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*9 IJeseot Street
Cross Oxford Bag
Tj. r.-? ? ed OxbMe I non Uned;
,,,.,1 Vrinv B<~* Bottom f"r pTOtecHOfl
't'1 On<- LonK
Uilt rrimmlnga; I ock and
$10.00 $11.50
I ? Btb+f l.med?
j{, In<-1"'?
17 Incre*.
$13.00 $14.50
Cstaloguc Sent Upon Request
g/ettfa ?.reale>.J I.eatlier Slore*
*10 HMh \\enue. S53 Broadnay
Doston?14S Trement Stierl
From a recent decision
nf tbe PuWk Senriee
(oinrnission it was ex
pected that the operating
Ompanies on eertain
Surface Car Knes in Man
liattan, would resunie the
f/iving of transl'ers at
59th St. on December lst.
The New York Rail
wa\ s Company, however,
always watchi'ul for the
puhlie welfare. deeided to
make the change at oncc,
and theret'ore }>nt the
plan in operation Nov.
lst, a full month ahead of
tinie. Heit M a proof of
bow the eonit'ort of its
patrons W studied.
Xot only is this ? boon
to the travcHng puhlie,
but also to all advertisers
in the ears aflected by the
new ehan#e. In future
they will get nuich more
circulation at no extra
We have the exclusivc
control of all the advertis
ihg spaee in all the
New York City Surface Cars
**>?ii Avenue 'Buses
fihitiy the Cards
We have a Standard
New York City Car
Advertising Company
225 Fifth Avenue
Telephone 4680 Madison
The increa^c <?f _
and Board ads in
The TribuiK
s>howb that
have been satisfactory.
Insert an advertisetnent
in The Tribunc
and receive the added
of the Free Koom and
Board Register for
one month.
Telephone Beeknian 3O0U.
Progressives Carfy Pennsyl
vania. Polling Ahout
400,000 Votes.
Democrats Add to Delegation in
Congress?Two Big Cities of
State Kept Electors from
Jersey Candidate.
rR T"\rSrnvh te Tue Tribunt I
Philadt lphia. Xov. 6.?Incomplete ro
turna al ! o'eloch this morning ahow
thal Reoaerell hus carried Pennsyl
vnnla b> from i2,ooft to i8.ftftft pluralit]
over wilson. The vote for Prealdenl
Tafl wai antaller tJkn thal for Wlleon,
but larger than antlclpated.
At thr final mnment apparently many
Republlcana deehfed to k'> down with
the party and voted tha atralght IV -
pubiiran ticket. Juat how manv votes
Colonel Rooaevelt gol In PeangylvanJa
oannol be abaolutely atated, but it la
about 400,000;
Th. two big cltiep?Phlladelphla In
th. eaatern end and Plttaburyh in tb<
weatern >"<i prevented Qovernor WH
sr>n from addinK the thlrty-elghl elec?
toral vote*. of the Keyetone state to
hi.s .strinj;. In Phlladelphla th.- <>ld Re?
publican leadera e/ere not as str^ng as
tlvv u.r.' in PlttabUlfh and dld ROt
n.- the aamc meana t- force thelr fol
lowera t.? vote aajalnat wilson. Her<
many of the politictara, eopeclally the
old ward leadera, i"id thelr followari
t.. vote on the Prealdency aa they gaw
M i.- of Ihem voted for Presldenl
Taft. In Pittshurch William l-Tinn.
Ihi Bull Mooae leader, and Willi.m.
M .-e.-. th.' Mayo'r, comblned to d<
Taft, tii? candldate of Scnators Pen
i - and < Mivcr.
Th< compleglon <>t tha Congreai del< -
gation from Pettnaylvanta also ha*
changed, but tha numbar of Demn
r ta thal haa been added is uncer
tain Phlladelphla eeema to have
elected ' vo Democrata to the lower
house Donohoe, who goen back from
the 5th Pistriot. and Logjue, of the 6th
Dlstrlct, who appeari to be the wtnner
In a three-cornered ripht in which th.
