2i. Safety?Veaely
Suhstltutea?Trinity: fimlth for J. A. Meore.
DuBatoH for Lambert. New York t'nlverali)
Kennedy for Mlller. Brlatol for McKay, Bre*n
for Sniltb. Baldie for Thornpson. Sears M
Dutcher, Baker for BaJdle, Thompaon fo'
Baker. Referee? Flsher, Columbla. Vmplre
? Saundera, Colombla. Head llnesman?Crow
I ie>. Bowdoln. Time of perloda-Flftean tnln
i utea each.
True Values Low Prlces
you .lon't nc-d to pa> fan-y pri.ea for
un. d ii- ii ou lu\ li.'ic I^wry car that
gOM ml ol oun shopH Is a real ttargain.
If you are lookltig for a good. tiervlce
nl.le . i . lt will pay you to VI.-.II oui
ihuwroom. Bvory ear in fuHy equipped
an.l g.rir.ini.?? .1 igactl) ..s roproo?too.
Motor & Supply Co.
xniiiui iz .1 ISxebangc \>.t> ror Buleh Cara
239 West 58th St.
; hjm ''?? ar bi t "f Breadway
ii.,in rssa Jasl a*/arhaased from atasi la
Klerii: the <*<jul|iniriit on rars Ii llke BSW|
tlier eoaaOat of Preate toab, iteek, bBjoco,
tobeo. iprcdauirtrr. wladsbletd, top, -id.
rurtalas ?"d rebe. All roofftmoata on both
ran. Ibe rnllmun rsr baa four neu .hor?
on II no\r. ihe pulnl nn both ran cannot he
told frnni new. Will Mund any In-peciion
aiul aeaaasaOrattan ros raa put ihcm Inreugb.
Rolli cars run BC hoii'ilil ehe.ip. Inctulrc Mr.
\lnc.\allv at liit.mn l.iruge. IMth *>t. and
7th \m-.. two MSeha from !iubwa>.
New lanciaulette Bodies 3900 to SI20O
i .,., k M.i'. I'l' KRI.ES8 a i.l Oth?r Style?.
M TVXI 9*4?I?* O-.s*. C/*:iO TO 9100.
SKW IN81UE Drlvi Bodlei 0000.
900 Touring Bodlei 153 (aoma irofth 09OS)
Jandorf Automoblle Co.,
. gd la i'i" gr ..t. "ARRNA" at.
126 tl 130 W. 56th St., V,, ^,V'1|
looka llke new rar. Im- BtB % poasJble e^jaip i
iiiast. nagn t". top, Sc; to u u.'? sboee on
,ai now. two BOS exira rhoea and tubei and
..ii other exlrae; .'m muaf a* Men to ba mp- i
i.r>- lated; act qulckly; n.. doalora. inqulra
Mr. Leonard'i car, Ml M<!' - ??'?:' JE. IM i
ind Alexanaor hw JsJooboBi ."..'. Melrese.
MILES; COST $5,000, SELL $3,000.1
FCR SALE - A Five-passengfir 1910 Sixt?
Horse Powsr Touring Car, Futly Equipped.
This car la in beautiful condltlon;
will be overhauled thoroughly be?
fore dellveTy Prlce. $700.00. A
seven-passenger 1911 with tour?
ing and Iimouslne bodies?llmou
slne body ulone cost $l,7f.0. In
absolutely flrst-class condltlon.
Frire complete $2,000.00.
_ 1,876 Broadway.
(?': uttii!
riionr l?l ? ol.
Automcbiio Work it Every Dsscnption.
PaiRMSg. Trln iniiig. Top.. Hl| . overi.
R.palrs. o?c. wind .Shi^ld.-. Buraaera,
Woodwork, .Metal and Blackemlth Work
.-||*-.V?? ?>.t 37th Street. New ^ork.
'Pboaoa 1400 and *4ST columbsa
Ro.ll?!. Storeo, RopAired and M..mit*d_
Now ls Ihe tlme to purrhase a .ir. 109 ar*
??lllng them at practlealljr your oara flgura ?
mootly late model* t'ome m and mak? ui a
They are rebullt and fully guitraiiteod
t'aed rar D.pt., i W.at S2nd 6t_
I'lKRCK-ARROW, H00, g.ven-paaa?ng'r
touring. ?.?? perfect. $1,200. Mri C
KI.KI.M...N. 90 .-iney it.. eaat of Mirrks
Road. four blocki aouth of Fulton lt.. J*'
in. .n... _ ._
HATTERIES and eolli rrpalesd; alw 'orBlis;
cuarunteed as sood ai new. JOHN F. EBSEB
Itepalra^ l^.RroSj^^sjl:_ -
for The Trlbune recelved st their I'pto^n
OinVe. No. 13?4 Broadway, betweea 3?ih sW
37th ita . untll 9 o'cloek p. rn. Advertloi
nients re.elved st the followlng braneh offleea
at regular ratei untll 9 o'clock p. m. *ts..
?t>4 Sth ave . ? * eor. 23d it.; 159 9th svo..
cor. l^tn at: i4M ?"? '*i? aa.

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