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000, cstimated, and apparently West Virginia, Missouri and Indiana
went Democratic. . ,
At 1:30 o'clock this morning Vermonfs votc had bccn polled
and showcd Mr. Taft the winner by 924 votes.
Little definite news from states of the Pacific West was re
ceived during the early hours of the morning, except from Cahfornia,
where a Wilson victory was indicated.
A plurality exceeding 15,000 seemed certain for the colonel
in Illinois.
Fairly accurate returns, as judged from the claims of the state
chairmen of the three parties, divided the electoral vote as follows:
Wilson, 382; Roosevelt, 97; Taft. 29; doubtful, 23.
The Democratic landslide assures control of the lower House
of Congress by at least ninety. and the likelihood that the Democrats
will control the Senate by twelve votes.
William Sulzer was safely elected Governor of New York, run
ning even better than Wilson. Early reports showed that Mr. Taft
probably would receive more votes than Roosevelt, and Oscar S.
Straus was behind Job E. Hedges in the Governorship race.
Wilson's lead over Taft in New York was about 200,000, and
the President led the colonel by about 54,000.
Hedges, by his defeat of Straus by about 35,000. keeps the Re
publican state organization intact. Straus polled a far heavier vote
in the cities than upstate.
The New York Legislature will be Democratic on both sides, but
no line could be had on the fate of the $50,000,000 good roads ref
Greater New York gave Wilson a plurality of 122,778 in a total
vote of 620,479. Roosevelt beat Taft in each borough, and in the
greater city the colonel ran 61,574 votes ahead of the President.
Wilson's plurality in Manhattan and The Bronx was 67,282; in
Brooklyn, 37,891; in Queens, 12.903, and in Richmond, 4.702.
Roosevelt got 35,352 votes more than Taft in Manhattan and
The Bronx. In Brooklyn the colonel led the President by 20.227, in
Queens by 5.287 and in Richmond by 708
In the five boroughs of greater New York Taft got 124,851 votes
yesterday, as compared to 300,998 that he got in the same territory in
1908. Roosevelt got 186.425 in greater New York yesterday, as com?
pared with 289,345 votes he got in the same territory in 1904.
Wilson in winning greater New York by 122,778 overturned the
figures of 1908, when Bryan lost the city to Taft by 16,238.
The indications at midnight were that Governor Wilson had
carried his own state by about 25,000 plurality. about half his ma
jority when he ran for Governor. Roosevelt seemed to be a safe
The Democrats captured the State Senate by 11 to 10, thus in
suring the selection of a Democrat to succeed Wilson as Governor.
Senator James F. Fielder probably will be chosen. The election of
Judge William Hughes, Democrat, to succeed United States Sen?
ator Frank O. Briggs, Republican. is also assured, as the Democrats
will have a majority of 16 on joint ballot.
In New Hampshire two Republican Representatives in Con?
gress were beaten by Democrats. but the state was loyal to Mr. Taft.
The Democrats named Governors in Colorado, Florida, Idaho,
Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana. New Mexico.
Nebra<=ka, New York. North Carolina. Ohio, South Carohna, South
Dakota, Tennessee. Texas, West Virginia, Connecticut and Wis
Oregon's electoral vote went to Governor Wilson by a plurality
over Colonel Roosevelt of about 20.000. Wyoming, another late
state. however, stood by the President. In North Dakota the Re?
publican. L. B. Hanna, was elected Governor.
Democratic Candidate for Gov?
ernor Also Leading.
M Louis. Nov. fc?Iacomplato raturni
f irty.flre Maaourl
o'clock tbla morning irw Wll
Taft. IUU; Rooaeralt ?"??-?-? >'"r r,ov
(im.r. torty-one coantlea Ilv? Major,
Daaaocrat w.s>?; McKlnlay, RapabUean,
?:/??'. Nortoni ProtraaalTa, 7.m.
Th* city "f Bt Loula, arbleb nas baen
. miblkan stronRhold for many |
elactad to-day only thrat RapubUcana,
Thay are Ricliard Rartboldt. f ri?tad to
Oaagraai fron; Iba 10th Pistrlct; T... c.
Dyar, ra atoritfd t<> ContTaaa fiom Um Utb
MbIiIi? and Henry Kicl, Sheriff.