BrofTeealvea placed a candldate In the
tioid agalnat a regular Republican.
Lateal returna ahow that dreggin
aon, a Soclallat, waa elected to Con
gress trom tho L-sth Dlatrlei
Thr Indkratlona are4ha1 th.' Republl
can atate ticket Roberl K. Youne;, for
st;;to Treaaurer, and A. W. PoweU, for
Auditor Qeneral was elected. The
four Republican candldatea f'.r Refare
rentatlvet-at-largc ?rare ulao elected).
Tlr- tlcket had the Rooeevell Indorae
m< nt.
The couni la atlll g^mg on through
oul th. rtate, and In ruuny .listricts it
utrlll nol be aettled untii to-morrow
night. ._
Carries State by 20,000?
Roosevelt Second, Taft Third.
",'y Tefegrapll to The Trlbune. 1
r.altlmorc, N'ov. i?W'oodrow Wilson
carrlcd Maryland hy from IMII to aVON
plurality, eatlmated from flgur?-s reoelved
up to 11 o'riork to-nirht? Rooeevell ran
sf-oond and Taft third. In Beuthem
Marjrland and <>n th.- KaFtern Shore Taft
led Roosevelt, but the Progreaslve candl?
date's vote la Baltimore. city and Weat?
ern Marjrland axeeeded that of th*- Presi?
dent In the rest of the atat-v
The Democrats elect tive of th<- fix
Repreaentatlves in Congress, ao that the
Matyland delegation will stand the same
as now. J. H. rovlngton (Democruti is
re-eleeted in the lat Dlstrlct by MfJ
majority over Robert Oticr. Progreaslve.
Thla waa the only dlstrlct ln which the
Progreasives had a candldate and the only
diatrict ln which the Republlcans had no
candidate. Fr-d Talbott. vctcran Rcpre
aentative of the 2d Dlstrlct. la agaln re
elected by over MM O. Koj.lg and J. C.
I.lnthlcum fDemoaata), In the || and 4th,
the two Baltimore CHjT dlstiicts. are n??
elected hy substantlal majorities, and D
I Lewis fDamniliatl ln the 6th Dlstrlct.
i? re-elected. Repres-ntatlve T. Parran
(FUpubltoaa) 1m re-elected In the r.tb Dis
trlet, which has alwaya been the RepubU
ean stronKhold.
The n.-Broc-s voted strotigly for Roo.-i
velt in the "black belt" counties and In
the thhkly settled negro precincta of Bal
timore The negro voto waa obout two
for Rooaevelt to one for Taft. The Pro
creeisvc managers made extraorduu.ry
rfforts to Ret the neKro vote.
ln the ?th Preclnct of the 17th Ward a
aenre Rooaeveltlan "buated" one of the
,??., rotlUg machlnea. trled for the flrat
tlme at thla eleotlon. The negro made a
mistake and voted for Wilso... ReaM.lna
his error. he frantleally trled ta eacrect
? (a Roosevelt. and. after twlatlng off .h
knab. or button. which reglatered tha Wll
,On votes, he purposely Jammed the BM<
(.nll?. and -he Other voters had to wui
ntltU the old-fashloned apparatua uaed
dMhM. had been reinatalled. fn tbr
otber two prertSJCto in ?hich mechtfl
were gsod they worked seeeeasfuHy.
Republicans Elect Governor
and State Ticket.
B T?l?*ra ?1 :" Hm T Ifceai
Wttmington, Dek, Nov cwoodrew
'? Wilson carried Deleware by troaa Me) to
| 10,601 plurality. The Demoerata elso etec<
' ? -i I'rinkiin Brockaoti (Bena.) to Cectfrea
Returni si> >v that the Democrats will
control tlx next Legislature They will
have b tnajorlt) of three on loint baUot.
Retunu ilao Indicat4 that the Repuhii
can atate ticket wat- elected, along with
i hartet R. Mlller fRep, and Nat. Prog.)
candidate for Oevernor.