The' flrift offlclal ratuiua 'mtn the f'lty
?.f St. Louis polla was from tho 8th Pr<
cinct of thr ><t)i Ward, (k.wntown, arMob
glves Taft lff, Wilson T?0 and Koovvrlt IL
Tho votf for Governor ?was; M< Kinlt y,
Republican, M; Major, Democrat. 90,
Norton, Progresalve, 47.
fcfajor, Democrat, for Goveraor, in aome
. runnlng aluad of Um nattonal
Ucket and in othen he )s bahiod.
N,> agurea are atailabie for th?> state
- otber than Governor
n. turna ob UM LegtateHJra Indicata both
the Benata and Houta wUl be oontrollotl
by Um Deu i
In Bucbanan County, lncluding C!ty ol
?t Joaeoh MaJor (iJem.). f<>r Governor
Wilson is allghtly " hind. Mc-Kinlej
tReo l for Governor, has rarried a num
,, ? oi counUes, but bli vote le not as
,ea Phowfd conalderable
?trength n a number of counUea. In
Some they ra.. eeeond to Um' ,'."n'?7*u;
Forty-o ? pr< Incti out of ** In JUmm
..? Wilson 0.121; Roosevelt, 4,<*1,
an<i Taft, 1,16.'.. _
Falt Lake City. NOT. ?". -Fourteen prr
rlnrts out of M in Salt LfJta County glvc
Taft, 2.040: Wilson. I.0M; Roosevelt, 2,131.
The l.-t Diatrict of Provo, the earll-'St
heard flWH. In t'tah outsioe Ol Salt I>ak.
County, gave in the stralicht hallots Dem
oeraUc, IT; RepubUean, 45; ProgreaaJv*, 9.
want unuaual attention?they do if they value their eyet and realize
the great harm which may reiult through neglecting and abusing
Experience countt everywhere?our? hat covered a period of thirty
teven year?, and we offer you the benefit of it politely and under
lndiridual attention. Agreeable ?urrounding?. Moderate pricet.
Our new main itore (Fifth Avenue, between 27th and 28th
StreeU), ia
237 FIFTH AVENUE (27th St)
125 WEST 42nd St. (Nr. B'w?y)
650 MAD SON AVE. (Cor. 60th St)
104 EAST 23rd St. (4th Aremie)
OPTiCIAN 255 L1VINGSTON St (Brooklyn)
?-?*? r*rl" New York
ls Old Bond St. 3 Kue S< ribf
YEARLY RENTALS $3,000, $5,000 AND $9,000
Entertaining Roomi, unequalieH in aize and arrangement?an
abundance of cloaet space beautifully arranged Conaervator
ies?glasa partitioned Millinery CloseU ? frcm three to six ?er
vant*' rcomi?private stcrage and wine vaulU?EXCEP
TIONAL SERVICE??eparate laundry equipment for cach
tenant?decorations and fixture* of the most excluiive type.
C. 8. TAYLOR, M.inafrer
Taft and Roosevelt Battling for
Second Place, and Rural
Vote Will Decide.
Elect State Ticket, Send a Solid
Delegation to Congress and
Control the Legislature?
Vote Less than 1908.
[By TekRraph to The Tril.inir-. 1
Tndlanapolls. Nov. 5,-Returns from
about one-thlrd of the prodnctl ln the
state Indicate that the Democrats have
carried the state by a plurality that may
reach iW.OOO. The comblned Republican
and Progressive vote is greater than that
of the Democrats. bUl the total vote
showa a falling off wlMU compared with
that of UM
The candldatea for stat.> offlcea are run?
nlng allghtly hehird the candidates for
President bol Uie Damooratk ticket.
headed by Ralston f<>r Governor. is eiect
ed The delegaUon Is Congreaa wlB be
solldlv Dc-mocratlc. and that party will
hava maJorlUea in botn branchea of the
a eareful analysla of the returns ahowa
that Wilson baa proflted by Republican
fear of Roosevelt, wbtls Um Huii Bfoooi
votp is greaUy augmented by Damoeratl(
surfran-' espedally In heretofore atrongty
Republican COUntlOS, such as Marlon.
Wayne and Vlpo.
Tiie Republlcana concede thal WHson
has won the state by a largat plurality
than Roosevelt recetved in i!?04, erhen the
Republican plurality was 9:.'.<w. Interael
now centen oaly la Um rota for Taft and
Roosevelt The regulars bope thal coa??
plete returns, Induding those from UM
rural cOUBtles, will ibOVI that Taft has a
targer vote than Roosevelt, but this is by
no pjMsns <ertaln. Roosevelt appasra to
|e.,,l Taft in the citle.s. v, hlle in tiie coun
ti> dlsirict- Ihe vote for them was ibOUt
evett Roosevelt ran second to wilson
Is sfarton County, which Indudaa ln?
dianapolla Tafl carried the county t>y a
slittht rnarsin in I9M,
Marlon County for Governor gave:
Imrhin (Rep 1, Il.SM; RalStOfl (Deifl 1,
^s.r.z: Beverldge (Prog.), 11*841 The
county in 1901 gave: Watsoa (Rep.), Mi?
;,?,?? ftfarshall (PenU. ::??.????
Taft Beats Roosevelt?Berger,
Socialist, Defeated.
r Taleeraph t.. rt-<- Trjl it
MUwa .k.-.-, Nov. 8.?Wlaconafn B|
to have gona Democratic as the lesult
of Le I'oiiette non-support of the Taft
ticket and the defectlon of other Repub?
licans to Roosevelt La Polletta had de
dared that he would vote for none of the
three Presldeatlal candidates. and many
of his followers followed his leadershlp.
while many other Republicans followed
Governor afcOovern. a candidate for re
election, ln support of the Hull IIOSSI
tii ket.
The result is a Wilson plurality of
probably iu."<> Karet, DemoeraUc can?
didate for Governor, la a arlnner i>y
roughJy S.SJO, The repreeentatJoa m
Congreea probably la un banged, ea
cept thai Berger, Boclallot >s dofaatod
bj W. ii Stafford, a former Republican
RepresentaUve, who ran on a faslon
ticket under the Democratic Htla He
was aupported by a eombinaUon of Re*
publlcana and Democrata anxloua to take
Berger, tha looa sociaiist. out of Con?
Mllwaukee County'a re] tlon Of so
ctaUetn was practlcally complete. Tha
fUStOfl ticket. < urr.pi .-? I of tl I ? ? !??
Ucani cnd threa Detnoi rats i?r county
o?i-es and two RepubUean Reprassnts
tJves, all runnlng on the DemOCrettC
ticket, appeara t" have drlvea everj so*
ciallht offlceholdeT ln the county out of
office, with the poaalble exceptloa of w.
c Zebel preaent Distrlct attorney
Mllwaukee Cotinty WSJ CSrrlsd fOT Wil?
son over Taft bj closi I ? 10,000, and re
turns from upstate ahowed that he was
runnlng aven with Taft ln Btrong Re?
publican dlatrlcta.
Roosevelt was runninp behlnd Taft, ex
cept in Winnebago County, which the
Progressive candidate carri?-d by asmall
margiri over WHson.
Representatlves J. J. Esca, 7th TMstrlet
and I. L. Lenroot. 11th Distrlct, were re
elected. _
Sweep for Democratic Ticket
in Young State.
Phoenlx, Ariz., Nov. 8.?Returns from
Arlsona indicate that Governor Wllaon
has carried every on.- of the fourteen
counties in the state, with the poSI Ible
ezcepUon of Coconino County, In which
Taft had a lend of four voteH. WHson
win Issd Roosevelt i>> spproausately 3.000
VOteS, with Taft third.
Counties heretofore strongly Republican
gave large pluraliti's for WHson. All con?
stitutional amcririments, Includlng those
for woman BUffTage and th<- reoall of
Judges, are belleved to hav< Laiilod
At Midnight Election of Warren
for Senate Indicated.
Cheyenne, Wyo . Nov. r,.?S< attering re?
turns from forty-nlne preotSCta ln Wvo
mlnK, receivcd Up to ntdsight lndlcato
that Taft has carried the state l>y a safo
plur.allty, but the lar^e scratched vote
makes deflnlte predlctlons uncertaln. Re
turns indicate that Mondell (Rep.), for
Ceagreas, an.i the RepubUean lagtalaUve
ticket are leadlni? the Presld. ntlal ticket,
forecasting the re-. ileetJoa Sf I'nltert
States Senator Warren.
Returns Indicate Wilson Majority
and Progressive for Senate.