The next Legislature m lll alect a
Uulted States Senator to SUOCeed llarry
A. Rlcbardaon (Rep.). wniard Sauij?
bury, Deiaware natlonal committeemen
and member of Wllson'a campaign cabl
net, probablv wiii be cboeen
Democrats Elect 9 Congress
men Out of State's Eleven.
Loulsvllle, Nov. i Repo t- from nearly
one-balf of the ceuntles ln Kentueky abow
that Oovernor Wtlaon will ha\e ? plueel
Ity of nearly 101,00a, whlle th* Progresslv<
and Republican tlcketa are runnlng a
clom race for aeoend place. i-<ir to>night
the R< publlcan party ba; pulled up to
wlthln a few thousend rotea of the I'ro
i <?>.
The Iirmoriats ha\< . 1.?. t. rl nlne CoD
areKsmen out el the ?tat< ? eleven. One
Republican waa elected. John w. i.anK
ly (Rep.) was unoppos. <\ m tlu l?>th Dis
tr'.t. ln the 11th I >i.-,triet 11. II. Seav.y
iPTog.) spparentlj hss a saf* lesd over
th< Democratic and RepubUean nomineen.
ln the Sth Dlstrict. In wkleh Loulsvllla
li altuated, Um rare waa tbe elooesl In
rean tt taJdng Ibe full couat before it
waa found that the diftri'-t iMd gone
Democratic Congressman Bwegor Sbrr
. it out the Progressive neaninee tor
(.'ongrssa by only a narrow marriti
Two kiiittiKs in the meontaln countlei
marred the .:?%? in Kentueky.
Tiie vote waa Ibe heavieM in years. Tbe
Bodallsl and Prohlbttton vote wea ?
llghter than tiHual.
Slxty-four counttes, complete, of tbe \M
ln Kentocky give Wilson, ?.?; Tsfi
Hjaj; Roosevelt. 41.4'-'
Early Returns Indicate Governor Will
Be Democratic AJso.
Memphts, Tenn . Nov 5 Indlestkma on
the face of Incomplete returne are that
Tennessee arlll give Woodrew Wilson al
least 30.000 majority, an IncresSJ of i:.noo
over the majority glves Bryail w WM
The Rnll Moosa vote arlll total heavleM ln
the eastern aeetJeo of the etate. whleh is
normally RepubMetJi.
(Jovernor Hooper on the f*re of earl)
returns wOl be defeated b) tiie Demo?
cratic noniinee. ex-?5overnor Renton K.
McMlllln. bj from ia,ess to jf'.^o votes.
' Ex-Oovernor Malcolm R Patterees ran
nnoppoBed m a Democratic sreferentlsl
prlmarv for Inited States Senator. Ws
vote WU he .xtremelv llcht. Tbe Ught
for Inlted States Senator is centered in
ti.f Legislature, which will name next
Jsnuary bstb a Senator for tbe wnexplred
trrtn Of the lau Benatoi R I> Tayloi
and for tbe OtX-yeer t. rni o.mmeiM Ing
Mareii, 191.1. t'oalltion of Independrnt
Demoerata with Reeubtlcana in many
countles makea tbe i^ai^iatur.- uncertain,
with chaaeea favoring reguhu1 Denaocrath
The Congreslonel delegation will prob?
ably remaln uticbang'd
His Majority, Estimated at 11.000,
Based on Incomplete Returns.
Kichmniid. Va , Nov .V Nin.tcen CO?n
I Uea complete, ou1 of Us, t-'ive Wilson
iii.s7f?. Taft 4.iJv Roosevelt c.M). Debi tt
cbatm 00. Wuaon'a majorltj In the st.it.
is estimated at UM*. C. B. Sl.mp. R
pubtican, la returaed te Congress from the
sth Distrid Vhrginla's delegation remains
uncbanged, nine Democrati havtng been
- s
folutnbia, S. <V. Nov. k Karly Sad
scatterlnK retuins. moetly from urb.?n di>
tricta. Indicate that the Democrati. ele<
tosal tJcket ha? been ehctcd by the unual
majority. Tbe Piugnselva tJckei ?o far
seems to be second. Incomplete return
from aovesj oooatka ghro WiUon. j.t.v..