Omaha, Nov. 5? Although less than two
hundred preclncts Iiad baos heard from
at midnight, they weie slgnlflcantly fa
vorable to Governor Wilson, showlng a
plurality for him of over 5,000. Should
this ratlo contlnue (iovernor Wilson will
carry the state by a plurality that may
exceed DO.OOO.
The vote for Governor was coming too
slow to indicate- anythlnn deflnlte. al
though Moorehead, Democrat. was leartlnc
by 4O0 votes in the 69 preclncts heard
from. including- 26 from Douglas OOUSSX
Forty-elght preclncts. reporting tJM bal
lots. ahowed Norrls, Progressive Republi?
can candidate for Senator, leadlng former
Qeverner Shallcnbtrger, Democrat, by 500
Colonel Wins the State by His
Big Vote in Cook County
Over Governor Wilson.
Judge Dunne Receives a Heavy
Plurality, with Deneen and
Funk Far in the Rear
?Cannon Defeated.
CaJcago, N'ov I -Calonal BooeeTelt,
ProsTaaatra, and JudKc Dwina, Demo
cr.it. accordlnK to returns recelved up to
1 o'eloell this morninK. apparently have
earrlad the state for Praaldant and Oar?
ernnr, respectlvely. ?
Accordlnjr to flKures nt hnnd at that
hour It was only the eolonal'l stronp
rnce In Cook County that eartlad hlm
tbroagh. Thcre. In t.Otl out of 1.49S
preclncta, he i<-d Ooaernor wilson by
li.tel. Lete returna from dowa otate
showed that In 0!*'.' out of 2.7TR pre
rlnrts outstde of COOk CoUBty Wilson
was 14 vote* in the lead. President Tnft
ran thlni both m Cook County and down
the atate.
.TudRc Dunne apparanUy will f? ,nt0
Oflce as Governor with a lar?e plurality.
Twerre huodrad aad etghty-one prectncti
out of 4/J06 In the state Blve Dunne. Dem
ocrat. U2.7U. Kunk. ProRrcssive. NJ77;
Deneen, RepubUean, K7,9fil.
Not long befora midnixht B. x Leaoure,
ron In-law of ex-Speake.r Joseph <; I '.
non. eoaeeded Cannon'e dafeat by 0*Halr,
the DemocraUc candldau In tha tStli Dl ?
william K. Balta (Dant), i* probably
elerted to Congraaa from the 'SM [lltnoU
Diatrtd orer Rodanbarg (Rap.). Roden
b/r?; loal BctleatlM to-day by over IM
votes with returns nearly COmpleted. At
the last Hertlon he .arried tttllevttM by
300 maJor:?y
The Illinois I,ea;lslature. It tf claJm-'d.
will be overwbetatagly DemoeraUe, with
poaalbly ? few Pragraaahrai Ba aartata
were Um DemoeraUe chleftatna of con
troMtng the Lagialature that they ehready
have tariUy agreed upon tnin* to tlect
rjurlai Botacbanatain, Datnocratk Na
tlonal Cornmltteeman from lltlnota, t*. Rtl
the pteea made vacant by th'" wpulalon
Of 1'niterl Statei Senafr Wll'.lam I.nrl
mer. Colonel Jamaa Hanllton LMWia,
the regutar Damoarattc eaadMate for the
Henate. wh<> ?h' UldOCaOd at UM last
primary. will be aJeoted In all prormblllty
to the all venr t< nn, to rill Ihi pla<" f
Bbelby M t'uliom.
Raturni ao far r.Ired Indlcata the Ml?
nola Legielature ?iil be made up i
}>>?], iblli in K Demoerutt I Pr. ?
and I Bocial I ?r'lUl a total membaf
ship of xm. the Sgnrea ahou tha Prnfraa
^)VfM ?, ,i E hoM the b.ilan. e of
powef m Um elet Uoa of i?? L'nlted |1 ??
Ht natora.
Taft, Wilson and Roosevelt
Running a Close Race.
h> Tp|r?rR)ih 'o T1 * Trll >" ?
Detrott, Noa. I*?Returna froin 'he vt ite
outalde of l" tr.it Indleate that the three
candldatea for Praaldant will rua pratty
?venly la the total vote Th. uppar |.
inaula bi apparently Teff* la parta of
tbe lower penlnaula Rooeeeell leadf In
other eounUei Wltoon leede, and in -
Taft la ab< ad
Fteturni :?? m l? out ol ite pre
WllHrn. 16.0M. Tbta doee nol Include the
Inoompleti count on toai f of 1 Dotroll
preclm I
Por OoTarnor, the '
Muaaelman (R?P ). 1.W; P< rria IT>< m i.