Roosevelt, m; Taft. 70
itlanta. Oa., Nov. :,.-<ompieto vete
f,',n M of the 148 OSUatSea ln Gcorgla
.I,Ve WUSOB ??JNi T?,?- 8"; ?0<"";v'"
regj complete returiU from K.ilton
county. toclodtag Atleats. give Wilaen
Ijag- Taft, ?>*: Rootcvlt, I.7SS; fhartn.
20; Uebs, 11
jaekaonvllle. Fla., Nov I -Althougli
the vote is liKht and ?iow in resortlsg,
tndlratlona are that WOOdrOW Wllnon will
carry Klorida by the BSOSl Posasrrstlr
majoritv. Probabllltlea are that every
Democratic ?andldate has been elected
Jack^on. SUSS. Nov. 5 -The r> mo-rati.
majoritv ln Mi?.-lMl|.pi ih OSftaStSd Sl
105A>?>. In.il?"<lons are that Roofte%elt
-lecton will petl the second la.pe^t vote.
aii rjeesseratk Oesjn^sriohal aetntaeea
ir, elected by large majortUea._
Only a few of the ?ood qualities of our
Suits and Overcoats are apparent when
they are first worn.
Not until they have had long and severe
wear is their full value appreciated. Their
dependahle materials and careful tailoho*
assure lastin* fit and stylc
Fall Suits ?? <? WO
Fall Overcoats_$*6 to $42
ATtor'Place & fourth Avenue
Bay State, for First Time, Gives
Its Vote to Democrat
for President.
Roosevelt Runs Well Behind
Taft in Presidential Race in
Bay State?Democratic
Gains in Congress.
toatan, Nov. l~Maaaatthuaette, nomi
nally a Republi.an state. gave aubatantlal
niajoriilo to-.lay to Governor Waodroa
Wllaon of Nea Jeraajf and Ooreraor
! Bugene N. F'eee, Democratic candldatos
i for Prcaldenl and Ciovt rnor. Tt was tlM
' fu-t time that Ifaseachueetta had evei
Ifavored other than a Republican for
PreaM nl PreaMeni Taft and Ohwid
Rooaevelt, Repubhcan and Piugieealea
ea dldatea, icapecUaoly, ran ai>out even.
! Indlcatlona at mtdalght were thal
Davtd ; Wa'sh. Democratle candidate for
Lleutenanl Qevernor. alao had bc*-n ele f
ed, defeatlng Ueutenanl Ooeernor Beh?
en Luce For th< laM two reara tha*
Gorernoi Poea baa heW offlce the next !n
rana haa been a Republican
Bllglil galni were made by the DeflSO
trata n the rixtena Congreaa dlatricta,
but tii. Leglalatun appoarad. on the face
of es'i-. returna, to b* praetlaally un
ehanged This would ladleate the elactlon
[ol * Kepubllean Unlted states Senator at
the n'-xt ataalnn to auceeed Benator W.
M I i ;i J ' 'raiM .
Returna for Preyident from 7M out of
i i".' voting precineta tn Maaaachuaetti are
aa foiions
Rooaevelt, tt,gaS; Taft. '.;:.ir.r'. and VF11
aon. ui.2\*.
Th.- aame preoin. ts ln IfM gave Rr>an
Taft, Mi.T-'.t
Returna for Qovernor fiom 7*: precineta
gavg Blrd (Prog.), 79,W; Poea, iDecn.),
l.;:..?:;. an.i Walkei (Rap.). *W#.
Qovernor Wileon'a strengtii in Boaton
to-dey exeeeded that of Colonel Rooaa
v.it aad Prealdenl Taft combined. the
lattei two alinost evenly dlrldlng the
vote reoelved by Taft foiir ye?
Th< DemoeraUe nomlaea naade * allghl
galfl over the vote for ftryan in 19?$.