I.1M; Wntklna (Prog.). I4? The
cratic state Catamlttee elainM Um ''
tion of Farrla.
Raaaaaalfa baat rota wai In G
Rapida, where tb>- early returna i
a elear majorlty. tn Datrott, wlUi I.0OP
ballota eounted, Taft had ? lead of 7 n
candldate ?iii i.I*? ;il",il ?' '"
RapreaantaUva Doremuf fDem.), In the
lat, or Datrott Dtatrlct, la all probablllty
haa bean w?-alaeted, belng wlthln 100 rotee
r,f Beechler (Rep.) in the praclncu arhlch
two yaara ??o gare Daaby .'/?" plurality.
Um iMfdalatura probably will be Ra?
publteaa and ra-alaat Banator WUUan ai
den Hmlth.
Marx (Rap.) i? IradlnK for Mayor of !?'
Complete returna were dalayad by tbe
eatnpUcatad ballot
Late Returns Indicate 15,000
Plurality for Roosevelt.
I . .?;.?:;.ph t" Tll.' Il IbOBe 1
Dea afotnaa, lowa, Koa. I The raccaaa
of Rooaaaelt n lowa, wltta tiie elactlon
of the RapubUeaa atate tlcket, u indi
ealed lata tonisht ?>>? practically eom?
plate returna In Dea Molnes und Hc.iti.T
Ing returns from the atata
Two bundrad pradncti oul of IWI in
the stat" indlcat.d I Rooaevell plurality
of u?,'Xkj aad the elactlon of Qeorga w.
I'lurke, RapubUeaa, fd Oovarnor, by
K,00e. wilson poOad the Bryan rota, but
Roosevelt cut heavlly UtO Taft'i v<it.- .?f
faur yaara a?to, th<' Praaldant potting
about K per cent of his old vot.
The re-elertlon Of BanatOT Kenyon la
aiso pradlctad by Rapublfcaa laadara ?n
the taca of meafrre ratunu, whlch Indi
eaft that the npxt Joint Ass.mbly will he
Bapublloan. The new party state tJckat
poiied leaa than haif the vote RoogareJt
recelvcd. _
His Plurality 2,500?Repre
sentative Ferguson Re-elected.
Alburiueroue. N. M.. Nov. i, RetUTtt
from 12 out of 26 aOBtltJag IndUate a
Wllaon plurality of at leaat 2,.r?00 nnd the
n elactlon of Ferguson (Dant) to Con*
greaa by appioxlmat.lv I.IM Taft elec
tor.s aaaaa In be ranning aeoowi,
Majority for Wilson, with Indications
for Republican State Ticket.
Orand Forka, N. D.. Nov. 5-With the
returna at hand at 11:45 a/clock tonlgnt
the lndlratlona were that Woodrow Wil
?un had carrted North Dakota, but by
?what majority lt ?u at that tlme lm
peaetMe to ??stlmate.
Taft and Rooaevelt ran eloae tORethor,
but far behlnd Wllaon.
Indications were that the Republican
atate tlcket. headed by Congre??man L.
B. Hantia for Governor, had won.
Democratic Plurality Uncertain,
but Wilson Has State on
Conservative Estimates.
Mr. Taft Second in Race for
Highest Office, with Roose?
velt a Poor Third?Re?
turns Slow in Coming.
irtv Telecr.iph to The Trlhune]
Cotambm Ghlo, Nov. 5.?a ciean sweep
for the D.-mocratlc ticket, state and na
tiorial, is Indlcated by early returns in
Ohio. What the D.mocratlc plurality will
be cannot now be stated, but it may be
conservatlvely astlmated that Wilson will
carry the state and that RoprcOentattve
i d\. candidate for Governor, wlB carry
the atate by at least 80,000
Ther.- is llttle dOUbt that the other
Democratic state candldatea will he re
elec ted by plurallties ranglng from -?'>."'"
Becauee of l>!s partisan rulintr, pro
hlhltlriK the names of candidates of one
party appearlng on the ticket of another.
,Se<retary of state Gravea hai bees os>
ly ?crstcned and probably will he
low man.
There can be no doubt that the third
party has accompllahed it- p irposi and
w.ke<l the chances of the Republican
atate. However, it appeara eertsln tha'
ROOSavelt and C.urford Will nM * I)oor
third, and that President Te.fl and Oen
ei.ii Brown will not run bad aeconds.
Pron D.mocratlc atate headquarters,
guta Chalrman Plnley early predlcted
victory. Returns were alow In c ming In.
President Has Strong Majority
in Hamilton County.
[B TeUsn P? ' i Tl ?? rrtt h ? I
Clndnnstl. Nov 5 WliHe ne offlclsl Bg
!,.,'.,. t,.-. n returned from the Board ,
of Rlectlona, unoffldal returni abow that.!
Hamilton County, the home <?f President
T.ift. has gone ov. re heimfngly Repub?
lican i! is si.it.-<i .it ., late hour that Ihe
President will poll over MQt majority,
which waa l ?? campaign flgura gjvefl out
by the coot tj commltl
The whole of the RepubUean tickef has
casrted - '"'"' Ooyernbi Gen
. ral R B. Brown Is leadlng bla opponent,
. jamea M Cos, bj al laasl
2,QM rot< i
Otto i<- -? ? m ? "1 iti IT?M l!1
,.. jd Distrtct on th? K publlcan ticket,
. DemocraUc opponent, Ren?
reai ntaUi ? ? ln ' ?? " '?'?' ?1<1 1,?,ir's
- . | rortfa will be re-<
t0 congreea bj i larg? majority over hia
, iereo< rattc ti< ket, Btan
. ?. Bowdle.
Pro! ? ere rlrtually anowed un
der In many of the votlng dlatrli ts of
,..,. county, and II la deubtful that th< j
Will eiect any candidate othei than pos
?Ibli one or two s'.it.< candidates.
RepubUean county candldatea sra
runnlng from I to l to I shead of lae
Ui k< t.
Appears to Have Given Wilson
Plurality of 40,000.
Denver, Nov. 8.?Returns recelved from
[7( precincta ln thirty countles, Including
,i Denver, Indicate lhat Wilson haa
I the atate by a eubstantlal plural
p,, M ?? porta on itrglght b illots give
Taft, 11. iOf, and Ri i
Y.it. IS,
Ptgured "ti an eatlmate?l total vote of
00 in the atate, Coforado should give
, piui illty of about l<
Owen Re-elccted Senator by
Diroct Popular Vote.
Oklahoms City ObIsm Nov I Jvood;
row Wilson carried Oklahoms to*day by
., majorll r eatlmab I 1.0- B*n itor
Robert i.. owen. candidate for re-election
ondei the i tregon plan, al ? bla Re?
pubUean opponent, Judge J. B. Dtcasrson,
bf a Uurga majority.
Congressman French, Republi?
can, Is Re-elected.
Bstse, Idabo, Nov. .'.- Tha re-election
rresaman I i ? nch, Republican, is
the onl) result Indlcated with sny oer?
t.iinty by returns from 21 of Idhho'a 871
votlng preclncts. Taft, Wilson and
Roosevelt are only I,;" votes apart Had*
1. .. Democrat, and Marcln. I'rogresnive,
:u e eojuaUy i lose.
Byrne Also Indicated for Gov?
ernor on Incomplete Returns.
Bloua PallS, B. D., Nov i> With fullv
hair the precincta tnlastng and many
COUntlea y.t t6 bear from, the returns
from Soutii Dakota at i ovinck this
meratng Indlcated that the Roosevelt*
Taft fuslon ticket liad won in the state
by not l.'SS than T>.W) and that K'rank M.
Byrne (Rep.) waa stsdtod Governor ty a
i omiortable majority.
Republicans Probably Will Elect
Governor of State.
Whecllnir. W. Ya . NoV. 6,-At 2 o'clock
this itmridag ? peeelneta out of ijb in
W.st VlrKlnla Rave Wilson 4.962; Taft,
MH; Roosevelt, H.023.
In the satni' SlSMeta RetftlM (Rep.). for
Goverror, wsa leadlng Tkeoaseea (Dem )
bf 7> votes.
In Telegram Says That Administra
tion Will Be Blessing to Nation.