Complete returns from the city ahowed
Rooaevelt, I1.MS; Tatt. 11,177; wilson,
Governor r'eee, lhe?Democratle aoeal
?iep for re-electlon, poiied almoet aa
many vWtes in Boaton to-da> as he did
laal rear, in aplU of the third . andldate
Mis total was 11.311. a^ agatnet 50.4?-'
lati vear Charlea s. nird, the Piogres
sive candldate, pollad 11,717 votes ln
Boaton Hfid vTalker in^r'. I7.1ta, Tha
Repabllcan vote for Oovernot UM >ear
1,7* 1.
The vtctory of tba vtlleon electon waa
coneeded early m th<- <lu\. whaa it w...
apparent that the null Moooa party had
practlcally run neck and neck with the
Republlcana and that the Democrata had
potled Hosc to thelr regular atrenath. Boe<
loa gava Wlleen a plurality of '.'1.000 and
or Poea waa ra alactad b> at least
:,o,0O(? votea and .arrled BoM?n by about
The Ruii Ifoeaa natnineaa piay.d bavec
with the Repubtlean eandldatea for Con?
greaa, and it looks as lf at leaet teg of th.
atxteen i nagieaimin froaa this stat-- ar
Deanocrata Congiaanman Murr.iv, p,-ters
an<i Curtey ?r* ra elected and Mltehell,
Th*t< her. Bcbofleld, ?nin ?<r?-. Paalaa and
Rowland aaen alao reaaonabtj vertain ol
Tl.,- rieter) of thO Democrats was nol
,],)?? aa mu< h te tha rota gotng Wileon i
v..w im to the fa.t that the uaual and
normai heavy RepubUean rota wa
ln two And ret percentagea couat far
nothing. becaus-e of the third party. Th-'
Progreaaivea gatned many" converta from
ti. Democrata althouga th<-> n-.ade thr
L ..it- t BtLiaalOna from the rankf of th'
Governor Baldwin Re-elected
by About 10,000.
Hy TeW*raph to T'r- Trlbimr 1
N.-w' Haven. Nov. 6 The DamoeratK
sut. and national tlcket hiis carrled
Conneetleut The plurality of Governor
tvitaon aad af Oaaarnor BaJdwtn 'm<i tha
Democratic ?t?te ticket wiii be betwaea
MM and 10,000, accordlng to returns from
all but flftcn towna of the state.
Pour of the flve Congreaamea elected
to-day will ba D.-mocratie, and the fifth
la ln doubt. The i-om|>oaltlon of the Legls
latur. is In doubt. with Indlcatlona that
tl,. Senate will be Dernocratlr and the
I Houae of RepreaentatJTea aMghUy Repub
in the ist CeiMrreaa Watrlct Auguatua
Lonergan, of Hartfard, Democrat. haa
, rleetad Oorajreaaaaan by about i.joo
' plurality. Th.- 2d Distrlct. In which Hryan
I Mahan. State Senator and Mayor of New
Leudon, Deaaocrat la atragsMng with
WllliH.M Klng, Of Wllllrnantlc. former At
torney General. will not complete Its re
j turns befora to-morrow because of Its
jOOtated nature
Cii.li laaaaan Theaaaa I* Rellly, at
1 M.ri.i. n. has been elected from tlv fd
j idstri. t by 3,or>i pluralttjr, defeattag Major
; john Tiison. fonaerty Cougraaaman at
larae. i" ">* ?h Dtatrlet Bbaaeaar J
I um. dean of th* Cannactlaut dalegatlon,
J Was defeatad by stat-- Benator Jeremlah
! i-ot.ovni. by about t.COO votea Kormer
j state Senator William J Kenne.ly de
'feated Tlmothy D. Bradsir^et. Btato Coa
treUer, by about *oo votes In the ith Dfa>
trl. t
arilaon'a pluraMty lii Hew na\en was
1.7.;: in BridKeport J.141. In Hartlord fclgt,
in Wat.Tliiirv 1.170. ln Meriden 319 an.i ln
Noiv.1.ih ttk Taft carrled Torrington by
igj and n< a Brltata b> 298.