I.Incoln, Neb., Nov. 6.-\Vllllam .1.
iiryan to-nlght sent the following tele
gram to povernof wiiHon:
"I most heartlly <otiKratulate you nnd
the rountry upon your election. Your
splendld oamaalgn haa borne frult ln a
greel victory. I am iiure your adrnlntatra
tion will prove a bles.slng to tha natlJn
and a aource of atrength to our party.''
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all the ideal qualities
you expect to obtain in
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Roosevelt May Get Minnesota
?Ebcrhardt Re-elected.
? rrapn ,,) The Trlbane 1
Bl paul \ ?? '. Returna r<
nioatly from 8t Paul and Ulnneapotla up
to midnlght glta WTllaon a !?;?d orer
II in Wnneeota, but Dulutb and
countrj towna ara glrlng Rooeevelt plu>
ralitlea that arill awlng th.' atate to the
K-pn tldent if the tn nd contlnuea.
; I.. riiar.lt la a^
elected takii g with him nearly all I
Republican ?( tta tl fret. < >nly
luru hav? tx m recelved on the Qovernor
ahrp cont*st, but they Indl ate an Eb< r
plurallt). Rlngdale, Ii.-ni<>' rat, in
runnluK fai b< hii d tl ?
i ?emoci atlc nomln. ??
two Colllna, the Pi
? ..; | ? ictor
Capper, Republican, in Lead for
Tepeka, Kan., Nov. C-Returns at 10 M
to-nlxht ladlcated that BeeaeTelt wouid
earry Kan?r m'r wilson by probably
? ?? pluraJKyi Taft apparently was run
pjng a poor thlrd.
Arthur capper, Republican candldate for
Qovernojr, waa-iendlng iiod?es. DeuMtjrat
Qovemor W. Rt Stubbs, Progrcssive, 1s
battllna) with Senator Curtis, atandpat
Republtcaifc lt was IndicaU-d. at a lat*
bour that l oth ?roOtd be iefeated. In thls
eyent there trouM be a I^emocratlo Sena?
tor from this atate aft a colleajrue to rfen
ator Joeepft u BatetOfL Benattoj Joeepta
jon. oP Mor.tana. Colonel Rooat
relt'a campaign tfkeaaajari also m
bc baelng i hard Bght for re-elecUen.
Exclusive New Models in
Fur-trtmmed and Drapcd Suits
Of velvet, corduroy, broadcloth and velour cloths, trimmed
in a variety of effective styles? $8$, $Q5, $100 to $500
Fashionable Combinatwn Suits
Smart Coat of velvet or corduroy with Skirt of charmeusc or
matelasse; some fur-trimmed? ##5, $Qj, $f^5 t?$25?
fiftb Jlvenue at 46th $trm
C/Ugest Retail Qiimaiul Glass Store intheVfeknD
Exclusive Decorations
for Table Services
The decoration of the China and Glass Services with
one's Monograrrj or Crest 1ms become as general a
custom among people of refinemefnt as that of
having one'a table silvcr siniilarly enihellished.
For many ycars we have conductcd the most
complete Decorating Studios in the country,
employing a large staff of ikilled artists who are
experta in this daai of work?and we are thereiore
in a poattion to guanuitee deaigna and wofknuuiahip
of the highest character.
Each order reccives individual decorative treatment?a de
sign is never duplicated for other than the one for
whom it was originally made.
Another advantage enjoyed by our patrons is that in no
other cstablishment in America is there provided so wide a
latitude t'or the expression of personal taste in the selection
of fine Imported China and Table Glassware as here. In
our finely appointed New Store you will find hundreds of
patterns, including many beautiful designs which are
exclusive with us.
The cost of distinctive decorations is really insignificant in
consideration of the charm which this mark of good taste
and individuality always imparts to any repast, whether it
be a formal dinner, a luncheon or an afternoon tea.
We invite inquiries regarding complete Dinner and Glass Servicea
bearing such designs as may he suitable to match one's own silver
ware. A specimen platc or goblet decorated with any design will be
submitted cheerfully, without entailing any obligation to purchase.
Ordera intended for holiday gift purposea thouldbe placed
as tarly as possible to insure delivery before ChrittmoM.
9 & 11 E?vst 37 fe Str-eei
Just off fifth Avenuc :TcIephone.Murrcy Hill.460

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