1 h. riojiagalra party pelted about feVUI
<>f afe "it llMal votaa <"?t la the atate, but
its eandldatea ran only third la aii th.
oanteata _
Plurality of Only 924 Votes
Over Roosevelt There.
Whlt.- Plv-r lunctlon. \t. Nov. j -
Prcaldent Tuft oggrlai Varaaant to-day by
;..'4 votes I'ohiplete r<tutns sliow the fOH
lowtng renult: Tait. aXfaT; Roosev.-it. ?;:,
.1-3; Wilson. IMR The atatt- has four
vot. i ln t'" I'* etoral coiiege.
i, u | T U aad a plurality of SMaaV
Au anabuis of the returns ahow - that
u.j.-.. v? it raeeived th.- lergoet auaport ln
Uaa ranatag atetrleta.1* where Preatdeai
Taft'a Canadtan realiwaelty pollay wai
ftM ?. impopuiir Th.- eJtlea aaa
towga cantrlbutad beaelly to My. Taft'a
? ir.nK"; v- htte tha PreaMent ..arrled the
atate hy ,????,? ,h'" '?""' vot" r"",r'-'"
il.t.l.er. BapUbHcaa, had a plura!il> "I
b.O0u iu B< ptembcr.
Election Statistics of a Quiet
Home Evening in New York.
gl>078kOOO spent on food and drink
on "Rroadway" last
ttBjOOQ spent on hoin*, rattles
anrl other small pleas
Ul e.s. i
$SOfiO0 spent on suburiMUl rail
way fares to g?t to
12,000 apeai on bonarcp.
$1,000,000 dainagc done by botiftrea
in greater New York.
Si'nn.ooo speni on theatres and
I naccountable numher of drunka
Unacceuntabta number of nghts.
N. B.?Prestdeal Taft'o "hixh
cost of llving" rcglme provlded
every one with monT ettotagh to
have tiie oostliest election celehra
tion. both in mone> and spirita,
know n to hlstory!
Leads Roosevelt by 4,700 Votes
on Incomplete Returns.
OTttsad, Me.. Nov. r>. Returns from
ahout four-flfths of the state i idtcated
that for the nrst time Btnca the Civtl Wsr
Um Democratic ticket for Presidentlal
electora had been euceessful. with ioo
out of r.L*j plscea ln the atati reported the
wite stood .
Wilson. IMH
Roosevelt . W.a'dl
Taft. ?MS?
The same pla'-eu four yeara .eto gave:
nrvati IS.40I and raft 01,101, a plurality
of JT.71S.
These returns showed a Republican in";
of II i" r cenl and a Democratic gain of
44 per cent, whlle tbe vote of the leadlng
three partlea was II per cenl In excese
of that ',,st four years .i?" for the Re
publlcan and Democratic candidates
if th< sanM ratle beld throughout it
nas astlmated th.it the plurality of Wll
?on would he 1,1(6. Presldenl Tsffa plu?
rality in IMI wsa 81.504 The atate baa
?ix voh s |n tbe Electoral Colh r?
Wilson Leading Taft by Less
than 100 Votes.
Cencord, N. H., Nov S.?Kew Hsmp
shlre was in dotibt at 140 O'clocfc thia
mornlng Wlteon had a lead of leea than
a hundred o\er Taft st that boor. Re?
turns had been recelved from less than
one-half Of tiie 90 districts in tiie Mate.
Roosevelfp vote waa ihont one-hnlf that
of Taft. The state baa four electoral
Returna for Presldeni froni 140 election
precincta out of g* m New Hamp.-i.ip
Wilson .U-r'?
s.tme piaces for Oovernor gtve:
Woreestei (Bep I.*w?
Fetker (Dem.).1]'!47
Churchill (Prog.). M*
The contest between Wsrosster 'Rep)
and Felker iDeni I was also B .Inae nne,
and the lndh.it lonn were tha't there had
t>een no cholce by the electora \ me
iont\ of th. t'-.pnlar \ote i.- necesear)
for a cholce under the laws of Nen
Hampshlraj and when there is no nw
joritj the contesi la aettled by the i.eK
islature The new Legislature la In
The retMin* at 1 n m hhowed that
thr mo Democratic candidates for Con
gresa \\,\<- in the lead.
Taft Leading Wilson, but May
Lose the State.
Provldenoo, Nov ?. With two*thfrda of
ibe returna hi snd tbe mlsstng onea
largely from the dtiea, Indkatlona polnt
to the aUte iwingtof Into the Democralk
column for the flrht time : Inec the Clvil
Returna for President from 110 oul 01
|K election districts in tbe state j;|ve.
Taft, IMs)
Wilson. 17.100
Roosevelt, fc.!^"
The Qovernorship eoatest la ln doubt,
Governor Aiain .T. Poti.ler (Rep.) ">,d
Theodore Prsnofs Oreen (Dem ? runnlna. a
doea race '
The Oenerel Assembly Is reejarded a
prohahly Democratic The election of tWO
Democratic Congreamnen. Ueorge F.
O'ghaighneesy and l'.ter coeiet Oerty.
?iul one Republican. foionei Ambrosa
Kennedy, waa betteved to be assarsd.
Colonel Roosevelt Receives Re?
turns at His Home.
I gy T>l<-T.tph to The. Trlbiine.l
OySter Bsy. LetsJ I*>and- Nov. ?.-Th?
?jr waa sajroWojed with gioom m this
tOWOShlp U>-night The centre hovered
over s^samste Wll Colonel Roosevelt
aftci dlnner hssjaa reeelvlag fragmen
t-,;v returns over hH ISSSed telephone
ulre from OeOTga W. Perklns at ITo
?reestve nattoaal haaaejasrters in New
Vork City. They were dJsosorsglng from
the sutset espeddiiy the ?petata re?
The absei.ee of new* from Rennsyl
vanlS up to 9 oVlock caUHed the colonel
to keei> i otJ? spper Hp The gsad sewi
from Plttsbatrsjh and Phlladeipkia was
more tlian offset. however. b;. th*- dls
. heartsalng returns from Indiana. Whett
' ex-Senato: Bovefftdge waa soiiiK do? n to
an unlooked for defeat llliiu.is offered
crumba of eeeafort to the eelonal, and
., rap of nOWa from lallfornia \?as
Bwaited with oharaftterlstk ReosoveM
With Colonel Itoosevelt durinK tht
evening were Uss. Roosevoal an<i IHas
Kth.l RooHevelt. Mr and Mrs K. Roed
Merrltt, eetghbors <>f the Rooseveits on
i SaKanvire HIU, and Hrs. J- Wsst Rooae
IveU, of Kew Vork Ctty. At s) o'eaach
1 the defeated candidate sent word to UM
; neWHpaper nien in tbe villaKe that i.e
had notliltiK t?? Say. l.aier, however. M
i promise.i them that be would give th. m
j an audlence. UsaawhOe some eiicour
' aglag returns had come in over the
' telephone from Mr. I'erkins polntlng to
h po.s.iii'iiity'that the Progresatvea mtght
fUVo esmsthlng ?a ?f tke wr^.k is
Mttle Rock. Ark.. Nov .". -Wll-on car
rled Arkumtas by ahout OsJOO majority.
Returns now indlcat. Roosevelt vslll ruu
?ecend. v|1 DejnonrntJc Cengrssslnnsl
nominces *cie aleclad by usual majori
Democratic Chairman Claims
State by 20,000 Plurality.
San l-'ranclaco, Nov. ,".?J. o. DaVMV
chairman of the Democratic State Central
I'otnmittee, telejfraphed the I icnioc ratk
Natlnnal Committee at 9 o'etock that Wil?
son had carried 'Vlifoinia hj a plurality
of 20,000 over Roosevelt.
Rooaevelt carried I.os Angel- s and Ala
me.la counties by laige pluralitle". bttl
San Pranctaoo and tha latartor couattea of
Northt-rn Californla refted ap a Wilson
R.-turns from Washington, OregOH N> -
vada and Idaho show a lead far Wilaon.
There was a heavy voto polk-d through*
out the State of Californla, deaptta wct
Southern Californla rolled up a fair ma?
jority for Roosevelt, but HotthOTB Cali
fori.ia haa offset this lead with a strong
vote for Wilson. There were no Taft
?lectors on the ballot, and tl.c Prcsident's
aupportera Bocked to wilson.
oieRc-n haa grven Wllaan ? Balr laadL
rha v-hfoo? Btata, en uieagra ratavna,
has ekcted Republican Cbograaaaaan from
tha lat and .^d dl.*tricty.
Nevada tias ralHad to the support of
the Deuaaeratfa cairlHnte. whlb reporta
from Idaho favor Roosevelt. It is a I I" ??
raee In w.-shington betwaha tha Bull
IfOoae .-andiilatf and Wilson
[By Telojrrap'i to Th? 1'iihunc 1
San i-'ratici--o. Nov. i i-.'aia> returna
ladkata that Woodrow ?v"naoa w/lfl bava
a plurality of IMM jn this dty. Booea
v.it will probaMy earry Lea Angetea by
tm\ ? ral thouaand roti a
Washington Sweep3 Bull Moose
Ticket Into Office.
S< atde, n.,v .*, Returna from nsore
tii.in 7." precineta an.i reporta from tha
chairmen of the big Progreaatva ooun*
tlea Indlcate thal Rooeevolt'a plurality
in Waahlngton v.ni ba <ft,aee and thal
the Immenae Pooae^fit voie has carried
to vlctor. the arbele atate tlcket and tha
two l 'ongreaamen-at-large.
se-..-ni\-si\ oul of l.ffl precineta In
th< tata give Rooaevell K.SOI; \s. ii>-<>i?.
1,700, and Taft, MSS, Per Oo\ernor 21
prejincta give Hay, Republican, 1.130;
Hodffe, rmsjeaaire, i.0V5. and Lister,
Democrati ;<94.
Jonathan Bourne Running Third
in Senatorial Fight. ?
Portlaad, OtOh Nov 5? Scatterina; re?
turns from the state and incomplete re
turna from Multnomah founty (PortlanS)
indicate that Wilson has carried OrcgoB
v ? safe ptsraltty, with Roosevelt sec?
The Benatortal ficht appatcntly lies be
tween "Baa" OJaOlag; Republican, and
llarry Laao, Democrat. Jonathan Bourne,
Indepeadoat, incumbent, la runnlng third
in the early returns.
Sinjcle bM i>- defeated ovorwhelmingly.
"This Is the Day I Long Have
Sought," He Quotes fromHymn.
Uncoln. Nel... Nov I William J Bryan
| to nlKht. esprOBSbsg his pleaaure at the
j election of Governor WHson, sald:
"As a rellglons liymn has been bronght
?nto the campaign by one of the partlei.
j 1 tblnk that 1 sm justitied in uslng the
lines of anoth.er hymn to express my
This Is the day I lonjr have sought.
And moiirned hec.iu.se 1 found it BSt
"I am bappter than (lovernor WHson.
foi | ?- |oy i*- ret>re>?ed sy a setise of re
aponstMllty, whlle I ?m happy and free.
?\lv conddence in (ioveruor Wilson has
grown with aeiMiaititaiiee. and I feel sur*
tbal he will Itve up to expectations. i be
. iietens to his coascUace."
Dallas, Tex . Nov. ."..-Returns indicate
! that Wilson baa carried Te\as by i7D.fln"..
The vot. for Taft and Roosevelt is near?
ly ev? nlj divided. The Soclaltat vote
probably will rcaeh IV"". an lncrea:;e ef
i |. r eeni sver BOa
For a li?t of furniehed rooma in New
York conault The Tribune'a Room and
Board Regiater.?Advt
1, Altmmt $c (Uri.
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WOOLEN DRESS QOODS, ln sksrt and
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in carefully matched setsconsisting of muffs
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H Aiimatt Sc (?a.
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